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PART SEVEN – Surprise Visitors to Day 888 (cont.)

ParticleA Test for Chris

I called Chris Hafichuk to try his words and see if he would do something about a Jacobs electronic unit that he had pressed me to purchase until I yielded and he installed in my car. It wasn’t working. He said he would do anything we asked. He wouldn’t do anything about this. Here was his opportunity and he refused. Marilyn was right – he was not to be believed.

ParticleA Word Fulfilled: “Turned Upside Down ”

On November 13, 1998 I awoke with a revelation. I suddenly realized what the Lord had meant 22 years ago that day when He spoke by Don Morrison, saying, “I am going to turn you upside down.” Soul was ruling spirit, but now spirit would be ruling over and through the soul. It seemed that all the words by the prophet Don Morrison spoken in November 1976 had come to pass.

ParticleGestation Periods

From February 6, 1998, the day I was done my 10-day fast and the Lord appeared to me, to November 10th when the Lord gave me victory, was about 9 months. During that time, the synagogue of Satan was there to devour me as soon as I came forth, a principle at work with many people, in many places, at many times, and in many ways. (Noah had been sealed in the ark from the 10th day of the second month to the 10th day of the 11th month, a perfect 9 months.)

From the time I consecrated my life on July 10, 1997 to the day when the Ogdens came on April 11, 1998 was 9 months. The Mills, Knorrs, Ogdens, and Erin Schipper came on April 12th and met with us for several hours, and there was conflict.

Who says there is no God?

ParticleA Major Closing Encounter with the Mills

On November 18th, Les and Penny Mills came to visit for about six hours. I later wrote:

I feel this event has been very significant but I don’t know why. I think there has been a head-on collision wherein they took the hit severely while we came out unscathed (this reminds me of the vision of the star hitting the earth). In the clash, we imparted our substance into them while remaining impervious to anything from them.

It was a clash of light and darkness, and whenever those two meet, darkness simply disappears. “Great and terrible will be that Day (the Day of the Lord), great for the righteous and terrible for the wicked.” This happened in this visit.

This also reminds me of the vision of those men coming at me shortly after I landed on new territory at dawn, wherein I put one of them away instantly with great ease.

Les and Penny were confronted with reality; it was reality against unreality. They walked away permanently, irrevocably impacted, the influence working to a perfect conclusion.

I came to realize how much at enmity the Knorrs and the Mills were with us. Satan is deceptive, seductive, an entity of and in darkness, a hater of God’s Law and of Him, lawless, proud, obstinate, stubborn, pleasure-seeking, presumptuous, ever learning yet never coming to knowledge of the truth, and preferring revelation to obedience (they despised obedience, calling it bondage). They came with carnal love, satanic love, compromising and judging after the letter. So much more could have been said. What was I to do? Nothing! There was nothing I could or needed to do.

ParticleThe Trump Card of Babylon

The Mills and the Knorrs didn’t believe in eternal damnation, and they believed that all would eventually be saved, which is true. Les believed Babylon’s “trump card” was the doctrine of eternal damnation, whereby control by fear is imposed upon souls. Doctrinally, I think he may be right. Mystery’s greatest strength, however, is false love, whereby souls are attracted and seduced. She takes the things of God, Who is Love and Truth, and perversely uses them for her own gain, destroying her victims in the process (Proverbs 2:16-19; 5:3-23; 6:24-26).

Far more souls have been attracted by honey and oil than by vinegar and gall. This false love, this counterfeit compassion, is so overpowering that even the strong have difficulty resisting. Mystery is beautiful, powerful, admired, praised, worshipped, desired, seductive, merciless in her mercy, hateful in her love, utterly disguised in her reality, so unreal is she.

Truly, to escape her, one must die. One must forsake all that is pleasurable and reject the praise and acceptance of men. One must be willing to be counted an enemy and fool and be prepared for the sure status of an outcast. There is no choice. One can only “buy and sell” among religious men by possessing the mark of the beast. Mystery is the one who does the marking; refuse the mark and she refuses you all opportunity of interaction and interrelation with all those who have received the mark.

The beast, whose is the mark, is the one with 7 heads and 10 horns, full of names of blasphemy, and it is this beast that the harlot rides (Revelation 13:1; 17:3). She’s the one who draws men by her subjects, the sons of the beast which has 2 horns like a lamb and which speaks as a dragon – eloquently, persuasively, compassionately, sincerely, and wisely. Mystery’s subjects brand with the mark all that fall prey by willingly receiving it in their ways and thoughts. Only those who “love not their lives unto death” can escape, and few are those at any time.

