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PART NINE – Signs of New Times (cont.)

ParticleDream: Book of Wisdom and Counsel

About June 26, 2001, I dreamt I had a book of wisdom and counsel, concerning all matters and people – all things. I felt I had dreamt this, or been there, many times before. I slept well and was greatly comforted (I had been struggling about taking the trip to Wisconsin to visit Stan Howell).

ParticleHonored by a False Prophetess

Paul and I decided to visit Stan and his religious friends. Stan called us to give us directions to Wisconsin and to their address in particular. He had requested permission from Kathryn Padilla to receive us. He told us it was a rare honor to receive an audience with her, that it was not her usual habit to receive strangers. On June 27, 2001, Jonathan and I headed to Helena where we met with Paul to continue on to Wisconsin.

ParticleVisits with Bob and Karen Nelson

On June 29, 2001, we arrived at Bob and Karen Nelson’s in Minneapolis where we found a supper prepared for us (we let them know we were coming). I didn’t pick up on it then, but it seemed that Karen was a bit concerned that she had prepared a satisfactory meal for us, seeing we ate organic.

Pointing to the well-prepared meal, she asked us if it was okay, that is, “organically” satisfactory, I suppose. They didn’t understand that organic meant the same foods for the most part, but without invisible chemical inputs like GMO’s, artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and additives; outward appearance is mostly irrelevant. I said it was fine, not expecting them to trouble themselves for us. Had I understood more, I would have said more.

Having experienced something special at Harvest Haven, it seemed Bob was eager to share with Karen his experience and what we had to offer. We visited late into the evening and shared many things with them, about our meeting in Israel and of the Lord requiring Paul to leave Alison. We spoke of Christmas and Easter, church systems, religious organization and formality, celebrating birthdays, and more.

Because they didn’t have room in their house, Bob arranged for a room at a Super 8 motel for us. He also offered to buy us breakfast at Perkins, but we declined, seeing we had some organic food with us.

Returning to their home the next day, the atmosphere had changed. Karen was cold – quite different from the start of the visit the day before. We knew the things we were sharing wouldn’t sit well with those not called in faith. Karen was passively defiant, and Bob was silently troubled and perhaps somewhat apologetic. He went to play hockey and we left. It was perfectly obvious Karen couldn’t wait for us to leave.

ParticleMany a Spurious Conversion

Bob told us of his friend, Les, whom he said he led to the Lord. Les joined the Assemblies of God and died of cancer at age 52. I think Bob thought he had saved the man’s soul before he died, but I told him there was no salvation, that things weren’t right with Les. Had they been right, he wouldn’t have joined the Assemblies of God, and he wouldn’t have perished of cancer. I told him the Assemblies of God was an abomination to God. Bob disagreed, contradicted himself, and resisted us on several points.

Many are religious, but few embrace the cross, willing to die for Christ’s sake. They will go to church, pray, read the Bible, witness to others, tithe, give to the poor, help their neighbors, and live productive lives, but the true walk of faith requires the one thing that separates the sheep from the goats – the cross. Many choose to live; few are willing to lay down the life. A Rolex watch may appear beautiful to people, but the price tag turns them away. So with the walk of faith. Without the cross, one cannot be a Christian.

ParticleThere is a Price

People admire and envy the good things God has given us, but they can’t appreciate, and are even repulsed by, how we came to receive them. There is a price, and that price is belief of, and obedience to, the truth at personal cost.

To most people, the things we say about religion are unacceptable, unorthodox, even heretical, yet they surely lead to blessing because they’re the Truth of God, and His Truth prospers and makes free. People believe their lies, which are taught as truth, and suffer the consequences, rarely recognizing the connection between those lies and their guaranteed fruits.

ParticleThe Padilla Prophesyings

Leaving Bob’s, we drove to Fairchild, Wisconsin and to the Life-Giving Nutritional Store where we met Stan, his partner Steve (who resisted being part of the group), and their secretary Vicky, who was a member, an apparently subdued one at that. Stan showed us around, told us of his expansion plans for their business, and then took us to his home, all the while enthusiastically proclaiming worshipful commendations of Kathryn.

