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PART ELEVEN – The Issues of Life to Troublous Times (cont.)

Particle – Dupes Abounding

Evelyn Matychuk was one of the people on the list of Aunt Mary’s heirs. Professing faith, Evelyn gladly received our spiritual correspondence, replied, and sent us free passes to a Benny Hinn “crusade” in Calgary. I replied, telling her Hinn was a contemptible fraud. We didn’t hear from her again.

I stand amazed at how that money-sucking charlatan has handily deceived so many people. To them, he’s a first-class saint up there with Peter and Paul, while I’m the Devil incarnate for speaking otherwise about him. Everything will be made perfectly clear in due time.

Particle – I Get Duped Too

This is a silly thing, I know, but I’ll say it anyway. Do you ever get actors confused? I used to confuse Rock Hudson with Cary Grant, James Coburn with Lee Marvin, Jack Nicholson with Michael Ironsides, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon with one another; and Sam Neal with Hugo Weaving. They aren’t the only ones.

Particle – The Lord’s Ultimatum to Paul

On July 25, 2004, Paul again confessed to flirting with Marcia. Just before he confessed, I had been weeding my lawn and heard the words, “Have nothing to do with a fornicator that is called a brother.” I told Paul those words apply to him, Marcia, and to all. I said, “Quit now and forever or pack, take your name off the website, and we will have no more to do with one another. I will go it alone.

Particle – Paul’s Vision: Bob Nelson Angry

On July 31st, 2004, I emailed Bob Nelson a description of my dream of his house. I also unintentionally sent the interpretation, the latter of which I hadn’t intended because I strongly suspected he would be upset. Paul had a vision the very morning I sent the letter to Bob, wherein he saw Bob with an angry countenance. Paul didn’t know I had even been contemplating sending that letter.

Particle – Questions and Answers of the Lord

My present questions of the Lord are:

One, do I know what I am saying in proper application?

Answer: Yes, You have said, “Speak to all alike.”

Two, are You sending me?

Answer: You would not say the first if You were not sending me.

Three, are we needlessly offending?

Answer: I lay down my life, speak forth, and people will be offended. However, if we are to speak to all alike, how is that needlessly offending? Many will indeed hate what we say. Was John the Baptist needlessly offending with Herod, who had him beheaded? Was Jesus needlessly offending the money exchangers in the Temple, the Pharisees, scribes, doctors, and the authorities?

Four, what about the Nelson dream interpretation?

Answer: The dream is true and so is the interpretation, and it is fulfilled. The Nelsons are exposed. Nobody has confronted Bob on his righteousness, in which he trusts and walks while he worships the dead. Nobody has confronted Karen, either. They have been living false lives. Bob knows better, as Adam did, yet he follows Karen, as Adam did Eve.

Particle – Release from Compulsion for Women

On August 7th, two weeks from the time I said to him, “No more,” Paul said he had new life – a healing from women. This would be the first ultimatum I had given that bore fruit by command. We would see that Paul would never have a problem chasing skirts again. What a release for all!

Marcia has grown cold and withdraws from us. Several times has she been rebuked for her ways and attitude. It’s become evident that she made the trek from San Francisco, leaving behind her second husband “Chuggie” for Paul and not for the Lord.

As days passed, Marcia became defiant, accusatory, and bitter.

Particle – Sara’s Dream: Marcia into the Arms of another Man

Sometime in 2004, Sara had this dream. She records:

Right after Marcia and I had separated [ceased rooming together], the Lord gave me a dream wherein I received an e-mail from her. I brought it to Paul’s house and we red it together. She wrote, ‘I am going into the arms of another man.’ When I told Paul this dream, we both knew that it was for him (Paul) that she had joined herself to us, and not for the Lord.

Editor’s Note: The fulfillment would come.

Particle – Dream – Dena Flees Cody

I had a dream in the night of August 16, 2004. Cody was displaying a chart, presenting it to an audience. Dena was helping him hold it on the wall. He was saying (words to this effect), “If you say it’s for the church, you can write it off as an expense,” or “And the great thing about it is that you can have the best of both worlds.” He was mixing the spiritual with mammon or using God to make money.

I then saw another scene in the dream wherein Cody and Dena were walking inside a haystack, with only their lower legs showing. It covered them entirely, was about two or three feet above their heads, rounded at the top, and about six feet in diameter. Then Dena made a sudden and unexpected move, deliberately or not, I couldn’t tell. They fell to the ground under the stack that collapsed with them.