ParticleSatan’s Works

What does Satan do? He meets needs indiscriminately; preserves flesh and blood relations; praises good works; mingles with both saints and sinners; worships the letter of the Law; worships worship; loves knowledge and revelation; seeks after social pleasures; differentiates between, and divides, secular and religious; specializes in passion and sentimentality, tugging at the heart strings; accuses, mocks, and vilifies the righteous and innocent; flatters both righteous and wicked; reasons; pampers and protects the flesh; despises the Substance and Spirit of the Law of God and obedience to Him; denies the sovereignty of God and His full control over all that exists. Most of all, Satan despises the cross of death in identification with Christ; he cannot and will not go there.

ParticleThe Message of the Hour

The Lord made it known to me that this is the “message of the hour”: He is in full control; He is all in all; the Kingdom of Heaven reigns supreme. God is, and nothing is without God.


There was great speculation and publicity about the possible ramifications of the coming “Y2K”, when the clock would turn to the year 2000. I received that it would not be anywhere as serious as Yourdon and others theorized and speculated.

The hype of this event didn’t affect me like the “Jupiter Effect” of 1984. We did nothing to respond to, or prepare for, the possibility of the fulfilment of either of these false predictions.

Particle God Comes by Flesh and Blood

God came by a man, Jesus Christ, and comes by men. He requires of those to whom He sends His man that they say, “Blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord” (Matthew 23:39).

There are many who come using the Lord’s Name, yet come in their own names, and there are precious few who come in the Lord’s Name, in His Spirit, sent by Him. When Jesus came in the flesh, He made this astounding statement: “All that ever came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them” (John 10:8).

How does one tell a man of God and a “man of man,” a thief and robber? If that one is a sheep, he will know who is who. As Jesus said of the true shepherd and his sheep: “And when he puts forth his own sheep, he goes before them, and the sheep follow him. For they know his voice. And they will not follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers” (John 10:4-5 MKJV).

ParticleMiyuki’s Reply

On November 22nd, Miyuki replied to the Word of the Lord I spoke to her days before. She wrote:

Dear Victor

Thank you for the message from the Lord. Is “leave your job completely” meaning that He wants me to quit my job right now? I can’t see anyway how my family and I to live if I leave my job. Where we can live, how we can get some money. Do I have to sell this house? I don’t know what I do. But, you told me “I tell you this in the Lord Jesus Christ, by Him, of Him.” And also said to me, “Don’t be afraid. Do it and you see God.” There’s nothing to ask you about the message anymore. I know what I should do.

“I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; from whence shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth” (Psalm 121:1).

“Trust in Him at all times; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us” (Psalm 62:8).

“He who trusts in the Lord, lovingkindness shall surround him. Be glad in the Lord and rejoice you righteous ones” (Psalms 32:10-11).

Pray for me and all of us, Ruth, my mother, my aunt, my family. Please pray for me that I can believe in Him and obey Him completely. Please.

ParticleConfronting Sean

Lois received that there was sin, and Marilyn was wondering why sales were dead. I confronted Sean on preserving himself, something he was accustomed to doing consistently and artfully.

The next morning, Sean called confessing that he had been fantasizing about undressing Marilyn and having sex with her, imagining the wedding night and how he would like to have it in bed with her. They had both been fantasizing about each other.

We had hid our heads in the sand. The facts were:

One, Marilyn made her decision on choice of husband and did so publicly.

Two, she declared she loved Sean.

Three, he declared he loved her.

These declarations of love were marital in nature, not as in “love of the brethren.”

Four, this was a present, not a future, situation.

As God is a jealous God and will not tolerate more than one husband or God for His people besides Himself, so the husband and wife are to be an expression of His ways. Whereas several men of God had more than one wife, and God can have many peoples, never was it known in righteousness that a woman had more than one husband.

Therefore Marilyn had chosen. While she called me “dear,” there was one dearer. We couldn’t continue as husband and wife in peace, ignoring the facts.

Marilyn’s heart was given over to another. If this was of God, then she should have been receiving covering from him. But it was strange that she, as a wife, could say to Sean, her chosen husband, “I can do what I want with you – you don’t have any choice,” presuming to have authority over him, both in business and spiritual matters… and obviously, in marriage.

And why was I compelled to live while this happened? Why was I subjected to their affections toward, and fantasies of, each other?

