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PART ELEVEN – The Issues of Life to Troublous Times (cont.)


Particle – The Informal Dedication of My Son

I picked up a book from our personal library to read to Jonathan this Sabbath Eve (December 15, 2006); the book was titled, 70 Years of Miracles by Richard H. Harvey, billed as “one of the most unusual autobiographies you’ll ever read.”

Reading the first chapter to Jonathan, Richard said that his parents had dedicated him wholly to God even before he was born because he was one born out of time when his mother was not supposed to be able to have any more children (those were two similarities to our situation).

I don’t remember dedicating Jonathan, though we may have and likely did so informally, and for that, I feel so very much ashamed and greatly chagrined. As we sat at the table reading this portion, I stopped and prayed. The words were something like this:

“Lord, I don’t remember dedicating Jonathan up to You. I am so sorry. Father, I now commit him into Your hands; he is Yours to do with as You please. May he be totally Yours. Yes, he is Yours anyway, always has been but this is for our sakes, for my sake that I do this, I know. May he love, believe, and obey You. May he be excited about You and be a blessing to others. May he zealously serve You. May he be thankful, rejoicing in You.”

There was more but I don’t recall what it was. Jonathan is now past 15 years. Marilyn pointed out that we have always believed Jonathan was the Lord’s, a special gift to us, with God’s hand on him. We’ve seen many special things with him, though I’ve also seen unsettling things. I know Marilyn and I have failed as parents; we could have done many things so differently, but I also know that it is not in me to do what is right.

“I know I must trust You, Father God, to do with him what needs to be done that Your will is perfectly fulfilled in him. Lord, if You grant me anything, anything, grant that Jonathan be Your loving son, wholly committed to You.

“I would want this for every one of us, and going from us, wave after wave of exponential increases of people to do Your work here on earth, or anywhere You please. Please, Father, this is my will, my intense desire, my only real care; be it so. Father, let all men love You with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. So be it, Father; amen.”

Later, Marilyn was upset, questioning why we do not get miracles of the kind Harvey spoke of, particularly of the red wagon in chapter one. On hearing of it, Jonathan had asked, “Does God do things that way?” I said, “Yes.” She said Jonathan had never experienced those kinds of obvious miracles, though we had.

She also became upset with me for not dropping my typing when she spoke to me while I was in the middle of a thought. In her upsetness, I went into the flesh and started lamenting our lot, that it had been hell on earth, that our marriage was hell, and our lives pure dung. It wasn’t long before I repented and apologized to Marilyn. She seemed more at peace seeing me fall. She seemed to derive pleasure of some kind when she saw me in weakness. It never fails; it can’t be my imagination; it has happened far too many times, every time.

Particle – Mariko’s Vision of Pending Doom

Mariko records: “On December 16, 2006, I had a vision while all of us were talking with Victor (and Paul?) on the phone today.  I saw a comet that was red and burning with a yellow tail. Right after seeing that, Lois prophesied that ‘2007 would be a year of fire.’  It surprised me to hear those words right after seeing this vision.”

The fire would come, but what would it be like, and who would it be for?

Particle – A Jewish Call for Support Answered

I received an invitation from Garry Kohn to attend an SACPA meeting at Erickson’s. It seems Garry is the head of the Jewish community in Lethbridge. On behalf of Israel, he would be speaking on “Will There be Peace in the Middle East?” Tad Mitsui, a United Church minister, would be presenting another view. Garry was asking us to come that he might have some friendly faces in the audience.

Mark and I attended and Mark got up to speak for a couple of minutes to thank Garry for giving us a perspective other than what the media was presenting. Frankly, Mark really had nothing to say but seemed to speak because he always thought he had or should have something. We spoke to a few other people as well, including a Gordon Campbell.

We spoke with Garry for a few minutes after the meeting. He was trying to be friendly but was hard. Remarkably coincidental with Garry’s call was a special event, a declaration of support for Israel…

Particle – Raising the Flag of Israel

In the year 2006, on the Sabbath, December 23, at 10 AM, we raised the Israeli flag at Harvest Haven Market Farm. Twelve were in attendance. They were Paul Cohen, Sara Schmidt, Lois Benson, Trevor Benson, Mark and Mariko Benson, Dena Dahl, Ingrid Nicolay (now Benson), Sean Fife, and Jonathan, Marilyn, and Victor Hafichuk. The words spoken in prayer were “As we raise the flagof Israel, so shall we raise up the nation of Israel.” I was very thankful. Others would have to speak for themselves.

Through a recent series of fast-paced and remarkable coincidences, we were suddenly propelled onto the world scene of politics and conflict focusing on the Middle East, and, more specifically, Israel. While we in Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) had been fighting spiritual warfare for decades, we had not been personally involved in a manifest way with physical Israel (except when I met Paul in Israel, the Lord having sent me in 1979). Now we were. We decided to raise the Star of David on our farm as a token of solidarity with Israel. Read The Star of David: A Better Perspective.

Particle – I Publicly Forgive Marilyn

It was on that day that I also announced to all at the farm that I forgave Marilyn for everything. As with Marilyn and me, so with Israel and God. He forgives them, and they will know it. Our raising the Star of David was a part of that reality.

Particle – Lately

Lately on Israel and the Star of David flag…

We used the Star of David to indicate the Harvest Haven location in a brochure.

Sarah and Dallas Cooper came opposing the Star of David, provoking us to investigate and to embrace it.

