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“Thy Kingdom, Come”

God’s Political Perspective

“… You watched until a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image upon its feet which were of iron and clay, and broke them to pieces. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold were broken to pieces together. And they became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors. And the wind carried them away, so that no place was found for them. And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth”
(Daniel 2:34-35 MKJV).

In the following links, you will find simple answers about God’s promise to establish His Kingdom on earth – how it will happen and what you have to do with it. This will be contrasted by men’s astonishingly complex approach to creating utopia, which repeatedly fails to hit the mark (no matter what name the program is given), because it depends on his power and not God’s.

For Whom Do We Vote?

Why Do We Vote for Jesus Christ?

How Do We Vote for the Lord Jesus Christ?



If Not Now, When?

Victor corresponds with Preston Manning, Member of Parliament and leader of the Reform Party, encouraging Mr. Manning to stand in the Lord before men by publicly acknowledging Him and giving Him His due. If we are not willing to do this in the Lord by declaring and standing in what is right and true, in everyday circumstances, what are our lives about, and what are they worth?

The Contradiction of Being Led by Those You Lead

Victor wrote to Larry Spencer, an MP of the opposition, in 2003, encouraging him to seek the faith to stand boldly in the truth and the Name of the Lord in his elected position. If a light is not shone in places of darkness, where is it to be shone?

Calling It What It Is

How great is the pressure in politics and public life to capitulate to those who promote sin. This correspondence took place in 2003, regarding Member of Parliament Larry Spencer’s apology for statements made about homosexuality. Though in some respects his statements were inadvisable, they did not warrant a complete retraction. Sin is sin, and those who know it are more responsible for calling it what it is.

Can You Vote for a Politician to Turn Men to God?

During the 2008 primaries, someone wrote asking us to pray for a man of God to be elected to lead the United States in righteousness. He did not know that Jesus Christ does not come through heroes or the politicians of this world. Rather than voting for a man who will make others right, you need to get right with God yourself!

“If I Were President”

What can a country, or a person for that matter, do when under the judgment of God? It is our great lesson to learn that all things are determined from above, with good reason and necessity.

Are We Suggesting You Should Put Your Head in the Sand?

If you don’t vote for men, but for Christ, does that mean you will be ignorant and uncaring about what happens in the world as a result of men’s governmental decisions and, therefore, responsible for the carnage that follows? Not at all! The shoe is on the other foot. These are false conclusions coming from those who are guilty of what they accuse, as Victor shows how.

Is War a Gender Issue?

The woman who suggested we are putting our heads in the sand by not voting agrees with us that putting trust in man is the problem, only she means “male,” rather than “mankind.” She proposes gender balance is the answer, which Victor answers by illuminating the reality of collective culpability.

Who Are the Peacemakers?

Jesus Christ was not and is not a social do-gooder Who puts His trust in men, but He is the Prince of Peace. Hear His case against the pacifist protests of Daniel Berrigan and those of like mind.

What Constitutes Godly Government

A short letter and response on the difference between a democracy, a republic, and the Kingdom of God.

Where Man Has Failed, God Will Succeed

A man who says he believes in Jesus Christ does not want to see religion mixed with politics. Here we answer some common misconceptions that confuse the rulership of Christ in the Kingdom of God on earth with “Christianity.”

Man’s Morality Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Those who think to stop various evils by voting commit many of their own evils. Their efforts to plug the holes in the boat only end up making more. How tragic it is for “Chaplain” Lois that she places confidence in herself and corrupt man in the Name of the All-Powerful Lord and Savior!

What Is Moral and What Isn’t?

More on truth, reality, and what really matters to man and God in light of “Chaplain” Lois’ skewed scale of what is important.

The Kingdom of Heaven – Made in America?

An answer to one who promotes voting as a Christian duty to usher in the City of God on earth through the United States government, which is the last and most degraded of the world empires, according to God.

Is North America Christian?

While there is much for citizens of the U.S. and Canada to be thankful for, how much is there to proud of, considering what is pointed out here?

What the World Needs Now

A little reflection on what the statistics reveal about the futility and awful results of trying to lift ourselves by our bootstraps. There is a better way.

Diabolical Doctrine “Democracy is of God.”

A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada

For our American and other readers outside of Canada, you may not be aware of the current crisis in the Canadian government, wherein three minority parties made an unprincipled pact to overthrow the recently elected Prime Minister on no other ostensible grounds than not agreeing with some of his policies that exercise fiscal responsibility in a time of economic calamity. You can read about the basics of this situation HERE.

Here is the view of Heaven on this action, as written by Victor Hafichuk on December 1st, 2008:

A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada

Letters Sent in Response and Our Replies:

Blessing and Cursing
Reader’s response: Yes, it is a challenging time in so many ways. God Bless us each and every one.

Correcting Wrong Assumptions
Reader’s response: Come on, Victor, Harper decided to become dictatorial by eliminating the financing of…

Craig Is Confused
Reader’s response: Who are you and why would you email me such nonsense. You sound deeply…

Reader’s response: Spammer- You are cursed!!!

Deadly Duo of Arrogance and Cynicism
Reader’s response: Where did you get my address? I don’t know any insane christians. I gather this drivel…

Defining Sickness
Reader’s response: You must be sick!!

Exercised to Discern Good and Evil
Reader’s response: Uh, but didn’t the curs get the majority of the votes in the election?

Failing the Test

God Does Not Think or Behave as Men Do
Reader’s response: Do I know you?

God Is Over Politics
Reader’s response: You clearly have no understanding of a parliamentary democracy if you think there…

God’s Righteous Judgment Spoken by Man
Reader’s response: It is not up to individuals to call on God to curse anyone. James 3:9-10. In fact, I…

The God Whose Words Are Recorded in the Scriptures
Reader’s response: Oh, Victor, “Let them be cursed of God…Curs… Somali Pirates”??? This simply is…

God’s Word Is Life
Reader’s response: Who is to say that Stephen Harper is so holy and virtuous to lead us? he only…

A Higher Order
Reader’s response: I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. If you are referring to the present…

Man and His Religion Shame God
Reader’s response: What a load of pretentious crap! Bringing in religion to justify the defence of…

Nothing Political
Reader’s response: So, Victor… I agree… if you are talking about them ALL, including the immoral…

Our Place in the Web of Life
Reader’s response: I must admit that this email was unnecessary and not why I subscribe. I
have a right…

Prayers Answered and Unanswered
Reader’s response: The path of truth? I’m glad you’re so naive because if you realized how full of…

Reality Check
Reader’s response: I do not wish to be bombarded with your political and religious views. Up until this point…

Right Is Might
Reader’s response: you are wrong. i dont agree. you have no right to pronounce judgment on a…

Serving the Creator Rather than the Creature
Reader’s response: I think you are probably aware by now that the Liberal NDP Coalition was formed…

Setting the Record Straight
Reader’s response: Humility is a virtue. Too bad Harper never took the advice of even Conservative…

A Sure Verdict
Reader’s response: Please strike me from your email list. One may disagree with the coalition. One…

There Are Lies and There Are Lies
Reader’s response: Hi Victor, Are you referring to this? Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s 2004 letter to…

The Things of God Are Foolishness to the Carnal
Reader’s response: I have a question…What gives you the right to Spam people with incoherent…

Unrighteous Judgment
Reader’s response: We don’t curse people as is doing so we would demean ourselves and not make…

Wisdom Before System
Reader’s response: The majority of the house speaks. That is democracy, as it works in Canada.

What Belongs to God?
Reader’s response: Render unto Cesar what is Cesar’s, render unto God what is God’s. Jesus said it…

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