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PART TEN – The Issues of Life (cont.)


ParticleA Cold Distance

Karen Nelson kept her distance with us in Florida and on the cruise, except for social obligations and politeness, and Bob remained with her in her stance. As we returned by plane to Minneapolis, they were a few seats away. We mentioned to them that we would be at the Minneapolis airport for about six hours, wondering if there might not be some sort of opening with them, but there was none. How silly of us to imagine they would in any way be receptive or accommodating, even from a practical perspective.

I can assume they were busy and unable to humor us, or they were tired and not feeling well, or they didn’t think we needed to have any hospitality in such circumstances, or they simply wished to keep their distance – a case could be made for each of those possibilities.

But there could have been another reason. When we arrived at the Humphrey Terminal, we met John Berthiaume, who offered us a ride to Mall of America. There, Jonathan and I spent time at the aquarium and looked around. We later had correspondence with John and were able to share some things with him. He needed it.


Wondering about Mangosteen, a commercial MLM product, I received that there is the dark side, a price to pay for the benefits it offers. All “miracles” of men are costly but God’s are free.

ParticleGrander Conference in Austria

On March 12th, Paul, Mark and I left for Austria to attend the Grander conference, hosted by the Grander corporation and Dan Stewart, owner of Water Revitalization Technology of Regina, Saskatchewan. We flew to Kirchberg, Austria and from there were bussed each day to Kitzbuhel by Hans Egger, owner of the bus line. Hans was entertaining, informative, responsible, punctual, yet easygoing. We enjoyed both his services and his company.

We handed out many spiritual writings to several people. Among them: Von Kuldau, Eleanor Butler, a JW from Wisconsin, Dennis Henrichs from California – a New Age architectural engineer, Eddie and Ming Fong of Malaysia, Sterling Ho and his wife, Fred and Ruby Walker of New Zealand, Brian Eckert of California, Dr. Constance Tracy-Taylor, and a relation of hers – Dawn, Dave McCart from Colorado, Owen Haggarty, Mike Nicholas from Yogananda Center in California, with friend Stephanie Reagan; Michael Mark, engineer from Maine; Michael and Mary Rodriguez from Arizona, Dr. Paul from Singapore, Matthew Tan of Malaysia, Leung Kwong Chu (“Kacy”), Emil and Delores Rosno from Nebraska, Murray and Florence Bast of Ontario, Tatchee Tam from Hong Kong, Ayelet of Israel (who bought a Chi machine from us); other ladies from Israel – Daphne, Judy Glickman, her mother Stella, Naomi, and Yahava; Chad and Cathy Widmer of Good For You, Calgary, Alberta; Eduardo DeSouza of Mexico, who also bought a Chi, Christina Rosa-Sharp and son Nicholas, and Wayne Slack of Australia. There were also others I do not remember or whose names I did not get.

As well, we met Johann Grander himself, who posed for pictures with us; I gave him Diabolical Doctrines and The Church through his son, Heribert. I was hoping Georg Huber, the manager of the company would translate to Mr. Grander, though Georg was not proficient in English or interested in spiritual matters. Georg and I also had a good visit and he was kind enough to drive me about town to exchange some currency.

There was Dr. Horst Felsch, an intelligent, professorial, scientific, immaculately dressed and well-mannered, disciplined person who did much experimental work with Grander and who conducted several classes.

And there was a new employee with Grander – Katharina Schimetschek. She was young, pretty, shy, somewhat untroubled, and innocent, it seemed, but the time would come when I saw a very different person (that is why I describe her now). Along with these people were Dan and Carol Stewart, and their employee, Daren McLean.

ParticleJews Are Their Own Worst Enemies

I have often been quite annoyed when Jews act in obstinate or unsavory ways. Is it prejudice or racism? No, I think it is because I expect more from them. I also fear that they will do their own people harm by their conduct – the world has a tendency to be biased against Jews, and any Jewish misbehavior will do as an excuse for enemies to vent their prejudice against all Jews.

We brought a Chi Machine to the meeting area for people to try out, which they did, but Judy Glickman, a Grander rep for Israel, out of total ignorance and lack of any objectivity, made a public fuss about it and even complained to the leaders, claiming the Chi could hurt people’s backs and more. This in turn caused dissension among some of the people. As a result, Dan Stewart demanded that we remove it, which we did.

Although some were rather delighted with the Chi machine, including another Israeli – Ayelet, who ended up buying one.

