The Work of God

At a time of discouragement I received these words from the Lord in song and at this very moment as I write this introduction years later in 1996 ( the song was written in 1987), I feel down after having spoken to people who do not believe what I say or that the Lord has sent me to them. Yet I have nowhere but onward to go and am persuaded that these words hold true and someday will be fulfilled.

The Work of God

The work of God can be so full of pain and sorrow,

You wonder why you get involved.

Sometimes it gets so hard, you fear to see tomorrow

But all your problems are resolved.


Though blood and tears are shed for those who seem unworthy,

Everlasting strength will make the way

And when you feel your work will only make you dirty,

That’s when you take the time to pray.


For all the good you do, most times you’re only hated.

You need remember it’s okay.

You work both night and day and often get frustrated.

The time will come you’ll get your pay.


Some day they’ll come from miles around to bless and thank you,

Dandling young ones on their knees.

They’ll be doing and speaking right because they want to,

Their holy ways the Lord to please.


Helena, MT; August 17, 1987

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