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PART THREE– Israel to Bernalillo (cont.)

ParticleProphecies Pour Forth

Prophecies began to come forth for several days, pages of them. Regretfully, I don’t have the record now, but I will report what I remember.

The Lord said, “You will have nothing to fear. Can stubble stand up to a fire? Your enemies will be as stubble before a fire. If stubble can stand up to a fire, then your enemies will be able to stand up to you. The fire that I send is an invincible foe to your enemies, but a friend to you and to the righteous.”

He said, “I have put a sword in your mouth to execute judgment and to rebuke the enemy, and nothing will prevail against you. Many will fall because of the sword I have placed in your right hand.

Take the land; wrest it out of the hands of the wicked; make it a good land, clean and pure – make it My land. Smear it with the pitch of claim. Where you set your foot, it is yours. As My foot steps in your foot, and as your foot steps in Mine, so the land is yours and Mine.

When they come to Me, you will know it, because they will come to you, because you are in Me and I in You.

I am finished winking.” (This is the second time He said this to me, the first being in 1977.) “I have been waiting a long time for this Day. It is the great and terrible Day of which the prophets have spoken, great for the righteous and terrible for the wicked. I am glad it has finally come. I have been hurting and grieving, but now I am finished winking and am about to pour out My wrath on the wicked. I will level the mountains and fill the valleys. I will recompense all peoples for all things, whether good or bad.”

He said that while He was hurting for His people, He was ready to deliver those He chose from their bondage and from their enemies.

He said, “Take comfort in My Word to keep you from the pestilence that seeks to destroy you from before My face.

If you believe, it will go well for you, but if you don’t believe, it will not go well.”

He said, “Your enemies will be harassing and shouting at you. They will leave no stone unturned to find fault and to wreak havoc. Businesses, governments, educators, families, police, judiciaries, churches, institutions, friends, and neighbors, those from every quarter will oppose you. Walk before Me cleanly and perfectly, and I will cover for you completely and perfectly.

Rejoice, My son! You have great cause for rejoicing, for you have entered the great city, the city of great pyres, where all the saints and prophets have entered, prevailing. Be overjoyed, My son! You have no idea what you’ve done! Be filled with joy. You’ve made it!” (I really had no idea.)

He said, “I love you far beyond any love known in the earth between husband and wife or between any others. I dote on you. I call you My beloved, chosen to be especially, personally Mine.”

He told me that I was as His pet; while others would have to hunt and forage for their needs, He would give me all things freely. While others were compelled to labor, I was given to rest and enjoy His love and gift of life in Him. (I thought of how household pets like cats and dogs were fully provided and cared for, while wild animals had to fend for themselves and their young.) He said He could and would supply anything I need or want.

He said words to this effect: “In his day, I gave the throne to Solomon. In this day, I give it to you. You are My Solomon in this day and age.”

I also recall words to this effect: “In other days, I gave the throne to others. In this day, I have given it to you. ”

Of Paul, He said, “As Aaron was given to Moses, so I give Paul to you. Don’t be perplexed about his idiosyncrasies. Carry him where you can. He will make his calling good.”

Aaron was of Levi, the priesthood tribe of Israel, and Paul is of that same priestly lineage, thus his name – Cohen (meaning “priest”).

To Marilyn, He said, “You are as a beautiful golden pear tree. People will come and eat from your hand; they will delight in, and be in ecstasy of, the tree as they behold it. They will be filled, nourished, and satisfied. ”

He said, “In the past, I’ve told you of many things, but now I will tell you of Lethbridge. There you will return, and there will I begin the work to which I’ve called you. It is a great and a glorious work. The work will go out from there.

You will be hurried and you will be harried, but keep the peace. You will know at every step what to do, and beyond the shadow of a doubt you will know it. You have nothing to fear. No weapon that is formed against you will prosper.”

