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PART NINE – Signs of New Times (cont.)



In the night of the 19th-20th of November, Marilyn said angels were ministering to her.

ParticleA World in Upheaval

Evan Yurkoski had been consulting, perhaps following, “the prophet” Roy Morrill. They had a falling out. Evan asked me if he should be tithing to a prophet. I suppose Roy was confronting Evan on bringing him offerings. I said, “One receiving spiritual goods should be giving or ministering in physical goods, as they have them to give, to those from whom they receive their spiritual goods.” Roy was living on welfare, compliments of the heathen government and taxpayers he presumed to save.

Evan was also frozen out by Rocky and Marlene Lucente in Blairmore, with whom he had been finding some companionship and sustenance in terms of using their facilities to duplicate literature he was handing out to people, some lodging, and perhaps some employment as a real estate salesperson.

Evan wasn’t living with his wife, whom he deemed to be controlled by a “Jezebel spirit,” a term he used for those who rebelled against his understanding of God and what was happening in the “end times.”

To find out more about the Yurkoskis, I decided to call Roy Morrill and the Lucentes. I told them who I was and, in a short while, they gave me a more balanced perspective of Evan and informed me of his shenanigans.

They also informed me there was a rumor going around about my having propositioned a woman. I wondered what Evan had to gain by besmirching me. I also guessed the rumor had to do with Jean Bohne, who had accused me of making suggestive remarks to her in my letters, so I sent the Morrills and the Lucentes copies of those letters that they might see the other side of the story.

Remarkable circumstances would bring to light others in the Crowsnest/Blairmore area, where Morrill and Lucentes lived, who were involved in the talk against me.

ParticleA Revisit of Marj Harris

Lois and I decided to drive to Stettler on the 28th with a Chi Machine and a Hot House and see Lloyd and Marj Harris. We visited with them and their daughter, Renee, and they bought machines. Marj had lost her sight and they had aged quite a lot. There was a blessing for them.

We also sold a Chi and Hot House combo to the Boyces in Three Hills. Coming back, we passed through a snow blizzard and didn’t arrive home till 4:30 a.m. Mariko had expected a prosperous journey, and the De Yongs had blessed our trip. Indeed, it was prosperous and blessed for all concerned.

ParticleAftermath of the Feedlot Battle

You’ll recall the feedlot battle the Lord sent us to fight victoriously in 1993 near Moon River. I met Katie Mandel at a ladies’ evening event where Nes Kotyk had a display table for the Vitamin Centre. I attended to demonstrate the Chi Machine for him. Katie was an ex-Hutterite and was familiar with the feedlot battle in which we, with the Moon River citizens, were embroiled eight years earlier. It happened to be her brothers we had to fight at the municipal office. They, with the Olafsons, were petitioning to establish a large polluting feedlot on their property near our community.

Katie told us that two Olafsons died, and Randy, the son of the man who was angry with our opposition, was dying of brain cancer. I recalled Randy looking with what appeared to be amusement in his father’s direction when I stood speaking in the Name of the Lord. Katie told me her brothers were in debt and about to lose everything. She was bitter, perhaps particularly at the Moon River residents who opposed their bid for municipal approval to establish a feedlot.

At some time I had met another of Katie’s brothers who emphasized how much his brothers hated me for stopping the development.

ParticleTwo Worlds at Once

Trevor once prophesied that space and time would be no barrier to me. Jonathan once prophesied that I had already died, and that part of me was gone and part here. Several related to me how they heard and saw me speaking spiritual edification to them in their sleep. Jesus said:

And no man has ascended up to Heaven, but He Who came down from Heaven, even the Son of Man Who is in heaven” (John 3:13 KJV).

Philip was lifted up by the Spirit and taken to places miraculously. This was so with Elijah, as well, besides his translation:

“‘And straight away, when I have gone from you, the Spirit of the Lord will take you away, I have no idea where, so that when I come and give word to Ahab, and he sees you not, he will put me to death: though I, your servant, have been a worshipper of the Lord from my earliest years'” (1 Kings 18:12 BBE).

Of those who were with and in Him, Jesus said:

“The Spirit breathes where He desires, and you hear His voice, but you do not know from where He comes, and where He goes; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit” (John 3:8 MKJV).

