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Vision – What is the New Birth?

One of the deeper discussions Glen and I had was about the doctrine of the new birth. In experiencing repentance over two years earlier, I was taught that I had been born again, but now I was having a struggle with the doctrine: How is it that one can be born of the Spirit and still need the Spirit to come upon him?

I prayed, asking the Lord to explain to me what had happened to me. I then had a vision. I saw a man lying on the ground, dead or unconscious. Suddenly, I saw him sit up. Then he was enveloped or immersed from above by the Spirit of Life. The first event, repentance, was an awakening, a coming to life or consciousness, and the second was the new birth.

I had not been born again at repentance, as so many others and I had been taught. The baptism in the Holy Spirit was, and is, the new birth. This new birth is what Paul refers to in this passage:

“For also by one Spirit we are all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether bond or free, even all were made to drink into one Spirit” (1 Corinthians 12:13 MKJV).

When I shared this revelation with Glen, he was very excited at first. We enjoyed many truths in the Spirit together. Alas, he wouldn’t remain that way for long. He and his wife had a problem with much of what the Lord was teaching us, especially with the fact that He was withdrawing us from church attendance, as if we were turning our backs on Him. Actually, He was turning His back toward us and we were called to follow Him!

Vision – A Country Home

With time running out at Branion and nowhere available for us to move, we were praying, asking what we should do or where we should go. The Lord gave me a vision of a country home. While meeting with Mickey and Lynn one evening, Mickey invited one of his co-workers over. Though he wasn’t a believer, Dave Grier was quite fascinated with what was happening with us in the Lord. It was new to him and he continued to come to our meetings.

Just days before the end of February 1976, when we would soon be out on the street, it was mentioned that we needed a home. Dave immediately offered us his in the country, seeing he was transferring out of Prince Albert shortly and would need someone to take over his lease. He invited us to stay with him for the month or two he would still be there, at no charge. We considered the possibility, wondering if it was the Lord’s will.

Arriving at Dave’s place, I realized it was the house of my vision; we had already suspected it would be. The colonial furniture and the scenery out the picture window, with trees and shrubbery near the home and in the distance, were what I saw in the vision.

Who says there is no God?

Vision – Woman’s Lower Back on Fire

That summer, a woman, Charlene Sandau, visited us at one of our meetings at the Patricks’. She had known Marilyn from high school. Charlene’s brother and Marilyn were in the same classes going through school.

While praying, I had a vision of her coming out of a flat-roofed building and walking away. In the doorway behind, a man stood, watching her. Her lower back was on fire, and he was the cause of it.

I told her the vision I had of her. She then told us that she had been seeing a chiropractor and that her back was hurting from his treatments. Therefore she knew and declared that God was among us.

Who says there is no God?

Vision – Mortar and Pestle

Sometime in the late ‘70s, I had a vision of a mortar and pestle appearing in mid-air, the pestle suspended just above the mortar. Written over the front of the picture were these words: “You are My son; you are My discipline.”

Vision – War in the Heavens

Around this time, I had a vision wherein I saw myself being pulled up through a tight hole in the heavens, as through a cloud to the realm above. There were two men, friends, pulling me up into the midst of an ancient battle raging immediately beside and all around us. The battle was perfectly silent, yet furious, with battle gear, swords, bows, spears, and such. I seem to recall that the warriors were without body armor.

Vision – Rest in the Lord’s Sovereignty

In another vision, I saw a throne from the side, somewhat like a sofa chair, perhaps wooden. It was outdoors, in the middle of a vast plain. I was seated on the ground, leaning against, and facing in the same direction as, the throne. My legs were folded almost under me but to the side away from the throne. My right arm was bent and resting on the throne’s left arm. I was dressed in ancient white casual garments, looking ahead at a great battle in progress.

The humble throne was the Lord’s. Ahead of it, about fifteen feet away, Jesus stood facing away from the chair and me (I and the throne were behind Him). He was watching that same battle raging in the distance. I knew it was a battle between the forces of good and evil. Jesus was calmly watching, in full control. It almost seemed He was orchestrating it; He certainly knew the outcome and was perfectly confident of it.

Vision – Change of Direction Coming

There we also met Ernie Chadwick, the pastor of a small young church in Prince George, British Columbia. While singing and praising, Ernie had a vision for me. He saw a piece of wood, broken in two, but the two pieces were joined and held together by a right-angled piece of metal. He prophesied that there was to be a change of direction in my life, but I wasn’t to be concerned. The iron was the will of God, keeping me. He also mentioned seeing carpentry tools, like a hammer and a saw.

In years to come, there would be many breaks of a sort, even involving tools, and in each of these, I thought Ernie’s vision was fulfilled, only to discover soon after that it wasn’t. When finally it was, I would know it. The event would be, all at once, the fulfillment of an accumulation of visions, dreams, and prophecies of several prophets and believers.

Vision – A Chest of Treasure

At Caroline, we met and had fellowship with Ernie and Robin Gouchie from Prince George, British Columbia. They were natives and members of Ernie Chadwick’s church. Robin didn’t participate in many of the meetings. She felt that many of the people thought they knew a lot, talked too much, and listened too little. Robin had a vision for us of a chest full of treasure. While it seemed to sound good, we had no idea what it meant, but one day we would.

Vision – David Praises God

I had a vision in those days. I saw David, from his right side, after his death. He was on his knees, sitting back on his feet, dressed in white, shining, hands upraised, full of joy and praising the Lord.

Vision – Dal Fulford

Dal Fulford was the manager of ARC Industries. He was an evangelical Christian and member of the local Grace Bible Church. He was in his sixties. I appreciated working for him. What a contrast he was to former employers I had, who had little or no respect for the Scriptures, integrity, or godliness!

I found something peculiar with Dal, however. He had a strange passion for money. He had been a former credit union manager, I believe, and whenever he would speak of making money for the shop, he would rub his hands and have a gleam in his eye.

The Lord gave me a vision of Dal. He was a man who was quite pleased about his faith and spirituality. I saw only his very large head and there were words to accompany the vision, something about pride, but I have forgotten them. I quite liked the man, but the vision didn’t speak well of him.

Vision – Working with a Jehovah’s Witness

Marg McGregor, a co-worker in her late fifties or older, supervised another department at ARC Industries. Marg was formerly Anglican and her husband died an alcoholic (I recall being at one of his drinking parties, as a high school student). Marg became a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and was always trying to assert her beliefs upon all. Somewhat educated, intelligent, and well able to express herself without showing fear, she sometimes lashed out mercilessly at anyone who provoked her. These strengths would make her rather formidable in a confrontation with anyone.

I had a vision of her as a wolf, with a long toothy jaw, in the form of a standing kangaroo, having paws with big claws. I saw her eating people, chewing their limbs in her mouth.

She sincerely described me as “dedicated.” We had our discussions, disagreements, and times of both contempt and respect for each other.

I have often seen Jehovah’s Witnesses to be bitter and cynical, coming from unhappy backgrounds or finding fault with others as their foundation. It seems to me they prefer to hate the false, rather than love the true. They have made a religion of non-religion.

Marg and I clashed, but while she was often cynical and caustic, I appreciated some things she had to say. For example, my ceramics department made and sold a Hoi Toi, a squat Buddha figurine. She pointed it out to me, arguing that it was an idol and that I shouldn’t be making it. I didn’t worship it, and it was a good seller, but I really couldn’t argue with her, so I got rid of the mold, and we made no more of them.

I wondered why I wasn’t on to it before she was. After all, I was supposed to be the more enlightened one, especially compared to a Jehovah’s Witness.

Vision – A Fearful Woman in a Cage

Lil Damsgaard was another co-worker in her late fifties, early sixties – a fearful woman. If she perceived a threat from anyone, she would lash out viciously. There was a time when, without warrant, she lashed out at me, and then boasted about it to others.

The Lord gave me a vision of her:

I saw her as a naked woman, filthy dirty, in a barred cage about four feet cubed. She sat in it with her knees raised up. She would lash out with inches-long nails at anyone coming near.

What would her end be?

Vision – Time Wounds All Heels

In a vision one day, I saw a man sitting under the roof of the front deck of a simple little prairie bungalow. His legs were up on the railing, crossed at the ankles. He was sitting in a laid-back position, but looking with longing down the road from his house, waiting for something or someone to come.

Then the scene changed. In the same position, I saw a skeleton, with the clothes on, covered with cobwebs and dust. The man had perished waiting.

I thought this vision applied to Marilyn’s father, who had waited for her mother to return, which she never did. I also thought that somehow I was that man, waiting to the death for some kind of fulfillment, which never happened.

The carnal man must die; he can’t have his way.

Vision – Marilyn Helped Me

It was either in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in 1976 or in Dauphin, Manitoba in 1977 that I saw a vision of Marilyn and me. I was tramping through muck and bog, struggling in a painfully slow advance. Ahead of me, about twenty feet away, hovering above the ground and facing me, was Marilyn, shining, in white clothing. She was directing me in my struggle.

At the time I had the vision, I was afraid Marilyn was going to die and the vision signified that she would be helping me from heaven. That turned out not to be so. It was in this life that she would be, and already was, helping me.

Every morning, I would wake up troubled and wanting to talk through things. Sometimes it would take hours. She would patiently listen and try to guide me through the turbulence of my thoughts, fears, and doubts. It wasn’t until years later that I would be made free of it all. In the meantime, she was there for me, having to bear the awful burden of my unbelief.

Vision – “This Place will be Famous”

For the first three months or so after starting at ARC Industries, we were living from paycheck to paycheck, barely making ends meet. It was at that time that Marv Isum was passing through Dauphin.

We were referred to him by Living Faith Bible College, where we had attended a summer Bible retreat the year before. Marv was an ordained Lutheran priest who had received the Spirit and was consequently excommunicated by his denomination. Cliff Stalwick, founder of Living Faith, was of the same background and experience. These men entered Charismatic circles and launched their own ministries.

Marv was passing through Dauphin with three students from the Bible school. We received them into our humble home, where they supped and spent the night with us.

While in prayer and praise, Marv prophesied some things, among them the words, “This place will be famous.” I don’t recall that he could explain what the words meant. Was he referring to Thorndale Apartments? Was it Dauphin?

He also saw a vision, in which he saw the Lord, His heart, and he saw that I was a shepherd with a shepherd’s heart under the Shepherd. One of the students, when relating to me, declared she perceived in me the veracity of Marv’s testimony.

We fellowshipped during the evening, and the next morning, we sent them on their way, giving them twenty dollars as a gift, possibly all we had; I don’t remember. I do remember that Marv seemed ungrateful, if not scornful, of the small amount. I was rather surprised. After all, we weren’t affiliated with them, and we were under no obligation to receive them into our home or to feed them, much less give them financial support.

It was also rather plain that we didn’t have much, as evidenced by our aged suite, our couch, which was visibly ready for the dump, and the tomato juice cans we used to prop it up. Perhaps he felt a little awkward receiving the money from us? I don’t really know; I only recall his reaction (it certainly wasn’t one of expressed gratitude).

We would see more of Marv, particularly concerning the issue of mammon.

Vision – Spirit Descending like a Dove

This was a vision of a different kind. While several of us were joining John Poepke, holding hands in a prayer circle, a teen native girl stood a few feet away. I invited her to join us. She looked at me and then she looked up, her countenance lighting up with joy. I saw the Holy Spirit descend “like a dove” upon her.

Days later, in tears, she publicly testified of her love for God. Some of the more religious people were somewhat perplexed because, as she sobbed, she repeatedly said, “I love the Lord so damn much!”

While the words might seem offensive, she didn’t mean them so – it was common and innocent language in her circles. The Lord knew her heart. I often wonder what became of her.

Vision – The Lord Is a War Horse

During a prayer session, Marv Isum had a prophecy, but I don’t recall what it was. At that time, I had a vision wherein I saw the head, neck, and mane of a white horse and heard the words, “The Lord is a war horse.”

Vision – A Promise of Our Own Home

I’m not sure when, but I had a vision in the late ’70s or early ’80s of Marilyn, well dressed, standing at a kitchen sink washing her hands and looking out a window over the sink. After that vision, we moved into a few rental homes we thought might be the fulfillment, but we were wrong. One day we would be right.

Vision – My Mother’s Anger at God

Around this time, I had a very unpleasant vision of my mother. She was stout, with uniform thickness in body, as a large tree trunk, shaking her fist at heaven, cursing God with a horrible growl or roar. I don’t recall anything in particular to provoke or inspire such a picture of her.

Vision – The Truth about Trudeau

Marilyn had a vision of Pierre Trudeau and Canadians. He was feeding the chickens, scattering feed to them with one hand, while in the other hand he concealed an axe behind his back, ready for use.

Vision – Fleeing from America, Too Late

It was around this time, I believe, that I had a vision, not a picture, but a premonition or a spiritual sensing.

We were at an Egged bus station in Beersheba with Paul, and a crowd was shoving and pushing to get on board (not an unusual sight in Israel). I then saw, as though it was in America, even perhaps in other parts of the world, Jews trying to cram onto buses to escape to Israel. They were fleeing persecution and destruction, but it seemed they had waited too long; it was too late for most.

At the time (1979), it was difficult to imagine it could be that way for Jews in America. Things have changed in thirty years and are changing more rapidly.

Vision – Correction Called Destruction

We attended two or three of their meetings wherein Biff and Jeannie, man and wife, both elders, were speaking. Jeannie preached at the first meeting. At the next meeting or the one after, I received permission from Biff to speak. I spoke about how they were wrong on certain matters, one of those being women teaching and exercising authority over men. I quoted the following:

“Women should learn in silence and all humility. I do not allow them to teach or to have authority over men; they must keep quiet. For Adam was created first, and then Eve. And it was not Adam who was deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and broke God’s Law. But a woman will be saved through having children, if she perseveres in faith and love and holiness, with modesty” (1 Timothy 2:11-15 GNB).

I also told them that the great emphasis on visions didn’t indicate good things, that their “ministry” wasn’t of God, and that Sam Fife was a false prophet, for several reasons. Though I didn’t say it, I knew that Sam had set Marv up as an elder in Winnipeg – that was one of the reasons. If Sam were a true man of God, a prophet or an apostle, which Sam claimed to be, he would not have set up a wolf, or even a benign novice, to shepherd the sheep.

But I did say that a man of God doesn’t die a tragic death, or a premature one, unless by martyrdom. Nowhere in Scripture is there any such indication, whether by doctrine or example. (In April of 1979, Sam Fife died, crashing his plane into the side of a mountain.)

I also said that “end-time farms” were an escapist, defensive action, coming from a bunker mentality, which the Lord didn’t initiate or sanction. I asked them to consider the prophets, apostles, and disciples, who were willing to lay down their lives to bear witness to the nations, not separating themselves from the world.

The group wouldn’t hear me, though they endeavored to bear with me patiently and respectfully. A young girl had a vision soon after I spoke, saying she saw a man digging holes in the ground all around, and that another came and filled them in. Someone else interpreted the vision to mean that I was the one digging the holes, making the mess, but someone else would come and smooth things over. In a sense, this is what happened, but not as they thought, as far as I could tell.

Vision – Victor and Another in Canoe to Africa

About the vision Archie had the morning we met at the men’s breakfast prayer meeting (we hadn’t been in touch with each other for a couple of years): He saw me in the front seat of a canoe, my face shining with the joy and glory of the Lord, paddling east across the Atlantic Ocean towards an area covered with cloud. He couldn’t tell where it was. Then the cloud dispersed and he saw Africa.

Archie saw an unidentified person behind me in the canoe, also paddling. If that dream was of God, I believe that person would be Paul, whom we had just met in Israel, someone of whom Archie hadn’t known, but who years later was to become our closest friend and co-laborer in Christ.

Vision – Entering In with Elders

Around this time, I had a vision. I was walking into a small rectangular tent-like structure, carrying a Bible in one hand. I walked the step or two up to the entrance, and inside sat a group of elderly men on a bench along the walls. They were in what appeared to be humble Mideastern clothing and had long gray beards and gray hair.

Marilyn was about a dozen paces behind me, standing and crying bitterly, elbows at her sides, palms up, with hands outstretched after me. She was very distraught with what I was doing or where I was going. It appeared I was departing permanently.

Vision – A Vision Comes to Pass

Marilyn had said the Lord was setting me apart for Himself. I recalled the vision I had in 1980 and knew that it was now being fulfilled. Lois also had a vision of my meeting with a group of receptive men. They were happy to see me, welcoming me, and I was surprised and elated that they had all gone through the same as I, as necessary.

Vision – Ravens Would Pluck Out Archie’s Eyes

Just after they left, I recalled a vision I had of Archie some time before. I’d seen his face; he was dazed. Ravens had pecked out his eyes.

The prophecies over them in Calgary were the fulfillment of the vision. I was reminded of a proverb:

“The eye that mocks at his father and despises to obey his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out, and the young eagles shall eat it” (Proverbs 30:17 MKJV).

I assumed it was the last we would be seeing of them. I was wrong.

Vision – Lech Walesa’s Anointing

Around the time of the Solidarity Movement in Poland, I had a vision of Lech Walesa. He was standing at a bar in dim lighting. I saw two men enter, dressed in common laborers’ clothing, and come up behind him, each stretching forth one arm, holding a hand about three inches over his head. It seemed they were praying, or pronouncing something over him. Then they left.

He ended up leading Solidarity to victory against General Jaruzelski’s government, but later, Lech seemed to have lost his power. I don’t remember if I saw this vision before or after the Solidarnocz victory.

Vision – Reagan Taking America for a Ruthless Ride

It seemed like a tight race between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter during the 1980 Presidential elections. At the last moment, while people were in the polling booths, I received that they would vote for Reagan, and it would be a landslide victory.

When Ronald Reagan was elected, I had a vision in two parts. In the first part, he was driving what looked like a school bus. The bus was America. He drove into a set of deep ruts. In the second part, he drove the bus toward a cliff, and it seemed sure he would be taking it right over the edge.

In the vision, I heard that Reagan was going to take America straight down to Hell. Years later, it was realized by analysts that “Reaganomics” and the policy of deregulation did exactly that. Reagan’s deregulation legislation in the name of free enterprise has delivered America over to tyrannical powers operating in unrestrained greed. He has brought America to bankruptcy, powerlessness, and misery.

Vision – Quickened to Quicken Others

Around this time, I had a vision of a person lying on the ground, at the foot of a mountain. I was that person, mortally wounded or sick; indeed, for all intents and purposes, I was dead. Down from the mountain came a spirit being, shining in light, almost light itself, and picked me up. He began to carry me up the mountain, and as we proceeded upward, life gradually entered into me.

Soon he expected me to make an effort to climb by myself. And I did so, gaining vibrancy and strength. By the time we reached the top, I was transformed into a like spirit being, radiant with light. I then descended down the other side, and did for another as had been done for me.

Vision – The Influence of My Mother

While we were in Dauphin, we spent the night in their home. The house was spiritually dark and disorderly.

My mother was puttering with papers in her house. From under her dress, coming out the back and immediately down to the floor was a large serpentine tail, starting out as thick as her body and gradually getting thinner as it extended through doorways and along stairs, filling the whole house.

Vision – The Straddling Spider

Marilyn soon had a vision of Mike. She saw him inside their home, looking out the window. Straddling the house was a giant spider. Mike was trapped in the house. He was dismayed and confounded. He had made pretence of worshipping the Lord fervently, and I had been very frustrated with him in years past, unable to do anything about the hypocrisy I saw. This event settled that.

I was now realizing what Paul must have been seeing in him the year before.

Vision – A Turned Down Six-Gun

On another occasion, a fellow clandestinely brought a girlfriend in, and we had just changed the prices so there was a difference between one and two persons. When he paid at the checkout, I saw her sneaking out the back way. I realized that the fellow was linked to the sneaker. I asked him who the woman was, and he pretended he didn’t know, but in a mirror, I saw her enter his truck.

I didn’t like his lying to me. As they were driving out in his high big-wheeled diesel truck, I grabbed the passenger door, opened it, and found them both there, exposing him, and that, in front of his lady friend. I instantly realized I was dealing with a proud, violent young man.

He was enraged! He tore out of the truck and after some moments of arguing and railing on me (I was being very nice to him and asking his consideration), he said, “How much more is it?”

I said, “Two dollars.”

In a moment of great potential danger, this was frightening, funny, and embarrassing at the same time. He looked at me with a mixture of expressions that worked their way around his face, tried to avoid each other, and collided, getting lost in limbo somewhere.

On the one hand, he may have been relieved it wasn’t more like ten times that amount, but on the other hand, he couldn’t understand why I would go to so much trouble, and even embarrass him, for two dollars (I couldn’t either)! How does one get stunned and relieved at the same time, while being embarrassed in front of his escort? In a confounded state, he paid the two dollars, got back into the truck, and angrily drove off.

As I watched the highway from the office, I saw him driving back and forth for the next two hours or more, and knew he was raging and contemplating something. I then had a vision of a six-gun, pointing to the ground, disarmed. I knew I had been spared violence, or perhaps even murder, by being inoffensive towards him in attitude, though I had confronted him.

So again we reviewed the pricing policies of our rooms for the number of occupants. It didn’t make sense to charge a mere $2 for another person. Either don’t charge at all or make it worthwhile. Quit the confusion in between.