Almost as soon as we arrived at Stan’s, Kathryn was there with her scribe, Linda. She immediately took the ball from Stan’s hands and invited us to a fish dinner, without Stan, at a local restaurant, which we accepted. I don’t know why he didn’t come. Already she was prophesying to us. When we returned to Stan’s shortly after dinner, she spoke in tongues and prophesied much more. Linda was writing every word down as the Word of God, which we were told was her custom to do at all times in all circumstances.

ParticlePadilla’s Power Ploy

A main theme of the prophesying was that we should gather stores of various foodstuffs in preparation for a great economic upheaval. She wasn’t specific about what was going to happen – just that we needed to immediately prepare and become totally self-sufficient. I perceived the whole approach was a control thing. She wanted total control over us in every respect and wasn’t about to wait for it.

Her scribe was visibly not well. She looked to be about 65, frail, and very pale, practically spectral. Perhaps her condition made her look older. It seemed she trusted that she didn’t need medical attention seeing she had the highest representative of God in the flesh with her, whom she was serving faithfully; not to worry.

Kathryn was arranging sleeping places for us. She suggested that while Paul and I stay at Stan’s for the night, she would take Jonathan to her acreage and he would sleep in her basement. That did not sound good to me at all so we declined, saying Jonathan would be fine with us, even if we all slept on the floor.

When Kathryn and her scribe left, we resumed visiting with Stan and went for a walk. That evening we saw fireflies, something I hadn’t seen since I was a kid in Manitoba over fifty years ago. I recalled our catching them and putting them in a jar to have a very dim lamp of sorts, or smearing them on our clothes to see ourselves glow in the dark. Jonathan was entertained by them.

Stan did all the talking and was open to nothing we had to say, though we tried, so we left it. He was looking forward to our attending their Sabbath meeting the next day at Kathryn’s where he expected things to happen for us.

Stan pressed Steve Pflieger to tithe to Kathryn, Steve being Stan’s business partner. Steve caved to Stan’s demand, but wasn’t the least interested in going, confessing he was even afraid to go, to the meetings.

Where was Stan’s wife, Barb? They had separated. He said she had a gambling addiction, and she said that she wanted none of Padilla, that Padilla controlled him in his entire lifestyle. Stan volunteered that he eliminated television viewing in their home at Kathryn’s direction, which Barb wasn’t prepared to surrender, along with many other things.

ParticlePadilla’s Paranoia

I heard the phone ring early in the morning. Stan answered it. When we arose, Stan said Kathryn had called. She had fallen down her basement stairs. The cause? She said a force had pushed her. Why? She said someone was speaking against her, but she didn’t say who. I had the impression she suspected some spiritual force in us and Stan seemed secretive.

ParticlePadilla’s Podium

On Saturday morning, June 30th, we four arrived at Kathryn’s acreage and went into the house to meet Charlie, May, and Duane (Vicky’s husband, there with Vicky). Besides them were Kathryn and Linda (the scribe). Some hymns were sung and then Kathryn began to speak in tongues, interpret, prophesy, and preach. It was evident Kathryn was edgy or suspicious. She spoke about her fall the night before and seemed to be discreetly probing to see who there was reacting with discomfort and guilt. This was a troubled woman.

She preached about submission. She had a husband, Walter, who was supposed to have a jail ministry in the area but she felt no obligation whatsoever to submit to him as his wife. It seemed they were going their separate ways. She did, however, expect all to submit to her in any way she saw fit.

Then she picked up a long sword and slowly waved it about. “One day I think I may be using this” (or, “I would like to use this”), she said in somewhat contemplative fashion. I wondered if we weren’t in for some wild action or if she wasn’t giving us a subtle threat as if to say, “Don’t challenge me,” or if she simply was not in her right mind, which plainly, she wasn’t, though likely harmless. The others sat by almost entirely silent, subdued, and certainly joyless. It was as if they were under a spell or lightly drugged.

