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PART NINE – Signs of New Times (cont.)



ParticleLingering Pains and Troubles

I awoke on January 27, 2001, troubled. I was still hurting from the two or three times Marilyn publicly stood with Sean against me. “You have all the Scriptures; we have nothing we can say in our defense, isn’t that right, Sean?” she would say, standing by his side, interrupting me several times, venomously retorting. It was horrible. And I had never heard a word of true repentance.

Lord, I had words come forth in the night, and this morning; it’s like it’s just not worth living. I’ve lived in torment for 55 years, ruled by greed, self-concern, pride, emotion, regret, and confusion. Oh, that I could have that new life, that we all could be in a constant peace, enjoying Your Presence, knowing absolutely that all is very good, experiencing it in every way.


But we obey where we can, give thanks, and go by faith. It is ever a battle of faith. Battle? Has not the battle passed? Or was there a storm passed? Is there a difference? Are there two battles? Lord, You know all things.


ParticleThe Difference between Doubts and Things of Doubt

I think that if I have any doubts, I must discern the difference between the necessity of putting away those doubts and putting away those things of which I have doubt. If I can discern between these two and obey, I’ll have peace in the matter.

Lord, grant me to believe Your Word, which is Light and Truth. If I do so and obey, I shall know good and evil, right and wrong, the difference between doubting You and doubting those things contrary to You. By believing Your Word, I’ll know both and walk in that Light.

ParticleCrying Like a Baby

I cried like a baby in the night, snuggling up to my earthly father, crying, “Daddy, Daddy.” It was a breakdown of hardness and pride, a search for a place I should have had in ideal conditions, but don’t remember ever having. It’s like I was breaking down under stress or pressure. But I prayed to my Heavenly Daddy.

ParticleFirst Writings on the Internet

On January 29, 2001, we entered a chatroom (, I believe) and delivered them some of our writings for the first time on the internet.

ParticleA Word for Alecia Warren

Alecia Warren called asking for prayer concerning a major operation coming up for her. I discussed her request with the others. We were divided as to what we should do until we talked to Paul. He said the Lord would heal her if she acknowledges who I am and that we are the people of God. She needed to turn from a “one woman, lone ranger” show, shedding her independence.

I called Alecia the next day and she asked if we had a Word for her. I said, “Yes,” that three or four of us had received a Word for her (though it was Paul who spoke and we agreed with him). I emailed Paul’s words to her, along with Here is the Way It Is. I also sent her other writings. On February 15th, she emailed me, rejecting any more communications. I wrote her back, confronting her. We never did hear what happened to her or if her case was as serious as she said it was.

ParticleA Rebuke for Jean Bohne

I called Jean Bohne to tell her that her bike was not anointed, as she had adamantly claimed, that it was an idol and that she needed to let it go. She boasted of how it received not so much as a scratch when she had her accident, though she herself was injured. What good is it for God to preserve a mere machine, anointing and preserving it, as it slides on loose gravel, while the rider, a supposed daughter of God and made in His image, is injured? What foolishness! How stupid can people be?

She despised my telling her so. Three days later, we had a clash. She said, “I won’t change you, and you won’t change me.” I later wondered if I shouldn’t have done more listening and asking her questions to let her prove herself wrong. I called her and apologized. She was happy.

ParticleMark’s Word for Me

On the night of February 3rd, Mark received the words for me: “See, speak, leave, believe.” Surely! I believe I should have left the woman with the rebuke and not backpedaled. Her stance was pure foolishness.

ParticleStar Hitting Earth Vision, 14th Anniversary

February 6, 2001 was the 14th anniversary of the vision I had at Paul’s in Great Falls in 1987. On this day, Paul addressed the Montana legislature, speaking in the Name of the Lord against GMOs. He was shut down by the chairman, but Paul stood up to him.

