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PART TEN – The Issues of Life

The Fourth Dimension, Phase Two


Particle – A New Year’s Healing

The year 2002 began with a much needed healing for me. If Marilyn had ever suggested the possibility of a separation in the past, I would get angry. This happened several times. Suddenly, I realized that the anger stemmed from fear – of losing her. I confessed it and was greatly relieved.

Then I realized how I had been dumped or rejected by almost all girls I had ever courted. I hadn’t realized that before. I now believe that the Lord set me free of my fear and discomfort with women. In fact, I know it. I am very comfortable with all. Thank You, Lord! This has been a grievous malady in my life from birth.

Marilyn felt differently as well. She said she was made free and believed she had been hard because of what needed to be done in my life.

Particle – What is Important

On January 4, 2002, I received a letter from Annie, a friend of Marlene Lucente, castigating me for talking to someone at the funeral reception about the Chi Machine. Her letter and my reply within it:

To: Annie and Marlene Lucente

From: Victor Hafichuk, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In a message dated 1/4/2002 2:21:21 PM Mountain Standard Time, Annie Orton (for Marlene Lucente) writes:


It has come to my attention that at the Funeral luncheon for our Broker and friend you used the opportunity to solicit our friends and business associates to market and sell your machines.

The Lord Jesus Christ sent me that day to that town, concerning the funeral of Rocky Lucente, though I had only spoken to him and to his wife but once, by telephone. When arriving at the luncheon, I saw and met Don and his wife. I saw his condition and knew that I had something that could help him. When I mentioned it to him, if I recall correctly, he asked me if I had any literature. I asked my companion to go to the car and get some literature to give to him. He then went to sit with his wife and the Whites. End of conversation.

I find in incomprehensible and unforgivable that you could use this venue in order to further your own ventures.

I then realized that, though my intention was not at all mercenary, it could easily be construed that way. I therefore went over to the table where they sat, expressing hope that I hadn’t offended anyone and regret if I had, that I didn’t mean to take advantage of such an occasion to, as you put it, “further my own ventures.” It was not a mercenary move whatsoever.

Consider that if it were mercenary, I could have spoken to many other people there and didn’t. I and my companion did speak to several, but not about the machines. I only spoke to Don and his wife. However, when I came to that table expressing my concerns, Doreen White had mentioned to me that she was aware of the machine in question and knew someone, namely Evan Yurkoski, who was also selling them. I had no intention to sell them anything or get into further discussion. She also assured me that they weren’t offended.

The avarice you displayed is thoroughly disgusting. 

I can understand that if a person were taking advantage of any social situation, not just a funeral, for mammon’s sake, that it could easily and justly be judged as a conduct of avarice and, yes, viewed with disgust. However, Annie, God knows and judges the heart. What He views is not the act, but the motive. He knows what was in my heart. Not only do you have no idea whatsoever of what was transpiring in my heart, there is some evidence for an objective person to consider my actions to possibly have innocence, if not virtue.

As I pointed out, I and my companion spoke to nobody else concerning these machines, inside or outside the building or within the event, though we did speak to several concerning spiritual and general matters. We gave no literature to anyone else; we left no literature laying around; we didn’t take down names for future potential contact. If we had been there to do business, we would have done more than we did. Furthermore, I can’t keep up with the opportunities I’ve been given to market these machines. A funeral is one of the least likely places I would go to “further my ventures.”

You had not even met Rocky before his passing, and yet – you came to his funeral and accosted his friends and family in order to make money.

You use harsh, judgmental, and altogether unjust terms, matching your spirit. I should like to know who thought they were accosted. The only family member I recall speaking to was Marlene. Did I speak to her about the machines? Only Don could have potentially thought so, seeing he was the only one I tried to help, noting his obvious condition. If he felt I had accosted him, why wouldn’t he say something? Wasn’t he a former corrections officer? Or was it that I didn’t accost him, after all? If he thinks I did, he should have said so and still can. I’m here.

