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獸的印記是什麼? 神的印記是什麼? 這些都是屬靈啟示的事情,而不是屬於人類感官的肉體領域。




如果你想得到一些人的答案,那答案是“是的。” 如果你想得到上帝的答案,那答案是“不是的。”





Lost and Confused Looking for Guidance

I feel lost and abandoned. I do not know were to start to honor the Creator our God. 

Question Regarding John 14:28

Could you please give some light on John 14:28?  Thank you very much!

A Faulty Defense of Chuck Missler

Wundo writes, “I noticed you seem to take joy in his [Chuck Missler] wife and son being killed and claim it was God punishing him. I haven’t seen in the new testament where God dos that. Was Job evil?”


一篇禱告基本原則的簡短文章 ー 沒什麼複雜的,但對於任何聖徒,無論年輕還是年老,這都是必需的。

Opining Without Facts, Proof, or Truth

Toby writes, “I’ve been reading your website for the last little while and have been browsing your “False Teachers” section.  Sadly, I believe you are missing an organization on your list: Yourself.”

A Henry Gruver Apologist

Barbara writes, “Regarding Henry [Gruver], I doubt that you ever listened to him much. I see him as a humble man, one who’s been given a unique ministry.”

Hell vs. the Lake of Fire

I’m trying to understand the issue/purpose of hell vs the lake of fire.  If someone is not saved while hear on earth, do they then get a second (or more) chances to get to heaven?

Mercy For The Anti-Christ?

Assuming that the Antichrist is still God’s creation (by-proxy), then does this entity have any free will to choose it’s own destiny?

Self-Righteous Zeal vs. Love of Truth

Many are the works of the religious who love the lie and hate the truth.

A Believer’s Journey from Religion Towards Reality

Kim writes, “Your teachings have helped me to understand what it means to be obedient. Now when I read the scriptures, I see it (obedience) there from Genesis to Revelation. I mean all of Scripture seems to scream OBEY!”

We say, “Amen!”


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