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PART ELEVEN – The Issues of Life to Troublous Times (cont.)

Particle – Parallels to Martin Luther

For better or worse, we watched a DVD on Martin Luther. It occurred to me that there were some striking similarities between him and me, as well as some differences.


1)    We were both born Roman Catholic.

2)    Though he obviously more so, we were both devout in the Roman Catholic religion. He entered the priesthood while I tested a minor seminary for the priesthood for one year.

3)    We have both come into conflict with the Catholic Church.

4)    We tend to “understand the world through the lens of the Bible.”

5)    We are both dealing with religious/spiritual doctrine.

6)    We have both lived with the expectation and acceptance of suffering for our beliefs.

7)    We both grew up with familial hardships.

8)    We have both been involved in public criticism, coming and going.

9)    We are both focused and intense persons.

10)  We have both agonized unusually much with our consciences.

11)  Many condemned Luther’s “harsh and stinging” tones, and scathing language. Many have criticized me similarly.

12)  We are both convinced that we are dealing with the antiChrist, convinced that the devil must be confronted daily.

13)  We view ourselves as in an apocalyptic struggle.

14)  About half a century before Luther became public with his teachings and doctrine, the Gutenberg press was invented, which facilitated an exponential dissemination of his writings. Within a half century, before we began writing, the computer and the internet came into being to do the same. Our message spreads to the whole world.

15)  We have accepted death if necessary, because of our beliefs.

16)  While many reformers and “Protestants” perished, Luther was spared. So it is with us. I believe I have the witness of the Lord that we will be kept, not that it should matter to us. With Luther, my sentiment can be worded as his, though I’ve not been faced with the mortal threat of his circumstances: “Here I stand; I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.”

17)  Luther began by nailing his 95 Theses to the church door, a common practice in those days. We are “nailing our theses” on the web.

18)  He came against the religious establishment, seeing through (as much as he did) the hypocrisy and corruption.


1)    While Luther was given revelation, he was not given the Spirit of God. I, on the other hand, have been granted that grace.

2)    While his battle on the surface was with the Catholic Church, mine is with all false, nominal Christendom, which is utterly polluted with paganism and iniquity.

3)    While Luther was battling with manifest tyranny, I am battling with manifest false love and self-righteousness as well as the other.

4)    While Luther condemned the masses of mankind and Jews to eternal flames, I do not and cannot do so. Christ died for all, and I know that all will be reconciled to Him, both Jew and Gentile.

5)    Luther had friends in high places, Frederick the Wise primarily. I have none but the Most High to stand by me. I’m good with that.

6)    Luther had a great boldness; I think I have far less.

7)    Luther was highly educated; I am not.

8)    Luther had great followings, with many who gladly received his teachings; I have almost no following.

9)    Luther was known as a religious leader; I am known only as a religious zealot and outcast, a plain nobody.

10)  Luther lived in a day when outspokenness such as his was sure to bring execution; I live in a day that seems to have safety from such danger… but for how much longer, given the Islamic push to subjugate the entire world, particularly the West (note made Feb. 2016)?

11)  Doctrinally, we are miles apart. He believed in infant baptism, I don’t; He believed in the formal priesthood, I don’t; he believed in eternal torment, I don’t; he vilified the Jews, I don’t; he thought to reform the Roman Church, I don’t – it must be altogether done away with; he believed in the Mass, I don’t; he used the altar and vestments, I don’t; he believed the Trinity doctrine, I don’t; and in many other doctrines and practices do we differ.

12)  I do not presume to be as educated, intelligent, eloquent or persuasive as Luther, and no doubt he had other talents, abilities, and privileges that I simply don’t have.

But I do know the Lord is with me, even as in measure, He was with Luther to do what he had to do.

Particle – Other Pertinent Happenings in 2005

In 2005, we dealt with the falsity of Seventh Day Adventists, Universalists, Christian Research Institute, Evolutionists and many other groups and individuals.

The Lord confirmed our calling and ministry in many ways.

Sara Schmidt took over our website maintenance.

At some time in this year, Mark Benson heard from his Japanese acquaintance, Ariko, from whom we had not heard in nine years. There was a prophecy that she would return, and return she did, albeit not to rejoin herself to us.

Particle – Ingrid’s Dream: A Woman Confronted and Spoiled

In my journal, I have an entry on January 3rd saying Ingrid had a dream. She writes:

Here is the dream I had the night before last (which would be the night of January 1/2):

Victor was sitting at a table on a cafe patio. He was facing a sea. A woman came from behind. She was extremely thin and sick. Her hair was cut short and pale blond. Her eyes were of a pale washed out blue. She was nicely dressed, almost designer clothing, a thin light blue fabric. She had silver earrings. She looked almost like a zombie, she was so pale and thin. She went and sat next to Victor, at his left side.

Victor then leaned over to the left and told the lady that she was in the state she was in because of her sins. At first, she put her head in her hands and bent forward, she was also leaning on Victor’s shoulder. Victor was comforting her, as you would comfort a child, holding her. Then, she got very, very upset, saying with a loud voice full of indignation: ‘You are saying it is because of my sin!?’

She then jumped into the sea. The water turned very hot, so hot that it was burning the people who were swimming in it. I recall seeing a father holding a little child being in the water. The wind then came up very strong, and waves were washing out everything that was on the shore. When the waves stopped, Victor was still sitting at the same place he was at the beginning, having not been disturbed or affected by anything, not even wet. He was calm, at peace, with a slight smile on his face. That was the end of the dream.

Particle – Vision – Two Warriors Ravaging Enemy Encampment

Just before Ingrid called to tell me of that dream, I had a vision that came while Paul and I were spiritually warring with Mary Lloyd, Lael Hollingsworth, Tim Woodall, Benjamin Levi and others of the Latter Rain Yahoo Forum:

I saw two stout, medieval warriors fully armored from head to toe, with broadswords, walking through an encampment of grotesque, filthy demons. The two men were slaughtering the enemy as they went, cutting a swath through the camp with ease and invincibility. They were slaughtering and sweeping them aside as they moved through them steadily and firmly, though not swiftly.

