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PART SEVEN – Surprise Visitors to Day 888 (cont.)

ParticleWords for Jim Flynn

I called Jim Flynn on December 5th and said the following:

“All that you are partaking in now concerning the ‘Toronto Blessing,’ the Charismatic movement, the unity of churches, and ecumenism is a great sweep of delusion, a counterfeit move of God. The baptisms with the Holy Spirit, conversions, signs, and wonders are preponderantly false compared to the true. The rare few people that are exposed to all these works, whose hearts are genuinely after the truth, will escape as a bird out of the snare of the fowler and will go on to know the Lord, if they deny themselves.

You’ve sought to be of value to the Lord and instead of denying yourself and obeying Him in taking up your cross, you chose to please yourself and please God your way, hoping He would be pleased with you. Your works at present are now not only unacceptable, they are vile to God, as vile as soiled menstrual pads and all sorts of rubbish laid on a comely altar to Him.

You started out well and wandered from there. Vic Graham victimized you. He was a phony. He took you and let you down. He destroyed you but God is able and desires to make you live again, Jim.

What ‘great things’ and ‘hunger’ and ‘moves of God’ you’re seeing and participating in right now are the woes coming upon the earth in Satan’s wrath, because the Day of the Lord is here and Satan knows he has but a short time. He therefore goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour but appears as a lamb willing to be devoured, to feed, to bless, and to bring life. It is treachery and falsehood, great delusion.”

I was told to encourage him. He ardently resisted as I spoke to him and I didn’t react or get angry. Instead, I blessed him, not in his works but out of them. I made that clear to him. I also told him the Lord loved him and was seeking his deliverance. Praise be to God!

I said to the Lord:

Lord, he believes I’m the one in delusion, speaking from Satan. Lord, if we look at our circumstances, if I look at my wife and am honest, I would have to believe and acknowledge that Jim is right and I am wrong. He speaks of having the joy of the Lord, so much so that he is ready to burst. He speaks of Sikhs in Vancouver getting healed and converted, of leading people to the Lord and loving them. He speaks of the simplicity of the Gospel, of You, Lord. He seems to rejoice and have wonderful meaning to life… in You.

Meanwhile, here’s Sean in vile bondage, my wife in great bitterness, her heart set on Sean, Trevor in dissatisfaction, Lois in belligerence and turmoil, and all the others scattered to the wind in horrible unbelief, bitterness, and defeat. The farm (“my money”) has the few of us confined, oppressed, preoccupied, and terribly troubled.

Lord, is it not Jim who is walking with You in peace and spiritual prosperity, while I slowly but surely destroy us all with self-seeking, covetousness, and entrapment? Do I not bind those about me? Have I not railed, abused, blasphemed, and cursed? Aren’t we all in the final throes of dispersion and destruction, missing out, excluded from wonderful things You’re doing now with people everywhere?

Lord, if we’re deluded, I ask You, above all things, to deliver us from our sins, our delusions, and our destructions. Mercy, Lord, mercy! With Jim and all others, I’m out on the farthest tip of the limb, and if I’m in evil, I’m about to fall and be trampled underfoot by all men, not for righteousness’ sake, but for evil. If so, my judgment is just and I have worked proudly and presumptuously against You, and You alone.

If these things are so, Lord, am I ever deluded! So much so that I stubbornly stand with constant hardened heart, in spite of all judgment and evidence against me, even as did Pharaoh, to my own destruction and that of those with me.

I also told Jim that Reinhard Bonnke and Vic Graham were false prophets, speaking truths but not The Truth. He vehemently disagreed. He said, “When you tell people they’re wrong, or call them false prophets, you’re putting yourself up on a pedestal.” I asked him if Jesus was putting Himself on a pedestal calling the Pharisees a brood of vipers.

If I’m wrong, I’m utterly unrepentant and can only believe that as the Lord’s will was to harden Pharaoh’s heart, choosing him as a vessel of dishonor, so the Lord’s will is with me that He might be glorified, His power shown for those around to witness it. And there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. Who am I to resist God? But I believe I’m right and must go on to the death.

Father, yet another request do I have. If I am deluded, serving my own cause, spare Jonathan. Please spare him. Keep him, Lord, and bless him. Also redeem all the others as You choose and see fit. I recognize that we older ones have all made choices and that I’m not necessarily the only one to blame.

