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PART TWELVE – Troublous Times to Satan’s Second Expulsion


Particle – The Paraclete Parted from Paramount Printers

On Friday, September 28th, 2007, a vision seemed to be confirmed as fulfilled. Dena Dahl delivered groceries for Harvest Haven to Paramount Printers. She described an atmosphere there of great oppression and darkness. She doubled up describing it in superlatives; interesting considering what I saw when Paul and I left there, precisely 17 months prior (April 28, 2006)the Spirit of Grace leaving the premises with us as we left.

While I ended up paying twice what I expected for the business cards Paramount printed for us, without mercy or understanding from Bob, he was quibbling over a paltry $3.25 for delivery and the price of the turkey they had ordered. He was miserable with both Marilyn and Ingrid.

Nor did Dena find Ron pleasant with her, though it may be his displeasure was more with Bob. Ron “rolled out a wad of 100’s,” as Dena put it, and paid for his chicken but would not pay for Bob’s goods (Bob wasn’t there when Dena did the delivery). Paul and I both felt the conflict was between Ron and Bob and not with Dena or Harvest Haven. Whatever.

Bob promised to return the turkey on Sunday. He is in such spiritual bondage to mammon! To love mammon more than neighbor is sheer folly and great loss. Been there, done it, and so ashamed of it. It’s an ugly scene and such a costly one in every way.

Particle – Vision – Sara – Watch Breaks on Time

Sara Schmidt had a vision of her watch broken the day before we agreed she resign from Real Food, Helena, MT where she has worked for several years. An unrelated coincidence? Superstition? Could be. “The time is done” is Sara’s interpretation. I say it is so for her, for Real Food, and her testimony there, and now we go on to greater things. She is eager to work full-time at The Path of Truth.

Particle – Ariko Contacts Us as Prophesied

We received a surprise today. Do you remember Ariko Ishikawa, Mark’s Lethbridge Collegiate Institute native Japanese girlfriend? After nearly 15 years (since 1992), we suddenly received two letters from her (See Particle – Ariko Deceives), the second with an apology.

One, it is rare that anyone not close to us contacts us after many years, especially if there was a conflict in the parting (I recall no other such case) and two, offering an apology at the same time – even rarer.

While I received a word from the Lord that Kerri would fade away, which she did, I also received a word that Ariko would be back, and there she was.

Editor’s Note: In the future, we would hear explanations as to why Ariko wrote. The news was sad but true, and it was brutally selfish on the part of someone who so used and abused her. I hadn’t known about it because it was done behind my back, as were many things that person did, I was to find. Lord willing, you’ll hear about it.

Particle – “I Am Doing a New Thing”

I awoke on Friday, October 5, 2007, marveling at a revelation. I recalled Mickey Patrick often prophesying in 1976, saying, “I am doing a new thing.”

On July 10, 1986, late in the evening, in Stettler, Alberta, at the Benson acreage, I had the vision of a black mare birthing a colt, and Marilyn said at the time that the vision confirmed what she was receiving – that this is a time of new things for us.

On the day we spoke, without our knowledge, about 200 miles away, the ground was being broken for the construction of a home we would be moving into within 2 years.

And, we found out on July 10, 1991, that Marilyn was pregnant.

It was on July 10, 1995, that we first saw the property that would become Harvest Haven Market Farm. This business we now have is new and unique in this area.

The Path of Truth (TPOT) website is new and unique. We’re speaking to people, exposing error and false teachers, and addressing hearts personally. We see nobody else doing so. Some address false doctrines and practices, but not hearts. At, the Lord is at work.

Paul and I are called to a ministry unlike any other of which we are aware. God is doing a new thing, as Mickey Patrick prophesied. Lord, You are doing a new thing!

We can point to several other remarkable developments occurring on July 10, and I expect there are many we aren’t aware of. They usually occur without our knowledge until later – all new things.

Particle – Reformed, Deformed, Spiritually Uninformed, and Carnally Performed

How lost are those who presume to have reformed Christianity 500 years ago for the better and to carry those improvements to this day! I talked of the Lord to Paul Vander Heide from Airway Refrigeration; I told him of my conversion, the TPOT website, and gave him a card. He is Canadian Reformed.

While Canadian Reformed people presume to base their beliefs on the Bible, they believe in Sunday-keeping, infant baptism, the Trinity, pagan holidays, and eternal torment, which are pagan, Catholic, and nowhere supported in the Bible. True, they would argue otherwise.

Reformed people don’t believe in receiving the Spirit and the gifts, which things are amply testified of throughout the Bible. I’d say the Bible IS the Spirit and gifts in book form, provided God reveals Himself to the reader. Otherwise, the Bible is a dead book, as fine a record of history, story-telling, prose, poetry, and truth as it may be.

Like many others professing faith in Christ, Reformed people do not believe they can hear God’s voice today, a dark notion contradicted by the Scriptures.

They do not believe in present-day prophets or apostles, which ministries the Bible not only does not deny but very much substantiates.

They do not believe in keeping or “establishing” the Law, contrary to Scripture:

King James Version
“Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law” Romans 3:31.

They do not believe in the ability to live a sinless life, which the Bible insists upon. Jesus said, “Be ye perfect even as your Heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt. 5:48)

And Reformers believe God has created and predestined multitudes to eternity in terrible torment without abatement or end.

But not them, oh, no. They tell themselves they are the chosen few predestined to spend eternity with God, no matter what their sins were, are, or will be. They can live as they please, fornicate, get drunk, lie, steal, and still make it to Heaven because the die is cast. They’re predestined, and according to their Calvinistic doctrine, what God has predetermined before the world began cannot be broken. Wow, talk about a free ticket to sin! Does that sound like the heart of God and saint?

In short, Reformed religion is anti-Biblical and anti-Christ.

