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Dream – Meanwhile, Unbeknownst to Me…

In this year of 1964, thousands of miles away, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, something was happening with an 8-year-old American Jewish boy. Here is Paul Cohen’s recent account of a simple, apparently insignificant, event that year:

When I was about 8 years old, my mother came into my room as I slept, and I spoke in my sleep, which was not something I regularly did. She told me the next day that I said, quite clearly: ‘I feel like a Jewish warrior.’ I had no recollection of anything, or a dream, but these words seem significant in light of what the Lord has done with my life.

Paul also had this dream around that time. He writes:

I dreamt I was in the car with my parents and brother. We were in the city, and around dusk, we stopped at a stop sign or light. I was in the back seat, looking up at the row homes across the street. In the window of one of the homes was a man in what seemed to be a spacesuit. He was looking directly at me, no one else. My parents were not aware of him. I felt like he knew me and had his ‘eye on me,’ for what, I did not know. There was nothing I or anyone else could do about it. This ‘spaceman’ seemed to be able to watch me no matter where I went. He was not menacing, but I did not understand and was somewhat frightened. There was also a sense of melancholy.

It could seem the nightmare of a child, but I believe that person was an angel of God watching over me to call me at the appropriate time for God’s holy purposes for my life, taking me out of all that I had and knew.

I would not meet Paul for another 15 years, and when I did, it would be halfway around the world in the major trouble spot. This meeting would lead to major developments in our lives.

Dream – Jesus Christ Makes An Appearance

That year of 1972, in my search for life’s meaning and purpose, I decided to fast for three days and three nights, without food or water, searching after God. I had spent several nights over months struggling at my bedside, begging for God to show Himself. I was empty, lonely, desperate, and I contemplated suicide. I could see no worthwhile purpose in my life. Very soon after my fast, I had a dream, likely on July 10, 1972.

The dream began with a voice that cried out, “The Indians are coming! The Indians are coming! They are raiding our gardens! Hurry up, everybody! Get your guns! The Indians are coming!” It seemed I was one of the servants in a great household or community of some kind. I headed to the back of the house and into a porch where the armaments were supposed to be. I looked on the walls and saw guns and bows hanging, but they were all broken and useless.

The voice then said to me, “Never mind, then. Just go out and see what they are doing.” I went out, and as I stepped out the back door, I walked into a beautifully verdant and fruitful garden, with bountiful trees amidst low shrubs and plants full of fruit.

There I saw American natives, dressed as they and we dress today. They were clean, respectable, and full of peace and joy. They were harvesting fruits and vegetables. The women were gathering into their baskets and aprons, and the men into baskets. Plainly, they were anything but a threat.

As I watched them, I partially understood their spirits, and I knew what was happening. They were gathering, yes, but it was their garden, not ours. And they weren’t doing so for themselves, but for us. They weren’t taking; they were giving, willingly, joyfully, and thankfully.

I walked into the garden, through it, and past these super friendly people. Arriving on the other side, I found myself on city streets, with buildings round about. It seemed that I was walking south in Calgary, past what seemed to be the McMahon Stadium on my right. Then I approached the edge of what was at once the block, the neighborhood, the city, and the earth.

Suddenly, everything went very still and silent. Not a thing could be heard, felt, or seen moving. There were people to my left and behind me. We were all facing in one direction, lined up along this edge. Something was happening.

As I looked ahead, out on the horizon, I saw a great white building on the right of my viewpoint. It was rectangular in shape, and it seemed to be three or four stories high, yet thousands of stories high. It had windows all over it, each window covered with a cloud. It had a large entrance, also covered with cloud. I could not see the bottom of this building, which was concealed by the horizon. It began to move slowly and very smoothly leftward in my view. The smoothness seemed like that of a great ship or barge on glass-smooth waters.

When it came to be directly in the middle of my “screen,” it stopped. The clouds covering the entrance dispersed to reveal a large, spacious entry without doors, with several wide steps up to it, something like what one sees with great governmental buildings. The building appeared dark inside.

On each side of the entrance stood a giant man, armed with spear or javelin, standing at ease, feet astride, with weapon arm stretched out to the side, holding the spear upright. These men seemed to be twelve to sixteen feet tall, and they were glorious. I judged them to be angels guarding the entrance.

Then a red path mysteriously formed on the floor inside the building, proceeding to the entrance and the stairs. It seemed like a flowing red carpet, wide enough for two persons to walk side by side on it. Two men appeared, walking on the carpet as it formed. It came down the stairs, and they came down the stairs. They walked slowly and steadily, relaxed, with glory and dignity. The path was approaching us, and they walked toward us on the path.

All people stood, transfixed, not knowing what was happening. As the two men approached us, I suddenly realized that one was none other than Jesus Christ! I became very afraid, because I also realized that this was what I understood to be the “Second Coming,” Jesus Christ returning to earth to judge and reign.

Why was I afraid? I was born and indoctrinated as a Catholic. The Catholic Church teaches that if one has a mortal (serious) sin on his soul and dies in that state, or if Jesus Christ comes while one is in that state, the soul goes to hell to burn forever in horrible torment. Ten trillion years later, there is no parole; it is just beginning. Was there not good reason to fear, seeing I knew I was not right with God and it was too late to change?

I had never ever been so afraid before.

Just ahead of me, and a little to my right, about ten or fifteen feet away, two men stood with their backs to me, apparently farmers, looking at what was unfolding before their eyes. One said to the other, “What’s going on here?” I knew what was going on, realizing that it was indeed Jesus Christ and the end of the world. I did not say it, but I thought to say to these men, “What the hell is the matter with you?! Don’t you know what’s going on? It’s the Second Coming of Christ, that’s what’s going on!” I was overcome with fear and desperation.

As the two men on the red path drew nearer, Jesus being on the right, and the other man on His left, I saw His face. What a face! I had never before, or have I since, seen anything like it. Plainly, there is nothing like it. He was Love, Wisdom, Peace, Power, Beauty, Perfection, and Authority Incarnate. He was Lord not by position or title only, but by His very nature.

His face was distinctly Jewish, yes, Jewish, yet it was universal. Seeing His face, I could readily understand the meaning, value, and importance of the Second Commandment: “You shall not make to yourselves any graven image or likeness of anything….” I perceived that any picture or statue one might make to portray His face would not only misrepresent Him or fall short of the true, it would be unavoidably blasphemous. It would be a product of man’s imagination, which is at enmity with God, as the Bible declares. Any pictures or statues I have seen of Jesus, no matter how skilled the artist, are abominable compared to what I saw. They are an outright lie, born out of vain and foolish notions.

As He momentarily looked at me, I noted there was no condemnation in His face at all towards me, despite the way I was. My fear was because of my unbelief and sin, and because of my lack of understanding. Plainly, He was not there to condemn or punish. Yet, in the light of His character, I was found to be vile. I felt so dirty, so corrupt, entirely unworthy of Him and the man with Him.

Should I fall on my knees? I found that very difficult, being proud. Should I fall prostrate? That was even more difficult. I also knew that if I did fall before Him in body, I would not be doing so in heart. I knew that my corruption was unacceptable in His sight, and my trying to honor Him was vain and impossible by my very nature. I dropped to my knees, groveling in mud, it seemed, though there was no mud except for perhaps me. I was doomed, and I knew it.

Jesus was dressed in robes and all royal attire. He had a neat beard, not short, not long, and His hair was not long, as usually depicted. He was taller than the man with Him. The man with him was also distinctly Jewish, but not universal as was Jesus. He had the same kind of hair and beard, and he too was dressed in royal clothing. I did not know who the man was. As he walked, he kept focused on Jesus’ face. He was glowing with admiration. The time would come when I would understand more of this dream and what I saw in that man’s face.

The man tenderly held the Lord’s left hand in front of him at waist level. They two together also seemed to be carrying a cushion before them with something on it, but I do not recall seeing or knowing what it was. While Jesus looked ahead at the people, the man seldom did – he would take the occasional glance, but mostly his gaze was fixed on the Lord’s face. Jesus sometimes raised His right hand and acknowledged the rare person in the crowd. He did not acknowledge the two farmers, and He did not acknowledge me. I was condemned, not by Him, but in myself.

As the two men drew near, the path continued without stopping and turned to their right (my left) along the front of the crowd. They continued walking past the crowd. The moment they had turned to their right, the great white building, which had remained in the background, still in the middle of my view, began to move in the same direction as the men, to my left. It moved at the same slow, steady, smooth pace.

The dream ended, and I awoke with my sleep shirt soaked with perspiration. I was absolutely terrified, though slightly relieved that it was but a dream, and not the reality. Yet it was so real that when I awoke, I wondered if it was not a revelation of what was absolutely established to take place, with no hope of change.

The effect of that dream, though terrifying, was that I would try my utmost to change my life and seek after God to be accepted of Him, whatever that would take. I shared this dream with many, who marveled at it.

Who was the man walking at the left hand of the Lord? Years later, I would know.

Dream – The Indians’ Peace

For a week or two after that dream, I was greatly troubled, and I didn’t know what to do. I found myself pondering how the dream had begun – with the Indians and how happy and at peace they were. I wondered what they had to do with the Second Coming. I then received another dream, a word dream only. A voice posed this question to me: “Victor, why do you think those Indians had such peaceful faces?” Suddenly, I knew, yet the voice gave me the answer: “Because they had spiritual, not physical, food.”

Dream – “You’ll Have the Life”

I set out to try to change my life and rid myself of my sins, to make myself pleasing and acceptable to God, but I soon realized the impossibility of such an undertaking. My vices had me bound, and there was nothing I could do about them. I was about to quit altogether after weeks or months of trying and failing, when I had a third dream, in which I was encouraged to go on.

In this dream, I was in a dark basement at the bottom of a long set of stairs. There was an open door at the top, with light shining in. I was squatting on the floor, naked, and defecating (purging myself, as I later understood). I heard a voice from the doorway saying, “For one and a quarter, you have had the word; for one forty-five, you will have the life (or ‘light,’ I don’t recall which).

I took it to mean that I was to go on, that I was almost there. In that persisting, I would reach the desired goal. The dream encouraged me to continue seeking after God and striving to be good, as impossible a task as it seemed.

Meanwhile, I was subject in both mind and body to all the mundane and worldly events and influences around me….

Dream – Drinking from a Common Goblet

We had never discussed marriage, although Marilyn told me later that the Lord told her I would be her husband. She also had a dream wherein we were outside some city walls and she, sitting on my left, was giving me to drink out of a goblet we shared. As I was drinking, I held her hand, which held the goblet.

Dream – Walking on Water

In 1971 or 1972 (before we met), Marilyn dreamt that she and two of her Christian friends, Arlie Peters and Marlene Findley, were by a body of water. The Lord was offshore in a boat, beckoning her to come out to Him on the water. The others didn’t venture out, but Marilyn had no problem believing she could walk out on the water to Him, which she did. She wondered why they weren’t able to do so. It seemed a natural thing to her.

It was plain that she was being called out to walk on water, which walk would separate her from her family and friends.

Dream – Guilty As Charged

There is no question that I have been an unbelieving “Christian” hypocrite, however. I recall shopping for a car in the spring of 1975, while working at Homes Canada with Bill Prettie. A Datsun was advertised, I answered the ad, the owner brought the car by, and we went for a test drive.

I didn’t know what to make of the car. Buying used had been one of my nightmares, more than once, and I was anxious not to make the same mistake again. Well, I made it. I ignored the fact that I had no peace about the car. Perhaps buying it for the right price would have been the answer, but the seller seemed locked into a finance debt on the car and wasn’t willing to budge on the price.

That night, I dreamed. I believe I only heard words that I should buy the car. I then called the fellow, saying I would buy the car. I told him the dream and witnessed to him about the Lord, telling him how good it was to have the Lord’s direction in all affairs of life. He was quite pleased. I gave him a check, along with a Campus Crusade “Four Spiritual Laws” tract, hoping he would believe.

Then Bill Prettie lifted the hood and looked around. Being somewhat experienced in these things, he found evidence that the car had been in an accident and the frame had been repaired, but likely misaligned. I began to realize that when taking the car for a test drive, there seemed to be a funny feel to it, but couldn’t identify it. We called a local body shop and, sure enough, they had repaired the car. Bill strongly advised me against the purchase, saying it was almost impossible to completely correct a car with this problem.

I called the seller and asked him not to cash the check. I also asked him why he didn’t tell me the car was in a major accident. I don’t remember his answer entirely, except that he said I didn’t ask and that he was under no legal obligation to tell me. But his reaction, and that of his mother with whom he lived, was, “I thought you said God told you to buy it!”

They gave me a very hard time over backing out, and I felt guilty, particularly for canceling after claiming that God directed me. I was concerned about how this would affect his spiritual welfare, but not as concerned as I was about my financial interests. He returned the check and tossed the tract on my desk, sarcastically saying, “You can have this back, too!”

Was I wrong? Yes, one way or another, I was, terribly so. Was the dream from the Lord? I’m not sure, I now don’t think so, but even if it wasn’t, I believe I should have followed through, having made the commitment. One may say that the fellow wasn’t up front about the condition of the goods, which was true, and that the Lord spared me, which could also be true.

Lesson: If you aren’t sure something is of God, be it a vision, a dream, a prophecy, or whatever, then conclude it isn’t; there must be the peaceful assurance that it is of God. If sure, then obey, no matter what the cost.

As it turned out, we went on to buy a Volkswagen fastback in good condition from a local mechanic for a fair price. We moved to Dauphin nearly two years later, where there was a Datsun dealer, but not a Volkswagen dealer. When we had problems with the car, which had fuel injection and required trained personnel, we were stuck, because the nearest dealer was 120 miles away in Yorkton, Saskatchewan or 200 miles away in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The summer after moving to Dauphin, we drove through some hot country in the North Dakota Badlands. Being the engine was air-cooled, we overheated it, eventually resulting in an expensive overhaul, all of which wouldn’t have happened had we bought the water-cooled Datsun.

Do I know for sure that we should have bought the wreck? No, but I think if I had stuck to the deal, to my hurt, keeping my word, the Lord would have taken care of things. The tragedy is not my financial loss so much as the likely damage to the fellow’s spiritual welfare because I broke our agreement while professing the Lord’s Name. May the Lord make things right for that man.

Dream – Mystery, Babylon the Great

Sometime shortly after receiving the Spirit, I had a dream that signified some puzzling realities. These things were about my pre-Christian friends and about false religion and its power, all of which I would come to better understand in the years to come.

I dreamt I was in a hockey stadium with my unbelieving friends, among them Gerry McClintock and Dave Miller. We were high up in the stands watching a strange performance on the ice. There was a tall (perhaps fifteen foot), regal, beautiful woman, dressed in white, I believe, with something like a wand in her hand. She was orchestrating everything that was going on in the stadium – the performances, the performers, and the mood and response of the audience.

Suddenly, I felt the urge to go down to the ice. She was beckoning me to come, not by audible voice or visible gesture, but by some power. As I headed down over the bleachers, Gerry and the others looked at me like I was crazy. They were perplexed and annoyed with me.

When I reached the ice, she immediately and mysteriously gave me the power to figure skate. I began to do things I had never been able to do, and I knew that she was doing it. She then motioned to the audience to applaud. The audience, under her spell, obeyed her.

As I skated, I enjoyed the power, the attention, and the applause, but I sensed there was something sinister about it. Therefore, I began to make my way to the other end of the arena where it was darker, without people. I fell to one knee and prayed that God would deliver me from this great woman’s power. I knew I couldn’t resist it any more than a fly could resist a forest fire.

A silver candlestick holder about two feet high with three lit candles appeared before me on the ice. Somehow, in connection to this candlestick holder, the woman’s power was breaking and I received strength to leave the ice. I began to make my way up some empty bleachers, on skates, heading back to find my friends.

The dream ended there. In real life, I would never “find” my friends again. There was an uncrossable chasm between us.

I recall that at the very beginning of the dream, before seeing the woman, my friends and I had been seated in lower rows, near the other end of the arena, watching hockey. A puck came flying up at us, and while I was apprehensive about it, Gerry wasn’t. It seemed to me that he had better qualities of character than I.

Dream – A Surprising Revelation and Growing Realization of It

It was after the dream of Mystery, the great and glorious woman, that I began to realize something that might shock many. It took me years to come to terms with it and to not doubt what I was shown, something that seemed tantamount to blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

I began to realize, or at least suspect, that when I went forward at Ken Campbell’s invitation at the Alliance church in March of 1973, just days after I was converted, it was not the Lord drawing me, but the great harlot snaring me. From that day forward, I was Mystery’s, performing for her with zeal. I was set on saving the world, but was destroying it instead, so religious and contemptible I must have been to others. I shudder to think of it.

Eventually, the Lord delivered me from her awesome, tenacious power. It took years. But the Lord had me on His program all along, training and bringing me to understand these things.

“For the creation was not willingly subjected to vanity, but because of Him Who subjected it on hope that the creation itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God” (Romans 8:20-21 MKJV).

Dream – Carnal Understanding

Around this time, in 1975 or 1976, Marilyn dreamt she saw a triceratops. I went up to it, opened the top of its head, and reached in to remove some eggs.

Interpretation: I was carnally-minded, always trying to understand spiritual matters with the intellect, the flesh, the mind of the “old man,” which is impossible, inevitably leads to false conclusions, and thus endangers us.

“For they who are according to the flesh mind the things of flesh, but they who are according to the Spirit the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace because the carnal mind is enmity against God, for it is not subject to the Law of God, neither indeed can it be. So then they who are in the flesh cannot please God” (Romans 8:5-8 MKJV).

How much turmoil I could have saved my wife, myself, and others had I heeded those words, but no, I had to understand (be in control of) everything!

Dream – Warning against Evil Men

For edification in the things of the Spirit, Dave Loewen suggested we call a couple of men he had heard of near us – Bill Kellers and Dave Roberts, bachelor co-pastors of Mount Zion Christian Center in Saskatoon. He believed we needed to go to a Spirit-filled church for fellowship.

We called Bill and Dave and met with them at Archie and Cathie’s in Saskatoon. They acted like they didn’t want married couples, Dave even mentioning that they had no need of any, which I thought rather strange. We later found out that their congregation was preponderantly young singles, with close to a thousand members.

That night, Marilyn had a dream wherein she was on the ground, lying on her stomach, and Bill was moving his hand over the small of her back, without touching it. It was very hot and painful.

Neither of us was quite comfortable with them, though apparently they were ordinary good-humored, clean-cut fellows. What was more, they were Charismatic Christian pastors who were apparently Spirit-filled and known for their spiritual gifts, specifically miracles, healings, prophecy, and tongues.

Dream – Wiebes told of the Visions

I related the visions to Art and Doreen. Some months later, we took Neil and Kathy out for Chinese food in North Winnipeg Chinatown and shared the visions with them. I pointed out the aspect that Kathy, not Neil, was the head of the house, according to the vision. Neither of them had much to say.

I recall in a prior visit, Kathy perceived that I had a problem with trying to figure things out, or that I was trying to make things happen, working rather than trusting. She was right. I most certainly had that weakness, as Marilyn’s dream of the dinosaur showed.

Dream – A Pit of Serpents

Gord and Mary held weekly Charismatic meetings in their new country home. Almost all those attending were Lutherans, dabbling in the alleged gifts of the Spirit and exploring potential freedom from the starchy, formal religion to which they were subjected in their church.

Glen and Bea Bradford came to the meetings for a while, until Glen had a vision or dream in which they were sinking a sand point for water at the Campbells’. The well was filled with snakes. The Bradfords interpreted the well of snakes to represent their meetings and concluded they should cease participating, which they did.