Vision – The Dunghill

The Ratzloffs told us that they were going to the Alliance church in Saskatoon, and that they were building a large new one on the south side, pastored, I believe, by Walter Boldt. They were quite enthused about it, and perhaps particularly about its size. Soon after, I had a vision of the new place:

There were people walking from all over the city to that site, carrying pails full of slops, including dung. They were dumping these slops, which were partially solid, partially liquid, onto a heap, which was long, wide, and some feet high. This heap was… the new Circle Drive Alliance Church. What a hideous picture! God likened this church to a slop pile, a dunghill! Didn’t Paul call the pre-Christian components of his denominational formal religious life “dung” (Philippians 3)?

Vision – My Gift of Garbage to God

While on the road in our Casa Rolla trailer, we headed to a humble trailer court on North Main in Winnipeg. We were wondering what to do, and we were stressed because of unbelief.

I prayed and said to God, “Lord, I sacrifice everything I have to You, all I possess and am” (I believe I meant my future as well).

Suddenly, in a vision, I saw an altar upon which lay all kinds of foul garbage – dung, used menstrual pads, and every vile thing… the worst kinds of things people would find in common refuse. It was as though someone had dumped bags of miscellaneous garbage on the altar. I realized I had nothing to sacrifice, and whatever I had of me or mine was a vile insult as a gift to God. It was the height of presumption to even suspect I had anything to offer Him.

I was ashamed. I fully deserved and needed the chastening revelation of myself.

Vision – Sealed in the House

Again, we were out of money. Again, we were struggling. Then Marilyn had a vision. She saw our home sealed by the enemy. Nobody could enter or exit, and we were trapped. But then she saw the Lord break through and free us.

Vision – Trapped on a Ledge

Around this time, Marilyn had another vision. We were on the side of a mountain, near the top, but trapped on a narrow ledge. There was no path forward or back, and there was no possible way out for us. The vision showed the Lord come to deliver us.

Vision – Our Flight Vehicle

Yielding to God’s will, Marilyn made a request. “If we have to be on the road, I want a bigger trailer. The one we have is just too small.” I asked the Lord to lead us, and then I had a vision. It was the back-end of a larger trailer and two parallel single-line strokes (“whisks,” I call them) indicating our flight in that trailer to the States.

Meanwhile, by August, we moved out of the house and back into the 13-foot Casa Rolla, staying at the KOA Campground on the #3 Highway west of Lethbridge. We had been at Meadowlark for the length of a gestation period – nine months.

Rob Gregg, a house builder, advertised his 24-foot Holiday trailer, and we went to see it at his place. He hadn’t cleaned it up, and we weren’t impressed, except that it had an open floor space. We hadn’t seen any other trailer that we liked, and it didn’t strike me that this was the one I saw in my vision.

Days later, just after the Labor Day weekend, Rob came tearing into the KOA with the trailer and asked us if we wanted to buy it. We thought, “He has brought it right to our door. Maybe this is the one, after all. Why not?”

We asked the Lord, received assurance, and took it.

Vision – I Descend From Fornication and Bastardy

The Lord sent me on a search for the origin and meaning of my surname. I searched books on name origins, but found He was simply putting unexpected books in my hands (books I never would have thought of using) and leading me to appropriate portions with very little effort. I wish I had recorded the books and authors. Nevertheless, I found the meaning and origin in 1983 or 1984, partly by study, but more by Divine guidance and revelation.

The meaning of “Hafichuk”: A “g” in Ukrainian is pronounced as an “h,” as in “huh.” The root of the name used to be something like “Gafya,” and the “f” in it was once a “th” as in the Greek “theta.” The original name was the Greek “Agatha,” a matronymic baptismal name originating in the Greek Orthodox religion (my father’s great grandparents had been Orthodox).

At baptism, people were named after a saint. A woman was named Agatha after “Saint Agatha.” In the course of time, the “g” changed to an “h” and the “th” to a “phi” or an “f” (it wasn’t uncommon for people to confuse “theta” with “phi”). To the name was added the “chuk,” a common or traditional suffix in a certain area of the Ukraine, which means “son of” or “pertaining to.” So it went from “Agatha” to “Agafya” to “Hafya” or “Hafi,” and as history marched on and surnames came into use, the descendants became known as “chuks,” hence Hafichuks.

“Agatha” translated from the Greek means “good.” Literally translated, Hafichuk means “pertaining to, or son of, good.” I could meaningfully anglicize my name, by translation, to “Goodson.”

The origin of the family is a revelation by vision: One day I saw a woman (named Agatha) working with other women in what appeared to be a hay field, much like the scene in the painting, “The Gleaners,” by Jean-François Millet. I knew this to be in the area of present-day Ukraine, perhaps in the Steppes. The woman wore a headscarf and long dress.

Along came a horse rider of the Mongolians that had invaded those regions around the Middle Ages, somewhere about the 1200’s. The rider dismounted and took her into a shack or to a haystack. That was all I saw, but I knew they had intercourse, and I knew that she gave birth to a son, who became known as “the son of Agatha.”

It was noticeable that the man, though an alien invader, didn’t abuse her, and she didn’t resist. I thought that perhaps she thought it useless to resist (and likely it was), but it appeared to me that she was rather receptive, and both were doing it for pleasure. From what I had heard of the Mongolian hordes and their destructiveness and brutality, it was strange that such a relationship would occur, but of course, not at all impossible.

I was amazed to see this vision, and for no greater reason than to know the origin of my surname. It was also a surprise to discover that my origin as a “pure-blooded” Ukrainian was part Mongolian, and that our family name descended from a bastard.

Shortly after discovering the meaning and origin of the name, we were in a store in Albuquerque, New Mexico when I saw a woman shopping that looked very much like the woman I saw in that vision. She was holding a male toddler on her hip in one arm, and I thought I heard her address him as “Muscovitz.”

This is a name that originated in the same part of the world as that of my ancestors. What was I to make of that? Was my mind playing tricks on me? Isn’t “Muscovitz” only a surname, or can it also be a first name?

Are there parallels and repetitions in life, centuries and millennia later? Could there be many dimensions, stages, and manifestations of reality? Perhaps. Why not?

Then again, there was likely nothing to this New Mexico event.

Vision – People Lined Up to Bring Money

I had a vision while we were at the Lethbridge KOA. I saw people lined up to the door of our trailer with handfuls of money. They said to us, “Please take these gifts; we want to give them to you. The honor is all ours. We’re thankful for what you’ve done and are doing for us.”

It was strange to me that I saw a certain lady there, a good former handyman customer, an unbeliever, Val Hodge. I take it she simply represented people who had paid me for services rendered. However, I understood that those giving wouldn’t be doing so to pay for earthly work, but in gratitude for the benefits they received of the work God was doing by me. Or God was simply putting it in their hearts to give, for whatever reason He had.

Vision – Fulfillment in Progress of Offerings Vision

I had seen in a vision where people would be bringing us handfuls of money, not because we asked for it, not because we earned it, not because we should be paid for what we were doing, but simply because they wanted to give. Paul began to bring great offerings, as did Archie and Lois and her sons. It was as though God compelled or inspired them to do so (depending on whether they were doing it grudgingly or willingly).

As our savings began to accumulate, we were given to buy a car, an ’86 Ford from Dunlop. Archie had bought our ’73 green Ford F250 and put it to good use for Archie’s Handyman Services. Trevor had dubbed the truck, “Shake ‘n Bake” because it had no air conditioning and vibrated slightly on the road (he was clever at word plays).

It was nice for us to move up a little notch.

Vision – Very Generous Offerings

Paul was the first to bring offerings, and they were generous. Then came Archie, and he gave generous offerings. Then came Lois with hers, which were very generous, as well. Never did I charge them for anything unless it was something tangible they bought from me; never did I ask them for anything, as the Lord had taught me; and several times, I told them they didn’t have to give so much.

Several times, I asked Archie, “Are you sure? You don’t have to do this!” He would reply each time with certainty, “Victor, I have to give it.” There were times when I felt somewhat awkward about it. The vision I had in 1984, however, of people lining up to give us handfuls of money was happening.

How could God be so generous with me when I didn’t deserve it? How could He give me so much when I was such a miser and so concerned about how much I was paying for anything? There was no explanation. I can only say the Lord gave to me in spite of the way I was. It’s called “grace.”

Besides, it wasn’t just for me.

Who says there is no God?

Vision – A Mix of Business and Religion

Ric and Sharon Swihart came to the KOA to view our trailer, deciding they would buy it. When we went to their home to close the deal, they learned we were believers and invited us to their church, Bill Calderwood’s First Congregational Church, a splinter from the United Church. (I understand these former United Church folk split from the mainline because they disagreed with the ordination of homosexuals.) Sharon enthusiastically told us how wonderful the fellowship was there and how wonderful the pastor was.

We discerned the Swiharts weren’t believers, and it didn’t take them very long to prove it. I wasn’t willing to ask much more than I was prepared to take for the trailer, but as is often the case, they weren’t satisfied with anything but a dickered-down price. I tried to tell them the price was as low as we wanted to go.

Sharon continued the bargaining and, in the middle of it, asked her husband, “How am I doing, dear?” He replied, “You’re doing just fine, dear, just fine.” Finally, I relented and gave them the trailer for their price. We needed the money. Perhaps they needed it as well.

After settling up, I had gravel in my mouth. It wasn’t because they were dickering (there’s a place for keeping sellers honest, knowing that sellers jack up their prices to leave room for bargaining. I have dickered many times and am ashamed of it in several cases). I was upset because they professed to be believers, were told we were believers, disregarded us on the price or our need of the money, and went about the dickering in a flippant, calloused fashion. Adding insult to injury, they also tried to persuade us to join their church, as though we would want to, they treating us as they did, especially if they were representative of their church.

I wrote a harsh letter to them, and I was sorry after I mailed it. I called them to ask them not to open it or read it when receiving it, but rather to burn it. They agreed, though they might have red it anyway. (In retrospect, I think it would have been good to let them read it. However, I wasn’t ready then to do spiritual battle.)

I received a vision of Sharon at that time. I saw her dancing on a church floor, twirling around gleefully, with one hand on the hip and the other in the air. I wrote “Ode to a Harlot” to describe what I saw of her in spirit. As an introduction, I wrote, “She was like her kind and her kind like her – light, treacherous, full of lust and hypocrisy. So are all those who ‘go to church’ and think they do God a service.”

I now realize You, Lord, were giving me a representation and unpleasant taste of common churchgoers, showing me their hypocrisy and evil while worshipping You in vain with their lips.

Vision – Delores Needs Help

My aunt, Delores Molnar, was having struggles. She, as Lois, called and wanted to talk. She had been holding the Lord at arm’s length. She knew she was supposed to be living differently than she was, but was asking Him for some time. “Let me go on this trip to Europe with Fred, doing what pleases him, and then I’ll change my ways and obey,” was something she had said to God. Of course, that will never do with God.

I had a vision of Delores. She was held captive in a transparent glass cube, suspended in outer space. The cube was about the size of a regular-sized bedroom or living room. She was frantic, trying to get out, knocking on the wall with her fists, looking outside, but trapped, unable to escape. I was sitting in outer space, watching her. I was much bigger than the cube she was in, possibly ten times bigger. I was seated in a chair of some kind, just observing.

When I told her about the vision, Delores was disturbed and told me that she had just had something very similar. She saw herself on one side of a great gulf, by herself. On the other side were saints rejoicing together, whom she was unable to join.

We went up to Camrose to visit Fred and Delores, and it was rather pleasant. Their log home, fireplace, and good food offered us comfort and relief from our circumstances and loneliness. We remained for nearly a week, visiting with them. As a result of that visit, Fred wanted us to return, perceiving we were very helpful to Delores. Lois had also come up to see us at Camrose, bringing her boys, Trevor, Mark, and Jason. All were spiritually edified. I recall having brought my guitar, and I sang the songs the Lord had given me. Fred expressed an appreciation for Job.

Vision – Mother and Daughter in Turmoil

Delores told us of acquaintances of hers, a Romanian woman named Ivah, and Leah, Ivah’s daughter, who lived together near Camrose. Whether she told me of them before or after, I had this vision at 104 Bluefox Boulevard in Lethbridge, 1984:

I saw a thin older woman walking with her head in a dust cloud, blindly leading her daughter down a paved road. She was adamant she was right, and she continued forging ahead. Her daughter, who was dark-skinned and had thick, long black hair, sat down by the curbside, coughing from the dust to which her mother had subjected her. The daughter was annoyed and refused to go further.

The meaning of this vision was soon to be revealed to me.

Vision – Bob Gregson with Reverence for Truth

I struggled much with Bob Gregson while talking with him about spiritual and business matters on several occasions in 1984. During that time, I saw this vision and related it to him on January 15, 1985. In the vision, he was standing behind a counter or lectern. He was speaking, and he had the most earnest respect for truth, very sober. I heard a voice say, “A strong angel will go with him wherever he goes.”

Bob had several dreams that seemed significant, though not necessarily promising good for himself or anyone else. They had to do with his wife, Lynn, his father, and their printing business. They seemed to indicate he wouldn’t prevail in faith. Twenty-seven years later, nothing has changed.

Vision – Molnars’ Money Castle

In my mind, there seemed to be a contradiction with Fred concerning money. On the one hand, he was willing to give to us when we were in need, though I would never ask for anything or let our needs be known. This occurred on several occasions. On the other hand, he seemed consumed with money matters.

During the time we visited with the Molnars, I had a vision of Fred. He was inside a round enclosure of bill packets of money, stacked about five feet high, the enclosure about eight feet in diameter. There were people outside the enclosure.

Fred had a long rod, something like what gambling table attendants use at casinos to pass out or take in chips. With this instrument, he was dispensing packets of bills to those outside his enclosure. His nose was up in the air, as he did so, and I think he wore a crown on his head, though not sure. I was reminded of the proverb:

“The rich man’s wealth is his strong city, and as a high wall in his own mind” (Proverbs 18:11 MKJV).

Vision – Split Tree Falls on Fred’s House

While visiting Fred and Delores, I had a vision wherein I saw a great tree, cut off at the top and bottom, trimmed, and split in two down the center. I saw half of it come slamming down on top of Fred’s log house, crushing it. The second half of that log fell, landing on top of the first, matching the splits (the first with split up, the second with split down). I interpreted it to mean that Fred’s house was finished.

Vision – Ivah and Leah Revealed

Delores wanted us to visit her friend, Ivah. Ivah’s husband was in prison, and her daughter, Leah, was living with her. Ivah was in her fifties, very thin, and professed to believe, though she seemed quite confused. Scars on her neck evidenced her having undergone surgery for cancer.

Leah was in her early twenties. While Leah had gone along with her mother’s religious activities, she was now dating a Catholic fellow, drinking, and generally living contrary to her mother’s wishes. When I asked her about it, she said she wasn’t interested in following after God, that she had tried it and gotten nowhere. (Of course, it was a case of the blind leading the blind and having fallen into the ditch.)

I had thought that the vision I had was of them. The strange thing, however, was that Leah’s hair wasn’t thick, long, and black at all, but medium brown and short, and her skin wasn’t dark, but very pale, almost a light cream.

Then I saw a picture on their piano of a young woman with dark complexion and long, thick black hair. “Who is this? I asked.

“That’s me,” she replied.

“How different!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, that was before I was on drugs. Drugs (LSD?) changed my complexion and hair,” she replied.

I said, “That’s the girl I saw in my vision.”

I told them what I had seen. As the vision showed, Leah had abandoned her mother’s religious activities and beliefs, disgusted with them. She went unapologetically into the world. Her mother had never had anything to offer her by way of spiritual truth. Ivah’s truth was dust.

Who says there’s no God?

Vision – Wall of Fire Coming

In the winter of ’84 -’85, while we lived at Bluefox Blvd in Lethbridge, I believe I was watching 101 Huntley Street or some other religious program. David Mainse and another religious TV personality, Ralph Rutledge (David’s brother-in-law), were competing with each other for public recognition and honor. It was obvious, and disgusting.

Later, I had a vision of a great and fearful roaring wall of fire (coming from the north, it seemed). It was a very high wall, a hundred, or hundreds, of meters high and very wide, so that nothing could pass over it or go around it. The roaring noise could be heard many miles away as it approached. It looked somewhat like a huge ocean breaker or tsunami coming to shore. It devoured everything in its path. I heard that all these works of men would be utterly destroyed. I also heard the words:

“Just as the false shall be exposed, so shall the true be made manifest. ”

Not long after, Rutledge was exposed and discredited because of immoral or illegal offenses of a sexual nature. He never returned to his so-called ministry. I knew those words would be fulfilled in many other and much greater and widespread ways – indeed the fire would cover the earth.

Vision – Armored Vehicles in Bod and Above

At that time, I had a vision wherein Dad and Mom were in an armored vehicle with tracks, like on a tank, and stuck in a bog. The bog was elevated above ground level, as a mound and not as a hole or pit. Marilyn and I were in another similar vehicle, hovering above them, and letting down a cable and hook to pull them up and out. We knew that if we were to go into the bog to tow them out, we would get stuck and perish with them.

In the three letters, I told Dad his sins against God and against me, hoping that he would repent. That was the letting down of the cable and hook from above. I knew that if we had gone to Dauphin to see him, I would have been overcome with sympathy, grief, and sorrow, and would have lost my soul. We would all have perished. I had denied the Lord back in 1977 in Dauphin in a similar way, and He had told me, “You have denied My Name.” I wasn’t about to repeat the error and perish with them.

Vision – A Glimpse of Dad on the Other Side

I then saw Dad’s face as he was entering the next world marveling. He discovered that I was the Lord’s, as I said I was, and that the things I had been saying to him were true after all. He wasn’t shocked or chagrined, but elated. Apparently, Dad was saved! Didn’t Mom say he had repented?

Vision – A Serpent Swiftly Slithers Away

Delores talked about my letter to Fred more than once, not convinced I had done right. She would also occasionally gossip and murmur with Lois, speculating on how Marilyn and I were false ministers of God, applying mind control techniques. She once likened Marilyn to the “softie” who would win the confidence of our intended recruits, while I was the “axe man.”

On June 7th, as we visited in the Bensons’ screened porch, I confronted Delores on the things we were hearing from Lois. Finally, I got upset and said, “Delores, where do you come up with this garbage?”

I could have been somewhat hopeful if Delores had asked for help or expressed some remorse, or at least doubted what she was doing and saying, but no, she immediately retorted, “Well, where do you come up with all your garbage?”

“What garbage?” I asked.

She started to mumble and fumble for words and failed to come up with anything. I said, “OK, Delores, that’s it. All I hear is this unsubstantiated crap coming from you. I’ve had it with you.”

Delores knew that what I said was final, perhaps more than I did. She arose in anger and headed for the door. We accompanied her to her pickup. By then she was crying; she swiftly got into the truck and drove off. I then saw, in a vision, a serpent swiftly slithering away into the bushes and grass, in fear and fury.

I recalled how, years before, as we were driving to the Molnar residence, we ran over a snake in the road. The event in itself was nothing, but it seemed to portend spiritual realities. We even spoke of the event having spiritual significance when we drove over the snake.

Vision – Many Wounded by Lois

In the mid to late 80’s, I had a vision of many people in a hospital, wounded, in casts, bound in bandages, several of them missing limbs or badly maimed. Lois had been responsible for the damage of many.

Vision – Unbelief Backhanding Truth

I had another vision of a brutish muscular, hairy forearm, backhanding truth. It represented Lois’ unbelief, her contempt for truth. This was in the mid to late 80’s.

Vision – A Spectacle of Wantonness

I had this terrible vision in the mid to late 80’s, with horrible words and all. Doubtless, it’s the worst I’ve ever had. I saw Lois at an exhibition of the kind that goes from town to town, otherwise known as a fair or circus. She was an attraction at the fair, a very vile one. She was sitting on a table or open stage of some sort, naked, weighing about 600 pounds, dirty, and looking mischievously around to see what ugly prank she could pull on the audience. Men were gathered all around, curious.

There was a carnival barker, shouting, “Step right up, folks! Come on and see this spectacle, everybody! The meanest, grossest, dirtiest, cruelest creature you ever laid your eyes on! She f—s, she sucks, she’ll do anything! Watch out for her – she’s mean! Anybody who approaches takes his life in his hands! Beware! She f—s, she sucks. Step right up, folks, and take your chances!”

Coarse, vulgar language? Yes. From above? Yes. God doesn’t mince words. He tells it like it is. However, I’ve never heard anything else like it from Him, before or since.

Vision – The Spirit of Death

While we were casting out devils from Archie by the Lord’s direction and power, Cathie went into a state of trance. She was hysterical, crying out in great pity for a baby she saw that was screaming and desperate, being plunged upside down into a river of water. “Poor baby! Poor baby!” she repeatedly wailed.

I suddenly remembered how many years ago Mom told us they had left Archie with Dad’s brother, Alex, and his wife, Kay, when Mom went to the hospital to have a baby – Barbara. Archie was about a year old at the time. She said Archie had been strangely different after being left with them. Alex and Kay had a river running right by their farmhouse.

While Cathie was crying out, the spirit to come out of Archie identified itself as “Death.” It was bone-chilling just to hear it declare its name.

Did I believe Cathie or what was coming forth from her? At the time, she was so emotional and beside herself, I didn’t know what to believe. Was it a devil in her? I wondered, but I also knew that what she was seeing by vision, or revelation, matched something I had known for decades, of which Cathie was never aware. Did Aunt Kay grow angry with Archie and try to stifle his cries by immersing him in the river? Did she have a problem of some kind and, thereby, mistreat Archie?