Contrary to the apostle John’s admonition in 2 John 1:10-11 not to bless those who preach another gospel, I blessed Jim when he insisted on it, but I qualified it by blessing him not in his works, but that the Lord would deliver him from them. I told him that he would see what I was talking about and that it would hurt, but he would remember. Some of what I said he repeatedly called “baloney.” I wasn’t offended but I could feel he was starting to offend the Lord and would have to suffer some.

Among other things, he said my word to him was satanic, not agreeing with Scripture. I said my word agreed with Scripture, but millions interpret the Scriptures their own way, not having or receiving the Life of the Written Word.

ParticleJonathan Rejoices

I told Jonathan I had talked to Jim Flynn. He rejoiced and exuberantly thanked me for doing so. As I review this portion in my journal and record it here for this work, I wonder at the strange event. Why was it so pleasing to him?

ParticleA Vision of Heaven

I had a vision of Heaven among us. Each crucified to self, each being here for the others… all of them. Harvest Haven Vision describes it and today I saw it. What beauty! What joy, peace, fulfillment, love, and rest! It was held out to all of us and all of us rejected it out of hand because we sought our own selfish agendas. Seeking to get, we got Hell. If we give everything away, we receive all and far more than we ever hoped to get.

If but one among us seeks his own benefit, the whole body is sick. Unrepentant, that one must be expelled. “A little leaven leavens the whole lump. I saw it.

ParticleThe Gathering

For a number of days, in thinking of Gene and Vicky coming to this area from Saskatchewan, I felt a preparing, a swelling, a coming to the fore of something within, a growing compassion, a desire to gather the hurting, the lost, the discomforted, the “homeless,” the sick, naked, hungry, thirsty, lonely, confused, and fearful… into a family of those who care for one another. People upon whom is the drawing of the Lord are searching for their usefulness and purpose in Him; they are looking for a family of likeminded searchers. They look for a home, a safe haven of belonging and rest. It is these to whom we must open our arms and receive, without looking to gain for ourselves in any way. In giving, we will receive more than heart could wish.

There are those who search for a “church home.” These are not necessarily ones the Lord is drawing. Many are the malcontents and predators, the bitter and rebellious, who wish out of pride, self-seeking, and even out of vengeance to take advantage of a community, looking to get and not to give, to rule and not serve and obey, hoping for maximum reward with minimum contribution, serving only where it would bring disproportionate reward.

Let the rebellious dwell alone in dry places; let the covetous do without; let the sluggard not eat; let the proud rule over his empty domain; let the socialite be isolated from the people of God. Let the people come who seek after God without conditions, reservations, or agendas other than to do His will, no matter how hard or contrary to their own desires and pleasures; let such as these come.

Let them come home after so long a time being strangers and misfits everywhere in the world and in Babylon. Let them return to build the old waste places, not according to the ways of man and the harlot, but by the mighty hand of God, Who gathers together His sheep to Himself.

On December 7, 1998, I wrote The Gathering, declaring that this was now the time of the Lord, the Feast of Tabernacles, His Coming, the entering into rest, the day of the reconciliation of Heaven and earth. I had a strong impulse within to see people gathered now, not unto me or unto us, and I wanted no part in “supervising” (the best word I can think of) others. I wish to rule, but not as this world knows ruling. The ruling of this world is terribly burdensome and futile. I wish to rest and to minister, not to lord it over any.

ParticleRepent and Enjoy the Short Time

I was again bothered about all sorts of financial problems and losses, even though we were not directly threatened. I asked Jonathan to help me. “Repent,” he received, denying it was prophecy when I asked him to help me pray. We concluded that the repenting was to stop dwelling on these material things, that I would not get anywhere fretting – never did.

“Get on with your life; put those things away, enjoy the short time you have with me,” said Jonathan. How true were those words! The Lord was speaking by him. Would I heed the counsel?

ParticleKnowledge of Good and Evil

Eating from the Tree of Knowledge brings torment. Receiving knowledge of good and evil without having the Law of God in the inward parts is like a fool receiving a large inheritance or winning a big lottery. Histories of lottery winners have been traced and assessed. Without experience in having and managing money, most winners ended up as terrible losers in many ways. So it is with knowledge without wisdom. Knowledge is a dangerous thing if not coming contained and harnessed in wisdom. In the Tree of Life is wisdom, understanding, and righteousness accompanying the knowledge of good and evil.

