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PART ELEVEN – The Issues of Life to Troublous Times (cont.)


Particle – Notice of Danger and Protection

On the 10th or 11th of August 2006, I received a sense of there being great, immediate, and inescapable danger and everything to fear, but also an assurance that there was absolutely nothing to fear – nothing at all; we would be perfectly kept.

Particle – Good Apples Among the Rotten

Nature in The Fall dictates that one rotten apple will eventually spoil the good ones in proximity. I have seen that now we would see a reversal of the corrupted, death-dealing laws of nature; we would finally witness a turnaround and restoration to goodness. We, the few good apples, would redeem the many bad ones. Instead of rot overcoming, God’s healing by His Resurrection Power would have its day and rot would lose. It’s called “healing.”

Particle – Jennifer to Forsake Son Seth

A friend of Ian Sirias, Jennifer, came to work at Harvest Haven. She was having problems with her ex-husband who was in South America; he wouldn’t allow her to see her family with her young toddler son, Seth, and wasn’t willing to give her full custody. She claimed faith in Christ and asked us what she was to do.

I prayed and received an answer for her. Few are willing to receive the answers I receive for them. I saw that her husband had control over her and held her in fear of losing her son. I told her she needed to surrender Seth to her ex. She seemed to give it a feeble effort, but her heart wasn’t in it. She didn’t, or didn’t want to, believe it was God giving her this direction. Sad. She would remain in bondage until she surrendered her son to the Lord.

Particle – Jonathan Deceives Us

We found out tonight, August 20th that Jonathan has been deceptive with us, deliberately lying. He left the house at 9:40 p.m. promising to return to his tent in the backyard in 20 minutes or so, knowing we would be in bed. He had no intention of doing so. Our neighbor Steve Harris told me that Jonathan and his son Thomas were staying up late for several nights, roaming in the darkness, getting some sort of kicks in the neighborhood.

While he was away, Marilyn and I emptied his tent of furnishings, brought them into the house, and decided to stay up and see what happened. We waited until 12:30 a.m. with the lights off and he came in quietly, wondering where his stuff was. We then turned on the lights to his surprise and chagrin.

Marilyn was very upset, blurting out rebukes before he had much of a chance to say anything. We sat up until 2 a.m. talking. We were quite disappointed with him and hurt because he was lying to us. Marilyn earnestly believed he could or would never betray her trust. I knew human nature and that children will do such things so I was not so shocked or disappointed.

We got everything resolved and reconciled before we went to bed. We forgave and instructed Jonathan, and he was cooperative. I think he was moved by his mother’s shock and great disappointment. While he didn’t mean us harm and did seem to realize the gravity of his actions, I considered that we didn’t sufficiently realize the “ungravity” of them. Saints are not born in the flesh. “Let God be true and every man a liar,” precious sons included.

Particle – Nobody is Boss Anymore

A young, single girl named Erica worked with us for several days. One day, she was washing chairs and as I passed by, I noticed she was missing certain spots so I pointed them out to her; I took a rag and demonstrated what she needed to do. Initially, I had not noticed a reaction, but later she was found sulking. When asked by someone what was the matter, she complained that I had spoken to her as though I was an employer and she was an employee. What?

If someone needs direction or correction of some kind, and it’s given, is it so bad? I know I wasn’t effusively sweet about it with smiles, hugs, kisses, and flatteries, but neither was I rude or impatient or critical; I was just matter of fact about it. What are we coming to?

Erica and her boyfriend had been using crystal meth. I wondered if that had anything to do with her attitude and distorted perspective; however, I couldn’t help believing her upbringing fell far short of instruction in necessary discipline, standards, and principles of life. These people are no longer a small minority of society; we live in decadent times.

Particle – Our Role and Strategy Concerning Muslims

We have discussed our part in the Muslim scene. Father, Your will. All are afraid to speak against them but we are eager to expose and oppose them. They blaspheme against You. Yet we know that they must fulfill their destiny and do their evil to chasten those who live carelessly, despise Your Law, and blaspheme Your Name.

How implacable, contradictory and evil an enemy You have raised up against the world, especially against those who take on themselves Your Name in vanity and hypocrisy! We dare not interfere with Your judgment, lest we fall under it ourselves.

Particle – Mark and Mariko’s Wedding Reception

We had a simple marriage ceremony by a Justice of the Peace in March and now the informal reception on August 27, 2006. Mariko’s parents and her sister Eriko flew in from Japan. The reception was on a beautiful day outdoors with about 60 people present – family, friends, and Harvest Haven customers.

Little did we know what a dark future this occasion would usher in!

Paul suggested we pray for Eriko, who had a hearing problem in one ear. We prayed for her, laying hands on her. She expressed surprise that we would pray for her.

God didn’t answer. We asked Eriko if she had any sin in her life. She denied any, but we knew that it may have been a question she didn’t understand, for two reasons: language barrier and almost no instruction concerning the Kingdom of God. But didn’t the apostle Paul heal many people on an island, including the chief of the people, though they seemed to know little if anything about the Kingdom of God and His Law and ways (Acts 28)?

On the heels of the marriage, we experienced conflict with Mariko’s parents. While they were pleased Mariko married Mark, they became less apologetic in their antipathy toward our spiritual testimony. Mariko’s father was becoming a bit testy. His wife began to withdraw, whereas she had seemed somewhat interested in spiritual matters before, asking questions and commenting.

Perhaps they had what they wanted in their daughter’s marriage to Mark and their true colors were starting to come out?

Particle – A Beggar for Punishment

Again, I called Les and Penny Mills and came away feeling like I was vomited on. I recalled the Lord telling me long ago to turn away from them and not to look back. We learn by disobedience and by the consequence of forgetfulness, our memories are improved. Whether we obey or not, God is glorified by His Word. This time, I didn’t send them my customary aftermath letter.

