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PART SIX– Harvest Haven to Surprise Visitors (cont.)

ParticleProphecy to the Religious

I woke up one morning with a prophecy to the religious in the Name of Jesus Christ in the city of Lethbridge and everywhere.

Words from the Lord God by Victor Hafichuk, December 7, 1997

Thus says the Lord: You condemn those who come to you, those I send to you, because they convince you of your wrongs, your evils, your sins and transgressions. “Not of God, not of God!” you cry, stopping your ears, and joking with one another about the fool who comes to you, contrary to your ways. But he comes, contrary to your ways, because you are contrary to Me, says the Lord.

“How are we contrary?” you ask. Firstly, do you not criticize those religious in different circles than yourselves and condemn them for their doctrines and practices, as false as they are? How is it that you reserve the right to condemn others but insist that you yourselves are beyond reproach when I speak to you of your faults and silly notions? “We are right and true and holy!” you insist. “They are the false ones!” you cry.

Tell Me, if you can (and you will have your answers, while in stubbornness, in your stiff-necked, proud and rebellious ways), where in My Scriptures you find one solitary testimony where any of My servants solicited money from those to whom I sent them, or declared to the brethren they needed money to serve Me and speak My Word. Did any of My prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors, teachers, elders or deacons do so by Me? Not one, no, not one. And did I not provide for them? And was not My Word spoken to them, and by them to others? But your god is mammon and not Me, says the Lord. You have many gods and I am not among them, says the Lord.

“But it costs for radio, newspaper and television and literature today, unlike the old days,” you protest. Am I only above the old and not above the present? Do you suddenly find Me insufficient in the day of your clever inventions? Will you tell Me that without money from man, I will be unable to accomplish My purposes of redeeming him? Again, which one of My servants ever asked for money to help preach the truth? I sent them to one here, one there, a multitude here, ten there and provided for them at the hands of widows and bills of ravens. But you must live in style and trust in the arm of flesh.

But I am not sending you, nor do I send My servants to those to whom you would presume to go, and while you presume to reach others in My Name and for My sake, you are in dire need of being reached yourselves. Neither do you speak the truth, not knowing the truth. You compass the world with your doctrines and self-made compassion to win souls, producing spurious conversions, enticing them with fine words and promises of prosperity, bringing them into your halls of pleasures, the prisons you live in, binding them in the chains you are bound in yourselves.

You walk in the spirit of the world, which is at enmity with Me, and entice both young and old with entertainment, thinking to win them to Me. Since when must I become as the sinner to win the sinner? Since when do I send you to be as the young in their darkness and foolishness with their notions of what is “cool” and what is “in” with clothing, fashions, music, customs, peer pleasing and attitudes of this world, manifesting pride, machismo, rebellion, philosophies, carnal humour and vainglory? Must I use humour and drama and sensationalism to win the repentance of those who enjoy these things and despise Me because they take pleasure in these things?

“But we become all things to all men to win them, as did Paul,” you reason, “and did not Jesus eat and drink with sinners?” While I ate with sinners, I did not surfeit with them, and when I drank with them, I did not get drunk with them, and when I saved prostitutes, I did not sleep with them; neither did My servant Paul. Do you not contradict yourselves in your darkness? You blaspheme in your words and ways. You vex Me with your thoughts and ways and do great evil in My Name, taking upon yourselves My Name in vain; I will not hold you guiltless, and you suffer for it.

Why do your children drown in rivers, get killed and maimed in accidents, which are not accidents, get hooked on drugs and become pregnant out of wedlock? Why do you suffer all kinds of diseases, which the Egyptians suffered and which unbelievers suffer today? Why are you divorcing and suffering financial hardships?

“God is trying us, because He loves us, and to see if we will be faithful, like Job!” you surmise. I am not trying you, but you bring damnation upon yourselves. My servant Job was not like you. He did not serve other gods, as do you. He did not glory in his judgments, as do you. He did not suffer loss in your ways. And when I was through with him, he was improved beyond your measures, but you, in your sins, languish and die and are not bettered. Instead, you harden yourselves even more.

Why, at the same time, do you prosper and spend what you have on those things I hate? Why do you take so lightly the things of God and laugh and giggle about them? Where are the sobriety and the vigilance I admonish those who are Mine to have? But you do not believe.

Why are the pastors and elders of your churches and religious organizations of works going in to their neighbors’ and congregants’ wives? Why are the leaders in whoredoms? Why do they lie and cheat in business while making themselves out to be pious, preaching and testifying as though on fire for Me and serving Me with fervency, or not at all, yet professing My Name?

