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PART TEN – The Issues of Life (cont.)

ParticleThe University of Lethbridge

This is not necessarily a reflection of all persons at the University of Lethbridge, but in visiting it on September 16, as well as on other occasions, I found it to be Hell. It is dark, stuffy, oppressive, confining, pretentious, misleading, full of empty promise, atheistic, humanistic, confounding – a labyrinth leading only to dead ends in life; it is anti-Christ – generally spiritually unpleasant. They call it “education.”

ParticleStubborn and Stupid Incarnate

We talked to Cody about Trivita, which uses the Lord’s Name but has nothing to do with Him. Cody argued.

We talked to him about Somalife, of which the Lord said, “Men tinkering with complexities they don’t understand.” Cody argued.

We talked to him about the copycat Chi machines from John Stewart, and how it was immoral to sell them for two reasons – the producers were stealing from the producers of the original, and the machines did not do the same thing at all; on the contrary, they did damage. Cody strongly resisted and argued.

We talked to him about Roger Snow’s polluted hemp product and his questionable marketing strategies that tried to give the image of being organic when Rocky Mountain Hemp was anything but. Cody simply would not listen until problems followed to confirm my judgments and declarations. For example, Cody was buying wholesale and selling retail to some people who decided to buy direct from Roger, which Roger allowed. Thus Roger used the retailer for connections and then betrayed his distributors.

We talked to Cody about FEMO, an acronym, I believe, for filtered, energized, mineralized, oxygenated water. He had the company install a display full of 5-gallon plastic bottles. One evening we tried it and it tasted terrible. We energized it with our revitalization devices and all four of us found a remarkable change for the better in taste quality. Even Cody had to admit it.

We told him the water wasn’t suitable compared to what we offered. Reluctantly, he returned it. Had we not demonstrated and persuaded him, he would have continued his course. He couldn’t care less about the health of others, though his business was called “Journey of Health.” His sole goal was money, any way he could get it, including using the Lord’s Name and professing faith in Jesus Christ to get it.

We also talked to Cody about Quorum Global, an MLM distributor for Nanotech products, pillows and all, knowing by revelation that this enterprise and its product were not right before God. I was also annoyed because he had just invested his money in this product after borrowing from me, saying he didn’t have money to pay what he owed me. I persuaded him to take advantage of their 30-day return policy, which he did. The company went bankrupt within two or three days of Cody getting a refund. He would have lost over $1800.

Did he appreciate anything? Not at all. We had to fight with him to accept our water revitalization products, the Chi, organic hemp – all good products. He fought to keep the evil and refuse the good at every turn. The man was simply stubborn and stupid, fully selfish. Yet people not knowing him found him to be just as pleasant, friendly, and innocuous as they come. If appearances ever deceived, this was a prime example. We would see much more; he was only getting primed.

ParticleScouts Leaders Praise Canada and the Charter of Rights

Rene and Ann Marie Fontaine did an excellent job as Scout leaders while Jonathan was a member. They worked hard and treated the boys well. I appreciated many of the things Jonathan was learning in Scouts, an organization founded nearly a century ago by Lord Baden Powell.

However, I was chagrined but not surprised that Ann Marie praised the Charter of Rights, something that has done Canada far more evil than good. Much more needful was to have had a Charter of Responsibilities. And while Canada has been a good country to live in, relatively speaking, there’s so much that is decaying and in need of change – spiritually, morally, legally, socially, economically, agriculturally, medically, educationally…in every way.

No, Canada is far from “glorious and free” as its anthem declares; furthermore, it was becoming rather vile in many ways, adopting and approving religions that are treacherous and destructive, adopting homosexuality as a valid lifestyle when the Bible condemns it (though they use the Bible for swearing in court and governmental ceremonies), polluting the country by GMO’s and chemical farming, egregious dairy processing and domination, fluoridation of municipal drinking water, and killing people by the conventional medical treatment…the list here goes on as well.

I understand that Ann Marie was trying to instill patriotism and appreciation, but leaders need to educate themselves on realities, grasping the greater picture.