However, there often seems to be a silver lining. They told us of Connie Hall, who was distributing George Hawtin’s complete writings. I ordered them, she sent them and we alerted her to our writings. She also sent us writings by Kenneth Leckey, whom she believed was now wearing Hawtin’s mantle. We red Leckey’s literature, found horrendous error, and addressed it. The link: Leckey, Kenneth: Jesus Christ, Almighty God.

Particle – The Weekly Sabbath

I want to interject here: We have been enjoying our weekly Sabbath immensely. There is a looking forward to it, an enjoyment in it, and restfulness during and immediately after. It is effective and regenerative.

It was never this way keeping Sunday. “How or why is this?” I asked the Lord. Could it be because God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it (Genesis 2:1-3), while there is no record that He did so with any other day? That was the answer I received. If keeping the Biblical Sabbath is being under the Law and in bondage, give me the Law of God over the grace of man any day.

How much less would God bless Sunday in such manner, the one day dedicated to Baal, the sun god?

I have wondered if the Sabbath is a foreshadowing of how one day things should and will be every day of the week.

Particle – Sara’s Dream: Expect the Impossible

On the Sabbath, September 2, 2006, I spoke to everyone by phone conference. I said, “The Lord is about to do something very wonderful. When is the last time you jumped up and down for joy like a little child? You, we, will soon be doing so!”

Then Paul and Sara spoke up saying Sara had just had a dream the previous night. Her dream spoke of my jumping for joy and having prophecies for Paul and others. Sara records this dream she had on the night of September 1 or 2:

I was at the farm, sitting around the table outside with everyone else (all of us), and Victor had a prophecy for each one of us, and passed them out around the table as written documents. He was very happy and excited, jumping up and down with joy, and when passing out Paul’s, he red it out loud to all. I don’t remember the content exactly, but it spoke of wonderful things to come for Victor and Paul together. Victor gave me a smile as he handed me my prophecy, and, upon reading it, I was also happy. It spoke of loving the Lord with all of my heart, mind, and strength, serving Him, and living for nothing else.

In the midst of these things we were being told to ‘expect the impossible.’ It was very clear, and it was a command from the Lord. I had the distinct feeling that He spoke of a specific situation to come wherein it would seem like the solution or necessary outcome would be impossible, and He says, ‘Expect the impossible.’ Not hope for it, or try to lift ourselves up to believe it, but simply expect it to be done.

In the next part, a whole bunch of people were tearing down the big Catholic cathedral that dominates Helena, with enthusiasm. Paul and I were walking amongst them and watching. It was a lot of work. Paul picked up a goblet from amongst the rubble, and said, “I don’t know that all of this is necessary. I think this is all we need to do,” and he threw the goblet to the ground where it was dashed to pieces. He was not against the work of the tearing down of the cathedral, but it seemed to me as if what he did with the goblet was symbolic of what was happening to people inside.

Particle – Dream – Space Vehicle

I don’t know that there’s anything to this, but last night (September 2/3, 2006) I dreamt that in 5 years, there will be a craft designed and produced with a new source of energy to enable common man to travel safely and economically in space, whether orbiting the earth or going to the moon. I saw a craft that seemed quite sturdy, but no larger than a modern Volkswagen. The energy to operate it would cost almost nothing. I saw the craft as designed for one person but it seemed it would be able to carry more.

Particle – Shaparenko Gets Knocked Down

Dallas Cooper red Gene Shaparenko’s site material at Aqua Technology about us and responded with good reason and fact, condemning what Shaparenko was deceptively publishing. Shaparenko didn’t post Dallas’ letter, though he had promised he would publish any responses from people concerning us. Obviously, Gene’s intention was to post only the negative. It seemed that Dallas’ letter, at least in part, was the fulfillment of the fall of the huge image, which was revealed to me to be Shaparenko.

Particle – Marilyn’s Father Passes

While in Calgary, Marilyn learned from her mother that her father, John Coles, passed away during the night of September 5, 2006, at age 85, full of cancer. Marilyn was not moved by it. Years ago, the Lord told her that he was a very wicked man. It was shortly after we were married that Marilyn’s mother confided to me that she had left John primarily for two reasons – his raging temper (which Marilyn had often mentioned) and bestiality with his cattle. How does a woman, a wife, feel when her husband prefers a cow to her?

Particle – Vision or “Picture in My Mind” – Meeting Hall

It was years ago that we discussed having a meeting hall. I had a picture in my mind of the interior of one with two rows of square support pillars about 16 to 20 feet apart from the rear to the front of the building. They were about 10 to 12 feet apart across an aisle from each other. The pillars supported horizontal beams about 10 feet up. There were seats (simple chairs, maybe folding) on either side, perhaps 20 to 30 rows, with about 6 to 10 chairs per row. At the front of the hall was a stage or speaking area.

I think I was imagining something one might find in The Lord of the Rings, some sort of ancient hall, strong, nothing fancy, “dusky,” but somewhat cozy and comforting. Still, I had a rather definite picture that I can’t see I just made up in my imagination, and I cannot think of anything specific I saw to give me the idea. Is it a vision of God? Possibly, but I don’t really know. Father, what did I see? Only You know.

Particle – Coincidences and Faulty Assumptions

A “James” wrote to Sara on September 5th, 2006, presuming to rescue her from Victor’s “cage,” as he put it, urging her to immediately flee for her life. He said he was married to a young lady who had been abused and traumatized by me while under my care in our group and wanted to save Sara from the same fate. He admitted his name was fictitious. We wondered who on earth the woman could even remotely be. Could it be Elizabeth or Erin Hafichuk? Kerri Palermo? None of these fit the bill but they were possibilities, if accusers wished to stretch and improvise, which they invariably do.

We concluded it could only be one person, and that was because of several remarkable coincidences. We concluded it must be the “James” Marcia was now about to marry – which we had advised her against, but she wouldn’t listen. After all, one doesn’t often get two “Jameses” at once, Marcia was disgruntled with us, and there were a couple other coincidences I don’t recall.

