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PART ELEVEN – The Issues oLife to Troublous Times

Particle – The Issues of Life

It was about May of 2004 that we changed the title, Public Forum Correspondence, to The Issues of Life. As I spent more and more time publishing and replying to letters, Marilyn expressed feeling neglected and questioned the time and energy I was putting into the work. Paul and I also questioned it, but I couldn’t help but conclude it was God’s will. As the public responded, the opportunity was great for sharing the truth with many.

While Paul and I spent much time sharing what the Lord gave us, many have gone their way, some vomiting all over us, like Brad and Lana Ackerman, Martina Rodriguez and John Oldham, Michael Matney, Val Smith and hundreds of others. At the time, I prayed: “Lord, You have sent us without guarantees of being received but with the promise of being hated, and so it is. I thank You and praise You for all Your goodness and mercy.

Particle – BSE Scam

On May 15th of 2004, Mark Purdey of England visited farmers in Picture Butte, Alberta to speak against the policies of federal governments concerning Mad Cow disease. He put forth a theory as to the cause, which sounded reasonable, and made more sense than what officials were saying. He blamed it on the chemical sprays that the feedlots used on cattle to control the insect and parasite infestations that resulted from a restrictive and unnatural environment conducive to disease.

As we sat listening, a tall, casually dressed fellow with a ponytail just behind me stood up with pen and clipboard in hand. With artificial politeness, he subtly asked some very pointed, prepared questions. It seemed rather obvious he wasn’t there simply to listen or investigate objectively. It didn’t smell good.

Purdey seemed intimidated, not for lack of knowledge but because he might be charged or sued by certain powers for his assertions. He was being very careful with his words. During the talk, he spoke of others who had said the same things he was saying, and who had died mysteriously in alleged mishaps.

We were later told that the fellow questioning him was an agent of the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). It was possible that the cost to the petrochemical companies like Monsanto or Cargill would be in the billions if it were proven that they were responsible for the great BSE (“Mad Cow” – Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) problem. Therefore, they would stop at nothing to suppress any evidence. We certainly have seen them at work in ruthless, immoral manners. They are responsible for much bloodshed.

Particle – Marcia’s Admonishment

Sara Schmidt had a dream and writes:

This dream came in May 2004, at a time in which Marcia’s stance was becoming clear, in full color. It also happened during a time in which I was struggling over a reply I was writing to Mom. It was a reply that ‘ended’ things for me in a certain way, and I was given a victory to stand in the Lord:”

Marcia was standing before the throne of the Lord. She stood tall, and I see now that she was hard, unyielding before Him. The Lord was not visible in my line of view; I was watching her. I was out of the center of the court, so to speak, meaning that the Lord was speaking to her, not to me, yet His words were for me as well. He said‘What?! Are your sins, your weaknesses, faults, incapabilities too hard for Me to handle? Are they too much for Me? Can I not take care of those?’” END OF DREAM

I felt like I needed to tell this dream to Marcia. When I did, she gave me no reaction, which slightly surprised me. I asked her if she could accept or own those things that were said to her – did she not have any need? She told me that she couldn’t because she didn’t see how she ever lost hope. I didn’t have any more to say, but Paul had things to say to her regarding repentance. Victor then brought up those same words that the Lord spoke to me after much agonizing about my letter to Mom.

Particle – Victory and Rest

In the same morning, hundreds of miles apart, brother Paul and I simultaneously received some revelation from God, which agreed. This happening was not unusual (we have experienced it many times) but the truth is what I would like to share now.

Paul wrote: “I was considering this morning as I read some psalms how the Lord sustains all and is over all, and how He has truly hidden Himself in it. What a marvelous thing; how great He is in that He is all-powerful and sovereign, yet not appearing, while manifest in everything!

I replied to Paul May 14, 2004:

Paul, what you received in the Psalms was what I was receiving early this morning, that God is over all things, including actions and reactions. He is over the way each person is, and a purpose is ordained and being worked out by and through the way everybody is.