Why do you celebrate My Passover in diverse ways, one of those ways in the name of a pagan goddess? Why do you partake of the shadows while claiming to have the substance? Why do you celebrate pagan festivals in My Name on pagan deity birth dates with pagan customs and traditions of this world, which is at enmity with Me? Why do you eat the unclean, calling it manna from heaven? Because you are in darkness and there is no truth in you.

If only you knew the pain and sorrows you bring upon yourselves by doing these things that you think are so pleasing to Me! If only you knew the peace that could and would be yours if you listened and believed! It is a peace such as you do not have and not as the one you do have.

Why do you scoff at the truth and despise rebuke?

“We are exhorted to focus on the positive,” you declare in your own righteousness. “We will not allow anyone to bring anything negative into our minds and hearts,” you adamantly insist.

Hear this, you adulterers and adulteresses, who paint your faces and dress your hair and wear fine things and speak high and lofty words: Those I love, those I receive, I rebuke, chasten, and scourge. Those whom I call suffer persecution, tribulation, and loss by My hand and not only by their own. Those whom I call and choose are afflicted and mourn, learning the value of the houses of mourning, despising the houses of mirth wherein fools congregate and destroy themselves ever so wisely.

Are these things positive? When I command you to repent of your sins, sparing nothing, to take up the cross and die, to forsake your loved ones and all possessions, are these things positive or negative? Is not your judgment of what is positive or negative at fault?

You make ceremonies, construct great buildings, publish yourselves, calling yourselves “reverends” as though some ought to reverence you, and “doctors,” as though you knew anything by and of Me. You ordain yourselves and make yourselves to be heard in all streets and cities and, yes, it is indeed yourselves you publish, pretending to be publishing what you call “The Good News.” You call and pay impressive and charismatic speakers to further your ends and to entertain yourselves and your captives, building your own kingdoms, speakers who long ago forgot Me or who never knew Me.

You hold seminars and presume to sell My gifts and ministries even as Simon expected of Peter. Peter’s reply portrayed My feelings precisely. You perform great works, thinking you lay up treasures in Heaven with Me, says the Lord. Your own works you do, and despise Mine. You know nothing of Mine.

There is a testimony that goes forth to you that is always there, protesting against you and your froward ways, and I will not forever protest with those who presume to serve Me but who insist on pursuing their own pleasures and serving their own bellies. Even now, the times have come when you have called on Me and I didn’t answer, though you imagined, in your own perverse notions, that I did. “Sometimes He answers with a ‘No,’” you and your “loving” pastors and elders ever so wisely rationalize, and remain in your sins. Because you wouldn’t listen to Me, I will not listen to you.

Yet again, I call to those who would be saved from this evil generation and who will say to Me, “Your will and not mine,” in all earnestness of heart, prepared to obey and take upon themselves My yoke, forsaking their own and that of their tormentors, forsaking the pleasures of Egypt – churches parading in My Name with great religious, Biblical titles. To those I say, “Come and be saved; come and be healed; come and believe the truth, whereby you will save yourselves and your little ones. Quit believing the lies you call truth and believe the truth you call lies and fabrications.

“Consider for your lives; run for your lives. Come out from among them and be separate and do not so much as touch the unclean, and I will be a loving Father to you, embracing you with great compassion, showering you with blessings your eyes have not seen nor ears have heard.

“Tearfully, I will receive you, forgive you, cleanse you and clothe you anew, anointing you with oil and fragrances you have never known, and you shall be My sons and daughters, rejoicing in the light, saying, ‘Who could have known what we held from ourselves and what we have now? We will rejoice in God our Savior Who is no respecter of persons, Who alone does wondrous things, Who is longsuffering and Whose mercy endures forever, Who delivers us from our own delusions, Who daily loads us with great benefits, Who reveals Himself to the humble and makes us free, Who causes us to tread upon the high places, and Who rejoices over us with joy.’”

ParticleA Word Concerning Sean

The Lord said to me, “Don’t be disturbed by Sean. He will be put in his place in due time and you will see it. ”

I’d often said Sean didn’t know his boundaries. He was void of any respect for them. There is a word to describe that characteristic, and it is “iniquity” (lawlessness). I said that the Lord is doing in our midst what is described in 2 Thessalonians 2, coming to expose and do away with that man of sin.

Was Sean to be saved or not? He was definitely “ploughing with my heifer,” and my heifer chose to have it so. I’d had only one vision of their affair, and it was of Sean approaching my naked wife, focusing on her and eating her dung. What was I to do?