Or was she seeking revenge against Mom, deliberately traumatizing Archie, as Mom had once harmed her husband, Alex? Uncle Bill Atamanchuk once told me Mom had taken up a garter snake and gleefully chased Uncle Alex around the barn. I was told Alex was screaming in fear. He was traumatized and never quite the same again. Uncle laughed heartily about that event as he related it to me. I marveled that my mother would do such a thing.

While it could have been Alex who did this to Archie, I never ever saw this streak of evil in him, but I had seen it in Kay from time to time.

The interesting thing is that one day we shall surely know the facts. Jesus said: “There is nothing hidden that will not be found. There is no secret that will not be well known” (Luke 8:17 CEV).

I’m soberly aware and credulous of those words as I write these things.

Vision – Archie’s Old House Disintegrated

Within hours or days of Archie’s deliverance, in a vision, I saw Archie, Cathie, and the children in a ramshackle house that should have been condemned years ago. Then I saw the house swept away in fire and wind, as one sees in pictures of buildings destroyed from a distant nuclear explosion. I then saw Archie and his family standing together, still in the same spot, smiling, looking up, and marveling at what had happened. All was cleansed.

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision: Eight Clay Pots

At this time in October of 1985, Marilyn had a vision of eight clay pots on a shelf. One was cracked. There were eight people in Archie’s family. While we speculated, we had no idea what the vision meant.

Vision – Chris Receives Deliverance

One day when Chris was having his problems secretively picking on Danny and continuously soiling his pants, I was led to pray for him. Archie and I sat down with him on the couch, I laid hands on his head and rebuked the enemy, asking God to heal and deliver him. Archie then spoke up and said, “I saw a vision just now. I saw two devils coming out of a house, one was a vicious one, cursing, while the other was shitting itself as it was leaving. Both were going out into desolate places.”

By this confirmation Archie had received of God, we knew Chris had received deliverance from two devils. Chris was never again found to hurt Danny or soil his pants.

Who says there is no God?

Vision – Paul in Foolishness

At some point I had a vision. I saw Paul wearing a large pair of hobnail boots. He was walking on his own head, his legs extending behind, up, and on his head. He had a foolish look on his face, as though I was supposed to admire him or be amused at what he was doing, though it was quite disgusting. He was in great spiritual confusion and trial, doing his utmost to impress me.

Vision – Truth Personified

I wrote a poem on Truth in March of 1986, at which time I had a vision of Truth personified. Truth was represented as a young male judge – slim, handsome, and well groomed, with short, dark hair. He was dressed in black robes, sitting at his bench with a gavel in hand. Along with this vision, I had words describing Truth’s role.

Here is the poem: Truth

I also wrote The Vices’ Voices.

Vision – Lois, Fighting Demons

I had a vision in the mid to late ‘80s of Lois, naked, small, thin, and panicky, standing on a spindly wooden chair, which had no back on it. In her hand was a toy sword. She was trying to fend off a sea of demons entirely surrounding her.

Vision – Watchman on the Walls

In 1985 or ‘86, Lois had a vision of me as a watchman, with medieval weapons and armor, on the walls of a city.

Vision – A Black Heart

I had a vision in which I saw Lois seated on a low rock, stewing, stubborn, and dark. I saw her heart, which was black and very hard. The Lord was standing a few paces away, looking back, but starting to go on His way. I was still lingering some for Lois, trying to persuade her, to get through to her.

Vision – Mare Birthing Colt

On July 10, 1986, late in the evening, at Benson’s, I saw a black mare giving birth to a colt. She was standing, and her right rear leg was raised and kicking with discomfort. When relating the vision to Marilyn, she had been receiving thoughts of new things and received that the vision represented new beginnings. How marvelously accurate would those words be! This was the first time we were alerted to the significance in our lives of the tenth day of the seventh month.

This date would turn out to be a very important one for us, perfectly beyond our doing, many times over, as you’ll see. On the Hebrew calendar, the tenth day of the seventh month is the Day of Atonement, the most solemn and important day of the sacred year of ancient Israel. It was the day of the scapegoat, the one day the High Priest entered behind the great curtain into the Holy of Holies to sprinkle blood on the mercy seat on the Ark of the Covenant. It was a day of new beginnings for Israel, their sins forgiven for the past year.

Vision – July 10, New Beginnings

Living directly across the road, and no doubt glad to see fresh activity in their white elephant development, Kay Wheeler had taken several pictures of Bill Syme’s home construction from the very day it began, starting with the excavation.

On the back of the first pictures taken of the groundbreaking was the date July 10, 1986. This was the very day when, in Stettler, I had the vision of a mare birthing a colt, and when telling Marilyn of the vision, she received it represented new beginnings. Little did I know how time and time again, the tenth day of the seventh month would repeat itself with significant events in our lives – all new beginnings.

Why had Kay taken those pictures? It could have been for the reason I speculated, but was there more to it? Had God given her to do it for our sakes? How often do people take pictures of construction in their neighborhood (before the days of digital cameras and cell phones)? And why did she give those pictures to me, not to Bill Syme? I could tell they were on good terms with the Symes. No, those pictures were meant for us, and she gave them to me just in time, as you will see later. We still have them.

She even wrote the explanations and dates on the back. I marveled with joy. The Lord was founding this particular “new beginning,” preparing something for us of which we had no idea. And you’ll see much more.

Who says there is no God?

Vision – A Psyched-Out Psychiatrist

While they were gone, I had a vision of a man in a suit – short, a bit plump, bald, wearing glasses, standing there flustered and confounded (I had no idea what he looked like in real life). I think I also saw him with his pants down, according to the expression, meaning that he was caught by surprise or perplexed, perhaps even impressed. He had expected troubled boys and found instead that the young boys were not only normal, but even had the psychiatrist’s agenda analyzed.

As for Lois, she refused to go through what she saw as the ridiculous motions of psychiatric assessment.

Vision – Lois to Sacrifice Jason

Lois had always believed that Jason wanted to be with her. When he returned from weekends with Howard, he was weepy, but he wouldn’t say anything. She thought he was torn in the conflict and perhaps being abused somehow by Howard.

One day, I realized that Jason’s heart wasn’t with us. He didn’t want to be with his mother. He wanted out. I had a talk with him and drew it out of him. He was quite clear that he wished to be with his father. He enjoyed Howard’s flatteries and bribes and freedom from discipline.

As we stood watching Jason play in the sandbox, I had to speak to Lois, telling her to let Howard have Jason. I said, “Jason isn’t one of us.”

This was perhaps the last thing she wanted to hear. However, when she regained composure, she revealed to me she had received from the Lord days before in prayer, “Give Howard what he wants.”

On August 20, 1986, sorrowing, yet knowing what she had to do in obedience to God, Lois surrendered Jason to Howard. Jason was obviously happy. There were 40 days between July 10th, when I had the vision of the promise of new beginnings, and this day when she submitted her will to the Lord.

One would think that Howard would be happy, but he wasn’t. He saw the surrender as the strategic sacrifice of a pawn in a chess game. Perhaps he saw it that way because suddenly, unexpectedly it seemed that the entire custody battle had imploded; it was over. Howard had no more power over Lois.

Lois also consented to give Trevor and Mark a choice as to whom they chose to go with, and they chose to remain with her. Mark was thirteen, and Trevor was sixteen. Howard knew he wouldn’t prevail with them. When Lois obeyed the Lord, it was over.

Who says there is no God?

Vision – Out of the Lion’s Mouth

Paul came to Lethbridge on December 23, 1986. We decided to pay Lois and the boys a surprise visit in Stettler. They were very happy to see Paul, and we had a good visit, despite the pressures and unpleasantry of Lois’ divorce and the fact that Howard might chance to walk in and find us there. Jason, sympathetic with Howard, could tell him we were there against Howard’s wishes. We had a close call when Howard once came over, but he didn’t see us or know we were there.

When returning to Lethbridge, I had a vision of Paul, Marilyn, and me jumping out of a lion’s mouth about twenty feet down to the ground. The Lord was telling us that we had been in the midst of sure danger, yet were kept perfectly safe. Obviously, He was our safety.

Vision – Cathie Hafichuk as a Preying Cat

I had another vision around this time: I saw a large cat, the size of a mountain lion, hiding in deep grass. It had the head and face of Cathie Hafichuk, Archie’s wife. Its tail was playfully twisting, as if ready to pounce on something. She was hiding and devious. That would describe her constant spirit and attitude.

Vision – Star Hits the Earth

On February 6 or 7, 1987, about 3:40 pm, in Paul’s basement suite at Leora Mahan’s in Great Falls, I was resting on Paul’s bed when I had a vision. Paul later told me that as I was having it, he walked by the open door to the living room, saw me, and thought, “He’s seeing something.”

In the vision, I saw Earth at a distance, and there was darkness all about. Far beyond Earth, I saw a star rushing toward it. The star slammed into Earth, and a third of it crumbled and disintegrated. While the other two thirds of Earth remained intact, it was badly cracked.

I knew I was that star.

Vision – The Truth Will Bring Babylon Down

On March 27th, I was reminded of what the Lord told me, that I would bring down the Roman Catholic Church. I didn’t believe it then (perhaps within the past two years ago), but I do now. Yet I see that I will not be physically responsible. Many elements will serve for the physical demise. However, the Truth we speak will be key.

Then on April 1, Paul confirmed what I had received. He said that the Truth we were speaking was affecting the whole world. I recalled the vision I had about 19 years ago, in February of 1987, of the star hitting the earth.

Vision – Marj Harris, Full of Corrupt Religion

All this while, Marj Harris of Stettler visited us whenever we were there, and wrote letters when we weren’t, to which we replied. She was sending offerings, and we accepted them. One day I had a vision of her. I saw her sitting, very fat, stuffed and dull, full of rot, which seemed as excrement, ready to burst through the skin.

She was full of religion, but without spiritual health or reality. I had to tell her so, and of course, when I did, she wasn’t pleased. What was worse, she attributed the vision to me, not to the Lord. She resented the one who was merely the messenger. So what’s new? It seems to me her reaction only confirmed what I had seen.

Vision – Man of Faith Surrounded by Hatred

Around this time, I received a vision from God. It came October 6 or 7, 1987.

I saw a group of about seven bearded men dressed in black ancient clothing (something one would imagine the Sanhedrin of old wearing). They were murderously angry, with teeth gnashing, seated in a semi-circle in judgment and railing upon a man who was before them. This man was sitting casually on a chair, with legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles. He was the picture of faith and peace. They were condemning him to death, so much did they hate him, yet he sat there as though it was their doom and not his, not that he was angry with them, or seeking their hurt. He was merely unafraid. I knew I was that man.

As with other visions, I wondered if this vision would come to pass quite literally, though none others ever had. I also related the vision to the two unpleasant financial scares I had just suffered. While they were highly insignificant financially, I believed that the Lord was showing me that a time would come when nothing would faze me, that even in the midst of being condemned to death, I would be at peace.

I expected this vision to be fulfilled many years hence, not feeling anywhere nearly as confident in even small matters as was that man under threat of death itself. I would come to marvel when the vision was dramatically, almost literally fulfilled, much sooner than expected.

Vision – A Great Tree, Uprooted and Cut in Half

Around this time I had a vision of a great green deciduous tree, like a poplar perhaps, uprooted and suspended a few feet above the ground. I then saw a sword cut it in half, from top to bottom, through the trunk and the root cluster. This vision would soon be fulfilled.

Vision – Delores Dies

We received report that Delores Molnar was defeated in her cancer. She died a few months later on June 14th, 1988. Just after her death, I had a mental vision (different from a picture vision – more like a visualized feeling), in which I saw her on her deathbed, screaming in terror, in great guilt, afraid of what awaited her on the other side. If this happened externally, it would have been a horrible experience for Fred and their children – Garry and Stacey – and anyone else present.

Vision – Pig in a Tower

One day, in 1988 or early 1989, I was envying Al and Kay Wheeler’s lot location and view overlooking a valley and horse paddocks. As I was considering this, the Lord gave me a vision. I saw a forest lookout tower – an older, ramshackle one, made of wood with only a railing all around. There was a pig inside, standing on its hind legs with forelegs on the rail, screaming away. I knew I was the pig.

I confessed and repented of my envy and coveting my neighbor’s goods, and began to thank God for the great and many blessings He had bestowed on us. I almost immediately saw a new, shining tower, more like a control tower at an airport, with plate glass windows. There I was, inside, as a person, dressed in a suit, with smiling face and shining countenance, young and handsome, in peace and victory, taking in the beautiful scenery. In the former scene, it was evident I was in a precarious position, but in this second scene, I was safe and secure. So it is.

To the Lord, covetousness is very ugly, and satisfaction with Him alone very beautiful.

Who says there is no God?

Vision – Vision Fulfilled of Marilyn in Her Home

One day I realized a vision I had, likely back in the seventies, was fulfilled. I saw, now in reality, Marilyn, well-dressed, at the kitchen sink, facing south, looking out as she washed her hands. We were in our own home, as promised.

Who says there is no God?

Vision – Nathan “Imprisoned” for His Safety

At the time Nathan was disfellowshipped, Archie had a vision. He saw Nathan standing on the outside balcony of the upper floor of a building. The balcony had a rail filled with sharp horns facing inward to keep Nathan from escaping. Archie said it signified an imprisonment designed for Nathan’s protection and good. I agreed with him.

Vision – A Hard Black Heart

Karen Barbie visited us at Moon River with an assistant from Green Haven Garden Center to advise us on landscaping. We had some discussions on spiritual matters. Sometime in 1989, I had a vision of Karen’s heart, very hard and compressed, like that of a black Indian rubber ball. She turned out to be very bitter toward us after I told her about it.

I meant and intended no evil, but I suppose she thought I was criticizing or condemning her, which I wasn’t. I had no desire or reason whatsoever to do so. Perhaps I was unwise in divulging the vision to her, but I was hoping there would be some kind of breakthrough for her.

Vision – The Treasure House

On October 17th, 1989, at our Moon River home, I was talking to the Bensons about a vision I had. In the vision, I saw a long, high-walled building, which seemed a block long or more. Every fifteen feet or so was a door. Inside those walls were known to be untold treasures of every kind. They were reserved for those who had the faith to enter by any of the available doors they chose. Telling the vision to them, Mark said, “I’d like to have those treasures.” I replied, “You have them.” We were to see in later years how amazingly true that would be for Mark, time and again.

Vision – Gab, Grab, and Go

Marilyn then had a vision. She saw Alan Orr and Brent Derricott take people’s money, stick it in their pockets, and run. More later, much more… wait for it.

Vision – The Lord, with Seven Fearful Names

Shortly after the event, while sitting in the living room, I had a vision of the Lord standing on the loft balcony of our home, looking north-northwest, in the direction of Alan Orr’s property, swinging an iron rod in fury and bringing judgment. He had Seven Names, which I was commanded not to utter or reveal. Was there a name for each of the seven major players?

Thereafter followed tragedies of these people, not all of them major players:

Ron Crighton died of painful prostate cancer shortly after the event.

Frank Eden moved away and shortly after found himself in hot criticism by the public as an executive of the Chinook Health Region. I had discovered firsthand that criticism was something he could never stand, so he got more, which is how things work.

Jim King was angry he was implicated in the monetary ambitions of the executive, protesting he wasn’t involved. That was all he had to say at the meeting. I believe he wasn’t involved, yet in spirit was complicit; while aware, he wasn’t willing to support an honest effort to help the community.

Jim King’s son got in trouble with the law for fraud with a bank. Years later, seeing Jim’s home vacant for a long time, I discovered his wife, Pat, had left him, though I have heard since then that their marriage was restored.

Byron Neu’s son, Anders, was frequently in trouble with the law, bringing grief to his parents, who simply wouldn’t listen to my reports and requests to restrain Anders; Byron scorned me instead. They wouldn’t listen to me and Anders wouldn’t listen to them. After some years, Byron and Debbie divorced, and she fell ill to cancer.

I heard Clarence, Al Wheeler, and others lost their investments in the course because it all went under as we knew it would, though Clarence likely made money on the acreage he got from his Reform friend, John.

A few years later, Clarence and his wife, Joanna, whom the Lord revealed to me was the power center of Moon River, moved away, very bitter toward me. This was relayed to me by the Overbeeks, who bought the Arnoldussen home.

In 2003, Arnoldussen’s son, Joel, who had troubled us constantly, committed suicide or died by overdose of drugs, in the fourteenth year after the fire hall event.

John Van de Merwe seemed to be okay for years. However, he favored Clarence at the meeting and certainly took no stand for truth. Later, he would discover Clarence had purchased the lot from him for a song, in speculation of the golf course. John told me recently he had fallen into serious, prolonged depression and illness, losing much weight and looking quite haggard.

A note of commendation for John: He has been a friendly neighbor; he has helped us with car boosts when needed, without charge. But, oy vey, his wife, Isabel, with a face of granite stone, could never bring herself to wave to us as she drove by, though I waved many times.

Ed Langford was not there the night of the dark meeting, but sought to profit on the golf course development and was upset with me for not getting involved in the community thereafter. It wasn’t long before he died of a horrible cancer eating away at his jaw.

Alan Orr, the ambitious developer, went bankrupt, moving back with his wife and five or six children into his mother’s home. A bit embarrassing for the developer of a whole community of homes.

Brent Derricott, a shady character indeed, was reported running from the law, last I heard, sought by Asian investors who were bilked by him.

Walter Burton soon moved away, selling his house below market value.

George Kush had no friends in the community and has been bitter toward me for temporarily ignoring him. His wife, Josephine, has been quite friendly and ever cheerful.

For a long while, it seemed that nothing happened to Al Wheeler, though we know his wife, Kay, was a driving force in his conduct, “the hand behind the throne.” I recently found out they lost a son a few years ago, and Al died with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Vision – Black Angels over the Harris House

Shortly after the event of November 10th, I had a vision wherein I saw black angels above Harris’ house and property, cursing everything there. Sometime later, I saw in a book a picture of the crucifixion, and dark entities, very similar to those I saw over the Harris property, tormenting the dead thief who had railed on Jesus. I told Steve about these things.

Some years later, I saw his wife trying to start a stalled vehicle. A demon had caused the problem, and the demon was in her.

Vision – Information and Confirmation from Dave Grier

The first person we called on was Dave Grier. The last time we had seen Dave was in the fall of 1976 when he returned to his and our home in Prince Albert for some personal belongings. This was some weeks after the prophecy I had spoken to him, whereby he was “delivered over to the destroyer for the destruction of the flesh.” After the prophecy, he joined himself to Mount Zion Christian Center, led by co-pastors Bill Kellers and Dave Roberts, to which Mickey and Lynn had returned when leaving us months before Dave did.

Dave Grier was now married, with a few children. He had married a member of Mount Zion. Almost the entire church of nearly a thousand had been comprised of singles – a peculiar thing. Dave began to tell us what happened with them and Mount Zion. Bill Kellers and Dave Roberts were found out to be homosexuals. This blew their church sky high.

Suddenly, close to a thousand young congregants were on the street, many shocked and disillusioned. Bill and Dave went back to the States. Many of the congregation married one another (sad to say that today I must add: “males with females”) and returned to their former churches, or scattered to other churches, and some quit church attendance altogether.

We asked Dave and his wife about Mickey and Lynn Patrick. They said they occasionally heard from them; they were now living in Regina. We purposed, Lord willing, to visit Mickey and Lynn, as well.

Dave Grier’s wife was former Ultra Orthodox. She rejoined the Ultra Orthodox Church with Dave, and Dave became a member in good standing. The church was very pleased with him, and he was so pleased with their being pleased with him. I suddenly remembered how Dave had always been a man-pleaser.

Few churches are greater or more elaborate in ritual and form than the Orthodox. Dave had been taken into the deepest, darkest recesses of nominal Christendom. Indeed, he had been delivered over to the destroyer, the prince of darkness and of the gates of hell, even as I had prophesied over him fourteen years earlier.

I marveled as we sat there and heard all these things. I recalled how God had kept us from Mount Zion, in spite of Dave’s enthusiastic participation there and his critical judgment of our “legalism,” and in spite of Mickey’s urgings to us to join them, lest we should “fall into the vicious delusion of the enemy.”

We recalled how, after we trusted God’s direction in 1977 away from the thriving and lively Mount Zion, the supposed “move of God,” He revealed to us Kellers and Roberts were beasts. This was years before the congregants found out their secret.

As I shared these things with Dave and reminded him of the prophecy and of things I had said to him fourteen years earlier, he was visibly unsettled. His wife was alarmed and broke out in loud protests. Suddenly, I was silent.

Why didn’t we have anything more to say? Why couldn’t we plead or refute or respond somehow in a positive way for their sakes? I don’t know, except I had no hope of change for them, and I wasn’t given anything more to say.

When Dave’s wife broke out with alarm and contention, I decided our visit was over. Without saying anything more, I got up and motioned to Marilyn we were leaving. We left without a word. I don’t know that I’ve ever done such a thing before or since.

I then had a vision of a bucket full of slops, rotting, breaking down. I knew it was Dave, and that the process wasn’t complete. We needed to leave things as they were.

One more thing: As Dave sat in his sofa chair, I saw at his feet on the carpet an accumulation of nail clippings.