Surely, the anonymous person must be talking about Marcia, though he says he is already married to the woman in question. We didn’t know what was true or false coming from him (or her). Another doubt we had was that we couldn’t possibly see how Marcia would even think or suggest she was in any way traumatized, even if disgruntled. If anything, she was dismissive of us.

Sara was chomping at the bit to respond. She replied on the 7th with Scripture, power, and reality, altogether contrary to James’ expectations of fear on her part. When he replied, his second letter was obviously more conciliatory, with the wind apparently taken out of his sails.

In retrospect, I suspect it was Sara’s mother, up to her same old tricks again. But here’s the better guess, if guesses are permitted, and this one fits the bill much better. Cody was married to Dena and angry that she wasn’t willing to return to him, blaming me for the influence.

Lesson: One may have several indicators agreeing and leading to a credible conclusion that is wrong. Be patient and get all the facts.

Particle – Vision – Man Finding the Unexpected

On the 7th of September, I had a vision of one entering a room and finding himself confronted with something entirely unexpected. He immediately began withdrawing, not turning around, but walking backward slowly, yet eagerly. It was as one going swimming at a lake and wading out, suddenly finding himself over a hidden ledge and dropping, the water too deep for comfort.

It would be almost 2 ½ years before I would realize who the vision was about – once again being slow on the uptake.

Particle – Another Remarkable Coincidence

On September 12th, 2006, Dena Dahl’s mother called and asked if she could visit her at the farm. She was curious, if not concerned, about what was happening with Dena. She told Dena she had met Marilyn’s mother and stepfather at a restaurant in Calgary. In a casual conversation that developed, Dena’s mother mentioned to the Kleins (Marilyn’s parents) that Dena and Cody were separated and that Dena was staying on an organic farm near Lethbridge. Their attention captured, they asked her what farm. She replied, “Harvest Haven.”

“We know them; our daughter and her husband own the farm!” they responded with surprise. Les at some point referred to us as a “cult,” which disturbed Dena’s mother. Cody had already been telling her we were a cult. Laura saw the disturbance and, without Les’ knowledge, wrote a note on a napkin and passed it to her, assuring her that her daughter had nothing to fear and was in good hands.

Dena’s mother arrived at the farm shortly after she called. She still had the napkin from Laura and showed it to Dena. We thought, “How interesting that in a city of one million people, perfect strangers should meet at a restaurant, have tables in proximity, strike up a conversation and confide details not usually or often mentioned between such parties. What are the chances of such an occurrence?”

Who says there is no God?

We knew God was doing something, but what? We would soon find out. I was determined to talk to Les about it as soon as I could; I wasn’t about to let this pass.

Particle – You Want Expensive?

Lois was one reluctant to go to a doctor or dentist. “The Lord will take care of it,” she would say. Sounds like faith, right? But I wasn’t convinced. I finally prevailed on her to have her teeth examined and when she did, she found serious problems in progress, like leaking old fillings, cavities, and periodontitis. She ended up with extractions, crowns, and bridges.

Marilyn and I sent the rest for care as well, and the bills would be tremendous. I thought, “Thankfully, God has provided us with means for quality dental care. How many can afford such expense? Medicare doesn’t cover it, though, of all things, it ought to cover necessary dental.”

Particle – Jonathan Suffers Better, Knowing Suffering is Better

Jonathan has often been ill. While I was praying for him on September 14th, I received that he needed suffering because of his hardness. When I told him suffering was good for him, he seemed to take it much better. Today, because he was much better, I told him to not take for granted that the Lord had given him relief.

Particle – The Answer to Islam

We spent several weeks working on The Answer to Islam and posted it today. Our first Muslim contender was an Abu Yusuf.

Particle – Paul’s Dream: Determined Woman

Paul and Sean were corresponding and discussing Sean’s return to Harvest Haven from Toronto. At that time, Sean was dealing with his relationship with his mother. She was being very religious, so unreal, and wasn’t in favor of the direction he was taking with us. Why? We were confronting her on her great lack before God and she insisted we were wrong.

Sean was sharing her letters to him with us. When she realized it, she was offended, saying her privacy had been violated. I told him Satan ever focuses on externals, form, and decorum, but hates substance. If he’s to become a part of our lives, should he not share those things with us? A community is a community and the affairs of any individual affect the rest, like it or not. Therefore, each is accountable to the group. How could it be otherwise?

Paul records: “In the night of September 19th, I dreamt I saw a woman older than me, who seemed a bit feeble and perhaps could use some help getting up steps or some such thing. When I offered to do that for her she brushed me off, like she was more than able to take care of herself. I saw her later going up a muddy hill on the back of a large dog. She was able to perform all kinds of prodigious physical feats and showed a determined will to engage in what seemed to be very difficult and unnecessary endeavors. She went ahead of me and the next thing I knew the dog was running back trying to attack me.”

We believe this was Audrey Goff, Sean’s mother, and the dog was the false religious system.

Sean arrived at Paul’s in Helena on September 27th, and at the farm on the 28th, 2006, just over 6 years (in the 7th year) after he left in 2000.

Particle – Marilyn’s Dream: An Impossibility Overcome

In September of 2006, Marilyn dreamt that we were all together walking and observing what was around us. Then the scene changed. Everything was a dark dirty, icy-gray color. We were at the top of an ice wall, except for Marilyn and an unidentified person to her left. Marilyn and that person were both trying to climb that wall but Marilyn found the sagging, horizontally-hanging ropes impossible to climb. The harder she tried to climb, the more they sagged.

The rest of us were encouraging Marilyn to climb up. It seemed some had climbed up by the ropes and I was just up there. That scene was in the distance from her point of view. Marilyn then looked to her right and all became light, with bright colors in the scenery; things were very close. She was now on the scene, having easily entered. She was able to walk up and around to join everyone at the top.