ParticleChris Hafichuk Calls

On February 7th, Chris Hafichuk called from Thunder Bay, Ontario, asking for me. He wouldn’t identify himself to Marilyn and called me “Victor,” rather than the past customary, “Uncle Victor.” He threatened to sue us for 2½ years of wages for Nathan and himself, claiming we had promised them equity in the farm, which we had never done, nor had the thought ever entered our minds, nor had we ever remotely suggested any such thing.

However, I didn’t doubt the sincerity of his belief and wondered how he could have developed it. The nearest I could conclude was that we may have said, “Our home is yours,” as people might say to welcome guests. Therefore, we could have said, “This is our farm, and it is your farm, too.” I wanted so much for us to work together in unity and take personal interest and responsibility, but it never happened; there was always strife and disagreement.

There seemed to be something wrong with Chris’ mentality ever since his brain injury and hemorrhaging in his bike accident in May of 1998, and possibly from another accident he had later. I wasn’t able to reason with him in his violent, confused state. I had no choice but to hang up. He called again. This time I rebuked Satan, he stopped, giggled nervously, and the conversation ended.

ParticleJonathan Faults Me

Marilyn and I had another conflict. Whose fault? Who cares anymore? Jonathan said it was my fault. He asked me not to get on her case about everything or get angry with her all the time. I said I have tried and failed. He asked me to have nothing to do with her, to stay home instead of coming to the farm. I said I would do that. What else could I do?

He also asked me why I was constantly getting on Trevor’s case. I said I didn’t know. I would think that if it was for any reason, it might be covetousness, seeing Trevor as lazy, careless, irresponsible, and inefficient in everything he did.

ParticleAnother Simple Case against Free Will

With man ever seeking evil devices, how can it be that one day God will reconcile all things to Himself if man has free will? Given a choice, men choose to destroy themselves. But God has purposed to save all. How, then, can there be free will? As John Van Maanen once said to me, “All things are determined from above.”

Van Maanen, I believe, is Reform, which is Calvinistic; however, it wasn’t Calvin who came up with the truth of God’s sovereignty. There wasn’t a truthful bone in Calvin’s murderous body.

ParticleSudden Death

On February 12th, 21 days after Lois’ message to Pascal, saying, “The time is short,” and 50 days after we refused Pascal prayer and he was consequently offended, Ingrid called to say that Pascal had suddenly, inexplicably died.

He had risen early as usual to go to work and fell in the bathroom. When Ingrid looked in, he was on the floor, eyes open and bloodshot, apparently unconscious. She called 911, the paramedics came, but there was nothing to be done.

Just before we left their place the last time we saw the Gregoires, I said, “I’m sorry, Ingrid, but that’s the way it is.” I had also warned Pascal that unless he repented, things wouldn’t go well for them. Those words frightened her. She tried to persuade Pascal to listen to us, but he refused. Ingrid also told us Pascal was angry with her that she didn’t agree and stand with him.

ParticleChris Hafichuk Calls Once More

Chris called again but this time he wasn’t combative. I warned him against blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. He listened. I told him he should have submitted to evil, instead of resisting it, and therefore was not prospered. I told him victory could come only in acceptance of real or perceived evil done to him, as from the hand of the Lord.

ParticleVisit with Ingrid

On February 13th, we went to see Ingrid, who was staying with her girls at the home of Dave and Nancy Keeler, Mormon acquaintances. Ingrid said she couldn’t agree with Pascal that he had received the Spirit, though he urged her to support him. Furthermore, she said that only minutes after he had prayed to receive the Spirit, strange things began to happen. Ingrid writes: “At the end of his prayer, as he came up the stairs, he had his first heart problem. He explained that his heart stopped beating for several seconds and that he felt as if he was suddenly pushed down to the floor.

Then Pascal’s eyes got infected, he developed a rash on his hand, their phone line was accidentally cut, the fridge broke down, the furnace malfunctioned, his car broke down on the way to work on a dark, cold early morning while passing through the Indian Blood Reserve, and the twins fell ill, vomiting so frequently that the parents felt compelled to take them to the doctor.

Curiously enough, Ingrid developed a rash on the same hand as Pascal did, and it disappeared promptly after he died. She described his eyes at death as frightening – red, full of fear, and with an evil expression.

