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Freedom of Choice as Defined by the Lawless

On June 3rd, a person by the name of Elizabeth Charles contacted Victor via Facebook. Elizabeth had previously commented on a post at the Harvest Haven Facebook page where Martin Van Popta spoke about freedom of choice and the contradiction of those who presume to support it yet viciously demand others to pay for, and support their choices.


有太多關於上帝的愛的談論,特別關注祂確實是愛 (這是真正的)。但是,如果沒有正義或者去平衡,這是一種大多數人想像出來對於祂的是個虛假的愛。 人們害怕面對有關上帝真實本性的真相,知道自己不足,而且他有罪並對上帝負責。正如經文明確地記載著,這篇文章通過關注上帝的嚴厲性,祂的正義和祂的震怒,來建立了一個平衡和觀點。

虛假的愛 — 該隱的印記



我們在哪裡,我們在做什麼,並且以主耶穌基督的名為我們屬於誰? 基督是當今真正在教會制度中受崇拜還是另一個耶穌? 這篇文章呼籲任何一個返教會的人都應加負責任的,並且面對自己不冷也不熱的靈性狀態。在這個靈性狀態之下,雖然被假領導人應諾偉大的事情,但在上帝面前卻被譴責,沒有任何例外。

閱讀: 被號召出來的情況

The Sure Testimony of Jesus Christ

From: Vanetta To: The Path of Truth Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2009 3:22 PM Subject: Paul’s rebuke I just read what you thought about an SDA person by the name of Paul.  I was dismayed at your response.  Knowledge of the Bible is important, no it will not save us for that is for Jesus

Am I Eternally Lost?

Hello. I have known that Jesus Christ is Lord for many years. For many years I even thought that I had salvation (once saved always saved). However, I now believe that one can fall from grace. My question is, I knew that adultery was wrong, but for many years I was involved in this horrible behavior. Am I eternally lost?

“Are” or “Were” Sinners Saved by Grace?

Greg, a visitor at The Path of Truth, says “to say that we are sinners saved by grace leaves a connotation and a mindset that we still sin; a phrase that is contrary to Scripture.” What does the Lord and the testimony in the Scriptures say?

False Teacher – Craig Etheredge

Craig Etheredge describes himself as a “gifted communicator, author, and Bible teacher.” He advertises his many theological degrees presuming that earthly, carnal accomplishment establishes spiritual authority. He does many “good works” for his community including broadcasting Morning Thrive devotionals on his radio program, which impacts thousands of souls in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. However, in his preaching, he teaches many false doctrines that contradict the life and testimony of Jesus Christ and His saints.


無論如何,我們都是受害者。 但進入生命的秘密是承認並提醒自己,我們曾經都是犯罪者,受害者的生產者。有了這樣的一個犯罪者,上帝會處理,並且會解救和治愈。



False Teacher – T.D. Jakes

Jakes’ doctrine is the usual run-of-the-mill fare of orthodox nominal Christianity one finds everywhere, which vexes the Spirit of God and blasphemes the Glorious Name of the One these people presume and pretend to represent. It is a horrid spectacle daily repeated everywhere in the Name of the Lord.

Israel: Nation of God or Satan?

Is Israel, particularly modern Israel reborn and established after two millennia, a nation of Satan established for the destruction of the world, or a nation of God for the salvation of the world?

Testing the Spirits

Many claim that to simply confess Jesus Christ came in the flesh 2,000 years ago is to automatically make one of God. Is that so, or is there more to it? Read to find out.


“你們饒恕人的過犯,你們的天父也必饒恕你們的過犯。你們不饒恕人的過犯,你們的天父也必不饒恕你們的過犯” (馬太福音 6:14-15)。




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