ParticleThe Widowing

Marilyn had heard on the 5th of November, “By this time next week, you’ll be a widow.” What kind of widow? What was she hearing? How many such things had she heard by now? What did she want to hear?

Yes, something happened to me on November 10th, and I certainly wasn’t hers as I had been. I couldn’t deny she was in a way a widow.

On November 27th, she and I prayed that God’s will be done. I asked the Lord to bring Marilyn into the light and freedom. Marilyn told me that at times she felt as though she didn’t care what the will of the Lord was, that she just wanted Sean.

ParticleRevisiting Jim Flynn

Over the past 23 years since I had last seen Jim Flynn, who had great prophecies over me, it hadn’t occurred to me to call him. I was ashamed of not having called him because I knew that had I had spiritual dealings with people as Jim did with me, I would have much appreciated their touching base with me long before this. I called now.

Jim spoke of whole cities in Columbia coming to the Lord, with drug lords dying or being taken out of the way. He spoke highly of the “Toronto Blessing” and how 55,000 ministers and priests from around the world had come there and were baptized in the Holy Spirit with multitudes healed. He spoke of having a ministry and praying for many and witnessing to them on a one-to-one basis. Many, he said, had been converted, baptized in the Spirit, and healed – some instantly.

He told me Carroll and Yvonne Vance were doing fine near Penticton. They had one son who was “still blind” and another who quit chiropractic practice at age 42 because of some disease. Jim said his own son was a backslider.

He informed me that Vic Graham, the Calgary preacher who prominently preached the reconciliation of all things, died two years before; his wife lived in a seniors’ home. Jim complained that at Vic’s church, they only gathered knowledge but didn’t reach out or have love, and those who gathered there found it perfectly easy to live in adultery and fornication. (Though Vic once preached a message part of which had ministered to me, I’d had many doctrinal conflicts with him).

Jim had asked Vic to come and cast out a devil from his wife. Vic declined, saying they didn’t do anything like that. I believe I know why. He was possessed himself (I recall his incessant visions and prophecies, of which I was skeptical more than once). Satan doesn’t fight against Satan.

Jim believed in the reconciliation of all things, yet went to a church where his pastor preached eternal torment for the majority of mankind. He says he talked to many ministers, prayed for them, and also ministered at a Catholic mission. To me his stance seemed very ecumenical, watered down, compromised. Jim would pray for anyone, anytime it seemed, and mingle with all.

He also said that people will listen if you love them and set aside doctrine and differences. He said there was an enormous hunger out there for the Lord and the things of God. I said I didn’t see it, but what I did see was so very much counterfeit. I told him I was skeptical of much, if not all, of what he was telling me.

I reminded Jim of a portion of the prophecy he delivered to me in 1975, saying I would see more than other men. “That’s beautiful, isn’t it?” he responded. He missed the point, however. If he were to believe I had the fulfillment and the reality of his prophecy, and I saw the very opposite of what he was seeing and saying, he would have to admit he was in error.

He suggested that I get in touch with Frank Harms of Coaldale Christian Fellowship, saying Frank had a great anointing of God. As I understood it, Frank was the man to whom Chris Hafichuk went for counseling after leaving us. I had little doubt my name would be mud with Frank for at least two reasons, not the least of which was that Frank was all caught up in the system of religion, serving Mystery, and second, hearing Chris’s twisted version of events. However, the latter is assumption; I don’t really know what happened between them.

Jim asked how Marilyn was doing, and I told him we had been going through some difficult times for the past five years or so.

Jim said the key to winning souls was love. Is that so? Jesus loved the rich young ruler, who nevertheless turned away. Many disciples turned away (John 6:66), even after being with Jesus and partaking of His anointing. Had He not loved them? As well, there were the multitudes He fed and healed who weren’t coming to Him for salvation, but rather for the food that perishes. On the other hand, there was Jonah, who preached wrath with a bad attitude, and all of Nineveh, every single soul, repented towards God. No, it’s not a matter of love, though God saves and heals because He loves.

All Jim did seemed so commendable, but was he right?

He informed us that his wife lived in fear of the public. If his love wins, why was his wife so troubled?

ParticleDream: Archie in Terrible State

I had a horrible dream of Archie one night – just horrible. He was very bitter and antagonistic, yet powerless to do anything against me. He was a pitiful, lost, tormented soul. I felt responsible; I would have liked to help him, but I knew it was only the Lord Who could do so. “Lord,” I prayed, “save him and his house.”

ParticleThe Feast of Tabernacles Completed?