With what I suspect was another attempt, in her defensiveness and fears and suspicions, to probe, she asked if anyone had a Word to speak. I said, “Yes, I do.” I red to her and all the following Scriptures:

Let your women be silent in the churches; for it is not permitted to them to speak, but to be in subjection, as the Law also says. And if they desire to learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home; for it is a shame for a woman to speak in a church. Or did the Word of God go out from you? Or did it reach only to you? If anyone thinks to be a prophet, or a spiritual one, let him recognize the things I write to you, that they are a commandment of the Lord. But if any is ignorant, let him be ignorant” (1 Corinthians 14:34-38 MKJV).

And as a second witness: “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I do not allow a woman to teach, or to exercise authority over a man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. But she will be kept safe through childbearing, if they continue in faith and love and holiness with sensibleness” (1 Timothy 2:11-15 MKJV).

Without suggesting any application, drawing any conclusion, or making any comment, I asked her what she made of those words. Her reaction was swift, decisive, if not indignant: “I will never submit to him [meaning her husband]!” as if the very thought was preposterous and he was entirely unworthy of her.

ParticleMy Twelfth Eviction for the Faith

“But if this is the Word of God, how do you get around it?” I asked. She wouldn’t argue, but immediately charged Stan to show us the door. Stan was swift to obey. He came to us and was ready to physically remove us if we resisted. I couldn’t see another option but to go peaceably; nor was I inclined to rebuke devils. I also admit that the sword was a bit of concern to me. Stan led us to our car and made very sure we were out of their yard entirely before he retreated to the house. I tried talking to him before we drove away, but he would have none of it, case closed.

What did I do but bring up some Scripture? Why could she not reply with reason and godly justification? Could the others see her spirit and error? Would they continue with her? They seemed afraid.

I wondered how Jonathan felt about the experience. He later told me being cast out was the highlight of the trip for him. “That was the best part!” he exclaimed. “Well, Jonathan,” I thought, “in future, you may be seeing more of the same.” (He was nearly ten.)

The purpose of our journey was almost done. We headed back to the Nelsons in Minneapolis, hoping that perhaps they might provide us with a place to stay on our way home, though we doubted that would happen. That was a silly and selfish thought on my part.

ParticleOur Thirteenth Eviction for the Faith

Well, not quite an eviction, but close enough. When we arrived at the Nelsons, Bob and Karen had just pulled in. While we stood in the driveway telling Bob a bit about what had happened to us, Karen spoke to her sons just outside their door with her back to us. We could tell she was speaking secretively and expected she was not permitting us to remain.

Bob stayed neutral – where all heads of houses ought to be, like politicians, right? Jesus certainly stayed neutral, didn’t He? As did John the Baptist and all the prophets, like Moses, Samuel, and Jeremiah, as well as Abigail and Deborah? Or had Bob directed his wife to take action without appearing as though he was responsible? Either way, he made his choice, didn’t he? We directed him to read The Vashti-Esther Transmutation and said that he needed to step out and obey the Lord.

Why do I call this an eviction?

The one who is not with Me is against Me, and the one who does not gather with Me scatters” (Matthew 12:30 MKJV).

We were on the road, travelers in foreign country, on mission in the Lord, and needed a place to stay for the night. Where better to stay than with a believer, and who would want more to show hospitality than true brothers and sisters in Christ? But we had just been shunned by those professing faith.

“I was a stranger and you didn’t take Me in; I was naked, and you didn’t clothe Me; I was sick, and in prison, and you didn’t visit Me” (Matthew 25:43 MKJV).

Some in Nelsons’ shoes might argue: “There were motels available; you weren’t strangers to us; we were busy; we had no spare rooms….” But they didn’t honestly, openly explain anything to us or show any interest in our ventures. At the very least, wouldn’t believers do that?

Bob once said he saw himself as a peacemaker. What he meant was “fencesitter,” all around nice guy, one who rocks no boats. Karen wore the pants. That was it, and we continued on our way.