We published the paper, The Star of David

Two Jews, Rick Spiller and Arlene Peck, took note of it.

Garry Kohn invited us to his talk defending Israel. Mark and I went; Mark said a few unsubstantial words in Garry’s favor.

We raised the flag of Israel. I love to see it fly.

It was on the same day of our first internet debate with the Muslims. By Paltalk, their specified mode of communication, we spoke to them, debating with Nadir Ahmed and his mentor, Amr. I believe we encountered a troublesome virus as a result and that it was purposefully perpetrated by the Muslim participants, some of whom cursed and threatened us.

I wrote to the Herald, supporting Israel.

Marilyn was reminded of the dream she had of my walking through the Golden (eastern) Gate with others. She mentioned she saw a bridge across the ravine east of the eastern gate. Paul found information on the net that once long ago there was a bridge, though not one in recent history. In her dream, she saw the scene as it once was, though she didn’t realize it.

Particle – Dealing with the Devil in Our Midst

On Monday, December 25th, Sean was addressed and rebuked. Mark called, saying Sean’s physical problems were getting worse. Marilyn received that the issue was concerning me, that Sean was avoiding/resisting me. It was a matter of submission. Being critical of me, he has never repented of it. I told Sean he expected equality and that there was none.

We were reminded of how I had said to him that he had no respect for borders. If ever we were directing him in any way, we needed his tacit permission to do so. Dealing with him was always a case of watching that one does not step on his toes or offend him in any way, be it ever so slightly. His mother raised a narcissistic, selfish brat with an ego ballooned to beat the moon.

I was reminded of this event in relation to Sean:

“Again, the Devil took Him up into a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to Him, All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me. Then Jesus said to him, Go, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve’ (Matthew 4:8-10 MKJV)”

I said that in today’s vernacular, Jesus was saying to Satan, “And who are you to give Me anything?” I told Sean he was a usurper. Albeit in apparent fairness and considerate, magnanimous fashion, Sean has essentially declared, “I can walk on your territory without your permission, and you can walk on your own with my permission.”

Now I‘ve said to him, “We have full authority to walk on ours and yours because yours is ours. Nothing is yours. What you call your own is not yours. We take the land from you, Satan. You are a liar. All is God’s and we claim it for Him in His Name.”

Since then, we have seen much to be taken from the enemy in all areas.

Particle – The Fire of God and Torment of the Beast

Paul believes that Rev. 20:9,10 happened yesterday, by phone:

“And they went up over the breadth of the earth and circled around the camp of the saints, and the beloved city. And fire came down from God out of Heaven and devoured them. And the Devil who deceived them was cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet were. And he will be tormented day and night forever and ever” (Revelation 20:9-10 MKJV).

Sean phoned in the evening, asking us forgiveness for a critical spirit. I could be wrong but I don’t believe he said he was sorry or that he was apologizing. We take it that way, not considering that asking forgiveness is not apologizing. I told him he was as his father, “a damn good churchman.”

I told him that in Christ, all things are ours; outside of Christ, nothing is ours. As slaves to sin, how can we possibly claim any rights of any kind? He said he couldn’t see at all how he was claiming or presuming equality with us, saying the Lord would have to show him. Paul said in so saying he was still claiming equality, presuming to hear from the Lord every bit as much as we do.

Particle – Sean Better Off

On December 28th, 2006, Sean called me to say he had been sleeping much better these past three days, ever since we had received revelation on his state and problems and addressed him.

Having always said his physical problems had a spiritual cause, You, Lord, revealed to us the key. Sean has accepted, though without understanding, and has been better.

Editor’s Note: How deceptive superficial changes!

Particle – All or Nothing

There is God, Israel, and us. If anybody is against any one of those, he or she is against all. If any is for any of those, he or she is for all. And the only way anyone can be for Israel is if they are for God.

Mind you, many profess being for us, or God, or Israel, or even all three, but profession and actuality are not necessarily the same.

Particle – Have All the Pieces to Be Sure

We have been receiving many lessons and reminders recently to not assume anything, to not jump to any conclusions. We must get our facts straight. Ninety-five percent correct is not good enough. If one piece doesn’t fit, look again. How many have been wrongly convicted of crimes, not because they were guilty but because they appeared guilty when perhaps most, though not all, facts were in?

Particle – A Talk with Jonathan

On the Sabbath, December 30th, 2006, I had a long talk with Jonathan, perhaps two hours or more. I told him how I felt about his lack of interest in the Lord and in what we were all doing. He complained that we didn’t include him but admitted that it just wasn’t given to him and that he wasn’t blaming anyone.

It occurred to me, as I write, that as he sees reconciliation between Marilyn and me, he will be redeemed. His coldness came shortly after Sean left. His explanation to that timing when I pointed it out was that he was given what was needed until then, which is true and I agreed with that, but I also know Marilyn continued to be adamantly opposed to me. That was more than a child should bear, but it is what it is and the Lord is above it all. We’ll see what happens.

Particle – Marilyn Prays for Me

On December 28th, 2006, Marilyn confronted me on a petty money issue. I reacted, was sorry for it, recognized it as another example of a mentality of money problems and confessed it. Marilyn prayed for me that I would once for all be delivered of it. She believed it was done. I know some things have changed in that department but I hope for much more. Thank You, Father.