Ingrid asked me where Pascal was now. I told her he was in a hard place, for correction, and that one day she would see him (she asked if she would). I told her he was destroyed because of wickedness; the righteous do not die such deaths.

On the 14th, Ingrid called, asking urgently that we meet and talk. I drove to Raymond, we talked, and she told me more of what had happened. Ingrid had heard and was frightened by a strange voice coming from Pascal when he was in the bathroom.

As we talked, she thought of the evil spirit and wondered if it was still in the house. Asking the Lord, I said, “No, the Lord sent it to slay Pascal and it’s gone – mission accomplished. You have nothing to fear.”

Ingrid told me more of Pascal. He was into pornographic magazines and porn on the internet. The John Straat family was involved with the Gregoires. John’s daughter-in-law, Veronique (his son David’s wife), was indignant that Pascal was involving her two young children in porn. She severely scolded him for it and demanded that he stay away from them altogether.

I’m told porn literature was found under Pascal’s mattress in his home away from home in Pincher Creek. Ingrid told me Pascal was deep into masturbation and had visited prostitutes in Belgium while they were married.

The point for bringing up his sins is that Pascal had asked for prayer of us to receive the Holy Spirit. However, God withheld us from praying for him, informing us that repentance was needed. To think this man had the gall to ask for prayer that God take up residence in him while holding a porn magazine in one hand and penis in the other! We knew nothing and had no way of knowing any of this, but we were kept from laying hands suddenly on the man and thereby becoming partakers of his sins (1 Timothy 5:22).

And to think he should be offended with us when we couldn’t pray for him because of sin in his life that needed to be addressed. In his posture of piety, he hadn’t confessed or repented of these things.

ParticlePaying the Price for the Enemies’ Gain

Many customers have come to Harvest Haven and many left because I confronted them with their sins. Erna Vande Ligt was one of those. She had her problems on all levels – physical, mental and spiritual, which stemmed from a lack of knowledge and understanding. If she had received what I shared with her, she would have plenty to praise God about. Instead, she was offended and accused me of “Catholic-bashing.”

None of these people realize I have no desire to make enemies or to strive with anyone. It doesn’t occur to them that I have plenty to lose financially and socially by offending people, and that I expect to offend them by speaking the truth for their benefit. More importantly, they don’t realize that I couldn’t live with myself if I were not to speak things that I knew would help them in their multitudes of various problems – physical, mental, and particularly spiritual, which is invariably the source of their woes.

What kind of friend would I be if I withheld answers to address people’s woes, being content to let them suffer? But when I speak, they’re offended and treat me as an enemy. They accuse me of condemnation, “judging,” hatred, and fanaticism.

And I don’t have a pet peeve with any religion in particular. The reality is that when one has the Truth, all error is automatically judged and condemned by it – whether Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam, Buddhism, it doesn’t matter. It’s not about the error, but about the Truth. Truth is Light, and when the Light shines, all forms of darkness must give way. It’s impossible for truth and error, light and darkness, to be together. When truth enters, healing and cleansing come.

Time and time again, the Lord said to me, “He that keeps his life will lose it, and he that loses his life for My sake and the Gospel’s will have it.” It has been miraculously and wondrously so. By laying down my life, I’ve had only good things multiplied to me, though almost invariably we’ve lost those people to whom I’ve spoken. Still, I’d like to see the people made free and thankful to the Lord, instead of languishing in their darkness and destruction, which is death and hell.

I have the keys to death and hell. The problem is that their inhabitants insist on remaining in them.

ParticlePascal’s Funeral

Mark, Jonathan, and I went to Pascal’s funeral at the Cornerstone Funeral Home, then to Temple Hill Cemetery at Raymond, and finally to Dave and Nancy Keeler’s for lunch. I visited briefly with Ingrid, Fabienne (Pascal’s 37-year-old sister), Pascal’s parents Joseph and Francine Gregoire, and John Straat Jr. Mormons, people from Pascal’s accounting firm, his university friends, and Evangelical Free people came and spoke rather highly of Pascal. How people suddenly get as virtuous as angels when they drop dead!