I said, “Lord, if I cast him out, who will run the farm?” Not that Marilyn would have accepted my throwing him out.

On December 17, 1997, the Lord spoke these words to me:

“Behold, I will take that man which troubles you and your house when I am done with him, and shall destroy him. I shall cast his carcass into Gehenna and he will be no more. You shall look and not see him. He has despised you, he has despised the covenant, and he has despised Me.

As an angel has he come, and as a devil shall he go, when I count My jewels and gather My elect to save them from the evil. He has vexed you, but I have brought him to try you all and to make known to you good and evil, My authority and order, and My righteousness. I have brought him so that you would turn to Me and see that all is vanity. Only with loss do you know the value of that which you have possessed. Only with loss do you know what possesses you. There is nothing for you to do but wait, rest in confidence of Me, and I will do it all. You can do nothing.

If you want to accomplish anything, it is only out of a lack of self-esteem, and what is there that I require of you to accomplish? Nothing. There is nothing for you to do but rest and wait.”

ParticleMy State and the Future of the Farm

In my thoughts, I saw all the problems at the farm solved – great harvests, great sales, all going very well, and then looking to the Lord, seeking Him for His will, seeing there was no more here to occupy us. But no! The Lord says, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” It was now, by faith that I had to recognize that all will be and is well. Now was the time to focus on the Lord, not later. “Show me and I’ll believe,” I say, but the Lord says, “Believe and you will see.”

I wrote, “I am a wounded bird, apprehended by a greater will, taken against my will, but not left to perish in an environment of my doing, fraught with danger because I was wounded. I’m taken into a strange environment, placed in a cage, fed and cared for, though the pain and crippling remains. Where there was once a song in my mouth, now there is only silence. It appears I will live out my few remaining days in this cage, though I have reason to believe otherwise. There is care, safety, and hope.

I’m separated from the flock, from the trees, the flowers, insects, sky, and freedom of the great outdoors. To fly, I’m unable and forbidden to try until the healing. What will I find when released? Where will I fly? Shall I make a nest? Will there be young? Will I ever sing again? Or for the first time?

ParticleThe Spirit of the Religious

The religious are playing God with others. They are the “abomination that makes desolate.” They stand in the holy place, as God, opposing and exalting themselves above all that is called God. Listen to them pray! They open their mouths wide, uttering blasphemy. Their tongues wag in impudence, presumption, arrogance, rebellion, and witchcraft. How dare they speak to God in those tones and voices, with those words, in those spirits! They sow unbelief, hardness, rudeness, flippancy, irreverence, frivolity, and contempt for everything holy.

ParticleFasting and Christianity the Green Way

During my 25-day fast, I was put in touch with Dave Green of Green’s Pop Shop. Tom Galloway told me Dave had fasted for 60 days. I found out he hadn’t been on a strict fast, but on an artificial pink grapefruit juice fast, with daily doses of vitamin/mineral tablets and sucking on hard candy to quench headaches, which is a fast of sorts, but not a true fast by any means. It was foolishness.

Dave was a recent convert to Christianity – but not to Christ. I believe he was soon to be on his way to Haiti or some other Third World country with Bill Roycroft, the pastor of Lethbridge Christian Tabernacle.

When he found out we didn’t celebrate Christmas, he exclaimed, “It’s Jesus’ birthday, for crying out loud!” and hung up on me. Until that time, he planned on visiting us, once Christmas was “out of the way.”

So we must get His birthday celebration out of the way though we are supposed to value it so?

ParticleDiscipline and Fruits

While once listening to Luciano Pavarotti, I contemplated his life. What a voice and what a responsibility to make the most of his talent! What a life – totally focused on the development, maintenance and delivery of the gift, having to rigorously deny himself in so many other common matters. So it must be with all aspiring athletes, artists, and professionals. Ought it not to be so and more for those who are the Lord’s? Are believers not called to be bondservants of Christ, their lives never our own for any self-serving purpose?

ParticleLois’ Vision: Into a Cloud and Out

I went to bed one night, having told Marilyn what to do at the farm. In the night these things came to me:

One, the sooner I let go of the old, the sooner will come the new.

Two, I am not letting go because I don’t trust the Lord.

Three, He had promised to take care of my concerns while I tended to His.

Finally, as soon as I let go, He’ll take over, doing better than I could ever hope, dream, or imagine. Besides, while the people at the farm make mistakes, I have done more than my share of the same.