If we were so wrong and they, as believers, knew it, why not tell us our error, not with unexplained rejection, opinion or religious convention, but with good reason and Scripture, perhaps with a “Thus says the Lord”? No, they were fearful and steered clear of spiritual communications with us. Bob would later tell us we were “extreme.”

ParticleWhere is the Energy?

We had a peculiar experience on our trip. We took organic food with us, but only enough for a few days, lest it spoil. When it ran out, we were forced to eat conventional food. Call it psychological, if you will, but all of us experienced a marked decline in our energy once we began eating conventional. The organic had energy; the conventional didn’t. We tried to eat the best we could find and perhaps we weren’t entirely wise in our selection, but truly good food wasn’t to be found. With direct experience of comparison, we had no doubt organic was much better.

ParticleRelief in Wibaux, Montana

Paul, Jonathan, and I left the Nelsons, drove a while, and took a motel. On July 1st, we traveled all day back to Montana, on the watch for organic food. There was none available. We were hungry and wondered where we could eat. The eateries on the road were chain restaurants with the usual garbage bulk starch fare; the grocery stores offered no better. We decided to find a restaurant and kept asking for a good place where locals ate. Finally someone told us about a steak place open Sundays at Wibaux, Montana.

Every once in a while one stumbles upon something like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. We found the restaurant – The Shamrock Bar and Grill. The place was in the middle of nowhere. Walking in, we were immediately struck with “cowboy country living.” The place was classic Western, filled with displays of pictures, antiques, guns, saddles, spurs, ropes, and dollar bills on the bar wall.

The waiters or waitresses weren’t uniformed or young and pretty, but were ordinary, Western-dressed, casual folk who served you well in every way – no flattery or pretention, no drooling for tips, just clean, speedy, friendly, and down-to-earth service with great prices to make you feel at home, safe, happy, and satisfied. And just as importantly, of course, the servings were generous and excellent.

We saw many whole families there, possibly after church, visiting with each other and enjoying themselves, as country folk can be. We saw cowboys with a bit of manure on their boots, though the place was generally clean. It didn’t matter. The atmosphere was delightful.

We ordered steaks and beverages, and after the steaks, we helped ourselves to dessert, which was set out on a table to the side with a great assortment of pies, cakes, and cookies. Being late, we weren’t in on the whole assortment – we could tell the selection had been good – but we enjoyed ourselves. It was a welcome break after days of stress and hunger, and we were on our way to another motel for the night.

One may wonder that physical things can comfort one in spiritual battles, but they can and do. It’s all the Lord’s creation and He runs it all.

ParticleOverwhelmed at Home

The next day, Jonathan and I dropped Paul off in Great Falls and headed straight home. Arriving, I began to feel overwhelmed with what was facing me, physically and spiritually – the farm matters, a water situation in our residential community with costs skyrocketing, the Chi business needing attending, the Old Elm Colony Hutterites using our machines without charge for an extended period, irrigating and yard work, the Wisconsin situation, Jonathan, Marilyn, and the list went on. I suppose I was fatigued from the trip and the stress of our experiences, and when I get tired, I can get overwhelmed – problems look bigger and tougher and sometimes almost insurmountable.

ParticleTalk with Marilyn

Marilyn and I had a candid talk. We readily admitted that neither had any more feelings for the other. I’d told her that she needn’t fear leaving – Jonathan would go with her; she has her connections in Calgary – her mother and siblings, Audrey Goff in Claresholm, and her connection to Sean. Still, I was concerned about Jonathan.

Particle“Mitch” Writes

I began receiving correspondence from a “Mitch,” someone carefully concealing their identity and writing the way a black might speak. The person was asking a lot of questions, particularly concerning doctrine. Trevor commented that it was someone who was mocking me. I went along with it for a bit to see what would come of it, trying to determine where the person was coming from. The person was impudent and antagonistic while trying to play at least neutral. We would find out who it was.