Your false accusation that I was there to make money was answered in more than one way. And we know who the “accuser of the brethren” is, don’t we? Marlene knows.

I would hope that you will not continue trying to market your products, using Rockys name as an introduction to our clients. 

I have no need of Rocky’s name to market my products; I didn’t use his name there to market my products; nor would I choose to use his name at any time. I didn’t mention Rocky’s name to Don, as far as I recall, but if I mentioned it, it certainly wasn’t with sales in mind.

But, knowing now how you behaved at the luncheon, I obviously cannot count on that.

You have judged after the appearance, as is the case with those who are hasty or don’t know the truth or the way of the Lord. In your stance, you can count on nothing.

You can be sure – if anyone phones for a reference, no one in the office will be willing to give you a good one.

If you should choose to continue to judge and to defame me to all those who bring up my name, I can’t stop you, but you alone will have to answer for your attitude and actions. Face the Lord when the day comes and talk to Him about it. And you will face Him. Rocky is now answering for his sins and so will you.

When we were leaving town, I felt there was unfinished business, and not the kind you evilly surmise. Yet I did not feel to go back. But I wondered. I wonder no more. Your letter settles that question. I see you represent Marlene Lucente, and now I’ll speak to the two of you:

Your spirit, Marlene, was not of God. The funeral was a display of paganism, as the Lord revealed to me. You people have taken upon yourselves the ways of the heathen. As if that weren’t bad enough, you do so in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, thus taking upon yourself His Name in vain, for which you’ll not be held guiltless, and even now suffer His judgment on yourselves. You worship Ashtoreth and Baal, supposing you worship the Lord Jesus. You have taught your children to do so, as well. I assure you that unless you repent, you will not escape judgment.

Your pastors are hirelings, idolaters who love to have the praise and price of men. Making the statement that Rocky is “celebrating Christmas with Jesus this year” is the mark of a man of darkness who knows nothing whatsoever concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. How much less should he presume to be the senior pastor of a flock of God, which flock you are not. Your hireling shepherds are altogether worthless servants of darkness, whispering sweet things to their listeners. They’re the ones you ought to look at for avarice; their ways are the ways that are contemptible and disgusting before God, though certainly not before yourselves. You love, and even pay them, to have it so.

What’s wrong with doing good any time? When Jesus did the work of the Father on the Sabbath, the religious condemned Him for it. “Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath or not?” He angrily demanded of them. When I do good to someone at a funeral, you choose to honor the dead rather than the living.

What is wrong with honestly trying to help someone at a funeral? Would Rocky have objected to my trying to help a friend of his (I assume they were friends) in his physical infirmities? Didn’t Rocky himself die of illness? Yes, he did.

Now consider that if Rocky would have objected to help for his friend, being instead more concerned about being honored in his death when he himself could no longer be helped, then Rocky wasn’t worth honoring, living or dead. Is that the way he was, selfish and self-centered? Likely. I never met the man, but I see his fruits, and “by their fruits you shall know them,” said Jesus.

He certainly left behind a selfish and self-centred wife, and secretary, who choose to honor the dead rather than the living, to have pride and “dignity” rather than have a friend in great need helped, namely Don. You couldn’t care less for your friends, could you, Marlene? And so you’re offended. You are of those who smile, pray, quote Scripture, read the Bible, as did the religious of Jesus’ day, yet you crucify the Son of God in this day with your ways, and words, and thoughts.

You are the whited sepulchres spoken of by the Lord, those who appear righteous, justifying yourselves before men, but inwardly you are murderers and harlots, full of dead men’s bones, including that of your husband. Those who are murderers and harlots outwardly, without pretence, are far more likely to enter the Kingdom of God than are you.

I might never have had another opportunity to help Don. I knew that, and so I took that time to help him. If he despises me for it, attributing evil intent to me, as you do, he will have to suffer the consequences, having contemned a helping hand. You have certainly contemned it.