Marilyn doesn’t know what happened to the other person. She now tells me some years later she believed it was Lois but didn’t say so, not being sure and thinking Lois had already climbed up. I said the person on her left was Unbelief. As Marilyn repented of unbelief by looking to the right, she found the way to victory.

“Let not the left hand know what the right hand does.”

Editor’s Note, June 5, 2017: In discussing this dream with Marilyn today, we realized in the aftermath of momentous events we will divulge in the future how this dream was fulfilled. It was nothing as we thought. This dream spoke of entrance into victory by faith and not by works.

Particle – The Coopers

Dallas and Sarah Cooper left Washington D.C. on September 30th, 2006, having come to join themselves to us in Helena, MT. They arrived for a visit in Lethbridge with Paul and Sara on October 5th, 2006. We were all thankful to see them.

Particle – Cody Comes Courting and Cursing

Though Cody was plainly told he was no longer welcome at the farm, we expected he might show up on October 7th (our last Sabbath of the 6th year of keeping weekly Sabbaths, by the way). Show up he did, by himself, formally dressed, and we let him in. There was a chair by the entrance and I offered it to him. He accepted but first presented Dena with their wedding pictures, which she rejected. He then asked her to return to him in obligation to their vows and proceeded to declare to all present (about 15 of us) that I was a false prophet.

Dallas was one of the first to speak to counter Cody. All spoke but Sarah Cooper and Yoko, a friend Mark had met in Japan. Cody was confronted on his charges against us being a cult; he was unable to substantiate them. After 2 ½ hours, Paul told him to leave, seeing we were getting nowhere with him.

Cody walked out a defeated man after saying to me, “Victor, your God is a wimp!” I told him we had given him 2 or 3 witnesses while he had given us nothing more than his opinion. An acquaintance of Cody’s, Doug Service, had acted as a “Christian” messenger and negotiator toward Dena on Cody’s behalf. We had expected him to come with Cody but he didn’t, and Cody mentioned not a word of him. In the end, Cody told Dena she was finally free of him.

Particle – Sara’s Dream: Little Boy Flushes Baby

Paul, Sara Schmidt, Dallas and Sarah Cooper returned to Helena October 8th after the weekend visit at the farm. It wasn’t long before conflicts began to surface. On October 13th, 2006, Sara Schmidt had a dream. She recorded:

I was out somewhere, and the atmosphere was kind of gray or gloomy. I walked into a public bathroom (which was very utilitarian & cold-seeming) and a little boy followed me in. I wondered what this boy was doing in the women’s restroom, and wondered where his mother was, why he wasn’t being supervised. I headed to the open stall at the far left-hand side of the room, and the little boy walked to the stall beside mine, though the door was closed.

I continued to wonder what he was doing, figuring that perhaps his mother was in there. I stepped into my stall but suddenly felt like I wanted to know what the boy was doing there. I came back out and as I looked into the stall next to me (which was now open), I saw the top of the head of a little baby girl get flushed down the toilet, the little boy having flipped the flusher.

Immediately I was filled with panic, my heart racing. I thought, ‘Where’s the mother?’ (meaning the mother to the baby, or possibly the mother to the boy – I knew there was no connection between the baby and the boy; they weren’t brother and sister), ‘What can I do? A plunger? Can I find a plunger? Save the baby! Have to save the baby!’ All of these thoughts raced through my head within a second or two. It just as quickly dawned on me that a baby had just been flushed down the toilet! There was nothing I could do to save it; it was dead.

At the time I had this dream, I told it to Paul, still being somewhat shaken by it. He told me that he believed the boy to be Dallas, saying that he could see Dallas doing something like that, and we have to keep our eyes on him. I didn’t see it at the time but didn’t disbelieve what Paul was saying. Nothing, as of yet, had happened with Dallas in the negative really.”

Paul wrote:

When Sara first told me the dream it struck me as a significant dream from the Lord. I saw the boy being Dallas. I didn’t know what to expect, but already the signs were there that he had no real appreciation or love of Truth. The dream came ten days before the incident with the health meeting wherein Dallas despised what Victor had to say and became angry, resenting having gone to the meeting though God had promised something good to come of it.

When Sara reminded me of this dream the other day, immediately I realized that the boy was indeed Dallas, and the dream had been fulfilled ten days after Sara had it, during the incident of the meeting. Dallas had flushed whatever good he had received from us, the living Truth and Word of God, down the toilet – the baby girl. For a time, it was in his possession, but he despised the goodness of God and disposed of Him to keep his sins and lies.

It happened so fast, without apparent warning (except he was warned by the Word of God that we spoke to him), and there was nothing we could do about it, as Sara experienced in the dream. By the time it happened, it was done, too late to do anything; the baby was gone. That’s why we couldn’t reason with him, nor could he hear anything after that event. Sarah, his wife, is one with him, so that includes her, too.

I also saw that Dallas, as represented in the dream by going to the woman’s bathroom, was going places he didn’t belong. He was acting presumptuously and lawlessly. END

I, Victor, in retrospect, would say Dallas was in the ladies’ washroom to indicate his subservience to his wife Sarah who was encouraging him as some great called one of God.

Particle – Cooper Colors Collide with Christ

On October 23rd, 2006, Paul suggested to Dallas and wife Sarah that they go to a Real Foods evening meeting where a naturopath was speaking. There they would learn something about health (something of which they were quite ignorant), meet people, make connections and perhaps land a job – there were many opportunities; overall, it seemed good that they should go.

However, Sarah “didn’t feel like it,” and Dallas said, “the Spirit was not moving him to go.” I had things to say, kindly gave several illustrations and gave them the honor of many precious truths. Dallas then retorted, “Next time don’t beat us over the head with a lecture, wasting our time. Just tell us to go and we’ll do it.”