Vision – Out like a Cork from a Bottle

Just before the baby was born, we had concerns about the pregnancy and delivery. I saw, in a vision, the baby coming out suddenly, almost like a cork popping out of a champagne bottle, with no complications.

Vision – Surprise! (Fulfilled)

We began prenatal classes, but it was too late for me to learn what I thought I needed to learn. On the evening of September 21st, the baby was particularly active and Marilyn was a whirlwind of activity, housecleaning as though we were getting unexpected company.

And we did get unexpected company. At 2:30 AM on September 22nd, Marilyn woke me saying, “I think my water broke.” According to another of Dr. Hardin’s judgments, the child wasn’t to come for a couple more weeks, not that these things are precisely determined.

We called Dr. Hardin, who wasn’t happy about being called at that hour. We were directed to come to the hospital. Arriving there, the doctor examined Marilyn, made arrangements, and was taking leave to get some sleep, thinking the baby wouldn’t be born for several hours. She didn’t reach her room. The nurse, realizing something was happening, called down the hall after the doctor and delivery commenced almost immediately.

It didn’t take long before the baby was out. The total time of Marilyn’s labor from the breaking of water was about four hours.

When the baby came forth, Dr. Hardin was taken by surprise and dropped it! Fortunately, it was to a utensils table less than a foot below. I was annoyed. She was quite incompetent and didn’t seem to care. But there was the birth, as foretold by the Lord in the vision.

Danny was right – it was a boy! Five pounds, fifteen ounces, born at 6:34 AM; a tiny guy, but lively. What to name him? Apparently, we had to scrap “Alaythia.” We pondered for days until we settled on “Jonathan,” which means “God is given” or “gift of God.” Surely, he was a gift, a surprise, and such a wonderful one. I also saddled him with my first and second names, “Victor” and “Nicholas,” something he would come to occasionally teasingly complain about – or is he serious?

We were surprised a child was coming. We were surprised it came so soon, and we were surprised it was a boy. The nursing staff seemed to expect some problems, seeing Jonathan was born of a woman in her early forties and he being premature by two weeks or so. There were no immediate problems.

Imagine the change in lifestyle for us, especially for Marilyn! Just having a child was a huge change after 17 years and getting on in age. Besides, Jonathan was no ordinary child. He didn’t sleep normal baby hours of sleep, not because something was bothering him. He just didn’t sleep like other babies. Nor did he cry, or complain, or whine, or argue or get easily upset. Remarkably, he seemed to take things in stride from the beginning.

(Given Jonathan’s interests and activities today in free running and gymnastics, I’ve reconsidered blaming Dr. Hardin for dropping him. I wonder if Jonathan didn’t surprise her by displaying his natural aptitudes at first opportunity.)

Vision – The Sphinx

Shortly after Jonathan was born, in 1991 or so, I had a vision of a sphinx in a desert. I knew I was seeing Jonathan. Behind him, there were several sphinxes, perhaps a hundred yards apart, evenly spaced, every one facing in the same direction, each one still, as sentinels. Each was solitary, yet one in function and purpose.

What is a sphinx? Does anyone know? Some say it has the face of a pharaoh. All I know is that it has the head of a man, the body of a lion, and once had the wings of an eagle. There’s much more significance to it than meets the eye.

I’m reminded of the living creatures spoken of:

Revelation 4:6-11 MKJV
(6) And a sea of glass was in front of the throne, like crystal. And in the midst of the throne, and around the throne, were four living creatures, full of eyes in front and behind.
(7) And the first living creature was like a lion, and the second living creature like a calf, and the third living creature had the face of a man, and the fourth living creature like a flying eagle.
(8) And each one of the four living creatures had six wings about him, and within being full of eyes. And they had no rest day and night, saying, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God, the Almighty, who was and is and is to come.”
(9) And whenever the living creatures gave glory and honor and thanks to Him Who sat on the throne, Who lives forever and ever,
(10) the twenty-four elders fell down before the One sitting on the throne. And they worshiped Him Who lives for ever and ever, and threw their crowns before the throne, saying,
(11) “O Lord, You are worthy to receive glory and honor and power, because You created all things, and for Your will they are and were created.”

Vision – Mark’s Vision: Stone Tower

In 1990 or 1991, Mark had a vision. He relates:

I had a vision of a stone tower in a meadow with beautiful scenery all around it, including a brook, hills, grass, trees, animals, and bright sunshine. The tower had a shuttered window at the top of it.

I realized that to a person in that room, the outside world did not exist, and they would be unlikely to believe anyone who tried to tell them differently. In order to know different, the person inside would have to believe that they were in a room and that there was such a thing as a window with shutters that can open to another world, before they would take the seemingly senseless and foolhardy step of reaching out in the dark and groping for this window that nobody could actually see.

If they had the ‘blind’ faith to do that, they could push on the shutters and suddenly become part of the bigger world. It had disadvantages, though, in that the person would then become aware of what they looked like or how dirty they or their room were when bathed in light for the first time.

Vision – Jonathan’s Eczema

When Jonathan was about six months old, he developed a terrible case of eczema on his face. We prayed and tried what we knew of natural remedies, but nothing worked. The condition grew worse. Then Marilyn had a vision of a facial cream being applied to his face and his face clearing.

Because God wasn’t answering our prayers for healing, we went to our medical doctor. Dr. Morgan was upset we had waited so long; Jonathan had developed impetigo. She immediately put him on antibiotics and prescribed a steroid cream to be applied to his face. We were opposed to both things, but didn’t know what else to do, not being familiar with alternatives. We administered those, and in three or four days, Jonathan’s face cleared.

God is over the medical establishment and isn’t afraid of antibiotics or steroids, even for infants. Not saying those are the routes we should take when we know of better alternatives. I see this situation as the Lord dealing with our fears of “the establishment,” of fear of man, really. God rules, and doesn’t countenance any limitations imposed on Him.

Vision – Charles Givens

Charles Givens’ organization came to town in 1992 to better everyone financially – or was it to better himself? We had substantial savings and were wondering how best to manage our assets and invest them effectively. I attended the meeting at the Lethbridge Lodge, signed up, and was soon sorry I did.

I had a vision of Charles. I saw him with his back turned to the people and giving a low palm-side stroke against those behind him, brushing off anyone coming for help. He was cold and calloused to the needs of those he was presuming to help. Reflecting his spirit, his staff was trained to coldly reject triflers and doubters, and not to waste any time on probing questions.

Six years later, on July 12th, 1998, Charles Givens died of prostate cancer at age 57.

The world, in my estimation, doesn’t revolve around me, yet again and again I’ve seen how I’m often the last straw when it comes to God’s dealing with people. He allows people to do me evil and then deals with them. Was such the case here?

Vision – Vision of Archie, an Old Man Withdrawn

In the early nineties, I believe, I had a vision of Archie, cleanly groomed and dressed, in the act of sitting himself down in a sofa chair to read a newspaper or book. He was balding, with gray hair, and wearing glasses. He was quiet, and it seemed he had withdrawn from reality and from life and was pacifying himself in his own little world. It was a sad scene, one I didn’t wish to contemplate.

It reminded me of how my mother withdrew into herself and could never be reached again. This state is caused by self-pity, bitterness, and unforgiveness.

I was expecting Archie to leave us and become this way, but now, many years later, it occurs to me I was seeing a current spiritual reality with him.

Vision – Stockbrokers with Tunnel Vision

The stockbrokers who introduced us and “broke” us were hard, merciless, mercenary men. One was in his sixties, with supposedly powerful connections in the industry, having been in the business for many years. You might think he was intelligent, knowledgeable, and skilled at making money. I soon learned by revelation and experience he was skilled at making money all right – for himself, not for me or anyone else.

I had a vision or dream of Bill Welton in which he was inside a tunnel, much like a large metal culvert. In this culvert, about six feet in diameter, with flat bottom, little school desks were set up, single-file, at which sat stockbrokers. They were looking through peepholes no larger than two inches in diameter – only one peephole per desk. The stockbrokers would look out their peephole for a stock market statistic, then holler it out with authority, as though they knew what they were talking about. All they were doing was looking at a posted board outside and mechanically repeating it to their audiences or clients.

That was very typical of the man handling our money, all the while barely even pretending to know or care. God subjected us to all this to deliver us from worshipping mammon, and to do one more thing as well – to gain understanding and compassion for the rich, who are quite tormented in their riches.

But there were other factors with Altamira, unsavory ones I was to find out later from other brokers. Bill knew very well what he was doing.

Vision – Paul’s Vision: Safe Harbor

That same day, Paul had a vision of a classical sailing ship with three masts. It was anchored in a harbor and there was a storm at sea. The harbor was U-shaped, and he saw it as though he were on land, inside the bay, looking out to sea. The ship was moored closer to where the sea met the bay, not far off from the land. The ship represented us.

Vision – A Suckling, Deprived, Not Weaned

In 1994, while in mutual stock funds that were going very badly, I saw in a vision an infant crying, almost desperate, reaching with its mouth for the breast, which was being pulled away. I knew I was the infant, and even heard my weak, pitiful, helpless cry. It was in vain.

Sometime later, I had the opportunity to ask my mother if I was breastfed and when I was weaned. She replied I was breastfed four months – which is not long, not nearly long enough, and she didn’t say how she weaned me. I’m not sure she was even truthful with me.

Weaning means a gradual, considerate reduction to zero. The vision revealed I wasn’t weaned at all, but abruptly cut off. By personal experience, I’ve learned this abruptness can have a traumatic psychological and even physiological effect for life.

Until I first recorded this event here in 2007, it hadn’t occurred to me I wasn’t weaned. When changing the infant’s life source, it needs to be wisely done; it needs to be gradual. I expect my mother simply didn’t know any better or just didn’t care.

I marvel at how Jonathan was breastfed until he was three years old and properly weaned, without shock, without deprivation. God gave Marilyn the understanding and care to do some things right. Not to take credit from God and His favor, but age helps in some cases. While my mother was about 21 when she had me, Marilyn was 41 when she had Jonathan – twice my mother’s age. A 21-year-old has a lot to learn.

At least I had something of a home, parents, and a touch of breastfeeding. How traumatic it is for children born out of wedlock to mothers who were only out for selfish convenience and pleasure!

And then there are those who, by cold steel forceps, are torn from the mother’s womb, piece by piece. Read Abortion. My, how relative things are!

Years later it also occurred to me, given the time of this vision, that the stock market trial was the work of God, weaning me from the lust for money and the attractions of this world.

After the painful foray into the stock market, I wasn’t the same again, thankfully. But this time, I wasn’t accompanied by psychological scars, as when abruptly cut off from the breast.

As I review this in 2014, I realize another connection between the stock market foray and the vision of the infant abruptly denied the breast, and this, I believe, was the primary purpose of the stock market experience.

I lusted after money as a result of that experience as an infant. The Lord was weaning me from that lust through my painful subjection to the stock market. While, for a time, He left the explanation of the vision a mystery, He was showing me the cause and origin of why I went recklessly whoring as I did. Only today does He make known these things to us.

It’s revealed to me that lust for food/money/security stems back to being abruptly denied sustenance and comfort as a suckling infant.

As I review this Auto Part in 2014, I am fasting from food. Food has been a problem for me; I’ve spent my life looking for snacks, focused on food. I recently confessed to Marilyn that I’m reluctant to be corrected in this food issue. I can hardly wait to get back to enjoying it.

Following the confession, Marilyn prayed I’d be delivered from the problem. She has seen this in me for years, and now comes the time for her to pray that prayer, in wonderful coordination with other events. The timing and coincidence of these things – my fast, my confession of the food problem, Marilyn’s prayer, and reviewing this Auto Part precisely at this point with the stock market and vision – lead me to conclude the Lord has granted me a tremendous deliverance.

As I’ve so often said, when we see the origin of the problem, it’s because the Lord has healed us of it.

Vision – Tutor Giving Boy Milk and Honey

I don’t recall for sure during what major trial in life I had this vision:

I saw an encampment of a circle of tents in a desert. An older man with beard and turban and a dark Middle Eastern garment was pouring something from a large urn into a cup, which a boy held in his hands. It was evident these were wealthy people, and it seemed the older man was a tutor or guardian. The boy, also in Middle Eastern robe, with turban, seemed about 12 years of age, very comely, robust, without companions, and the man was handsome, kind, and wise.

At first I couldn’t tell what the beverage was, but I knew it was cool and sweet. I then realized it was milk and honey. How refreshing it was! It gave life.

I knew I was that boy. Being the vision was at a time of great trial, I certainly didn’t feel like him; he was apparently happy, comfortable, and well looked-after, wanting no good thing.

Vision – Paul’s Vision: Alan and the Dragon

Paul writes: “In 1995, in a vision, I saw Alan Greenspan, head of the Federal Reserve Bank, on top of what appeared to be a somewhat translucent surface, intently working what appeared to be something like financial incantations, while below the surface lurked a monstrous dragon. The incantations were keeping the dragon submerged, but I clearly saw how close at hand danger and devastation were.

Vision – Paul, an Eagle, Joined by Multitudes

Paul writes: “In 1995, I had a vision. I was a large eagle, mounting high up over the earth, filled with zeal for the battle I was going into against the whole world that is at enmity with the Lord. I was consumed and liberated by my desire to fight and have no fear, come what may. As I proceeded, on my right hand, a huge flock of eagles came to join me, allies in the battle ahead.

Vision – The Oordt Saga, Part Two

House hunting was upon us again. According to the promise the Lord had given me – that we would be buying Archie and his family a home – we began shopping for an acreage where they could comfortably raise their family, learn some basics of life, learn about farming, and grow some organic food.

Martin and Mary Oordt were advertising their home on forty acres, northeast of Lethbridge. (Professor Martin Oordt was the man who treated me with disdain some time ago when I had brought my poetry to him at the University for his assessment and advice.) We went to view it. They had a barn, a cooler, a sizable house, and a swimming pool. Archie had a vision wherein he saw money raining down from the sky (Heaven?) to us at a farm. Perhaps this was the place.

We talked with the Oordts, and Martin was insulting and belligerent. I didn’t know why, and it wouldn’t occur to me until many years later. At the time, I thought, “Why is he being deliberately insulting? What did we ever do to him? How does he expect to sell his home?” We made an offer, it was refused, and it wasn’t long before they sold their property. We would come to be thankful it was withheld from us.

Vision – A Haven of Safety for Us

In these days, Archie had a vision of a great white ship in a harbor. Outside that harbor, a fierce storm raged, but within it was perfect peace. Paul also had a vision in 1994 of our being a sailing ship in a harbor, safe from the stormy sea.

Why ships in a harbor with a storm at sea? Aren’t there other ways of representing safety and security?

Vision – A Rescue Attempt

Sean Fife had made efforts to bring faith to his father, Bob, who lived in Toronto, not that Sean had it himself. Bob was a member of the denomination called the “Brethren,” a stuffy, doctrinaire organization that professes Christ, yet knows nothing of Him.

It was in 1995 that I had a vision of Bob Fife, as we were attempting to reach him. He had a friend, Greg Croal, who sought his own glory, his words smooth as oil, persuading Bob not to pay attention to us. In the vision, Bob was in a pit and I was kneeling down beside it, reaching out to pull him out. Greg Croal, also a member of the Brethren, was standing five feet behind me, glorifying himself and calling on Bob to glorify him, too.

Vision – Throwing Stones at Jerusalem

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Janice Noji was trying to witness of God to us at her office. In sharing my papers with her, she was disquieted and asked me many unlearned questions, which led me to believe she either didn’t read the papers responsibly, or simply understood far less than she pretended.

I wrote her a letter and explained how she lacked understanding. It wasn’t long before she notified us by letter on March 14, 1996 that due to personal differences, she no longer wanted our patronage – whether mine, Archie’s, or that of our families. I responded, rebuking her and prophesying that all would be taken from her unless she repented of her stance, not that I was asking or hoping for her to reinstate us as clients.

Shortly after sending the letter, in March 1996, I received a vision. I saw some desolate grounds. On those grounds wandered persons, mostly solitary, here and there, dressed in long, hooded, dark robes of poverty. These people seemed to be like lepers or starving beggars. They were gaunt and frail.

In the background, perhaps two hundred yards away, I saw a high, long wall, surrounding what seemed to be an ancient fortified city. One woman stooped down in front of me and picked up a stone to throw at the walled city. Her cast was so feeble that the stone must have landed no more than a few yards from her.

The Lord showed me that the walled city was Jerusalem and that those who were at enmity with her had no power to do harm. He showed me that the woman was Janice Noji, who, professing to believe, was really in antipathy toward saints.

Vision – I Laboring in Vain

As Chris complained, Archie remained silent. As I look back, I believe he should have had the courage and understanding to correct his son’s virulent attitude, but he didn’t. Then Archie spoke, saying he had a vision. In it, he saw me in a granary, madly shoveling grain. At the backside of the granary was a large hole, through which the grain was escaping.

I knew the vision described exactly how I was feeling and what seemed to be happening. I was silent and I think I even agreed. Still, it was as though something was out of place. I asked everyone there if they had anything from the Lord to say about the vision. Was there a second witness?

Then Lois spoke, saying she heard the words, meant for Archie, “Why do you yet find fault?” She was adamant that Archie’s vision wasn’t one to minister to, but to condemn me. The words also suggested that he had been continually doing so. Nobody had a spiritual agreement with Archie, not even Christopher, not that I could expect anything from him; he had never received the Spirit or repented. How, then, should he receive a witness?

While nothing seemed presently resolved, the meeting proved eventful. It was quite late in the evening when we finished talking. A marvelous revelation awaited us precisely 1440 days later.

Vision – A Sea of Glass

In the fall of 1996, likely October, Marilyn had a vision. I had prayed and asked the Lord if there was any sin in our midst. As I was giving thanks for supper, she saw surroundings of soft darkness, a darkness representing not evil, but mystery. In the midst of that darkness, there was a breathtakingly beautiful and smooth sea of transparent gold, such as the sea of glass mentioned in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 4:6; 15:2). Nothing on earth could describe it.

We had no idea what the vision meant, but we would know in time.

Vision – Trevor’s Vision: A Straying Sheep

I tried so many times to reason with Trevor. He simply seemed bent on doing his own thing. At this time, he was in Abbotsford, BC, working as an engineer. On October 29, I told him I had nothing more I could say to him. Reluctantly, he disconnected himself from us. By that time, he had found yet another unbelieving girlfriend, Kirsten Rice, a student at Simon Fraser University.

Somewhere before that time, Trevor had a vision. He was one of a flock of sheep, and strayed away from the flock and the path for some grass on the wayside. The Shepherd, whom Trevor later said was the Lord, used His crook and pulled him back into line. When and how this was to be fulfilled, we would see.

It seemed that sooner or later, I was sending everyone away. I had little idea whose turn was next.

Vision – Trevor’s Vision Unfulfilled

Upon Howard’s death, I received of the Lord that the part about Him bringing Trevor back into line in his sheep vision hadn’t been fulfilled. I was also moved to contact him in his exile. We assumed he could be reached at Howard’s parents’ home at Tees, Alberta, where Howard’s funeral would be.

I called Trevor there on May 4. His grandmother answered and handed the phone to him. I told him that though we may have presumed otherwise at other times, his vision hadn’t been fulfilled. That was about all that was spoken.

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision: Runaway Horse Returns With Many

In 1996 or 97, Marilyn had a vision of a horse taking off into darkness for the hills. It returned later with several horses following. We all knew I was that horse, but Marilyn and I didn’t agree on the interpretation. Time would tell.

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision: Three-cord Braided Ring

In 1997 (or possibly 1998), Marilyn had a vision of a silver three-cord braided finger ring. The symbol was of unity (Ecclesiastes 4:12). Marilyn interpreted it to be of the Lord, Sean, and her, but I knew differently and what I knew would be proven true.

Vision – A Not-So-Little Secret

On July 9, 1997, while on my walk at Moon River, I had a vision wherein I saw myself lying in state in the background, with people gathered around me. In the foreground, I saw Marilyn by herself, crying. Sean approached her and put his arm around her.

Almost a year earlier, Marilyn said she received that I was going to die and that in the afterlife I would have a ministry like that of Moses when he appeared on the mount of transfiguration with Elijah and Jesus. However, she also had another part that same day, which she didn’t divulge to anyone but Lois at first.

I came home and told Marilyn what I had just seen. It was then that she revealed to me the part of the prophecy of September 24, 1996 that she had withheld. She said she would be marrying Sean after my death.

I was surprised not only for the fact itself (not that I minded if I wasn’t going to be around), but it was quite unpleasant for me to be held in the dark about it. Besides, the Bible instruction is that when one has a prophecy or a vision, it should be submitted to elders for judgment. Marilyn failed to do so.

Only Lois had known about it from nearly the beginning. Lois’ attitude and the strange things I saw in her conduct toward me since that time now made sense. The two women had been holding out on me and everyone else.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked Marilyn, in disbelief.

“I didn’t want to hurt you or make you feel bad,” she replied. I felt the perfect fool, deceived before all by my wife, who was now, in spirit, not my wife.

Marilyn said she had asked the Lord about telling me. She heard that the Lord would tell me Himself. Apparently, in the vision I had, He told me, at least as Marilyn saw it, but I didn’t see it that way. All I saw was Sean approaching and comforting Marilyn as she mourned. One could draw all sorts of conclusions from that. I felt that I had been deceived and betrayed.