As I look back, had we heeded the warning (I believe the vision/dream was of God) and left with the Bradfords, we would have been spared some conflict, pain, and sorrow soon to come. But we remained; I needed it, having much to learn, and more needed to happen there.

Dream – Hlewka and Rabuka

Marilyn had a dream in 1975, right after we had prayed with the Hlewkas to receive the Spirit and be delivered and healed. She dreamt that I found Wally lying wounded in a ditch. I picked him up and drove him to the hospital. She next saw him and Dr. Lorne Rabuka, who was the Alliance adult Sunday school teacher, come driving back, laughing, having left me in the hospital.

She then saw them in a warehouse, where they were jumping on boxes of books which were ours, although they couldn’t do them any harm. But I feared that the dream warned of some unpleasantry to come.

Prior to the dream, we had prayed Wally out of Hell and routed the enemy, as I have related. He was delivered of demons, including a vicious demon of suicide. He, his wife, and his children were all healed of back problems and allergies. Wally and Adeline were so excited about what the Lord had done.

But a few weeks later, his friend and spiritual mentor, Lorne Rabuka, came visiting, wanting to meet with us, in opposition to Wally’s newfound life in Jesus Christ. He denied any validity whatsoever to Walter’s experience. He argued that, doctrinally, the notion that there was another experience in the Lord besides “accepting Christ as Savior into one’s heart” was error.

I pointed out to him that A. B. Simpson, the founder of the Missionary Alliance, in which church Lorne was choir director and adult Sunday school teacher, spoke of “an initiatory infilling of the Holy Spirit after conversion.” He wouldn’t listen, throwing out defensive, meaningless arguments.

However, he prevailed, in part at least, because I lost it. I blurted out, “Wally was miserable, ready to take his own life, he was despondent, his back was bothering him, his wife’s back was bothering her, his kids had allergies; now Wally has a new life, they are healed, and you say that what happened to him and his family is not of God?! What good has your doctrine and counsel done him until now?” I was angry.

Walter and Adeline weren’t impressed with my reaction, thinking it quite unChristian, particularly when Lorne made pretense of righteousness, meekness, and love. The common nominal Christian spirit and demeanor known as “Christian love” had deceived them. It is a love few professing believers know to be the love of Satan – yes, Satan – though I didn’t understand that then. I had much to learn.

I knew I had lost the Hlewkas, according to the dream, which I also knew I couldn’t alter. Wally believed his friend/doctor/Sunday school teacher, and lost the blessing God had bestowed on him and his family. He soon returned to his old ways. I tried reasoning with them; I wrote them letters and called, but they wouldn’t listen to me.

After this, we were once coincidentally stalled in a traffic jam north of Prince Albert, wherein I sought opportunity to speak to them yet again, but there was no receptivity. I was devastated by the whole experience, not that I doubted my faith or the Lord, but because the outcome was so tragic and upsetting.

I blamed myself. I thought I had blown it that night, when Rabuka won Wally to his side again, away from the Lord, because I had lost it, trying to defend Wally against the obvious contradiction I was hearing from Rabuka and his arguments.

Dream – The Serpent Strikes

Greatly disturbed by the experience with Rabuka, I sought the counsel of the Christian men in Calgary at a men’s Saturday breakfast prayer meeting. I told them the dream Marilyn had, what happened, and how the dream was fulfilled. Carroll Vance received that Marilyn and I needed to ask the Lord for the second half of the dream she had. Someone else agreed with what Carroll received.

We did ask the Lord, and that night she dreamt again. This time she saw us at a zoo. As I was walking along some cages, a large python-sized serpent struck at me from a cage, and knocked me slightly off balance. Two keepers came along and took the serpent away.

I was somewhat comforted that the second dream seemed to indicate that it wasn’t sin on my part that had caused Wally to fall away, but the enemy attacking.

As for their jumping on the boxes of books in Marilyn’s previous dream, we were given to understand that they were trampling on the knowledge the Lord had given us, but they couldn’t hurt it or take it from us.

This seemed like a bunker mentality to me, however. Why should I be satisfied with merely saving myself? Why could I not save others as well? But that was for another age of my spiritual history.

Dream – The Rabbit and the Turtle

Then I had a dream. In it, I saw a cartoon rabbit, running as would a human, like Bugs Bunny. He was frantic, panicky, and crazed, dashing down a beaten country road. God popped out of a cloud, revealing Himself to His waist, trying to hand the rabbit a sheet of paper with instructions or something as the rabbit sped by. There was a musical ditty with the scene, which went like this: “Rabbit, rabbit, running to do the will of God, not even knowing what the will of God is!”

Beside the road sat a turtle, quite still, and quite normal looking, watching what was happening.

I knew I was that rabbit. I related the dream to Mickey and Lynn soon after, and Mickey said, “I’m the turtle.”

Surely, the cartoon characters of the dream matched us very well. I was ever hasty, jumping to conclusions, working away, while Mickey would take forever to make a decision to say anything or take action. Drawing any kind of commitment out of him was like pulling teeth. I also saw that Mickey was perceptive, missing little. I often wished I could see things as he did, not from his perspective so much as simply being able to observe.

(For what it’s worth, in reviewing this dream in 2011, while preparing this section for publishing, I realized that while the rabbit and God were depicted as cartoon characters, the turtle looked realistic. What do I make of it? I don’t know.)

After posting this section, Eric Courtemanche, having red it, wrote:

Hi Victor,

When I finished reading the following particle, Page 11, The Rabbit and the Turtle, the following came to me whole. Whether from the Lord or not I don’t know.

The Lord was the turtle ever doing things at His pace, His way. You were the rabbit as you already know. The god in the clouds was Mickey who, even in his unbelief, the Lord was using to correct you.

I believe Eric received a revelation from the Lord. Logically, of course, it doesn’t make sense, but in another way, it does, especially with the fact that the turtle was real, while God and the rabbit were depicted as cartoon characters. What Eric received had never occurred to me, and most likely it would only occur to him by revelation.

Why the two cartoon characters? They represented unreality. I was ignorant and unreal in my zeal for God, and Mickey was unreal in his perception and presumption of being a man of God. Yet, while we were both trying to be God in overt manner, God was there in reality (as Eric relates), hidden, discreetly governing all. He was using Mickey to deal with me.

And come to think of it, the one I thought was God looked a bit like Mickey, with the long bushy hair and beard and countenance. And indeed, it was God, only by Mickey, notwithstanding his unreality. God is in all, governing all. “And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist” (Colossians 1:17 MKJV). Praise God for this revelation, which makes sense of it all, a revelation destined for Eric for this time nearly 36 years later.

Dream – Marilyn Running with Faith

While we were living with Dave Grier, Marilyn had a dream wherein she, a male person (being the personification of faith), and I were running together over green hills. Marilyn isn’t sure, but it seemed that she was behind us and then caught up and perhaps even surpassed faith. (This reminded me of the dream she had before we met wherein she walked on water.)

Dream – Guardian Angels

During that time, I had a dream. Marilyn and I were driving south on an eight-lane freeway that looked similar to Henderson Highway in Winnipeg. We were headed against the traffic toward downtown, approaching an overpass, when two policemen pulled us over, not to penalize us, but for our safety.

As we stood by our car, Mickey and Lynn Patrick came driving by. Mickey was driving, and Dave Grier was in the back seat on the driver’s side, with his window open, waving a baseball glove at us. They were all laughing and driving on against the traffic as we had been, but while we were prevented, they were allowed to go on.

Marilyn, the police, and I were standing beside our car; she was in front of it, facing it and me, but looking past me. At the time, I only perceived a distant look on her face. It wasn’t until years later, during a lengthy fast, that I realized it was a look of discontentment and bitterness.

In a second part of the dream, I saw Gary Pilon, the OK Economy produce manager (Mickey and Lynn’s next door neighbor), with a holy, shining, compassionate countenance, saying to me, “Love your wife.” It is something, I’m sad to say, I have miserably failed to do.

Dream – Earthly Police Different from Heavenly

In my dream, the traffic police in Heaven were there to help us. I was reminded of an incident when I was driving to Prince Albert. As I pulled onto the Shellbrook highway and headed east from our country road junction, an RCMP cruiser passed me on his way west. In my rearview mirror I saw him make a quick U-turn and follow at a consistent distance behind me. This continued for about a mile before he turned around again.

I had the distinct feeling he was tailing me to see if he could catch me speeding or somehow violating the law. It wasn’t as though I was driving a Corvette Stingray – it was only our Volkswagen. Granted, it was a ’73 canary yellow fastback, but still!

I saw the contrast between how many police officers on earth (not all) conduct themselves, trying to trap or catch someone in an act of lawbreaking, ready to punish, and how the police in Heaven are there to help us and prevent us from doing the wrong thing, in loving care. I like the ones in Heaven better!

Yet justice in both Heaven and earth is in the perfect caring hand of God. He is just and merciful to those who show mercy, and the law is for the lawless.

I have had speeding tickets and I knew it was because I deserved them, getting generally careless in my driving. I know of other situations where I could have gotten a ticket by accidentally speeding or going through an amber light turning red and didn’t, and my conscience was clear – I wasn’t deliberately trying to speed or be rude or take chances, being consistently conscientious. God knows who deserves what.

Dream – David – Leading a Horse in a Desert of Rattlers

We visited David at the hospital, and he was going down fast. In those final hours, he was feverish, restless, incontinent in bladder and bowel, delirious at times, and lucid at others.

The last time I visited him, he was able to tell me of a dream he had: He was walking across a desert, leading a horse by the reins. There were rattlers around him here and there, and he was kicking them out of the way.

It was so hard to witness all this. And David was as cheery as he could be through it all. In retrospect, it seems he was trying to cheer Mom and make it as easy on her as he could. I was so dense, so insensitive, so out of it!

Dream – I, a Dry Root

I once saw, by dream, an angel (messenger or saint) as an ordinary man, casually sitting on a staircase and speaking to me through the spindles of the railing as I sat and listened below. He told me that I was a dry root. He was matter-of-fact and gentle about it, but I took it very hard.

I had been hoping I was fruitful, healthy, and spiritually powerful. It was so hard for me to hear that, but it was certainly true. How could I argue? Why couldn’t I see the truth about myself? Was it not obvious to everyone else?

Dream – U.S. Entangles Itself with Muslim Nation

Paul related to us a dream he had in 1979. He writes:

Around the time the Muslims took over the U.S. embassy in Iran, I had a dream wherein I was watching a U.S. helicopter in an Arab/Muslim country hovering over a city with its ladder descended and soldiers starting to go down it. I tried to, or wanted to, warn them not to go down as I knew it was a trap and felt great anxiety for them. But it seemed I had no way to warn them off; they were determined to enter and did. Immediately I felt a sense of doom, because there was no easy reversal after this commitment, and I feared they were going to get the worst of it.

Victor’s note at time of posting, in 2012: I see the Iraq invasion and continuing conflict with Muslim nations as the fulfillment of this dream.

Dream – the East Gate of Jerusalem

In the late seventies or early eighties, Marilyn dreamt and saw me entering through the East Gate of Jerusalem (which was no longer sealed), along with several businessmen, politicians, or government leaders who were dressed in suits but no ties, as is often seen in Israel. The news media was there with TV cameras about, filming the event for the whole world to witness. Marilyn was seeing this at a distance from the east.

Years later, on the internet, I saw an ancient picture of the East Gate with a valley before it, running parallel to the wall, and a bridge went over the valley, leading to the gate. I said, “Look at this! There was a bridge there at one time” (there isn’t one there now that I know).

Marilyn replied, “I saw that bridge in my dream!”

I replied, “I don’t remember you telling me that! I never knew until today that there used to be a bridge there.”

Dream – The Harlot John Paul II

While Paul was visiting us during that time in January and February of 1980, he had a dream from the Lord. This is his record:

The world leaders, including Khomeini and the Soviets, were gathered together with Pope John Paul II. He was dressed as the pope from the front, but when I saw him from behind, his frock was open, split down the middle. This exposed his naked body, which is that of an attractive woman, whose walk was one in high heels, hips swaying, and beckoning to men, ‘Come have sex with me’.

Dream – Moon Turns Blood Red

In one of these years, I had a dream and saw the moon turn blood red in a manner as though a can of red paint was spilled over top of it. I then saw the letters “CCCP” on the surface. I wondered if the Soviets or Russians were going to claim ownership or control of it, thus winning a major psychological and social, if not military, victory over the West and, indeed, over the world.

As of 1989, the Soviet empire was no more. As of 2009, it is still defunct. What to make of the dream, I don’t know; I only report what I saw.

Paul writes:

“Here’s what I see in the dream: The Soviet and their socialistic system had ambitions to take over the world. They presented their system as the way to peace and prosperity, under their rule.

They particularly claimed there was no God – it was man’s endeavor and power all the way. The moon (man) has no light of its own, being dependent on the sun (Christ). So God gave them what they declared, and the Soviet system collapsed, extinguishing their light and hopes, whether for themselves or for any others who looked to them. Even China got away from pure socialism after the Soviet collapse.”

“But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars of Heaven shall fall, and the powers in the heavens shall be shaken” (Mark 13:24-25 MKJV).

Dream – Friendly, Humble, Caring Older Believers

I don’t recall if this was a vision or dream, and I don’t recall when it came. It’s been many years since then.

In the scene, I was surrounded by several older saintly people, both women and men. By “saintly,” I don’t mean anything like what the Catholic Church portrays in pictures. Those are merely figments of an artist’s carnal imagination. What I’m talking about is an unaffected, unimposing piety, a “right being” with genuine innocence, humility, joy, peace, and love for all.

They seemed outwardly poor or humbly dressed, but oh, how rich they were within! Their spiritual wealth was evident in their eyes and countenances. It was so good to be in their company. It was so real that I now wonder if I had not met such people before, not remembering where or when.

Dream – The Truth about Uncle Bill

I don’t recall whether it was in 1980 or 1981 that my great uncle died, but nobody let us know until a short while later. When I found out, I was a bit emotional and wrote a letter to Auntie. I tried to comfort her and pay what compliments I could to Uncle. I spoke of his continuous jovial attitude – always seeing the funny side of things, and making everyone laugh (which was true).

But I had a dream that night. I don’t remember it very well, but I can recount the essence. The dream described Uncle as a very cruel man, mean and ruthless, without mercy. He seemed to get pleasure out of someone’s pain, especially in revenge. Never was anyone able to get one up on him.

In the dream, I saw him doing horrible things to chickens (defenseless creatures, representing defenseless people) and deriving wicked pleasure from it. He bled them and sicced dogs on them to tear them apart, or he would tear them apart himself. There were feathers flying, and blood and guts splattering everywhere. The birds couldn’t escape, being in a pen. What an ugly dream it was!

When I awoke, I realized that what I had written to Auntie was false altogether. When considering so many things in the past concerning Uncle, I knew that the dream spoke truly. I recall my mother was surprised at what I had written about him. She had known what he was like. I wonder, though, that she didn’t seem to understand he had been my father for a year and a half. Or wasn’t she willing to face having farmed me out to them?

Notwithstanding his outward demeanor, Uncle was cruel, crude, selfish, proud, and ignorant. He was all those things to a greater degree than many.

Dream – Four of Us in a Spiritual Race

Marilyn believes it was about this time and place that she had a dream, which dream caused us considerable consternation for some years until recently, primarily because we spent so much time trying to see if what it symbolized had either happened or was happening. Something one ought not to do.

The dream started with the thought that we would see or be involved with the Mediwake children, though not again with the parents. Then Marilyn saw Paul meeting up with a woman. He and the woman, while holding hands, entered a house and swiftly investigated it room by room (moving, as viewed, from right to left). They had to do it without us, while we waited for them.

The house was a large southwestern U.S. or Spanish-styled home, with an outdoor balcony on the second floor. Suddenly, Paul and the woman came out from the second floor, jumped off the balcony, and were running away. A man, presumably the owner of the property, was chasing and shooting at them from the balcony.

Paul and his companion joined us beside a large swimming pool. We were all dressed in rich fall clothing, with quality sweaters. It was needful that we should dive into the pool and swim to the other side. Halfway across, there was a narrow cement hoop underwater, through which we would have to swim.

Before jumping in, we took off our sweaters. Paul and the woman with him dove into the water without hesitation, swimming through the hoop. However, Marilyn was fearful of the cement hoop, and I had to take her by the hand so she would follow me, which she did.

After diving under water and swimming through the hoop, we came out of the pool on the other side. We raised our hands to the sky, were immediately dry, and the sweaters miraculously came onto us again. We then came to the edge of a wall or cliff, its top flush to the ground we were on. We jumped about two stories down to the ground below and continued running along a path.

At this point, there were several people on either side of the path, clapping and cheering us on. Marilyn recalls a woman in the crowd with a red sweater. Farther on, past the people, there was green grass along the path and beyond.

As we continued to run toward a green forest, the enemy that had been shooting at Paul and his companion sicced dogs on us, and they were closing in. Marilyn put out her hand, with palm down, and with spiritual power, disabled them from harming us.

Dream – Pretty Women Loving Me

Occasionally I would dream of some woman attracted to me and I to her. (In dreams, people can have an attractiveness and essence I’ve never experienced in reality.) I then feel badly, knowing I’m married and can’t have what is being offered me. My wife has also had dreams of men being affectionate with her. I haven’t been an affectionate man, and I haven’t been even remotely fulfilling for my wife. That, I certainly believe.

This sounds like we each lack something in our relationship. I don’t doubt this is the case. At least for my part, my priority has never been an idyllic marriage or even a good one. My desire has been consecration to God. However, I’ve never been or done what I’ve expected or imagined one who has been fully consecrated to God would be or do.

Dream – Glorious Music in Heaven

I had this dream at the Gordie Howe Campground, which dream happened to be about three years after Paul was called upon, in Israel, to leave Alison and to follow the Lord. I was in Heaven. In Heaven I saw Paul and Alison, but Alison didn’t belong there, not because we were better than she, or because she was wicked, but it just wasn’t her time or place. I needed to tell her so.

At some point, whether before seeing Paul and Alison or just after, I saw an elderly man, well-dressed, seated on a chair, bowing in prayer, saying, “Lord, bless brother Vic.” He reminded me of John Taal.

Then we heard music, and a choir of many people, all male, it seemed. How beautiful the music and the voices! Comparing the best of music of this world to what I heard in Heaven would be like, well, there just could be no comparison – I’d have to say it’s the difference between life and death. The heavenly music was food for the soul and spirit, with abiding sustenance.

In the midst of the singing, a sudden shout went out from all of them, in unison, a resounding roar of permanent joy and excitement. How wonderful!

I then saw a man on stage, who reminded me of Merv Mediwake, playing a bass while all sang. He was holding the bass in his left hand, while plucking the strings with his right. On his neck and hanging down over his abdomen, he wore a long beaded, multiple-stringed necklace. With a playful expression (as Merv was inclined to have), he began to pluck the necklace instead of the instrument strings, and the bass sound continued as though he was still plucking the bass. Everyone broke out in joyful laughter.

It was the humor of God – clean, funny, at nobody’s expense, miraculous, sharing his glory with another. What a taste of Heaven!

Dream – Running Effortlessly

Around this time, Paul had a dream, which he relates here: “Sometime in the early 80’s, I dreamt I was running along, taking long strides and gliding along nicely, but then I ran out of strength. I then saw Victor running very fast, not the same kind of long strides but seemingly effortlessly, with his hair flying straight back as if to emphasize great speed.

There would come times when Paul would weaken in his walk and I would be quite exasperated with him. But that would change, thankfully!

Dream – Dave and Frada Cohen

While we were in Bernalillo or shortly before, I had a dream wherein Dave Cohen was coming after us in a van. While pursuing us, he and others with him, including Frada, crashed. Dave died in the crash, but Frada was set free. She now wore a chastity belt, and was happy for us.