The camp was filthy, like a garbage dump, with every vile thing in it, the residents being the vilest of all. They seemed to be about three feet tall, dark, nasty, and indignant that these two men should “presume” or dare to do what they were doing, invading and destroying. It was as if these entities were saying, ‘What right do you have, even being here? Who do you think you are? You have no business, no right to be here!’ I knew these two men to be Paul and me. The atmosphere was dark and gloomy.

I concluded that Mary Lloyd’s group was the encampment and Mary was the woman in Ingrid’s dream. They were judged in their religious games (See Correspondence with Latter Rain Group).

Particle – A Therapist with a Touch

Cody and Dena had recommended a massage therapist in Okotoks who used a certain technique she learned from a late German therapist, one that worked for many people. Marilyn and Jonathan began to receive treatments from Laura Kendall of Riverside Therapy.

Laura has a problem with chiropractors. She feels they need not treat clients in such a way that they need to be incessantly coming back; neither does she believe in snapping necks; I’m not comfortable with either of those aspects of chiropractic either. Laura has helped us considerably.

Particle – Kyle Lake and the “Church Emergent”

Reading on the internet of Kyle Lake’s death, we discerned a man tempting God. As Kyle Lake was baptizing a person in a baptistery, he prayed, “Surprise me, God!” and was electrocuted through a microphone he was using while standing in the water.

People thought he was godly and that God took him away in favor. We publicly declared otherwise and received a storm of indignation and controversy. A flood of sympathy poured forth for Lake and his family with anger and indignation against us. They called him a loving, godly pastor and us, hatemongers. “That which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination to God,” we declared.

The resulting correspondences provide much-needed doctrine to guide souls in truth and righteousness (Those Calling Him Lord Surprised to Find He IsTruth, Not Sympathy, Called For).

Particle – Aging Computer Eyes

An eye examination at Dr. French’s in Coaldale confirmed that my eyesight had been deteriorating, and I found the deterioration accelerating with the many hours daily on the computer. But I believe, at least I hope, that as I do the Lord’s work, He’ll keep me.

Editor’s Note: Twelve years later, without diminishing the computer workload, my eyesight is fine!

Particle – Cholesterol

Not having had a physical examination for many years, I went to Dr. Smith, formerly of South Africa, practicing at the Haig Clinic. He found my cholesterol high at 6.2 and prescribed statin drugs for the rest of my life. After all I had heard about statins, I would sooner take my chances with death.

I was told elsewhere that walnuts and almonds do a better, safer, more nutritious job by far to reduce cholesterol, so I began eating almonds soaked in apple cider vinegar, which soaking I was advised would draw more nutrient from the seed. After a while, I got sick of them. Better to be sick of something than to be made sick by something like statins.

Dr. Smith also advised me to lose 10 pounds.

Marilyn’s mother had been told her cholesterol was high. The doctor questioned her diet. When she told him she had been eating more chocolate recently, two or three bars a week, he suggested chocolate could be the culprit. She cut back and her cholesterol level decreased. I hadn’t eaten nearly as much chocolate, more like a bar every 3 weeks, and that, organic.

Particle – Sean Resurfaces

On February 16th, 2006, Sean contacted us after nearly 6 years. His letter:

Hi Victor,

I have been thinking lately about the need to make an apology to the others who were at Harvest Haven during my stay there and who were influenced by my attitude and actions. I wrote letters to Chris and Nathan over a year ago but never sent them. More recently I have written letters to them and also to Archie’s family. I was wondering if you would have contact information for them and perhaps Paul and Kerri. My dad thought it best to direct this request to you so I am doing so with his permission.

Thank you in advance,


On February 20th, he also wrote to Paul:

Hi Paul,

As you know from my e-mail to Victor a few days ago, I want to make right the situation between me and those who were at Harvest Haven. I wrote letters to Chris and Nathan over a year ago but never sent them. More recently, I was prompted again to ask forgiveness of those whom I hadn’t already, including you and Kerri. I was instrumental in having Kerri leave the farm – at the time, I was convinced that it was the right thing. I had also convinced myself that the evil relationship to Marilyn was right, so it is not hard to imagine what came along with it.

In my quest to be as God and remove all obstacles (people) out of the picture, I didn’t think much on who left or for what reason. I am sorry for how my pursuits affected you. Thank God that He didn’t give me what I wanted! I know that the Lord had things to work out in your heart in your time away from Harvest Haven, but it still does not excuse me from my role in causing you to leave. I believe it was Marilyn that had the dream of you being isolated, quarantined, so to speak. How true this has been of me as well! The Lord has used this time of isolation in my life to work things out in my heart. There is much left to be done, but I am thankful that He stopped me in my tracks when He did.


What prompted Sean to renew contact and try to make amends? He was working with his father in Toronto and suddenly they experienced two break-ins with theft and vandalism, one on the heels of the other. He said the second one particularly disturbed him. I believe he thought the blessing of God was on the business because of his presence there, and then suddenly they were being successfully targeted by thieves and robbers for thousands of dollars. Now his righteousness was in question in his own mind and he was shaken.

Particle – The Worst Thing Ever

On February 17th Sabbath eve supper, I asked all those there (Paul and Sara were absent) what was the worst thing that had happened in their lives.

Dena confessed fear of violence from Chuck, her stepfather, against her mother.

Mark did not confess an event but fear – of punishment.

Lois confessed fear of desolation and isolation.

Trevor confessed fear of a dead end and a loss of all.

Mariko confessed to rape and helplessness, defeat.

Ingrid confessed leaving her children behind.

I confessed my worst experience ever being the condemnation I felt when I failed to kick Sean out when I thought I should. It was my failure before God to obey and be decisive. Thankfully, events turned out quite differently.

Marilyn would not say.

Particle – Another Battle with Marilyn

Marilyn and I had another battle on February 18th. Marilyn has been an expert at accusation, deflecting the attention to the faults and sins of others so that hers would go unnoticed. She has been full of self-justification. Her spirit has ever been of self-pity, bitterness, and criticism, a critical spirit of all, often with great subtlety and friendliness.

For the next few days following the battle, she remained angry and sulking.