I was floored! Paul likened Dallas’ request to asking to be treated as a jackass rather than with respectful reason. The Coopers turned out to be highly brutish. I told Paul and Sara I had cast pearls before swine and was trampled for it.

When Paul and Sara met with them over the issue, the Coopers admitted they were wrong after Paul spoke directly and firmly for over 2 hours, with substance, yet without harshness.

Sarah said she would go to the meeting to appease, as though there was virtue in grudging obedience. Paul said there was a big difference between appeasement and obedience. He also contrasted their attitudes to that of Paul and Silas, who, when flogged, sang praises to God, whereas the Coopers, asked to do a tiny errand for their own good, were squealing swine! On a Sabbath conference call on October 28th, we confronted them on their attitudes.

Particle – The Star of David

Dallas noticed the Star of David we used to locate Harvest Haven in our business brochure map. He took exception, declaring it was the star of Remphan mentioned in Acts 7:43 and that it had nothing to do with true Jews and nation of Israel but was used in the worship of pagan gods.

Dallas believed that those now in Israel calling themselves Jews were really Khazars, impostors, opportunists. We have a record of the written correspondence with them and subsequently published a paper on the Star of David: The Star of David: A Better Perspective.

Dallas ended up publicly blaspheming.

Particle – Experts of Truth They Never Knew

Mike Kropveld of Info-Cult in Montreal advised Ingrid’s relatives that we were a cult, condemning us as dangerous. His testimony likely helped the courts to grant custody of Ingrid’s three young daughters to her parents. Beth Schmidt helped fuel the fire with her distortions of us as well.

There are many “cult experts” plying their trade, advising with their counsels of darkness. How is it they can know what is false without first knowing what is true? Mike has never known or even professed to know the Lord Jesus Christ, so how can he know what is legitimate in God’s sight? His presumption is no less than that of one who had no idea of what genuine currency looks like, then advises people how to identify the counterfeit.

Where did Mike get his notions? Since he didn’t get his information from the Truth Himself, how could he understand and judge properly? Meanwhile, in his gross, irresponsible, criminal negligence, he coldly and ignorantly separated mother from children.

Remarkably, Ingrid had not one piece of substantial evidence presented in court against her – not one, but the judge gave custody to the parents anyway, parents who (the mother particularly, according to Ingrid) have been known to manifest mental illness and wicked judgments in other matters.

Particle – Paul’s Vision: Coopers Vanquished

Paul records: “On November 8, 2006, soon after Dallas and Sarah rejected us, finding fault with us over the Star of David, and as Victor and Lois were visiting us in Helena and the four of us red from a book about the Khazars (Dallas and Sarah believe the Jews are Khazars), I had a vision:

Dallas was on the inside of the entrance to his apartment, as though the hallway door was open and I was looking in. He was on the floor, on his side, his face towards the door, in such a position that it appeared someone had his foot on Dallas’ neck, though there was no one visible. Dallas was effectively immobilized. Sarah was reacting frantically but could do nothing to help him.

I found this on the net:

When an Old Testament king conquered a new land, he made the conquered king fall on his face before him. The victorious king would then place his foot on the neck of the defeated king, graphically showing that his land was now ‘trodden down’.”

I perceived that our encounter with the Coopers was significant. They had the reasoning powers of the beast of the garden, subtle but contrary to God. I was excited about what we were seeing with the Star of David and what we might do with it.

Particle – Vision – A Woman Offended

After Paul and I sent letters of reply to Sue Gathercole’s offer of a Vivatouch system, she gave two replies. I then sent one more, a kindlier one. This morning, November 8th, 2006, about 9 a.m. at breakfast, I saw her at her computer, deleting my letter, resentful, with a face of a child not getting its way.

Particle – Man’s Insurance a Theft Device

Jonathan and I purchased laptops at Computer Trends. Because Jonathan was young, I thought it might be advisable to buy an extended warranty. However, I didn’t read the contract. When the laptop malfunctioned, I took it to the manager, Jason Vetter, and he refused to cover the warranty. They told us there was food in it, which caused it to die. I knew better because we didn’t permit Jonathan to eat at his computer.

Was that food in it when we bought it? It was a reconditioned unit. We took it to Karl Marten, a good, honest, reasonable tech. He opened it and found no food. What he did find was some fine silica dust particles in the motherboard, which he believed to be the problem. We took it back to Computer Trends and told them what we found. They made another excuse and still refused to honor their extended warranty.

I realized why we were having the problem. One, I had heard negative news from others on Computer Trends, so shame on me for going there after warnings because of a sale price. Two, I was expecting to be covered in case Jonathan, being young, may not be careful enough. I didn’t make the connection that carelessness would fall under the category of “abuse or damage by accident,” which I was told the warranty wouldn’t cover.

What was I insuring if concerned about a young person using the goods, if not abuse or damage by accident? And why should I be expecting someone else to pay for my son’s carelessness? The warranty only applied to faulty manufacturing. I was greedy, negligent, and paid the price.

I was wrong and thus didn’t prevail. A fifteen-hundred-dollar computer, gone, at our expense. Yes, the Lord knows how to steer us on the straight and narrow.

Particle – Extended Warranties and Those Who Won’t Honor Them

On the other side of the coin, we paid nearly $300 for an extra year of extended warranty on an item worth $1500. This is a rip-off, nothing short of it.

Ironically, it so happened the computer did break down and there was no abuse or irresponsible neglect of any kind. Computer Trends should have covered the warranty but wouldn’t honor it. May God deal with them as well.

Buyer Beware – extended warranties are money makers; they are shakedowns; they are a travesty against consumers who are persuaded to purchase them. They are calculated to make the merchant a fat profit with little risk or cost. Adding insult to injury, Computer Trends refused to honor it even when things did go wrong.

But after Jason Vetter stood his ground to refuse compensation, the regional director commended him by email and inadvertently cc’ed me! I still have that letter on record (See Correspondence with Jason Vetter, general manager of Computer Trends).