Does that mean that we cease being bad? Yes, we must repent, but above that, there is that understanding that He is the Engineer and in control of everything that exists. Knowing that, knowing His intentions, and what He is like (that He is Love, for example, love being unselfish and having perfectly good intent), we can rest despite ourselves and others.

We know He’s over all things, including mistakes, goof-ups, evil acts – everything, that nothing occurs without His supervision and will, that He’s all-powerful, in full control, and will have His way. Knowing these things, though outwardly they appear to not be true, is rest, as you said. This is the victory.

Shall I strive to cease being angry, impatient, intolerant, or critical? While it’s up to me to endeavor to control my passions, the victory isn’t in the controlling of those things but in the knowledge that God has also purposed my infirmities and faults and those of others. Therefore, I can rest, despite myself, my circumstances, and all people.

If He alone matters, that’s all there is to it. Victory doesn’t come by overcoming self, but in knowing the Sovereignty of God and resting in that knowledge. The resting is not a result of work, but the result of understanding God and His ways.

One can only believe God if he loves Him, and he can only love God if he believes Him. If he believes Him, he will obey Him and do His will. His will is for us to rest in Him. ‘This is the work of God, that you believe in Him Whom He has sent.’

What does it mean to believe on Jesus Christ? It’s not a mere belief in His existence or an approval of His teachings, or to do good to others, or to make or give sacrifices, or profess that He’s Lord. All these things are good and necessary, but true faith is more.

To believe in Jesus Christ means that we put our entire trust in Him. To do so, we must know He’s in full control, that He can and does do everything He pleases, that He has our best interests at heart, and that He will, therefore, perform His will to perfection. It is God’s will that we have the knowledge and understanding that He is in full control; this is the Way of Rest promised to our souls – it is His glorious work.

Particle – Last Call for Past Family and Friends

About May 17, 2004, and the days leading up, it was coming to me that it was time to revisit family and friends of many years before. It was time for us to say, “Here we are. We have taken the journey you rejected and scorned; we have arrived at our purposed destination. Now we speak to you from here.” It seemed like a “last call.” It occurs to me that destruction is coming for them.

Particle – Vision – A Wondrous Out-of-This-World Smile

On May 20, 2004, we received a notice from lawyers in Dauphin, Manitoba, who were dealing with Aunt Mary Prestayko’s will. She had passed away and named me, one of her nephews, and several other relatives in the will. I was surprised I was included.

At some point that day, or the next morning, I saw her face – just her face. She was absolutely elated. Her face beamed with perfect joy. These words describing the expression on her face could never be used legitimately of anyone alive in this world. When we see people smiling and grinning, there remains the hint of sorrow or reserve. Most often faces are restrained in a smile, which tells of the negative memory of the past, wariness of the present and anxiety of the future. This is quite natural and to be expected in this world. Aunt Mary’s face was entirely void of any negativity.

I was going to say Aunt Mary had relief from this world, from the cares that formed a cage for her in this life. But there was no relief. Relief smacks of deliverance from something, or a state following a cessation of discomfort. Though she suffered in this life, losing her husband, then her only son and all her life had been spent working hard on a farm and wishing she had been somewhere else, her face had no hint of relief. It was as though nothing evil or negative had ever happened to her. The Lord does indeed wipe away every tear; old things are passed away and totally forgotten.

What was she seeing? There were people greeting her there and the event was glorious, a total surprise, fully unexpected, beyond the wildest imagination. Was it her family, all in health and joy that she saw? Saints? Angels? The Lord? All of the above? I don’t know. I can say I’m very glad for her.

Not long after I was converted to Christ in 1973, I went to visit Aunt Mary on their farm. She was washing dishes, so I picked up a towel to dry. She turned to me and exclaimed, “Nobody ever helps me with the dishes! And you know what? That reminds me! Last night, I had a dream; I dreamt that Jesus came and helped me with the dishes, just like you are! And I saw His mother, too! She was standing there in the hall…right there… (she pointed). She was facing this way, her hands were hanging in front of her, clasped together, and her head was bowed. I saw all that in the dream!

I hadn’t seen Aunt Mary since the early eighties…1980, I believe. I will see her again.