ParticleThe Hsin Ten Hawaii Trip

On September 19th, 2003, I drove to Helena to meet with Paul and fly to Hawaii. We saw Jim Barngrover and Angella, who saw but would not acknowledge us. We met with Tom Bump, Paul’s landlord, who kept his distance from us, being a friend of Jim’s, and we had Sabbath supper at Marcia’s (she’s a good cook). We met with Sherri Greenberg and her young daughter, Hannah, at the LA airport and visited with them for an hour and a half.

On our way over the ocean, I fell into a pit of depression for a few hours. I felt useless, purposeless and entirely out of place. It was horrible! I took it as an attack of Satan – I was reminded that when such happened, the Lord was preparing me for meeting and talking to someone. It was the pattern repeated many times before over the years. The night before, while talking to Marilyn on the phone, she gave me Psalm 27 as an encouragement and reminder.

These are some with whom we met up, who earned the Hsin Ten trip: John Oldham and Martina Rodriguez, man and wife from Vermont, with whom we would have considerable conflict in the weeks to come in correspondence on business, moral, and spiritual issues (they are Catholic); Joffrion Mitts, whom we had met on cruises; Deanna Sudweeks; Ken Cook and Lee Ann Stetson; Kenny Lai, Joe Hong, Jason Derkevics and Freeman Su of Hsin Ten New York office; Conrad and Judy Ching of Hawaii; Cynthia Thompson from Saskatchewan, Canada; Raphael Garcia, his wife Maria and his sister Rosa from Mexico; Jim Lawson and his wife, and Merle De Yong and his wife.

ParticleThe Chings

Conrad and Judy Ching were successful Hsin Ten distributors in Hawaii. We met them on the balcony at the Hyatt Regency on the morning of September 22nd and joined them for the day. We had dinner together and Conrad brought us along on a sales call.

They professed they were Christians but it didn’t seem to us from the start that they had any spiritual substance. Conrad based his faith on having seen some sort of questionable miracle. He was very business-minded and carnal, not the least interested in the Lord and Judy was no different. The time would come when we would have to speak to them, which we did, by correspondence.

ParticleA Bitter Boy

On a beach walk, we met Nathan Williams, a presentable 29-year old married fellow, employed as a front man for timeshare sales at the Westin. We were led to spend some time with him. He professed Christian faith but we would find ourselves confronting him on unreality, bitterness, and hypocrisy.

After two or more visits, Nathan invited us to a church he attended – Calvary Chapel, pastored by a Steve Santos. It appeared that Nathan had forewarned Steve about us because when we arrived, we received a cool reception. Nathan wasn’t much in agreement with what we had said to him and I don’t know why we took him up on the invitation to another harlot church, except that we took it as a direction from God. There we met Steve, who orchestrated the “worship service” to be centered on him.

We also met Nathan’s mother, Tina, who was divorced and who had her second husband there – Tom Cooper. To whatever degree, Tina had experienced some victory over drug and alcohol addiction, through faith, I think, and was trying hard to convert Nathan to faith. Nathan was quite bitter, perhaps because of the drug background and divorce, the brunt of which he suffered as her child.

When Paul and I met Tina, she told us she had been praying for someone else to talk to Nathan, suggesting we were her answer to prayer. I was thankful to find someone at Calvary Chapel agreeing with us, because in spirit to that point, not Nathan, not Steve, nor anyone else seemed receptive.

I gave Tina a hug of appreciation and was a bit emotional about it, but was sorry for it later. I felt I had compromised somehow. I was also thinking, however, that if she was delivered of drugs and alcohol addiction through any ministry there (if in fact it was there), I didn’t want to discourage her or interfere, suspecting that she could be particularly delicate and vulnerable, as it seems most if not all recovering addicts are.

But I had another thought about Tina – or was it a spiritual knowledge given? For what it was worth, I suspected she was in adultery with the fellow accompanying her, the one we met there. I don’t recall if they were formally married, not that it mattered. Was this part of Nathan’s resentment and bitterness or difficulty? Was it with her? I don’t know.

When the meeting was over, Nathan wasn’t there (he told us he had other commitments) and we were on our own to find our way back to the hotel.

Just another tidbit to point out again how small our world is: Tina knew a Leona Reimer she had met with YWAM (Youth with a Mission). Leona lived within ten miles of Harvest Haven – in Coaldale.

