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PART NINE – Signs of New Times

The Fourth Dimension, Phase One

At the end of Part Eight, Sean Fife was required to leave, and his father, Bob, took him back to Ontario. Our lives proceeded from there….

ParticleDay One at Harvest Haven without Sean

Thus proceeded events in the year 2000.

Evan Yurkoski and I drove out to the farm. There was a new atmosphere, one of peace and freedom. It was a farm greatly relieved and redeemed; it was “clean.” Figuratively and spiritually speaking, the birds were singing, the sun was shining, and paradise was appearing out of the depths of hell and death. The power of the enemy was confirmed broken. We all visited, rejoiced, and had a pleasant supper together.

However, Lois and I had things to say to Evan he didn’t wish to hear. He was handing out tapes of Chuck Youngbrandt. We told him Chuck was a false prophet, his “Jesus” not ours. As well, I told Evan that if he wished to be a messenger of God, God would have to call and appoint him to be so, and that he wouldn’t be carrying someone else’s message because a messenger of God is the message.

Speaking of Youngbrandt, I told Evan men of God don’t have “nice chats” with Jesus, as Chuck so lightly put it, and they don’t boast of their prayer lives. I told Evan he needed to dump his “tape ministry.” He was squandering his time, resources, family, and life on a false work of God. Evan said the Lord had told him, before he left, that I would have a Word for him. His response to my counsel was a strange and rather contemptuous one: “What should I do now? Go hang myself?”

ParticleProphet Roy Morrill

Evan occasionally referred to “the prophet” in his area. I thought, “Who deserves that kind of reference and honor? Is there a real prophet of God?” He was speaking of a man operating in the “gifts of the Spirit” – Roy Morrill. Was Roy encouraging Evan to distribute those tapes or at least not discerning their falsehood?

Evan had asked Roy about leaving his wife, Bernice. He also asked me about her. I received that he shouldn’t leave her. It wasn’t clear where Morrill stood on the matter.

ParticleMarilyn Asks that I Receive Her Back

On July 31, 2000, Marilyn renounced Sean (not publicly, only to me) and asked to be my wife. This was 50 days after the final decision on June 11th to kick Sean out. I didn’t have any assurance that it was all that simple or that she was genuine, but I accepted.

She was, however, continuing to struggle, working through things. She couldn’t deny her prophecy, though we had said it was false, for three reasons: one, God wouldn’t be sanctioning a second marriage while the first was still in force; two, I hadn’t died as Marilyn expected and defined death; and three, she hadn’t submitted part of her prophecy for judgment to the elders; she held back part of it.

Had Marilyn submitted all of the prophecy, it likely would have been condemned, by God’s grace, at least the portion withheld. We did fault the prophecy, but I couldn’t write off the timings or the fact that part of the prophecy was indeed true, that I would be taken, albeit not by physical death. Marilyn’s problem was that she was interpreting it her way and hanging on to all of it. It seemed there were tares sown among the wheat.

Marilyn was also having a problem with the spiritual relationship Lois and I had. God was revealing matters to both of us, we were on the same page, and Marilyn was jealous and resentful of it.

ParticleAs the Sun Sets

It came to me that Marilyn’s return to me wouldn’t happen quickly or easily. I told everyone that it would be as a sunset. Who can say how long a sunset takes? A sunset doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye, or we wouldn’t be able to sit and enjoy watching it. It takes place over several minutes.

By calculations of how a generation is forty years, and how it represents an hour, and therefore a year would equal a minute and a half, I expected it would be years before Marilyn would recover and our relationship would be redeemed. However, it obviously wouldn’t do to restore our relationship to the way it was – highly unsatisfactory spiritually; it would have to be transformed into something much better. Otherwise, what would have been the point of all that had happened between us?

ParticleMariko Arrives

Mariko Shinji arrived from Japan on August 1st to stay a while. She requested to talk to me. She came out to our place, spent a day, and I spoke to her about creation (she had been an atheistic evolutionist). She seemed impacted by the fact that God was in full control of everything.

ParticleTrevor Pursues Rose Klvacek

Trevor wrote a letter to yet another woman he was pursuing and dreaming about, thinking it was God’s will to marry her. He submitted the letter to me before sending. I disagreed with it entirely but decided I wasn’t going to change him and that there was no point in trying to police or control him. He was upset with my disagreement.