Suddenly, Dena wriggled out from under the hay. Seeing an opportunity to escape, she dashed away eagerly from Cody without looking about or back.

Cody then scrambled out of the hay, stood up and cried out to Dena, “Come back here!” He began to chase her but then stopped as if giving up the thought. His cry wasn’t one of love or consideration or even sadness. It was the cry of someone whose slave, child or pet dog had escaped in disobedience. He was upset, yet not really caring.

That’s the way Cody has been in everything. Dena didn’t return, nor did it seem that she ever would. She made good her long-awaited escape.

Particle – Islam in Aggression

Whether they live or die, Muslims who believe the Koran and their duty to Allah and Muhammad are set to take over the world. They are full of zeal, wrath, hatred, vengeance, and contempt for “infidels” (non-Muslims).

Particle – Tools of the Enemy

Many times, I’ve questioned what we are doing and why. I talked to Paul on September 7, 2004. We concluded that the enemy attacks with doubts and fears, two of his primary weapons.

Lord, You are giving us to not be afraid. As we lose our lives, we gain them.

I was beginning to see Paul as more and more able to help me.

Particle – A Lesson on Cynicism

As Jonathan was on the Internet, a window popped up congratulating him on being the 1000th person to their site, and winner of $1000. He needed to call an 800 number. Marilyn asked him to wait until she copied down the number, but he, being skeptical, closed the window. He was almost certainly right, but two things disturbed me. One, he didn’t obey his mother, and two, he didn’t base his action on knowledge; his move was one of cynicism.

I said, “Jonathan, there are suckers and there are cynics. Suckers fall for anything and cynics fall for nothing. The common denominator between the two is that they fail to investigate or verify. Both lose out.

I told him that all he had to do was call the number, get the information and decide with knowledge. I wanted him to know the disadvantage of cynicism, although, as I spoke to him, the Lord told me there was nothing to that offer, which I had suspected.

Thankfully, I believe the Lord has given him a healthy dose of skepticism, a much-needed commodity in a treacherous world if properly used. He has also granted Jonathan wisdom.

My other concern was that he disobeyed Marilyn. Jonathan tried to retrace his steps on the net but to no avail.

Particle – Paul Moves

Evicted from Tom Bump’s rental cabin, Paul moved on September 15th and spent his first night in his latest home, coincidentally on The Feast of Trumpets, the first part of the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles (Sukkot).

Particle – Fred Thiessen Family Visits

We received a call from a Fred Thiessen in British Columbia, who wanted to come with his wife and child to spend a few days and learn something about organic farming. We said, “Come!” They were of a Mennonite background, somewhat religious and reserved. As we got acquainted, we shared some of the doctrines we believe, and which were uncommon to Protestantism, such as the reconciliation of all things, not celebrating pagan feasts like Christmas and Easter, and keeping the Sabbath.

But I offended, I believe, in confronting Fred on his spirit of trusting in his own righteousness, not that I should not have said anything, but it was the way I said it. Though I meant no evil, I later realized I was a bit harsh with him and I think that finished him and his wife, though I didn’t realize it until the next day.

They had decided to cut their visit short and were quietly departing. I felt heavy about it, not understanding why. They were very quiet toward us, without explanation or discussion of any kind – some would call it “sulking.” Perhaps it was fear.

Days after they departed, I tried writing Fred at his email; he wouldn’t respond but his wife replied and refused to have any more to do with us. It appeared to be another case of the wife controlling the man while the man prefers it so. Still, I have often looked back with regret at mishandling matters with them – the story of my life. Two stories, actually – mishandling situations and looking back with misgivings.

Particle – Mark’s Dream: Mariko as His Helper

Mark records:

Within the last days of September 2004, I had a dream of Mariko for two consecutive nights. This was odd because I don’t remember ever having a dream of Mariko, even when we were quite involved. When I had these dreams, I had not seen Mariko for two and a half years and had not had much communication with her for some months. I had finally come to a place inside of me of letting her go.

The first was of Mariko accompanying me to a large lecture hall.  As we entered the hall and maneuvered to get a seat, she was walking closely in front of me and I was guiding or steering her where to go or sit from behind by gently holding her arm.

After being seated in a large audience (it reminded me of one of the large rooms at the Lethbridge Lodge) and the lecture began, I felt a need to confront the speaker, in the name of the Lord, on something he had said. I stood up and began to address him (I don’t remember on what though).