While Trevor and I had gone to Wetaskiwin for the auction on June 20 and 21, Sean expressed feelings for Marilyn to her. Consequently, Marilyn also told Paul and Kerri about the part of the prophecy of marrying Sean. I had known nothing of this. Even Paul kept it from me.

Vision – Marilyn and Sean

I saw a clearing in the woods, somewhat of a garden with clear ground surrounded by trees. In that scene, I saw Marilyn enter, naked, with a brown rectangular cafeteria serving tray in hand. She put it on the ground beneath her, squatted, and defecated in it. She then sat down on a log, with tray in left hand (I believe), eating her dung with the fingers of her right hand.

There was Sean, fully clothed, who sat down on a log nearby, toward her right. He proceeded to look steadily at her while helping himself to some of her dung with his right hand. She was looking off to the distance, with a faraway and discontented look.

Whether God was revealing this to me or not, I saw from Marilyn more and more hardness toward, and independence of, me. I told her I saw great bitterness in her, going back to even before our marriage, and that she had an overpowering compulsion to control everything and everybody.

On Day 25, I weighed 143 pounds, my tongue was coated and ears plugged. I felt strong, though, running up the hill on my walk.

Vision – Two War Visions Fulfilled

I had two war visions, which applied to me, and I knew they were now being fulfilled, bringing me to victory.

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision: Tabernacle across the River

Marilyn had a vision in the summer or fall of 1997 wherein she saw a multitude of people waiting for me to go into a “tabernacle” with a black door. I had to cross a river to get there. The river was black, and seemed to go into eternity in both directions.

Marilyn was on my side of the river, watching me go there. She said it was as though I was to join an assembly of saints and would have to die to go there. They were gathered and waiting for me.

Vision – Waiting Is the Answer

Lois called saying she had a vision of my having passed to the other side, acknowledging that Marilyn was right. Would I or wouldn’t I die? Would I die physically, as Marilyn and Lois insisted? If so, when? What was going on? Why was there a “love” connection between Marilyn and Sean while I was still around? The Bible plainly says:

“For the married woman was bound by law to the living husband. But if the husband is dead, she is set free from the law of her husband. So then if, while her husband lives, she is married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress. But if the husband dies, she is free from the law, so that she is no adulteress by becoming another man’s wife” (Romans 7:2-3 MKJV).

Why were we so in the dark about this? (I try to write this as it was before the hindsight. With hindsight, the Lord was telling me everything I needed to know, but I believed Marilyn instead of Him, which was the very problem He was dealing with in all of this.)

Time and time again, while God didn’t give full understanding, we were reminded not to try to figure things out. We were to wait patiently for God’s mysterious work to be completed in us. We were promised that when it was done, we would all be very thankful.

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31 KJV).

Vision – Marilyn on Golden Throne in Sky

One night, while Marilyn and I were in bed, I had a vision of Marilyn seated on a golden throne, high in the sky, among some white cumulous clouds scattered here and there in the background. It was day. She was in shining, white sheer clothing, decently dressed, not exposed. Great peace and rest were on her face. She sat there calmly, reposing on this throne. She was glancing to her right.

Vision – A Transparent Wall

During the time of the conflict at the farm, in a vision I saw a transparent wall, about four feet thick and seven feet high. I was on this side of it, and Paul was frozen motionless in it, as if in ice, having begun to come through it to me. He had a rather confounded expression. On the other side of the wall in the distance, I saw the other people of the farm, gathered about my dead body, viewing it as it lay in state. I was motioning to Paul and to all to come and join me. Paul couldn’t at the moment, and the others were paying no attention.

Vision – Purging Behind a Bush

I saw this vision while at home, separated from everyone. I saw myself squatting behind a bush, defecating. I knew that the Lord was showing me that the time alone was one of purging. As it is written:

“Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away. And every one that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bring forth more fruit” (John 15:2 MKJV).

Vision – At the Bottom of a Swimming Pool

During this time, I also had a vision wherein I was chained at the bottom of a swimming pool. I had to get free and it was very difficult, but I did it.

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision: We as Grain Winnowed

Marilyn had a vision in 1997, wherein she saw us as grain in a winnowing basket being tossed up into the air. There was no assurance as to who was going to land where.

Vision – Paul’s Vision: Cleaning up Wreckage

Paul records: “I had a vision in late winter 1996 or spring 1997 at Harvest Haven. Victor was at the farm working on cleaning up what appeared to be wreckage from a storm strewn about the yard outside the dining room sliding doors of the house. He appeared worried and worked with a single-minded vigor and energy. Lois was there working on her own nearby, apparently without the same energy or worry. They did not seem to be working together.

Years later, Paul comments: “I would add that Lois’ heart wasn’t in it because she was following man, not God. I saw this then as well, although I may not have been sure enough to interpret it that way.

Vision – Two Visions Given to Paul: The Double Leaf and the Plate

Paul records: “In the summer of 1997 at Harvest Haven, I saw a single leaf that appeared as two leaves joined in the middle, losing their individual shapes where joined. Then I saw Trevor sitting at the table, eating from an elongated, double plate. Apparently someone else was sitting next to him and eating from the other side of this elongated plate, but I didn’t see the other person.

I received that the first part of the vision pertained to Marilyn and Sean in an unnatural alliance/relationship. After the second vision, Kirsten, Trevor’s former girlfriend from B.C., came to visit, and we saw that he was still hanging on to her.

Vision – Kerri’s and Paul’s Visions: Kerri Cleansed

Paul records: “At the end of 1997 at Harvest Haven, Kerri had a vision of herself strapped onto a gurney and being put into an oven. Around the same time I saw her in new raiment, in a vibrant, alive setting, her troubled countenance gone.

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision: Polishing a Satellite with a Rag

In 1997 or perhaps 1998, Marilyn had a vision wherein she saw that she had polished a satellite that was now ready to be sent out. The rag she had been using was soiled, but the satellite was clean and shining.

She interpreted that I was that satellite and that she had done her work preparing me and I was about to be launched.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Victor in Light; Marilyn with Back Turned to Him

Lois had a vision during our period of conflict and chastening wherein I was standing in light. The light was shining toward Marilyn where she was somewhat lower down. She had her back turned to me and was looking down.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Slain by Rome

Lois had a vision on December 1, 1997. Two soldiers, not in full armor, were holding me with my hands bound behind my back. I was stooped over and facing a third soldier who was in full Roman armor and in command. He was saying, “Kill him,” pointing to his left. I was looking at him as if to say, “Do you know what you’re doing?” or, “You don’t know what you’re doing.” (The soldier’s garment was beautiful.)

There was an outstanding white building of Roman architecture with pillars. It looked like some kind of temple, with a peaked roof. The sun was shining over that building and there were white and fluffy clouds above, but around us was cloudy darkness.

As Lois was relating this vision to me, she said it was representative of the way things have been, with people opposing and condemning me. Lois, days later, had another vision, seeing the temple-type building collapse completely beginning at the center peak.

Could this be related to the image of Daniel 2?

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Into a Cloud and Out

I went to bed one night, having told Marilyn what to do at the farm. In the night these things came to me:

One, the sooner I let go of the old, the sooner will come the new.

Two, I am not letting go because I don’t trust the Lord.

Three, He had promised to take care of my concerns while I tended to His.

Finally, as soon as I let go, He’ll take over, doing better than I could ever hope, dream, or imagine. Besides, while the people at the farm make mistakes, I have done more than my share of the same.

The next morning, Lois called, telling me about a vision she had wherein she saw me walking down a path, looking around. The whole area was shrouded in mist and darkness, yet there was light near at hand, so I could see what was near. The scene began to speed up until I entered a cloud of darkness and disappeared. Soon I came out at the other end of this cloud, shooting up into the air.

It was the Lord, using Lois to encourage me in my walk. I had been feeling my way in the dark; all was mysterious and I was trying to understand where I was, what was happening and why. It was so dark I wasn’t able to tell my left hand from my right, wisdom from foolishness, good from evil, law from grace, truth from error, or right from wrong. It was awful.

Vision – Dark Figures Invade Farm

Possibly on December 31, 1997, I had a vision wherein I was in the sky, high above Zanoni’s farmyard (our neighbor across the road from the farm). I was looking down at our farm and saw a dark (sinister) figure enter the gate and walking down the driveway. It seemed that I was able to warn or protect the people at the farm, and needed to deal with the evil intruder.

Vision – Woman’s Right Forearm Severed

On the evening of January 1, 1998, I had a vision wherein I saw a woman’s severed right forearm lying on the floor. I also saw a toilet bowl; I was reaching into it, but an unseen force was slamming the toilet seat and lid on my arm, preventing me.

For a time I suspected this to be Kerri’s influence defeated in my life. However, I came to know this to be Marilyn’s power. The vision was telling me I still trusted her, and that I was being rebuked for doing that which was a vile thing to Heaven. This vision was on the 23rd anniversary of our receiving the Spirit.

Vision – Very Surprising Visitors

On January 23, 1998, 13 years after Dad was “gathered to his fathers,” and about 18 years after Uncle Bill (my surrogate father) passed on, Dad and his uncle came to me in a vision. I was at home alone. Dad was asking my forgiveness, and it seemed he was the spokesperson for Uncle asking the same. I readily gave it and asked if he and Uncle would forgive me for sins against them. He waved his hand at me as if to say (and he did say, in spirit), “You have nothing to be forgiven for! Forget it! No problem here!”

I told Dad I loved him and said to him, “Let your heart be warmed with the love of a son for which you longed in your life. Let all be made right. Dad, the Lord loves you, too. Now, rejoice, kick up your heels, and love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Live in joy, not as the world over fleshly matters, but in the things of God.

“Love your neighbors and do them good – encourage them; help them. Let them know that your son lives, forgives you for everything, and loves you. No greater joy can a father have than to know the love of his son in all its strength and purity! Now you know that! Isn’t it wonderful, Dad? Serve the Lord in gladness.”

“Uncle, I take it that some things I said and our late visits bore some fruit after all! You too can enjoy life. Yes, it’s for you, too! Sorry for the evil I’ve done.”

“Dad, I’m really sorry for all the things I did to cause you pain and sorrow. I’m so sorry. I know you forgive me absolutely. What’s this? You say you’re the one who is sorry for what you’ve done to me and to everyone? Yes. And we forgive you, Dad. Those who know better and can forgive, do. Help your neighbors, Dad. Now you can do something positive for them and for me, too, and mostly for the Lord.”

“Uncle, I’m glad to hear there’s a stirring in you and that you respond; I can perceive it. Go on; it’s good; don’t be afraid.”

Rejoicing that they were forgiven, Dad and Uncle went, arms over shoulders, hopping and skipping down the road with joy. Dad had, in essence, said, “All’s well that end’s well.”

The world they were in seemed the same as this one, yet different. There seemed to be less physical gravity and more capability to do physical things we can’t easily do here. I was moved and thankful for that event. I had spoken many encouraging words to both of them, to love God and neighbor.

Was Dad glad or what! My forgiveness meant so much to him. That was why he came. What all these people need is forgiveness. I see that now. An anger left me that I didn’t realize I had been carrying for a long time.

(As I edit this record years later, I realize their physical abilities, like running, hopping, and skipping with arms over one another’s shoulders were a representation of their spiritual abilities and feelings. It didn’t mean that the next world has less gravity or anything like that.)

Vision – George Lynn Refused Entry into Heaven

A different kind of vision – more like an envisioning. I saw George Lynn at the gates of Heaven, trying to get in, but the gates were closed to him. He was insisting he was righteous, that he believed the Lord and the Scriptures, and that only by faith in the blood of Christ could he enter, but they wouldn’t let him in.

Some stood outside telling him to go away, rejecting him because, though he had right doctrine, he was trusting in his own righteousness, not possessing the reality of Christ’s righteousness. He was quite frustrated, perhaps somewhat indignant, but also confounded.

When he was alive, I tried to talk to him about the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gifts. He wouldn’t listen and was distressed, regretful that I, whom he had led to the Lord, was deluded.

Vision – David in Servile Work

Many years after my brother David had passed on, I saw him in a vision, working in what appeared to be a shipping place, putting boxes on a steel roller conveyor to be pushed along. He was happy, energetic, busy, and responsible, fulfilling his duties.

Vision – Nestor Rushinka Searching and Wondering

I perceived that after passing into the next world, Nestor Rushinka hadn’t changed from the time he visited us at Thorndale Apartments in Dauphin. He was still in a fog, with skepticism and hardness. I couldn’t talk with him; he wouldn’t believe me even now.

Vision – Another Opportunity for the Twice Dead

Another vision: Through a doorway, I saw Delores sitting in a room with other people, having what seemed like a Bible study. She was mentally working on things, wondering and questioning, quite sober and intense about it. She realized she had missed the boat in this life and was determined to find out how or why, in order to try to correct herself.

Vision – Deer, Wolf, and Lamb

I brought a lawn chair with me to the beach by the river and sat down with my back to the chilly wind. Soon, in my mind’s eye, a deer approached from behind and came within a few feet of me to my left (I was sitting downwind, silent and still). It didn’t see me. Suddenly, for some evil reason, I decided to jump up and scare it, shouting and flailing my arms (in my mind, not externally). The deer was greatly startled, almost to a heart attack, and fled for its life. I sat down again.

Then I thought, “Why did you do that? What good reason was there for that? You did it for perverse pleasure and entertainment.” Ashamed, I sat there, admitting how depraved and destructive a creature I was. The deer had been adversely affected for time to come – more than we realize, in ways we don’t realize, just as people can be affected for life by traumatic experiences.

Then came a wolf, a healthy one about the size of a large German Shepherd. It also approached from behind and to my left, just where the deer had stood. I thought, “Am I in danger?” But it stood about eight feet away and looked at me quietly. I felt no threat.

And then suddenly, on my right, stood a lamb. It was young and small, yet healthy and plump, and it was very woolly. It just stood there, about eight feet or so away, slightly ahead of me, as was the wolf.

Both the wolf and the lamb laid down where each stood. Under the wolf’s feet was long, luscious green grass. As it lay, it began to eat the grass. The lamb did nothing but lie there and look ahead at nothing in particular, unafraid.

The wolf enjoyed the grass considerably. When done, it casually arose and walked over to the lamb. The lamb suddenly perked up and cocked its head, as if to say, “Uh, oh! What’s this?” The wolf then laid down on the right side of the lamb, facing in the same direction, side by side. The lamb just sat there, suspicion dissipating.

The wolf began to lick the lamb’s face. Oh, if words could describe the joy and thankfulness that suddenly coursed through that lamb’s entire being! It didn’t show it outwardly, yet I could see and feel it.

In a few minutes they got up, walked around, sniffed and grazed. At that point, I thought, “Couldn’t it be that, as a lion or tiger raised from a cub or kitten can grow up to suddenly, inexplicably turn on a child or owner, so this wolf, without warning, could follow its nature and instincts and… ‘So long, lamb’?”

The answer was an instant, “No.” The wolf had been eating grass, thoroughly enjoying it, even as the lamb lay helplessly nearby and available. Neither was the wolf restrained in any way. It could never revert back to its old nature. “…and on earth peace, goodwill toward men,” or, “and on earth, peace to men of goodwill.”

As I sat there, I recalled what I had said: “Lord, wipe away all evil, and if it includes me, so be it.” It occurred to me that not only must it include, but it must begin with, me.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision: Rotting Log

This was the third vision Jonathan had that I know of. He saw a rotting log lying on the ground surrounded by dandelions. There were no flowers on the dandelions, only green leaves. Shadows of unseen trees that were in the background covered the log. An ocean lay in the foreground. It was a summer afternoon.

The time would come that we understood the vision and, somewhat later, the significance of the dandelions.

Vision – Transplanted Tree

On March 3, 1998, I had a vision. I saw a tree spade with a large tree in it, about three or four feet off the ground, in the process of being moved for transplanting. One of the main taproots had been severed. It seemed like a death, and certainly was a shock to the tree as it was taken out of its established and comfortable elements to new and strange circumstances. I knew I was that tree, and it had happened.

This was not a case of the tree dying, but of being moved. It was not an uprooting, but a transplanting. However, a transplantation can be like death – shocking, possibly some main roots severed, the tree made subject to a new environment and set back for a time.

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision: Hammer Shattering a Rock

While Sean’s father, Bob Fife, visited with us at the farm on March 3, 1998, Marilyn had to break out and tell him he didn’t have the Spirit of God and therefore couldn’t comprehend what was going on with us. Bob was somewhat offended. At that time, she had a vision, wherein she hit a rock with a hammer. It had been hit in the right place; however, it remained unchanged for moments before shattering in many pieces.

I didn’t know what to make of things Marilyn was seeing, feeling, and speaking as though of the Lord. I was learning to be skeptical. Of Bob Fife at that time, I heard these strangest of words, “He is a damn good churchman.”

What is one to make of such words that seem so profane, coming from the Lord?

Vision – Lois’ Two Visions of Sean

Lois had two visions of Sean. In the first, she saw him sitting on a throne with unkempt robe and a crown askew on his head. He had an arrogant, silly look on his face. It was the vision of a fool.

In the second, he was on a throne that was tottering side to side. An eagle sat on one side of the back of it, calmly watching. Suddenly, Sean got up and ran away.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision: I Bowing

Jonathan had a vision of me at about 1 p.m. on March 15th during his naptime. The scene was one fully white with light, except for me. I was bowing from the waist, but Jonathan couldn’t see to whom.

This vision seemed related to the dream I had the night before. The interpretation I had was that I was honoring the Truth, the Lord.

Vision – Food Problem Brought to the Lord

On March 17, 1998, I had this vision: As a boy, I was bringing my food problem like an object in my hand to my Father (the Lord), knowing that He would take care of it for me. He took me instead, and that automatically solved the problem. He was seated, tall, and lanky; I, the boy, was also lanky, somewhat like Jonathan, only a bit older. Jonathan was going on seven at the time.

Vision – Visions and Prophecies on the Fiftieth Day

On March 28, 1998, the 50th day since February 6th, Lois had a vision of Paul with hands upraised, happy, worshipping the Lord.

Jonathan then said, “Dad, I just had a vision – an explosion. I saw the ground exploding.”

Vision – Dark Days Ahead

Marilyn prophesied that dark days awaited me. I didn’t believe her, but rejoiced even if it were true. Why would I rejoice? At one time I would have been troubled by the mere mention of such a prospect. I had a victory unknown to me before.

But I believed the dark days ahead were for Marilyn. Lois told me on March 25th that she had a vision of Marilyn swimming in the ocean. Waves came and practically “dissolved” her (as Lois put it again and again). Marilyn didn’t perish but was swimming fiercely while the waves overwhelmed and covered her.

Marilyn also had a vision of a tidal wave that would come and wipe everything clean. A month or so later, I told Marilyn the wave was on its way, but she had nothing to fear because it was for good.

On March 26th, Lois had a dream wherein she and Marilyn were sitting at the kitchen table, crying. She and Marilyn were apologizing to the Lord for speaking against Him. Others had been at the table and left.

Vision – Living Boulders

On April 11, 1998, Mark and Amanda Ogden came to the farm with a friend, Erin Schipper, to talk about the Lord. Later, Amanda called to say that others were interested in visiting with us and would come the next day.

On April 12, about 3:30 a.m., I had a vision wherein I saw a large oblong boulder laying on the ground. It represented a person, and I was that person. The “head” of the boulder was on the right. At my head were six or seven similar boulders laying all about the grounds, in scattered array and various positions.

I saw those boulders rise up and make their way along the far side of me (the central boulder) to the other end (my foot) and lean forward toward me, in harmony, at about a sixty-degree angle from the ground. They were in a straight-lined formation perpendicular to the line in which my body lay. Their leaning forward was one of obeisance. The boulder that represented me lay entirely still throughout the vision. I hadn’t moved.

That day, Les and Penny Mills, Gene and Vicky Knorr, Mark and Amanda Ogden and their friend, Erin Schipper, came and met with us at the farm. Having spent nearly a year in semi-isolation, I had a hard time with having that many strangers around, besides the fact that things were hard for all of us as we were in the midst of a prolonged and difficult spiritual process and considering what was going on with Marilyn and Sean.

Before meeting, I felt like there was a “disturbance in the Force.” I was apprehensive, but I didn’t think it was merely my being out of sorts because of my own circumstances. There was more to it, as I would soon find.

We visited for three or four hours. We really had nothing to share with one another though one matter did arise. I happened to say something about spiritual authority and submission to it. There was a sudden, strong negative reaction from them, particularly from Mark Ogden. I told them they despised authority.

Vision – Revelation of the Vision of the Boulders

On May 21, I drove to Helena (a 4.5-hour trip) to spend a few days with Paul and Sara. It was then that I realized the boulders vision was not pertaining to Gene Knorr, Les Mills and those with them, but to those with me – Paul, Sara, Lois, Mark, and others.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision: Boulders Shaking

On the 7th or 8th or so of June 1998, Jonathan had a vision of six boulders of varying size and shape, standing and shaking. He said it seemed that I was shaking them and that they were shaking the whole earth.

Was this Jonathan’s imagination? Was he thinking of the boulders vision I had? I don’t believe so. I believed he saw from the Lord, though I didn’t fully understand the vision. Were these boulders the visitors we recently had and with whom I was dealing? It was possible.

Some time later, I would understand. It was indeed a vision from God.