Particle – Threats

A David Borsboom of Coaldale sent us a nasty note, threatening to send us computer viruses. A Ken R. Codd of Frito-Lay was also nasty and threatened to “make [our] computer very sick.” I replied to each that there was no need for threats; all they had to do was ask to be removed from the mailing and I would do so. Marilyn was against our mailing unsolicited correspondence to strangers and Jonathan had his doubts about it, too.

Particle – The End of Political Persuasion

We have ceased to give any credence to politics or political leaders of any political persuasion. We see that people must learn to vote for Jesus Christ; after all, He’s Our Only Hope.

Particle – An Idyllic Farm

I spoke to the Bensons on how the Lord has given us a much sought-for idyllic farm many can only dream of having, whether it is self-sustaining or externally financed. In Canada, it’s not easy to have, except as a gift from God. Income is too low and costs are too high for our kind of small, organic, mixed, market farm operation, far enough from, yet close enough to, an urban populace. Such a gift isn’t given to many, no matter how much money or skill they possess.

Particle – Unusual Coincidences, One after Another

On May 26th, while on a business trip to Calgary, I dropped off some bread trays for Prairie Mills Bakery at the Bean Scene in the Lakeview Mall (no longer there). As I was struggling to get through the door, a customer got up from her table and opened the door for me.

I thanked her and asked her if she wished to purchase some fresh organic eggs, which she did. When she saw our van being from Lethbridge, she asked if I knew her brother, Lloyd “Lannie” Cavers in Moon River Estates. I informed her that Lloyd lived on our street, on the same side, four houses away.

The Cavers’ hometown was Pine Falls, Manitoba. In the sixties, I went to MIT in Winnipeg with Rick Harrison and met Ian Ross at the Bay. The Cavers well knew both these men because Pine Falls was their hometown as well. All three of us ended up as department managers at the Bay. I also partied and double-dated together with them and their girlfriends.

Small world? How small? Only 4 houses down the street? Mostly in one department store? All in Pine Falls? That small.

Particle – Jiny Liu, Jiny Liu

On May 28th, I was speaking on our business phone line to a Jiny Liu for the first time in my life. She was from Calgary and was trying to sell Chlorella. As I was speaking to her, another call came. I asked Jiny to hold on while I answered it. Switching over, it was Jiny Liu. Did I press the wrong button or fail to press it properly? No, but it was still Jiny Liu, only this time one from Lethbridge, trying to sell me herbs from E. Excel International!

I was amazed. I was on the phone simultaneously with these two. What are the chances?! Now I would have some fun. I told the second caller I’d call her back because I was speaking to Jiny Liu on the other line.

“This is Jiny Liu!” she insisted.

“Yes, I know that, but I’m also speaking to Jiny Liu on the other line.” Hearing the silent, yet loud confusion, I explained and we laughed. I then returned to the first Jiny and said, “I’m sorry, Jiny, but I had Jiny Liu on the other line.”

This is Jiny Liu,” she replied.

“Yes, I know, but so was the lady on the other line!” I teased. Not only were their names the same, their reactions were understandably the same – confusion, and even likely wondering if I was out of my mind. I explained, and I think she believed me when I gave her some of the details (reasonable details can serve to convince but not so easily with such “unreasonable” circumstances)! Notice how each of them, with a name spelled the same, was also selling me a food supplement. Just how coincidental can things get?

I wonder if the two of them hadn’t colluded to have some fun with me!

Particle – Cody and Nabal

I was feeling bad and thinking I was wrong about being angry so much and so often with Cody Dahl and his terrible unreasonableness, but then I recalled how David was ready to kill Nabal, who also was a fool (1 Samuel 25), so I didn’t feel so bad. Cody and Nabal are so similar, both money-loving, selfish idolaters. I do hope Dena is an Abigail, that is, someone who believes. If not, so be it.

Particle – Another Coincidence – The Revisitation Considered

Soon the opportunity for the “last call” to relatives and past acquaintances dropped into my lap. In the papers from the lawyers for the Mary Prestayko estate were the names and addresses of nearly forty relatives listed as heirs. I hadn’t seen or heard of most of them for decades.