Particle The Sign of the Son of Man

I asked the Lord, “What is the ‘sign of the Son of Man’ (Matthew 24:30)?” With great battle, the Lord answered. The answer is the laying down of one’s life. Jesus came to lay down His life, to give it a ransom for many. What is the cross but an instrument of execution and of death, the one employed when the Son of Man laid down His life for us all? The sign, Jesus said, appears in Heaven (the spiritual realm). When the Lord comes again in a man, when a man becomes a manifest son of God, that man has laid down his life and that is the sign whereby those who are given to perceive will know that Jesus Christ comes in the flesh (1John 4:2-3). It is His sign.

Particle Jonathan’s Prophecy – “All Made Right in 2000”

On the morning of December 13, 1998, Day 810, while Marilyn and I were in spiritual conflict, Jonathan said, “Dad, I just had a prophecy. Remember you said that God was going to make everything right? Well, I just heard that everything is going to change in the year 2000.”

Jonathan also prophesied on December 28th, “You’ll be going,” when I asked that the Lord take me.

We would see if he was right on either count.

ParticleNotice to Mills, Knorrs, and Their Friend, Trudy

Gene and Vicky Knorr, Les and Penny Mills, and their friend, Trudy Lazet, came by for a visit that lasted five hours. I gave them writings, including The Gathering, Counterfeit Christianity, The Case for Coming Out, The Wrath of God, and the poem, Mystery. I told them what was the sign of the Son of Man, that they had been eating from the Tree of Knowledge, that the Feast of Tabernacles was now, that Ray Prinzing didn’t know what he was talking about, and that all that was happening with Marilyn and Sean was purposed in order to fulfill the things necessary for this time.

I then spoke to Trudy, who had come from a traumatic past of domestic abuse. I told her that every stitch of her terrible life was meant to be and purposed, that the Lord was guiding her every footstep to this very hour, and that she was at Mark and Amanda Ogdens’ to witness the fruits of those choosing to go their own way. She was to witness the consequences because she herself was not obeying. Their plight ought to serve as a warning to her.

On the 18th of December, I wrote the Mills, Knorrs, and Trudy, discussing many things, prophesying, admonishing, rebuking, and exhorting. I expected that what I was saying would be disregarded, as it was.

Though the Ogdens had no money and sought for others to provide for them, they smoked, went to movies and restaurants, and traveled to Ontario for Christmas, shutting down their business for three weeks. They owed the government $3,000 for income taxes and more for GST (sales tax). Their car was a wreck. They had children to feed, who were malnourished, with another on the way. Mark continued to spend time and energy in a loser political party that I said would avail him nothing. Amanda fantasized about a house in Barons while they borrowed money from her family in Ontario. What a mess! And they wouldn’t listen, presuming to be ministers of God to reach us in our darkness and delusion.

Were these Christians? What blasphemy! They were a vile discredit to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in every way, yet they thought to do Him service. Of such as these, Jude wrote:

“These people are warts on your love feasts as you worship and eat together. They’re giving you a black eye–carousing shamelessly, grabbing anything that isn’t nailed down. They’re–puffs of smoke pushed by gusts of wind; late autumn trees stripped clean of leaf and fruit, doubly dead, pulled up by the roots; wild ocean waves leaving nothing on the beach but the foam of their shame; lost stars in outer space on their way to the black hole” (Jude 1:12-13 MSG).

ParticleLawless Rebels in God’s Name

In dealing and trying to reason with Gene and Vicky Knorr, Les and Penny Mills, Barny and Helgrid Knelsen, Mark and Amanda Ogden, Erin Schipper, Debbie Summers, Trudy Lazet, and any others with whom they had to do in spiritual terms, I only found stubbornness and rebellion. They were all set on doing their own thing. We could see they had suffered the fruits of their wayward ways, but as Marilyn said, “They have suffered, but they haven’t suffered enough.”

I had come to know that they were the questionable characters in that new world on which I had landed. Were they enemies or friends? I had little time to decide. They came as friends but they came to slay, being children of the murderer and deceiver. According to the vision, I prevailed.