The Reformed need to be informed and transformed. Instead, they are conformed to, performed by, remain deformed as, and uniformed with, the Catholic Church.

If they were to read Diabolical Doctrines and The True Marks of a Cult, they would see they’re no different than the Catholic Church and the majority of church organizations in almost all their ways.

After reading my testimony at The Path of Truth, Paul’s main contention was that my first Godly dream wasn’t from the Lord because “the Bible says no man can see God’s Face and live” (Exodus 33:20, among other verses). He wasn’t about to accept that his understanding of that passage was erroneous.

I assured him he was right – that after I saw Jesus’ Face, I no longer lived; I was no longer the same man – I was forever changed from that moment on. Who I had been until that time was forever gone. Besides, didn’t Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Isaiah, John, and Paul the apostle each claim to have seen the Lord?

It’s true! Check out the Scriptures! So, do they contradict themselves or do men misinterpret them? I can assure you it’s the latter.

Particle – Could Jesus Christ Have Sinned?

As has been the case before, “just out of the blue,” I wrote another paper, provoked by some internet exposure to this matter, Could Jesus Christ Have Sinned? I tell you, He couldn’t have sinned, as tempted as He was because He was the Sinless Son of God. He proved Who He was by NOT sinning.

Particle – Lois Hellbent on Her Old Brutish Ways

Lois was pushing her notions on the others for treating Rosie, a sick heifer at the farm. They spent the night treating her for mastitis (Sean had seen something wrong days ago but hadn’t said anything – that was Sean). Rosie died three days ago.

Years later, with hindsight, I believe the cause of death was from swallowing metal, something that wasn’t supposed to be happening on our farm. Mark insisted the farm was metal-clean but it was infested with nails, staples, and pieces of wire due to their carelessness and slothfulness.

Then today, Lois knocked over and smashed the tea dispenser at the shop, the sort of thing she has done many times. I was angry. She is so brutish and irresponsible, the proverbial bull in the china shop. Or is it a “mad cow”? Time for a change. She kills the cow and keeps stomping on everyone and everything. Miserable monster.

Particle – Dream – Paul – Dinosaur Dogs Dealt With

Paul records: On the night of October 18/19, 2007, I was standing outside a house with Victor. Across the street from the house was a park-like setting. Suddenly a creature entered our view from the right-hand side. It seemed to have come out of a nearby house, as though someone had let out their dog. It crossed the street and ran parallel to us in the park. It was about the size of a large dog, only thicker, and ran slower. It had the appearance of a dinosaur, with its head having a sort of prominent bump and its color greenish.

The creature stopped at about 11 o’clock to us, and another one just like it came up to it from behind in the same manner, mounted the first dinosaur, and they began copulating as dogs. They disengaged after a short time, and one of them began running over towards us, though not seeming dangerous or menacing.

Victor shooed it away. The other dinosaur began grunting and scrunching its body like a dog having a bowel movement, which is what it was doing. It then ran towards us, and I realized Victor was no longer next to me (he had been slightly in front of me) so at the last moment, I stuck my foot out and shooed this one away. END

Upon recounting this dream the same morning at the farm, Victor realized the animals represented Lois’ nature that was being dealt with. He had just finished rebuking her for what happened with Rosie the cow.

A little later, after Victor and Marilyn had returned home, another situation came up where I had to tell Lois that she was barging in, and she needed to back off. Lois received this as a correction for the same issue as with Rosie. The two dogs are two events. END

Lois said she was thankful and so was everyone else for the mercy of God and the establishment of His order in her for the sake of all. But was she thankful? Where had I heard that before, if not from her and her son, many times?

In retrospect years later, I’m thinking Lois and Mark Benson knew they were guilty and that’s why they so often spoke of the Lord’s mercy when they were only rebuked but spared the severe judgment they knew they so richly deserved.

Particle – Dream – Marilyn – Lois’ House Collapses and Burns

Last Friday or Saturday night (October 20 or 21, 2007), Marilyn had a dream about Lois. In it, she saw an old two-story house Lois owned, falling over. Lois was trying to salvage some things out of it, but Marilyn could not see what was worth salvaging.

The house fell over and Marilyn knew we or those with her would not be hurt by its fall. It didn’t fall apart when it collapsed. Marilyn then went to the kitchen area and saw a gas stove on fire. She knew the fire would consume the house and was still looking to see what Lois was trying to salvage but saw nothing. END

Lois’s old colors of brute and vile force and belligerence were coming forth from her again. Marilyn’s and Paul’s dreams are promises from the Lord that this darkness in her would be addressed.

Lois had prophesied that 2007 would be the “year of fire.” What kind of fire and for whom? Was it for her?

Particle – Dream – James Sorochan – Approaching Storm

James writes: “On October 26/27 of 2007(?) Not sure of the year.
“I was at my shop/ office (Sorochan Enterprises) standing inside looking out the east and west bay doors when a big storm blew in. I was thinking to myself this looked like a severe storm with possible tornadoes and wondered why no one was closing these big bay doors to keep the building from being blown apart.

“My next thought moved to maybe we better just get out of the building altogether considering there was no basement to escape to if a tornado did hit. I ran into the office where my brother Donny was sitting, oblivious to what was happening all around us.

I then ran outside to take cover but there was nowhere to escape to, like a culvert or manhole to crawl into. The storms both east and west both started to subside and I felt relieved.

“I then looked in a southeasterly direction towards the farm (Harvest Haven) still seeing severe-looking clouds headed that way and started scrolling through my cell phone speed dial list to call them to warn of the storm to come.”

Editor’s Note: Prophetic dream? We’ll see.

Particle – The Path of Truth Developments

Sara is now full-time at The Path of Truth as a webmistress. We have also added a chat service so that people could access us live, provided they’re decent about it. We set up qualifications to access us, not eager to entertain belligerent parties, based on some unpleasant experiences we’ve had.

