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PART NINE – Signs of New Times (cont.)


ParticleA November 10, 11-Year Anniversary Event

I ran into Clarence Arnoldussen in town on November 9th while getting repairs done on our van. It was the day before the 11th anniversary of November 10, 1989, the day that Clarence led the onslaught against us at the Moon River fire hall. The chances of running into him were super slim. I hadn’t encountered him or any of his family in many years, and the date of the encounter makes it that much more unusual, the day before the beginning of the 12th year since that event.

It was as though the Lord was saying, “That event is related to what I have given you.” (I see this in hindsight – I wasn’t aware of the date and its significance at that time.) I was at peace; there was no negativity in me towards him at all. I think he saw that; he seemed to be studying me and observing something he may not have understood.

ParticleJonathan’s Eczema Returns

With the shock of the concussion, presumably, Jonathan’s eczema surfaced once again, this time with a vengeance. Not only was it on his face now, it broke out all over his chest and partially on his abdomen.

On the evening of November 10th, Paul and I prayed for him and received healing for him; how it would come, we didn’t know. After this prayer, we found Jonathan worse than ever, very itchy, scratching and stressed. So often it is that, after a Word from the Lord or assurance of answered prayer, the circumstances grow worse, even as it got worse for the Israelites in Egypt when Moses and Aaron arrived. How would the answer come for Jonathan?

This day of November 10th is 40 months from the day of my consecration on July 10, 1997.

ParticleStruggles with Kerri

Kerri called on Friday and on the Sabbath, troubled as usual. Hers was a perplexing situation; she simply didn’t seem to believe, unwilling to accept that the Lord was taking Paul for His own. Marilyn thought I wasn’t being honest with Kerri. I felt that way, too, and perhaps I should simply have said, “Kerri, go where you belong; don’t try to be something you’re not; get on with your life; you and Paul aren’t meant for one another and never were.”

ParticleThoughts of Internet Publishing

For the past few weeks, Paul and I had been reviewing and editing papers I wrote in the past and discussed publishing them on a website.

ParticleThat Taken Replaced with Greater and Better

The Lord was impressing upon me that when He removes something from me, as He had our business and customers, He intends to replace it with something better. I’ve recognized the principle’s nature and presence in the past. It’s the peanut being replaced with a million dollars, though the peanut seems so valuable when first taken.

ParticleA Realization of the Man Walking with the Lord

It was in 2000, I believe, after the victory against the enemy at the farm, that I came to realize something I had seen, yet not recognized, in the countenance of the man who was walking with the Lord in the dream I had in 1972. While I saw that he had great reverence and was thoroughly worshipful of the Lord, I hadn’t recognized a key feature of his spiritual state, that being… thankfulness! He was so very thankful.

It took a new dimension in my life, one of thankfulness to the Lord, to recognize the thankfulness in that man. Who was that man walking with the Lord in His Coming? The Lord had revealed in 1984 who he was. Now I was realizing more about him.

ParticleA Chain Link Day for Jonathan

November 14th turned out to be quite a day for Jonathan. Sean had left his Apple computer for him, which broke down. Taking it to Computer Trends, we were told it wasn’t worth repairing. Next door to them was the Vitamin Centre, where we dropped in and met a salesclerk in her early 60’s, Lavelda Krisko.

Lavelda was wearing a certain symbol on a neck chain. By watching one of Evan’s tapes only a few days before, I learned it was a symbol valued in witchcraft. It was a piece of jewelry by Sarah Coventry (coven) called the Italian Horn, known to signify that one trusts Satan for finances. I asked her if she knew what she was wearing. She didn’t, so I told her. She immediately removed it and asked if we were Christian. She told us she was attending Good News Center on 13th St. North, having just recently believed.

Her two sisters gave the jewelry to her son as a gift. However, it was obviously designed for women; he never wore it, so she did. “But,” she asks, “why would they give it to him?” I speculated the answer was that they either they didn’t know what they were doing or purposed it for him in witchcraft, perhaps as a good luck charm.

Within minutes, in walked friends of Lois’, Marj Tennant and her husband, Wally Jaeck. Lavelda heard them talking about Jonathan’s accident and concussion. She immediately recommended Mary Leah Holtman at Bear Paw Massage for craniosacral therapy. Lavelda’s son Scott had been in great pain from a traumatic truck accident, which severely crippled him. He was abused for a year by ignorant conventional medical practitioners. Finally, she took him to Mary Leah, who treated him very successfully, and his pain disappeared.

I wondered if Scott suffered his accident before or after he received the diabolical gift of jewelry from his aunts?

During the moments we were talking, Jonathan’s tooth spacer came loose, so we called our dentist, Dr. Rice, who immediately made an opening for him. We drove there, Dr. Rice fixed the problem, and on our way back, we dropped in on Mary Leah, got a consultation then and there, and obtained a treatment appointment for the afternoon. As Mary Leah worked on him, readjusting his energy flows, he went into chills.

