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Regardless of who we are, what we look like, or how we speak or act, people always appreciate seeing the person communicating with them. The Lord is giving us to go video, speaking and singing to you the Truth of God directly. It’s been a long time in coming but it’s the Lord’s Perfect Timing. By this, I’m hoping the Lord will bless you. That’s my desire.

Victor Hafichuk

Ishtar Sunday – February 22, 2018

An Important Message to the Dutch Reformed Church – November 19, 2017

Why Sutherland Springs? – November 17, 2017

Being Honest with Him Who is Faithful and True – May 23, 2017

Why We Expose False Teachers – April 18, 2017

The One Whom Everything is About – March 19, 2017

Religion Meets Reality – November 20, 2016







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    You idiots have no idea what socialism or facism is. You have so much politics in your sordid website, it makes me ill. You have no concept of democracy, or how that works. Instead you seem to yearn for a Christofacist society led by a fearful cabal of old white, self-rigtheous, judgmental haters such as you. Did you really say that liberals should all be line up and shot? Is that what Jesus would say. What special part of Hell did you come from?

    You really ought to just stick to God’s word through Jesus Christ. You pervert the teachings of Christ by extolling certain political ideologies and condemning others. In fact, I hope if you have a 503-C status, that you lose it just for that.

    Besides the fact that Putin is the AntiChrist and Trump is his sycophantic puppet extolling his law of rule over any rule of law in this messy democracy, you seem to be advocating for the rule of the AntiChrist rather than teaching the word of Christ. You will be in Hell for this, Pharisee. God’s word from my ears to your soul. I love Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Savior. You are an unscrupulous deceiver and a perverter of the Truth. You need to step down and see your sin of abominable spiritual pride and deceit. Hypocrite! Pharisee! Devil!

    I am a true believer. You are a vehement, fearful, hateful, spiteful enemy of God. Jesus loves you, and you spit in his face. Repent. Atone. Or be eternally alone.


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