So what’s new at funerals? Why are the dead so praised, no matter what kind of lives they led?

The E-Free pastor, Ian Lawson, declared Pascal saved. I told Ingrid that Pascal was in a place of torment and suffering for despising and scorning the truth and the Lord, and for blaspheming against Him. He was slain for his wickedness and would not soon be seeing the Lord, as though he was innocent and nothing happened.

Why should a destructive death be the instrumentality to transport a soul straight into God’s bosom? But this is the kind of doctrine one gets from common churches today, every day, everywhere. Truth be damned; just comfort the mourners so they are encouraged to continue leading wicked lives. Here we have someone who perished from sin and “Reverend” Lawson extols his state of depravity as of no consequence. “He is saved.”

Ironically, this day was to be Pascal’s day for water baptism. This was rather interesting to me, seeing he accused me of requiring water baptism of him before receiving the Spirit, which wasn’t true. But God immersed him, after all, albeit not in water.

ParticlePascal’s Autopsy and Apparent Cause of Death

On February 17th, Ingrid called to inform me further. It was a puzzle as to what caused Pascal’s death. They left no stone unturned to determine his cause of death and could come up with no reasonable explanation. Joseph Gregoire viewed the body and was shocked at what they had done to it in the process. He said that a corpse of 10 years would have awakened from the dead at the sight of what they did to his body.

Dr. Smith, the Mormon doctor and bishop (or higher) in the Mormon Church in Raymond, said, “The only cause of death I can see is a religious (spiritual) one.” He didn’t elaborate.

ParticlePascal’s Reports of Me in His Last Days

“Victor,” Ingrid said, “Pascal had negative things to say about you with everybody he talked to. He criticized everything, calling you a Pharisee. He reported the details of your words of the evil spirit to the E-Free pastorate. He scorned you for speaking of wives submitting to husbands, saying your wife was a slave.” (If he only knew!)

Ingrid described an incident that happened weeks before he died. As she waited in the car, she saw Pascal suddenly fall to the ground as if thrown down by some unseen hand, as he exited Canadian Tire at the Centre Village Mall. He was startled and confounded. He tried to get up, only to be thrown down again and again. I told her she buried a wicked man.

Nancy Keeler’s bishop had offered to bless Ingrid, which I advised her to refuse, lest it be a curse in disguise, and she did. Again, Nancy urged Ingrid to receive his blessing, and again, she declined. I told Ingrid there was power in their blessings and they were not blessings at all. Ingrid thanked me for being there for her and helping her “be in touch with reality.”

She wanted to go back to her family in Belgium and begin anew. I felt uncomfortable with what she was saying, but the Lord took care of things with Pascal, was continuing, and would continue to do so with all.

ParticleVision: Meeting Hall in Heaven

We had a supper and aftermath visit at the farm with a new customer, Pat McMurrin, and her friend, Harrison Dollard. Pat did all the talking. Going to bed that evening, I had a vision. I saw a huge meeting hall in Heaven. Its conduct and tenor were so contrary to this world. Men were in charge, speaking, and women were silent. The atmosphere was sober and matters discussed were of importance and substantive. (I had been thinking of how much Pat, as a woman, dominated the conversation, speaking of nothing important.)

I perceived that to the citizens of this earthly realm, the conduct of the assembly in this meeting hall was utterly foreign and unacceptable. I suddenly realized that such principled conduct concerning males and females was particularly unacceptable to Pat and Harrison and such as they who come in with a “female spirit” saying, “I am.” I believe they were actually witnessing the nature and spirit of that heavenly assembly in us.