ParticleVision: A Soldier Beaten Playing Games

On December 17, 1998, I saw Gene Knorr as a weary, beaten soldier, in rags, unshaven, a flimsy helmet askew on his head, and a weapon held against his shoulder as a soldier at attention. Gene seemed a bit amused as though it was all a game, but it hadn’t been and wasn’t a game. The “game” had taken its toll on him.

ParticleThe Essence of the Tree of Knowledge

Can all men or only sons of God eat from the Tree of Knowledge? All can do so. The beast, that serpent, had the same access as Adam and Eve, but the beast didn’t die, not because he didn’t partake, but because he wasn’t alive to begin with. He didn’t have the relationship with God that Adam and Eve had. Adam and Eve were “living souls,” because inbreathed with God’s Spirit. The beast was merely a soul, a man without contact with the Spirit of God.

The unregenerate man is a beast, otherwise known as the “man of sin.” Can the “man of sin” be converted? He can, by doctrine, but only in the soul, not in the spirit. Thus we have so many different beliefs and exclusive religious, political, social, and philosophical groups.

Men prefer to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. If they get knowledge, they think there will no longer be any need for anyone to tell them what to do, seeing they’ll know it all themselves, being as gods. One won’t find “dos” and “don’ts” in the Tree of Knowledge. The Law of God can only be found in the Tree of Life.

When Adam and Eve partook of the Tree of Knowledge, they were already saying, “We don’t want Law; don’t tell us what and what not to do. We want to be independent of the authority of God.” The serpent discredited the Law, saying God had selfish motives for giving commandment.

“The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple” (Psalms 19:7 Webster).

But knowledge puffs up (1 Corinthians 8:1).

ParticleDream of Flying

On the night of December 17th, I dreamt that I was flying. I hadn’t dreamt of flying for many years. There was a significant difference in this dream compared to those in the past. In previous dreams, I had a hard time gaining altitude. I would try to believe as if by willpower that I could lift up and/or go faster. This time it wasn’t a matter of believing I could go higher or faster, but of believing I was where I wanted to be. If I was 10 feet off the ground and wanted to be a mile up, I believed I was a mile up and, instantly, I was there! Very different.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24 ESV)

A problem we have is worshipping the means rather than the end, the “flying power” rather than the reason for which it was given – the destination. In this dream, I didn’t have the compelling desire for the flying in itself now, but rather for accomplishing what was needed by the flying.

ParticleLois’ Vision: Gene and Les Lassoed

On December 17 or 18, 1998, Lois had a vision wherein she saw Gene Knorr and Les Mills lassoed together, tightly, back-to-back. She said I had roped them and they were caught solidly.

Particle George Warnock of Cranbrook, BC

In reading Warnock’s literature, particularly Who Are You?, written in 1985, I perceived that he was still trying to prove himself right to the “church” at large, with which he came into conflict, was rejected, and from which he came out. He was still trying to prove his worthiness to the harlot. She continued to impress him with her legitimacy and respectability. This could mean only one thing: He was still hers.

ParticleConstricting Throat

For about a month, I was experiencing difficulty with my throat, just below the voice box, which increased to the point where it was difficult to swallow and even breathe. I had an appointment with Dr. Michael Pratt, who diagnosed me and concluded stress was the cause. Curiously, both Marilyn and Lois expressed happiness that there was nothing seriously wrong with me (they had suspected thyroid problems).

Particle Let’s Get On with It

While lying in her bed next to mine, Marilyn repeatedly said, “I want to be with him” (Sean).

No more! I didn’t want this anymore. No uglier words can a wife speak to her husband. If I’m to let it happen, so be it, but this I knew: While the Lord let His people go to strange gods (other husbands), He felt bad, even angry, so I knew He wasn’t expecting me to be happy about it. He went so far as to put away His wife. I couldn’t see it going on this way, and Marilyn wouldn’t change. For the first time, I felt indignant. And who in his right mind wouldn’t? It was despicable.

If this was judgment on me, so be it, but disgust now began to form in me. Was this the laying down of my life? Possibly, probably not, but I almost felt like it didn’t matter anymore.

I told Lois how I felt. She called for prayer and asked Sean to join her. They prayed and she received that we were to do nothing but wait and trust the Lord.

ParticleTormenting Dream of Reality

During this time, I had a dream that Marilyn and Sean were going places together, and Jonathan was with them (as it had been, in part). At one point, in front of me, Sean was stroking the back of Marilyn’s head. I felt bad and so alone, and I said to Marilyn, “I can’t go on anymore, Marilyn, I can’t do it.”