I later talked to Ayelet, expressing that when Jews act in negative or foolish manner, setting a bad example, they bring disfavor on their people, on all Jews. I didn’t tell her who I had in mind, assuming she must know, given Judy’s brash personality, but Ayelet thought I was talking about their Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. I left it.

ParticleA Special Event of Promise and Liberation

On March 20, 2004, while flying home, Mark and I sat together. The flight attendants served up ice cream and beer. I declined the beer and then the ice cream, though Mark had both. I mention Mark because I have known myself to want or have what others have when it comes to food and beverage served up; I see them eating and drinking, so I want to eat and drink. But this time I passed.

(Years later, I realize Mark was manifesting his true nature; these were not innocent acts of someone in extraordinary circumstances.)

Then something noteworthy happened. The steward came around again and repeated his offer of ice cream. Normally, if an invitation on something like ice cream is repeated, I will accept, but this time I declined again, which was unusual. So what was happening?

Then I remembered something that happened a few days before while we were having dinner together. People present there were Mark, Matthew Tan, “Kacy,” Michael and Mary Rodriguez, Daren McLean, Sherry Greenberg and three others. We were finishing up with delicious Austrian ice cream desserts, which led to a discussion of health, diet, and weight.

It was then that I told the people the story of my ice cream bar incident. I confessed my sin of that time to them and told them of the consequences I was suffering to the present time. They had mixed reactions; some were incredulous, some surprised, and some disagreed with my take on what happened, but most if not all heard things they had not heard before.

Something happened in that candid, first-time, public confession at that dinner, though I didn’t notice it then, except feeling good about it. Could what was happening on the plane be related to that event? Yes, it could, and was! Mark now, this was March 20.

ParticleA Realization of My Sin Against God

Lord, I had sinned more by blaspheming against You than I had by eating the bar, attributing Your Voice to Satan! Surely, You had every right to be angry with me. How could You not be? But now, after nearly 23 years, from the summer of 1981 to this spring of 2004, do I see deliverance at hand? Father, forgive me for my great sin against You! I am sorry I hurt You so!

I believe that out of God’s sheer mercy, He has delivered me from the consequences of my sin. I look forward to being slim and trim again. Father, thank You! Great are You, O Lord!

ParticleA Woman Resisting

All this time, Marcia has had her ups and downs. She has demonstrated good signs and bad but it has been very frustrating. When we tried to include her in doing our work with us, she was incapable, but I perceived that it was not because of mental inability so much as a spiritual blockage. She was set on doing her own pleasure. It wasn’t given her to do what we asked of her.

ParticlePublic Forum Correspondence

At this time, we called our internet letter writing sending to many people the Public Forum Correspondence. We were learning to organize, format and most importantly, how to deal with people. We were slowly learning that we needed to deal with the issue, the heart, rather than allowing ourselves to get sidetracked with doctrines and things that didn’t matter.

We were learning that all those coming to us needed to face themselves more than to gather knowledge. It was not a matter of learning so much as getting right with God, more a matter of faith and obedience than of doctrine and knowledge.

ParticleDan Stewart Plays God

Shortly after the conference, Dan Stewart wrote us saying he had received complaints from Grander distributors of my having sent them the Public Forum Correspondence mail, and asked me to refrain. His letter:



We have been receiving some complaints from various individuals who attended the seminar in Austria.  They have stated that you have been communicating with them about your personal views regarding Religion.  On behalf of Water Revitalization, I ask you to please refrain from contacting any of the individuals from the seminar as they have contacted our office and voiced their concerns with us.

I have blind copied this email to the individuals who have complained.  We appreciate your attention to this matter.  Thank you!


Dan Stewart P.Eng
Water Revitalization Ltd.


On March 28, 2004, I replied to Dan and to all Grander distributors concerned:


Good day, Dan, Amanda, and all concerned! I bless you all in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I would like to reply to your request asking me to cease the Public Forum Correspondence I share with others whom we met in Austria. I am sending a copy of this letter bcc to all those involved.

First, I only sent a letter of introduction to those people whose email addresses we received from the Austrian trip. In that letter, which is included below with this email, you will see that I offered to delete anyone who did not wish to receive correspondence dealing with subject matter as described in that introductory letter.