Particle – Satan’s Devices

The Coopers have been the incarnation of Satan. We have been learning much.

Satan excuses himself. He comes asking, “Why are you angry with me? I’m not angry with you.”

The difference is that Satan has no good reason to be angry at the righteous, but the righteous have every reason to be angry with him, even as Michael was when struggling with Satan over Moses’ body.

Satan Claims God’s Blessing. He says, “I’m receiving deliverance and healings from the Lord independently of you.”

The fact is that unless he says, “Blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord,” he’ll receive nothing from God. We are mediators. Yes, the Scripture declares, “For God is one, and there is one Mediator of God and of men, the Man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5 MKJV), but we are in Him and He in us. We are His ambassadors to represent Him and to do His work. As members of His Body, we are “the Man Christ Jesus.”

Satan lies. He says, “I don’t claim to be perfect or righteous.”

While Satan doesn’t come right out with it directly or specifically, his attitude says otherwise. Pay all attention to the essence and fruits, and none to his speech.

Satan avoids and ignores the issues. He will not answer them unless he can find something that seems like the truth to refute the truth that is there. Distracting technicalities are one of the liar’s fortes.

Satan tries to keep his opponents from getting personal. “Getting personal” is a no-no in the world. Jesus, however, spoke of vipers and hypocrites, specifically mentioning the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes.

Satan likes to say, “God hates the sin but loves the sinner.” While there is truth in that, the statement is misleading. As saints are one with the Lord, their words and deeds are inseparable from themselves or from Him in Whom the saints are, and He in them.

So with the wicked. Sinners produce the sins. Were it not for sinners, there would be no sins. While God doesn’t hate sinners, neither does He treat them as innocent or acceptable in their sin.

Many are the examples of where Jesus and His disciples addressed sinners in no uncertain terms. He did get personal. There’s no other way. Spare the sinner and you spare the sin. Spare the fire and the smoke continues belching.

Satan likes to get doctrinal rather than be exposed to personal wrong. Jesus addressed both.

Satan trusts solely in his own righteousness. He embraces the Tree of Knowledge. One cannot possibly meet and defeat him there; he will win every time. By use of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, one will not win from Satan the vessel he possesses.

Satan copies. He’s the counterfeit, transforming himself into an angel of light. He imitates, steals other men’s words and uses them as though they’re his own. He’s the great imposter and usurper. He has no substance. All he can do is steal, and if he can’t have it, he’ll destroy it. He will also destroy it once he does have it. It’s his nature and mission to destroy. He is the destroyer.

Particle – Paul’s Take on the Cooper Saga

Paul writes:

I just had a couple thoughts about what has been happening, to add to what has already been said. I may be wrong in some things, but here is what I see:

I believe the Coopers are toast. We will not be seeing any such thing as a turnaround for them. They will be dealt with as the rebels that tempted God, complaining against Moses and Aaron, who were sent into the earth, which the Lord had opened to receive them. I believe that we, as the Seed of Abraham, have broken the back of the beast, bruising his head (as we have talked about), and this will open the way for a turnaround of Africa (beginning with Arthur, whom the Lord has chosen to be the agent to introduce us there). The beast has been overcome. It only remains for the manifestation before all the world of this wonderful event to unfold.

Particle – Mark’s Dream: Mark’s Monsters

While Lois and I were in Helena visiting Paul and Sara, we were led to pray for Mark that he would be delivered of having an inordinate affection for Japan and all things Japanese. The second thing we asked for was his deliverance from a great obsession with mountain climbing. I had been embarrassed by him when in Austria, as there was a tiny mound of snow about 4 meters high he had insisted on climbing. I was in awe of his idolatry and foolishness. It was not just insane; it was satanic. However, I didn’t have it to address the issue or even recognize it as a demonic possession.

Days later, not having known anything about what had happened with us in Helena, Mark dreamt a dream at the farm. He records:

I had a dream early in the morning of November 18, 2006of having to deal with two monster-like entities. I identified them as demon-like.  I rebuked them in the Name of the Lord and they left. Later in the day, after being addressed on and repenting of [my] forceful selfishness and mean humor, Victor related the prayer that all had in Helena while he and mom were visiting there the previous week. It was a prayer for deliverance from the controlling spirits of idolization of Japan and mountain climbing. I then related my dream from that morning that provided confirmation of that deliverance having been accomplished. Praise the Lord!

Particle – Being Loved a Mystery to Me

Lois and I returned from Helena on November 15, 2006. We had been there nearly a week. Lois had done some interior organizing and decorating for Paul and Sara in their suites.  I stopped at the farm for over an hour when dropping Lois off. I then bought Marilyn some flowers at Grower Direct for the first time since 1982. She appreciated them.

She expressed gladness to see me, as did Jonathan. I was thankful that they cared. For some reason, I never could comprehend anyone caring for me. I don’t know why. I’ve seen how on rare occasions when I persisted in spending some time with Jonathan, he was thankful for it. I thought, “How can this be? Why would he care to spend time with me? Why wouldn’t he rather spend it with children his age, for example?”

Editor’s Note, March 2017: I understand now why I haven’t understood people caring for me. I was subjected in my early years to a limited experience of being favored, first by my mother, then cousins and schoolmates.

Particle – A Realization of a Timing

On Sunday, November 19th, 2006, I calculated the days between Marilyn’s prophecy of September 24, 1996, to the day before I said I was finished with the prophecy – Nov. 11, 1998; there were 777 days! On that day of my declaration, Paul wrote his prophecy and didn’t send it until July 2000. We red it the day that Sean was cast out. God has worked all these things according to His own will.

Who says there is no God?

Particle – Thoughts on My Mother

I’ve been thinking considerably about my mother recently, regretting that I have faulted her for many things in the past. In one of these recent nights, perhaps last night, I dreamt that she died.