Today, on December 30th, Marilyn reported to everyone of having compassion for me on my problem with money matters and praying for me, believing her prayer was answered. Here is what Paul responded:

I mentioned what we [he and Sara] saw in Marilyn’s prayer, and what the Lord showed us earlier in the day. We had just been talking this morning about Marilyn being with you instead of against you.

We called the farm back after our talk, almost immediately, because Sara and I had talked about praying for you, and I wanted to hear what those at the farm had to say. We all agreed the Lord is granting Marilyn’s prayer. I said it had to do with what you told us about loving one another. We’re here for one another, to pray for one another and to see each other through our faults and weaknesses.

We are all very thankful for what the Lord is doing.

He also had said:

Marilyn praying for you reminded me of this Scripture:

“Then the LORD God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is right for him’ (Genesis 2:18 GW).

Sara said to me, while we were on the phone, that this was a very good change for Marilyn. We had been talking about her change during breakfast, believing that the Lord was bringing her through by your forgiveness and the power of God.

Particle – Is God Out of Control?

Marilyn ended 2006 with the flu lasting two or three days. She was feeling overwhelmed with all there was to do, particularly with Jonathan’s schoolwork – a heavy load. I said to her, “Get another God. This one is messing up; he can’t handle it.” With tongue-in-cheek, the message was that we must look to the Lord of all, Engineer of our circumstances. He reigns!

We concluded that Marilyn had a distorted view of everything because she wasn’t feeling well. Realizing this, she regained her composure and went to sleep.

If I can say anything about 2006, it is that I have never had a year go by so swiftly. Each month was almost like a week. It often seemed like we were keeping the Sabbath every third day.


Particle – A Precious Privilege

On January 3rd, 2007, Paul called. While preparing a summary for Raising the Flag and Nation of Israel, he was given:

“After two days, He will bring us to life. In the third day, He will raise us up, and we shall live before Him” (Hosea 6:2 LITV).

I had been pondering the timeline, thinking, “How is it we should be raising up Israel after only 2000 years? Assuming we allow 1000 years to represent a day, should it not be after three, even as Jesus was in the grave three days and three nights?” I have my answer from Hosea through Paul.

Reaching for a 1500-page Bible to look up Paul’s reference, it automatically opened to…Hosea 6!

Besides, Jesus used a two-day activity illustration as well:

“And He said to them, You go and tell that fox, Behold, today and tomorrow, I cast out demons and I complete cures, and the third day I will be finished” (Luke 13:32 MKJV).

“Finished”? The Lord told me that it was my job to rest and let Him do it all.

I also realized that when the Lord spoke of hurting for His people, I don’t remember it coming to my mind that He was speaking of physical Israel. It was always a mystery to me as to who “My people” were. Now, 30 years later (counting from when He spoke in 1976 of hurting for His people), here we are, standing with Israel, publicly, internationally. Yes, I see He was speaking of the nation of physical Israel, His people.

And to who was I first sent to speak, and where? It was to Paul, a Jew, from Philadelphia, USA, while he was in Israel.

And when was I sent? Paul suspected that there might be a relationship between the times the Lord spoke to me of Him and His people (March 1976) and when we spoke to him in Israel (September 1979). Yes, it was three and a half years.

More. The Lord spoke to me in March 1976 on this great matter. In the 30th year from that time, we adopted the Star of David, raised the Israeli flag, and published, Behold Israel and the JewThe Star of David, and Raising the Flag….

Who says there is no God?

Would Paul and I be going to Israel, 30 years after we met?

There were 12 of us present at the flag raising, and it was the 12th year of the farm in operation.

Also in this year of 2006, we were invited by Garry Kohn to give him support at the SACPA meeting (Southern Alberta Council of Public Affairs) as he stood in defense of Israel.

In this year, Satan had come in the Coopers to oppose us. As Satan withstood Michael for the body of Israel’s prime prophet, Moses, so Satan came against us to strive over the body of Israel, which we have come to raise up.

“But Michael the archangel, when contending with the Devil, he argued about the body of Moses; he dared not bring a judgment of blasphemy, but said, “Let the Lord rebuke you!” Zech. 3:2 (Jude 1:9 LITV)

With that verse, I was reminded of:

“And at that time, Michael shall stand up, the great ruler who stands for the sons of your people. And there shall be a time of distress, such as has not been from the being of a nation until that time. And at that time, your people shall be delivered, everyone that shall be found written in the Book. And many of those sleeping in the earth’s dust shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to reproaches and to everlasting abhorrence” (Daniel 12:1-2 LITV).

Rarely do I use the LITV translation in E-Sword, though Paul and I have appreciated it. When copying Jude 1:9 here from the LITV and comparing versions, there was a cross reference to Zech. 3:2. I was reminded of a verse and looked it up. I’ve never noticed cross references in E-Sword before, and they aren’t in any of the other translations loaded on my computer. The reference is faint, but as I copied into this page, there it was:

“And the LORD said to Satan, the LORD rebuke you, Satan! And, the LORD Who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you! Is this [Joshua the high priest] not a brand plucked out of the fire?” (Zechariah 3:2 LITV). SEE THE WHOLE CHAPTER.

Paul once had a vision in which he was paralleled to the Joshua of this prophecy. Paul’s last name is “Cohen,” meaning “priest,” from Joshua’s lineage.

But Zechariah speaks of Israel! Israel is His chosen high priest for the whole earth!

I was sent to Paul, to raise him up out of his darkness and bondage due to waywardness. Now we are sent to raise up Israel from its waywardness.