I decided to follow up on what had been coming to me only days ago. We began emailing The Issues of Life correspondence to them. One by one, they began to cancel out from the start. Finally, I notified them that if they didn’t express an interest in receiving the mail, there would be no more. Not one requested a continuation. After some months, all mailing ceased.

Particle – Vision – Danette Sits as Queen

In the first part of June 2005, a woman calling herself “Danette” wrote, rejecting The Issues of Life:

From what I have read of your messages, you seem to have some superior attitude, that you have ‘it’ and the rest of us don’t; yet you know nothing about us, our ministry, our adherence to Scripture, our growth in grace and in the Spirit. Nothing!  We are a group of Christians finding our roots in the Torah, and returning to the Old Paths of knowledge as fast as we can.  Sooo much has been lost and/or corrupted, and we are looking for additional insights and knowledge beyond what we have.  Teachers are ever students.  I, as their teacher, seek truth where ever I can find it.  I accept it as Truth, only when proved by Scripture.  I study both Greek and Hebrew to be sure of word origins and intended meaning, and seek communication with others who are moving in the same direction.

With that said, Thank you, but no thank you; you seem to have nothing to offer us.

Please unsubscribe


I then saw a vision, and replied, describing it:

Danette, yes, we do ‘have it.’ We know much more about you than you can imagine or care to believe.

We have nothing to offer you and you have nothing to receive. I see, sitting upon a home-made throne formed by a crude craftswoman, a soiled one in rags sitting as queen before ignorant subjects, with a stick in hand for a scepter, presuming to be a humble teacher, who has nothing to give and nothing to receive but her self-perceived wisdom and knowledge. You rely on your carnal mind and vaunt yourself in all pride and earthly dignity, yet are a beggar pretending. You don’t seek truth; you believe yourself to be the incarnation of it.

We have interrupted a nest of those which lay eggs but are not birds. Do your thing, Danette, kill your own with the letter, spreading your puffing, and generating two fold the children of hell you are yourself.

Bitterness? Hate? No. Truth…and condemnation of that of which you accuse us.

You are unsubscribed.

In the One you despise,

Victor Hafichuk

Particle – A Conservative Evangelical Political Candidate

In the first week of June, Jim Menzies came to the door seeking support as Conservative Member of Parliament for the federal government. I asked him several questions. He went to the Church of the Nazarene, believed in GMO’s, and had no problem with Monsanto or any of its products, like highly toxic Roundup. I told him for Whom I was voting – Jesus Christ. He didn’t understand or agree.

Jim was voted in without contest, this area being very conservative politically.

And Jim was a member of the “Church of the Nazarene”? Nominal Christianity is dead, as is each individual member, except for those whom God has called out of the systems of men, both religious and political.

How can one seek favor with men if serving God, or have God’s favor while pleasing men? How does one gain men’s votes without pleasing them? And just try pleasing men while mentioning God and see how far you get.

Particle – A Double Prophecy Boomerang

On June 8th, 2004, we received an email from Bridgett Staack, Stan Howell’s daughter, letting us know that Stan died of a heart attack on June 2nd, 2004 and that his ashes would be divided into several urns and distributed among the family.

It was on June 2nd, 2001, that we first heard of Stan Howell. Precisely three years later he died, his prophecies (or more accurately, curses) came to pass, not on Paul and me, but on him. He died of a heart attack, as he said Paul would, and was “buried in an unmarked grave,” as he said I would be. Thus was fulfilled the Scripture (and it has been several times for us):

“And if anyone will hurt them, fire proceeds out of their mouth and devours their enemies. And if anyone will hurt them, so it is right for him to be killed” (Revelation 11:5 MKJV).

Are Paul and I the two witnesses?

Who says there is no God?

I wrote a letter to Bob Nelson, informing him of what had happened. He called Paul, telling Paul he had composed a lengthy response to us, but suddenly lost it on his computer and gave up.

