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PART EIGHT – Day 888 to Victory (cont.)

ParticleProphecies for Paul and Lois

Years before, I had a prophecy for Paul when he was still in his wayward state, the Lord saying that He was going to hook Paul by the nose and take him back where he came from.” At the time, Paul was doing as he pleased and not seeking after the Lord as when he first began.

I also had a prophecy for Lois at that same time. It was also brief and sounded hard, but I don’t recall what it was. Now I saw Lois as a butcher, a brute beast that tramples mercilessly, defecating on all she leaves behind in the wake of her destruction. She smashes her way through those things godly and precious, sweeping them out of their places with brutish, hairy arms. She vomits before and defecates behind. The destructive one must be apprehended and strongly chained, yet for what purpose? Her nature is only to destroy. Therefore, she will have to be destroyed.

But has there been no faith, no piety? Why were such things spoken of her? She was deceitful, with not a shred of mercy, understanding, patience, compassion, or desire for holiness. She lived only for pleasure.

ParticleA Revelation for the Reform Party

Though I knew full well that politics aren’t the ultimate answer for the ills of society (only Jesus Christ is), I realized that, in God’s economy of things, they still played a part, even as they did in Joseph’s, David’s, Esther’s, and Daniel’s days. Jesus advised to “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.”

The Reform Party of Canada was a political movement founded in Western Canada and led by Preston Manning, along with Ray Speaker and Stephen Harper – a movement that was, in my understanding, a strong, reasonable, moral, and valid reply to the morass of confusion in corrupt Canadian government and mainline politics. I had no doubt whatsoever that Reform policy made sense and, if implemented, would go a long way to improving Canada’s condition in many ways. However, it was my conviction that with their platform, they stood as much chance of being elected by an undiscerning, unprincipled, and immoral public as did a snowball in a hot furnace.

It seemed the leadership came to understand this and took the step of seeking alliance in a larger spectrum. Thus came about the “United Alternative,” which Mr. Manning promoted. However, a diehard group of Reform party members, calling themselves “Guard 200,” opposed watering down their platform, insisting that the party remain true to all their principles, lest it “lose its savor” and “go the way of all flesh.”

It struck me that the Reform policy platform was a concentrate, the strength of which Canada’s electorate couldn’t swallow. The bitter medicine had to be diluted to a strength that sufficient numbers would accept. I also began to realize that by encouraging Reform members to accept some compromise, whereby they might gain office, I may just play a small, or not so small, part in bringing about a federal government we desperately needed.

So, I wrote a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Manning and other members, including the Guard 200. Here is the letter:

January 29, 2000

Dedicated Reform Party Members
Perhaps especially the Guard 200

FROM: Victor Hafichuk

Greetings and good will to all!

You are all in a momentous struggle this day for what is right, battling unseen forces which are determined to uphold corruption and evil. I believe I understand where the dedicated hard-core Reformers are coming from, both those who were there from the beginning and also those who have since joined because of the very important principles and policies upon which the party was founded.

I too have been in life, opposed to compromise, viewing all as black and white. I too have struggled over Mr. Manning’s decision to form the United Alternative. I had hoped that, with patience, courage, and dedication, the party would persevere, without compromise of any kind, until the goal of bringing a decent government into power was accomplished. God knows we are in desperate need of such.

May I now address the strong Reformers? I believe that while some see Mr. Manning as succumbing to compromise in order to achieve his goals, as I too have perceived or suspected, I must now, as of today, urge you all to consider seriously another perspective.

You are a medicine for this country. This country is very sick and in dire need of you. But as with many good medicines, you are in concentrated form. Concentrates of good medicine must often be diluted, or they will do more harm than good. This country cannot and needn’t handle you in full strength.

I believe you must lay down your lives for the sake of this nation if you are to have any hope of fulfilling your aspirations. You must allow yourselves to submit to that which you fear so that, in diluted form, the party will be able to be that administered medicine in the mouth of Canada for good.