ParticleNews of Chi Machines at the Vitamin Centre

On July 9th, Lavelda Krisko, salesclerk at the Vitamin Centre informed me that Nes Kotyk, the owner of the chain of nutritional supplements, had brought in copycat Chi machines. I was chagrined that I hadn’t stopped in sooner to talk to him about the real thing. Lois said it wasn’t finished, and Mariko suggested I go in the next day. Lavelda told me Nes would be in.

ParticleAnother July 10th

On July 10th, I visited Nes and Elaine Kotyk at the Vitamin Centre and found out they professed faith in Jesus Christ and had purchased the Aerobic Exerciser chi machines, which were malfunctioning. I talked to them about the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and they signed up as distributors. They canceled their other machines, which had hurt Elaine’s back.

But there might have been a problem with Lavelda, their salesclerk; I never knew for sure. I didn’t think she really wanted to be an active distributor or that she cared to have the responsibility of sponsoring the Kotyks. Furthermore, I was the one who did the sponsoring; she simply informed me of the opportunity for contact with them. So I didn’t sign Lavelda up as their sponsor, which I later considered to be a mistake of presumption on my part. I should have at least discussed the matter with her.

Seeing the Kotyks had many stores in Western Canada, I saw a great potential for sales. I was very thankful, thrilled in fact, to get this sign-up. I was hoping to do some big things with them and was prepared to visit their stores and train their staff as best I could. I found, however, that Nes’ brother Ernie (his partner) wasn’t enthused about it, and Nes was sympathetic to his brother’s view. Still, we ended up with some good sales, and it would prove in the end to be a profitable venture in time – once I got some things corrected with Lavelda.

I would come to wrestle with whether to stick strictly to business with Nes or enter into spiritual matters, which I expected would cause controversy. I decided to wait and trust the Lord to give me the time, place, and substance. Paul and Lois agreed. I knew Nes needed to hear truth, but I also knew his heart was closed.

ParticleAnother Event of New Things on July 10

On July 10th, Sara had a decisive conflict with her parents. A brief summary of that day in her words:

On July 10th, my parents demanded access to my e-mail, which contained all letters between Paul and me. For the first time, they saw that I had set myself to move to Montana. The next morning they kicked me out. I moved in with Kendra and began my horse-sitting job that had been arranged to start in a few days’ time, as she went to visit a friend in Idaho. Kendra wasn’t happy about what was happening. She believed and sided with my parents. She said that I couldn’t use the internet at her house while she was gone. I put in my two-week notice at the vet clinic that day in preparation for moving to Helena, Montana.

Sara called me on the 14th and we talked for an hour. I also received a scoffing letter from Beth, her mother, and a vulgar, nasty note from Dave, her father.

ParticleA Conversation with Jonathan

On July 12th, as we were reading the Bible, Jonathan asked, “Why does God make people do evil and then punish them for what they do?” I replied that because He is God, He alone is the Cause of all things, including evil. If He doesn’t create evil and cause others to do evil, then who will? Why is that a necessity? In order to teach us the consequences of independence of Him, of living lawlessly, of doing evil.

“Is there no quick way,” asked my son, “so that we don’t have to learn that way?”

“No,” I replied. “In God’s ways, we must learn the long, hard, thorough way – the only way there is.” To support what I was saying, I quoted him the verse:

For the creation was not willingly subjected to vanity, but because of Him Who subjected it on hope that the creation itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God” (Romans 8:20-21 MKJV).

After this talk sometime, Jonathan became ill (I don’t believe the talk had anything to do with it; at least there was never any connection revealed). He was weak, pale, and lethargic for days, which turned into weeks. A neighbor friend, Hesta, said he was anemic. Years before, Lois had experienced a similar problem with Trevor, who nearly died, until the Lord healed him through chiropractic and nutritional treatment, including Floradix iron.

ParticleInternet Service for Paul

Paul was very happy to finally have access to the internet from his home on July 16, 2001. On this day, I had more battles with Marilyn, who was more intent than ever on her prophecy, her evil, and my departure.