Particle – Dream – A House Toppled

I awoke on the morning of June 12, 2004, Shabbat, having dreamt that I was in Nelson’s home. It was rectangular in layout and seemed divided lengthwise in two, like a doublewide mobile home. There was a wall separating the two sections, except for a doorway about ten feet wide. I was with the Nelsons on one side and then passed from that section, through that doorway, to the other.

As I walked, the house suddenly had a slight sway or slow wiggle, as though it was supported on unstable pillars. Entering the second section, I lay down by a fireplace, which was at the partition wall. As I was lying there, I noticed the sway again. I stood up and shifted my weight back and forth some to see if I could sway the house that way, thinking that perhaps the unusual movement was my imagination.

Sure enough, the house wiggled from side to side. I suddenly realized that it wasn’t going to stop. I felt somewhat responsible and afraid the house was now going to topple.

One would think that the house would fall flat, on collapsed pillars, but it didn’t. It toppled over on its side, with one side against the ground and the other in the air. I and others (seemed like the Nelsons), climbed over to the upper side and looked out the door. What did we see but a memorial to the dead, which had been under the house, the kind one sees by roadsides where loved ones had been killed in a traffic mishap. There was a cross, wreaths, and flowers — that sort of thing. That was the dream.

Interpretation: The last time I saw Bob and Karen was in March ’04 on a plane to Minneapolis after the Hsin Ten Disney Cruise. We were supposed to be in Florida for six hours, before our next flight, but it turned out that flights and stopovers changed. This put us on the same flight only about four rows away from the Nelsons. God arranged it.

Knowing I wasn’t likely to get any hospitality from them, I still asked them what we could do in their home city for a six-hour stop. They didn’t offer any hospitality but suggested a visit to the Mall of America. Prior to that, on the cruise ship, Bob told us he didn’t want us to think he was ignoring us on the cruise, but that he was trying to spend some “quality time” with his wife.

When Paul, Jonathan, and I had been in Minneapolis three years ago, Karen had treated us like the plague, wanting nothing to do with us. This was after we had shared about the Lord and spiritual reality with them. Bob chose to identify with his unbelieving wife rather than with believers and brethren in Christ. He honored the dead rather than the living. We uncovered the secret.

I checked the records and dates. Bob Nelson had visited us at the farm and spent the day with us on June 2, 2001. On the same day, we had blessed his family and prayed for corrected relationships. He called on June 10, talking about establishing priorities and doing the right thing. This was almost exactly 3 years (add two days) from the time he called to the night of this dream. His house was toppled and his honoring of the dead exposed.

It’s interesting that I had this dream on the heels of news that Stan died. In fact, Stan died on the third anniversary of Bob’s visit with us at the farm. The curses Stan had pronounced on us, which he called prophecy, fell on him.

Particle – Cody Goes His Way

On June 13th, Dena called to tell us Cody had hardened himself and gone his way.

On the 19th, we received Cody’s newsletter announcing a Chi meeting. They hadn’t told us of it. Indeed, he was doing his own thing.

On the 20th, Cody called to declare that God told him he had faith (we told him he had none). He questioned bringing offerings to us and said he was unique and that I should not expect conformity from him (whatever that meant). On the other hand, he said he wished to continue relations.

Particle – God’s Anger

The Lord IS angry. Several are saying I sound hard and angry. Why should I deny it? Those who reject my anointing, citing bad childhood experiences in religion, are only excusing themselves of their own sins of self-pity, resentment, and bitterness. They’re afraid because they’re proud and wicked. This became very clear to me today, June 14th.

Particle – Sara’s Dream: Two Lions

On June 24 or 25, 2004, Sara had a dream from God. Her record:

I saw myself standing on a balcony (to a castle?) above a curved set of stairs.  My demeanor was quite different. I stood tall and straight and regal in a white or light-colored dress that flowed with multiple layers. The scene was beautiful, with a jungle atmosphere. The colors were rich, dark, and deep, and flowers grew on vines that wound up the railing of the stairs. There was jungle all about, but immediately below the balcony, beside the stairs, there was a round clearing.