It may well be that if you don’t sacrifice your strength to the dilution, the new compound will not be of sufficient strength without you to bring Canada back to health. Nor will you serve the present need in continuing to preserve your potency and unrealistically expecting the vast solution to be as you. I believe the power and perhaps also Canada’s destiny rests with you. And as with medicine, I must agree that you stay on guard to see that dilution is not excessive or with altogether unfavorable elements.

I ask you, whether wisely or no (time will tell), to support your present leader. Consider that it is Mr. Manning’s vision and understanding, at least in part, along with that of others, that has enabled some or many of you to see and to come as far as you have. He needs you perhaps as much and more than ever now. The man to follow is the one who lays all on the line. I think Mr. Manning is doing that.

It would be inappropriate to extol Mr. Manning’s record and virtues here and now. I do not believe such to be the issue. If, as you suspect, Mr. Manning is being influenced by others apparently for bad and not good, consider that the appearance is seldom if ever the reality and things evil can and do work for good.

There is a time to live and a time to die, a time to gather and a time to scatter. The saints in Jerusalem were scattered wherein the Gospel was spread. Would it have been so if they had remained concentrated in their city? Paul speaks of how the Jews were scattered, losing their nation so that, in the wisdom of God, the Gentiles would be brought to salvation. By their “dilution,” the world would know salvation.

He goes on to reveal to us that they would rise again and so will you if you sacrifice yourselves for good. Unless that seed falls into the ground, it abides alone, but if it falls, it will in due time be multiplied. Only those who lay down their rights will prevail.

Spiritual wickedness in high places would have you perceive each other as the enemy, to divide and to render you impotent.

If necessary, consider the Trojan horse and how the soldiers who risked their lives by hiding in it were able to defeat the enemy from within, whereas they were formerly unable to do so from without. But also consider that they could not have done so without those who helped build the horse and who did not accompany them initially into the stronghold. By way of concentration in conviction and principle, you are the soldiers within the horse destined to open the gates for others. Do not reject those others.

Come out of your trenches and bunkers, follow your leader into the battle, declaring with such as Esther, “If I perish, I perish.” As with her, I don’t believe you have any choice and, if you don’t do it, there will of necessity be found someone else. God grant you to do the right thing.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Yours truly,

Victor Hafichuk

I received no response, not that I expected one. However, I was content to simply sow the seed and let things take their course. The Reform Party evolved into the Canadian Alliance, a watered-down version, and eventually watered down even more to the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

ParticleThe Kind of God Men Seek

People aren’t looking for a God Who Rules, but for one who informs. They’re looking for a god they can rule. They look for a crystal ball or computer. In prophets, they look for consultants, psychics – “insiders.” They seek not to do God’s will, but that He do their will. While seeking after God appears to be good, it is really the opposite of repentance. The mark of true repentance is not an enhancement but a denial of self for His sake, not for their own or any others’.

ParticleLetter of Testimony and Explanation to Reesor

Trevor and I had the distinct, unmistakable impression that Carol Reesor, who was appointed by Howard as executrix of his estate, was quite bitter toward us. We found out she was contrary to us based on things Howard had told her. I decided to write her, give my background, and explain the dealings I had with Howard and his family. I wrote a long letter telling her what the Lord had done for me, how I tried to deal with the Bensons, and what Howard did about it.

I pointed to the resulting wellbeing evident in Lois’, Mark’s, and Trevor’s lives, as contrasted with the fact that Jason had blown his father away. I asked her to consider the fruits, hoping she might change her attitude toward us. I wished her well, but didn’t hear back from her. Her stance continued to be adversarial, as far as we could tell. There was no cooperation or consideration of our wishes at all.

ParticleLeaving to Be with the Lord

On February 3rd, I simply felt to call Marilyn at the farm just to tell her I was leaving to be with the Lord, advising her that there was no cause for alarm or occasion to change anything.

