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Prophecy – A Striking Word from God

Not all members of my family were negative about my conversion to Christ. My mother’s sister, Delores Molnar, and her husband, Fred, were overjoyed at the news. Delores had been converted to Christ several years earlier and suffered much contempt from the rest of the family for it. She and Fred attended evangelical churches (Fred didn’t seem to have quite the same interest or commitment). When hearing of my conversion to Christ, Aunt Delores said, “Victor is the sacrificial lamb for the family.”

Those words seemed prophetic and stayed with me. I suspected they were true, but I had little, if any, understanding of what they meant or what the implications would be. In future, Delores would be speaking other words of great import to me.

You will recall my telling you of the wrestling match with Uncle Fred at a celebration years before. Was Aunt Delores a believer back then? I don’t remember. If she wasn’t, things had changed for them since that time. (There is more to come with Fred and Delores.)

Prophecy – “They Are Not Saved”

We couldn’t help but speak about what we had experienced, and it wasn’t received at all in the Bible school or the Baptist churches. While staying with Jack and Bonna, until we found our own place, the Lord spoke one of the first things to me concerning others – it was of the Connors. He said, “They aren’t saved.” I was incredulous in mind, but immediately fully persuaded in spirit. This was my first experience of what I believe to be the spiritual gift of “word of knowledge.”

Things were getting awkward with the Connors. Within days, we found another home, a basement suite at Maurice Chalifour’s. This would be my nineteenth, our second together.

Prophecy – What Is and What Is Not of the Spirit?

I tried to talk to one of the main speakers, Don, about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, thinking that if he had truly experienced a spiritual revival, he would be receptive. While he was nice, he was not agreeable, and he wasn’t familiar with the things of the Spirit.

I brought up how John the Immerser (Baptist) prophesied that while he baptized with water, Jesus would come and baptize with the Holy Spirit. His reply was a strange one: “John the Baptist’s ministry wasn’t of the Spirit.”

I assumed, perhaps erroneously, that he was suggesting there was only one experience of the Spirit, that being conversion to Christ. While in my spirit, what he said didn’t ring true, I had no answer. Later, I found that the Scriptures refuted him by saying that John was filled with the Spirit from his mother’s womb!

I pointed out the first chapter in Ephesians where it describes more than one stage of spiritual development:

“In whom also you, hearing the Word of Truth, the gospel of our salvation, in whom also believing, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise” (Ephesians 1:13 MKJV).

Don said that it was all one and the same event. I had no reply for that, either. While praying that evening, the Lord succored me and took me to Acts 19. The apostle Paul had met some Ephesians who were already believing disciples, having been baptized unto Jesus by John’s baptism years before. When Paul told them of the Spirit and prayed for them to receive, they received the Spirit with manifest gifts.

The Lord then pointed out that the letter Paul later sent to the church at Ephesus clearly described their twofold experience. He was faithful to give me Scriptural testimony to answer all questions and refutations of the truth. Constantly, I was full of joy to receive such revelations to keep us on His path.

Prophecy – Tongues and Interpretation

One day in March 1975, Marilyn was praying, and she began to pray in tongues. This was the first time the spiritual gifts of tongues and interpretation were manifested with us.

Asking the Lord for an interpretation, she received two things: We would be going to England, and Archie and Cathie would have a baby boy. At the time, Cathie wanted children, but was told by doctors she couldn’t have any. They had been married for about two years and had thus far proved the doctors right.

Prophecy – Words by Carroll Vance

I attended as many of those Saturday morning breakfast meetings as I could, likely four or five in all, over a year or two. Carroll Vance prophesied several things – that there was a great calling on my life (not in those words); the Lord said He had given me a wise woman; He said that the second crop would be better than the first; that I would be given what others had not been given to see; and that He would bring me unto many. Carroll prophesied that people would know there had been a prophet among them. He quoted Scripture by prophecy, saying that no weapon formed against me would prosper.

He said that I will speak things and ask myself, “Did I say that?” and I will realize that I had spoken those things, yet it was the Lord Who spoke them by me. He also prophesied, “Do not despise the day of small things,” that they are by no means small. He said there was assigned to me a powerful angel to go with me.

I was told many more things that I don’t remember. I wish I had recorded them. (I advise all those who receive things from the Lord to record them in every detail as soon as possible and never let go of them. Record the date, time, and circumstances.)

Prophecy – Sally Hogg (nee Waschuk)

At the Alliance, Marilyn and I began fellowshipping with Sally Hogg, a pensive, wary, somewhat troubled lady whose husband, Ron, didn’t believe. Her father (Mr. Waschuk) was an evangelical minister with a Christian Gospel radio program in Saskatoon.

Sally’s father had a very troubled wife who tried so hard to be spiritually convincing, but she was ridden with guilt. She was obviously agitated and openly critical of her husband, who appeared to suffer it patiently.

While praying with them in their home one day, Mrs. Waschuk was crying in prayer and carrying on, and Marilyn had one of her first words of prophecy – “I don’t want your words or your tears; I want your heart.” Mrs. Waschuk carried on in her pretence, as though nothing had been said, but we knew those words from God would impact her.

We later learned from Sally that years before, Mr. Waschuk received what was believed to be a call from God to preach in northern Canada among the native population, but his wife refused, and he complied with her wishes. It seemed to have been a deadly decision spiritually, for both of them.

Prophecy – “Haleo Shemenah”

We spent some time in prayer together in their home. Art and Doreen tried to get me to pray in tongues, suggesting that unless I prayed in tongues, I hadn’t really been filled with the Spirit. I didn’t believe that to be true; however, while in prayer and asking for tongues, the words “Haleo Shemenah” came to me. Those were the only words I had, and this was the first time the spiritual gift of tongues was manifest by me since receiving the Spirit about six months earlier. I later realized those words to be Hebrew, meaning, “an anointing in the distance.”

Prophecy – “The Kenites Must Go”

Whether I received this precisely at this time, I’m not sure, but I now realize that the following little statement may have been the first obvious, literal prophecy I ever received (it is the first I remember speaking): “The Kenites must go.”

I had to speak this in the Beals’ ears and none other. I knew the words applied to the Beals, but I had no understanding of how they applied or what they meant; I had not yet discerned consciously what the Beals’ true spiritual nature or condition was. They also had no understanding of the words.

The name “Kenite” comes from the root word, “Cain” (kah’yin), which is defined by Strong’s Concordance – #7013, as “a sense of fixity; a lance (as striking fast):- spear.” We know that Cain was the firstborn child whose sacrifice was not acceptable to God. We also know that he murdered his brother Abel. John says that he was “of the evil one” (1 John 3:12).

My understanding of the prophecy today is that our flesh is the first child, and it must make way for the spiritual, the second child by a new birth. The Bible says the child of the flesh is at enmity with God. The Beals were children of the flesh, counterfeit Christians.

I see now that Art and Doreen were worshipping Jesus Christ in the flesh, something totally unacceptable to God. Paul said:

“So as we now know no one according to flesh, but even if we have known Christ according to flesh, yet now we no longer know Him so. So that if any one is in Christ, that one is a new creature; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” (2 Corinthians 5:16-17 MKJV).

They didn’t understand anything about the things of the Spirit. It was all copycat play on their part. They were opposed to us at every turn unless we were in full agreement with them, which we just couldn’t be.

Prophecy – “Go on – There’s More!”

Now I shall relate two of the shortest, yet most powerful and abiding messages I’ve ever received from anyone. While in Detroit, we were taken to the streets where we met two elderly persons working separately with drug addicts and alcoholics. One elderly man asked about me. I testified that we had received the Spirit. I thought I was relating to him something well worth talking about, until he kindly and gently said to me, “Go on; there’s more.”

Prophecy – “What We Need Is Reality”

The other worker was known as “Sister Lee,” and she delivered the second message. She was an eccentric lady in her late 70’s or early 80’s, dressed in black, and she wore what appeared to be a black Civil War soldier’s cap. She held little meetings in shabby abandoned store buildings in the old downtown area.

In those meetings, she would have someone testify, another preach, and there would be prayers and hymns, involving everyone. She would serve sandwiches later, which she personally made with painstaking care. She couldn’t accept anyone else making the sandwiches; they had to be “just so” for her little flock.

I once sat behind an alcoholic, who was in the front row, while Sister Lee was leading the singing. The man turned around and began to badger me persistently. I didn’t know why, but accepted it as his problem. Sister Lee gave him a swat on the head with her hymnbook and made him stop his disturbance! They respected and obeyed her. Although the free lunches may have had something to do with it, I believe God gave her grace and protection, giving these street people His fear of her.

Her message to me: “What the Lord wants is reality.” Being new in the Lord, I believe that I showed myself quite zealous and religious, and perhaps she felt a need to address my spirit. Those words stuck with me. Yes, reality is what it’s all about, and that would become a driving theme for us. There is much imitation, but little reality; much talk, but little walk; great abundance of religion, but little practicality. I continued to learn the meaning of her words in the years and decades to come.

Dick Bieber had some public praise for Sister Lee, as though she was greatly spiritual, yet he didn’t remark on the fact that she wasn’t attending his church. When asked about it, Sister Lee was diplomatic. Had there been opportunity to talk to her, I believe she would have spoken against formal church systems, ceremonies, hierarchies, and the like of which one finds in Lutheran churches and so many others where reality is invariably relegated to a back pew, if not escorted out the door, albeit with a pious smile.

Prophecy – Oil and Water Don’t Mix

Les had his problems, as we all do. He, as I, was trying hard to logically understand the things of God. One day, as we were in prayer, I had a prophecy, which spoke of oil and water not mixing. At first, I thought it spoke of how there could be no agreement between those of our team who had the Spirit and those, as the troubled woman, who were in the flesh. However, it appeared I was wrong. Les immediately spoke up, convicted that the words were meant for him. I believed him.

We kept in touch with Les by mail after parting, but I found myself having to compete with him, as though we were both subtly maneuvering for top position, for the preeminence between each other.

Marilyn and I soon realized that Les came to think of the apostle Paul’s Gospel as his own, as if he had every right to refer to it as his Gospel, as did Paul. And like me, he seemed to hope to be recognized as a spiritual superior by all in short order; however, there seemed to be no room for debate on that matter in his case, unlike mine.

Prophecy – Go Higher, Where the Power Is

We decided to trust in God for healing and went to prayer with the Beals for David. We also asked the Wiebes to pray. We called Willard Thiessen and his co-pastor, Ernie, of Washington Christian Center, to come to the hospital to pray for David, having heard that they had received miracles for others in prayer. They did come, and Ernie received a witness that David was healed. I believed it.

Prophecy – “David Will Call You”

Back in Prince Albert, Dr. Fred and Joyce Meiers, members of the Alliance Church, were headed to Saskatoon for a winter course in anesthesiology. They asked us to take care of their home for a few months. Thereby, God provided us a place to live for the next several months.

Supposing I could bring in some income by something I was trained to do, I awkwardly returned to work for Homes Canada, feeling a bit like a fish out of water. Once replaced unceremoniously as manager of the branch, now I was back to serve as a salesman under Bill Prettie, Bob Vail’s recruit from Ontario.

One day at the office, I thought to call David. I went to one of the display homes for private prayer, asking the Lord for guidance. He said, “You don’t need to call. David will call you.” In half an hour, the phone rang. It was David.

“Victor, I am in the hall at the hospital at a pay phone!” he said excitedly. “I have my appetite back, I am getting my weight and strength back, I can stand on one leg now, and they tell me I will be able to leave soon!”

Was I thankful! The Lord had spoken, His Word to me was fulfilled, and David was delivered from the jaws of death! I immediately called Marilyn, and we were overjoyed.

Who says there is no God?

Prophecy – God Heals Laura Bradford

Glen’s younger sister, Laura Bradford, came to a house meeting we had in Prince Albert. She was troubled and spiritually confused. She had once broken her leg in a car accident. When they repaired her leg, one ended up nearly an inch (2.2 cm) shorter than the other, and they had put a steel pin in her knee. She said the Lord told her that He was going to heal her leg.

One day, as she was going up the steps of a church, she heard the pin in her knee snap, a very unusual thing, I was told. If I recall correctly, their proposed solution was now to fuse the leg; at least it was one of the options they considered.

Laura was led to come to Marilyn and me for prayer. She came over to the house we were sitting at Branion Drive. She was wearing a 2.2 centimeter lift on one shoe.

We looked at her legs and prayed for her. Nothing happened. I instructed Laura to lift up her hands and give thanks to the Lord for her healing. As we all lifted up our hands and thanked the Lord, the short leg suddenly grew to the same length as the normal one.

Laura rejoiced, saying, “The Lord told me He would heal me!” She left immediately. She still had some discomfort, but it was fast disappearing and she walked out normally, without her lift. We were told that, the next day, she was playing volleyball as a normal person.

Who says there is no God, or that the gift of healing isn’t for today?

Prophecy – “Not Only Prince Albert”

I once prayed a presumptuous prayer. Oftentimes evangelicals would pray for cities or countries, “claiming them for God.” Praying with Marilyn, on our knees, I decided to ask God for Prince Albert. He said, “I have not only given you Prince Albert, but the whole world.”

I was aware that the same promise was given by God in a general sense to all believers. In speaking to the saints at Corinth, the apostle Paul said:

“Therefore let no one glory in men. For all things are yours, whether it is Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come; all are yours, and you are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s” (1 Corinthians 3:21-23 MKJV).

Still, I seemed to have reason to believe those words applied to me especially and personally among Christians.

Prophecy – The Lord Doing a New Thing

We were getting together with Mickey and Lynn every evening at their duplex in Prince Albert, driving 11 miles from Dave’s to town for months, not missing a night. We sang, prayed, and talked all those times until late each evening.

Mickey often prophesied, and some of the things I recall are: “I (the Lord) am doing a new thing.” (Many times he prophesied this.) He also prophesied many times that the Lord’s purposes were manifold. Several times, he said the Lord was going to break me, by making me sit. More than once, he said that we would be as a well-watered garden. He once cautioned me to beware of cynicism, that it was a trap of the enemy.

He often spoke of love, and how, while he and Lynn had the love, we had the truth. We were to learn from each other, this being one of the reasons why the Lord brought us together. Though I didn’t say much, having some respect for what Mickey had to say, I never could understand or agree that one could have love without truth or truth without love. If God is Love, Jesus is Truth, and Jesus is God, how could Love and Truth be separate? Of course, truth must be truth in spirit, as well as in doctrine, knowledge, or information.

Perhaps what Mickey meant was that while we were knowledgeable of the Scriptures and pondered doctrine, we didn’t manifest the emotional attribute called love.

Prophecy – “I Will Show You My People through My Eyes”

In March of 1976, having been only days at Dave Grier’s, my wife and I were praying, while Dave was at work. I needed to go and relieve my bowels. The indoor plumbing was frozen, so I had to go outside in the cold. Stepping out the door, I had a few choices – a vacated barn, the bush, or an abandoned, dilapidated log cabin nearest at hand. I chose the shelter of the cabin and took some toilet paper, newspaper, and a box with me.

I had my bowel movement and looked around, not having been in the cabin previously. Apparently, children had used it for a playhouse, and others had deposited some trash in it. There were broken dishes, cups, Christmas wreaths, beer bottles, old magazines, and more.

When I was done, I was about to leave when the presence of the Lord suddenly came upon me. He began to speak to me and said, “I am hurting! I am hurting! My people are suffering!” I was surprised and shaken, and felt to my inner being the chill, shock, and pain the Lord was imparting of Himself to me.

Using objects in the cabin as symbols, the Lord then informed me of how His people were believing lies and false doctrines, practicing false religion, and keeping heathen customs, as though those things were good or legitimate or, at least, harmless.

He said, “I will show you My people through My eyes.”

“They are eating out of broken dishes and drinking out of broken glasses,” He continued, as He pointed to those objects.

He said, pointing to a Christmas wreath, “They keep traditions and customs, and celebrate in My Name that which I have not appointed or approved.”

Pointing to beer bottles and cartons, He said, “They are drunk on knowledge and false doctrines.”

He said, “Their power is broken and useless,” as He pointed to a broken power box hanging on the wall by a wire.

Pointing to a burned-out heater stove, He said, “Their stoves give no heat.”

He said, pointing to the cabin in general (all the while it was storming), “Cold wind and snow blow through their walls; snow falls through the holes in their roofs; their doors are broken down and askew on their hinges; and their houses have only earthen floors.”

As He spoke, He revealed to me that His people – though claiming His Name, right-standing with Him, and spiritual prosperity and health – were in darkness and ignorance, without knowledge, suffering and dying because of these things. He commanded me to come out of all religious systems, where His people and all others were perishing.

Finally, He said, “As you would leave behind your own dung, so leave behind all these things, which I have shown you” (speaking not of the cabin and trash, but of what they represented).

I returned to the house, and Marilyn immediately perceived that something had happened to me. I was pale, and in relating the incident to her, I was somewhat crying with the pain and emotion I experienced from the Lord when He spoke to me, only minutes before.

Three and a half years later, in September 1979, we would find ourselves in Revivim, Israel, speaking by revelation the Word of the Lord to one of His people – a young man, a Jewish believer, a chosen vessel to serve Him with me in our future calling, one of which neither of us had any clue.

Prophecy – Apostles of They Know Not Whom

They are called “Two By Twos” by the secular world. Two women came to our country home looking for proselytes. They said they were preaching the gospel. One was the elder, the other, her disciple. They called themselves apostles.

These people claim that they have no formal structure and that they have not been registered with the government as a church or religious organization. However, if one were to look on the net under “Christian Conventions” in the US or “Assemblies of Christians” in Canada, as well as for incorporation in other countries of the world, one would find that they were indeed registered with the government. In Alberta, they have been titled the Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies.

Visiting with the women for two hours or more, we talked to them about the Lord. He was foreign to them, nothing more than a great man, not the Son of God and very God Himself. Their thing, as with most nominal Christian organizations, was religious works and doctrine, not knowing that the works and doctrine should come by His power and revelation and point to Him.

The younger woman was confronted by a prophecy Marilyn had for her, that she was to seek after the Lord with all her heart, and doing so, she would find Him, as He promised. There were other things that were said, but I don’t recall what they were.

Prophecy – “There Were Others”

I was lying on the couch around this time, pondering some of the many mysteries of Genesis. I was asking, “Lord, whom did Cain marry?” I had heard the theories, the prime one being that Adam and Eve had other children, and brothers married sisters, speculating that in the first stages of mankind, incest wasn’t a problem, but necessary to propagate. Abram’s marriage to Sarai, his half-sister, is a Scriptural example given.

I didn’t believe this reasoning, because there were other relevant questions. For example, with Cain having killed his brother, why would Adam and Eve give their daughter to him for a wife? The record seems to indicate that Cain remained in his wayward condition. Also, it says that Cain went out and built a city. A city? For whom? All his brothers and sisters?

As I pondered these things, the words came quietly, “There were others.” No explanation came, but I understood that not all people came from Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were known as children of God, but there were also other humans that were not known as children of God:

“And it happened, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and when daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were good. And they took wives for themselves from all whom they chose” (Genesis 6:1-2 MKJV).

Prophecy – Delivered to the Destroyer

Now what would happen with Dave, who was working in Prince Albert and living with us? Would he leave us and go with them, or would he remain with us? In the days to come, we didn’t know what to do with him. It seemed that the walk of discipline to which we were called, known as “legalism” by many in Charismatic circles, wasn’t at all something he could endure. One day, while praying with him and Marilyn at the table, I had prophecy come forth, with words to this effect:

“I will deliver you over to the destroyer for the destruction of the flesh, and then you will know that I am the Lord.”

There were several other words I don’t remember, but several times, it was repeated and emphasized that Dave would be delivered to the destroyer for the destruction of the flesh, and then he would know that the Lord was Lord.

The prophecy reminded me of Ezekiel’s oft-repeated words, “And you will know that I am the Lord.” What would that look like? We all wondered if there wouldn’t be a literal, physical destruction, but that’s not what those words were all about, as we would learn.

When the prophecy was done, Dave asked, “What do I do now?” I didn’t know what to say. He ended up going to Saskatoon to visit Mickey and Lynn, who took him to Bill and Dave at the Mount Zion Christian Center. When he returned to pick up some belongings he had left behind, he was all excited and tried to tell us how subdued, sober (as in morose), and legalistic we were, and how joyful and fun things were at Mount Zion with Kellers and Roberts.

A month or so later, Dave returned with a companion to pick up the rest of his belongings, and then they were gone. Remarkably, knowing we had no funds, Dave left money enough to pay for the rent to the end of the lease, two or three months’ worth. We parted as friends, yet divided.

Though we believed things probably had to be that way, it was a sad and trying day for us. Were we right, or were we in delusion? Now we were completely alone with nobody, absolutely nobody.

Prophecy – A Word from the Lord by Don Morrison

The next day, Nov. 13th, in a meeting, Don Morrison prophesied to many individually, laying hands on some and hugging some, speaking rather kindly or respectfully to them. Then he brusquely called me to the front, as though he was going to let me have it. Before I came near him, as others had, he stopped me in my tracks, abruptly addressing me in a harsh manner.

While the prophecy was considerably longer, I do recall these portions of it:

“Stop trying to figure things out. Don’t try to understand Me. Trying and failing to understand Me, you’ll be tempted to throw in the towel. I am going to turn you upside down. Look back and see that as I have led you in the past, so I am leading you now. Within you is the desire for the perfect will of God. You will be shown things other men have not heard. And when your foot steps on foreign soil, you will know that I have brought you there.”

Prophecy – A Word from the Lord by Theo

On the final gathering of the weekend, after Don’s prophecy, the tall young fellow who had been sitting by quietly and saying nothing as I tried to receive counsel from the two older men, came and spoke privately to me. He said, “I was there when you spoke to those two men. You didn’t get anywhere with them, did you? They couldn’t help you. I also heard the prophecy from Don Morrison to you yesterday. I’m amazed! The Lord has revealed things to me that I need to tell you.”

He went on: “Morrison prophesied that the Lord was going to turn you upside down. It’s true He’s going to do that – He’s going to break you.”

Then he gave me some verses pertaining personally to me:

“Behold, for peace I had great bitterness: but Thou hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption: for Thou hast cast all my sins behind Thy back” (Isaiah 38:17 KJV).

“Thou whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called thee from the chief men thereof, and said unto thee, Thou art My servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away. Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness” (Isaiah 41:9-10 KJV).

“And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand. My Father, which gave them Me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of My Father’s hand. I and My Father are one” (John 10:28-30 KJV).

I also knew that several of the verses in Isaiah, in context with those given, also applied, such as:

“For the grave cannot praise Thee, death cannot celebrate Thee: they that go down into the pit cannot hope for Thy truth. The living, the living, he shall praise Thee, as I do this day: the father to the children shall make known Thy truth” (Isaiah 38:18-19 KJV).

And especially:

“Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with thee shall perish. Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them, even them that contended with thee: they that war against thee shall be as nothing, and as a thing of nought. For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee” (Isaiah 41:11-13 KJV).

The man’s name was Theo. I never saw him again, but there was compassion and understanding from him in my turmoil. I was thankful to receive those words and verses, and was somewhat, though not entirely, settled thereafter. I gave him a big hug, and he received it, though I could feel in his hug that the honor was the Lord’s and not his. He recognized himself as but a conduit.

Prophecy – Speak It and Leave It

While I was in a washroom at Grace Bible Church in Calgary, an obese man I was vaguely familiar with walked in and spoke a Word from the Lord to me. He said I was not to strive with men, but only to speak the Word I was given and leave it. It wasn’t my responsibility, he said, to convince anyone. I knew he was speaking by the Lord.

Prophecy – The Mystery of the Mandate to Vic Graham

Vic repeatedly stated that the Lord commissioned him to preach, requiring three things of him: “Feed My sheep, don’t charge them, and don’t make them yours.”

I have often pondered those words, wondering if God did indeed speak them to him. They sound good, yet I have questioned them.

While Vic taught on various Biblical and spiritual matters, he primarily preached the restitution of all things. However, it seemed he wasn’t prepared to deal with people in matters of the heart. It seemed to me that it’s necessary for a shepherd to know and direct the sheep on a personal level, in all matters of life.

Prophecy – Reason for David’s Demise Revealed

We had been staying with my parents long enough. Rental properties were nonexistent at the time, but we contacted a realtor, Art Potoroka, who showed us the only rental available in all of Dauphin, a small home for sale in the country, owned by Bob Curl. We rented it for a month or two until it was sold.

The very day we moved out of my parents’ home, having lived with them for 3 weeks, the Lord spoke to me at our own home, saying, “I took David because he wasn’t willing to make a break with the world.”

I was floored. “Lord,” I asked, “why didn’t You tell me sooner? Why did You keep me in the dark about it?”

Then I suddenly knew why. He wouldn’t speak to me until I had separated myself from my parents’ home. After all, He took David because David wasn’t willing to make a break with the world. Why should He honor me with His thoughts and doings if I wasn’t making that required break, forsaking mother and father? I had my answer, I understood what had happened, and I was now at peace.

This Word also served as a confirmation of three, indeed, four things: one, our move away from my parents was the right thing to do (speaking of denying their desire that we be with them in the Catholic Church); two, our separation from the Catholic Church should have been David’s as well, that being part of his required obedience; three, David did have his healing, but didn’t retain it because of disobedience; and four, I was on track with the Lord, which I had been doubting.

Prophecy – Satan Comes in Three Days to Try (Prophecy)

Shortly after Bob received the Spirit, he received a Word from the Lord. He prophesied that in three days, Satan would come to try him and me. Within three days, Bob was walking down Main Street in Dauphin when a car pulled over. The driver was looking for a homosexual relationship. Bob refused and the driver went his way.

Within those three days, I received a call from the Anglican priest of Dauphin, Don Varcoe, who requested we meet in his office. He was involved in the Charismatic movement, claiming to have received the Spirit of God. He met regularly with the ministers of various churches in the town and promoted the “gifts of the Spirit.” He also held Charismatic meetings in his home, aided by his wife, who did much of the speaking. A sparse few met. Marilyn and I attended once to see if there was anything there and found it quite lifeless.

Meeting with him, Don was dressed in his priestly black suit and clerical collar. He told me he had spoken to Ann Doucette, I had greatly disturbed her, and he was speaking to me for her sake. (I don’t recall if anything specific was mentioned, other than, perhaps, that I spoke to people about the faults of the church systems.)

I was somewhat taken aback by the report, not aware at the time that Ann had a problem with me or anything I said, but I stood my ground on anything I had spoken or taught, not accepting his “wise counsel.”

He immediately rose up in indignation, shouting, “Well, if you are going to destroy somebody’s life, you better be around to pick up the pieces! And that’s straight from the Lord!

Well, that was entirely unexpected! However, with composure, I quietly replied, “No, it isn’t.”

He hollered, “Yes, it is!!

Again, I replied, “No, it isn’t.”

Oh, yes it is!” he loudly insisted.

I don’t recall what was said after that, except that I said I was certainly willing to help Ann if she wanted it from me.

I left, knowing we weren’t getting anywhere. I think he offered me his hand as a gesture of Christian piety or goodwill, and I shook it to prove that I had no ill will, but today I wouldn’t accept Satan’s hand to show anything. I now think to know better.

It wasn’t until later that I realized Bob’s Word from the Lord was now fulfilled for both of us.

Who says there is no God?

Prophecy – A Covered Head Covers My Head

The Richardsons, who were Pentecostal evangelicals from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, held a meeting at the Orange Hall on Main Street in Dauphin, and we decided to go. They believed in the use of head coverings for women in church services, which the Lord had taught us was not what the apostle Paul was talking about to the Corinthians. As they had their meeting of prayer, song, and testimony, I sat there with a degree of cynicism, yet hoping that, somehow, the Lord might do something for me.

He did. One of the young ladies, perhaps in her late teens, wearing a headscarf, stood up to prophesy. She said, “There is a man here who has believed men rather than God. He has been confused and full of doubts, so much so that he suffers headaches.” It didn’t take me long to realize I was the man. She asked that the man would stand and acknowledge the message, that it was for him from God. I was too proud to do so.

Meanwhile, a couple of others stood up, thinking they were the man. I knew they weren’t, and the girl knew they weren’t. She insisted there was another. Finally, I put up my hand. She was satisfied and ceased to ask further. She had no idea who I was or what was going on with me. I had the sense that she knew her message was for me before I put up my hand. Was that true, or was it my conscience speaking?

I felt badly that I had been cynical towards them and also too proud to confess I was that man. I knew the Lord had spoken to me. I hadn’t realized that unbelief caused my turmoil and headaches. I was relieved to know that it wasn’t where we were (in Dauphin), or what we were doing, that was unacceptable to God (He was indeed ruling and leading), but my lack of trust in Him.

From that day forward, I resolved not to believe what Mickey or my mother or anyone else had to say in criticism. I decided to believe the Lord. One of the things I determined to believe was that He spared us from joining Mount Zion Christian Center. This faith would soon lead to fruition, a revelation about Bill Kellers and Dave Roberts.

Prophecy – Beasts of the Two-legged Kind Revealed

In the fall of 1977, Marilyn and I decided to drive up to the Riding Mountains just a few miles south of Dauphin. It was beautiful and quiet in the fall, the fragrance of the mountains at that time of year a special experience. We took a lunch and went walking. This was months after receiving the troubling warning letter from Mickey Patrick and going to the Richardson meeting at Orange Hall, where we had heard a prophetic word for my sake from the girl with the head covering.

There, in the quiet of our walk in the mountains, the Lord spoke to me, telling me that Dave Roberts and Bill Kellers were beasts. As a reward for believing Him, He was giving me a revelation of how, or from what, He was keeping us.

Beasts? How so? He was telling us something we didn’t understand, and He didn’t explain, but we were amazed, knowing it was true. We would find out much more, years later.

Update, October 2018:

The Lord was quickening me to the fact that there are beasts who walk and talk as human beings. We assume they’re no different than anyone else because they appear human. However, the difference between humans and beasts is not necessarily in the body. Consider this passage in the Book of Jonah:

Jonah 3:6-10 MKJV
(6)  For word came to the king of Nineveh, and he arose from his throne. And he laid his robe from him, and covered himself with sackcloth, and sat in ashes.
(7)  And he cried out and said in Nineveh by the decree of the king and his great ones, saying, Do not let man or beast, herd or flock taste anything; do not let them feed, nor drink water.
(8)  But let man and animal be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily to God. And let them each one turn from his evil way, and from the violence that is in their hands.
(9)  Who knows? He may repent, and God may have pity and turn away from the glow of His anger, so that we do not perish.
(10)  And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way. And God was compassionate over the evil that He had said to do to them, and He did not do it.

I have known few people that understand the spiritual tongue and I’ve known many who don’t, but who are very brutish. Beastly?

Asaph knew he temporarily fell from the understanding of God he was familiar with and descended to beasthood when he had judged matters by appearance:

“So foolish was I, and I did not know; I was like a beast before You” (Psalms 73:22 MKJV).

And what is written of the Day of Pentecost at Mount Sinai?

“And you shall set bounds to the people round about, saying, Take heed to yourselves. Do not go up into the mountain, or touch the border of it. Whoever touches the mountain shall be surely put to death. There shall not be A HAND to touch it, but that HE shall surely be stoned or shot through; whether beast or man, it shall not live. When the trumpet sounds long, they shall come up to the mountain” (Exodus 19:12-13 MKJV).

For more, see: and


Prophecy – The Kingdom Comes without Observation

Marilyn and I heard that Dennis Robinson was to preach at Bethel Tabernacle, a Pentecostal church in Dauphin. The pastor was Greg Rathjen, who billed himself as “Pastor Greg.”

In that Sunday evening service, Dennis was prophesying to several people there. Turning to me, he said, “The Kingdom of God comes without observation.”

I had been ever watching and longing for things to happen, not recognizing they were, and not realizing that if more was to happen, it would never be as I expected.

Prophecy – Lois Benson Visits

Lois Benson came to Dauphin in the summer of 1977 to visit her sister, Pat Yakimishen, and her husband, Hilliard. She also came to visit us at the Thorndale Apartments.

She said, “I’ve been hearing things from the family about you. They say you have really changed. You used to be the life of the party, and now they don’t know what to make of you, except that you’ve withdrawn from everybody and you’re poor and religious. And now I hear you don’t even go to church.

“You used to be excited about God. What happened? What causes people to believe and be on fire for the Lord, and then go cold spiritually?”

Lois wasn’t one to waste time getting to the point.

“What makes you think we’ve grown cold, Lois?” I returned.

“I’m told you’re not going to church.”

We then began to share with her about how the Lord spoke to me in the little log cabin in Prince Albert the year before and called us out of the church systems. I shared with her the truths the Lord had been revealing to us. I told her that rather than growing cold, we had gone on to more in the Lord.

When the visit was finished, Lois was excited and rejoicing. I drove her back to Pat’s, where she was staying the night, and returned home.

At that time, Marilyn received a Word from the Lord: “Lois doesn’t believe now, but she will later.” Though Lois clearly appeared to believe, we were not surprised at what Marilyn heard.

Two or three weeks later, we received a letter from Lois. She had spoken to her Pentecostal pastor in Stettler, Len Rosenfeld, who called Greg Rathjen in Dauphin, who told him I was a nutcase. Rosenfeld returned this report to Lois, advising her that we were heretical. Lois wrote us, using her pastor’s words and telling us we were deceived. She cut herself off from us.

We had heard from the Lord, however. And since the first part concerning Lois came to pass, we believed the latter portion would, as well.

Prophecy – “You Have Denied My Name”

One day, Marilyn and I visited my parents. Dad and I sat and talked. He reached from his chair to mine, embraced me, and passionately said, “Victor, Victor, when you went forward at David’s funeral, you don’t know how happy you made me! You don’t know how happy you made me!” He so wanted me to return to him and the Catholic Church.

“Dad,” I said, “I love you! I never did turn my back on you, as you thought. The Lord has taken my life. It’s not my own.”

He could only repeat himself. I cried, all choked up.

As soon as we returned to our apartment, I went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror as I washed my hands, and heard the Lord speak the most shocking words I had heard from Him until then. He said, “You have denied My Name.”

Though I entirely didn’t expect to hear from God, I knew instantly what He was talking about. I had sympathized with my earthly father and didn’t tell him the truth – I had turned my back on him and the Catholic Church, having no choice when I turned to God. By trying to comfort my earthly father, I failed to sanctify my Heavenly Father.

There have been few moments in my life as dismal as that one. I discussed it with Marilyn and then called my parents, telling them what I had heard, and even broke a couple of promises to them of some chores to be done, not seeing myself able to keep them in light of what the Lord was saying to me.

In retrospect, however, I think I could have done those things for them, because they weren’t the issue. I abruptly canceled all relations and activities with them, believing it was either that or lose my relationship to God. I wouldn’t risk that, if I could help it.

Greatly distraught, I prayed that God would forgive me. I received assurance that He had, and that we would go on from there without any suggestion of penalty. I was very sad and sorry for what I had done, yet thankful that I had not been cast off.

Prophecy – “This Place will be Famous”

For the first three months or so after starting at ARC Industries, we were living from paycheck to paycheck, barely making ends meet. It was at that time that Marv Isum was passing through Dauphin.

We were referred to him by Living Faith Bible College, where we had attended a summer Bible retreat the year before. Marv was an ordained Lutheran priest who had received the Spirit and was consequently excommunicated by his denomination. Cliff Stalwick, founder of Living Faith, was of the same background and experience. These men entered Charismatic circles and launched their own ministries.

Marv was passing through Dauphin with three students from the Bible school. We received them into our humble home, where they supped and spent the night with us.

While in prayer and praise, Marv prophesied some things, among them the words, “This place will be famous.” I don’t recall that he could explain what the words meant. Was he referring to Thorndale Apartments? Was it Dauphin?

He also saw a vision, in which he saw the Lord, His heart, and he saw that I was a shepherd with a shepherd’s heart under the Shepherd. One of the students, when relating to me, declared she perceived in me the veracity of Marv’s testimony.

We fellowshipped during the evening, and the next morning, we sent them on their way, giving them twenty dollars as a gift, possibly all we had; I don’t remember. I do remember that Marv seemed ungrateful, if not scornful, of the small amount. I was rather surprised. After all, we weren’t affiliated with them, and we were under no obligation to receive them into our home or to feed them, much less give them financial support.

It was also rather plain that we didn’t have much, as evidenced by our aged suite, our couch, which was visibly ready for the dump, and the tomato juice cans we used to prop it up. Perhaps he felt a little awkward receiving the money from us? I don’t really know; I only recall his reaction (it certainly wasn’t one of expressed gratitude).

We would see more of Marv, particularly concerning the issue of mammon.

Prophecy – Marilyn Confirms More

Marilyn had now produced two confirmations from the Lord for me, and she wasn’t done. “Were you going to the Catholic Charismatic meetings?” she asked.

I told her we had.

She said, “Those weren’t of God. One evening when I was there, the Lord said to me, ‘They have Me on the cross and they won’t let Me down’.”

Indeed, they did “have Him on the cross” and wouldn’t “let Him down.” I understood what she was saying.

She had another confirmation. I had seen her father at the Richardson meeting at Orange Hall (though I didn’t know it was him at the time), and there I saw a guilty and troubled man trying to make up for something. I would see him acting fervent for the Lord, with tears and trembling voice. I knew it was false.

When relating this to her, Marilyn told me that, years ago, he had a calling on his life from the Lord for ministry, and he refused the Lord. She said he was never the same.

Prophecy – A Prophetic Word from the Sioux Nation

At one of the first evening services, a Sioux fellow began to prophesy. Marilyn and I were sitting in the seat directly in front of him. I knew the words were meant for me and, in talking to him after the service, he acknowledged that he knew those words were for me. While I don’t recall the prophecy, I do recall these words from Isaiah, which are also linked with the verses I received from Theo the year before at Canmore, Alberta:

“Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff. Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them away, and the whirlwind shall scatter them: and thou shalt rejoice in the LORD, and shalt glory in the Holy One of Israel” (Isaiah 41:15-16 KJV).

Prophecy – A Word for Marv Isum

I received a Word to speak to Marv while we were there. One evening, just before a service, he was standing outside the hall entrance, making sure everyone was at the meeting. We saw him from our cabin because we were late. I saw an insecure man, trying to control everything.

At the last service of the week, he had the congregation line up to place offerings in the collection at the front of the chapel. He was essentially coercing them to do so. We weren’t free to contribute.

Later, we requested to get together with Marv and his wife, and I told him what I had seen of his spirit. I said he needed to learn to trust the Lord, Who was in full control.

Marv was offended and indignant. We would hear more of what his insecurity and rejection of the counsel of God would do to him not many years later… it wouldn’t be good. I don’t recall making the connection between his attitude toward our humble cash gift to him the year before and this present event.

We made it back home with a limping car. A fellow at the camp had prayed over it, to heal it. Perhaps that is what got us back, because we would later discover the engine was in need of a complete valve job.

Prophecy – Marv Isum Falls (Related)

Word came to us that Marv Isum was dismissed as a teacher from Living Faith Bible College because of some scandalous event concerning monetary matters. He had been an insecure, proud, covetous man that wouldn’t receive a Word from God through me in 1977 for his good.

When a contrary man contemns conviction and contends, contradicting himself, conflict, condemnation, and consequences are the conclusion.

Prophecy – A Word for Mr. Bremner

One Sunday evening, Marilyn and I were having pizza at the local pizza place. In came a group of women and a man after a church service. As they sat there, the women were carrying on with laughter and silly talk. The man sat and observed them, while we observed them and him. The Lord gave me to discern his spirit.

Just before we left, I asked if I could have a word with him. I only knew him to be the father of an acquaintance in school, Bill Bremner. This man’s name was Bob, I believe.

I said to him, “You’re watching those people and you see the emptiness, the foolishness, the lack of sobriety, and the impiety. You see the lack of reverence. They’re one way in church and another when they come here. You are disquieted by their conduct.”

“How did you know?” he exclaimed. “That is exactly what I was feeling and thinking! You told me my heart! How did you know?”

“The Lord showed me,” I replied. “You aren’t wrong in what you see. Go on. God has much more for you. You need to come away from men’s religious works and serve Him with all your heart.”

I was a bit of a showoff and, by being so, provoked him to display his righteousness. He said he was serving the Lord with a full heart. I wasn’t convinced, but when it became apparent that there might be some sort of I’m-more-spiritual-than-you standoff, I decided to cut the visit short in a friendly way. I hope he went on to worship God in spirit and in truth.

Prophecy – A Summons to Israel

In the fall of 1977, the Lord spoke to me, saying, “You’ll be going to Israel.” Marilyn agreed that I heard this from God, but she was disturbed to tears. “When?” she asked. The Lord didn’t tell me. It would be a while, and He would let us know.

While God was preparing us, He was also preparing someone else in the United States, someone we didn’t know, to meet with us in Israel. He would be crying out to God in his trouble around the time we arrived. God was preparing us to answer his prayer even before he prayed. As it says:

“Before they call out, I’ll answer. Before they’ve finished speaking, I’ll have heard” (Isaiah 65:24 MSG).

Prophecy – God’s Mission for Paul

On a subsequent visit with Paul and Alison, I had a Word from God for him. I told him that he would be telling people their sins and that it wouldn’t be easy. He would be hated and misunderstood, but it was God’s calling on him. Alison fidgeted and her countenance fell; it was plain she didn’t want to hear this.

In the days to come, we met and talked. Paul listened and wanted to hear more, while Alison struggled. We took a bus to Beersheba for a day, visited, and ate at a restaurant, but there was a strain in our relationship. Much more was developing than a budding friendship between Paul and us, but this wasn’t happening with Alison. A dividing sword was at work.

Prophecy – The Word of the Lord by Marilyn to Paul

One day when I was away from home, Paul dropped in and talked to Marilyn. She asked him when he was going to leave Alison. “I am going to wait and see when the time is right. Maybe the Lord will have more to show me,” he said. Marilyn replied, “You won’t be hearing from the Lord anymore.”

Paul tells us that those words greatly impacted him and that he knew what he had to do. He believed that what was spoken was from the Lord, decided to obey Him, told Alison what he had to do, and she told others.

Prophecy – Comes Half a Man (Prophecy)

Back in Tel Aviv, we sat in front of the Nes Ziona, wondering if Paul would soon obey and meet us. A day or two later, there he was, coming down the sidewalk. As he approached, I saw a man as though cut in half. Paul was spiritually crippled. He seemed like someone trying to walk out of an operating room after major surgery.

While I had compassion for him, and the sight wasn’t a pleasant one, I knew it had to be the way it was. Marilyn and I never doubted it, though such a spectacle might have caused us to exclaim, “Oh, God! What have we done?!”

Paul informed us he told Alison that he had to leave her. She was distressed and called Paul’s and her parents in America. David Cohen was on his way immediately.

Meanwhile, we planned to fly back to Winnipeg, Manitoba almost immediately. Why Winnipeg? I don’t know, except it was in my heart to go there. We could have gone anywhere; there were no compelling ties.

We visited with Paul and shared what we could with him concerning life and his spiritual walk. We took him to the Mediterranean Sea near the Sheraton at Tel Aviv and water baptized (immersed) him in the Name of Jesus Christ, praying that he would receive the Spirit. The Lord said, “Paul will receive the Spirit at a time in the future.”

Prophecy – Satan Comes, Finding Nothing

One evening, Brian Ross, one of “The Move” community, called us at Mielkes’, wanting to talk to us. Anticipating a battle, we went to prayer. The Lord said, “Satan comes and finds nothing in you.”

Brian came. I wish I could remember what he said to us. Generally, he seemed to be looking for an occasion to criticize, condemn, or accuse. Surprisingly, I didn’t react or strive with him, which wasn’t usual for me.

I seemed not to mind at all what he was saying, and it completely took the wind out of his sails. I think he had assumed we would disagree with him on certain points, and he found that we didn’t. It was peculiar that the Lord gave us such a Word in advance. The occasion didn’t seem to be significant. It puzzles me to this day.

Prophecy – Children Playing in the Gates of the City

One evening, there was a gathering in the Mielke house for prayer and worship. Some visitors attended, flying in by private plane from the U.S., who claimed to have a specialized ministry, something to do with praise, worship, or worship music.

As they sang and worshipped, I received these words concerning them: “Children playing in the gates of the city, neither coming in nor going out.”

As for the man who flew in on a tour of ministry, we had a talk, and I don’t recall why, but I told him the Lord revealed things to me about people. I didn’t give any specific examples. His face turned ashen, as though he was about to be found out.

I kind of wished the Lord would show me what was going on with him, but perhaps it was enough for him to be notified or reminded that God can indeed reveal things when He chooses, and that those things practiced in secret don’t remain secret indefinitely.

Prophecy – Beelzebub Prophesies

As we sat in one meeting, Hiram stood up to prophesy. The Lord said to me, “He prophesies by Beelzebub.” I found it interesting that others also didn’t believe Hiram’s prophecy was from the Lord.

Hiram was reeking of self-righteousness. One day, as he unintentionally (I think) drove through an amber light that turned red, he pulled over and prayed (I was sure it was for my sake), confessing his sin and fervently begging God’s forgiveness. I was disgusted at his display of piety and humility and told him that an error is an error and not necessarily sin.

He insisted that God’s holiness demanded perfect righteousness (he didn’t use those words, but that was the essence), as though we could attain favor with God by our own righteousness. One may as well try to sprout wings and fly to Mars as be good in his own strength before God. Hiram’s ways repulsed me.

One thing I must say – he was a terrific piano player – he had the feel.

Prophecy – Archie Leaves

I finally said, “Go. I’ll say no more. You have your mind made up, and now you must go.” I was finished trying to reason with them.

I’ve learned that the Lord has many reasons for doing anything. As Mickey used to prophesy in Prince Albert, “The Lord’s purposes are manifold.” Archie and Cathie were supposed to stay in Winnipeg, and the Lord had even arranged for a home and occupation, but they refused. Yet they needed to go to Toronto to be taken through trials, and we weren’t ready to deal with them, anyway. Though we knew we had much to teach them, we had much to learn ourselves. We also needed changing.

So they left, and I told them that I wasn’t going to continue communications with them. We had previously renewed acquaintance with them, even as they had requested, tried helping them again and came up feeling sorely abused. They hadn’t changed a whit from the time the Lord told us to turn away from them. I wasn’t the least interested in ever seeing them again.

Prophecy – My First Writings

Aside from Bible school in 1974 with structured writing activities, I first began writing on spiritual and Biblical matters in 1980, this time, spontaneously. I covered perhaps half a dozen topics, but the only ones I remember were on Christmas, perhaps the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and a bigger one on how to identify false prophets. I tried distributing these.

I recall visiting my former best friend, Gerry McClintock, at his office at Continental Grain. He was successful with his company, having risen to the top. I was surprised to see him silver-haired by then. I shared the writings with him, which I expect he didn’t read. As I look back, I don’t think he was missing much; I wasn’t ready to do what I was trying to do.

The Lord spoke to me saying, “If you are willing to let go of these [writings], I will give you something much better.” I burned the writings. The reward for obedience wasn’t immediate.

Prophecy – “Go With Your Gods”

Two young men came by our home from the Watchtower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses). I invited them in, and we visited for two or three hours. In spite of the reasonable arguments and evidence I gave them from Scripture, which they couldn’t reasonably deny, they were adamant and steadfast in their resistance, as are most JWs I’ve met.

While the elder was trying to be civil and measured in his response, the younger became impudent and even mocked me. I wondered how they expected to win anyone to their truth that way.

I also thought, “Better to provoke now and let their colors show. What about those who don’t provoke them, are deceived into thinking they’re joining godly men, and discover too late the folly of their ill-fated decision?”

There is a parable speaking of this very thing. It is the whole seventh chapter of Proverbs.

Finally, as they were leaving, standing at the door, unpremeditated words came forth from my mouth that surprised me. I said, “Go with your gods and be destroyed with your gods.” The expressions of both the reserved and the arrogant immediately changed and became as one. They were stunned, even the young, impudent one. God had turned them to destruction.

Prophecy – A Letter from Carroll Vance

Carroll Vance wrote me a note (I’m not sure exactly when I received it), and closed it with words I knew were prophetic and significant:

“May you find grace in the sight of God, even as did Moses and Noah. ”

Those words would become more and more significant and meaningful as the years passed.

Prophecy – Downfall of the Superpowers

We were watching a newscast one day when Art said, waving his index finger as he was wont to do, “There’s going to be a nuclear war for sure between the USSR and America.”

I immediately received a Word from the Lord: “The superpowers will be brought down from within. ”

I took this Word to mean that we wouldn’t see the USA and the USSR destroy each other with their nuclear arsenals, which was a comforting thought; nonetheless, they would be coming down.

Prophecy – A Baal Worship Service

Art and Doreen called, inviting us to a meeting at the Mount Zion Apostolic Church in north Winnipeg. Their friend, Franklin Walden, was in town from Georgia to preach. We went.

Franklin was trying to preach as do Negro preachers, with passion, gravelly voice, and theatrics. He added the Negroid language and voice characteristics, which Caucasians don’t naturally have. It was all show, and we couldn’t enter into the atmosphere of the meeting. People were shouting, singing, praising, and raising their hands, as is often the case at Pentecostal meetings.

When Art and Doreen saw we weren’t falling in and flowing with the crowd, they were offended and accused us of disturbing the “moving of the Spirit,” in which case, they said, we would “jeopardize souls being saved.”