Particle – Mikhail Gorbachev Back from the Grave

Documentaries and reviews on CBC discuss the resurgence of Russia and its role as a major power broker in the world under Vladimir Putin’s direction. This is according to the vision I had years ago of Gorbachev in and back out of the grave (See Particle “Dream – Gorbachev Falls in Grave and Rises”).

You may recall that the Soviet Union broke up in 1989 under Mikhail Gorbachev while Ronald Reagan was President of the USA.

Did you know that “Mikhail” means, “Who is like God?” And there he was, coming back from the dead. Only One has ever done that – Jesus Christ.

Particle – A Lost Soul Granted Reprieve

Yoshi, the brother of a South Korean female visitor from Japan, arrived on October 22nd at his concerned sister’s recommendation that he spend time with us. When I met him at the door, I welcomed him and said that this time would be the most important of his life. He was somewhat taken aback.

Particle –Autobiographies Can Be So Interesting

I have recently completed reading three autobiographies, Man in Black, about Johnny Cash, I Am Hutterite, Mary-Ann Kirkby, and Abba Eban, An Autobiography. I find biographies fascinating, perhaps, particularly because I’m writing mine.

Particle – The “Age of Unreason”

On the way to Ninjutsu training, Jonathan and I had a heated discussion about the traditions at the Dojo. I tried to help him understand that outward gestures don’t cause an inward change; it’s the other way around. Gestures will not promote a proper attitude and spirit, as proven with his sparring partner Christian seriously injuring Jonathan’s eye, recklessly thrusting and parrying with a “bokken” (Japanese wood sword), this after respectfully bowing to one another before the contest began.

Jonathan has entered his seventeenth year, the “age of unreason,” as it is called. I see the presumption that he knows and understands more than we do. Other parents would readily say, “Welcome to the world of teens and the trials of their parents!” Still, all in all, God had given us an unusually good son. That’s why he was named, “Jonathan,” a Hebrew name meaning, “gift of God.”

Particle – A November 10th Message

This morning I awoke with words to this effect:

“Israel is about to be circumcised, and the Mosque of Omar will be cast away.”

When I related these words to Paul, he reminded me of how I had said that the Golden Dome was representative of Israel’s ways and heart; that is why it is there. It is the “Golden Calf,” and while not erected by Israel, erected because of Israel. Paul wrote:

“Yes, what I said was related to your recent words about the words in the Dome of the Rock, “God has no son.” Israel will repent when she sees the Son and mourns her sin in what she has done to her God (Zech. 12:10).

“Then, with the words in the [Muslim] shrine in Israel’s most revered holy place having been removed from within Israel, and no longer applicable, the way will be paved for the external enemy to be removed. Israel’s heart will be circumcised to worship the Lord, not at Jerusalem, or on the temple mount, but in spirit and truth. And the whole world will be blessed.
Indeed, our words to Israel in the writings of the last year are the Word of God to effect His great work, which no man can stop, unless they can stop the sun from shining and the wind from blowing.” END

Today, November 10, is that notable day of the year again. On July 10, 2004 (40 months ago), Lois had a vision of a warrior tearfully drawing a sword, weeping with joy and boldness.

Particle – Dream – Ingrid – Judgment Storm and Mercy on the Arrogant

Ingrid records a dream she had this morning, November 10th, 2007:

“There was a big building with a beige metal siding. The inside was finished like a house. There was a long table and Mark was at that table handling cards that looked like business cards. Victor was at the table too, talking to 2 men who were not at the table but sitting on chairs against a wall. They wore bowler hats and were preachers.

“They had a conversation with Victor and ended it by saying to Victor: ‘We know what we are talking about, you don’t; we are right, you are not.’ They then left the room through a door to the outside of the building. There was a road alongside the building and a hedge beside the road on the opposite side of the building.

“As soon as the men left the building a very strong wind arose and there was a very strong storm. The sky was very thick, gray, and low. I went out to see what was going on. I turned around the corner of the building and saw the 2 men close to the hedge. The wind was so strong that I had to struggle to be able to go outside. It even felt like it was more than the wind, another force I had to walk against. 

“One of the men was white with fear and was wringing his hands in despair. The other man was hung on a branch of the hedge that was piercing his neck at the base of his head. His companion wanted to help him but was unable to do so. 

“It was like a force was tormenting them and they were helpless against it. Then, suddenly, that force switched their places and the one who was first hanging was now wringing his hands and vice versa. I came back into the building and told Mark what was going on. He set down the cards and said he would go and see if he could do anything for them, knowing the situation they were in was the consequence of their stance.

“As soon as Mark was outside, I heard a loud voice and went to a window (which was not there at the beginning) to see what was happening. I saw Victor on the road, standing, facing the building, his back towards the hedge, with his head bowed, his eyes closed, and his hands in his pockets. He was rebuking the force that had been tormenting the two men. 

“They, along with Mark and about 10 other people, were now lying face down on the road. When Victor was finished praying, the 10 people and the 2 preachers got up and walked down the road. I noticed that one of the 10 people was a woman dressed like a prostitute. Victor reached out his hand to help Mark get up.”

Particle – Ingrid’s Dream Reveals Spiritual Warfare Results

Victor’s note: I believe Ingrid’s dream pertains to the correspondence we are having at Ryan Sanders’ blog, particularly with Ryan, Andy, Steve, and finally a PBJ, persons involved in the conflict:

The bowler hats (derbies) represent ostentatious officialdom, and black representing the darkness, formality, and status of those men in the false gospel. They sat against the wall, on the outer edges of the hall. They were on the fringes of, and rebellious against, the great meeting hall of Heaven, the Kingdom of God.