Note further: It says, “And the LORD said to Satan, the LORD rebuke you, Satan!”

I had rebuked Satan in the Coopers.

“The Lord rebuke you, and I rebuke you, Satan.”

In response, here is what Satan said to me by Dallas Cooper:

“Jud 1:9 ‘Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.’

If the Lord has rebuked me, what need is there for you to rebuke me as well?  Was the Lord’s rebuke not sufficient? Did high and mighty Victor have to add his 2 cents to give the Lord’s word power? The archangel saw no need to add his own rebuke, but Victor has to. You two have no substance and if you attempted to prove your accusations, you would be exposed as you are even now.

But Zechariah says, “The LORD said to Satan, The LORD rebuke you….” Does that make any more sense than what I did? Or did what I did make less sense? Satan is rebuked and he’s gone. We have the body of Israel, will raise it up, and we will see it in glory as the high priest of the earth.

I said to Paul in Israel and to others since: “The next time it will be very different.” While I was expecting that we would not be poor volunteers and wouldn’t be kicked out, I had no idea what I was saying. Paul had much bigger ideas.

Marilyn’s dream of entering the Eastern Gate will be fulfilled.

We have stood up with Michael and Michael with us and these words are now to come to pass. They have never been fulfilled. It says the people will be delivered. They have never been but they will now, though the times will be terrible. It will be terrible but Satan will be defeated and Israel will be raised up to glory.

In this 30th year, all these revelations came in. Father, thank You! Thank You!

Paul’s summary of the paper:

Raising the Flag and Nation of Israel:

According to the predeterminate will of God with Israel brought back from the dead in 1948, it is now being raised up to live in His sight. On the other side of the globe, twelve people have been gathered in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to claim His body, the nation of Israel.

Particle – Life with the Sword

On January 8th, 2007, I turned on the Miracle Channel as I was doing my exercises and saw the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International half hour interview program in Lethbridge. Tony Brennan of Moose Jaw gave his testimony. It was real; it was good, and similar to mine by the Catholic background and influence. I couldn’t argue with it.

Brennan’s testimony makes me ask, “Where have I been? What have I been doing? Am I not indeed harming God’s Kingdom rather than promoting it? Lord, please, please, please deliver me from a wrong spirit, wrong path, pride, or whatever wrong. Have I strayed from You? There has been so much wrong in our midst…strife, adultery, criticism, argument, selfishness, powerlessness, lust, greed, and so much more. How can I possibly be serving You in righteousness?”

Then I asked myself, “But aren’t you doubting and questioning God and His work in your life, Victor?”

I don’t want to do that, Lord, but neither do I want to disregard the plain, genuine testimonies of those who love, trust, and serve you. Lord, You must answer. What would You have me to do? Where am I? Where are we? Hear me, Father, Lord God, and reply speedily! Forgive my doubts, but I need either to be assured in my path that it is perfectly in Your will or I want to be delivered from it to do Your perfect will. Father, please!”

Lois received these words after our conference talk last Sabbath about speaking the truth openly:

“Because you have been willing to draw the sword, the sword will not be drawn on you.”

She shared those words with us today and they were needed, as one may see by the struggle I had. Jesus said, “He that lives by the sword, dies by the sword.” But if I live by the Sword of the Spirit, my life is “given to me for a prey.”

“Cursed is he who does the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed is he who keeps back his sword from blood” (Jeremiah 48:10 MKJV).

Particle – Miriam’s Sentence

Marilyn had a most terrible tantrum today, later apologizing to Jonathan and me. She may be coming to terms with the fact that she is locked out of fellowship with and by God until the fullness of time served for her great and grievous offenses, which I related in a letter to Paul, Sara, and her:

I do not speak out of unforgiveness or bitterness now, I hope (though memories of these kinds can’t be pleasant), but the other night, it came to me that just for murmuring against Moses, Miriam, his sister, also a prophetess, was shut out seven days:

GOD answered Moses, “If her father had spat in her face, wouldn’t she be ostracized for seven days? Quarantine her outside the camp for seven days. Then she can be readmitted to the camp.” (Numbers 12:14 MSG)

Think of this: What would have happened to Miriam had she spit in her father’s face? She would have been stoned to death. What would happen if a wife spits in a husband’s face, which is what Marilyn did with me, several times, in several ways, publicly? Is it any wonder she is where she is? Is there not some certain requirement and determined time for her? I should think so.

I don’t know specifically what is required of Marilyn, other than that I’ve never heard a public declaration from her as to her specific wrongs, even as she publicly expressed and committed her wrongs. And I wouldn’t want such a confession now; it wouldn’t mean anything. How shall the Lord then let her into fellowship with the saints?

We may be deceived, and in the flesh; we may be willing to forgive and forget, not recognizing the enormity of such offenses. But how does God in His perfection of holiness view these things? Obviously much more seriously.

Marilyn insists that she doesn’t have it in her heart to declare her wrong, that she would only be doing something mechanical. In other words, she doesn’t believe or care that she did any wrong. Is it right for a woman to contend with her husband, flirting with another man in the Name of God, insisting that her husband will die, hoping he will die, looking to that other man for fulfillment before her husband dies, defending her lover in every thought, word, and deed, contrary to her husband’s pleas, warnings and spiritual contentions?

Was it right for Marilyn to contend with her husband openly, physically, and literally standing with the man against him in everyone’s presence? Could that be right? I have no doubt I had everything coming to me, as did Israel when Babylon attacked but wasn’t Babylon thereafter judged? Will judgment be averted simply by some sort of acts of faith and obedience? Or is there an appointed time?

