1. Hi, I plan on only commenting here once. I came upon your website through a query on “Andrew Murray”.
    I have just finished your commentary about his life and written words.

    After reading your view and belief, it is obvious where you two (you and Andrew) differ on doctrine. It is sad as God would have us all be of one mind. We obviously are not there! I, as you, was not where Andrew Murray writes about, but studying the Word and reading Christian history and bios and sermons from those who have preceded us in time has always stimulated that just maybe, they did have more of a relationship within our Lord than I. Even today, I am sure I have leaven in my doctrine, but our Lord gives me the desire to know Him more. A neat life to live in this world in which we live. An aspect of Living a “righteous life” is not of works of the flesh or trying harder or doing, but is a being! Romans 5:17 plainly says that “righteousness” is a gift. The prerequisite is found at Ep 4:22-24, Gal 5:24, Gal 2:20. Phil 3:8 actually can become a reality that Andrew and others have been allowed, by the mercy and gospel of God… to experience in reality. Until you do, a person has no idea what he shares. Mt 11:25-27 seems as harsh words to a vast audience, but in reality… few there be that enter into the fulness of what God has for mankind. God’s ways, not mine. Dying to the self life that we inherited from the first Adam… is essential to entering back into the relationship in which Adam and Eve had before their fall. God said he was going to fix things, how drastic a solution and how drastic the reality of “abiding in Christ”.

    I understand your stance. I was there with you in past times, but by the will of God, I experience Chirst in me, the hope of glory. Praise be to God!


    1. Amen! I just wish Christians would fast and pray for one another if they think they are in error instead of acting like the world and attacking each other publicly and slandering characters…


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