On the next day, another battle ensued. She took no blame, constantly justified herself, and insisted that I ask her to leave. She taunted me, gashed walls, damaged the laundry basket, attacked me physically, threw food at me, and spat, calling me a pig, beast, and anti-Christ. She was so full of contradiction and bitterness, it defied all logic and imagination.

ParticleChristian Ignorance and Superstition

We introduced the Sorgard family (Graham being the son) to the Chi Machine on display in the store. The moment the mother heard the word “chi,” she was fearful, thinking we were enticing them to Eastern, mystical religion. She would not so much as come near the Chi Machine, turning almost ashen. They made an awkward and hasty retreat.

These people were separatistic, not going to any church or submitting to any group or spiritual elders. I’m told they appointed their son Graham to be the pastor or teacher for their household, though I believe it was the mother who was effectively their high priestess. They were fearful, superstitious, ignorant people (the mother in particular), who needed instruction and direction more than many, yet couldn’t receive good earthly things, much less the heavenly.

ParticleProphecy: Evil Days Approach

On our 41st Sabbath and the 4th year anniversary of the day I began my major fast of July 20, 1997, I had these words from the Lord:

“They are surely coming, says the Lord, and the land will be laid waste with all desolation of every kind. Fire and brimstone shall overtake even the strongest, who rest confidently and quietly in themselves, getting gain from every quarter while the meek and lowly implore. I will comfort the meek and the lowly, and show Myself strong to the strong, but not on their behalf. For I am strongly against the strong and they shall have no hope in Me for I am against them.

The shadows will fall and already fall on the mighty, who cannot see, cannot discern the signs of the times. They think they have prepared for themselves provision for rainy days. But I have news for them! My rain will violently wash away all that they have stored, and they will have nothing remaining.

If we could do more, we would, but we can’t; the time has come. Fear, fear all, for the time has come upon you, and even the righteous can scarcely be saved, how much more shall the ungodly perish in one day, even one hour! Swift destruction approaches, silently and surely, covering the earth.

But you are safe; you I will keep; you have nothing to fear though you will be afraid. I have kept you and will keep you. That is My covenant with you and I cannot break it. I cover you with My covering and you shall be covered; you shall be kept; to My glory you shall be kept, and all men will know that you are Mine and that I have loved you.

You have been despised, rejected, forsaken, mocked at, and ridiculed. You have been evil spoken of, but I tell you that one day men will speak well of you when they hear the report of all things as they are. And they will hear them, for I shall tell them, for there is nothing hid that will not be made manifest.”

ParticleIngrid Suffers Persecution for Her Faith

After moving back to Belgium, Ingrid was sorely oppressed by her parents. While she wanted to eat organically and give her children a wholesome diet, her parents would act against her wishes, and there was nothing she could do about it because she was living with them, not having the resources to be on her own. She didn’t wish to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, and other worldly events. Again, they overruled her. She didn’t want vaccinations for her children, but they forced them on them. She wished to be in touch with us and to receive our teachings, but they opposed it.

ParticleRCMP at Harvest Haven

Seeing Sara was coming to Montana, her parents contacted the police in the US, believing we were a dangerous religious group (a cult) that exercised an evil influence on unsuspecting, vulnerable people.

We received no calls or visits from the police in Canada, but I decided to call Sergeant Earl Lounsbury of the RCMP Lethbridge detachment to come out to our farm and see for himself if there was any dangerous activity or influence. I thought I might preempt any complications by demonstrating that we had nothing to hide or fear.

Sergeant Lounsbury came out with Detective Ken Taylor. We talked about the Schmidts and the farm. I also showed them the ugly mail I had received from the Schmidts, particularly Dave’s. They saw where the fault was, found no fault with us, and left. We never heard from them again. I would call them on Ingrid’s behalf later.

ParticleVision: Sheaves Entering Doorways

I had a vision in the night of July 27, 2001. There were five- or six-foot-tall grain sheaves heading for an entrance with two doorways (no doors). The sheaves were bound evenly and tightly from top to bottom. One was double. I knew that the double would need to separate in order to enter.