At the end of the service, most people were responding to the altar call, going forward and raising their hands toward Franklin Walden as he stood there. He seemed to be taking in all the worship and praise for himself.

As we watched, who should come in but Moishe Weinberger! He acknowledged us, but was in a hurry to get to the front of the sanctuary to meet someone there by appointment. At the front, we saw someone give him some money. Of course! He had no sooner received it than he was swiftly on his way out the door.

As we watched the people at the front, the Lord spoke to me saying, “This is a Baal worship service.” I was floored. I knew He wasn’t speaking figuratively. The meeting was literally what He called it.

When I later asked Art about Walden’s black preaching style, he explained that, being from Georgia, Walden preached as the blacks there like to hear it. Was he being all things to all men, or was he a manpleaser? (I didn’t see one black at this meeting.) If I am to believe the Lord’s words, I would have to say he was a manpleaser.

Prophecy – Looking to a Hero (Related)

In pondering the Lord’s Word about Baal worship, He later revealed to me that it was essentially hero worship. People in the churches are following men and worshipping those who are charismatic, impressive, or outstanding, like Billy Graham, T. D. Jakes, John Hagee, Joyce Meyer, political leaders, famous, wealthy, and powerful business people, and movie and sports stars.

Man looks on the outward appearance. Those who excel in the flesh often seek to be, and are, worshipped. The greater crime is that in religious circles, these things are done in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prophecy – Eating Out

Perhaps a year after the event with the young man, we dropped in on the pizza place where the young fellow had worked. He wasn’t there but we were hungry and ordered a pizza.

I like my pizza half-baked and expressly ordered it that way. It came out so well done, it was black on the edges. As well, I had ordered two extra toppings, both of which were merely sprinkled, but for which we paid perhaps a third again of what the pizza was worth.

When I brought the overdone part to their attention, they would do nothing about it. The owner did the waiting and was openly dismissive. We ate it, paid, and left.

This was just another of several continuous bad experiences in eating out. The Lord was teaching me something here.

On another occasion, Carroll and Yvonne Vance had taken us out for dinner to The Keg on Macleod Trail in Calgary. In my food I found pieces of glass. Calling the headwaiter over, he laughed about it and did nothing. Being with the Vances, I didn’t press the matter. What could I do? Besides, I was far more interested in what Carroll, one gifted in prophecy from God, had to say, and didn’t want to be distracted from spiritual matters or to disturb him.

Eating pizza burned black at a pizza place in Brooks with the Mediwakes after church services on Sunday was also unpleasant. The waiters did nothing about it, perhaps because they were very busy, seeing the church crowds were out for lunch. I think the Mediwakes were paying for it, and I didn’t feel right about complaining out loud or appearing disagreeable.

Marilyn and I once took Sharon Utech out for dinner at a pizza and pasta restaurant on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg. We had met her in her hometown (Fork River or Winnipegosis) in 1977 and she was now living in Winnipeg with her brother.

I believe we heard the restaurant was popular for its food. The place was drenched in smoke. I asked for a non-smoking area, but making such a request in those days would usually give the impression one was from a mental asylum or another solar system. I don’t know why we stayed, but we did. We ate, hastily left for some fresh air, and were soon home to shower. I thought, “This isn’t good. Why should we subject ourselves to this?”

Once in Calgary I was served up chopped ham, instead of the corned beef I had expressly asked for in a Denver sandwich. It was an insult to someone who, by conviction, didn’t want to eat pork.

It didn’t occur to me that by sending the sandwich back and kindly asking for corned beef, I could be offending the chef, thus inviting unwanted unmentionables concealed in my sandwich. Paranoid? Perhaps, but we’ve heard stories and seen documentaries of hidden cameras in restaurant kitchens – chef snot in your hamburger can’t be good.

In this exceptional case, we had invited Constable Ivor McCorkindale of the Calgary City Police to sit with us in our booth on his coffee break. Because we were bearing witness to Ivor of the Lord, I didn’t wish to press the issue in his presence when the sandwich returned, with the ham remaining, though the waiter promised me it was now corned beef. I could both see and taste the difference, which wasn’t difficult; Ivor agreed that it wasn’t corned beef. At that point, the Lord said to me, “Eat it; it won’t kill you.”

Seeing I was given to speak of the Lord, and seeing He told me to eat it and never mind, I have to conclude we were to be there. Therefore, this instance cannot count as one in which we were wayward by eating in restaurants, though it wasn’t pleasant. After all, we were on the road with no other known and preferable food source, in which He makes allowances. “The Lord’s purposes are manifold,” Mickey Patrick used to prophesy repeatedly in Prince Albert. It’s true.

Admittedly, I have had a bad attitude in many circumstances. In dramatic contrast, Paul and Silas were singing and rejoicing in the Lord after being unjustly beaten bloody for doing good, and the Lord brought salvation to the jailer and his household (Acts 16). And I complain when I have to eat a sandwich with some pork in it? Nevertheless, it was another unpleasant event of many in eating out. I have viewed this incident as a double-edged sword – needful for the time, but setting us in a different direction for the future.

I also didn’t appreciate waiters flattering me, or drooling over me, for anticipated tips. And I didn’t appreciate it when they glared at me because they thought the tips weren’t enough, especially when I didn’t think their service was worth anything.

If they expect to be rewarded, waiting staff ought to be available and see to it that the food is satisfactory soon after being served, that the water jug and breadbasket are replenished, that we can order things overlooked during the meal, and that things aren’t burned or raw or missing. All these services should be rendered with a friendly and sincere attitude, recognizing it is the least to be expected of them.

It became rather frustrating when waiters seemed to expect a tip whether they rendered satisfactory service or not, busy or not. “Entitlement” is the word of the day.

Invariably, I was the one who would find hair, glass, or something unacceptable in my food. “Trust Victor to find it!” became the common remark. I always chalked it up to being the attitudinal culprit, attracting trouble like a magnet nails. Why were these things happening to me? Ever slow on the uptake, it took me a long time to catch on that God wasn’t blessing us in eating out, something He had been discouraging for some time.

It occurred to me that whenever I needed to eat out, having little choice except to go hungry for days, there was seldom a problem. Eating out when there was no need for it was invariably a recipe for frustration.

I have concluded that God doesn’t favor restaurants, at least not for us. In thinking about it, there are many good reasons for not eating out:

One, it is rarely sanitary. Restaurant employees don’t always wash their hands. Cooks and waiters can have colds or other pathogens. They have fed me mice disguised as breaded shrimp, pork, charcoal (made from my food), glass, hair, stale and rancid food, and leftovers (several of these, deliberately), as well as rendering us careless service and contempt. Are strangers, whose motive is primarily profit, going to handle your food with tender loving care? Rare wise ones will do so, knowing it promotes good business, but in most cases, I don’t think so. I’ve been a stranger, so I know.

Two, becoming dependent on eating out, people lose their cooking skills, which is a basic all families and households should conserve and enjoy. Proper knowledge, food care, and preparation are important. We see these skills diminishing year by year with our clientele in our organic grocery business.

Three, it is costly eating out. If people were to add up their bills and consider what they get for their money, or what better they could get for it, I think many would be surprised, if not shocked.

Four, restaurants, especially fast-food joints, are notorious for lack of nutrition and unhealthy chemical inputs. Pink slime, anyone? Morgan Spurlock’s documentary, Super Size Me, tells it all.

Five, this is speculative, but I believe a day comes when hospitals, restaurants, and other public places will be directly or indirectly serving up super bugs, or other pathogens, that will cut a deadly swath through populations exposed to lack of hygiene, ignorance, carelessness, and irresponsibility. Creatures of habit will be the hardest hit. It’s no secret now that many are dying in hospitals because of lack of hygiene on the part of doctors and nurses.

Will restaurant employees be more conscientious about our health than hospital personnel? I think that getting into the habit of taking responsibility for one’s own health (eliminating unnecessary eating out being one of several measures) can one day save one’s life. I expect it has already done so for many. More and more, we hear of new dangers and threats in the food industry.

Prophecy – Beth Yeshua

While in Philadelphia, Paul, Marilyn, and I decided to go to a Messianic congregation meeting at Beth Yeshua. Jews coming to believe in the One they had so sorely rejected was of great interest to me. I also wondered what they had to offer us, a common thought amongst Gentile Christians concerning Messianic Jewish movements. I enjoyed the music and dancing, though we didn’t dance – we were cautiously, circumspectly sizing things up. Time and time again, we had learned that appearances seldom tell the true story.

A fund drive was on for a building in which to worship. As we talked with some people, I received a Word and said to those we were visiting with, “The Lord doesn’t want a building.” A certain woman became defensive and argued. Not getting into the reasoning, I repeated that the Lord was after their hearts, a temple without hands, not a building. She rose up and declared, with indignation, “Well, praise the Lord!” and stomped off.

It wasn’t long before I could see that these people didn’t know the Lord after the Spirit. They were worshipping Him after the flesh (from a human point of view):

“He died for all people so that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for the Man Who died and was brought back to life for them. So from now on we don’t think of anyone from a human point of view. If we did think of Christ from a human point of view, we don’t anymore. Whoever is a believer in Christ is a new creation. The old way of living has disappeared. A new way of living has come into existence” (2 Corinthians 5:15-17 GW).

Beth Yeshua was lively and religious, but it didn’t worship Yeshua in spirit and in truth. They simply claimed Yeshua for themselves, as though He belonged to them, first and foremost, He and they being Jewish. They were worshipping an historical Jesus, not the Living Present Personal God He is, not the “I Am That I Am.” As most Gentiles have a carnal worship of God, which is not acceptable to Him, so we have found it with most Messianic Jews professing faith in Him.

Prophecy – Slim and Trim

We planned to go to Philadelphia again soon, likely in the spring. I had struggled with food and weight problems all my life. One day, as I was in the bathroom (the Lord has spoken to me there many times; I don’t know why), He said, “By the next time you see Paul, you’ll be slim and trim.”

Prophecy – A Word for Frada

Returning to Winnipeg, I wrote a letter to the Cohens – a few pages long, I believe. I recall prophetic words being spoken, some of which were meant for Frada:

“Your blood and guts will be splashed against the background of your standing.”

We realized how Frada had influenced Dave, working him up to a mad rage.

Prophecy – A Tragic Tumble to Temptation (Related)

We arrived at Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and found a campground. There at a concession booth, on a hot summer day, they were selling ice cream, and I wanted some. We had learned not to eat the garbage sold on the market, and ate only homemade ice cream. God had disciplined us to eat properly.

I was in shape and happy for it. I could wear boys’ size 30 jeans at 5-foot-10, a miracle in itself. I was indeed slim and trim. God’s Word was fulfilled. I remained slim and trim for close to half a year.

But that day in Swift Current, I succumbed to my desire and purchased a garbage ice cream bar. I saw the dark spiritual forces in the faces of those near me, including the lady selling me the ice cream, and they were chuckling. Imagination? Guilty conscience? Perhaps, but I don’t believe so.

As I opened the wrapper, ready to bite, I heard a stern voice say, “If you eat that ice cream bar, you will have your weight problem again.” I don’t recall God ever speaking to me in that tone before. Rationalizing, I disregarded it as my imagination, or even as the voice of the Devil because of the stern tone, and ate the bar. I was guilty, however; I knew I was guilty, and I felt the guilt. Woe, woe, woe!

Within months, I had to suffer the general defeat of intemperance with food and resulting excess weight, along with guilt, self-consciousness, and low self-esteem. God is Judge, not to be disregarded. My judgment and prison term would last many years.

“Behold then the kindness, and the severity of God; on those having fallen, severity; but on you, kindness, if you continue in the kindness. Otherwise you also will be cut off” (Romans 11:22 MKJV).

Prophecy – “You Have to Go”

As I showered the next morning, the Lord spoke to me. He said, “Dave Cohen is a madman. You have to leave. He will be coming to kill you.”

I was shocked at what I heard, but I believed it. I expected he would be back within days. I told Marilyn what I received, and I knew that while we needed to act immediately, there was no cause for panic or undue haste. We took immediate measures to pack what we had, put a topper on our truck, and notify our customers that we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our moving commitments. We had a few disappointed, even angry, people.

We had already purchased a Casa Rolla 13-foot collapsible Fiberglas trailer from Brazeaus, had a hitch fitted on the truck, and our furniture was sold. I called Don Puhach, the landlord, and told him we had to leave. We cleaned the suite, completed all our business matters, and headed to Art and Doreen’s before we headed out of town.

There were still customers to notify, so we gave the Beals their numbers, asking Art to call them and let them know the unwelcome news that we couldn’t make it. Finally, we told the Beals that if they should hear from Paul or anyone else, get contact information so that we might get in touch. We weren’t prepared to give anyone information on our whereabouts.

Prophecy – Heading Out on the Highway

From the time I received the warning from the Lord, it took us about three days to clear out. I expected Dave, and perhaps his accomplices, to arrive at any time. Art received that we would “go out with joy” (Isaiah 55:12) – I didn’t know what he was talking about; this was anything but joy. As we were driving out of town, he followed us to the perimeter of the city in case there might be trouble. We headed west on the Trans Canada Highway, imagining all sorts of threatening evils and thinking about all that had just happened.

Prophecy – Dennis and Charmaine Holland

In our travels, we arrived in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where we visited Dennis and Charmaine Holland, a peculiar couple indeed. They professed faith in Christ, had been attending Grace Gospel Church in Calgary, where Archie was attending and where John Martello was an elder. We knew that Charmaine had the Spirit. I recalled her prophesying and interpreting tongues at meetings, and sharing things of the Spirit, all of which witnessed with us. While Dennis acted quite spiritual, I was always skeptical of him. He was a strange fellow.

Charmaine was horribly deformed in body and face, cross-eyed, hare-lipped, short, and quite obese, while Dennis was somewhat of a fit and handsome man. He publicly treated her with great affection. His conduct with Charmaine, though strange, was impressive to all, it seemed.

Charmaine later confided to us that when she first laid eyes on him, she said, “Lord, I want that man for my husband.” It happened. I thought, “God has graciously given her a husband of her choice, beyond her hopes.”

While we visited with them, however, issues came up. Charmaine confided several things to us about what Dennis was like privately. She told us that he would openly court other women, even in her presence, cautioning her to behave herself and pay no attention or go into the house, as he carried on with them in their car in his driveway.

What was she to do? She needed physical care, didn’t have anyone else to do it, and thus seemed locked into a helpless situation. It appeared that he was a man without a conscience.

He informed us that he had been in prison for manslaughter (I don’t recall that it was intentional – something to do with illegal and reckless, perhaps drunken, driving – I don’t recall accurately).

Charmaine had a prophecy for me. She prophesied God would be causing me to speak, and I would ask myself, “Did I say that?” It would be words I was speaking, yet the Father would be speaking them through me. This prophecy was similar to one from Carroll Vance. Both prophecies came to be manifested continuously, but much more so in later years.

Paul and I told her that what Dennis was doing clearly demonstrated that he wasn’t a believer (believers don’t flout their spouses with open adultery), that she was a believer, that they were unequally yoked, and that she should leave him.

While the Scriptures say a believer shouldn’t put away an unbelieving spouse if the unbeliever is pleased to dwell with the believer, we couldn’t see that Dennis was so pleased. I think she believed that what we were saying was true, but couldn’t bring herself to act. Her security was an issue. I told her that the Lord was up to taking care of her in any circumstance.

Prophecy – “I Will Restore”

On one of the few times we stayed at the Henderson Lake Campground in Lethbridge that year of 1981, a remarkable thing happened. A young fellow came driving a beater half-ton pickup into the Exhibition Park at the north entrance, as we sat by our trailer watching, on the other side of the fence from him. He did a couple of power turns just inside the entrance, spraying out gravel and dust, and out of his box flew a rimmed tire.

The tire rolled a fair distance and came to rest against the chain link fence, right beside us. The longhaired, unkempt fellow stopped, clumsily got out of his truck, looked in the box, got back in the truck, and took off farther into the grounds.

What landed right next to us was a 16-inch tire on a split rim, matching, even in tread pattern, the one we had lost. I thought, “Wow! The Lord has restored my tire!” I went around the fence and brought it back to the trailer.

But then I knew the right thing to do was to return the lost goods to its owner. I argued some with myself, thinking, “He deserves losing it, doing what he was doing, the hooligan! Besides, how do I know I can find him?” But I knew I should try.

I tossed the tire in my truck, drove into the grounds, and sadly enough, I found him. There he was, and he was drunk. I gave him the tire, saying, “I think this is yours. You lost it at the gate.” He took it, without a word of gratitude, almost as though I owed him.

I was somewhat disgusted and thought he deserved to lose the tire even more than I originally thought. I went back, thinking the Lord tried giving me my tire back, and I blew it in my self-righteousness.

As soon as I got back to our trailer, the Lord said to me, “As you have returned to another that which he has lost, so I will restore to you that which you have lost.”

I marveled at the circumstances and at the words I heard. Then I realized that if I had, with rationalization and apparent justification, kept that tire, I would have blown receiving the restoration of what I had lost, which was so much more than a tire. I breathed a sigh of relief and thankfulness.

Prophecy – “Mike Has a Decision to Make”

Winter was returning, all campgrounds were closing down for the season, and we needed to make a move. I thought of Mike Trepanier. We called him, and he and his wife, Theresa, invited us to come and stay with them. We went to their home in St. James, Winnipeg.

Arriving there, they greeted us, gave us a spot to park our Casa Rolla, and settled us in a spare bedroom downstairs. The weather getting cold, we brought in our live houseplants, which we appreciated having in the trailer. We visited for a short while, and I was wondering why we were there and what we would now do. Marilyn and I went down to our room to settle in, clean up, and pray.

Then the Lord said to me:

“You are here because Mike has a decision to make. It is going to get rough, but stick it out to the end.”

We went back upstairs, had supper with the Trepaniers, and spoke of spiritual matters. We also spoke of what had happened to us and to Paul, the kidnapping and Dave Cohen’s madness and murderous potential, of which we were warned by God. Mike acted as though he was in awe of what had happened and appeared to support us. He often gave the impression that he was quite spiritual. All seemed okay up to the time we retired that evening, but these things must have been too much for Theresa.

When we came upstairs the next morning, Mike reported to us that Theresa was gone. We speculated that she went shopping or to see her mother, who was rather involved with them and whom they would often visit, but Mike said no, that she had strangely disappeared, taking their three- or four-year-old boy, Jezreel, with her.

Not knowing what to do, we waited. Then Theresa called. She told Mike she wouldn’t return home until we were out of their house. We were rudely surprised, wondering how in the world we had offended her.

I began to see that what the Lord had said to me was developing. We talked about it and I encouraged Mike to make a decision. Did Theresa have grounds for receiving us as guests and then suddenly, inexplicably evicting us? Was he going to let her have her way? Was he head of his house? What was the right thing for him to do? Would he turn us out for no other reason than that his wife wanted us out, without apparent justification, especially when we had nowhere to go?

Mike was increasingly nervous. The phone rang again. I answered it and a voice said, “Get out. The Cohens are coming to kill you.” The person then hung up. I recognized the voice to be that of Theresa’s mother. When I told Mike, he wouldn’t believe me. He couldn’t believe she would do such a thing.

I knew it was her, primarily because I knew her to be quite capable of such conduct, despite having only briefly met her. And I was incredulous that Mike wouldn’t believe me, though he was her son-in-law for a few years.

As we sat waiting for further developments, Mike looked out the living room window and spotted a police car parked down the street. He said the police were there watching us. I wondered why the police would be involved.

Jezreel then came to the door to fetch something from the house for his mother. Mike asked him to come in and stay. He absolutely refused, determined to obey his mother’s instructions, which were apparently to get what she wanted and not be persuaded by us in any way. Mike gave him what he asked for, and the child was gone. I was amazed at how firm a toddler’s mind could be about something in the face of his father’s apparently loving persuasion.

While Mike feigned solidarity with us, I thought I could see that he was faltering and insincere, but I wasn’t sure. Suddenly, the police and the landlord were at the door, knocking and demanding to be allowed in. We had the door locked and wouldn’t unlock it, thinking it was some kind of trick. What were we afraid of? What could or would they do? And why?

The police told us that the landlord had his rights, and he could enter upon demand if he believed there was something wrong. I didn’t believe them for at least three reasons:

First, curiously enough, we had just heard of a situation where the police used deception to gain unlawful entry into someone’s home, so with that in mind, we reacted accordingly long enough to frustrate the police at Mike’s door.

Second, Mike was the principal renter there. Did he not have rights?

Finally, we didn’t have the faintest idea of any crime committed or of anything that could even be suspected as a crime or offence. All we knew was that Theresa wanted us out.

They threatened us with charges, so we let them in, and Theresa came in with them. The police attitudinally treated Marilyn and me as trespassers and criminals. They shouted at us and wouldn’t listen to anything we had to ask or say. I tried to ask them what we had done wrong, and if they knew that we had been invited into the home, having permission to be there. They wouldn’t listen and didn’t care.

Mike remained silent throughout, as though he was some sort of captive victim, yet he continued to act the pious Christian. Theresa immediately openly rebuked him for how he acted so spiritual and pious in our presence, yet was an entirely different person at all other times. “Why don’t you let them see the real Mike?” she chided.

Prophecy – Searching for Spiritual Fellowship

We were soon approached by a local Pentecostal pastor for rooms. He invited us to his church. We went one evening, hoping to find living water for our thirsty souls. As we ascended the steps to the sanctuary, the Lord said, “You won’t find what you are looking for here.” We didn’t turn around at those words. We went in to the meeting and, as He spoke, so it was – dead.

Prophecy – My Pound Problem as Promised (Fulfilled)

Added to the problems of the work, my past sin was bearing fruit. As the Lord had said it would be, so it was. By the time nine months had passed from the time I ate the ice cream bar in Swift Current, I was fighting my weight problem.

Added to that, I had great regret at what I had lost. As you know, my weight problem had been a constantly frustrating losing battle most of my life. I realized that the day the Lord spoke to me about being slim and trim, it had been something established for the long term, provided I obeyed Him. I had lost a precious and much enjoyed victory over an ice cream bar! How grievous that was to me!

Perhaps only people with a lifelong weight problem could understand, but only in part. Add to the mix the spiritual dimension and guilt of having disobeyed God and ignoring His clear warning, even writing His voice off as that of Satan, and suffering the consequences – only then can you know how I have felt.

Prophecy – My Money Monkey’s Pet

The occupation was almost an unbearable experience. One day while hanging two flags (something else we had to do each day), I complained to the Lord. Marilyn received the words, “Who are you worshipping, Me or mammon?” The money monkey was addressed again. Always overcome with money issues, I knew the answer.

At another time, I was seeing other motels full, while ours was empty. Marilyn received words again – “Don’t look at the appearance.”

Prophecy – Do Not Be Deceived

That fall, Fred and Delores Molnar came from Camrose for a short visit. They were well dressed and groomed, and they looked prosperous, successful… and happy. We definitely weren’t free, happy, or prosperous. Marilyn received a word concerning them – “Don’t be deceived.” The time would come when we would see how deceptive appearances were in this case.

Prophecy – “I Will Replenish”

In one of these years (I think it was shortly after we left Westlock), when I looked and saw that I had nothing to show for my past, God spoke to me saying, “Replenish, replenish, I will replenish.”

Though I had some difficulty believing it, God was assuring me that, one day, we wouldn’t be poor.

I thought, “I must just want to think that! Why would God want me to have financial wealth? Does a devout Christian or man of God need it?”

I certainly wasn’t aware I was seeking the riches of this world.

Prophecy – Forbidden to Visit Parents

After many weeks in Saskatoon, it was time to move on. We headed for Manitoba. When we reached Yorkton, I determined to go to Dauphin to visit my parents, but Marilyn received a Word from the Lord: “If you go there, that will be the end.”

I knew it was a Word from the Lord (it witnessed with me) and I wasn’t about to disobey. The consequence of the ice cream bar rebellion was more than enough. We headed through Russell, Manitoba and on to Winnipeg.

Prophecy – “To Lethbridge”

We were at Bird’s Hill about a month. The winter of ’82 was approaching, it was getting colder, and campers were leaving. Our plumbing in the trailer froze, and something had to give. I was prepared to buy straw bales from some farmer and hunker down for the winter, determined to go nowhere or do nothing until God spoke. I wanted Him to tell us what to do and where to go. I had no stomach for another Westlock.

I don’t recall specifically what the transaction with God was or how it occurred, except that I was prepared to go anywhere or nowhere, as He chose. Then came a peace and rest I never knew before.

We had some visits with the park warden, who professed faith. He was having his problems and receiving misleading spiritual direction from his church. We advised him that he needed to put his trust in God, rather than in men.

One morning, Marilyn came back from the public showers and washrooms crying. They were closed for the season. After several days of waiting and praying, the Lord said, “To Lethbridge.” That was all He said.

Prophecy – A Provision on Time

We spoke to Fred and Delores on the phone, and received a letter from them some days later. We hadn’t told them our needs, as was our direction from God. In the envelope were two things: a much-needed financial provision of $700, which would cover our rent, utilities, and food, and a more precious spiritual gift, a message, which said:

God is ready to assume full responsibility for the one wholly committed to Him.”

Those words would be permanently etched into my soul from that time forward. They were haunting words, but in a positive way. I wanted the fulfillment of them above anything else, a complete commitment, trusting God in entirety.

Wouldn’t it be just exhilarating to see God catch you when jumping off a cliff, so to speak? Wouldn’t it?! I believe that’s exactly what He wants. Not tempting Him, no, not at all, but believing and obeying Him in the face of impossibilities, making apparently irrational choices.

I wondered at how Delores had the spiritual problems she had, yet also had revelations, insights, and words to speak, which couldn’t be denied as of God. When I asked her about the words, she and Fred had nothing to say.

(Years later, I heard that Kathryn Kuhlman had spoken or written them. Delores had red a lot of so-called Christian books. Internet searches show that Andrew Murray wrote them. They are, “God is ready to assume full responsibility for the life wholly yielded to Him.”)

Was this the Lord giving me a breakthrough after apologizing to the Taals? We didn’t make any connection at the time between the apology and receiving the provision. I believe if there had been a connection, the Lord would have quickened it to us. On the contrary, I felt I had practically betrayed the Lord by backing down on a spiritual rebuke John Taal needed and deserved.

I was hoping that an opportunity to “correct the correction” would come, though I rarely found such things to be in God’s plan. A Scriptural example is when the first generation of the children of Israel weren’t willing to fight the enemy in Canaan, not trusting God. God got angry and sentenced them to wander in the wilderness for forty years until that generation died out. Hearing that rebuke and regretful of His anger, they changed their minds and decided to fight after all, but God wouldn’t permit it. They tried anyway and were defeated.

My experience has always been that trying to right an error with God is out of order, an artificial arrangement that can’t retain God’s blessing. However, I would be wrong in this case (God often seems to have exceptions to the rule). The time would come when I would have an opportunity to speak to the Taals again, both husband and wife, which was important.

And truly, as a nation, the second generation of Israel did have the opportunity to take Canaan, forty years later, and they were successful.

Prophecy – A Witch’s Coven

We printed fliers and I headed out to distribute them door-to-door. On 3rd Ave. S., I dropped into a building that had activity in the basement. It turned out to be Hazel Hill, wife of George Hill, leading what appeared to be a women’s Bible study or something like that.

When I met her, there was an instant clash. I saw black enmity, a hatred in her eyes. I was told this was the Victory Christian Church she and her husband founded. When I got home, Marilyn and I prayed and received that Victory was “a witch’s coven.” This was in the spring of 1983.

Prophecy – Women’s Aglow

At some point, we asked about Women’s Aglow and received that it was a club of, and for, “rebellious women, lawlessly doing their own thing.”

Prophecy – Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International

We asked about FGBMFI and received, “Not of God.”

We asked about many religious organizations, realizing that just because people do things in His Name doesn’t mean He is with them in it. As He said:

“Not everyone who calls Me ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only those who do what My Father in Heaven wants them to do. When the Judgment Day comes, many will say to Me, ‘Lord, Lord! In Your Name we spoke God’s message, by Your Name we drove out many demons and performed many miracles!’ Then I will say to them, ‘I never knew you. Get away from Me, you wicked people!’” (Matthew 7:21-23 GNB)

What can be confusing is that there are genuine believers involved in these churches and organizations, yet deceived, because they aren’t believing and obeying God. They prefer the social benefits of this world, and the glory and praise of men, instead of the praise of God. So then are they genuine believers, after all? What’s the difference if they don’t obey? What kind of belief is that?

2 Corinthians 6:14-18 MKJV
(14) Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship does righteousness have with lawlessness? And what partnership does light have with darkness?
(15) And what agreement does Christ have with Belial? Or what part does a believer have with an unbeliever?
(16) And what agreement does a temple of God have with idols? For you are the temple of the living God, as God has said, I will dwell in them and walk among them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.
(17) Therefore come out from among them and be separated, says the Lord, and do not touch the unclean thing. And I will receive you
(18) and I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.

Prophecy – To Drink or Not to Drink

Fred and Delores Molnar brought my parents to Lethbridge to visit us. We hadn’t seen my parents since the visit to Dauphin in the fall of 1980. Fred wanted to take us all out for dinner.

At the restaurant, he ordered some wine. I don’t remember if Marilyn and I had any, but I wanted to resolve the issue of whether it was right or wrong to drink. I recalled how, years before, my father would press me to have a sociable drink with him and I, by my new, perhaps puritanical, evangelical convictions, had firmly refused him.

I asked the Lord now, and He said, “Better not to drink.” He didn’t say it was right or wrong. I later found out, as you will read, that in Fred’s particular case, it was indeed “better not to drink” with or around him.

Prophecy – Hard Words to Hear for Four Loved Ones

The next day, as we sat in the living room having a snack, the Lord suddenly spoke words to me that brought a large choking lump to my throat. He said:

“These four will be destroyed in their sins. Be thankful.”

I could barely control myself, trying to push back the tears. My parents and uncle and aunt were going to be destroyed in their sins? There was no hope for them in this life? And I was to be thankful? How could I possibly be thankful for such a thing?

Was I supposed to tell them? Was it a warning for them? I didn’t believe I was meant to say anything at the time, so I didn’t.

We visited a bit more, my father gave me some advice on my truck, and they parted. I suddenly realized how good it was to have a father’s well-intentioned and knowledgeable advice. It felt very good after living for years of being without benevolent leadership and counsel from another experienced human being. How taxing it was, always being wary of strangers who weren’t necessarily out for our best interests, particularly in things we had little or no understanding about, like mechanics.

It was so hard to have to be with my parents, in division, and knowing what I knew. I would ponder the “be thankful” part of the words I heard for a few years, and the answer eventually came.

Prophecy – “You Won’t Be Needing a Home”

Brian Bickerton showed us a couple of homes, but for some reason, things seemed awkward. One day, he showed us a pleasant well-maintained mobile home at Bridge Villa. We had money for the deposit, and the payments were well within our means. We needed only to say, “Yes,” but then the Lord spoke to me, saying, “You won’t need a home. You’ll be fleeing to the U.S.”

I was surprised at those words, but I knew Who was speaking, and I had no problem believing Him. Marilyn struggled a bit, but seemed to know I was right.

I told Brian. While he wasn’t a believer, he seemed to accept, though he did resist a little at first. Salesmen can be hard to read.

Prophecy – “You Will Go with Alacrity”

There was a prophecy containing more than what I record here. The Lord said, “You will go with alacrity.” I assumed it was to the U.S., but it became apparent it would be for a time in the future of a ministry, speaking forth that which I would be given to speak.

Prophecy – A Heart Attack

A couple in their 60’s pulled in to the KOA. The next day or so, we heard a medical emergency crew come in, urgently directed to their motor home. After the medics had been there for a little time, an evangelical woman we had met came to our trailer, told us what was going on, and asked us to pray with her to save the man’s life. He had suffered a major heart attack.

Immediately, I received that there was no praying for him – he would die. We weren’t free to pray for him. She was offended when I told her. She believed that she would pray for him, and he would be made well. I told her he would die. For the next three or four hours, they tried to save the man, to no avail.

We later heard some of the gory details. He had a heart attack, had vomited and messed himself from the bowel. The scene was quite unpleasant. When they succeeded in resuscitating him, he tried to force himself up, as if to say, “I can take care of myself.” They tried hard to calm him, telling him to lie still and relax, but he stubbornly refused. Then he died.

I had met the man the day before. He hadn’t been friendly, perhaps because he was unhealthy; I don’t know. The day after they took him away, I met the wife in the laundry room and suddenly had a Word for her. I said, “The Lord took your husband, being very displeased with him. He has been a stubborn, selfish man all his life, not willing to listen to anyone. That is why he was taken.”

There may have been a little more, but that is all I recall. She said nothing and wasn’t shaken. While she didn’t show any gratitude, she also didn’t try to defend, justify, or absolve him in any way. On the contrary, it seemed that she was relieved.

I knew she needed to hear what was spoken, and I was thankful to give her that word of comfort. I call it a word of comfort and not unpleasantry, because I had the impression she might be needlessly blaming herself somehow for his death.

Prophecy – Is Goliath Great before God?

Over the years I often felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything of importance. People were out there in all walks of life, achieving great things, or if not great, at least something. My former buddies were executives with large successful firms and with the government. Other past acquaintances were psychologists, judges, lawyers, chartered accountants, and successful entrepreneurs. Many other people were prominent religious leaders. What was I, but a nothing, a nobody?

Then the Lord said to me, “Victor, of what value are the many and great works of men? When you move but your little finger in Me, you move mountains; you accomplish far more than men who amass great resources, and lead governments and armies, and do great works over many years. ”

I thought about it. One can consider the pope of Rome, a famous evangelist, or other religious leader, a high-powered business executive, a multi-billionaire business tycoon, or a movie or sports star. These may be wealthy, famous, charismatic, powerful, and popular among men, but how important are they? And how effective are their works before God?

Prophecy – Prophecies Pour Forth

Prophecies began to come forth for several days, pages of them. Regretfully, I don’t have the record now, but I will report what I remember.

The Lord said, “You will have nothing to fear. Can stubble stand up to a fire? Your enemies will be as stubble before a fire. If stubble can stand up to a fire, then your enemies will be able to stand up to you. The fire that I send is an invincible foe to your enemies, but a friend to you and to the righteous.”

He said, “I have put a sword in your mouth to execute judgment and to rebuke the enemy, and nothing will prevail against you. Many will fall because of the sword I have placed in your right hand.

Take the land; wrest it out of the hands of the wicked; make it a good land, clean and pure – make it My land. Smear it with the pitch of claim. Where you set your foot, it is yours. As My foot steps in your foot, and as your foot steps in Mine, so the land is yours and Mine.

When they come to Me, you will know it, because they will come to you, because you are in Me and I in You.

I am finished winking.” (This is the second time He said this to me, the first being in 1977.) “I have been waiting a long time for this Day. It is the great and terrible Day of which the prophets have spoken, great for the righteous and terrible for the wicked. I am glad it has finally come. I have been hurting and grieving, but now I am finished winking and am about to pour out My wrath on the wicked. I will level the mountains and fill the valleys. I will recompense all peoples for all things, whether good or bad.”

He said that while He was hurting for His people, He was ready to deliver those He chose from their bondage and from their enemies.

He said, “Take comfort in My Word to keep you from the pestilence that seeks to destroy you from before My face.

If you believe, it will go well for you, but if you don’t believe, it will not go well.”

He said, “Your enemies will be harassing and shouting at you. They will leave no stone unturned to find fault and to wreak havoc. Businesses, governments, educators, families, police, judiciaries, churches, institutions, friends, and neighbors, those from every quarter will oppose you. Walk before Me cleanly and perfectly, and I will cover for you completely and perfectly.

Rejoice, My son! You have great cause for rejoicing, for you have entered the great city, the city of great pyres, where all the saints and prophets have entered, prevailing. Be overjoyed, My son! You have no idea what you’ve done! Be filled with joy. You’ve made it!” (I really had no idea.)

He said, “I love you far beyond any love known in the earth between husband and wife or between any others. I dote on you. I call you My beloved, chosen to be especially, personally Mine.”

He told me that I was as His pet; while others would have to hunt and forage for their needs, He would give me all things freely. While others were compelled to labor, I was given to rest and enjoy His love and gift of life in Him. (I thought of how household pets like cats and dogs were fully provided and cared for, while wild animals had to fend for themselves and their young.) He said He could and would supply anything I need or want.

He said words to this effect: “In his day, I gave the throne to Solomon. In this day, I give it to you. You are My Solomon in this day and age.”

I also recall words to this effect: “In other days, I gave the throne to others. In this day, I have given it to you. ”

Of Paul, He said, “As Aaron was given to Moses, so I give Paul to you. Don’t be perplexed about his idiosyncrasies. Carry him where you can. He will make his calling good.”

Aaron was of Levi, the priesthood tribe of Israel, and Paul is of that same priestly lineage, thus his name – Cohen (meaning “priest”).

To Marilyn, He said, “You are as a beautiful golden pear tree. People will come and eat from your hand; they will delight in, and be in ecstasy of, the tree as they behold it. They will be filled, nourished, and satisfied. ”

He said, “In the past, I’ve told you of many things, but now I will tell you of Lethbridge. There you will return, and there will I begin the work to which I’ve called you. It is a great and a glorious work. The work will go out from there.

You will be hurried and you will be harried, but keep the peace. You will know at every step what to do, and beyond the shadow of a doubt you will know it. You have nothing to fear. No weapon that is formed against you will prosper.”

He said, “You have a hallowed and halatious calling. ”

Halation – Random House Dictionary: “A blurred effect at the edges of a very light area on a photograph, caused by reflection of light, through the emulsion from the surface of the film or plate.” [Halo + ation]

He said, “Light upon My Word as a bird lights on a branch. There you will find comfort and rest. Pick up your spirit, My son, and I will send it to all places where it needs to go.

Your contemplation of matters is of no consequence.

Where the body is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

I will show you the treasures of Egypt. Even the rain and the deeps will be a blessing to you, because I have made it to be so for you, My son. I love you and have chosen you.”

Prophecy – “I Am Finished Winking”

There were pages of prophecies. Many things were said that I don’t remember. However, there is one full prophecy that was preserved (given on March 17, 1984, in Bernalillo, NM):

I AM FINISHED WINKING! I am fed up to complete fullness of the sins of the wicked. I can bear no more. Great and terrible is the fire that rushes to the destruction of the wicked! How fearful is the judgment that falls on ungodly people!

How do they crave destruction! How depraved are they that they should seek wounds and pain and sorrow and screaming and strife against My peace, says the Lord. How demented shall people be that they should seek horrible torment, living in darkness, rather than seeking My love and living in the light of day! So they will be filled to the full with their own devices and I will not spare them, says the Lord.

For when I called them and confronted them, they did not spare Me, says the Lord. Neither did they spare their neighbor who dwelt safely by them. They condemned; they killed; they butchered; they slaughtered; they stole; they hated; they lied; they filled Me to the full with their blasphemies and their fornications, and I will therefore fill them to the full seven times over with their blasphemies with which they have blasphemed against Me and with their wickedness which they have committed against Me, says the Lord.

Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so I will repay them according to the great multitude of their sins against Me, says the Lord. I am full with their sins and full with My fury that I will pour out upon them for their sins. Will it be heard and known that I recompense every man according to the fruit of his doings! …

… You will pierce through the hearts of many with sorrow and divide the weak from the strong, the sheep from the goat, and the fleece from the lamb. You will run through the hearts of the wicked, and they will not be able to stand up against you. You’ll consider and look and see them no more.

But to the righteous will be given the balm of healing. They will be carried to safety. They will be anointed with the oil of gladness above all their companions, because they have sought the Lord; they have worshipped the God of Heaven. They have forsaken their evil ways so that they might walk in holiness and truth and righteousness. To such is the blessing of God in mercifulness and great abundance. With such will I be well pleased.

And then can I rest from the horribleness of the sins of the wicked, and from the fury that has welled up to the full within Me, says the Lord. And when I have drunk to the full of the blood of the wicked and eaten of their flesh to the full, for the trespasses they have trespassed against Me and for the iniquities they have committed against Me, then I’ll be at peace and then I’ll be at rest, says the Lord. And I will remember their sins no more.

Weep and wail, you people, because now it is time for weeping and wailing! You have given all your time to dancing and singing and laughing and eating and drinking and sleeping and hoarding riches and enjoying yourselves, taking no regard and not considering that you have given little time to weeping and sorrow. Where laughter was greedy and took away all the room of the house, now will it be evicted to make place for great sorrow with weeping and wailing.

You have mocked the righteous and you have trodden upon the backs of the innocent. Now let’s discover how well you have done and how well you have fared. As the curtain opens in your money games to show you the reward of your cleverness and your luck, so now I open to you the curtain to show you the fruits of your doings.

Let the just man and the patient man and the pure man and the holy man and the righteous man and the man who speaks truth rejoice and sing and laugh because his reward has come. But let the wicked perish and be rewarded justly for the fornications and the abominations with which they have defiled My house and caused Me great grief and unimaginable sorrow. Let them be filled up to the full with the rewards of their sins. May they be cast out of My house and discarded in the dunghills of unrighteousness for to that end were they called and to that end they answered ever so faithfully. The Lord has done speaking. I will speak no more.

Bless the wicked, you abominable. Praise them, you unrighteous. Fill them full of flatteries and strengthen them in their wickedness. Do you think you’ll escape? Do you think you can utter perversities out of your vile mouths and expect to escape the judgment of God? Cannot the One Who creates both good and evil tell the difference? Does He not have eyes to see Who created the eye to see? Cannot the One Who says, ‘You shall not do wickedly’, tell if you do wickedly? Will He not judge the wickedness He sees and knows of?

Are you God yourselves that you presume to escape indefinitely the judgment that I have pronounced against evildoers? How can you laugh and scorn in your hearts saying, ‘God does not see me’? How can you giggle and sneer and scoff and dance in your aisles and gather yourselves before Me, only to worship the god of entertainment and the god of social benefit, you hypocrites?

Do you think you can dress in fine clothing and plaster your faces with make-up and wear smiles and read a few passages in Scripture, saying, ‘God has blessed me,’ and escape such hypocrisy when in your hearts you judge, you condemn, you hate, you criticize, you gossip, you slander, you lust after women, after money, after the riches of this world?

Those who have taken upon themselves My Name are adulterers and adulteresses. They have never known the true way, the path of peace, though they say, ‘We are God’s people, we alone are the truly righteous and blessed of the Lord.’

Salve your consciences with church attendance and pastor-pleasing and meagre offerings and Bible studies and choir singing and door-to-door canvassing and prayer meetings and tract distribution and naming your businesses and your children and your churches with Scriptural names and speaking to your neighbors in the manner you call witnessing. Am I not above consciences and above salve? Do you think your works and your words and your tears and your devotions to all these things please Me?

Though you deceive yourselves into thinking you serve Me in your hearts, yet I see and know your hearts. And when wisdom screams at you from every street corner and from every person and from every business transaction, still you stop your ears and refuse to listen. Now I bring a calamity and a pestilence upon you, and as you have stopped your ears and refused the entry of truth, so I will stop My ears when you cry out for deliverance, and there will be none to deliver you. I am finished winking.

Prophecy – The Two Witnesses

Here are words that I would ponder for years and not believe. There was a great prophecy (both in length and substance), which ended with: “And if you can receive it, you are My two witnesses…” and something needful to happen, something we were required to do, “lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” It is all I remember. The latter words reminded me of those of the prophet Malachi:

“…lest I come and smite the earth with a curse” (Malachi 4:6 KJV).

What was the Lord talking about? Was He saying I was one of the two witnesses? Was Marilyn the other? Or was it me and Christ in me? Or was it another with me – maybe Paul? Or was I hearing from my own imagination and not God? I didn’t know, and I didn’t seem to believe those words, but I heard them.

Why was I reluctant to believe? I had heard that many claimed to be the two witnesses, and I simply didn’t want to go there, knowing all those were deluded in their egotistic religious ambitions. I record these now after being reluctant for some time to mention them, but here they are.

Prophecy – Hair Gained and Weight Lost

I received a strange prophecy one day during this period: “You will receive your hair at a time in your ministry. Marilyn, you will not have to worry about your weight. You will have far greater and more important matters taking your attention.”

I didn’t think I was all that concerned about my hair, even though it was slowly and gradually thinning, not that the prophecy suggested I was overly concerned. Even stranger, however, was that I was the one who had the weight problem, never Marilyn. Why was the Lord speaking to her as if to console her about a weight problem? We would find out. Oh, would we find out!

Prophecy – “Don’t Call Me a Fool”

Many times I bemoaned the folly of my actions, particularly in financial matters, big or small, thinking of myself as the greatest fool that ever lived. As I was regretting some petty financial decisions, saying, “What a fool I am! Will I never learn?” the Lord said, “From now on, if you call yourself a fool, you call Me a fool, because I have delivered you.”

I must confess that on several occasions thereafter, though I might not have directly, explicitly called myself a fool, I was very close to it or may as well have done it. There were so many occasions where I was totally convinced there was no other way of labeling my thinking and actions, as you shall see. But I was constantly reminded of His words.

How did He deliver me? I thought I wouldn’t be found making mistakes again, but that wasn’t it. What He was doing was providing and determining the course of all things pertaining to us, regardless of my blunders. It is impossible to exhaust His provisions and protection.

Prophecy – My Next Non-Paying Customer

I wanted business cards for MH Consulting, so I ordered them from Bob Gregson at Paramount Printers. Bob and his brother, Ron, were working for their father. As we talked, Bob wanted to know if I had advice for him on how to obtain the business from his father. For whatever reason, however, he wasn’t prepared to pay for my service.

I could understand and accept that he would naturally be skeptical of my charging. After all, who was I, but a newcomer to Lethbridge? And what guarantee did I have that I could help him? On the other hand, I was persuaded that even if he knew I could help, he didn’t wish to part with his money even if awash in it.

Bob’s facial features reminded me of Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. Unlike Mick, however, Bob was meticulous in grooming himself. Every last hair and fold of clothing had to be in perfect place. He seemed to think and speak as if living in a straitjacket, always studying his words and often speaking slowly, with hesitation, like a deer entering open spaces in hunting season.

While I respect and appreciate a person who speaks carefully, Bob seemed to be painful about it, as though it was caution born of trauma. He was always calculating and measuring his words for maximum tact and diplomacy to gain whatever he was after, appearing to be avoiding conflict, yet much in disagreement at the same time. He was often very cynical of others and of social and political developments, not that I often disagreed with his viewpoints in terms of subject matter.

His father called him “his nibs.” I wasn’t familiar with the phrase but would come to recognize it well enough. Bob was always right, doggedly so. Once his mind was made up about something, right or wrong, there was no telling him otherwise. “His nibs” was a perfectly suitable term for him, indeed; he was right – reason, truth, and fact be damned. Capitulation, apology, admission of wrong, allowance, and mercy were as foreign to him, at least in my experience, as palm trees are to the Arctic.

Bob was very frustrated and bitter for various reasons. He and Ron wanted to take over the business from their aging father, but their father wasn’t cooperating. They were in continuous bitter conflict with him. The harder Bob argued, the more reluctant the father; the more reluctant the father, the more cynical and bitter Bob became. Two supremely stubborn men were at each others’ throats. It was an impossible situation.

I told Bob that I would have an answer and that my answers came from God.

I was in a dilemma, for two reasons. First, was this “secular” or “spiritual” counsel? It concerned a financial business matter, but I was receiving counsel from God. The one I counseled stood to prosper financially, but should I be charging? The other dilemma was that I could give the goods to Bob, but would he pay for them? Should I charge before “releasing the goods” to ensure payment, as is the case in most business transactions? And could I even deliver the goods, especially if I candidly claimed to get them from God?

My intent and desire in his case was to lead him, if possible, to the Lord. The question was, “Would he have faith?” I saw the fixation he had on acquiring the business. I knew it wasn’t good. I knew that even if he succeeded in obtaining it, he couldn’t be nearly as happy and fulfilled as he would be if he were to let it go.

God gave me an answer and I delivered it: “Let it all go. Give it up. If you give it up for the right reasons, you’ll receive it back manifold.”

While it was evident he wasn’t prepared to receive the true solution, he made a feeble show of being so. When it became fully obvious he wasn’t prepared to pay the price, that is, forsake the business, I asked the Lord, “What now?” I received an answer.

Bob was to make an honest effort to honor his father, treating him with genuine respect. I told Bob that in spite of what he thought of his father, his duty under God was to love and obey him. I believed that if Bob stopped opposing his father, he would effectively untie his father’s hands, permitting him to hand over the business. I believed that his father wanted to do it all along, but was prevented by Bob’s acrid contempt of him.

It worked. Bob and Ron soon had the business. Bob then asked me how much time I had spent on his case and how much an hour I would charge him. He decided to pay me – $300. Therein was the classical example of total contradiction. He gets a multi-million-dollar business from my consultation, and I walk away with $300 after many hours of labor, which was nothing in comparison to the inestimable value of the effective counsel. I hadn’t asked a specific amount, partially because I wasn’t sure I could charge for answers from the Lord. As well, I knew what I was facing, and there was no room for negotiation with him.