I also saw in this dream a great skin or hide stretched out, held with cords tied to stakes, which were pinned in the ground. The stakes represented Judaism and the hide Christianity, or the other way around – Christianity was supporting (or representing?) Judaism. I don’t remember.

There were also two women in that dream, but I don’t recall the details.

Dream – Paul Dreams of a Godly Girl

Paul records: “I had a dream sometime in 1984. In the first part, Victor and Marilyn were leading a little girl by the hand. I think she walked between them, as you would see parents with their child. She was a fair, beautiful little girl. She seemed to be about 4 years old.

In the next part, I was with Marilyn and the child. The little girl was talking about spiritual things and asking questions, but not childish ones. She had spiritual understanding, interest, desire, and appreciation. It was truly wonderful to behold – holy and pure.“

What Paul doesn’t remember, but which I quite remember his telling me, is that we seemed to be at a banquet, and a sumptuous one at that. (This forgetfulness is why I tell people to write down every detail of their dreams, visions, prophecies, or experiences as soon as possible, including the date and circumstances.)

Many years later, we would come to know the meaning of the dream, at least the first part of it.

Dream – We Have a Little Girl?

Bob Gregson called me up some time in 1984 or 1985, saying he had a peculiar dream one night and then again the following night. In the dream, he saw Marilyn and me leading a young, wholesome little girl. He said we seemed to be at a restaurant.

He didn’t know what to make of it, but seeing it was repeated, he thought he should tell us. I told him that Paul had recently had a similar dream, the only difference (a minor one, yet with similarity) was that Paul saw us at a banquet, while Bob saw us at a restaurant. I also told him that seeing it was repeated, it signified that it was of God.

I thought this to be quite significant, seeing that both Paul and Bob had it. Were we going to have a little girl?

Dream – Freedom from the Pit

Lois records a dream she had around this time:

I was in a dark, dusty, dirty pit. There was a flat deck filled with dung, and I was moving it about with a putty knife and getting nowhere. Others there were doing the same. I tried many times to climb out of the pit, but the walls would just crumble and give way. The soil was as peat moss.

I looked up and saw an open arched door. It was bright, clean, and fresh outside that door, and I wanted to go there. But try as I may, I couldn’t get to the door.

Then, without knowing how, I was out the door and running. It was just as I had seen it to be: clean, fresh, green, and bright. As I was running, I passed Mark [her twelve-year-old son] and I wondered how it was that I could run faster than Mark.

Dream – “Now You’ve Done It!”

While at the Bensons’ on the night of June 5, 1985, I had a dream in which Mark had done something to offend Howard, who was consequently very angry with him. Howard shouted, “Now you’ve done it!” Mark was bleeding profusely, I don’t recall why, possibly he had injured himself or Howard had injured him.

In the morning, we discovered Mark had a nosebleed in the night. His pillow was covered in blood.

I interpret the dream to mean that Howard was blaming Mark for the trouble and division in their family.

Dream – Wild Boar Attacks Paul

Paul records a dream he had around this time: “I was with Victor and Marilyn in a park-like setting. As we walked along, I saw a wild boar coming straight at me, not at them. It seemed to have jumped a fence, and it came to attack me. That was the end of the dream.

After I married Kandi, I found myself in a terrible situation with a person impossible to reason with. Victor informed me that Kandi was that boar, and like a heat-seeking missile, she found and ‘attacked’ me. My sin had found me out.

However, as Marilyn and I were praying concerning Paul and Kandi, the Lord told me that the fault was with Paul, not Kandi. I look back as I write and say the boar was within Paul, the condition of his heart. It seemed a spirit had control of him in matters of marriage, driving him to any woman handy.

Dream – Paul Protecting Me

Paul had a dream, related here, with circumstances: “In this dream I was together with Victor and Marilyn, and it seemed there were other people around. Suddenly a man appeared, disturbed, coming at us, particularly after Victor. I stepped in between, intercepting the man, though I didn’t need to do anything physically, other than come between them.

The day after the dream we met with Tibby, Marilyn’s half brother, who was noticeably agitated; he attacked Victor verbally, accusing him of doing evil. I answered Tibby by testifying of the truth that countered his accusations and lies against Victor.

Dream – Gorbachev Falls in Grave and Rises

Somewhere around 1986 or 1987, I dreamt that Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev fell backwards straight-bodied into a grave, and it seemed that he was finished. However, he immediately rose right back out of the grave, as though a film were going in reverse. Now he had a knife in his hand and was going to stab the U.S. in the back. Would we be seeing him on the world stage again? Or did he represent the newly-risen Soviet power? I had no idea; I only saw what I saw.

Dream – Paul’s Sales Pile Up

Paul describes a dream he had while working at Davis Business Machines, and his situation: “Within the first year that I began working at Davis Business Machines in Helena, MT [1987], I had a dream wherein I saw, in the backroom where inventory was kept, a pile of machines and goods designating my sales, and a pile designating Lyle Barker’s, the older, more experienced person who was their principal salesperson when I was hired on. The piles were relatively the same size.

I came back a short time later and saw that my pile was much higher, going up towards the roof of the warehouse, and wider as well. I marveled at the difference. Within a short time, this happened in reality, as my sales took off, and Lyle never progressed. Eventually, after another year, he left the business and soon moved to Australia.

I had been giving generous offerings to the Lord, and fasted for seven days in 1987, which seemed to be a breakthrough event, being given to acknowledge and look to the Lord in all things. That August the Lord said through Victor that I had been brought to a place of repentance, and that He would begin to bless me. All of these things happened.

Dream – Steve Harris Riding a Horse

In 1989, Marilyn dreamt of Steve. He was riding a small black horse on his property, driving it furiously. We haven’t known what to make of it.

Dream – Clothing and Prophecy for a Girl

I began buying clothes and supplies for a baby girl. I also had a prophecy for a girl and what she would be like. These are some of the words I recall (there were many more):

“Alaythia will be a comely, godly child, obedient to her parents, calling them ‘Momma’ and ‘Poppa.’ She will be filled with the Holy Spirit from the womb and receive revelation and spiritual understanding yet as a young child, with words to minister to us in time of need. She will be a great and wonderful blessing. You will enjoy her while she’s here, and you will miss her when she’s gone.”

I would come to realize this prophecy reached well beyond the coming physical child, even as Isaiah’s prophecy to King Ahaz would refer, not to an event in his day, but to one centuries later (Isaiah 7). My prophecy referred to the little girl Paul Cohen and Bob Gregson saw in their dreams, and whom someone else, years later, would also see in a dream, only this time the same little girl would be a grown woman, a reality already unfolding.

Dream – Paul’s Dream: Ministering to Him and Many

In November 1992, Paul had a dream, related in his words:

I was walking in a neighborhood and came upon Victor and Marilyn’s house. There were many people there, and more seemingly arriving. The house was large and beautiful. I had some rags in my hands that I wanted to get rid of.

People were being taught there. They seemed to be accomplished artists, and Victor was teaching them about art. I had no doubt, however, that they were there for spiritual food, which they were very intent to receive. I overheard one man talking with others with evident enthusiasm and great esteem for what he had been given.

The people seemed serious, sober, animated, alive, and dedicated to a purpose. I heard Victor prophesying over individuals, and a man next to me told me about his sincere desire to stop being the kind of person he was. I understood, and was similarly moved as we held hands.

An older woman was on the other side of me, and Victor was praying for her blindness to be removed. I felt the liberating force and power that came in the words. At that point, Marilyn came over to me and was very kind. Victor then saw me and said, “It’s Paul!” glad and joyful, yet not overtly demonstrative.

He said that when God was finished with me, I would no longer be hoofed out. He had these strange words: ‘The phone is ringing,’ as though God was calling and I simply needed to answer.

Everyone began to leave and I departed with an older woman – we were caring for and helping one another.

Dream – The House that Marilyn Built

I had this dream in the early nineties, I believe: I was at a building site in an urban area. The ground had been dug up and construction was proceeding. Along came two men, sober friends, who took me away. I didn’t know why. Later, I saw they were expertly fitting me up in a black suit or tuxedo.

The next thing I knew, I was back at the building site, dressed normally. I had been away for a few hours, only to find a good portion of a spectacular house had been built while I was gone.

It was breathtakingly beautiful. The rooms’ walls were white and perhaps 25 feet high. The doorways were of normal width, about twenty feet tall and arched at the top. They were without doors. Suspended from the arches at the top of these doorways were small delightful decorative hangings about two or three feet long.

There was a swimming pool in the house, with tile laid that was perfect (I think the pool was the first thing I saw). The water was wholesome and refreshing. All was perfect and beautiful.

There was no furniture. The rooms were all empty, and it seemed the building extended further than I could see. I wish I could remember more. The architecture reminded me of something the very wealthy Saudis would do in constructing impeccable palaces in the Middle East. It had the Arabic architectural look, in the whiteness, the door hangings, and whatever else was there; there was great attention to detail, though simplicity was predominant.

Marilyn was the one responsible for the building of it. It would not be long before I would know the meaning of the dream.

Dream – The Spirit and Substance of the Stock Market

While we were in the stock market in 1994, I had a dream of a great, many-storied building, looking like a long-abandoned factory, made of brick or cinder block or stone, dull and grey. No windows or lighting were to be seen inside or out. The building was all open-spaced inside, there were not always walls to stop someone from dropping off the edge, and there was no full floor on any level.

There were many staircases of stone, most cut off and leading nowhere, except to sudden, surprise drops or to dead ends. There were doorways on some of these stairs, though no doors. There were some large, crude escalators or conveyor belts, going back and forth, up and down. The whole place was very treacherous and desperately dismal.

Throughout this building were miserable, pained people, moaning, crying, and screaming, some going up and down the maze of slippery escalators and stairs, many falling, many injured, torn, and de-limbed by large mechanisms of gears and moving parts. They were all desperately looking for a way out, or perhaps for a place of rest or fulfillment within, but never finding escape or solace.

There was always the carrot dangling before them, always just out of reach. If they did manage to get a bite, they were soon bitten instead, losing instead of gaining.

At the bottom of the building was a great swamp of filthy waters full of blood, vomit, urine, feces, guts, body parts, and living people in shock, desperation, and fear, dying while trying to escape the very terrible soup. The whole scene was one of terror, hopelessness, and death.

This dream was what was given me to depict the true nature of the stock market. We had entered it to gain. We lost. The whole stock world operated on greed and fear. Yes, there are so-called winners, but oh, so many losers. We were among the losers, experiencing the very things described in the dream.

It was hell – and we were there.

Dream – “Come Fly with Me, Mom”

Around this time, when Jonathan was about three, he had a dream. He dreamt he came to our bedroom and asked his mother to take his hand and go flying. They went to the window, stood on the sill, and flew off together.

This dream told me of a wonderful relationship Marilyn had with Jonathan I could only envy, one I always wanted to have with Jonathan. The fact is, Marilyn earned it and I did not. She devoted her time, energy, and attention to him in all things. She deserved his affection and appreciation. What she feared at one time was not what was (when he was born, she feared he would reject her). He loved her with a special love.

I wondered why I couldn’t have that same kind of relationship with Jonathan, though why should I wonder, with the way I’d been? Was it also, however, a mother’s connection, coupled with the natural duty of mothers to their children, and therefore something not meant for a father? Perhaps. After all, Jonathan suckled at his mother’s breast till he was three and then gently weaned. Now there’s a bonding no father’s capable of!

I’ve also heard daughters can be closer to their fathers, while sons can be closer to their mothers. I make no excuses for my shortfalls; I only wonder about these things.

Dream – Rabbit Rehabilitation and Reversal

In 1976, while with Mickey and Lynne Patrick, the Lord gave me a dream, in which He portrayed me as a crazed rabbit rushing to do God’s will. In December 1994, I received a spiritual healing to deal with that rabbit, the carnal nature that seeks to do the will of God in its own understanding. There’s a Scripture that comes to mind and pointedly applies to the way I entered the stock market:

“Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good; and he that hastes with his feet sins” (Proverbs 19:2 KJV).

I went in rushing with greed and ignorance, though we had persuaded ourselves we were doing God’s will. And we were severely chastened for it. Bill Welton and Glen Seaman had been used of God to deal with me. I needed and deserved everything I got. Praise God for those men. While they meant it for evil, God meant it for good.

Dream – Danny’s Dream: Man Beating Fertilizer Bags

“Uncle Victor,” Danny said, “I had a dream I’d like to tell you about. I saw a man driving a tractor in the field. Behind the tractor were six bottomless fertilizer bags, side by side, letting out their contents onto the ground. Behind the bags, a man was walking and beating the bags with a stick to get all the fertilizer out.

“The driver then stopped and reversed the tractor. One rear wheel went over a fertilizer bag and the man beating the bags, who was shocked, but he was able to get up out of the rut. He then left the farm. I saw another tractor in the background.”

Danny also heard words: “He shall pay for his wickedness. ”

I now write: One tractor was red, the other green, but I don’t recall which was which. I interpreted the one in the foreground to portray tyranny and the other, its absence; one representing the present, the other perhaps the future.

I often pondered that dream, wondering who the man was that was beating the bags and forced to leave the farm. I would soon have good cause to think I was that man, but I wondered if it was Archie, seeing he had six children. Was he abusing and using them? Meanwhile, Archie believed I was the man. There was no consensus or revelation among us from the Lord; however, future events would reveal the mystery of Danny’s dream.

Dream – Sean Embraces Marilyn

On Monday, July 22, 1996, Marilyn had a dream just before she awoke at 6 a.m. Sean was in a dark hallway in a house. Marilyn opened the door to the hall and turned on a light switch. Sean came to Marilyn and embraced her. She thought, “What is he doing?” She looked back over her right shoulder and saw me behind her some distance away, wearing a white t-shirt and exiting through another door, but looking at what was happening.

Dream – He Does It Again

About two weeks after Marilyn’s dream of Sean, she had another, similar one. In this dream, she came into a house and, to her left, Sean was sitting by himself at a dining table, as if troubled, with his elbows on the table and his head in his hands. On her right, there was another table with perhaps half a dozen people around it, eating.

Marilyn wanted to go out for dinner (somehow everyone knew it, though she didn’t say anything) and Sean said, “No, that’s not the right thing to do.” Marilyn accepted what he said, he was no longer troubled, and he embraced her again. The people at the table watched.

Dream – Marilyn’s Dream: Another Wedding for Her

Marilyn says she had this dream in the summer of ’97: She was at the back of a church, going to a wedding alone at first, then joined by a man. She was in a wedding gown, not really to her liking, neither was it white, but cream-colored, and fancy. The church was empty, and as she stood at the back entrance, she saw a bride, naked, leaving the front side entrance to go to her wedding. Her groom was waiting for her outside. A man or angel said that this wedding occasion was hers (Marilyn’s).

Marilyn’s interpretation: I, Victor, was the naked one going out (dying) to meet the Lord. Marilyn was to remarry the one with her. The time would come when I would have my own interpretation of this dream.

Dream – Archie Takes Danny

On the 21st of April, 1997, Danny failed to return from school. Archie called to tell us Danny was with him. He had come by Sunnyside where Danny was attending, and contrary to Danny’s wishes, commanded that he get into the vehicle, and Danny obeyed – which was a good thing, I think. But I was shocked and angry. If Archie didn’t want Danny staying with us, why didn’t he say so?

Shortly after this happened, Archie called to let us know. (At least he did that.) “Why didn’t you simply come and get him?” I asked. Archie was implacable, and defiantly argued that I had left him with no choice. “How was there no other choice?” I asked. “Why are you treating us like some kind of unreasonable monsters?”

Backing up a bit, Marilyn had a dream some years before that there would be 11 saved. In that dream she also received that there would be two obscure Scriptures that would indirectly confirm the fact of 11 saved, and that Paul would know them. Calling Paul, he found them. One was Ezra 2:2, where 10 were counted “with Zerubbabel,” and this one:

“So says the LORD of Hosts: In those days ten men, out of all languages of the nations, shall take hold, and will seize the skirt of a man, a Jew, saying, ‘We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you’” (Zechariah 8:23 MKJV).

Having trusted Marilyn’s spiritual judgment, though I didn’t know what to make of the dream or the verses, I left it until this time. At this juncture, there were 11 of us in all: Marilyn, Jonathan, Chris, Nathan, Danny, Paul, Kerri, Lois, Sean, Mark, and myself. I pointed out to Archie that Marilyn’s dream had materialized, judging by the appearance of things, and that perhaps Archie was in danger of opposing God Himself, but he disregarded what I said.

(I must make a note that when one looks up a parallel record to Ezra 2:2, that being Nehemiah 7:7, there are not 11, but 12 persons, an inconsistency of which I was aware but one I didn’t know what to do with. And Zechariah is not to be taken literally; it is figurative.)

The word was soon out that Archie was viewing us as a dangerous cult, as well. I knew the devils were back in him, one of those being the demon of fear, controlling his thoughts and reactions. In any event, I didn’t mind that Danny was gone, or that he was with Archie, his father. What disturbed me was Archie’s treating us as though we would have resisted his parental rights, which wasn’t so. The accuser was busy – and effective.

There were so many disturbing and confusing things happening. There were enough rational, logical daily matters to deal with, never mind these absurd, unpleasant events. We were plainly at odds and in turmoil, both within and without. With all these things occurring, who could help but wonder at our spiritual/religious credibility, even sanity?

Dream – My Face a Road Worked On

I think it was in the eighties, but could have been in the nineties, that I had this dream. It seemed that I was a road or paved highway being worked on. There were men working on my face, digging their spades into my cheeks, and plowing furrows into my visage. It was unpleasant and, though not painful physically, I was pained spiritually. I believed the workers to be those about me, such as professed faith and agreement with me. (The proportion of their size to mine was similar to that portrayed in Gulliver’s Travels.)

Dream – Trevor’s Dream: “What Has Victor Done Wrong?”

Trevor dreamed he was at a Benson family gathering where he was arguing my innocence of any evil and confronting them on why they should hate me as they did, asking, “What has Victor done wrong?” A day or two later, he received a call from his grandmother to inform him that Bill Benson, her husband, had passed away. They had recently been in a major car collision, sustaining significant, crippling injuries.

Trevor went to the funeral. When he returned, he reported that it seemed uneventful and he had little to say; however, I told him his dream had been fulfilled. His presence there demonstrated he was free to come and go as he needed, contrary to their suspicions and accusations. He asked the question without words, and thus fulfilled the dream.

Dream – Marilyn’s Dream or Vision: Victor on Train Speeding to Destruction

Marilyn had a dream or vision wherein we were on a train, which was speeding toward a solid wall. She jumped off while I remained on board as it screamed to destruction. I was screaming, “No!” Somehow, it seemed the train was going to go straight through the wall.

Dream – Bob Gregson’s Dream: A Red Rose and a Black

On November 10th (a significant date to us) of 1997, Bob Gregson called saying he had a dream on November 8, which he was compelled to tell me about, not able to rest until he did. He said it was for me and not for him.

In it, he saw a multitude gathered at a river’s edge on a very bright day. Those gathered were all dressed in golden white garments. Gender was not discernible. They were gathered around who seemed to be two very important persons. Those two persons wore roses on their chests, as one would put one on a lapel. One had a red rose, while the other had a black rose.

All of these people were waiting in great anticipation of an event, for someone very, very important coming down the stream and who was to arrive any minute. They were all waiting with great expectation and excitement; all was very still. Bob believed that the one coming was the Lord Jesus, but didn’t really know.

In the dream, Bob had broken out of some bushes and had come on the scene. He was also dressed in similar garments but wasn’t gathered with us.