Vision – Healing for Les Mills

Les had been having major difficulty with depression bouts for many years. During those bouts, he would isolate himself, and Penny would cover for him socially, fielding phone calls and making excuses for him. That explained why she lied to me about where he was when I called. It bothered me that they couldn’t be honest with me.

In a vision, I saw Les with a little light inside his lower torso, to one side. It seemed like that light was going to grow. I interpreted that to mean that Les would begin to heal from his problem.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision: More Boulders

On June 23, 1998, Jonathan said, “Dad, I just had another vision. I saw two boulders with rock arms and white gloves. They were shaking hands. Behind them were two bigger boulders with space between them. The ground was orange and had pebbles all over it – these were also orange. The sky was a clear blue.”

Orange is a combination of red and yellow or gold. Gold is representative of the Heavenly realm and God. Red is earthly, as in “Adam.” It is a combination of heaven and earth, Jew and Gentile, representing reconciliation. The two boulders were shaking hands.

In time to come, I would have another interpretation of the vision.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision Series: An Unsavory, Non-dangerous Character

Because of our business location being difficult to find, we needed to put up directional signs. Without any competitive motive or ill intent, we put one up on the road most commonly used by people to find their way to us, which happened to be the road to Broxburn Vegetables, as well. Paul De Jonge immediately took offense and put his signs up on other of our roads to cut our traffic flow off and direct it to his farm.

Jonathan promptly had a series of visions. First, he saw a cartoon character rat, dressed in brown clothing and a big top hat. He climbed on a horse, via a fence, and cleared his throat, as he pointed his right arm and index finger to the sky.

Next, Jonathan saw this character ride into sandy places with standing dead trees. He then saw him ride into a poor part of a city with old buildings. Next, he saw that the rat rode into a narrow canyon between two mountains.

Jonathan saw yet another scene, one in which the character was no longer on the horse but standing with his hands in his front pockets, looking at about 10 loaded cannons, with no one there to man them.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Horse Leading Others

On July 19, 1998, Lois had a vision of a large sandy-colored horse with a long blond mane and fair face, leading a great herd of horses. She saw them in a “V” formation, he being in the lead, running with purpose.

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision: Calf with no Sense of Atmosphere

Curiously, on the same day, Marilyn had a vision of a calf the same color as Lois’s horse. It stood looking up, with “no sense of atmosphere” as Marilyn put it. I believed I was both the horse and the calf.

Vision – I Losing Ground Repenting, Regaining

When I cursed myself and my lot, Jonathan had a vision. He saw a man on a camel in the distance, in a desert with sand and flat thistles, which looked harmless. The man wore a helmet. In the near distance there were mountains and, closer yet, palm trees.

Suddenly the man disappeared and reappeared, landing in the foreground, the camel remaining where it was. He pointed his index finger upward and above it was a red “1” bordered in gold. I said, “That’s me. In cursing, I’ve just lost ground in my way, with an oasis close by. The reality of victory was so close, yet so far because of my attitude. The Lord is also taking away my camel – which is life in a desert.”

Jonathan then said, “I just had another vision. The man walked back to the camel and got on.” I said, “In confessing my fault, the Lord has permitted me back on the camel.” I had no reason to curse and bemoan my lot – the thistles were harmless, and I was provided with the necessary means to accomplish what was required.

Vision – I Land on Another Planet

During the time that the Mills, Knorrs, and Ogdens were involved with us, I had a vision. I saw myself in a space suit, self-contained, landing on a foreign world, as if on a desolate planet. As I landed, I saw about half a dozen persons in similar suits running toward me from a distance. They were equidistant apart, spread out about thirty or forty feet from each other, in a straight line across from me.

I couldn’t tell if they were friend or foe. While my suit was white, their suits were off-white. Suspecting or realizing them to be foes, I rushed them head-on to break through their line and keep going. I was stocky and powerful and almost angry. I drove my fist through the midsection of the first one, demolishing him on the spot. I kept going, not looking back, but I wondered if they were going to turn about and come after me.

I concluded that the persons of the vision were Les, Gene, Mark, and their wives. They were out to destroy me. As it turns out, they showed their colors and went on to suffer the fruits of their ways. It wasn’t good for them, and none of them would listen to me.

Vision – Five Consecutive Days of Significant Events (Fulfillment)

From September 20-24, 1998, there were five significant events:

September 20th – Barny Knelsen removed his cloak of godliness and attacked us. This day was 88 days after Jonathan’s vision of the two boulders and 88 days to November 17th, the day Noah’s dove returned with an olive leaf in its bill. I saw this as a turning point for me, being able to accept Barny’s attack with peace and conviction that he represented the enemy and that I was firmly founded on the Rock of Ages, the Truth. At one time, I would have faltered and fainted in such circumstances.

September 21st – Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the Jewish year. The Feast of Tabernacles has been very significant to us, particularly the 10th day of the seventh month (July 10th on the Gentile calendar), the Day of Atonement, nine days after Rosh Hashanah on the Jewish calendar.

September 22nd – The first day of Jonathan’s eighth year, “eight” representing new things.

September 23rd – I completed and sent a six-page letter to the Mills, Knorrs, Ogdens, and Barny Knelsen. This finalizing letter drew the battle line and concluded my assessment of their spiritual position and nature, publicly declaring so. I see this as the fulfillment of the vision I had of stepping on a new planet and going on the offensive with those difficult to distinguish as friends or enemies, and also fulfilment of the prophecy from Don Morrison of my foot stepping on foreign soil.

(On March 13, 2015, I googled Mark and Amanda Ogden and found Amanda’s obituary. She died on January 16, 2014.)

September 24th – The anniversary of Marilyn’s prophecy, around which many events and timings are divinely assembled.

Vision – Hardest Letter Yet to the Mills and Knorrs

Shall I speak the naked, direct Truth to those who need to hear hard things? I’ve debated that so many times, with some fear, and now I debated it again because I was working on yet another letter to send to the Mills and the Knorrs, a hard one – likely the hardest of all. I saw their wickedness and corruption, and I couldn’t help but speak.

Dated January 17, 1999, I had Sean deliver the six-page letter into Gene’s hand at the farm (Gene was working there). So that I could talk to them directly, it was given them in a sealed envelope with the request that they not open it until we were to meet.

They paid no attention to my request, belligerently opening it on the way to our place and proudly declaring so. Did this very act not prove the veracity of the contents of the letter?

Marilyn was home and stood with me when meeting them. I was surprised that we were standing together on anything at this time. I concluded that they were a threat to her, seeing they had confronted her on Sean. So even I was acceptable as an ally to her when standing against her perceived enemies.

In the letter, I sharply rebuked the Knorrs and Mills, directly telling them they were the “synagogue of Satan,” as the Lord had told me months before. Still, when they came over to talk, it seemed to me I was quite meek and passive with them in person for the first while; I had little to say. However, after some attacks and absurdities from them, I stood up. Marilyn said to them that she stood with me in what I had to say to them. Three and a half hours later, they left.

That night, I came to realize that the vision came to pass with Les and Gene.

Jonathan had a prophecy, saying, “Dad, those boulders shaking are Satan.”

Vision – Unveiling the True Nature and Identity of the Enemy

Still troubled by the way I wrote to those people, I spent time seeking the Lord. He brought this forth to me:

“With you I can attack a line of soldiers. With my God I can break through barricades. God’s way is perfect! The promise of the LORD has proven to be true. He is a shield to all those who take refuge in Him” (Psalms 18:29-30 GW).

I also recalled: “He teaches my hands to war, so that a bow of bronze is bent by my arms” (Psalms 18:34 MKJV).

With those words, I was led to: “Blessed be the Lord my God, Who teaches my hands to fight, and my fingers to war” (Psalms 144:1 DRB).

“Put out Your hand from on high; make me free, take me safely out of the great waters, and out of the hands of strange men; in whose mouths are false words, and whose right hand is a right hand of deceit” (Psalms 144:7-8 BBE).

Strong’s Concordance defines the word “strange” in verse 7:

H5236 – foreign, heathendom, alien
H5234 – to scrutinize, look intently at (with recognition implied), to acknowledge, be acquainted with, care for, respect, revere, or (with suspicion implied), to disregard, ignore, be strange toward, reject, resign, dissimulate….

I fought these people in my vision with my hands; I was full of strength and I found them strange, having to scrutinize them.

A “troop” or “line of soldiers,” as the God’s Word translation puts it in 18:29, is a group of armed persons in some kind of order or formation. In the vision, I had to run through the formation of a line of soldiers.

Yes, the Lord showed me with whom I was dealing and I had nothing to regret whatsoever. The vision was fulfilled to His honor, glory, and praise. It came to me that those six were the children of Bosor (Moabitish origin – of incest or illegitimate origin).

H2114 – to turn aside (as in 2 Peter 2), to be a foreigner, strange, profane, specifically to commit adultery.

“…which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness…” (2 Peter 2:15 KJV)

Adulterers and adulteresses they were, with all deceivableness of unrighteousness, having a form of godliness but denying His Resurrection Power.

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision: Gene Knorr in Darkness

Marilyn had a vision of Gene. He was in darkness. A light was shone on him, and he shielded his eyes from it because not acquainted with the light and rejecting it. I had been trying to share the truth with him.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision: Work in the World to Come

On October 14th, Marilyn asked if there was work in the world to come. I thought it a strange question and said, “Of course, there is.” Jonathan spoke up and said, “Dad, I just had a vision.” He saw a man in work clothes, with cowboy hat, moustache, and bushy eyebrows. Over his head, he was swinging a lariat in which was a huge boulder. He did it with ease. There were many boulders all around him of various sizes. He had on a worn beige jacket and the ground was beige.

I immediately interpreted the vision to show that there would be work in the world to come, but that it would be far more productive, easier, and pleasurable. As a kid, I always wanted to be a cowboy, a work I thought was a pleasurable one.

Adam and Eve didn’t work by the sweat of the brow, with inefficiency, pain, and sorrow before the day of disobedience, but they did work. Their assignment was to dress the Garden and keep it. I see the reconciliation within as a restoration to Edenic conditions – one of peace, tranquility, and pleasure in restful labor. It will be so interesting to see the restoration’s completion. (See again the prophecy for Harvest Haven.)

Vision – A Vision of Heaven

I had a vision of Heaven among us. Each crucified to self, each being here for the others… all of them. Harvest Haven Vision describes it and today I saw it. What beauty! What joy, peace, fulfillment, love, and rest! It was held out to all of us and all of us rejected it out of hand because we sought our own selfish agendas. Seeking to get, we got Hell. If we give everything away, we receive all and far more than we ever hoped to get.

If but one among us seeks his own benefit, the whole body is sick. Unrepentant, that one must be expelled. “A little leaven leavens the whole lump. I saw it.

Vision – A Soldier Beaten Playing Games

On December 17, 1998, I saw Gene Knorr as a weary, beaten soldier, in rags, unshaven, a flimsy helmet askew on his head, and a weapon held against his shoulder as a soldier at attention. Gene seemed a bit amused as though it was all a game, but it hadn’t been and wasn’t a game. The “game” had taken its toll on him.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Gene and Les Lassoed

On December 17 or 18, 1998, Lois had a vision wherein she saw Gene Knorr and Les Mills lassoed together, tightly, back-to-back. She said I had roped them and they were caught solidly.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Marilyn Walks through the Valley of Death

On January 4, 1999, while in prayer, Lois had a vision of Marilyn standing with arms raised to the sky. From behind her came flying a large white bird. Marilyn was turned in the opposite direction, away from the bird to a dark valley immediately before her. She had an expression of peace, resignation, and determination to go into and through the valley as a necessity. At the other end of this valley was a bright light.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Wineskin Dregs

On January 7, 1999, Lois had a vision of a wineskin at the end of its supply, dregs at the bottom, and she thought of me. I recall her telling me about it, and I knew it pertained to me.

Vision – Devils’ Delight at Harvest Haven- Harvest Hades?

In the night of February 8-9, 1999, it came to me that they at that farm were worshipping other gods, not the Lord. In a vision, I saw devils, the size of Jonathan (he was a small age 7), running around, having a heyday with the people there.

Vision – Small Bird Led by Cord

In the night of February 4-5, 1999, I had a strange vision and didn’t know what to make of it. I was leading a bird away by a cord that was about 8 feet long. The cord hung loose about the bird’s neck. The bird was between the size of a sparrow and a robin. It couldn’t fly; it could only walk or hop on the ground, and seemed a bit flustered.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision: Cowboy on a Wooden Horse

On February 11, 1999, while in prayer before supper at the farm, Jonathan saw a cowboy on an animated wooden horse galloping across a dry desolate terrain, desert-like, except that it had dead trees all around, with trunks pointing upward. The cowboy was twirling a lasso overhead and singing, “Yi yo, yi yo,” or something to that effect. Jonathan felt that Sean was that cowboy.

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision: An Open Book

On February 13th, Marilyn had a vision that those in our community were to be an open book to all – nothing hidden.

I received that they were to be in constant prayer and confession of sin, and the Lord would do what needed to be done, fighting their battles, providing, guiding – everything.

On February 14th, Marilyn wanted the three of us to talk. Sean was in his usual state of troubled spirit, and this time I declined Marilyn’s request because I just didn’t feel like listening to their expressions of feelings for each other.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Marilyn and I Amicably Divide

On February 14th, Lois had a vision wherein she saw Marilyn and me walking down a road at a fast pace, with determination, together, yet with space between us, and then we walked away from one another in opposite directions, smiling at each other; I went left and she went right. When separating, we were both happy.

Vision – Sword Run through Me

In February of 1999, I had a vision wherein I saw that I had a sword run through the center of my body, sticking out the back. It had been there all my life, it seemed, perhaps particularly my Christian life…not sure. It was soon to be withdrawn and my pain would be gone. The end of death? The end of the forces of Satan buffeting me? My marriage?

It was fulfilled, because the sword and pain are now gone.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Rulership on the Fourth Level

Around February 25, 1999, Lois had a vision of me sitting on our loveseat. The Lord said, “Come, it’s time.” My reaction was, “So quick? That’s it? But there are things left undone!” It didn’t matter… those things didn’t matter.

A flood of thoughts of understanding began to come to me. I was taken to one level where there were many people. “Not here… higher,” I was told.

Coming to a second level, with fewer people, I was told the same.

At a third level with very few, again, I was told the same, until I was brought to a fourth level where there were no people, but a throne on which I was to sit and rule. I had understanding of many things that caused me to realize why things were, how and what they were, and that all was designed and ordained.

Without understanding, one would fight and resist these things or try to change them somehow. The levels were levels of understanding, but also of authority. They were also dimensions. The fourth was imminent.

Vision – Marilyn’s vision: Coming into Light

On March 15, 1999, 900 days after Marilyn’s prophecy, she had a vision of us in our tiny community coming out of a dark, closed place into a broad, open space with light.

Vision – Experiencing Lois’ Vision (related)

There are four possible levels of existence I know of on this earth, with many levels within these levels. First is the heathen state where multitudes dwell, where I dwelt until 1973. A search was put in me to go higher. Searching, I was granted repentance of sin, the second dimension. I thought, “This is it! How wonderful!”

And it surely was wonderful, but this second level wasn’t enough. A small voice within me was saying, “You’re not where you need to be yet; there’s more.” Searching for more, this time with my newly-wed wife, Marilyn, we were baptized in the Spirit, this becoming the third dimension or level.

As in the entrance to repentance, the Bible again became a new book, but on a new and deeper level of understanding. It was glorious! But upon entering in, as wonderful as it was, with the increased knowledge and understanding of God, we soon realized there was more, and there were others to urge us on. So I kept going, waiting, hoping, searching to the day of this record, a quarter century later.

Now there were indications I’d entered a new dimension, as per Lois’ vision, one with a throne. This was that 4th dimension, the Feast of Tabernacles, the overcoming, the rest, the unveiling, presence, and manifestation of the Lord – more commonly called the Second Coming. I would even liken it to what many believe of the state of a rapture. Yes, I’d been “raptured.”

Vision – Tension Increases at Harvest Haven

On May 29th, I came to the farm and found it to be so heavy and oppressive I wanted to leave. Lois was in a stew, Trevor was in his usual sulking mood, and Mariko was struggling with Mark. Marilyn said she received it was Lois’ turn for judgment and had a vision of Lois angry, fighting, and thrashing about.

Author’s Note: In April 2015, I note that this oppression became manifest two weeks after Mariko’s arrival on May 14, 1999. I hadn’t made the connection, partly because of everything else going on. More importantly, the Lord didn’t quicken this connection to me.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision: Lightning Bolts Headed Upward

On June 11, 1999, Jonathan had a vision of lightning bolts heading upward in darkness. He received a prophecy that everything was going back to the Lord. This day was Day 990, 490 days (7 X 70) after February 6, 1998, the day my 10-day fast ended, which was 11 years from the day when I had the vision at Paul’s of the star hitting the earth.

By the way, my fast ended 153 days before July 10th. Remember the number of fish in the net when the Lord told the disciples to cast the net on the other side of the boat? Why were the fish even counted? And why did they add up to 153? I don’t know.

Vision – Great Man Struck Down, Tiny Body Raised Up

Early in the morning of June 12, 1999, I had a vision wherein I saw a tall, basically naked man, about 30-ish, fairly long hair (somewhat like da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”). He was hit on the forehead by an object and slain. He fell backwards in a stiff, straight form, hard and final. I then saw him lowered into the deepest of graves by two straps, as they use for coffins. He was buried as he was when alive – nearly naked. The grave seemed to have no bottom, but I’m not sure.

I then saw a small bundled body (as they bury paupers in backward countries) about a foot long, going up to the highest height possible in Heaven, yet in bundled state.

I believe this vision spoke of me, my death, and the humble beginning of a new life. This day (June 12, 1999 – Day 991) is the first day after 490 days (70 X 7) following February 6, 1998 when my 10-day fast ended, 11 years and a day after I had the vision at Paul’s of the star hitting the earth.

Reminder: All these days are coordinated with Marilyn’s prophecy of September 24, 1996 wherein I was told I would be taken and would have a ministry like that of Moses. The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) that year was September 23rd, beginning in the evening and progressing to the evening of the 24th.

Therefore, the prophecy was on the Day of Atonement, or the tenth day of the 7th month of the sacred Hebrew calendar, according to the Scriptures.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: I Speaking to Many People

The thought came to me to begin holding informal meetings locally with Bible study and open discussion on matters of life. In expressing my thoughts to Lois, she said she saw me speaking to a large group of people, without number. She saw me elevated, with my right hand stretched forth, and leaning towards them. She had the vision a couple of days before I talked to her, which would be approximately June 29, 1999.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: I, in the Lord, Hold Up Hand and Stop Battle

On Monday, October 25, 1999, Lois had a vision wherein she saw the Lord, or me in the Lord, standing on a high hill with back turned toward her, watching and controlling an ancient battle of armies on horses in a valley. The man lifted up his right hand and the battle ceased.

Lois was about to walk away, but was somehow made aware to remain and see more. She then saw the valley filled with a city full of constructive activity and good works, the very opposite of what had been there before the man stopped the battle. He then turned and walked.

At this time, Lois was going through great internal strife. The battle was within her, and the day I prayed for her just before she began fasting was the raising of my hand in the Lord.

Vision – Revelation of Lois’ Battle Vision

On March 17th, Day 1270, I received revelation of the meaning of Lois’ vision that showed me raising my hand and stopping the battle. She had the vision 144 days before, on Day 1225 of the prophecy. The battle was in Lois, my praying for her led to its termination, and now Lois told me her fear was gone and she had peace since receiving revelation from God concerning our situation.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: I Rising from Altar and Gathering People

On November 4th or 5th, 1999, Lois had a vision wherein she saw me rise from an altar upon which I had been lying, and I began to, literally, with my hands, gather people. She received on November 10th, around the time of this vision, that the lying in state was done. On the 12th, she received the same as I, yet independently of me, that all was done. We have received confirmation on a few matters this way. She also received that she was to declare the deliverance of the Lord, that she was to shout it. Yes.

Vision – Mariko Writes of Visions

On November 10th, Mark handed me a letter from Mariko, which he translated. She was lost and confused, not knowing what to do with herself in Japan. In her struggles, she had a vision wherein she saw Mark with his back to her. He was steadily walking away from her. She tried catching up, but in vain, thinking, “I guess this is it; Mark will be separated from me.” Then suddenly, she saw the two of them in a wedding scene and thought, “This is weird. How can I marry Mark who was separated from me?” She wrote it off as imagination.

She was determined to wait on the Lord to see what He would have her do with her life. She apologized to Mark for often hurting him, thanked him for everything, said that she would not forget him, and said that she was praying for everyone at the farm.

Vision – Resolution for Marilyn’s Happiness

In this past week or two, I’ve felt like I don’t want to stand in the way of Marilyn’s happiness, or Sean’s for that matter. If they love each other and would be fulfilled in each other, I don’t want to oppose it. Whether it’s right or not, whether God wants it or not, I don’t discuss here now. I only say that I am settled with letting those two marry if they choose, even if I’m alive and present.

I marvel at the place I’ve come to. There’s no way I could have said this or felt this way a short while ago. I told Marilyn this today. She wanted me to tell the others at the farm, so I did. There was no comment.

Years ago, Marilyn told me she and Sean would have a conjugal love she and I never had. Today I see that we never had it. I had always felt coerced into marriage, never loved her, and subconsciously resented her. Even on the first day of receiving the Spirit, I was annoyed with her. After being healed of grouchy mornings, I recall still complaining to men in Canmore in 1976 that I was always angry and arguing with Marilyn (I was seeking counsel of them in this matter and they had none for me). To this day, she can’t please me. Why?