ParticleThe Tree of Life Not Attractive

Nathan was going to give us a tour of Maui but changed his mind when advised by two people in his church (one of those being Steve, I would expect) to have nothing more to do with us. We talked to Nathan for about 40 minutes, and he left us, disturbed and full of contradiction.

Nathan asked us why we had no love or joy (as he knew it). In taking time to pray with him about it, I received this peculiar answer: “If they had found the Tree of Life attractive, they would have partaken of it.”

Back at the hotel, I wrote a five-page letter to Nathan with intent and desire to reach him. When we went to the booth at the Westin to deliver it, he wasn’t there, but a man promised he would give it to him so I left it with him.

ParticleWho Were We?

In her straightforward way, Deanna Sudweeks met Paul and me by the pool and began probing us with several questions. “Who are you guys? What do you do? Are you related?” Seeing us often together, she wanted to know just what our relationship was. While many have asked us if we are related, she knew our names were different and perhaps suspected we were close friends or perhaps even homosexuals, as some had surmised. We gave her the answer, though she wasn’t expecting it. “We are servants of the Lord, called together to speak to all.” In the future, Deanna too would be hearing from us by correspondence.

ParticleDress Trumps Distributor

Joe Hong, Hsin Ten’s marketing manager, held a formal dinner for the distributors “to make them all feel very special,” but required that we each rent a tuxedo to attend. “No tux, no attendance,” he insisted. Being we were not much for formal wear and stuffy events, and the tuxes would cost about $100 each, we declined. It seemed the clothing was more special than we were.

We flew out of Hawaii on the night of the 26th and it took us all night to get home to Helena, Montana where Sara and Marcia had a dinner prepared for us at Sara’s to complete the Sabbath day. The next day, I left for home.

ParticleMuch Conversation and Wrestling with the Dahls

In these days, we had many conversations and correspondences with Cody and Dena, speaking to them about many things, trying to get them to understand and to receive truth. Dena said very little but she was seeing the fallacies and folly of things they believed and did. She was seeing through the Mayfields, their ways, and their Branhamite doctrine. She was seeing through the various marketing schemes constantly coming their way, about which we were warning them. She also seemed to develop an appreciation for things we were recommending they do in their business and spiritual lives.

Cody went along, even with enthusiasm, if he perceived there was something to gain. For the most part, however, he resisted all the way, even though what we said was manifestly proven to him to be true and valid. I have a letter file full of his nonsense and the replies I gave to address it. Mostly, we dealt with spiritual matters, which Dena, seeing and receiving, tried talking to Cody about.

ParticleIngrid and Her Children

I awoke on the morning of October 2 with comfort and a reminder from the Lord that Ingrid didn’t abandon her children. She was tried: “If you walk with the Lord, you lose your children.” They were taken from her and she forsook them, in faith and obedience.

ParticleJoe Hong’s Training Seminar

On October 5th and 6th, Paul, Cody and I attended the Hsin Ten training seminar at the Radisson Hotel in Calgary, sponsored by Hsin Ten, led by motivator Joe Hong.

Supervising were Joe Hong, Kenny Lai, and Peter Poon from the head offices of Hsin Ten. Besides Paul and me, attending was Michael King, who professed faith in Christ, and with whom we would have some correspondence. Michael was hurting and cynical. We tried to help him.

Ken Cook was there; Peter Nickel, our sponsor, who avoided us because of past conflicts arising from his stealing sales from our down-line; Cody and his mother Phyllis Dahl; Loren Greig; Cookie Jacques and her husband, who said they knew Marietta Chabot, a Harvest Haven customer and troubled woman in Lethbridge, whom I had spoken to for hours and tried to help. They said they were thankful she was receiving some spiritual counsel. Marietta eventually cast it all away and even walked away with an unpaid bill at our farm.

There was an SDA lady; and a Georgina, who said she had spoken positively with others of me (she did not say whom). There were perhaps a dozen others attending the seminar, of whom I do not have a record now.