I recall once weeping out loud near the beginning of these troubles with Sean and Marilyn, as she and Jonathan were leaving the house to go to the farm. She stood there as cold as ice, without a hint of mercy, compassion, empathy, or concern. I knew she had dumped me. I was ostracized for years, not only by her but also by Paul, Kerri, Lois, and Trevor.

I was lauded as one who would be taken to glory, as Moses, yet treated like shit, an interference, a meddler who had no say in his property, marriage or even his own person. Sean dictated all things, even what I should be allowed for groceries from the farm. How’s that? Marilyn stood with all these things. Whatever came forth from Sean’s mouth was as good as gold to her, nothing to be denied or even doubted; he and his word were to be worshiped.

Where have I ever received such honor from Marilyn? It has never happened, nowhere close, before or since. Instead, I’m hated and condemned for what and who I am, whatever she perceives me to be.

And she refuses to change, saying she can’t. I believe her. She’ll not be released from her prison of delusion and bitterness until every penny is paid in full. It seems there’s much to be paid. I know the Lord has revealed to me that she must suffer the very things she willingly brought upon me.

Particle – Marilyn’s Confession to Paul and Sara

Often we have had our say on what is going on with Marilyn and what she should be doing about herself. Sara wrote, trying to advise her, and then Marilyn responded with this letter, which accurately described the dynamics of the situation:

Paul and Sara,

I don’t think you understand what is happening.

I am in prison because of WHO I am and what I did is a result of that nature with the situation with Sean being the most obvious crime. I’m in prison for eternity—until the last farthing is paid not just for my criminal conduct but also for my criminal nature, my absolute wrongness. I can beg and plead with God to let me out, but in His mercy, He has kept me here and is keeping me here.

You are like the people in my dream who were saying, ‘Come up here. You can use those ropes. You can do it.’ And I am saying, ‘I can’t do it. The ropes aren’t working. They are slipping.’ In my dream and in reality, I have to wait for the Lord to make another way. I can’t get out of prison by my effort, which is what has been one of my major problems. He must open the door. The prisoner is not given the keys to let himself out of jail. The Jailer has the keys and when the price is paid, and He alone knows that, then He opens the door.

Job’s comforters were telling Job what was needed, but only God could open his eyes to see himself. This is the same with me. And even after, if God should choose to open my eyes, there is still the price to be paid for the crimes I have done for if God sees that it is necessary.

Paul, you were in prison until the Lord set you free. How many times did we pray for you and how many times did you want to be free? It was done at the perfect time in ways that none of us could engineer.

I’m thankful for what the Lord gave Victor concerning my situation (my being in prison). We have talked about it before but didn’t understand the totality of it, and probably still don’t as it isn’t done yet. I am thankful for God showing me and everyone mercy by doing this to me. I am thankful for His sovereignty and when the work is done, it will be done. Praise the Lord.


The next day, Marilyn, again fretting against the Lord and me, was saying that since she is in prison and must stay, she may as well be as she is, bitter and selfish. I told her solemnly that God has her there because of what she did, even as Miriam was shut out for murmuring. Things could be much worse and would be, should she “let fly.”

Particle – The Branhamites

A time came when we were required to deal on the internet with some Branhamites – Joseph Saigal, Gerald Lush, and others. They, as those of other sects, displayed a certain and peculiar brand of self-righteousness that says, “We are better than you; we look down on you because you don’t know who the last prophet is that Malachi was talking about. We do and we believe. Therefore, we are God’s and you are all children of darkness, Satan’s children.”

It’s fine to have the assurance of true knowledge and faith. It’s quite another to be cocky and arrogant in ignorance, grounded in self-worth and false knowledge. To most of the uninitiated, one can be mistaken for the other.

Particle – Break with Carol Browne of South Africa

We tried to arrange for employment at Harvest Haven for Carol Browne of South Africa, but it wasn’t working out; there were too many immigration hoops to jump through. We didn’t qualify for the requirements and procedures, without creating artificiality. We decided to tell Carol she could apply for a job in Alberta instead. We knew she could easily get one with her credentials, especially given the fact that Canada, particularly Alberta, was crying for laborers in all fields and at all levels.

That seemed to do something to her. It was almost as though she was taking it as a personal rejection, though that wasn’t the case at all. We wanted to keep everything above board with the authorities and not try to find some sort of loophole that would someday possibly backfire on us. One thing would lead to another from there.

Particle – Peacemaking and Harmonizing

On January 22nd, 2007, Lois had an uncalled-for reaction with Marilyn. I pursued it and it led to better things.

I received on the night of January 23rd that Lois was afraid and dishonest. I talked to her and Marilyn. They were both claiming the same perceptions of each other…feeling rejected and unwanted. I believed there was a breakthrough. It was evident they wanted good relations and believed one another that each wanted them.

On the 26th, Lois expressed thankfulness for the reconciliation. Marilyn had heard the day before they reconciled that Lois needed her. I told Lois she and Marilyn could now join arm-in-arm, this time for good and not for evil.

Miriam was shut out of the camp seven days, with leprosy, for murmuring against Moses. From the time of my redemption to this, it has been nearly seven years that Marilyn has been cast out of any control and any fellowship with those who believed – everyone at the farm, and elsewhere. It has been nearly seven years since Sean’s excommunication (July 2000).