Jonathan prophesied, “Trevor is a vicious Rottweiler.” At first, I told Jonathan the prophecy wasn’t of God, but then I reconsidered, realizing Trevor harbored great bitterness and anger.

ParticleA Plea to Archie

I wrote Archie a five-page letter on August 2, 2000, informing him of things that had happened in our midst. I pleaded with him to reconsider his hard, unforgiving stance toward me. I made the point that he needed very much to forgive me for his and his family’s sakes; as wrong as I was, they also had their culpability. Though I hoped otherwise, I didn’t expect a positive response. I wanted so much to be reconciled with him and his family.

ParticleEvan Directed

We were wondering if the Lord had brought Evan to be with us and to receive spiritual direction; we offered him to stay with us. I was reluctant to approach him on his agenda and spiritual notions, which were plainly in error, lest he should be offended and leave. However, I heard from the Lord to give him the needful direction and did so. I told him that his “ministry” was an idol and that he needed to drop it. I told him that if Morrill was encouraging him in his directions, he was a false prophet.

Evan didn’t believe me, but the Lord assured me all would be OK – I had spoken what was needed. In letting go and obeying, I would have everything multiplied back to me (not that obeying the Lord isn’t its own reward). Evan left.

ParticlePaul and Kerri Come

On August 5th, Paul and Kerri arrived. They were glad, and so were we. All but Marilyn were thankful to be relieved of Sean. In spite of Marilyn’s state and various troubles at the farm, the smoke was clearing and we had a release, peace, and freedom we hadn’t had in years, and we expected it would only get better.

I saw Paul and Kerri as unchanged, with Kerri in control and Paul quite disinterested in the things of God and powerless in spirituality, asking nothing and saying nothing – he was dead. What was wrong with him? He headed to the farm, preferring to be there rather than with me.

Kerri left the next day and Paul remained; Kerri’s parting wasn’t intended to be permanent, and we were at peace with one another. We saw her as part of us, though not married to Paul. However, Kerri was sympathizing with Marilyn, with which the rest of us disagreed.


Why did CJIL (Christ Jesus Is Lord) boast of being the “first Canadian Christian television station in Canada”? Because it was a work of men, not of God.

ParticleLetter to Evan

There I was letter-writing again. On August 8th, I had to write Evan and address many matters. I wrote him about his god, his so-called “end-time ministry.” I wrote him about why people want to be ministers, setting themselves up to do so out of weaknesses of the flesh. I warned him of men’s works, of Chuck Youngbrandt, his false teachings and pernicious ways.

I wrote him at length of Stan Johnson’s work, The Prophecy Club, and of its many marks indicating it wasn’t of God. I spoke of the error of getting caught up with conspiratorialism and how Stan Johnson emphasized it. I countered Evan’s approval of Roy Morrill, Schambach and his preaching daughter, and Kathryn Kuhlman. I ended the letter with the following:

In the meantime, Evan, our door is open; our homes are available for you and for those whom the Lord brings. Please don’t assume or think that because I send you a message such as I have that I will no longer tolerate or wish to see you until you’re changed. While we can’t bless you in what you do, knowing better, we’re called to mercy, faith, and patience; we enjoy you as a person and want only your best in Christ Jesus. God willing, we’ll be there for you. 

You certainly don’t believe me. How is it liars are so easily believed, but truthers are counted fools? For one, liars are many, paving and pointing to the broad way, while truthers are few, pointing to the rough and narrow way. The carnal man gives credence to the many and the mighty of this world.

Two, people shun the cross, the loneliness, the suffering that comes with losing one’s life and identifying with the Lord and following Him “without the gate.” Liars make a sham of the cross, though on occasion make mention of it. They also extend the salvation message to the flesh, thus sparing rather than crucifying it, the message being identical in letter to the true, only misapplied and thus deceiving many. But there is no victory, no overcoming any other way than by the cross – not by hearing it preached, but by believing and unconditional submission to it.  

You said, “Now you send ME a letter,” as in criticizing my sending letters to people. When you said that, I thought, “I won’t send it; he mocks me.” Yes, I am one to send letters, as you’ve witnessed of George Warnock and Renetta [a native acquaintance of his, who had reservations about me and to whom I wrote]. There have been many letters to many people. I can’t apologize for them. Here you have yours, and it will not be in vain.