Was it right to give this kind of benefit (answers from the Lord) to those who didn’t believe? It was most certainly frustrating. Was I taking the children’s bread and casting it to the dogs, as Jesus said to the Gentile woman (Matthew 15:26)? Yet the woman had faith and received, while Bob had none, though he made a pretense of it. Perhaps he knew my answer might work for him, or he simply knew it was the right thing to do, anyway. In any case, he did it. Truly, what did he have to lose by doing what he knew was morally right?

While the business was slowly but surely transitioning over to Bob and Ron, it didn’t always appear so. Bob would call every day, and we spent dozens and dozens of hours talking about spiritual matters and principles and laws of the Kingdom. All the time he was weaving business into our conversations, complaining about the situation with his father. It seemed to me he was digging for free consultation. While he was prepared to take all he could, he was prepared to give very little. I warned him that what he had grabbed and held tightly in his fist would one day turn to dust; that in keeping his life, he would lose it (Matthew 10:39).

Perhaps it was all about money to me, a concern that I should be treated fairly – likely a selfish attitude. However, I believe God was giving me answers to the questions troubling me. Finally, in resignation and resentment, I withdrew. One might say I began to sulk. When he called, I became quiet, and soon, he was no longer calling.

It was my fault. I was hoping I could do my job, have Bob trust me to charge a fair price (whatever that was, I had no idea!), and be able to trust him to be willing to pay a fair price when the job was done. But things just didn’t work that way. I left it wide open, and as is usually the case, human nature wants the maximum value for the minimum cost. The result was a wide open field for misunderstanding, mistrust, and conflict – all this from a consultant, who should know better.

I would have been much better off willingly giving the advice as a friend to Bob for free. When he offered the $300, I believe I decided to let it go. I didn’t want it and never did collect. I had something more specific in mind as to why I decided not to collect, but I don’t remember what it was, unless, perhaps, I felt insulted.

Prophecy – Money Matters Will Not Matter

As I took a walk one day at the KOA trailer campground, near the hill on the northwest side of it, words to this effect came to me:

“Inflation, interest, stock market prices, and mortgage rates are nothing at all, mere imposters set to intimidate and disturb. They are as insignificant as little ants in the great scheme of things. These things shall not trouble you, My son. They are nothing to be concerned about. I will supply you with everything you need and more besides. All things are yours. There is no need to fear and nothing to worry about.

My lungs are filled with air; I laugh at these things with loud, triumphant laughter, the sound resounding everywhere.”

Prophecy – A Prophecy Destined For the Future

“Christian” books, for the most part, are quite troublesome. Trying to go through them, looking for truth, is most often a case of rummaging through dumpsters to try to find a decent morsel of food or clothing. The greater amount of the content is useless, putrid, and even toxic. Back in 1976, the Lord instructed us to put away all books and concentrate on the Bible, which we did.

Occasionally, Delores would recommend a book to us, and we would read it. But Delores had a closet full of books, many of which only contributed to her darkness and confusion. I asked her to surrender them, which she did.

Among those books was one with a handwritten message in it. When I inquired about it, Delores told me it was a prophecy Lois had written out some time back. They had no idea why it was written or for whom. When I red it, I knew it was for me. While I don’t recall the words perfectly, here’s the gist:

“Behold, the time is coming when you will hear blasphemous things spoken about God. You will be tempted with fleshly allurements, but stay on the path that is hardest to endure, for you will know Me only on this path. Be prepared to speak the truth to the beasts, and to declare your position and power in the Lord Jesus Christ as the day draws near.”

These words would come to pass.

Prophecy – Fred Molnar Severely Rebuked

There came a time when I became very angry with Fred Molnar. While we had tried to help them, while his entire household was in spiritual hell because of their ways (they had a daughter, Stacey, and a son, Garry, both troubled and lost), still he mocked me and found fault with everything I did.

We didn’t return to their place, but I finally wrote him a harsh letter, expressing my grievances. I don’t recall the words, but I wrote in graphical terms that I was defeating him as an enemy, dashing his brains against the wall with an iron rod, with blood splashing everywhere. I was very angry.

Delores was upset about the letter, thinking it wasn’t written in Christian love. When I asked the Lord about it (for I also had questions about such harshness), He said to me, “Your letter is but a slap on the hand compared to what he deserves.”

Prophecy – A Spectacle of Wantonness

I had this terrible vision in the mid to late 80’s, with horrible words and all. Doubtless, it’s the worst I’ve ever had. I saw Lois at an exhibition of the kind that goes from town to town, otherwise known as a fair or circus. She was an attraction at the fair, a very vile one. She was sitting on a table or open stage of some sort, naked, weighing about 600 pounds, dirty, and looking mischievously around to see what ugly prank she could pull on the audience. Men were gathered all around, curious.

There was a carnival barker, shouting, “Step right up, folks! Come on and see this spectacle, everybody! The meanest, grossest, dirtiest, cruelest creature you ever laid your eyes on! She f—s, she sucks, she’ll do anything! Watch out for her – she’s mean! Anybody who approaches takes his life in his hands! Beware! She f—s, she sucks. Step right up, folks, and take your chances!”

Coarse, vulgar language? Yes. From above? Yes. God doesn’t mince words. He tells it like it is. However, I’ve never heard anything else like it from Him, before or since.

Prophecy – Paul and Kandi Divided

Within weeks of their marriage, Paul and Kandi called us, having problems. I recall the Lord saying to me, “Paul is the problem.” He was found to be intolerant and unreasonable. I told them what I had received from the Lord.

Not that Kandi was innocent. While I talked to her on the phone, I ended up praying and rebuking spirits in her. Paul said she seemed to go into a trance, and I recall that she became as though drugged and asked, “What’s happening to me, Victor?” There’s no doubt she had devils, but there was no release for her at that time that I was aware. Nor did it seem there was any hope of making things right in their marriage.

By December, Paul moved out. In the end, he said Kandi was openly hostile towards me, and entirely unreasonable. They soon proceeded to divorce. Kandi was very bitter afterwards and called Paul’s parents to pay for the phone calls he had made to us during the breakup. Paul had paid off Kandi’s credit cards when they married, well over a thousand dollars, so we collectively agreed she could pay for a hundred-dollar-plus phone bill.

Their divorce was final on February 12th, 1986, and Paul received a copy on Valentine’s Day.

We discussed with Paul that he could come live in Montana, thus being much closer to us, so we could see one another face-to-face more often.

Prophecy – Archie to Open Up or Else

I found myself incessantly having to get Archie to express himself. He was always withholding his thoughts. One day, Archie said the Lord spoke to him saying, “If you don’t tell Victor what is going on, I’m going to send the devils in again.” I solemnly warned Archie to heed those words with all his heart, that it would be a great tragedy to go back to where he had been. For a time, it seemed he made the effort, confessing doubts, disagreement, and resentment toward me.

Prophecy – Liberal or Conservative?

We immediately sought out a better place for Paul to stay, nothing fancy, but decent and reasonably priced. We looked at a few places, one of those being Fox Hollow Inn. I expected it would be at least twice the price of where Paul was staying. Then the Lord spoke to me saying:

“You can live expensively at the bottom or inexpensively at the top.”

Returning to Fox Hollow, we were met again by the young, pleasant manageress, asked the price of a light housekeeping unit, and discovered that we would have to pay little, if any, more than the old motel Paul was in, because we were renting longer term than a night at a time. It was nice and clean, and there was even a room off the suite to separate us for privacy, which Paul could use. It was a wonderful arrangement, complete with cooking facilities, dishes, and cutlery.

The Lord was teaching us to raise our sights, to think bigger, and not to have the mentality that one must scrounge for a living in back alleys. Can He afford to provide for us? Yes? To what degree? While it may appear wise to live within our means, are not our means vastly, unimaginably lesser than His? How about living within His means?

Is that not what faith is all about? What faith does it take to live within our own means? Little or none. Shall He not provide for His sons and daughters? Surely! By faith are these things apprehended, yet as it pleases Him, lest we should tempt Him with selfishness and unreasonable extravagance.

Prophecy – The Time of Our Ministry Together

For the next one to two weeks, if not more, we talked much and prayed for Paul’s deliverance and cleansing. I recall addressing some spirit at one point and Paul jerked. I don’t know if anything happened.

While we had been mildly aware that the Lord had destined Paul to be in ministry with me one day, we didn’t know when, how it would come about, or how it would look. Then the Lord said:

“You will not come together until the enemy is removed.”

Now, of course, came the question, “Who or what is the enemy?” We had many ideas. Was it a demon in Paul? Was it his father, who was in great enmity toward us, to the point of murder? Was Satan holding us apart? We had no answers, only questions. And when would we come together? Again, no answer.

While Marilyn and I were in Great Falls, Lois received papers from Howard’s lawyer for divorce proceedings and custody of Jason, her youngest and most prized son. The things she had feared came upon her, and all I could ever do was encourage her to face them head on, but mostly to face herself.

Prophecy – “Rabbith”

One day the word in tongues “rabbith” came to me, along with a prophecy that there would be many people coming, as many as the hairs on one’s head, the hair being of pure gold. Solomon was mentioned as well. Because the word sounded Hebrew, I looked it up in Strong’s Concordance and found it to mean “a multitude” from a root word that meant “to be multiplied by the myriad.” I knew it was a promise from God that our work was not in vain, that there would eventually be much godly fruit.

As I edit this material years later for publishing, I realize that multitude would be pure gold in God’s sight, people “doing and speaking right because they want to” (The Work of God).

Prophecy – Promise of Our Own Home (Prophecy)

Around this time, the Lord said to us:

“You will be on the road ministering for a while, and then you’ll have your own home.”

Because of this prophecy of ministry, we expected to be seeing many people, perhaps groups or crowds, but no such thing happened. Our ministry was to Archie and his family in Lethbridge, to Paul in Montana, and to Lois and the boys in Stettler, although our testimony was also to various others as we went along. We would be staying with these named, not having our own home.

Prophecy – A Promise from God

I wanted something to happen with Kevin Sproule and Penny Lazarowich. It angered me that lawyers were sucking up exorbitant amounts of money while providing pitifully little for their fees. I was angry that Howard would lie and go to court, giving strangers his family’s money instead of settling amicably, privately and sensibly. He was fully set to have his way completely and, if possible, have Lois committed to a mental institution for the rest of her life – or worse (if anything could be worse), as we found out later.

“Lord, grant us justice!” I cried. “Expose the lies! What can we do?” However, by now I was learning that true justice comes sooner or later, one way or another, yet seldom, if ever, when and how expected. During this trying time, I received a Word from God:

“I will destroy your enemy from off the face of the earth – you will look and see him no more – and I will give you his goods.”

At the time, I thought the Word referred to Kevin Sproule, though I was far from sure. That wasn’t the case.

Prophecy – Lois to Sacrifice Jason

Lois had always believed that Jason wanted to be with her. When he returned from weekends with Howard, he was weepy, but he wouldn’t say anything. She thought he was torn in the conflict and perhaps being abused somehow by Howard.

One day, I realized that Jason’s heart wasn’t with us. He didn’t want to be with his mother. He wanted out. I had a talk with him and drew it out of him. He was quite clear that he wished to be with his father. He enjoyed Howard’s flatteries and bribes and freedom from discipline.

As we stood watching Jason play in the sandbox, I had to speak to Lois, telling her to let Howard have Jason. I said, “Jason isn’t one of us.”

This was perhaps the last thing she wanted to hear. However, when she regained composure, she revealed to me she had received from the Lord days before in prayer, “Give Howard what he wants.”

On August 20, 1986, sorrowing, yet knowing what she had to do in obedience to God, Lois surrendered Jason to Howard. Jason was obviously happy. There were 40 days between July 10th, when I had the vision of the promise of new beginnings, and this day when she submitted her will to the Lord.

One would think that Howard would be happy, but he wasn’t. He saw the surrender as the strategic sacrifice of a pawn in a chess game. Perhaps he saw it that way because suddenly, unexpectedly it seemed that the entire custody battle had imploded; it was over. Howard had no more power over Lois.

Lois also consented to give Trevor and Mark a choice as to whom they chose to go with, and they chose to remain with her. Mark was thirteen, and Trevor was sixteen. Howard knew he wouldn’t prevail with them. When Lois obeyed the Lord, it was over.

Who says there is no God?

Prophecy – Hiding from God Futile

It was around this time that I received a prophecy, which I thought applied to Cathie because of the vision I had of her as a cat and because of thoughts I was having of her at the time, but though it did, I’ve seen it as applicable to others, as well:

“Though you hide yourself, yea, though you bury yourself in the holes and crevices of rock, in the deepest parts of the earth, they will bring you up again, what is left of you, as when one digs a walnut out of a shell with a nut pick because it will not come out whole, and you will neither hide nor escape.

There is no safety without the Lord. There is no security from those He sends to pursue and to ferret out and to destroy. Captives remain free, while those who seek refuge continue to be captives. There is no hiding from God Who alone is a Refuge from all harm, and a Strength against all opposers.

A web, a web is formed, to apprehend those who spin it. The snare is laid for the fowler. No man can take lightly that which God does and which He subsequently requires at the hand of man. He takes the heart and all that is in it and turns it over, spilling it out of its contents to see what is in it and to make it known for all those whom evildoers have thought to deceive. The heart, the heart is deceitful above all things, but the Lord unfolds it to make an open show of it. Woe to the one who thinks to fool the Lord. Woe to the one who devises to deceive the one whom God sends in His stead.

There will be a ripping, a tearing to pieces, a vengeance not known nor expected, but one that is perfect in mission and complete in purpose and execution.

Nothing will ever hide from the face of wrath, which is stored up for the fornicator, the whoremonger, the idolater, the liar, the deceiver, and the murderer. Nothing can prevent the judgment, the pending doom of wicked doers who have treasured up wrath unto the day of wrath as fruit ripens for the season when it is to be picked. There is a day for the fruit to be gathered, whether it is plucked from the branch by hand or whether it is blown to the ground by a wind or whether it falls of old age or disease. It is gathered nevertheless. The time comes for retribution, and nothing can forestall it.

Wait and see the way of God and the Name of the Lord and His ways. You will see it and be glad. You will see Him face to face, and you will know that He is God, that He is a rewarder of them that seek Him diligently, a succourer of the faithful, and a formidable foe to His tormentors and fools.

And though the Lord is compassionate and longsuffering, He will not forever withhold Himself from His pent-up wrath to destroy the wicked who torment Him and who fly in the face of Him Who waits until the final hour, enduring the grief of those who taunt and defy and scorn Him. He will not wait forever, but He will reward every man according to the fruit of the doings in his heart, as surely as the Lord lives. So it will be.”

Prophecy – A Breakthrough in Paul

In August of 1987, there came a breakthrough in Paul that I cannot now define. Something happened so that he changed for the better, though there would still be a long road ahead. He seemed partially delivered from internal restrictions and began to have the freedom to think more for himself and to trust God. Paul found the words I spoke at that time.

August 26, 1987: “There has been a breakthrough. The Lord will now begin to bless. Financially you will now prosper as you have never prospered before. In your comings and in your goings He will now begin to bless you. He will give you what to say and what to do.

You have come to a place of repentance where the Lord has granted you mercy. There will continue to be trials and hardships. There will be stumblings on your part. Temptations will come and you will have to surely resist them, ruthlessly so. God is with you to help you and keep you. But honor Him in all things at all times. Withdraw and/or withhold nothing from Him, for when you do, He will cut off His abundance till you repent and resume your obedience.

Prophecy – Prophecy for Paul and Lois

These prophecies came somewhere in the late eighties. There was more to them, but these words are the only portions I recall:

Of Paul: “I will hook you by the nose and take you back where you came from. Then you will know that I am the Lord.” (Paul recalls these words being spoken shortly after he arrived in Great Falls, after being kicked out of Archie’s home at 249 Columbia Boulevard.)

Of Lois: “I will churn you as butter.”

Prophecy – Two Jimmies Jimmying and Jimmied (Prophesy)

While we golfed, and once when Dave visited us at Queens, we talked about Jim and Tammy Bakker, who were the subjects of scandalous publicity in the media at the time. Dave was shaken by what he called their fall from grace. I was rather taken aback by his darkness and gullibility, though I had seen this sort of thing many times with evangelicals professing faith in Christ.

I said to Dave, “Jim and Tammy Bakker didn’t fall from grace, because they were never standing in grace in the first place. They were phonies from the get-go. Don’t you know that? How could you possibly be deceived by such patent charlatans?” He was rather offended, particularly, it seemed, that I should dare talk that way about a brother and sister in Christ.

I told him Jim and Tammy were false teachers, as phony as three-dollar bills, and therefore I wasn’t guilty of speaking evil of those who were the Lord’s. Rather, I was to be credited for denouncing evil and falsehood, for exposing false representatives of Christ.

I confess I was indirectly speaking of him, since he was of the same mind and spirit. I could have been direct. More and more, I have learned to be so. He was offended because he was as guilty as the Bakkers.

“What, then, do you have to say about other ministers of the Lord? What about Jimmy Swaggart, for example?” he demanded of me.

I responded that Swaggart was another phony, and that all televangelists had nothing to do with God, nothing whatsoever, except to bring disrepute to the Lord’s Name by using it for their own gain.

I said there were no exceptions, that no man having his name and himself in lights, affiliated with a formal religious organization, and seeking financial donations, truly represented God. I said, “God doesn’t work that way, not in the least.”

I then expanded on Swaggart, saying that he was a self-righteous Pharisee, a legalist, and that he too would soon fall and Dave would see it.

Dave scorned me and what I said. He was quite cynical. We would see the profit of his scorn in time to come. A few years later, Swaggart was exposed as a voyeur. We would also see what would happen to Dave.

Prophecy – A Promise of Perfection

One day I expressed to Paul how I would love to be able to drive a ball 300 yards or more off the tee, straight onto the green, and never have more than one or two putts to finish. I wanted that perfection. The Lord spoke to me and said, “You will be able to play that perfect game of golf; I will give it to you.”

I thought, “How can this be? It would take years of practice and, even then, who can attain to such skill? Will it be by miracle? Why should I be able to play a perfect game of golf, anyway?” Despite my unbelief, and though it would take many years, it would happen, not only for me, but also for Paul.

Prophecy – A Prophecy Fulfilled (Fulfilled)

The problem was I couldn’t say, “No.” To buy would logically constitute an act of madness, and even a disregard of God’s general will for us to stay out of debt, but there we were, contemplating it anyway. We begged the Lord to show us what to do and keep us from doing the wrong thing.

I asked Archie how he felt about it. He thought we should go for it and so did we. We decided to make an offer and, if accepted, there it was. We made the offer, and it was accepted.

We were now the indebted owners of our first home, the twenty-fourth of our married lives, my forty-first personally, counting the two homes in Israel (Habonim and Revivim) and our three trailering stints of ‘81, ‘82, and ‘83-84, which were longer than some of the stays in rented homes.

Thus was the prophecy of 1986 fulfilled: “You will be on the road ministering for a while, and then you’ll have your own home.” We moved in on April 28th and took official possession on April 29th, 1988.

But how to pay? We needed furnishings, landscaping (the yard was basically barren), and living expenses. Had we gone against God in His past guidance to us on staying out of debt? Apparently so, but we knew we had to do what we did, against all reason.

Bill Syme, a schoolteacher, was the former owner and builder of the home. He and his wife, Yvonne, began to build it in 1986, breaking ground on July 10th, the day I had my vision in Stettler, 224 miles from Moon River, of a mare birthing a colt, and the day Marilyn received a word of knowledge of new things to come. We understood it was to have been Symes’ dream home, but it seems they weren’t in agreement on some things. They divorced and, consequently, the home went up for sale.

Prophecy – “If You Believe…”

The Lord once said to me, “If you believe, it will go well for you. If you don’t believe, it will not go well.”

I came to know the negative portion of those words many times in many different situations, sorry to say. But with time and repeated lessons, I have learned. I don’t know that I’ve ever learned after the first, second, or even third or fourth times in some instances. It depends on how hard the lessons are. The hotter the fires, the more established the memory and reluctance to repeat the error.

Prophecy – Steve Stalls

I wanted to share more on spiritual matters with Steve as the days went by. I appreciated the talks we had, he being an interesting and intelligent fellow, but he would stall, saying, “We’ll have more chances to talk.”

I said, “You won’t be here long.”

He thought I was talking about their living at Moon River. They had just moved in. I think I assumed that was the meaning of what I said, as well.

Later I considered the words prophetic and spiritual in meaning – he wouldn’t be given to receive what I had for him much longer. So it was; we soon parted ways, not in enmity, but as a natural course of development. Opportunity from the Lord to hear is not to be taken for granted.

As it says:

“While it is said, ‘Today’ if you will hear His voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation” (Hebrews 3:15 MKJV).

Prophecy – New Friends

We met Dave and Pam Adams, a young couple at Moon River who had moved in not long before us. Both were schoolteachers in Lethbridge. As we visited, Marilyn received of them that they would be “friends better than Archie and Cathie.” This was a strange Word, particularly because of the comparison. Dave and Pam didn’t profess to believe as did Archie and Cathie, but they soon ended up identifying and sympathizing with us in a major and highly unpleasant Moon River incident in which Archie and Cathie weren’t involved.

Prophecy – Prophecy to Sierra Wolfe

These were words I wrote to Sierra on March 9th, 1990:

The blessings of God, the great things coming to you, which you yourself spoke of and which I’ve been informed of independently of you, are that Kingdom of God, and if you take an honest look at your past, you’ll see you’ve been under God’s wrath. And this I say not only by a given inner knowledge, but the Scriptures (God’s Word) authoritatively bear witness, which you and I know to be true.

If, as you claim, you can feel what I’m thinking, you’ll know my thoughts towards you are in compassion and for your good. You’ll also know I have much more to say to you, but it will not be forced on you, God willing. You’ll have to ask for it, even this last message, because you’ve said, ‘I don’t want to hear anymore.’

The wrath of God must continue until you say, ‘I want what’s right; I want to live according to God’s Laws, which is true freedom, and not according to my lawlessness, which is not freedom at all, but which I have called freedom.’

Concerning the wrath of God, you are being confronted by Him at this time in your life because He loves you and chooses to teach you His ways and His will for your life that His wrath could be removed from you and His blessings bestowed on you.

At this moment you fear the requirements of salvation as your destruction and choose to cling to your destruction as though it were your salvation.

You have been given to know I speak the truth and it is for your good and, if necessary, you will discover the truth of what I’m saying the hard way. Whether you choose to believe or not, every one of my words will be vindicated, and you’ll know indeed Almighty God has spoken to you.

This prophetic letter was never delivered to her. Of what use, then, was the prophecy, or why should anyone rightfully think it was from God? Consider that when Noah built the ark, Scripture says he condemned the world, though most people in his day would not have heard of him until long after the event.

Also consider that when Jesus, at one point, spoke of several cities like Tyre, Sidon, Bethsaida, and Chorazin, He wasn’t present with or in them when He spoke. When He looked over Jerusalem and spoke His words to it, the residents didn’t hear those words. Nonetheless, those words were the expression of spiritual reality, which would be fulfilled.

Prophecy – Back To Basics

In one of these years, the Lord began to impress upon me something quite significant and foundational. I was receiving we would be “going back to the basics of life.” I had no idea what it meant, and we wouldn’t know for several more years.

Prophecy – “Get It from Me First”

Many were the times when I took unjustified accusations and criticisms of others to heart, being troubled by them, sometimes for days or more, sometimes coming and going for years. One day I heard the Lord say, “From now on, before you believe something, be sure to get it from Me first.” In other words, “If it doesn’t come from Me, don’t believe it.”

Prophecy – Compensation

Ever since we were married, Marilyn suffered intense menstrual cramps. Sometime in 1988-1990, I believe, she was in great pain, doubled up and writhing on the floor. We prayed; I asked the Lord what was happening and why. A Word came to me, “Compensation.” I thought something was being corrected in Marilyn’s system and left it at that. What would be coming never entered our minds; we didn’t expect it in our wildest dreams.

Prophecy – A Home for Archie and Family

As I was weeding the lawn one day in 1989 or 1990 (or perhaps later), I was wondering if we could get Archie a home. I heard the Lord say, “You’ll be buying them a home.” Little did I know how it would happen and where it would lead us.

Prophecy – “I Will Show You What I Have Done For You”

One day, the Lord spoke to me saying, “I will show you what I have done for you.” He then prepared us to take a trip back to Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the provinces of our spiritual roots and infancy. There we would revisit old acquaintances, none of which continued with us in the way the Lord had led us; indeed, they faulted us. We set out October 9th, 1990, heading to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Prophecy – A Surprise Coming!

We arrived home from our trip on October 19th, 1990. Soon after, the Lord said, “I’ve shown you what I’ve done for you. Now I’ll show you what I will do for you.”

What a surprise He had in store!

Prophecy – Marilyn Prophesies

In our first visit with John in our home, Marilyn had a prophetic word to speak to him. We don’t recall what she said, but it was a time of her coming out from being a wallflower, remaining silent in visits with others. She had grown to think it wasn’t her place as a woman to be speaking.

While I thought we had a certain understanding regarding women speaking, I don’t know where or how she got her understanding that she shouldn’t speak to others. When she asked to speak to John, she was expecting me to prevent her. I didn’t, and it somewhat surprised her. (She told me this after the event.)

Marilyn’s coming out and speaking forth began the swing of a pendulum from one side to the other within five or six years and a very trying time to be had by all of us.

Prophecy – Letter to Jimmy Swaggart (Fulfilled)

In 1991, Jimmy Swaggart was found out – a fulfillment of what I had prophesied to Dave Neufeld in 1987. It was announced that men like Oral Roberts and others were ministering to and praying for him. I wrote Jimmy, telling him that Oral Roberts and whoever else praying for him did no good and that he wasn’t delivered of his demons.

But who was I that he should listen to me? I didn’t expect him to respond… and he didn’t.

Prophecy – “Cruelty Will Be Your Master”

Once when Archie’s son, Christopher Hafichuk, was visiting us at Moon River, I had a prophecy for him. This could have been anytime between 1988 and 1991. The main part of it was:

“If you don’t repent and look to the Lord, forsaking your anger and bitterness, cruelty will be your master and it will you serve. ”

I had seen bitterness and fretting in Chris and even an occasional lashing out.

Prophecy – Not For the Sword

The world has always had its threatening situations, but now seemed like an undesirable time to bring a child into it, given the evil days. As I expressed this concern to the Lord, He said, “The child is destined for the crown, not the sword.” We had nothing to fear.

Prophecy – The Impossible Accomplished from Above

One day, I was utterly overwhelmed with the weeds getting away on me. Because Marilyn was pregnant, she could no longer join me on the lawn, and others were busy with their duties. I was near surrendering to using 2,4-D broadleaf herbicide or just letting the weeds go. Then the Lord spoke to me and said: “These things are accomplished from above.” I thanked the Lord for His Word.

Archie unexpectedly dropped by in the afternoon and helped me for about an hour on one small patch. He left and, as I resumed, I looked out on the lawn, and there wasn’t as much as I was sure there had been just hours before. Was the Lord blessing me by Archie?

Within a day or two, by myself, with only a few hours each day, I was caught up, with the weeds under control. From that day forward, those words would return to me on many occasions when I felt desperate or overwhelmed, not only in weeding, but in greater matters.

Prophecy – The Heritage of the Saints

I received the following words from the Lord. Near the end, He addressed a concern I had about what to do with our savings. I wanted to do what was right in His sight.

“I have given you power, rushing fiery power that will destroy your adversaries on the left hand and on the right, before you and behind, above and beneath, without and within. You will rule over the nations with a rod of iron, and as vessels of a potter, you will smash them to pieces and scatter the powder to the winds. My vehemence will be manifest in you, nothing thwarting it. Mouths offending and opposing I will shut, and they shall not be opened.

You are My chosen vessel and I will not tolerate any to touch you any more than the apple of My eye. They have all poked their fingers at My face and have fingered their noses at Me. They have railed and vomited on Me and on you because of Me. No longer will they be tolerated and permitted to do so.

You speak, My son, and fear nothing. They will proceed no further as they have done. Only do not do as they in man’s railing and wrath. Speak the truth by My Spirit, in the spirit of righteousness and temperance, and I will surely see to the results, that they are entirely in your favor and in the favor of all those who stand with you and whose interests you represent.

It’s here, My son, it is here! The time for victory is here. I will turn to shame the heads of those who despise you, and they will turn or I’ll break their necks. They will swallow their poison. They will be forced to revere you or die. Those who resent you can no longer do so without death to themselves. This is the beginning of your partaking of the heritage of the saints as you haven’t known it before, which the Lord your God has granted. Amen.

Do as you please with your investment money. It doesn’t matter. If it was important that you should have more, you would have more, and so will it be in the days ahead. ”

Moon River, Oct. 31, 1991

Prophecy – “There Will Be Many…”

At that time, I received a prophecy, of which I have on record only these words: “They will come from far and they will be many, and of many different kinds.”

This spoke of people coming, believing, joining themselves to us, and worshipping God, living right lives in godliness, victory, joy, and thankfulness.

Prophecy – Paul Calls, an Unbeliever Directing Him (Prophecy)

On December 21st, 1991, four months from the day we last spoke to Paul by phone, he called. Kerri Palermo was on the line with him. She was a young woman he had met when he headed out and did as I suggested.

When telling her about his life, he had said, “When Victor told me the Lord had sent him to Israel, I told him I knew the Lord had sent him to me. That turned out to be true.”

Kerri replied, “Why are you not in touch with him, then? You should be!”

Paul said to me, “I knew she was right, that I should be in touch, and I determined at that moment to contact you. What struck me was that Kerri had no question or doubt that what I told her was true, that God had sent you.”

Paul and Kerri said they wished to marry. We didn’t have the witness and peace of God they should do so and thought that if they were given enough time, things might change. We advised them to wait a year. They agreed. However, I warned Paul that if he married Kerri, he would be hers and she would lead him around by the nose. Indeed, she was already doing so.

On January 1st, Paul and Kerri arrived for five days. I was surprised when I tried sharing spiritual matters with Paul that he was as dead as Kerri, an unbeliever, incapable of understanding even basic truths.

But why should I have been surprised? I had told him he was better off cold than lukewarm and to do his thing, which he did. Why, then, would the Lord impart anything to him? I heard strange words coming forth from Paul. He said, “These things are too hard for us to understand.” Not only was he receiving nothing, he was identifying with her in her unbelief, not with us in faith.

I was disgusted with Paul. I thought to myself, “You have known us for eleven years now, and simple things are too much for you?” I was reminded of the apostle Paul’s words to the Corinthians:

“Brothers and sisters, I couldn’t talk to you as spiritual people, but as people still influenced by your corrupt nature. You were infants in your faith in Christ. I gave you milk to drink. I didn’t give you solid food because you weren’t ready for it. Even now you aren’t ready for it because you’re still influenced by your corrupt nature… and living by human standards” (1 Corinthians 3:1-3 GW).

In response to what I just wrote above, Paul writes: “I was delighted to hear the true things you were saying. I had been away for a while and backslidden, not hearing them, but I hadn’t forgotten about God or what happened in the past years. That was with me every day, like Carol Browne says of herself. I recall receiving things, understanding what was said during that visit, and being helped by those things in days to come.

Prophecy – Ariko Deceives

While renting a room from Lois on Lakemount Boulevard, Ariko was being deceptive with us. For example, while she was acting as one interested in the things of the Kingdom of God – to win Mark as a husband, I suppose – Lois found condoms in her possession. Lois and Mark tried reasoning with her and teaching her right from wrong, according to Biblical truth and law. Given her pagan background, it was understandable she was ignorant of these things.

In hindsight, we realize she was discreetly contemptuous of morality. She came to the place where she accused us of being manipulative and domineering. No doubt, Lois, who has been known by all to be dreadfully brutish and demanding, could have handled things much better.

At that time, I received a prophecy for Ariko: “Because you’ve practiced deception on others, others will practice deception on you, many times over what you have done, and you’ll taste and know the fruit of your ways.” I saw her going back to Japan where she would suffer these things, and she did return to Japan.

While I was weeding the lawn, I received another prophecy for Ariko, and also one for Kerri Palermo: “Ariko will be back, and Kerri will fade away.”

Sadly, years later we would come to see Ariko as not only manipulative and domineering, but insanely obsessed with unforgiveness and vengeance toward us and anyone who had anything to do with us. Perhaps she felt led on by having been given an honorary name and then rejected as Mark’s bride? Speculation, speculation…. At any rate, deception did indeed take her over.

Prophecy – Jonathan Falls

Jonathan was just over a year old when he climbed up the stairs as I sat on the couch watching. I suddenly heard a voice say, “He is going to fall.” I looked at him and he seemed perfectly fine. In disbelief, I didn’t respond to the admonition. Jonathan suddenly fell backwards and down to the next step or two, directly on his head. I was shocked. I rushed to pick him up and comfort him, wondering what damage he might have suffered. He cried for a short time and stopped.

We never noticed any signs of damage and didn’t check him out to see if there was anything wrong. This was destined to be my most regretful event concerning Jonathan, because I disregarded the warning, and Jonathan ended up suffering much for it as years went by. Why, oh why did I let him go up those stairs by himself?

Jonathan has had an unnoticeable backward curvature in his neck, suffered many headaches, and has had many chiropractic treatments. I’ve often bewailed that event over the years for being so negligent to his hurt.

Years later, Ingrid Benson and Dena Dahl received what they describe here (written March 30, 2014):

Dena:I don’t have the details recorded on the conversation we had about this, but what I recall is that Jonathan’s fall was something necessary and you were told it was going to happen so you could rest in what happened instead of fretting and beating yourself up over it.

I don’t know why it was a necessary event, though. I don’t think Ingrid knew either, but she can let you know if she remembers otherwise. I still feel certain it was something that needed to happen.

Ingrid:I remember receiving that the Lord did not speak those words in order for you to prevent the fall, but to tell you what was going to happen, showing you He was over it. It was not something you could have prevented.

I believed then (and now) that the Lord ordained those circumstances to give Jonathan an occasion to forgive, as he has blamed you for letting him fall (I am not saying he still does, I don’t know) and the subsequent sufferings he has gone through as a result.

Prophecy – A Eunuch in the Making

I received a Word for Paul, which could have been around this time. I said to him, “Make yourself a eunuch.”

“For there are some eunuchs who were born so from their mother’s womb; and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men; and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake. He who is able to receive it, let him receive it” (Matthew 19:12 MKJV).

Prophecy – Fight and Win

Pat informed me of the next meeting and wondered if I would be willing to support their desperate minority against the feedlot. I took the news home to Marilyn, who prayed and received, “Fight the feedlot and you will win.”

Not only was the feedlot development threatening our community, we abhorred feedlots in principle, because of the animal abuse. Cattle are meant to graze, roam, and have good pasture and fresh air. In a feedlot, they’re under great stress, crammed into muddy, manure-infested quarters. If not for excessive use of antibiotics and pesticides, disease would be rampant. And synthetic growth hormones and unnatural, toxic feeds are used to promote swift weight gain.

Consumers suffer several and varied consequences from the tainted meat, cancer among them.

Industrial farming also has a noxious effect on the environment. It pollutes the surrounding fields, surface water sources, and air, when inordinate amounts of manure are spread. And it threatens to contaminate aquifers, a prime source of drinking water for people miles around. Industrial farming has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Keep in mind that in these past years, Marilyn and I were still feeling the contempt of several people in the community as a result of the November 10, 1989 event. It had been very hard living in Moon River. We had withdrawn from all social and business affairs of the community, which pleased the powerbrokers just fine, those that the Lord left remaining.

It was rather difficult for me to surface and take on another local war; when Marilyn heard those words, I struggled with them for a time and then believed them. If they were true, from God, then I had no choice but to obey and act.

Prophecy – Division and Fire

One morning as we were lying in bed, I spoke these words to God: “You are He that divides us as wood and casts us into the fire.” I knew I wasn’t speaking from myself. What strange words they were, and I wondered what they meant. Were they a warning? Were we to repent of something? I didn’t know. It seemed I was simply expressing a principle of life, of the way things are, or a prediction of things to come.

All of us would come to experience the trauma of what those words meant, such as we never dreamed.

Prophecy – “Quarter Million to a Million” (Prophecy)

I was debating whether or not we were doing the right thing by going into the stock market. Was this “Christian”? Was it what God wanted? As Marilyn was breastfeeding Jonathan and looking over the investment literature from various brokers, particularly that of Nesbitt Thomson (later Nesbitt Burns), she heard, “A quarter million to a million.” I took those words as an assurance and specific promise from the Lord He would prosper us – in these directions.

I was right, so right – and wrong, so wrong. But not in the ways I thought.

Prophecy – The Spirit Comes Upon Paul (Fulfilled)

Somewhere between August 16th and the 21st of 1994, in the 14th year from the time we met in Israel, Paul received the Spirit of God at our home. God fulfilled the promise He gave us in September of 1979 in our converted chicken shack at Revivim, where we prayed for Paul and the Lord said: “Paul will receive the Spirit at a future time.”

Prophecy – Dugout Water Dubious if Not Dumb

But come to think of it, why a dugout? Very few landowners used private water in our area for human consumption, be it well or dugout because the water in Southern Alberta has been permanently contaminated by the oil industry messing the aquifers. Consequently, people haul water from city sources. Lethbridge’s water comes from the Oldman River and is processed in the water treatment plant. Is it any better? I don’t think so, not with artificial fluoridation and chloramine treatment.

What made us think we could use the underground water? I can only say the Lord led us to do so. After the fact, I talked to Bob Gregson about it, expressing doubts about our dugout water’s quality. He said, in a prophetic and encouraging tone, “It’ll be okay.”

Prophecy – Provision at Par with the Pecuniary Payouts

General ongoing expenses took on a life of their own with a vengeance. The year after we purchased the farm, the municipal property taxes were boosted by 350% and our irrigation fees were increased when it was discovered the Mokoskis hadn’t been paying fees for the entire parcel of land. Electricity and gas went up as well.

But God took care of all expenses, providing far more than enough to pay for workers, improvements, machinery, utilities and operating costs, though we had very little income. He said to me, “Don’t worry about the expenses. I can provide you with all that you may need or want. I will cover for mistakes and losses.” And thankfully, that’s the way it has been.

Prophecy – “A Million Dollars Won’t Touch It”

As I was looking at all the potential expense, I said, “This place is so run down, it’ll cost us a million dollars to fix.” Marilyn said (prophetically, and we see it now), “A million dollars won’t touch it.”

I didn’t believe it at the time, but we would discover she was right. It was a Word from the Lord. We had no idea what God had in mind for us.

Prophecy – An Approaching Storm (Prophecy)

One evening, Archie, his family, Paul, Lois, Sean, Marilyn, Jonathan, and I were sitting at the supper table in the dining room. The patio door was open and an audible breeze passed by. I said, “There is a storm coming; it’s going to be a powerful, devastating one.” I wasn’t speaking of the weather. The words were prophetic, beyond my understanding; circumstances were approaching, so difficult that it would be questionable whether anyone would endure them.

Sean was at the other end of the table as I spoke, and with mocking sarcasm, murmured to someone, “Well, I guess we better get our raincoats and rubber boots.” His remark and attitude sounded offensive, but I didn’t have it in me to rebuke or confront him. I didn’t know why I didn’t have it, and there would soon appear to be serious consequences for reluctance to face and deal with negative reality.

Prophecy – A Prayer for Sean

There were many things that I was trying to share with Sean, and while at times he seemed excited or receptive, there was a barrier I could barely discern. It prompted me to pray a peculiar prayer for Sean: “Father, open his eyes to see.” Immediately, I heard these words in seeming compassion: “I will.” I had no idea what lay in store. Truly, I came to regret the prayer without conditions.

Prophecy – Prophecy to Dr. Janice Noji

Here’s the prophecy I sent to Janice Noji:

“Therefore, so says the Lord: I opened a door to you and gave you a business, a good business whereby not only would you prosper but help others as well. I gave you to be honored by many and you have enjoyed that prosperity. But because you have rejected My Word to you spoken by My servants for your good and have decided to hide and to return evil for good, therefore, unless you repent, I must remove My blessing upon you and replace it with cursing.

I will remove that which I have given. It will not now go well for you and those who have agreed with you in your evil deeds. I have spoken and when these things come to pass, you will remember that I spoke them to you. If at that time, you reconsider, and repent of your ways, and instead of cursing My servants, you bless them, saying, ‘Blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord,’ and cease receiving and agreeing with those who practise rebellion and speak lies in My Name, then I will have mercy, unlike what you have had for My servants, and I will repent of the evil which I thought to bring upon you for your evil ways, speaking one thing but doing another, which I hate. I will no longer suffer you to take upon yourselves My Name in vain. I have spoken.”

I recall that Paul Cohen disagreed with my sending it (not that he disagreed with the content), particularly because it was me she offended and because it was a classic case of letting her do the evil to us without complaint, thus indebting her toward God, whereby He would then be free to judge her for good. I disagreed with Paul, sent the prophecy and have wondered ever since if it wasn’t of God or, if true, it was neutralized because I should have kept my peace. Certainly, it wasn’t manifest outwardly that anything changed at her office of practice, not that prophecies are always manifest outwardly. Often they are not.

As I look back, I say I spoke out of anger, using the Lord’s Name in vain. I should have heeded Paul’s counsel. I had no other witness for the letter and his was against the letter. Still, I have seen where in spite of how I’ve been wrong, God has used my wrongness as a stumbling block to those in pride and error.

Prophecy – Pay Good Workers Well

Unable to do all the work ourselves, we hired workers. Finding good, responsible farm laborers wasn’t easy. Many high school, college, and university students weren’t good workers, not even close. It was disappointing. We did, however, find some Mormons to be good. We knew of some Dutch people who worked well when we could get them – the Dutch Reform people have a good “Protestant work ethic,” training their children early.

I was cheap, looking for cheap labor and getting cheap results, while the more able went their way to find better pay elsewhere. I was a miser – what a pitiful thing to say of a Christian, especially a supposed man of God, but so true.

However, it is true that farm income has been a sorry misery. Farmers are forced to pay more to their workers than they make themselves if they want the work done. Many farmers have off-farm jobs to finance the “farm hobby” or “lifestyle,” euphemistically, wryly called. This obviously should not be, especially for those who take the risk, while providing a most essential commodity of life. But that’s farming for you in a corrupt world.

I was looking for people who understood and appreciated that, but there were precious few such creatures to be had, understandably so. At the time, we had little to offer them besides wages and some product; the land wasn’t organic as yet, though we renounced all chemical usage; we knew nothing to teach others in terms of agricultural knowledge, skill, and lifestyle, and we were all under great stress, hoping, I suppose, for some empathy and understanding.

It was hell, mostly of my own making, though. Had not the Lord spoken to me saying, “Don’t worry about the expenses – I can provide you with all that you may need or want; I will cover for mistakes and losses”? I’ve had a hard, unheeding heart. Still, the Lord remained true to His Word to me.

Prophecy – Another Manager for Harvest Haven

There was a day, likely in this year of 1996, I said that one day Mark Benson would be the manager of Harvest Haven. I spoke this in the ears of several people, including Archie, who wasn’t pleased at the prospect. Did I know what I was saying? How could I? Mark was nowhere near capable of operating the farm even if he was present, and he was in Japan. Years later, I came to realize that I had spoken prophetically.

Prophecy – I Laboring in Vain

As Chris complained, Archie remained silent. As I look back, I believe he should have had the courage and understanding to correct his son’s virulent attitude, but he didn’t. Then Archie spoke, saying he had a vision. In it, he saw me in a granary, madly shoveling grain. At the backside of the granary was a large hole, through which the grain was escaping.

I knew the vision described exactly how I was feeling and what seemed to be happening. I was silent and I think I even agreed. Still, it was as though something was out of place. I asked everyone there if they had anything from the Lord to say about the vision. Was there a second witness?

Then Lois spoke, saying she heard the words, meant for Archie, “Why do you yet find fault?” She was adamant that Archie’s vision wasn’t one to minister to, but to condemn me. The words also suggested that he had been continually doing so. Nobody had a spiritual agreement with Archie, not even Christopher, not that I could expect anything from him; he had never received the Spirit or repented. How, then, should he receive a witness?

While nothing seemed presently resolved, the meeting proved eventful. It was quite late in the evening when we finished talking. A marvelous revelation awaited us precisely 1440 days later.

Prophecy – A Word in Need, August 1996

During this time, I was stirred to cry out to the Lord, and I received a Word from Him:

“Thus says the Lord: I have carried you and cared for you from your mother’s womb. Long before you knew Me, I knew and formed you. Before you were, I purposed to have and to hold you because I chose to do so. There was nobody to stop Me and I have never changed My mind. When you were yet in your sins, I purposed your future with everything in it. I chose your paths, your every step. I chose those with whom you would have to do, both your friends and your enemies.

I prepared you for the tasks to come, not so that you would gain the world’s wealth, but so that you would gain Mine. I want you to have the very best there is. Do you not want the very best for your son? Are you not My son?

Have I not spoken to you and blessed you with many good things? Have I not shared my heart with you? Have I not shared intimately with you? Have I not chastened and scourged you when you’ve needed it? Or have I let you go to do whatever you wished even as does the world, which doesn’t know Me?”

Lord, Father, I’m so afraid. Do not my writings testify or bear witness of myself, as in Here Is the Way It Is? Am I not haughty and proud, dogmatic, critical, self-righteous in those writings, in my thinking, attitude, and conduct towards others? Am I not foul-mouthed, uncharitable, impatient, harsh, demanding, and judgmental? Lord, I even look at women. I envy those with financial or occupational success. I now envy those who have leisure time, those who can go camping or read a book.

Lord, I hated the quiet and now I hate the busyness. I fear the costs, expenses, and our inexperience with the farm. Lord, I’m afraid, yes, terrorized by our circumstances.

I know You’re able to do anything, but I’m at the place now where I almost do not believe at all… so removed in unbelief and covetousness from You.

I read the Bible and find nothing. I pray and get even less. I try to thank and be thankful but to no avail. I try to slave everybody, both those with us and those without and find myself calling the farm a “money pit.” Lord, I am but a heathen in all my ways. I don’t know what to do. It seems my flirtation with money in stocks has destroyed me.

Yes, I have healed, cast out devils, prophesied, and had visions. Your gifts have been there, but have You not said that even those with Your gifts would perish, be banished from You?

Lord, I’m full of should-haves and shouldn’t-haves – Kerri’s house, leaving Raymond [an entirely unreliable worker] to do the corral, the slow weeders, the kind of weeding (approach), giving Cathie freedoms and unwise responsibilities, listening to Archie about the farm – I’m sick of regret. I chafe at my circumstances. I see everyone tired, working… for what? Marilyn cries; we have all cried.

I talk to Harry and Alice Koppert, Bob Gregson, Brenda Pierson, and everyone else only to be deemed an idiot. I seem to be forcing myself on others, and they all hate it. Robinson is another one – Bob Fife, Sean’s parents, name all.

Lord, am I not deceived in my covetousness and love for myself?

“If you can receive this – if nothing else, receive this, that I am with you and that I will never leave you or forsake you. When the chips are down, I will always be there for you. When all is lost, I will be there. You haven’t chosen Me but I have chosen you… not to cast you away or destroy you, but to redeem you.

You are afraid, perplexed, entertaining doubts and misgivings. ”

Lord, what is Your judgment on me now?

“I have you in the palm of My hand and nothing can separate you from My love for you. ”

Father, Lord God, do I write all these things out of my own imaginations or are you speaking to me? I can’t honestly tell, though somehow I believe that what I write, I feel within and am assured of it. Yet, I would like to know “tangible” things to be fulfilled. Lord, is there such a thing as a progress report? If so, I expect I have utterly failed.

God, help, if You will. Otherwise, I have no hope. Help, Lord. Maybe it helps to cry and tell my heart and feelings. Maybe it is evil to express doubt. I’m almost certain Marilyn will hate me for it. God, I die, yet I insist I’m righteous when a stranger comes along. What do I do? Jesus, I don’t believe I love You. Isn’t that the problem – that I don’t love You? No doubt.

Prophecy – “That Prophet”

I question whether this revelation occurred in this year of ‘96 or earlier, perhaps ’93 or ’94. Though it was discussed more than once, the purpose of this account is to discuss the original time it occurred with Lois. Though there were inklings of this particular matter previously, there was a time in 1996 when my attention was focused on these passages in Scripture:

“And this is the witness of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, ‘Who are you?’ And he confessed and did not deny, but confessed, ‘I am not the Christ.’ And they asked him, ‘What then? Are you Elijah?’ And he says, ‘I am not.’ ‘Are you that prophet?’ And he answered, ‘No.’ Then they said to him, ‘Who are you so that we may give an answer to those who sent us? What do you say of yourself?’ He said, ‘I am “the voice of one crying in the wilderness: Make straight the way of the Lord,” as the prophet Isaiah said’” (John 1:19-23 MKJV).

I was drawn to the words, “Are you that prophet?” There are those who believe Jesus Christ was that prophet, especially when they read Peter’s words at Pentecost:

Acts 3:20-24 MKJV
(20) And He shall send Jesus Christ, Who before was proclaimed to you,
(21) Whom Heaven truly needs to receive until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of His holy prophets since the world began.
(22) For Moses truly said to the fathers, “The Lord your God shall raise up a Prophet to you from your brothers, One like me. You shall hear Him in all things, whatever He may say to you.
(23) And it shall be that every soul who will not hear that Prophet shall be destroyed from among the people.”
(24) And also all the prophets from Samuel and those following after, as many as spoke, have likewise foretold of these days.