Then they left us and exited the meeting hall. Outside, a hedge regulated their movement. Ingrid also mentioned something other than the energy of the wind, calling it a force, which she was challenged to deal with. The wind is the Judgment of God.
We have inflicted great damage against the false gospel as preached at Ryan’s blog and our victory is no small one. We have no idea how we have advanced the cause of the Kingdom of God this time, and the ripples will continue long, far, and wide. That is the power of the Truth and Fire of God. The Truth will prevail, and many will believe in the end.

As for Mark, I rebuked him on November 24th and he repented. That event seems to fulfill part of Ingrid’s dream of him. Mark’s reaction in real life represents that which happened or will happen to the ten persons on Ryan Sanders’ blog, who were rebuked as was Mark. They will be granted repentance through faith!

Particle – Dollars Dare and Pounds Compound

With the Canadian dollar at an unusual 1.07 American, Paul suggested I buy American and lock in some profits, but I did not wish to speculate, also thinking there may yet be more gain (so I was contemplating speculating). Then the Canadian dollar dropped suddenly. It is down to about 1.03 American and perhaps still dropping.

Money markets! These are the Halls of Hell, surely! Factories of Fraud, Mounts of Molestation, Gristmills of Greed, Habitats of Hellions, Purveyors of Pain, Promoters of Poverty, and Hounds of Hopelessness and Helplessness. These things still bother me, though logic tells me the truth, and the Lord tells me much more.

Sometimes, I think that if the Lord gave me a billion dollars, freely, I would never cry about my losses or failure to gain again, but I know full well that simply isn’t true. It just doesn’t work that way.

My weight continues to trouble me. I weigh 185 pounds (84 kg). My sin? Likely my caving to ice cream at High River a couple of years ago; I don’t know for sure. I suppose if that was it, I would or should know. That’s the way things normally work in God’s Kingdom. My weight and money concerns continue to be humbling factors for me.

Father, thank You. It pleases You to have it so for goodness’ sake.

On November 20th I wrote:

“The Canadian dollar is dropping considerably in value to the American. I feel bad that we lost the opportunity to exchange, yet I know that for me, for us, it is not about speculating on money, stocks, real estate, or anything else.
“I look and see how we could have made much money instead of letting the money sit in the bank all these years. I fear I am that wicked servant that hides his talent in the ground because he is afraid of loss or risk. I am a loser when it comes to financial dealings, surely.
“Yet should it matter? God has promised that He would provide everything I would need or want and that He would cover all losses and failures. He has certainly, abundantly, generously, mercifully kept His Word.”

The greater concern shouldn’t be how much I have but how much I care about how much I have.

Particle – What About Giving?

Fine to think about savings, losses, and God’s provisions, but what about giving to those less fortunate? Can I think only of myself? How selfish! Yet so many times have we considered giving to this or that person, charity, or organization seeking charitable donations and we have been either stopped or burned if we did give. The Lord has said to me that unless the cause is clean through and through, we do not give.

What would have been the point of Noah and his family giving to charities in his day just to have the flood come and sweep them all away? Not that he could have used it where he was going.

Giving isn’t about meeting needs; it’s about believing and obeying the Lord. It’s not about having more than enough for yourself; it’s about knowing where your treasure is.
Particle – What about Bob?

Bob Nelson called us, saying he would drop in from Kalispell, Montana on his way back to Minnesota if we wished to hold a Hsin Ten meeting on the new E-Power device Hsin Ten, the distribution company, was promoting. So, we had the meeting on the evening of November 15th. Bob arrived, presented the device to over 30 people who attended, and he was our guest for the night.

The next morning, just before he left, I asked Bob where he was spiritually, not that I didn’t know. He declared he was quite pleased with where he was, and that they were holding family Bible studies daily, as well as reading the Bible when he was treating himself regularly on the E-Power device.

I thought, “You say you’re fine; you’re not, and I’m not going to argue. Now you’ll find out how fine you aren’t.” Lois had the same thought, though different words.

Particle – More Revelation of Marilyn’s Prophecies

On Sunday, November 18, 2007, I awoke to see a parallel between the field sown with wheat and tares and Marilyn’s prophecy of September 24, 1996. To that prophecy were 3 parts. One, the Lord was saying I’d be taken; two, Marilyn would marry Sean; and three, I would have a ministry like that of Moses, in the afterlife, similar to his role on the Mount of Transfiguration, Marilyn said.

Marilyn told us of the first and third parts but withheld the second. That was the tare the enemy sowed, and it was kept in darkness. Interesting that two-thirds of the total were true and a third false, that false third hid in the middle, “in the wheat field.”

Because of the second part, Marilyn firmly believed and asserted that I would physically die. How else could she legally and morally marry Sean? Firmly convinced, she pressed her interpretation upon all, and we believed it, trusting her.

Because of all the trouble caused by this mixture, Lois, Mark, Paul, Kerri, and I trashed the entire prophecy as not of God. Yet, this prophecy had numbers surrounding it I couldn’t deny. I slowly concluded that two parts of the prophecy were true and one false.

This morning, it came clear to me that Marilyn’s interpretation and the tare portion made her a false prophetess. She had declined to bring forth all her prophecies to be judged by the elders, trusting in her independent judgment.

This was a wicked thing to do, no different than what Eve did when tempted by the serpent to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, or Nadab and Abihu offering up strange fire to the Lord. The Rules of the Book are there for our good, there to be obeyed. Disobeying, we all suffer. Thus far, Marilyn has suffered the most.

There are, therefore, three things: there is the true prophecy, the false prophecy, and the false interpretation of the true. One can speak a word of prophecy not of God and thus be a false prophet, or one can speak the Word of God and be a true prophet. However, if one speaks a true Word and insists on a false interpretation, that one becomes a false prophet, even if the Word itself is true. Three times – by Moses (Deuteronomy), Solomon (Proverbs), and John (Revelation), the Bible warns us not to add or take away from His Word, with stern warnings of consequence.