ParticleA Fourfold Visit to the Farm in One Day

What unusual activity on February 5th! I went to the farm four times – once to pick up Jonathan, once to pick up groceries, once to apologize to everyone for something, and finally, to love and to speak to them all about love. I gave each person a hug in the store but found myself praying a prayer for Lois only. In the hug, I picked up on the feelings and thoughts of each person.

My findings? Sean stood in superiority, despising me as a sorry soul. He was contradicting me. Lois didn’t believe me, but couldn’t resist the prayer. Marilyn exuded great bitterness toward me. She and Sean opposed me and insisted on their righteousness, rejecting anything that may in any way oppose, interfere, or even inconvenience their ambitions and goal of matrimony – all in the Name of God. Trevor was on neutral ground, though gravitating toward honoring Sean as his head. Mark was full of struggle, not knowing what to think. Mark also battled under pressure from Marilyn, Sean, and Lois to believe the prophecy. I blessed Mark that he might see and understand what was going on.

ParticleLois’ Vision: Victor, With Child in Arm, Others Following

Lois had a vision on February 5, 2000, wherein I was walking with one child in my arm and leading another by the hand. There were many more following. The following passage came to mind:

“Behold, I and the children whom the LORD has given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the LORD of Hosts, Who dwells in Mount Zion” (Isaiah 8:18 MKJV).

ParticleBarny Knelsen Calls

On February 6th, on the anniversary of the end of my second fast two years before, Barny unexpectedly called and talked for two hours, saying so many false and erroneous things that I didn’t bother to debate or argue. I let him talk. He seemed fully persuaded of his convictions and secure status before God. We would see if he was justified in his persuasion.

ParticleMy Expectations of Marilyn

Marilyn says she will not leave me, though she has contemplated and even suggested she might yet do it. I foresee where Marilyn will “let it all out” and leave me physically for Sean, thinking she believes and does God service, obeying Him. I will have to suffer being “delivered over to the Gentiles,” in that I would be a public spectacle, a husband abandoned by his wife before all – friends, neighbors, business and farm associations, “the six” – everyone.

Sean will not pity. His goal is to have me out of the way entirely so that he can “keep the vineyard,” having slain the son, who came to collect the fruits for the owner. I see where I have to experience the repetition or carrying on of the sufferings of Christ at the hands of “my own familiar friends.”

If one wished to preserve himself, this scenario would be dreadful, but I don’t find it so. On the contrary, I invite it; I delight in it. To die on behalf of others is my destiny, my raison d’etre.

ParticleMarilyn’s Confession

On February 7th, Marilyn said something I thought was significant. She said, “It has been so important to me that everything appear right and perfect, and now here I am with the very opposite.”

Indeed, her stance appeared as adultery, and people were aware of what was happening with us. Les Mills and Barny Knelsen set their tongues to wagging with many. It was also my doing that they knew because I wasn’t supposed to say anything to them, but I did. It was also my fault that we suffered this ignominy and reproach.

Prostitution doesn’t appear as evil as adultery. Judas and Benedict Arnold are infamous because of their treachery, which is worse than if someone were simply honest and forthright in evil opposition. Men abhor treachery. Better to be hot or cold than to pretend to be one thing while being another. Marilyn was divided. She remained with me, refused to leave me, yet declared Sean to be her choice.

Marilyn had to be subjected to circumstances looking very bad, while striving to make things look good, in order to deal with the bondage and deception she had been living in. It seemed her troubling went back to her youth when her mother left, and Marilyn tried to make things look like they were just fine.

In our present circumstances, we were made to face the truth about ourselves.

ParticleSean’s Refusal to Help Me

I had written letters to Marion Wright and Carol Reesor. I asked everyone’s advice as to whether I should send them or not and to whom, and if there were other parties I should include. Sean disagreed that I should send the letters to Wright and Reesor. I couldn’t remember or understand his reasons and when I asked why he disagreed, he claimed he had told me and firmly refused to repeat himself.