ParticleIngrid to Canada

On December 2nd, Paul and I agreed that Ingrid needed to come to Canada. She was facing trials and persecution in Belgium from her parents, and we felt she couldn’t allow them to use her children to hold her hostage from God’s will. It seemed that if she didn’t leave from under their power, she would perish. They were imposing birthday, Christmas, and other pagan celebrations, vaccinations, infant baptism and conventional foods (while opposing organic) and they demanded Ingrid have nothing to do with us or our teachings.

ParticleAll Changes from Here for Good

On December 2nd, I had a hard day with Marilyn. She greatly feared change. On this day, the Lord served notice that future changes would be positive, no longer negative – and they have been. The Chi business (which is flourishing), the Sabbath, the siding on the house, the water system, implements, crops, Jonathan’s treatments and health, our victories over our enemies – the list went on.

ParticleA Baha’i Meeting

An Elizabeth invited me to a monthly supper held by the local Baha’i people. Chris Cavers, a customer of Harvest Haven, referred me to her. I went, had some good bread and soup, and talked to a few people. The people there were looking for something; but what? I had no indication they were after truth. The conversation was quite superficial, nobody spoke formally, and nobody had anything to say.

What were they doing? Eating soup and bread together? I suppose they were socializing, but must one be Baha’i to do that? There was no substance of any kind. If people get together in the name of religion, without Christ, how can there be any substance? I had nothing to say.

ParticleChance Meeting with Barny Knelsen

I bumped into Barny Knelsen at the Real Canadian store on Magrath. He talked for over an hour, “loving, forgiving, and teaching” me. There was nothing I could say to him. Barny was an agitated, restless man.

ParticleForrest Revisits and Jonathan Speaks

Forrest called to tell us he had a message for us. We let him come, but there was no message that we could discern.

We told him he was in a muddle, but the Lord could bring him through. He continued to come against me, criticizing all of us. I told him he was speaking in his own righteousness, not God’s, and that we were speaking in the righteousness of the Lord, not our own. I told him that he was worshiping a god formed in his own image and that the coming of the Lord was here, now.

Jonathan spoke up in prophecy to Forrest, saying he needed to submit, that he was always justifying himself. Jonathan said that we were rejected, not rejecting, and that Forrest needed to be with us, as us. Trevor then drove him home.

ParticlePaul to Come

Jonathan prophesied that Paul was to come soon. We had two different ideas of what was meant: one, that he would come physically in the next few days to visit, and/or that he would come to live with us. It was neither, but it was a true Word, as we would find out.

ParticleGo to Lucente’s Funeral

We found out Rocky Lucente died suddenly of a heart attack. He was a very heavy man. The Lucentes, according to Evan, had great plans for some sort of business development and spiritual ministry in Coleman. Suddenly, their plans were done for. Though we didn’t know them, it came to Lois, Trevor, and me that I ought to go to the funeral. On December 11th, Trevor and I drove to Coleman.

At the funeral reception, we met Bill and Doreen White, an elderly couple. He was pastor of a local church in the area. I asked them concerning the rumors spread about me, purportedly by Evan. Evan had told us about the Whites and they said Evan had nothing but good to say about us.

We also met Don, a retired corrections officer and RCMP “ID” section person, and Jeannie, his wife. Don was in a bad way, crippled in his legs, so as we sat at table, I told him about the Chi Machine and how it had helped so many.

ParticleProphet Morrill

We met Evan’s prophet, Roy Morrill, and his wife. I was surprised at his condition. He was obese and ill with bronchitis; he couldn’t function. This was a prophet of God? I don’t think so. Prophets aren’t grossly obese and they aren’t ill; they also don’t depend on government welfare for support. His wife was aboriginal, quiet, saying almost nothing.

Roy told me that Evan called him and had a lady on the line (a 3-way call) who said I propositioned her. I wondered if Roy didn’t have me confused with someone else. What I didn’t understand was why Evan would talk that way about me and not bring it up to me directly, unless he was two-faced. Evan was a confounded and selfish fellow.

I met Marlene, Rocky’s widow. She and Roy seemed standoffish with me, having red my letters to Jean Bohne and our website. However, one could certainly understand Marlene being out of sorts, and at least Roy was willing to tell me what he had heard.

Why did Rocky die? Did he speak against me? Several have died for that very reason.

ParticleGames Hitchhikers Play

On the way to the funeral, a couple hitched a ride with us. Sheldon “Crazy Boy” Many Feathers and wife Debbie wanted a ride to Pincher Creek. As we drove, they introduced themselves and asked us if we were Mormons. We said no.

“Are you Christians?”

We said we were.

I asked them if they were Christians. Debbie said they were Anglicans, but Crazy Boy wouldn’t answer.