I think the answer is we were never meant for each other; our marriage has been hell. Though Marilyn said she heard from God that I would be her husband, I think she was hearing what she wanted to hear, and there’s a difference between “would” and “should.” I heard nothing. I allowed Arlie’s proposal to push me into a marriage not of my true desire. We have both paid a fearful price for it.

Marilyn said that within the first month of our marriage, she was disillusioned and disappointed. Why not? We have always been at odds. It was never a marriage “made in Heaven” as people are reputed to know it. If these things are true, aren’t we in fornication? Therefore, don’t we have a legitimate basis under God for divorce?

No wonder she’s bitter! No wonder that, in my solitude, I have discovered peace and freedom I didn’t realize I had lost in marriage to her. Henry Blackaby, being our pastor, might have realized we weren’t meant to be married if we had sought his counseling. He might have sensed or plainly known that I didn’t have what was needed for a healthy marital relationship with Marilyn.

Ironically, we just received a card from my mother and a cash gift in honor of “25 years of love and partnership.” There has been no love and certainly no partnership. As Marilyn said, “We have never worked together.” Sean once had a vision of a person all beat up, representing us. We have lived a life (or death) of beating each other, of bitterness, resentment, and hatred.

What now? What about Jonathan? I guess I have to let him go. Where do I go? What do I do? Do we divorce? Is this strong delusion?

Vision – Sean Dying in My Arms

On January 5th or so, I had a vision of Sean. I saw him lying on the ground, face up, bleeding and dying. I was kneeling and crying, holding his head and shoulders off the ground in my hands and on my forelegs. I delivered this vision to the farm on January 7th, Day 1200 since the prophecy.

Vision – Marilyn Killed Sean

I had wondered who had killed Sean from the time I had the vision. I received one morning that Marilyn had killed Sean. She usurped my place and authority, received him to herself, and began to form her fantasy including him, rejecting me.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Victor, With Child in Arm, Others Following

Lois had a vision on February 5, 2000, wherein I was walking with one child in my arm and leading another by the hand. There were many more following. The following passage came to mind:

“Behold, I and the children whom the LORD has given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the LORD of Hosts, Who dwells in Mount Zion” (Isaiah 8:18 MKJV).

Vision – Vision in Reality: An Encounter with an Angel of God

This is not a vision or dream per se. However, it is as a vision, because though it happened in reality, I was as in a dream and saw that which is not at all normal, as you shall see by my account (I recorded this on February 29, 2000, four days after the encounter):

On Friday, February 25, 2000, Jonathan and I were in Coaldale on the main street. He and I circled the block for a walk from the back door of John Wiebe’s meat shop to the front of the Saan Store. As we walked, a young woman came out of one of the buildings (shops). She was casually, yet seemingly well dressed, slim, dark hair, not long, yet not real short. She was very comely, though not as the world perceives. Her complexion was smooth, without blemish, her countenance calm, confident, at peace, alert.

She looked at me, as though she took particular interest, yet didn’t wish to let on so. I looked her in the eyes momentarily. She captivated me almost instantly, yet I thought it impolite, even wrong as a married man, to look at her too much, and so we went away, Jonathan and I in one direction, and she in the opposite.

I didn’t realize the impact she had on me until that evening. It was then that I thought or wished that, given another opportunity, I would have paid more attention, dared to pursue further, even enquired of her. I don’t remember seeing anyone like her before, not in reality, movies, or dreams. She seemed so superior in quality to anyone I’ve known or seen, not so much physically as mentally and spiritually.

Could that person have been an angel? If not, I think her to be one of immense power, possessing a rare glory perhaps akin to the mythical or legendary Helen of Troy, of whom it is said men would readily lay down their lives. I’ve never known or heard of anyone on earth with such comeliness. It wasn’t at all as this world counts attractiveness. The prettiest models and famed beauties are crudely groomed, pretentious, proud, artificial, counterfeit, hard, sin-sick in comparison. This creature’s beauty gently and innocently radiated from within, perfect and natural. Her attractiveness was in her spiritual nature and character.

There was no pretense, only innocence. We were free to love each other without expecting anything of the other. Indeed, there was no need of expectation because the reality was that we belonged to each other and nobody would change that, or possibly even could. There was no risk, no ground for jealousy, no fear of loss or of failure. Our relationship was wholesome, unadulterated by any possible thing, guaranteed impregnable, incorruptible.

I was going to say that I loved her so much I could let her go free at any time, but such a statement is full of error. This is a new thing. With this encounter, I must redefine love, as I’ve never known it. It’s not a matter of a greater measure of what I’ve known, not at all. A full measure and overflowing of what I’ve known couldn’t begin to suffice. It would fall short altogether, like filling up with quarts of water to satisfy hunger – it doesn’t happen; indeed, such an approach seems antithetical. No, what I experienced in a matter of moments was a love that knew no bounds, not within, not without. This love, if one could call it that, perfectly included the subjects for all time. There is no such thing on earth, though men and women wax eloquent and romantic while perhaps even exaggerating about their loves.

Yes, one wants to be with that person; yes, there is comfort, peace, joy, contentment, and true fulfilment… but somehow, because that love is spiritual and genuine, there’s no need or desire for physical union.

She had a universality about her. It was as though nothing mattered, yet everything mattered. She was free of all things, yet took a responsible attitude toward them all, if one could call it attitude, because it was more of a nature or deportment than an attitude. If a deportment, it was unconscious, essential, not one purposed or cultivated.

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but on that day I saw a face that had so much more, a face, it seems, that said all that could be said! I suppose such words may sound idolatrous and blasphemous. Of whom but God can such things be said? Yet, if He so wills to reveal Himself in a tiny portion of His creation in such a way, and I don’t doubt His ability to do so, then is it idolatry or blasphemy to speak this way? Are not angels His direct representatives, in nature as well as in duty, expressions, or manifestations of Him?

Furthermore, concerning the face of this woman, more particularly her spiritual expression, and more specifically, her eyes, which were the core of expression, the windows of her being, it was that, as she looked at me, I was included in her. Nor was she invasive or obtrusive. She required nothing of me, yet freely shared all that she had and all that she was, without trying.

In so doing, I was utterly hers, willingly, defenselessly, automatically. Though I’ve said I hesitated to look long upon her for fear of being wrong, I suspect that any continuation past those few moments would be as though one went past glancing into the sun, where in moments more, one could incur damage to the eyes. Even the residue of that encounter has impacted and captivated me so that I would willingly look into the sun (I long for it), knowing full well the consequence (or reward).

Yet if I had any suspicion of harm, I wouldn’t choose to look, knowing it was evil. But I have to say that, though there lingers some degree of doubt and suspicion that such a creature can be, and can be only good, I judge her almost beyond any justification of suspicion; so pure, so good, so clean she seemed to me.

This is almost a fit of insanity! I related a part of this writing to Marilyn, and she marveled. She said, “Perhaps if you saw her again, as you say you wish, you might be disappointed.” How true! Imaginations can surely carry one away, and I can consider myself rather vulnerable, given the present unhappiness and emptiness in our marriage.

But I would be perfectly willing to be disappointed! I have no desire for illusion or fantasy. If upon further examination, she turned out to be an ordinary person, I’d be disappointed on the one hand that I had not met a special creature of God after all, sent to me for good, but on the other hand, I would go on with reality, preferring so.

And if this person should reject me, I would know she wasn’t at all the person I thought she was, and her rejection wouldn’t hurt me because I wouldn’t be rejected by someone I wanted to be accepted by. And again there’s no fear of rejection from the kind of person I describe here. It is a win-win situation.

As I perceive her, and in the state she has left me, I would be willing to leave off all my inhibitions and pursue her person. If she were ordinary or married, fine. I wouldn’t want to take anything belonging to another, no matter how wonderful, and if by virtue of the fact that I’m married and she was forbidden of God to me, fine.

I’d like to know who she is, why she is as she is, if it can really be true that she is as I have perceived, and why God has arranged all this. If perchance, God meant something for us, it would be an almost incredibly delightful thing to me, like literally dying and going to Heaven.

I know this: There would have to be no pain whatsoever to any, especially to Marilyn and Jonathan. Let her be such a creature that could satisfy my every longing, desire, and need, but if there was any wrongdoing whatsoever to them as a result, I reject it all out of hand, without any hesitation whatsoever.

What a strange, strange experience! It’s as though I’ve looked into the eyes of an angel from God, never to be the same again. What power, what impact, and that, in a matter of moments!

More. As she was, I was becoming as I gazed on her. I was included in that universality. By universality, I mean something more specific and other than expected by common usage of language. All was hers, all was ours, and all was mine. She notified me in a few moments of silence that all was mine, that I was an heir to all that exists.

Gladly would I surrender all that I had, including my very life, to have what I saw there in her. It wasn’t her but what she represented… another world, the true kingdom, everything. But I would not, could not, give up any soul, any person, not any. Why? Because in the surrender of all things for the acquisition of that which I saw and felt, perceived, and received, or which was indelibly, yet invisibly etched on me, it would be an abomination to sacrifice any soul. She couldn’t be bought, deserved, won, or earned any more than can be done with the sun; it’s impossible.

I can’t begin to express sufficiently what is there in me, about me. It’s like every soul is an integral part of that whole, which is mine, nothing to be sacrificed, nothing to be hurt. Whereas we have had to forsake all, including parents, wives, children, friends, any and all possessions, and ambitions to follow the Lord, now we are to sacrifice or forsake nothing.

“And in that day you shall ask Me nothing. Truly, truly, I say to you, Whatever you shall ask the Father in My name, He will give you.” (John 16:23 MKJV)

Instead of forsaking, we discipled saints are to include everybody. (I’m not able to say what is there.) If I were to cause any undue pain to anyone in pursuing this woman, this creature, it would be like sacrificing children and virgins by fire to pagan deities to obtain their favor.

Her look at me seemed to be mirroring my look on her, as though “deep called unto deep.” While she was impacting me, I sensed that she was almost experiencing the same thing with me as I with her. It is also possible, unless she is an angel (or perhaps even though she is an angel), that she ponders this meeting even as do I.

More. Because of the effect her countenance had on me, I have to conclude that every effort of ours to change someone for the better out of their faults, real or perceived – it doesn’t matter – is vain, utterly vain, and not only so, but wrong, even criminal. I have no doubt whatsoever that her few split seconds of gaze move me to change more than all teachings, reproofs, admonishments, rebukes, and punishments man could place on me in a lifetime.

While there would be visible or perceptible changes performed on me by someone, those changes would not necessarily be for good, even if appearing good, even if preventing me from committing evils of all kinds. I wouldn’t be changed in heart. But this countenance would move me to do anything good. It would perfectly inspire me to endure, to persist, and to ignore failure altogether, until I accomplished that good I knew to do, impossible as it might seem.

And it wouldn’t matter if I eventually failed in the thing itself. The consumption of the commitment and drive would be the success sought for.

It is written that His (Jesus Christ’s) visage was marred more than that of any man (Isaiah 52:14). I once had a dream of men damaging my face – I was a road, and the men were workers with picks and shovels. Men mar the face of God, and now I perceive that the face of God transforms in all goodness, not only the faces or visages of men, but their very natures. Indeed, no man can see God and live – he can never again be the person he was.

God, I don’t want to control any person ever again, in any way, shape, or form… not a believer, pagan, neighbor, friend, foe, wife, son, not myself! I would far rather be a changer by spiritual influence rather than by words and actions. (Yet I know the Word must be spoken and the act done.)

I have to say something else. Though the person was apparently a woman, yet she seemed almost independent of sex. She was independent of everything, yet included by all, naturally or intrinsically committed to the good of all.

What would true evil be? True evil would be a disposition of any kind, to even the slightest degree, which would dislike, reject, oppose, even ignore the nature, the substance of the creature that unveiled herself to me for those moments. I saw goodness (integrity, sincerity, sobriety) such as I have never before seen in any person on earth.

I could almost write a book on the two seconds or so I spent in suspended animation, gazing upon this face, gazing into her eyes or, rather, being captured by that gaze. The whole countenance was unassuming, unpretentious, sincere, honest, prepared to lay all on the line; respectful, studious, very conscious, nonjudgmental, non-critical, objective, intelligent, discerning, sober, neither obliged nor obligating, yet willing to be obliged, but not foolishly confident. Her spirit was wise, unobtrusive (a very good word), free, generous, and unselfish in all ways. I would have to say that the apostle Paul’s description of love in 1 Corinthians 13 expresses very accurately what I saw in this person. It’s nothing at all as men imagine or describe love.

More. Uninhibited, but discreet, taking pleasure only in good, void of any retaliation (indeed, none can be found in such a nature, so foreign to it), truth of its composition as wood of a tree. (The day I met her, Lois began her fast, which climaxed for her in a freedom from a certain fear after 18 days of seeking the Lord.)

If I were to run into that person again and find her to be nobody unusual, I could be very embarrassed, yet I think God has given me something nevertheless, for which I should not be ashamed, but rather grateful. Lord, resolve all this for me.

Lord, thank You.

I know that love is not something that can be made or conjured up. I also know I don’t have it as I perceived it in that person, but I would like to be there in it and it in me. Of course, one can say that if God is in me, and He is love, then love is in me, and I in love. Yet, I discern no such manifestation as I saw then. Lord, have Your way.

More would be occurring to me in the months to come concerning this visitation.

Who says there is no God?

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision and Prophecy: Foundations Crumbling

In the evening of March 17th, Marilyn had a vision, wherein she saw all foundations crumbling, with clouds of dust everywhere, leaving only the Lord, as represented by a thin silver pillar. She prophesied that everything was going to be shaken and those who didn’t have the Lord as their foundation were going to fall.

Vision – Lois Shoots Bear

After her fast was ended on the 14th, having received an answer from the Lord, Lois was hesitant to declare it to others, though she had told me. What had come to her during the fast was that she had been a whore, and that Marilyn was a false prophetess or that Marilyn’s prophecy concerning my dying, and her marrying Sean, was false.

I had a vision at 2:00 AM of March 18, 2000, while in prayer and thanksgiving to the Lord. I saw Lois standing with her back to me, leaning on a large wooden crate about four- to five-feet cubed, while a great and raging bear was charging at her. I had handed her a long, old-fashioned loaded musket. Somewhat apprehensive, she rested the gun on the crate, took aim, and fired at the bear, hitting it squarely in the chest, surprising the bear. The bear kept coming for a few yards more, though its chest had been ripped open. Surprised that it should be a victim, incapacitated so quickly and easily, it finally collapsed, dead.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: We Stand in Line against Enemy, Praising the Lord

On March 23rd, Lois had a vision. She saw us all standing in line. She writes: “Victor was at one end and I at the other. The enemy was approaching us and Victor stepped out in front of the line and I with him. We began praising the Lord and the enemy was stopped.” (Mark also saw Lois as a warrior.)

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision Revelation on All at Farm

They were having problems with a ewe lambing, so Jonathan and I prayed. “Dad,” he said, “I just had a picture of the situation. Aunt Lois and Mark were praising the Lord, Trevor was just standing by, and Sean was saying, ‘We don’t have time for praising the Lord – there are other things to do.’ Dad, all this was hidden. They are all doing these things inside.” I took this to be revelation from the Lord.

In the night, it came to me that the ewe needed a calcium shot. I found out in the morning that this was exactly what they gave her, and she was better.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision: Travel on Hilly Terrain

Jonathan had a vision on April 10, 2000 at “5 to 12,” he said. “How do you know it was a vision?” I asked him. He said it wouldn’t go away and, at the time he had it, he thought it was simply a mind’s picture, but now he knew he had a vision:

He was facing south (this he emphasized), coming out of some bush, which had been thick and which he had been “hacking his way through.” Coming into a clearing (all this on a hill), he viewed hills on the left and on the right. Before him and down below was a lake, and behind the lake more hills. On those hills he saw both green and brown patches of terrain. The sun was neither high nor low in the sky and to the right of his focus, which suggested later afternoon.

I asked Jonathan if he had any thoughts on it, and all he could say was that he felt his prophecy of needing to kick Sean out was about to happen or should be happening. Though I had told him that his mother would likely leave if I kicked Sean out, and he wept bitterly at the thought, he remained firm.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Marilyn and Sean Scolding

On April 30, 2000, Lois had a “picture” of Marilyn sitting on Sean’s lap, while the two of them were shaking their fingers, scolding the Bensons and me.

Vision – Marilyn Declares Her Position

On June 4th, Marilyn said to me, “Sean is my husband, not you; he is my head and I submit to him, not you.” Which provoked me to say, “Sean goes, and if you choose, you go with him” (she had said that if he went, she would go with him). I called Lois to tell him to pack. He questioned why I didn’t come to him personally. Marilyn declared that we should meet and talk. I agreed and we went.

Marilyn fought, but the Lord gave me words to speak, particularly Scriptures such as Psalm 1; 119:105, and Proverbs 29:18. Marilyn and Sean spoke adamantly of walking by faith, even while they brushed aside the Word and Law of God. I said the devils also believe; the whole spiritual realm operates by faith; faith in and of itself can be idolatry and valueless when we don’t have love for God and neighbor (I Corinthians 13:2).

They had cast aside the Law of God, contemning it, all in the Name of the Lord and in pretense of walking by faith. The Scripture we brought up was that we are to live by every word that proceeds from God’s mouth. Lois emphasized the word “every,” including the written Word they have rejected. I think the Scripture with the emphasis on “every” was a significant thrust of the sword into the heart of the enemy. Was that the shot that tore the bear’s heart?

Marilyn proposed that she cease going to the farm, that I go and run it, and that she would give me whatever input she could, provided Sean stayed. Nobody agreed to it, not the Bensons, not Jonathan, and not I. Jonathan had a vision of something from the east that would come for Sean. We began to think in terms of Bob Fife coming to get Sean. We called Bob, and he prepared to come.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision: Jet Going East

For what it’s worth, Jonathan said he saw a “V,” as of a passenger jet taking off to the east, wondering about Sean leaving and going in that direction. I suppose he was considering possibilities of Sean having a place to go. He asked who lived in that direction, asking about my mother in Manitoba and about Sean’s father in Toronto.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision: Eight Lights Lining Up

On July 1, 2000, when Bob Fife had come for Sean, Jonathan had a vision. He saw six light yellow “fluorescent” lights joined together and two dark red ones joined, but separated from the six. He said the six light yellow were good, the two red bad or evil, that the six good were him, the Bensons, Bob, and me, while the two evil were Marilyn and Sean. He told us this vision. Then, on the way home, with Marilyn, more came. He said the two red were once black but were changing, on their way to white… hope, redemption in process.

He also had a prophecy on July 2nd: “We tend to take the belt off to tighten the pulley bolts but we needn’t take off the belt; just tighten the bolts.”

As with most prophecies, I had no idea what it meant.

Vision – Marilyn’s Vision: A Silver Candlestick

Perhaps some time in this month, Marilyn had a vision. In it she saw a silver candlestick, standing by itself, surrounded by sand, which was collapsing. All in the world was collapsing except for the candlestick, which Marilyn took to represent the Lord. I believe the candlestick represented the work of the Lord, the work He was doing with us; that which was not of Him wouldn’t survive the fiery trial.

Vision – Jonathan’s vision: Straw Piles

On Friday, August 26, 2000, I was debating whether to begin keeping the weekly Sabbath before October 14th – a time by which Marilyn felt our business customers would be sufficiently notified and prepared for this major change. I was wondering whom I was serving – God or our customers, so I had sort of decided to move up the date to today, but still waffling. I found myself deliberately, unnecessarily mowing for about an hour to an hour and a half after sundown, the beginning of the Sabbath. I felt bad and wondered what others would think, particularly those to whom I had spoken concerning the Sabbath.

An hour or so later, Jonathan said, “Dad, I just had a vision, a moving one.” He continued, “There were these straw piles. A white ‘fuzzy blob’ came from out of one straw pile and headed to another. When coming to the second pile, a black blob came out of it and half destroyed the white blob. The white then turned to go back to where it came from, when another black blob appeared from nowhere and completely destroyed the half-remaining white blob.” He went on to say that it would have been better for the white blob to have remained where it was and that the vision was a warning.

I immediately tied his vision to my offence of the Sabbath, but I certainly didn’t have the whole picture. Were we coming under the curse of the Law again? I didn’t think so, yet I didn’t really know. I discussed it with Lois. She thought that one, I was to enter the Sabbath first, and two, I was being shown that this Sabbath-keeping was a serious matter, that we couldn’t be lax in any way. Surely, I had treated the keeping of the Sabbath somewhat loosely.

Later, on October 10th, I tied this vision in with Marilyn. She went from one fantasy to another and had been half destroyed by the one with Sean. This I received when enquiring of the Lord. If she returned to me, would she be utterly destroyed? I didn’t understand.

Vision – Paul’s Vision: Marilyn Stops Circuit

On September 19, 2000, during his visit at Harvest Haven, as we prayed at mealtime, Paul had a vision of an electrical current going around the table, but coming to Marilyn it stopped, unable to complete itself.