Though greatly outnumbered, one rotten apple spoils the box of good apples. A little leaven leavens the whole lump; one dead fly spoils the entire jar of ointment. That is a principle not only in all decadent nature but in Heaven as well. Is it any wonder Michael led the battle to cast the serpent out of Heaven? That serpent could not be permitted to remain. There it is again…a third part, being evil and/or eliminated (Rev. 12:4-10).

More thirds:

“The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mixed with blood, and they were cast on the earth. And the third part of trees was burned up, and all green grass was burned up.

“And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea. And the third part of the sea became blood. And the third part of the creatures in the sea, those having souls, died; and the third part of the ships was destroyed.

And the third angel sounded, and a great star burning like a lamp fell from the heaven, and it fell on the third part of the rivers and the fountains of waters. And the name of the star is called Wormwood, and a third part of the waters became wormwood. And many men died from the waters because they were made bitter.

“And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was stricken, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, so that the third part of them was darkened, and the day did not appear for the third part of it, and the night also” (Revelation 8:7-12 MKJV).

And the four angels were loosed, who were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, to slay the third part of men.
(Revelation 9:15 MKJV)

By these three the third part of men was killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone which issued out of their mouths. (Revelation 9:18 MKJV)

And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman being about to bear so that when she bears he might devour her child. (Revelation 12:4 MKJV)

The true parts of Marilyn’s prophecy, the first and third, have now been fulfilled. Paul serves with me as I identify with the Lord in this world. We speak the Word of God with power. The Lord has taken me, and I do have the ministry like that of Moses, as prophesied.

As for the false, both Marilyn who spoke the Word falsely, and Sean, the one who firmly believed it and trampled on the rest of us for it, have suffered the most. They were first, and now they are last.

Now we know what is true and what is false about Marilyn’s prophecies, and the true interpretation. Why so long to understand? How can I be so obtuse? As Isaiah declared by the Spirit long ago:

“Who is blind, but My servant? Or deaf, as My messenger that I send? Who is blind as he that is wholehearted, and blind as the Lord’s servant?” (Isaiah 42:19 JPS).

That Word has come calling for me and found me. I am that man.

We must understand that for all things, both good and evil, there’s a time and a season (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

Particle – James’ Family Fears

James Sorochan came by to say his father is concerned, having talked to his sister Jannette, who told him about Ingrid and her children. His father warned that we were dangerous and that we would take all his money. They are all threatened. I am told that Jannette is particularly disturbed by my denunciations of Billy Graham as a false minister of God. Billy Graham has been the mightiest and most deceiving of all the false teachers I’ve ever heard of in world history.

Particle – False Teachers Fingered

On November 22nd, 2007, we established a False Teachers list at The Path of Truth. No doubt, we will be adding many more names.

Particle – The Confusion of Editing History Over a Span of Years

I’ve said that an autobiography can be as much about one’s perspective of how things happened and one’s mood and attitude at the times they happened as what happened. Events are facts and so are one’s reactions to and judgment of them.

Editing a record on and off over years of one’s life changes perspective, makes one prey to faulty memories, and represents a person who is now but who was not this person then. It’s tricky but it all counts for something; however, the reader must be sober, honest, humble, and diligent in judgment.

Particle – Door to the World

On this Sabbath day, November 24, 2007, Mark mentioned the planned building for treating clients, having meetings, and serving a growing number of customers. Marilyn received that it would be “a door to the world.” The second thing she received was that “the new store would compare to the present store as the present compared to the old one.”

What a difference! The former was an old, crude, dilapidated, rodent-infested garage where we sold farm gate produce only! This was not long after I asked You, Lord, to speak to us. We discussed where the building would be, how we would build it, and what would be included in it. How marvelous the Answer!

Particle – The Ravages of Sin and a Guilty Conscience

We talked with James about Dale, his 49-year-old schizophrenic brother, who, according to James, committed a crime in 1975 in Winnipeg at one of the rail yards, burning down some cars and perhaps killing a hobo who was living there. I asked James when Dale’s schizophrenia developed. He calculates that it was at about that time.

There is only one way out for Dale, and that is to come clean, confess, and make restitution, if possible. Then will his medical and health state be turned around, but only then.

I asked James to arrange for us to meet. He made an appointment with Dale, but Dale backed out of it later. He wasn’t interested, so I told James to tell Dale that the thing to do was to turn himself in. James told Dale what I said but Dale insisted his sins were forgiven and that the case was closed.

God doesn’t work that way; men’s gods and churches do, but God doesn’t. He expects repentance, confession, and restitution, according to His Nature and Law. Refusing to do the right, Dale perishes in his medications and squalor, full of denial and utter uselessness to all around him. Not only is he useless, but he’s also a burden, all because he won’t come clean with God and man.

When instead of obedience comes lawlessness, then, instead of faith comes fear, instead of peace, trouble, instead of joy, sorrow, and instead of life, death.

All any person needs to do to be free is to get honest with himself, with God, and with fellow man, and God will clean up the entire mess. It’s amazing what He can do, it’s miraculous. He honors those who honor Him. It’s a sure thing.

Particle – Vision: Joyce Wentworth – While in Jerusalem

Joyce reports to Paul and Victor:

I’m having frequent reminders of this just recently, so thought I’d try to describe it to you the best I can. We visited Israel during the Feast of Tabernacles in ’93.

This vision came to me in the Old City in Jerusalem, while seated on an outside bench at the entrance to an area where small shops were located. The tourist group I was with went on down the boardwalk to look into the many gift nooks. I chose to remain outside, to enjoy the scenery of families passing by on the boardwalks. There seemed to be 2 levels of walkways, one overhead, the other immediately in front of me, the same level as the bench where I was seated. The vision:

“There suddenly arose a commotion in front of me, with two men seemingly in a loud, angry discussion. I was unable to understand their language but knew they were very agitated about something.