Particle – Fight

We are encouraged to fight, stand, and speak with confidence, without apology. The principle is not one of not striving, as Satan would have us believe, but to strive for righteousness’ sake, by faith in Your righteousness, Lord. “Not by power, nor by might, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.” We fight the good fight of faith.

Particle – Cody Denies Dena Personal Articles

Cody asked Dena to return to him and she refused him. They had agreed that she would pick up her clothing and other personal articles in Calgary. When Dena and Mariko arrived, Cody refused to release anything to her. Instead, he spoke flatteries; she declined to entertain them or to have any other conversation with him.

Days later, on March 12th, Cody appeared at the farm returning all goods bought from us – frozen foods, Grander units, etc., demanding a $3900 refund.

Particle – The First Wedding in Our Midst

On March 5th, 2006, Mark and Mariko were married in a casual atmosphere. Albert Hing, Justice of the Peace, performed the public ceremony at the farm. Besides our group, the only other people present were Mariko’s parents Isoya and Mihoko Shinji, Mariko’s younger sister Eriko Shinji from Japan, and Masa Saigo, a neighbor friend and manager of a Shinji Shumeikai organic grain farm near Wrentham. We planned to have a reception for friends and Harvest Haven customers in the summer.

Particle – A Prophecy for Mark, Mariko, and Japan

“As Samson sought a Philistine wife because You sought occasion against that people, so You have caused Mark to marry Mariko because You seek to save Japan.”

Isoya related how Mark was “channeled” into the activities and events of his life and now I see that his life was being prepared for this day, for Your day with the Japanese, Lord.

Particle – A Book Worth Reading

I found out about Alexander Hislop’s Two Babylons on the internet. I downloaded and red it. It was quite fascinating. Though one may not be able to believe everything written in it, much is true and makes so much sense.

Particle – Universities Hotbeds of Evil

We were invited to participate in a two-day presentation at the University of Lethbridge. Again, I was feeling terrible things in my spirit. Universities are incubators hatching cockatrices’ eggs in every way – philosophically, religiously, medically, agriculturally, socially, morally, scientifically, economically, environmentally, politically, spiritually, hey, even educationally. For examples, I spoke to a girl who was totally sold on genetically modified organisms, and a student of religion who knew everything.

Particle – The Muslim Scourge

I wrote an article, The Muslim Scourge, about the realities of Islam, its doctrine, nature, intent, agenda, and its lethal threat to our civilization. We published it in The Harvest Haven Herald. Thereafter, the entire anthropology department at the university – Patrick Wilson, Andrea, John and Lisa Harding, Jan Newberry, and Steve Ferzacca, dumped Harvest Haven in protest.

How little these know-it-all judges understand what is coming as they play their part of “useful idiots,” whom Muslims consider to be dupes. While these Muslim sympathizers defend their mortal enemies of freedom, they despise the blood shed for them by Christians who paid for that freedom. Now will the blood of these people, in due time, be shed for evil’s sake, reaping what they’ve sown. They refuse to be informed or reasoned with, ironically accusing us of ignorance and bigotry.

Lord, I said, more and more I want to identify with You in this wicked world. Your perfect will, Father; nothing less.

Particle – Vision – Couple Eating from Servers of Snacks

On March 1, 2006, I called Denise Sommerville at her used bookstore, Denise’s Books ‘n Stuff, asking her for Hislop’s Two Babylons. We got to talking, found some common ground in doctrines, and on March 7, she sent me her testimony. I replied with some writings and received a surprisingly defensive and offensive reaction. In pondering the situation, I saw this vision:

Two upper middle-aged persons, whom I knew to be Denise and David (her husband), were walking around on a desolate piece of ground. The place seemed dismal, as though it was dusk. He was in the foreground with her following a few feet behind him. They were facing toward me though not looking at me because here and there, all around them were a few beings that were serving them “treats” or snacks on round trays while passing by, much like servers pass out drinks on trays to guests standing around at some social occasion.

The Sommervilles were focused on the snack trays. The servers were about four feet tall, slim, and dressed in colorful, satin (smooth, shiny) snug fitting clothing, like jumpsuits. They had sly smiles on their faces and were there to entice and entertain.

The man I saw in the foreground helping himself to the dainties was balding, with glasses (I think), and the woman behind him seemed to be of similar age, also with glasses (not sure), helping herself to dainties served to her on a tray from another one of these creatures. The creature serving David was in red.

Both David and Denise had troubled, or perplexed expressions. Their sickly countenances told of hardships, which I suspected to be the result of having partaken of the dainties for some time. It seemed they were wondering, doubting, troubled – all the while partaking of the treats which the creatures were serving them.

These creatures were impish, with fiendish expressions, serving the Sommervilles what I knew to be evil fare, though not at all apparent. Indeed, their “guests” were taking what was offered them because it was tantalizing and free. (The dainties were lies, poisonous doctrines and devilish notions.) However, it didn’t seem that David and Denise were particularly enjoying what they were eating, which was a curious thing, seeing they were helping themselves consistently.


We had some correspondence, I told Denise of the vision, and they fled (cut off communication). On the 21st of March, Trevor was in their store and overheard Denise having a conversation on her phone, calling me a “wacko,” expressing fear that I might burn her store down, saying she called her lawyer, a “Nelson,” who advised her to keep all my email letters to her. Everyone can have them; here they are: (David and Denise Sommerville Correspondence).

Consider the turmoil of this woman, seeing she was fervently discussing this matter two weeks later.

Particle – The Truth Will Bring Babylon Down

On March 27th, I was reminded of what the Lord told me, that I would bring down the Roman Catholic Church. I didn’t believe it then (perhaps within the past two years ago), but I do now. Yet I see that I will not be physically responsible. Many elements will serve for the physical demise. However, the Truth we speak will be key.

Then on April 1, Paul confirmed what I had received. He said that the Truth we were speaking was affecting the whole world. I recalled the vision I had about 19 years ago, in February of 1987, of the star hitting the earth.

Particle – Communications with Sean

Sean has been writing and asking questions. He had some good comments on Scriptures proving Jesus Christ to be not “God the Son,” but the “Son of God,” that is, God Himself.