On this day, we had already taken Jonathan to Harper’s Chiropractic in Coaldale for an adjustment and to Nicole Gauthier, a homeopathic doctor, who promised to effectively deal with his eczema breakout and the adverse effects of his MRI scan. The Lord was moving swiftly and decisively for our sakes.

ParticleBattles, Battles, Battles with Marilyn

Nothing but fight, fight, fight with Marilyn. It was so grueling, day in, day out, and Jonathan continued to suffer. She determined her viewpoint, her way, and couldn’t see otherwise. She disagreed with what we would do, see, think, feel, say, and are. I didn’t see any way out of a divorce. Otherwise, we were all kept in a perpetual hell. Right or wrong, at least with divorce we could get on with our lives. And if I failed in loving my wife, laying down my life for and redeeming her, then I have failed. So let’s get on with my punishment. I guessed that was what was happening. I began to curse all women and all men who choose to be connected with women, like Paul and Kerri.

ParticleMarilyn Takes Pleasure in My Misery

A journal entry:

I had a horribly depressing day today, probably because I failed to give Marilyn any help or comfort, maybe not; I don’t know. But it was an atmosphere of dark grey, cold, purposelessness, uselessness, defeat, a realization that all my life has been one of misery and sorrow, of wishful thinking, turmoil, hoping against hope, one of ever trying to thank and be thankful, to do right but always doing evil sooner or later, always wrong, hated, shunned, scorned, ostracized, and if ever received, only because I should become like those who receive me for their own selfish sake.

When Marilyn saw me in defeat and misery, as she did today when I said to her, “All is shit; I’m shit; all I’ve done is shit; there is a carrot dangling constantly, and everything always, sooner or later, comes to naught,” her countenance lightened – she was better. When I said to the enemy and to her, as though they were one, “Enemy, you have won,” she brightened and was feeling better. How curious a thing this is! Vindication? Spirit of vengeance? Demons? Misery loves company? Does she think my death at long last approaches? Who knows? And she won’t say. 

ParticleHis Victory Ours, Too

Just about a half hour after I said to Marilyn, “You’ve won,” the Lord made known to me that His victory was accomplished; it was a fact, a reality. I then thought, “Yes, for the Lord, but not for me. I’m a loser, a failure, a glutton, an unrepentant worrywart and sinner in all my ways.”

Then God made known to me that He has no victory without us (me). His commitment to those who are His is total; He is inextricably bound with us, His victory ours. Now if He has the victory, and according to the Scriptures, He does, then we have it, too. It’s a done deal. And if we don’t believe (if we doubt), still He’s faithful, He can’t deny Himself, the Scripture says.

“Be of good cheer,” He said to the disciples, “for I have overcome the world. For this cause was the Son of God manifested, that He might destroy the works of the Devil.”

No, Satan has not won; the Son of God has, and if He has, so have I, no matter what I may think, feel, say, or do. The victory is sure.

ParticleTroubling, Doubts, and Fears

I had two tough nights, doubting everything. One night, I seriously doubted the letter to Taber New Life Church. Was I lacking mercy, being judgmental and critical? With my wife, had I been lacking understanding, wisdom, patience, mercy, and forgiveness?

Where did my thanksgiving and praise to the Lord leave me? Had my sin been over-indulgence in food or judgmentalism, resuming with the SDAs? (“Resuming” over “starting,” I said, because it seemed my Christian life had been one of constantly judging.)

Why was I having a rough time? I saw nothing happening. People came, showed little interest, if any, and went their way. Everything coming soon went to the wind, against our hopes. Marilyn continued in her ways, Jonathan had health problems, Paul set his heart on Kerri (or Kerri enticed him – I saw her as a seductress – perhaps it was prejudice on my part, I don’t know), Trevor kept lying and faltering, I didn’t feel satisfied with Mark somehow, people hated us (me), etc. “Put away doubts and fears,” Lois received. I supposed that such was my problem and that I had to heed.

Why couldn’t we just be satisfied with the present, with the Lord, here and now, not looking for people or events? Yet, could we be satisfied with having something only for ourselves? If not, why was it we failed to give to, and to include, others? I kept thinking that I fast to “smite with the fist” and I “put forth the finger” (Isaiah 58). Could I not have simply, patiently borne with those recent peoples (SDAs and Taber New Life) non-offensively, humbly, “living and letting live”?

ParticleWe Do What We Are

Troubled about ideals I thought I should be living up to, the thought came to me: “Did Jesus become what He was by what He did, or did He do what He did because of Who He was?” That settled it. We are what we are, God’s workmanship and not our own. If Pharaoh, Cyrus, Jacob, Esau, John the Baptist, Nebuchadnezzar, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Peter, and Timothy can be themselves, so can I; as God purposed them as they were, so with me.

ParticleTo Great Falls with Paul

It was Paul’s will to go to Great Falls, so together we went on November 16th. As we arrived at Kerri’s bakeshop, Lois called to tell me I had nothing to worry about. She said she needed to give me that message before continuing with her daily chores.