The entrance seemed to be to some great public place of gathering, such as a stadium. The main message was that the double sheaves would need to separate and enter singly.

ParticleKerri and Steve’s Wedding Reception

Lois, Jonathan, and I traveled to Great Falls to a place in the country where an outdoor wedding reception was held for Steve and Kerri. Kerri asked Lois to bring a cake, seeing Lois was skilled at cake decorating, which we brought. Paul also came from Helena.

We brought no other gifts, thinking that Steve and Kerri would come to the farm, and there we would supply them with organic food or other gifts.

Paul requested to talk to Steve’s daughter, Dawn, who was there. He, Lois, and I found a private place to talk. Dawn called herself a witch, and it was quite obvious that she was utterly confused and likely on drugs. It was also likely that she was possessed by a demon or demons. Lois told her that the Lord was in full control and that everything was going perfectly according to plan. Lois gave her a hug.

I tried to say things to Dawn, but she was resisting. I then rebuked the spirits in her. She promptly stomped off, saying, “Nobody will be my master.” It was a curious thing to say, given the conversation. Nobody was talking about being master over anyone, but something was assuming it. We wouldn’t see Dawn again, but we would hear relatively good news of her.

ParticleThings Not Right with Paul

There was a disturbance within me concerning Paul. I sensed a division, one I had experienced many times with him. I didn’t ask him anything specific, just how things were with him, to which he replied, “Fine,” without saying more. He headed back to Helena, and we returned to Lethbridge.

ParticleBen Hafichuk Calls

I was floored when I received a phone call on August 5th from Ben Hafichuk. He was calling from his parents’ place in Kelowna, requesting to come to the farm to live temporarily. The last time we heard from him was in the fall of 1996 when he was trying to talk Danny into leaving the farm, calling us a cult! Though I was very happy to hear from him, I asked him why he would want to live with a cult. He backed off on calling us that, giving some explanation that it was his parents’ influence on him.

I told Ben we would pray about his coming and call him back. He was having financial trouble and I suspected it was not his real desire to come, but an escapist move, striking a panic button more than anything. I tried calling him on the 11th and got his message service. In his phone message, he humorously asked for nothing but money, money, money. My hesitations were confirmed; he wasn’t interested in right or in what we were doing at all. Finally, we talked. Indeed, he was only interested in money. Lois and Marilyn also agreed that it wouldn’t work for him to come. I left things as they were and would hear from Ben later.

ParticleHomeopathy Hits a Homer

While most people would instantly run to conventional medical treatment with pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics, we endeavored to take in a larger perspective. We don’t rule out conventional medicine, as the reader well knows by now, but we haven’t limited ourselves to it, preferring, whenever possible, to explore more natural, problem-solving, rather than symptom-treating, alternatives.

We did get an appointment with Dr. Greidanus, who prescribed antibiotics for Jonathan, which we weren’t prepared to accept. Jonathan took some Floradix iron, and on August 5th, we visited Nicole Gauthier, a homeopath in Coaldale, who gave him a homeopathic treatment. By late afternoon, Jonathan began to improve. It was that quick.

Dr. Greidanus called on August 9th. When he found out we didn’t pick up his prescription at the druggist’s and weren’t prepared to accept his treatment, he was upset with us. I had the impression he was threatening us, as though we were criminally irresponsible with Jonathan. I told him that Jonathan received homeopathic treatment and that he was noticeably improving. This, of course, didn’t pacify him a whole lot, given the general contempt the conventional medical establishment has for homeopathy.

Did you know the American Medical Association (AMA) was originally formed for the express purpose of warring against homeopathic medicine?

I was assured by the Lord that Dr. Greidanus wouldn’t be able to do anything against us. We didn’t hear from him again.

I had another terrible battle with Marilyn, though it’s not recorded why or what it was about.


