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PART TEN – The Issues Of Life (cont.)

ParticleOur First Harvest Haven Herald

For years, we talked of a newsletter. In March, 2003, three years after the Lord brought me into His victory, we published our first Harvest Haven Herald. We had much to learn, but it was a beginning. In the Herald, I couldn’t help but bring in the spiritual element. After all, God was Creator of all things, not just spiritual, and He gave us all that we had. We aren’t here for the things He has given us but for Him. The things He has given us are not to take priority over Him, but to meet our needs as we serve Him, and are also reward for worshipping Him. To overlook that fact is to deny Him.

The introduction of the Harvest Haven Herald and publicly including His Mind on matters would lead to much greater things.

ParticleA Possible Revelation

On the morning of March 22, 2003, I had a thought of the meaning of the clay pots vision Marilyn had in October of 1985. She received the vision at the time Archie and Cathie came. In it she saw eight clay pots on a shelf, one of which was cracked. We assumed that one in Archie’s family was represented by the cracked pot, seeing there were eight in the family. But we never saw any fulfillment. This morning, just over 17 years later, it occurred to me that Marilyn was the cracked pot, and that the pots represented others and not Archie’s family, notwithstanding the coincidence of Archie’s arrival at the time she had it.

This would not be the only instant where a coincidence led us to believe something erroneously. Early in the morning of the day the Mills, Knorrs, Ogdens, and Erin Schipper came to visit in April of 1998, I had a vision of boulders bowing to me. I had two reasons to believe it was the visitors. One was the timing and the other was the coincidence of the numbers. I saw six or seven boulders and there were seven of them, three married couples and a single person. I thought the visitors were those boulders until the Lord revealed to me a few years later that He had corrected all those already with me and they were the boulders. Of course, God used those visitors as part of His program to bring about the obedience in Paul, the Bensons, and others coming, like Mariko and Ingrid and still others, I believe.

Was not Marilyn a “cracked pot”? Who would have dreamt that my wife of some 21 years (1974-1995), who to me was esteemed godly, faithful and virtuous, would turn on me with a vengeance, and that, boldly, among us all? And still, seven years later (2003), she has not changed.

In my private journal, I wrote on March 22, 2003: “Marilyn, you should not be reading my journal. I have forbidden you, yet you have done so anyway. That comes with being the cracked pot, your disobedience and rejection of my life in Christ being the cause of the cracking.”

ParticleVision: A Gruesome Image

On the night of March 24, 2003, I had a picture while in a semi-sleep state, wherein I saw Lana Ackerman with two jaws full of teeth to the right side of her main jaw. With a closed mouth, one could not tell there was anything unusual. I didn’t know what it meant at first, but we knew her to be brutal in her treatment of us, in word, attitude, action and spirit. Indeed, being deceptive, she and her husband/accomplice “spoke out of the side of her mouth” and devoured with her words.

ParticleA Sly, Scheming Sonny

Marilyn received a phone call at the office from a “Sonny” in Cardston who said he was a cook in a charitable institution and wanted to order organic food supplies. He insisted that we come and meet him. He promised to set up contracts and give advance payments. I assumed he was encouraging us to deal with natives, some of which have a reputation for not paying once receiving the goods (he had a native accent). I thought it strange that he insisted on our coming to him without discussing price, quality, or anything else. I suggested he come to the farm, but Marilyn insisted that I go and see what we could arrange (he had her sold). So I went.

The scenario was a classic con job all the way but, like a fool, I went all the way with it; I felt I needed to do so. First of all, he would not meet me at the alleged institution. I was to pick him up on the main street instead, where I noticed he was dropped off by someone in a pickup.

We drove by a building where he said he was to be cooking but said we could not go inside because they were renovating (this reminded me of the con job in San Francisco in 1966). I suppose I was to think that meeting him, receiving promises, and seeing his place of work from a distance was sufficient.