“Walking families slowed down on both levels, watching and hearing the argument between the two men. They also began to enter the session with their shouts.

“My attention was drawn back to the two men, first noticing their attire. One was most obvious, in the dress of an orthodox priest, with a long beard, black robe, and black curls flowing down from under his hat. The 2nd had on the uniform of a military policeman, with a club in his hand.

And then I saw, between them, a small, blonde, curly-headed child, the probable age of 4-5 years. I am not sure the gender, but the child was sobbing uncontrollably, and very frightened. It appeared that she was lost, separated from her parents.

“The racket the two men were making was drawing a great crowd of protesters, with the child caught in the middle.

“Then apparently a decision was made by the police official, as he bent down and picked up the child, and slung over his shoulder, still crying, the child was carried up a staircase, and out and away from the open courtyard, as the crowd muttered, glaring after them, and slowly moving along on their walk.

“The orthodox gentleman just stood, staring after them. And the scene ended.

I sat there stunned and praying…wondering what that was all about. Nothing came to me at that point. Later on, during the quiet of the evening, I thought on it a while and felt it was speaking of Israel as a nation, trapped between two strong, angry forces, both darkness. It gave great motivation to my praying for Israel and continues to.

I think the Lord now might give greater insight, and you may have it? I’m hoping so.

Paul and I had some interpretation of Joyce’s vision, relayed in a letter from Paul to Joyce:

Hi Joyce,

We have been visiting in Canada with the saints here. Today we (Sara and I) head back to the States. Here are some notes that Victor and I sent to each other regarding your vision in Israel.

Paul: I was thinking of the child as the common, everyday, secular Israelis. The orthodox man, of course, represents the religious faction, and the military police represent officialdom, the government, and the military, as tied to western powers. I am yet to consider the rest. Quite interesting.

Victor: Yes, the child is Israel, and I agree with you, Paul, as to the identities of the two persons, tied to western powers or not. The battle and two personages are within. The two competitors are Israel as well. Is Israel secular or religious? Is a Jew a Jew by religion or by blood?

The walkways are two levels, the upper and lower, the heavenly and the earthly, the spiritual and the physical. It is by the apparent strength of the physical/secular/military/governmental that the child will be carried to the higher realm and not by the religious, contrary to popular opinion, perspective, and expectations. That is why we have seen Israel compelled to fight militarily for its life, prevail, and grow in strength, rather miraculously, just as it was in ancient times. Yes, it has been and is traumatic for the young nation, but all for good.

To be taken to the upper level will result in power and victory. Wait until that child grows up! Glory to God! We will see the vengeance of the Lord on the earth. The faces of Israel’s enemies will go ashen white with fear and despair, while Israel’s friends will rejoice. Those who have killed will be killed and those who sought peace and prosperity in the name of justice, truth, and righteousness will be well rewarded with high honors and satisfaction.

(Ezekiel 28:24-26 MSG):

“’No longer will Israel have to put up with their thistle-and-thorn neighbors Who have treated them so contemptuously. And they also will realize that I am GOD.’ GOD, the Master, says, ‘When I gather Israel from the peoples among whom they’ve been scattered and put My holiness on display among them with all the nations looking on, then they’ll live in their land that I gave to My servant Jacob. They’ll live there in safety. They’ll build houses. They’ll plant vineyards, living in safety. Meanwhile, I’ll bring judgment on all the neighbors who have treated them with such contempt. And they’ll realize that I am GOD.”

(Ezekiel 39:27-26 MSG):
“Once I’ve brought them back from foreign parts, gathered them in from enemy territories, I’ll use them to demonstrate My holiness with all the nations watching. Then they’ll realize for sure that I am their GOD, for even though I sent them off into exile, I will gather them back to their land, leaving not one soul behind. After I’ve poured My Spirit on Israel, filled them with My life, I’ll no longer turn away. I’ll look them full in the face. Decree of GOD, the Master.”

The onlookers are the nations of the world, and, as many see, the struggle of Israel is center stage, attracting the attention of all those “passing by,” as alerted by the media, politics, religion, and powers that be.

Back to Paul:

Joyce, I also see that the child was separated from her parents. Has not Israel been separated from her God? We, the saints, are her parents in the Lord, raising her to life by His Word and power. What a wonderful reunion lies ahead!

And why would the Lord not deliver you from all dead works and sin? Is He the Savior or not? But we know that He is, and He has sent us to speak the Word of His faith to you that you might believe and obey Him for your salvation.


Particle – More Biographies

I’m reading Golda Meir’s autobiography, My Life. I’ve red The Life and Times of Menachem Begin by Amos Perlmutter. I have also red Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, The Diary of Anne Frank, and Progeny of Light/Vanished in Darkness by Eva Brewster. It is often evident that the lives of great leaders are destined even from childhood for their calling, their lives formed and prepared in their environments and experience. It also seems that the greater the calling, the more difficult and protracted their preparation and experience.

People great and small have their weaknesses. They all have prejudices, fears, inhibitions, bad habits, faults, infirmities, irrationalities, misconceptions, superstitions, emotional hang-ups, idiosyncrasies, fetishes, idols, erring philosophies, psychological wounds, spiritual bondages, and other handicaps, including demon possession that hamper them in their dealings with people and matters that affect us all.

I also see how their weaknesses ironically often serve in their favor, as when Samson, being cruelly blinded, pleaded with God to avenge him of his enemies who took his eyes. Samson destroyed the Philistine rulers in one miraculous event; thus, God’s plan through Samson was fulfilled for the Philistines.