He said, “You have a hallowed and halatious calling. ”

Halation – Random House Dictionary: “A blurred effect at the edges of a very light area on a photograph, caused by reflection of light, through the emulsion from the surface of the film or plate.” [Halo + ation]

He said, “Light upon My Word as a bird lights on a branch. There you will find comfort and rest. Pick up your spirit, My son, and I will send it to all places where it needs to go.

Your contemplation of matters is of no consequence.

Where the body is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

I will show you the treasures of Egypt. Even the rain and the deeps will be a blessing to you, because I have made it to be so for you, My son. I love you and have chosen you.”

Particle“I Am Finished Winking”

There were pages of prophecies. Many things were said that I don’t remember. However, there is one full prophecy that was preserved (given on March 17, 1984, in Bernalillo, NM):

I AM FINISHED WINKING! I am fed up to complete fullness of the sins of the wicked. I can bear no more. Great and terrible is the fire that rushes to the destruction of the wicked! How fearful is the judgment that falls on ungodly people!

How do they crave destruction! How depraved are they that they should seek wounds and pain and sorrow and screaming and strife against My peace, says the Lord. How demented shall people be that they should seek horrible torment, living in darkness, rather than seeking My love and living in the light of day! So they will be filled to the full with their own devices and I will not spare them, says the Lord.

For when I called them and confronted them, they did not spare Me, says the Lord. Neither did they spare their neighbor who dwelt safely by them. They condemned; they killed; they butchered; they slaughtered; they stole; they hated; they lied; they filled Me to the full with their blasphemies and their fornications, and I will therefore fill them to the full seven times over with their blasphemies with which they have blasphemed against Me and with their wickedness which they have committed against Me, says the Lord.

Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so I will repay them according to the great multitude of their sins against Me, says the Lord. I am full with their sins and full with My fury that I will pour out upon them for their sins. Will it be heard and known that I recompense every man according to the fruit of his doings! …

… You will pierce through the hearts of many with sorrow and divide the weak from the strong, the sheep from the goat, and the fleece from the lamb. You will run through the hearts of the wicked, and they will not be able to stand up against you. You’ll consider and look and see them no more.

But to the righteous will be given the balm of healing. They will be carried to safety. They will be anointed with the oil of gladness above all their companions, because they have sought the Lord; they have worshipped the God of Heaven. They have forsaken their evil ways so that they might walk in holiness and truth and righteousness. To such is the blessing of God in mercifulness and great abundance. With such will I be well pleased.

And then can I rest from the horribleness of the sins of the wicked, and from the fury that has welled up to the full within Me, says the Lord. And when I have drunk to the full of the blood of the wicked and eaten of their flesh to the full, for the trespasses they have trespassed against Me and for the iniquities they have committed against Me, then I’ll be at peace and then I’ll be at rest, says the Lord. And I will remember their sins no more.

Weep and wail, you people, because now it is time for weeping and wailing! You have given all your time to dancing and singing and laughing and eating and drinking and sleeping and hoarding riches and enjoying yourselves, taking no regard and not considering that you have given little time to weeping and sorrow. Where laughter was greedy and took away all the room of the house, now will it be evicted to make place for great sorrow with weeping and wailing.

You have mocked the righteous and you have trodden upon the backs of the innocent. Now let’s discover how well you have done and how well you have fared. As the curtain opens in your money games to show you the reward of your cleverness and your luck, so now I open to you the curtain to show you the fruits of your doings.

Let the just man and the patient man and the pure man and the holy man and the righteous man and the man who speaks truth rejoice and sing and laugh because his reward has come. But let the wicked perish and be rewarded justly for the fornications and the abominations with which they have defiled My house and caused Me great grief and unimaginable sorrow. Let them be filled up to the full with the rewards of their sins. May they be cast out of My house and discarded in the dunghills of unrighteousness for to that end were they called and to that end they answered ever so faithfully. The Lord has done speaking. I will speak no more.