I talked to Kerri for several hours. She was stubborn, combative, selfish, unreasonable, unbelieving, provoking me to anger, and provoking Paul even more. As I was speaking to one of her clients, Mike Nealis, about his spiritual position, Kerri was reasoning in his favor. She now fully questioned all that I said, seeing issues from a carnal standpoint entirely. All her conversation was of the flesh. We sat up until midnight with her. She was crying, protesting, arguing, and refusing to be counseled or comforted by way of faith. I expected her to fade away indeed, as prophesied.

She had insisted on a course of action from present circumstance and even insisted that Paul take such action.

“Shall we sin when the Lord has commanded us to wait in spite of our lack of understanding? If you wish to sin, do it yourself,” I said. “If you wish to take some course of action, you’re free to do so – no control here” (she had accused me of controlling). Paul also gave her permission to file for divorce if she so chose. He also said that if she badgered him anymore, he would file.

I called Marilyn, who was distressed reading these and other things in my journal. These women had lost their control over us and were not at all happy about it.

ParticlePeterson’sThe Message

At a bookstore in Great Falls, I picked up and began to read Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase, The Message: The Old Testament Prophets. I was elated. It wasn’t a translation, like the King James and others, but it was refreshing to hear someone else speak like I was speaking or wanting to be free to speak. The language was contemporary, bold, and not politically correct.

Peterson’s intent, it seemed, was to get away from the flowery, poetic old English, which seemed to cast a spell of religious unreality on the reader. He was trying to tell it like it is and to portray the prophets speaking as real people and not as religious do-gooders or spiritual prigs. It reminded me of me! “So I’m not the only one who thinks to talk this way concerning the things of the Lord!” I thought. I bought it.

A word of caution: There are several of his interpretations of the Scriptures with which I absolutely disagree. I wouldn’t recommend Peterson altogether as a study Bible for sound doctrine, though much of what he expresses is right on and delivers the same essence of the message delivered by the prophets and apostles of God. His is not the Bible; I repeat, it is not the Bible – it is his interpretation of it, and that fact can have significant ramifications or consequences for the unlearned.

ParticleA Word from Chewy

We met and talked with Chewy from Austin, Texas in the bakeshop, a man perhaps in his late 50’s, early 60’s. He had a Word for me: “You need to come to the place where, when you speak what you believe and others reject it, it won’t matter – you don’t look back.” (I had expressed concern about another fellow in the shop, Lannie, to whom I had spoken, being offended by things I had said.) I concluded Chewy’s advice to be from the Lord. For all I know, he was an angel unawares.

ParticleMy Need for Rebuke

Jonathan’s eczema was getting not only worse, but gross. As I went on and on about it, Marilyn could see that my complaining and stewing was bothering Jonathan. She tried to talk to me and expressed concern to Nicole, who tactfully approached the matter with me, pointing out that the stress I was causing for Jonathan would only worsen his condition. I admitted my wrong to her, shamefully, given what the Lord had done for me.

ParticleNicole Gauthier Assures Jonathan’s Outcome and Prevails

When we took Jonathan to Nicole to deal with the eczema, she told us what she was going to administer to him of homeopathic remedy, predicted that it was going to get worse, that we were to not panic and succumb to antibiotic treatment, but to trust her. She said that while antibiotics would only drive the condition under to reappear another day, a homeopathic remedy would deal with the cause and solve the problem for good.

She even predicted the day and hour of the condition peaking and then turning to disappear. By the time that day had come, I was so close to going for conventional medical treatment, as we had when Jonathan was treated by Dr. Morgan for the eczema on his face before he was a year old. After all, had not the Lord given Marilyn a vision of his face being treated with a cream (which turned out to be a steroid) and clearing, which is what happened? If God sanctioned conventional medical treatment before, why wouldn’t He do it again?

But this time, I gritted my teeth as I saw the ugly condition of Jonathan’s body and trusted that Nicole knew what she was doing. Her confidence assured me. Sure enough, she was accurate in her predictions, and Jonathan’s body cleared.

I need to have the confidence in speaking the Word of the Lord as had Nicole in administering her remedies. Her confidence won the day for us. Shall my confidence win the day for others to receive and believe His Word?

ParticleMary Leah’s Office, Lifestyle, and Beliefs

Mary Leah told us the approximate number of craniosacral treatments Jonathan might need, what sort of symptoms to expect, and that she needed to see certain results to know her treatment was successful.

From what I saw in Mary Leah’s office, she appeared to be into nature worship, the “Mother Earth” sort of thing, perhaps Wicca. Enquiring of the Lord if we were exposing Jonathan to unhealthy spiritual influences, I was assured that Mary Leah’s service was a natural healing technique and not powered by spiritual darkness. He reminded me that the only way we could expose ourselves to powers of spiritual darkness was if we willingly dabbled in forbidden things or disobeyed Him.

