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PART NINE – Signs of New Times (cont.)


ParticleA Word for Darrell Beaudoin

We met again with Darrell Beaudoin for 3½ hours. He subjected me to a Bible study and steered me into the SDA doctrinal position. Marilyn had these words for him: “What you are seeking to establish in the carnal will happen in the spiritual.”

Darrell was trying to bring me to a satisfactory spiritual place, as he saw it. The Lord was establishing that with me in reality and not in doctrine only, not that Darrell’s Adventist doctrine was necessarily accurate. For example, he denounced the receiving of the Spirit and the gifts. I was surprised at this, seeing Ellen G. White was revered by Darrell and the SDAs as a prophetess and she exercised spiritual gifts.

I saw labor etched into Darrell’s countenance. I saw the man of sin, the mark of the beast, the manifestation of the power of flesh, the usurpation of the throne of God, the imitation of Christ. He advocated keeping the Sabbath, yet had no rest.

ParticleThe Coming of the Lord

Marilyn and I had a discussion and disagreement of the nature of the coming of the Lord. I was struggling over whether it was spiritual, literal, or both. Marilyn declared she expected a literal and personal appearing of the Lord at some soon point in history.

ParticlePascal Requests Discussion

Pascal Gregoire called, saying he wished to discuss home-schooling and vaccinations “for a few hours.” Was he so presumptuous as to expect us to simply make many hours available for him for simple discussion? It seemed so, though I wasn’t sure.

ParticleMariko Falls

Mariko appeared to be flirting with, and flattered by, men. Miyoshi, a fellow with Shinji Shumeikai, the Eastern mystic religious organization, was at Harvest Haven recruiting anyone he might. Lois perceived a potentially harmful situation in how he was conducting himself with Mariko. Lois warned her, and Mariko replied that she wasn’t stupid.

A while later, after Mariko went back to Japan, Trevor had a dream of Mariko wherein she called saying she was ill, having eaten something disagreeable. Then Mariko did call, saying she had been sexually involved with an African and feeling as though she was in hell. Lois reminded her of her reaction when warned. Now Mariko wrote and confessed that she had been raped. She thought she could stop at a kiss. Mark was visibly distraught.

Two things I received in this situation: As a child she didn’t receive the affection and attention needed from a father – now she had a weakness with men who approached her; and she had to bitterly learn that she couldn’t play with fire without getting burned, sooner or later. This could be a bad burn – pregnancy, even AIDS. The fellow was African – we’re told a large percentage of Africans have AIDS or are HIV+.

ParticleThe Lord Visits Takiko

Takiko was a young lady spending some time at Harvest Haven. Something was happening with her spiritually.

One night, as Paul was up late, he saw a light around her as he walked by her bedroom door. She was reading her Bible. The next morning, she had a sheet of writing to share with us. She was a different person, from carnal hardness to a measure of spiritual humility and receptivity.

A night around this time, she had a dream wherein a child came to her saying she needed to see the bad in people as well as what appeared. Perhaps, in other words, she was told, “Don’t be naïve about people and their apparent goodness.” I had several things to say to her.

When it was time for Takiko to leave, her flight was delayed a day. We spent part of it shucking corn together. “Why one more day, Takiko?” I asked her. From there it led to discussing general aspects and principles of Christian lifestyle – dress, habit, custom, watching for fleshly lusts and controlling them; enmity with the world, even division with family. We had in former days spoken of the Lord and saving faith. Now I felt like she needed some advice on how to conduct herself in mundane matters as well as spiritual.

Lois saw Takiko walking with a light all around her, knowing that the Lord would be with her.

ParticlePascal and Ingrid in Need

On September 1, 2000, we had our visit with Pascal and Ingrid, as Pascal had requested. Our judgments of Pascal were confirmed. He was an idealist, quite self-righteous. He couldn’t seem to hear us when we told him repeatedly that there is no righteousness with any of us. We discovered that they were behind in their mortgage payments and utility bills and needed food, but Pascal had the attitude that we were obligated to provide for them. What should I do? One night I felt I was supposed to help them, yet I felt constrained. Perhaps we needed to wait for the timing? Lois said that something needed to happen with them.