On the 27th, I reviewed a very unpleasant past with Marilyn recorded in my journal. She was horribly wicked! Has she been shut out a year for each day compared to Miriam? If so, the pay is according to the discipline.

Particle – Speak Out!

On January 29th, 2007, I record again that we are reminded to speak out and not allow the enemy to thwart us with a demand for “the fruit of the Spirit.” We are not to partake of Satan’s version of spiritual fruits with feigned faith, love, gentleness, meekness and all that. We need to be honest and realistic.

Particle – Music Published

I hadn’t played the guitar for years but Sean brought some outdated recording equipment with him from Toronto, so we tried recording the songs the Lord had given me starting in 1975 – about 29 of them. I was rusty in voice and acoustic guitar both (not that I had any real quality in either of them) but we managed to put something on our site that people could hear. It’s clear not only by the material but the performance that the songs are for instruction and not entertainment.

Ingrid spoke of how some of my songs affected her, particularly, There Is a Place and What Will Be Will Be.

Particle – Public Homosexuality Issues

We had a phone conference on the January 3rd Sabbath about our response to public homosexuality issues. It seems people are being charged with “hate speech” merely for quoting the Bible and standing on their religious convictions. We must have our faith squarely on the Lord, not on men, not on lawyers, government, justice systems, police support, connections, intelligence, cunning, rights or in any other thing; we really have no rights or protection but those we’re granted from above at any time.

I’ve been fearful of what might happen to us because we’re on record for our words. However, I remember:

One, the dream of walking with the Lord before all the earth – He will keep us;

Two, the vision of the star hitting the earth;

Three, the record of how the Lord has kept us, turning evil into good;

Four, I recall some of the Lord’s promises of great and good things.

Five, our trust is in to be in the Lord, not in men or their justice systems.

I wrote to Paul:

Paul, I am determining that all others out there are measuring their words and expressions to avoid “unnecessary” prosecution. While we must be wise as serpents and ever in right spirit, we cannot measure or compromise. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. What a saying from Roosevelt! How true! How original, who knows? But let’s do our best, His best, and let men do their worst, Satan’s worst, and we’ll see where it all falls out…as if we didn’t know!

I simply do not want to shrink or withdraw or even hesitate, as though God, for a moment or split second, is absent. God grant us perfect grace, invincible power, abiding faith, overflowing courage, unassailable wisdom, absolute conviction, and unhesitating devotion to Him.

I don’t want to seek the signs Gideon was given. I don’t want to stray as did Solomon or compromise even for a moment of time, as did David. I want God’s perfect will, and where all others failed, I want the Lord’s grace to keep me. Will you agree with me for this from the hand and mouth of our Great God and Savior? I want it, and nothing less, so help me, God! [END]

Particle – Determining Our Place and Time to Speak

I awoke early February 4th, 2007, praying about our stance on religious, political, and social issues. Do we or don’t we? Is God sending us or are we to remain silent? All I could say in the end was, “Lord, Your will be done.”

I don’t believe we need to analyze anything about ourselves. You, Lord, will move us and cause us to speak, as You will; we dare not second guess. Then I received this rare kind of letter, with a perfectly timely message from Joyce Wentworth, who lived in New Mexico and Guatemala:

From: Joyce Wentworth
Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2007 6:28 AM

Subject: Thankyou….

This is a note of appreciation for your web site & teachings. You have planted within me a greater desire to learn more about our God & to claim His benefits, in becoming obedient to the Word. Thanks for sharing your wisdom online.  I pray for your ministry to spread far & wide!

In His grace, with love for His people, Joyce Wentworth

Blessed be the Lord! For He has shown me His marvelous loving favor when I was beset as in a besieged city.  As for me, I said in my haste and alarm, I am cut off from before Your eyes. But YOU heard the voice of my supplications when I cried to You for aid.

O love the Lord, all you His saints!  The Lord preserves the faithful, and plentifully pays back him who deals haughtily.  Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for and hope for and expect the Lord!  Psalm 31:21-24 Amp.

We discovered that Joyce was alerted to The Path of Truth by her daughter Cherie, who lived in Ontario, Canada.

Particle – All Coincidences Appointed

After receiving the letter from Joyce, Jonathan, Marilyn, and I watched a movie in which there was a person named Wentworth. It was the only time I could remember hearing that name, and there it was, twice.

Jonathan remarked that he saw the name “Burgess” on his game, Runescape. It was coincidentally in the movie as well. I told him it was an indication by a double witness that our destinies are ordered of the Lord in every detail, mundane included.

Particle – Knock, Hoping Nobody is Home

I spoke to Jonathan about human nature. It was coming to me as I was speaking, new for me as well as for him. I told Jonathan that man searches for “The Answer,” yet doesn’t want it. He’ll “come right up to the wire” and stop. His fallen nature knows there’s something there, something necessary and good, his answer to fulfillment, yet in his rebellion, he refuses to cross over. He’s divided but he can’t cross over.

It’s much like people willing to watch movies of war and tragedy but wouldn’t want to be there. Producers like Spielberg, Lucas, Eastwood, and Jackson make movies that thrill audiences with truth and righteous victories represented by allegories, yet audiences aren’t interested in going all the way. Everybody is searching but they don’t want to find.

Particle – The Mother of All Allegories

I suggested to Jonathan that if we could take the truth, unlike many film producers out there that rely on fiction and imagination, then present it full of effective allegory, people would cram theaters many times over to see it just to get more out of it, knowing there was more to dawn on them.