I had also heard from more than one source that Mary Leah was a lesbian, though I can’t say I know that for myself. I thought, “Would that be a problem?” but the Lord plainly led us there. Mary Leah was great to work with – cooperative, considerate, and most importantly, effective. She knew her stuff.

This experience taught me that though people may be doing things that don’t agree with our beliefs, it doesn’t mean that God has condemned them or that we should have nothing to do with them. I’d gladly recommend her to anyone in need.

ParticleLetter from Ronald McKenzie

Ronald McKenzie, pastor of Garden City Presbyterian Church in Missoula, replied to my letter and my request to pass on our letter to the Kendalls. In scholarly, condescending manner, he disagreed with my message to the Kendalls, not believing in “extraBiblical revelation,” and said he wanted no more to do with us. See if I’m accurate in my assessment:


Garden City Presbyterian Church

2345 S 7th W.

Missoula MT 59801



I believe that your communique to the Kendalls, which reached me through Donn, was honorably returned to you through Donn. Paul Cohen retrieved it, then communicated with Pat Kendall by telephone, and subsequently mailed it to Dan Kendall by mail. Your mission was accomplished with or without me.

As to your speculation as to what may or may not have been said to the Kendalls pertaining to Josh’s manner of death, it not [sic] my practice to arrogate myself between God and man in order to comment about a person’s entrance into or disbarment from the presence of God. This is the work of the Lord of the Church and His angels. Rather, it is my duty to comfort them with the promise that God, before whom none of us would stand should He mark iniquity, nevertheless redeems His people from all their iniquities (Psalm 130); and this He does through His beloved Son, made sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God; whose blood cleanses us from all unrighteousness (1 John1:9). It is after all His work that counts in the end and not ours; His intercession and not our own. Our hope is in Christ and not in ourselves. Josh’s death emphasizes his own and our own need for that work. The Kendalls and all their family have expressed their comfort in the gospel repeatedly.

As to your other speculations, I will risk your displeasure and charges of weakness in order not to become distracted from the work my Lord has given me with this little flock; this ministry to which conscience demands that I devote my complete energy. This letter therefore will conclude my dialogue with you. I will not respond further.


[signed] Ronald J. McKenzie

Cc: Donn Walmsley


ParticleAmity Offended

Kerri had a young girl named Amity working for her. She wore facial piercings, chose rock for the bakeshop music, and was Buddhist, I believe. I had a talk with her, sharing that Jesus Christ was the answer. She didn’t want to hear it, but I said it anyway. She quit, citing religious harassment in the work place. I think she was contemplating suing, except that she knew she might not get anywhere, seeing that I wasn’t her employer or fellow worker.

ParticleKerri’s Bakeshop Business

Kerri had boasted that it was in her family’s blood to make gobs of money and that when she got her business going, she would send me all the money I wanted. She planned to develop her bakeshop as a local, friendly meeting place, hence the name “Neighbors,” and franchise it. But what I saw there was disaster. She had no business knowledge or acumen. Her confidence was in an airy-fairy kind of knack she believed just couldn’t fail to attract customers, success, and piles of money.

I told Paul to examine her business and help her with a reality check. As someone who thought God was blessing her, she was in debt to unbelievers and not able to make payments. Her expenses were outstripping her revenues daily, and it seemed she either had no idea or didn’t care to know, hiding her head in the dough, wishing it was the green variety.

ParticleLois Rebukes Marilyn

When I got back to Canada, we had a visit at the farm, and Lois openly addressed Marilyn on her attitude and manner of speech toward me. Everyone agreed. She pointed out that it was carrying out to Jonathan, causing him to act the same way towards me. As well, she told Marilyn her salvation would be found in submitting to the one the Lord placed in her life as her head, namely her husband, which, whether she liked it or not, was me and nobody else. Acknowledging me, she would be acknowledging the Lord.

ParticleMarilyn a Personal Allegory of God’s People

God took on a people for His wife. Soon they turned from Him to other gods, which were not truly gods or rivals. Nevertheless, it grieved Him. Constantly, frequently, and passionately, He would plead with them by His prophets, but sooner or later they would rebel and forsake Him. So they would live in misery with their idolatries and witchcrafts. In due time, He laid down His Son’s life for them and made a new “marriage” or covenant. The day would come when He would renew them, not only individually, but also corporately. They would become known as His Body, the Church.

God gave me Marilyn and turned her bitterly against me. I had to experience His experience – His trouble and pain with a spouse. After all, He was granting me to identify with Him personally in His glory. It didn’t occur to me there was a price to pay for that high privilege. I had to identify with Him in His sufferings as well – it’s all or nothing.

There are always two sides to the coin; there’s always a price to pay for anything worth having. While our marriage was an enormous grief to me, I was thankful the price didn’t outweigh the glory and the reward, the unspeakable honor granted me of being personally identified with Jesus Christ here on earth.

