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The Sabbath

How the Lord Gave Us the Sabbath

By an audacious sleight of hand, one of God’s Ten Commandments has either been done away with or replaced with a manmade substitution, as if God changed His mind. Other than the Catholic Church trying to abolish the Second Commandment, against images, there is nothing like the religious devilry surrounding the Fourth Commandment, regarding the keeping of the Sabbath. This is Victor’s story about how the Lord exposed these lies after bringing him into the rest of God spoken of in Hebrews. The Sabbath isn’t only a commandment, but a gift of God to mankind.

“Not One Jot or Tittle” – Trying to Change the Sabbath

We were challenged to read what some “Bible experts” have to say about the Sabbath and their arguments for Sunday-keeping (as if we have not heard). The complex and tortured reasonings of these scholars provide a perfect backdrop for the simplicity and power of God’s Word to illuminate the truth to those who come to Him as little children. What rest we have in believing Him! The Sabbath indeed!

Diabolical Doctrine: Sunday Is the Sabbath

God makes things plain, but men make things complicated by denying His plainness of speech. So it is with the seventh day – God’s gift of the Sabbath day of rest. His commandments bring peace and rest for our souls, but men’s commandments stir up anxiety and useless, counterproductive activity.

Spiritually Keeping the Physical Sabbath

The Law is spiritual. So how do we keep it, and how do we keep the physical Sabbath in particular? That question is answered here.

“There Remains a Sabbath-Keeping”

Some religious people rightly acknowledge the keeping of the Sabbath as part of God’s eternal Law, but suggest the day it’s kept has changed. This we refute by the letter and the Spirit of the Law.

The True Day of Worship

We are asked which is the true day of worship. The answer may surprise you.

What Does One Do on the Sabbath?

The Sabbath is a gift from God; it’s about receiving from Him. It’s not so much about what we do or don’t do, as about believing Him Who supplies us with every good and necessary thing by faith. Here are some guidelines and thoughts about keeping the Sabbath.

Sabbath “Lunartarians”

The more loony the idea, the more credibility some think to have by championing it.



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