Into the clearing strode a great lion. He was beautifully majestic and proud and was very strong. I could admire his beauty and had a healthy respect for his strength. A mangy-looking wolf also came out of the jungle and into the clearing, from my left. It faced the lion and they began to fight. From the great strength of the lion, it appeared that the wolf was no match.

There was another creature, a coyote perhaps, that came in right after the wolf and watched the fight. As the wolf fought the lion, I saw with sadness that the lion lost strength. It became very thin and its coat became mangy like the wolf’s. The wolf soon had the better of the lion, and the coyote jumped in to help rip it apart. Rip it apart they did. It was very bloody. The fight was quick, about 30 seconds.

Suddenly, out of all directions in the jungle behind, there came a crowd of wild beasts. A second lion came into the clearing, and he was as beautiful and as strong as the first. There was now a little girl next to me, and she also admired the lion, as did I. Even though there were many of the beasts, the lion was very strong and they looked small and weak in comparison. I believed that he should be able to defeat them all.

The beasts rushed onto the lion, and he too lost strength and beauty, and then the beasts ripped him apart. I remember a small beast running into the jungle dragging the lion’s dismembered tail in its mouth.

The little girl beside me began to cry, gently sobbing in sorrow. I knelt beside her, holding her in my arms, and said, “No, no, it’s OK.” I was quite sad as well, but knew that things needed to be as they were. END OF DREAM

There would come a surprising fulfillment of Sara’s dream.

Particle – At It Again, Again

Paul confessed to Lois that he had embraced Marcia, not as brother and sister but with the thought and feeling of marriage. Lois had once prophesied that Marcia was poison for Paul.

Particle – The Terrible Taste of Truth

Jim Barngrover’s sister Peggy Wolt was hospitalized with a cancerous brain tumor. She professed faith in Christ and said she needed nothing from us because she had “a thousand people” praying for her. We wrote and told her their prayers were useless and that unless she repented, she would not live.

That enraged both her and Jim. He threatened to defame Paul, and Jim’s wife Angella called us arrogant. I replied to Angella: “We will see who’s arrogant. The Lord is fed up with the hypocrisy and false religion in His Name.” We also wrote Jim with all directness (See Barngrover Correspondence about Peggy Wolt).

Particle – Financial Predators and Rapists in the Lord’s Name

Bonnie Kam invested several tens of thousands of dollars in a company operated by Bob Oxley and Ken Walter. She introduced us to them and I didn’t feel right about them. Bonnie was convinced they were great guys, however, and would hear none of our cautions or qualms. I supposed it was too late already because they had her money. I also didn’t see it as my business to interfere.

Having Ken’s email address, we put him on The Issues of Life correspondence and he responded. A verbal battle ensued, though none of it had anything to do with their business or Bonnie Kam. We saw more clearly the kind of people they were. Ken claimed to be very enlightened spiritually, with understanding “far beyond what we could even dare imagine” (See correspondence with Ken Walter).

Particle – Dream – Hospital in Another World?

On about July 5, 2004, I had a very strange dream, one that seemed so real, yet I don’t know if it was from the Lord, but here it is:

Paul and I were in a hospital visiting and ministering to someone in a palliative ward – the person was dying, perhaps of cancer. Down the hall about 20 yards away, I saw my uncle Mel Chute (about age 50) and his son, Donny (in his late teens) seated in a waiting area. When they saw me Mel burst into tears with terrible grief. Without being told, I knew Donny was dying of cancer. I didn’t know what to do or say. I decided to walk over to them. Mel wept and Donny broke down crying. I took Donny and passionately embraced him.

I wanted to heal him and knew God could do it; at least I wished to speak comforting words to them, which I did. I said: “Donny, you have to go; don’t be afraid, it’s okay; there’s need of you to go – a purpose in the next realm.” I wasn’t offering them the hope and comfort they desired but the words I spoke were an anchor to secure them in their great grief. Mel remained in grief, but it was as though they reluctantly received the knowledge I gave them and could bear the circumstance. I might have given them a hug of comforting. I don’t recall.