ParticleAn SDA Picnic

Darlene Aldous invited us to an Adventist picnic at Park Lake organized by Lethbridge Church of Chimes (SDA). Jonathan, Mark, Trevor, and I went. We met several members and talked with Mike Lemon, their pastor, and Darrell about doctrinal issues. They were making every effort to win us. Trevor saw them as “tough-talking kids” who would be in desperate need when the storm came.

ParticleMore Times

From November 11, 1998, the day I said I was finished with Marilyn’s prophecy (meaning the part of physically dying), to March 24, 2000, which date marked 3½ years since the prophecy, is 500 days. From Marilyn’s prophecy to the Adventist picnic, which was the first time since victory that I began to publicly testify, is 1440 days. Also, from the day of this meeting with the SDAs to our first Sabbath is 40 days.

And all these timings originate in a haphazard explosion of gases?

We met again with Darrell Beaudoin on September 6th. I had expected a battle and got it. I gave him The Baptism in the Holy Spirit and testified of the gifts operating in our lives. He brushed it all off and at times the discussion was quite lively. This day, counting back to November 11, 1998, is 666 days.

On this day or the next, I received a letter from Archie, full of bitterness, with a detailed record of years of grievances. Trevor said, “He’s been keeping score in detail for a long time.” Why had he not said anything? Was it not his duty in the Lord, Whom he professed to believe, to come to me? Instead, when I had repeatedly asked him if all was OK (because perceiving something was wrong), he always insisted everything was fine. He was lying and there seemed to be no way to reach him.

“He who hides hatred with lying lips, and he who speaks a slander, is a fool” (Proverbs 10:18 MKJV).

ParticleCan Demons Indwell Believers?

So often nominal Christians, particularly evangelicals, have questioned if Christians can have devils when Christ dwells in them. First, we need to determine whether one is a Christian in reality. One may be only professing faith and have a devil, so people can erroneously assume Christians may be possessed.

Still, can a true believer have devils? Today that debate ended for me. The answer is very simple. In Job, we find that Satan was in Heaven with the sons of God, who were presenting themselves before Him. In Revelation 12, we find that Satan and his angels were in Heaven before Michael cast them out. If Satan can appear before the throne of God, and if Heaven can have devils, why can’t Christians have devils? Most assuredly, they can, particularly if they have been disobedient.

“Then having these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilements of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God” (2 Corinthians 7:1 MKJV).

“For if, indeed, the one coming proclaims another Jesus, whom we have not proclaimed, or if you receive another spirit, which you did not receive, or another gospel, which you never accepted, you might well endure these ” (2 Corinthians 11:4 MKJV).

“For some have already turned aside after Satan” (1 Timothy 5:15 MKJV).

ParticleDo Not Delay or Hesitate

I’ve been learning a lesson. “Think of all the trouble we’ve had to suffer because you were hesitant in kicking Sean out,” said Mark, ever ready to fault others. I know I wasn’t able to do so any sooner, and I noticed the veiled condemnation and bitterness coming forth from Mark; nevertheless, I took note of the principle.

Praise had left me when I failed to send my revelations to the farm when receiving them. I could have prevented trouble from Chris Hafichuk had I acted sooner and decisively with him – I had been sympathizing with him. I was now debating whether to send another letter to Evan, but decided I had to act and not hesitate, no matter that he would reject everything I’ve said or written.

ParticleBattling Goliath

Of Darrell Beaudoin, I wrote:

I am now dealing with the serpent, who urges me to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. “Let’s study these Scriptures, and when we do, you’ll see the truth of them (your eyes will be opened) and you’ll know the truth and falsity of matters (you’ll know good and evil),” says Darrell to me.

He is a beast, a man without the Spirit of God. I recall Lois’ prophecy of dealing with beasts, the kind with which Paul battled at Ephesus. I see myself up against a Goliath, a 666, the number of a man and mark of the beast. I am as David at his time. Darrell comes to me with Scripture verses, memorized, exercised, studied, and prepared for years (Goliath was a man of war from his youth, full of armor), while I come against him in the Name of the Lord of hosts – not by might nor by power.