She was happy, saying, “You need to. It’s penetrating deep, isn’t it? You don’t have any choice.”

I replied, “Yes, I’ll go on.” I usually expressed anger at it all, and just two days before, I felt indignation, but I was hurting, that’s what it was… just plain hurting.

Lord, forgive me for complaining, resisting, not believing. You are Righteous Altogether, Just and True, and Perfectly Faithful. You Are. And I thank You for making me to Be, and to Be with and in You, and You in me, even so that I am You, so One we are by Your doing.

ParticleGene Attacks

They hired Gene at the farm to help build a chicken barn. During that time, Gene was cynical, sarcastic, and speaking to others, Sean and Trevor in particular, urging them to leave the farm, saying it was no less than a “work of Babylon.” (Yet there he was, participating in our “work of Babylon” and being paid by me for it.)

ParticleA Letter to Harvest Haven Farm

On December 29, 1998, I was moved to write a letter to those at the farm – Lois, Marilyn, Sean, and Trevor:

Do you know forgiveness of your sins – from the Lord, from each other? Have you forgiven one another? Has the Lord forgiven you? Do you know that?

I see you all justifying yourselves, pointing your fingers at the rest, proud, stubborn know-it-alls, each protecting him and herself.

So you have some revelation and knowledge. So you’re personally acquainted with someone who has unusual doctrine and revelation and who speaks out to others and condemns other doctrines and systems. So you have intelligence and can criticize and see others’ faults and shortcomings, weaknesses and contradictions.

We talk about faith, trusting, the Lord, believing but a tiny few of His words (or trying to), but what about acknowledgment of our sins? What about conviction of sin, confession, and genuine repentance?

I see you all justifying yourselves, protecting your own turf, pursuing your own agendas, preferences, aspirations, goals – selfishly, stubbornly, proudly so.

And I fear the Lord’s wrath is there, ready to be poured out. Has He preserved a remnant in spite of itself, out of mercy? I hope so. Can we continue as we are? No damn way!

Will I see change in you? All I’ve seen when I’ve spoken thus is a casual question from Sean, a little excitement from Lois, a blank face and yawn from Trevor, hair-standing on Marilyn, and worry with me – all these things momentarily, and back to the same old status of talking, surmising, analyzing, criticizing, fighting, accusing, resenting, and covetousness; some weak, insincere, unrepentant prayers here and there, mostly there….

What will Les, Gene, and others witness? Holy lives – lives of genuine love, forgiveness, forbearance, patience, and humility – consequently, conviction of sin and a desire to be part of us? Will they be able to tell we’re the Lord’s disciples by love for one another?

How righteous we are! Too tough for them! They’re like little kids – can’t take the fires! Boy, are we tough! Look at us shine in our trials and sorrows! Look how mature we are! Yep, the Lord is sure doing things with us! Look at those guys! See how they fall short!

People, what can I say? What can I do? Because of wickedness, pride, the pointing finger, the smiting fist, the stubborn adamancy in serving ourselves, we perish unless major change comes, and I do mean major.

I faint in hope, but the Lord has been known to be merciful, quite able, and faithful. God have mercy on us all! Perhaps I speak out of doubts and fears. You people decide for yourselves. The enemy is sweet and vicious, and very effective.


ParticleThe Year 1998

What a battle it was! I’d say 1998 was not at all as hard for me as 1997, but hard nonetheless. The difference between the two years was primarily that I had victory in battle in 1998, though my infirmities argued otherwise. These infirmities were accepted on February 6th of this year, and in that alone, I had peace – accepting myself the way I am, agreeing to serve the Lord as I am, and not longing to serve as I would want to be (perfect in every way). Ironically, this is perfection in itself.

ParticleThe Spectacle

I sat down and wrote the following on December 30, 1998 but didn’t bring it forth until later:

The angels are in sackcloth and heap ashes on their heads. With their left hands, they hold their noses, and with their right, they shield their eyes in agonizing shame as they hang their heads and slump to the ground in horrible grief at what is before them.

A woman lays on her back, naked before the very throne of God with her legs drawn up and spread apart. It is Marilyn. Down on her comes the seductive serpent, Sean, with erection, about to enter her. Says Marilyn, “I’m doing this for You, Lord, anything for You, Lord. Your will, not mine be done. Though I don’t understand it, it is what You desire of me and so I do it.”