ParticleIngrid’s Insincerity

I was bothered by what I saw as a degree of disingenuousness with Ingrid. Then she called on February 19th, saying she had a “nightmare.” She heard a voice saying that unless she repented, that same evil spirit that was sent to Pascal would be sent to her and the children. She began to search after me to lead her to repentance, awaking and pushing away an evil spirit approaching her – end of dream. I later drove to her place where I spoke to her for 3½ hours. She confessed her sins and acknowledged a wicked heart that concentrated on money.

ParticleA Troubled Conscience Addressed

Pascal’s sister Fabienne Gregoire walked in as I was finishing with Ingrid and began to talk on Ingrid’s initiative. I shared many Scriptures, telling her she needed to repent. Because of things Fabienne said of Pascal, I was compelled to tell her about much that pertained to him. I confronted her on her sins; she knew what they were, but was unwilling to repent. I was told she had abortion on her conscience, among many other things.

ParticleIngrid Has Two More Dreams

Ingrid dreamt that a man like unto the E-Free pastor was leaning over her in the night, saying, “We can’t reach her anymore.” I took that to mean that she was free of the power and influence of the enemy.

She also dreamt that she saw three persons talking, saying, “We tried three times to put a good spirit (heart) in Pascal and failed.”

ParticleArchie Requests Financial Restitution

Archie sent my letter back to me and highlighted his virtues, my downfalls, and my promises to him. He said they forgave me but wouldn’t communicate or allow us to call them. He now asked me for seven times the amount of a loan he secretly took out for the farm, besides car insurance and current dental bills. How he got the seven times, how he determined I should be punished for it, I didn’t really know, but there it was.

Lord, show me what to do.

ParticleBitterness in Paul Exposed

I asked Paul what he thought of Archie’s request for compensation. He thought I should pay him all he asked. I told him to read the letter again. He called back, confessing bitterness and thus siding with Archie. He was bitter toward me on financial matters. I had known there was unsettled business between us by Paul’s attitude, tried to deal with it, but got nowhere. Archie’s letter served to expose and address a problem between Paul and me.

ParticleIngrid’s Battles Increase

Ingrid called to say she was having conflict with her in-laws, who were speaking against me. She was also trying to reconcile with her own family, apologizing to them for her attitude and actions against them years before when she rebelled, left home and went to live with Pascal.

ParticleA Troubled Early Morning Call

Ingrid called at 4 a.m. on February 23rd, having had two more dreams. In the first dream she saw me saying to her, “Ingrid, I am sorry,” as I did regarding Pascal when we last spoke to him, only this time I was sorry concerning her because in the dream she was as Pascal was – given over to evil.

In the second dream, she was with Pascal in the other world; he was ill, dying, and losing his faculties because of a devil in him. She was afraid to be too near him lest she receive his evil spirit (there were multitudes there encouraging her to help him). In this dream, he told her he knew it was the evil in him killing him.

I replied: “Ingrid, dreams come from much busyness, but these are still warnings, so that you will not deny the Lord. He’s faithful to keep you on the straight and narrow.” She was comforted, heeding the warnings. She knew that one day she would have to stand; there would be battles because of spiritual division.

Later that day, the Keelers brought the Gregoires to the farm. Joseph Gregoire was contemptuous and antagonistic toward us, refusing my hand of friendship. They were understandably upset that we said their son was slain by a devil sent by God. Ingrid appeared aloof and withdrawn. I thought, “If she goes, she goes. We have had many come and go, and we were helpless to do anything about it. I have prayed for Ingrid. I can do no more.”

ParticleA Second Visit with Gregoires

I wished to have another meeting with the Gregoires without the Keelers. I had found Dave Keeler to be a scoffer and wasn’t willing to let him interpret for us (he spoke some French) seeing they had their Mormon agenda and weren’t in agreement with us in the least.

We drove to Raymond and Ingrid interpreted. It went from war to prayer to an apparent measure of peace for Joseph Gregoire, but his wife wasn’t willing to reconcile herself with us. As far as they were concerned, their son was a good man. Indeed, his name Pascal represented Jesus Christ, the “Paschal Lamb of God,” and didn’t Pascal die at the same age as Jesus – 33? She couldn’t accept that we had refused to pray for him, that he had an evil spirit and was slain by it because of wickedness.