I picked up the scent of alcohol as we neared the Pincher Creek turn-off. As I was dropping them off, Sheldon asked if I would mind driving them into Pincher. I thought it rather forward and presumptuous of them to ask, seeing we had already given them a ride thus far and there was plenty of traffic headed towards their destination, but I did it anyway.

His requests didn’t stop there. In town, he asked for some “spare change.” I almost gave it when I realized I was being used in the Name of Christ. They weren’t Christians, asked us if we were, and did so to take advantage of us, likely for alcohol’s sake. I declined, and we parted.

Did I learn my lesson? No. This would happen again, only the next time, it would be much more troublesome.

ParticleGive and Receive

While we ought not to give in order to receive, there’s no doubt I’ve been blessed with a multiple return when giving. We had a Chi Machine that we gave to Katie Mandel. Returning from the funeral, there was $9,000-worth of sales orders in machines waiting for us. Was it the Chi we gave or was it the simple ride we gave to Sheldon and Debbie? I believed it was the Chi gift. And it didn’t really matter.

Would we have received greater reward had I given the hitchhikers the money they requested? Perhaps; I don’t know. I never know what pays or what doesn’t. I only know that if I give for pay, it’s worth nothing, but if I give without expecting a return, I’m rewarded every time.

Are there times when we are asked for something and we shouldn’t give? I believe so. Some have the idea they ought to give whenever they’re asked, based on the Lord’s words exhorting to give to them that ask. I disagree with their understanding. The lesson was brought home to me decades before in Israel. So how do we know when and when not to give? The only answer I have is that we must trust the Lord to guide us; we can’t go by calculation or sight.

ParticleProphecy Come True?

That night at bedtime, Jonathan said to me, “Well, Dad, I guess my prophecy came true.”

“What prophecy was that, son?” I asked.

He replied, “You had a choice. Remember that vision I had of the ‘Y’? You could go one way, the Lord would pile you with business and you would lose your life, or you could go the other way with some business and keep your soul.”

Father, it was hard to give Katie that Chi. Is this increase in business a reward for loving You or for chasing after mammon? Which? I’m afraid it is as Jonathan prophesied.

ParticleAs the Heathen, or Are, the Heathen?

On the December 12th morning, I awoke wondering why I didn’t speak up in the Name of the Lord at the funeral (not that I had any consciousness then that I should do so). The ritual was heathen, as were various other elements, such as Christmas décor in their church. I imagined confronting them on being as the heathen until I suddenly realized they were the heathen.

That is the message, and I shall speak it. It is in my heart to do so, Chi sales be damned if necessary – and it is necessary.

ParticleMixing Heavenly and Earthly

I was concerned I was mixing earthly with the Heavenly, physical with the spiritual, mammon with God. Then I realized that while the Gentiles use the Heavenly for earthly advantage, which is hypocrisy and sacrilege, we believers are given to use the earthly for Heavenly advantage.

This occurred to me when I realized that in speaking of the Chi to a man at the funeral the day before, it led me to deal with spiritual matters concerning Evan Yurkoski and Roy Morrill. The fact that the earthly is involved is not the issue. “Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven. The New Jerusalem came down from Heaven to the earth.

Lord, You are using the Chi business to deal in Your matters of concern, for which I am very thankful.

ParticleTrevor’s Blind Zeal Costs

While Trevor was determined that Sara be his wife, he was negotiating with Ken Cook on Ken’s used computer for her. Trevor paid a high price for it, given prices were dropping on new ones, but Trevor was focused not on quality and fair price, he was out to do his “caring,” heroic thing for Sara. When we bought it, there were technical problems that only a tech could solve, so we called Akaid Diaz to try to solve them. It cost us that much more. Ken wasn’t willing to do anything for us when we told him we had problems. We were stuck with the bill.

ParticleForrest and Friend in Folly

While I was doing a demonstration at Heidi’s Health Store, Forrest walked in with a companion, Brian Horvath. They were on a “mission for God,” had nowhere to go, were very tired, and asked if they could sack out at the farm. I said no. Two days later, Forrest called, telling us Brian took his money and left him. He asked for a ride to the farm, and Trevor picked him up.

Was Forrest prepared to listen? No. He refused to work, thinking his value was in speaking and preaching. He was very confused. Everybody tried talking to him; we all, including Jonathan, had something to say, but Forrest steadfastly refused to listen.