Or when Abraham surrendered his wife Sarai to a ruler, which resulted in that ruler financially enriching Abraham, besides being profitably humbled. Or when a barren woman promised she would dedicate her child to God if He gave her a son, which child Samuel became a great judge and prophet and who anointed the first two kings of Israel.

It happens in the Bible and in real life all the time. At the very least, weaknesses serve to humble and temper people.

Particle – Marilyn Insists on a Dental Surgery Alternative

Today, Friday, November 30, 2007, our 33rd wedding anniversary, is Marilyn’s dental surgery to graft a tiny piece of bone from her chin to her lower jaw to prepare enough bone to graft an implant – a gruesome surgery, physically and financially. I don’t know that there has been any direction to receive healing by prayer. I’m in disagreement with the procedure but Marilyn is quite intent on taking this route, feeling she has no other option.

Marilyn had the operation and we’re treating her with the Laser and the Scenar DOVE.

Particle – America Rejects Ron, Reason, and Right

In the American election race, Republican candidate Ron Paul is making a lot of sense, but who has the heart for it? It appears America, the final bastion in the world of any semblance of peace, freedom, and prosperity, is done for. America is bankrupt, financially, politically, and spiritually.

Editor’s Note, October 2016: Wow, I hadn’t seen anything yet! Who knew the dreadful changes to come? March 2021: Just when I didn’t think it would get much worse! Now, as the Geller Report declares, “America is in a free fall with the Leftists holding all the power.”

Particle – No Time for Truth

Our neighbor Georgia, Andrew Scotter’s wife, called, inviting Moon River residents to a Christmas party. I told her we didn’t celebrate. She said she was Christian and so would do so. I replied that I don’t celebrate Christmas because I’m Christian. She abruptly terminated the conversation, saying, “I’m not going to get into that with you; I have a lot of calls to make.” I said, “Okay,” and we hung up.

Later, I thought, “You have time for sin but no time for Truth, in Whose Name you celebrate pagan tradition.” I knew there was no point in saying anything to her. I haven’t found a Mormon who was the least interested in Truth or change. That often goes for all nominal Christian denominations and religions; nothing new or strange.

What would come of the Scotters? Something evil invariably comes to those who throw my words from God back in my face. Around that time, Andrew suffered a back injury from a fall and two strokes.

Particle – Archie Returns in His Daughter

Lois found an article about Erin Hafichuk appearing in a bikini in the Lethbridge Living Magazine, aided and abetted by Elisha (originally Elsie) Rasmussen. Erin now lives in Lethbridge (as of 2007). She is employed by Global TV where Elisha works. Elisha is a disgruntled next-door neighbor of Harvest Haven.

I was surprised that after the conflict we had with Archie’s family that Erin would choose to return to Lethbridge. We also found out she was speaking against us, telling others we were a cult and taking other people’s money. This information came by way of someone James knew at Global TV. We decided to post a report at our site on Erin and her family to let people consider another side to Erin’s viewpoint: Letter to Eireann Hafichuk.

Likely because of Erin’s opinions, James was anxious, wondering if he could trust me. We talked; I answered questions and told him the history of Archie and his family, who are now spreading an evil report.

I once declared shortly after Archie left that he would turn out to be my greatest enemy. He and other members of his family have fulfilled that prophecy.

Today, December 15th, 2007, Marilyn and I prayed at Moon River for James to receive the Spirit. I was assured that Paul, Sara, Lois, and others would agree with us on this in spirit, though not physically present. Marilyn prophesied that James’ gift of faith would be a rebuke to others; he was to receive the Spirit and walk in Him. There were no manifestations of any kind. It was obvious that there was no proof of James receiving. However, we all, in agreement, stand on the Lord’s promise:

“And this is the confidence that we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him” (1 John 5:14-15 MKJV).

Particle – Guilt, Regret, and Sadness for Jonathan

On December 13th, 2007, in turmoil, I wrote:

My heart is aching, if not broken, for Jonathan, who plans a 16-day vacation with Samantha Underhill, a non-Christian. Why will he not be involved with us, with the farm? Up to the year 2000, Jonathan had visions and prophecies. Then something happened. It all disappeared, likely caused by the ongoing strife between Marilyn and me.

Perhaps God had finished what He was doing for the time? Jonathan thinks so. He seems to have a simple understanding of matters that cannot be argued or disproven. In his apparent unbelief, is it not a blessing that he’s free of preconceived religious notions and indoctrinations? Why isn’t he interested in the spiritual? He avoids and resists any reading or discussion on these matters.

God, are we wrong in doing what we’re doing? Why is Jonathan not with us? Why is he so impatient to be done with school so that he can leave us, the sooner the better, as he sees it?

How have I failed? Jonathan says he’s disconnected from us. Indeed, he is. Why Lord? Why? I said to him, “God has given me a son, but I have no son.”

Jonathan’s heart isn’t with me. It hurts, Lord; it hurts. It makes me wish I had never been given a son, for the pain it causes.

I see Paul, Mark, and Sara as sons and daughters, and Mariko, with others in the womb, perhaps. Yet, Lord, it hurts with Jonathan the way he is. And he has no idea. He couldn’t care less, so hard he seems to be.

I even come to the place where I wonder if Jonathan would not kill me, as Commodus killed his father Marcus Aurelius in The Gladiator. It’s as though the potentiality is there. It seems there is a hatred or contempt in him for me, quietly, secretly working, one day to be manifest in all its horribleness, a reaction built up in rebellion to what he has perceived I have done to his mother, the woman who has given him almost anything he has needed and even desired.

In our conflict, Marilyn has seen and presented herself as the victim, and Jonathan has seen her as such. Indeed, I have been brutish and unwise, no doubt about it, but have I been entirely at fault or the only one? After all, wasn’t it Jonathan who urged me against her will to send Sean on his way? Was Jonathan not the one who experienced the release when I dismissed Satan in Sean by the Spirit of the Lord and power of His Word?