ParticleLove Necessitates Including All

A predominant doctrine in the nominal Christian world is that a chosen few will be redeemed while the majority will be lost to eternal torment. But knowing God’s love, and having it in me, I know there’s no rest for the Lover until all those He loves are fully redeemed.

Almost incredibly, the majority of nominal Christendom supposes that somehow a fortunate self-righteous few will be able to have rapturous fellowship with God for all eternity, while simultaneously, billions of people made in God’s image, people whom He loved and for whom He gave His only begotten Son, will forever shriek in torment and unimaginable pain.

This is diabolical nonsense of the first order, entirely unBiblical, easily proven so by the entire Bible. Love demands total victory and will not rest until it is accomplished. Total victory means reconciliation of, and with, all things.

ParticleFish or Cut Bait, Paul

On November 24, 2000, I called Paul and told him he needed to make an altogether clean break from Kerri; it was either God or her, me or her, life or marriage. In essence, she was demanding that very choice of him, that he choose her at the expense of all else. I told him he couldn’t go on living what he wished rather than what is and what God wills.

God required his sanctification and would settle for nothing less. It is the final stage in the process of salvation, the third and final step. Sanctification comes by the fires with which every man must be salted. The issue for all is to be set apart for the Lord.

On the morning of November 30th, on Marilyn and my 26th anniversary of conjugal hell, Paul and Kerri called, with peace and satisfaction, saying they were filing for divorce. Paul was quite happy about it in the Lord. Kerri was happy, too, though not in the Lord. The divorce was finalized on December 6th.

ParticleDream: Addressing Darrell Beaudoin

In the night of November 23-24th, I had a dream of the SDA minister, Darrell Beaudoin, wherein I spoke to him saying, “This is not a condemning statement but only a statement of fact: ‘Your works are of the flesh, all to be burned, and not only unacceptable to the Lord, but provoking Him to anger. Lise is twice the child of Hell you are, and she is your fruit.'”

ParticleMarilyn Writhing and Raging

On the night of the 26th, Marilyn had pain in her abdomen, crying that she wasn’t with me/us, decrying our conversations and attitudes toward Sean and our lack of appreciation for his person and contributions to us and the farm. She begged that I shut up and let her talk, so I did. She calmed down.

On the 29th, the day turned ugly. She was a desperate devil! I couldn’t believe I married such a horrible creature! She even physically attacked me. Jonathan was crying, witnessing it all. He brought me a Bible and asked me to read about Solomon’s judgment with the two harlots. I asked him why he thought of that story. He said he had the silly thought that Marilyn and I would divide him in two. I felt that somehow I must let the evil one have her way to spare him, but I didn’t have it in me not to be angry with or not to hate her. I couldn’t hide it any longer.

ParticleRegret of Marriage

In the night, I realized I was very sorry I had married Marilyn. I was also very sorry I didn’t let Sean take her off my hands. I could be likened to the prisoner who was given release after 20 years in jail and preferred to remain there, having become acquainted with what was once torment, fearing to be free. She had been the supreme bitch in my life (Ecclesiastes 7:26), and this day marked 26 years of plain, unadulterated Hell. What a bitch! I hated her, especially for what she was doing to Jonathan.

Yet I saw that my greatest curses had been my greatest blessings. This marriage, having been my greatest curse that I know of, should then turn to be the greatest blessing I’ve ever had, next to salvation itself.

On November 30th, I confessed to all today, even to Jonathan, that I hated her. What a thing to say to him of his mother! But it was true, and it was out in all colors.

I also gave Marilyn Man of Sin Three, particularly the part about her laying cockatrices’ eggs (namely Sean). I wanted her to know the depth of her sin, realizing that even I, who spoke those words, didn’t receive or appreciate or believe them as I ought. In rage, she tore up the writing, but later said she felt bad about it.

On December 1st, I recognized that Marilyn was in utter self-pity and bitterness, that her nature and stance were what divided her from God and me. I told her that her self-pity was no different from hatred. “It is all self-love,” I said.

ParticleVision: Elizabeth, a Bird on a Fence

Somewhere around December 1, 2000, I had a vision of Archie’s daughter Elizabeth, naked, as a dirty bird, perched on a post rail fence. Her parents and siblings were standing, dressed, along the fence, and all were looking in the same direction. They were looking at us, and Elizabeth was influencing them in evil ways toward us. She was taking pleasure in my torment of what I had done to them, mocking and scorning. Archie, his wife, and his boys were standing to her left along the fence, indulging her, almost mesmerized by her power and influence, agreeing with her.

I didn’t understand, because I heard that she had wanted to invite us to her wedding, but Archie said that if we attended, he would not. Nevertheless, I don’t make up visions. They come. Let God be true and every man a liar.