ParticleRetirement at 33

Our lives have been quite unconventional, occupationally. Paul and I were listening to Joe. He was promoting wealth and early retirement through Hsin Ten. So many times in the past I have heard promoters of wealth selling their investment schemes and opportunities, promising enough for early retirement. It occurred to me that I had already retired, and was free to come and go.

But at what age did I retire? The last work for financial reasons (at least partially) was in 1984 when I did MH Consulting for a few months. I was 38. But there were periods prior to that time when I wasn’t given or required to work. Therefore, I subtracted the time periods I was not working for pay – 1974 while in Bible school, 1975 while in Europe, 1976 while in Prince Albert with the Patricks, 1979 while in Israel, and about a year with shorter stints accumulated, which added up to 5 years. Thirty-eight (my age in 1984) less five equals thirty-three. Effectively, I retired at age 33 without any savings, insurance, investments or guaranteed or even foreseeable income of any kind. I’ve been retired from the work of the world ever since. Any other work has not been for livelihood.

The Lord’s Word in Bernalillo that I would be free to come and go while He did as He pleased with me came to pass. He has wondrously provided for us.

Who says there is no God?

ParticleEvangelical Missionary Church Essence

At the Calgary training seminar, we met John and Marilyn Fehr. He was an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Missionary Church. They were a friendly couple but distanced themselves with formality. John particularly stood off with an air of superiority or some sort of presumed dignity. When he delivered his speech as we were all required to do, he gave a preachy “I’ll tell you what’s what,” as though we were the converted flock under his authority that needed some convincing and instruction. I suppose his long years of leading a congregation did this to him.

Marilyn Fehr led a group dressed in costumes as black women singing old spiritual songs like That Old Time Religion. The performance was a bit theatrical – is that what worship of God is all about?

Can we joke or make showbiz of the things of God? People presume these gimmicks make a connection and direct others to God. This church, as with all formal and registered churches, is dead; it’s nothing but a social club. Do I judge the whole organization by this pastor? Yes, I do, but not solely, by any means.

ParticleDr. Dino

About October 13th, 2003, we were introduced via a CD to Kent Hovind, the creationist advocate known as “Dr. Dino.” We found him scientific (he was a science teacher), interesting and entertaining, and with a significant supply of cynical humor toward his atheistic opponents who descend from monkeys, and who couldn’t stand up to him, try as they might.

I see Kent as used of God to show evolutionists for the fools they are. However, there’s something I don’t get. While I appreciate what Kent has been given in understanding creation and exposing the utter absurdity of evolution, plainly, Kent is self-righteous, cocky, and has some foolish doctrines; truth in the depths escapes him. But we would soon discover that the Lord had plans to take care of some of those things. Nothing escapes Him or is left untended.

ParticleJonathan and My Work

My focus has always been my work – to speak, to write, to bear witness to the Lord, and to testify against the world and false religion. My work, I must admit, comes before my son, but I do treasure or nurse the hope that one day, God’s hand will be upon my son to love and serve Him.

Jonathan has regretted my making enemies often, yet there is that in him in which he recognizes value in what I do. He hears of persecution and rejection in the Scriptures and acknowledges that only a genuine, vibrant life, vocal in Christ and unapologetic of God, will do.

ParticleLois Presses for a Meeting Hall

Lois ever has the inclination to push for some excitement or entertainment, a change of scenery, if you will. Now she pushes for a meeting hall. I suspect she’s hoping for some action. We have often talked of having a meeting hall and preaching to the whole locality and perhaps elsewhere. After all, there’s nobody in our area teaching what we teach, such as the doctrine of the reconciliation of all things.

Still, I just don’t see a meeting hall happening. It would seem to me that the need ought to arise before arrangements are made to meet it. I see nobody coming. Surprisingly, we would have our meeting hall; it was only weeks away, though not at all as we expected, and it was a hall that would accommodate as many as might want to come from all over the world – even millions.

ParticleCasting Pearls

Jesus warned not to cast pearls before swine, lest they trample the pearls and then the one casting them. Were the prophets killed because they were guilty of casting pearls? Was the Lord saying that all those who killed the prophets were swine? Are all who condemn the righteous, swine? Was Jesus trying to spare His disciples unnecessary problems or was He simply forewarning us of the inevitable?