Bless the wicked, you abominable. Praise them, you unrighteous. Fill them full of flatteries and strengthen them in their wickedness. Do you think you’ll escape? Do you think you can utter perversities out of your vile mouths and expect to escape the judgment of God? Cannot the One Who creates both good and evil tell the difference? Does He not have eyes to see Who created the eye to see? Cannot the One Who says, ‘You shall not do wickedly’, tell if you do wickedly? Will He not judge the wickedness He sees and knows of?

Are you God yourselves that you presume to escape indefinitely the judgment that I have pronounced against evildoers? How can you laugh and scorn in your hearts saying, ‘God does not see me’? How can you giggle and sneer and scoff and dance in your aisles and gather yourselves before Me, only to worship the god of entertainment and the god of social benefit, you hypocrites?

Do you think you can dress in fine clothing and plaster your faces with make-up and wear smiles and read a few passages in Scripture, saying, ‘God has blessed me,’ and escape such hypocrisy when in your hearts you judge, you condemn, you hate, you criticize, you gossip, you slander, you lust after women, after money, after the riches of this world?

Those who have taken upon themselves My Name are adulterers and adulteresses. They have never known the true way, the path of peace, though they say, ‘We are God’s people, we alone are the truly righteous and blessed of the Lord.’

Salve your consciences with church attendance and pastor-pleasing and meagre offerings and Bible studies and choir singing and door-to-door canvassing and prayer meetings and tract distribution and naming your businesses and your children and your churches with Scriptural names and speaking to your neighbors in the manner you call witnessing. Am I not above consciences and above salve? Do you think your works and your words and your tears and your devotions to all these things please Me?

Though you deceive yourselves into thinking you serve Me in your hearts, yet I see and know your hearts. And when wisdom screams at you from every street corner and from every person and from every business transaction, still you stop your ears and refuse to listen. Now I bring a calamity and a pestilence upon you, and as you have stopped your ears and refused the entry of truth, so I will stop My ears when you cry out for deliverance, and there will be none to deliver you. I am finished winking.

ParticleTwo Witnesses

Here are words that I would ponder for years and not believe. There was a great prophecy (both in length and substance), which ended with: “And if you can receive it, you are My two witnesses…” and something needful to happen, something we were required to do, “lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” It is all I remember. The latter words reminded me of those of the prophet Malachi:

“…lest I come and smite the earth with a curse” (Malachi 4:6 KJV).

What was the Lord talking about? Was He saying I was one of the two witnesses? Was Marilyn the other? Or was it me and Christ in me? Or was it another with me – maybe Paul? Or was I hearing from my own imagination and not God? I didn’t know, and I didn’t seem to believe those words, but I heard them.

Why was I reluctant to believe? I had heard that many claimed to be the two witnesses, and I simply didn’t want to go there, knowing all those were deluded in their egotistic religious ambitions. I record these now after being reluctant for some time to mention them, but here they are.

ParticleHair Gained and Weight Lost

I received a strange prophecy one day during this period: “You will receive your hair at a time in your ministry. Marilyn, you will not have to worry about your weight. You will have far greater and more important matters taking your attention.”

I didn’t think I was all that concerned about my hair, even though it was slowly and gradually thinning, not that the prophecy suggested I was overly concerned. Even stranger, however, was that I was the one who had the weight problem, never Marilyn. Why was the Lord speaking to her as if to console her about a weight problem? We would find out. Oh, would we find out!

Particle – Visitation to Paul: Infolding Light

Around the time the Lord was bringing forth a great volume of prophecy to Marilyn and me, the Lord also appeared to Paul in Vermont, serving him notice and preparing him for the days to come, when we would serve together. Paul describes what happened:

While lying in bed awake, just before going to sleep, I saw directly in front of me and to the right, in the upper corner of my room, very close to the ceiling, a ball of light, maybe less than a foot in diameter, that was constantly changing configuration as it enfolded itself in a circular motion, with more than one stream of light involved in circuitry. Upon seeing this I was rendered motionless, unable to move, overcome by a feeling of immense awe. I knew I was unworthy, but was not condemned. There was simply not anything I could do but be present and wait. As suddenly as it appeared, the light gathered into itself and shot into me. I didn’t know what to expect after that, but I felt fine. Feeling relieved and spared, I went to sleep.