Particle – Jonathan Confesses

I have been distressed with a separation from Jonathan. It used to be that he would receive revelation from the Lord. He would have prophecies and visions. I missed him coming to me for judgment, saying, “Dad, I think I just had another vision… prophecy….”

As Mark was visiting us at our home, he, Jonathan, and I engaged in a conversation which led to Jonathan realizing and confessing he was in bitterness toward me because of his neck pains.

It was my fault. I’d gone on and on over the years, openly remorseful and bewailing how foolish I was to ignore in unbelief the Lord’s warning Word that Jonathan was going to fall on the stairs. He fell. In the years to follow, he had constant headaches and each time he complained, I agonized over his suffering. He had heard me many times until bitterness took root. Instead of complaining and crying, I should have “given thanks in everything” to the Lord.

Spilled milk is never redeemed by retaining it through complaint; it only sours and finally puts forth a putrid stench.

Jonathan had improved since then but wasn’t out of the dark entirely. There was more troubling him but he wouldn’t say. I wasn’t sure he knew what his problem was.

Ingrid and Dena once received that I was told Jonathan was going to fall, not so I would stop it, but to know that it was necessary. I do know Jonathan has needed chastening. Certainly, God has chastened and humbled me by my neck problems.

Particle – Jason Benson Calls

On April 4th, 2006, we received a surprise call from Lois’ youngest son, Jason. He was in Oliver, BC, married to Mary Cassel of Prince George, BC. We hadn’t heard from Jason for years. He had finished his sentence in Drumheller and was on parole.

Jason reminded me of a prophecy I had when we visited him before he was sentenced to Drumheller Penitentiary. I said there would be a shield of protection around him in prison. He said he was totally protected – not one fight. I said, “Unusual.” He replied, “Unheard of.” This was a young man who spent seven years in maximum security. He told me all were in fear of him, relating how he once calmly and quietly stared down a group of guys who were prepared to do him harm but then inexplicably turned away.

Jason said he had no bitterness or empathy for others and didn’t ask about the family. He said he recognized the value of his mother’s discipline as preparation for his future. Truly, he received very little discipline from her, rejecting it and going with his father, who would exercise none.

Jason said he parted company with his partner in crime and cellmate long ago. I asked him if he had anything to say to his family. He said, “I’m here, chosen of God, no ill will; I accept everything, and if we’re meant to get together, so be it.”

Jason recalled his last letter to his mother, an acrid one, but had no remorse for it or for his father’s death. He reminded me of saying that many hated to hear what I had to say and that they would suffer if coming against me. He said he saw that same thing happening for him – that he would speak to people, they would resent it, go away, and lose everything. He said he had nobody to talk to about spiritual matters and would like to be in touch. I told him I appreciated hearing from him and that everyone else would as well. He asked for, and I gave him, phone numbers.

Jason called days later, wishing to come and willing to break parole restrictions to do so. We strongly advised him against it and urged him to obey the law in all things, reminding him of the trouble in his life because of conduct contrary to the law.

He made another call months later, asking that we receive Mary, his wife, at Harvest Haven, claiming they were having problems with her father, who, Jason said, was not in his right mind. Jason said he would tend to some affairs and come later to join her. We replied that while we were open to the possibility, we would have to consider it.

I asked him why he was sending Mary to us of all people and places, seeing he believed and told others we were a cult. He couldn’t answer except to backpedal some, reluctantly admitting that he was “perhaps” hasty in such judgment.

Particle – “No News Is Good News”

I recall in my childhood my mother and others repeating the saying, “No news is good news.” I also recall that often news wasn’t good, so I could understand the reason for the saying. But should it be that way? Is that God’s will for mankind, particularly His children?

As a believer, I’ve experienced a lot of bad news over the years, too, and I would have often preferred not to receive it. However, I’ve also experienced the other side of the equation – that no news is never good news. Let me explain.

Whenever we’ve had a relationship with people in matters of faith and we didn’t hear from them for a while, invariably we found an undesirable reason for the disconnect. Those people decided to live in the world instead of for the Lord, they fell into sin and were avoiding us, heard negative things about us so decided to walk away, or they were offended by something we said or did but wouldn’t tell us and give us the opportunity to correct or explain.

I hate it when people can’t be honest or considerate enough to let us know where they stand with us, but there it is; it happens all the time.

The day would come when we looked forward to news because it would be far more often good than bad, but until that day came, we were overcome with bad news daily, and we also discovered that we were only getting the tip of the iceberg of the bad because our enemies, whom we considered to be friends, even in Christ, were hiding things from us.

Particle – Dallas and Sara Cooper

We met a couple on the internet through The Issues of Life or The Path of Truth. Consequently, we had much correspondence and talked by phone. By April of 2006, they were determined to physically join up with us in Montana.

Particle – Environmental Summit

Customers and friends of Harvest Haven, Paul Bohnert and his wife Sherri Umeris, organized what they called the Environmental Summit on April 20th, 2006 in Lethbridge at the Winston Churchill High School. They invited Harvest Haven, so Mark Benson, Marilyn and I attended, set up an organic booth, and participated in their discussions.

I found the whole day to be a vexation, with self-seeking politicians, self-righteous environmentalists, bored bureaucrats, and teachers without knowledge. The whole event was spiritually sterile. Speeches were given by Guy Boutilier (Alberta Environment Minister – evidently with political ambitions), nature worshippers, natives promoting their religion of spiritism, Mormons, and even an Ashtoreth-worshipping advocate named Glenda Bonifacio, feminist professor at the University of Lethbridge.

I thought, “Paul and Sherri profess faith in Christ! Where is there any kind of representation of true Christianity, of Jesus Christ, the very Creator of the ‘environment’ men are destroying? Why is it not brought forth that infidelity to Him is the root cause of all our problems – spiritually, environmentally, socially, economically, politically, and every which way? Why is anything but Christ represented here?” I was not a little annoyed. Yet why didn’t I speak up? I had no direction of the Lord to do so.

Glenda’s speech was titled, “Mother Earth, Eco-feminism, and Spirituality.” I was surprised to witness a blatant call to Ashtoreth worship, citing patriarchy as the bane of the world.