The will of the Lord Jesus Christ, Yahshua, Yahweh, be done. 

ParticleTo Keep or Not to Keep

Almost a year before, Jonathan asked me why we didn’t keep the Sabbath. On August 10th, I was considering the matter again. I thought, “If we’re to stay away from blood or things strangled (Acts 15:20), which are not of the Ten Commandments, why would we not keep the Sabbath, which is one of the Ten?”

What a revolutionary change that would be! For one thing, no more Saturday market business, which would comprise nearly half the sales volume. And what would we do on that day? We would rest, pray, eat, sing, praise God, read the Scriptures or appropriate literature, and share all that we have in Christ.

ParticleJonathan Troubled and Falls Ill

Marilyn battled horribly, vexed at our freedom, at our fellowship in the Spirit, and at the fact that her prophecy wasn’t fulfilled with my literal demise and her marriage to Sean. We had a confrontation before all. I feared Jonathan was disappointed, having hoped for better things with Sean gone. He fell ill in the night; perhaps it was the flu. I had also been getting after him about discipline, work, obedience, and considering values.

That night, he spoke to me, expressing that I had no right to tell others what to do – wife and children, yes, but not anyone else. He said they were all afraid of me, fearing being kicked out if displeasing me. Lois, Mark, and Paul didn’t know what to make of what he was saying, except that they disagreed with it.

ParticleVision: Spirit of God Comes on Paul

On August 12th, Jonathan and I headed to Great Falls, Montana to take Paul home and to visit Kerri. She had begun a tiny bakery and café business downtown called Neighbors.

I couldn’t shake the fact God wasn’t bearing witness to their being married. And I wasn’t seeing any indication that they were both good with parting, as Paul had claimed in the letter we found on July 22nd, the night the enemy was cast out from Harvest Haven.

I shared the event of the angelic visitation with Paul and later with Kerri. She couldn’t believe or receive what I was sharing. As I spent time with her, I found she had no spiritual interest at all. To her life was about the social, economic, psychological, marital, and imaginary. She wouldn’t speak of the Lord by her own initiative.

On Sunday, August 13th, we went for a walk to Gibson Park. I made it clear that Paul and Kerri needed to cancel their marriage. Kerri was fighting it, presenting every argument she could against their parting.

As Paul sat on the bench, resting his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands, contemplating, I suddenly saw the Spirit of God come down on him like a dove. He stood up and said, “Well, I know what I have to do.” Paul decided to forsake Kerri. She didn’t like that.

Author’s Note, 2015: Over the years, I’ve wondered when Paul and my ministry began. It was in its infant stage from about this time forth, as you’ll see by the many significant events that follow. This is 21 years after meeting Paul in Israel in 1979 and 16 years after the Lord spoke to me in the US in 1984 about Paul being given to me as Aaron was given to Moses.

ParticleA Fearful “Two-by-Two”

Paul and I went to Helena and paid a visit to the library, where we found a biography of Billy Graham called, A Prophet with Honor. We decided to ask several people their opinion of Billy Graham and had some interesting discussions. It is marvelous how much people are willing to express if you don’t argue with them.

One discussion of particular interest (if one could call it a discussion) was with a visibly religious woman who turned out to be a “Two-by-Two,” a sect founded by William Irvine. The group claims the essence and spirit of their movement began in apostolic times, which is what many groups claim, I suppose. The woman was intimidated by our approach seeking her opinion, though, ironically, she was approached by two persons, a strict rule they abide by.

The woman was defensive, self-righteous, fearful, and ignorant. She was reluctant to say anything about Billy Graham but, when coaxed some, softly denounced him. It wasn’t long, however, before she ended the conversation, visibly shaken that we should approach her so, though we didn’t argue or counter anything she said. I suppose it’s fine for them to evangelize and approach others two to one, but when the shoe rests on the other foot, their perspective suddenly changes. This isn’t the first time, as you know, that we’ve had visits with “Two-by-Two’s”, nor would it be the last.

ParticleJim Barngrover

Paul and I met with Jim Barngrover, whom I had met in February 1998. Jim had apparently aged, was hurting, pushing, trying to succeed, but failing. We would learn and see more of Jim, and not in a pleasant way.