The next day I inquired of the Lord what happened, and He led me to Zechariah 3, in particular verse 4, but now I see that all verses apply:

Zechariah 3:1-10 GW
(1) Then he showed me Joshua, the chief priest, standing in front of the Messenger of the LORD. Satan the Accuser was standing at Joshua’s right side to accuse him.
(2) The LORD said to Satan, “I, the LORD, silence you, Satan! I, the LORD, Who has chosen Jerusalem, silence you! Isn’t this man like a burning log snatched from a fire?”
(3) Joshua was wearing filthy clothes and was standing in front of the Messenger.
(4) The Messenger said to those who were standing in front of him, “Remove Joshua’s filthy clothes.” Then he said to Joshua, “See, I have taken your sin away from you, and I will dress you in fine clothing.”
(5) So I said, “Put a clean turban on his head.” They put a clean turban on his head and dressed him while the Messenger of the LORD was standing there.
(6) The Messenger of the LORD advised Joshua,
(7) “This is what the LORD of Armies says: If you live according to My ways and follow My requirements, you will govern My temple and watch over My courtyards. Then I will give you free access to walk among those standing here.
(8) Listen, Chief Priest Joshua and your friends sitting with you. These men are a sign of things to come: I’m going to bring My servant, the Branch.
(9) Look at the stone I have set in front of Joshua. That one stone has seven eyes. I am engraving an inscription on it,” declares the LORD of Armies. “I will remove this land’s sin in a single day.
(10) On that day,” declares the LORD of Armies, “each of you will invite your neighbor to sit under your vine and fig tree.”


I slowly learned that one doesn’t get to hear God speak by striving to hear His voice and to be conscious of His Presence. And God isn’t always speaking, as some pretenders of a closer relationship with Him suggest, one of those prominent ones being Henry Blackaby, who we realized in time to be a pretentious scoundrel. It isn’t as though one gets to hear bits and pieces from Him while trying to tune in, like someone scanning a radio, trying to pick up a frequency while driving near the outskirts of range.

No, the Lord speaks when it pleases Him, and when He speaks, be assured, He will be heard, like it or not. He is fully capable of making Himself heard with or without any help, and despite any hindrance from us. Didn’t Jesus declare that the dead would hear His voice when He spoke (John 5:28)?

Until we are humbled and repent of the arrogance of trusting in our own strengths and abilities, we won’t understand or rest.

I received this poem in Albuquerque, during the spring of 1984:

Standing atop a mountain peak,

I could not hear a sound.

In vain I strained my ears to hear

But nothing came except a tear

Because I could not hear.

Cold it grew and I withdrew

To lower levels not by choice,

And there I felt more comforted

But silence remained the only voice

And still I could not hear.

“Am I dead?” in pain I asked myself,

“Is there something wrong with me?

I should think that on these wondrous heights

Is where hearing and seeing ought to be.”

And down I came again.

Lower and lower and lower still,

Not even ground level was to be my fill,

But lower and lower and lower till

The darkness smothered me out of sight

And my only friends were sorrow and fright.

But I was not alone.

For in the nether of darkness and tether,

Down where I had made my bed,

And where I resigned to live and sleep,

I heard the Voice instead:

“Come up!” It said, “and into the Light.

Rejoice now with new hearing and sight.

I’ll take away your tether and fright

And you’ll be My servant instead.”

ParticleLoving You, Two More Stanzas

As I was singing “Loving You” at the KOA in Bernalillo in the spring of 1985, two more verses came to me to add to the one given me nearly a year earlier:

Wanting You, wanting You,

Wanting You is all I can do.

Even when I’m rich or poor,

Whether it seems I’m not so sure,

Wanting You is all I can do.