What stood out was, contrary to how I had known Mariko to be, she was supportive of what I was saying and stood with me as I spoke. This was a stark contrast to before where I would find her in spirit, supporting the other side when I took a stand in the Lord.

The following night I had another dream where I saw Mariko sitting on my bed in my orange room downstairs, beside my lamp. It was as if we were married and she was beckoning to me with an outstretched hand, inviting me to come over to her. It had no sense of being unclean.

Both of these dreams were very real but I hesitated to tell anyone about them right away, especially the second one, as I felt like I had finally let go of Mariko and was wondering why I would have such dreams at that time.

Within the next few days, however, Mom related to me that while she had not thought of Mariko for a long time and could not even really remember her face, in the last several days she had very clearly seen Mariko’s face in her mind several times.

It was also within a few days of that when Victor suddenly had an urging to write Mariko, though he too had not thought of her for a long time, and tell her she was perishing where she was. That precipitated Mariko quitting her job and coming to Canada on July 12 the following summer (2005).

Editor’s note, 2017: I see this now as akin to Europe sympathetically taking in Muslim refugees. Consequences! With hindsight, I see what hell I was inviting.

Oh, Lord! I had no idea! Did I inquire of You about bringing Mariko in? I don’t recall that I did, though I may have.

Particle – Dream – Mark Wrestles and Overcomes Man

I had a dream on the night of September 30, 2004, the night before Mark and I met with an intelligent, educated, professional man to speak to him of Far Infrared and Grander water revitalization technology. In the dream, Mark was wrestling someone and defeating him by locking his opponent’s left leg, creased over his own. The opponent was flat on his belly.

I realized, in recounting the dream to Lois and Mark, that the person was the man to whom we had spoken the day previous. I perceived that Mark, in his sales presentation of Grander and Far Infrared (FIR), overpowered him, though I am not quite sure how. The fellow ended up attending a HSIN TEN product promotion meeting at Harvest Haven and ordering a FIR Dome and Grander technology. The man was Dr. Karstan Lachman, a dentist in Lethbridge.

There would be conflict in the future.

Particle – Ingrid’s Dream: Marilyn Rejoicing in the Lord

Ingrid had a dream of Marilyn rejoicing in the Lord, raising her hands in praise, saying, “Then I heard the voice of the saints. I’ve been through a hard time.” It was as though she was describing the process she had gone through. All of us were rejoicing in the dream.

Particle – Judging After Appearance

There are those who think they’re wise believing and repeating the popular saying, “One can judge a person by the company he keeps and by the books he reads.”

In Jesus’ day, He was judged by the company He kept, those being “sinners,” with whom He was found drinking and eating. For a long time, John the Baptist kept little company in the wilderness. Of him, Jesus said that of men born of women, there was none greater than John. (By the way, are there men not born of women? Was Jesus speaking of angels too?)

As for books, I have a few but I don’t read them for reasons people might surmise – I use them for reference. Do I believe or agree with what is written in them? Not necessarily. So, whether someone simply sees my books or watches me read them, is there a sure indication of what kind of person I am? Several and diverse conclusions could be drawn. It is folly to judge by appearance alone.

Particle – Assurance All Okay

This morning I asked the Lord about Trevor. He assured me all would be okay. Then Lois called and told me the Lord had told her the same. I also asked the Lord about our trip to Calgary and about Cody and Dena. I was told everything would be okay. Then Paul wrote on Yahoo that things would be okay concerning Cody and Dena.

Particle – Goodharts with Bad Hearts

I met Rupert Goodhart at the WRL Grander conference in Calgary and heard of his and his wife’s massage clinic, Lochend Clinique of Cochrane. In their literature, they made some incredible claims of ability to help people with serious problems, particularly whiplash.

When I called Rupert and asked their fees, he said, “Seventy dollars.” His reply sounded slightly mumbled. I thought, “Okay if they’re good, if they know what they’re doing and get results, it would be worth it.” I wanted to see Jonathan helped with his lack of energy and with the headaches he was regularly suffering. We made an appointment and took a 3-hour drive to Cochrane.

After Jonathan and I had treatments, they charged us $180 each. Lise wrote out the bill in front of me and held it in front of her for a long pause. Rupert came along and stood behind us. I was wondering what was going on, but again, being slow, I failed to analyze. When I asked them for an explanation, Rupert told me the $70 was for a quarter hour. He had not told me that on the phone. Our treatments were for ¾ of an hour, and much of that time was spent on other clients during our treatment. I didn’t complain or protest; I simply paid.