Was Marilyn not the one who vehemently opposed my casting Sean out, threatening to leave me if I did so? Wasn’t she the one who condemned Jonathan for his prophecies, which condemnation, thankfully, he was able to overcome with the help of my counsel?

I truly hate this whole scenario. Perhaps all these thoughts are foolishness. Do I idolize Jonathan? Is that why I’m reacting and feeling the way I do? I don’t know; I certainly hope not. Yet, if it was that simple, perhaps I could do something about it – repent or change my thinking.

However, if this is the way You must do things, Lord, then I can accept it, knowing that all things work together for good. I can only thank You and hope for Your judgment and salvation.

Particle – A Lesson from Herbert W. Armstrong

The secret to success in writing is not about keeping it short to make it interesting, but about making it interesting to keep it short. Although I have not agreed with the man in spirit, I’ve found his autobiography interesting, all 1200 pages of it.

Editor’s Note: I thought HWA had a long autobiography, the longest I had ever red! Where or when will mine end?

Particle – Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther

A revelation today: Who is as evil as Hitler in recent centuries? LUTHER! As the leader of the Lutheran Reformed movement, his vitriol against, and condemnation of, the Jews, in the name of religion and the Name of God, helped stoke Hitler’s fires in Germany. Consider the power of Luther’s influence on the people when Hitler repeated his words to them. Consider how the people would have reacted to Hitler had Luther spoken these Words instead, concerning the Jews of this world:

“Indeed, as regards the Gospel, they are enemies for your sakes. But as regards the election, they are beloved for the fathers’ sakes. For the free gifts and calling of God are without repentance” (Romans 11:28-29 MKJV).

Particle – Troubled Often

Troubled on Tuesday morning, December 18, 2007, I sent this letter to Paul:

“I get considerable trouble in the nights. It begins to clear when waking up – taking upwards of an hour or more, but there are regrets, fears, doubts, and questions, and I wonder what is wrong, what is the issue?

When Sara asked if James had asked to receive the Spirit, I said no, and he hadn’t. Must not one be seeking? He showed no such signs. When we told you what happened, our report was as dead and dry as anything could be. There was nothing – no witness of anything.

“James has no questions, no comments on anything concerning the Scriptures, he has little to speak to anyone about, except eating organic and getting Grander – and when I prayed for James to receive the Spirit, nothing happened…nothing!

“I also have doubts now about James, not only in this matter but in general. He seems to be changing his tune in a subtle way, as though we were mistakenly assuming he was meaning what he was saying – that he was prepared to commit himself to us. The way he speaks is as though he has either never meant it or is almost imperceptibly changing his mind.

“On the other hand, James seems cooperative and willing enough. We must take it slow, if anything, and count on absolutely nothing. I’ve been through all of this with others who have come, haven’t I?

“We are ‘correcting’ others and I wonder if we should not be ‘laying down our lives’ for them instead. How? Not sure.

“I wonder if we aren’t dreaming and over-extending ourselves with the new building; I think of what basic minimum we are willing to settle for and be satisfied with that.
“I have doubts about some of the content and at times even of the entirety of the autobiography.

“Major bothers: I still find I can’t get over dealing with Sherri Umeris and Paul Bohnert the way I did. I do think I overreacted to her buying from Paul DeJonge because he’s ‘local’, yet not organic. I was also frustrated because there was no talking to her.

“I was angry with Sherri and Paul having the feminist Glenda Bonifacio at their conference but what do they know? Why should I be so caustic or reactive? Why can’t I just speak and give them the significance of these things without harshness? So, we lose them as good customers, cause bitterness, and gain nothing.

“The same goes for Sue Gathercole. She was also a good customer until I insisted and demanded my way like a spoiled brat demanding justice and righteousness on Vivatru. Yet I preach that Christianity is not about how others treat us but about how we treat others. What a hypocrite I am!

“The list can go on and on. What is at the core of this? It is nothing strange at all for me to be bothered in the night. Seldom or rarely has it been otherwise, but it seems that God is not pleased with me, and I know He has every right to be displeased, and I have no evidence that He is not displeased, it seems.

“I must have sin, some god or gods that I’m not willing to let go of…the wine drinking? Food? Selfishness? Self-centeredness – fed partially by the autobiography, or the autobiography growing out of it? Lack of charity? Lording it over others?

“Yet, in all of this, I know the Lord is in full control. It sure doesn’t sound like it to me though, does it? I’ve been here many times, as I recall. I just haven’t been like this for a while. I begin to wonder if another major pruning is in order. If so, I’m reluctant to think about it, yet why should that bother me? Have pruning times not been good in the end? God forbid that we should continue living where we were before the chastenings and prunings!

“While I preach rest, victory, and freedom from sin, I have yet all these troublings. I apologize to you for all this, Paul, yet I write you, hoping for a sure Word from Him. I’m reminded that about three times it came to me that I’m to believe. Unbelief has been an issue all my life. What does God hate more than unbelief?! What angers Him more?

“I often wonder, with the way nights impact me in times of peace and security, what would happen were someone to capture and torment me, like depriving me of sleep, abruptly waking me in the night without warning and such things? I guess these thoughts don’t fit in with Philippians 4:8, do they?”

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”


I got through the troubles today, believing. Things Paul and Mark had to say helped. When something big like the building project is introduced, the enemy comes to interfere or prevent, and we’re tested. We received that we’re to go ahead with the building and that all would work out well. I believe it.

I was also resolved on Umeris, Bohnert, and Gathercole. Father, You did by me that which was beyond me, and what happened was very necessary. Thank You, Father. You hold my hand for Your sake.

Jonathan is gone for 16 days. We always miss him from the moment he’s gone. My problem is that I miss him even after he returns!


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