There’s also Stephen’s testimony:

“This is that Moses who said to the sons of Israel, ‘The Lord your God shall raise up a Prophet to you from your brothers, One like me; you shall hear Him’” (Acts 7:37 MKJV).

Here are Moses’ words, to which Peter and Stephen referred:

Deuteronomy 18:17-19 MKJV
(17) And the LORD said to me, “They have spoken well what they have spoken.
(18) I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brothers, one like you, and will put My words in His mouth. And He shall speak to them all that I shall command Him.
(19) And it shall happen, whatever man will not listen to My Words which He shall speak in My Name, I will require it of him.”

As you can see, the translators (or publishers/printers) of the KJV and MKJV capitalize the word “prophet” in Deuteronomy, apparently believing the reference is to Jesus Christ (other versions do not). However, that is only their belief or interpretation. It is not what the Bible says.

In fact, the Jews were asking John about three personages – Christ, Elijah, and “that prophet.” Jesus was and is more than a prophet, though He was that too, but if the Christ, which He was and is, He could not be “that prophet.” John knew the legitimacy of three distinct references, but denied he was “that prophet,” Elijah, or Christ.

John didn’t correct the Jews as though they were mistaken about the Messiah and “that prophet” being two separate identities.

Who then was “that prophet”? There was something else occurring to me. I called Lois, gave her these verses without saying anything else, and asked her to tell me what she saw. She red them and soon called back with amazement and said, “You are ‘that prophet’.”

I said, “That is what I was receiving, Lois.”

Two witnesses (Lois reminds me that Archie also believed I was “that prophet”). But I found it difficult to believe such a thing. I suspected I was being quite presumptuous, with a touch of egomania for even thinking such a thing.

Perhaps I might have been afraid of the enormous implications, though I was also excited that such a thing could be true of me. I left it, thinking, “I really don’t know; I can’t see it. Why me? How can this be?” So I left it.

Prophecy – The Prophecy

On September 24, 1996, there came forth a prophecy from Marilyn that would plunge every one of us into a bizarre and trying experience that would rearrange our lives permanently, both within and without. It would purge some of weaknesses and impurities, while removing others altogether. We were about to be tempted by the One to and by Whom I prophesied, “You are He that divides us as wood and casts us into the fire.”

From henceforth, the words from Marilyn would be referred to as “the prophecy.”

I was at the farm, and Marilyn called me from home. She sounded disturbed, saying she had something to say to me. She told me she had heard from the Lord that He was going to take me and that I would be given a ministry like Moses in the next world. In other words, she said I was going to die – physically.

Why was the Lord taking me? She didn’t say, except that He had a great plan for me, as with Moses. We understand that Moses did have a glorious ministry in the world to come, manifested in this realm at the transfiguration, almost 1500 years after his death. It is also recorded that he was taken because he had offended when striking the rock for water and failing to sanctify God before the Israelites. For that offense, the Lord wouldn’t permit Moses to enter the promised land in this life (Numbers 20).

Marilyn’s words hit hard, not because I was afraid to die; they were just such a surprise to me, and suddenly it seemed it was all over for me… so soon. Why was I not permitted to see the development of what was happening with us all or the fulfillment of many prophecies I had received? I had heard nothing from the Lord about this, and neither had anyone else, but I believed Marilyn and her interpretation of what she heard; I trusted her spiritual integrity and comprehension.

I also believed Marilyn’s physical interpretation of her prophecy because I felt I had overstepped my bounds in so many ways, with anger and with harsh, if not criminal, words to everyone, like telling her to go to hell. I was troubled, abusive, and consumed with money matters.

There are some words of Paul to the Romans with which I could identify:

Romans 2:3-9 MKJV
(3) And, O man, the one judging those who do such things, and practice them, do you think this, that you shall escape the judgment of God?
(4) Or do you despise the riches of His kindness, and the forbearance and long-suffering, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?
(5) But according to your hardness and your impenitent heart, do you treasure up wrath for yourself in a day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God,
(6) who will render to each according to his works;
(7) indeed to those who with patience in good work are seeking for glory, and honor, and incorruptibility, everlasting life.
(8) But to those who indeed disobeying the truth out of self-seeking, and obeying unrighteousness, will be anger and wrath,
(9) tribulation and anguish upon every soul of man who has worked out evil; of the Jew first, and also of the Greek.

I knew I deserved to die, and so I accepted Marilyn’s words and understanding as from God. But why would one who deserved to die be appointed a glorious ministry such as that of Moses?

When Archie first heard the news I was physically dying, his reaction was one of unbelief. “No! I don’t believe it,” he declared. But as I believed, he believed, and so did everyone else.

Paul recalls that I told him to believe it was physical – as a commandment and not an option, which was why he said he went with it. He believed at first it was a spiritual matter, not a physical death.

Perhaps it wasn’t to be a physical but a spiritual death. That would make much more sense. I would be judged (“slain,” if you will) and would become a new person. However, Marilyn insisted it was a physical death, and trusting her apparently righteous judgment, we believed her. She also expected the Lord to take me in a matter of days, so we notified Trevor, who was out of town, Paul, who was in Florida, and Mark, who was in Japan.

Prophecy – Kerri Receives the Spirit and a Prophecy

On October 1, 1996, Kerri came to our home, where I prayed for her to receive the Spirit, which she did. I recall speaking a prophecy that Kerri would see the subtle or finer things that others would not see. It happened.

Prophecy – A Life of Loneliness

Paul records: “In the fall of 1996 at Harvest Haven, I saw my past life as a believer as one of great loneliness. I did not see anything specific, yet I saw the true nature of my life. It is like the saying of people who experience close calls with death, when they speak of their lives flashing before their eyes. I realized how utterly pathetic my life had been, yet I did not feel sorry for myself and I knew there was purpose in the desolation. There was the promise of something far, far better. Then I heard the words, ‘No more shadows’.

Prophecy – Kerri’s Prophecy: He Wants Your Life

One day as we sat at the table, I was troubled and perplexed, and thus asked a public question: “What does the Lord want of me?” Kerri spoke up saying, “He wants your life.” It was true and I knew it.

Prophecy – Our Greatest Enemy

I declared that Archie would become our greatest enemy after he was gone. This prophecy wasn’t based on logic of any kind. Yes, he had been with us all those years and knew us better than almost anyone else; therefore he was in an advantageous position to do harm. People can be expected to become resentful when opposed or rejected, which can drive them to bitter reactions and revenge; but I had a spiritual conviction beyond these things. We would soon see if I was right.

Prophecy – The Sooner, the Better

I called Peter and he came over. He wasn’t much better at explaining Grander technology than was the Hutterite. We found out that it was Johann Grander, a naturalist in Austria, who developed the technology, and that it had been proving its worth in Europe for several years, though not understood by conventional science. And Johann wasn’t about to divulge any secrets as to how it worked. “Experts” were pooh-poohing it, but they made fools of themselves simply because it worked. Several eventually recanted of their criticisms after ample investigation. Who could argue with the results?

What to do? I believed Grander was legitimate, but Marilyn was skeptical. As we arrived home and pulled into the garage, we asked the Lord if we should get Grander. Marilyn heard, “The sooner, the better.” To do some due diligence, I asked Paul to check on others, such as Hutterite colonies, who had things to say about Grander; however, there was little to go on.

So… based not on information or proof primarily, but on the Word we heard from God, we bought Grander, not only for the home, but also for the entire farm. We would irrigate with Grander and the animals would enjoy it as well, and we would enjoy the animals.

As Peter spoke to us, I picked up on a curious action of his. While sitting with his elbow on the table and his hand upraised, he was comfortably rubbing his thumb with the first two fingers of the same hand. Months later, after installing Grander on our farm on December 17, 1996, I understood why he was doing so.f

Prophecy – Arnold Willms’ Destruction Prophesied

Sean informs me, referring to an entry in his journal as I write this Part, that in December 1996, I said that the Lord would destroy our enemies, among them, Arnold Willms, a farm neighbor down the road, who opened his mouth wide against us in the audience of many others. Would it happen?

Prophecy – The Second Eve

One day as Marilyn, Jonathan, and I pulled into the farm, after talking about what was happening with us spiritually, it suddenly came to me and I exclaimed to Marilyn, “You are the second Eve.” I had little or no understanding of what I was saying. I only knew that I was speaking by inspiration of God.

Marilyn recalled the Jewish ritual on Sabbath Eve, in which the woman lights the candles, signifying that by woman, light came to the world. The “first Eve” was known as the “mother of all living” and Jesus, the Light of the world, came by a woman, Mary.

Just how or why was Marilyn the “second Eve”? I was receiving that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent, ate from the Tree of Knowledge forbidden by God, and consequently led her husband astray, so now there would be a reversal in this day. Was it true or was I imagining things? If true, what an astounding revelation! But did not Jesus reverse The Fall at the cross and resurrection? Surely! However, there was more we would find out, enough to more than take away the breath, much more.

Prophecy – Harvest Haven

On March 11, 1997, I sat down at the farm and wrote the following revelation or prophecy and shared it with all. At the time, I had little idea what I was receiving or why I wrote it.

What I See at Harvest Haven Farm

I see refuge… refuge from a firestorm that even now takes the whole earth and the heavens, too.

I see provision… of all needs, physical, mental, and spiritual:

Physical — food, clothing, shelter, transportation – all needs – medical, equipment, facilities, utilities, all.

Mental — teaching, laws, principles, work habits, attitudes, perception, peace of mind, freedom from debt burden and all the troubles and vexations of the world.

Spiritual — God with us, speaking, guiding, helping, blessing, teaching, rebuking, correcting, enlightening, protecting, fulfilling, satisfying, completing.

I see all in one… work, rest, leisure, responsibility and the reward, the cost and the pay, together as one – God all in all, hope fulfilled, God the sustenance, the essence, the purpose, the reward, the fulfillment.

I see an explosion… the power of the hour in the hour of His power, spreading outward in all directions in all ways – the powerful leaven, the reverse of a rotting apple in a barrel.

I see a pure example… a breath of fresh air, a break of pleasant light, an oasis for all who come in contact with us, except for the evildoer.

I see judgment… judgment of wicked works and wicked workers, a rebuke of the nations, a harsh blow against the face of unreality, a seizing of the territory from the enemy – physically, mentally, spiritually, economically, socially, politically, financially, doctrinally, religiously, psychologically, practically, theoretically, agriculturally, environmentally, essentially, ultimately, totally.

I see freedom… freedom from tyranny – social, political, economic, religious, governmental, institutional, commercial; freedom from the world’s customs, traditions, habits, philosophies, misconceptions, lies, attitudes, errors, foolishnesses, stupidities, pride, fears, temptations, false hopes and dreams, practices, troubles in general.

I see unity… among us in all things and… unity with/in the Lord without Whom we have nothing.

I see God as all in all… in work, fellowship, fulfillment, in all we do and are; I see the end, the Omega.

It is the “1,000 year reign,” the serpent bound, the preeminence of the Kingdom of God on earth at long last.

I see a miracle… because all this will be and even now takes place in very ordinary appearance and development. The Kingdom of God indeed comes without observation, is indeed within, is indeed as leaven – hidden, quiet, but powerful and all-pervasive.

The Lord does indeed come and the reward is with Him according to as our work shall be. It is the Beginning.

Do you not see it?

Thus says the Lord:

Shall you look to the ends of the earth? Shall you look to the world for solace and comfort, for fulfillment? Do you indeed require a break from a break? Do you require salvation from salvation? There shall be no light in the city for I am the Light, says the Lord, and in Me there is no darkness, no insufficiency, no lack. Shall one need the world in any of its myriads of ways and pleasures to relieve him of Me? If anyone loves the world, he doesn’t love Me, and perishes with the world and the lusts thereof.

Tell Me, does any one of you understand what I have given you? Have you not seen, have you not heard the things that come upon the world? Do you not perceive the treasure, the dignity, the privilege I have bestowed on you? This is not a day of partaking of the Tree of Knowledge so that you might know the bitterness of vanity. It is the Day of the Lord; it is My Day. Have you not had your days? What profit was there in your day, from eating of the Tree of Knowledge and rebelling against My Word? Shall you live by eating from that Tree? No. But today is the day of eating from Me and in Me alone do you have Life; in Me alone is there fulfillment.

Yet even now there is the opportunity, the choice to walk in your own ways, howbeit, no choice to return as in former times because… I am finished. As it is written: “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still.”

I shut the door on Noah and I shut it on you.

I do no longer wait for a man to search out the evil and choose the good, having tasted the evil; I no longer condone one to eat from the serpent and experience the evil, that he may know the value of the good; I no longer subject to vanity. This is My day and though My day is a horrible day to the wicked and to those who choose to walk in their own wisdom, in the lusts of their flesh and in the world’s ways of relaxing, entertaining themselves, of enjoyment, despising the good I have given, it is the day of reward to the holy, to the righteous, to the pure to whom all things are pure.

Taste and see and not only so but eat and embrace that which I have given you and enjoy it together, for surely as I live, says the Lord, there has not been anywhere at any time for anyone until here and now what I have granted you, choosing to do so of My own will and good pleasure. Let the patient one eat of the goodness of the Lord and be forever satisfied, and those that are with him.

Though it angers Me that you should desire meat in the wilderness, yet I understand your frame and will be merciful to you. Put away your ignorance, your foolishness, the lusts of the flesh, the evil notions. Open your ears, your eyes, your hearts and receive that which I choose to give you now. Taste and see that the Lord is good, that He is indeed a rewarder of those who seek Him diligently, that He is a succourer of the faithful, the believing, the humble, and the broken in spirit.

Oh, you blind! Look around you! Diligently consider. I will not pamper you with the things of the world, but I will feed you with the meat that truly satisfies, meat you know very little and nothing of. Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? For what do you thirst? Do you know? And do you know how you will quench that thirst and satisfy the hunger for what you don’t know?

Believe. No longer be as the stubborn horse or mule that must be forced to do that which is right by bit, spur, whip, and bridle, feeling the pain. Believe and it will indeed go well with you. You needn’t even exercise patience so much now as at one time because I already bring the reward. When one receives that which he is patient in hope for, why does he need more patience? Yet it will not be easy or well for the unbelieving. Blessed is the one who does not see yet believes. Blessed also, though not as the other, when he believes, seeing. But cursed is he who sees yet does not believe.

Children, this is the hour of vindication of all the saints and prophets; this is your hour.

Prophecy – My Life Required

Returning to our Moon River home, I went in to pray. In great distress, I cried out to the Lord, asking Him what He wanted me to do. The Lord promptly spoke to me saying, “I want you to lay down your life for them.”

At the time, I took this to mean I was to do so for all the people of our company. I came out and told Marilyn and Sean what I had heard. They both agreed I had heard correctly, and perhaps seemed even pleased about it, though not for the right reasons, I think. Regardless of their perspectives or attitudes, I knew what I had to do. This was on the eve of July 6, 1997.

Prophecy – Marilyn’s Stance Rebuked

On the eighth day, Marilyn grew harder toward me, very much so; she didn’t call from the farm that night, and had nothing to say to me on the morning of the ninth day. The spirit had changed and now it was more business than personal. This change came when I received she was deathly afraid of being wrong, which she denies, and hates to think or admit. The one of my bosom has turned away.

On the ninth day, the wind caught the front door of the store at the farm, hitting Marilyn in the head, breaking her glasses. She was taken to emergency. When I told her there was a reason for what happened, she declared it was because Paul and Kerri were resisting her. I didn’t agree, nor would others, but she wouldn’t listen. Why should God strike her if others were in the wrong? Where is there any support of this foolish notion in Scripture?

I felt I was blowing the trumpet for the people at the farm, calling them to prepare for the Lord and His coming. His Day was now here and it felt more and more urgent to me. They must all seek after God….

By Day 10, now weighing 155 pounds, I began to feel stronger. My mouth began to be very dry, the dryness coming and going. I tried to drink perhaps two to three liters of filtered water or more each day.

On Day 11, I had a hunger battle and was discouraged from going on. I met with the others at the farm. It was suggested my fast was complete, but I knew otherwise.

By Day 12, my tongue was still coated white but the bad breath was gone. I believe the Lord has intervened, canceled my appointment with death, and restored my family, people, farm, health, and anointing. He has dealt mercifully. “It is done,” He said, but the fast wasn’t done.

On Day 13, I was surprised with a substantial bowel movement. My urine grew paler, although at times, this reversed temporarily. My leg was no longer in pain.

Prophecy – Harvest Haven’s Future

While Harvest Haven was still nothing, the Lord revealed to me in the first fasting days what would come of it. I recorded, “…customers, happy, eager, friendly ones will flock to the farm, and the farm will be the envy of the land. All that you produce will be sold. The demand will meet or surpass the supply, yet the supply will be abundant.”

At the time, our supply far exceeded demand and there was nothing envious about the farm at all. He showed me that Harvest Haven would be much, much more than a business enterprise. He showed me that He was now placing each person in his or her position at the farm.

Prophecy – Prophecies of 1976 Come Fulfilled (Fulfilled)

I was seeing so much more clearly my corruption before the Lord in the fast. As He shows or gives us something, we tend to think things are therefore done. On several occasions, I was tempted to believe the fast was over.

I now recalled the Scriptures Theo had given me prophetically in 1976:

“Behold, for peace I had great bitterness: but You have in love to my soul, delivered it from the pit of corruption: for You have cast all my sins behind Your back” (Isaiah 38:17-18). Isaiah goes on to say, “For the grave cannot praise You, death cannot celebrate You….”

Has not the Lord here said, “You will not die”?

I also recalled Ernie Chadwick’s prophecy and vision for me in 1976. On several occasions, I thought his vision and prophecy had come to pass, but they hadn’t. Now, I perceived they were being fulfilled. Another verse Theo gave me, in agreement with Ernie’s, came to mind:

“You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called you from the chief men thereof, and said unto you, ‘You are My servant’; I have chosen you, and not cast you away. Fear you not; for I am with you: be not dismayed; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yea, I will help you; yea, I will uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness” (Isaiah 41:9-10).

I also knew that the verses following applied to me now:

“Behold, all they that were incensed against you shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with you shall perish. You shall seek them, and shall not find them, even them that contended with you: they that war against you shall be as nothing, and as a thing of nought. For I the LORD your God will hold your right hand, saying unto you, ‘Fear not; I will help you’” (Isaiah 41:11-13 KJV).

Prophecy – Marilyn’s Bitterness

“Marilyn” means “bitterness.” I spoke to her that morning and got absolutely nowhere. She said she saw what I saw of her, but she didn’t change. She continued to demand, boss, dictate, argue, interrupt, and adamantly insist on her rightness, way, and beliefs. I was helpless.

Again, behind my back, she conducted conversation with Lois, who stood with her.

On my walk, I begged You, Lord, to open my eyes, ears, and heart that I might see, hear, and understand. If wrong, correct, rebuke, even kill, but get it over with. “What is going on?” I asked, pleading with You. Immediately, the thought came: “Power struggle, two entities vying for power, authority.”

Of course! For 23 years, we had battled! We hadn’t been man and wife, but competing partners. Marilyn had been a tyrant in my life. In these days alone at home, I felt such a wonderful relief. At times, I’d been somewhat lonely and yet very relieved.

After all these years, I began to realize the utter control Marilyn had over every aspect of my life. She was a tyrant, a dictator, and a smooth one at that. I have many times also seen her colors come out when she didn’t get her way, even in small things, and if her schedule ever had to change, she was almost beside herself.

She told me how when her mother left when she was 12, she wasn’t going to let anyone anywhere know that there were any resulting adverse effects. “We are not hurting or shortchanged or abnormal; no way.” She would keep a superb house and iron her younger brother Les’s shirts perfectly so that nobody would see they were hurting.

I could see bitterness over the circumstances having set in and taking root. Her parents’ marriage was one that went bad. Her mother had been an orphan, given up by her mother. Marilyn endeavored to cover up the tragedy and the pain. To do so, she took control and never let go. I was finally realizing what her brother had been saying just before we were married. She had dominated his life. I saw her run the lives of everyone at the church, controlling Bible studies and participants. She was the Baptist Student Union director. She controlled the social events at all stages – the list goes on.

I’d been the competition and quite impotent at it, I must confess. I was a figurehead, but she proudly said one day, “I am the hand of power behind the throne,” having red it concerning some woman, who was silently behind a husband in public power – I believe it was either Rosalynn Carter or Nancy Reagan.

Prophecy – Victory through Forgiveness

I was angry with Christopher for accepting a check from a stranger without any identification or any kind of assurance. “Lord, is there no deliverance from this problem I have had with money and loss?” I cried. And the answer came: “Instead of getting angry and scolding them for the check, have mercy on them.” I decided to do so; that reaction changed it all in me. For the first time since childhood, I had a victory in this kind of matter I hadn’t known since my bad experience with loss at age 6 or 7.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” (Matthew 5:7).

Prophecy – A Calling Cooking

On this day of August 20, I wrote what I now believe (years later) were prophetic words to describe something developing in me for the future:

I am at rest but come across sternly at times with everyone. Is this self-righteousness or is it (signs of) the Day of the Lord? The Lion after the Lamb? The war instead of peace? The victory instead of death? To put away the enemy instead of laying down the life? The second coming versus the first? I really don’t know.

I also wrote, “Marilyn received that I would be getting a ministry like Moses but in the next life. I received today that the ministry would be in this life, with healings and miracles, and that the work in Lethbridge is just to begin.

I then wrote, “How does one possess? By letting go! In faith, we possess all things, though it appears we have nothing. In unbelief, though our possessions may be great, we have nothing.

The cause and subject matter isn’t recorded, but on this day, I scolded Sean, something I rarely did.

On the seventh day after my fast, I was sticking to raw fruits and vegetables, milk, yogurt, and buttermilk, feeling great both physically and spiritually. I had a good bowel movement and my usual walk.

By Day Eight of the aftermath, I was up to 150 pounds, noting that I had been eating too much, but I felt fine and full of energy. I wondered that I continued to be separated from everyone at the farm, thinking that might have ended with the fast. There was little prayer compared to before.

At Day Nine, I find it almost impossible to control my eating, though it is mostly roughage. This morning, I wrote that I had the largest bowel movement in many years.

I wondered that I was not hearing anything from the Lord, conjecturing that perhaps I was eating too much. I was enjoying the food so much, no matter what I ate. My left eye healed up days before.

On Day 10, I didn’t have nearly the gas I had before. I ate some pizza and cake for supper. Day 11 shocked me at the weigh scale, up three pounds from the day before, to 153. So much for pizza and cake?

Prophecy – “Do Not Doubt My Revelation to You”

On this day, the Lord made me to realize I mustn’t and shouldn’t be apologetic for what I’ve spoken against the church systems, nominal orthodox Christian doctrines and wicked people. My self-righteousness was what made me doubt or hesitate in these things God had revealed to me.

Day 19 ushered in three more pounds. I was back to regular eating, meat included. Meanwhile, the rash began to subside upon quitting the apricot pits. On day 20, September 3, I shed four pounds. My weight was erratic; I was consistent in weighing myself, unclothed, at the same time each day.

Now that I’m back to eating regularly and symptoms of fasting have disappeared, I will cease to report on the fast unless I discern something unusual that might be connected to the fast.

Prophecy – Words of Assurance and Comfort

“Again, My son, I say you are troubled by many things but you see how much fewer they are than before. You thought one could dwell on matters and not be troubled, but you are learning that one must not dwell at all on matters not of importance or pertaining to his calling as I have ordained it.

If one plays with fire, he is burned. If one stays away from fire, he cannot burn himself. One does not practice the overcoming of adultery by being an adulterer. One does not overcome the love of money by setting his mind and heart on money. You are to set your mind on Me, My Kingdom, My sheep, and on the things above. Therein are your calling, your responsibility, your fulfillment, and your rest. I remind you of the covenant I made with you in 1984 at Bernalillo, wherein I promised you that I would take care of all your needs and concerns, while you took care of Mine. My Word to you in that day stands.

You are troubled about your family, the farm, your prostate (because you arise at night for relief), and I say to you that I am the God of all. You must trust Me.

You will not die; I have told you so. I have much of importance for you. You have neither the time nor the right to die. But have you not died? Have you not willingly laid down your life and forsaken all for My sake? Do you not now wait on Me to reveal My purpose for you?

The British royal family, their doings and consequences trouble you. They die. They are of the world. They rule nothing. I rule and I have better things for you than for them because you are Mine.

I have provided people to take care of your affairs and I am taking you for Myself to take care of My affairs. Ask of Me, My son, and I will give you whatever you ask of Me. I will give you the heathen for your inheritance, health for you and your loved ones and all those who ask of you. I will give you whatever you desire or need. Don’t be preoccupied with these things. Stay your heart on Me. I want you to love Me, My son, even as you desire that your son love you.

Arise! The time is at hand for you to be about the work for which you are prepared. I have rewarded you according as your work shall be. This is the day I have made. You and yours will be glad and rejoice in it greatly. Your enemies will be greatly bitter and I have heard your prayers. I will destroy them all or have them worshipping before your feet. Watch Me.

Those who do not understand you will follow you. I am your portion and you are theirs and they are yours. You will lose none of those I have given to you.

You will do mighty deeds in My Name and you will not publicize or proclaim them. They will be genuine, having no need for proclamation. They will proclaim themselves. Those that believe will come and receive. Walk with Me.

Your children all cry out for acceptance. Receive them, My son, and they will receive you and seek you out. They love you and need your love.

You have indulged in literature and communications of the religious. They speak truths but they do not speak the Truth. Therefore have you been somewhat confounded and perplexed. Yet you see clearly and know that things are as you see them. Continue in Me, set yourself apart from the world and its activities and ways, separate yourself unto Me and you will never stumble in darkness. Furthermore, you will be a light to the blind and a redeemer to the lost and the prisoner.

You have defeated Satan. The strong man is bound. It is only for you to take his captives and his possessions at will, even as he did when his power remained. His power is now broken. I have dethroned and defrocked the one who has usurped My authority and My possessions and lands.

You have pondered the purpose of the farm, yet it has been given to all of you to know. The farm is as it is called – a haven, a place of provision of all things for you and for those I bring. As the ark was a sifter and judgment, so is the farm. You will testify against those who destroy the earth and I will judge them all, even as I have judged you. All will give an account.

I have left you with your weaknesses, lest you get puffed up. They are for your good and you will know that, in all things, it is not your righteousness or power but Mine and Mine alone.

Three times I’ve told you that if you wait on Me, you’ll not be ashamed.

I will minister to you in your loneliness.

You have been given honor among your own, and I will deal with those who oppose it because they oppose Me, presuming I treat all equally. And why? Because they want the preeminence. But I give it to whomsoever I choose.

There will come an end to the battle that rages between you and your wife, a battle due to division I have formed and purposed, a battle of My doing. As I am your portion, so you are Marilyn’s portion. Without Me, you have nothing; without you, she has nothing, except I change it. It never came into My mind to do so nor do I purpose it now (a change). Hereafter, you will understand even as now you understand.

My son, you have learned that there is a time to gain and a time to lose, that losing for My sake is great gain, and that with loss comes emancipation, freedom from chains and burdens, possessions that possess. Be thankful when things do not go the way you prefer, such as the weather. Remember, I promised you I would replenish, restore, resurrect, restitute. That promise ever stands.

Today, you receive more news of dishonesty and lack of candidness from one of your own. See how your obedience and self-denial serve to righteousness and how your indulgence to the flesh promotes life in the flesh. Therefore, don’t be dismayed, but thankful, and walk with Me.”

(Sharing these words with Marilyn, she didn’t agree that the prophecy just written was from the Lord, though she said the things said were all true. She said the words “lacked the germ of life.” Sharing with Lois, she felt those words were from the Lord but were only for me.)

We received a letter from Mark in Japan, he confessing sins hidden from us for many months. The confession was prompted by our informing him of our extended fasting while he was indulging in the lusts of the flesh.

In response to the Lord’s words, I prayed, prophetically:

There are threatenings on every side and from above and beneath. The green trees threaten to die and be gone forever. The One with Whom I walk remains silent unless I believe and hear. Lord, You do not make it easy…for the flesh, impossible. Where will, when will, the end be of danger, uncertainty, and turmoil?

We are tempted on every side, accosted by thieves and liars, hated because of You and because of our faults. ‘You are He that divides us as wood and casts us into the fire.’ Even those enemies who have seen Your power with us defy You and defy us, thinking that You cannot see or that You are not with us. Lord, how do they curse and taunt, despise, and withstand us! Be to them as they are to us. Reward them according to their doings. Lord, when will the righteous come forth, manifest for all creation to see? When will You slay the 450? When will You answer by fire? When will there be deliverance for all and harmony among the delivered?

My enemies mock and ignore me. They dwell carelessly and do as they please. The occasional one You do rebuke and sometimes even, I think, severely, but mostly, I see enemies walk away scornful and derisive.

How have boys grown in the fire! How have they blossomed so quickly! But my wife and I stand on opposite sides of an impassable chasm and each of us thinks the other is wrong. For the first time, it seems I have eyes to see that which I haven’t seen before, yet I cringe at what I see, and I know it can’t go on – at least not according to the way I think things should be.

God, have mercy! Grant us all deliverance and understanding. Grant us to walk in the light and be saved from ourselves and our delusions. Open our ears, our eyes; purge us.”d

The prophesied storm was raging.

I could only pray, “Your will be done. I must simply give thanks and go on. I have no other choice. I am nothing and can do nothing. It is all Yours, Lord Jesus, and I am but a sinner and a hypocrite, a phony exposed.”

On October 1, 1997, I asked for wisdom and received that I was to suffer all loss and wrongdoing patiently – it works patience – and God would replenish, reward, and resurrect. As I look back to this time, I find that God was always faithful to tell me what I needed to know for the time. It was just a matter of believing Him, and I was doing a perfectly miserable job of that.

Prophecy – Ask, Believe, and Rest

We wait… and wait some more. In my turmoil, the Lord again spoke to me:

“You are discovering My power in your requests to Me in ways you have scarcely known in the past, by tiny samples. I have brought you to the place where I hear what you ask and give it to you freely and swiftly. I delight in giving to you the desires of your heart. Because you have obeyed Me and submitted yourself to that which was not pleasurable, but required of you, therefore have I granted you all things, My son, in whom I greatly delight.

You have been granted to walk with Me and to sit on the throne, governing all things in this universe… all things. Son, all things are yours now. Even as you would die and leave all things to your son, so I have given all things to My son in My dying. It is done; it is fulfilled. All things are yours. You have no lack. Fulfill all things as they are purposed for you. You need but ask, and all will be given you.

I will open the eyes of the blind and heal the hearts of the hurting and wayward. I will take away the burdens and break the merciless chains of the prisoners. Victor, your efforts are of no necessity or value. Just ask… that’s all you need to do. Be possessed by nothing… only possess. If you believe, all is yours. All is yours because I have given you My faith. I have given you My faith because you are My son, in whom I delight. Delight in Me and you will have all peace and joy. Your battles are over, son. Rest with Me.”

To the Lord, I said, “Lord, even today do I do battle with my wife, even on the heels of Your words to me. We are both in anguish, anger, frustration, and pain. Why? She hears one thing; I hear another. We believe different things. ‘You are totally out of step with what is happening at the farm,’ she says. And so it seems. Why have You not taken me or ended this as I have begged of You? Yet, in fact, if I rest, all is indeed well, very well – trying, yes, trying for all, but very well for all, and only getting better. Lord, I believe You, and all will be well and is well.”

Prophecy – Guilt in My Lack of Involvement

There I was, sitting at home, doing very little, while all the others were working very hard every day, unable to keep up with the work. Was I lazy and irresponsible? Marilyn spent days at the farm and when she came home, she worked as hard here. Yet, they were all in agreement, adamantly so, that I was to refrain from farm activities, discussions, and decisions.

Someone red of how a captain steering his ship had to stay at the helm while a serious emergency arose – a fire, no less. Others had to tend to it, while he continued to steer a safe course. If he were to leave his station and pitch in to help, all would stand in danger of perishing. They applied this scenario to me (I believe it was Lois).

Lois once had a vision in the mid-eighties of my being a watchman on the wall of a city. A watchman has many hours of uneventful time, but he cannot involve himself in the activities for which others are responsible within the city – he can’t even observe them. Should he fail in his duty and let the enemy slip in, he would bring damage, even destruction, upon those depending on him. My duty in my separation was to be quiet and watch.

I sometimes suspected that Lois and the others simply didn’t want me around, and I knew that I couldn’t trust their judgment, yet I knew they were right in this principle.

Whenever I did get involved in farm business affairs, things didn’t go right. Besides, it’s far harder for me to sit and do nothing than to be involved, so I wasn’t sitting back in pleasure or desire of the flesh. Then the Lord said, reminding me: “Haven’t you yourself said that doing nothing and waiting was the hardest thing for anyone to do?”

As I sat, I felt that I was nothing, alone, unwanted, powerless, unsought, uncelebrated, flawed, useless, and carnal. But was I alone in this state? Noah was 500 before we hear of his activity, and Moses was 80 before his work began. “But where am I, Lord?” I asked. “What is happening?”

Prophecy – The Lord Speaks

As was often the case, I had many doubts and questions. On October 4, the Lord spoke to me. He said:

“Your son will not die. He will obey and live. You will not die. You will return to the farm and reign in power and glory. Your throne will be secure. I will establish you and your throne forevermore. Then will the world begin to see Me and I will do with you and with yours, as I have promised and purposed. Don’t be afraid and don’t doubt.

Son, you have nothing to fear. I’m with you and will always be with you. See the seasons? The winds, the coolness, the falling leaves? There is a season for everything. Don’t be afraid of the seasons, son. All things are purposed and timed. It’s all in My hands, including you, your wife and son, your children.

All that you have, I’ve given you and all is secure. Your losses are covered by the house. There is nothing you can’t have. I’ve blessed you and long to bless you some more, much more. You know how your heart goes out to your son when he restrains himself in his desires and holds his tongue from asking of you when you have instructed him to be silent. You want to give him anything you can… he needn’t even ask. I want to do the same with you, Victor.

Yet you won’t give him anything he asks because you love him and want his best. I feel the same way with you and more. Remember these things and trust Me, Victor, trust Me. You writhe in pain but I’ve heard your prayers and I will answer them. I am pleased with you, very pleased. Your faults and weaknesses don’t condemn you… they only tell you that you need Me, that nobody else can help you.

Don’t you know I know you’re lonely? I’m dealing with everyone at the farm and when I’m done what I have to do, I’ll summon you and you will all have a new beginning. I’ll do a new thing at the news of which all the earth will tremble and shake like a leaf in the wind. I’m placing and preparing each one of you.

Victor, look at what’s been done till now. You know you haven’t been able to do it. So with what will be done. I’ve done and will do it all. Rest; relax; take it easy. Remember the dream! Complete composure, wanting nothing. That’s what I’m doing with and for you and for all.”

Prophecy – A Bombshell

On our drive home in the rain, Paul asked me a question: “Did Marilyn tell you that she made a public announcement at the farm, and what it was?”

“What are you talking about, Paul?”

“She told us that you gave her a choice, that she had to choose between you and Sean as husband. Did you know that she made that choice?”

“I gave her that choice some time ago. She said I was her husband, but I hadn’t heard anything more about it from her. Why?” I replied.

Paul reported, “You didn’t say anything or seem to act like you had heard anything, so I think I have to tell you. I thought she would. She asked to meet with us because she had something to say. Lois, Chris, Nathan, Sean, Kerri, and I were there. She announced that she was choosing Sean as her husband.”

I’ve been shocked a few times in my life and this was one of those times. Marilyn had told Paul the decision I required her to make, Paul replied that she needed to make that decision, and she soon announced publicly, with Sean present, that she chose Sean. She said nothing to me about it. My journal record:

I feel so foolish, so betrayed. She has been utterly treacherous and deceitful with me. Lord, it hurts. She follows her course and continues to be hypocritical, calling me ‘Dad’ and ‘Dear.’ I have lain with her and confided to her, but I see I can no longer do so. Indeed, she has made her position known publicly, excluding me, though I have felt it all along. Lord, I sure hurt.

At that time, the Lord said to me, “Let it happen.”

Prophecy – Support Only the Altogether Clean

The Alberta Report, operated by Ted Byfield and Link, his son, was an outspoken right-wing “Christian” magazine that dealt with controversial social, religious, and political issues like abortion, rights of homosexuals, deterioration of free speech and religion, and the proliferation of Liberal government corruption.

While I agreed with them on many things and was thankful they were taking public stands others weren’t prepared to take, there were other things on which I couldn’t agree, as usual. However, even on points of agreement, I found myself disturbed, because I wasn’t in a position to do anything about them. I concluded that the best thing to do was to avoid being exposed to them altogether unless I was to be involved.

The magazine was persistent in selling subscriptions, constantly canvassing. On one call, when questioning them about a rumor that they were financially in difficulty, the caller exuberantly declared they had sound financial status. I signed up and paid for three years. After some weeks, the magazine was no more.

The lesson? I asked the Lord about my loss and why it happened. I wondered why I should lose when trying to encourage free speech and Christian perspective. He told me, “Unless something is entirely clean, directed by Me, don’t get involved; it is condemned.”

Since that time, many have been the telemarketers canvassing for donations to purported noble causes and I’ve had to refuse them all, and rightly so. There is much corruption in charity organizations, though they try hard to justify themselves and make it appear otherwise.


Prophecy – Believe the Prophecy and Submit to Death

I write, “Today, on December 28, I had a talk with Marilyn and we felt many things tying together. Today was a major step for me to accept Marilyn’s prophecy, submitting to loss of all and death, which is not death but yet death. We go from here; I wish to get on with it. The breaking prophesied by four men in 1976 is happening.

Prophecy – Prophecy to the Religious

I woke up one morning with a prophecy to the religious in the Name of Jesus Christ in the city of Lethbridge and everywhere.

Words from the Lord God by Victor Hafichuk, December 7, 1997

Thus says the Lord: You condemn those who come to you, those I send to you, because they convince you of your wrongs, your evils, your sins and transgressions. “Not of God, not of God!” you cry, stopping your ears, and joking with one another about the fool who comes to you, contrary to your ways. But he comes, contrary to your ways, because you are contrary to Me, says the Lord.

“How are we contrary?” you ask. Firstly, do you not criticize those religious in different circles than yourselves and condemn them for their doctrines and practices, as false as they are? How is it that you reserve the right to condemn others but insist that you yourselves are beyond reproach when I speak to you of your faults and silly notions? “We are right and true and holy!” you insist. “They are the false ones!” you cry.

Tell Me, if you can (and you will have your answers, while in stubbornness, in your stiff-necked, proud and rebellious ways), where in My Scriptures you find one solitary testimony where any of My servants solicited money from those to whom I sent them, or declared to the brethren they needed money to serve Me and speak My Word. Did any of My prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors, teachers, elders or deacons do so by Me? Not one, no, not one. And did I not provide for them? And was not My Word spoken to them, and by them to others? But your god is mammon and not Me, says the Lord. You have many gods and I am not among them, says the Lord.

“But it costs for radio, newspaper and television and literature today, unlike the old days,” you protest. Am I only above the old and not above the present? Do you suddenly find Me insufficient in the day of your clever inventions? Will you tell Me that without money from man, I will be unable to accomplish My purposes of redeeming him? Again, which one of My servants ever asked for money to help preach the truth? I sent them to one here, one there, a multitude here, ten there and provided for them at the hands of widows and bills of ravens. But you must live in style and trust in the arm of flesh.

But I am not sending you, nor do I send My servants to those to whom you would presume to go, and while you presume to reach others in My Name and for My sake, you are in dire need of being reached yourselves. Neither do you speak the truth, not knowing the truth. You compass the world with your doctrines and self-made compassion to win souls, producing spurious conversions, enticing them with fine words and promises of prosperity, bringing them into your halls of pleasures, the prisons you live in, binding them in the chains you are bound in yourselves.

You walk in the spirit of the world, which is at enmity with Me, and entice both young and old with entertainment, thinking to win them to Me. Since when must I become as the sinner to win the sinner? Since when do I send you to be as the young in their darkness and foolishness with their notions of what is “cool” and what is “in” with clothing, fashions, music, customs, peer pleasing and attitudes of this world, manifesting pride, machismo, rebellion, philosophies, carnal humour and vainglory? Must I use humour and drama and sensationalism to win the repentance of those who enjoy these things and despise Me because they take pleasure in these things?

“But we become all things to all men to win them, as did Paul,” you reason, “and did not Jesus eat and drink with sinners?” While I ate with sinners, I did not surfeit with them, and when I drank with them, I did not get drunk with them, and when I saved prostitutes, I did not sleep with them; neither did My servant Paul. Do you not contradict yourselves in your darkness? You blaspheme in your words and ways. You vex Me with your thoughts and ways and do great evil in My Name, taking upon yourselves My Name in vain; I will not hold you guiltless, and you suffer for it.

Why do your children drown in rivers, get killed and maimed in accidents, which are not accidents, get hooked on drugs and become pregnant out of wedlock? Why do you suffer all kinds of diseases, which the Egyptians suffered and which unbelievers suffer today? Why are you divorcing and suffering financial hardships?

“God is trying us, because He loves us, and to see if we will be faithful, like Job!” you surmise. I am not trying you, but you bring damnation upon yourselves. My servant Job was not like you. He did not serve other gods, as do you. He did not glory in his judgments, as do you. He did not suffer loss in your ways. And when I was through with him, he was improved beyond your measures, but you, in your sins, languish and die and are not bettered. Instead, you harden yourselves even more.

Why, at the same time, do you prosper and spend what you have on those things I hate? Why do you take so lightly the things of God and laugh and giggle about them? Where are the sobriety and the vigilance I admonish those who are Mine to have? But you do not believe.

Why are the pastors and elders of your churches and religious organizations of works going in to their neighbors’ and congregants’ wives? Why are the leaders in whoredoms? Why do they lie and cheat in business while making themselves out to be pious, preaching and testifying as though on fire for Me and serving Me with fervency, or not at all, yet professing My Name?

Why do you celebrate My Passover in diverse ways, one of those ways in the name of a pagan goddess? Why do you partake of the shadows while claiming to have the substance? Why do you celebrate pagan festivals in My Name on pagan deity birth dates with pagan customs and traditions of this world, which is at enmity with Me? Why do you eat the unclean, calling it manna from heaven? Because you are in darkness and there is no truth in you.

If only you knew the pain and sorrows you bring upon yourselves by doing these things that you think are so pleasing to Me! If only you knew the peace that could and would be yours if you listened and believed! It is a peace such as you do not have and not as the one you do have.

Why do you scoff at the truth and despise rebuke?

“We are exhorted to focus on the positive,” you declare in your own righteousness. “We will not allow anyone to bring anything negative into our minds and hearts,” you adamantly insist.

Hear this, you adulterers and adulteresses, who paint your faces and dress your hair and wear fine things and speak high and lofty words: Those I love, those I receive, I rebuke, chasten, and scourge. Those whom I call suffer persecution, tribulation, and loss by My hand and not only by their own. Those whom I call and choose are afflicted and mourn, learning the value of the houses of mourning, despising the houses of mirth wherein fools congregate and destroy themselves ever so wisely.

Are these things positive? When I command you to repent of your sins, sparing nothing, to take up the cross and die, to forsake your loved ones and all possessions, are these things positive or negative? Is not your judgment of what is positive or negative at fault?

You make ceremonies, construct great buildings, publish yourselves, calling yourselves “reverends” as though some ought to reverence you, and “doctors,” as though you knew anything by and of Me. You ordain yourselves and make yourselves to be heard in all streets and cities and, yes, it is indeed yourselves you publish, pretending to be publishing what you call “The Good News.” You call and pay impressive and charismatic speakers to further your ends and to entertain yourselves and your captives, building your own kingdoms, speakers who long ago forgot Me or who never knew Me.

You hold seminars and presume to sell My gifts and ministries even as Simon expected of Peter. Peter’s reply portrayed My feelings precisely. You perform great works, thinking you lay up treasures in Heaven with Me, says the Lord. Your own works you do, and despise Mine. You know nothing of Mine.

There is a testimony that goes forth to you that is always there, protesting against you and your froward ways, and I will not forever protest with those who presume to serve Me but who insist on pursuing their own pleasures and serving their own bellies. Even now, the times have come when you have called on Me and I didn’t answer, though you imagined, in your own perverse notions, that I did. “Sometimes He answers with a ‘No,’” you and your “loving” pastors and elders ever so wisely rationalize, and remain in your sins. Because you wouldn’t listen to Me, I will not listen to you.

Yet again, I call to those who would be saved from this evil generation and who will say to Me, “Your will and not mine,” in all earnestness of heart, prepared to obey and take upon themselves My yoke, forsaking their own and that of their tormentors, forsaking the pleasures of Egypt – churches parading in My Name with great religious, Biblical titles. To those I say, “Come and be saved; come and be healed; come and believe the truth, whereby you will save yourselves and your little ones. Quit believing the lies you call truth and believe the truth you call lies and fabrications.

“Consider for your lives; run for your lives. Come out from among them and be separate and do not so much as touch the unclean, and I will be a loving Father to you, embracing you with great compassion, showering you with blessings your eyes have not seen nor ears have heard.

“Tearfully, I will receive you, forgive you, cleanse you and clothe you anew, anointing you with oil and fragrances you have never known, and you shall be My sons and daughters, rejoicing in the light, saying, ‘Who could have known what we held from ourselves and what we have now? We will rejoice in God our Savior Who is no respecter of persons, Who alone does wondrous things, Who is longsuffering and Whose mercy endures forever, Who delivers us from our own delusions, Who daily loads us with great benefits, Who reveals Himself to the humble and makes us free, Who causes us to tread upon the high places, and Who rejoices over us with joy.’”

Prophecy – A Word Concerning Sean

The Lord said to me, “Don’t be disturbed by Sean. He will be put in his place in due time and you will see it. ”

I’d often said Sean didn’t know his boundaries. He was void of any respect for them. There is a word to describe that characteristic, and it is “iniquity” (lawlessness). I said that the Lord is doing in our midst what is described in 2 Thessalonians 2, coming to expose and do away with that man of sin.

Was Sean to be saved or not? He was definitely “ploughing with my heifer,” and my heifer chose to have it so. I’d had only one vision of their affair, and it was of Sean approaching my naked wife, focusing on her and eating her dung. What was I to do?

I said, “Lord, if I cast him out, who will run the farm?” Not that Marilyn would have accepted my throwing him out.

On December 17, 1997, the Lord spoke these words to me:

“Behold, I will take that man which troubles you and your house when I am done with him, and shall destroy him. I shall cast his carcass into Gehenna and he will be no more. You shall look and not see him. He has despised you, he has despised the covenant, and he has despised Me.

As an angel has he come, and as a devil shall he go, when I count My jewels and gather My elect to save them from the evil. He has vexed you, but I have brought him to try you all and to make known to you good and evil, My authority and order, and My righteousness. I have brought him so that you would turn to Me and see that all is vanity. Only with loss do you know the value of that which you have possessed. Only with loss do you know what possesses you. There is nothing for you to do but wait, rest in confidence of Me, and I will do it all. You can do nothing.

If you want to accomplish anything, it is only out of a lack of self-esteem, and what is there that I require of you to accomplish? Nothing. There is nothing for you to do but rest and wait.”

Prophecy – “Make Your Enemies Now”

I don’t recall precisely when, but the Lord spoke to me to address my reticence in speaking forth. I’d been hedging or trying to keep the peace at the expense of speaking what was necessary to speak. The Lord said to me, “Make your enemies now.”

dProphecy – “I Am Coming Soon – with Reward(s)”

Weeks before this time, I was praying in tongues and Marilyn received interpretation. The words were: “I am coming soon.” Marilyn said of me: “The Lord is preparing him. The Lord is coming for him, the Lord and not a messenger.”

Again, now I prayed in tongues. Marilyn saw the words, as covered in crimson red. She heard, “Believe all that I have said to you. Behold, I come quickly. My Reward/rewards are with Me.” The Reward was for me and the rewards were for the rest of us.

There was prophecy as well. The words Marilyn could remember were, “Victory, ruling in righteousness, sitting on the throne with the Lord, having the power to do what he has always wanted to do – glory, glorious. I have done that too, for good and not evil. Rejoice in your salvation.”

Prophecy – Traducers Misuse Knowledge

I received that Kerri was a seductive traducer. I didn’t know the meaning of “traducer” until I looked it up and found it to be perfectly appropriate for her. While she spoke true things against others, she did so for selfish purposes. Marilyn said Kerri wanted the power. Surely, I was seeing her ruling Paul.

But why should I be paying any attention to Marilyn’s judgment? Was she not also accustomed to ruling her husband? Marilyn also had knowledge not always used aright. I had to evaluate the knowledge and do with it what was God’s will and not theirs, or mine.

The wicked use truth to receive power, but the righteous forsake power to receive truth.

Prophecy – Prophecy of Reconciliation of All Things

On January 7, 1998, I prophesied, “There is a wedding of physical and spiritual in process, of earth and Heaven, a redemption, a deliverance of creation, God’s will done on earth as in Heaven. It is His Coming, the Feast of Tabernacles, the Rest.”

Of Lois, “She sits with the high, and shits on the low. She will be changed. ”

Of Paul, “There are good things to come for all of us – Heavenly things, things of victory, worthy of rejoicing, a kind of finality. When Paul returns, he will know what is true and be established in it.