Later, in discussing this dream, Bob, his wife Lynn, Kerri, and perhaps others received that both those two persons with black and red roses were me. I agreed that I was both. I was expecting a reconciliation to occur in me, which the Lord alone could do, “making of twain one new man” (Ephesians 2:13-16).

Bob was given to deliver this message to us. He didn’t know the interpretation.

I wrote: “The Lord is coming for me to make ‘of two, one new man’ in me, as He did in Himself and as He must do for all.

The time was almost here for this to happen. Everybody is waiting quietly, knowing the Lord’s appearing is close. Both the waiting persons are very important; otherwise, why would the Lord raise the corruptible from the dead? This doesn’t speak of the spirit man, the one in Christ, because that man, being also important, isn’t corruptible. Yet there will be made of two, one new man, the corruptible finally unified and harmonized with the incorruptible to establish peace at last – no more enmity within.”

Concerning the vision I had of Bob in 1985, I didn’t know what to make of it. I didn’t see him in earnest appreciation of the Lord and truth. Perhaps I simply didn’t see. He and his wife certainly weren’t with us, having their own lives, friends, desires, interests, preferences, and activities in the world. Yet there he was, receiving a dream from the Lord for us.

Marilyn also had an observation concerning Bob. She saw that he had come too late and “missed the boat.” Was that true?

The dream would be fulfilled.

Dream – The Silly Farm

In the night of January 29th, I dreamt of Archie, Cathie, Danny, Paul, and Kerri. They were all acting stupid-silly. I had never seen Paul “bouncy,” as one uses the word, but he was bouncy that night.

I said, “What’s going on here? Sober up!” They knew they were wrong, but I wasn’t getting through. They changed their outward expressions somewhat to conform to my rebukes, but I could see that inwardly, they were saying, “To hell with you! As soon as you’re out of sight, we’ll do as we please, and we want to be light and silly. We don’t care, and we hate what you say.” It was ugly. When one sums it up, wasn’t that the way it had been?

Dream – Debate about Me in Heaven

On the night of March 15, 1998, I dreamt there was a debate among some persons as to what to do about my carnal man or me – to change me and keep me in this world, or to take me and change me in the next. I was objectively involved in this discussion. It was business-like, not emotional or negative, much like I feel the discussion on the mount of transfiguration was between Moses, Elijah, and Jesus, wherein they discussed His appointment at Jerusalem. This discussion about my fate seemed to be a dream, yet not.

Immediately after this, I dreamt that Chris and Nathan had returned to the farm, presumptuously, expecting me to receive them back gladly, which I did not. Chris was agitated, fretful, and angry at my reaction.

After this dream, two things came to me: 1) We were trying to get people to accept the true value of food against the present tide. We must wait for the Lord to change things and not expect an immediate payoff. 2) We were trying to find ways to deal with governmental oppression, taxes, and regulations, etc. I knew we needed to comply and the Lord would compensate and protect us.

Dream – The Troublesome Threesome

In the past few weeks, Sean had spoken of wanting to see restored the relationship he and I had when we first met, which he had lost. I asked him what he wanted more – a relationship with me or my wife and possessions – he couldn’t have both. He would have to choose.

Let the nature of my relationship with Marilyn shed some light here as to the difficulty of our situation in determining a course of action between us. A couple nights before, I had a dream that a woman came up to me and put her arm around my waist. It felt so good.

Marilyn and I had similar dreams. It seemed we were like horses that are found chewing the fence posts and wooden rails of their corrals, trying to alleviate some need or craving. I would have liked to have a wife (if a wife at all) who loved me, and she, a husband who loved her. She said she experienced that with Sean. I believed that if the Lord didn’t do something like take me, then we should divorce if such feelings continued.

But the Lord was not taking me, none of us was changing, and so divorce was the only alternative I could see. I didn’t see it as right to go on this way – having a relationship that lacked emotional fulfillment. She didn’t love me and never had; she told me so. She also told me she loved Sean and got from him what she lacked. He said that he loved her.

The day before, Marilyn told Sean there would be no reconciliation between him and me and asked him if he could live with that. He readily said he could.

Dream – Dark Days Ahead

Marilyn prophesied that dark days awaited me. I didn’t believe her, but rejoiced even if it were true. Why would I rejoice? At one time I would have been troubled by the mere mention of such a prospect. I had a victory unknown to me before.

But I believed the dark days ahead were for Marilyn. Lois told me on March 25th that she had a vision of Marilyn swimming in the ocean. Waves came and practically “dissolved” her (as Lois put it again and again). Marilyn didn’t perish but was swimming fiercely while the waves overwhelmed and covered her.

Marilyn also had a vision of a tidal wave that would come and wipe everything clean. A month or so later, I told Marilyn the wave was on its way, but she had nothing to fear because it was for good.

On March 26th, Lois had a dream wherein she and Marilyn were sitting at the kitchen table, crying. She and Marilyn were apologizing to the Lord for speaking against Him. Others had been at the table and left.

Dream – Les and Penny Turned Cold

Early in the morning of May 16, 1998, I dreamt that I was at Les and Penny’s. They had a large house and were having a feast with numerous other people. Les was reserved and Penny quite cool toward me, even directly disregarding Marilyn and me, closing a door leading to the kitchen in my face and turning her back on us as we were leaving.

Sitting at the table with Les, I said, “There’s a problem between us, isn’t there, Les?” He looked at me knowingly and sheepishly. “You talked to Gene and Barny and concluded that I am a false prophet or at least that my prophecies are false, right?” He nodded. “Well, things are going to happen and you’ll know otherwise. See, Marilyn? I told you so.”

“I was wrong,” Marilyn replied, annoyed as she went about busy with serving food.

I said, “You think I’m in darkness, Les, don’t you? Perhaps you feel you may try to deliver me out of darkness.” He nodded with a slight, timid smile. “Do you know the difference between light and darkness, Les? You came to me saying, ‘Blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord,’ but now you’ve changed your mind.”

He began interrupting, but I proceeded, “Les, just let me finish…you’ll find things happen and you’ll see that what I spoke is true. Let’s go, Marilyn.”

Marilyn was preoccupied and reluctant to heed me. As we were leaving, she tried to get (or someone was giving her) some cabbage rolls and something else. I said, “I don’t think we should (accept).”

The dream ended.

Dream – Marilyn’s Dream: Prison Escapee

Marilyn had a strange dream on the night of July 26, 1998. She was confronted with a man wearing light blue prison garb coming into our midst, who had escaped from another realm and was not supposed to be there with us. He had “cast a mist” on others so that they could not know what he was all about or see that he was with them.

He disappeared and Marilyn asked the Lord to open her eyes so she could see him. She saw him proceeding to make himself comfortable on a beach among the people there. She then began to walk toward him with hands outstretched, saying, “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, go back to where you came from.” She said he was an evil man and she had the impression that his time in prison was not yet completed.

Marilyn believed the man was Paul. I saw that it was Sean, though that wouldn’t explain her commanding him in the Name of the Lord to leave, but then commanding Paul in such manner to leave wouldn’t make any more sense. In her present state, Sean could think, say, or do no wrong. She worshipped the ground his foot touched. I had my breath taken away with incredulity at her blatant, contradictory partiality of, and blindness to, him. Had he not cast a spell on us? Had he not “made himself comfortable” with us, to the extent of taking over everything?

Had Paul ever done any such thing, even in part? Was she right about the man being Paul? Didn’t both Paul and Lois receive an identical verse of Sean, independently of each other, which agreed with this dream being of Sean?

The others and I also had been blind to Sean and his ways. He despised Marilyn, her ways, and her beliefs, yet said he loved her as a wife. He despised Lois, as well as the others. He was flippant, caring about nothing and nobody but himself.

There was no fear of God in his heart, only fear of God’s judgment on his wickedness. With that fear, he displayed a dedicated effort to escape, rather than to accept, the judgment. Indeed, he wanted the best of both worlds, though he spoke and appeared otherwise. He called Paul’s letter of apology to me “pitiful.” While I could understand the carnal man seeing it that way, I saw humility manifest in Paul that is found among saints, but entirely foreign and contemptible to the proud and wicked.

Les Mills called saying he saw Sean as one after the mastery without apprenticeship. In other words, he was after the throne without the cross, a thief and robber coming up some other way (John 10:1), dining at the banquet without a wedding garment (Matthew 22:12). Was this not representative of the stranger in Marilyn’s dream? Was he not the one of whom I prophesied, saying he would come as an angel and leave as a devil? Lois expected his fall to be imminent, saying it would be up to Marilyn to send him away.

Dream – The Lord’s Coming (manifestations/declarations related to?)

How has the Lord’s coming been manifested or declared to me?

One, as children, we enacted the crucifixion of Jesus, with Archie and Barb crucifying me as the Lord. It was my idea. Do many children do that?

Two, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in a dream in 1972, the first time He made Himself known to me. In that dream, a man was walking with Him in His “coming.”

Three, shortly after I received repentance, Don Hafichuk said to me sarcastically, “You think you’re a little Jesus!”

Four, once when praying and asking the Lord for Prince Albert, the Lord said, “I have given you the whole world.”

Five, my song, The Flutterby, prophesies of His coming in me, without my knowing it. Nobody sees or understands, not even I. Yet it keeps coming again and again. I believe it.

Six, there are the great prophecies that came forth from Carroll Vance, Jim Flynn, Mickey Patrick, Don Morrison, and the Sioux believer from South Dakota.

Seven, Dave Roberts remarked to me, saying in a taunting manner, “I suppose you’re the two witnesses.” This was unprovoked and out of context of anything discussed at the time – an unusual remark.

Eight, Archie had a rare insight into my spiritual being, unseen by others, though his insight was given by devils, I believe. Devils saw and confessed things of Jesus that most people couldn’t see (Matthew 8:29; Mark 5:7; Luke 8:28).

Nine, Marv Isom prophesied in Dauphin in 1977 that, “This place will be famous”; he saw a vision of my heart as that of a shepherd under the authority of the Shepherd, the Lord Jesus and His heart.

Ten, Marilyn had the vision of my entering the Golden Gate in the east wall of Jerusalem with Israeli government officials and businessmen.

Eleven, in 1984 (12 years after the dream in 1972 of His coming), the Lord revealed to me that I was that man of my 1972 dream, walking with the Lord.

Twelve, without being told, Delores knew who was that second man with the Lord, as did Kerri.

Thirteen, He once spoke saying, “To other men at other times have I given the throne, but today I give you the throne. As I gave the throne to Solomon, so I give it to you…. You are My Solomon in this day.”

Fourteen, the Lord said that I was the Sabbath, His last and final day, that He took up His abode in me, resting in me, and I in Him.

Fifteen, once in the mid-eighties, when I told Lois I was the “second coming” of the Lord, she received a witness and marveled, rejoicing. This was only temporary, as I am sure it was with Peter, who, by the Father, saw that Jesus was the Christ. Not that I am the Christ; I’m not. Jesus is and He alone, but I come with Him as His prime ambassador in this day.

Sixteen, meeting Sandy McClimens but for a few minutes at Moon River in 1988, she asked me if I was God’s emissary. Only the week before, she said she received that God came, or would come, in a man. I affirmed that I was His emissary.

Seventeen, once when Anders Neu and Quinn Van Liere harassed us on the phone, they asked me if I was the “second coming.” When the police questioned me on the phone calls, I spoke as though I denied the Lord was coming by me, though I didn’t directly deny it; nevertheless, I felt bad about doing that.

Eighteen, Danny Hafichuk had a dream in 1996 that indicated that what was happening was the biggest event in several centuries.

Nineteen, there are our various July 10th events (Day of Atonement).

Twenty, there is Bob Gregson’s dream of me as a “very important personage.”

Twenty One, I have been hated by all – no one else I know of has been hated among us as I have, often inexplicably so. I am always “the issue,” the lightning rod.

Twenty Two, there are all the timings as recorded; big things are happening.

Twenty Three, I have always felt personally identified with these Scriptures: “Is any so blind as My servant?” (Isaiah 42:19), as humbling as it is; and, “He shall magnify the Law, and make it honorable” (42:21).

Dream – Others Joining Us

For the night of October 27th, I see recorded in my journal a dream I had, which I didn’t believe was of God at the time, yet the description makes me wonder:

People coming, all ages and backgrounds and occupations, coming to bless and be with us. The dream didn’t seem to be of the Lord. A young man had come, pretending to be familiar with us, making himself comfortable, trying me in particular, and noting my receptivity and honesty with him, committed himself to me and after him came many more, joining themselves to us in fellowship.

Dream – Archie in Terrible State

I had a horrible dream of Archie one night – just horrible. He was very bitter and antagonistic, yet powerless to do anything against me. He was a pitiful, lost, tormented soul. I felt responsible; I would have liked to help him, but I knew it was only the Lord Who could do so. “Lord,” I prayed, “save him and his house.”

Dream – Dream of Flying

On the night of December 17th, I dreamt that I was flying. I hadn’t dreamt of flying for many years. There was a significant difference in this dream compared to those in the past. In previous dreams, I had a hard time gaining altitude. I would try to believe as if by willpower that I could lift up and/or go faster. This time it wasn’t a matter of believing I could go higher or faster, but of believing I was where I wanted to be. If I was 10 feet off the ground and wanted to be a mile up, I believed I was a mile up and, instantly, I was there! Very different.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24 ESV)

A problem we have is worshipping the means rather than the end, the “flying power” rather than the reason for which it was given – the destination. In this dream, I didn’t have the compelling desire for the flying in itself now, but rather for accomplishing what was needed by the flying.

Dream – Tormenting Dream of Reality

During this time, I had a dream that Marilyn and Sean were going places together, and Jonathan was with them (as it had been, in part). At one point, in front of me, Sean was stroking the back of Marilyn’s head. I felt bad and so alone, and I said to Marilyn, “I can’t go on anymore, Marilyn, I can’t do it.”

She was happy, saying, “You need to. It’s penetrating deep, isn’t it? You don’t have any choice.”

I replied, “Yes, I’ll go on.” I usually expressed anger at it all, and just two days before, I felt indignation, but I was hurting, that’s what it was… just plain hurting.

Lord, forgive me for complaining, resisting, not believing. You are Righteous Altogether, Just and True, and Perfectly Faithful. You Are. And I thank You for making me to Be, and to Be with and in You, and You in me, even so that I am You, so One we are by Your doing.

Dream – Trevor’s Dream: Law and Grace

In the night of January 13-14, 1999, Trevor dreamt that both Law and Grace went forth from me in accordance to where people were coming from and what was needed. Also, he received that it would not be much longer that I would have to deal out the Law to them.

Dream – Lois’ Dream: Reconciliation

In the night of March 13-14, 1999, in a dream, Lois saw a wall of fire, and in front of the fire were two hands shaking, as in friendship. One hand or arm was bare while the other had a sleeve showing. To me this spoke of reconciliation in the fire, making of two one new man. I saw the dream as a present occurrence and the breakthrough I’d spoken about.

Dream – Disturbing Dream of Archie

I had a very unpleasant dream of Archie, wherein he was troubled and antagonistic. I awoke and asked Marilyn if I had not offended a little one. Then suddenly I was reminded of the picture I bought at a garage sale 12 or 13 years ago. Do you recall the picture of the men on winged horses, one of those being doomed on forbidden territory? I realized that the picture was fulfilled in Archie and that I was not the one to blame for his situation. Still, how tragic it was!

Dream – The Two Men of Bob Gregson’s Dream

I took a nap and awoke with a quickening that the two persons with the red and black roses in Bob Gregson’s dream were the two witnesses. I know I’d talked about that before and yet had to say, “Of course! Where have I been?” All this came on the heels of asking Marilyn to pray with me while I asked the Lord what was happening and what He was doing with me. Marilyn gave me a hug, saying she received that she was to comfort me until He came for me.

I recall hearing the words, “Two entities vying for power,” when asking the Lord what was going on during trying times with Marilyn. I initially assumed the words spoke of Marilyn and me. Then, I’d wondered if the two entities of Bob’s dream were not within me, the old and the new, one with the black rose and one with the red, both waiting for the Lord’s coming down the river.

Dream – Revelation on Danny’s Dream of 1996

At this point, as I write this Part from my 1999 journal record, I just received an understanding of Danny’s dream of 1996. I didn’t understand it at the time I recorded the dream, in 1999.

Interpretation: I was the one driving the tractor and Archie was the man behind it. His children were the fertilizer bags he was beating. I reversed the tractor over him and one of the children (I recall that he had once severely spanked his son Chris, at which I was appalled. I was responsible for it in a certain respect, though I didn’t know about it and wouldn’t have approved its severity). The developments at the farm soon reversed on Archie, forcing him to leave. He and his family left the farm because I asked him to leave, everyone agreeing and urging that I do so. This was the fulfillment of the dream.

As for there being another tractor working the field without bags in the background, there would be a present and a future farm operation, one red and one green, very different from each other. I believe the main tractor was red and the one in the background was green, but I’m not sure.

Dream – Mark Ogden’s Dream: Marilyn and Lois

Mark and Amanda Ogden would call to say they loved me in Christian love, trying to “reach” me. Now Mark called and related a dream he had wherein he saw Lois and Marilyn dragging a full garbage bag in a back alley. It was a wintry scene with hard packed snow. “Dirty” blood was coming out of tears in the bag and refuse was spilling out as they went along. They dragged the bag through the midst of Mark Ogden, his mother-in-law, and others who were with him, and continued on.

He didn’t know how to interpret the dream, but he found it significant particularly because of my letters to them. He said they left Amanda and him in turmoil and he said the dream gave them peace. They rejected my letters as focusing on their weaknesses and the dream justified them.

My interpretation, if the dream is of God (not sure it was), would be that Lois and Marilyn were instruments used of God to do some dirty work and cleanse us all of bad blood, which cleansing was sorely needed. While it appeared to be an evil thing, the women meaning it for evil, it was in fact good, God meaning it for good. Being our enemies, Ogdens wouldn’t take it that way.

I believe they concluded that Lois and Marilyn were doing evil in our midst and that I was one of their victims.

They were doing evil, and I was one of their victims. Lois and Marilyn were doing evil, primarily because they were exercising spiritual and psychological control over everyone, inspired by evil motivations of the lusts of their flesh, and in some respects, being rather ruthless about it, which seemed, of course, entirely out of place in God’s economy of things; however, we all had judgment coming to us, and it is ever a two-edged sword.

But while the Ogdens received revelation, how were their lives performing? Mark had declared bankruptcy once, failing to pay due GST taxes to the government. Did that give him a necessary wake-up call? Not at all. At this time, he wasn’t working, they were in unserviceable debt again, and they were poor to the extent that their young children were suffering malnutrition.

He refused to work even when I offered it to him, yet he accepted free farm produce from us, and that rather ungraciously and ungratefully. While it’s true the work I offered him paid low wages at the farm (the farm not being a paying enterprise at the time), it didn’t dawn on him that he could even help without expecting pay; we certainly could have used the help. At least it would have given him some activity to put away his cigarettes and pull his fat body out of the recliner he loved so much.

He wouldn’t listen to any counsel coming his way to help him; he would only accept charity. And Les Mills justified him in the tax predicament, as though it was tyrannical of the government to require those taxes of him. Obviously, it was “another Jesus” they were serving, contrary to the One Who said, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s” (Mark 12:17).

And Mark smoked, justifying himself in his filthy habit, claiming that by sharing a cigarette with unbelievers, it constituted a bridge to reach them with the Gospel.

“Dreamers fantasize their self-importance; they think they are smarter than a whole college faculty” (Proverbs 26:16 MSG).

“A lazy person says, ‘I am smarter than everyone else’” (Proverbs 26:16 CEV).