ParticleSo Many Professors of Christian Faith as Empty Clouds

On November 1, 2003, Dirk and Celina Kuerchner came for a four-hour visit to Harvest Haven and we conversed on many spiritual topics. Always we look for food, fellowship, and reality with any who profess faith in Christ and invariably, we find nothing. Both men and their wives are empty, the men are following their wives like obedient poodles on a leash. They are allowed to sit in their wives’ laps on occasion, required to stand on their hind legs and be rewarded with tacit approval, but more often than not, the wives silently, secretly (at least in public), subconsciously have contempt for the husbands because they know the men should be leading, not following.

Men would rather be subject to their wives, who follow the serpent, than believe God, obey Him, and lose their wives. At the same time, the women are deceived because they have been poisoned in their minds by the serpent and will resist any inclination or suggestion and prevent any opportunity for their husbands to believe and return to God.

Kuerchners were well satisfied with where they were at spiritually – in the toilet – where rejected substances belong, cold, dull and dead. Lois said they were as little children, taking important matters very lightly.

Empty clouds promise rain but deliver none. Seventeen days after the visit, I had to take Jonathan to the university to meet with them. Jonathan was to join their children for a visit at their place. Celina was there but there was nothing, not so much as a greeting. I was hoping to have some kind of response from them in a Christian context, but there was none. I don’t know why I felt so disappointed. Sadness, loneliness and emptiness overwhelmed me for the rest of the day.

Didn’t I know what they were like from the farm visit only days before? Was there something special about them that I hoped for or expected? Not that I know of, but I felt very down. I soon came to realize that they were a classic example of empty profession of faith in Christ, presuming and pretending, appearing to offer much but taking instead, being children of the devil, empty tares.

Jonathan became very ill soon after being at Kuerchners. I had felt unsettled at the University about his going with them. Perhaps that partially explained how I felt when walking away from them that day. He suffered fever, headache, nausea, diarrhea, weakness, lack of appetite, hallucinations, lung congestion, nosebleeds (four in one day) and coughing, once all day and all night. He was ill for a week.

This was a third time Jonathan fell ill shortly after a visit with religious unbelieving people. The first was with Dave and Cheryl Garratt years before. The next was a visit with the Warnocks in Cranbrook, whereby Jonathan and I both became quite ill. Each time was as a result of our socializing with religious people upon whom was God’s wrath for their lukewarm, hypocritical ways, bringing blasphemy to His Name.

If I go into a forbidden, contaminated zone, I and those with me suffer the contamination, in this case, Jonathan, and my wife and I with him. “Touch not the unclean thing,” the Bible admonishes, and I know firsthand the consequences. When God’s judgment is upon any, I fall under it if I get involved when I shouldn’t; it’s that simple.

Yet, I knew, for example, that I was supposed to deal with the Warnocks.

ParticleThere Are No Others

I recall, at some time in the ’80’s I believe, the Lord speaking to me saying there were no others believing. In 1976 and 1984, He told me He was hurting for His people because they had no knowledge and were perishing. So there were people who had some kind of distant relation to Him but for all intents and purposes, those relations were abominably dismal so as to cause Him much grief and misery.

Were there none aside from us that believed and walked with the Lord? I had a very hard time believing this. “Surely, we can’t be the only ones in the whole earth!” I thought. But as the years passed by, I would find nobody besides us believing.

However, the enemy would attack again and again, saying, “So you think you’re the only ones, huh! That’s the deluded, dangerous attitude of a cult! There are many Christians all over the world. Have you met everyone? What makes you think you’re so special and holy?” We’ve seen many professing faith, with all sorts of Christian labels, but when it comes down to it, they believe and practise lies, all of them.

Whenever I speak the truth to them, they’re offended and almost always withdraw from having anything more to do with us, spiritually, socially or commercially. Do I speak to condemn? No, I speak with hope that something will change for the better for them.

So I think I should shut my mouth, but when I try, I can’t do it. I have to speak; I feel guilty if I don’t, and I know I deny the Lord Who loves me and sends me to them for His sake and theirs. I’ve given up on the thought of not speaking. God forbid I should remain silent.