Les Mills called, repeating something Preston Eby was heard to have said very recently. He said the Lord was finished doing what He was to be doing in this day concerning the Feast of Tabernacles (which signifies His Coming) and the manifestation of the sons of God. There was only the unveiling (manifesting) left, and we were to not be discouraged at the absence of outward evidence.

Gene Knorr heard these things and said the expectation was that it was only a matter of months before this prophecy would be fulfilled. I wondered if God had not given something to Eby, whether applying on a universal scale or referring to what God was presently doing with us in our personal situation. I was moved by Eby’s words and pondered them, even as Mary pondered the shepherds’ report of the angelic visit declaring she bore “the Savior, Christ the Lord.”

ParticleCrisis at the Farm

On November 28, 1998, Lois, Marilyn, and Sean called me at home from the farm. Sean confessed serious perversities in thought. He felt to confess them to me, and Marilyn asked that I pray for him and take authority over devils. I prayed, calling on Heaven to cleanse them all. I also had some observations I didn’t record and didn’t think to be of any ultimate consequence. I simply requested and declared that all should be quickly cleaned up, one way or another.

The next day I went to the farm with words to speak to Sean (I don’t recall what they were and didn’t record them). While there, Lois pressed me to come with her to see her son Jason in Red Deer on the 30th. He was to be sentenced for his patricide crime.

ParticleJason Takes His Medicine

On November 30, 1998, Lois and I drove to Red Deer. Jason pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, as we counseled him, and was sentenced to seven years in a penitentiary. He would be an inmate at Drumheller, Alberta.

His lawyer, Lorne Goddard, seemed not too pleased with us. He was hoping to apply to the court for psychiatric allowance for Jason. I don’t believe Mr. Goddard was as interested in justice or in Jason’s welfare as he was in his own financial and career advancement. In a matter of months, we would hear more of Mr. Goddard and his moral stance.

We later went to the Remand Center and saw Jason for a half hour. We shared things with him we felt he needed to hear to prepare him for prison. I told him that as long as he kept his nose clean, the Lord would keep him.

“Penitentiary”? It may seem that the system is a mockery of the meaning of the word. Penitentiaries and correctional institutions seem anything but what their titles imply, yet something happens. While man’s justice is certainly not God’s way, God nevertheless governs all, and His purposes in these institutions are fulfilled in perfect justice, beyond what men can do, devise, or even imagine.

ParticleWas I the Culprit?

Was I guilty of allowing the relationship to develop between Sean and Marilyn? Three times the Lord had asked me to “let it happen.”

As I write years later, I see a parallel of our experience to the parable of the wheat and tares, in which the master said to let the tares grow together with the wheat until harvest. The part of Marilyn’s 1996 prophecy, the part she withheld from me, saying she would marry Sean, was referred to in a later prophecy as a tare. God had said to me, “Let it happen.” In other words, “Let the tares grow with the wheat, the lies with the truth.”

ParticleA Troubled Sean

On December 1st at 3:00 AM, Sean called us to say he had thoughts of satanic sacrificial rites – blood and feathers, sacrificing Marilyn, etc. What was my reaction? I immediately felt guilty of interfering with Marilyn and Sean’s chosen course. I confessed that I was the culprit and asked the Lord to help me to obey Him and “let it happen.” I had fought it all the way. There was no other way but for me to allow Marilyn and Sean to fully feel and express what they would and how they were for each other and to marry – in my presence.

ParticleHasty, Foolish Words

I recall once saying to Sean, speaking of having the responsibility to lead those under me, “You want to take my place? I’ll trade you places if you want.” I was in turmoil about all the troubles with everyone and everything, while Sean was seeking to possess all and have the preeminence.

He was bold and quick to agree to it. He said, “Yes, I want to run everything.”

I recall the words of the Lord, “But I say to you that every idle word, whatever men may speak, they shall give account of it in the day of judgment” (Matthew 12:36 MKJV).

I deserved all that I was getting now. Concerning husbands and wives, I divided Paul and Alison. I had taken many wives from men, successfully or not – even those whom I called to forsake their wives but didn’t, like Bob Gregson, Archie, and several others. That I failed or succeeded didn’t matter; the thought or intent was there, which is more than enough for God because He looks at the heart. We reap what we sow.

Was all this not happening because of my doings? I could only say, “Let’s get this terrible harvest over; let this judgment be deemed a good and needful thing – at least as an enema or purgative, and then let’s go on to sowing new and good things. Shall I refuse what I deserve? Shall I not ‘take my medicine’ when I advise others, like Jason, to take it? He isn’t being condemned, only corrected, and so with me. God’s judgments are not destructive, but redemptive.”