ParticleHugh Crawford

Rancher, entrepreneur, philosopher, divorcé, and our supplier of some Galloway cattle, Hugh Crawford came for supper. We discussed spiritual matters. He had a Christadelphian background and particular antipathy toward Mormons, being aware of their more secretive, less popular, and anti-Biblical doctrines. He mentioned how the Bible was a substantially-verifiable record, whereas the Book of Mormon was entirely without confirmation, a book of fabrication.

The problem was that Hugh wished to keep the conversation strictly on a head rather than on a heart level. We had to leave it with his polite and firm request to do so. But I was inclined to try harder with him than with many. We would find out why.

ParticleGregoires Offered and Offer Help

We visited with Pascal and Ingrid again, discussing marital relationships, particularly the revelation of the “original sin” and what was needed. It was from this revelation that The Vashti-Esther Transmutation paper was written. While they professed to believe in consuming organic food and supporting organic production, they were shopping at Save-On because some things were less expensive. Because they were pressured by lack of finances, I offered to sell to them at a discount or even provide for them free of charge, if necessary.

Ingrid expressed appreciation for our gesture and proposed to translate my writings into French, which offer I accepted. The thought hadn’t occurred to me, but I thought, “Why not?”

ParticleLois’ Vision: Gentle Body Massage

We all had been taking chiropractic treatments for some time. But the aches and pains would return; vertebrae, joints, and ribs would go out, and we were continually getting readjusted. I said, “How can this be? Do we need a pocket chiropractor? Does God not have something better for us?” I had been asking the Lord about this, and so had Lois been praying. We were spending thousands of dollars in chiropractic care and seemed to be locked into a lifelong regimen of treatment – not good.

Then in December, Lois had a vision wherein she saw her body moving gently in a figure-eight motion. She had no idea what the vision was all about; she did know it applied not only to her but to others, as well. Within days, Peter Nickel, the man who introduced us to Grander Living Water technology, came by with a massaging contraption he left for us to try. He said it was the next best thing to Grander, which we had learned was very good.

ParticleThe Chi Machine

Looking at the machine sitting on the floor, I thought, “What’s this? How can it do what Peter suggests?” I wasn’t impressed. How little did we know what the Chi Machine would do for us and where it would take us! Lois started using it and just when I thought we would give it back to Peter, she said, “I really like what it does for me.” So we all tried it and, yes, we all liked it.

Lois soon realized this was what her vision was all about. The waving motion of her body was what the Chi Machine was doing. The Lord had answered our prayers.

The company, Hsin Ten Enterprises, was giving one free if we bought five at once. We bought them and became distributors, because we also suspected others would love it, too. Besides, selling a few would also pay for ours.

To use it, you lie down on your back on a carpeted floor, rest your ankles in a cradle, do some deep breathing, relax, and turn the timer on for as long as needed or desired. The side-to-side movement of the ankle cradle moves the body in a gentle, figure-eight motion. You lay down, relax, and enjoy! [LINK]

Within a year, between seven of us, we saved enough money from chiropractic bills alone to pay for two or three Chi Machines; we felt a lot better, and we didn’t have to make the trips for appointments. And the Chi Machine took our little health world by storm.

ParticleTwo Silver Trumpets

In Numbers 10 are mentioned two silver trumpets, which I believe represent the two witnesses. Silver, I am told, signifies salvation. The trumpets were made of one whole piece of silver, which represents a wholeness with God.

What are the trumpets for? To sound alarm, lead, gather and assemble, announce the Feasts of the Lord, and give notice for relocating. At times, only one trumpet was to sound, to gather the princes, the heads of Israel. This would also be significant for us in future.

The Feast of Trumpets was a special Sabbath day designated for the blowing of trumpets to announce the Feast of Tabernacles, which represents the coming of the Lord. It is also known as Rosh Hashanah or “Head of the Year.”

ParticleJonathan, the Sabbath, and Worldly Pleasures

What does a parent do with an only child on the Sabbath, especially when there are no other children for him to meet his social and emotional needs? Should or can one deny that child the various opportunities of getting together with playmates, when such occasions are already limited because he’s homeschooled?

Jonathan was a member of Cub Scouts and they held some of their activities on the Sabbath. Being legalistic about the Sabbath and not wanting to offend, I decided better he should cry now over the small than cry later over the greater. My rationale was that keeping God’s Law was more important than Jonathan’s fleshly satisfaction.

I also prohibited Jonathan from accepting birthday party invitations, attending Christmas events, and going Halloweening (which he wanted most, it seems). After hearing reports of the high and likely incidence of injuries on trampolines, I kept him from using them at the neighbors, as well, two or more of which had them for their children. It wasn’t easy denying him these things, and that’s probably because I wasn’t entirely convinced I should do so.

ParticleNeck Injury Complications Return

For much of my life, I suffered migraines, nausea, fear, and anxiety because of my neck pains. Having chiropractic care gradually alleviated many of those discomforts. Suddenly, I had another severe attack of those symptoms, so I went to Harper’s in Coaldale for an adjustment, which turned out to be major. I was greatly relieved. It was a good reminder of what I had constantly suffered for many years, resulting in trouble and tribulation for Marilyn and others because of my resultant miserable moods, and also a reminder of how much my condition had improved.