When Paul returns (he has not left), then will begin the fulfillment of all that I have ordained for you and for him. I gave him to you and over the years you have faltered and fainted, giving him over, doubting My promise to you.

I have given him to complement you. He will perceive and articulate those things I have given him by you. With you he will speak and bear witness in confidence and power he has not heretofore known. The enemy has been destroyed. His remains are being shoveled out the door and the cleansing follows. As Aaron perceived and articulated for Moses, so Paul will be and do so for you.

Your relationship with him will be full and mighty – bread for the nations. My power will go forth in both of you, such as has not been known by the world in all its existence by two men I have called to finish My work on this last day.

Never again will he quickly seek or accept whatever comes, except that which I give to him. Even there, he will be inclined to ask, ‘Can these things be? Are they acceptable? Are they the will of God?’ He has learned, he has known, to know no more as he has known.

By Me he has spoken, saying that you have never had what I purposed for the two of you. The time has not been. Only now have you forsaken him, setting aside your hopes and purposes in obedience to Me. Because you have done so, I have returned him to you to be as he ought and as I have willed.

He comes, will meet you in the way and join you. From there you will be found doing from day to day that which is required of you.

What will your wife think? She will think what I give and will know the truth. Her time is almost (already) completing.

There will be shame and rebuke in the midst of you all, Marilyn with hers, Lois with hers, Sean with his. I will have mercy as I choose and will hate whom I choose. My will has never been resisted, nor will it be now. You will all know, from the least to the greatest, that I, the Lord, do all these things. I create light and darkness (the darkness you have been in), receptivity and hardness, good and evil, to the end that, first of all, you might know that I reign over all, and second, that you will convey that understanding with conviction and power to all those I send you to and bring to you (Psalm 145:5-13).

Have you been robbed? Have you been hurt? Have you lost or gained? Have you been weakened or strengthened? Indeed, the strength you have received is still mostly imperceptible to you, though its manifestation becomes more evident, and will be manifest more and more until all shall see that you walk with Me, My son, and I with you, and Paul with you.

Solitude, solitude, your friend in disguise, My ambassador to you, to impart Myself to you and to bless you all. Does not one rest alone? Does not one often lay on a bed by himself to rest and recuperate and rejuvenate? Yet this rest is not merely recuperation, but life from the dead, both for you and for all.

Angels, armies of angels are at your disposal. You and Paul are to fear nothing. Your wives and children are to fear nothing. This is your day; I have given it to you, and nobody will take it from you.

Carole [Reesor – Howard’s appointed executrix] and all those who oppose you will die or suffer defeat and loss (even now is she dashed in her purposes against you). Their attempts to cheat, oppose, obstruct, and rob you are success-proof. They are vain. You will prevail; have no fear or doubt of that. Let that sink down into your heart and don’t give it another thought. You have more important matters – My matters to contemplate and to focus on. So with the farm, health, and all other concerns. You’re on your way – keep it.”

Prophecy – Stock Market Failure Regrets

Many times have I been troubled about how I didn’t prevail in the stock market. This time, the Lord spoke to me:

“It was not given to you to prevail, as your wife has said. Recall that you all went to the farm on July 10 to see it. Is that not enough to prove to you that I was leading you? You ask, ‘What of the promise of $1/4 million to $1 million?’ I answer that I am not finished yet. Nevertheless, I refused your blessing in the stock market, as I refuse to bless whoredoms.

You well know the nature and participants of the money world, the things that are bought and sold, and how many of these destroy the earth and its people. Shall I bless you in these things because you are My son? I think not.
On the contrary, I chasten you and rebuke you. That is why you could never feel any peace in the stock market; there was none. I spanked you severely.

As a child, you wanted the things desirable to you in the flesh, but which were not expedient for you in My sight. Truly, those things destroy, and you tasted destruction, even as a child tries a toxic cleanser and hurts itself. But I’ve already told you I would provide more of what you may need or want.

I also told you that you were not to lay up treasures on earth, that you ought rather to seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness, and I would add all the treasures of Egypt to you, as I deemed suitable to your edification (spiritual profit), as well as physical comfort.

Victor, you don’t realize how very, very good your lot is. Here you sit, in comfort, provided for, with a faithful wife ardently tending to mundane affairs, desirous and capable of doing so, as I have given her, and you also have others to take care of these matters properly. I have provided for all your needs and theirs. I am providing for your customers and friends. I have destroyed your enemies and given you their possessions. I have taken you aside for Myself and given you the privileges given to nobody else. I tell you things no others hear or know of, and I give you honor above others for your sake, for their sakes, and for Mine. I do a new thing.

Men will see My grace, which comes by the absence of works. If you receive Howard’s [Lois’ ex] goods, men will not say he gave them to you, but if you prevailed in the stock market, would they not say you gained your fortune there? Where, then, would be My glory? Isn’t it for My glory that I do what I do with you? Does not what I did with Howard and his sons and parents glorify Me? Consider! And I have done nothing yet as I will. You’ll see it all.

Your struggles and worrying and regrets are disappearing, Victor. I take – behold – I take them away, My son. Your time of trouble is at an end. I have loved you and have therefore brought you, carried you to this hour. Son, close your eyes and come with Me. Rest from your labors, your work; that work I have done in you is finished. Now can we enjoy sweet fellowship together, that which I have long waited for.

Rise up and walk with Me. You will be joined by Paul and you will walk upon the high places of the earth with Me.

Son, son! This is the hour of the awaiting, the long-awaited time, longed for by all, by Me, the sons, the angels, and all of My creation. Together we shall harvest the fruits and enjoy the fulfillment of all things. It is the hour of My power when I reconcile all things and comfort the hurting. I wipe away all tears and there will be no more sorrow and crying. What more do you need and what more can you ask for?

The dark one can trouble you no more. She is gone, serving her purpose and Mine. You have nothing to fear from her or anybody else. Does that need saying? It shouldn’t, if you believe Me – and I am so glad to say you do!

I have told you your inventories will not be sufficient for the demand. I will bless you and make you fruitful. But more than this, I will redeem the world by you. That is why you are here; that is why the farm, which is not a farm but only a vehicle, a tool, and a touchstone. By it, all things do I try and they are tried – all things.”

The floodgates of God’s power are opening. Brace yourselves. You won’t be able to. Only be forewarned. The floodgates are opening and the flood of blessing, of goodness, of property will sweep you all away in all things – all things. The floodgates are opening concerning business, health, customers and customer relations, relationships on the farm and with others, general wellbeing all around; people coming and warming up to us in all matters, including and especially perhaps spiritual. It is a new day.”

(This floodgate portion came separate from the rest of the prophecy, and came on me as a flood. I had to call Marilyn at the farm and tell her.) The Lord continues:

“Your health will be fine and so will ALL else. Sleep in peace, Victor; sleep in peace.

There is life in the Scriptures only when I give it, even as I told the students of the Law. The life is in Me. Have not men destroyed themselves and others with the Scriptures? How can that which is life bring forth death?

When do the birds come to you to feed? Is it not when the need is great, by virtue of the circumstances that bring them? So I will cause people to come, and you will feed them; the weather will bring them in season and they will have nowhere else to go.”

Prophecy – An Important Revelation

On January 14, 1998, the Lord gave me an important revelation for comfort concerning Paul and me: God does not demote His chosen sons. With Him, it is all or nothing. His gifts and calling are without repentance (Romans 11:29). A calling remains in spite of the person’s faults or weaknesses, or even offenses.

For example, David, who committed adultery and murder, was repentant and forgiven. David wasn’t even removed as king of Israel for his grievous sins.

On the other hand, King Saul committed a sin that seemed much less of an offense. Under pressure, in the face of hordes of Philistines, his army deserting him, Saul took it upon himself to offer a sacrifice to God. Samuel, God’s anointed prophet was late to make the sacrifice at the appointed time before the battle began. For Saul’s act, he wasn’t just demoted; he was dethroned.

So what is the difference? Why was Saul destroyed and David restored? It’s because David was called, chosen, and sealed in destiny, not because of any virtue of his own, but because God willed it to be so. Saul was also called, chosen, and destined, but to be a vessel of dishonor, not of honor.

In 1984, the Lord promised me that Paul would make his calling good, that He had given him to me, even as He gave Aaron to Moses. God had not demoted Paul or me. Either my calling remained or I was altogether cast out; so with Paul.

Prophecy – Familial Reconciliation

Very soon after these visions, I heard these words while taking a walk:

“First one must reconcile himself with his father and then he will be reconciled with his son.”

One hour later, Jonathan called from the farm. He wanted to come home and see me. This was highly unusual – like the moon dropping in the backyard. He was crying. He said he tried getting a ride with someone there who lived at Moon River, but the woman, Dagmar Kropek, our neighbor, said she needed to go shopping first. I said, “Go shopping with her if she will take you.”

“Thanks for the idea, Dad!” he exclaimed, ran out again, and succeeded. He was on the way home to see me!


Prophecy – A Message of Promise and Hope

I began to pray in tongues and then received the interpretation:

“I am coming soon; take heart. No longer will you be moaning under grievous burdens. As the jailer comes to release a prisoner, I come to release you. It is the time of your release, not your execution. I have pardoned your sin. I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but great pleasure in mercy.”

I’d never felt so bad… lonely, sad, afraid, desolate, forlorn, forsaken, and without any consolation of mind. I wasn’t subject to uncomfortable external circumstances. I wasn’t naked or freezing, in a dungeon, starving, or on a rack, tortured and abused, but I don’t recall ever feeling such affliction of soul.

At times, I had fear; at times I marveled; but always there was a deep sadness. Shouldn’t I be ecstatic, almost unable to contain myself at the words the Lord had just spoken? But I was yet on the side of loss, pain, and darkness, and could only depend on looking to His many promises to see me through to the dawn. If I looked back, it was worse; if I looked forward, I had some relief.

In 1971, just before I came to faith, Harry Roder of Concept Therapy red my palm and told me my life would be cut short, indicated by the break of a main crease in the palm of my right hand, that line that goes from the point of the hand between the base of the index finger and the thumb, curving down to the base of the hand at the center of the wrist. Archie also claimed to have prophesied that I would not live long. Was my life to end before I reached my 52nd year?

Yet my life did end as it was in the world when I became a believer just two years after Harry spoke these things to me. He was right!

Harry Roder said something else. He looked at my nose and forehead and said I would be giving my life in serving mankind. How much truth was there in these things he spoke? Is our destiny written in our bodies? Why not?

Prophecy – Pride Trumps Practicality

Jonathan asked for a walking stick. Why a walking stick? Why not? I’ve often sensed and even tasted when trying one out that a walking stick is good. Consider that in ancient times they used staves. Why not now? One gets support while walking, can lean on it, fight off a dog, defend oneself from attackers, poke, pry, reach, leverage – there are many practical uses.

I’ve been reluctant to have and use one, lest any should think I was trying to look like a prophet or be pretentious, a notion people occasionally may have about staves.

Why do people worship the Joneses, conform to the crowd, wear the same clothes, “speak the same language,” drive the same cars, join the same clubs, belong to the same churches, shop at the same stores around the world, and eat the same food? Why do women wear high heels? Why do men wear suits and ties?

Are these necessarily good for one or do they serve some practical purpose? Not necessarily, but they do it anyway. This world isn’t a practical one by any means – it’s all part of its existence in death and hell since the beginning of time.

How surprising when nonconformity sometimes works so much better than convention! Ghandi used passive resistance and overcame British occupation, though empires have been established by force of arms. A saw blade set backwards in a circular saw will cut substances harder than wood. The Bamix beater works by implosion. I have a nail clipper that is convex instead of concave. Does it make sense, seeing the shape of the finger is convex? But it works, and in my opinion, better than the other – I love it. Countless inventions have come by persisting when experts would cry, “Impossible,” as with Henry Ford’s 8 cylinders in one block.

While people think one must eat to be healthy, healing often comes by fasting instead of eating, and disease often comes by eating.

How does the Lord deliver us from the things we fear? He does it not by removing those things or by separating us from them – we are to walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

The Bible speaks of laboring to enter into rest (which is what I was doing at the time of this writing). Does not one rest to prepare to enter into labor? Lois once received, concerning her conflict with Howard: “Give the enemy what he wants and he will flee from you.” Lois gave up her precious son to her husband who demanded him, and the enemy was defeated. Jesus said, “Keep your life and you’ll lose it; lose it for My sake and you’ll have it.”

Many things we have thought to be good were evil, and vice versa. One man was so depressed he wished to kill himself. He thought of exercising himself to a heart attack. It didn’t work. The more he pushed himself, the healthier he got and the better he felt. (I’m not suggesting this works for everyone.)

Those who succeed ask, “Why?” and “Why not?” of the simplest matters. Drive, delve, dig, dare, defy, determine, deny, destroy, even die, if necessary (and usually it is), then do, deliver, and dominate. Indeed, nothing worthy is accomplished without the shedding of blood.

Have faith and nothing will be impossible to you. That’s what Jesus said. Throw that word “can’t” entirely out of your vocabulary. Throw off those binding cords; chew them off, cut them with your toenails, sit behind a magnifying glass and burn them off with the sun’s concentrated rays, find a mouse to sever them, or shrink and they’ll fall off.

That’s often the solution! Shrink and chains fall off. Humble yourself.

How are we bound? Not by external bonds but those within. We are fat with custom, tradition, decorum, logic, pride, conformity, sloth, negligence, complacency, selfishness, man-pleasing, fear, worry, doubt, and ignorance. If we cease feeding ourselves, if we humble ourselves, we diminish in power and size, and off the cords fall, without a cut or any external device. The answer is always within.

Prophecy – Word of the Lord to Marilyn

In response to questions I felt Marilyn was asking in bitterness, words came forth for her on February 4th:

“Daughter, I also promised others great things (which promises hold), but instead of receiving the fulfillment of them, I led them into wilderness, into battle, fire, flood, loss, failure, hopes deferred, desperation, persecution, pain, tears, sorrow, tribulation, and even loss of life. I had to do those things with them and I had to do them with you. It is not as man would have it, I understand, but it is My chosen, necessary way. Those I choose must suffer; those I love must all pass through the same fires in their lives, or I can have no part in them or they in Me.

The world seeks happiness – that is their goal. I give some the things they think would make them happy and, behold, their miseries multiply. Having received those things they set their hearts on, they lost even the one thing you still have remaining within you. I gave them that which they sought and thought to make them happy but from you, as well as all My chosen, I have withheld those things and have given you and subjected you instead to those things which, for the time, make you unhappy.

Daughter, have you not been unhappy? I have made it so and you will soon know why. But one thing you have, which others have lost in having what they were after to make them happy, and that is hope. Because I love you, that hope is sealed within you – you are a prisoner of it, and nothing can remove you out of My hand. I will finish My work and you will have your reward, as I have promised. Behold, daughter, I make all things new.”

“For we are saved by hope. But hope that is seen is not hope; for what anyone sees, why does he also hope for it? But if we hope for that which we do not see, then we wait for it with patience” (Romans 8:24-25 MKJV).

“Therefore girding up the loins of your mind, being sober, perfectly hope for the grace being brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ…” (1 Peter 1:13 MKJV).

Prophecy – Lois Seeing Things

I received that Lois was seeing things during these fast days. It would take honesty and looking at those things realistically, having a commitment to Truth, the Lord Himself, for her to openly declare what she saw. Several times it came to me that she would see the situation at the farm for what it was, and with Sean, Marilyn, and me in particular. I mentioned this to her; it was evident she was struggling, though trying to put on a bold face.

Prophecy – Archie

I received that Archie would never lie to me again when he returned, and he would hear clearly from the Lord (which he had not in the past). The main difference would be that he will care because I care and because the Lord has performed His reconciliation.

Archie will wish to come as soon as he is able, rejoicing, knowing, though with some faint doubts (perhaps not) that he will be received with open arms to be forever with the Lord. How can this be, considering how he was when he left – dark and vicious, and how he was presently? The Lord is able.

Prophecy – “Make Your Enemies Now”

I was considering the coldness and enmity of many people in the past, the most recent one being Casey Overbeek next door. I had tried to be friendly to so many of them, perhaps because I assumed it was the “Christian” thing to do, or I was trying to reach them, or because by nature, as a believer, I was spiritually inclined that way. I was always hoping something would change with them.

Looking back, I feel foolish, not having realized they wanted nothing to do with us. I would return and talk again as though everything was fine. In trying to pretend they weren’t our enemies, the Lord said to me, “Make your enemies now.” I took it to mean, “Call a spade a spade; see it as it is and act accordingly; don’t play games.”

This Scripture comes to mind: “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still” (Revelation 22:11 KJV).

Prophecy – A Word for John Schussler

On this last day, strangely enough, I had a word for our neighbor, John Schussler. He was not one to be morally committed, nor was his Mormon marketing manager who advised him to deceptively label his poisonous syrups as “made with all-natural ingredients.” I wrote:

You tell John to take his heart off money and open up. Look at his label of “made with all-natural ingredients” and see that it is misleading. There are “all-natural ingredients” in his product but so are there others, and one of the most lethal in the food industry – refined sugar. And he uses chemicals on the ground for his saskatoon bushes, which pollute his “all-natural ingredient.” Unthinking people pick up his bottle of syrup, read the label, and say within themselves, “Hmm… it’s all natural. Great, I’ll take some,” poisoning themselves unwittingly, because deceived by unscrupulous merchandising.

John! John! What will it take? Were you not once past death’s door? Does that have no impact on you? What will? The grace of God and that alone! (Let him read this if you will.) Pay attention, John; I’m leaving in a few hours, healthy enough, and I’m talking to you. You’re always boasting about dealing people down to as little as possible, not considering you take their life away and leave them sad, bitter, resentful, and poorer in body, soul, and spirit. In essence, you murder. Yes, that is so.

Please listen, for your sake especially. It won’t do to get unfair prices. Yes, you can argue, “They didn’t have to buy it.” I tell you, your arguments will not stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ. In fact, they will dig your hole even deeper in His sight.

Don’t you dare be angry with me, us, for long. I can understand and tolerate an initial negative reaction, my friend, but don’t stay there; don’t. If you heed what I say, things will go well for you; if not, they won’t. I’m not criticizing you, John. I can’t; I’ve been the same way, probably worse.

I can only tell you now that we don’t get away with anything. God is no fool, John. Others you can fool, us you can fool; God you won’t. He will fool you. Turn around, change, and live. There are many good things held in store for those who forsake themselves and their own interests for righteousness’ sake, which until now, you’ve despised.

And go organic. It’s not impossible, as you say it is. Get Acres USA, read and find that many are doing it and more profitably in every way, in all fields of agriculture, big or small – believe it.

There would soon be significant developments for John.

Prophecy – A Word to Lois

Lois, be strong and courageous, full of faith, as you have been. The Lord is with you. I appreciate having you. Remember Aunt Carrie’s? As you’ve said, ‘Who would have known?’

Prophecy – A Word to Christopher and Nathan

Chris, you’re a fighter. Stop fighting and let the Lord fight for you. I think you’ll find that He can do a better job, and you’ll taste victory in those battles.

Nathan, put away your duplicity.

While I had words concerning other people, I finally recorded, “If Archie ever comes around, see if he can follow up on Randy Wilson – he was the one who planted the seeds on proper eating and organics. Thank Randy, invite him, and let him know what we’re doing, which is partially due to what he shared with us years ago.

Prophecy – Last Word to Marilyn

The Lord give you grace, dear wife, and succour you in this hour of trial and need. The Lord bless you and keep you and make you to be according to His calling. I love you and want all that He would want you to have. (1 Thessalonians 4:13 and f.; John 11:25-26.)

Prophecy – The Lord’s Answer

It’s interesting how the Lord can communicate just by His Presence. The day after the fast, as I related to Marilyn what happened in the last hour, I suddenly realized what He had communicated. When I expressed willingness to serve the Lord with my infirmities, He responded, “I’m so glad. That is what I’ve been waiting to hear.”

Prophecy – Jonathan’s Secret Word

On the evening of February 9, 1998, as I was keeping Jonathan company until he fell asleep, he said to me, “Dad, I have something to say to you, but I want you to promise you will tell nobody. Promise?” I was hesitant in making such a promise, having learned the value of not making vows, believing God’s counsel to “not swear,” but Jonathan wouldn’t tell me what he wished to tell me unless I promised not to tell. My curiosity got the better of me and I promised. He then said:

“You are dead – part of you is here and part of you is there right now in Heaven. You’re different since the fast. I can’t explain it.”

I was elated at this revelation, which I knew was from God. It confirmed my innermost feelings and convictions. I don’t know why or how it happened, but it wasn’t long before I spoke about what Jonathan received… to Marilyn, I believe. I failed to keep the promise. I didn’t say Jonathan was the source of the message, which, I believed or rationalized, was the main reason for Jonathan not wanting me to tell anyone. I suspected he didn’t want enmity with his mother and he didn’t want her to be hurt.

In a conversation, I later confessed to Sean that I had made a promise to Jonathan, broke it, and condemned myself before the Lord for making a vow and not keeping it. Why did I confess this to him? I have no idea. These days of unbelief were such confusion to me. Sean got a chuckle out of it.

I believe the main reason I told Marilyn and Sean is because I was vindicated by the prophecy. I also thought that perhaps they would reconsider their position and get on with reality. Of course, it didn’t happen. Furthermore, Jonathan was upset with me for telling. “You promised me you wouldn’t tell anyone, Dad.” I countered that I believed I knew why he didn’t want me to tell and so didn’t do the harm he feared.

It now escapes my memory as to whether I said it was revelation or a prophecy from Jonathan. In any event, I was wrong – I betrayed his confidence. He never confided anything to me again.

Prophecy – Prophecies for Individuals

At some time between the end of the fast and February 15, 1998, I received these prophecies for the following individuals:

“Thus says the Lord to Sean, by His anointed, the one cast away and the one brought back from the dead as I, Who lives, was dead and am alive forevermore:

Why do you tempt Me by your stubborn and presumptuous ways? How is it you choose to plot your own course as though you were in My stead? Does it mean nothing to you that you despise My servant and choose to distance yourself from him while becoming intimate with his wife, whom I have given to him? Is it not enough that you despise him? Shall you take his wife also? Is there no fear of God in your eyes according to your words, though even those lack fear and you say so? What shall I do with the man who deliberates to oppose My ways and thoughts and laws?

You have deceived, you have worked wonderfully to that end which I have appointed, as a friend and helper to some, as a tactful enemy to My anointed, from whom I did hide My face for a little while until My wrath was appeased upon him. But now shall it go hard for you because while I sent you but a given distance, you continued farther; where I drew the line and said, ‘No further,’ you pursued with ambition, saying within yourself, ‘I must have what I must have.’

You despise Me in all ways: You commit adultery; you say, ‘Cursed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord’; you steal; you covet your neighbor’s goods and his wife; you dishonor those whom I have appointed as parents; you dishonor the Sabbath; you take upon yourself My Name in vain. So will you suffer the fruits of iniquity. I will cast you into outer darkness where there is no remedy because you refused My remedies for you and for those whom you have formed a need for remedies. To that end were you called and to that end you answered and served ever so faithfully.

But as for those whom you have abused for your own ends, I will comfort them and be a God to them because they have cried out to Me and turned from their wicked ways, to worship Me in spirit and in truth. I will heal them and restore to them that which was lost and their latter end shall be better than before.

Yet for all that, if you will repent, I will give it to My servant to judge as to what he shall decide for you and your life shall be in his hands whom you despise.”

To Lois: “While you have been persuaded to believe lies for a time and have also been seduced by those who seek their own profit, I will turn you and have mercy upon you because there has been that part in you to comfort and to succour My servant and to have compassion on him in time of need.

Your temporary hardness and unbelief I have ordained for My purposes, but I will call you, and do even now call you to repentance, and I open your eyes to see that which has been kept from you for a time. It has been in your heart to forsake that which was precious to you for My sake, and I replenish it for you so that you will ever choose that which is good and profitable.

The trial of My servant is at an end and I turn you as I did Job’s neighbors to him when I was through with him. In repentance will you come to My servant and he will pray for you. I have not forgotten the good and I pay what I owe.”

To Marilyn: “Surely, you have said many times, ‘Well, where’s God?’ presuming I was with you in all things. But to remove your bitterness have I ordained these last things so that you might live and know where I am. Is it not apparent to you that if you were to amass all the armies and resources of earth under your command and if all were to obey you without question or hesitation but with faithfulness and effectiveness, still you could control nothing, not even to make one gray hair on your head black?

Will you continue to resist My will for your life as though you are the wise one? How do you presume to hear My voice and claim to seek all obedience to Me when you despise your head, whom I have placed over you, not according to your liking but according to Mine? And if not according to My liking do you choose, then how is it you want to hear My voice? Shall My voice cover for you where I will not? Shall My voice save you from Me? Must you seek safety from Me? To where will you go and to whom do you flee and hide?

Woman, can a man and a change in your earthly circumstances remove Me? Will I forget? Will I be removed and excluded at long last? Who has yet resisted My will? The enemy has sown tares in your mind and now, in mercy, I send My servants to remove them now that they are come to maturity.

Now, therefore, you will return to your husband, acknowledging that I have done all these things in these last days, with purpose, with mercy, in wisdom which you know little of, but which you have coveted to have for your purposes. Now I will give you the wisdom you need and you will serve Me and not your bitternesses according to your name, because, behold, I have removed them as far as east is from the west.

You shall not any longer say, ‘Well, where’s the Lord?’ but you will hear His voice, saying, ‘Here I am,’ because you will call on His Name in truth, seeking not your own but Him, and He will speak to you as a father to his daughter, and it will be well for you.”

To Trevor: “You have desired a wife and a wife you shall have, but of My choosing and not yours. Behold, she is at the door. And you shall serve Me according to My will. I will bring suffering upon you for your sake but know this: Reward will follow if you overcome unto the end with patience. Have faith; it is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

Minister in your gifts to My faithful ones (they will need you), because I send fire on the earth to subdue the wicked who will resist and who will fight Me by their sight, fighting those I have chosen unto Myself. Permit nothing to come between you and Me and I will keep you, I will bless you and make you a blessing to all those I send you. I have ordained wisdom for you and so shall it be. ”

To Mark: “Only I could do for you that which has been done. You have discovered and learned that it is not by your own virtue that you are called or chosen or counted faithful, but by My will alone. You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and have ordained you to be a burning light to all nations where I bring you.

You needn’t be dismayed by what you consider meagre results from speaking to others in My Name nor should you be despondent when they do not heed or understand. I will draw whomsoever I choose, whether for a short time or forever. Yours is to speak and not to strive or convince.

Lift your eyes and you will see that those things you have gazed upon are nothing, but that which you shall gaze upon shall be that which I have purposed and created for My pleasure from the dust of the earth, which you have seen.

The brethren are with you and you have been kept for them so that all are one even though time, distance, culture, climate, occupations, and interests have divided you from one another for a time. In you is the blood, which knows no boundaries but that good unity which I have given to them who love Me.”

The following person, Kumiko Konoshita, was an acquaintance of Mark’s in Japan, who professed faith in Christ:

To Kumiko: “In earnestness have you strived for the faith because I have given them to you, both the faith and the earnestness. Do not be afraid of the future or what shall become of this or that. Am I not the God of the future and of all things created? Believe the testimony by the faith I have given you and know that I determine the course of all things and that I determine them for you because I have chosen you and love you. There is nothing I am not aware of and you are not the one who will determine the outcome of anything either in heaven or on earth.

Choose this day who should determine your destiny, whether it be you or Me. I do not say this because you have a choice, but to consider whom you should choose if you had a choice. Are you greater or wiser than Me? Can you say your short-term perspective choices would be better in the end, that you would be happy with them?

Leave all things in My hands and know this: If at times it should appear that I am not there and that you are abandoned, I should soon show you that I am indeed there, and if you look for Me with all your heart, you will see Me, not as you would expect, but you will see Me, and your heart will rejoice and take courage.”

To all those who shall come: “I have made a sacrifice of a sweet-smelling savour unto Myself and I bring you to dine, to reap where others have sown, to feast where others have served, to rest where others have laboured. I have brought you to laugh for joy where others have wept for sorrow, to enjoy where others have suffered.

But mind you, you shall not take these things and make light of them. Know your places, for I will not honor those who despise that which I have not lightly esteemed. By fire and blood have these come for My sake, theirs, and yours, and by fire and blood shall you go if you should but ignore that which I have given you freely, but for which has been paid a handsome price.

Freely have you received and freely shall you give, that My house and My city shall be filled with the glory of the Lord and with His people and nations from roundabout. Behold, I do a new thing and shall the earth not know it?”

“For any soul who is not humbled in that same day, he shall be cut off from among his people. And any soul who does any work in that same day, the same soul will I destroy from among his people” (Leviticus 23:29-30 MKJV – a reference to the Day of Atonement).

(I delivered these prophecies to all at the farm on February 22 or 23, 1998.)

Prophecy – Delivery of Prophecies to Farm

On February 23, 1998, I delivered the lengthy prophecies I had for each of the people there. Marilyn insisted on it when she found out about them, though I didn’t tell her what they were.

We prayed, talked, and had great struggles. I wondered if I had heard correctly from the Lord. The next day, we were on the phone with Sean, Mark, and Lois. I told Mark to tell everyone else that I stood on those prophecies, right or wrong.

Sean confessed sexual thoughts concerning Marilyn, yet justified himself in having them, in light of her prophecy and their convictions, as though he had a right to those thoughts because “she was his wife.” But, then, why confess?

Marilyn began to confess her feelings of bitterness towards God and me. She spoke of having wanted to see her mother and was very angry at me that I had cut things off between them. Lois felt that Marilyn and Jonathan should go and see her mother. I agreed to it. Then when I said I was beginning to see these prophecies with Trevor, Sean, and Lois being fulfilled, Marilyn became angry and retreated.

Prophecy – Revelation of Marilyn’s God

I just realized something, like a bright light suddenly shone! Marilyn said her desire was to hear the voice of the Lord.

First, I see idolatry. Anything, anything, no matter how good in and of itself, held above the Lord is idolatry.

Second, I see that she wants to hear His voice to be right and in control.

Third, I believe that because of this idolatry there will be confusion in the results.

No wonder she didn’t submit all her prophecy for judgment and is prey to delusion; no wonder there’s division and strife between us and why we’re confounded; no wonder she’s so agitated and even furious when questioned or disagreed with. No wonder there’s contradiction with the pure Word of God, which is His Voice in Truth.

Prophecy – Lois Prophesies: Watch, Wait, Trust

On February 19, 1998, Lois had the following prophecy:

“What is going on? This is the question being asked daily of My people. I hear their cry but could not answer because it was not completed. The work that is and has been done is nearing to a close and I will be free to then speak of the wonderful works which I have been preparing for My saints. My silence has been for your protection and your strength.

Behold, I come quickly, and I will minister to you all. Watch and wait and do not despair. Put your trust in Me. In My written Word, it is said that I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am you may be also. I have prepared a place for you and it will be revealed shortly. Again I say, watch and wait; do not despair.”

Prophecy – The Lord Speaks and Comforts Me

I talked to Mark, who came from Japan temporarily to “see me off”; I tried sharing what I believed was happening. There was no reception.

Seeing he had some experience with lathes and woodworking, I told him of a used lathe I nearly bought from a private party but didn’t, trying to get it for less. Mark said the chisels alone were worth the whole asking price. I felt terrible (there was covetousness rearing its ugly head again), not because I had been chintzy, but because I didn’t get the goods.

I wanted to talk to someone. I tried to comfort myself with Jonathan, but he had other interests and playmates. There was nobody. I felt so sad and alone that I wept. Then the Lord spoke:

“Why are you crying? So you lost a lathe. So your boy is selfish. All children are selfish. Do you not have everything you need? Were you not selfish with Me all these years? Didn’t you grow up finally to appreciate Me? Didn’t it all take time and suffering? And you’re afraid your son must suffer. He’ll never be kind to or considerate of anyone, and he will never love you as you would wish, as I have desired of you, unless he suffers.

So, as a physician performs an operation or dispenses bitter medicine to correct a problem, so must I with Jonathan. And as a cancer removed is something for which to be thankful, so will you be thankful when I am done. Be patient, consider your benefits, and be thankful. You have nothing to cry about.

Mark walks away acting superior, seeing your weaknesses; he has and will open his mouth about these things. He too is young and cocky and he too will be dealt with. I take care of all necessities, the proud and self-sufficient or satisfied I abase and humble.

What can you do? Haven’t you tried? Haven’t you failed? Is there any other choice but to leave everything in My hands? Son, relax and enjoy. I’ll give you a lathe, a gas stove, a plane, a city, a country, a continent, the earth! I’ve done it. Believe Me, it’s all yours, all things.”

Lois called immediately after and said all children were as Jonathan was with me. This was an unexpected confirmation of part of what I had just heard.

Prophecy – Trevor Has a Word from the Lord

On March 10, 1998, I received two things:

One, that Trevor would be receiving a significant and wonderful revelation soon; and two, that Sean would be struggling, perceiving that he wasn’t going to receive that which he had been waiting, hoping, and striving for – me out of the way with him in control and authority over everything. Even now, he struggled with the thought of my not dying as Marilyn has prophesied I would.

Then Trevor called, saying he received that March 18th was the end of the old and March 28th was the beginning of the new. He said that I would be able to move freely, not bound or limited by time or space, appearing and disappearing at will, anywhere, with anyone, instantly. I expect he didn’t take the prophecy literally; it was figurative.

I told Marilyn her prophecy of my death wouldn’t be fulfilled physically and that Trevor’s prophecy agreed with what I was saying. She didn’t believe me. What Trevor didn’t know (nor did anyone else) was the year of his prophecy. When the immediate 18th and the 28th came, there was nothing noticeable or significant that I could tell. However, the matter of time and space was manifesting itself, as one will see.

Prophecy – Prepare for Battle

“Blood, fire, and smoke mingle… it is war, war such as never was nor will ever be again. Woe to the earthly inhabitant! It is a day of great tribulation, sorrow, and pain – the pains of the forthcoming of a new creation! What a turbulent, convulsive time this is… short in duration, but great in intensity. Blessed are those who endure unto the end, because few they be and powerless in themselves to prevail. Many are the casualties, never to rise again, except the Lord should raise them up.

The day of rest comes with the most pain and trouble of all. Feet stamping, swords flashing, shields smashing, teeth gnashing, for very life they fight to the death – this is that war, that great, great war to determine all things. Down is the enemy cast forth from the presence and throne of God. Usurpers are found out, exposed, and with violence thrust out to regions below where they belong, but even there for but a short duration because enemies will be forbidden to dwell anywhere.

The besom of destruction will sweep away every lie, every unclean thing. There will not be one stone left unturned, or one crack ignored or overlooked, as the Lord purges all to make an end of all evil, of every particle of leaven that could defile.

In the days of Noah, Ham remained; in the days of David, Absalom remained; in the days of Solomon, desire remained to pollute and defile; but in this Last, Great Day, no evil will remain. The wolf will eat grass, the lion will lie down, yes, has lain down, with the lamb, and in all of the land of the Lord, in all His holy mountain, there will be no more fear of evil near at hand or from within.

The Lord will seize the scepters from out of the hands of the shameful, the mockers, the usurpers, the vain, and the proud, and will clothe the humble and faithful with the robes of those that rule. Glory shall be upon the heads of the righteous and faithful, their faces shining with the oil of God and with His joy, no more to be stained with tears of sorrow and sweat of turmoil and toil.

Blessed be the Name of Jesus and blessed be the names of those He dispatches for the judgment and good of the nations everywhere. He who rejects that emissary of God curses himself and banishes himself to everlasting fire prepared for fools and adversaries.

Why do devils mock and fools take no heed? Because they will not see beyond themselves, being a law unto themselves, limiting the Holy One, Who conceals Himself from the unbelieving, the boastful, the resisters.

As a shepherd divides the sheep from the goats, so the Lord divides the submissive from the resistive. Who has seen the Lord? Who can say what He does or what He is like? Those who deny themselves and strive for peace, those who lie down to the evil, baring their backs to the smiters, those who do not resist the chastening rod, these are the ones who see the Lord. The saints of the Lord say, ‘Thy will, not mine be done,’ and devils say, as they battle against Michael and angels, ‘My will, not yours be done.’

Devils choose to rule, to ascribe wisdom to themselves, to be served, honored, and glorified. They wish nothing but to reign – to reign is their desire, their goal, their motivation for all they do and say.

The righteous seek to be ruled, ascribing wisdom to God. The former have their thrones forbidden, but the righteous reign with the Lord of lords, acknowledging that He alone is worthy and not they.

Persevere, all you who trust in the Lord, and know He is faithful and able to save to the uttermost, which only He can. Is anything too hard for the Lord? Has He not created all things? Is anything in His creation out of His control? Is there a higher power than He? Though the sky flees and the earth is removed, still He sends His angels to deliver and sustain those who are His, those He chooses to keep.

Yes, there is sorrow for the chastened, suffering for those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. Their consciences are pained and exercised so that all endurance must be summoned. The rebellious reject out of hand any and all things that are an offense to, and out of keeping with, their desires; they see their desire in the short term, despising patience; they look at the outward, scorning faith; to them, gain is godliness. The righteous are given to lose not so that they might gain for themselves only, but that good may come and the will of God be done.

Come out of your prisons, you captives! Is it not the time of your release? Is this not the day that the Lord has made? Is this not the day of His crowning? Shall He not show mercy on This, His Great Day of Glory? Surely! Can He celebrate victory while His own are bound and imprisoned? But the day of His rejoicing is also the day for yours and not only of rejoicing but reward, redemption.

Freedom alone is not enough, but there is a purpose for the freedom, which is unveiled for all of creation’s benefit and redemption. Your honor shall be according to the honor of the Lord. Those who honor Him shall be honored; those who dishonor Him shall be dishonored.

Blast the trumpets! Let their sounds resound throughout the earth, beginning at Lethbridge. Now has the foundation been laid, the battle lines have been drawn, the enemies have been notified. The enemies have also prepared for battle, their foundations laid and preparations made. They come with hissing and great vehemence; their intent to destroy utterly all things pertaining to you, including you.

Never have preparations been made for such a great battle now set in array. The enemy is eager to destroy; it is in their nature to destroy and in their nature to destroy you in particular. But as the enemies choose and desire, so will it be to them and more. I, the Lord, will fight for you and in your stead. It is My pleasure to do away with My enemies and yours at long last.

Break forth into singing and rejoicing, all you lands in bondage. Redemption at the hands of the sons of God, My sons, is here. Already the Word goes forth from Lethbridge to prevail to the uttermost, accomplishing all it was sent forth to do. This is My Day, your Day, the Day of Power, wherein the Kingdom of Heaven is established in the earth. Fire and blood and smoke mingle, but a river of life springs forth to water a dry and parched land, and all its inhabitants. This is the Year of Redemption. ”

Prophecy – Another Downer Day, but Why?

I’m bitter, yes, bitter. Mutuals, thieves, raw deals, cheats, losses, hurts, errors, failures, destruction, weaknesses, isolation, betrayal; yes, I’m bitter.

Promises, promises – carrots dangling, disappointment, hope after hope dashed, mirages, empty clouds.

Tests – I fail every time, accompanied with egg on my face, delusion, disillusion, defeat, shame, humiliation, false hopes – more trials, more evil, more sadness, despair, depression, strife, listlessness, and disunity.

Hell and death, anguish, fear, worries, regret, ignorance, foolishness, darkness, guessing, foolish imaginations, vain hopes, stupidity, damnation, curses, hatred, pressure.

Faults, sins, and bad habits remain; sorrow and sorrow again; void of pleasure and full of pain.

A man can be so rich and yet so poor. I don’t want to be anything anymore.

Yesterday I saw what I’ve been verbalizing for many years – that we try and try to be good, right, and righteous, and fail miserably. I see that we are meant to try and fail. I’ve done what was meant – to try and fail; but why?

God, I’m bitter toward You and You’ll condemn me for it. Why not? I recognize that I’ve lived for 26 years or more, trying to be right, succeed, know what is what, and prosper by it… all in vain. I am shit.

Yet, there’s something there – the man of faith – whatever. I never or seldom see him. Mostly, I see this other bugger, who does anything he pleases and cannot help but do evil. God, I murmur.

Marilyn and I both felt terrible. I asked the Lord to open my eyes. Then Lois called, and she and Marilyn were talking, speculating, introspecting, analyzing, and worrying. Lois in particular was trying to dig things up to feed her addiction for excitement and sensationalism. I called them back, rebuking and admonishing them to stop it all and obey the Lord Who said: “Go about your business, stop figuring things out, don’t judge after the appearance, put away the old, and damn your self-analysis and introspection.”

That settled it. He answered my prayer, opening my eyes. The troubling and desolation immediately disappeared for both Marilyn and me.

Prophecy – Confirmations of Trevor’s Prophecy

Repeatedly, I was finding fulfilled Trevor’s March 10th prophecy of having no limitations by time and space:

While Paul was hundreds of miles away, I spoke in and by my spirit to him. Minutes later, he called, telling me things pertaining to what I had said.

Strangely, I had a prayer for Mark that a portion of my spirit would go with him to Japan. I also recalled the Lord in the mid-80’s directing me to lift up my spirit, that He would send it to other places. Was this more of Trevor’s space and time prophecy?

Writing Archie a letter, there was opposition to sending it. Trevor spoke up saying that Archie was receiving it though I hadn’t sent it, just by my having written it. I knew that Archie knew what I was saying and that it wasn’t necessary to send it.

I received that it wasn’t going well at this time for Gord and Joan Fuller and that they must suffer the fruits of their presumptuous, obnoxious, arrogant ways. We hadn’t had anything to do with them for years. Why was I thinking of them? We would soon find out in a peculiar way.

Trevor told me he had received that the new we were entering would be gradual and non-eventful, that the change shouldn’t disturb us. The day he received this I wanted to tell him the same thing, before he said it.

Prophecy – The Lord Reigns in Heaven over All

This day, I received that the predominant message we would be taking to the world, generally speaking, was that the Lord reigns in Heaven over all. God is in full control; He is Sovereign, Lord of lords.

As Paul and I prayed together, I asked the Lord for His counsel as to what to do. Paul had these words for me: “Go in your strength. Believe My words to you, but if not the words, then believe Me for My works’ sake (what I have done for you).”

Prophecy – Declaring My Position

The next day, I went to the farm and told everyone where I stood. I said I didn’t believe in the literal fulfillment of Marilyn’s prophecy. I asked Sean to make his choice considering the same.

I told them I believed the Lord, telling me that as Aaron was given to Moses, so Paul was given to me and would serve with me as spokesperson to the world. However, I saw Paul presently as more into works than faith and dependent on my oil (my faith and spiritual strength) rather than having his own. Mark received a prophecy concerning Paul that “the time was not yet,” and that Paul was “overconfident.”

Prophecy – Barny Knelsen

An acquaintance of Les Mills, Barny Knelsen, called and paid us a visit. He told me that when Les had talked to him about me, he received that I was “consumed with rejection.” I couldn’t deny that rejection had been a major element in my life, but was I consumed with it?

I was farmed off to my great aunt and uncle for school, being much alone and teased and laughed at by all, including my first- and second-grade teacher, John Urichyn, and rejected by a favored cousin that was always two-faced.

Then when becoming a believer, suddenly the old world with all its inhabitants rejected me. When received by evangelicals, it wasn’t long before the Spirit escorted me out their door, this time Marilyn coming with me.

Then briefly, the Lord took us in and out of Pentecostal/Charismatic circles.

Years later, in 1989, at Moon River Estates, the executive and prominent members of the community trashed us. Now in 1998, as Barny spoke, my wife was contemptuously rejecting me for another man more than young enough to be her son. Perhaps I was consumed with rejection, after all.

While I was no match for my circumstances, I did, by this point, know the Lord would see me through. Barny also said, “The time of rejection and battles with such is over.” This came to pass. He was right.

Now who was Barny Knelsen?

Barny was trying so hard to “love.” The Lord revealed his spirit to me, showing me he was hurting. I told him what I was seeing and told him how, if he acknowledged his state, God would bring him into wide, open spaces of blessing and freedom. Sadly, he wasn’t prepared to be honest about himself and his defeat and failures.

Where did all this begin? Barny once led a spiritual fellowship until a now-famous couple, George and Hazel Hill, came along. I was told the Hills wanted to speak in tongues in Barny’s meetings and he forbade them. They left and took several of the congregation with them. Barny was devastated (though he wouldn’t admit defeat), unable to regain his desired status as the shepherd of the group.

The essence of Barny’s situation was that he had begun a religious fellowship apart from the visible conventional systems, but essentially, he and his followers were still in bed with the harlot, Mystery Babylon the Great – false religion. They weren’t free of the works of the flesh. Oh, I tell you, when the harlot gets a hold of you, her grip is amazing! And her perfume lingers for years, if it ever goes away. I fervently advise all to run from her for your lives. Run!

By God’s mercy, Barny lost his works to the Hills, but he didn’t see it as a blessing. He was a compromiser, clinging to a mixture of truth and error, unwilling to relinquish his own glory and the praise of men.

Years later, Barny gave his daughter over in marriage to worshippers and servants of Ashtoreth at the Northside Christian Fellowship, which, he candidly confessed, despised him. He once attended there, but left. He never repented of his past church affiliations. He was as a bat – one not accepted by either heavenly bird or earthly beast. One can leave the external harlot and still take her with him. Her subjects are secure in her, and only a miracle can deliver them.

George and Hazel Hill went on to found Victory Churches International with churches around the world. From them came forth Dick and Joan Deweert (later spelled “Dewert”), who first pastored the Victory Christian Church in Lethbridge and then founded CJIL (“Christ Jesus Is Lord”), the first Canadian 24/7 “Christian” television station, which was later to be known as The Miracle Channel.

The Deweerts lost this earthly glory when Dick fell into adultery .

Prophecy – Knorr’s Knock

Gene Knorr called. Having red my writings, he said that he hated them, that they ministered death and condemned him. He said Trevor Benson was a tree with bad fruit. He said I was the tree and Trevor was the evil fruit thereof.

He spoke of his teen daughter, Abby Lynn, who was headed to Ireland, paying her way by dancing and working in bars. I had written Gene a long letter, advising in the Lord that his daughter not go, especially if she was naming the Name of the Lord. Trevor had also written her a letter, advising her against it, although his letter was not of God (thus the reference to the tree and fruit). Trevor was simply after another woman.

Finally, Gene said that I was a preacher of bondage and that God didn’t normally speak a specific word “to the natural realm,” saying, “Go here,” or, “Don’t go there”; “Do this,” or, “Don’t do that,” and especially not through another man. I guess he hadn’t read of Agabus, who prophesied by the Spirit that Paul not go to Jerusalem because chains awaited him there (Acts 21:10-11). Nor did Gene recall the many times the Lord told the disciples what to do concerning the natural realm.

Gene was a carpenter. We hired him to help finish building a chicken barn at the farm. While there, he was advising Trevor that he didn’t have to listen to me, that we were in false works, building our own kingdom, a Babylonish creation. He counseled Sean to flee for his life from Marilyn, likening Sean to Joseph and Marilyn to Potiphar’s wife who sought to lay with Joseph.

There was some truth in all of it, but where was Gene coming from and what all was he considering or failing to consider? What Satan said to Jesus in the temptations was true, but the application was lethal. So with Job’s three friends, whom Satan had brought to mislead and torment him by speaking things that were, of themselves, certainly true.

Gene also advised that I take over the farm and have my wife removed from the operation. While I understood it was the counsel of the Scriptures that wives be “keepers at home,” the Lord had said to me concerning Marilyn and Sean, “Let it happen,” and I was to stay out of farm affairs. Speak of my looking wrong according to the Scriptures and my detractors being the wise of God!

While Gene’s instructions made perfect sense, I had to go by faith, obeying God, Whose counsel or command was quite contrary to logic, reason, or His Law. Was not Abraham commanded to sacrifice his son, an apparently heinous trespass against God’s Law (Genesis 9:6)? Yet he knew what was required of him and Who required it. Had others known, they would have told him he was insane or demon-possessed.

I knew there was nothing more to be said to Gene, so I didn’t argue with him. When talking about how the Knorrs and Mills had suffered in their past, Marilyn received, “They have suffered, but they haven’t suffered enough.”

Prophecy – What to Do with the Farm

Several times I wondered if we should sell the farm and be free of it. We didn’t know what we were doing, everyone was overrun with the work every day, Marilyn was constantly tired, unable to spend time with her young son, and there was nothing but dissension and strife both at the farm and in our home, triggered by elements and persons at the farm.

Gene and Les urged us to sell, saying it was a Babylonish project that God condemned. Bob Fife, Les Mills, and the Gregsons urged me to go back to the farm and take control, and many suggested that we somehow change operations, though none had any specific solutions or recommendations.

In prayer, I received that we should not sell; we should continue as we were doing, with Marilyn responsible and I remaining where I was, with greater issues at stake above all the farm aspects.

Prophecy – A Prayer-Produced, Predictive Promise

Feeling terrible about all the rejection and opposition from “the seven” and others, not being believed, called a liar, despised, and ostracized, I went to prayer and heard the following words:

“Victor, we believe that God is with you and the only way for us is to come to you. We don’t like what you are saying to us or how you say it, but we feel we have to accept and submit. We don’t know what to do but to come and listen. We don’t see the darkness you speak of that we are in, but we sense that you know. We want you to help us.