The Lord sits quietly watching. Part of Him is supremely distressed.

“Why have I created such creatures that would so debase themselves? How could I do such a thing? Now must I cleanse not only the earth but Heaven, too. On this woman will I have mercy because, in her delusion, which I have sent for My purposes, and in her ignorance and waywardness, seduced as was Eve, she thought to hear My voice and do My will. I will cleanse her and heal her and receive her back to Me again, but with a difference: Now will she serve Me with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength. No longer will she think in her heart that I owe her, but will know that she is greatly and forever indebted to Me.

As for this presumptuous one who seeks to feed himself without fear before man and God, I will displace him even as he has displaced others, and I will take from him even as he has taken from others without regard, without mercy, without feeling or conscience. I have ordained all this for My servant’s sake, and when all is done, My servant will be My son and reign with Me on My throne. While the serpent has bruised his heel, he shall bruise the serpent’s head.

Sean has been offered everything. He has been afforded every opportunity for repentance. He has been loved, shown mercy, and given privilege and status far beyond his worth. Not only has he despised all the good, he has mocked and defecated on it. I have made him subtle and clever for the time appointed, but he will not continue or prevail.

How darkened and blind is Marilyn! How deluded and denuded! How has her bitterness deceived her! How has she been seduced!”

But the saints understand. They know the “other part” of God Who has purposed all these things according to the counsel of His own will. The angels don’t understand now, but they will hereafter, and not only understand but marvel and be thankful.

They had stood ready, with sword in hand, to take vengeance upon the participants of this spectacle, both of them, even as Phinehas, zealous for the Lord, took a javelin and thrust through a man of Israel and a Midianite woman, while they defiled themselves in front of Moses and the whole congregation of Israel. But this time the angels were stayed until all things are fulfilled. Then with pleasure will they remove the vile one and be thankful, rejoicing.

ParticleGod Prunes Again and Again

With Sean’s help, and in cases by his provocation, Marilyn expelled Cathie, Erin, Archie, and Ben. By Sean’s provocation, I was wrathful on Danny. By his initiative, Kerri was cast out, and Marilyn sent both Kerri and Paul packing (yes, I was moved by her influence to agree and act with her – I’m responsible, too). By Sean’s contention and provocation, Chris and Nathan left. By his choice and cunning, I was also subtly, shrewdly rejected and ejected.

And all these things had to be. Many have been expelled, and each time one was, there was hope for cessation of contention, strife, and reproach. But these hadn’t ceased. A semblance of peace came only when all submitted to the will and judgment of Sean and his lover. Yet those submitting could have no peace, even after years of struggle.

ParticleYou Will Know Them by Their Fruits

Sean was accepted, included, and honored. I gave him a choice between me and what is mine; I told him I saw a ministry for him; I told him I loved him and was excited about him. He once told me he loved me, but that was when I was surrendering my wife to him. He had despised everything, rejecting all good, scorning it, scorning all of us, scorning God Himself.

It’s incredible to me how Sean entered my house a stranger and immediately carried my wife up to our marriage bed, and my wife gladly opened her legs to him. How has she hated God! How has she hated! How bitter! “Hell hath no fury….”

Never was there such bitterness and chafing against me by my wife until Sean came along, and he loved to have it so – he took delight in it. How depressed he became if he perceived some possibility of reconciliation between Marilyn and me!

Does true love enjoy lawlessness? Can one whose countenance falls for such reasons love anybody? Battle and division between Marilyn and me was never a concern to Sean. I once heard him chuckle on the phone when he heard us not getting along.

The only time Sean wished to involve me was when he wanted to demonstrate some patronizing token of reconciliation or tolerance with me, and even that was no longer happening. Now it was only contempt, more and more openly.

The problem wouldn’t be solved until the scorner of scorners was eliminated. The time drew near. As Judas served for three years leading to his ultimate purpose, so Sean had served with purpose and would soon be finished.

ParticleProphetic Gifts Have Expressed the Ugly Reality

Even visions came that denounced them and their relationship. There was my vision and Sean’s own vision of him mocking, Lois angry, and Marilyn silly. By the way, just before we were married in 1974, I saw Marilyn carry on in silliness with some students, a conduct which disturbed me and which I could not enter into. I thought perhaps the fault lay with me somehow, that I was jealous or possessive or too “spiritual” or something.