It was remarkable that during that time, I was reading through Alexander Hislop’s Two Babylons, which is the first book I have ever red that goes into some detail about Ashtoreth, her origins and present-day influence by the Roman Catholic Church in the name of Mary, the Madonna.

There must have been about 50 people of various persuasions and professions present at this lecture, listening quietly and asking few questions. Why did I not speak up? I don’t know, except that I really didn’t have words and it seemed that I needed to gather my thoughts. Mark too seemed in a fog. But what I did do was respond by letter to Glenda and several members of her faculty days later (See Correspondence with Paul Bohnert and Sherri Umeris).

Particle – Virtual Farm Tour Site Bans Us

We were kicked off the Virtual Farm Tour early in the summer because we were not certified organic. This came shortly after Mark had been told at a conference by the same group that certification is not what makes us organic – they were willing to include us without certification. Our expulsion also happened shortly after the Environmental Summit where we met Dennis Guitton of Claresholm, a certified organic beef farmer who had been rabidly opposed to us because we weren’t certified. We strongly suspected he may have complained about us and had us taken out. Things would not go well for him.

Particle – Bob Gregson’s Honest Confession

Right or wrong, I was upset with Paramount Printers charging me nearly twice as much for some brochures as I was willing to pay. Apparently, there was a misunderstanding about the kind of paper used. I had enquired about recycled, not realizing how much more expensive it would be. A price was not established in advance or a commitment made; they used recycled paper without my awareness, and Bob was not willing to allow anything for the mix-up. The bag was mine to hold.

I composed my usual letter and left it at Bob’s office. Then on April 28, 2006, Paul and I paid him a visit at his office. Bob was ready for us and quite upset, unbelieving and full of contradiction, exactly as I described him in the letter (See Letter to Bob Gregson).

We three talked. We let Bob do most of it. Paul had some things to say but Bob was intractable, as usual. One might as well try to pull the sun out of its position. After 22 years of knowing one another (since 1984), he told us that he considered my counsel to him concerning his life and business entirely worthless – those were his very words.

I had to hear him say these things with his own mouth because as far as I was concerned, in spirit and in life he had been saying it all along. He now was provoked to declare it openly, though over all those years he had said on more than one occasion that I was wise and that he highly valued my advice.

In the end, I suggested we pray and let the Lord settle the matter between us, but he wasn’t willing. He believed and insisted that our coming that day was the answer from God. I think he didn’t want to hear from God, satisfied that he had his opportunity to vent and justify himself. He offered his hand in a shake, which I accepted. Not sure why.

Particle – Vision – Spirit of Grace Leaves Paramount

Paul left the Paramount shop first. As I followed behind, I saw the Spirit leave with me out the door. I understood it to mean that the Lord removed His blessing and protection, whether on Bob personally or the whole business, I do not know. I believed it was on the whole business, seeing it was on the business that I had ministered to him in 1984/85. Part of the entry in my journal is as follows:

As we were leaving, I think Bob expected me to shake his hand once again but I did not do it. As we were walking out, I saw the grace of God leaving with me. Their business and lives are about to head into the valley of the shadow of death. It is done.

I am also informed that it will be a long, drawn-out affair in which Bob will appear to ‘come around’ or realize his wrong many times but I am not to believe it until it has bottomed out completely. (Lynn, Bob’s wife, walked by without anything to say.)

Particle – Cody Hassles Harvest Haven

In the second half of April 2006, Cody threatened to send Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Revenue Canada, Health Canada, and the Courts after us. Why he didn’t say. Within a week, we received notice from Revenue Canada for an audit and a visit from the health inspector. Both found us entirely without fault. We hadn’t received calls from any of them before. How could it not be by Cody’s instigation? But his time would come.

Vengeance is the Lord’s.

Particle – Better Things in Store

Robert Smylski of Money Solutions approached me on investments. They sounded quite tempting, as many investments can. I took it to the Lord, and here is what I heard: “Give this up and I will give you much more and better.”

In the world, we must literally sow to multiply what we have. In Heaven, we obey, sowing by faith, and we reap a hundredfold. I was thinking of investing $50,000. I knew that if I obeyed the Lord and declined to invest with Robert, I would reap spiritual riches, but also physical or earthly riches.

Would I be thankful I didn’t invest with Robert Smylski!

Particle – Thieves Break Through and Steal

Dena accepted a check without ID from a couple shopping for groceries. The woman’s name on the check was Barb McLean of Coaldale. The check bounced. It so happened we could get her phone number, which was not on the check. We called, they answered and said they would honor the check. We never heard from them. We tried again and they did nothing.

How can people be that way? How can they live with themselves? Of what use are they to anyone? Do they have any friends? Obviously, they aren’t anybody’s friend.

Particle – Sunburst Associate

Do you remember the fellow who, in 1976, at Caroline, Alberta, heard Don Morrison prophesy that the Lord would cause me to step on foreign soil (a spiritual expression)? The fellow told me he believed the prophecy was saying I was to come and live in Sunburst, Montana to avail myself of the “fivefold ministry” apparently operative there. Well, nearly 30 years later, a Ken Galts came to Harvest Haven selling Amsoil.

During some personal conversation, I found out Ken was an evangelist and an associate of the Sunburst fellowship – including the Dangerfields and Len Barrows, the man I met in 1976. Ken happened to be one of the “five.” He informed me Len had had marital problems and that he died of a heart attack years ago.

Vengeance is the Lord’s. Here was a man attempting, whether wittingly or otherwise, to steer me off course. The Lord not only didn’t let it happen, He punished the presumptuous works of men who served to interfere with His work.

Particle – The Woman Caught in Adultery

I had a struggle with John’s Gospel story in the eighth chapter of the woman caught in adultery. I questioned its validity as Scripture because it seemed to sound apocryphal and was often used as justification by sinners refusing to repent of sin pointed out to them. One would often hear such say, “He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”

Through prayer and study, God revealed that it was a true story and gave me understanding. I then wrote the paper, The Woman Caught in Adultery.

Particle – Fishers Netting and Fish Netted

We have encountered so many people on the net. I speak particularly of the religious and primarily about those who carry Jesus Christ’s Name (“Christian”). Wow! So many different beliefs, doctrines, and agendas.