ParticleContinuing Trouble with Trevor

Trevor was persistently stubborn, arrogant, lazy, childish, disrespectful, unapologetic, proud, stupid, half-hearted, and grudging. He was highly irresponsible. For one example of so many, he didn’t monitor the root cellar in cold weather. As a result, $1,000-worth of beautiful onions froze. I was so angry. The man (using a loose term here) was incorrigibly childish and selfish.

Marilyn warned me that anything I said or did in result could provoke him to quit and walk off. I thought, “Sell the farm! Who needs this? He can go!” Mark and Lois stood with me in my perspective on Trevor, but nobody felt free or wanted to sell the farm. It seemed we were there for the long haul, in spite of everything and everybody.

ParticleExcess Produce and Food Charities

I was constantly struggling about what to do with our excess produce. I could have supplied Lethbridge Soup Kitchen, Streets Alive, or the three local food banks, but should we do that? As I have recorded, those going to Lethbridge Soup Kitchen didn’t want to work, though some were able to work and work was available and offered them. Why, then, should we labor to give to those who expected it for nothing? “If any man will not work, let him not eat.”

I found out that Streets Alive wasn’t using or cooling our produce and thus throwing it out because spoiled. I also found out that people gathering goods at the food banks were hording and letting food spoil. I thought, “No, there must be a better way. I will wait and see where God directs us. Perhaps He’s directing others, but not us.” We gave to YWCA Harbor House and Southern Alcare Manor, but felt we would have more appropriate and satisfying occasions to give in future.

ParticleWaco: The Rules of Engagement

We watched CBC’s Fifth Estate documentary, Waco: The Rules of Engagement. It was horrible, but I saw that both parties were in evil. God’s judgment was falling on the David Koresh (“Cyrus”) group and, in due time, would fall on those who so ruthlessly murdered them. Cursed were they who were destroyed, but cursed also were those who were brutal, vulgar, heartless, and amoral, both rulers and ruled.

May manifold more come on the US government of what they did to the Koresh people without mercy and even with pleasure and pride. Let such who rejoice in murder and brutality eat of their own fruits and ways to the full, not only those who had opportunity to express their natures in the Waco event, but those who would do so if they had opportunity. Let God speedily judge wicked-doers in America, in North America; may He exalt the humble and abase the cruel and the arrogant; may He do so speedily.

ParticleNinth Letter to Archie

Did I want to get reconciled with Archie and his family? Most certainly! Was I sorry for the way I was with them in many respects? Indeed, I was! As I composed yet a ninth letter to him, I suspected it would go nowhere, knowing they were quite offended and bitter. I wondered what I should do for him financially or in any other way. I was prepared to give him anything the Lord willed.

Paul and I prayed about it. Suddenly, an anger welled up in me. Enough is enough! The enemy was coming through him and attacking me. No more! I knew that it wouldn’t matter what I gave him, he would never be pacified. Days later, on December 21st, I sent the letter.

ParticleThe Process of Bitterness

Five years before, my wife left me. Four years before, I expressed affection for her repeatedly, wrote out a will to leave to her (wording it with passion and respect), believing the Lord was taking me. In the days, weeks, and months to come, I was pushed away and rejected. In the years to come, I was despised, hated, and snarled at, until there was nothing but war in our home.

Now, ever since I expelled the object of her affections, she lived in a shell, “having nothing to get up for in the morning,” as she put it. She was not only bitter, she was dead. If she rejoiced, it was in some worldly matter or in seeing me hurt or troubled, but never in the Lord.

ParticleToo Intense for Alecia Warren

Alecia Warren came shopping at Harvest Haven. I had delivered some groceries to her home once. Seeing she was openly religious, I pursued conversation with her. I gave her some of my writings to read, one of those being The Sabbath; she said she kept the Sabbath, yet didn’t keep it. So which was it – 12 hours yes and 12 hours no? Alternating weeks? When feelings called for it? She judged me as being so intense. Many have said so, particularly women. I don’t know exactly what they mean, but I agree with them.

I said to Marilyn that Alecia has dominated all people and won every battle, and eventually she and I would tangle, but this time she would lose, for her sake. I said that while she appeared perfectly confident, self-assured, strong, and in control, she appeared so because she was so insecure, having low self-esteem.

She needed us to receive, accept, and encourage her, and at the same time, to speak the truth to her boldly, without condemnation. She had never known discipline or the security of it. She didn’t know God’s order or authority and had to survive on her own. Now she must be granted the opportunity to enter into a security of God’s people, of His making and order.

Lois said the same thing of her that I experienced – that in Alecia’s boldness, she hid a part of herself. I also noticed that Alecia only talked of herself. She didn’t have the confidence, despite her show, to think that others might include her in their lives.