Soon after we got home, Ingrid called. She apologized, having “softened” my words in translation so as not to offend the Gregoires. She confessed after I reminded her of the warning dream she had in the night of February 18-19th.

So today, there was a breakthrough for Paul because of Archie’s letter and one for Ingrid. Or was there?

ParticleReply to Archie

I replied to Archie, rebuking him for his mercenary spirit, having recognized that it wouldn’t matter what I did for him, even if it was to give him the entire farm, which he once asked for. The letter:

To: Archie

From: Victor

Feb. 27, 2001

I received your letter of June 2000 last week. You didn’t acknowledge receipt of my last letters to you.

Psalm 101:58 “Whoever secretly slanders his neighbour, him will I destroy; the one who has a haughty look and a proud heart, him I will not endure. My eyes shall be on the faithful of the land, that they may dwell with Me; he who walks in a perfect way, he shall serve Me. He who works deceit shall not dwell within My house; he who tells lies shall not continue in My presence. Early I will destroy all the wicked of the land, that I may cut off all the evildoers from the city of the Lord.”

The Lord has been giving me perspective, thus delivering me out of the hand of the enemy. He has shown me that we are all in “wrongness,” including the Bensons who have recently revealed some things that occurred between them and you folks. It wasn’t pleasant. You weren’t very good to them at all. And they spoke of how you two would often speak against me and Marilyn about so many things.

I recall that almost every time we would visit you, we would walk into a dark cloud, as though your house was filled with the smoke of heavy smokers. The spiritual atmosphere was always one of darkness and resentment, even hate. You could never seem to be in peace toward us. The atmosphere would seem to lift some by the time we left, but by the time we saw you again, it was there again; it was a constant repeat performance of bitterness.

There was murmuring. Today, you take those words of all the letters written to you, pick and choose what you will, and ignore the rest. You insist you forgive me, but I see no forgiveness at all… not a hint of it.

You say you have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I know I do. He hears me and He answers, and promptly in so many cases. How is it that you won’t even allow us to talk to you by phone if we both have a relationship with Jesus? How is it you send my letter back to me, unfriendly, vaunting, demanding the letter of the law according to your judgment and still claiming gifts I’ve desired to give you? How is it that you have nothing to say to anyone else here, not even those who have apologized to you, such as Paul and Lois? They too hear from the Lord, walk with Him, and are blessed.

And together we have fellowship, yet you have fellowship with none of us. How is this? Do you have an explanation? There can be only three: Either we are not walking with the Lord, or you are not walking with the Lord, or neither of us is. The Scripture clearly states that if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another…. Yes, you do obviously claim the light and that we are in darkness.

A man, Pascal, came to us a while ago and asked us to pray for him that he should receive the Spirit. We couldn’t do it and told him so. We knew there needed to be repentance; from what we didn’t know. He walked away greatly displeased. He and his wife were poor and we gave them groceries in the following few weeks.

It seems his conscience began to bother him and he told me he wanted to talk. He notified us that he was displeased that we didn’t pray for him, went away, began to pray for himself, and claimed to have received the Spirit on his own. Consequently, he said he realized that the doctrines I was teaching were error. He also began to attend EFree Church, something I told him was not of God. He asked the pastor, Ian Lawson, to baptize him as a member.

I told him he hadn’t received the Spirit. “Why should the Lord give you His Spirit when He refused you by us?” I asked. He accused me of blaspheming and said I was in danger for saying he didn’t have the Spirit. So I said, “Let’s pray and get this matter straightened out. If I’m wrong, I want to know.” (Mark was with me at their house.)

Then the Lord spoke to me and said that Pascal had received another spirit, not the Spirit of God. Mark had also received an answer which was in agreement and complimentary to what I had received. I told this fellow and his wife what I received.