“Please bear with us and deliver us from our destructives. Don’t give up on us. We don’t understand why you are so harsh, or why the Lord would speak to us that way, but we sense it is the Lord, though we don’t understand. We trust that if we believe and obey, He will be faithful. He has chosen it this way to deal with us through you.”

I then wrote, “I must wait for these people to come to me. I can’t go running after them. The Lord must bring them if they’re to come at all. And they must come with earnestness, pressing with zeal, undaunted, determined, with violence, if necessary. They’ve been told enough and must believe what they have already heard. I don’t have to struggle with anyone; I can rest. The Lord has said, ‘I will do it all.’

Prophecy – Peeved with Paul

Seldom did I hear from Paul and when I did, it was always vexing. He was doing his own thing. I saw the enemy, that man of sin, still there and we wouldn’t “come together until the enemy is removed,” even as the Lord said. I suspected Paul was back with Kerri, but hiding it from me. He was deceitful.

On June 6th, I faxed this letter to him:

Your reaction to the criticism of you this morning is so very unpleasant, but typical and ever consistent with the way you are and have always been. “Well, they did it, too! I’m not the only one… besides, I did some good, too.” In other words, 10% on a test is every bit as good as 70%, because at least it’s something, or… everyone else got 10%, so what’s so bad about that?

Your self-measuring barometer has always been others; the wicked and the foolish are your yardstick. As long as you remain and satisfy yourself that way, we walk two different roads and serve two different gods. With such difference, there is no harmony between us and there can be no reconciliation.

You were arrogant and obstinate in 1979 in Revivim, Israel, and you’re no different today. Is it any wonder you are where you are, as you are? And there’s nothing I can do. Indeed, the son of perdition is as his name and you walk in him until he goes or you go. One or the other must. In truth, you’re one and the same.

Only circumstance arranged by God and His revealing and destroying you by the Spirit of His mouth will do. How long? How long must we travel with that unsavory, consuming, self-possessing character we call “Christ,” but who is us? How long? – Victor.

Prophecy – Another Word from the Lord

As I was brooding and bothered about the Mills, Knorrs, Ogdens, Knelsen, and others, these words came to me:

“Come and confess not only your perceived sins, My people, but come confessing yourselves as you are. You run about, seeking pleasure and peace and find none. You eat out of broken, empty dishes and drink out of empty containers. You yourselves are empty, full of foolish notions, pretending to help, and you help no one.

You are depressed, deflated because you leak. Rather than being filled with the Holy Spirit, having good words to speak, you empty yourselves by thinking and speaking foolishly about things that don’t profit, leaving you depressed. You scatter, spill your seed to the ground, wasting and laboring fruitlessly. You anger Me to the point of destroying you, your ways are so vile.

What is particularly offensive is that you do all these things in My Name. You are evil in all your righteous ways. Adulterers and adulteresses, whoremongers, whoring after your pleasures, playing God, defiling everything you touch, acting as God standing in the holy place, calling for worship. I will destroy you; you will be no more, and then will I rest, and only then. ”

Prophecy – Marilyn Prophesies Strangely

After I talked to Sean about death to the flesh, that death and hell had to be accepted, Marilyn said to me that the darkest and hardest time for me was yet to come, with no evil in it, but that I should trust the Lord and not fear. She said that what I was about to endure was only a fraction in comparison to the glory that awaited me. A while before, she received the words, “the end of all flesh” concerning me. She also heard and said, “You don’t know who I am.”

Enquiring of the Lord, I couldn’t see those words as from Him as applicable to me. But if they were, it would be very good for me.

Prophecy – Les Mills Speaks of George Warnock

George Warnock is an elderly preacher and writer who was involved with George Hawtin, James Watt, and others in a “move of the Spirit of God” that occurred at North Battleford, Saskatchewan in the late forties. George lives in Cranbrook, British Columbia, perhaps a five-hour drive from our home.

Les Mills had many of George’s writings, including “The Feast of Tabernacles.” He suggested we go visit George. Marilyn expected that if I went, there would be a clash between George and me. Having red some of George’s literature and given my experiences with many others, I conclude she was likely right.

I didn’t necessarily disagree with what George was teaching. It was more his spirit, in which I felt the usual humdrum deportment and thinking of nominal orthodox Christianity. I was looking for the Life of Jesus Christ in Christians and never finding it – only ho-hum words, opinion, theory, form, formal lifestyle, posture, doctrine, philosophy, and theology. I rarely encountered the real, vibrant Christian Life. I didn’t see that it was any different with George. Notwithstanding their profession of faith and status as spiritual leaders, men are everywhere dead.

I received this of George: He has seen some truth of the Feast of Tabernacles, but he hasn’t experienced it. He has consumed the letter of it, but the spirit of it hasn’t consumed him. He has the theory, but not the practical. This isn’t a problem. The question might be asked, “Why doesn’t he have the reality of the Third Feast, the entrance into the City?”

Les and I never did visit George together, but there would come the time that Jonathan and I would.

Prophecy – Prophecy by Lois for Me

On June 23rd, Lois received these words concerning me:

“My son, My beloved, I have not forsaken you, although it may appear to be so. Every circumstance you are faced with has been My design. You will not be able to contain the glory of the place I have for you. You will not have minded one bit the trial I have put you through. You will know how small it has been, compared to what I have for you. Your complete life has been My doing. Do not despair; things are not as they appear. Trust Me, My son, please trust Me. I am with you; you are Mine.”

Prophecy – The Lord Has Come

So many Christians think in terms of the Lord having come 2,000 years ago. Many think He will come once more, physically, and usher in a new age of peace, establishing His Kingdom. One writer, Preston Eby, said that He has come many times and will continue to do so many times. It suddenly occurred to me that He came to me, firstly, in a dream in 1972, then in repentance in 1973; He came again and gave me His Spirit in 1975, and now He was here. He had come and manifest Himself once again to me. Then on this day, July 4, 1998, He spoke:

“I am here. I am in you and you are in Me. I come, I have come, and I will come. Do you need your deliverance, your healing? I am it. You enter your provision by faith. You enter into your rest by ceasing from your labors to accomplish; you do nothing. Labor to enter that rest. With all your heart, do nothing to enter in. Cease from all effort… it is vain. And when you cease, turning away from yourself, your own strength, your own effort, then will I come! Behold, I am at the door and you know I am there, here. If any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.”

These are some of the final words to the last church (Revelation 3:14-22) – peculiar, perhaps appropriate, and timely. Lastly, He says He grants the overcomer to be seated on the throne.

Eighty-eight days before this time, I went to Dr. Michael Pratt and received a clean bill of health.

Eighty-eight days from now was to be Yom Kippur (Sept 30). The Hebrew holy days have often figured into my experience.

(Read further to see the significance of the number 88.)

Prophecy – A Revelation of the Visiting Group

One day as I was on the lawn weeding, it came to me that the Mills, Ogdens, Knorrs, and Barny Knelsen were of the synagogue of Satan. I also knew the promise of God:

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you” (Revelation 3:9).

Prophecy – The God of Self-Sufficiency

On the morning of August 11th, I awoke feeling my attitude to the farm, gathering people to it and promoting self-sufficiency, was idolatrous. In it all, I was looking for fulfillment, security, provision, and satisfaction, but ended up greatly frustrated. To so many, the “good, clean, simple, quiet life” on a farm or acreage, growing one’s own food, is an idol. To idolaters, a farm is turned into a nightmare. As a result of that idolatry, I’d lost everything, including my family and my marriage. I thanked the Lord for this revelation.

Prophecy – September ’96 in The Bible Code

Reading The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin, I found it interesting that he said September 1996 would be the beginning of the “End of Days.” Marilyn was interested too, of course, and related her apparent vindication to Sean, intimately, passionately, and whisperingly.

This provoked me to tell Jonathan that she loved Sean more than me. He argued that it wasn’t true. I said, “Ask her if you want.” He asked, pressed her, and wouldn’t relent. She tried to evade his question, but finally said, “I love Dad more.”

“See, Dad? I told you. Mom wouldn’t lie to me.”

“She once lied to me, son.”

“She loves you more, Dad. I know it…. Dad, I just had a prophecy.”


“Do you want to hear it, Dad?”

“Yes, son.”

“Mom loves Sean more than you.”

“That’s the Lord, Jonathan; the prophecy is true.”

He told her. Then, in what I consider to be his dissatisfaction, he thought he heard that the prophecy wasn’t true, that it wasn’t from the Lord, and said, “I’m not sure about this one.”

I said, “The first is true, Jonathan.”

This happened on Day 700 after Marilyn’s prophecy.

Genesis 7:24 says the waters of Noah prevailed for 150 days, at which time “God remembered Noah.” Which equates to August 25th of the Gentile calendar. This happens to be the 700th day of Marilyn’s prophecy.

(A thought in retrospect, as I edit in 2015: Knowing Jonathan’s precious honesty and unwavering commitment to doing right that followed in the next two years from that 700th day, I believe he had good reason to question what he heard. I believe Marilyn was forced to be honest with him when he pressed her.)

Prophecy – Seven Things the Lord Tells Me of “The Seven” (Related)

In struggling about the hard letters I’d been sending Les and Penny, Barny and Helgrid, Mark and Amanda, Gene and Vicky and others, the Lord told me four things: one, be what you are; two, write Gene (as you purpose); three, the Knorrs and Mills don’t know the Law and despise it; four, don’t get familiar with them; five, they are of the synagogue of Satan; six, by them, Satan disputes about your body; and seven, you don’t have much time left.

This November 10th would be 777 days from the prophecy. Lamech, Noah’s father, who prophesied of Noah giving the people of God rest, was 777 years old when he died. It was on November 10th (forty days after the first day of the tenth month) that Noah opened the window of the ark. On February 27th, Noah and his family left the ark. It was about, if not precisely, that date that I was first converted to the Lord in 1973 (I wish I had kept a record of the exact day).

Who says there is no God?

Prophecy – Les Mills, Mark Ogden, and Gene Knorr Receive Revelation of Us

Les came for a visit on September 11, 1998. He told me he saw hanky-panky going on with Sean and Marilyn. His wife, Penny, didn’t believe him. Mark Ogden had said he saw Marilyn as the kingpin of the farm, running everything. His wife, Amanda, didn’t believe him. Mark also said that, in praying about the letters I sent them, he felt that I was hurting because of where Marilyn was at and what she was doing.

In my surprise and perhaps because it was so different having someone see things my way during this difficult time, I showed Les my prophecy and what was going on in our midst. The Lord had just commanded me not to get familiar with them. What I did contradicted that commandment. I was disobedient, whether deliberately or otherwise.

Les told me he wanted to go to the farm and speak to Marilyn and Sean. I told him to do what he believed he needed to do. This was on September 12th, precisely 5 months or 153 days from the day they appeared at the farm on April 12th.

Prophecy – Jonathan’s Guidance Kept Private

On the night of September 14th, Jonathan told me he received guidance from the Lord, which he said he had the choice whether to share with me or not. He said he didn’t have to tell me. I suppose he didn’t.

Prophecy – The Judgment of Barny Knelsen

Barny, hearing of Marilyn’s prophecy and having received my September 23rd letter to him and the others, declared her prophecy witchcraft and all of us in witchcraft. He particularly resented what I had to say about him and Helgrid. It struck at his pride and self-righteousness. I wrote:

What is Helgrid afraid of? She’s afraid of me. She’s afraid of the truth, of the Lord, of having to make a final decision one way or another, of choosing the truth, of whether or not she would know the truth when it came in a sea of conflicting views, opinions, doctrines, and claims, having to choose reality. She’s afraid of the conflict that would naturally arise within her and from her husband, whom she, in her heart, knows is in darkness and in whom she cannot therefore be confident, but rather must be insecurely skeptical. That is Helgrid.

This is a part of what I wrote to Barny in a public letter to them all:

Barny Knelsen, you are a damned fool (these words not used loosely). I have heard your speech now on a few occasions. I repeat: You, sir, are a damned fool. You say the Father “affirms you as His son,” but I say that you neither know Him nor do you care to. You are full of works, the works of men, walking in the paths of the destroyer, destroying, and are utterly faithless.

Full of contradiction, you seek to be a hero, a savior; you seek the glory of men and honor of men and, yes, you very much do seek to have authority and power over others, all if possible. Your eye is not at all single. You too are proud, presumptuous, and very ignorant… ignorant of God, ignorant of His ways, ignorant of the Scriptures and the power of them, and contemptuous of His Laws because contemptuous of Him.

You’re also ignorant of basic, earthly matters of which you ought not to be ignorant if you had a shred of concern for justice and truth and righteousness. You’re a manpleaser, but you hate all those you flatter with your absurdities and blasphemies, feigning love and sincerity. You’re a bastard who refuses learning, correction, discipline, and the entry of truth that you might be saved.

You know it all and will not listen to anything except in the way of bare necessity in terms of social grace and manners. Even there you fail miserably to conceal your pretensions.

Prophecy – Barny’s Barrage

On October 4th, Barny Knelsen called, incensed about my letter to him. He raged while I had no choice but to be silent or hang up. I chose the former. He wouldn’t listen to anything. He told me that I was playing games with them, that I was a warlock, a schizophrenic; two or three times he called me a jerk, mental, deluded, and anti-Christ. I was able to say, “If I’m wrong, all will be made manifest, and also if I’m right. I can do no other than to take the way that I take, lest I should disobey God. Let the Lord be judge over all of this.”

He continued, saying I should get counseling. He said that I was guilty of blasphemy and that I was getting orgasmic pleasure in writing these letters, promoting myself, and that he had spoken to many people about me and they all faulted me, to a man. He declared that he demonstrated the fruit of the Spirit to everyone, particularly love, which I did not. He also asked me if I was planning on committing suicide.

I was surprised at his violent eruption and yet I wasn’t. All the colors I saw hidden in him came out. I wasn’t the least fazed by him and I knew the Lord would do what was needed with him.

He related a dream wherein he saw a stunt pilot flying upside down, in the process killing his wife. He said I was that pilot killing Marilyn. Marilyn and I both agreed that if there was anything to the dream, he was the man. In any case, with his religious antics, he was certainly killing Helgrid. She was a dead woman. How wicked the religious are!

Why did these people, this synagogue of Satan, confront me at this time? I looked the dragon in the face, seeing him for what he was; to see him for what he is, is to overcome him. I have overcome. Now it is the Lord’s Day.

Then I heard these words, “Because you have forsaken your life, having laid down your life for your wife, therefore will I give you a hundred wives, even hundreds.” I recall the Lord telling me not long ago that because I was willing to, and did forsake all (my all), therefore He was going to give me all (His all).

Prophecy – In the Twinkle of an Eye

The Lord told me my end would come as the “flipping of a pancake.” He said that I wouldn’t be dying. Paul Cohen told me he saw a squirrel bury an acorn but then quickly uncover it. He believed he saw this unusual sight as speaking of what was coming for me. The apostle Paul spoke of the time of the coming of the Lord when we would be changed:

“Behold, I shew you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality” (1 Corinthians 15:51-53 KJV).

Prophecy – I Will Make Them Cry

Prophetic words came forth on October 16, 1998:

“I’ll be making people cry; they will be moved by my spirit, not knowing what is happening to them, only that it comes from me. In my spirit, I will be reaching theirs, and it will be like soothing, cool salve on a sunburn, balm on an open wound, cool shade from a scorching sun.

But it will be more. It will be the call to be transformed from a hot, dry desert or a cold, barren, forsaken land to a beautiful, enjoyable, fruitful oasis. It will begin with a sensing, a drawing, a realization of what is being held out and of what they lack and have always so lacked. It will proceed to an overwhelming implosion and then a breaking down, as though they’ve been hopelessly struggling in defeat all their lives and are now unable to do anything but surrender to me, into my arms.

I will comfort them and lead them to where they have wanted to be (unknown to them) all along. It will be the casting off of death and the dispensation of life. Neither will they be able to turn back easily ever again. It will be instant addiction, a transformation work leaving its permanent mark, an irresistible influence, which would only cause great pain and anguish to turn way from or to betray.

The sorrow and labor will be, in their yielding, turned to joy and rest, a finish of hell and the beginning of peace, Heaven, and God Himself.”

Prophecy – The First to Enter?

Lois said she received that I would be the first to enter into what God has ordained for the saints… that rest, the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles, the reconciliation of soul and spirit within, total redemption, the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:51-58).

Prophecy – Jonathan’s Prophetic Gift and Wisdom

Aren’t we all lawless by nature? On a trip to town and back, I was well over the speed limit, rushing and not paying attention, and passed by a radar surveillance that had me dead to rights. I thought surely I would receive a hefty fine in the mail within a few weeks. In my dismay, Jonathan said: “Dad, I just received a prophecy – You’re okay this time but watch your driving.” Earlier on, before we left home, he had said, “Don’t rush.” I obviously ignored his admonition, often being so hyper and intense, rushing.

A proverb says, “He that hastes with his feet sins” (Proverbs 19:2). I ask, “Why am I, must I be, this way?” The only thing that came to me was that with our flesh we served the law of sin but with the mind the Law of God (Romans 7:25). Yet we’re without excuse because we are to bring our bodies under, the apostle Paul said, so that we honor God and do what’s right.

Marilyn and I discussed the speeding, and the prospect of receiving the ticket troubled me. As I groveled, Jonathan said, “Dad, remember the prophecy,” and to avoid such troubling, he said, “All you have to do is not speed, that’s all; it’s very simple, Dad.”

Of course, it is! And I feel ashamed to have to be told such simple things, yet thankful the Lord blessed us with such a son.

If there is one thing I would have asked and did ask of the Lord concerning Jonathan, it was that God would be with him as He is. And it was prophesied that He would be with Jonathan, even from his mother’s womb.

Prophecy – Miyuki Request and Reply

On November 9th, Mark’s Japanese friend, Miyuki Sasaki, wrote me (while in Japan, Mark had spent much time talking to her about the Lord). She said she was treating the things of the Lord lightly, not keeping contact with us, taking Mark for granted, and treating me as some sort of psychiatric or “lifestyle counseling” service. She said she loved the things of this world, like work, home, family, and reputation, and that, consequently, she doubted us, the Lord (or our “version” of the Lord).

She spoke of a struggle to pray and to believe, saying she seemed to be building a wall around herself and wanted to be free of it. She said she didn’t know what to do, complaining she had no time with her daughter, Ruth, every day wanting to quit work and be with her. She said she realized that a husband wasn’t the answer to security and freedom.

She closed the letter with: “Victor, what should I do? I want to be rid of myself as I am right now. I want to be able to just see God and not be caught up with everything else. Can you help me? I really don’t know what to do or where to go.

I didn’t take her request lightly. I prayed and asked the Lord what I should say. I told her she was to quit her job as soon as possible and put her trust entirely in the Lord to guide and provide for her, her daughter Ruth, and her mother and aunt, who were living under her roof. Here is the letter I wrote her:

Miyuki, you ask what you should be doing specifically. You are to give the shortest notice allowable to your employer(s) and leave your job completely.

It’s a shame that Ruth was kept by God to be a blessing not only to you here and now but to others down the road, yet she has no mother.

You look for a husband, a weak, earthly husband, who provides skimpily and so imperfectly. You are to look to the Lord Himself as your Husband and He will protect and provide for you as no earthly husband could ever imagine.

Obey and you will have peace, joy, and fulfillment. Trust Him; marry Him; obey Him. No good thing will He withhold from you.

I tell you this in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by Him, of Him. Don ‘t be afraid. Do it and you will see God. – Victor

For years, we had wondered what was required of Miyuki in order to enter life. Now we knew. Would she have the faith to obey? As usual, the order was a tall one, just enough to kill. After all, obedience through faith means to take up the torture stake, even as Abraham, our father in the faith, was tried with his son, Isaac.

Prophecy – Miyuki’s Reply

On November 22nd, Miyuki replied to the Word of the Lord I spoke to her days before. She wrote:

Dear Victor

Thank you for the message from the Lord. Is “leave your job completely” meaning that He wants me to quit my job right now? I can’t see anyway how my family and I to live if I leave my job. Where we can live, how we can get some money. Do I have to sell this house? I don’t know what I do. But, you told me “I tell you this in the Lord Jesus Christ, by Him, of Him.” And also said to me, “Don’t be afraid. Do it and you see God.” There’s nothing to ask you about the message anymore. I know what I should do.

“I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; from whence shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth” (Psalm 121:1).

“Trust in Him at all times; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us” (Psalm 62:8).

“He who trusts in the Lord, lovingkindness shall surround him. Be glad in the Lord and rejoice you righteous ones” (Psalms 32:10-11).

Pray for me and all of us, Ruth, my mother, my aunt, my family. Please pray for me that I can believe in Him and obey Him completely. Please.

Prophecy – Peculiar Phone Calls

On the evening of November 8th, Jason Benson called, saying he was following through with a guilty plea. I had told him that if he admitted his guilt and accepted the sentence, which we believed would be seven years, the Lord would take care of him.

On November 9th, surprisingly, Gene Knorr called, speaking of Elwin Roach, a Christian writer, whom he said taught as I did (or I as he), saying that the manifestation of the sons of God would appear quite normal, nothing unusual in certain respects, though the very unusual would nevertheless happen.

Then Chris Hafichuk called confessing, crying and apologizing, but for his own sake, which I told him. When Chris said, “I’ll do whatever you say or require of me,” Marilyn said, “If you repent, you’ll know what to do” (she received not to believe him).

With these two unusual phone calls on this day, I said, “If I get two or three more calls this evening, I’ll know that something big is happening tomorrow.”

Then Jason called again, for apparently no particular reason. I had things to say to him, which he received.

Then Les Mills called and we talked in agreement, which was somewhat unusual.

I didn’t recall ever having so many phone calls in one day in a long time. I said, “There’s two, and if there’s one more, that’s it… I’ll know tomorrow is it.” Within minutes the phone rang. It was Miyuki calling from Japan in response to my letter to her plea for help.

I concluded, “Lord, one way or another, You come for me and I go to be with You. Lord, comfort my son. Do what You must do for all.”

Prophecy – The Awaited Time

November 10th was finally here – Day 777 of the prophecy. I had things to say to some people. I wrote in my journal words to be passed on if I was taken.

I encouraged Les Mills to obey God and not compromise in what he received to say to anyone.

I wrote to my mother, saying, “The Lord doesn’t condemn you and neither do I. Repent.”

I wrote to Lynn Gregson, clarifying where I stood in relation to Bob and her and her suffering, which she laid at my feet.

I wrote to Casey Overbeek, telling him he was mocking God in all his ways, though full of what he thought were Christian works, calling on him to repent and assuring him that while I was telling him things he didn’t wish to hear, I wasn’t condemning him.

Prophecy – Never Gonna Die

First thing on the morning of November 11th, Jonathan said, “Dad, nothing happened yesterday. That’s something, eh, Dad?”

“Sometimes God does things or things happen without being seen,” I replied.

He then said, “Dad, I just had a feeling (or felt a prophecy)…. It’s a short one….”

“Go ahead, son.”

“You’re going to be around forever!” he replied, mildly wondering.

Prophecy – A Word Fulfilled: “Turned Upside Down”

On November 13, 1998 I awoke with a revelation. I suddenly realized what the Lord had meant 22 years ago that day when He spoke by Don Morrison, saying, “I am going to turn you upside down.” Soul was ruling spirit, but now spirit would be ruling over and through the soul. It seemed that all the words by the prophet Don Morrison spoken in November 1976 had come to pass.

Prophecy – The Scapegoat

Once a year, on the tenth day of the seventh month, the Day of Atonement, the most solemn day of the year, Israel would pray their sins over a goat and send it “unto a land uninhabited by the hand of a fit man.” This goat is known as the “goat of departure” (Hebrew – Azazel). It was sent outside of the camp.

Hadn’t I been called to lay down my life for the people? Wasn’t it on July 10, 1997 that I covenanted with God to do so in response to His command or revelation to me? Hadn’t I been excluded from their company? While other animals were slain in sacrifices, this goat was sent away alive.

I hadn’t died, as Marilyn insisted I would, and still insisted. I’d been sent away alive. The Lord said to me, “You won’t be dying; will you believe Me?” The people’s sins were carried away by that goat. My life was laid down for their sins. Yes, it wasn’t my blood that atoned for them but Jesus’ blood, and He alone is the Savior of all men; but doesn’t He call on members of His Body to fulfill His will, even His Person in certain respects?

Didn’t Paul say, “I, Paul…who now rejoice in my sufferings on your behalf, and I fill up the things lacking of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh, on behalf of His Body, which is the Church…” (Colossians 1:24 MKJV)?

The goat was taken away “by the hand of a fit man.” It didn’t matter what Sean thought, said, or did. To Marilyn, he could make no mistake and his motives were entirely above reproach, in everything. None could utter a single word of criticism about him that she would accept or believe.

What an amazing spectacle! He had her in a trance and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Law wouldn’t work; logic and reason wouldn’t work; the use of passion, argument, facts, or Scripture was powerless. Her affection for, and devotion to, him were set in stone. They had publicly declared their love for each other, without regret, shame, or apology, and all agree with them. I’d been taken and led away “by the hand of a fit man.” I was alone, forsaken by all, in “a land uninhabited.”

Prophecy – Confronting Sean

Lois received that there was sin, and Marilyn was wondering why sales were dead. I confronted Sean on preserving himself, something he was accustomed to doing consistently and artfully.

The next morning, Sean called confessing that he had been fantasizing about undressing Marilyn and having sex with her, imagining the wedding night and how he would like to have it in bed with her. They had both been fantasizing about each other.

We had hid our heads in the sand. The facts were:

One, Marilyn made her decision on choice of husband and did so publicly.

Two, she declared she loved Sean.

Three, he declared he loved her.

These declarations of love were marital in nature, not as in “love of the brethren.”

Four, this was a present, not a future, situation.

As God is a jealous God and will not tolerate more than one husband or God for His people besides Himself, so the husband and wife are to be an expression of His ways. Whereas several men of God had more than one wife, and God can have many peoples, never was it known in righteousness that a woman had more than one husband.

Therefore Marilyn had chosen. While she called me “dear,” there was one dearer. We couldn’t continue as husband and wife in peace, ignoring the facts.

Marilyn’s heart was given over to another. If this was of God, then she should have been receiving covering from him. But it was strange that she, as a wife, could say to Sean, her chosen husband, “I can do what I want with you – you don’t have any choice,” presuming to have authority over him, both in business and spiritual matters… and obviously, in marriage.

And why was I compelled to live while this happened? Why was I subjected to their affections toward, and fantasies of, each other?

Prophecy – My Disciples

These words came to me on December 1, 1998:

“My disciples shall be known as the ‘sons of rest’ because they have given their bodies to the grave. These and only these shall attain unto the resurrection and shall have resurrection power in their blood. Indeed, that power is their blood and their blood that power, which will then be given that others may have life. The sons of rest are invincible, indestructible – nothing shall by any means hurt them because they loved not their lives unto death. This is that Word of their testimony, that God dwells in them, that He indeed is their God, and that the salvation/redemption of the whole earth is by them and them alone because God is in them and they in God. Only by the anointing of God can creation be redeemed and reconciled to God.

Those who choose to go in their own strength, choosing the crown before the cross, loving their lives, will not only fail to redeem the smallest part of creation, but will lose their own lives, as well. There shall no flesh glory before the Lord. Only those lives which wholly declare that the Lord God reigns over all sit on the throne or do the will of the One on the throne with power to rule and to redeem.

He who lays down his life for My sake inherits all things. He who keeps his life loses even the little that he has. He who keeps himself from Me has nothing in this world or in the world to come.

He who loses all things for My sake is faithful and speaks truth, whose words are as pure gold for them that buy them. His merchandise is legitimate, but the words of thieves and robbers are forgeries, merchandise without certificate. The words of those who seek their own glory testify against them, as hollow as those who speak. Those who have not sold all that they have for Me are as empty clouds which appear to have rain, promising much and delivering little. They are empty wells, dug to reach water and never having reached it to quench the thirst of others.

If producing waters, they are meagre waters and stagnant, sometimes better than nothing and sometimes much worse – deadly. But those who have been dug in a good place and deep, furnish cool, living water to them that pass by and draw from those wells. Those who draw are refreshed, able to continue their journeys and to fulfill their responsibilities.”

Prophecy – Words for Jim Flynn

I called Jim Flynn on December 5th and said the following:

“All that you are partaking in now concerning the ‘Toronto Blessing,’ the Charismatic movement, the unity of churches, and ecumenism is a great sweep of delusion, a counterfeit move of God. The baptisms with the Holy Spirit, conversions, signs, and wonders are preponderantly false compared to the true. The rare few people that are exposed to all these works, whose hearts are genuinely after the truth, will escape as a bird out of the snare of the fowler and will go on to know the Lord, if they deny themselves.

You’ve sought to be of value to the Lord and instead of denying yourself and obeying Him in taking up your cross, you chose to please yourself and please God your way, hoping He would be pleased with you. Your works at present are now not only unacceptable, they are vile to God, as vile as soiled menstrual pads and all sorts of rubbish laid on a comely altar to Him.

You started out well and wandered from there. Vic Graham victimized you. He was a phony. He took you and let you down. He destroyed you but God is able and desires to make you live again, Jim.

What ‘great things’ and ‘hunger’ and ‘moves of God’ you’re seeing and participating in right now are the woes coming upon the earth in Satan’s wrath, because the Day of the Lord is here and Satan knows he has but a short time. He therefore goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour but appears as a lamb willing to be devoured, to feed, to bless, and to bring life. It is treachery and falsehood, great delusion.”

I was told to encourage him. He ardently resisted as I spoke to him and I didn’t react or get angry. Instead, I blessed him, not in his works but out of them. I made that clear to him. I also told him the Lord loved him and was seeking his deliverance. Praise be to God!

I said to the Lord:

Lord, he believes I’m the one in delusion, speaking from Satan. Lord, if we look at our circumstances, if I look at my wife and am honest, I would have to believe and acknowledge that Jim is right and I am wrong. He speaks of having the joy of the Lord, so much so that he is ready to burst. He speaks of Sikhs in Vancouver getting healed and converted, of leading people to the Lord and loving them. He speaks of the simplicity of the Gospel, of You, Lord. He seems to rejoice and have wonderful meaning to life… in You.

Meanwhile, here’s Sean in vile bondage, my wife in great bitterness, her heart set on Sean, Trevor in dissatisfaction, Lois in belligerence and turmoil, and all the others scattered to the wind in horrible unbelief, bitterness, and defeat. The farm (“my money”) has the few of us confined, oppressed, preoccupied, and terribly troubled.

Lord, is it not Jim who is walking with You in peace and spiritual prosperity, while I slowly but surely destroy us all with self-seeking, covetousness, and entrapment? Do I not bind those about me? Have I not railed, abused, blasphemed, and cursed? Aren’t we all in the final throes of dispersion and destruction, missing out, excluded from wonderful things You’re doing now with people everywhere?

Lord, if we’re deluded, I ask You, above all things, to deliver us from our sins, our delusions, and our destructions. Mercy, Lord, mercy! With Jim and all others, I’m out on the farthest tip of the limb, and if I’m in evil, I’m about to fall and be trampled underfoot by all men, not for righteousness’ sake, but for evil. If so, my judgment is just and I have worked proudly and presumptuously against You, and You alone.

If these things are so, Lord, am I ever deluded! So much so that I stubbornly stand with constant hardened heart, in spite of all judgment and evidence against me, even as did Pharaoh, to my own destruction and that of those with me.

I also told Jim that Reinhard Bonnke and Vic Graham were false prophets, speaking truths but not The Truth. He vehemently disagreed. He said, “When you tell people they’re wrong, or call them false prophets, you’re putting yourself up on a pedestal.” I asked him if Jesus was putting Himself on a pedestal calling the Pharisees a brood of vipers.

If I’m wrong, I’m utterly unrepentant and can only believe that as the Lord’s will was to harden Pharaoh’s heart, choosing him as a vessel of dishonor, so the Lord’s will is with me that He might be glorified, His power shown for those around to witness it. And there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. Who am I to resist God? But I believe I’m right and must go on to the death.

Father, yet another request do I have. If I am deluded, serving my own cause, spare Jonathan. Please spare him. Keep him, Lord, and bless him. Also redeem all the others as You choose and see fit. I recognize that we older ones have all made choices and that I’m not necessarily the only one to blame.

Contrary to the apostle John’s admonition in 2 John 1:10-11 not to bless those who preach another gospel, I blessed Jim when he insisted on it, but I qualified it by blessing him not in his works, but that the Lord would deliver him from them. I told him that he would see what I was talking about and that it would hurt, but he would remember. Some of what I said he repeatedly called “baloney.” I wasn’t offended but I could feel he was starting to offend the Lord and would have to suffer some.

Among other things, he said my word to him was satanic, not agreeing with Scripture. I said my word agreed with Scripture, but millions interpret the Scriptures their own way, not having or receiving the Life of the Written Word.

Prophecy – Repent and Enjoy the Short Time

I was again bothered about all sorts of financial problems and losses, even though we were not directly threatened. I asked Jonathan to help me. “Repent,” he received, denying it was prophecy when I asked him to help me pray. We concluded that the repenting was to stop dwelling on these material things, that I would not get anywhere fretting – never did.

“Get on with your life; put those things away, enjoy the short time you have with me,” said Jonathan. How true were those words! The Lord was speaking by him. Would I heed the counsel?

Prophecy – Lawless Rebels in God’s Name

In dealing and trying to reason with Gene and Vicky Knorr, Les and Penny Mills, Barny and Helgrid Knelsen, Mark and Amanda Ogden, Erin Schipper, Debbie Summers, Trudy Lazet, and any others with whom they had to do in spiritual terms, I only found stubbornness and rebellion. They were all set on doing their own thing. We could see they had suffered the fruits of their wayward ways, but as Marilyn said, “They have suffered, but they haven’t suffered enough.”

I had come to know that they were the questionable characters in that new world on which I had landed. Were they enemies or friends? I had little time to decide. They came as friends but they came to slay, being children of the murderer and deceiver. According to the vision, I prevailed.

Prophecy – The Spectacle

I sat down and wrote the following on December 30, 1998 but didn’t bring it forth until later:

The angels are in sackcloth and heap ashes on their heads. With their left hands, they hold their noses, and with their right, they shield their eyes in agonizing shame as they hang their heads and slump to the ground in horrible grief at what is before them.

A woman lays on her back, naked before the very throne of God with her legs drawn up and spread apart. It is Marilyn. Down on her comes the seductive serpent, Sean, with erection, about to enter her. Says Marilyn, “I’m doing this for You, Lord, anything for You, Lord. Your will, not mine be done. Though I don’t understand it, it is what You desire of me and so I do it.”

The Lord sits quietly watching. Part of Him is supremely distressed.

“Why have I created such creatures that would so debase themselves? How could I do such a thing? Now must I cleanse not only the earth but Heaven, too. On this woman will I have mercy because, in her delusion, which I have sent for My purposes, and in her ignorance and waywardness, seduced as was Eve, she thought to hear My voice and do My will. I will cleanse her and heal her and receive her back to Me again, but with a difference: Now will she serve Me with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength. No longer will she think in her heart that I owe her, but will know that she is greatly and forever indebted to Me.

As for this presumptuous one who seeks to feed himself without fear before man and God, I will displace him even as he has displaced others, and I will take from him even as he has taken from others without regard, without mercy, without feeling or conscience. I have ordained all this for My servant’s sake, and when all is done, My servant will be My son and reign with Me on My throne. While the serpent has bruised his heel, he shall bruise the serpent’s head.

Sean has been offered everything. He has been afforded every opportunity for repentance. He has been loved, shown mercy, and given privilege and status far beyond his worth. Not only has he despised all the good, he has mocked and defecated on it. I have made him subtle and clever for the time appointed, but he will not continue or prevail.

How darkened and blind is Marilyn! How deluded and denuded! How has her bitterness deceived her! How has she been seduced!”

But the saints understand. They know the “other part” of God Who has purposed all these things according to the counsel of His own will. The angels don’t understand now, but they will hereafter, and not only understand but marvel and be thankful.

They had stood ready, with sword in hand, to take vengeance upon the participants of this spectacle, both of them, even as Phinehas, zealous for the Lord, took a javelin and thrust through a man of Israel and a Midianite woman, while they defiled themselves in front of Moses and the whole congregation of Israel. But this time the angels were stayed until all things are fulfilled. Then with pleasure will they remove the vile one and be thankful, rejoicing.

Prophecy – Reality Adds to Revelation

Lois often spoke of Marilyn giggling with Sean. Given the circumstances, only an evil woman could conduct herself so. Marilyn said she prayed and asked the Lord if she was in adultery. She said He said, “No.” Yet both had their sexual thoughts and several fantasies, he looking on her with lust and she on him. Sean called recently, wanting to take Marilyn to the farm. He said the Lord said to him, “I give her to you, naked. Don’t be ashamed.” He said it was a reversal of Adam and Eve in the garden where they were naked, ashamed, and God covered them.

I prayed, asking, “Lord, show me the truth of this whole situation.” Now here it came. I knew the Lord wanted to show me, even as I began to ask, and I said, “Lord, now You want to show me, don’t You?” But Marilyn would still not believe, nor would she until it was all accomplished.

If God was sending strong delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11), what else would Marilyn hear? What else would she want to hear? In her hopes and passion for Sean, did she want to hear that she was an adulteress? We can only hear from God when we’re unbiased, prepared to accept whatever He wills. She heard from the man of sin in her, who spoke as God. Scrap altogether what the Lord Jesus or I have had to say. That would be legalism – bondage – sentimentality!


Prophecy – Ordeal Soon to End

About January 26, 1999, I received of the Lord that the ordeal that had gone on for over two years would soon come to an end.

Marilyn was very offended with me on the morning of the 28th. Lois was so insecure – always on everybody’s case over every little thing. She was so fearful. No wonder we’d said, “She loves nobody; she has no sympathy or feeling.” Last night, I had to deal with yet another of very frequent squabbles at the farm. I felt that the Lord was very grieved with the way all were conducting themselves. Given that they were supposed to be loving the Lord, their behavior was despicably shameful.

Prophecy – Jonathan’s Prophecy: One Should Not Be There

March 1, 1999 had now come. It was Day 888 from the day of Marilyn’s prophecy on September 24, 1996. On Day 666, Sean visited me in my home and I labored with him on the prophecy, trying to tell him that I wouldn’t be dying and that what he and Marilyn were doing was wrong. He didn’t believe me. On Day 777, which was November 10th, I was finished with the prophecy, though I recognized it wasn’t yet quite finished with me.

On March 2nd, I couldn’t shake what I felt, heard, and found within, that the Lord’s work was finished, though I had willingly accepted and believed all that was contrary to what I felt within. I was to wait on the Lord only, not on death or on prophecy fulfillment or on sensational change within or without.

The Lord brought the synagogue of Satan, the battle raged, and now they were gone. We were going from mission to mission, duty to duty, glory to glory, step by step.

I kept hearing, “What are you waiting for? It’s done! Believe! Get on with life. Do whatever is required of you, of whatever nature.”

When I shared this with Marilyn, she was sorely distressed, agitated, frustrated, offended, and angry. Why did I even bother to tell her these things?

Prophecy – Coming or Going

Feeling chest pains and shortness of breath, I wondered if I wasn’t, in fact, leaving this world after all. Lois and Marilyn urged me to see the doctor, so I drove from home to emergency while they drove in from the farm to meet me. The doctor examined me and found nothing wrong with my heart. Strange how those who seemed to want me to leave this realm still wanted me to receive medical care! I went. You know what it was? A pulled muscle in the chest. And you know what caused it? Laughing! I was so out of shape!

Then Marilyn had a message in tongues and interpretation: “Rejoice and give thanks. Watch what I will do. Set your eyes on the Lord and not on the things of this world.”

Prophecy – God’s Gold for Man’s Mercury?

Dick Deweert and those at The Miracle Channel were claiming to miraculously receive gold fillings replacing amalgams. I asked the Lord (not that I didn’t already strongly suspect, but I wanted to be sure), “Father, is this of You?”

He immediately replied, “Are they with you?” I knew the answer to that one. Those “miracles” were the “signs and lying wonders” of the man of sin, the first Adam.

Prophecy – Talk with Mariko

On June 9th, Mariko came and spent some time at Moon River, staying the night. She and I had a talk. Without premeditation, I spoke to her of how lower life forms, against their wills, are consumed by the higher, thus becoming the form by which they are consumed, the forms being mineral, plant, animal, human, and Divine. As cows eat the grass that thus becomes the cow, so God reaches down to man, consumes him, and he becomes one with God.

I shared with her that life forms cannot will or accomplish being a higher life form and that if a form is not consumed from above, it reverts to those below. She was apparently moved by these things.

Marilyn received a prophecy for Mariko, saying, “I love you and I am with you. ”

Mariko left for Japan on June 19th; Mark was very emotional about it, though she seemed to take it without difficulty. I saw no faith in Mariko and didn’t feel it was God’s will at this time for them to marry. However, I felt the door must be left open and contact maintained, at least for the time.

Mariko’s father called on June 29th, perplexed about the situation between Mark and Mariko. He had hoped and expected they would marry.

Prophecy – A Promise of Cleansing and Victory

The Lord answered: “Thus says the Lord: I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and whom I will, I will harden. I have removed and I will remove whom I will. The dust in the balances is in My hand. I weigh all out and determine the finish of all things. I will soak you and saturate you in oil and set you on fire, because you have requested it of Me. And I will do according to the heart’s desire of all those who ask of Me. None will be refused. I will make a swift cleansing of all things and everyone. You will rejoice at it. You have sought for deliverance and, behold, it is yours; I have given it to you. There is no command now, no requirement, no condition now. All is finished.”

Lord, Your will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.

Prophecy – The Mills Visit Again

The Mills came, spending about five hours telling us about the Knorrs and Ogdens. The Ogdens were suffering unemployment, poverty, and even plagues of lice, wherein the family was forced to shave their heads, Amanda included.

It was my opportunity to ask Penny about a dream Les said she had about me. Penny was reluctant to tell me but, finally, with some pressing, she said the dream indicated that we were all on the same plane and equal in status.

The Lord had instructed me to be patient with them, but to give them nothing more by way of information. I saw that they believed nothing I had ever said to them. Les was traveling in Ontario and elsewhere, seeing himself as a minister of God with the gift of discernment. He insisted that the Lord was leading him, that we were all equals, that whatever happened to us would be a corporate event, including everyone, and that, finally, he was expecting the “big crunch” to come. They had sold their ranch near Cardston and were looking for another.

The crunch would come all right, but little did he know it would be in a way he didn’t expect. I have so often found that when I’ve expected judgment to come on others, be it a person, community, or nation, that judgment was coming for me. I’ve also seen where people expected judgment on others only to find it coming on them.

Jonathan came to me with a word of knowledge or wisdom concerning the Mills when they left. He said, “Dad, I think they were lying to you, not in words but by the way they were.” Surely, he spoke truly.

When the Mills left, they seemed perplexed, as though their mission wasn’t accomplished or were confronted with something they didn’t expect.

Prophecy – No Need Too Great for God

On the morning of October 5th, as I was praying, I received that our provision is not according to how cheap or for how little we can get things, but according to God’s capacity to provide. His capacity is infinite. We are so silly, yes wicked, to worry about money matters, not that we should be reckless or irresponsible. Let the government tax us, the lawyers rip us off, the dealers overcharge, and the thieves steal (as did Judas from the common purse). We will be none the worse for it. In fact, with right attitude, we will be increased, not diminished. We will grow and come to realize the completeness and inexhaustibility of God’s treasure house, available for meeting our every need, physical and spiritual, temporal and eternal.

Prophecy – Blessings of the Deep

One night and in it, I realized I was experiencing the fulfillment of the Word of the Lord spoken to me in the mid 80’s, saying, “Even the deeps will be a blessing to you, My son.” I was finding myself appreciating what I once hated – the rejection, the solitude, the stripping of my life. I couldn’t explain it – it wasn’t that I really enjoyed it, but it was a blessing, not a curse, as I once saw it.

I understood more about what Hannah Hurnard was trying to say in Hind’s Feet in High Places. She, as expressed in her main character, Much Afraid, saw that Sorrow and Suffering were turning out to be strong, faithful, and enjoyable companions, from whom she once shrank. When she learned to accept them, they were eventually transformed to Peace and Joy, even as she herself was transformed to Grace and Glory.

The things I once feared, I was no longer afraid of. Instead, I was thankful.

Prophecy – Victor’s Prophecy: Of Marilyn

On the evening of January 17, 2000, I received this prophecy for Marilyn:

“All will be reconciled, replaced, restituted. The causes of bitterness will be addressed, removed, revisited in the sense that she will be brought to the place where all will have been made right – no more bad memories, no more regrets, and no cause for such.

But neither will there be a cause (outside of the Lord’s grace and will) for contentment. She will not be brought to a state of contentment because of any external reason, such as a husband that is loving and ideal, but God will simply make her to be wholly content. That contentedness will emanate from her like light from a bulb to all things at hand or nearby. She will enjoy her contentment immensely. There will be such peace, satisfaction, and fulfillment. There will be no regret of the past, no agitation or discomfort of the present, and no anxiety for the future. In all three, she and all will be well. Full assurance of this will be hers. Bitterness could never again return.”

Remember my vision of Marilyn on the throne in the sky?

The next day, on the heels of this prophecy, Marilyn was considering going to be with Sean. I reiterated that I wouldn’t stand in the way, not at all. Tomorrow, she will tell me she had more intimate conversation with Sean. I know these things before I’m told, before I even see her now.

Prophecy – Prophecies for Paul and Lois

Years before, I had a prophecy for Paul when he was still in his wayward state, the Lord saying that He was going to hook Paul by the nose and take him back where he came from.” At the time, Paul was doing as he pleased and not seeking after the Lord as when he first began.

I also had a prophecy for Lois at that same time. It was also brief and sounded hard, but I don’t recall what it was. Now I saw Lois as a butcher, a brute beast that tramples mercilessly, defecating on all she leaves behind in the wake of her destruction. She smashes her way through those things godly and precious, sweeping them out of their places with brutish, hairy arms. She vomits before and defecates behind. The destructive one must be apprehended and strongly chained, yet for what purpose? Her nature is only to destroy. Therefore, she will have to be destroyed.

But has there been no faith, no piety? Why were such things spoken of her? She was deceitful, with not a shred of mercy, understanding, patience, compassion, or desire for holiness. She lived only for pleasure.

Prophecy – The Division between Jonathan and Me

Jonathan’s aloofness toward me was disconcerting. We didn’t have a father/son relationship of the kind I’d desired or expected. I feared he would be a source of sorrow as he got older and did his own thing. God, help! In failing to love and discipline him, I felt I had no right to ask God’s help. I then had these words:

“You should have done things right from the beginning. And now you expect Me to cancel the deserved fruit of your doings? Why did you allow him to watch all that garbage on TV – the sex, violence, coarse language, foolishness, worldly attitudes, and ungodliness? What do you expect – ungodliness without consequence? Why didn’t you discipline him when he needed it? Why did you spare? And where was the proper attention he needed? No, you had to go whoring after money, after nursing your constantly delicate ego, sulking, pouting, and self-pity. No, you have no right whatsoever to ask Me for anything.

Even so, you know your sins and confess them, and I forgive you. And I will deal with your son. ”

Were these words from God? I know my conscience condemned me, for I hadn’t been faithful. But what parent can stand and say, “I am righteous; I did all things as I ought”? There is none righteous in anything, not even child-rearing. I’ve been so self-righteous with others, so dogmatic, legalistic, ignorant, brutish, unsympathetic, and so lacking in wisdom and understanding.

Prophecy – Word of the Lord for Us

After recording what I received on those passages, I had words from the Lord to speak for Mark, Trevor, Lois, Sean, Marilyn, and me:

To Mark: “You get so frustrated, feeling so compelled to change those things you find disagreeable and yet which you often find yourself powerless to change. You are subjected to circumstance you not only do not understand, but which you find disagreeable and even abhorrent, yet you are required to suffer these things, being exposed and subject to them… unto death. Submitting your all to wrong, you will be granted to change all that is wrong.

In the resurrection which follows on the heels of the death, you will be granted, in due time, the power and authority to change anything and everything not to your liking (God will give you the desires of a pure heart, as with all those He redeems), and as for the time you could do nothing about those things you hated, now no creature in heaven or on earth or under the earth will be able to prevent you from doing as you will, for you will serve the Lord in the resurrection, in His righteousness and judgment, not your own, and He will give you the power and authority to change all things needful of change. And they will be changed.

To Trevor: “You have sought to be comforted and secure, to be satiated with pleasures, to possess all that you would desire, unfettered and unprevented in pursuit of these things, without the price and without the pain which you abhor. Submitting to losing all and to all being required of you in that submission, though apparently evil and unjust, you will be delivered of that bondage of serving yourself and looking to your own good. Thereafter, you will look to the good of all others about you, to their needs, comforts, and desires, for their sakes and not your own, even as intently as you ever did for yourself. As you care for others, the nature to do so being restored to its original and empowered to serve as ordained, you will find need and desire of nothing, because all will be yours.”