ParticleMcAlpine’s American Barbecue

We were invited to Clay “Tuna” McAlpine’s farm outside Helena for a barbecue. There is something about Americans, besides their poise and arrogance, that I appreciate. They are freer than Canadians, more outgoing, more trusting, and more willing to take somebody’s word for it and take risks. Canadians, on the other hand, are more conservative, circumspect, introverted, not as confident or social. Americans do more cat-kicking and less tire-kicking.

I enjoyed the barbecue for the social pleasure of observing and talking to an eclectic people. They each seemed to have had their claim to fame somehow. Either they knew someone famous or were famous themselves or had invented or accomplished something unique. Some had served in the army, thus developing a confidence that comes from physical training and experience that Canadians don’t commonly possess.

As for Clay, he was one interesting fellow, with a unique sense of humor and some good ideas about organic agriculture and about how things generally should be done in the US.

ParticleYurkoski Ignores All My Counsel

Once back in Canada, I called Evan. He went to see Youngbrandt and was all enthused about him. He spoke of Schambach from Tyler, Texas coming to Hobbema, AB. I felt sad and disappointed; I even wondered if I wasn’t being overly critical or out of focus spiritually.

Lois believed these shysters needed to be confronted, addressed, and exposed. It was the Lord’s Day and time for Him to have His say, and He was using Paul and me to do it. We would see what came of her words, marvelously enough. Paul was getting prepared to drop what he was doing in the marketing of organic products to enter into the work of the Lord.

ParticleTrue Victory

One day I gave Lois a definition of victory. It’s not about how good we feel or of how we have changed for the better but of how we’re there for others. True victory means to be considerate, bearing burdens, loving in deed, no excuses or selfish pursuits. It is the laying down of the life. Until then, whatever one has is quite worthless.

When one has true victory, it can’t be taken away because there’s nothing to be taken away; the life has been laid down; the victorious one is dead, yet alive in Christ. By the power of the resurrection alone does he live and operate, which no man can defeat, rob, or even taint. This is the sign of the coming of the Son of man, the laying down of the old life and resurrection power of the new.

ParticleTrevor Trounced and Temporarily Humbled

Because of Trevor’s foolish imaginations and homemade revelations from God, he received a visit from Rose’s fiancé, who rebuked him in no uncertain terms. Rose also let him know they didn’t wish to hear from him again. In his delusion, he viewed them as unbelieving, unenlightened fools when he was in fact the character he was perceiving in others.

When Lois gave Trevor the definition of victory, his countenance fell, and he turned dismal. Only a week earlier he had declared his victory, flushed with his imaginations and wishful thinking about Rose, and found out it was all delusion; he hadn’t believed our cautions and rebukes.

ParticleWomen Preachers

Evan traveled to hear R.W. Schambach and his daughter Donna preaching in Hobbema. He said Donna preached every noon hour. I said that while men send women to preach, God does not. “Kathryn Kuhlman preached,” he replied. My answer should have been, “Well, you have a point there, Evan; let’s throw the Bible away – Kuhlman has proven it wrong!” Instead, I gave the bland answer, though true, that God didn’t send Kuhlman. No matter what I said, he wasn’t listening. He was solely interested in being entertained and entertaining others, pursuing glory for himself.

Jesus sent out twelve male apostles, who appointed male elders, deacons, and pastors. There is no record of female shepherds or preachers. While some argue that Philip the evangelist had four daughters who prophesied, their understanding and definition of prophecy is erroneous – that of preaching, as it is commonly known and everywhere practiced. However, prophecy and preaching are two different things. Many preach; very few prophesy, and of those who prophesy, most prophesy falsely.

While true preaching and prophesying are gifts of God, preaching comes forth consciously for the most part (not all), while prophecy is the gift of the Spirit operating beyond the vessel’s understanding. If the vessel speaks with understanding or premeditation, it is not the gift of prophecy in operation.

ParticleDiscussing Sabbath-Keeping

Seeing we were considering keeping the weekly Sabbath, Paul called the Seventh Day Adventists, an obvious group of people, on the matter. A neighbor in the Moon River community, Darlene Aldous, dropped off a booklet, “Bible Readings for the Home,” with a chapter on the Sabbath. We visited with her for a half hour or so. She promised to get more literature (which she later brought) and to contact people to be in touch with us.

We viewed “Rabbi” Michael Rood in a video concerning the Sabbath, but found him presumptuous, condescending, arrogant, and irresponsible, a charlatan.