I may not agree with Evan Yurkoski in what he does, how he does it, what he believes, and how he presumes to serve God. According to Roy Morrill, he accuses me of sins I know nothing of. Gladly I would face my accusers before you all. Mark these words… they’re true. In my understanding, he doesn’t serve God. But neither do you, Marlene, nor you, Annie, not that you, Annie, necessarily claim to.

You, Marlene, helped to kill your husband. When Evan tried to treat him with the FIR Dome, honestly believing it would help him, you adamantly refused it. Two witnesses told me so… Evan and Roy Morrill. The Dome has proven to be a sound medical device with great benefit. All of you could use it to significant advantage. Thousands have testified of its benefits; none to any ill effects. You didn’t encourage to heal, but discouraged. Therefore, you are guilty, not only for Rocky, but for many others, not only concerning these machines, but in general. However, Rocky will bear his own sin.

You people claim to believe, to be born again. There’s nothing further from the truth. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I declare it, and you’ll know it, if you don’t know it now, having wilfully deceived yourselves.

The next time you address me, it ought to be with apology and great repentance. Your ways, women, are wicked before God. No doubt you’ll take this letter to Roy Morrill for judgment. And he will demonstrate his place before God by the judgment he renders, I assure you.


Marlene and Annie,

I have two more things to add:

I don’t wish to give you the impression I’m not capable of corruption, of wrongdoing. I’m as capable as any man. “No man is good,” Jesus said. All flesh is fully capable. You too, Annie and Marlene.

Second, God forgives sins. Annie, you, with Marlene’s sanction, started off your letter saying that what I did was “unforgivable.” Automatically, I, by knowing the Lord and His ways, know that your letter is not from Him. You won’t forgive if I did wrong or even when I have done none. You didn’t ask for explanation; you didn’t ask to hear my side; you didn’t seek reconciliation, as would any true servant of God. But if I did wrong, God would call me to repentance and grant forgiveness.

You, as I said, serve another god, not the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I call you to repentance for your sins, which are not imagined or judged after the outward appearance. In repenting, God will hopefully and likely forgive you.

Personally, you haven’t offended me with your accusations. My forgiveness is here, now, for you. You need only avail yourselves of God’s forgiveness through genuine repentance, with unfeigned faith. God isn’t stupid; He isn’t mocked; He sees and knows. Don’t be deceived.


Particle – Ingrid Prevented in Belgium

Ingrid notified us that she would be arriving at the Calgary airport at a certain time. On January 8th, 2002, Trevor and I drove to pick her up only to find out at Marilyn’s mother’s place that Ingrid was stopped at the airport in Brussels. Her parents sent the police to take custody of her three children to prevent her from bringing them to Canada.

Particle – Vision: Woman of Faith

Sara then notified me that Ingrid was expressing doubts about us. I wrote Ingrid by email and we tried talking on messenger, but I suspected her brother may have been with her when we were talking. I received a vision of Ingrid at that time. My journal:

While Ingrid’s parents were opposing her, and taking her children from her in court in Belgium, I saw in a vision a woman under great stress, but full of what appeared to be conviction and faith, stand up and say in so many words and spirit, “So be it. You have my children, but I will not bow to your evil ways. God comes first; truth comes first; righteousness comes first. If I bow to you, I have no reason to live. But God will stand with me, and if not, so be it, I must lose my children, but I will not deny the Lord. I leave; I will fight for my children, and I will be back for my children; you can count on it; so God help me. And I now entrust them into His care.” I saw a determined woman in faith.

We soon received word from Ingrid that she enlisted a lawyer to take her parents to court to get her children back. We also found that she was, for all intents and purposes, under house arrest in her parents’ home. She had no say for her children or for herself. What law had she broken? How could they legally do these things to her? It was bizarre.