I called him arrogant, stubborn, and self-righteous. Was this a power conflict? I don’t think Sean saw it that way consciously. Certainly, he had come to openly contemn me. In discussing this incident with Marilyn and him, the conclusion was that I was trying to figure things out instead of letting the Lord simply guide me.

ParticleThe Division between Jonathan and Me

Jonathan’s aloofness toward me was disconcerting. We didn’t have a father/son relationship of the kind I’d desired or expected. I feared he would be a source of sorrow as he got older and did his own thing. God, help! In failing to love and discipline him, I felt I had no right to ask God’s help. I then had these words:

“You should have done things right from the beginning. And now you expect Me to cancel the deserved fruit of your doings? Why did you allow him to watch all that garbage on TV – the sex, violence, coarse language, foolishness, worldly attitudes, and ungodliness? What do you expect – ungodliness without consequence? Why didn’t you discipline him when he needed it? Why did you spare? And where was the proper attention he needed? No, you had to go whoring after money, after nursing your constantly delicate ego, sulking, pouting, and self-pity. No, you have no right whatsoever to ask Me for anything.

Even so, you know your sins and confess them, and I forgive you. And I will deal with your son. ”

Were these words from God? I know my conscience condemned me, for I hadn’t been faithful. But what parent can stand and say, “I am righteous; I did all things as I ought”? There is none righteous in anything, not even child-rearing. I’ve been so self-righteous with others, so dogmatic, legalistic, ignorant, brutish, unsympathetic, and so lacking in wisdom and understanding.

ParticleSecond Thessalonians Two in Process

The man of sin was being exposed in each of us because this was the Coming of the Lord. The man of sin was being unveiled and the Lord came to destroy him. That “wicked one” came with all power, signs, and lying wonders, with all deceivableness of unrighteousness because we hadn’t had the love of Truth. The Lord sent us strong delusion by way of Marilyn’s prophecy, causing us to believe it all. We were all judged at this time. Yet, we were granted hope. Though “judgment begins at the house of God,” we had been chosen from the beginning to believe the truth. We would come to faith.

Particle – Revelation of Man of Sin and the Lord’s Coming

On February 10, 2000, a great flood of revelation came to me, primarily on the Scriptures of 2 Thessalonians 2, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, Revelation 11, 1 Peter 4:17-19, Luke 17:20-37 and 21:5-36, and Matthew 24:1-44. I wrote down what I received on 13 pages, calling the document Man of Sin 1.

ParticleWord of the Lord for Us

After recording what I received on those passages, I had words from the Lord to speak for Mark, Trevor, Lois, Sean, Marilyn, and me:

To Mark: “You get so frustrated, feeling so compelled to change those things you find disagreeable and yet which you often find yourself powerless to change. You are subjected to circumstance you not only do not understand, but which you find disagreeable and even abhorrent, yet you are required to suffer these things, being exposed and subject to them… unto death. Submitting your all to wrong, you will be granted to change all that is wrong.

In the resurrection which follows on the heels of the death, you will be granted, in due time, the power and authority to change anything and everything not to your liking (God will give you the desires of a pure heart, as with all those He redeems), and as for the time you could do nothing about those things you hated, now no creature in heaven or on earth or under the earth will be able to prevent you from doing as you will, for you will serve the Lord in the resurrection, in His righteousness and judgment, not your own, and He will give you the power and authority to change all things needful of change. And they will be changed.

To Trevor: “You have sought to be comforted and secure, to be satiated with pleasures, to possess all that you would desire, unfettered and unprevented in pursuit of these things, without the price and without the pain which you abhor. Submitting to losing all and to all being required of you in that submission, though apparently evil and unjust, you will be delivered of that bondage of serving yourself and looking to your own good. Thereafter, you will look to the good of all others about you, to their needs, comforts, and desires, for their sakes and not your own, even as intently as you ever did for yourself. As you care for others, the nature to do so being restored to its original and empowered to serve as ordained, you will find need and desire of nothing, because all will be yours.”