Then he asked if on the way back to Lethbridge, I could drop him off in Fort MacLeod at Scougall’s to pick up his truck that was in for repairs. On the way, he asked if I was a Christian and declared that he was saved, expecting me to warmly respond to him, seeing I was a Christian and we were “brothers in Christ.”

When we got to Fort MacLeod, he said Scougall’s wanted money he did not have to release his truck, and asked me for $40, which I gave him. I was not sure this was the way of aboriginals who live having all things common, or a pure con job (most likely the latter), but like I said, I am very slow on the uptake and continued with him.

We parted ways and I left for Lethbridge with him promising he would be in touch for food supplies. I didn’t believe it, but we would see. We would hear from him, but not for groceries.

ParticleA Second Ladder Fall for Lois

Lois fell off a ladder, again. The last time she did that, she broke her hand, in 1988, which the Lord healed miraculously (the doctor marveled at the results). She was not badly hurt this time but it seems she needed some humbling. She had been getting to be her usual pushy self again.

ParticlePaul Holds Back Again

Many times I have found Paul holding something back from me. Eventually, I realize it, then confront him and he fesses up. Now here it is again on April 1, and no fool’s joke. I know he has not let go of Ingrid but there’s more. I am now told that he persuaded Marcia to leave San Diego and come to Helena.

On April 4, I severely rebuked him for whoring and deception. His deception is very grievous to me; I feel like I am betrayed. If he truly believes I’m wrong and he’s right, far better he should come out with it; I could live with that. But he doesn’t maintain transparency, because he knows he’s wrong.

ParticleThe Voss Visit

I met Neil and Diane Voss of Utah on a Hsin Ten cruise. We found out they were coming to Calgary, Alberta to do meetings with Eleanor Milinusic, a Hsin Ten distributor, so we invited the Vosses to stop in on their way, which they did.

Neil is a very friendly, knowledgeable, eccentric research scientist who dabbles in many things. We talked about Hsin Ten developments and policies, Far Infrared, Grander, Indigo children, energy testing, his health (which he claimed suffered significantly from his testing of the Papimi), religion and spirituality (he is Mormon), among other things.

This visit would have significant and far-reaching ramifications, beginning in the near future.

ParticleThe End of the War in Iraq

On April 6, 2003, I write in my journal: “They tell us the war in Iraq is coming to an end. I think they are quite premature to think, much more say so.” I didn’t believe it. As far as I was concerned, it had barely begun.

ParticleWho is God

The revelation that Jesus Christ is God Himself is such an exciting revelation. It also divides the sheep from the goats. It denounces the Trinity doctrine, which is blasphemous and pagan. The Muslims are right when they say there is only one God. Their problem is the failure to recognize that Jesus Christ is He. Yet even many, who declare Him to be the One True God, do not know Him.

ParticleTrevor and Ingrid

What is going on? Suddenly there seems to be something developing with Ingrid and Trevor. But this time, it’s different; I don’t have a problem with it. This is the first case of marriage in our midst and with Trevor that I am not at odds about.

ParticleJonathan Speaks for Marcia

I wasn’t sure Marcia should come to the farm. I was suspecting zeal on Paul’s part to gather people here, or that he was entertaining thoughts of marrying her. He had done so with Sara, Ingrid, and others. But Jonathan, hearing my skepticism, said, “What did you lose with Brad and Lana coming? Nothing. So why not let Marcia come?” I relented, called Paul, and left it up to Marcia to decide.

ParticleThe Opposite Promise

Marcia came to Helena and the three of them arrived at 6:30 PM on April 11, at the farm in time for our Sabbath eve supper. As we sat in the dining room, the patio doors were open, the weather was fine and the birds were singing. This time, I received the very opposite of what I had received in October of 1995 when we were seated to supper and the patio doors were open, too. Then I heard there was a storm coming. This time I received that there would be peace and abundance.

ParticleThe HOY Translation

Marcia brought her HOY (House of Yahweh) Bible translation with her. As we red and compared it with other translations, we found it to be perverse. The translation was a clear distortion, made to suit the founder’s, Yisrayl Hawkins’ beliefs. This was the first time I had encountered the Bible changed to accommodate false doctrine. I had seen many versions and had disagreed with many interpretations of various verses within each translation, such as with the New International Version, for example, but I had never seen anything like this. I told Marcia not just to tear, but to burn it, which she did.