Ironically, Darrell is physically diminutive – just over five feet tall and weighing perhaps 110 pounds; how suiting! However, this is a spiritual warfare, and he loses either way.

ParticleMeeting with SDAs

On September 9th, Paul and I went to the Church of Chimes’ services, still trying to determine if they had anything at all for us or if we could share what we had with them. In a study meeting, we met Sharon Davies, Michael Bowes, Yvon Goulet (whose wife left him), Roy Wooliscroft (whose wife left him), Darlene Aldous, whom we already knew, Larry and Pat Berteotti, Mike Schaber, and Jeremy Roque, a young man searching.

We also met Jean Claude Lessard, who spent 2½ years in Israel, from 1975 to 1978, the years before we were there. He said he had a “vision” to go build the Temple, found he couldn’t do it, and returned. Wow.

Talking to the Berteottis, we shared the truth of the reconciliation of all things. One would think they ought to be overjoyed; instead, they became quite upset. Isn’t that something? If there is any suggestion that Christ’s shed blood will avail for all and not only for a tiny, chosen minority, the “chosen few” are disgusted, even outraged. What does that say about their spiritual state?

“What are you telling us? Are you saying that everything we’re doing and all the sacrifices we’re making are for nothing? If everybody is going to be saved anyway, why bother being good?”

“Who says you’re being good?” I might return.

We also met Darrell’s wife, Lise, who soon became skeptical of us, seeing we were sharing our doctrines that were so contrary to theirs.

Two days later, Paul and I again met with Darrell and discussed the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the state of the dead, and the reconciliation of all things. While he was trying to contain himself, it was apparent he was quite upset. I felt as though sword thrusts were entering him and he was being overcome.

An issue discussed was authority. He maintained the Bible was the final authority while we countered that the Lord Himself was the Final Authority, as much as the Bible was His Word. He said that the validity of any revelation had to be judged by the Scriptures, but we said that the Scriptures are open to interpretation and that the Lord had to be the Final Authority on what was the true meaning of the Scriptures. It was a difference of God’s meaning versus man’s interpretation, both called “the Bible.”

Put the difference this way: God says the Bible says one thing, and man says the Bible says another.

Which would we rather have – our putting words in God’s mouth or God putting words in our mouths?

ParticleRevelation on the Soul-Sleep Doctrine

On September 12th, as I was hand-weeding my lawn, the Lord revealed to me the error of the doctrine of soul-sleep, which teaches that those passing from this world, both believer and unbeliever, enter a state of unconsciousness (death) for a time. It is a doctrine of devils denying the Lord Himself.

Jesus said, “I am the Resurrection and the Life… he that believes on Me shall never die….” Soul-sleeping places the resurrection (which is Christ) into the future, in a historical, physical context. The present reality of Christ, Who is the Resurrection, is denied. Those who preach soul-sleep and future resurrection don’t confess that Christ comes in the flesh:

“By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God; and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the antichrist you heard is coming, and even now is already in the world” (1 John 4:2-3 MKJV).

Anyone fulfilled in Christ is in Resurrection Power and Life, though the body must yet be resurrected on the appointed day.

ParticleMarilyn Weeps for Sean

Marilyn was crying for Sean. I find a parallel of this to the women weeping for Tammuz (Ezekiel 8:14). When she told me, it was more than I could do to contain my disgust. Grace of God kept me from fighting her while she attacked me. For the first time, I slept in a separate room.

They say, “Separate beds, separate rooms, separate houses.” Did you know that Abraham and Sarah lived in separate houses (Genesis 24:67) and perhaps at the end even lived in separate cities (Genesis 23:2)? Not that I compared our relationship to theirs.

ParticleThe Great Difference Between “And” and “But”

Darrell invited us to church. I said, “Lord willing.” He quoted the proverb, “A man’s heart devises his way and the Lord directs his steps.” He went on to say, “If you determine to go to church, the Lord will make the way,” and, “Jesus went to church. Isn’t it necessary to follow His example?”

“‘And’ or ‘but'”? I returned. He didn’t know what I meant, but Mike Schaber did and explained to him. Darrell looked up the verse and found:

“A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps” (Proverbs 16:9 KJV).