To Lois: You have sought to be recognized as an entertainer, as one who attracts, impresses, even astounds. You have sought to have, at will, the powers to get attention of as many as you would, and to hold it for as long as you would, to the degree that you would. You have desired that all would respect you and look to you for excitement, that you would be the center of attraction, to be ‘where it is at,’ and that you would miss nothing of all the action and pleasure, wherever it may be, no matter the cost to whom.

Accepting and submitting with the heart to be the off-scouring of the earth and the labourer by the ashes and the dunghill, humbling yourself unto the death, you will be raised from the ash heaps to minister great goodness to all who may cross your path, which only you will be able to do as given you.

They will seek you out and look with eager expectation, their souls ever alert for you, even as birds for desirable feed at feeding time when it is past due. They will rush to you and you will not disappoint them. As often as they come to you, they will be ecstatic with joy and thankfulness for what you give them.

Nor will they forget. Their experiences will be as you had hoped – unforgettable. You will bless them with the blessings of the Lord, for their good and for the good of others. No longer will you crave attention because the Lord will have granted you in the resurrection to give attention to all, of the kind you have always desired of all. You will be joyful beyond your wildest imaginations, entertained by the joy of others, and for the joy of the Lord will they come. This is that true entertainment, pure and wholesome, for the glory of your Redeemer Who has purposed these things from the beginning.”

To Sean: “You have chosen the power of the throne and the crown. You have determined that all things should be yours, nothing excepted. With zeal you have sought to have the preeminence in all things according to your judgment and understanding, at the cost of the very lives of any and all others. You are no respecter of persons nor of their needs nor rights nor of any creature nor even of the Creator Himself.

In granting you the freedom and opportunity to acquire that which you desire, your way, though you have not had justification, you will learn that the purpose and essence of life is not that you should abolish your own boundaries, but that of all others. Instead of destroying fences for you to go in, you will destroy fences for others to come out. You will teach others to rule and to be free, and in so doing, your boundaries will disappear, the scales from your eyes removed to see that they were indeed boundaries as you saw them and not as they were. You will be free to do the will of the One Who makes you free and Who is Freedom, yet the One Who sets the boundaries of all things as they should be.

You will reign giving reign, rule serving, be free denying yourself. You have sought the highest esteem and honor of both man and God. You will know yourself, esteem others as better than yourself and, in so being, receive the highest esteem of others beyond your expectations, and be satisfied. You will be loved.”

Marilyn: You have descended down into hell, clinging to your ambitions, hiding your face from the judgment of all those around you, spending yourself in vain attempts to appear presentable, acceptable, important, and admirable. You have strained to control all those things pertaining to your appearance and worth before men, seeking perfection with which no man could find fault or argue but would instead praise and adore.

Hereafter, you shall be known as having been a common riverbed rock among many, without beauty, uniqueness, or particular usefulness, but which was cut in half, only to unveil and display a wondrous crystalline beauty which would hold not only men but angels in awe. You will be in control, not by your own effort, nor by your own strength, but by your very nature, which was created and ordained for you.

In that beauty of spirit, revealed through your destruction, you will indeed exercise control, not because you desire it, for you will no longer desire it or feel a need for it, but because others will desire it for the beauty of person formed in you. You will no longer seek to control, but you will be controlled, and in that you will have control of all, reigning in peace and contentment. Such is the destiny of the one the Lord loves.”

Victor: “From your beginnings, from the time when you first knew of Me and of My sacrifice, you have thirsted that they should kill you as they did Me. You have hungered for that unity and fellowship in Heaven ordained for all the saints, prophets, angels, and indeed all creatures with God. In that zeal, you have taken it upon yourself to persuade others to slay you, provoking men to hate you so that you could suffer the rejection of man, as did I. In so doing, you have suffered many things without profit, neither for yourself nor others, and have resented those very things you sought for.

But now you have been granted your heart’s desire, as ordained from the beginning, and have been taken from among your very own to the end that you would be slain (yet not slain) and that you would partake with Me in the glory and the joy I have received. Only those who lose all for My sake are made worthy to have all that I have.”