I don’t believe it was because of the Bible (she didn’t say), but Marcia was rather quiet and kept to herself. Was she naturally that way? Was she disillusioned about us, expecting something other than what she found? She said she was fine but I wasn’t convinced.

Then Marcia asked about Marilyn’s prophecy and about Sean. I told her everything, holding nothing back. I later thought that perhaps I should not have done so. Troubled, I prayed. The Lord told me that if she received me and what I told her, she would have life; if not, then death. What I shared with her would not be to our harm.

ParticleThe Dahl Call

On Thursday, April 17, 2003, we received a call from Cody Dahl. When Neil Voss arrived in Calgary after staying at Harvest Haven, he met Cody and told him about us. He suggested Cody get in touch with us, seeing we had similar interests, such as that we both professed faith in Jesus Christ and were in the health business (Cody owned and operated Journey of Health in the Midnapore Mall, which was comprised of a blood analysis service and sales of supplements).

The first thing that struck me about Cody was that he laughed with nearly every statement he made. This didn’t sit well with me. As we embarked on spiritual conversation, I was direct, not willing to practise a lot of diplomacy, but waited patiently to give him time to be acclimatized and come around to assessing where we were coming from.

I told him about our keeping the Sabbath, organic farming and diet, not celebrating Christmas (I think – not sure), about there being no free will, about the corruption and darkness of church systems, and other things. This didn’t deter Cody. He wanted to come up and visit us on “Good Friday” and the Sabbath, so I told him he was welcome to come (Cody was the bold type that with an “aw shucks, ha, ha, ha” attitude would invite himself).

Little did I know what would develop from this contact through Neil Voss. How portentous seemingly common or insignificant events can be!

ParticleThe Dahls Come

Cody and his wife Dena arrived on Friday, April 18. Cody was religious. They belonged to a tiny group of Branhamites in Calgary led by James Mayfield. Cody held hands with Dena, which made it look like they had a loving relationship, but there was something amiss. Almost immediately, Lois received, “Things are not as they appear. You are not getting the whole picture.”

Cody was showing himself friendly, laughing nearly at every sentence he spoke. He was carefully groomed, with shirt and tie, though no jacket. He was immediately glancing around the yard in a strange way, like he was looking for opportunity, but what kind?

Dena was polite and tried being friendly but didn’t appear at peace. She looked not just sad, but depressed and skeptical, if not fearful and subdued. She was mouse-quiet – no smiles, comments, questions, or initiative whatsoever for anything, mundane or spiritual. She wore no makeup, her hair was long, and she wore a long dress, which was required attire among this particular sect of Branhamites.

ParticleA Coincidental Connection with Kindersley

The Mills and Knorrs were involved in a nasty church split in the small town of Kindersley, Saskatchewan that left them rather shaken and disillusioned. We found out that James Mayfield had pastored a church in Kindersley which split up around the same time. Les Mills told me that the preacher was of the “word faith” movement, a “name it and claim it” kind of thinking and teaching. William Branham was a major proponent of this kind of doctrine.

Was James Mayfield the pastor presiding at the church split? What a coincidence! But no, it was another pastor and another church, though the same small town with similar circumstances, timing included, and remarkably similar doctrine.

ParticleGet All the Facts

How careful we need to be! Can we ever jump to conclusions when nine of ten ducks line up? Yes, but we wouldn’t be wise in doing so. Circumstances can form what one would call sufficient verification, but the conclusion is not necessarily right. Is it any wonder several in prison are wrongly convicted? There’s the common cynical saying that all inmates claim to be innocent, but could it be that a significant number of them truly are?

So what is the answer? Draw no conclusions until all the facts and verifications are in – all of them. Circumstantial evidence may suggest and serve, but not prove. In the future, the Lord would bring us into amazing coincidences with so many undeniable factors pointing to a certain conclusion, yet we would find ourselves at fault for not verifying what we “knew to be true.”