The next morning, Lois called, telling me about a vision she had wherein she saw me walking down a path, looking around. The whole area was shrouded in mist and darkness, yet there was light near at hand, so I could see what was near. The scene began to speed up until I entered a cloud of darkness and disappeared. Soon I came out at the other end of this cloud, shooting up into the air.

It was the Lord, using Lois to encourage me in my walk. I had been feeling my way in the dark; all was mysterious and I was trying to understand where I was, what was happening and why. It was so dark I wasn’t able to tell my left hand from my right, wisdom from foolishness, good from evil, law from grace, truth from error, or right from wrong. It was awful.

Particle – Thankfulness Revealed

On December 20, 1997, I realized something of the dream I had in 1972 of the Lord’s “second coming.” There was immense thankfulness in the spirit and face of the man I saw walking on the Lord’s left hand. Until this time, I hadn’t had the spiritual capacity or freedom to recognize it.

Particle – “Make Your Enemies Now ”

I don’t recall precisely when, but the Lord spoke to me to address my reticence in speaking forth. I’d been hedging or trying to keep the peace at the expense of speaking what was necessary to speak. The Lord said to me, “Make your enemies now.”

ParticleKerri Leads Paul by the Nose

Paul and Kerri left for the US to sell his car in Helena, and they stayed with Kerri’s mother. The way I saw it was that Paul wasn’t following the Lord, but his wife, as I predicted would happen. I felt betrayed and disgusted; I couldn’t help it. I wrote at that time: “But all things are of God. He does as He wills and all things work for good. The Scriptures clearly testify that the Lord does have His way and will have it in the end.

ParticleThe Times and Seasons All In His Hands

Around this time the Lord began to alert me to His timing of many and all things in our lives. He had shown me timings in the past, but now many more. For instance, it was July 20, 1997 that I began my great fast. Looking back, I saw it was May 20, 1993 when I had to come against the feedlot development at Moon River, wherein we won, even as the Lord promised. The duration between the two events was 50 months exactly.

The number 50 represents Jubilee, victory, redemption, a new beginning, as with the people receiving the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, 50 days after the crucifixion of the Lord at Passover. First is the cost, then the pay; first the battle, then the victory; first death, then life. Fifty represents life from the dead and freedom from bondage. Jubilee was a time when slaves were set free and people had their lands restored to them. They had a new beginning.

The Lord would be demonstrating how He was in full control of everything, that it wasn’t what we did that counted, but what He did with us and what we were, as He was shaping us:

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10 MKJV).

ParticleThree and a Half

On several occasions, the number appears in the Bible, especially in Daniel and Revelation. I’ve been given to perceive this same duration in my life.

My time off work because of the skiing injury in 1971 was 3½ months.

From the day we received the call from Delores Molnar on August 21, 1984 on Lois’ behalf, to the day we looked at our future Moon River home on February 22, 1988 – 3½ years.

Though not sure this is precise, from the time we made the move to buy the house (March 14-24, 1988) to the day Jonathan was born (Sept. 22, 1991) – 3½ years.

From the fulfillment of the “Man of Faith” vision on November 10, 1989 at the Moon River fire hall to the decision to fight the feedlot and go to the meeting with the MD of Willow Creek in Claresholm, May 10-20, 1993, thus “breaking out of our cocoon” – 3½ years.

Particle – Forty

Forty is a most important number in Scripture. Many are the examples of 40 days or 40 years. In our case, it has been 40 months:

From July 10, 1986, the day I received the vision of new beginnings, to November 10, 1989, when we were “cut off from the living,” it was precisely 40 months. At that time, inner healings began to pour in, and a new life began.

There was to be another significant 40 months to come.

ParticlePity for Marilyn

On December 26, 1997, I felt pity for Marilyn, for the first time, in the situation with Sean. It was like the angels and saints in Heaven were covering their faces, embarrassed at her nakedness. How strange! Now instead of being bitter and angry toward her, I pitied her and was embarrassed; I felt bad for her.

I wrote: “Let it be what it is, whatever it is. Fight and one dies; accept, submit, and one lives. I have lost everything. I am dead and desolate, disconsolate, ashamed, and wretched. I am abandoned, betrayed, scorned, and despised. They all do as they choose, as compelled. I am turned upside down, my values in upheaval, confusion reigning supreme, laughing at me, laughing at us all. My wife and son have no empathy, no desire, no inclination for me. No man escapes, though payday of evil seems far removed. God sees; He remembers and requites fully.

ParticleSean Takes Possession

One day while Marilyn, Sean, and I were on the phone, I asked Sean why he was speaking to Marilyn as he was – I found it disrespectful and presumptuous, especially in my presence, like he owned her. He declared that he was relating and speaking to Marilyn as his wife. It seemed he had concluded that she was his and I had no more say in the matter. Marilyn said nothing. Not only was she not objecting, she seemed quite pleased with the affair.