I’d like to see that kind of movie, the substance of which I sense within me, but which has not come even close to crystallizing. Paul wonders if my autobiography might not be that story. My life story is really God’s and is a representation of the wonders of the spiritual realm and the pilgrim’s journey. God would have to give the allegory. (Seeing my story would be His as much as mine, we thought we would call it a “Theo-autobiography.”)

Particle – Another Warning Ignored with Consequences

On February 21st, we received this email notice (abbreviated):

Friends and colleagues,

The family of Dan Stewart and the staff of Water Revitalization regret to inform you that Dan passed away quickly and peacefully on Monday, February 19, of an aneurism.”

Dan was not easy to deal with, often grumpy and certainly inconsiderate. We had a conflict with him about sharing our faith with others in Grander. He forbade it and we refused to comply, at the possible cost of our Grander distributorship. He backed off. That was less than three years ago. Just over a year ago, on January 18th, 2006, I wrote him a long, straightforward letter. The following is a representative excerpt of the nature and content, with a prophetic word included:

Would you like more honesty? According to the world’s way of looking at things, pride is a good thing. ‘Be proud of yourself,’ it says. However, the Bible, which you find offensive, says that pride “goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” It says that God ‘resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’  Now you and I needn’t be of similar religious persuasion to know the truth of those words. I find you to be a proud man, and I expect that you are going to be angry with me for my honesty here.  Let God be the Judge between us; He is, and His judgment will be known. Of that, I am fully confident.

With some shame, I confess I have held back from saying these things because I have feared that you would get angry and pull our distributorship, which you have threatened to do in the past. I’ve tried to avoid any conflict with you. I have often found you rude and inconsiderate by phone but chose to ignore your attitude and arrogance. However, I have concluded that if you decide to take our distributorship, for honesty, so be it. We have done no wrong; our consciences are clear. We have been on the alert for a comparable product just in case.

Particle – Mark’s dream: Mark Rebuked

Today, on the February 24th Sabbath, we talked on conference. Mark was confronted very directly and forcefully. I had things to say and saw that his dream of two weeks ago was fulfilled today. Paul and Sara believed the same. The dream as Mark tells it:

I was sitting with several others (perhaps Trevor and mom but I can’t be sure) on the front steps of our house in Stettler when I noticed the clouds were moving faster and faster. I called this to the attention of whoever I was with but they did not seem to notice. Then I saw a dark cloud that started to move in a circular motion and I think I again called this to whoever’s attention but with little results.

Then I saw a funnel cloud form and start to descend.  It was descending right on top of me. It moved quickly and somehow pinpointed me from among everyone. As it was happening I remember saying, ‘I deserve to die’ to the Lord, in recognition of my sin, and then I said ‘Lord have mercy on me’ as the whirlwind was lifting me up. I remember being at peace starting from about when I said ‘I deserve to die.’

Particle – Marilyn Prophesies for All

On Sunday, March 4th, 2007, as we were gathered at the farm, I rebuked Trevor twice for making light of holy things and constantly ignoring what he’s told. I was through tolerating his contempt and hypocrisy. I told the others they were not to tolerate it, either.

Marilyn had a prophecy concerning each person. She prophesied that the Lord loved Paul; that He had something special in store for Mark; a firm addressing of Sean that he is to stop trying to understand and figure things out, to believe what the Lord had given him; that Dena is all bottled up, but that the Lord will take care of it; and that there is one final issue with Lois to bring her to sobriety and free her of intense emotions.

Concerning Ingrid, she heard “thankfulness;” with Mariko that she is supposed to forget about her family and to let it go. Trevor is to be patient, not having his own agenda; a firm address to Sara that she is to obey, to submit to the Lord in Paul (Paul said the words he recalled were, “Why are you yet resisting the Lord?”) that Victor is the Lord’s, that Jonathan is already the Sphinx, alone and independent, a vision I had of him around 1991 or 1992. Of herself, Marilyn said she had received that she needed to be obedient in speaking what she was given. Finally, Marilyn said that this would be the year for Cody.

Editor’s Note, June 2017: I, Victor, don’t see that the Lord was in that prophecy at all. I don’t recall believing it then, either.

Particle – Another Rebuke for Mark and His Unbelief

Today, on March 7th, I rebuked Mark by phone for unbelief. I likened him to pushing a car to get it down the road while it is shut off and in park. Addressing his anxiety, he replied that there was much to do. I told him he was saying, “I have to get this car at least 2 miles down the road today,” as he continued to grunt and groan. “Why not get in the car,” I said, “turn on the ignition, put it in gear, and drive?” I told him his ways were anti-Christ.

Particle – Dealing with Jonathan’s Spirituality

Jonathan often went over to his friends’ homes, sometimes for the night on the Sabbath. I tried to do some reading with him and we talked some while reading, but I didn’t feel free or inclined to impose anything on him concerning the Sabbath or other matters.

Lord, You saved me when I was 27, in spite of my living in hell as a devil. I can only trust You to do what only You can and must with Jonathan. I would rather he be his own man than the stereotypical “PK” (preacher’s kid), as, for examples, the sons of David Mainse, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, John Hagee, and Robert Schuller (especially the last two!).

Carbon copies of human beings is an abomination to God, Who would much prefer to have men made in His Image, not their own. False teachers are they all.