ParticleThe Scapegoat

Once a year, on the tenth day of the seventh month, the Day of Atonement, the most solemn day of the year, Israel would pray their sins over a goat and send it “unto a land uninhabited by the hand of a fit man.” This goat is known as the “goat of departure” (Hebrew – Azazel). It was sent outside of the camp.

Hadn’t I been called to lay down my life for the people? Wasn’t it on July 10, 1997 that I covenanted with God to do so in response to His command or revelation to me? Hadn’t I been excluded from their company? While other animals were slain in sacrifices, this goat was sent away alive.

I hadn’t died, as Marilyn insisted I would, and still insisted. I’d been sent away alive. The Lord said to me, “You won’t be dying; will you believe Me?” The people’s sins were carried away by that goat. My life was laid down for their sins. Yes, it wasn’t my blood that atoned for them but Jesus’ blood, and He alone is the Savior of all men; but doesn’t He call on members of His Body to fulfill His will, even His Person in certain respects?

Didn’t Paul say, “I, Paul…who now rejoice in my sufferings on your behalf, and I fill up the things lacking of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh, on behalf of His Body, which is the Church…” (Colossians 1:24 MKJV)?

The goat was taken away “by the hand of a fit man.” It didn’t matter what Sean thought, said, or did. To Marilyn, he could make no mistake and his motives were entirely above reproach, in everything. None could utter a single word of criticism about him that she would accept or believe.

What an amazing spectacle! He had her in a trance and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Law wouldn’t work; logic and reason wouldn’t work; the use of passion, argument, facts, or Scripture was powerless. Her affection for, and devotion to, him were set in stone. They had publicly declared their love for each other, without regret, shame, or apology, and all agree with them. I’d been taken and led away “by the hand of a fit man.” I was alone, forsaken by all, in “a land uninhabited.”

ParticleProphecy: My Disciples

These words came to me on December 1, 1998:

“My disciples shall be known as the ‘sons of rest’ because they have given their bodies to the grave. These and only these shall attain unto the resurrection and shall have resurrection power in their blood. Indeed, that power is their blood and their blood that power, which will then be given that others may have life. The sons of rest are invincible, indestructible – nothing shall by any means hurt them because they loved not their lives unto death. This is that Word of their testimony, that God dwells in them, that He indeed is their God, and that the salvation/redemption of the whole earth is by them and them alone because God is in them and they in God. Only by the anointing of God can creation be redeemed and reconciled to God.

Those who choose to go in their own strength, choosing the crown before the cross, loving their lives, will not only fail to redeem the smallest part of creation, but will lose their own lives, as well. There shall no flesh glory before the Lord. Only those lives which wholly declare that the Lord God reigns over all sit on the throne or do the will of the One on the throne with power to rule and to redeem.

He who lays down his life for My sake inherits all things. He who keeps his life loses even the little that he has. He who keeps himself from Me has nothing in this world or in the world to come.

He who loses all things for My sake is faithful and speaks truth, whose words are as pure gold for them that buy them. His merchandise is legitimate, but the words of thieves and robbers are forgeries, merchandise without certificate. The words of those who seek their own glory testify against them, as hollow as those who speak. Those who have not sold all that they have for Me are as empty clouds which appear to have rain, promising much and delivering little. They are empty wells, dug to reach water and never having reached it to quench the thirst of others.

If producing waters, they are meagre waters and stagnant, sometimes better than nothing and sometimes much worse – deadly. But those who have been dug in a good place and deep, furnish cool, living water to them that pass by and draw from those wells. Those who draw are refreshed, able to continue their journeys and to fulfill their responsibilities.”

ParticlePrinzing’s Pretence

Ray Prinzing had the form, but not the substance. Yet the form was so beguiling, perhaps because of the sufferings he experienced; why hadn’t those sufferings produced the reality? His sufferings weren’t unto life, and he borrowed men’s words. He was very religious, a superficial but persuasive copy of the real.

He suffered but hadn’t submitted to the death within. He never released his heart. He had come closer than some, but close is only worth something in curling, darts, or horseshoes. With the Lord, he who “overcomes unto the end” is the one who is saved.

There’s a remarkable resemblance in a certain respect between those who have overcome and those who have been overcome. Prinzing suffered; he had been overcome; we see the marks, and the marks deceive because there’s respect for suffering. We must know that knowledge and suffering in and of themselves aren’t credentials in the Kingdom of God.