ParticleShould I Have Spoken?

Now a day when I kept silent came to unsettle me. Lois just called on November 4 of 2003 to tell me Hugh Crawford died at age 54. Just 140 days earlier, I had one more natural opportunity to talk to him of his soul and lack before God but didn’t do it. He told me things had turned around for him and were getting better, so I left it (See Particle – “How Much Time Does Each of Us Have?”).

ParticleFalling Just Short

On the eve of November 7, 2003, Cody and Dena came to Harvest Haven in their dysfunctional car. They drove all the way from Calgary to within three miles of us when the car broke down in cold, stormy weather. A Mormon neighbor, Dustin Wilson, picked them up and brought them to the farm. Was that saintly of the Mormon? Cody told him he was an “angel of God.” Yes, God provided.

Did the Mormon do it out of virtue and love? Did he do something very different that many others would not have done in a snowstorm when someone is having car troubles? I don’t think so. Was he doing it as an opportunity to witness of his religion? That is often the case with Mormons. However, though he was God’s provision, he wasn’t an angel of God; he was only doing his duty, which should be appreciated but not adulated. Yet, who wouldn’t be much relieved and grateful in such circumstances?

ParticleDoes Praise Always Do Good?

What disturbed me was that Cody couldn’t care less about the implications of his words. Thanks and appreciation were one thing, but there he was encouraging someone in Mormon religion, which itself is destructive enough with its many lies, yet Cody professed to know the truth in Christ. Do “nice words” do good? Not always; indeed, it is often otherwise.

I wondered that they had traveled all that way to stop just short of arrival and I took it as an omen or indicator of sorts.

ParticleGod’s Secretaries

I’m thankful for a book that came my way – God’s Secretaries by Adam Nicolson. It reveals the character and nature of the men responsible for the King James translation. Aside from their great education and mastery of several languages, there was nothing special about them at all. They were not holy or righteous by any standard. People have revered the KJV as God Himself. If they only knew, and they can – by reading Nicolson’s book. I think he did a rather credible work.

The KJV was written not by angels but by devils. Some of these translators were drunkards, many were arrogant, power and money hungry, manipulative and deceptive, persecutors and even murderers of Christians, condemning to death those who taught and insisted that the Word of God be the sole authority and not the Church hierarchy and officials. The “Pilgrim Fathers,” a.k.a. the “Puritans” came out of this historical context, seeking religious freedom and fleeing persecution from men such as these KJV translators, who served the abominable self interests of established churchdom.

Nicolson also declares that while James was after excellence, he was also much for circumlocution, so that the translation was open to interpretation, unlike so many translations. He sought to pacify the various powers and to promote unity between them to stabilize his kingdom and throne. In short, he was determined to compromise and win the favor of men.

Yes, the translators were competent scholastically, highly intelligent and educated, admirable experts in both ancient (Latin, Greek, Hebrew) and contemporary (English, French, German, and even Arabic) languages of their day. But they also served the unregenerate regal powers, whom God established, and ecclesiastical powers, which served not Jesus Christ but Satan.

So how does one put these things together? God simply uses all men, believers and unbelievers, to do as He wills. He causes asses to speak to prophets seeking profits (Numbers 22), and ravens to minister to prophets who faithfully serve Him (1 Kings 17).

How inspired of God was the KJV? There were tens of thousands of errors in the first edition. Did you know, for example, that the first edition of the KJV missed the “not” in “Thou shalt not commit adultery”? Oh, my!

ParticleSign Superstore Owner Offended

On November 14, 2003, I was visiting Sign Superstore in Lethbridge for a farm sign. It happened that the manager Howard Elliot and I got talking about the Lord and Biblical doctrine. His boss (or partner), Trevor Howard, who was silently listening, suddenly burst forth without warning, demanding that I leave, declaring that Howard and I were getting nowhere with our discussion and that we were wasting his shop hours.

I was surprised at the outburst, and apologized for taking up their work time, though it could be argued as to what was more important, especially for Trevor. I suspected he was hearing things that pricked his conscience. More likely, he was bothered, as he said, with the fact that our conversation was allegedly costing him money.