To Lois: You have sought to be recognized as an entertainer, as one who attracts, impresses, even astounds. You have sought to have, at will, the powers to get attention of as many as you would, and to hold it for as long as you would, to the degree that you would. You have desired that all would respect you and look to you for excitement, that you would be the center of attraction, to be ‘where it is at,’ and that you would miss nothing of all the action and pleasure, wherever it may be, no matter the cost to whom.

Accepting and submitting with the heart to be the off-scouring of the earth and the labourer by the ashes and the dunghill, humbling yourself unto the death, you will be raised from the ash heaps to minister great goodness to all who may cross your path, which only you will be able to do as given you.

They will seek you out and look with eager expectation, their souls ever alert for you, even as birds for desirable feed at feeding time when it is past due. They will rush to you and you will not disappoint them. As often as they come to you, they will be ecstatic with joy and thankfulness for what you give them.

Nor will they forget. Their experiences will be as you had hoped – unforgettable. You will bless them with the blessings of the Lord, for their good and for the good of others. No longer will you crave attention because the Lord will have granted you in the resurrection to give attention to all, of the kind you have always desired of all. You will be joyful beyond your wildest imaginations, entertained by the joy of others, and for the joy of the Lord will they come. This is that true entertainment, pure and wholesome, for the glory of your Redeemer Who has purposed these things from the beginning.”

To Sean: “You have chosen the power of the throne and the crown. You have determined that all things should be yours, nothing excepted. With zeal you have sought to have the preeminence in all things according to your judgment and understanding, at the cost of the very lives of any and all others. You are no respecter of persons nor of their needs nor rights nor of any creature nor even of the Creator Himself.

In granting you the freedom and opportunity to acquire that which you desire, your way, though you have not had justification, you will learn that the purpose and essence of life is not that you should abolish your own boundaries, but that of all others. Instead of destroying fences for you to go in, you will destroy fences for others to come out. You will teach others to rule and to be free, and in so doing, your boundaries will disappear, the scales from your eyes removed to see that they were indeed boundaries as you saw them and not as they were. You will be free to do the will of the One Who makes you free and Who is Freedom, yet the One Who sets the boundaries of all things as they should be.

You will reign giving reign, rule serving, be free denying yourself. You have sought the highest esteem and honor of both man and God. You will know yourself, esteem others as better than yourself and, in so being, receive the highest esteem of others beyond your expectations, and be satisfied. You will be loved.”

Marilyn: You have descended down into hell, clinging to your ambitions, hiding your face from the judgment of all those around you, spending yourself in vain attempts to appear presentable, acceptable, important, and admirable. You have strained to control all those things pertaining to your appearance and worth before men, seeking perfection with which no man could find fault or argue but would instead praise and adore.

Hereafter, you shall be known as having been a common riverbed rock among many, without beauty, uniqueness, or particular usefulness, but which was cut in half, only to unveil and display a wondrous crystalline beauty which would hold not only men but angels in awe. You will be in control, not by your own effort, nor by your own strength, but by your very nature, which was created and ordained for you.

In that beauty of spirit, revealed through your destruction, you will indeed exercise control, not because you desire it, for you will no longer desire it or feel a need for it, but because others will desire it for the beauty of person formed in you. You will no longer seek to control, but you will be controlled, and in that you will have control of all, reigning in peace and contentment. Such is the destiny of the one the Lord loves.”

Victor: “From your beginnings, from the time when you first knew of Me and of My sacrifice, you have thirsted that they should kill you as they did Me. You have hungered for that unity and fellowship in Heaven ordained for all the saints, prophets, angels, and indeed all creatures with God. In that zeal, you have taken it upon yourself to persuade others to slay you, provoking men to hate you so that you could suffer the rejection of man, as did I. In so doing, you have suffered many things without profit, neither for yourself nor others, and have resented those very things you sought for.

But now you have been granted your heart’s desire, as ordained from the beginning, and have been taken from among your very own to the end that you would be slain (yet not slain) and that you would partake with Me in the glory and the joy I have received. Only those who lose all for My sake are made worthy to have all that I have.”

That last statement reminds me of a prophetic word sent us by Delores Molnar in 1982 or early 1983, which said: “God is ready to assume full responsibility for the one wholly committed to Him.”

Prophecy – Lois Ends Her Fast

On March 14th, forty days after I prayed for Lois at the farm, she ended her fast. She received answers of the Lord for her questions she put to Him. I told her that she needed to stand by herself in what she received and that the battle would be great. I told her, Hell will break loose,” when she spoke.

She said she had become unsettled soon after my praying for her.

Prophecy – Conversation with God about Mills and Knorr

“Lord, they brought Scripture.”

“As does Satan.”

“Lord, they brought the Law and spoke against sin.”

“So did Job’s friends.”

“Lord, they had much true doctrine.”

“As did the Pharisees.”

“Lord, they talked about You.”

“Was it about Me or doctrines of men? Did you ever hear them speak of Me, bless Me, pray to, or praise, Me?”

“Lord, they never attacked me. They sympathized with me.”

“Oh? What did Gene do here in your house, there at the farm, over the phone? Was Les honest and straightforward with you or vacillating, fickle, and critical of your words? And what about Les’ friends, Barny and Mark? And what about Mark and Amanda’s friends, Debbie and Erin? And what about Les and Penny’s friend, Trudy? You spoke to her and she’s better for it, but have you heard from her? Why not? Don’t you think Les had anything to do with that? Where did Barny get all his notions about you? And why aren’t they receiving you now?”

Prophecy – Lois’ Prophecy: Leave It to God Now

Marilyn reiterated her position, declaring she stood firm. I said nothing. Lois now said for the second time, “You have done all that is required of you and all that you can do. You must leave it in the Lord’s hands. It’s all up to Him now.” She told me she received this twice to give to me.

Prophecy – A Promise of Calling

I woke up from a nap on the afternoon of March 31, 2000 with these thoughts: “It would be so nice if something were to come along and begin a new life for me, doing something I enjoy, something purposeful, enjoyable, like a dream come true. I’ve lived lonely and have felt so useless and empty.”

I received that I would be spoken to and would know when the time came as to what I should be doing. I had thought of various good works I could head out to do. I recalled a prophecy back in 1984 in Bernalillo, wherein the Lord said, “You’ll be hurried and harried, but keep the peace. You will know beyond the shadow of a doubt what to do because you’ll be shown clearly” (words to that effect).

What I received today witnessed with Lois. She said I was to wait on the Lord and that these things coming indicated that I was going to be given something. She added that I had been in preparation, my heart now changed, and that I would be seeing and reacting to people and things quite differently from before.

Prophecy – Jonathan’s Wisdom and Will

Jonathan had a Word (prophecy) for me on April 5, 2000. “Dad,” he said, “you have to tell Sean to go.” When I told him (wisely or not) the possible consequences – Marilyn leaving with Sean – he cried and cried, but remained steadfast in his Word that I needed to expel Sean. I was amazed at his courage. It wasn’t as though he didn’t love his mother – he surely did; I have envied their close relationship. He had the wisdom from God and integrity to go with what God gave him. There was no other explanation.

There are eighty-eight days between the time I delivered the vision of Sean to this prophecy of Sean to go. Jonathan spoke these words 88 days after my vision of Sean dying was delivered to all on January 7th, and on the 40th day after I met the angel on February 25th in Coaldale.

Jonathan called on the 6th to ask me if he should ask Marilyn to mention his prophecy to Sean. I said “No.” I thought he should leave it for now. Likely, I would be the one to tell them. Was I holding back? Should I not have been following through immediately on the Word from the Lord by Jonathan? Would there be trouble if I didn’t act promptly?

He pressed me in the next few days on several occasions that his prophecy of casting Sean out was from the Lord and to be performed shortly, not urgently, but soon. Lois felt the same way.

Prophecy – The Lord’s Word on Marilyn

Marilyn and I had another battle. She was very upset because I wasn’t willing to confide in her any longer. Jonathan and I then went for a hike and I prayed with Jonathan, asking the Lord to destroy me if I was in the wrong. Within minutes, an answer came.

The Lord said Marilyn was not hearing from Him; she had cut herself off from Him in that she had cut herself off from me; she was not rejecting me or fighting me as I have been assuming and taking somewhat personally, but the Lord; she was fighting Him. Finally, in her fight against Him, she could/would receive nothing from me but would resist it all, distorting, avoiding, perverting, and resisting. She was full of darkness, lies, and accusations.

Prophecy – Confronting Trevor

I addressed Trevor on his stance toward me. He was quite hard and resisting, but I unexpectedly blessed him with God’s mercy. He resisted, but it was done and the fruit would come forth soon. He did say that he didn’t believe Marilyn’s prophecy, and he believed what I had to say in the letters to them.

The word “creepy” came to me about Trevor – he had turned into a zombie. On April 13th at 4:20 AM, it came to me that he had handed his will over to Sean.

Prophecy – Television, Man’s and God’s Righteousness

Double Exposure could have some racy content, being quite explicit and crude on sexual matters. For that reason, I refrained from watching it, though I enjoyed some of their cleverness and humor in lip-synching news clips and such.

That day, I decided to watch it and there came the mentioned coincidence. This sort of thing has occurred repeatedly with TV (which, in and of itself, I have doubted watching). I can only conclude that the Lord is saying to me, “Victor, I am over all; it is not your righteousness; I am keeping you; don’t doubt or fear; you’ll be found doing what is ordained; you are not to judge by the appearance.”

Prophecy – A Lie and the Consequence

I decided to take Jonathan to see Stuart Little at the theater on April 19th. Because we eat organic, we smuggled in our own treats. However, the manager approached me, saying they didn’t allow outside food. I told him we brought our own because of health reasons (which was true, in letter), knowing I might lead him to believe Jonathan and/or I had health problems.

He permitted us, but within minutes, the Lord spoke to me, saying, “Because you said you had health problems, therefore you will now have them.” Was I hearing from Him? In 30 days, I would find out. (This reminded me of the ice cream bar episode in 1981.)

Struggling, I asked for the manager after the movie and confessed my deception, telling him that our intention and approach was preventative and not curative, that I was misleading in the way I expressed myself to him. He was okay with it and understanding. Really, what could he say? He also seemed to know somewhat about foods and their controversies, such as with aspartame.

When confessing these things to Lois and Mark, they didn’t think that there was a problem or that the Lord spoke to me. However, Lois said the thought had come to her about what I would say if I was asked (we knew beforehand that the theater didn’t allow outside food). She said she thought she would say, “Get decent food here and we wouldn’t bring in our own” (which would be speaking the truth for good). Why did Lois have that thought almost simultaneously with the event?

The next morning, I awoke troubled about everything – the past, present, future, earthly and Heavenly matters, all my doings – everything. All these things troubled me, but a truth dawned on me while I was asking the Lord about the theater event and all things in general:

“We get into trouble within when we think we are in control of anything, past, present, or future. We’re never in control of anything, but when we begin to blame ourselves and regret the past and how we did things, truly we’re assuming we were in control of our lives. We aren’t God; it’s not our righteousness and never was. He will do what He will do.”

Peace came. I must praise the Lord.

Prophecy – Victory in Consequence

On April 19, 2000, I lied to the theater about our snacks, heard words of rebuke as a consequence, and wondered if the words were from the Lord. On May 13th, 24 days later, I realized the words were from the Lord. In a strange and unusual way, my old leg injury began bothering me soon after, causing me to realize that all these years, since 1971, the Lord had been keeping my leg. Indeed, my illness-free life was being taken from me for lying, just as He said.

I also began to realize that victory was not just a momentary event, as in a battle won, but something sustained indefinitely. In order for there to be a constant victory, evil or opposition must be present.

Thankfully and interestingly, I found myself praising God now, in spite of my fall, my sin. At one time, I would have been so down, as with the ice cream bar incident and so many others. Now I saw that, one, it wasn’t my righteousness; two, the Lord required me to serve Him with my infirmities; and three, victory was only meaningful in the presence of infirmity…. “You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies.”

Prophecy – Not Another Year of Loneliness and Weeding

In the night, I thought, “I can’t bear the thought of another summer of being alone, subject to the hours of weeding dandelions in the lawn, and for what? Vanity!” But I heard, “It won’t be. It will be different this year.” I brushed the thoughts aside, thinking I was trying to console myself, fighting the reality and unpleasant prospect. I mentioned it to Lois. She went on with her duties and received that, indeed, it would be as I heard. Furthermore, I heard that the change would not be reversed.

Prophecy – Divisional Changes

I found myself talking with Lois and Mark, who often had the same thoughts independently of me, especially Lois, which served as confirmations for me and for her. Marilyn was upset because we didn’t have that relationship now, and I couldn’t confide in her. There was no fellowship.

As I was talking on the phone, Marilyn spoke, saying she heard, “The truth will prevail.” What she didn’t know is that we were saying it was wrong for us to speak against her and Sean in a wrongful spirit or with evil motive, no matter how wrong they were.

Yes, the Truth will prevail, and when He does, there will be great shamefacedness with Marilyn and Sean. They are so convinced they are right, but they are in great evil.

Prophecy – More on My Angelic Visitor

The victory and power I was experiencing in recent weeks seemed to stem back to the visitation of the angel on February 25th. Today, on May 10th (14 days later), more came to me of that momentous occasion. In essence, the person was saying, “I’m here on mission on your behalf, to do your work for you. You won’t have to do anything – I’ll handle it.”

I am to rest. I’m not the motor or pump; I’m not the water; I am but a passive conduit. God is the Motor and Pump, and His Spirit of Truth and Love is the Living Water. Through me He is pouring out His Spirit upon the earth.

Prophecy – Bedridden in Pain

My leg pain increased, growing worse daily, and I could now hardly walk. Because I lied at the theater, saying we had diet restrictions, now I would have diet restrictions. What a horrible thing I did, and for what? A popcorn and soda snack in the theater, against their policies and wishes? How evil and carnal of me! And what a price to pay! “Lord, please forgive and cleanse and heal! I know I deserve evil – I do – yet I ask Your mercy. I had health, for which I should have praised and thanked You. Instead, I took it for granted and lied.

On May 18th, the leg pain was so horrible and crippling, I couldn’t get out of bed, while Jonathan and Marilyn headed to the farm. I couldn’t so much as slightly flex my knee. One night, I moved it and shouted out loud in pain, unable to help myself. I was sure the neighbors, if awake, would hear and wonder at it. I began to take Tylenol, which I hated doing, knowing its evil effects, particularly on the liver. I had Chris Den Hertog and his wife do some of the quick, small chores for me each day, like watering the plants and feeding the birds.

Curiously, simultaneously, Lois scalded her feet with hot water, and Mark was having neck problems. It seemed we were the guilty ones and were suffering consequences for our sins, particularly opposing Marilyn and Sean.

On May 21st, the Lord made it known to me that He wasn’t condemning me for the theater incident but was exposing me for good. I told neighbor Chris of the incident and expressed how we humans are such a thankless bunch, not appreciating God’s blessings and taking so much for granted.

As I lay in bed, I was reading a book on the Feast of Tabernacles, which I had picked up at a garage sale. In it, Neusner, the author, was saying that the significance of this Feast was that all noxious and evil influences were being ceremonially removed. This struck me. My problems at the theater were hypocrisy, fear of man, and unbelief. Pain is a cleansing agent.

One day during this time, I had a series of sharp muscle spasms in my leg in a matter of minutes that drove me to tears. Marilyn sat there, coolly watching. Shortly after, I felt like something necessary happened. I got more spasms – the pain was as intense, but now dull instead of sharp. Something had changed, and I didn’t holler out. That evening, Marilyn said that Mark, Lois, and I were suffering because of our stance toward Sean.

I went to bed and slept very well for the first time in days, with no painkillers. In the night I was awakened by a spasm and was immediately told, “Suffer this and you’ll have your reward.” After that night and five days of being laid up, the pain slowly began to disappear, and I eventually regained full use of my leg. I visited Dr. Michael Pratt, MD, who diagnosed my problem as a meniscal cyst.

While confined in my room, I heard a robin calling, “We are all waiting for you.” It meant all of creation. There seemed to be an element of gentle impatience.

Prophecy – Prayer and Rebuke for Marilyn

On June 1st, I prayed with Marilyn that the Lord’s grace would overcome her sin and that His power would be manifest as greater than hers. She resented the prayer. She mocked and taunted me. I said, “The Lord rebuke you.” I told her that the day she took full responsibility for herself, instead of blaming everyone and everything else, especially me, the door would open to her salvation. I also warned her that she better encourage Sean to submit to Lois because if he resisted her, out he went.

Sean refused to recognize any authority other than himself and wouldn’t do as I requested. He continued to ignore me and to have business talks with Marilyn. I again warned her that they were to be in consultation with Lois. Jonathan reported to me that Sean only pretended to comply just so he wouldn’t be thrown out. Jonathan also continuously heard, “Fulfill the prophecy,” referring to casting Sean out. Barring a miracle, I would be notifying Sean to leave.

Prophecy – Final Struggles

A journal entry:

What a struggle I’ve had! Cast Sean out – don’t – do – don’t. Let it happen – it’s finished – let it happen – it’s finished. Before my face, Marilyn and Sean act quite cocky and impudent, confident that they will prevail, likely that God will prevent me from interfering with them and their plans. The Bensons tell me that Sean has refused to obey anything of my letter, believing I have no authority in God’s will to require anything of him or of Marilyn.

Today, on June 11, I realized three things, as Jonathan and I took a walk to the river:

One, I said, “Lord, I don’t know what to do!” I immediately heard, “Would you hesitate to cast him out if you had others capable of doing the work?” I knew the answer was, “No.”

Two, I realized I haven’t been able to praise the Lord. It has stopped at thanking Him with gritted teeth. The last time this was so was when I wasn’t obeying Him in sending Man of Sin 3 to the farm.

Three, I recall the proverb Paul received for our situation years ago: “Cast out the scorner, and contention shall go out; yea, strife and reproach shall cease” (Proverbs 22:10). At the time, we applied it to Archie, but it didn’t witness to me that Archie was the man.

For the record: Now I know that it applies to Sean and that in throwing him out, contention will go with him, and yes, strife and reproach will cease, not instantly, as an axe chop, but as a setting sun. We will all marvel. Marilyn will have her eyes opened and be ashamed. We will wonder that we were so blind to Sean’s influence, yet will know the Lord has done all these things for us.

Four, I’ll be able to come to the farm again and feel at home, not to work… to help, if needful, but to visit, eat, and be free with the others. Yes, this is long overdue or, if I know anything of the Lord and His ways, perfect in timing.

Five, When at last this afternoon I decided that Sean had to go, I was once more singing in my spirit and do have praise for the Lord again. Righteously or otherwise, let the Lord judge.

Sean has had seven days to obey the letter sent to the farm. He has decided to ignore it. The Bensons report nothing has changed. His heart has been made specifically manifest. Marilyn can’t see the farm operating without him, yet says it is the Lord doing it. If the Lord is doing it, then He can manage without Sean.

Prophecy – Trevor Speaks

To Lois, Trevor said, “Victor doesn’t have to worry about the farm; we can handle it.” He also said that in kicking Sean out, our marriage would be restored and, moreover, changed to something we never had, a harmony wherein she took her proper place. Then God would begin to do good things.

All this came to me probably about the very same time that Trevor and Lois were speaking. Did I believe Trevor’s claim of being able to handle the farm? No, except that the Lord would enable them. I had no confidence in them, but had to have it in the Lord.

Prophecy – Lois Receives Word for Me

On June 20th, Lois revealed that she had received a Word for me on Saturday the 17th. It was: The next time you are talking to Victor, tell him everything is right on track, and he has not denied Me; quite the contrary.”

Prophecy – Three Witnesses Speak at Once

On June 29th, Les Mills came to talk. He told me of the problems his sons, Craig and Grant, were having. I candidly told him I was so frustrated, wishing I could help him, his sons, the Knorrs, and others. Les said to me, “You know how I see you? As a man who has the goods and nobody wants them.” (He meant it as a “positive negative,” in that he said, “I’m not trying to build you up or anything.”)

As we visited, Jonathan called from the farm, saying, “Dad, I think I just had a prophecy: There is a king over a kingdom, over the land, but there are no people in the kingdom, in the land.’

Only half an hour earlier, Marilyn had heard these words about me: “I will put him in his place.” I took those words as negative, coming from her own fretting heart, but now I see them as a possible positive prophecy from God.

I was then reminded of a poem I had written in 1991, saying that all I see around me are paupers – diseased, starving, and naked – while I had great wealth and nobody to share it with.

Prophecy – A Blessing for Mark

On the night of July 7th, I had a blessing for Mark. I declared peace and rest, as a little boy curled up in his Father’s lap, to relax, trust, and not try to do and be, but to trust comfortably, to let his Dad stroke his head.

Mark didn’t believe or receive these words with his mind. He continued to labor, but the Word went directly to his spirit and would effect that for which it was intended.

Prophecy – Bullet Dies

We had a Pyrenees sheep dog, Bullet, which Sean personally seized responsibility for caring. He once said it was like a son to him. Sean called to tell me that on this day, July 10th, it mysteriously died. Marilyn and Sean blamed Mark and me for it. The Bensons suspected it was poisoned by the neighbors. They had repeatedly warned Sean not to let Bullet wander, and he ignored their warnings, as with all else.

Trevor declared the death of the dog a warning to Sean that the Lord could have taken Sean. How did the dog really die? Trevor and Jonathan said God took him.

Sean grew bolder and more arrogant each day, and he and Marilyn were incorrigible. The Bensons and I were greatly grieved and knew the time drew near. On July 15th, Jonathan prophesied, Cast out the devil, and you shall have peace.”

This death was 88 days after the Lord revealed to me that Trevor had surrendered his will to Sean. It was also 88 days after the second anniversary of the boulders vision.

Prophecy – A Prophecy of Paul Fulfilled

I tried to write Paul a letter. As I sat thinking, I realized a prophecy I had for him years before had come to pass. The Lord said He would hook him by the nose and lead him back where he came from. I found Paul in an illegitimate marriage, crying out to God, in Israel, for deliverance. I came, sent by God, and he was delivered.

But he continued, set on a wife all these years until the Lord gave him over to Kerri (the “dark one”), and now he was in an illegitimate marriage (fornication) once again. When he chose to marry Kerri, I told him that she would lead him around by the nose as she pleased, that he would be under her power, and so it was. At the time, I hadn’t made the connection to the prophecy.

Prophecy – “Do It Yourself”

I was hoping the Lord would deal with Marilyn and Sean. I asked the Lord to take Sean out. Lois suggested she would do it. Bob Fife was urging me to do it. I also thought Marilyn would have to do it, given the dream she had, wherein she was, in the Name of Jesus Christ, commanding the trespasser, who was making himself comfortable and bewitching all of us, to leave.

So many times, when faced with certain people with whom I had a conflict or who I knew needed to be told something, I would pray and ask the Lord to do something or speak to them. Invariably, He would say, “What do you think I have you for?” Jonathan had another prophecy, and it was, You kick him out.” I knew it was up to me.

Prophecy – The Summons and the Time

We stayed an extra day with the Yurkoskis, partially because Jonathan wished to and partially because I didn’t feel free to leave.

On July 22nd, Lois called, crying (I was expecting a call). “He goes [meaning Sean] or we go.” She wasn’t giving me an ultimatum, but simply declaring that they couldn’t take the trouble anymore. Sean, she said, was riding high, barking orders, tyrannizing them, while Marilyn supported him. At that moment, something settled in my heart and I vowed the time had come. I would be returning, likely today, and things would be taken care of, once for all. I said, “Lois, be at peace. I understand, and I’ll take care of it, be assured.”

I discussed the matter with Evan. He had a Word for me, that there would be victory and peace (words to that effect). Bob Fife also called Lois and said, “Sean has to go.” He was prepared to come and get him.

Prophecy – Jonathan’s Prophecy: Kick Him Out Now

Within hours, Jonathan and I headed back to Lethbridge. Moon River Estates, our home, comes up about 35 minutes before the farm as we head east. It was getting late, approaching 9 PM and Jonathan’s bedtime. I wondered if we should go home, have some rest, and go to the farm in the morning to deal with Sean. “No, Dad, we need to go to the farm and kick Sean out now,” Jonathan insisted.

Prophecy – Seven Years, Quarter Million to One Million Prophecy Fulfilled

The reader may recall that when Marilyn and I decided, in June of 1993, to enter the mutual funds market, Marilyn heard, “Quarter million to a million.” We took it that the Lord was going to quadruple our investment and that He would do so in the mutuals or the stock market in general. We thought, “Wow! Quadruple? In how much time? After taxes? That is really something!” I had the thought it would be accomplished in seven years, which, on the stock market, made no sense.

At some point, Marilyn also prophesied that our losses in the stock market would be “penny-nickel” compared to the gains. Losses? What losses? When? Why losses? Furthermore, she prophesied that I would come to the place where I would care only about the Lord and His concerns, caring nothing for money.

Our investment went from $280,000 to $350,000 in less than a year, then by the end of 1994, dropped to a frightful $250,000. We were devastated by the loss, especially when thinking we had heard from God on this matter and assuming He would prosper us. Thus began the quarter million prophesied, though we didn’t know it at the time.

We were abused by our brokers (though not personally) who, while posing as caring and capable, were anything but; certainly not for us. They were simply hardnosed, self-serving, even cynical financiers after gain. They were sorely using us.

However, God had all this under full control. He used the whole process of mutuals to cure me of loving mammon. He gave me a severe spanking for whoring after gain, and he used these brokers and a sound defeat in the stock market to do it (they were His servants “for evil, for good”). I had entered that world of greed and fear, thinking that because I was a Christian, I could weather anything it threw at me. How wrong I was! I had no business whatsoever being there. “But you, O man of God, flee these things,” counseled Paul to Timothy (1 Timothy 6:10-11).

Play with fire and you get burned, especially if you are the Lord’s.

But here is something even better than finding ourselves wrong and rebuked for it, which is good. I found some remarkable dates related to these events. It was on June 21, 1993 that we first spoke to Bill Welton, the broker, about going into mutual investments. It was June 21, 2000 that the Benson estate was settled and technically, effectively handed over to Trevor and Mark. As you can see, these two events were exactly 7 years apart to the day.

The estate being settled, we tallied our assets and found that whereas we began with a $¼ million, we now had $1 million in precisely 7 years. Do you recall, reader, the prophecy I once had somewhere in the late 80’s? The Lord said, “I will destroy your enemy from off the face of the earth, you will look and see him no more, and I will give you his goods.”

In His mercy, even while chastening, God kept His promise and prospered us. There is nothing wrong with wealth. It is a matter of how one gets it, why one gets it, and what one does with it.

Through a remarkable sequence and combination of events, Trevor had been sent packing from our midst and thus happened to spend some time in a motel in BC during a snowstorm where his father chanced to be. After some reconciliation, Trevor and Mark were reinstated in Howard’s will. They had been excluded from the will because of their involvement with me, whom Howard condemned as a religious fanatic, and he swore Lois would receive nothing of the estate if he could possibly help it. Because I had expelled Trevor, Howard then saw him as acceptable to reinstate in the will, along with Mark, who was still in Japan.

And all this came by Carol Reesor’s suggestion to Howard that he reinstate his older sons, which she said she later regretted when it turned out that Jason, the youngest, received nothing because killing his father. All was left to the wife Howard hated and a “cult,” namely yours truly, through Mark and Trevor, who returned to be with us.

Who can possibly argue that these events aren’t divinely ordained? Who can argue that I haven’t been hearing from God or that God isn’t with me? Who can argue that God doesn’t keep His Word? Who can argue that he or she is in control of anything?

Dear reader, we are in control of nothing – not including people in our midst, not excluding them (as I did Trevor), not snowstorms or any weather, not times, motels, wills, choice of executors, sizes of estates, stock markets, courts, sentences from a judge’s mouth, gain, loss, prosperity, not anything.

Would you like more? More you shall have! The day Carol Reesor’s grip on the estate was broken was 3 years precisely to the day I met her at Ferintosh, AB, when she coldly met us. You will also recall that the day Howard was slain was 9 years to the day of the signing of the divorce papers with Lois. This June 21st day of 2000 is also 88 days after the 3½ year anniversary (March 24th) of Marilyn’s prophecy.

Was it not Shakespeare who once wrote, “All the world is a stage and we are merely actors”? Surely, this is so! His knowledge, understanding of human nature, laws of the universe, and skills have often amazed and delighted me.

But perhaps an even more awesome timing is about to be unveiled. Those who argue against the existence of God have some explaining to do. Just you wait.

Who says there is no God?

Prophecy – God’s Timing

There I was, rebuking Satan in the square, late in the evening. We had tried to talk by the corral and indoors, but neither was suitable. Rebuking the enemy in the square had happened once before. On August 12, 1996, I had rebuked the powers of spiritual darkness over the farm and cast the red shale dust, upon which we were standing, into the air. The two events were exactly 1440 days apart, to the hour – 12 X 12 X 10, or 360 X 4, four Hebrew years precisely.

This event occurred 40 days after sending my letter to the farm on June 13th, notifying Sean he was to leave.

As if that wasn’t enough, Paul prophesied words that would be fulfilled this night, but he had them nearly two years earlier and, as he said, didn’t share them with me. Why? Because, beyond his knowledge or understanding, we needed to read them on the night of the removal of the enemy. When had he received those words? It was on November 11, 1998, the day I had declared, “I am finished with the prophecy.”

Who says there is no God?

Prophecy – Jonathan Prophesies for Marilyn

Today, July 25th, was Day 1400. The night before, I dreamt of Marilyn defending, serving, and adoring Sean, while looking at me as if to say, “So what? Who cares?” It was impudence, contempt, and disdain for me. When I related these things to her, she said, “That’s the way it is.”

Marilyn was battling regrets and fears that Sean was leaving, trying to find some way to prevent it. Jonathan came to me saying, “Dad, I think I just had a prophecy,” and whispered it in my ear. “It’s for Mom – Let go of him and peace shall come.’

Then the debate came. Who was “him,” Sean or me? If Sean, she would ask how to let him go. I knew I couldn’t answer that for her – it was a matter of the heart, which is beyond methodology or explanation. I recalled how Paul said that if there was a witness from God that he and Kerri were to remain single, they were ready to do so. I suddenly realized Marilyn had to publicly renounce Sean, just as she had publicly chosen him over me as her husband.

Prophecy – Jonathan Unveils His Secret Prophecy

On the night of July 27th, as Marilyn, Jonathan, and I drove home, Jonathan decided to divulge the prophecy he had shared with me some years before. He said, “Mom, Dad is already dead. The Lord has taken him.”

I was surprised. “That’s the prophecy you said I shouldn’t tell?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“There’s more,” I said. He couldn’t recall. “Can I say more or tell the rest of it?”

“Yes, Dad.”

I continued, “You said that I had died, that part of me was in Heaven and part here” (he had also told me that I was different, and that I would never die).

Prophecy – Trevor Pursues Rose Klvacek

Trevor wrote a letter to yet another woman he was pursuing and dreaming about, thinking it was God’s will to marry her. He submitted the letter to me before sending. I disagreed with it entirely but decided I wasn’t going to change him and that there was no point in trying to police or control him. He was upset with my disagreement.

Jonathan prophesied, “Trevor is a vicious Rottweiler.” At first, I told Jonathan the prophecy wasn’t of God, but then I reconsidered, realizing Trevor harbored great bitterness and anger.

Prophecy – Jonathan’s Prophecy: “Something Big Coming”

On August 25th, 2000, Jonathan said, “Dad, I keep getting that something big is going to be happening soon.

“Is it good or bad, son?” I asked.

“It’s good, I think,” he replied. I knew he was receiving something from the Lord. In my spirit, I was also expecting good and big things.

On this day, Paul called and we discussed and resolved to keep the weekly Sabbath. Marilyn was opposed to it, knowing Saturday was our best business day, wherein we did perhaps 50% or more of our total volume. She also saw Sabbath-keeping as being “under Law.”

Prophecy – Battling Goliath

Of Darrell Beaudoin, I wrote:

I am now dealing with the serpent, who urges me to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. “Let’s study these Scriptures, and when we do, you’ll see the truth of them (your eyes will be opened) and you’ll know the truth and falsity of matters (you’ll know good and evil),” says Darrell to me.

He is a beast, a man without the Spirit of God. I recall Lois’ prophecy of dealing with beasts, the kind with which Paul battled at Ephesus. I see myself up against a Goliath, a 666, the number of a man and mark of the beast. I am as David at his time. Darrell comes to me with Scripture verses, memorized, exercised, studied, and prepared for years (Goliath was a man of war from his youth, full of armor), while I come against him in the Name of the Lord of hosts – not by might nor by power.

Ironically, Darrell is physically diminutive – just over five feet tall and weighing perhaps 110 pounds; how suiting! However, this is a spiritual warfare, and he loses either way.

Prophecy – A Word for Darrell Beaudoin

We met again with Darrell Beaudoin for 3½ hours. He subjected me to a Bible study and steered me into the SDA doctrinal position. Marilyn had these words for him: “What you are seeking to establish in the carnal will happen in the spiritual.”

Darrell was trying to bring me to a satisfactory spiritual place, as he saw it. The Lord was establishing that with me in reality and not in doctrine only, not that Darrell’s Adventist doctrine was necessarily accurate. For example, he denounced the receiving of the Spirit and the gifts. I was surprised at this, seeing Ellen G. White was revered by Darrell and the SDAs as a prophetess and she exercised spiritual gifts.

I saw labor etched into Darrell’s countenance. I saw the man of sin, the mark of the beast, the manifestation of the power of flesh, the usurpation of the throne of God, the imitation of Christ. He advocated keeping the Sabbath, yet had no rest.

Prophecy – Prophecies for the SDAs

Mike Lemon called, wanting to bring an elder of his church with him and meet with me. I asked him what his purpose was. They were all quite disturbed about us and wondering what was our purpose with them. They viewed us as troublemakers, feared division and wished to preempt it. I thought Paul should be present. Marilyn disagreed that it was necessary, but Lois, Paul, and I decided that Paul should return from Great Falls to be with me for the meeting.

I awoke at 3:30 a.m. on September 20th with prophecies for about fifteen of the SDA people in particular, Filipinos in general (many were members), and the congregation as a whole.

Meeting with Mike at the farm, he asked me for my spiritual history, which I gladly offered, with an anointing to do so. I told him of the prophecies, and he promised he wouldn’t prevent others from hearing them. I also told him that if we had meetings, which we planned, he was free to come and speak freely.

The letter, with prophecies:

September 20, 2000


TO:  Those attending the Seventh Day Adventist Church of Lethbridge

FROM:  Victor Hafichuk, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

You are a people, some of which do many works, ministering to the poor, sacrificing what you have, gathering for worship, praying for God to accomplish so many things in relation to those you encounter, preaching to many, organizing yourselves efficiently in many things. You even keep the Lord’s weekly Sabbaths. The problem is that while you do all these things in the Name of the Lord, He is not in your works. Oh, He has had mercy on you in limited measure; He has honored whatever He has been able to honor in each of you in varying degrees on a personal basis, but He hasn’t found your works pleasing in His sight in general, no, not at all.

“And Samuel said, ‘Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice! To listen is better than the fat of rams! For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idol-worship’” (1 Samuel 15:22-23 MKJV).

Saul, in the Name of the Lord, sacrificed, not reluctantly but willingly, not the poorest or mediocre but the best he took in battle, not unto a pagan deity but unto the Lord God of Israel. Not only was his sacrifice rejected, but that which he had was taken from him, because in heart he didn’t obey the Lord Whom he presumed to serve. So, too, you all offer sacrifices to God, but He isn’t pleased with them. In fact, He hates them just as He hated Saul’s sacrifice. Your sacrifices are those of flesh, not spirit. He can’t honor your religious works; they are abominable to Him.

Cain also brought an offering of his own will to the Lord, not to some other god. It was rejected. 

“It wasn’t a blood sacrifice,” you respond, as if knowing why he was rejected. But do you know that your sacrifice isn’t accepted for the very same reason? 

“Jesus Christ was our blood sacrifice; we need no more sacrifice,” you reply. But why, then, do you sacrifice? You are sacrificing, but your blood isn’t in it. That is why your sacrificing isn’t accepted. Your sacrifices are bloodless, but true obedience to the Lord, the kind of works He desires, is ever with blood, your own blood, not that of others. You don’t live for the Lord, but for yourselves, and you preserve your own lives in the name of sacrifice, not obeying from the heart. You withhold your hearts from the Lord, yet worship Him with your lips as though you love Him. 

You say you keep all the commandments. How is it you have ignored not only the First but the Second Commandment, which says, “You shall not make unto you any graven image, or any likeness of anything this is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth…”? In your organization are found more likenesses of the Lord Jesus Christ than in many.

“But,” you protest, “we don’t bow down to or worship these images, these likenesses.” No? Don’t you presume to worship the One of Whom these images are? Hasn’t He commanded that you should not make any likeness of anything in His Name, in a spiritual worship context? Why toy with the Commandment? Why play with fire? Do you need those pictures, whether they be on the wall or in a book or on a movie screen? 

It’s blasphemy to portray the Lord Jesus Christ. The finest pictures of Him devised by man are abomination. And you make a liar of the Lord and lies of His testimony by Isaiah when He says, “He has no form or comeliness; and when we shall see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him. He is despised and rejected of men…” (Isaiah 53:3). Rarely does one see a homely likeness of Jesus. Rather, He’s portrayed as a handsome, compassionate, friendly, lovable, and attractive good guy. These are all fleshly notions, things which men savor – yes, satanic. 

He came as He, by Isaiah, said He would, and you make a liar of Him, you and your whole organization. Oh yes, you justify yourselves; perhaps Ellen G. White would approve of your pictures and so you think you’re justified. If she does approve, she is not a true prophetess or messenger of God walking with Him (according to her writing, “Mark of the Beast,” she doesn’t approve). Nevertheless, “You are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knows your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God” (Luke 16:15).

You may think you don’t worship the likeness but, in that you make it, you do worship it, and you presume to worship the One Whose likeness it is. In vain you worship Him with your lips.

Have you not known that women, not men, have ruled in marriage, even as men have been given to rule on the earth instead of God? Without exception, women have ruled and have been the heads of their houses. “I decided that I would establish a strong relationship with my husband before I had any children, and so I waited five or six years to do so,” says one, as though in charge, and indeed, she has been. But the Lord has come to change all that now.

Darrell Beaudoin: You’re laboring, not so much to be accepted of the Lord, but to be a star in the religious organizational works of men (Psalm 17:4), recognized and honored of them. This won’t do even if you were to succeed. Your works are works of the flesh, not of the Spirit of God, and they will fail, no matter that you convert many proselytes to Christ who will only hear, in the end, “I never knew you: depart from Me, you that work iniquity.” The Lord desires reality and not religion. Your studiousness and labor are in vain.

I invite you to take the invitation of the Lord Who has said, “Come unto Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take MY yoke [not yours] upon you, and learn of Me: for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls. For My yoke is easy [unlike yours, I see], and My burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-29).

You keep the weekly Sabbath, and so you should, but the Sabbath within is what the one without is all about, and whereas you labor in the flesh, you ought to be laboring in the spirit to enter into that rest which He has promised and reserved for those who don’t sacrifice, but who obey God.

Lise: You are head of your house, though both of you may profess otherwise. So it is with all marriages, but the Lord has come to change that and make it right, as He ordains it to be. Don’t deter your husband from laying down his life. You will only be found to fight God, and nobody has ever succeeded in resisting His will. Take your place; only by the grace of God will you do so. Darrell must forsake his life, including his wife, as do any and all married men called of God.

Mike Lemon: You are also burdened, much so, and insecure. Find your security in God; you will never find it in men or in their works purportedly of and for God. You must follow the Lord without the city, “without the gate,” forsaking the honor of men and service to them for your sake. You can’t prosper any more than Saul of Tarsus prospered in his zeal for God before he was turned. Are you turned? Not as you need to be. 

There’s much more than the external weekly Sabbath rest. For those who are weary in soul, there’s that inner Sabbath reserved for those who earnestly seek. I know of no Seventh Day Adventists who have received this, not that I single them out, because there are many who haven’t “kept the Feast of Tabernacles.”

It’s so hard for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom. You are rich. You are a pastor; you have training, knowledge, and an image to maintain; you’re supposed to be the strong one and must act the part, and it isn’t easy. But you’re poor, not in an evil way, but in reality, and if you humble yourself, the Lord will meet you and embrace you and, as a child, you’ll rejoice, as a child dandled on his father’s knee, carefree, one in whom his daddy rejoices. But Mike will have to go and it’s so hard for a rich man to go. Pride must be replaced by true and godly humility. Christ is able to do all things if you will.

Your wife also sits in authority over you; it isn’t even an equal partnership. Admit it, both of you; it’s true, as with others.

John Lacanilao, elder; Ben as well: You needn’t aspire to Western accomplishment; especially in the Name of the Lord you ought not to do so. While you would declare otherwise, intellectually you seek to be equal. You aren’t inferior if in Christ. There must be where you place your faith squarely, and not be a man-pleaser, trying to prove yourself. You have nothing to prove because you are nothing; none of us is anything. And you err in looking to emulate those who themselves are not accepted of God, though they appear to be otherwise. They are nothing. Don’t anger God by insisting on your path; He opens a door for you to receive praise and honor of Him, not of men. Get honest; you have seen better than that which you have pursued.

Jean Claude Lessard: You need to look up, to lift up your eyes and see the salvation of the Lord. The things of this world aren’t the issue to Him; flesh is expendable, as are the works of this world; the temporal does indeed pass away and, when it does, you’ll marvel and be in joy. You will see Him Who has been pierced and you will mourn, but your mourning will be turned to gladness, and you will worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Mike Schaber: You have followed that wide, well-trodden path of the generations before you and have thought to be established in the path above, which only few have found and traveled (Matthew 7:13-14), but it isn’t so. Repent of following man who professes to follow the Lord, seeking the crown and the throne, but refusing the cross. Humble yourself; you’re no better than the prodigal at the swine pen, but poorer because you still presume to have the inheritance. The One Who died for you calls on you to lay down your life (which entails everything and you have laid down nothing) even as He laid down His life for you.

Sharon Davies: There is a joy in the Lord few have known by obedience to Him. That joy is better than the joy of this earth. Don’t go by the appearance; avail yourself of the Lord, and He will bring you into that wide open space you seek, though you will only find it in the confines, without the city. Don’t rebel; it won’t prosper you to do so.

Mike Bowes: Yes, the Lord has laid on you a burden and an infirmity many do not have, but in lemons are the makings of lemon juice. Add the sugar of thanksgiving and faith in God and look to be accepted of Him and Him alone. You seek to be accepted of men and not to be perceived as less than they. You aren’t less and you will learn that in Christ and in Christ alone there is true worth, no matter if you are nothing or everything in this world before men. 

Most with 2020 vision are empty and utterly blind and they are those you seek to measure up to or wish to have recognize you. You grieve the Lord by longing to please men and to be as good as them and accepted or recognized of them, determining to prove yourself. Are not all things in His hands? Cannot He, Who made the eye to see, see? 

But His purposes are beyond your understanding, so stop striving with your Maker. When you turn to Him with appreciation, you will see that your reward is commensurate with the price and more so. In a realization of, and obedience to, these things, you will cut your hair, too.

Roy Wooliscroft: “The time is short: it remains, that both they that have wives be as though they had none; and they that weep, as though they wept not; and they that rejoice, as though they rejoiced not; and they that buy, as though they possessed not…” (1 Corinthians 7:29). If you seek the Lord with all your heart, He shall be found of you. Be thankful and know that He knows and that upon men are visited blessings in disguise, to be unveiled at the appointed time. 

Consider that all things from the hand of God come because we either deserve them or need them. There is no righteousness with man, only wrongness. We are not condemned in that wrongness, only when we refuse to acknowledge it, grieving Him, and even then, we condemn ourselves; God does not do so.

Yvon Goulet: The same words of Scripture apply to you as to Roy. In fires and only so are we made strong. We are all unworthy, every one of us. Forgive your wife. Impossible? Yes, with us, but not with God. Thank Him for what has happened, not so that He will bring her back, but because of what He is doing in having hardened her heart toward you and removing her. The Lord is over all (Isaiah 45:5-7).

Jeremy Roque: If out of sand a clam is able to form a pearl, out of clay the Lord is able to fashion a precious gem. Only believe. He has given you a measure of faith He has not given to many others. In your obedience and acknowledged unworthiness, He will reward and direct your steps. Beware of men who will be employed to love and counsel you apparently toward the Lord but in reality away from Him. Don’t believe them. Take the hard path, the solitary one, the one with rocks and holes, not the paved one, and you will prosper in the One Who calls you.

Elaine (with Eldon) Hubbard: The Lord is Here, Now; you needn’t look for Him elsewhere, not in a closet or in a desert or in a church, but here, now, not before or after. “I AM THAT I AM.” Even Abraham saw the Lord’s day and was glad. So did and do others. Christ within; the Kingdom of Heaven within. “The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart…” (Romans 10:8); “…which is Christ in you, the hope of glory…” (Colossians 1:27). “The Kingdom of God comes without observation” (Luke 17:20), with clouds, yet you will see.

Claude (Eldon and Elaine’s): Only God can do for you what needs to be done, and that’s good, because when it’s done, you’ll know that He did it. Neither is it any different for any other. But in your poverty, you have great advantage because God shows Himself mighty and faithful especially to the weak, the widows, orphans, dispossessed, and outcast. Yes, you have advantage. Beware of your own strength; His alone will suffice and prevail.

Darlene Aldous and family: You are not superior in that you keep the Sabbath or have what you think is correct doctrine compared to others who name the Name of the Lord or because you belong to some religious organization such as the one to which you now belong. It is good that one should stand strong in what he or she believes but beware lest you do so at the cost of worshipping the Lord, the Father, in spirit and in truth. Anything else is idolatry and breeds self-righteousness. You trust in man’s strength and must learn to trust in the Lord and Him alone. He is not a religion; He is a Person, here, now. Having your own oil, you have everything and will not take pride; going by the oil of others, you have nothing but pride.

Larry and Pat Berteotti: The blessedness of the Lord doesn’t lie in knowledge or in strength of man’s wisdom; the Kingdom of God is neither meat and drink nor doctrine, but peace and joy and righteousness in the Holy Spirit, Whom God gives to those who obey Him, loving not their lives unto death, following the Lamb, not men, wherever He goes. First is the power of the Lamb, then of the Lion. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” Without death, we have nothing.

Althea: The Lord loves you and accepts you without your works and in spite of them. Your labor to be that saintly person before God is not honest or real and is not pleasing to God in the least. It is not our righteousness but His and His alone. We are all, every one of us, in wrongness. Neither is there anything we can do about it. It is the Lord’s righteousness and His alone. We grieve Him to think or to do otherwise. The Lord requires obedience by faith, not sacrifice by works. Are you as good as or better than He?

You Filipinos: None of you ought, even for one moment, to think to aspire to the white man or to the Westerner or to his ways. Such is idolatry and a sorry lack of appreciation for your Savior and God, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is grieved that you should aspire to men and their ways and not to God Himself. You say you don’t, but you do. There needs to be no feeling of inferiority or discomfort of being in a strange land, because God is over all lands. If you are humbled, it is good because He gives grace to the humble; it is the proud, those who have it all together, that He resists. 

Do strangers have it hard? Of course, but God is over all and doesn’t count acceptance as men do. If you do well, and worship in spirit and in truth, you have all heart could wish; there is no more to have, and God, not men, receives the glory. Don’t glorify men; I repeat: Do not glorify men. God is the Author of your uniqueness; don’t despise Him by being ashamed or dissatisfied or unthankful for it. We are, every one of us, all in wrongness. He alone is worthy; He alone is righteous; He alone is to be worshipped; only His favor should we pursue.

I desire that none of you will be offended or count me as an enemy. In essence, I speak to all of you, urging you to enter into the Sabbath. Blessed are those who are not offended, but who humble themselves and seek after the Lord to be corrected, healed, and delivered.

Keep the Feast of Tabernacles. We invite you to join us on the Sabbath day at Harvest Haven on Saturday Oct. 14th at 2:00 p.m., or even the Friday evening before, and all 24 hours for that matter. There, you are welcome to rest, to worship, to fellowship, to dine, to express yourselves in order as you will, to bring forth that which you bear in your heart, and to listen to what others may have to say. It is our desire that you will have the freedom to do so, without opposition or shame. Only be prepared to give others the same opportunity. 

Jesus Christ is Lord! He reigns over all! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Prophecy – Pat Kavanagh of Taber New Life Church

While I was away, Pat Kavanagh of Taber came to Harvest Haven. He related to Marilyn a prophecy and vision he had, and she didn’t know what to make of it. I didn’t believe it was of God. Lois heard, “It is not of Me.” Pat’s little visit would turn out to be quite significant, affecting many people for years to come.

Prophecy – Shimoda’s Words for Us

Before we left Kavanagh’s, I suggested prayer. Doug, Karen, and Pat prophesied. While Pat’s vision and prophecy didn’t seem to witness with us (that is, we didn’t have that quiet inner assurance from God that his prophecies were of God), Doug and Karen’s prophecies and visions did witness, and they were extraordinarily accurate. Theirs had three basic themes:

One, Paul and I had just gone through hard times with the enemy having had the preeminence and power over us, particularly over me, though not because of sin.

Two, things were about to begin happening in a great way and indeed were already beginning.

Three, Paul and I were men of God together. They prophesied that we would be receiving great revelations and that we were to go on.