We saw:

– suckers and prowlers

– respectable and honored wolves and lone, despised sheep

– proud, forlorn, hurting, lonely, fearful, and depressed people

– people who have much to say but little to ask, and little to say and still little to ask

– people “tossed about by every wind of doctrine” and religious movement

– people sure of themselves and others utterly confounded

– people who want attention and sympathy

– pleasure seekers and trouble makers

– knowledgeable and ignorant people

– mentally unstable people with fantasies of spiritual glory, thinking themselves to be Jesus Christ or Michael the Archangel, “that prophet,” the two witnesses, Elijah returned, or some new anointed figure on some great God-appointed mission.

– people who want to be complimented, flattered and coddled but who do not want true doctrine

We saw people who were searching for spiritual meaning and fulfillment, yet they rejected The Only One Who could give them what they so wanted and so desperately needed.

We saw others, small and great, such as Darwin Fish, John Clark Sr., Billy Graham, Marva Dawn, Scott Hahn, Hank Hanegraaf, Hal Lindsey, George Malkmus, Al Thomas, Eugene Spriggs, Benny Hinn, John Shelby Spong, Thomas McElwain, and so many others, all of whom we dealt with. They cast about, watching and waiting for a tug on their lines to pull another one into their boats and under their power of vanity, delusion, and spiritual bondage (see False Teachers Exposed).

What a dimension is the internet! One lady’s (Pam Dewey’s) title for her informative site on Christian religions and leaders is an appropriate one for the World Wide Web – the Wild World of Religion. She dealt largely with splinter leaders from Herbert W. Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God, of which she was once a member.

Particle – A Call to Art and Doreen Beals

On June 23rd, 2006, I called Art and Doreen Beals in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Eidses had told us what happened to the Beals and their daughter Andrea. After 25 years, it was time to talk to them. I was glad to do so. As we spoke, I began to recall details of our past relationship. The Beals were in denial of how they had been, making excuses and justifying themselves.

After some time of consideration, I wrote them and mentioned things Marilyn and I had seen as young believers but didn’t understand, much less expressed. I let them have it, and was so thankful to be able to face the enemy head on and bring him down to defeat with a resounding victory. My correspondence with them: Correspondence with Art and Doreen Beals.

Particle – Ingrid’s Dream: Cody Jumping on our House

Cody was writing and phoning, very angry with Dena and with me, accusing and blaming. Ingrid had a dream of him jumping on our house, over the skylight, hopping from right to left and left to right, shouting, “I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it!”

Editor’s Note: Years later, with great chagrin, we would come to see who was to blame for what.

Particle – Another Enemy Relative Casualty

You may recall my Uncle Ian who was taken away by a mudslide (See Particle – “The Goodness and Severity of God”).

Paulette Lintick called Lois on June 3rd to let us know that Gloria Ford (their sister, and widow of Ian Ford for 19 years) had broken a leg, went to the hospital, and was dead the next day, “full of cancer.”

Lois tried talking to Paulette, but Paulette was antagonistic and very closed. Lois had tried reasoning with Gloria in the past but Gloria would have none of it. She was afraid of me as they all were. I wondered why. What had I done? What did they imagine I would do to them? And there they were, perishing.

Particle – Sara’s Vision: Plowed Field

Sara records: “On July 9th, 2006, I was thinking about the possible cessation of The Issues of Life. I saw a field, with rich, brown earth, plowed into neat rows. I knew that what I was seeing was that we have been plowing during this time with The Issues of Life and that there is a harvest to come. On to the next stage.

Particle – The End of The Issues of Life

On that special date of July 10th, 2006, Paul and I concluded independently of each other that we were done with publishing The Issues of Life (TIOL).

We felt as though we’d been slugging it out with those who had no desire or respect for God. We were also feeling there would be more of a personal contact with people. Sara saw our work thus far as having been plowing fields. Marilyn saw us as having been dealing with dirty people, in dirty work, soiling ourselves.

Surely, people have ignored us at best; at worst, they have reviled us vulgarly, scoffing, and highly contemptuous. I’d had enough of what we’d been doing in TIOL. It was time to shake off the dust of our shoes and go elsewhere – time to cast the net on the other side of our fishing vessel after toiling all night and catching nothing.

The Lord has caused us to labor and battle in training, preparing us for greater things. No doubt, there’ll be fruit from our labors, which others may come to reap. Now it was time for us to move on and reap where others had sown. On July 16th, we sent out the notice to all people that we were finished with TIOL.

Particle – A Letter from Uganda

In these past few weeks, we have been receiving persistent correspondence from an Arthur Ssajjabi of Uganda, who wrote us an unusual letter in which he responded to something I had said about entering rest. I was almost certain he spoke out of revelation, though it was clear he had never experienced God’s rest as a believer. I thought God was giving him a glimpse of something few people have seen (See Correspondence with Arthur Ssajjabi).

This reminded me of how in December of 1979, nearly 27 years ago, Archie told me of a vision he had in the morning before we met up at the Christian men’s Saturday breakfast meeting in Calgary (See Particle – Vision – Archie – Victor and Another in Canoe to Africa). Was Paul that second man in the canoe? Would we be going to Africa, even if by the internet?

Particle – The Harvest Haven Website

On July 23rd, after many years of delay, we had our site, up and running. It would later be changed to .com.

Particle – A Word for Ingrid

On about July 21st, 2006, I had a Word for Ingrid, that she would be taken to the next level of health. Soon after, she got ill enough to remain in bed, in utter unbelief. Then she remembered the prophecy, while Lois, knowing nothing of it, rebuked her for being a “big baby.”

Ingrid recovered but unbelief abided, manifest in everything.

Particle – The Gate at Lethbridge

On July 26th, 2006, as we were manning our booth at the Farmer’s Market, I passed by The Gate, a “church” in what was once the Bank of Montreal building on 3rd Avenue and 6th St. I decided to drop in and see what they were about. Their doors were locked so I rang the bell and a young, heavyset woman answered. I gave her a Path of Truth card. She accepted and said she’d look at it.