I called Aunt Hazel about it. She thought I was in error, telling me Mel had passed away years ago, thinking I didn’t know it. That is partially why the dream was so strange to me. It was strange because I saw Mel and Donny as I had known them many years ago, Donny still a young man, and I knew that Mel had passed on. It wasn’t strange in that I knew the reality of “out-of-this-world” kinds of things happening. I know that worlds are interconnected, and ruled from above.

Could it be that in this life, Donny made some sort of decision or suffered something spiritually unpleasant, of which his father was aware in the next world, and which seemed to have ugly consequences for time to come? Yet, we know that God reigns supreme and will finalize everything in perfection.

Particle – Paul’s Dream: Man with Imbedded Crosses

On July 9th, Paul reported an incident at Real Food Store in Helena. Jim Barngrover blew up at him publicly, as a madman when Paul had greeted him in the lineup at the cash desk. Just prior to that, Paul had a dream. He recorded:

This was perhaps the most horrible sight I had ever seen. In my dream, there was a man who appeared to have a multiple-tiered cross inside his body, deforming him into a monstrosity of impossible dimensions, yet he could function and was somehow attaching people or getting people to attach themselves to these extensions like one would hang laundry from a drying rack. It does not make sense but there was room for others though he was a normal-sized man. He then went to jump off a cliff, much like the Mexican cliff divers do, from a very steep and rocky precipice.

The very thought was sheer madness, and I wished to warn him off, but I had no access to him and he was simply set on doing this foolhardy thing regardless of what anyone said. He jumped off the cliff and smashed into the wall somewhere not far down, though I did not see exactly what happened at that point or afterward. [END OF DREAM]

Shortly after I received this vision, we knew this man was Jim Barngrover. He had been livid with us for speaking to his sister Peggy of her sin and the fact that she was dying of cancer because of it. Jim had been speaking to everyone we mutually knew, trying to turn them away from me. He had my landlord Tom Bump evict me from a cabin I was renting. [END OF PAUL’S RECORD]

On July 21st, I found out Jim Barngrover had called Hsin Ten in New York (the Chi business distributor) to condemn us, telling office representative Jason Derkevics we were using them as a front for our religious agenda. Jason knew better, and Kenny Lai, the New York manager, knew better.

I was surprised at the accusation for two reasons: one, why would anyone go to the lengths Jim was going to slander and do us evil? Two, I had purposed to keep the Harvest Haven business quite separate from our spiritual ministry, known on the web as The Path of Truth, fearing people might accuse us of using a spiritual front to merchandise. Now we were getting the opposite accusation.

In a month’s time, Paul would discover that Tom broke his arm. There would be even worse for Jim.

Particle – All Must Be One

Barngrover’s accusation prompted me to publicly combine the physical and spiritual, earthly and heavenly, Harvest Haven and The Path of Truth. I knew I had been holding back. Loss of sales was a prominent motive for my keeping the spiritual separate from business. As well, I was concerned people would say we were using God for gain. I saw the hand of God guiding me to identify with Him in everything. I couldn’t preserve any portion of my interests while serving Him.

Particle – Don’t Hold Back

“He that keeps his life shall lose it, and he that loses his life for My sake shall have it.” The Lord brought home those words to me and would continue to do so, time and again. I would experience both sides of the equation, one joyfully, one sadly, as I grew in faith and boldness to be sold out for Him, no matter what. I also recalled the words Delores sent me in 1982 or so: God is ready to assume full responsibility for the one wholly committed to Him.

Particle – Prophecy for Cody and Dena

Father, You are hardening Cody, to destroy him, and to release Dena.” I did not understand or have any idea how these words would come to pass. Nobody did. Nor did we know what would come thereafter, of course.

Particle – Lois’ Vision: Weeping Warrior Drawing Sword

On July 10, 2004, Lois had a vision of a warrior drawing his sword with his right hand, from his right side (curiously?), looking to his left, and weeping, but with joy and boldness. He was moving as if going to battle. This was at a time when we were praying and asking the Lord what was going on, and what we were doing.

We are here, as the vision declares. Now, Marilyn is sad and I don’t know that there’s anything I can do. She seems to resent me, us, and to pity herself.