Finally, on December 15th, tired of trying to reason with him and obviously getting nowhere, I asked him to leave, saying, “Congratulations, Forrest. We have never kicked anyone out before. How do you like being the first?”

He was impressed, it seems. As far as he was concerned, he was being persecuted and spoken evil of for the Gospel’s sake. The expulsion was a feather in his cap, for sure. As he left, he told us many people were speaking against us.

On January 18th, 33 days later, Forrest called to apologize, being coached by a Bob Brandon, who gave him worthless spiritual counsel. I told him we weren’t hurt or offended, but he needed to repent; otherwise, it wouldn’t go well for him.

We later found out Forrest was in a youth hostel in Kelowna, BC, not well physically or mentally. It sounded like he was back into drugs. It was sad. (I still wonder where you are, Forrest, and if there’s any hope of seeing you come through.)

I wrote him a letter on the 17th to try to show him his contradiction but we never heard from him again.

ParticleDe Yongs come to Dinner

On December 16th, Chris and Jerry De Yong came for supper with the purpose of getting to know us better, which they did, but didn’t like what they got. Issues of conflict were many, some being the Sabbath, images, celebrating birthdays, women being silent in the churches, and her controlling Jerry. Chris was quite combative. I told her she was fearful and that the Lord would heal her if she believed and obeyed Him. She was irascible. Paul was present and greatly helped me to deal with them, as he would with many in future.

ParticleJeff Hedrich

Dr. Hedrich is a NUCCA chiropractor whom I had approached for treatment some years before. I had tried to get better rates from him than he was offering; one doesn’t usually do that with a health practitioner. Why I did it with him, I’m not sure, but I found out that I had offended him, as I now approached him with a Chi Machine. He remembered me and told me he was insulted. I subsequently apologized to him, and he graciously accepted the apology. I didn’t sell him a Chi, but the occasion of trying to sell him one corrected a contention between us, for which I was thankful.

Thank you for forgiving me, Jeff. Thank You, Lord!

ParticleThe Grander Pendant

It wasn’t until five years after buying and installing Grander that we began to actively sell the technology. One of the Grander products we marketed was the pendant. One wears the pendant around the neck to rest approximately over the solar plexus.

While the pendant was only perhaps a quarter teaspoon of water enclosed in a piece of glass, the effects were remarkable. When I first tried it, I could only wear it during the day and had to take it off hours before bedtime or I wouldn’t fall asleep for a few hours – I was energized. I didn’t know that I had peaks and valleys in my energy during the day until the pendant put me on a steady energy plane all day. Soon I could take it off just before bed and get to sleep promptly.

Within months, I discovered that I was no longer catching colds nearly as often as I would before. The pendant is supposed to protect us from negative energies such as those of fluorescent lighting and electromagnetic radiation from motors, electrical wiring, appliances, and computer towers. I found I wasn’t as drained after computer sessions; in general, I had more energy and strength. I soon decided I wouldn’t be without it.

ParticleA Battle of Depression and Despondency

One day, I decided not to wear the pendant for a while. I soon sank into a bout of depression, which I used to suffer occasionally before I began wearing it. Everything began to bother me again. I realized there was another benefit, that being that the pendant somehow provided me with a sense of wellbeing.

Physically, we are energy; we are electrical; we are 70% or more water. We are mentally affected by energies in our environments and don’t realize how or to what extent. I learned this because of physical abnormalities, too. I thought there was something wrong with me spiritually until I began taking chiropractic treatments on my neck, after which fear and anxiety greatly dissipated. The effect was much the same with the pendant.

Without the pendant for a few days, I soon became quite tired and depressed again. The negative feelings and moods were rearing their ugly heads afresh, present circumstances became harder to cope with, and I had renewed forebodings of the future. What? Must I be on a life support system, you may ask? Be that as it may, I know how it affected me. The journal record:

Very tired and depressed. I see a number of causes – Archie and family suffering in rebellion, Evan avoiding me, Kotyks doing poorly in the Chi business, Forrest gone, Howard Forsythe’s onslaught of unbelief, Heidi pulling away from the Chi business, De Yongs in enmity, Ken Cook sticking us with a dysfunctional computer, Trevor in his whoredoms buying it, Marilyn sulks and will not acknowledge anyone else. She shuns me and accuses me of shunning her.

I’m sure I could have added many things to that list. When one is depressed, all one sees is darkness and desolation. It’s little wonder depression has driven people to suicide, though I’ve never had it that bad.