He went into politics with Alberta First Party purposing to run for election. Here was a man so full of himself that he presumed to change the country for the better, yet failed to pay his dues, as the Bible exhorts, and starved his own family in laziness:

“For even when we were with you, we commanded you this, that if anyone would not work, neither should he eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10 MKJV).

I bring all this up concerning these people because we have a world full of hypocrites, professors of faith in Christ who have nothing to do with Him. They are the liars of whom Jesus said:

“And watch as I take those who call themselves true believers but are nothing of the kind, pretenders whose true membership is in the club of Satan–watch as I strip off their pretensions and they’re forced to acknowledge it’s you that I’ve loved” (Revelation 3:9 MSG).

Dream – Dream of Courage, Boldness, Standing Up, Archie an Enemy

In the night of October 21-22, I had an unpleasant dream. I was confronted with a young false prophet who had seduced perhaps a dozen or so people. He was petty, vindictive, very selfish, and arrogant. If one were to cross him even with a difference in opinion, he wouldn’t tolerate or forgive. It was a scary thing.

I was afraid of him, apologetic, and compromising to the extent that I fully agreed with him, but this wasn’t good enough for him. He was going to have his pound of flesh. I decided that I had to be true to God; there was no profit in compromise, even if the Lord didn’t care, so I decided to confront this fellow.

As I began to withstand him and he began to retaliate, I grew in strength, though still having some trepidation. He picked up a rock and threw it at me. He had little strength so the rock fell low toward my knees. I caught it in my right hand while never taking my eyes off his.

I then closed in on him to lay my right hand on his head, which he strongly resisted but couldn’t prevent. I came against the demons in him in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I repeated the Lord’s Name one or two times. He went stone dead, not in physical life so much as in mental ability, which paralyzed him physically. He wasn’t delivered and I didn’t expect to see a redemption, but he was rendered helpless.

Archie was there, playing with a train set. Presumably, he was aware of what was going on, but preferred to be occupied with his play. When I called for his participation, he argued and became quite antagonistic to the point of physically attacking me. He was full of bitterness and devils.

Experiencing once again the same fears I had just had with the previous fellow, I summoned my courage and strength and withstood Archie, rebuking him in the Name of the Lord Jesus. He sneered, grew taller than me, but departed, not able to stand against me.

As Archie was leaving, I saw Mark in the hall outside, carrying away the man I had rendered helpless.


That fear I experienced is one of lack of faith in the Lord, which leads to compromise and denying Him in everyday life. It had been bothering me, but I was sensing a gradual strengthening and change in me, leading to standing boldly and faithfully in the Lord with everyone, everywhere, and at all times.

This reminded me of Lois’ prophecy I found back in 1984 or 1985. It said:

“Behold, the time is coming when you will hear blasphemous things spoken about God. You will be tempted with fleshly allurements, but stay on the path that is hardest to endure, for you will know Me only on this path. Be prepared to speak the truth to the beasts and to declare your position and power in the Lord Jesus Christ as the day draws near.”

I felt that preparation and rejoiced in it. I saw where my holding back had been for naught, yet there had to come a time when there would be those who say, “He is beside himself.” To everything there’s a time and season, as the Bible says, and I was being prepared for the greatest time of my life by far.

Archie was an arch-enemy. He and his family condemned us as a cult and would do everything to oppose and do me evil, outside of perhaps some forms of criminal violence.

We would see if my expectations were true.

Dream – Changes in Me (not a specific dream)

I perceived some changes in me. My nights were more restful, my dreams slowly altering, and I dwelt less on the earthly and on the past. I had more faith now that the Lord would reconcile all things. I saw more past the veneers or appearances. I more easily discerned by the Spirit the hidden nature of people’s thoughts, words, and deeds. I found myself with an increasing honesty or candidness and willingness to be open about matters. Fear was disappearing, and confidence in the Lord was increasing; however, I still saw traces of fear in junk dreams.

Chiropractic treatment had relieved me of tensions and anxiety, as chiropractors claim they do. Should I attribute all my improvement to chiropractic or had there been supernatural changes in me? Whatever the vehicle of God’s grace, I was thankful.

Dream – Puffy-Eyed from Crying

On this March 8th morning, I awoke with a puffy left eye. I had dreamt of being at George Warnock’s, crying much for their autistic granddaughter, desiring the Lord to heal her. There were many handicapped people there, and I was wondering what the Lord was going to do. Warnock’s daughters were there. It seemed he had three, but I don’t know that is true. It seemed a junk dream to me. I was crying so hard in the dream that I was really crying in my sleep. I was laying on my left side.

Dream – The Two Farmers of THE Dream

On April 4th, Marilyn spoke to Clarence Halma and John Schussler back-to-back on the phone, not having heard from either one in a long time. These are the two farmers I had told in 1996 that I was being taken. I believe they were the two men I saw in the first dream I had in 1972.

Dream – Lord Near and Ready

In the night of April 14-15, 2000, I had a dream wherein the coming of the Lord was on the very edge of both time and space. He was above a full, dark low cloud ceiling. The sky had a rift in it from one side to the other, like a narrow furrow in a plowed field. In that rift was a silver-colored tinsel rope of the kind we strung on Christmas trees years ago (maybe some still do). There was no light but darkness in that rift.

Two persons, a man and a woman, normally but nicely dressed, descended in a swirling pillar of cloud. I saw the cloud come from above but its landing was obscured by a crowd of people. Then these two persons came forth, the pillar cloud returned upward, and it was not until all was done that I realized what happened.

In some anxiety, I approached these persons and laid my right hand on their chests, enquiring of them. I only saw the woman; the man was there but somehow obscure or invisible, and yet he wasn’t. They told me that the Lord was just above the cloud, near and ready to make Himself known. They didn’t seem to have anything special for me – I was only one of the multitudes, although they seemed a little hesitant of me or somehow cognizant of my shortfall with the Lord.

It was like I was nobody with the Lord, quite in contrast to my original dream and many prophecies that have come from my own mouth and that of others. I almost expected, or did expect, some displeasure from the Lord when He descended, at least that I would be ignored.

After all this, I was crying out to Him and weeping. It seemed that I was genuinely, physically weeping in my sleep as well as in the dream, though there were no tears. When I awoke, I was reminded of two things: one, I mustn’t doubt the past and what has happened, as though God was never there and I did my own thing; two, these sessions of darkness into which I get submerged are followed by revelations/events/developments.

“Something is about to go down,” as they say. Therefore, this time, I will thank and praise Him, rather than grovel and grope in this battle. Indeed, before the darkness came, I was warned that it would come, that I should praise the Lord, and that on the other side of the blackness was a victory.

Lois called and said two things – that she was feeling something occurring with me and that things were taking a turn for the better with Trevor.

Dream – Many People to Come

Trevor dreamt that Paul and Kerri would return, and I saw that many people would be coming to the farm and that it would be busy. It is the Lord’s work.

Dream – Lois’ Dream: Two of Victor

About May 23-24, 2000, Lois had a very interesting dream of me. In some busy public place she saw two of me, one, my present age, and one younger (about 25 to 30, she said). They were both clearly me, and they were laughing and talking to each other and to others.

This agreed with the wolf and lamb vision I had, and with Bob Gregson’s dream of the two men, who were also both me. There was also a “both me” in my first dream, as He revealed to me 12 years later.

Dave Roberts in 1975 or 1976 said mockingly, “I suppose you think you’re the two witnesses!” While he was speaking to me, was he meaning just me or me and someone unspecified with me? This comment came up out of the blue; the topic was not remotely discussed, though he and his partner, Bill Kellers, thought I was too serious about spiritual matters. (Dave was co-pastor with Bill; they were later exposed to be homosexuals.)

Dream – Being Killed by Friends

On the night of May 30, 2000, I had a dream. There were people coming to kill me; they were familiar and posing as friends. I had opportunity to run and escape. I was afraid and very sorrowful. I began to run and could have escaped, apparently, but a nondescript friend advised and encouraged me not to run but to let them do their will on me. I expected to be stabbed, more likely from the back than from the front. But when they came, they set me in a large wooden chair with bulky arms, upon which they laid my arms.

There was debate and hesitation among them, almost as if they sought justification within and without to kill me, though I was entirely innocent. The emotional pain of it was terrible. I knew there would be no reprieve or mercy. A great part of the pain was that these people justified themselves and posed as friends, yet were plainly my enemies.

One young man didn’t want to wait any longer. He took an old-fashioned spike in one hand and a hammer in the other. The spike was thick and about four inches long. They held my right arm down on the wooden arm of the chair, and he drove in the spike. I screamed. The pain was horrible, and then shock began to set in and the pain assuaged. They then did the same to my left hand. They took my feet and nailed them, one over the other to the cement floor. I wondered how the spike could penetrate the cement.

Later, I saw my body from above as though it were someone else’s. I saw the gaping wounds in the feet and a large gaping wound in the right side. I don’t recall clearly seeing the hands. Viewing this body from above, I was dressed in a long white gown that hung down to my feet, and on my feet were those spike wounds, quite open and large, not covered by the hem of the gown. A woman looked at my wounded feet as if to say, “No big deal.” I was bare and tender-footed on bare ground.

Marilyn had asked, “Where is God?” The best I could answer was that by remaining and not fleeing, by letting them do their will on me, killing me, this was God. Doing His will was Him. I also felt that this was not a future matter, but one I was experiencing. I’m reminded of Zechariah 13:6:

“And one shall say to him, ‘What are these wounds in your hands?’ Then he shall answer, ‘Those with which I was wounded in the house of those who love Me’” (Zechariah 13:6 MKJV).

I know how Jesus felt when He was taken and slain.

Dream – Lois’ Dreams: Rebuking and Spanking Marilyn

On the night of June 15, 2000, Lois had two dreams, one of rebuking Marilyn, and another of taking her over her knee and spanking her. These dreams came to pass the next day. It was 88 days before that I had the vision of Lois shooting the bear dead.

Dream – Jonathan’s Three Dreams: Sean Dying

In the night of July 22, 2000, Jonathan dreamt three times that Sean died. He told Marilyn, thinking nothing of them, and she told me.

(At some point, in relation to my vision, which could also be tied to Jonathan’s dreams, it was revealed to me that Marilyn had killed Sean, in trying to form him into the kind of person she hoped to have for a god and husband. He followed and obeyed her faithfully against me, disregarding me as owner of the farm, as husband to Marilyn, as an elder in the Lord, as a brother in Christ, and, yes, as a human being. He once said that the sooner I died, the better.)

Dream – Mariko Falls

Mariko appeared to be flirting with, and flattered by, men. Miyoshi, a fellow with Shinji Shumeikai, the Eastern mystic religious organization, was at Harvest Haven recruiting anyone he might. Lois perceived a potentially harmful situation in how he was conducting himself with Mariko. Lois warned her, and Mariko replied that she wasn’t stupid.

A while later, after Mariko went back to Japan, Trevor had a dream of Mariko wherein she called saying she was ill, having eaten something disagreeable. Then Mariko did call, saying she had been sexually involved with an African and feeling as though she was in hell. Lois reminded her of her reaction when warned. Now Mariko wrote and confessed that she had been raped. She thought she could stop at a kiss. Mark was visibly distraught.

Two things I received in this situation: As a child she didn’t receive the affection and attention needed from a father – now she had a weakness with men who approached her; and she had to bitterly learn that she couldn’t play with fire without getting burned, sooner or later. This could be a bad burn – pregnancy, even AIDS. The fellow was African – we’re told a large percentage of Africans have AIDS or are HIV+.

Dream – The Lord Visits Takiko

Takiko was a young lady spending some time at Harvest Haven. Something was happening with her spiritually.

One night, as Paul was up late, he saw a light around her as he walked by her bedroom door. She was reading her Bible. The next morning, she had a sheet of writing to share with us. She was a different person, from carnal hardness to a measure of spiritual humility and receptivity.

A night around this time, she had a dream wherein a child came to her saying she needed to see the bad in people as well as what appeared. Perhaps, in other words, she was told, “Don’t be naïve about people and their apparent goodness.” I had several things to say to her.

When it was time for Takiko to leave, her flight was delayed a day. We spent part of it shucking corn together. “Why one more day, Takiko?” I asked her. From there it led to discussing general aspects and principles of Christian lifestyle – dress, habit, custom, watching for fleshly lusts and controlling them; enmity with the world, even division with family. We had in former days spoken of the Lord and saving faith. Now I felt like she needed some advice on how to conduct herself in mundane matters as well as spiritual.

Lois saw Takiko walking with a light all around her, knowing that the Lord would be with her.

Dream – Hal Lindsay and Cliff Ford

I had a dream on the night of October 12, 2000, in which Paul, Trevor (maybe Mark), and I were at a book sale of new and used books displayed on high shelving units in what seemed to be a retail outlet where were many people. I found a book by Hal Lindsay, which was the size of a large Bible concordance, only half the thickness. I noticed the cover highlighted some of the material within, and while it was somewhat accurate and factual, there was no mention of or witness to the Lord (I knew this to be so).

As I was beginning to pull it off the shelf for inspection and possible purchase (it was $20), Hal Lindsay and Cliff Ford both gruffly came, took the book off the shelf, out of my hands, and set it on the floor in a corner by the bookshelf, as if reserved or already spoken for. They were rather rude and unfriendly, quite impersonal. I was going to say something, but they were gone, lost in the crowd, and I awoke.

Interpretation: I had been watching the International News Briefing at times. My take was that those two men didn’t testify of the Lord. They were afraid and ashamed of their works, rejecting me because I am from God. So are all the works of men, according to John 3:19-21.

“And this is the condemnation, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than the Light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who practices truth comes to the Light so that his works may be revealed, that they exist, having been worked in God” (John 3:19-21 MKJV).

Dream – Addressing Darrell Beaudoin

In the night of November 23-24th, I had a dream of the SDA minister, Darrell Beaudoin, wherein I spoke to him saying, “This is not a condemning statement but only a statement of fact: ‘Your works are of the flesh, all to be burned, and not only unacceptable to the Lord, but provoking Him to anger. Lise is twice the child of Hell you are, and she is your fruit.’”

Dream – World Takeover

On the night of December 26, 2000, I had a dream of a world takeover. I was taken captive, yet submitted to it, knowing it was futile to resist and fruitful to submit. I didn’t think it to be a dream from the Lord, yet it seemed credible.

Dream – Ingrid’s Insincerity

I was bothered by what I saw as a degree of disingenuousness with Ingrid. Then she called on February 19th, saying she had a “nightmare.” She heard a voice saying that unless she repented, that same evil spirit that was sent to Pascal would be sent to her and the children. She began to search after me to lead her to repentance, awaking and pushing away an evil spirit approaching her – end of dream. I later drove to her place where I spoke to her for 3½ hours. She confessed her sins and acknowledged a wicked heart that concentrated on money.

Dream – Ingrid Has Two More Dreams

Ingrid dreamt that a man like unto the E-Free pastor was leaning over her in the night, saying, “We can’t reach her anymore.” I took that to mean that she was free of the power and influence of the enemy.

She also dreamt that she saw three persons talking, saying, “We tried three times to put a good spirit (heart) in Pascal and failed.”

Dream – A Troubled Early Morning Call

Ingrid called at 4 a.m. on February 23rd, having had two more dreams. In the first dream she saw me saying to her, “Ingrid, I am sorry,” as I did regarding Pascal when we last spoke to him, only this time I was sorry concerning her because in the dream she was as Pascal was – given over to evil.

In the second dream, she was with Pascal in the other world; he was ill, dying, and losing his faculties because of a devil in him. She was afraid to be too near him lest she receive his evil spirit (there were multitudes there encouraging her to help him). In this dream, he told her he knew it was the evil in him killing him.

I replied: “Ingrid, dreams come from much busyness, but these are still warnings, so that you will not deny the Lord. He’s faithful to keep you on the straight and narrow.” She was comforted, heeding the warnings. She knew that one day she would have to stand; there would be battles because of spiritual division.

Later that day, the Keelers brought the Gregoires to the farm. Joseph Gregoire was contemptuous and antagonistic toward us, refusing my hand of friendship. They were understandably upset that we said their son was slain by a devil sent by God. Ingrid appeared aloof and withdrawn. I thought, “If she goes, she goes. We have had many come and go, and we were helpless to do anything about it. I have prayed for Ingrid. I can do no more.”

Dream – Sara’s Dream: The Birds

Sara Schmidt related what was happening with her during this time:

I had this dream in May 2001, very shortly after meeting Paul online, and right before my world turned upside down:

I was in the field of the veterinary technology school I was currently attending. We were all talking and mingling as we would. Suddenly coming over us from the horizon, there was a flock of cranes in the deep, bright blue sky. They were breathtakingly beautiful. I watched in awe as they flew overhead. When the sky was full of cranes, from one direction to another, they all stopped flying. They were still in the sky, but they no longer moved or flapped their wings.

The sky turned a bright yellow or yellow-orange color, and the birds burst into flames. They plummeted from the sky, killing whomever they landed atop of. There were suddenly a lot of people there, and the deluge of cranes in flames falling from the sky killed many. Despite the screams and terror that engulfed those about me, I wasn’t afraid. I knew that I wouldn’t be hurt or killed. I ran with a crowd to a large cave, but there was so much chaos and confusion that I was the only one who made it there. End of dream.

When I shared this dream with Paul, he gave me this Scripture: “A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes you shall look and see the reward of the wicked” (Psalms 91:7-8).

Dream – Trevor Goes Whoring with Marilyn for Company

I talked to Marilyn and Lois about Trevor and his most recent infatuation, Wilma Vanden Dool. He had been having dreams and interpreting them as revelation of marrying her. Marilyn had long talks with him, but neither of them breathed a word of it to me. Marilyn was pure whore, seeking to subvert anyone against God to satisfy her lustful fantasies – Jezebel indeed, teaching the Lord’s servants to commit fornication.

I told Paul I couldn’t trust her. I expected she would be taking Jonathan to Calgary to her mother’s. She had been calling her frequently – one whore subtly influencing the other – like mother, like daughter.

Why wouldn’t Trevor talk to me or Paul and have his dreams judged by elders? The answer was simple enough. Marilyn had been defending and justifying him. Let them both be killed with death (Revelation 2:23) – they were utterly unrepentant, whorish, and incorrigible. He wickedly accused Lois and Mark of unbelief and having their agenda when disagreeing with him on his romantic forays. Even Mariko was warning Trevor about Marilyn and Wilma.

As an encouragement from God, Lois received that all would work out for good. Paul received that the situation with Marilyn and her rebellion was almost over; the end of these things was here. Somehow, Sean was tied in with it and it was believed that he was also finished.

Trevor also had a dream of Sean, of shaking hands with him. He interpreted it as being reconciled with him. I say it was his confiding with Marilyn, with Satan and his bride. Trevor was as a perpetual ass in heat – there were Rose, Alina, Erin, Abby Lynn, Kirsten, among others, and now Wilma. Each one of these was the sure wife of his literal, God-given dreams. I was beginning to wonder if the cows, ewes, and hens on the farm were included.

Dream – Sara – The Sacrifice

Sara related:

I had a dream that was quite disturbing to me, but also gave me an overwhelming feeling of anticipation, as I knew that it was something directly from the Lord, and He was showing me what was happening or will happen.

I was in an auditorium, with walls of seats that ascended from the center, much as a nice movie theater would be set up, but much, much larger. There were thousands upon thousands of people in the seats and in the aisles. They were talking loudly, laughing, drinking, and just doing what they do, many having a good time. I was alone, not able to participate and not having anyone to talk to. In the middle of the auditorium, there was a stage set up, and on the stage was a beautifully rich, golden altar. It looked very small and far away to me, for I was in an upper seat. We were here because someone was going to be sacrificed to the Lord.