I said, “The Lord has sent you an evil spirit because you murmured against Him (I Corinthians 10:10) in that you murmured against us for refusing to pray for you. We would have gladly prayed for you; it wasn’t our decision to refuse you, but God’s. It will not now go well with you.” I then turned to his wife who was troubled and saddened, saying nothing, and I said to her with compassion: “I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.”

Pascal refused to listen. Mark tried to plead with him, to no avail. We left. Three weeks later, the fellow’s wife called Lois to tell us he was……… dead. We then found out that upon our leaving their house, things began to go wrong. First, their floor lamp quit, then the fridge, then their phone; the children got sick; he got an infection in his eyes; he was blacking out; he got a rash on his left hand, and the wife began to get one on the same hand.

Other things went wrong, as well. Two days before he died, he suddenly fell to the floor as though an invisible hand had pushed him swiftly and harshly down. He was shocked and perplexed. He got up and the same thing happened, again and again. She saw it all happen before her eyes. They had no explanation.

The morning he died, she heard strange sounds and another voice coming from the bathroom. She knew it came from him, yet the voice wasn’t his. She found him dead. The children in the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom were terrified for some reason, and crying.

She had tried to warn him during those last weeks that perhaps he should listen to me, but he wouldn’t. “God gave me His Spirit; I don’t need Victor; he’s wrong; why won’t you support me, your husband?” he would argue. The morning he died, the rash from her hand disappeared.

The autopsy was very thorough. When his father came in from Belgium to view the body, he was shocked at what they had done to it. They practically tore it apart to find the cause of death (I don’t know why) and found no medical cause whatsoever. Had they suspected homicide? The doctor said, “The only cause of death I can see would be a religious (spiritual) one.”

In the following days, his wife would fill us in on all the negative things he had spoken against me and us, to everyone with whom he had to do on a spiritual basis, accusing me of legalism, falsehood, and much more. She also told us of sins he had not confessed, yet practiced without our knowledge, pornography being one of them. I knew of none of this. He told them of my declaration that he had received an evil spirit. We aren’t done with the family. I’ve spoken and will speak the truth to them, too.

She believes and rejoices in the Lord, though finances are tight; she has two young children, another coming in a month or less; her husband from a nineyear marriage who did everything for her is suddenly gone, and she has only a landed immigrant status in Canada and somewhat of a language barrier. She calls nearly every day speaking of things she’s receiving from the Lord. The Lord has given her warnings, provisions, and comforts. The main emphasis is that she be totally honest* and identify with Him.

*Note: As I edit this document I find those two bolded words interesting. Archie’s problem was he was never honest with me. God had warned him about that, saying that if he didn’t get honest, He would send the devils back.

Pascal was buried on the day he was supposed to be water baptized. In effect, the Lord seemed to be saying, “You insist that I give you My Spirit with your sins and propose to identify with Me by a death and burial symbolized by water baptism. I will give you the real thing. Be buried in your wickedness, your arrogance, and your presumption.”

I am one with the Lord. You and I do not serve the same God. You serve another god, another lord. You take me up on expressed desires to help you financially, as if to say to me, “Let’s see you put your money where your mouth is.” The trouble is, you don’t know where my mouth is. Nor do you know the value of my mouth; nor do you hear what my mouth is speaking to you by the Lord for your sake.

I’ve perceived the source of those few words you wrote on my letter, including the words: “We do! We do! We forgive you!”

As Peter said to Simon, so I say to you: “Your money perish with you, because you thought that the gift of God could be purchased with money! You have neither part nor portion in this matter, for your heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this your wickedness, and pray God if perhaps the thought of your heart may be forgiven you. For I see that you are poisoned by bitterness and bound by iniquity.”

Adonijah came to Solomon’s mother Bathsheba, asking her to petition Solomon for beautiful Abishag (David’s consort), claiming that, in fact, this was the least Solomon could do for him, seeing as how Solomon had gotten that which rightly belonged to Adonijah, seeing he was the eldest son; albeit it was the Lord Who had given Solomon the throne, and Adonijah even said so.