Editor’s Note: I see Franklin Graham willing to be less politically correct than his father was ever willing to do. Not sure if he’s willing to lay down his life, which is an imperative. He needs to disassociate himself with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and all nominal orthodox Christian harlotry. He needs to part company with those having the mark of the beast, buying and selling.

Particle – The Islamic Irony

While the Muslims protect their impotent god and prophet to the death, Jesus Christ protects and defends His worshipers.

Particle – The Sixteenth Eviction for the Faith

Mark and I were preparing for our trip to the Grander conference in Taos, New Mexico. In the past, we stayed with the Kleins in Calgary and drove to the airport from there and back again when returning from our trip. However, Laura called to say that Les didn’t want us in his home anymore. The gloves were off. She said Les was offended that I had confronted him about his calling us a “cult.” He was also offended that I had spoken to his son Tibby about getting his life straightened around.

So Les calls us a cult behind my back and is offended when I ask him if he thinks we’re a cult?

But Laura now had a decision to make as well, whether she knew it or not… and she didn’t want to. It was time, I thought, to pull out my pen again. I wrote this letter on April 7, 2007:

Les and Laura,

I’m sorry you’ve rejected us, though it’s no surprise; it was only a matter of time before the reality of your heart, Les, was manifest outwardly.

Concerning my offense of speaking to Tibby that one time in your house, perhaps you should consider my motive for doing so. I want Tibby to live; I don’t want him to die. And I want to see him live a healthy and fulfilled life, not in sickness and emptiness. We all see him smoking, killing himself, and even affecting you folks when he does it. Even if he smokes outside, you could be the ones going to his funeral. Don’t you care for him, Les? He’s your son. Are you offended that I care about him? I should think you should be happy that someone tries to reach him for his good.

Perhaps you don’t care for my speaking to him of the Lord and of turning from destructive ways. Still, I did it for his good and not for his harm. Don’t you know that? Do you not care? Am I to be punished for it?

You finally made your decision to banish us from your home when I confronted you on your calling us a ‘cult.’ Do you believe that you have the right to condemn us with a derogatory remark while we have no right to even ask you about it? I didn’t even sharply rebuke you. I only wanted to know why you would say what you said about us behind our backs while appearing friendly to our faces. Do you reserve the right to speak evil of us?

You didn’t expect your comments to get back to us. What are the chances of two people meeting in a restaurant in a city of over one million people, where one makes an evil remark about us and the other brings it to our ears? You don’t think there’s a God? He made this happen, and now you’re exposed for your wickedness.

Who says there is no God?


We have always wanted peace, goodness, and fulfillment of life for both of you and your children. We’ve never wanted differently.

Laura, I recall one day in the late seventies when it seemed Les was opening up and momentarily trying to speak of serious matters of life. You immediately sat in his lap (this was in the kitchen) and prevented him from speaking anymore; you shut the subject down. It was never the same since. What were you afraid of, and why?

You have sown enmity in your children’s hearts toward us and that enmity has never been neutralized, whether it be with Tibby, Laszlo, or Sheila. That’s because that bitterness toward me is still in you. You’ve tried to keep things superficial, instead of facing and dealing with yourself, with reality. You’ve lived in fear and frivolity. The one day a few years ago when we tried to reach you, all you could do was react in tears, crying, “It’s pick on Laura day!” and walk out.

Marilyn knows of your torment, I know of it, and our only motive all these years wasn’t to ‘pick on you’ but to ‘pick you up’ out of hell and torment and into life. You refused and still refuse. What else can we do but go our way, true friends in Christ tossed out as enemies?

There’s so much good that we’ve tried to share with you on many levels and in many areas but you’ve despised every bit of it. All you care about is that we sympathize and be friendly, on your terms. You won’t have the truth or the Law of God.

Now it’s done. We can do nothing more, not that we ever got anywhere. Live your wretched lives, as you choose. You’re almost done now, but what awaits you on the other side? Do you think that because you have attended Cambrian Heights Baptist Church that God will smile on you? I hope He’ll be merciful but you certainly haven’t been receptive to Him here. This we know because He dwells in us and has sent us to your home to bring life. You both have rejected it. Why should He favor you in the world to come?


Particle – How You Spell Relief

It isn’t “R-O-L-A-I-D-S” (a commercial, years ago, saying that’s how you spell “relief” from indigestion). It is “S-E-P-A-R-A-T-I-O-N.” Decades ago, we had to make a break with our families in our walk of faith with the Lord. Only then did we have peace within and without. Then through a combination of Jonathan’s birth, Marilyn’s troubles and dissatisfaction with me, and given that her mother and stepfather lived near us, we came together with them again.

But it was always a vexation and burden to me reuniting with the Kleins. Yes, there were benefits but they weren’t worth the aggravation. There was always that atmosphere of desolation and undercurrent of enmity covered over by superficiality and hypocrisy ever disturbing me. Yet I felt powerless to do anything about it. I was glad when Les decided to cut off his inhospitable hospitality.

Thereafter, I said to Marilyn time and again, “Am I ever glad we don’t have anything more to do with them!” I sounded like a broken record. Yet, I didn’t know exactly why I felt that way till nearly 2 years later – so slow on the uptake, as usual.

Particle – A New Song

On March 15, 2007, the Lord gave me a new song with both words and music. I love it; I called it, A New Song.

This song of victory came 7 years to the day after Lois completed her 18-day fast, having heard from the Lord the truth about Marilyn and me, which was 40 days after I prayed for Lois.

Who says there is no God?


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