I wrote Ingrid, asking her where she really stood in relation to us, and if she wished that we continue to rent the house for her. She said she was with us, determined to fight for her children, to come to Canada with them, and expected the courts to see things her way. After all, there was no possible reason to find fault with her. She asked us to hold on to the house. The whole affair would prove to be very costly and frustrating, but faith and knowledge of God’s will and ways would sustain us.

I suspected that Ingrid would forsake us, lacking faith. I prayed that the Lord would not allow her faith to fail. I also asked that mine on her behalf wouldn’t fail.

Ingrid later told us that the prosecution was doing an investigation on us and that she would have to wait for those results. I called the RCMP to see if they had heard anything. I was hoping to speed things up; they heard nothing.

Particle – Sara’s Dream: The Promise

Sara records:

“This dream took place sometime near the end of 2001 or the beginning of 2002, after a time of seeing my selfishness, and my incapability to change it. In the evening, before going to bed, I was anguished and sorrowful, and I asked the Lord to help me, that He would cause me to live for something other than myself, and that I would be changed.

I was sitting at my kitchen table with Victor and Paul. They said to me from the Lord (and I think that I also heard the Words), ‘I will do for you, all that you have asked [of Me]’.”

(I have the “of Me” in brackets because I do not remember if those words were actually said or implied.)

Particle – An MLM Frustration

In order to advance in the Hsin Ten Enterprises multilevel marketing program, it requires that you establish a certain number of distributors at the levels below you, with everyone accumulating a certain point level in order to advance to the next discount levels. This proved to be very difficult and frustrating. Not only so, it proved to be taxing on our time and energies, which could be better spent selling product and sponsoring people.

I decided to write the CEO, Mr. Gordon Pan, the North American head of operations, Mr. Richard Chuang, and Mr. Tony Randeiro, the marketing manager in the U.S., and ask them to make certain specific changes to their marketing plan. received no reply and there was no indication that they heeded my recommendations, which I think were legitimate and had great potential.

Particle – Mariko’s Dream: Victor Selling Pear Cores

Mariko had a dream of me. I had a basket full of pear cores. I was trying to sell them. I had a sad face.

Yes, I have been stingy, trying to get every drop, taking and not giving. That could be why I was so frustrated with the Hsin Ten marketing system. There was no profit in such a state. God help me! The solution? Be generous and be up front with all.

Paul later received an interpretation to the dream. I was striving to get full value from everything, wishing I had done things differently, and bemoaning the lack of manager placements for the points in Hsin Ten. Things often do not take a known, easily calculated path. Hindsight can say many things, but is silent before its time.

Later, as I was regretting poor points in Hsin Ten, the Lord reminded me that I had deliberately avoided getting caught up in the business for His sake, and these were the resulting consequences. Why should I be surprised that there is a price to pay? And why should I expect the price not to hurt? I was so thankful to know the cost I suffered was not because of neglect or sloth but because of faithfulness to the Lord’s call on my life.

Over 14 years later, after significant developments, I question if that was a dream from the Lord Mariko had or from the accuser of the brethren. You’ll see why. Not that I was without fault of such a nature – I was.

Particle – Letter of Exhortation to Ingrid

On January 17, 2002, I wrote:

“Ingrid, look to the Lord in all of this very trying circumstance. He is above all, the Engineer of all things. Consider Joseph and what he suffered at the hands of his brothers. While they meant it for evil, God meant it for good (Genesis 50).

“We speak of fighting for one’s rights, but when it comes right down to it, we have no rights. The issue is not, ‘How can we get out of this?’ though it is a natural reaction, but, ‘How do I respond to the Lord in all of this?’

“Ingrid, as hard, as impossible, or as unreasonable as things may seem, this I know: All things are from the hand of God. Give thanks to Him for your present circumstances. Submit yourself to Him and to His will. He will accomplish marvelously in you His purposes, even as He did with Joseph and so many others. He’s faithful, and all power and authority rest with Him (Matthew 28:18).