I knew I was the “intended.” I stood up and stepped into the aisle. A man was joking or laughing, and I had to step around him as I began to walk down. Slowly the vast crowd grew quiet, then grew sober as it watched me walk down to the right of the stage.

At the end of the aisle, there was a stairway leading up to the stage at my left-hand side, and there was a dark doorway straight ahead, in which stood two men of God. They took my hands, led me into the doorway, and told me to prepare myself. I was filled with anticipation and excitement, and was a little disturbed by their words. Prepare myself? Why couldn’t we just get on with it? I wanted it more than anything I had ever wanted in my life.

The room into which I had been led was like a desert. There was nothing to be seen but sand. I kneeled on the sandy floor, and began to pray that the Lord would accept me as a sacrifice to Him. I expected that the time would be short. I was wrong. Two days later I was still kneeling on the floor. My strength was gone, and I had no will left to pray. I was like a dead woman.

The two men of God came back, bringing the altar with them. One took my upper, one my lower half, and they lifted me onto the altar. It took every ounce of strength that they had to do so.

My note: The dream would be fulfilled.

Dream – Book of Wisdom and Counsel

About June 26, 2001, I dreamt I had a book of wisdom and counsel, concerning all matters and people – all things. I felt I had dreamt this, or been there, many times before. I slept well and was greatly comforted (I had been struggling about taking the trip to Wisconsin to visit Stan Howell).

Dream – Trevor’s Dream: Paul to Israel?

Trevor had a vivid dream that Paul had set his alarm for 1:30 AM to catch a plane to Israel. It would be the last one available. Other flights prior to this were canceled (we all believed Paul would be going to Israel soon). We had talked to Talya Polinger in Israel about it. She promised arrangements, friends, and contacts for him. With the war heating up in Afghanistan and so many other things happening, it didn’t look good for Israel or Jews worldwide.

Dream – Sara’s Dream: The Promise

Sara records:

“This dream took place sometime near the end of 2001 or the beginning of 2002, after a time of seeing my selfishness, and my incapability to change it. In the evening, before going to bed, I was anguished and sorrowful, and I asked the Lord to help me, that He would cause me to live for something other than myself, and that I would be changed.

I was sitting at my kitchen table with Victor and Paul. They said to me from the Lord (and I think that I also heard the Words), ‘I will do for you, all that you have asked [of Me]’.”

(I have the “of Me” in brackets because I do not remember if those words were actually said or implied.)

Dream – Mariko’s Dream: Victor Selling Pear Cores

Mariko had a dream of me. I had a basket full of pear cores. I was trying to sell them. I had a sad face.

Yes, I have been stingy, trying to get every drop, taking and not giving. That could be why I was so frustrated with the Hsin Ten marketing system. There was no profit in such a state. God help me! The solution? Be generous and be up front with all.

Paul later received an interpretation to the dream. I was striving to get full value from everything, wishing I had done things differently, and bemoaning the lack of manager placements for the points in Hsin Ten. Things often do not take a known, easily calculated path. Hindsight can say many things, but is silent before its time.

Later, as I was regretting poor points in Hsin Ten, the Lord reminded me that I had deliberately avoided getting caught up in the business for His sake, and these were the resulting consequences. Why should I be surprised that there is a price to pay? And why should I expect the price not to hurt? I was so thankful to know the cost I suffered was not because of neglect or sloth but because of faithfulness to the Lord’s call on my life.

Over 14 years later, after significant developments, I question if that was a dream from the Lord Mariko had or from the accuser of the brethren. You’ll see why. Not that I was without fault of such a nature – I was.

Dream – Lois’ Two Dreams: Marilyn Using Makeup

Lois records that she had these dreams after 2000, but didn’t record the dates, as instructed. She writes:

In both dreams, Marilyn was applying makeup and I was wondering why she needed it. (It speaks of Ahab’s Jezebel wearing makeup – the only one I know of in Scripture that did that).” Doesn’t makeup speak of changing appearance, even covering something unwanted or undesirable?

Dream – Walk Flying

I realized I recently had some dreams of “walk-flying” – the ability to take long steps without touching the ground, the length of the step depending on faith or willpower. It seems years since I had those dreams.

Dream – Marilyn Discovered and Confronted

From my journal:

Last night I gave Marilyn a hug before bedtime, but when I slept, I had a terrible dream of her, which I believe represented her true feelings. In the dream I told her that she simply wouldn’t be happy until she married Sean (she was very miserable). She blew up, came at me with her fists, crying and screaming, then went away to slash her wrists, resulting in blood on the carpet and floors.

Dream – Kerri and the Wolf

About this time, I believe, I had a dream in which I was warning Kerri to not go in a certain direction at a campground in the woods. She was headed for outdoor toilets. It was dusk, and on the path to the facilities stood a wolf. I tried to warn her with whispers, lest the wolf should hear, then louder, because she wasn’t listening. She heard, but would not heed and kept going. I expected the wolf to injure her.

Paul received a verse to go with the vision:

“Therefore a lion out of the forest shall kill them, and a wolf of the deserts shall rob them; a leopard shall watch over their cities. Everyone who goes out from them shall be torn in pieces, because their sins are many and their backslidings are multiplied” (Jeremiah 5:6 MKJV).

Dream – The Fulfillment of a Prophetic Dream

On December 29, I had to continue my full-time job as “match-breaker” and address Paul on his conduct with Ingrid and Chemdah. He was debating marrying one or the other, making his thoughts and intentions clear to them. Though Ingrid had decided he wasn’t for her, he wasn’t convinced because she was also wavering. If she was not going to marry him, then he wished to marry Chemdah.

About this time, Paul attended his nephew Jonathan’s bar mitzvah. Paul’s younger and only brother Seth had invited him to come. At the event, Paul saw before him the fulfilled reality of a dream I had in the ’80’s of his parents and two women. His father was dead, his mother was positive and receptive of him, and there were two women in the scene, which Paul concluded were Chemdah and Ingrid.

Dream – People Coming for Healing

In the night of January 11/12, 2003, I dreamt of people coming for healing. The worldly authorities would try to exercise their power to prevent them from coming and our healing them, but it wouldn’t be a problem. At the time, I didn’t think the dream was of God, but I have reconsidered.

Dream – Lana’s Dream: Many People Worshipping God

In the night of February 15/16, 2003, Lana dreamt that there were hundreds of people in a room, praying, singing and praising God – families and ordinary folk, rejoicing. She said it was like a healing place, a large room.

Dream – Or-Kinds Organics Grocery Store

On the night of February 17, 2003, I had a dream wherein I visited Or-Kids organic store. The business had some activity though not much. I was speaking with a couple of employees. One was a young man who was their bookkeeper, informing me that they were having financial problems. Cherie Petrie came up beside me with a tray to serve someone near me. It seemed like we were in a small deli or quick-serve cafeteria. She was well dressed, appearing attractive and prosperous. She ignored me, as she does in reality, sulking against me, yet appearing to be pleasant, as in real life with us.

Dream – Dahls Starving

In the night of April 19/20, 2003, I dreamt that Cody and Dena were starving, being poor and ravaged. I recalled in the night how he was so unfamiliar with the Scriptures as he red them, like he was reading a strange book and trying to appear eloquent and respectful, even reverent and holy. We would find out just how poor they were.

Dream – The Little Girl (Related)

Then I thought of the little girl Bob Gregson and Paul Cohen each dreamt we had. Did we lose her forever in that miscarriage, falling short of God’s blessing through fault of our own, as Archie prophesied? No, I realized the dreams were unconditional and therefore destined to come to pass without fail. We also know the dreams to be of God because of the testimony of two witnesses.

Dreams from God are seldom if ever meant to be taken literally. Therefore, the dreams were not about a literal, physical little girl. Who or what then did that little girl represent? For years, I wondered until a release of sorts occurred in me. I believe it was at the time I sent Archie the large gift of money, even more than he demanded, which was many times more than was justified. Then, after Ben’s letter, it came to me that the little girl was the Bride of Christ!

And how can that be? Shall we be so arrogant and presumptuous as to dare imagine we bring forth none other than the Church of God? No, there is no arrogance or presumption or evil imagination here. I only report what I received. I understand the little girl to be representative of the universal Bride of Christ, though but a handful of saints God has committed to our keeping.

This afternoon, without my saying anything of those dreams and without telling Marilyn a word of what had come to me last night, Marilyn came and told me the little girl was – you guessed it – the Bride of Christ, and, she added, “without spot or wrinkle” (Ephesians 5:27).

If she and I are together leading this comely, godly girl, why the division and enmity between us? But has there not been enmity between Christ and His bride? All we need to do is read about the Corinthians, the Galatians, and the seven churches in Revelation to find out.

Dream – Marilyn’s Dream: Cody an Imp

In this dream in 2003, we were at the farm. Marilyn was standing in the hall, in front of the closet, I was standing in the hall near the office area, and Cody was around the hall and dining entrance. She saw him as an imp, a mischievous, devilish creature, with a goofy look and silly grin on his face. (Cody has been exactly that way.) It wasn’t his body, and not expressly his appearance, but she knew it was Cody. She was also wondering why I was apparently not seeing him for what he was.

Dream – Ingrid’s Dream: Woman and Dragon

On December 6, 2003, Ingrid had a very interesting, peculiar dream from God. She records:

“The dream was in three parts:

Part one: It was a banquet scene. I saw Pascal and me from the front, looking how we looked about eight years prior (1995).  Many people sat at the banquet table, but I did not recognize anybody.  The banquet table went as far as you could see on the right and on the left. Pascal was on my left, wearing a black turtle neck.  I wore a dark grey turtle neck and old black jeans; my hair was short, like when I lived at Pascal’s parents’ place.  Pascal was telling a story to whoever was willing to listen.

“With my back half turned to Pascal, I talked to a boy who had asked me a question. The people across the table from me, a little to the left, told us about a man and a woman (a king and a queen) who had been killed, leaving a baby orphan who was spared (saved).

Part two: A multitude of people were trying to climb up a steep and slippery mountain.  There were some grooves in the surface of the mountain.  The colour was yellow ivory, and the look and texture of it was much like that of a stalagmite.  The slope was increasingly steep, until it went straight up and then curved back on itself as an overhang. The climbing was hard.

“A young pregnant woman came down the mountain on stairs carved in the rock, carrying a dark-colored platter with beverages.  I saw her from the right.  In the background, I saw all the people trying to climb up the mountain and sliding down.

“Then my view changed, and I was looking from the front of the stairs.  A dragon-dinosaur type of beast was climbing up the mountain among other people on the same stairs as the woman.  It passed the woman, who did not notice it.  It followed her with its eyes and sense of smell much like a predator hunts its prey.  The woman was the orphan child of part one of the dream, and the dragon had looked for her all those years, to kill her.  It made a U-turn and followed the young woman.

Part three: The scene was a flat road.  The same young woman (about eight months pregnant) was wearing a long white full dress with a striped green and yellow piece of fabric wrapped around her belly as a belt.  Her hair was long, wavy, and blondish with red highlights.  She walked and ran on the road without difficulty, despite being pregnant.

“There was an old lady driving a car dated around the early 1900’s. She was dressed in black and wore a black hat (style of clothing from that period); she was very elegant. Two friends were with her in the car, old ladies as well.  She stopped her car to let the young pregnant woman climb in, as she had developed sympathy for the young woman.

Dream – Sara’s Dream: Two Hamsters in One Cage

There was conflict between Marcia and Sara living in the same suite. Sara had a dream at the end of December, 2003, and records:

“This dream took place while I was living with Marcia, and yet we were in no way together, not in interest, not in goals or viewpoint, and not in purpose or spirit. I had hopes while I lived with her that things would change in some way for her, that she would be given faith, victory, and joy in the Lord. Without obedience on her part, my hopes were in vain. My dream:

I was dreaming that I was dreaming, and in my dream within a dream, I saw a box in which there were two hamsters. My view was from the top of the box straight down. There was a dividing line in the middle of the cage or box. One hamster sat still on its side of the box, not moving, but one hamster ran back and forth over the line. I knew that it was supposed to stay on its own side. I had a feeling of foreboding in me, knowing that that hamster was doing wrongly. I knew the hamsters represented Marcia and me.

When I woke up, though still asleep, I told the dream to Paul. I expressed some anguish and concern that I might be the hamster that was transgressing. I thought that it could be possible that I was crossing over to her side, attempting to cause her to believe or something. He smiled, not answering for a moment, and then told me simply that I had nothing to worry about.”

Dream – Sara’s Dream: Biscuit

Sara had a strange dream on January 14, 2004. Her record:


This dream took place during a time of peace between Marcia, Paul, and me. She had just passed a point of obedience.

The atmosphere was dark at the beginning. The sky was gray, and I knew that I was in a country at war. There was a feeling of fear or grimness in the air that does not exist at other times.

I was standing beside a road, and a gray armored vehicle came up the road. Through the window I saw the face of a woman that I did not know, and she seemed to be in pain, or in fear. I had the feeling that she was taken somewhere against her will.

In the next scene, I was beside the bedside of this woman, and was waiting for her to give birth. I knew that the baby would be ours to care for.

Next, Paul and Marcia and I were all in a room with this baby, and we were discussing what to name her. When we began to throw names back and forth, the baby said, “Biscuit!” We all knew that she was saying she wanted to be named “Biscuit.”

I said, “Look, guys, she wants to be named ‘Biscuit,’ so what’s wrong with that?” Let’s name her ‘Biscuit’.”

Paul said, “No way! No child of mine is going to be named ‘Biscuit’!”

Marcia didn’t say anything.

I decided to look up the name “Biscuit” in a book of the meanings of names that we had on hand to see if it was a legitimate name, or had a legitimate meaning.

It read, “Biscuit: War-like.”

I said, “See, Marcia, it means the same thing as your name, so it can’t be bad!”

After this dream, I was laughing about it with Marcia, and she said, “Sara, did you know that Chuggie used to call me ‘Biscuit’?”

I didn’t remember that, and was quite amazed.”

Dream – Marcia’s Admonishment

Sara Schmidt had a dream and writes:

This dream came in May 2004, at a time in which Marcia’s stance was becoming clear, in full color. It also happened during a time in which I was struggling over a reply I was writing to Mom. It was a reply that ‘ended’ things for me in a certain way, and I was given a victory to stand in the Lord:”

Marcia was standing before the throne of the Lord. She stood tall, and I see now that she was hard, unyielding before Him. The Lord was not visible in my line of view; I was watching her. I was out of the center of the court, so to speak, meaning that the Lord was speaking to her, not to me, yet His words were for me as well. He said‘What?! Are your sins, your weaknesses, faults, incapabilities too hard for Me to handle? Are they too much for Me? Can I not take care of those?’” END OF DREAM

I felt like I needed to tell this dream to Marcia. When I did, she gave me no reaction, which slightly surprised me. I asked her if she could accept or own those things that were said to her – did she not have any need? She told me that she couldn’t because she didn’t see how she ever lost hope. I didn’t have any more to say, but Paul had things to say to her regarding repentance. Victor then brought up those same words that the Lord spoke to me after much agonizing about my letter to Mom.

Dream – A House Toppled

I awoke on the morning of June 12, 2004, Shabbat, having dreamt that I was in Nelson’s home. It was rectangular in layout and seemed divided lengthwise in two, like a doublewide mobile home. There was a wall separating the two sections, except for a doorway about ten feet wide. I was with the Nelsons on one side and then passed from that section, through that doorway, to the other.

As I walked, the house suddenly had a slight sway or slow wiggle, as though it was supported on unstable pillars. Entering the second section, I lay down by a fireplace, which was at the partition wall. As I was lying there, I noticed the sway again. I stood up and shifted my weight back and forth some to see if I could sway the house that way, thinking that perhaps the unusual movement was my imagination.

Sure enough, the house wiggled from side to side. I suddenly realized that it wasn’t going to stop. I felt somewhat responsible and afraid the house was now going to topple.

One would think that the house would fall flat, on collapsed pillars, but it didn’t. It toppled over on its side, with one side against the ground and the other in the air. I and others (seemed like the Nelsons), climbed over to the upper side and looked out the door. What did we see but a memorial to the dead, which had been under the house, the kind one sees by roadsides where loved ones had been killed in a traffic mishap. There was a cross, wreaths, and flowers — that sort of thing. That was the dream.

Interpretation: The last time I saw Bob and Karen was in March ’04 on a plane to Minneapolis after the Hsin Ten Disney Cruise. We were supposed to be in Florida for six hours, before our next flight, but it turned out that flights and stopovers changed. This put us on the same flight only about four rows away from the Nelsons. God arranged it.

Knowing I wasn’t likely to get any hospitality from them, I still asked them what we could do in their home city for a six-hour stop. They didn’t offer any hospitality but suggested a visit to the Mall of America. Prior to that, on the cruise ship, Bob told us he didn’t want us to think he was ignoring us on the cruise, but that he was trying to spend some “quality time” with his wife.

When Paul, Jonathan, and I had been in Minneapolis three years ago, Karen had treated us like the plague, wanting nothing to do with us. This was after we had shared about the Lord and spiritual reality with them. Bob chose to identify with his unbelieving wife rather than with believers and brethren in Christ. He honored the dead rather than the living. We uncovered the secret.

I checked the records and dates. Bob Nelson had visited us at the farm and spent the day with us on June 2, 2001. On the same day, we had blessed his family and prayed for corrected relationships. He called on June 10, talking about establishing priorities and doing the right thing. This was almost exactly 3 years (add two days) from the time he called to the night of this dream. His house was toppled and his honoring of the dead exposed.

It’s interesting that I had this dream on the heels of news that Stan died. In fact, Stan died on the third anniversary of Bob’s visit with us at the farm. The curses Stan had pronounced on us, which he called prophecy, fell on him.

Dream – Questions and Answers of the Lord

My present questions of the Lord are:

One, do I know what I am saying in proper application?

Answer: Yes, You have said, “Speak to all alike.”

Two, are You sending me?

Answer: You would not say the first if You were not sending me.

Three, are we needlessly offending?

Answer: I lay down my life, speak forth, and people will be offended. However, if we are to speak to all alike, how is that needlessly offending? Many will indeed hate what we say. Was John the Baptist needlessly offending with Herod, who had him beheaded? Was Jesus needlessly offending the money exchangers in the Temple, the Pharisees, scribes, doctors, and the authorities?

Four, what about the Nelson dream interpretation?

Answer: The dream is true and so is the interpretation, and it is fulfilled. The Nelsons are exposed. Nobody has confronted Bob on his righteousness, in which he trusts and walks while he worships the dead. Nobody has confronted Karen, either. They have been living false lives. Bob knows better, as Adam did, yet he follows Karen, as Adam did Eve.

Dream – Sara’s Dream: Two Lions

On June 24 or 25, 2004, Sara had a dream from God. Her record:

I saw myself standing on a balcony (to a castle?) above a curved set of stairs.  My demeanor was quite different. I stood tall and straight and regal in a white or light-colored dress that flowed with multiple layers. The scene was beautiful, with a jungle atmosphere. The colors were rich, dark, and deep, and flowers grew on vines that wound up the railing of the stairs. There was jungle all about, but immediately below the balcony, beside the stairs, there was a round clearing.

Into the clearing strode a great lion. He was beautifully majestic and proud and was very strong. I could admire his beauty and had a healthy respect for his strength. A mangy-looking wolf also came out of the jungle and into the clearing, from my left. It faced the lion and they began to fight. From the great strength of the lion, it appeared that the wolf was no match.

There was another creature, a coyote perhaps, that came in right after the wolf and watched the fight. As the wolf fought the lion, I saw with sadness that the lion lost strength. It became very thin and its coat became mangy like the wolf’s. The wolf soon had the better of the lion, and the coyote jumped in to help rip it apart. Rip it apart they did. It was very bloody. The fight was quick, about 30 seconds.

