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What’s New?

The Wondering Witch

Are all false prophets to be believed, or are there just fewer men of God today?


Salvation Is Not Left to Chance

Salvation is not our own decision but the gracious will of Him Who makes all things new.


Troubled by Sin and Self-Righteous Burdens

Hell is the absence of Light and fellowship with God. Repentance and faith bring true hope and peace.


Seeking Truth

A reader is encouraged to walk in faith with what the Lord has given her.

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Left Institutionalized Church

Coming out of manmade religion is not enough. Faith and obedience is required to enter into His Rest.


Ignorant of Jesus Christ

A reader condemns the Lord’s judgment as “hate” when it is the very fire that will free her from her own self-worth.


John Ramirez’s Fishy Story

Catholicism and its superstitions won’t protect you from Satan and his lying prophets such as John Ramirez.


Knowledge Without Faith

One who is in hell presently questions the Lord’s timing and plan to bring spiritual separation to an end.






上帝的事是嚴肅的事。祂對我們是很認真的,祂不會允許我們對祂不認真。 “看哪!神的恩慈和嚴厲。” 我們怎麼不能對所有事情都認真,保持清醒和警惕呢?


False Ways of the Religious

Today’s religious’ idea of worship is nothing more than the carnal man’s vain attempt to produce godliness as an exercise of his own thinking will and ways. “These things indeed have a reputation of wisdom in self-imposed worship and humility…” (Colossians 2:23 MKJV)


Consequences of Compromise and Confidence in Commitment

A newcomer finds comfort walking in the faith and rejoices in the testimony of the Lord’s saints.


Maybe We’re the Wrong Ones

Confusion leads to rejection of the Truth. There are no “maybes” with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Put Your Entire Trust in Him

Navigating through the ways of the religious is impossible and leads to loss, but trusting in the Lord leads to good in the end.


Eternal – Quality Not Quantity

The Lord promises eternal life in the Scriptures. Is it the quality or quantity of life that matters?


  1. You know, I always stay calm and post scripture, BUT, you start to badmouth my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.. Well, you’ll answer to my Father, His Father thee Almighty Omnipotent God! Or you never know… He might just send me! You think that’s a metaphor? Trust me, it’s not! You better start rebuking the devil in you, before it’s too late!


    1. I approve your post but I do not approve you or what you say. I do this for the sakes of others who may read and understand that the Lord Jesus Christ stands with and in me, and not with you, Michael.

      In the Name of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, Whom I love and serve with all my being, being raised up with Him in the Power of His Resurrection, I rebuke you, Satan. Beat it. You are an idiot imposter. What do I have to do with you? What does the Lord Jesus Christ have to do with you, except to command you to go to the fires where you belong. Amen and amen. Thank You, Lord Jesus!


      1. Hi Victor, I want to ask you a question. Do you receive revelations from the Holy Spirit? Does He at all guide you in all that you write or post? Thanks for your anticipated response


  2. I read these posts of this website and either they stack up with scripture or they do not. I don’t take it upon myself to judge whether the writer of the post is in Christ or not.
    The Bereans did not judge Paul’s justification, sanctification or salvation, they judged his teachings by comparing what he was saying with what the scriptures said. They based the result of that comparison on whether or not they accepted Paul’s teaching.


    1. Hi Samual,

      A small but significant correction to your understanding of the Bereans and Paul:

      Act 17:11 Now these were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.

      The Bereans believed Paul’s word because it had been given to them by God to know it. They sought the Scriptures to confirm what they had already believed.

      To think one can know the truth by the Scriptures is as foolhardy as thinking one can believe whatever anyone says. In either case, it’s the Lord Who gives understanding. The Pharisees had the Scriptures and taught them, but they didn’t believe the Lord.


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