Howard Elliot, a Mennonite, later apologized to me and told me that Trevor was a backsliding and bitter Mennonite of their group. That seemed to explain things. How could things go well for Trevor?

Elliot was a firm defender of the diabolical doctrine of eternal torment for the majority of all men, and staunchly supportive of so many of the pagan evils of nominal Christendom. I had the opportunity to share often with him, not that it seemed to be getting anywhere, as Trevor Howard insisted, but I think something was happening that would bear fruit in the future, even if it was to his condemnation.

ParticleA Diminishing, Disagreeable Audience

The Issues of Life correspondence had begun. Many people on the initial mailing list were people who gave us their email addresses for business purposes only with Harvest Haven. When we began dealing in personal and spiritual issues, many bowed out, but we drafted many others from anywhere we found email addresses, some who consented, many who did not. Of those, several declined while many others continued with us. Our mailing list grew to be consistently over 3000.

At one point Jesus had many disciples, until the majority of them left Him. Even the multitudes He had taught and healed turned on Him in the end.

I often tried to tone down the approach and language so as not to offend but I was finding that sooner or later, issues would arise and those not meant to receive what we offered would go their way after many hours of discussions. We soon learned to cut to the chase and deal with people promptly, directly, and decisively.

Lois too received the words, “Speak now, at the first available opportunity.” I recalled Hugh Crawford and others, and thought, how do I know how much time I have to speak and how do they know how much time they have to hear?

ParticleAn Admonition to Speak Boldly

We were reminded again and again to speak clearly, boldly, unequivocally, uncompromisingly, and unapologetically.


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Page 12 PART TEN - The Issues of Life (cont.) Particle - Vision: House with Windows on Second Floor Our public internet correspondences were kindling indignation and opposition from several people who were accusing us of being hateful and arrogant. They couldn't point to any of our words in particular when we asked them to back up their accusations. Still, I don't take these things lightly and have sought the Lord many times for His judgment. Am I arrogant, as some declare? As I was seeking the Lord about this, on January 5, 2004, I saw a two-story, rectangular house with a 4/12 pitch roof. Suddenly two, two-foot square windows appeared on each side of the second story. Light then entered and the once dark second story was illumined. I could see the floor through the windows on the second story. Then I heard the question: "Is the light arrogant? Is light arrogant when dispelling darkness?" On the first anniversary of this vision, 2004, I was writing to an Al Thomas, self-proclaimed prophet and teacher. He was rejecting our right to offer The Public Forum Correspondence by email without his permission. I knew this vision was meant specifically for him, though it is universal truth. I asked Thomas, "Does God need an invitation from sinners before sending His prophets to speak to them?" Particle - Grinding Teeth In a visit to Dr. Rice, our dentist, I was informed that I was a classic example of one grinding his teeth. I wondered, "Why, Lord?" Yes, it has been ...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part XII, Page 4

  PART TWELVE – Troublous Times  to Satan's Second Expulsion (cont.)  Particle – A Proven CulpritI have been weeding my lawn by hand recently, bending my neck. I have felt miserable, with slight nausea and dull, subtle pain in my head, neck, hips, and shoulders. Consequently, I feel anxiety and fear; I get troubled about many things.Recently, I am troubled about having purchased Jonathan’s cell phone, the new building project (which is now resolved with me again), and the matter of Steven Olson coming and by his deviousness, imposing WCB upon us.I’ve also been bothered by past events again, such as being “sucked in” by Rupert and Lise Goodhart of Cochrane and their massage treatment scam. Though Marilyn, Jonathan, and I were treated, we didn’t find any change that we could tell.However, Hale Sherland claims the Goodharts “saved” his life, Lavelda Krisko says her traumatized son stopped chewing his nails, and I believe that Adrian and Bertha Devries seemed to indicate it helped them. Could it be a matter of my attitude? If only it helped them, it’s been a good thing, despite the Goodhart bad heart devices.Back to the issue, when my neck is in pain, I’m troubled, yet all things are resolved when my neck is better, which is now. There’s a purpose being worked out in these things – the Olson matter included. We’ll see what the Lord does. He has been faithful. I’ve seen so many examples of it in the past and recently.Tonight, James brings th...
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