Second, it is not a matter of religion, but of life and the issues of life. As you can see, there was nothing of “religion” in it, as you put it, except for the greeting, which, to me is not a matter of religion. If I am not able to greet someone in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, with or without consent, then frankly, none of us is free to do much of anything worthwhile. I may as well go hang myself, because in Him I live, and without Him, I am dead. He gave His life for me, and is my very reason for living. According to the Bible, in Him we all move, breathe, and have our being.

After all, even Johann Grander gives God the credit for his technology. Shall we take God’s gifts and say we will not involve ourselves with Him? By His grace, I will confess Him, and not deny Him before men.

Third, there are those in that mailing who already consented to receiving the correspondence prior to my sending it. The Introductory Letter served as a confirmation and formal notice to some.

Now, the people I met were all responsible, intelligent adults, free to simply send me a note declining my offer. I promised to delete their name if they wished, and have no reason to change; nor will I bite anyone if they ask me to omit them. One lady did ask to be excluded, and I replied that I would take her name off the list. (Now she is not even receiving this letter). That is fine with me. I have no intention of forcing myself on anyone who does not wish to participate. I don’t need, or feel the need, to do so.

Let those who receive this letter tell me themselves if they don’t wish to receive the correspondence, for I do not know who on the list objects, and I will promptly honor my promise and their request.

Victor Hafichuk


I recognized that some would be offended about my coming in the Lord’s Name but I didn’t care. What annoyed me was that Dan presumed to speak for all and to direct my personal life with edicts lacking substance and evidence, as though he was God and WRL (his company) was Heaven. I also didn’t appreciate the fact that whoever was complaining didn’t simply contact me, if indeed anyone complained.

Dan threatened to terminate our Grander distributorship if we continued to mail letters to Grander people. Paul called many of them and almost all were interested to continue receiving the correspondence. I didn’t receive one cancelation from anyone. I would soon discover the truer source of the conflict and opposition.

ParticleIs it God or Me?

I have debated whether I write for my pleasure or if You, Lord, are directing me. I conclude the latter; You remind me that I’ve known “dry times” and have recognized that when I’ve had things to say it was only because I was given them. I could never speak or write simply because I made up my mind to do so, particularly when it came to spiritual matters. Thank You, Father, for Your goodness and faithfulness.

ParticleGod Meets According to Obedience

I marvelled at how God would honor any move Cody made to obey. The rewards were immediate, generous, dependable, and for those with eyes to see and hearts to perceive, miraculous and definitely past explainable. I didn’t recall experiencing that often in my life; I was almost envious. However, I recognized that God knew Cody’s unbelief and was showing him that if he believed and obeyed, there was sure reward.

I had to rebuke Cody again on April 1 when he began to take credit for his business’ improvement and success. I told him it was strictly the Lord Who spared him because he was obeying. As well, it took great effort and trouble to get him to believe and obey, he being so stubborn, stupid, and materialistically crass.

ParticleInternet Injustice

At this time I was operating with AOL – because I didn’t know any better. Their service was atrocious, but that wasn’t the worst of it. There were people who lodged complaints against us as being spammers, and without reason or consideration, AOL was prepared to simply cut us off, and they did, so I had to find another Internet service provider.

As we saw it, we were anything but spammers. We gave people our return addresses, which spammers often do not; we give them the option to unsubscribe, which spammers often do not; we unsubscribe them if they request it, which people often cannot even request; and we aren’t soliciting, or charging for anything, which spammers always do; and we were not sending vile, degrading material – perfectly the opposite.

We knew that people were complaining because of the spiritual content but what I found troubling was that any illegitimate complaint could easily be used to wipe us off the internet without any recourse on our part, even if we weren’t guilty. A mere complaint would do for them because service providers don’t care about the justice of it all – they simply don’t wish to offend anyone or have any trouble. However, we resolved to trust God that He would keep us on the internet for as long as we were to be there, and if we were taken away, we would accept it as His will. We would not compromise in fear and we rested in that conclusion.

ParticleSara’s Vision: Lines Through Pine Trees

Sara’s record:

“This was a vision I was given in my sleep in April, 2004. I was dreaming something strange and crazy about white-water rafting, and then I saw this vision:

The scene before me was a square, and I was viewing a forest of pine trees planted in long, straight rows. My view was from above, straight on. From the lower left-hand corner, a thick white line appeared. It ‘plowed’ through the trees a little ways, and then another line appeared. Together the two lines ‘plowed’ through the trees, parallel to each other, and the course they followed remained very straight and true.”

July 12, 2016: I interpret the dream to represent Paul and my ministry in the world.