ParticleMore to Go

Thursday, December 3rd, 1998:

This is Day 800 from the prophecy, and a full moon. A battle once again with Marilyn. I can’t consent to her marrying Sean while I live, yet I must allow her to do as she chooses and believes. She tells me she doesn’t want to be with me anymore, that she loves Sean more and more. So I say, “Go,” not because I want her to, not because I agree, but because I must let it be.

Whether I’m right or wrong, in the Lord or out of the Lord, Marilyn can’t and doesn’t trust me. Therefore I ask, “Why do you enquire of me if you don’t trust me?” Her great bitterness towards God continues. It focuses on me as all others’ bitterness has. Not a big deal; just a usual pattern.

I no longer feel the way I used to, and I do declare that I’m done with the prophecy, although it seems it’s not done with me. I don’t understand. I don’t have bitterness toward Marilyn and Sean. I have no answers I can give. I only know what I’ve been commanded.

I now have little doubt Marilyn will join herself to Sean while I live on this earth and I’ll have to bear it. The development is in that direction, slowly but surely. By her own lips she declares it. Sean says he continues to have his thoughts. I’m powerless to do anything or help anyone in any way.

Marilyn tells me she heard several days ago, when we prayed that the Lord’s will be done, that Day 800 would be the completion, a settling of things. Very little is settled with her. She prophesied that I was the Lord’s, that she would marry Sean, and not to worry, that the Lord would take care of me.

She also received that there was an example, somewhat hidden and requiring revelation, that was like what we are in now. I can think of three examples: one, Israel going after other gods and the Lord putting Israel, His wife, away; two, Hosea having to marry a harlot; and three, Abigail and Nabal. Perhaps I’ve been a fool like Nabal, brutish and selfish, and Sean has been given to take Marilyn as David took Abigail. Of course a major difference is that David was only given Abigail as wife after Nabal was dead.

Sean confesses constant, vile and evil thoughts, cursing the Lord, murder, perversion… it is devils, yet I can do nothing.

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Page 3 PART ELEVEN - The Issues of Life to Troublous Times (cont.)   Particle – Paul Begins 2005January 1, our first day of 2005 was on a Sabbath. On this day, Paul once more talked to me about feelings for Sara. He said, “I was feeling toward her as though she were my daughter and she toward me as a father. Now we feel toward each other as husband and wife.” (Paul is old enough to be Sara’s father.)My reply: “Whatever happened to brother and sister in Christ?” It was evident immediately, at least to me, that where they were coming from was carnal, expressed strictly in fleshly terms. I was disgusted yet again. Jesus Christ was nowhere to be found in the scene. Again, I sharply rebuked him.Particle – Gluttony GorgesOn this day, we at Moon River, Helena and Harvest Haven had a conference call and discussed the problem of gluttony. We knew that many at the farm sought satisfaction, solace, and comfort not in the Lord and His work but in food. Being given a victory in my food problem, I could address everyone and call them to repent of a vice that had been prevalent with several of them.Lois raised Mark and Trevor to be gluttons; she was accustomed to piling on the food and giving out desserts often and in quantities double the normal. I’ve addressed them on this matter many times.I said, “No more. This is wickedness; it must go and we can’t tolerate it any longer. Besides living in sin ourselves, just what kind of example are we setting for those...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part XI, Page 5

Page 5 PART ELEVEN - The Issues of Life to Troublous Times (cont.)   Particle – Parallels to Martin LutherFor better or worse, we watched a DVD on Martin Luther. It occurred to me that there were some striking similarities between him and me, as well as some differences.SIMILARITIES:1)    We were both born Roman Catholic.2)    Though he obviously more so, we were both devout in the Roman Catholic religion. He entered the priesthood while I tested a minor seminary for the priesthood for one year.3)    We have both come into conflict with the Catholic Church.4)    We tend to “understand the world through the lens of the Bible.”5)    We are both dealing with religious/spiritual doctrine.6)    We have both lived with the expectation and acceptance of suffering for our beliefs.7)    We both grew up with familial hardships.8)    We have both been involved in public criticism, coming and going.9)    We are both focused and intense persons.10)  We have both agonized unusually much with our consciences.11)  Many condemned Luther’s “harsh and stinging” tones, and scathing language. Many have criticized me similarly.12)  We are both convinced that we are dealing with the antiChrist, convinced that the devil must be confronted daily.13)  We view ourselves as in an apocalyptic struggle.14)  About half a century before Luther became public with his teachings and doctrine, the Gutenberg press was invented, which facilit...
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