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Page 8 PART FOUR– Bernalillo to Moon River (cont.) Particle – Split Tree Falls on Fred's House While visiting Fred and Delores, I had a vision wherein I saw a great tree, cut off at the top and bottom, trimmed, and split in two down the center. I saw half of it come slamming down on top of Fred's log house, crushing it. The second half of that log fell, landing on top of the first, matching the splits (the first with split up, the second with split down). I interpreted it to mean that Fred's house was finished. Particle – Ivah and Leah Revealed Delores wanted us to visit her friend, Ivah. Ivah's husband was in prison, and her daughter, Leah, was living with her. Ivah was in her fifties, very thin, and professed to believe, though she seemed quite confused. Scars on her neck evidenced her having undergone surgery for cancer. Leah was in her early twenties. While Leah had gone along with her mother's religious activities, she was now dating a Catholic fellow, drinking, and generally living contrary to her mother's wishes. When I asked her about it, she said she wasn't interested in following after God, that she had tried it and gotten nowhere. (Of course, it was a case of the blind leading the blind and having fallen into the ditch.) I had thought that the vision I had was of them. The strange thing, however, was that Leah's hair wasn't thick, long, and black at all, but medium brown and short, and her skin wasn't dark, but very pale, almost a light cream. The...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part VII, Page 9

Page 9 PART SEVEN – Surprise Visitors to Day 888 (cont.) Particle – I Make Jonathan Ill Around July 12th, Jonathan and I worked on landscaping in the hot weather. I was demanding of him and didn't pay attention to his needs for rest and water, not believing his complaints, not that he did much of that. He fell ill. I didn't realize until days after the work and well into his illness that he had been dehydrated and suffered heat stroke. His body was so hot, and he was so ill. Oh, how I have hated myself for all the times I've hurt him! How strange that though I had the desire to protect him, I so often did the very opposite. I asked the Lord to heal him. Two days later, Jonathan was reviving. My idolatry of Jonathan was killing him. God was not well pleased with my affection for him. At least that is my explanation for why I, in brutishness and ignorance, have done him so much harm without intent or deliberate effort. Particle – Paul Confesses Hating Me On July 13th, Paul faxed me a note from Montana, confessing how he had hated me. Admitting it to himself, it was gone, he said. He went on to talk about the Feast of Tabernacles, the time of restoration. He likened it to the Lord coming to the Feast secretly in John 7. He was so right. I faxed him back, agreeing. But I was angry at his confession and brought up all the things that made sense in light of it, the things that indicated he had been bitter toward me for some time. I still felt like he was at enmity with m...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Table of Contents - Part 5

PART FIVE – Moon River to Harvest Haven Part Five PDF Part V - Page 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17Page 1    Particles...House Arrest A Prophecy Fulfilled Who’s Boss? Our Homes Together An Interconnected World at Every Turn Insurance Indoctrinations Supper with Bill Syme More Women Leave Men Great and Small Things An Unprofessional and Selfish Attitude Claudio the BoyPage 2    Particles...A Fearful, Unbelieving Couple The Benson Divorce Settlement The Fire of God Twenty-four Fateful, Unpopular Poplars Sandy McClimens Conflicts with the Neighbors Begin Telephone Party Lines The “Second Coming” A Great Tree, Uprooted and Cut in Half Trouble with the Arnoldussens A Big Mistake A Rodding for Trevor and Mark Delores Dies Lois Falls Mortgage Paid Off Vision Fulfilled of Marilyn in Her Home Hail Pits Our Home Why Insurance? July 10, New Beginnings Pig in a Tower “If You Believe…” The Atmosphere of Moon River The Kings Choosing Between Family and Truth The Neus Living Expensively at the BottomPage 3    Particles...Choices Given Means Wrong Ones Made “If I Lived My Life Again…” Ever the Covetous Fretter Trick Because No Treat? 1988 Very Generous Offerings More on VCC, the Witch’s Coven Nathan Determines His Own Way Nathan “Imprisoned” for His Safety A Hard Black Hea...
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