Were there results? Not that we could tell at first. They assured us we would be very thankful I brought Jonathan because, Lise said, Jonathan was headed for deformity by age 17 unless he had their treatment.

Jonathan ended up suffering terrible headaches and nightmares after their treatments. He also complained that as Lise worked on him, she had squeezed or pinched his testicle under the sheet covering him and that it was painful. I thought that perhaps it was an accident as she worked through the sheet so I didn’t say anything.

On the other hand, after we returned home, Jonathan’s face had color in it and he had more energy, which was what Lise had predicted.

As a family, we would go for two more sessions and pay the exorbitant fees before I began to feel that we were being taken by fraudulent operators. Marilyn had a treatment and found herself very pained and bruised for days after, but not helped that she could discern. I too suffered bruises from treatments and recognized no improvement.

Near the end of January 2005, I wrote them a two-page letter expressing my concerns and asked for an explanation and reassurance. They didn’t reply and we didn’t return. Is that any way to do ethical business? I hardly think so. Isn’t it obvious we were taken?

Paul found this in 2017:

I posted a complaint in their condolences section, which of course, they would ignore. To it, I added:

“As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come” (Proverbs 26:2 KJV).

Here’s just another of a multitude of those perishing when doing us evil.

Who says there is no God?

Particle – Or-Kids Organics Closes Doors

We received word that our only private, organic retail grocery store competitor, Or-Kids, was shutting down. Cherie Petrie had been deeply bitter with us, though I had tried to identify and resolve whatever might have been the issue with her. I could only conclude she resented our going into the organic grocery business about the time she went into it in 1995, a curious coincidence, indeed. Never had there been an organic business in Lethbridge; then suddenly, simultaneously, there were two. What’s more, we really had no original intention of going into the grocery business. It just happened. What was the Lord doing?

Now, in relation to Or-Kids, the Lord spoke to me, saying, “You have served your time; you have paid your dues.” I had been afraid of competition and here we had it and overcame, though our location, as well as other factors, were against us.

Particle – Destiny Calls Christopher Reeves

Now we have another coincidence: just as I was about to send a reply to Cody Nemeth on his book, Destiny Will Call Back, Christopher Reeves died. Believing the same kind of philosophy, Reeves had publicly announced he was going to walk again – he “knew” he would. I felt bad for him because I knew it wouldn’t happen.

Are my negative energies more powerful than his positive ones? Many people hold out vain hopes based on The Secret and their presumed ability to determine their destinies by sheer willpower or self-generated faith. It doesn’t work – never did and never will. The faith of the Son of God is the only faith that avails, which is according to the will of the Father, not the child.

Particle – Golden Teeth

We were now giving earnest attention to dental work for us all. I usually estimate high so that when I get the bill, especially for something I know is going to be high, I can handle it more easily. I estimated dental bills for us to be about $40,000, with two or three exclamation points.

Ha! Was I dreaming pleasant dreams! Little did I know that there are very few people, if any, who can “guesstimate” high enough in their wildest imaginations to surpass actual dental bills! I would discover my estimates weren’t even close! This service was with Dr. Karstan Lachman. Several found his work to be expensive, though not necessarily superior to other dentists.

Particle – A Tragic Fire

A customer of Harvest Haven, Jan Howe, called to tell us her house burned down on Friday, November 5th with her second, recent husband, Ernie Hoffman, and two dogs in it. Ernie had been senile (Alzheimer’s?) for the past few years. He accidentally started a fire in their house while Jan was away. Being confused, he couldn’t find his way out. They lived only a few miles from our home.

This was Jan’s report. She was quite averse to our sharing anything of the Scriptures with her. After the tragedy, she collected the fire insurance, sold her property, and returned to the northeastern US.

Particle – Jonathan for Medical Attention Again

On November 20th, while with the Scouts, Jonathan slipped on some ice and hit the back of his head, cutting the scalp open. They took him to the emergency room where he received stitches and was left with a tiny lifetime scar.

I wondered if it happened because I had allowed him to go on the Sabbath, though he had been allowed to do many things on the Sabbath. I just couldn’t see compelling him when his heart was not in being with us. He was growing apart from us spiritually. Why?

Would he have remained with us had I required it of him to be with us? Had he been cut off from us because he wasn’t honoring the Lord in the Sabbath with us? Did I lose him because of my active indulgence in the Chi business? I had no answers. I fear I didn’t want to see Jonathan stifled and missing out on opportunities in the world available to him, like Scouts and so many other things.