Father, I know I’ve been unrighteous, and I despair at what could possibly be done now to make things right. However, it’s been rather evident my mother hated me and You remind me of the visions You gave me of her, and how can I deny those? The course has been set and You have set it. I’m not to look back.

Particle – The Dandelion

On November 24th, 2006, I completed the article, The Dandelion. We are adopting it as our spiritual farm symbol.

Particle – Mark and Mariko – Two Dreams and a Third

Mark records: “Early in the morning of November 26, 2006, I had two dreams – one was of three cataclysmic events and the second of a father preparing to perform a mercy stroke on his son. These dreams were on the same morning as Mariko’s dream of a blood-covered battlefield.

Three Cataclysmic Events: In the first dream I wasn’t able to remember what the events were but there were images of three very traumatic and violent events that had impacted the world. In the one event, I did remember that the earth was being shaken by some sort of massive impact.

Father Prepares for Mercy Stroke on Son: In the second dream (I was not positive of the order of these dreams) I saw a father dressed in chain mail armor coming out of a rather modern era old farmhouse. He had a sword by his side and he was going outside because he knew that his son had been mortally wounded (I had the impression that he had been wounded in some sort of battle). He was intending to put his son out of misery. He was sad and apprehensive but resolute.

However, just as he stepped outside, the door of a small structure like an outhouse swung open and his son’s head rolled out onto the ground and the eyes blinked. The father was shocked and sad but relieved that he did not have to be the one to finish him off.

Bloody Battleground: Mariko also had a dream this morning, in which she saw what was like the aftermath of a battle as if everything had been burnt or bombed, and covered in blood for as far as she could see.

Before going to bed the night before, Mariko and I had both felt unsettled – about what, we were not sure. Feeling even more unsettled, Mariko asked me if I could say things will be alright. I said I couldn’t. All I could say was that the only way we can be kept is in the Lord. If He keeps us, we will be OK and if He doesn’t, then we won’t. All we can do is look to Him.

We started work on Japanese translations on the same day, Nov 26, 2006.

Editor’s Note, June 5, 2016: We would see the fulfillment of these dreams.

Particle – Klein on the Line

We took our periodic trip to Calgary on November 29, 2006, having arranged to meet Les and Laura at Magnetico. Now was my time to ask Les what all this talk was from him about a cult. “Les,” I asked him, “what is a cult?”

“That depends;” he responded in an apparently unruffled manner, but evasively, “it depends on who you’re talking to.” I think he sensed what was coming.

Of course, what he said was true; I couldn’t agree more, but that was not what I was after. “Are we a cult, Les?” I asked him.

“Look at the Catholic Church – they’re a cult,” he awkwardly returned, as though this should pacify me. While he tried to avoid answering, I could see he was quietly defiant and determined not to back down.

I decided to get to the point: “We’ve been told you’re calling us a cult, Les.” Laura nervously tried to intervene, saying words to the effect, “Okay, you guys, let’s not go any farther with this.” However, I wasn’t about to let it go. I thought, “We’ve been to his house, he’s been acting friendly with us, yet he believes nothing we say, whether concerning heavenly or earthly matters like organic agriculture and diet; above all, behind our backs he condemns what God is doing with us. I can’t let this go.”

“Word got to us that you were calling us a cult, Les.” I think this surprised him somewhat but he presented himself as unruffled. I saw a “new” Les I hadn’t seen before. He was hard, stubborn, and disingenuous. He didn’t answer. Meanwhile, Laura was trying to smooth things over, knowing a barrier could come between them and us, which meant she might not see us anymore, not that she cared to see me, but it would spoil her pleasure of seeing Marilyn and Jonathan, her daughter and grandson.

I had nothing more to ask or say, being satisfied that I had confronted Les, and he had nothing more, either. We politely parted, but we soon found this event wasn’t the last of it as far as Les was concerned.

Particle – Paul’s Prophecy: A Battle and Breakthrough with Marilyn

November 30th, 2006 was our 32nd wedding anniversary. Paul said there would be a battle and a breakthrough with Marilyn and me and that he had been in prayer about it. Today, there was a battle and an apparent breakthrough. I was given to be willing to listen to Marilyn air her thoughts and judge them, and she was given to bring them to me and trust that I would be given to judge them in righteousness. We had never had this relationship or understanding before.

The battle began over Marilyn questioning where Mark was coming from in dealing with Sean over Sean’s conduct at Logic Lumber, where Sean, not getting satisfaction from the employee, took an extra sheet of plywood, thinking Logic had shortchanged him. It turned out Sean’s count was wrong and we must return the sheet he took. He should have gone to management in such a situation. Better still, he ought to have confirmed his count.

Mark tried to get across to him the gravity of the situation but apparently was failing. Marilyn came in halfway, heard what she heard, and thought Mark was too harsh or unjust. Learning the facts, she saw she wasn’t right in judging Mark. I had expected her to be taking Sean’s side regardless of facts, as in the past, which she seemed to do, and I was annoyed with it but it worked out in the end. There was understanding. Tomorrow we begin our 33rd year of marriage. What will it be like?

Particle – Confronting False Christianity Head On

Paul received a letter from Randy and Nancy Moy, a religious couple from Helena who had first contacted him in appreciation of a letter he wrote in a local paper differentiating the God of Israel from the god of the Koran. Paul and Sara then met with Randy and Nancy, sharing much about their lives in the Lord and what He has taught us. Afterward, Paul met their pastor, Tom Banks, and had things to say to him about the falsehood he was promoting in their church (International Church of Helena).

Now Randy and Nancy were telling Paul in ever so “nice” and pious terms they didn’t want to have any more contact with him and Sara. They outright rejected the Lord and vaunted themselves over Him in false love.

By the next day, December 2nd, 2006, I became very angry with the letter and on a conference call, we agreed that Paul should go to their church the next day and speak during the pastor Tom Banks’ service, without respect to it or their decorum. I’ve never been so upset over anything like this. Marilyn and I both felt like vomiting at the contemptible garbage coming forth from Randy and Nancy. It was horrible. Sean thought it was just fine and good before we said otherwise.

