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Quejas y Más Quejas

Debido a que las condiciones nunca son perfectas, el espíritu de queja nunca puede ser calmado o apaciguado. Por lo tanto, el dejar de quejarnos no puede depender de un cambio en las condiciones, sino que debe venir únicamente por un cambio en espíritu y actitud. La fuente o causa de la queja nunca son las circunstancias, sino siempre el sujeto que se queja.



上帝是萬物之主。只有祂才是所有命運的主人; 否則祂是無所不能的主。任何一方有自由意志,非此即彼的。自由必須是完全的,或者它不是真正的自由 — 這只是令人沮喪的折磨。


Was the Law Nailed to the Cross?

Didn’t Hebrews say the old has gone ? Also didn’t Yeshua nail all the ordinances to the cross ??


Is Eternal Punishment Interminable?

I was reading an article you wrote on John Piper being a false teacher, and I had a question about it. Before I ask the question I would like to make clear that I am familiar with Piper, but do not completely know his doctrine. I have only watched a few short videos of him on youtube. However, your criticism of him as a false teacher revolved around the fact that he preaches about a place of eternal punishment for nonbelievers (Hell) as you can read from your own writing.


El Infierno vs. el Lago de Fuego

Estoy tratando de entender el asunto/propósito del infierno vs. el lago de fuego. Si alguien no es salvo mientras está aquí en la tierra, ¿tendrá entonces una segunda oportunidad (o más) para llegar al cielo?



撒旦是誰? 他是從哪裡來的? 他是如何獲得權力的? 他怎麼運用? 他的力量如何被擊敗? 如果你在基督裡成為得勝者,這些是你需要知道的事情。



I Don’t Believe I Married a Believer. Now What?

My situation is this: For 5 years I dated someone who I really thought had a heart for God. However, now we are married, and I am seeing some fundamental belief differences… which I now equate with him not really being a Christian at all, but deceived. There is no fruit. Not only with him, but other churchgoers. He had said before we married that we would find a church together, but now he wants me to go to this church. I tried for a while, but my spirit cannot bear to hear these ear tickling messages. I cringe. So, I told him lovingly how I felt and we are now going to separate churches. Anyhow, when I pray out loud he gets angry and has even began swearing immediately afterward about “issues” that he sees with me. If I don’t bring up spiritual things, we get along fine, and none of this posed a huge problem before. But living with him, I am seeing things I never saw before. I am praying for him every day, and I do believe that God is working in him… what do I do??? Biblically speaking?


Who Are You To Judge?!?!

From Sharon: “Who Are You To Judge Any One as to whether They Are A Christian Or Not. Who Do You Think You Are?!?!?! Judge Not Or You Will Be Judged by Your Own Standards. God IS LOVE !!!”


Buddha – Alive or Dead?

Whoever composed the information on the page “the path of truth”, that appears on your web site, is as ignorant of Buddha’s Word as they are of Christian scripture. As a matter of fact, Jesus is quoted as saying the same things as the Buddha, for example, “as you sow you reap”, which, the Christians plagiarized from the Buddhist scriptures. That having been said, how is one Teacher right and the other wrong, after having said the same thing? This site is just so much propaganda, suitable for the ignorant.


Is There Hope for Me If I Turn Away from God?

Jeff writes, “I’m desperately trying to return to God, repenting as best I know how and pursuing Him through fervent reading of the Word but I feel like He’s through with me. Scriptures like Hebrews 6:1-8 paint a grim picture of hopelessness for the backslidden. Is there any reconciliation between Scriptures like “If we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us” or “you will find Me, if you seek Me with all your heart” and verses like Heb 6:1-8, which seem to describe the unpardonable sin? How can know unequivocally that he or she has committed it? Are there testimonies of persons who were truly converted returning to God after going back into a sinful life? Please respond…”


Only Two Churches on Earth

Rosanne writes, “A new type of church is emerging of God’s people. What do you propose we do to wake people up of this present reality?”


I Want to Know My Savior and Make It to Heaven

Bernadine writes, “I want to know my savior and make it to heaven.”


Fruit Produced by a Corrupt “Appel” Tree

Moonglow writes, “I really think anyone who calls Gene Appel a false preacher or thinks ill of him is jealous or not a Christian themselves.”


Testimony Concerning Todd White

Cynthia writes, “I just want to give you my testimony concerning this Todd White-false teacher”



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