ParticleJonathan: “He is Fallen”

So many times has Trevor been rebuked, and again on April 23, 2004. This time, Jonathan heard these words concerning him: “He is fallen.”

ParticleLois’ Dream: Trevor Gone

In the night of April 23/24, Lois had a dream. Three of us were sitting against a board fence, she on my left and Mark on my right. She was crying in grief. Mark and I were sober. Trevor was “gone.” When she related this to us, Jonathan then remembered the words he had heard yesterday. These are two witnesses, are they not? Trevor is no longer in the army of God, but a servant. Did “gone” mean a physical death or departure or a termination spiritually?

As I spoke to Lois, it came to me that it was not a physical death or departure. He would remain at the farm, but not as one of us. “He is not one of us,” I said to Lois for the second time. I didn’t feel grief or anxiety about it, though it was a sad thing.

ParticleVision: Lois – Poor Girl in Denial

On April 28, 2004, I was praying for Lois, who has had a spirit of hostility instead of hospitality. She has been defensive, proud, intolerant, and with low self-esteem. At prayer herself, Lois saw herself as a little girl, in rags, with her nose in the air. The Lord showed the origin going back to childhood when she was poor and ashamed, and trying to pretend otherwise.

ParticleFinancial Investment Propositions

On a few occasions, Robert Smylski of Money Solutions proposed various financial investment options. I declined them all, often wondering if I was simply gun shy after taking a bloodbath in stock market mutual funds by Bill Welton and Glen Seaman of Nesbitt Thomson from 1993 to 1995. However, I recalled the Word of the Lord to me once, saying, “I can provide you with whatever you may need or want,” and the Scriptural words, “Lay not up treasure on earth…for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” I didn’t wish to earn money for the sake of earning money.

In these meetings with Robert, however, I had several opportunities to talk to him about the Lord and express to him how the Lord has led and blessed me, not only financially but much in every way. He was never interested. He would not pursue any spiritual conversations with me.

Why not? He went to church (he was Mormon). I have more often than not found Mormons quite reluctant to discuss spiritual matters with anyone unless they were going door to door, deliberately on mission to witness for their organization, and this they would do in a part of the world quite removed from their home turf. They also stuck to their doctrine and avoided a departure from their chosen subjects of discussion.

I have also often found that those who refused to hear what I was saying were headed for trouble down the road. This has been invariably true with many, sooner or later, as the reader may often witness in this life story. We have often seen ourselves operating as “the last straw,” or the final warning.

ParticleFinancial Management Inability

Our possessions have bothered me and I must say that while I used to say that wealth was a responsibility, as if I could handle it, truly, I am a very inept, powerless, ignorant person when it comes to handling this world’s riches.

Father, You are faithful, and will show me what I need to know and do every step of the way, with perfect timing and understanding.

ParticleEating by Blood Type

Several have come to us suggesting or declaring that we would be wise to eat by blood type. As Cody pressed this point home with us so on May 1, I asked the Lord about it. As I was asking, I suddenly felt awkward. It was as if God rolled His eyes that I should ask something so silly. There’s nothing to eating by blood type, no matter the arguments, results and proofs advocates produce.

People have made things so complicated and have taken the pleasure out of all of life, be it eating, sleeping, breathing, exercise, stress relief – name it. Man has caused trouble and grief by tinkering and applying his own limited wisdom as though it was all-encompassing.

On May 2, it occurred to me to give thanks for Cody, how he was, and what the Lord was doing with us by him, which was a glorious, wondrous work. We would see it.

ParticleCousin Dies of Cancer

I found out on May 3 of 2004 that cousin Ted Hafichuk of Calgary died about a month before of cancer, age 55. He was survived by his mother Pauline, wife Donna, brother Ron, sister Betty, and his children. Ted had avoided us for our profession of faith as one would avoid the plague. Omitting God from his life, God came to omit him.

Oh, how people hate to hear me say these things, as though they’re so insulting or hateful. But they’re true. Jesus spoke of the death of those “whose blood Pilate mingled with sacrifices,” and of those “upon whom the Tower of Siloam fell” because they were sinners. His message was that unless His hearers repented, they would likewise perish. He was warning people. Ted was no more wicked than anyone else (indeed, Ted seemed to have a certain gift for sociability and appreciation of people, a quality others didn’t have, myself included). Many are perishing in their sins, yet nobody will listen.



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