Particle – The Hidden Blessing of a Loss

On January 27th, Paul and I traveled to Etzikom to visit Bernie and Kary Ehnes, associates of ours in organic agriculture, to talk to them about the Chi and Hot House.

Bernie had lost his arm in a farm accident a few years before, an all-too-common incident among farmers. I saw pain and perhaps shame or sorrow etched in the countenances of his wife, son, and daughter, though not so much in Bernie’s, not that they had anything for which to be ashamed. I felt bad for them.

However, there was a humility and brokenness with them that was so rare and precious. They had a blessing in their tragedy that I wish every family not experiencing such could have. Little did they know. Far better to visit and relate with them than with so many others who have not had their experience. I didn’t have the thoughts and words together to express what I was seeing with them. The time would come for that. I wanted them to know that in balance, they had gained far more than they had lost and that their loss would continue to produce even more good.

Particle – The Salvation Army Needs Saving

On January 28th, Paul and I visited Major Habkirk at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Lethbridge. We had come to talk to him about the Chi machine and how it could help many. He wasn’t interested. It was a distasteful experience. The man was consumed with getting – utterly selfish.

He was also visibly intimidated by us, though I can only guess why. Perhaps two men with beards was too much for him, or was it spiritual warfare? I think the latter; indeed, I have no doubt of it. If it was someone not professing faith, I wouldn’t bother making mention of this incident, but the Salvation Army is supposed to be there to bring life. This man, in Christ’s Name, was dead, dead, dead; he was of the world and not of the Kingdom of God.

While the world has had considerable respect for the Salvation Army and the organization has done much good in helping the poor physically, it desperately needs spiritual salvation.

Particle – Courts on Earth and the Court in Heaven

Does the legal system in Canada deal out equity and justice? Does any legal system on earth do so? Canada has had several public exposures of shameful wrongful convictions – Steven Truscott, David Milgaard, Donald Marshall, Tom Sophonow, Guy Paul Morin, and others of the Martensville, Saskatchewan scandal, including John Popowich and Ron and Linda Sterling.

Humankind makes mistakes. It also has pride, prejudice, and is essentially selfish at heart – the Bible says so. I have found the police to be human, with feelings, bias, prejudice, ignorance, imaginations, inabilities, incompetence, and lack of training and experience like anyone else.

In many of the cases I mention, the police jumped to conclusions, adopted tunnel vision, and focused more on a certain conviction than on truly solving the case. They moved in a predetermined direction, forcing the pieces of the puzzle into place rather than exercising patience and searching for the right pieces and the right fit. That is injustice.

So-called experts are called in to prove not that which must be true but that which they want to be true. The lawyers and courts follow prejudicial and erroneous “evidence” with their limited knowledge, naivety, and inability to judge wisely; thus, judgment ends in tragedy. Unless defendants have sharp and usually well paid lawyers, they’re subject to wrongful conviction. Also, there are times when even the best of lawyers don’t succeed in their defense of a just cause.

How, then, can men mete out true justice unless given the grace and ability from above to do so? And where is that grace if, as I say, justice can only come from above? Is God sovereign or isn’t He? Is He exercising that sovereignty or not? If so, does He exercise it in all fairness and equity?

Yes, He does. As a wise man said, “You may make your plans, but God directs your actions” (Proverbs 16:9 GNB).

So why would God ordain injustice? Why would he permit a man who is innocent of a crime to be incarcerated for decades, while apparently letting the guilty off?

I’ve learned that nothing happens without cause; whatever comes our way we either need or deserve. I expect that David Milgaard and his mother Joyce, for example, would have a difficult time with this truth, but it is truth, and if they were willing to believe it, there would be healing and a new lease on life they never knew before receiving this truth. There is a purpose under heaven for every matter. It was determined from above that Milgaard, Morin, Truscott, and the others were wrongfully convicted.

While the courts on earth will always fall short of all the facts, the Court in Heaven, the Most Supreme Court of courts has all the facts – not only past and present, but also future.