ParticleDarrell Beaudoin and the Sabbath

Darlene Aldous contacted Lethbridge Church of Chimes. Darrell Beaudoin came to Moon River to meet with Paul and me on August 20th. For three hours, we talked about the Sabbath and little else. Darrell was a zealous worker for the Seventh Day Adventists.

We were searching for knowledge and information concerning how to keep the Sabbath, and we were finding that while these people had the Sabbath for a doctrine and practice, they didn’t believe. Theirs was “another Jesus” and “another gospel.” They therefore didn’t have the substance of the Sabbath. While one might appreciate that keeping the weekly Sabbath has its advantages in the physical and mental, the SDAs fell short of the Internal Reality of the Sabbath that God intended for mankind.

ParticleBob Fife Calls

On August 17th, I called Bob to see how he was doing, particularly with Sean. He said things were great. Then he called five days later, troubled and grieving over his situation with Sean. “He’s driven! He knows it all, tells it all, and won’t relent or repent of anything. He’s cold, empty, hurting, and judgmental.”

Lois’ prophecy had come to pass. I could only tell Bob that Sean was a product of the sins of Bob’s past, though Sean had his personal chosen sin, as well. I told Bob I expected that their time was for God to work things out between them.

ParticleThe Truth of the Weekly Sabbath

I marvel at how the truth of keeping the Sabbath, the literal weekly day, has been so withheld from me, though it is plainly established in Scripture as Law for all. The Law has not changed. I am humbled that, for all the knowledge I thought I had, I knew so very little of the basic laws and elements of life, being so blind.

But now I also see the keeping of the day as a gift, a crowning of having entered that inner rest, as mentioned by the Hebrews writer in chapters three and four. It is the experience of the Feast of Tabernacles. The Sabbath is not Law to me as much as a gift. It is, however, a mere law to multitudes, and not only a law, but also an idol.

On August 23rd, I was given to write The Sabbath (now titled “How the Lord Gave Us the Sabbath”).

ParticlePascal and Ingrid’s Attempted Amends with Ingrid’s Parents

Pascal Gregoire called to inform me that they had written a letter of apology to Ingrid’s parents, the Nicolays in Belgium, for their past behavior wherein Ingrid rebelliously left home at age 19 and joined herself to Pascal without her parents’ consent. Ingrid wished to talk to me about it.

ParticleMarilyn Fights

I had yet another battle with Marilyn. There wasn’t anything she didn’t hate, nothing she wasn’t at enmity with; she was so consumed with herself. Her demands of others, no matter who they may be – God included – were high and mighty. She acted not only as one who had rights, but greater rights than any. She didn’t see her wretched unworthiness of any good thing; she didn’t see that she deserved the opposite of what she expected and demanded or that anything good from God was a gracious gift. She didn’t see herself as an impudent wretch, wresting gifts out of the Lord’s hand, spitting in His face, and waving her finger at Him.

All these things she did to Him by me. He has been hurt, He has pitied her, but she was making Him angry, persisting in her selfishness, her whoredoms (she hadn’t let Sean go), and her idolatries. What a wicked woman – the offspring of Jezebel herself, the (wo)man of sin, and the daughter of perdition. Why was I here? Why was I not led to part with her?

She always approached me to talk on her terms only. She demanded that I listen and agree with her. If I didn’t see things her way, I was wrong and unreasonable. She would say, “There’s no talking to you.” And I would answer, “If you want a tape recorder that only plays back what you speak into it, go buy one.” She wouldn’t have her way. Not that I’m anything, but she should have considered it a privilege to talk to me; instead, she despised the thought as ludicrous.

ParticleJonathan’s Prophecy: “Something Big Coming”

On August 25th, 2000, Jonathan said, “Dad, I keep getting that something big is going to be happening soon.

“Is it good or bad, son?” I asked.

“It’s good, I think,” he replied. I knew he was receiving something from the Lord. In my spirit, I was also expecting good and big things.

On this day, Paul called and we discussed and resolved to keep the weekly Sabbath. Marilyn was opposed to it, knowing Saturday was our best business day, wherein we did perhaps 50% or more of our total volume. She also saw Sabbath-keeping as being “under Law.”