Days before, Mariko had a dream wherein all she saw was much blood. I took a walk after the call and remembered Sara’s dreams of the great lions trashed by the mangy wolf, coyote and other wild beasts. It was brutal and very sad, but necessary. I wondered if tomorrow was not going to be the fulfillment of the first dream, with my following Paul to be slaughtered next. Paul likened Tom Banks to a loser, even as the mangy wolf was described.

We concluded that all was good, we couldn’t lose or die, and that the victory was ours, no matter what happened. Paul was eager to go and here is what happened the next day when they went:

Banks had just finished his notices and asked if there was anything else. Paul replied that he had something. He and Sara had stood, not accepting when offered seats, waiting for the time to speak. I expected Paul to address the spiritual forces of evil. However, what he simply said was, “The Lord is displeased that you are destroying yourselves in your sins as you do.

An older man in the audience of about 50 people immediately shouted, “Get out of here!” Others too were murmuring as Tom said, “You are welcome to stay but not to speak.” Paul replied, “That is exactly what you are doing to the Lord.” And they left, noting that Randy and Nancy were in the audience.

Particle – Alcoholic Beverage

What about wine and alcohol? I had been bothered by the fact that Paul was making wine and we were drinking it, by my request, given the Lord had told me in 1983, “Better not to drink,” when I asked Him about drinking. (Fred, Delores, Mom, and Dad were visiting us at the time and took us to the restaurant.)

Since then the Lord had shown me that all these things are being reconciled to Him and can be taken in moderation for our enjoyment. The Star of David too was an item not to be trashed but redeemed. So with all things.

Was I rationalizing? Still, there’s no doubt it’s advisable for many not to drink. I’ve decided I will not drink in company with anyone who may even have a faint chance of having a problem with it, especially the saints.

Particle – My Weight Problem

Again, I was bothered by my weight problem. I have understood it was there to humble me. I know full well that if everything were in my control, I would be the unbearable tyrant, arrogant and demanding (I’m bad enough as it is).

The Lord has asked me to serve Him with my infirmities. In these, His “strength is made perfect in weakness.” Even You, Lord, learned obedience by the things You suffered. Your flesh too, which You took upon Yourself for our sakes, had to be restrained; however, I must candidly confess I haven’t been obedient in restraining myself from foods I don’t need.

Particle – Constant Troublings in the Night

Every night things trouble me. These troublings too are of Him for my good, to humble me, “lest I be exalted above measure because of the abundance of revelations given me.”

What was Paul’s thorn in the flesh? What was the messenger from Satan doing to Paul? He was tormenting him with accusation, condemnation, reminding him of what he had done to the saints before his deliverance and calling. That is why Paul called himself the chiefest of sinners. He had great sorrow and regret for his murders and persecutions of the saints.

But how did it affect him? He worked all the harder to compensate as much as possible, not that he believed he could ever atone for his sins. He was given great appreciation for God’s mercy to him, considering what he had done, and worked out of thankfulness with patience, tolerance, and mercy toward others on the Lord’s behalf, Whom he loved so much, seeing he was so loved.

Particle – A Fire Comes to Chasten

On December 5th, 2006, Ben Hafichuk wrote Paul a letter, “just wondering how you are doing and to say hi.”

Ever since I told Ben his troubles were the Lord’s wrath on him, he hasn’t been in touch. As Paul and I talked about Ben and Archie, I received the Lord would send a fire on the whole land, and they would be forced to come, even as the Lord sent a famine on Canaan and forced Jacob to go down to Egypt. In this case, it would be the fulfillment of Zechariah’s words:

“And all they that shall be left of all nations that came against Jerusalem, shall go up from year to year, to adore the King, the Lord of hosts, and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. And it shall come to pass, that he that shall not go up of the families of the land to Jerusalem, to adore the King, the Lord of hosts, there shall be no rain upon them. And if the family of Egypt go not up nor come: neither shall it be upon them, but there shall be destruction wherewith the Lord will strike all nations that will not go up to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. This shall be the sin of Egypt, and this the sin of all nations, that will not go up to keep the Feast of Tabernacles” (Zechariah 14:16-19 DRB).

Editor, July 2016: I now suspect I was only hearing what I wanted to hear, but I’m no longer there and it no longer matters.

Particle – Marilyn Confesses Bitterness with Mother

On the morning of December 9, Marilyn awoke in misery, so we talked.

Marilyn was very upset, but You, Lord, gave me the grace to be patient and calm. We have had many talks about what she has been like over the years, with no good fruit. Today was different. Today, I asked her to get honest with God and confess to Him what she is like. I asked her to forgive her mother, and that struck a chord, though at first, she said she didn’t think she held anything against her. However, there were these differences this time, which stood out completely against all other times:

One, she broke down confessing that she had hated her mother.

Two, she was genuinely crying about having that bitterness toward her and about her own helplessness to change.

Three, she said she had hated the way her mother was ever since she was a little girl – something I had never heard before. It was a sign to me that something had happened. The root was exposed, signifying that deliverance and healing had come. She hated her mother for the way she was – so apologetic and mealy-mouthed. It’s that very aspect of her mother’s disposition I’ve been calling whoredom.

Four, suddenly she was feeling bad for her mother. She had never expressed that before.

Five, Marilyn fully realized that as her mother had been towards her, so she now was with Jonathan, though Jonathan had not rebelled with her as she had with her mother.

I told her to give thanks if she could (she couldn’t before), without trying to exercise faith, hope, or willpower, and without expecting any reward for giving thanks, but just to give thanks. She did.

Editor’s Note: I now see this as Marilyn’s turning point and the way up the ice wall to freedom (see Particle – Marilyn’s Dream: An Impossibility Overcome).

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