ParticleCody Dahl Reproached

It didn’t take long to see that behind all his friendliness, Cody had a religious spirit and was quite dishonest and unrealistic. He proved himself to be stubborn, unheeding, foolish and self-righteous. A prime characteristic I found in Cody, which I had not seen in anybody to that extent before, was his irrational approach to anything.

It was amazing. Cody was biased and made no apology for it. His judgments were solely based in what was expedient to him. If a Bible verse furthered his interests, he would use it as he pleased. If it furthered his interests to deny the teachings in Scripture, he would do so, distorting them to suit his purposes. It wasn’t about right and wrong, good and bad, truth and error, fair or not fair – it was always about getting what he was after.

We told Cody and Dena they were deluded and that they had never heard the voice of God as presumed. Paul had insights and expressed them. The Dahls left earlier than they had expected, in the mid-afternoon of the Sabbath, April 19. Cody’s countenance dropped some after hearing what we had to say. Dena seemed unchanged, and she left me wondering how she was taking things because she volunteered no opinion on anything; she barely spoke a word. We tried to communicate to them that we prayed and spoke for their salvation.

ParticleSatan Steals and God Gives But Not Yet

God comes taking while Satan comes giving. Satan comes offering reward for obedience. When Satan comes speaking, we stand to gain but when God comes to speak, we stand to lose. However, this is according to appearances only, because truly, it is otherwise. Satan comes ultimately to kill, steal or destroy what little we possess, while God seeks to multiply enormously what we have, if we are willing to give it up.

ParticleBeth Schmidt Digs for Information

Beth Schmidt called Sara, gathering information. Sara gave it to her. I told Sara she (Sara) was wicked, or she would see that her mother was up to no good.

ParticleDream: Dahls Starving

In the night of April 19/20, 2003, I dreamt that Cody and Dena were starving, being poor and ravaged. I recalled in the night how he was so unfamiliar with the Scriptures as he red them, like he was reading a strange book and trying to appear eloquent and respectful, even reverent and holy. We would find out just how poor they were.

ParticleMarcia Asks for Faith

Marcia asked me to pray for her that she might have more faith. I told her it came by obedience, that she was to do as she was asked and more, that she was to expect nothing in return, being unworthy, and she would be given the faith, Lord willing (Luke 17:5-9).

ParticleCody’s Focus

Cody called on April 21, asking us questions and wondering what we were seeing. He also offered a free blood analysis for each of us. Was it an unselfish gesture or did he have in mind promoting his business with supplements he would say we needed as indicated in the analyses?

ParticleColors Start to Show

As they become more acquainted, Paul and Sara report Marcia to be very selfish. Paul referred to Marcia as “Her Royal Highness.”

ParticleTo Preach or Not to Preach

Will You answer me, Lord? What do You desire of me? I would like to shout from the housetops, but there are none who care to listen, not one. If You bring them or if You send me to them, so be it. Otherwise, I shouldn’t give witnessing one more moment of thought.

You know, Lord, that I would like to build a meeting hall, or simply use present facilities and preach to all who would come. But I believe this is of me and not of You. And when I have preached, the results have turned out to be a sour experience, the most recent example being Ackermans. How swinish they were! And they dined several times at our table. We honored dogs and were torn by the same. Sorry, Lord! Boy, am I sorry!

ParticleA Grander Meeting

On the evening of May 5, 2003, we held a Grander water revitalization technology meeting. I believe there were about 30 people in attendance. Dan Stewart, owner of WRL (Water Revitalization Limited) brought his assistant, Rob Schultz, and spoke that night. Having experienced and appreciated the technology, and having the turnout we did, I expected some good results but that was not to be. Dan Stewart was hardly informative and turned out to be arrogant and impudent with the people when they asked questions. They were insulted and no further ahead in knowledge of Grander. Few bought the product and we had much damage control to deal with for more than a year thereafter.