Solomon was given wisdom from the Lord to know there would never be satisfaction with Adonijah, no matter what he gave him. “Why not ask for him the kingdom also?” he replied to Bathsheba. I do know that you are my enemy and would not rest though I should give you the farm.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I rebuke you, Archie, and I rebuke all you evil spirits in Archie and his house, which are many and wicked and by which he and his house think, speak, and act.

I ask of You, Lord Jesus, and call on Your angels to do with all as it pleases You.


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wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part VII, Page 15

Page 15 PART SEVEN – Surprise Visitors to Day 888 (cont.) Particle – Taking Myself Seriously It's said we can take ourselves too seriously. How seriously must I take myself? By human nature, I didn't seem to have taken myself seriously. I was the clown, the drunk swinging from chandeliers, the one with all the jokes, full of every kind of foolishness. But when Jesus Christ began to take possession of me, having laid down His life to do so, I became serious - very serious. “You know what, Victor? I don't like the new you!” my sister contemptuously exclaimed not long after the Lord's radical act of mercy on me. I've been the new “serious me” ever since. I see where many take themselves seriously and are ridiculed for it. Comedians have a heyday with this particular foible in people. Why's that? Some tend to have an exaggerated sense of importance and virtue. We get turned off by those who think too highly of themselves. But God and the things of God are to be taken perfectly seriously. While I recognize I have no righteousness of my own, my seriousness is about Him. I dare not be light about Him or His calling on my life. The vast majority of people don't have a clue about the true faith of God. They don't believe such a thing is true or possible. They see Christianity as merely an opinion, social stance, philosophy, religious choice, church or denominational membership, or a noble set of values at best. They really don't believe or comprehend faith as taking up the cr...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part III, Page 5

Page 5 PART THREE– Israel to Bernalillo (cont.) Particle – Let Your Requests Be Made Known to God Moishe could always find a way out of personal pickles, one way or another, obvious or not. One day when he was asking for money, I confronted him, saying he needed to make his needs known to God, not to men. It was a lesson God had taught me, and one I believed was meant for every believer: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7 MKJV). As I pressed home this truth, and his arguments failed, he broke into an affected, “Oy, oy, oy! My head! Oy, my head! Oy! Oy!” I found it hard to believe he was being so obviously evasive. It appeared that Jesus wasn't his Lord, but his Larder. Particle – The Shnorrer Moishe was a shnorrer (look it up in a Yiddish dictionary). He was constantly hitting anybody and everybody up for handouts. As little as we had to do with him, we witnessed this several times. He shnorred when he was asleep and shnorred when he was awake. He was forever shnorring. Was he wise in his spending and money management? Could you give him anything with confidence that he respected or appreciated it? For example, he drove a big black old Cadillac, a gas-guzzler someone gave him. I was with him one day as he d...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part VII, Page 8

Page 8 PART SEVEN – Surprise Visitors to Day 888 (cont.) Particle – Peeved with Paul Seldom did I hear from Paul and when I did, it was always vexing. He was doing his own thing. I saw the enemy, that man of sin, still there and we wouldn't “come together until the enemy is removed,” even as the Lord said. I suspected Paul was back with Kerri, but hiding it from me. He was deceitful. On June 6th, I faxed this letter to him: Your reaction to the criticism of you this morning is so very unpleasant, but typical and ever consistent with the way you are and have always been. “Well, they did it, too! I'm not the only one… besides, I did some good, too.” In other words, 10% on a test is every bit as good as 70%, because at least it's something, or… everyone else got 10%, so what's so bad about that? Your self-measuring barometer has always been others; the wicked and the foolish are your yardstick. As long as you remain and satisfy yourself that way, we walk two different roads and serve two different gods. With such difference, there is no harmony between us and there can be no reconciliation. You were arrogant and obstinate in 1979 in Revivim, Israel, and you're no different today. Is it any wonder you are where you are, as you are? And there's nothing I can do. Indeed, the son of perdition is as his name and you walk in him until he goes or you go. One or the other must. In truth, you're one and the same. Only circumstance arranged by God and His revealing and destroyin...
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