A half hour later, I returned. She must have been watching for me. Out of the door she charged, saying, “Are you the one handing out these cards? We don’t agree with what I saw on your site. Our beliefs are not the same! Please don’t hand out those cards on our premises.” I told her I had merely rung the bell and given her a card; I could have pointed out that the sidewalk in front of her building was public. She was very upset – fearful, I’d say.

She repeated her request, to which I replied, “You need to repent.” She said, “I don’t want to argue with you. Just please don’t do it!” She then escorted two young women with babies into the building and locked the door again.

What a strange reaction! And I’m told this institution is affiliated with the Victory Christian Church – a “witches’ coven,” as I had heard in 1982/83.

Particle – Vision – Giant Hollow Image of Man Falls

In the week of July 20 to 26, 2006, I had a dream or vision (it was in the night, so I’m not sure which it was) wherein I stepped up behind a great hollow image of a heavyset man, apparently a goon. It had the hollowness of a piggy bank or chocolate Easter rabbit. The image was so great in size that when I raised my right hand fully over my head to hit him, my hand reached below the calf muscle of his left leg. With little effort and with no passion or evil intent, I slapped him with a forward motion of my open hand, not far above his ankle. The light and unstable image immediately fell forward, face down to the ground.

It was about that time that we began to correspond on the internet with Gene Shaparenko of With great ignorance and vindictiveness, he came against us in the Name of Christ with lies and misrepresentations after we tried hard to reason with him and rebuked him for his great error in defense of orthodox Christianity. As of September 2016, a Google search on my name returns his website at the top of the list with the title: Victor Hafichuk – Prophet or Tool of Satan?

Shaparenko pretended to have done a thorough and authoritative study of me, drawing all sorts of foolish conclusions and making many deliberately false claims.

For example, he claimed there was much mail coming his way, complaining against us and agreeing with him. I could believe it, knowing we have offended many and have publicly stood against the falsehood of nominal Christendom. However, years later, I know of only one small note Gene received from a troubled woman, though he thanked the public for their great response about me and promised to post all comments.

I also knew of mail sent to Shaparenko that was strongly supportive of us and which condemned his hypocrisy, deceptive practices, and false accusations, which he didn’t post. One such letter was from Dallas Cooper of Washington, DC.

Shaparenko also claimed we didn’t refute his charges against us, which wasn’t true. We proved so by posting Shaparenko, Gene: A Pygmy Acts Like King Kong with all our correspondence, nothing relevant omitted. It’s amazing how people can willingly make fools of themselves by publicly declaring lies easily proven wrong, especially while taking upon themselves the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since this time, many have used his article against us without bothering to confirm its veracity, only to find our rebuttal leaving egg on their faces. They are exposed as false Christians promoting their agendas and churches while despising the Truth. Shaparenko’s lies have done us great good, doing much heavy lifting for us, and many discovered him to be the liar he is.

I recall the Word of the Lord to me in the ’80’s, saying, “As the false will be exposed, so will the true be made manifest.”

“For there must also be heresies among you, that the approved ones may be revealed among you” (1 Corinthians 11:19 MKJV).

I soon received the revelation that Gene Shaparenko was that image I saw and that we had nothing to be bothered about, notwithstanding his slander and libel. It’s ironic how Shaparenko’s evil has served to do us so much good.

Particle – Kudos to Canada’s Defense of Israel

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Minister Peter McKay have been standing up for Israel in its latest conflict in Lebanon with the Hezbollah, which has been the intractable, offensive and belligerent party sponsored by Iran. We’re very thankful to our leaders for that, and commend them for it. Their stance should come as a “no-brainer,” but the world stands with the wicked at nearly every turn. Islam terrorizes Israel, tyrannizes the world, and the people of the world don’t resist; indeed, they slit their own throats as the “useful idiots” they are, capitulating to Islamic demands.

Particle – Suicide and Coincide

At the 6th minute of the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month of the year “2000 and 6,” Mr. Mike Pierzchala, a 2001 Lethbridge mayoralty candidate, jumped from the High Level Bridge of Lethbridge to his death after being arrested the day before and charged with extortion.

Curiously, we met and talked with his son Darren and wife, Anissa on August 4th, 2006. Darren came and volunteered at our farm for a few days, wishing to learn about organic farming. His wife, I am told, once worked for our competitor Cherie Petrie at Or-Kids Organic. I received information and statistics of the timing of Mr. Pierzchala’s demise from Darren. He told me his father’s watch was stopped at 6:06 a.m.

Particle – Brothers, Twins, Who Are You Two?

In my view, Paul and I don’t look the same except that we are balding and have beards. However, he’s typically Jewish in appearance, slim, a bit taller, rather handsome, and I’m Slavic, stockier and not so handsome! I’m also ten years older. Yet when we’re together, strangers ask out of the blue if we’re brothers or related. Why? Why should strangers wonder? Why should they care? We’ve had this reaction perhaps seven or eight times. One girl who knew me saw from a distance Paul doing a delivery near her home in 1997 and called out to “Victor.”

We walked into a local department store. A clerk – whom we didn’t know and who didn’t know us, showed us the merchandise we were asking for, then asked if we were related, or brothers. Why did she want to know? What did it matter? Do they ask such questions of those who are evidently related or brothers? I doubt it. Don’t brothers or relations ever appear anywhere together? Why us?

Once on a Hsin Ten cruise, Deanna Sudweeks enquired about our relationship. She said others had been wondering and asking about us. She’s not the kind of person to conceal her curiosity. There were those who wondered if we were brothers, but some who knew our surnames were different, wondered if we were homosexuals because we often visited and spoke to people as one person; they didn’t know what to make of us.

I assured Deanna we weren’t homosexuals and that in a very real way, we were brothers, in spirit. Some seemed to readily accept that, almost finishing our words in unison as we replied.

We took a trip to Drumheller, Alberta, and pulled up by a curb to ask directions to a school.  I was driving and Paul was in the front passenger seat. Marilyn and Sara were seated in the back. At Paul’s side of the car, the fellow gave us directions and then asked if we were brothers. Why? What difference would it make to a total stranger in a momentary encounter? Yet time and again, this happens. Why?