Suddenly, out of all directions in the jungle behind, there came a crowd of wild beasts. A second lion came into the clearing, and he was as beautiful and as strong as the first. There was now a little girl next to me, and she also admired the lion, as did I. Even though there were many of the beasts, the lion was very strong and they looked small and weak in comparison. I believed that he should be able to defeat them all.

The beasts rushed onto the lion, and he too lost strength and beauty, and then the beasts ripped him apart. I remember a small beast running into the jungle dragging the lion’s dismembered tail in its mouth.

The little girl beside me began to cry, gently sobbing in sorrow. I knelt beside her, holding her in my arms, and said, “No, no, it’s OK.” I was quite sad as well, but knew that things needed to be as they were. END OF DREAM

There would come a surprising fulfillment of Sara’s dream.

Dream – Dream – Hospital in Another World?

On about July 5, 2004, I had a very strange dream, one that seemed so real, yet I don’t know if it was from the Lord, but here it is:

Paul and I were in a hospital visiting and ministering to someone in a palliative ward – the person was dying, perhaps of cancer. Down the hall about 20 yards away, I saw my uncle Mel Chute (about age 50) and his son, Donny (in his late teens) seated in a waiting area. When they saw me Mel burst into tears with terrible grief. Without being told, I knew Donny was dying of cancer. I didn’t know what to do or say. I decided to walk over to them. Mel wept and Donny broke down crying. I took Donny and passionately embraced him.

I wanted to heal him and knew God could do it; at least I wished to speak comforting words to them, which I did. I said: “Donny, you have to go; don’t be afraid, it’s okay; there’s need of you to go – a purpose in the next realm.” I wasn’t offering them the hope and comfort they desired but the words I spoke were an anchor to secure them in their great grief. Mel remained in grief, but it was as though they reluctantly received the knowledge I gave them and could bear the circumstance. I might have given them a hug of comforting. I don’t recall.

I called Aunt Hazel about it. She thought I was in error, telling me Mel had passed away years ago, thinking I didn’t know it. That is partially why the dream was so strange to me. It was strange because I saw Mel and Donny as I had known them many years ago, Donny still a young man, and I knew that Mel had passed on. It wasn’t strange in that I knew the reality of “out-of-this-world” kinds of things happening. I know that worlds are interconnected, and ruled from above.

Could it be that in this life, Donny made some sort of decision or suffered something spiritually unpleasant, of which his father was aware in the next world, and which seemed to have ugly consequences for time to come? Yet, we know that God reigns supreme and will finalize everything in perfection.

Dream – Paul’s Dream: Man with Imbedded Crosses

On July 9th, Paul reported an incident at Real Food Store in Helena. Jim Barngrover blew up at him publicly, as a madman when Paul had greeted him in the lineup at the cash desk. Just prior to that, Paul had a dream. He recorded:

This was perhaps the most horrible sight I had ever seen. In my dream, there was a man who appeared to have a multiple-tiered cross inside his body, deforming him into a monstrosity of impossible dimensions, yet he could function and was somehow attaching people or getting people to attach themselves to these extensions like one would hang laundry from a drying rack. It does not make sense but there was room for others though he was a normal-sized man. He then went to jump off a cliff, much like the Mexican cliff divers do, from a very steep and rocky precipice.

The very thought was sheer madness, and I wished to warn him off, but I had no access to him and he was simply set on doing this foolhardy thing regardless of what anyone said. He jumped off the cliff and smashed into the wall somewhere not far down, though I did not see exactly what happened at that point or afterward. [END OF DREAM]

Shortly after I received this vision, we knew this man was Jim Barngrover. He had been livid with us for speaking to his sister Peggy of her sin and the fact that she was dying of cancer because of it. Jim had been speaking to everyone we mutually knew, trying to turn them away from me. He had my landlord Tom Bump evict me from a cabin I was renting. [END OF PAUL’S RECORD]

On July 21st, I found out Jim Barngrover had called Hsin Ten in New York (the Chi business distributor) to condemn us, telling office representative Jason Derkevics we were using them as a front for our religious agenda. Jason knew better, and Kenny Lai, the New York manager, knew better.

I was surprised at the accusation for two reasons: one, why would anyone go to the lengths Jim was going to slander and do us evil? Two, I had purposed to keep the Harvest Haven business quite separate from our spiritual ministry, known on the web as The Path of Truth, fearing people might accuse us of using a spiritual front to merchandise. Now we were getting the opposite accusation.

In a month’s time, Paul would discover that Tom broke his arm. There would be even worse for Jim.

Dream – Sara’s Dream: Marcia into the Arms of another Man

Sometime in 2004, Sara had this dream. She records:

Right after Marcia and I had separated [ceased rooming together], the Lord gave me a dream wherein I received an e-mail from her. I brought it to Paul’s house and we red it together. She wrote, ‘I am going into the arms of another man.’ When I told Paul this dream, we both knew that it was for him (Paul) that she had joined herself to us, and not for the Lord.

Editor’s Note: The fulfillment would come.

Dream – Dena Flees Cody

I had a dream in the night of August 16, 2004. Cody was displaying a chart, presenting it to an audience. Dena was helping him hold it on the wall. He was saying (words to this effect), “If you say it’s for the church, you can write it off as an expense,” or “And the great thing about it is that you can have the best of both worlds.” He was mixing the spiritual with mammon or using God to make money.

I then saw another scene in the dream wherein Cody and Dena were walking inside a haystack, with only their lower legs showing. It covered them entirely, was about two or three feet above their heads, rounded at the top, and about six feet in diameter. Then Dena made a sudden and unexpected move, deliberately or not, I couldn’t tell. They fell to the ground under the stack that collapsed with them.

Suddenly, Dena wriggled out from under the hay. Seeing an opportunity to escape, she dashed away eagerly from Cody without looking about or back.

Cody then scrambled out of the hay, stood up and cried out to Dena, “Come back here!” He began to chase her but then stopped as if giving up the thought. His cry wasn’t one of love or consideration or even sadness. It was the cry of someone whose slave, child or pet dog had escaped in disobedience. He was upset, yet not really caring.

That’s the way Cody has been in everything. Dena didn’t return, nor did it seem that she ever would. She made good her long-awaited escape.

Dream – Sara’s Dream: Land Sunken in the Sea

On March 20th, 2005, Sara had a dream. Her record:

Paul woke me up and said, ‘Come look outside, Sara!’

I walked to a window and looked out on the land.  I was in a castle, and in an upper room so that the sight stretched out below me.

The land immediately surrounding the castle was solid, but as I looked a little farther out, I could see that it was quite broken up with inlets of water, and out beyond that, only water. I seemed to be on an island in the middle of the ocean.

Victor also stood beside me, and he said, ‘There is no more land.’

‘No more land?’ I asked wonderingly. All of the world, the continents and nations, everything, had sunk below the water. I saw a ship sunken beneath the waves in an inlet of water. It was not an old-fashioned ship, but an ugly industrial tanker of some kind.

I knew that this was done by the judgment of God. It was an awesome thing to witness and to be kept from the destruction. I was not afraid, or sad, but awed by what the Lord had done.

Victor’s comment:  This is the reality as it exists. The Lord is showing you that you needn’t expect much to happen other than what is happening with us. Like it or not, believe it or not, we are “the chosen few.” Look around you, reflect on what our experiences are, despite the thousands of contacts. They come professing, and go hiding or denouncing. The ship represents the works of men.

One may say that the Lord brings the judgment, and He does indeed do so, but we can recognize that He brings it by us as well. WE are responsible for the sunken ships, by the words He gives us to speak to judge the world. “Many will fall because of the words I have given you to speak…”

Dream – Bob Gregson – Deformed, Grotesque Being

I delivered some groceries to Bob and Ron Gregson at Paramount Printers on Friday, June 10, 2005. At that time, Bob related a dream he just had and asked what I thought of it. I don’t recall exactly, except that he saw a grotesque, intelligent being that would normally be despised and avoided. There was an indication that Bob had a choice as to how he would react to this being. I told him I was that grotesque being and that he was viewing me as such a creature.

Dream – Cody Reconsiders

On December 9th, 2005, we learned Cody wanted Dena back. Now conventional, orthodox Christianity would teach that she ought to return, that God hates divorce and that wherever amends can be made, should be. Not this time. By revelation, I believed Dena was set free by the Lord. Still, she had her struggles, and wondered about it all, but remained steadfast against the temptation of returning to a man she had been united to (in a manner of speaking) for 20 years or so. The vision I’d had of them was coming to pass (See Particle, “Dream – Dena Flees Cody from Haystack”).

Cody would begin a campaign of several and varied efforts to retrieve Dena as his wife, alternating between showing concern and demanding that she obey him. He took her out for a fancy dinner and generally pressed her to return. I told him he treated her no better than chattel or a dog. I likened their situation and his attitude to that of someone tossing a rubber ball against a wall and expecting it to come back at his will. No more. For her to go back to him would be equivalent to a dog returning to its vomit.

Cody had asked for my support to encourage Dena to come back. He may as well have asked me to eat dung or to feed it to her. Dena struggled, while Cody sent a letter condemning me. We were all amazed at the things he said, so darkened and foolish they were.

Dream – Mark’s Dream: Mariko as His Helper

Mark records:

Within the last days of September 2004, I had a dream of Mariko for two consecutive nights. This was odd because I don’t remember ever having a dream of Mariko, even when we were quite involved. When I had these dreams, I had not seen Mariko for two and a half years and had not had much communication with her for some months. I had finally come to a place inside of me of letting her go.

The first was of Mariko accompanying me to a large lecture hall.  As we entered the hall and maneuvered to get a seat, she was walking closely in front of me and I was guiding or steering her where to go or sit from behind by gently holding her arm.

After being seated in a large audience (it reminded me of one of the large rooms at the Lethbridge Lodge) and the lecture began, I felt a need to confront the speaker, in the name of the Lord, on something he had said. I stood up and began to address him (I don’t remember on what though).

What stood out was, contrary to how I had known Mariko to be, she was supportive of what I was saying and stood with me as I spoke. This was a stark contrast to before where I would find her in spirit, supporting the other side when I took a stand in the Lord.

The following night I had another dream where I saw Mariko sitting on my bed in my orange room downstairs, beside my lamp. It was as if we were married and she was beckoning to me with an outstretched hand, inviting me to come over to her. It had no sense of being unclean.

Both of these dreams were very real but I hesitated to tell anyone about them right away, especially the second one, as I felt like I had finally let go of Mariko and was wondering why I would have such dreams at that time.

Within the next few days, however, Mom related to me that while she had not thought of Mariko for a long time and could not even really remember her face, in the last several days she had very clearly seen Mariko’s face in her mind several times.

It was also within a few days of that when Victor suddenly had an urging to write Mariko, though he too had not thought of her for a long time, and tell her she was perishing where she was. That precipitated Mariko quitting her job and coming to Canada on July 12 the following summer (2005).

Editor’s note, 2017: I see this now as akin to Europe sympathetically taking in Muslim refugees. Consequences! With hindsight, I see what hell I was inviting.

Oh, Lord! I had no idea! Did I inquire of You about bringing Mariko in? I don’t recall that I did, though I may have.

Dream – Mark Wrestles and Overcomes Man

I had a dream on the night of September 30, 2004, the night before Mark and I met with an intelligent, educated, professional man to speak to him of Far Infrared and Grander water revitalization technology. In the dream, Mark was wrestling someone and defeating him by locking his opponent’s left leg, creased over his own. The opponent was flat on his belly.

I realized, in recounting the dream to Lois and Mark, that the person was the man to whom we had spoken the day previous. I perceived that Mark, in his sales presentation of Grander and Far Infrared (FIR), overpowered him, though I am not quite sure how. The fellow ended up attending a HSIN TEN product promotion meeting at Harvest Haven and ordering a FIR Dome and Grander technology. The man was Dr. Karstan Lachman, a dentist in Lethbridge.

There would be conflict in the future.

Dream – Ingrid’s Dream: Marilyn Rejoicing in the Lord

Ingrid had a dream of Marilyn rejoicing in the Lord, raising her hands in praise, saying, “Then I heard the voice of the saints. I’ve been through a hard time.” It was as though she was describing the process she had gone through. All of us were rejoicing in the dream.

Dream – Paul and Sara Contort

In the night of August 8/9, 2005, I had a strange and unpleasant dream. Paul and Sara were together, performing a grotesque dance/pilates/martial arts action, in which Paul was full of vigorous contortions and countenance changes. There seemed to be a certain sexual element as well, at least in thought and spirit.

Dream – Sara’s Dream: In the Castle with Marcia

In the night of September 25/26, 2005, Sara dreamed a dream. Her record:

Paul and I lived in a castle. He was a king and I held a position of high authority as well, like a queen (and maybe even with that title), but Paul and I were not married, just very close, and he had no one else with whom he was close. During the night-times, wolves hunted and stalked the countryside around the castle, and the atmosphere ‘out there’ was always dark and menacing, but particularly at night.

In the castle, things were much better, but there were still worries and pressures of everyday life. I had just a taste of these in my dream, as I saw Paul wearied by the responsibilities and issues of the day.

That night, I positioned myself to spend the night in a chair with my legs stretched out before Paul’s doorway. Although we had a guard in the hall outside our quarters (I had a separate bedroom, but it was right next to Paul’s), I knew that I had to keep watch instead. I wanted to be certain he received a good night’s sleep that night.

Around the middle of the night, Marcia flew up the stairs to our quarters in a rage. She wished to burst into Paul’s room to vent and stew; I think she was upset that she could not stay at the castle.

I stood in the doorway, blocking her passage, and said, ‘You are not going to disturb him. You cannot pass.’ She looked at me in a withering fashion, as if she wished to kill or injure me, but I stood firm, unafraid. The next thing I saw, she was cast out of the castle, driving her car on a dark, winding road in the black of night. She had a scowl of hatred, anger, and fear.

Victor’s comment:

Sara had a conflict with Marcia on many matters, rooted in the spiritual; Marcia had to go, and go she did.

Dream – Trevor’s Dream: Cody in Death and Regret

On December 27, I record that Trevor had a dream of Cody dying and being sorry on the “other side.”

Dream – Gorbachev Returns

You can revisit my report of the dream I had of Gorbachev falling into, and rising back up out of a grave as swiftly as he had fallen in (The Soviet Union CrumblesDream: Gorbachev Falls in Grave and Rises)It seems he represented Russia, its temporary humiliation, and ultimately its resurgence.

Now we see Vladimir Putin drawing Russia back to its former ways of totalitarianism and repression, oppressing the Ukraine, threatening other former Soviet bloc nations, and even brandishing his long-range nuclear missiles at the West. Is Gorbachev personally involved? Will he personally return to power, or is he in power more than we are led to believe? I think the vision pertains to Russia, not just Gorbachev.

Dream – Ingrid’s Dream: A Woman Confronted and Spoiled

In my journal, I have an entry on January 3rd saying Ingrid had a dream. She writes:

Here is the dream I had the night before last (which would be the night of January 1/2):

Victor was sitting at a table on a cafe patio. He was facing a sea. A woman came from behind. She was extremely thin and sick. Her hair was cut short and pale blond. Her eyes were of a pale washed out blue. She was nicely dressed, almost designer clothing, a thin light blue fabric. She had silver earrings. She looked almost like a zombie, she was so pale and thin. She went and sat next to Victor, at his left side.

Victor then leaned over to the left and told the lady that she was in the state she was in because of her sins. At first, she put her head in her hands and bent forward, she was also leaning on Victor’s shoulder. Victor was comforting her, as you would comfort a child, holding her. Then, she got very, very upset, saying with a loud voice full of indignation: ‘You are saying it is because of my sin!?’

She then jumped into the sea. The water turned very hot, so hot that it was burning the people who were swimming in it. I recall seeing a father holding a little child being in the water. The wind then came up very strong, and waves were washing out everything that was on the shore. When the waves stopped, Victor was still sitting at the same place he was at the beginning, having not been disturbed or affected by anything, not even wet. He was calm, at peace, with a slight smile on his face. That was the end of the dream.

Dream – Ingrid’s Dream: Cody Jumping on our House

Cody was writing and phoning, very angry with Dena and with me, accusing and blaming. Ingrid had a dream of him jumping on our house, over the skylight, hopping from right to left and left to right, shouting, “I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it!”

Editor’s Note: Years later, with great chagrin, we would come to see who was to blame for what.

Dream – Sara’s Dream: Expect the Impossible

On the Sabbath, September 2, 2006, I spoke to everyone by phone conference. I said, “The Lord is about to do something very wonderful. When is the last time you jumped up and down for joy like a little child? You, we, will soon be doing so!”

Then Paul and Sara spoke up saying Sara had just had a dream the previous night. Her dream spoke of my jumping for joy and having prophecies for Paul and others. Sara records this dream she had on the night of September 1 or 2:

I was at the farm, sitting around the table outside with everyone else (all of us), and Victor had a prophecy for each one of us, and passed them out around the table as written documents. He was very happy and excited, jumping up and down with joy, and when passing out Paul’s, he red it out loud to all. I don’t remember the content exactly, but it spoke of wonderful things to come for Victor and Paul together. Victor gave me a smile as he handed me my prophecy, and, upon reading it, I was also happy. It spoke of loving the Lord with all of my heart, mind, and strength, serving Him, and living for nothing else.

In the midst of these things we were being told to ‘expect the impossible.’ It was very clear, and it was a command from the Lord. I had the distinct feeling that He spoke of a specific situation to come wherein it would seem like the solution or necessary outcome would be impossible, and He says, ‘Expect the impossible.’ Not hope for it, or try to lift ourselves up to believe it, but simply expect it to be done.

In the next part, a whole bunch of people were tearing down the big Catholic cathedral that dominates Helena, with enthusiasm. Paul and I were walking amongst them and watching. It was a lot of work. Paul picked up a goblet from amongst the rubble, and said, “I don’t know that all of this is necessary. I think this is all we need to do,” and he threw the goblet to the ground where it was dashed to pieces. He was not against the work of the tearing down of the cathedral, but it seemed to me as if what he did with the goblet was symbolic of what was happening to people inside.

Dream – Space Vehicle

I don’t know that there’s anything to this, but last night (September 2/3, 2006) I dreamt that in 5 years, there will be a craft designed and produced with a new source of energy to enable common man to travel safely and economically in space, whether orbiting the earth or going to the moon. I saw a craft that seemed quite sturdy, but no larger than a modern Volkswagen. The energy to operate it would cost almost nothing. I saw the craft as designed for one person but it seemed it would be able to carry more.

Dream – Paul’s Dream: Determined Woman

Paul and Sean were corresponding and discussing Sean’s return to Harvest Haven from Toronto. At that time, Sean was dealing with his relationship with his mother. She was being very religious, so unreal, and wasn’t in favor of the direction he was taking with us. Why? We were confronting her on her great lack before God and she insisted we were wrong.

Sean was sharing her letters to him with us. When she realized it, she was offended, saying her privacy had been violated. I told him Satan ever focuses on externals, form, and decorum, but hates substance. If he’s to become a part of our lives, should he not share those things with us? A community is a community and the affairs of any individual affect the rest, like it or not. Therefore, each is accountable to the group. How could it be otherwise?

Paul records: “In the night of September 19th, I dreamt I saw a woman older than me, who seemed a bit feeble and perhaps could use some help getting up steps or some such thing. When I offered to do that for her she brushed me off, like she was more than able to take care of herself. I saw her later going up a muddy hill on the back of a large dog. She was able to perform all kinds of prodigious physical feats and showed a determined will to engage in what seemed to be very difficult and unnecessary endeavors. She went ahead of me and the next thing I knew the dog was running back trying to attack me.”