I’ve seen few people take a good product and business, and abuse it as has Dan Stewart. Dan and Rob stayed the night at our farm and left the next morning. We thanked them for coming and holding the meeting, not realizing the effects of their performance until days later.

ParticleMarilyn Rebuked by the Lord

That night, Marilyn insisted on rushing home with our Cressida in poor, wintry weather. Having been humbled and shut out (not deliberately by us, but by her own attitude), she had not been too aggressive until recently. Now she was coming back to her former assertive, unheeding self. I didn’t want her going home that night because of the weather and road conditions but she insisted.

On the way home the roads were icy. As she approached the bridge near Monarch, a semi was coming behind her. Instead of letting him pass, she sped up to beat the truck over the bridge, hit a patch of black ice and went spinning. She hit the steel side rails of the bridge, doing about $2500 worth of damage to a wheel and fender. The damage to the car constituted a write-off but we got it repaired at Chippy’s body shop and Tower Tire so that it was soon in good working condition again.

The effects were not as simple with Marilyn. She was traumatized as a result of the sudden and shocking experience. At the time of the accident, neighbor John Beste of Moon River was passing by, stopped and let her use his cell phone. She was in shock when I talked to her. Thereafter, she would be death-gripping her seat whenever there was even the slightest suggestion of a possibility of danger on the road.

Editor’s Note, June 2016: Marilyn is that way to this day.

We always ask why these things happen. I knew that my “accident” had not been for nothing; the Lord was dealing with my attitude. He was dealing with Marilyn’s now. I told Marilyn that she was again getting into her ornery, unheeding, rebellious self again, which would lead her to a repeat performance of her unapologetic defiance toward me, if the Lord permitted it to continue. He was rebuking and warning her.

Whether she received what I said as valid or not, I don’t know. I doubt it; she usually didn’t think such judgment and talk was “edifying.” Most people only want to hear sweet things whispered in their ears – no rebuke, no reproof.

Three days later, Marilyn damaged the long finger on her left hand, closing the freezer door on it. She believed the car accident had been a large corrective measure, following various smaller ones. How about this one?

ParticleThe Appearances Fail

On May 6, Paul and I attended a presentation at the University of Calgary on water. Kelly Kurtz, founder of Sacred Waters Inc, was attempting to market his bottled water and invited Dr. Emoto of Japan to do a presentation on his fascinating work with water.

There we met up with Cody Dahl. “You guys won’t be able to stay at my place tonight as planned,” he said. “My wife threatened to leave so I told her to get the hell out, ha ha ha. She’s closed herself off in the spare bedroom.”

Paul and I stayed at Les and Laura Klein’s for the night (they patiently waited up for us till after midnight). We joined Cody at his store the next day. Now he invited us for supper, having made peace with Dena, though not altogether.

In our visit we addressed Cody on his self-righteousness and attitude toward Dena. The Branhamites have this thing about keeping their women in their places, carnally subjected to their husbands. We plainly told the Dahls that James Mayfield was a phony, as was William Branham. We received but a partial acknowledgment of confession and fault from Cody, but we parted that evening with open doors to future contact. Little did we know how we were impacting them.

We returned to the Kleins for the second night. Les Klein simply refuses to eat organically, contemptuous of the very thought, yet he has had serious health problems with his blood pressure, his heart, and has had diabetes for years.

Les and Laura have never been the least interested in spiritual matters either, even though Laura professed faith in Christ and attended the Cambrian Heights Baptist church.

ParticleAn Enthusiastic Dupe of Charlatan Mike Williams’ False Gospel

We visited John Stewart of Calgary to purchase some ionizers from him for resale. We got into discussion of spiritual matters. John attended an evangelical church and was a fervent devotee of the doctrine of grace alone. The Law of God was irrelevant to him and any suggestion of it represented nothing short of bondage. He considered anyone preaching the Law of God as unenlightened, without understanding of the will of God and what He is supposed to have done for mankind through Jesus Christ.