Karen also prophesied that one, all my past sins were forgiven; two, Paul and I had a special relationship, a closeness (a spiritual appearance of us that many other strangers have had); three, there was particular significance to my name; and four, no weapon or opposition would prosper against us.

Prophecy – Prophecy at the Farm

Paul and Kerri arrived from Great Falls on October 12th. On October 13th, we had our first Sabbath Eve supper with eight present – Lois, Mark, Trevor, Paul, Kerri, Jonathan, Marilyn, and me. I prophesied of our having been taken through the fires and now we are to be a light to a very dark and troubled world. The trouble was coming; those high, tough-talking, boastful, and religious would be shaken and fearful. We would all suffer, but no weapon formed against us would prosper.

I also said (words to the effect): “Who do you think you are or are fooling? The Lord is not mocked. Troublous times swiftly approach, yea, they are here.” (Did these latter words apply to Kerri or to many?)

Prophecy – Puzzlements and Aftermath Effects of the Sabbath

We had to learn how to keep the Sabbath. What do we do, how, when, and even why? A customer came about the time we began our Sabbath, insisting the evening didn’t begin until later and insisting he hadn’t known we were keeping the Sabbath. Fair enough. But whom do we serve, God or man, and shall we make room for our neighbor in such circumstances? After all, it wasn’t as though it was our intention to do business on the Sabbath and it wasn’t the customer’s doing that he didn’t know we weren’t open. He did drive out believing it was business as usual.

Marilyn served him, and it may have been a mistake to let her go to the store, seeing she was against keeping the Sabbath and disgruntled that her customers were so inconvenienced. Business meant more to her than God or, at the very least, more than our unanimous conviction (apart from her) about keeping the Sabbath.

Did I fail God by allowing Marilyn to serve the customer? I don’t know. Did we serve the customer for his sake or our own? God will tell. This sort of thing would occur a few more times on Sabbaths to come. Having informed people that we would gladly serve them on Sundays, we had only two come on the first Sabbath. Gross sales were cut by more than half, Saturdays accounting for the lion’s share of our business volume.

At what time should we begin the Sabbath and how rigid ought we be? While many Sabbath-keepers observe from sunset to sunset, we prayed and settled on going from 7 PM to 7 PM because of the great variation in time of our sunsets, from approximately 4:30 PM at the winter solstice to 10:30 PM at the summer solstice.

However, circumstances arose where we had no choice but to work, like when a semi came in after 7 PM with a shipment that needed unloading then and there. By this we decided that we would try to adjust ourselves without being legalistic. After all it wasn’t as though all of Alberta or Canada kept the Sabbath as did the entire ancient nation of Israel where everything shut down. We left off the rigid 7 to 7 and began the Sabbath as soon as we could around 7 and endeavored to end it at the same time the following day.

It was also interesting how animals are totally unaware of the Sabbath. Why do they decide to have their young or get sick on the Sabbath? If the Sabbath was so sacred in certain respects, could not God have allowed for such things? We perceived that God was saying, “Yes, I want you to keep the Sabbath; it is a blessing for you; don’t get legalistic about it; the Sabbath is for you and not you for it, so be flexible. It’s your attitude and faith that concern Me most of all.”

Admittedly, I was concerned about business and sales. I was also bothered that Marilyn was the one who went to the store when the customer pulled in and that we allowed a belligerent customer to persuade us to serve him. I asked the Lord’s forgiveness for the incident, not knowing for sure if I had done right or wrong. Lois had a word for us, saying we need not be concerned about business.

Prophecy – Jonathan’s Prophecy: Paul and Kerri’s Status to Be Dealt With

We discussed Paul and Kerri’s situation and received that the issue wouldn’t need to be settled immediately. Jonathan received, “Jesus’ will be done.” I took it that it would be; the prophecy was an assurance. Kerri left for home, and Paul remained so that we might do whatever was needful.

Prophecy – We Do What We Are

Troubled about ideals I thought I should be living up to, the thought came to me: “Did Jesus become what He was by what He did, or did He do what He did because of Who He was?” That settled it. We are what we are, God’s workmanship and not our own. If Pharaoh, Cyrus, Jacob, Esau, John the Baptist, Nebuchadnezzar, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Peter, and Timothy can be themselves, so can I; as God purposed them as they were, so with me.

Prophecy – A Word from Chewy

We met and talked with Chewy from Austin, Texas in the bakeshop, a man perhaps in his late 50’s, early 60’s. He had a Word for me: “You need to come to the place where, when you speak what you believe and others reject it, it won’t matter – you don’t look back.” (I had expressed concern about another fellow in the shop, Lannie, to whom I had spoken, being offended by things I had said.) I concluded Chewy’s advice to be from the Lord. For all I know, he was an angel unawares.

Prophecy – Jonathan’s Prophecy of Order and Authority with Us

On December 20th, Jonathan came to me and described what he saw as the line of authority among us and how it would change. He saw me first, then Paul, Lois, and Marilyn. He saw Mark and Trevor off to the side, with Trevor above Mark.

This is the change he saw coming, which was already in progress: Trevor would now be on the side, taking my former place as cut off from authority and influence; Mark would be set in charge of the farm, and I would be “with Mark,” in that we would be involved in the primary decision-making. He saw that Mark’s responsibilities would be increasing.

Prophecy – Pascal Comes for Prayer

On the December 23rd Sabbath, Pascal Gregoire paid us a visit, asking us to lay hands on him and pray for him that he might receive the Spirit of God. We were all in agreement that we weren’t free to do so. Paul was present with us. “First things first,” was what we were hearing; there first needed to be a repentance worked out. Pascal wasn’t happy about that and soon left. We would be surprised at the news we would receive of him in days to come, but especially at the news precisely 50 days later.

Prophecy – A Realization of My Work and Calling

I awoke on the morning of December 29th after a troubled night of thinking of various things. I realized that Archie had been confronted in my ninth letter and the enemy in him fought it off.

I also received that I am the voice and hand of God in this world to confront and rebuke all who come or to whom I am sent.

Prophecy – It’s Over

On January 7th, as I was coming into the house, I looked at Marilyn and heard the words, “It’s Over” (I also saw both words in capitals, as written). What did it mean? I didn’t know. Curiously, before all the trouble began, I had been humming Roy Orbison’s song, “It’s Over.” At times when Marilyn heard me humming it, she objected, perhaps especially when the words like, “Your baby don’t believe/love you anymore,” came up. However, I regarded those words I heard as positive, not negative, as though the painful process was completed.

Prophecy – A Word for Alecia Warren

Alecia Warren called asking for prayer concerning a major operation coming up for her. I discussed her request with the others. We were divided as to what we should do until we talked to Paul. He said the Lord would heal her if she acknowledges who I am and that we are the people of God. She needed to turn from a “one woman, lone ranger” show, shedding her independence.

I called Alecia the next day and she asked if we had a Word for her. I said, “Yes,” that three or four of us had received a Word for her (though it was Paul who spoke and we agreed with him). I emailed Paul’s words to her, along with Here is the Way It Is. I also sent her other writings. On February 15th, she emailed me, rejecting any more communications. I wrote her back, confronting her. We never did hear what happened to her or if her case was as serious as she said it was.

Prophecy – A Blessing for Steve and Kerri

While in Helena, I met with Steve Hartman and Kerri, who seemed quite nervous about meeting with me. I had a prophetic and curious blessing for them as they were planning to marry, which I wrote on April 14, 2001. I delivered it to them on May 24th, when we were invited to supper at their place. Was this the marital blessing Kerri had asked for?

As I enter this blessing here, I still have no idea why it occurred, though we were all agreed that they should marry. I confess I have my doubts about it for several reasons, but here it is:

Who can understand the ways of the Lord God, Who does all things and does them all perfectly?

Before any of us drew breath, He had ordained that these two persons should be brought together for their sakes to His glory and for His purposes established from the beginning of time.

This is the Day of the Lord. Steve and Kerri, length of days here on earth is not what it is all about; neither is the quality of your days together your responsibility to perform and accomplish. Yehoshua Adonai HaMashiach, commonly known as the Lord Jesus Christ, has determined and is bestowing grace upon you. He has blessed you and will bless you all your days, which will not be few. As for the quality, He will take care of that for you as only He can. It is not your righteousness.

Blessed be your relationship, blessed be your children, and blessed be the fruit of your labors and endeavors.

The Lord Jesus Christ is what everything is all about. You will know that, and you will never forget it. There is nothing in all of existence to prevent God’s blessing upon you.

In this last day, the Great and Supreme I Am has ordained to establish order among mankind, the order He had created before the sin of Adam, wherein Adam heeded the voice of his wife rather than the Voice of God.

To you it has been granted to be among the firstfruits in the history of mankind to have a proper and orderly and God-ordained husband-and-wife relationship, wherein the husband looks to God and not to his wife. In turn, the wife will learn to look to her husband even as he looks to the Lord God. This is God’s order on earth, ordained in the beginning but lost throughout history and now finally restored. This is the Day of the Restoration of all things.

Your relationship will be an example to all of how a marriage ought to be. And truly, it will be God’s doing. Neither will it be like anything witnessed by man heretofore. You will see the order and harmony of God destined throughout the history of man for this day. So will others.

Shall I say, “God bless you”? God has and is blessing you, and I bless you and rejoice with you. Go with God, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Great I Am. He reigns supreme over all things.”

“Trust the LORD always, because the LORD, the LORD alone, is an everlasting rock” (Isaiah 26:4 GW). Amen!

Twice, Steve expressed appreciation for the blessing. That evening, after the visit, I told Paul that in the next day or two, Kerri would want to come and talk about the visit. On the 25th, she came to talk.

Prophecy – Evil Days Approach

On our 41st Sabbath and the 4th year anniversary of the day I began my major fast of July 20, 1997, I had these words from the Lord:

“They are surely coming, says the Lord, and the land will be laid waste with all desolation of every kind. Fire and brimstone shall overtake even the strongest, who rest confidently and quietly in themselves, getting gain from every quarter while the meek and lowly implore. I will comfort the meek and the lowly, and show Myself strong to the strong, but not on their behalf. For I am strongly against the strong and they shall have no hope in Me for I am against them.

The shadows will fall and already fall on the mighty, who cannot see, cannot discern the signs of the times. They think they have prepared for themselves provision for rainy days. But I have news for them! My rain will violently wash away all that they have stored, and they will have nothing remaining.

If we could do more, we would, but we can’t; the time has come. Fear, fear all, for the time has come upon you, and even the righteous can scarcely be saved, how much more shall the ungodly perish in one day, even one hour! Swift destruction approaches, silently and surely, covering the earth.

But you are safe; you I will keep; you have nothing to fear though you will be afraid. I have kept you and will keep you. That is My covenant with you and I cannot break it. I cover you with My covering and you shall be covered; you shall be kept; to My glory you shall be kept, and all men will know that you are Mine and that I have loved you.

You have been despised, rejected, forsaken, mocked at, and ridiculed. You have been evil spoken of, but I tell you that one day men will speak well of you when they hear the report of all things as they are. And they will hear them, for I shall tell them, for there is nothing hid that will not be made manifest.”

Prophecy – Jonathan Prophesies for Jann Gouw

Jann Gouw came to do siding on the farm house. Then he found himself in the hospital, having suffered a stroke. We began to speak to him of the things of God. I was considering giving him several pieces of literature – he said he would accept any and all that we would give him. Then Jonathan said, “Dad, I think I just had a prophecy: ‘Give him a Bible and nothing else’.” So I did.

Prophecy – Trevor Bent on Sara and Warned

However, was Trevor bent on getting rid of Paul so he could have Sara? He practically stalked her, phoning, emailing, and looking into immigration possibilities. He was quite sick, in need of deliverance. He hadn’t heeded the counsel and prophetic command of God by Jonathan on September 5th to drop it. I feel powerless to do anything about it.

On November 3rd, Trevor was still in his obsession with Sara. Jonathan then said, “Dad, I think I just had a prophecy: ‘Tell Trevor that if he doesn’t drop all this with Sara, he will be destroyed’.” I called the farm and related Jonathan’s message to them. Lois, Mark, and Mariko all agreed with it.


Prophecy – Prophecy Come True?

That night at bedtime, Jonathan said to me, “Well, Dad, I guess my prophecy came true.”

“What prophecy was that, son?” I asked.

He replied, “You had a choice. Remember that vision I had of the ‘Y’? You could go one way, the Lord would pile you with business and you would lose your life, or you could go the other way with some business and keep your soul.”

Father, it was hard to give Katie that Chi. Is this increase in business a reward for loving You or for chasing after mammon? Which? I’m afraid it is as Jonathan prophesied.

Prophecy – Forrest Revisits and Jonathan Speaks

Forrest called to tell us he had a message for us. We let him come, but there was no message that we could discern.

We told him he was in a muddle, but the Lord could bring him through. He continued to come against me, criticizing all of us. I told him he was speaking in his own righteousness, not God’s, and that we were speaking in the righteousness of the Lord, not our own. I told him that he was worshiping a god formed in his own image and that the coming of the Lord was here, now.

Jonathan spoke up in prophecy to Forrest, saying he needed to submit, that he was always justifying himself. Jonathan said that we were rejected, not rejecting, and that Forrest needed to be with us, as us. Trevor then drove him home.

Prophecy – Paul to Come

Jonathan prophesied that Paul was to come soon. We had two different ideas of what was meant: one, that he would come physically in the next few days to visit, and/or that he would come to live with us. It was neither, but it was a true Word, as we would find out.

Prophecy – Jonathan’s Prophecy for Mariko

On February 18, 2002, Jonathan had a prophecy on Mariko, that she was taking things lightly and needed sobering up and chastening. The time would come when she would receive exactly that.

Prophecy – Mariko Must Die

I had a Word for Mariko. I told everyone that in the walk of faith, it is required that we step out of our comfort zones. Mariko was told her intention was to get and not to give, to add to her present life, not end it and start a new one. I told her there was only room for one: her or the Lord. “You have come with a full glass, to add color and flavor to it. The glass must go altogether, not just the contents, and a new glass must replace the old. As long as you keep what you have, you will only have that and nothing more.” Soon, Mariko went to fasting.


Prophecy – Three Excuses (related to prophecy for Kumiko)

Mark’s former acquaintance, Kumiko Konoshita, was having problems with us:

First, she was offended that we were selling Chi machines. I don’t know what her impression of us was or what she thought we should be doing, but she didn’t think we were being godly by merchandising.

Second, it was difficult for her to accept the constant conflict between me and Marilyn, particularly when it involved a third party, which in this case resulted from Marilyn insisting on another man as her soul mate and lover. How could the answer of God be with us? Not surprising.

Third, and this one did surprise me: when we told and proved to her by the Scriptures that Jesus Christ was God, it seemed to be what finished her. As far as she was concerned, He was a great man and we should leave it at that – He wasn’t God.

I had communicated many teachings to Kumiko from 1999 to 2002. Here is the last of our correspondence some time later, though I have no record of when it was. I was dealing somewhat with the second and third issues that had troubled her:


“Greetings Kumiko, in Christ Jesus, Lord of lords and King of kings!

“I thought of you last night, wondering if this address is still functional, and how you are doing. I thought it strange that you withdrew yourself from us over the issue that Jesus Christ is God. I wrote you on that truth and believe the same things now as I did then.

“I suspect you were thinking, consciously or otherwise, ‘Look at Hirohito! He too thought he was God and disillusioned our entire nation! Never again!’

“To that thought, I reply, man was never God, but God was a man, as the Scriptures testify:

“‘For let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Himself the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men. And being found in fashion as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross” (Philippians 2:5-8 MKJV).

“Hirohito, along with countless others, has thought or presumed to be the incarnation of God. Only those who are born again, however, are His incarnation – not that Jesus Christ is limited to only one person. His body is of many.

“I think I also discussed with you the time you were involved with us, Kumiko. However, I would like to express those thoughts, regardless. You were present and witness at a time when we were being taken by the fires, all of us. The turmoil was great. It was confusing to you. This ordeal was testified to by the Lord in many places in Scripture as, for example, here:

“Do not at all fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the Devil will cast some of you into prison, so that you may be tried. And you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful to death, and I will give you the crown of life. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be hurt by the second death’ (Revelation 2:10-11 MKJV).

“He gave seven promises, and has fulfilled them all for and in us. Another one is:

“And he who overcomes and keeps My works to the end, to him I will give power over the nations. And he will rule them with a rod of iron, as the vessels of a potter they will be broken to pieces, even as I received from My Father. And I will give him the Morning Star’ (Revelation 2:26-28 MKJV).

“We were cast into a prison and a fire. It was very necessary, like greenware clay pots needing to be baked in a kiln. We have overcome, Kumiko, and now we have a glorious victory we had never known. We live now in His resurrection power, the reward of overcoming. This was established in 2000 and has continued with increasing vitality.

“Will you read this letter? Are you there? Have you been receiving the Issues of Life? I would like to hear from you. We all would.

“Thankful for the trial that was, and for the fruit it brought to us, an eternal fruit that cannot perish,


Kumiko left us, either casting away faith and unable to be honest with us, or the Lord simply took her out to seek and to find the truth the hard way, independently of the Lord’s servants (the prophecy for her seemed to indicate something to that effect.

Prophecy – Ingrid Stalled

I received that all would go well with Ingrid’s coming. Then we received word that Ingrid was stalled in coming. I received that she needed to obey God. All agreed.

When I speak the cross to anyone, I’m in great turmoil with that one. Now it is with Ingrid. Not long ago, it was with Miyuki.

On the morning of April 18th, I received that Ingrid must not leave Belgium secretly but openly, declaring that she will do so with or without the children. She must risk the consequences of public testimony, entrusting herself to God.

Prophecy – Marilyn Sees black with Ingrid

Marilyn was troubled about Ingrid coming to Canada. She said she saw black. I told her it was fear, and that the Lord had spoken and doesn’t speak by fear. She said it wasn’t fear, but troubling. Indeed, Ingrid would have a troubling. Would she be a troubling for us?

Prophecy – Battle with and Promise for Marilyn

When Marilyn has her time of month, the legions of hell come forth raging. This time, while we battled, Jonathan had a Word concerning her: “Mom’s changing inside but it isn’t visible yet.”

Prophecy – Visitors from the Twelve Tribes

Nadiv (a.k.a. Harold Urban, legal name), his wife Nahara, and their newborn, Shemini Yom (their community-adopted Hebrew names) arrived July 5th about 6:45 p.m. from Nelson, BC, ready to begin the Sabbath and weekend with us. They were quite excited. We received them warmly.

The Twelve Tribes swaddle their newborns, wrapping their arms against their bodies for hours at a time. Nahara told me it taught the children discipline for one thing. They have a dress code with what seems to be rather uniform but practical, healthy, and modest clothing appropriate for men and women. The men wear short ponytails and beards, for practical purposes, they say, which also makes sense.

They have a worship code, and an actions code. There are many laws and principles that apply to all their lives – even going to the bathroom. Nadiv tells me they squat for a healthier, more evacuative bowel movement, claiming that sitting on modern toilets inhibits proper movement, which seems to make sense.

We talked until late in the evening. On July 6, we asked them many questions and talked all day. The Lord told me this event was big and far-reaching. Lois and Trevor expected that something significant was happening. Paul said there would be a division in their organization because of this visit. Both Ingrid and Sara were also present this weekend.

Editor’s note: Years later, it turned out Paul’s words were prophetically accurate.

I confronted Nadiv and Nahara on those things I saw as error. I saw them as into good works, placing the cart before the horse, doing these works in their own righteousness. Paul put it well in correspondence with Sholom, another Twelve Tribes member: “You have sought to demonstrate the invisible God by the visible works of men, while He demonstrates Himself in visible men doing the invisible works of God.”

I spoke to them about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, which they didn’t believe, much less experience, as a group. I also told them community living was a god to them, not that I faulted community living per se.

They kept referring to Master Yahshua. I told them they knew Him as “Master,” would know Him as “Friend,” and finally, as “Brother.” I said, “You’ll be able to look Him in the eye (Nadiv said he couldn’t) and see Him in you and you in Him. You will see Him as He is.”

“Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be. But we know that when He shall be revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is” (1 John 3:2 MKJV).

I told them that where we were (spiritually) was the Kingdom of God; we didn’t need to await Christ’s return. He was here, in us.

We sent them away with a good supply of food. They were quite happy to have met us, and asked us if we would be willing to be a stopover between Winnipeg and Nelson. I said, “The door is open.” I didn’t say this because I agreed with them but because I welcomed opportunity to bear witness to them of the truth.

As they left, I saw some barely concealed cynicism in Nadiv toward us, and I also believe they were a little shaken. Why? I don’t know for sure, but I think it was because they found they weren’t the only ones thinking to share in community. Also, we didn’t reject them, as is the custom with practically everyone else they meet in a spiritual or religious context. Perhaps they wear rejection as a badge of honor, thinking they are hated and persecuted for righteousness’ sake. We pinned no such badge on them.

They have been trained to think that only those belonging to one of their Twelve Tribes in the world are of God. If we weren’t members of their organization, we weren’t holy before God. Though they were naturally reluctant to say these things directly, I managed to press this much of an admission out of them.

I later learned that founder Eugene Spriggs actually categorizes people, as do the Jews, into three distinct groups – the holy, the righteous, and the filthy. It seems they believe that only their members are holy, of course, but that we could have favor with them if we received and agreed with them in all that they believed even if we weren’t members. Thus, we would be known as righteous.

The filthy are those who despise or have nothing to do with them or their thoughts and ways. The day would come when they would deem us as filthy.

Prophecy – A Prophetic Rebuke from Jonathan for Me

When we returned home, Marilyn tried talking to me about how she had shared at the farm and how nobody seems to be sharing as a group, that all we talk about is farm, food, and finances. I couldn’t grasp where she was coming from and got frustrated. We got into a bit of a fray, she cried and asked to pray, and I didn’t feel like praying but said she could or should if she wanted to do so, and she did.

I had words and thoughts come at that time (though I wasn’t sure if it was of God or of me) along the lines of “The Lord resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Take the lower seat, humble yourself, and accept your station. The last commandment is ‘Don’t covet your neighbor’s good’ and the first is ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart.’ Don’t envy your neighbor. The first shall be last and the last first.”

I went outdoors to do some weeding with Jonathan. Then he said, “Dad, I had a prophecy when we were inside.” He was reluctant to tell me for fear I might get angry, he said. “When have I ever gotten angry with you for any prophecy?” I asked. He said I hadn’t but that this one was different, one I would not like. “Speak it,” I said. He then spoke these words, “You are selfish, ignorant, arrogant and proud.”

I could readily see that. We later came into the house and told Marilyn. She readily agreed that these words were true. I told her I believed them and that I had been like that all along with everyone in many conversations. I told her I often could sense being that way.

I then called Lois and related the prophecy to her. She wanted to talk to the boys. They discussed it, she called back and said they didn’t know what to make of it. But I knew that I was all those things.

Lord God, that we be your holy people, uncompromised and uncompromising. Thank You, Lord.

Prophecy – Is a Fat Wallet Wise?

There has been a pattern in our lives repeated many times. When our savings grew, we began to realize there was a specific purpose coming for them, usually a mission, as was the case in going to Israel and speaking the Word of the Lord to Paul. When that purpose was fulfilled and the money spent, we would start the process again. This time, money came in from the Benson estate, more than we seemed to need, and it was not going anywhere.

On October 15th, I asked the Lord what we should do with it but no answer came. Or did it? On the evening of the 26th, I heard these words: “Is a fat wallet wise?” I’m constantly, unrepentantly doing things to maximize my profits – in nickels and dimes, yet letting the dollars slip away.

God, help me!! Do Your will upon me!

I judged the question to be rhetorical, the answer being “no,” but I still didn’t know what to do with the money. I didn’t know that I should give it anywhere and I wasn’t about to invest in any kind of stocks again.

Editor’s Note: As I was editing this document on November 17, 2015, I suddenly realized why the Lord had provided that money from the Benson estate. Most of those associated with us at this time will know why and the rest may find out soon enough, should I continue the Theo-autobiography to the date of this edit.

Prophecy – A Change in Course

Marilyn heard the words, “a change in course,” meaning we were going to see a change in direction and operations. We shared this with the others. I said we were to fear nothing, that it is our day now.

You, Lord, are healing and cleansing, preparing us with finishing touches for the work You have called us to.

Prophecy – The Opposite Promise

Marcia came to Helena and the three of them arrived at 6:30 PM on April 11, at the farm in time for our Sabbath eve supper. As we sat in the dining room, the patio doors were open, the weather was fine and the birds were singing. This time, I received the very opposite of what I had received in October of 1995 when we were seated to supper and the patio doors were open, too. Then I heard there was a storm coming. This time I received that there would be peace and abundance.

Prophecy – A Word from the Lord?

Mark received the words, “What is, is: what was, was; and what will be, will be.”

We may so need these words. The Lord reigns over the past, present and future. “It is not in man to direct his steps,” as Jeremiah says. We can’t change the past, so we let it go. We can’t determine the future, which we have proven thus far. We cannot, therefore, control the present any more than we could in the past. So why worry? Just learn to obey.

That being said, Jonathan just declared, “Before marrying, Trevor needs to prove himself considerate of everyone else.” Unknown to Jonathan, I had said similar things on the Sabbath to some at the farm.

Prophecy – Be Bold to Speak

Many times have I been told and again today, July 1, 2003, the message comes home strong – “Tell it like it is; have faith; don’t mince words; be bold; be direct, without delay or compromise. Speak! Speak! Speak!”

Prophecy – Retirement at 33

Our lives have been quite unconventional, occupationally. Paul and I were listening to Joe. He was promoting wealth and early retirement through Hsin Ten. So many times in the past I have heard promoters of wealth selling their investment schemes and opportunities, promising enough for early retirement. It occurred to me that I had already retired, and was free to come and go.

But at what age did I retire? The last work for financial reasons (at least partially) was in 1984 when I did MH Consulting for a few months. I was 38. But there were periods prior to that time when I wasn’t given or required to work. Therefore, I subtracted the time periods I was not working for pay – 1974 while in Bible school, 1975 while in Europe, 1976 while in Prince Albert with the Patricks, 1979 while in Israel, and about a year with shorter stints accumulated, which added up to 5 years. Thirty-eight (my age in 1984) less five equals thirty-three. Effectively, I retired at age 33 without any savings, insurance, investments or guaranteed or even foreseeable income of any kind. I’ve been retired from the work of the world ever since. Any other work has not been for livelihood.

The Lord’s Word in Bernalillo that I would be free to come and go while He did as He pleased with me came to pass. He has wondrously provided for us.

Who says there is no God?

Prophecy – Stubborn and Stupid Incarnate

We talked to Cody about Trivita, which uses the Lord’s Name but has nothing to do with Him. Cody argued.

We talked to him about Somalife, of which the Lord said, “Men tinkering with complexities they don’t understand.” Cody argued.

We talked to him about the copycat Chi machines from John Stewart, and how it was immoral to sell them for two reasons – the producers were stealing from the producers of the original, and the machines did not do the same thing at all; on the contrary, they did damage. Cody strongly resisted and argued.

We talked to him about Roger Snow’s polluted hemp product and his questionable marketing strategies that tried to give the image of being organic when Rocky Mountain Hemp was anything but. Cody simply would not listen until problems followed to confirm my judgments and declarations. For example, Cody was buying wholesale and selling retail to some people who decided to buy direct from Roger, which Roger allowed. Thus Roger used the retailer for connections and then betrayed his distributors.

We talked to Cody about FEMO, an acronym, I believe, for filtered, energized, mineralized, oxygenated water. He had the company install a display full of 5-gallon plastic bottles. One evening we tried it and it tasted terrible. We energized it with our revitalization devices and all four of us found a remarkable change for the better in taste quality. Even Cody had to admit it.

We told him the water wasn’t suitable compared to what we offered. Reluctantly, he returned it. Had we not demonstrated and persuaded him, he would have continued his course. He couldn’t care less about the health of others, though his business was called “Journey of Health.” His sole goal was money, any way he could get it, including using the Lord’s Name and professing faith in Jesus Christ to get it.

We also talked to Cody about Quorum Global, an MLM distributor for Nanotech products, pillows and all, knowing by revelation that this enterprise and its product were not right before God. I was also annoyed because he had just invested his money in this product after borrowing from me, saying he didn’t have money to pay what he owed me. I persuaded him to take advantage of their 30-day return policy, which he did. The company went bankrupt within two or three days of Cody getting a refund. He would have lost over $1800.

Did he appreciate anything? Not at all. We had to fight with him to accept our water revitalization products, the Chi, organic hemp – all good products. He fought to keep the evil and refuse the good at every turn. The man was simply stubborn and stupid, fully selfish. Yet people not knowing him found him to be just as pleasant, friendly, and innocuous as they come. If appearances ever deceived, this was a prime example. We would see much more; he was only getting primed.

Prophecy – The Tree of Life Not Attractive

Nathan was going to give us a tour of Maui but changed his mind when advised by two people in his church (one of those being Steve, I would expect) to have nothing more to do with us. We talked to Nathan for about 40 minutes, and he left us, disturbed and full of contradiction.

Nathan asked us why we had no love or joy (as he knew it). In taking time to pray with him about it, I received this peculiar answer: “If they had found the Tree of Life attractive, they would have partaken of it.”

Back at the hotel, I wrote a five-page letter to Nathan with intent and desire to reach him. When we went to the booth at the Westin to deliver it, he wasn’t there, but a man promised he would give it to him so I left it with him.

Prophecy – A Diminishing, Disagreeable Audience

The Issues of Life correspondence had begun. Many people on the initial mailing list were people who gave us their email addresses for business purposes only with Harvest Haven. When we began dealing in personal and spiritual issues, many bowed out, but we drafted many others from anywhere we found email addresses, some who consented, many who did not. Of those, several declined while many others continued with us. Our mailing list grew to be consistently over 3000.

At one point Jesus had many disciples, until the majority of them left Him. Even the multitudes He had taught and healed turned on Him in the end.

I often tried to tone down the approach and language so as not to offend but I was finding that sooner or later, issues would arise and those not meant to receive what we offered would go their way after many hours of discussions. We soon learned to cut to the chase and deal with people promptly, directly, and decisively.

Lois too received the words, “Speak now, at the first available opportunity.” I recalled Hugh Crawford and others, and thought, how do I know how much time I have to speak and how do they know how much time they have to hear?

Prophecy – The Tightening Noose

We decided to catch a flight from Montana so I drove to Helena on December 12. There I had Sabbath eve supper with Paul, Marcia and Sara. In that visit, Marcia was addressed, and Sara was struggling (the girls were not getting along while sharing a suite). To them all, I prophetically said, “The noose is tightening and there is a great tyranny in process,” speaking of the whole world, at the very least, North America.

Prophecy – Another Hsin Ten Cruise

Paul and I were slated for another complimentary cruise with Hsin Ten. This time, however, we would be meeting many people who had also won the cruise and with whom we had conflict in the spiritual correspondence of recent past. These were Conrad and Judy Ching, Bob and Karen Nelson, Deanna Sudweeks, John Oldham, Martina Rodriguez, Chandler Mitts, and others. As we contemplated the possible unpleasantries, I had words come to mind: “Better to be a true friend and hated, than to be false and loved” and “Better to be a friend of God at the expense of favor with men, than a friend of men at the expense of favor with God.”

Prophecy – Jonathan: “He is Fallen”

So many times has Trevor been rebuked, and again on April 23, 2004. This time, Jonathan heard these words concerning him: “He is fallen.”

Prophecy – Bob Fife Calls (Fulfilled)

On August 17th, I called Bob to see how he was doing, particularly with Sean. He said things were great. Then he called five days later, troubled and grieving over his situation with Sean. “He’s driven! He knows it all, tells it all, and won’t relent or repent of anything. He’s cold, empty, hurting, and judgmental.”

Lois’ prophecy had come to pass. I could only tell Bob that Sean was a product of the sins of Bob’s past, though Sean had his personal chosen sin, as well. I told Bob I expected that their time was for God to work things out between them.

Prophecy – Victory and Rest

In the same morning, hundreds of miles apart, brother Paul and I simultaneously received some revelation from God, which agreed. This happening was not unusual (we have experienced it many times) but the truth is what I would like to share now.

Paul wrote: “I was considering this morning as I read some psalms how the Lord sustains all and is over all, and how He has truly hidden Himself in it. What a marvelous thing; how great He is in that He is all-powerful and sovereign, yet not appearing, while manifest in everything!

I replied to Paul May 14, 2004:

Paul, what you received in the Psalms was what I was receiving early this morning, that God is over all things, including actions and reactions. He is over the way each person is, and a purpose is ordained and being worked out by and through the way everybody is.

Does that mean that we cease being bad? Yes, we must repent, but above that, there is that understanding that He is the Engineer and in control of everything that exists. Knowing that, knowing His intentions, and what He is like (that He is Love, for example, love being unselfish and having perfectly good intent), we can rest despite ourselves and others.

We know He’s over all things, including mistakes, goof-ups, evil acts – everything, that nothing occurs without His supervision and will, that He’s all-powerful, in full control, and will have His way. Knowing these things, though outwardly they appear to not be true, is rest, as you said. This is the victory.

Shall I strive to cease being angry, impatient, intolerant, or critical? While it’s up to me to endeavor to control my passions, the victory isn’t in the controlling of those things but in the knowledge that God has also purposed my infirmities and faults and those of others. Therefore, I can rest, despite myself, my circumstances, and all people.

If He alone matters, that’s all there is to it. Victory doesn’t come by overcoming self, but in knowing the Sovereignty of God and resting in that knowledge. The resting is not a result of work, but the result of understanding God and His ways.

One can only believe God if he loves Him, and he can only love God if he believes Him. If he believes Him, he will obey Him and do His will. His will is for us to rest in Him. ‘This is the work of God, that you believe in Him Whom He has sent.’

What does it mean to believe on Jesus Christ? It’s not a mere belief in His existence or an approval of His teachings, or to do good to others, or to make or give sacrifices, or profess that He’s Lord. All these things are good and necessary, but true faith is more.

To believe in Jesus Christ means that we put our entire trust in Him. To do so, we must know He’s in full control, that He can and does do everything He pleases, that He has our best interests at heart, and that He will, therefore, perform His will to perfection. It is God’s will that we have the knowledge and understanding that He is in full control; this is the Way of Rest promised to our souls – it is His glorious work.

Prophecy – Don’t Hold Back

“He that keeps his life shall lose it, and he that loses his life for My sake shall have it.” The Lord brought home those words to me and would continue to do so, time and again. I would experience both sides of the equation, one joyfully, one sadly, as I grew in faith and boldness to be sold out for Him, no matter what. I also recalled the words Delores sent me in 1982 or so: God is ready to assume full responsibility for the one wholly committed to Him.

Prophecy – Prophecy for Cody and Dena

Father, You are hardening Cody, to destroy him, and to release Dena.” I did not understand or have any idea how these words would come to pass. Nobody did. Nor did we know what would come thereafter, of course.

Prophecy – Marilyn’s Prophecy True

Today, on November 29, 2004, I received revelation that Marilyn’s prophecy of September 1996 was true after all – two parts of three, that is. The Lord did take me, and I have been given a ministry like unto Moses.

By the way, this is one day before our 30th wedding anniversary. We were married November 30, 1974.

However, the other part of her prophecy, that she would marry Sean, was a tare the enemy had come and sown, causing much dissension and strife. Believing that portion, Marilyn was moved to interpret the Lord’s taking me as a physical death. How else could she justify thinking about marrying Sean? “For fear of upsetting me,” she hadn’t submitted that part of the prophecy to me for judgment.

As for my ministry, Paul has been given to me as Aaron was given to Moses, even as the Lord promised in 1984.

Prophecy – The Lord’s Ultimatum to Paul

On July 25, 2004, Paul again confessed to flirting with Marcia. Just before he confessed, I had been weeding my lawn and heard the words, “Have nothing to do with a fornicator that is called a brother.” I told Paul those words apply to him, Marcia, and to all. I said, “Quit now and forever or pack, take your name off the website, and we will have no more to do with one another. I will go it alone.

Prophecy – Or-Kids Organics Closes Doors

We received word that our only private, organic retail grocery store competitor, Or-Kids, was shutting down. Cherie Petrie had been deeply bitter with us, though I had tried to identify and resolve whatever might have been the issue with her. I could only conclude she resented our going into the organic grocery business about the time she went into it in 1995, a curious coincidence, indeed. Never had there been an organic business in Lethbridge; then suddenly, simultaneously, there were two. What’s more, we really had no original intention of going into the grocery business. It just happened. What was the Lord doing?

Now, in relation to Or-Kids, the Lord spoke to me, saying, “You have served your time; you have paid your dues.” I had been afraid of competition and here we had it and overcame, though our location, as well as other factors, were against us.

Prophecy – A Prophecy for Mark, Mariko, and Japan

“As Samson sought a Philistine wife because You sought occasion against that people, so You have caused Mark to marry Mariko because You seek to save Japan.”

Isoya related how Mark was “channeled” into the activities and events of his life and now I see that his life was being prepared for this day, for Your day with the Japanese, Lord.

Prophecy – Better Things in Store

Robert Smylski of Money Solutions approached me on investments. They sounded quite tempting, as many investments can. I took it to the Lord, and here is what I heard: “Give this up and I will give you much more and better.”

In the world, we must literally sow to multiply what we have. In Heaven, we obey, sowing by faith, and we reap a hundredfold. I was thinking of investing $50,000. I knew that if I obeyed the Lord and declined to invest with Robert, I would reap spiritual riches, but also physical or earthly riches.

Would I be thankful I didn’t invest with Robert Smylski!

Prophecy – A Word for Ingrid

On about July 21st, 2006, I had a Word for Ingrid, that she would be taken to the next level of health. Soon after, she got ill enough to remain in bed, in utter unbelief. Then she remembered the prophecy, while Lois, knowing nothing of it, rebuked her for being a “big baby.”

Ingrid recovered but unbelief abided, manifest in everything.

Prophecy – Jennifer to Forsake Son Seth

A friend of Ian Sirias, Jennifer, came to work at Harvest Haven. She was having problems with her ex-husband who was in South America; he wouldn’t allow her to see her family with her young toddler son, Seth, and wasn’t willing to give her full custody. She claimed faith in Christ and asked us what she was to do.

I prayed and received an answer for her. Few are willing to receive the answers I receive for them. I saw that her husband had control over her and held her in fear of losing her son. I told her she needed to surrender Seth to her ex. She seemed to give it a feeble effort, but her heart wasn’t in it. She didn’t, or didn’t want to, believe it was God giving her this direction. Sad. She would remain in bondage until she surrendered her son to the Lord.

Prophecy – Jonathan Suffers Better, Knowing Suffering is Better

Jonathan has often been ill. While I was praying for him on September 14th, I received that he needed suffering because of his hardness. When I told him suffering was good for him, he seemed to take it much better. Today, because he was much better, I told him to not take for granted that the Lord had given him relief.

Prophecy – Paul’s Prophecy: A Battle and Breakthrough with Marilyn

November 30th, 2006 was our 32nd wedding anniversary. Paul said there would be a battle and a breakthrough with Marilyn and me and that he had been in prayer about it. Today, there was a battle and an apparent breakthrough. I was given to be willing to listen to Marilyn air her thoughts and judge them, and she was given to bring them to me and trust that I would be given to judge them in righteousness. We had never had this relationship or understanding before.

The battle began over Marilyn questioning where Mark was coming from in dealing with Sean over Sean’s conduct at Logic Lumber, where Sean, not getting satisfaction from the employee, took an extra sheet of plywood, thinking Logic had shortchanged him. It turned out Sean’s count was wrong and we must return the sheet he took. He should have gone to management in such a situation. Better still, he ought to have confirmed his count.

Mark tried to get across to him the gravity of the situation but apparently was failing. Marilyn came in halfway, heard what she heard, and thought Mark was too harsh or unjust. Learning the facts, she saw she wasn’t right in judging Mark. I had expected her to be taking Sean’s side regardless of facts, as in the past, which she seemed to do, and I was annoyed with it but it worked out in the end. There was understanding. Tomorrow we begin our 33rd year of marriage. What will it be like?

Prophecy – Dealing with the Devil in Our Midst

On Monday, December 25th, Sean was addressed and rebuked. Mark called, saying Sean’s physical problems were getting worse. Marilyn received that the issue was concerning me, that Sean was avoiding/resisting me. It was a matter of submission. Being critical of me, he has never repented of it. I told Sean he expected equality and that there was none.

We were reminded of how I had said to him that he had no respect for borders. If ever we were directing him in any way, we needed his tacit permission to do so. Dealing with him was always a case of watching that one does not step on his toes or offend him in any way, be it ever so slightly. His mother raised a narcissistic, selfish brat with an ego ballooned to beat the moon.

I was reminded of this event in relation to Sean:

“Again, the Devil took Him up into a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to Him, All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me. Then Jesus said to him, Go, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve’ (Matthew 4:8-10 MKJV)”

I said that in today’s vernacular, Jesus was saying to Satan, “And who are you to give Me anything?” I told Sean he was a usurper. Albeit in apparent fairness and considerate, magnanimous fashion, Sean has essentially declared, “I can walk on your territory without your permission, and you can walk on your own with my permission.”

Now I‘ve said to him, “We have full authority to walk on ours and yours because yours is ours. Nothing is yours. What you call your own is not yours. We take the land from you, Satan. You are a liar. All is God’s and we claim it for Him in His Name.”

Since then, we have seen much to be taken from the enemy in all areas.

Prophecy – Life with the Sword

On January 8th, 2007, I turned on the Miracle Channel as I was doing my exercises and saw the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International half hour interview program in Lethbridge. Tony Brennan of Moose Jaw gave his testimony. It was real; it was good, and similar to mine by the Catholic background and influence. I couldn’t argue with it.

Brennan’s testimony makes me ask, “Where have I been? What have I been doing? Am I not indeed harming God’s Kingdom rather than promoting it? Lord, please, please, please deliver me from a wrong spirit, wrong path, pride, or whatever wrong. Have I strayed from You? There has been so much wrong in our midst…strife, adultery, criticism, argument, selfishness, powerlessness, lust, greed, and so much more. How can I possibly be serving You in righteousness?”

Then I asked myself, “But aren’t you doubting and questioning God and His work in your life, Victor?”

I don’t want to do that, Lord, but neither do I want to disregard the plain, genuine testimonies of those who love, trust, and serve you. Lord, You must answer. What would You have me to do? Where am I? Where are we? Hear me, Father, Lord God, and reply speedily! Forgive my doubts, but I need either to be assured in my path that it is perfectly in Your will or I want to be delivered from it to do Your perfect will. Father, please!”

Lois received these words after our conference talk last Sabbath about speaking the truth openly:

“Because you have been willing to draw the sword, the sword will not be drawn on you.”

She shared those words with us today and they were needed, as one may see by the struggle I had. Jesus said, “He that lives by the sword, dies by the sword.” But if I live by the Sword of the Spirit, my life is “given to me for a prey.”

“Cursed is he who does the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed is he who keeps back his sword from blood” (Jeremiah 48:10 MKJV).

Prophecy – Peacemaking and Harmonizing

On January 22nd, 2007, Lois had an uncalled-for reaction with Marilyn. I pursued it and it led to better things.

I received on the night of January 23rd that Lois was afraid and dishonest. I talked to her and Marilyn. They were both claiming the same perceptions of each other…feeling rejected and unwanted. I believed there was a breakthrough. It was evident they wanted good relations and believed one another that each wanted them.

On the 26th, Lois expressed thankfulness for the reconciliation. Marilyn had heard the day before they reconciled that Lois needed her. I told Lois she and Marilyn could now join arm-in-arm, this time for good and not for evil.

Miriam was shut out of the camp seven days, with leprosy, for murmuring against Moses. From the time of my redemption to this, it has been nearly seven years that Marilyn has been cast out of any control and any fellowship with those who believed – everyone at the farm, and elsewhere. It has been nearly seven years since Sean’s excommunication (July 2000).

On the 27th, I reviewed a very unpleasant past with Marilyn recorded in my journal. She was horribly wicked! Has she been shut out a year for each day compared to Miriam? If so, the pay is according to the discipline.

Prophecy – Another Warning Ignored with Consequences

On February 21st, we received this email notice (abbreviated):

Friends and colleagues,

The family of Dan Stewart and the staff of Water Revitalization regret to inform you that Dan passed away quickly and peacefully on Monday, February 19, of an aneurism.”

Dan was not easy to deal with, often grumpy and certainly inconsiderate. We had a conflict with him about sharing our faith with others in Grander. He forbade it and we refused to comply, at the possible cost of our Grander distributorship. He backed off. That was less than three years ago. Just over a year ago, on January 18th, 2006, I wrote him a long, straightforward letter. The following is a representative excerpt of the nature and content, with a prophetic word included:

Would you like more honesty? According to the world’s way of looking at things, pride is a good thing. ‘Be proud of yourself,’ it says. However, the Bible, which you find offensive, says that pride “goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” It says that God ‘resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’  Now you and I needn’t be of similar religious persuasion to know the truth of those words. I find you to be a proud man, and I expect that you are going to be angry with me for my honesty here.  Let God be the Judge between us; He is, and His judgment will be known. Of that, I am fully confident.

With some shame, I confess I have held back from saying these things because I have feared that you would get angry and pull our distributorship, which you have threatened to do in the past. I’ve tried to avoid any conflict with you. I have often found you rude and inconsiderate by phone but chose to ignore your attitude and arrogance. However, I have concluded that if you decide to take our distributorship, for honesty, so be it. We have done no wrong; our consciences are clear. We have been on the alert for a comparable product just in case.

Prophecy – An Answer for Lawn Dandelions

I’ve often wondered about the dandelions in our lawn – to weed or not to weed? It has taken thousands of hours over these nearly 20 years to weed the lawn, and yet dandelions are a wonderful, potent medicinal source. We use the roots for liver cleansing and the leaves for salads. Why weed the lawn then? Why treat dandelions as all others do, removing them, even if without chemicals? Then the Lord finally gave me an answer, and it was so very simple: “There is a place for all things, including dandelions; they are not meant to be everywhere.”

Besides, it’s not about the dandelion weeding but about what the Lord is doing with me in subjection to this burdensome, meaningless activity.

Prophecy – Trevor Granted Wisdom

On June 11, 2007, I had a Word to Trevor that his wisdom is present to believe and receive. I told him he would be given wisdom in all matters, wherever necessary. I told Lois by phone that instead of a huge supervisory burden to Mark, Trevor would now be helping supervise. Trevor told me he had a dream last night that showed the origin of his problem when he was about 5.

Editor’s Note, June 2017: It seems some prophecies such as these have not materialized, yet I post them to let everyone know in all honesty what was happening, true or false, right or wrong. As I look back at these things, I shake my head with wonder.

Prophecy – A Revelation of Our Duty to the Public

I received this revelation on June 27th, 2007:

Only those poor in spirit will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. However, we find none of those anywhere. Therefore, it is our calling to make them poor in spirit. We must impoverish the populace, take away their food and strip them of their clothing. Our job is to speak so that they come to realize they don’t know anything worthwhile. For this, they will and do call us hateful and unloving, but there it is – without those wounds, they will never get turned around.

“A fire devours before them, and behind them, a flame burns. The land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness. Yes, and nothing shall escape them” (Joel 2:3 MKJV).

Prophecy – A Peculiar Coincidence Again

What a peculiar coincidence this time, as though you aren’t already acquainted with some of these!

As I said, I’ve been reading autobiographies of late. I recently finished Benjamin Franklin’s. I’m presently reading Nemat’s Prisoner of Tehran and founder of Worldwide Church of God Herbert W. Armstrong’s autobiography. Last night, I was reading page 508 where Herbert found a 14″ high rock on a hillside and called it his “prayer rock.” I had never heard of anything like that, except that I thought of the common picture of Jesus praying in Gethsemane, kneeling toward the large rock, His elbows resting on it as He looked upward.

Then last night or this morning, as I red Nemat’s book, I arrived at page 61 where she had found her “prayer rock.” One book I had been reading for weeks, on and off, the other for days, on and off, and in the same sitting so to speak (it could have been both last night and this morning), I read of a prayer rock, never having heard of such a thing before.

I take it the Lord is saying, “Victor, I determine all things, the books you read, when, where, how much – everything. I am in full control” (I had some things bothering me – nothing much – which were settled in prayer, then this coincidence came.)

Who says there is no God?

Prophecy – Doubts about the Theo-autobiography

I’ve had serious doubts about the autobiography. Lord, do You want it or not? If this is simply an ego trip, I’m wasting the latter part of my life talking about what I’ve already lived instead of living productively today.

On the lawn, I received that what we conceive of the autobio will be. If we want the best, a worldwide circulation, attracting record numbers, it will be so. We only need to do the job well. I discussed those things with Sara and Paul.

Prophecy – Our Enemies’ Words Our Friends

A customer, Nicole Baker and her husband Shayne, condemned us in her blog for articles we wrote in the Harvest Haven Herald concerning Muslims and Trevor and Ingrid. They declared they would no longer be doing business with us.

I wasn’t in the least sorry to see them turned away. They were in it strictly for themselves and we are not here to save the flesh. God must do the sifting, opening and closing doors. I was wondering about this situation with her public condemnation and suddenly the Lord said, “Be thankful; she is helping spread what you want others to read.”



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