ParticleDealing with Evan Yurkoski

Evan returned to the farm and spent the night. He went on and on about conspiracies. I believe it was by our involvement with him that Conspiracies – Who Cares? was written, the theme being an effective Biblical antidote for conspiracy paranoia.

“The same day there came certain of the Pharisees, saying to Him, ‘Go out and depart from here, for Herod will kill you.’ And He said to them, ‘You go and tell that fox, Behold, today and tomorrow, I cast out demons and I complete cures, and the third day I will be finished. Yet I must walk today and tomorrow and the day following. For it cannot be that a prophet perish outside of Jerusalem'” (Luke 13:31-33 MKJV).

Whether conspiracies are factual or fictional, it doesn’t much matter.

On December 16th, Evan and I discussed the Sabbath, his tapes, his presumptuous works, his involvement with false teachers, and more. In particular, I condemned his promotion of Gordon Michael Scallion’s map and prediction of the flooding of the earth, of which Evan was making copies and distributing to any and all.

We put Evan on the hot seat, but he wasn’t about to admit to any wrong or make any changes. His agenda was firm. He left, saying I was condemning him personally, that he had a heavy spirit, and that God was leading him away. Poor victim. I wrote him on December 17th, still trying to reason with a proud, stubborn, and damned fool.

ParticleProphecy Club Characters

The Prophecy Club – is it a club? Why does it call itself a club? Are the things of God organized and categorized into “clubs”? Can one imagine Moses or Elijah starting such a group or being members of one?

Here are notes I made as I watched the people presented on Evan’s tapes, which tapes he received and copied from The Prophecy Club:

“Rabbi” Michael Rood


This fellow is a scoundrel.


Jonathan Hansen

Loud, boastful, arrogant – an exhibitionist. He comes with all power, signs, and lying wonders. Each must judge for him or herself whether they be godly or lying wonders. I’m uncomfortable with this man, not because I feel threatened in any way, but because he deceitfully misrepresents the Lord. He calls himself “Reverend” and belongs to a formal organization called World Ministries International. His public prayer preaches; it is not a communion with God at all.

Benjamin Baruch

A flatterer, man-pleaser. I get the sense he has one up on Gentiles in the flesh, though they be Jews in the spirit. Unreality. He too boasts and exalts himself. He is self-righteous. I could not feel comfortable with this man in the Lord. He takes things very lightly and hears another voice. He is an “investment pro.”

Dr. Bill Deagle

Why, oh why do I keep thinking he is pure Catholic? I don’t trust his testimony. He had a picture of Jesus – partially mutilated, partially victorious. Deagle is Catholic – he just said so. He says he came away from the Roman Church.

I don’t believe God appears or speaks to any but the converted. Deagle claims to not only have heard from God, he says he was shown future tragedy and was commissioned for the future to stop abortionist Dr. Morgentaler in Nova Scotia. Deagle claims many visitations from Gabriel. He has false interpretations of Scripture. While appearing sincere, innocent, and unpresuming, he is not walking with God.

Michael Bunker

Michael refers to many holy books when there is only one that I know of. He, like Baruch and Hansen, speak of how unworthy they are, not because they really think so, but because it’s the impressive, strategical thing to say. However, there is a sincerity with Bunker and he does produce facts.

Michael is blind to the false religious systems, the counterfeit. He’s a member of the counterfeit and speaks of such as the Serb Orthodox as Christians and saints. While he can gather knowledge and facts, he is on a different plane than the saints of God, who walk by faith and not by knowledge.

Stan Monteith

Stan is studied, unapologetic, confident, factual, and practical. He makes more sense and has more substance than most of the other speakers combined. How naïveof us to think that things just happen or just are – the governments, elections, wars, and systems of things! How naïvewe are to think or suppose that Satan, being the prince, the god of this world, a supernaturally intelligent and powerful being, is not indeed ruling with his kind of order, strategy, and control over this world! Monteith gives the evidence. However, the truth of the sovereignty of God escapes all these men, Monteith included.

Doc Marquis

Doc spoke on America’s Occult Holidays by authority of his past involvement in the occult as an ex-Satanist. Much of what he said was true, but then he endangered life by encouraging everyone to break God’s Law. He said in so many words, “By the way, did you know that we only have nine commandments to keep now, that God did away with one? Do you know which one? It’s the Fourth Commandment. We’re no longer required to keep it.”

Why do I say he “endangered life”? It’s because James says:

“For whoever shall keep the whole Law and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. For He Who said, ‘Do not commit adultery,’ also said, ‘Do not murder.’ But if you do not commit adultery, yet if you murder, you have become a transgressor of the Law” (James 2:10-11 MKJV).

To break God’s Law is to sin. What does sin do?

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23 MKJV).

Doc Marquis gives good knowledge and then plunders unwary souls with a touch of death. Isn’t it remarkable how one can serve up a nourishing plate of food, yet bring death in that plate by inserting a touch of poison? “Beware of men” (Matthew 10:17).

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