Putting the pendant back on, my doldrums disappeared. How does that work? How do I explain the fact that when I give thanks to the Lord for my troubles, my doldrums are greatly alleviated? How is it that a two-minute chiropractic adjustment or wearing a small glass container enclosing a tiny amount of energized water around my neck seems to help me as much as giving thanks to the Lord, which giving of thanks we should do at all times and helps at all times? Why can’t thanksgiving solve my problems (invariably it does because my perspective dramatically changes when giving thanks)?

God gives grace where needed. When a problem is solved, there’s no longer the necessity for grace. God leaves us with our problems until they have served their purpose, causing us to look to Him. All I can say is physical things affect the spiritual and spiritual the physical. They both have their part to play and in due time need attention. That’s the way it is.

ParticleWe Are One

We’ve been divided by thought and doctrine into physical, mental, and spiritual – body, soul, and spirit – but are they separate so that they don’t affect one another? Not so! Physical things do matter ‑ a lot, as do the others. Try having a cheery countenance and attitude with a migraine headache caused by lack of water, for example.

By experience, I found that a pinched nerve in my neck caused anxiety and fear. With chiropractic treatment, that changed significantly. I marveled, because as a believer, I always thought there was something attitudinally (mentally and spiritually) wrong with me when it was only a physical problem. I found out that, by wearing a pendant, my immune system (which is physical, and perhaps more) was strengthened. Solomon’s mother spoke of the physical act of drunkenness affecting one spiritually:

It is not for kings, O Lemuel, not for kings to drink wine; nor for princes to lust for strong drink; lest they drink, and forget the law, and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted” (Proverbs 31:4-5 MKJV).

Food, drink, injuries, and everything else affect us physically, mentally, attitudinally, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Things we see with our physical eye, hear with our physical ear, smell with our physical noses, taste with our physical mouths, and feel with our physical bodies affect us in every way. We are one; of that there can be no debate. I’ve heard nominal Christians declare that the physical doesn’t matter. They’re ignorant, not knowing their Creator or His ways.

And God is also One: “Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God is One Lord” (Deuteronomy 6:4).

He created everything; He’s One, not three. But Satan would divide and conquer us. “This comes under religion and this doesn’t; this is of concern to God, this isn’t; this is real but this isn’t; this is physical and therefore does not matter, but this is spiritual, so it matters; this is earth, here, but that’s Heaven – over there.” No. It all matters to God and it’s all “here” and “now.” The Kingdom of God is within, said the Lord Jesus.

ParticleA House for Paul and Ingrid

On the 24th of December, Ingrid notified us that immigration had cleared her way to come to Canada. I received a most affected letter from Paul about why he loved Ingrid. His poetical dramatization was revolting to me and I certainly wasn’t in favor of their marrying; however, they were set on marrying and I went along with it for a time, as did others.

Lois couldn’t imagine Ingrid and her children living in the farmhouse with her, so she was zealous to push for a rental property in Lethbridge for them. She found one in the papers and wanted it reserved immediately, though there was nothing sure and there were still things to do in terms of immigration arrangements. We put a $700 rental deposit on a home in Lethbridge’s north end, something for which I would be sorry.

ParticleThe Lord’s Supper Paper

I completed a Diabolical Doctrine about the “Lord’s Supper” today on December 25th. I wonder who will read it.

ParticleSara’s Vision: Broken by Evil Men

Sara had a disturbing vision. She saw a circle of men around her who appeared as dark, vague images. They had her in chains and she heard the words, “Broken by evil men.”

NOTE, October 2015: Who were those men? Were they flesh and blood, or were they spirits appearing as men, as Archie saw them before he was delivered? Would Sara need deliverance?

Particle2001 What a Year!

This was an active and eventful year, indeed. Paul and I ended it praying I would serve the Lord in perfectness. I exited 2001 concerned that I had strayed away from the Lord, consumed with the Chi business, which was surprisingly prosperous.

My prayer: “Lord, I don’t want the Chi business; I want You. If my words form a lie, forgive and deliver; please, Lord, forgive and deliver. Lord, let not these be idle words: ‘If Hsin Ten must go entirely, let it be so.’ You’ve said I can’t serve both. Guard my heart, Lord; grant me to keep it with all diligence.


I knew that while I wanted to have a good business at the farm, my interest, desire, and hope were that I would be the Lord’s entirely, nothing sparing. I’ve wanted His perfect will all along and I’ve known it was in His hands to make it happen. Who was I to make my calling good unless He graced me to do so?


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