The day before, as I somewhat complained to Sean about how difficult a time I was having in all this, he returned with, “Do you think you’re the only one? What do you think Marilyn and I have been going through?”

I was losing/had lost my farm, my wife, my son, my friends, even my life, while he, at an early age, was getting a wife (my wife), a son (my son), a farm (my farm), and all I had. He was inspired to work by the prospect of gaining all this, got down in the dumps at the possibility that all this may not happen, and I was to forget my troubles and think of his!?

I hyperventilate.

Who says there is no Devil?

Particle – Lois Chooses Sides

Lois confronted Paul to choose reason or faith. If faith, he must believe I was dying and Marilyn and Sean were marrying. Lois did this without my knowledge.

Would the Lord really turn these people against me to commit treachery, lewdness, debauchery, adultery, deceit, and robbery, just to cause me to identify with Him and His suffering and sorrow? Would He use believers to do it? So, so strange, but explainable only as a curse on me, as far as I could tell.

Particle – Believe the Prophecy and Submit to Death

I write, “Today, on December 28, I had a talk with Marilyn and we felt many things tying together. Today was a major step for me to accept Marilyn’s prophecy, submitting to loss of all and death, which is not death but yet death. We go from here; I wish to get on with it. The breaking prophesied by four men in 1976 is happening.

Particle – Vision: Dark Figures Invade Farm

Possibly on December 31, 1997, I had a vision wherein I was in the sky, high above Zanoni’s farmyard (our neighbor across the road from the farm). I was looking down at our farm and saw a dark (sinister) figure enter the gate and walking down the driveway. It seemed that I was able to warn or protect the people at the farm, and needed to deal with the evil intruder.

ParticlePaul Perceives Parameters for Him and Me

Paul said he and I were the only ones called upon to lay down our lives, he having to let go of Kerri and I, Marilyn, while Sean waxed bold and spoke authoritatively, having nothing to lose and everything to gain.

ParticleThe Perfecting of the Patience of the Prophets

Moses wasn’t permitted to enter the land of Canaan. Yet 1,500 years later, there he was in the land of Israel, communing with the Messiah, no less. He was reigning. But how did he feel when seeing the people enter the land 15 centuries earlier, go into idolatry and consequently, in servitude to their enemies? Many of the Israelites were slain, the Temple was destroyed, and the remnant of Israel was oppressed by succeeding empires until the time of Christ.

Forty years after that transfiguration meeting, the Temple was destroyed again, along with the city and nation for another 1,900 years. What was happening in Heaven? Did the saints and prophets taste defeat, loss, failure, and bitter disappointment? Was Satan laughing? Were devils getting their way, contrary to the wishes of Moses, Elijah, and others? Were the saints feeling impotent and frustrated?

Or were they in charge, determining and performing all these things, employing even devils in the whole scheme of things to fulfill a perfectly orchestrated plan?

ParticleSolace and Comfort in Former Prophecies

I wrote: “Don Morrison prophesied on November 13, 1976 that the Lord was going to turn me upside down. I think I know now what was meant. I was ever trying to control everything, to be God… as Job, having everything covered. How silly! How impossible! How naïve! The Lord then said that when turned upside down, I would know that He is Lord. He also said, ‘When your foot steps on foreign soil, you will know that I have brought you there.’

Mickey Patrick prophesied the Lord would break me by making me sit. Do I now sit or do I now sit? Indeed, I sit! So be it. I couldn’t agree more when I consider how things have been.

The question is: ‘Does this break involve a physical death?’ Marilyn insists so. For all intents and purposes, and seeing no other way, I agree. Yet the Lord has said to me, ‘You will not die. Will you believe Me?’ What does He mean?

That reminds me of the serpent’s words to Eve, but the circumstances were very different, it seems. Am I now being tempted to partake of something and thus persuaded to not believe what God has said through Marilyn? Is there something I’m grabbing for or trying to retain? My life? I don’t think so. I want to lay it down more than anything, if that’s what the Lord requires. And for whatever reason or regardless of how it looks, I believe He wants it. So I want it.

The breaking is calling me from lording it over others to serve instead… turning me upside down… breaking me as a horse is broken to serve itself no longer, but to serve its master. It is that colt birthing, as I saw in a vision on July 10th, 1986.

This event is at once very terrifying, yet utterly exciting in its prospects. Lord, Thy will be done.

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