There were other visions which spoke of Sean’s character, as the one sitting on a throne, crown askew, robe in disarray, with a smirk on his face (I have seen it for real) – a novice corrupted.

Sean had one of himself – that of a commanding army officer, inept and foolish. How true! Had there been positive dreams or visions of him?

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Correspondence with Rick Burley   Rick Burley sent us an email on May 31, 2005,  responding to “The Issues of Life.” The Subject Line of his letter asked: “Are you ready?”Hello Paul, If you want to continue to send me your email blurb about your religious beliefs, then you must then be ready to meet.  You obviously are passionate about something, although for the life of me, I don't know what that is…yet.So come and look me in the eye and tell me. You seem fearless in your writing and your advertising.  Are you fearless in real life? Meet me. Name the place and time. I have previous commitments already set this week so suggest a week or two from now.  Say, Monday morning the 13th of June or the afternoon of Tuesday the 14th? Let me know, and I’ll meet with you. If you aren’t up to it, then take me off your email list. Simple. Clean. Obvious. With great respect, I remain,Rick BurleyPaul wrote back:Hi Rick,We have no problem meeting with you face to face. However, I live in Helena, and am also quite busy, as is Victor in Canada. How about we meet at Victor's farm, in Lethbridge? The first weekend of July would work well for us, Saturday the 2nd, sometime in the early afternoon, would be optimal. How would that work for you? Let me know and I will confirm with all there and get back to you. If another time around that weekend is better, we will see what we can do.If you wish to...

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  Page 13   PART TEN - The Issues of Life (cont.)  Particle - A Cold Distance Karen Nelson kept her distance with us in Florida and on the cruise, except for social obligations and politeness, and Bob remained with her in her stance. As we returned by plane to Minneapolis, they were a few seats away. We mentioned to them that we would be at the Minneapolis airport for about six hours, wondering if there might not be some sort of opening with them, but there was none. How silly of us to imagine they would in any way be receptive or accommodating, even from a practical perspective. I can assume they were busy and unable to humor us, or they were tired and not feeling well, or they didn't think we needed to have any hospitality in such circumstances, or they simply wished to keep their distance - a case could be made for each of those possibilities. But there could have been another reason. When we arrived at the Humphrey Terminal, we met John Berthiaume, who offered us a ride to Mall of America. There, Jonathan and I spent time at the aquarium and looked around. We later had correspondence with John and were able to share some things with him. He needed it. Particle - Mangosteen Wondering about Mangosteen, a commercial MLM product, I received that there is the dark side, a price to pay for the benefits it offers. All "miracles" of men are costly but God's are free. Particle - Grander Conference in Austria On March 12th, Paul, Mark and I...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Table of Contents - Part 11

PART ELEVEN– The Issues of Life to Troublous Times [insert_php] include("/usr/www/users/rtanner2/");[/insert_php] Part Eleven PDF Part XI - Page 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10 Page 1    Particles...The Issues of Life BSE Scam Marcia’s Admonishment Victory and Rest Last Call for Past Family and Friends Vision – A Wondrous Out-of-This-World Smile Threats The End of Political Persuasion An Idyllic Farm Unusual Coincidences, One after Another Jiny Liu, Jiny Liu Cody and Nabal Another Coincidence – The Revisitation Considered Vision – Danette Sits as Queen A Conservative Evangelical Political Candidate A Double Prophecy Boomerang Dream – A House Toppled Cody Goes His Way God’s Anger Sara’s Dream: Two Lions At It Again, Again The Terrible Taste of Truth Financial Predators and Rapists in the Lord’s Name Dream – Hospital in Another World? Paul’s Dream: Man with Imbedded Crosses All Must Be One Don’t Hold Back Prophecy for Cody and Dena Lois’ Vision: Weeping Warrior Drawing Sword Dealing with Doctrinal DupePage 2    Particles...Dupes Abounding I Get Duped Too The Lord’s Ultimatum to Paul Paul’s Vision: Bob Nelson Angry Questions and Answers of the Lord Release from Compulsion for Women Sara’s Dream: Marcia into the Arms of another Man Dream – Dena Flees Cody Islam in Aggression Tools of the Enemy ...
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