That last statement reminds me of a prophetic word sent us by Delores Molnar in 1982 or early 1983, which said: “God is ready to assume full responsibility for the one wholly committed to Him.”

ParticleReactions to Revelations and Prophecies

Marilyn and Sean are upset with me and I will certainly hear of it, likely before the day is through. They justify themselves and ride very high, not realizing it is against God they puff themselves up. Yet they do it in the Name of God. It is the exposure of the man of sin in them. Lois, too. The boys waver, but all will see the truth and rejoice in the end.

I feel the horrible heat of Marilyn’s hatred toward me. I expect it to erupt openly, wantonly. She can’t stand the thought of my being around for long. We think we’ve had our trials, but I expect we have yet to see the worst. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned….” I know.

ParticleWhat Is the Gospel?

What is the Gospel, the message of the Kingdom? It is that the carnal man shall be saved! That God reigns over all… within as well as without. And if He reigns over all, to do all His will, His will being to save all, then all will He save, and all within, so that we needn’t fear loss or destruction. He has accomplished the total reconciliation of all things. It is finished!

ParticleThe Third Fast

On February 13th, Mark came to visit me. As we talked, I found Marilyn to be a resistance to us and what I was saying. This day was 40 days to March 24th, which would mark 3½ years since Marilyn’s prophecy of Sept. 24, 1996.

On February 14th, I began another fast, partially because Marilyn and I had another very heated exchange. She accused me of never having believed her prophecy and was quite upset about it. I wanted all of this over with.

ParticleTwo Witnesses

It was now about millennia since God delivered the Law to mankind, by and starting with His chosen people, Israel, when they came out of the iron furnace of Egypt. In Israel there have been those who kept the Law externally, in the flesh, and those who have believed internally, in the spirit, so the external and the internal. Since Christ, we have had those who believed on the Messiah and those who still wait for His appearing. Two witnesses declaring the Existence, Presence, Law, and Will of God. These two are being destroyed by the beast, yet surviving, creating much conflict in the world as a result.

God has ordained many representations of the two witnesses, including two men, whom some have said are Moses and Elijah; not true.

ParticleJonathan Asks a Question

On February 15, 2000, Jonathan and I went to a Reform Party luncheon at the Legion in Lethbridge to hear Preston Manning speak. There we personally met Preston and Sandra. Jonathan was the only child there in a room of 300 attendees.

When the question period came up, Jonathan whispered to me that he had a question. I asked him what it was, but he wouldn’t tell me. He insisted on secrecy and asking the question himself. I called organizers over, they gave him his turn, and he stood on a chair and said, “Hi, I’m Jonathan. I have a question for you: Are you against genetically-modified foods?”

People were quite entertained, with laughter and applause. Mr. Manning turned the question over to Rick Casson, the MP in the Lethbridge area, who was also the federal opposition agricultural minister, I believe. The answer was a political one.

I signed up with the Reform Party and planned to support the Canadian Alliance. While I didn’t particularly feel it was my calling to do so, somehow I wanted to support something that was evidently a considerably more ethical and moral alternative, as proposed in their policy platform, to our incumbent Liberal government. However, I didn’t pursue anything more or get involved, except to support Ray Speaker (one of the architects with Preston Manning of the Western Reform Party) and Member of Parliament Rick Casson in a rare visit and discussion at their 3rd Avenue constituency office in Lethbridge.

ParticlePossible Permanent Parting from Marilyn

The division with Marilyn was deep and apparently irreversible. I couldn’t see having a life with her now, and if she remained with the others, particularly Sean and Lois, while I went on living for years, I couldn’t see having any fellowship with them, either. It was apparent that my life would have to go its own separate way.

Was this that “ministry like unto Moses”? Was this the scapegoat taking away the sins of the people? While I had confusion over Marilyn’s prophecy, whether to believe it or not, my life was required, as prophesied, and laid down for the others.

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