Particle – Dealing with Doctrinal Dupe

Finally, by July 18, 2004, after considerable labor, Paul and I completed addressing Scott Hahn and his error as expressed on the video Harley Laporte lent us, as well as in a speech from the internet.


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wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part II, Page 19

Page 19 PART TWO – Pentecost to Israel (cont.)   Particle – Count the Cost before You Begin In one session, I determined that much of what we were being taught wasn't worth learning, if not contrary to truth. I decided to go home. Dal Fulford informed me that if I did so, he wouldn't pay my wages. I changed my mind and stayed. Was it for the money? I think so. Did I compromise principles of God? I can't honestly say, except that if it had been a clear-cut decision between right and wrong, I believe I would have chosen, by God's grace, to lose my wages without hesitation. The turnaround did teach me that I needed to determine, as much as possible, the nature and degree of importance of something, and decide how far I am willing to commit myself, before making decisions and declaring a position on a matter, particularly if involving spiritual and moral matters. I was learning the necessity of wise assessment and counting the cost before taking a stand. Particle – Proved to Perfection Satan knows his stuff, and by God's grace, we must come to the place where he can find nothing in us, whether through wrath, praise, reason, affection, bribery, flattery, threat, or any other thing. Particle – Unclean Messengers One day a woman from the Catholic Charismatics called us, suggesting we meet with Mary Jeffries, an alleged traveling minister in her sixties or so, who was passing through town. She sought out people who would receive her into their homes and support her. ...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part IV, Page 10

Page 10 PART FOUR– Bernalillo to Moon River (cont.) Particle – An Impoverished Family They pulled up in an older rust-eaten station wagon, pulling a cheap homemade trailer. Coming up the walk to the house, I saw a defeated, weary, sickly, impoverished family - Archie, Cathie, and their six children - Elizabeth, Christopher, Nathan, Erin, Benjamin, and in Cathie's arms, Daniel, about six months old. The children all had colds. What I beheld was spiritual, though, every bit as much as physical. Archie told me they had lived in a dump of a house in Toronto. They had been six or more months behind in their rent at times. Archie was working as a handyman for as little as seven dollars an hour and, even then, his clients weren't paying him. They had nothing to show for their nearly six years in Toronto, ever since they left Winnipeg, rejecting all the good the Lord was offering them, except three more children, which they had a difficult time supporting. Cathie, being pressured by hospital staff at Danny's birth, had her tubes tied against her desire, something she deeply regretted. Archie said he had been fasting and received that he needed to come to Lethbridge and submit to me as his spiritual elder. I warned him that we wouldn't tolerate the kinds of things we experienced with them in the past, and this time, they would pay their own way in everything. I told him it would be hard. I reiterated that point more than once. He accepted the conditions. We permitted them...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part I, Page 11

Page 11 PART ONE – Darkness to Light (cont.) Particle – The Guess Who A little tidbit: Randy Bachman and the rest of The Guess Who occasionally came through our Basement Housewares department for chocolate malts at the Bay Malt Shop in the late sixties. This was when they were already famous and popular. Particle - Hooked, Hat and All On a visit home from Winnipeg, my father and I went fishing at the Waterhen, north of Dauphin, where he had a trailer and often spent his leisure time fishing. I was seated in the boat behind my father. As we were casting for pickerel and perch, my father's hook flew within inches of my head, more than once or twice. I warned him and even protested, but he paid no attention. Suddenly, there it was, a hook lodged firmly in my scalp, through my hat. Thankfully, it was not in my eye. While there was very little pain or blood, my father panicked and sped off with me down a gravel road to the nearest clinic in Ste. Rose du Lac. Walking into the doctor's office, he asked me how he could help me. “I can't get my hat off,” I replied. I pointed to the fish hook; he smiled, gave me a local anesthetic, cut the hook, pushed the remainder on through my scalp (you can't pull a hook out against the barb), gave me some painkillers (which I didn't use), and we were off. They say sons should listen to their fathers. Just as the direction of a hook needs to be reversed at times, so fathers need to listen to their sons. Particle - Shaky Shelter for a S...
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