ParticleOn Women Ruling Men

My very first vision revealed a woman ruling over her husband. This was concerning Neil and Kathy Wiebe in 1975. Today, I realized that when the Moon River executive met to put me away, the husbands were doing so in proxy. Their wives were the hands behind the throne, with Al Wheeler and Clarence Arnoldussen. I saw that Vicky ruled Gene Knorr, and Penny ruled Les Mills. Marilyn ruled me all these years, while I truly thought that I had ruled as husband and head of the wife.

Women have usurped the worship of God. They have sought husbands to worship and serve them. This has been so from the beginning when Adam disobeyed God and followed Eve at her invitation into sin.

ParticleJonathan’s Vision:Straw Piles

On Friday, August 26, 2000, I was debating whether to begin keeping the weekly Sabbath before October 14th – a time by which Marilyn felt our business customers would be sufficiently notified and prepared for this major change. I was wondering whom I was serving – God or our customers, so I had sort of decided to move up the date to today, but still waffling. I found myself deliberately, unnecessarily mowing for about an hour to an hour and a half after sundown, the beginning of the Sabbath. I felt bad and wondered what others would think, particularly those to whom I had spoken concerning the Sabbath.

An hour or so later, Jonathan said, “Dad, I just had a vision, a moving one.” He continued, “There were these straw piles. A white ‘fuzzy blob’ came from out of one straw pile and headed to another. When coming to the second pile, a black blob came out of it and half destroyed the white blob. The white then turned to go back to where it came from, when another black blob appeared from nowhere and completely destroyed the half-remaining white blob.” He went on to say that it would have been better for the white blob to have remained where it was and that the vision was a warning.

I immediately tied his vision to my offence of the Sabbath, but I certainly didn’t have the whole picture. Were we coming under the curse of the Law again? I didn’t think so, yet I didn’t really know. I discussed it with Lois. She thought that one, I was to enter the Sabbath first, and two, I was being shown that this Sabbath-keeping was a serious matter, that we couldn’t be lax in any way. Surely, I had treated the keeping of the Sabbath somewhat loosely.

Later, on October 10th, I tied this vision in with Marilyn. She went from one fantasy to another and had been half destroyed by the one with Sean. This I received when enquiring of the Lord. If she returned to me, would she be utterly destroyed? I didn’t understand.

ParticleTwo Goats

On the Day of Atonement, the central occasion of the Feast of Tabernacles, which was on the 10th day of the 7th month, there were two goats involved. The first was slain, and the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies and sprinkled its blood upon the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant.

The second goat was prayed over, the children of Israel confessing and pronouncing their sins upon its head, and it was led “by a fit man” into the wilderness and let go alive. The former goat represented the Lord crucified for our sins. But what or whom did the second goat represent? Was it His coming again, not to die but to remove our sins far from us? Did the second goat represent the time of reconciliation of all things?

Acts 3:19-21 MKJV

(19)  Therefore repent and convert so that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

(20)  And He shall send Jesus Christ, Who before was proclaimed to you,

(21)  Whom Heaven truly needs to receive until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of His holy prophets since the world began.

ParticleWhen to Begin the Sabbath

Having customers to consider, we discussed the question of when to begin keeping the Sabbath. It occurred to us that it would only be right to give them advance notice. On August 27th, in prayer, we settled upon several matters:

One, because of the great variation in daylight throughout the year in Canada, unlike in Israel, we would hold the Sabbath from 7 PM to 7 PM, evening to evening.

Two, we would begin on October 14th. We understood that on that day of the Hebrew calendar, we would begin the seventh millennial day, in the seventh Jewish month, keeping the seventh day holy.

Three, even the date of October 14th comprises two sevens.

Four, between the day Paul and I discussed keeping the Sabbath and the day the Lord gave it to us (October 14th) was seven Sabbaths, the first Sabbath kept on the Jubilee day, the 50th day from the time we decided to keep the Sabbath.

Five, the Feast of Tabernacles (Succot) happened to fall this year on the 7th 1000-year day, the day we would begin to keep the Sabbath.

What were the statistical chances of all these coincidences? According to Jonathan’s prophecy, there was something big and good coming soon. Indeed.

Marilyn was opposed to keeping the Sabbath, but she capitulated, having bargained strenuously for advance notice for customers.

On this day, I told her I didn’t want to hear another word about Sean. She spoke of him as though he was all good.

“Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eats, and wipes her mouth, and says, ‘I have done no evil’” (Proverbs 30:20 MKJV).