John came from a bitter background and had no knowledge of God, though he professed having come to victory by God’s grace, escaping guilt and condemnation that came by trying to obey and be good. Now anything was fine, his sins were covered by the blood, paid for, no matter what. How amazing are those who choose to please themselves!

Yes, all men are saved by grace and not by keeping the Law, and Christ has paid for all sins for all time, but these facts don’t give us the right to do as we please. Truly, those who think they’re free from the Law of God as believers tell us they have never known the grace of God. They mistake iniquity for grace.

By mid June, we will have had much correspondence with John Stewart about these and other spiritual issues. The amazing thing was that it was all pretence to him, which he seemed to think was as close to the reality of God as one could get, so when we spoke in reality, having known what we were talking about by firsthand experience, he scoffed and was derisive. He surely thought we were pretending, and going overboard with game-playing, as he was only playing games.

The man had no conscience of obligation to live honestly, yet he professed faith in Christ. We also soon discovered that the man was deceiving and cheating us in his business dealings, making false claims, charging us retail prices he called wholesale, and claiming to have Canadian rights he didn’t have for product distribution. He had no scruples or decency. He would be attracting a bird of very like feather – Cody Dahl.

ParticleThe Terror of the Two by Two’s

Coming back from Calgary, we stopped at High River, AB to meet Greg Parsons, who supplied Harvest Haven with colloidal silver. Greg was a veteran Greyhound bus driver, but he was more than that. We learned that he had the distinction and honor of having exposed deception of a religious organization, of which he, his parents, and others of his family had been members in good standing for many years. The religious organization, which claims to not be an organization or to have a formal name, is known by outsiders as “Two by Two’s.”

I don’t recall how the Parsons/Two by Two conflict began, but Greg ended up taking the organization to court and successfully exposing a secret the elders were holding from their people. They had always claimed to have no name and no registration with the government, which he proved was not so. They were incorporated in Alberta as the Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies. I’m sure money and covetousness were issues, as they usually are.

Greg told us that bringing this fact to light resulted in the exodus of tens of thousands of disillusioned members from the group, including his parents. One never knows whom he will meet, or where, or under what circumstances!

ParticleLambing Changes

In 2003, we had 39 lambs and lost two. In 2002 and 2001, we had 36 in each year. In the year 2000, just before Sean was cast out and rulership removed from Marilyn and him, we had a 33% loss. Was not God’s wrath on us while they reigned?

ParticleThree’s a Crowd and Four Even More

I perceived that Trevor and Ingrid were being brought together though they had not sought each other; neither was their relationship one of infatuation. I couldn’t say “no” to their marriage should it come to that. However, Sara was upset because she thought Paul would be marrying Ingrid. Even though Ingrid was no longer interested in Paul?

Paul enters a note here saying that perhaps Sara was smarting from Trevor having dumped her unceremoniously; Paul didn’t believe Sara was upset with his not marrying Ingrid. My journal indicates I’m accurate and I vaguely recall Sara expressing that disappointment directly to me.

I marvel at how our memory can lead us astray. We shouldn’t trust anyone’s memory, not our own. Keeping accurate records are important if we have any intention of reporting events even in the near future. I’m sure I err on minor details while recording much of my past life.

As well, even if we report accurately what we think we experienced, our reactions and perceptions in those times can be and often are skewed if not outright erroneous.

ParticlePrime Duties as Sons of God

Our first duty, as children of God, is to live in acknowledgment before God and man that we are unworthy, no matter how much good we do. Our second duty is to do good in all things.

ParticleThe Call

May 17, 2003: Father, You have called me to a deep, great, significant calling. I have lost sight of it, but am regaining it today. I have strayed, and yet I see all things have had their purpose, even my straying. I am You, and You are me. Today, I am Your Coming, and nobody sees or knows, not anybody. Even I have only had a glimpse here and there… but I know who I am.

ParticleA Somber Tenth Year Anniversary

On May 20, 2003, Randy Olafson came to our farm seeking help for the cancer he had for 10 years – soon after he hated and scorned us. Randy was the cynical or embarrassed one on May 20, 1993 at the hearing in Claresholm, when I stood up in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ against his father’s proposed feedlot adjacent to our community.