He promptly dropped the issue. It seemed to me that the difference between the two three-letter conjunctions effectively contrasted our spiritual states or positions. He does his works expecting God to bless, while we trust in God, knowing it is His will to be done and not ours. I also saw the correction as a smooth stone slaying Goliath. Darrell was defeated, uncomfortable and struggling, not willing to admit defeat. He would stick to his agenda, true to the word “and.”

ParticleThe Matteottis

Val Matteotti, a wealthy and influential citizen of the Lethbridge area and a customer of Harvest Haven, opened up to some spiritual conversation for the first time after several visits, asking questions, and I answered him, being thankful for his interest. Though professing no faith, he remarked, rather accurately at that, how the Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge must offer an easy way to Heaven, seeing their large building extensions in progress and the large parking lot filled with cars. Yes, he was right; they “made it easy” with the wide gate and broad paved road of a false gospel and preaching another Jesus.

Though the Matteottis were Catholic, he said he didn’t believe in a hell of eternal torment. As an altar boy in Italy, he once witnessed a dying man receiving last rites, fearfully and pitifully begging the priest to assure him passage into Heaven, willing to pay the Church anything. The incident impacted Val. He seemed to discern the fallacy of the doctrine, one designed to control people and gain their earthly goods by fear.

In both cases, I assured him he was right. I was hoping to have more conversation with him, but his wife seemed embarrassed and effectively discouraged the conversation from going any further, then and in times to come. Flora was the head of the house there. This is the reality of original sin.

ParticleNo Mark, No Buying or Selling Allowed

In another visit to Church of Chimes, Lise, Darrell’s wife, told us she had decided not to have children until five years after marriage. Again and again, we found women to be the heads of their husbands. We also found that Darrell and Mike were effectively controlling our participation with them, so as not to allow us to express what we knew to be true – no apple cart upsetting allowed.

On this day, Darrell preached on Zechariah four, wherein is included some comment on the two witnesses. Paul and I found it interesting that he should be speaking on this topic. We found that while Darrell made comments about the two witnesses, he was in error and didn’t understand, while we did. We took this occasion as an assurance from God. I had been feeling like a fish out of water, wondering why we were there; it seemed nothing was happening.

ParticleA Talk with Mike Schaber

Paul and I had a talk with Mike Schaber, a Charlton and Hill employee. He had been an SDA all his life. We talked about foods, the use and offense of religious pictures, contrary to the Second Commandment, soul-sleep, the serpent, the stifling effects of formal church services, and more. He often referred to Ellen G. White as an authority and was often unable to support his beliefs with Scripture. He would not have walked away from our conversation the same. He promised to get back to us with Scripture on some matters, but we never heard from him again.

ParticleShall We Hold Meetings?

Given the stifling atmosphere of formality in the churches and the great lack of opportunity for newcomers or attendants to express themselves, particularly with diverse views, I thought it might be a very good idea to have our own meetings, where people would be free to talk openly. It would be a spiritual forum instead of a “church service.” It was a thought we wouldn’t soon follow through on, at least not physically.

ParticleKerri Continues with Us

Kerri called and expressed hope to be able to rearrange her business occupation and attend our first Sabbath on October 13-14th. She also said she was disturbed by some observations of her conversation with Marilyn the week before. She saw that Marilyn hadn’t changed.

ParticlePaul’s Vision: Marilyn Stops Circuit

On September 19, 2000, during his visit at Harvest Haven, as we prayed at mealtime, Paul had a vision of an electrical current going around the table, but coming to Marilyn it stopped, unable to complete itself.

Marilyn judged all and was in great enmity with God. Lois saw her doing little things for me and wondered why. She received that those things were out of sacrifice, not obedience. Marilyn judged all of us, but had a beam in her eye. She damned herself, not believing. She was horribly disturbing. She begged to be destroyed, and the Lord may grant her desire. Kerri expected something to happen to her, as did Kumiko and as had Lois.

ParticlePaul and Lois Write Archie

In their newfound freedom, Paul and Lois were inclined to write Archie. In my judgment, their letters were clean, unbiased, nonjudgmental, truthful, unpretentious, frank, and compassionate.


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