We believe this was Audrey Goff, Sean’s mother, and the dog was the false religious system.

Sean arrived at Paul’s in Helena on September 27th, and at the farm on the 28th, 2006, just over 6 years (in the 7th year) after he left in 2000.

Dream – Marilyn’s Dream: An Impossibility Overcome

In September of 2006, Marilyn dreamt that we were all together walking and observing what was around us. Then the scene changed. Everything was a dark dirty, icy-gray color. We were at the top of an ice wall, except for Marilyn and an unidentified person to her left. Marilyn and that person were both trying to climb that wall but Marilyn found the sagging, horizontally-hanging ropes impossible to climb. The harder she tried to climb, the more they sagged.

The rest of us were encouraging Marilyn to climb up. It seemed some had climbed up by the ropes and I was just up there. That scene was in the distance from her point of view. Marilyn then looked to her right and all became light, with bright colors in the scenery; things were very close. She was now on the scene, having easily entered. She was able to walk up and around to join everyone at the top.

Marilyn doesn’t know what happened to the other person. She now tells me some years later she believed it was Lois but didn’t say so, not being sure and thinking Lois had already climbed up. I said the person on her left was Unbelief. As Marilyn repented of unbelief by looking to the right, she found the way to victory.

“Let not the left hand know what the right hand does.”

Editor’s Note, June 5, 2017: In discussing this dream with Marilyn today, we realized in the aftermath of momentous events we will divulge in the future how this dream was fulfilled. It was nothing as we thought. This dream spoke of entrance into victory by faith and not by works.

Dream – Marilyn Confesses Bitterness with Mother

Dream – Sara’s Dream: Little Boy Flushes Baby

Paul, Sara Schmidt, Dallas and Sarah Cooper returned to Helena October 8th after the weekend visit at the farm. It wasn’t long before conflicts began to surface. On October 13th, 2006, Sara Schmidt had a dream. She recorded:

I was out somewhere, and the atmosphere was kind of gray or gloomy. I walked into a public bathroom (which was very utilitarian & cold-seeming) and a little boy followed me in. I wondered what this boy was doing in the women’s restroom, and wondered where his mother was, why he wasn’t being supervised. I headed to the open stall at the far left-hand side of the room, and the little boy walked to the stall beside mine, though the door was closed.

I continued to wonder what he was doing, figuring that perhaps his mother was in there. I stepped into my stall but suddenly felt like I wanted to know what the boy was doing there. I came back out and as I looked into the stall next to me (which was now open), I saw the top of the head of a little baby girl get flushed down the toilet, the little boy having flipped the flusher.

Immediately I was filled with panic, my heart racing. I thought, ‘Where’s the mother?’ (meaning the mother to the baby, or possibly the mother to the boy – I knew there was no connection between the baby and the boy; they weren’t brother and sister), ‘What can I do? A plunger? Can I find a plunger? Save the baby! Have to save the baby!’ All of these thoughts raced through my head within a second or two. It just as quickly dawned on me that a baby had just been flushed down the toilet! There was nothing I could do to save it; it was dead.

At the time I had this dream, I told it to Paul, still being somewhat shaken by it. He told me that he believed the boy to be Dallas, saying that he could see Dallas doing something like that, and we have to keep our eyes on him. I didn’t see it at the time but didn’t disbelieve what Paul was saying. Nothing, as of yet, had happened with Dallas in the negative really.”

Paul wrote:

When Sara first told me the dream it struck me as a significant dream from the Lord. I saw the boy being Dallas. I didn’t know what to expect, but already the signs were there that he had no real appreciation or love of Truth. The dream came ten days before the incident with the health meeting wherein Dallas despised what Victor had to say and became angry, resenting having gone to the meeting though God had promised something good to come of it.

When Sara reminded me of this dream the other day, immediately I realized that the boy was indeed Dallas, and the dream had been fulfilled ten days after Sara had it, during the incident of the meeting. Dallas had flushed whatever good he had received from us, the living Truth and Word of God, down the toilet – the baby girl. For a time, it was in his possession, but he despised the goodness of God and disposed of Him to keep his sins and lies.

It happened so fast, without apparent warning (except he was warned by the Word of God that we spoke to him), and there was nothing we could do about it, as Sara experienced in the dream. By the time it happened, it was done, too late to do anything; the baby was gone. That’s why we couldn’t reason with him, nor could he hear anything after that event. Sarah, his wife, is one with him, so that includes her, too.

I also saw that Dallas, as represented in the dream by going to the woman’s bathroom, was going places he didn’t belong. He was acting presumptuously and lawlessly. END

I, Victor, in retrospect, would say Dallas was in the ladies’ washroom to indicate his subservience to his wife Sarah who was encouraging him as some great called one of God.

Dream – Mark’s Dream: Mark’s Monsters

While Lois and I were in Helena visiting Paul and Sara, we were led to pray for Mark that he would be delivered of having an inordinate affection for Japan and all things Japanese. The second thing we asked for was his deliverance from a great obsession with mountain climbing. I had been embarrassed by him when in Austria, as there was a tiny mound of snow about 4 meters high he had insisted on climbing. I was in awe of his idolatry and foolishness. It was not just insane; it was satanic. However, I didn’t have it to address the issue or even recognize it as a demonic possession.

Days later, not having known anything about what had happened with us in Helena, Mark dreamt a dream at the farm. He records:

I had a dream early in the morning of November 18, 2006of having to deal with two monster-like entities. I identified them as demon-like.  I rebuked them in the Name of the Lord and they left. Later in the day, after being addressed on and repenting of [my] forceful selfishness and mean humor, Victor related the prayer that all had in Helena while he and mom were visiting there the previous week. It was a prayer for deliverance from the controlling spirits of idolization of Japan and mountain climbing. I then related my dream from that morning that provided confirmation of that deliverance having been accomplished. Praise the Lord!

Dream – Mark and Mariko – Two Dreams and a Third

Mark records: “Early in the morning of November 26, 2006, I had two dreams – one was of three cataclysmic events and the second of a father preparing to perform a mercy stroke on his son. These dreams were on the same morning as Mariko’s dream of a blood-covered battlefield.

Three Cataclysmic Events: In the first dream I wasn’t able to remember what the events were but there were images of three very traumatic and violent events that had impacted the world. In the one event, I did remember that the earth was being shaken by some sort of massive impact.

Father Prepares for Mercy Stroke on Son: In the second dream (I was not positive of the order of these dreams) I saw a father dressed in chain mail armor coming out of a rather modern era old farmhouse. He had a sword by his side and he was going outside because he knew that his son had been mortally wounded (I had the impression that he had been wounded in some sort of battle). He was intending to put his son out of misery. He was sad and apprehensive but resolute.

However, just as he stepped outside, the door of a small structure like an outhouse swung open and his son’s head rolled out onto the ground and the eyes blinked. The father was shocked and sad but relieved that he did not have to be the one to finish him off.

Bloody Battleground: Mariko also had a dream this morning, in which she saw what was like the aftermath of a battle as if everything had been burnt or bombed, and covered in blood for as far as she could see.

Before going to bed the night before, Mariko and I had both felt unsettled – about what, we were not sure. Feeling even more unsettled, Mariko asked me if I could say things will be alright. I said I couldn’t. All I could say was that the only way we can be kept is in the Lord. If He keeps us, we will be OK and if He doesn’t, then we won’t. All we can do is look to Him.

We started work on Japanese translations on the same day, Nov 26, 2006.

Editor’s Note, June 5, 2016: We would see the fulfillment of these dreams.

Dream – Confronting False Christianity Head On

Paul received a letter from Randy and Nancy Moy, a religious couple from Helena who had first contacted him in appreciation of a letter he wrote in a local paper differentiating the God of Israel from the god of the Koran. Paul and Sara then met with Randy and Nancy, sharing much about their lives in the Lord and what He has taught us. Afterward, Paul met their pastor, Tom Banks, and had things to say to him about the falsehood he was promoting in their church (International Church of Helena).

Now Randy and Nancy were telling Paul in ever so “nice” and pious terms they didn’t want to have any more contact with him and Sara. They outright rejected the Lord and vaunted themselves over Him in false love.

By the next day, December 2nd, 2006, I became very angry with the letter and on a conference call, we agreed that Paul should go to their church the next day and speak during the pastor Tom Banks’ service, without respect to it or their decorum. I’ve never been so upset over anything like this. Marilyn and I both felt like vomiting at the contemptible garbage coming forth from Randy and Nancy. It was horrible. Sean thought it was just fine and good before we said otherwise.

Days before, Mariko had a dream wherein all she saw was much blood. I took a walk after the call and remembered Sara’s dreams of the great lions trashed by the mangy wolf, coyote and other wild beasts. It was brutal and very sad, but necessary. I wondered if tomorrow was not going to be the fulfillment of the first dream, with my following Paul to be slaughtered next. Paul likened Tom Banks to a loser, even as the mangy wolf was described.

We concluded that all was good, we couldn’t lose or die, and that the victory was ours, no matter what happened. Paul was eager to go and here is what happened the next day when they went:

Banks had just finished his notices and asked if there was anything else. Paul replied that he had something. He and Sara had stood, not accepting when offered seats, waiting for the time to speak. I expected Paul to address the spiritual forces of evil. However, what he simply said was, “The Lord is displeased that you are destroying yourselves in your sins as you do.

An older man in the audience of about 50 people immediately shouted, “Get out of here!” Others too were murmuring as Tom said, “You are welcome to stay but not to speak.” Paul replied, “That is exactly what you are doing to the Lord.” And they left, noting that Randy and Nancy were in the audience.

Dream – Mark’s dream: Mark Rebuked

Today, on the February 24th Sabbath, we talked on conference. Mark was confronted very directly and forcefully. I had things to say and saw that his dream of two weeks ago was fulfilled today. Paul and Sara believed the same. The dream as Mark tells it:

I was sitting with several others (perhaps Trevor and mom but I can’t be sure) on the front steps of our house in Stettler when I noticed the clouds were moving faster and faster. I called this to the attention of whoever I was with but they did not seem to notice. Then I saw a dark cloud that started to move in a circular motion and I think I again called this to whoever’s attention but with little results.

Then I saw a funnel cloud form and start to descend.  It was descending right on top of me. It moved quickly and somehow pinpointed me from among everyone. As it was happening I remember saying, ‘I deserve to die’ to the Lord, in recognition of my sin, and then I said ‘Lord have mercy on me’ as the whirlwind was lifting me up. I remember being at peace starting from about when I said ‘I deserve to die.’

Dream – Ingrid’s Dream: Sean and His Mother

In the night of March 15/16h, 2007, after Sean’s mother Audrey and third husband Vinton dropped in unannounced for a visit with Sean, Ingrid had a dream (we interpreted it to be of Audrey, Vinton, and Sean). From Ingrid’s record:

Settlers were coming from inland to a shore in wagons. There were several wagons, I do not know how many. I saw one of the wagon’s wheels from behind. The axle and the wheels were in a light color wood and the wood looked brand new. There was a gear system that was connecting the wheels and the axle or the wagon. I saw one cog not quite mesh once as the ground was uneven and a little bumpy.

I was a little worried that the wagon’s wheel would break, yet thought it was not going to be a problem because the gears were not going to be needed anymore as soon as the camp was set, which was happening now on the shore.

Two large animals came out of the bush and I thought that having to deal with such animals came with the territory when you were settling in. One animal was bovine and the other was a feline. The bovine was black, noisy and was snorting. The feline was a big and powerful animal with a square face like that of a lioness and sandy beige fur. The feline approached, the bovine vanished, and was not seen anymore.

The settlers had a campfire going and tables were set. The feline went and sat at a table with a settler (I did not see his face, I just remember him wearing a hat, having a black mustache, being stocky and his shoulders were moving as if he was chuckling).

The feline was holding 2 knives in her “hands,” while at least one more knife was lying on the table and the settler held one.  The feline was mocking the knives, saying that they were not sharp enough, that they were not working. Those knives were uncommon, special knives and were two-edged. If you did not hold and use them properly, you would hurt yourself.

Next, the feline was sitting on a chair, on the shore, looking towards the water. There was an empty chair to her left. Three knives had just been sharpened and were a ‘response’ to her saying earlier that the knives were not sharp enough. ‘You didn’t think the knives were sharp enough, try this and see if they are not sharp enough,’ was the thinking although the words were not uttered. I was given the knives by the settlers and went (somewhat cautiously as I knew the feline could not be trusted) and put them on the empty chair next to her. I was coming from behind, at an angle to the left.

As I was doing that, she turned her face more towards the shore. I noticed a piece of whitish, rough fiber fabric going from her shoulder to her lap. The fabric was then lifted and under it she had a young nursing. The young was agitated and insecure, it was hanging on to her with all the strength it had. It looked terrible, had no fur or skin and the texture of its flesh was that of a slice of an undercooked roast. It was also underdeveloped.

Dream – A Combination Cruise and Battleship

In the night of April 23/24 of 2007, I dreamt this dream:

Paul, Jonathan, and I were on what seemed to be a combination cruise (pleasure) and a warship with a flat, steel deck. There were men, women, and children aboard. The ship represented the USA.

Paul and I had secretly planted a bomb near the rear of the ship, in a hole in the floor with about a flat, one-foot square, steel cover over the hole. The bomb could be triggered at any time by someone walking over it. This area near the back of the ship was under a metal canopy that was arched, perhaps 12 feet high in the center and about 16 feet wide, side-to-side, and about the same in length.

Israel had appointed Paul and me (perhaps a third party) to plant this bomb. It could go off at any time and if it did, it would blow up the rear of the ship. Though I thought that eventually, the entire ship would go down, in my mind it was advisable to be at the forward part when the bomb went off, as it might afford the opportunity to survive.

I thought the bomb would destroy about a third of the ship. Both sexes and all ages, military or civilian, “guilty” and “innocent,” would stand to die. I was a bit concerned about civilians, particularly the women and children, but knew there was no other way – they were all one.

Investigators knew there was a bomb planted and suspected we had done it. A man was presenting me with a trick question to get me to give myself away. I don’t recall the question but it was something like, “They got you to plant this bomb, didn’t they?” And they would expect me to answer something like, “Why would I do that for the Israelis?” They would reply, “Who said anything about the Israelis?”

By sly questioning, they hoped to expose me. But in the dream, I knew there would be a trick question, how it would come, was prepared for it, and would thus avoid incrimination. I was hoping, however, that Jonathan (and also perhaps Paul) would not give us away because Jonathan knew about the bomb, too.

At the same time was another scene adjacent to the canopy, on the left side of the ship. There was a rectangular water pool about 8 feet wide, 12 feet long and about 4 feet deep. Surrounding the pool were what appeared to be Israeli military scientists, some in swim trunks, conducting a test on two men who were laying on the bottom of the pool in water about 3 feet deep.

The submerged men were in swim trunks, face up, bodies straight, arms by their sides, and apparently unconscious. One of the personnel took what looked like a chemical sprayer with a tank, hose, wand, and nozzle. Under command, he sprayed the surface of the pool over the area of the submerged men with a chemical. This colorless, watery substance was to protect the subjects of the experiment from an injection that another of the personnel in charge gave them under the water with a sizeable hypodermic needle immediately after the spraying.

The moment the “guinea pigs” were given the injection, those in charge knew that the chemical didn’t work, that the test subjects were as good as dead, and that the one having sprayed the substance was guilty of deliberate sabotage. Immediately, they knew who was guilty and grabbed him.

There would be no need of investigation to ascertain or prove his guilt (it was somehow automatically known by previous deduction, as though they were purposely conducting the experiment to expose the guilty party in the first place), and there would be no need for a trial.

One might assume the two men might be Paul and me but that didn’t seem to be the case. A primary message of this incident seemed to be that guilt was immediately, accurately determined and justice was swiftly meted out. It was curious, however, that Israelis conducted this experiment on the very ship (the US) where the bomb was planted, and right next to the bomb location. One would assume the bomb wouldn’t hurt the Israelis. I also knew we wouldn’t be hurt, though US authorities would try to determine guilt, what was going on, and if possible, prevent what seemed the inevitable.

I don’t know if this dream was from God. There seem to be details and aspects that make one wonder if there is not symbolism of realities here.

The dream came on the heels of our talk at the Old Blinking Light with Bill Hudson and Harriet, his partner in adultery. I gathered we were speaking truth to them that would come against America in principle, a nation given over to all manner of selfish pleasure, lawlessness, and violence.

Who is Israel? Is it not the nation of God, the spiritual rulers, the saints and prophets chosen of God to bear testimony to the truth and to bring judgment, not by carnal weapons, as the apostle declares (2 Corinthians 10:4), but by the Sword of Truth, the Word of God?

Dream – Trevor’s Dreams – Of God or Not?

Trevor wrote to me:

A few nights ago, I had a dream or dreams. They were clear but at the time I did not understand them. In talking with everyone this morning at breakfast about your trip to New Mexico I mentioned them at the table and Mark thought that there was something to them.

In the first dream, I was in a room, almost like a small class sitting at a table. There was a fellow standing up speaking at the front of the room. He was about my age, clean cut, and had short dark hair. He was kind of a fast talker and saying something about a website he had and saying that he could change our thinking as easy as clicking a mouse.

As he said this, he walked over to me and poked me on the shoulder as if to demonstrate his point. I said to him that when things were done, he would be seeing things our way and there was nothing that he could do about it. I don’t know who the man was but something about him reminded me of Pascal Gregoire [Ingrid’s late husband].

In the second dream, I was talking to a man who had a stand where he was selling bread. The bread was in long loaves with lots of large raisins and packaged in long plastic bags.  I don’t remember what we were talking about.

Later, I was back at the man’s stand but this time, Victor was with me.  The man was compelled to give Victor all his bread.  There were maybe 2 or 3 dozen loaves that he was handing to Victor to the point that Victor could not hold anymore.

I think that there is something to Victor’s dream about planting the bomb, and it does remind me of the types of dreams I have had in that they are both figurative and literal in their meaning and fulfillment. END

Editor’s Note, April 2, 2016: Who was the man in the second dream? I believe I know but will not divulge the secret until the time.

Dream – Ben and Danny

In the night of the 15/16 of July 2007, I had a dream, not from God but from my spirit, of seeing Ben and Danny Hafichuk. I tried to befriend them, seeking to do them good, to rectify or make up for the past. As they saw my willingness to do something for them, they each asked for a car, a certain kind of which I do not recall. They asked for something else monetary as well.

I realized that though I greatly desired to help them, financial gifts were all they were interested in. I knew those would accomplish nothing. I was about to tell Danny when the dream ended that buying a car was not always the wisest choice for a young person. I sensed that if I did not give them what they wanted, that they really had no use for anything else, like reconciliation with me or anything of true spiritual value. All true.

Dream – Leading Man by the Hand

In the night of August 24th, 2007, I dreamt of meeting a young man who seemed in his twenties. I was talking to him and we went for a very short, 50-yard walk to a building, holding hands. I said to him, “Church is interference with God.” In the dream, I recall wanting to remember it so that I could write it down as a proverb. There was more in the dream I didn’t recall.

We drove to the farm to meet James and have supper. It was a good visit, for about 4 hours. He told us what he was experiencing and that he “saw God” and was converted at our Friday get-together two weeks previously. I was reminded of how God opened Lydia’s heart with faith in Acts 16.

Marilyn says the dream last night of the young man applies to James. I agree. I didn’t want to say anything to him about staying away from church but I had to do so. We shared the 3 major “come out” verses and Proverbs 7, wherein it explicitly warns the young man to stay away from the harlot. James agreed.

We will see where it goes because James has friends who are taking him to church. An Art Dueck took him to River of Life. James was quite taken by the senior pastor, Todd Atkinson.


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