The Lord has His timing in all things, great and small, pleasant and otherwise.

Has evolution “starting” with an explosion of gases caused such timing? You’ve seen the numerous timings I’ve recorded over the years. How do they happen? Are these mere happenstance, entirely accidental, or is there Governance from Above in all things on earth, both good and evil?

Who says there is no God?

ParticlePlagues Haunt the World

The viral SARS disease troubles Toronto, where several people have been stricken. People fear the West Nile Virus disease allegedly carried by a certain mosquito. Not long ago we had the Hoof and Mouth disease ravaging England, where government mouths destroyed cattle hooves. AIDS continues destroying.

Canada’s beef exports have been stopped to the US and other countries because of one or two isolated cases of Mad Cow disease. Amazing are the damage by panic and destruction by politics. The governments don’t know what they’re doing and farmers suffer everywhere for the ineptitude and ignorance of government bureaucrats and politicians on both sides of the border. There are easy, natural ways of dealing with all these problems if there was only the will to do so, but there isn’t. Still, we know that these are God’s judgments against feedlots and factory farms. We remain unscathed in it all.

ParticleMark’s Vision: Sara Free

Mark records: “In May or June of 2003, I had a vision of Sara. I saw her standing in a lush pasture under a big green tree handing out papers and freely talking to people. She was free, full of joy and thankfulness. I had made the comment at that time that it was hard to imagine because it was the opposite of how Sara was at that time.”


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PART EIGHT– Day 888 to Victory Man of Sin 1 On this day, Feb. 10, 2000, the Lord gave me more understanding of what is happening in our midst. I believe He is also explaining in part to me something of each individual involved. The relevant Scriptures are 2 Thessalonians 2; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 11; 1 Peter 4:17-19; Luke 17:20-37; 21:5-36, and Matthew 24:1-44. Peter declares that the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God. The Lord once said that He was dividing us as wood and casting us into the fire. At the time I heard this, it didn't seem negative in spirit, though the letter certainly could be foreboding. Now, as the fires have been burning, I realize that it's certainly a good and necessary process, if there is to be any hope of salvation. Each of us must go through the fires in order to have his own oil. Thus, He divides and casts us into the fire. Each is tried and delivered from himself, every man in his order. This IS the Coming of the Lord. Paul outlines the events leading to, and contained in, His coming. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-16: “Now we beseech you, my brothers, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him…” (2 Thessalonians 2:1 MKJV) Paul introduces our gathering together to Him. A man not with us had a dream which showed the saints gathered at a river, waiting for the Lord's arrival at any minute. The people were greatly anticipating the event. Hasn't that been the case with us? Th...

Correspondence With Latter Rain Group

Correspondence With Latter Rain Group  Sara Schmidt posted on the “Latter Rain” Forum and shared The Path of Truth with several there who wrote back. Here are some responses:Hello Sara,I was surprised to see an email addressed to me with the same web address as listed below in your correspondence especially since I did not subscribe.I was even more shocked to read what appeared to be two men who write as if they are the Only two men who receive revelation from the L_RD.As I recall, in the last days, all will have knowledge of and from Him in one form or another...Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17.In His Service,JoVictor wrote to Jo:Do you look around and see that all have that knowledge, as you interpret Joel's prophecy to mean? Do you have the knowledge we and others do? Do we have it as you do? If so, why are you "shocked" by what we say? Is one with the knowledge of God so easily shocked? Can you give us some substance to support your criticisms? A Scripture for you:"The fear of the Lord is the start of knowledge: but the foolish have no use for wisdom and teaching" (Proverbs 1:7 BBE).VictorGene wrote:Sara, I agree with Jo.  The two men in the link you sent me speak on cults and yet they are promoting one.  Their own.  They regard themselves as having authority beyond what is written in scripture.  In that they appear to be saying the scriptures is not the final authority.They believe they have revelation in addition to the...
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