Furthermore, those who pay the greater price eventually receive the greater reward. In that sense, those who have suffered reproach and persecution for things they didn’t do will eventually be more than compensated from above. If these people can only accept this truth and forgive those who have wrongfully accused and convicted them, they will rest with an assurance and victory that few know. Theirs will be a reward far surpassing most rewards that exist. Injustice and its fruits will be transformed into a power and results people can scarcely dream of. These things I know by revelation from the Sovereign God, King of kings, and Lord of lords.

Now what about those such as O. J. Simpson, who apparently got away with murder? Doesn’t the Court in Heaven see and know? Yes, it does, and it dispenses perfect justice to both guilty and innocent. Would you like to be in O.J.’s shoes? Did he get off? Is he at peace with himself?

I say he is a miserable creature, the pariah of pariahs, despised by many. Where does he go? What does he do? Are the friendly faces with him genuine or sycophantic and scheming? Does he know? Does he have a genuine friend? What does he do with his companions? Will anyone really trust him? How does he live with himself? Can a famous man hide forever? Will he repeatedly lose that which he temporarily gains by scheming and deception? Yes. I say the Court of Heaven knows exactly what it is doing. God knows the hearts of men and dispenses perfect justice. Watch and see Simpson’s end, even on earth.

And while men cry for justice, little do they know how terrible justice can be.

If they should ever receive justice for themselves, what is their end? The Bible teaches that we are all liars, thieves, idolaters, murderers, and adulterers. If God were to mete out the justice due to us, where would we be?

If You kept a record of our sins, who could escape being condemned?” (Psalms 130:3 GNB).

Particle – Instinct Speaks

We watched Instinct, starring Anthony Hopkins and Donald Sutherland. This movie spoke to me, pointing out that I had surrendered my freedom to others for the sake of success in the Chi business. God be praised, I see the light and go from there. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Particle – The Enemy Discerned

I was now beginning to pick up on the subtle influence of the enemy working away at me through Marilyn. She was artful and effective in reasoning powers. Her influence was there to reason me out of walking by faith. God would lead in one direction and I was at last wise to Satan using Marilyn to thwart God’s purpose and lead me in another direction. I was amazed and began to learn to be wary of anything coming forth from her. I was seeing a constant repetition of Satan coming by Peter to discourage, with “encouragement,” the Lord from doing the will of the Father.

Constantly, I was learning not just to speak but to walk in the reality of the words, “Get behind me, Satan; you are an offense to me, for you do not savor the things of God but the things that are of men.” I marveled at how Satan was using Marilyn to try me, and I was also seeing Satan’s success in most of our married lives. The healing I received on the first day of this year was now paying off big time. The healing was on the 27th anniversary of having received the Spirit of God on January 1st, 1975.

Particle – A Speeding Ticket

Lord, why should a man of God receive a speeding ticket? Is it not a shame for me? But I wasn’t paying attention to the speed zones, talking about Ingrid’s house. I also see that I have been careless recently. Your correction is needful. Thank You.

Particle – Jonathan’s Prophecy for Mariko

On February 18, 2002, Jonathan had a prophecy on Mariko, that she was taking things lightly and needed sobering up and chastening. The time would come when she would receive exactly that.

Particle – The Busyness of the Chi Business

I was continually struggling over my preoccupation with the Chi business. I was talking to everyone about the machines and trying hard to work with Nes Kotyk and others to get them up to higher levels. It was bothering me because it seemed the Lord and His work were receiving far less attention. Hsin Ten was taking up my time and energy, day and night.

Particle – A Good Humbling

Ken Cook recruited me to present the Chi business sales plan at the El Rancho on Mayor Magrath on February 20. I didn’t want to do it but Ken pressed me into it. When the time came, I was unprepared and pretty much froze before the people. I knew that the financial plan was not the issue, nor was it important. I felt like saying, “Just use the product, share it with others, and the money will come; don’t make the money first.” But I didn’t take that route; I just stood there, undecided. Canadian C.E.O. Sean Wu offered to rescue me from making the presentation, which offer I gladly accepted.