Serving You, serving You,

Serving You is all I can do.

Even when I’m weak or strong,

Whether they think I’m right or wrong,

Serving You is all I can do.

(Click HERE to listen to “Loving You” in completion, or to read the lyrics.)

ParticleThe Great Escape

The rapture doctrine, particularly the pre-tribulation version, as it is known and believed in Christendom today, is nothing more than a fantasy, born of an escapist attitude. But some go so far as to call it the “blessed hope.” It goes like this: God is going to spare His sons and daughters the suffering of a great tribulation that comes on the earth by lifting them up and away before it occurs. Key verses used to support this lie are:

“For we say this to you by the Word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord shall not go before those who are asleep. For the Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air. And so we shall ever be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words” (1 Thessalonians 4:15-18 MKJV).

So when I come and say the pre-tribulation rapture theory is a lie, there are those who think I’m trying to kill their comfort and heist their hope. To such, I seem to be the Devil himself.

However, my intention is to direct them to place their faith in Him, and to prepare them for anything that might come. There is no escape, I tell them. God takes us through, not around, our problems. We need the tribulation fires. It is a principle and law of the process of God forming us in His image.

“Beloved, do not be astonished at the fiery trial which is to try you, as though a strange thing happened to you, but rejoice according as you are partakers of Christ’s suffering, so that when His glory shall be revealed, you may be glad also with exceeding joy” (1 Peter 4:12-13 MKJV).

No tribulation fires, no partaking of Christ’s sufferings; no partaking of Christ’s sufferings, no salvation or glory. If we don’t suffer with Him, we don’t reign with Him. It’s that simple.

1 Peter 1:7-9 MKJV
(7) So that the trial of your faith (being much more precious than that of gold that perishes, but being proven through fire) might be found to praise and honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ,
(8) Whom having not seen, you love; in Whom not yet seeing, but believing in Him you exult with unspeakable joy, and having been glorified,
(9) obtaining the end of your faith, the salvation of your souls.

Besides, I say to them, read Matthew 24, examine Jesus’ discourse on the sequence of events at the end, and show me where there is a rapture before the tribulation. They can’t find it. It isn’t mentioned. Surely, if it was the “blessed hope,” you might think He would at least mention it. But Jesus is the Blessed Hope. He is not the “Great Escape.”

ParticlePaul Brings First Offerings

Job, God’s classic example of suffering, was a very wealthy man. Within an hour, he lost everything he had, including all his children, except his wife, his house, and four servants, the latter of which also left him. In due time, God restored his goods to him twofold, and gave him new and better children.

How were his goods restored? It says:

“All Job’s brothers and sisters and former friends came to visit him and feasted with him in his house. They expressed their sympathy and comforted him for all the troubles the LORD had brought on him. Each of them gave him some money and a gold ring. The LORD blessed the last part of Job’s life even more than He had blessed the first…” (Job 42:11-12 GNB).

God had promised me that He would restore to me all that I had lost. Paul was the first to bring financial gifts, not because compelled or asked, but because he was moved to do so. He sent money to us in Bernalillo, the beginning of the Lord’s restoration to us, as promised.

Particle“Don’t Call Me a Fool”

Many times I bemoaned the folly of my actions, particularly in financial matters, big or small, thinking of myself as the greatest fool that ever lived. As I was regretting some petty financial decisions, saying, “What a fool I am! Will I never learn?” the Lord said, “From now on, if you call yourself a fool, you call Me a fool, because I have delivered you.”

I must confess that on several occasions thereafter, though I might not have directly, explicitly called myself a fool, I was very close to it or may as well have done it. There were so many occasions where I was totally convinced there was no other way of labeling my thinking and actions, as you shall see. But I was constantly reminded of His words.

How did He deliver me? I thought I wouldn’t be found making mistakes again, but that wasn’t it. What He was doing was providing and determining the course of all things pertaining to us, regardless of my blunders. It is impossible to exhaust His provisions and protection.



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