ParticleThe Hagedorn Reaction

Mark, two Japanese visitors to the farm, and I took a walk to Belly River near our home. There, we chanced upon Dave and Marcia Hagedorn. I said, “Dave and Marcia, there was no enmity or personal negativity intended in my letter to you. I spoke only what I had to speak.”

She immediately flared, saying, “After that letter, I will never have another religious conversation with you.” With that, she turned on her heel and walked away.

I then talked to Dave who wasn’t so offended. He related how she felt threatened and went immediately to Bill Roycroft for counsel, as I had expected. Dave also confirmed his determination, saying, “You won’t change me, so don’t try.” I assured him I had no intention of doing so.

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Page 15 PART SIX– Harvest Haven to Surprise Visitors (cont.) Particle – Twenty-Five-Year Periods I realized that in the year 2000, it would be 25 years that I waited for the Lord since receiving the Spirit. Abraham waited 25 years for Isaac since called out of Ur of the Chaldees to a land God had for him. From the time of my first dream and revelation of Jesus Christ in July of 1972 to the time of consecrating my life for the others in obedience to the Lord in July of 1997 is 25 years. My last note of 1997: “The most trying year of my life, bar none, yet without regret whatsoever. How needful!” Particle – Vision: Woman's Right Forearm Severed On the evening of January 1, 1998, I had a vision wherein I saw a woman's severed right forearm lying on the floor. I also saw a toilet bowl; I was reaching into it, but an unseen force was slamming the toilet seat and lid on my arm, preventing me. For a time I suspected this to be Kerri's influence defeated in my life. However, I came to know this to be Marilyn's power. The vision was telling me I still trusted her, and that I was being rebuked for doing that which was a vile thing to Heaven. This vision was on the 23rd anniversary of our receiving the Spirit. Particle – “I Am Coming Soon – with Reward(s) ” Weeks before this time, I was praying in tongues and Marilyn received interpretation. The words were: “I am coming soon.” Marilyn said of me: “The Lord is preparing him. The Lord is coming for him, the Lord and not a mess...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part II, Page 19

Page 19 PART TWO – Pentecost to Israel (cont.)   Particle – Count the Cost before You Begin In one session, I determined that much of what we were being taught wasn't worth learning, if not contrary to truth. I decided to go home. Dal Fulford informed me that if I did so, he wouldn't pay my wages. I changed my mind and stayed. Was it for the money? I think so. Did I compromise principles of God? I can't honestly say, except that if it had been a clear-cut decision between right and wrong, I believe I would have chosen, by God's grace, to lose my wages without hesitation. The turnaround did teach me that I needed to determine, as much as possible, the nature and degree of importance of something, and decide how far I am willing to commit myself, before making decisions and declaring a position on a matter, particularly if involving spiritual and moral matters. I was learning the necessity of wise assessment and counting the cost before taking a stand. Particle – Proved to Perfection Satan knows his stuff, and by God's grace, we must come to the place where he can find nothing in us, whether through wrath, praise, reason, affection, bribery, flattery, threat, or any other thing. Particle – Unclean Messengers One day a woman from the Catholic Charismatics called us, suggesting we meet with Mary Jeffries, an alleged traveling minister in her sixties or so, who was passing through town. She sought out people who would receive her into their homes and support her. ...

Letter to Florence Pastoor

  well thanks for the harvest haven herald - it was great...  except, I confess... I was confused and alarmed by the comment about 'gay marriages' being legalized - it was sort of in a section that lists the ills of the world and surely to god you are not proposing that some of god's children (gay though they may be) deserve less than the rest of us in terms of dignity and the right to be true to their own nature... anyways - if you are of the opinion that humans of the same sex can't be in loving relationships like the rest of us, then I suggest you ask god for help in arriving at the same kind of enlightened thinking you possess around the production of food...    sincerely,   Florence     Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ, Florence!   I am glad you appreciated this issue of the HHH, and thank you for the feedback. Let us have a frank, open discussion of this matter. I have questions and answers. I hope you will be able to respond rationally and objectively. I am going to tell you up front that you're wrong in your thinking, that you have neither authority nor credible source for believing what you do, and I will tell you why you don't. I will also tell you by what authority we believe what we do and why our understanding is therefore true and justified.   I wonder why you were confused about the portion on homosexual marriages. There are those who approve, and those who do not. We do not. Why the confusion? You ...
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