In my embarrassment, I apologized to the people there. That night, I realized that I couldn’t permit anyone to take my liberty or dictate my course. I was to be free to come and go, to speak or to be silent as led. Sean Wu had requested that I be a company trainer. Up to now I was pondering whether to accept, but this experience made me realize that as Hsin Ten’s trainer, I would and could not be my own person. I would have to march to their drumbeat.

Particle – The World’s Justice System Heeds Lies

Ingrid encounters deception in court. Her parents and in-laws brought several accusations to court that had no truth or substance. Her lawyer was sure these things would not stand, there being no proof. The Gregoires accused Ingrid of murdering their son. We had to obtain a statement from Dr. Smith, refuting the charge. They accused Ingrid of not having housing for the children. We had to obtain a statement from the landlady proving a home was ready and waiting for them. They accused Paul of having a criminal record, which he does not.

They accused me of the same, so I called Sergeant Lounsbury of the RCMP to do a search on me and give me a paper with the results that I might send to Ingrid’s lawyer. Other than that kind of help, Sergeant Lounsbury said he was not permitted to get involved.

Particle – Mariko Must Die

I had a Word for Mariko. I told everyone that in the walk of faith, it is required that we step out of our comfort zones. Mariko was told her intention was to get and not to give, to add to her present life, not end it and start a new one. I told her there was only room for one: her or the Lord. “You have come with a full glass, to add color and flavor to it. The glass must go altogether, not just the contents, and a new glass must replace the old. As long as you keep what you have, you will only have that and nothing more.” Soon, Mariko went to fasting.

Particle – Help Sara

We were leaving it up to Sara Schmidt to a great extent to deal with those who were coming against her – the parents, spiritual leaders and associates, one of those being Kendra, at whose place Sara stayed for a short while when her parents evicted her from home. Kendra was coming against Sara, sympathizing with her parents.

Suddenly I realized that Paul and I needed to go to battle for Sara. After all, shepherds don’t leave it to their sheep to defend themselves against wolves. Theretofore, we had been influenced by the accusations of the enemy that we were not permitting people like Sara to have a life and speak for themselves. We did let Sara speak for herself, but enough was enough. We needed to take up the rod and staff and use it on the enemies of her soul, and so we did with alacrity.

Particle – A Cruise

To our surprise, Paul and I earned an all expense paid cruise with Hsin Ten Enterprises as distributors achieving certain results. We knew the Lord was sending us. We left on March 2nd, a Sabbath day.

Particle – Trevor Banned from the Internet

On February 26, 2002, Trevor sends an email condemning us all. He has been surfing the net looking for women and pleasure. Now it is a “Michelle” from Australia he courts and surmises to marry. I decided he would no longer be permitted on the internet. He is as a child with a dangerous toy. No more.

Particle – Saved from the Chi Business

The Lord has shown me that He kept the president level of Hsin Ten from me for my soul, hearing me before I called. He chose the right fork for me of Jonathan’s vision of the “Y,” the choice of two paths. We earn much less money but I have the Lord. I had prayed this would be so.

Particle – Ask Not What God Can Do for You

In our business of organics and health devices, there were many coming to us with various diseases, including and perhaps especially cancer. Craig and Carla Weigel were one such young couple. She had cancer. I had a Word for Carla:

“You need to get in touch with God and ask Him not for what you want but for what He wants. If He tells you what He wants and you are prepared and committed to obey, that is the victory. That is the issue before you and all people in relation to God. We all look for Him to do things for us but we must be prepared to do His will. Our responsibility is to find out what He wants and do it.”

I was having a difficult time dealing with them. They seemed to not believe the things we were telling them about changing lifestyle, using far infrared and drinking clean, filtered, revitalized water to give Carla’s body a fighting chance with her cancer.

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