Even on the internet, people have seriously accused us of being one person but pretending to be two. There are at least two reasons for this: one, we speak alike, even if independently, being in full agreement, “of one heart and of one soul”; two, sometimes I would reply to someone’s letter, then Paul would reply to their reply, or he and I would take turns, depending on who was given words to speak, or we would both address them simultaneously. The Lord did say to me in the ‘80’s that as He gave Aaron to Moses as a spokesperson, so He was giving Paul to me.

Particle – Brothers Even to Strangers

A sample of a consistent nature of the twins at work. The following letters were written independently of each other in response to an enquirer on the net:


Greetings in the Lord, Michel,

We gather in spirit and in truth, as Jesus said the true worshippers whom God sought would do (John 4:23). That means all the time, everywhere, in cyberspace here, and where we live, in Lethbridge, Alberta and Helena, Montana.

Tell us more about yourself, your spiritual journey, what brought you to our site, and what you have heard from us that causes you to want to hear more.

We are not fluent in French, except for Ingrid Benson, originally from Belgium, who translated this note and the writings on our site.

Paul Cohen

And mine:

Bonjour Michel,

We gather at Harvest Haven, at my home, on the internet, and anywhere we are led and given, but most of all, we are gathered together within, our lives hidden in Christ, The Word.

How is your faith? Tell us about yourself. What have you red at our site? Why do you ask the question you ask? I presume you were thinking we were either near your area directly or as a worldwide denominational network. Sorry, we are in the Lethbridge, AB and Helena, Montana, US areas. However, if God so wills, that should not stop you and us from fellowship in the Spirit.

How can we help you?


Here is another example, the nature of which often occurs:

Paul writes: “This matter shows why people say, ‘never talk about politics or religion.’ But what is more accurate here is that these people are saying, ‘Don’t let truth or reality enter into my politics and religion.’”

My (Victor’s) journal entry on or about that same day, December 5th: “Many…are quite intolerant of religion or politics mixed with our business. They wish to keep God altogether out of the picture.”

Particle – Mark the Day

On August 8th, 2006, we served notice to a blatantly phony and impudent Robert Ricciardelli of Visionary Advancement Strategies International to mark this day. He repudiated our warning against his ways and thoughts. He insisted we were deceived but wouldn’t or couldn’t tell us how, though we repeatedly asked him to do so. When we told him he was the deceived one, we provided substance, but he wasn’t willing to listen (See Correspondence with Robert Ricciardelli).


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Page 12 PART TWO – Pentecost to Israel (cont.) Particle – Poverty a State of Mind It was a lesson in who is rich and who is poor, and it was a lesson in giving. How is it the poor despised what we gave and those with more enjoyed it and were thankful? Jesus said: “For to everyone who has, more shall be given, and he will abound. But from him who has not, even that which he has shall be taken away from him” (Matthew 25:29 MKJV). We became very discriminating as to whom we would give. We learned that while some were poor in pocket, they were also poor in understanding and gratitude. On the other hand, there are those who have more of this world's goods, but are poor in spirit, like Joseph of Arimathea, for example (Luke 23:50-53). To give to some poor was clearly a waste and to give to some apparently rich could be rewarding. Not that reward is what giving is all about. We would have several other lessons over the years to bring these truths home in different ways. Particle – The Appearance of Marriage God was also teaching us the difference between marriages put together by men, even with license, ceremony, and celebration, and those made in Heaven, even though common-law. Not that all formal marriages are wrong or all common-law marriages right. But there are such things as “formal fornication” with papers and informal marital unions without papers. We would learn this big time in a few years. Particle – Marilyn Running with Faith...

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Page 11 PART ONE – Darkness to Light (cont.) Particle – The Guess Who A little tidbit: Randy Bachman and the rest of The Guess Who occasionally came through our Basement Housewares department for chocolate malts at the Bay Malt Shop in the late sixties. This was when they were already famous and popular. Particle - Hooked, Hat and All On a visit home from Winnipeg, my father and I went fishing at the Waterhen, north of Dauphin, where he had a trailer and often spent his leisure time fishing. I was seated in the boat behind my father. As we were casting for pickerel and perch, my father's hook flew within inches of my head, more than once or twice. I warned him and even protested, but he paid no attention. Suddenly, there it was, a hook lodged firmly in my scalp, through my hat. Thankfully, it was not in my eye. While there was very little pain or blood, my father panicked and sped off with me down a gravel road to the nearest clinic in Ste. Rose du Lac. Walking into the doctor's office, he asked me how he could help me. “I can't get my hat off,” I replied. I pointed to the fish hook; he smiled, gave me a local anesthetic, cut the hook, pushed the remainder on through my scalp (you can't pull a hook out against the barb), gave me some painkillers (which I didn't use), and we were off. They say sons should listen to their fathers. Just as the direction of a hook needs to be reversed at times, so fathers need to listen to their sons. Particle - Shaky Shelter for a S...

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Page 13 PART SEVEN – Surprise Visitors to Day 888 (cont.) Particle – Words for Jim Flynn I called Jim Flynn on December 5th and said the following: “All that you are partaking in now concerning the ‘Toronto Blessing,' the Charismatic movement, the unity of churches, and ecumenism is a great sweep of delusion, a counterfeit move of God. The baptisms with the Holy Spirit, conversions, signs, and wonders are preponderantly false compared to the true. The rare few people that are exposed to all these works, whose hearts are genuinely after the truth, will escape as a bird out of the snare of the fowler and will go on to know the Lord, if they deny themselves. You've sought to be of value to the Lord and instead of denying yourself and obeying Him in taking up your cross, you chose to please yourself and please God your way, hoping He would be pleased with you. Your works at present are now not only unacceptable, they are vile to God, as vile as soiled menstrual pads and all sorts of rubbish laid on a comely altar to Him. You started out well and wandered from there. Vic Graham victimized you. He was a phony. He took you and let you down. He destroyed you but God is able and desires to make you live again, Jim. What ‘great things' and ‘hunger' and ‘moves of God' you're seeing and participating in right now are the woes coming upon the earth in Satan's wrath, because the Day of the Lord is here and Satan knows he has but a short time. He therefore goes about as a roaring...
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