Why would I not require Jonathan to keep the Sabbath? Lack of faith? My rationale was that the Lord never gave, or required of, me the Sabbath until 27 years after I believed, so was it so important for Jonathan to keep the Sabbath now? Perhaps, I’m wrong and pay a fearful price for the error? After all, it was by Jonathan that the Lord nudged us into keeping the Sabbath in 2000.

Father, You have the answers. Grant me to honor You and to keep holy the Sabbath day as we ought.

Particle – The Internet Correspondence and Site Busy

Paul and I were now working hard with many letters and wondering how we were going to manage. We had many questions and ideas about posting what we were writing to people. Sara cut her hours in half at Real Food Store to help us. I asked the Lord to supply us with more workers.

Particle – Another Fearful Judgment

Paul met Jeff Fairhall, a successful organic food entrepreneur, at a conference/seminar about the dangers of GMOs in Jeff’s home city, Seattle, in May of ’99. When Paul went back to Seattle for business and meetings during the World Trade Organization conference later that year, he stayed at Jeff’s.

A couple of years later we had a conflict with Jeff when Paul tried to talk to him about spiritual matters, in contradiction to things Jeff believed. Now, in 2004, after Paul sent Jeff The Issues of Life, Jeff arrogantly ridiculed Paul as likely schizophrenic.

A few years later, we heard some peculiar and tragic news about Jeff, as you will see. It was common for those coming against Paul and me to suffer severe consequences.

Particle – Laying a Land Low

In the ‘80’s, the Lord told me He had put a sword in my mouth and in my hand, and that my enemies would not be able to stand against me. An Eddie Narvaez had a religious site and began to speak against us, with help from several of his friends, some of which were downright vulgar. Among them were Lorna Lancaster and Breanne Dyck. On November 22nd, 2004, I recorded in my journal that we would subdue them all and lay their land desolate. Look for a future record of his site coming down.

Particle – Marilyn’s Prophecy True

Today, on November 29, 2004, I received revelation that Marilyn’s prophecy of September 1996 was true after all – two parts of three, that is. The Lord did take me, and I have been given a ministry like unto Moses.

By the way, this is one day before our 30th wedding anniversary. We were married November 30, 1974.

However, the other part of her prophecy, that she would marry Sean, was a tare the enemy had come and sown, causing much dissension and strife. Believing that portion, Marilyn was moved to interpret the Lord’s taking me as a physical death. How else could she justify thinking about marrying Sean? “For fear of upsetting me,” she hadn’t submitted that part of the prophecy to me for judgment.

As for my ministry, Paul has been given to me as Aaron was given to Moses, even as the Lord promised in 1984.

Particle – Weight Gain Deliverance

On December 20th, I looked down at the scale to see myself at the highest weight I had ever been at as an adult: 193 pounds. I said, “I can’t go on like this; one must either use what one consumes or it will consume him. We weren’t put in this world to accumulate.”

As is not often the case, I again was given to lose weight. Without it being given to me, I simply have no willpower to do it. I recorded in my journal: “I plan and purpose to lose 30 lbs. by the 29th of April.” I lost 9 lbs. in the first week. Then I realized that it was on March 20th of the same year that I had experienced a deliverance and freedom on the plane coming back from Austria. It was exactly a term of gestation – 9 months ago.

Who says there is no God?

Particle – The Year 2004

The year 2004 ends with a tsunami in Asia that took tens of thousands of lives, including many tourists from all over the world.

This year:

– we began The Issues of Life correspondence at The Path of Truth.

– Marilyn chose that she and I take a trip to Calgary for the first time together as a family in nine years.

– Paul was delivered from his problem with women and we have begun the ministry to which we have been called.

– Marcia, the “last straw” with Paul, was separated from us; she left with great enmity toward us.

– we decided to not bring volunteer workers to our farm, particularly WWOOF’ers – we would go it alone.

– Sara joined our work with gladness, enthusiasm, and ability.

– while the public correspondences on the internet began about September of 2003, The Issues of Life began about May of 2004.

– we took the decisive stand to vote for the Lord and not man. It is one or the other.

– the relatives received their last call by mail-outs of our correspondences and writings.

– we confronted many sites and people in the Name of the Lord. He is finished winking.

Marilyn continues to struggle, still clinging to the thought (or hope) of marrying Sean. It has now been over four years since we cast him out, and over eight years since the prophecy.


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