Marilyn judged all and was in great enmity with God. Lois saw her doing little things for me and wondered why. She received that those things were out of sacrifice, not obedience. Marilyn judged all of us, but had a beam in her eye. She damned herself, not believing. She was horribly disturbing. She begged to be destroyed, and the Lord may grant her desire. Kerri expected something to happen to her, as did Kumiko and as had Lois.

Vision – Josh Kendall Suicide

There we heard of Dan and Pat Kendall, whose son Josh took his own life only days before. I suddenly saw Josh, in a vision, in the afterlife. I saw his agony of conscience and regret at what he had done so brashly without considering the implications. Having been shown what was happening, I wrote a letter to the Kendalls, describing his state, actually and “doctrinally.” Here is the portion of the letter on the vision and understanding received:

Upon taking his own life, which was not the will of God, no matter what Josh’s motives were, he was initially in great pain… not physical but spiritual. There is such; even as there is physical pain in flesh wounding, so there is spiritual pain in spirit wounding; suicide is a spiritual wounding as well as physical. From there he went to shock and despair at what he had done, suddenly realizing that he had done a horrible deed that was entirely irreversible. There was no question that it was a foolish, desperate act, and there was not any opportunity of turning back. Suicide is the ultimate in burning one’s bridge behind him for the worse.

But here is the sure hope now (I saw this): Your son begins to settle into correction (judgment… judgment is not damnation or destruction but correction, purging, refining, discipline). There is hardship and suffering, yes, no two ways about it, not that much unlike that of this world. But this correction is to redeem him and redeemed he will be. 

The Lord Jesus Christ is faithful; He has paid the price for your son, as He has for us all, and your son will ultimately be brought into the spiritual wholeness for which all creation has groaned and longed. And you will all one day see him. His discipline will not only be what is happening to him, but what he is doing as he goes through the correction, his nature changing to one of acceptability to the Lord, but all the work of God, not his (by grace are you saved, not by works – Ephesians 2:8-10).

How would I get the letter to them? I would have driven to see them but, for some reason, that option wasn’t open to us. I asked Donn to deliver it to them but when he saw the contents (I regretfully let him read the letter), he balked and said he would give it to the pastor for judgment and delivery. I wondered that the letter would ever get to them after all. However, I trusted that if they were to get it, the Lord would see to it.

The letter was a revelation for the Kendalls’ sakes. While it wasn’t necessarily what they wanted to hear, it would liberate them if they were to receive it, as opposed to the sentimental claptrap they were being fed to assuage their pain. They were told Josh was now in Heaven and at peace – that sort of nonsense growing out of harmful sympathy, emotion, and wishful thinking. One might wonder what harm could be done by such reassurance, even if false, but I believe people have a sense of what is true and, if told the truth and they believe it, they will be more at peace. If not, they will continue troubled.

I gave Donn many writings – The Baptism with the Holy Spirit, Counterfeit Christianity, The Church, The Gathering, The Case for Coming Out, The Sabbath, Obedience, The Wrath of God, Christian Physical Diet, That Devilish Spirit of Christmas, The Mark and Seal, and The Prophecy to the Religious.

Donn more than once mentioned a struggle with God and with sinning repeatedly. I shared many things with him. We spoke of the reconciliation of all things, Satan’s origin, deduction and induction, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. I knew he needed to receive the Spirit, but wasn’t led to pray for him. Strangely enough, I suggested he talk to his pastor, but how could his pastor, not having the Spirit, help him?

Having said our goodbyes, Paul and I headed back to Great Falls and to Kerri’s. We spent some time in her café, speaking to a few people, and then returned home.

Vision – The Gladiator

From what I can tell by my record and our memories, it was on the fourth anniversary of Marilyn’s prophecy, September 24th, after Paul and I returned from Missoula to Great Falls, that Paul, Kerri, and I went to see Gladiator. Paul had seen it and was fascinated by its significance and relevance to the great, long-drawn experience to which we had just been subjected. Seeing the movie, I thought, “How amazing! How many times God has shown us in so many ways that He’s over everything, including the timing, of course, and He does all these things for us!”

When returning to Lethbridge, I recommended that Lois and Mark go see the movie, without telling them what we were seeing. They went. Lois immediately said it had shaken her because it represented what we had just lived through with Sean in such an uncanny way. The villain, Commodus, played by Joaquin Phoenix, even had Sean’s facial disfigurement, but Commodus’ personality and doings were the primary factors in the so-striking parallel.

As was the plot. Whereas Maximus’ and my positions were ordained from above, they were also usurped, and we both were sorely abused, even banished from our rightful destiny. We both suffered expulsion from our God-given rights, comforts, positions, and privileges. Maximus, as I, lost his wife and a young son to our ruthless enemy. He and I had to learn how to fight in ways we had not fought before. In both cases, the villain was guilty of patricide, though in that matter, I played both Maximus’ father and Maximus. Sean had, in effect, slain me, his spiritual father.

In each case, both Maximus and I were called to lay down our lives for the people and for good. It was a battle to the finish with a vain, ruthless, cunning, ambitious, and even demonic foe.

In each case, the foe was troubled. Finally, there was a face-to-face showdown.

Maximus and I had died fighting the enemy (howbeit I died spiritually – which is really coming alive in the next world, as Maximus came alive spiritually in the next world). Both our deaths led to freedom and glory. Our arch-enemy also died, but not to freedom or glory.

By Maximus’ noble deed, Rome was released from tyranny. In my obedience to the Lord, freedom broke out for the rest of us as well as for me.

There was even a parallel with the principal woman. Lucilla was known and seen of Maximus to be capable of compromise for survival and so was Marilyn a compromiser and more; she was fearful of the prospect of having to run the farm under great stress, and all the more sold herself to Sean as Lucilla had to Commodus. Though Lucilla did it in fear and Marilyn did it in fear, lust, and delusion, they did the same.

Maximus’ servant paid the price for his faithfulness to him, and Paul also paid the price of banishment and separation for a time with me. He was also slain, so to speak, even as his vision portrayed:

Vision – I Am Led to Crucifixion (August 16th, 1998)

I see myself being led off to crucifixion, carrying a cross similar to the account of the Lord in the Gospels. I then see Sean sitting on a throne, wearing a crown that sits askew on his head, leaning forward chin on fist in contemplation. He had ordered my death.

Everyone saw Sean as Commodus, except for Marilyn. She saw me as Commodus. I found it almost incredible, but at the same time, I was accustomed to it!

Vision – Karen Shimoda’s Vision: A River Growing

Karen saw a riverbed that at first was very low on water. There was a bit more than a trickle, not a lot, but it was beginning to flow. There were rocks and boulders that seemed like obstructions in the riverbed, but the rush of water to fill the whole bed was coming and would, and did, sweep away the boulders. It then appeared to be a strong but normal river flowing. This all pertained to God’s work through Paul and me.

Doug also saw a change in Paul, likened to a change in woodgrain, that his grain would be changed. Doug also spoke of Paul’s getting to know the love of a/the Father.

There was more, but I don’t recall it. Paul and I had no “in season” prophetic utterances for them, but I did declare to them that the “Toronto Blessing” and the event heard on the audiotape, and like works and manifestations, were strong delusion, the enemy, and not God. We were desirous that they would examine themselves in that light and repent of spiritual follies. They disagreed with us.

We also assured them that the prophecies they uttered were true and served as confirmations of what we had already been experiencing and receiving. We invited them to join us for our first Sabbath on the 14th, and I gave my Sabbath paper to Pat.

Vision – Shimoda’s Visions and Prophecies

Now on October 2, 2005, we recalled again and discussed Doug and Karen Shimoda’s visions and prophecies of 5 years ago (Shimoda’s Words for UsKaren Shimoda’s Vision: A River Growing). We realized they had come to pass for Paul and me.

How was it then that we couldn’t have fellowship with the Shimodas? Why couldn’t they realize that if their visions and prophecies of us were true in speaking of God’s favor and power with us, they should receive us? Why the wall of contempt from them? Why treat these things lightly as they have?

Vision – Pat Kavanagh’s Vision and Prophecy: Trees, Amusement Park Ride

Ezekiel 13:4-10 MKJV

(4) O Israel, your prophets are like the foxes in the deserts.

(5) You have not gone up into the breaks, nor built the wall for the house of Israel, that it might stand in the battle in the day of the LORD.

(6) They have seen vanity and lying divination, saying, “The LORD says.” And the LORD has not sent them; but they hoped to confirm their word.

(7) Did you not see a vain vision, and speak a lying divination? Yet you say, “The LORD says”; although I have not spoken?

(8) Therefore so says the Lord God: Because you have spoken vanity and seen a lie, therefore, behold, I am against you, says the Lord God.

(9) And My hand shall be against the prophets who see vanity and who divine a lie. They shall not be in the council of My people, nor shall they be written in the writing of the house of Israel, nor shall they enter into the land of Israel. And you shall know that I am the Lord God.

(10) Because, even because they made My people go astray, saying, “Peace”; and there was no peace; and he builds a wall, and lo, others daubed it with lime.

These were the manifestations from Pat that we questioned:

Pat saw a little tree formed from the seed of a big tree, having to return to the big tree. This was contrary to nature, and it simply didn’t witness to us.

Pat then likened Paul and me to those who had checked out a ride at an amusement park, fully examining all the parts, nuts, bolts, and everything for safety, and now we must, by faith, hop on the car. I didn’t believe the Lord would use an amusement park as an illustration of our calling. Besides, we were already stepping out by faith and learning to shout from the housetops all we have heard in the ear.

My note eight years later (2009): I now see how the first illustration could apply. Paul was that little tree, and he certainly had wandered from me, yet not me, but the Lord, and now it was time for him to obey and return to me in the Lord as his big tree, so that the work might begin and be established.

I now see how the second illustration could also be applied: The Lord has been teaching us the truth and good doctrine all these years. We have meditated, prayed, studied, and pondered all these things, and now we should be readying ourselves to declare what we’ve learned.

Can the Lord’s good doctrine and preparation be compared to an amusement ride? Certainly this is not about amusement, but in principle, the truth and message are there. Recall that the Lord commended the unjust steward for his scheming. We know He wouldn’t commend theft and disloyalty, but His message was one of doing that which is wise with what we have in this world, that it may serve us well in the next…. “Make unto yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness, that when you fail, they will receive you into everlasting habitations” (Luke 16:9).

Why couldn’t we receive Pat’s visions or prophecies as of God at the time? I don’t know. Perhaps Pat had to be tried. Was he willing to stand by faith, contrary to opposition and contradiction?

Vision – Mark’s Vision: Burning Cross and Number Seven

Mark called on October 2, 2000, telling me he’d had a vision at about 11 pm the night before. He saw a burning cross, which was replaced with a number 7 the same size or a little larger than the cross. At the time, I thought it symbolized the destruction of the last enemy, death, with rest ensuing. As I write this book today, I realize it signified purging by fire and death through our recent circumstances, bringing us to Sabbath rest.

Vision – Jonathan’s Vision: Blue Gears Working Smoothly

On October 3, 2000, snow and cold came, and I was concerned about our harvest and other things. Jonathan then had a vision of blue gears, working together smoothly, many of them. I took this to mean that all would be working smoothly as it should, that I needn’t be concerned about the work, lack of manpower, or anything else. The vision pointed to a time when everyone and everything would be working smoothly at the farm and everywhere else in relation to us.

Vision – Yvon Goulet

Near the end of October, I had a vision of Yvon Goulet. He was older, mature in Christ, comforting, compassionate, understanding, confident, and fatherly as a result of his sufferings and what God had done in him. I shared that vision with him in one of my letters to him. He had written, I replied, he replied, and I replied again (it was a lengthy correspondence, but with no agreement). Why such a vision of him? I don’t know. Perhaps it was a promise of things to come. He declared the vision was now fulfilled in him, which I knew wasn’t true.

Vision – Elizabeth, a Bird on a Fence

Somewhere around December 1, 2000, I had a vision of Archie’s daughter Elizabeth, naked, as a dirty bird, perched on a post rail fence. Her parents and siblings were standing, dressed, along the fence, and all were looking in the same direction. They were looking at us, and Elizabeth was influencing them in evil ways toward us. She was taking pleasure in my torment of what I had done to them, mocking and scorning. Archie, his wife, and his boys were standing to her left along the fence, indulging her, almost mesmerized by her power and influence, agreeing with her.

I didn’t understand, because I heard that she had wanted to invite us to her wedding, but Archie said that if we attended, he would not. Nevertheless, I don’t make up visions. They come. Let God be true and every man a liar.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Gentle Body Massage

We all had been taking chiropractic treatments for some time. But the aches and pains would return; vertebrae, joints, and ribs would go out, and we were continually getting readjusted. I said, “How can this be? Do we need a pocket chiropractor? Does God not have something better for us?” I had been asking the Lord about this, and so had Lois been praying. We were spending thousands of dollars in chiropractic care and seemed to be locked into a lifelong regimen of treatment – not good.

Then in December, Lois had a vision wherein she saw her body moving gently in a figure-eight motion. She had no idea what the vision was all about; she did know it applied not only to her but to others, as well. Within days, Peter Nickel, the man who introduced us to Grander Living Water technology, came by with a massaging contraption he left for us to try. He said it was the next best thing to Grander, which we had learned was very good.

Vision – The Chi Machine (Fulfilled)

Looking at the machine sitting on the floor, I thought, “What’s this? How can it do what Peter suggests?” I wasn’t impressed. How little did we know what the Chi Machine would do for us and where it would take us! Lois started using it and just when I thought we would give it back to Peter, she said, “I really like what it does for me.” So we all tried it and, yes, we all liked it.

Lois soon realized this was what her vision was all about. The waving motion of her body was what the Chi Machine was doing. The Lord had answered our prayers.

The company, Hsin Ten Enterprises, was giving one free if we bought five at once. We bought them and became distributors, because we also suspected others would love it, too. Besides, selling a few would also pay for ours.

To use it, you lie down on your back on a carpeted floor, rest your ankles in a cradle, do some deep breathing, relax, and turn the timer on for as long as needed or desired. The side-to-side movement of the ankle cradle moves the body in a gentle, figure-eight motion. You lay down, relax, and enjoy! [LINK]

Within a year, between seven of us, we saved enough money from chiropractic bills alone to pay for two or three Chi Machines; we felt a lot better, and we didn’t have to make the trips for appointments. And the Chi Machine took our little health world by storm.

Vision – Meeting Hall in Heaven

We had a supper and aftermath visit at the farm with a new customer, Pat McMurrin, and her friend, Harrison Dollard. Pat did all the talking. Going to bed that evening, I had a vision. I saw a huge meeting hall in Heaven. Its conduct and tenor were so contrary to this world. Men were in charge, speaking, and women were silent. The atmosphere was sober and matters discussed were of importance and substantive. (I had been thinking of how much Pat, as a woman, dominated the conversation, speaking of nothing important.)

I perceived that to the citizens of this earthly realm, the conduct of the assembly in this meeting hall was utterly foreign and unacceptable. I suddenly realized that such principled conduct concerning males and females was particularly unacceptable to Pat and Harrison and such as they who come in with a “female spirit” saying, “I am.” I believe they were actually witnessing the nature and spirit of that heavenly assembly in us.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: People in a Pocket of Light

On March 17 or 18, 2001, Lois had a vision wherein she saw people in a pocket or sack of light, surrounded by pressuring darkness trying to quench the light, but there was a thin, open connection between the pocket and a space above full of bright light. The flow of light through the tube-like connection was in both directions, up and down.

Vision – Retreating Soldier

About April 10, 2001, I had a vision of a soldier retreating in some fear or doubt from the enemy. While he was retreating, he was taking shots at his own people, soldiers, here and there.

I didn’t know what to make of that vision. Was it expressing the consequences of someone in unbelief? Did I do the saints harm with unbelief? I should think so. But I didn’t see the vision applying to me, though it may. As I put these last two particles together, I think of Jean, who professes to be in the Lord’s army, believing, then killing those in His army as she retreats in fear. Is this not a common occurrence?

Vision – Sheaves Entering Doorways

I had a vision in the night of July 27, 2001. There were five- or six-foot-tall grain sheaves heading for an entrance with two doorways (no doors). The sheaves were bound evenly and tightly from top to bottom. One was double. I knew that the double would need to separate in order to enter.

The entrance seemed to be to some great public place of gathering, such as a stadium. The main message was that the double sheaves would need to separate and enter singly.

Vision – Sara’s Vision: Broken by Evil Men

Sara had a disturbing vision. She saw a circle of men around her who appeared as dark, vague images. They had her in chains and she heard the words, “Broken by evil men.”

NOTE, October 2015: Who were those men? Were they flesh and blood, or were they spirits appearing as men, as Archie saw them before he was delivered? Would Sara need deliverance?

Vision – Woman of Faith

Sara then notified me that Ingrid was expressing doubts about us. I wrote Ingrid by email and we tried talking on messenger, but I suspected her brother may have been with her when we were talking. I received a vision of Ingrid at that time. My journal:

While Ingrid’s parents were opposing her, and taking her children from her in court in Belgium, I saw in a vision a woman under great stress, but full of what appeared to be conviction and faith, stand up and say in so many words and spirit, “So be it. You have my children, but I will not bow to your evil ways. God comes first; truth comes first; righteousness comes first. If I bow to you, I have no reason to live. But God will stand with me, and if not, so be it, I must lose my children, but I will not deny the Lord. I leave; I will fight for my children, and I will be back for my children; you can count on it; so God help me. And I now entrust them into His care.” I saw a determined woman in faith.

We soon received word from Ingrid that she enlisted a lawyer to take her parents to court to get her children back. We also found that she was, for all intents and purposes, under house arrest in her parents’ home. She had no say for her children or for herself. What law had she broken? How could they legally do these things to her? It was bizarre.

I wrote Ingrid, asking her where she really stood in relation to us, and if she wished that we continue to rent the house for her. She said she was with us, determined to fight for her children, to come to Canada with them, and expected the courts to see things her way. After all, there was no possible reason to find fault with her. She asked us to hold on to the house. The whole affair would prove to be very costly and frustrating, but faith and knowledge of God’s will and ways would sustain us.

I suspected that Ingrid would forsake us, lacking faith. I prayed that the Lord would not allow her faith to fail. I also asked that mine on her behalf wouldn’t fail.

Ingrid later told us that the prosecution was doing an investigation on us and that she would have to wait for those results. I called the RCMP to see if they had heard anything. I was hoping to speed things up; they heard nothing.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Marilyn Swimming Against Waves

Lois records a vision she had wherein Marilyn was swimming against big dark waves and was very determined. This too was after 2000, but she failed to record the specific date as requested. Lois always, always ignored my requests. Why?

Vision – Paul’s Vision: He and Ingrid Divided by Snake

Paul records: “In the fall of 2002, during the time that Ingrid was going back and forth on whether she wanted to be married to me, I saw a large snake coming between us as we stood side by side.

I realized later that I was the cause of this division, because I had been frustrated with Ingrid’s going back and forth. I had no business expecting anything of her and was wrong in my pursuit of her affection.” END

Vision – Archie and Cathie Resentful of Gift

I had a vision on November 24, 2002, of Archie and Cathie, poor, in need of money and all things. I saw myself giving to them, only to provoke great resentment toward me. Marilyn said at the time of the vision that I would have to remember it. I believed I was receiving a warning from God that when the temptation came to give that I should resist it or I would be sorry.

My note in June 2016: Years later, I recall this a bit differently, which is why we should write things down; we can’t trust our memories. That said, I also recall that I would be greatly troubled if I gave and there was no gratefulness. I should be prepared to help them without appreciation, not necessarily that I shouldn’t give at all.

Vision – Revelations and Reminders of Archie

About August 7th, Lois had a vision of Yuri (Lily), a Japanese visitor at the farm. She saw snakes all around her neck; Yuri was caressing and enjoying them.

Yuri was a bit strange. Though she was about thirty, and a nurse, she seemed to never have grown up or suffered any kind of hardship; it was almost like she was frozen in time, remaining a child. Yet, by that very fact, she was suffering.

We believe she was inhabited by spirits, which these serpents represented, but we weren’t led to pray for her deliverance. However, we did have a personal time with her wherein she divulged to us that her mother had committed suicide. She wept in telling us. It was evident the event traumatized her, but she wasn’t ready for a change.

Yuri came as a WWOOFER (“Willing Workers on Organic Farms”) but she was unable to work because of her physical, mental, and spiritual condition. Because we weren’t given to help her, we had to ask Yuri to pay her way or leave. She chose to leave. I don’t recall the details but wish I did.

Vision – Chemdah with Chains

In January of 2003, I saw Chemdah, dressed in colorful, African garments, leaping and rejoicing, saying, “I’m free! I’m free!” In each of her hands she had a big iron chain, one on each side, at near shoulder level. She has not been free. I saw this vision of her before she left San Diego to come to Helena. I see that though she has been set free of chains that have bound her, she still brings them with her. What are those chains?

We have tried to correct her. At times she has seemed to receive it but more often than not, she resists and argues.

One of the things we told her she needed to do was to forsake the name “Chemdah,” which was given her by religious rite or custom in HOY (House of Yahweh). She needed to make a clean break in every respect. Her original name was Marcia so we recommended she take it on again.

Vision – A Choice for Paul

Ingrid lost her appeal in court for custody of her children, even though we told nothing but the truth, had a good home rented and ready for them, and offered ourselves for official examination of any kind by the authorities, which the court proposed to conduct but did not follow through on. We tried demonstrating responsibility and capability to care for the children, while Ingrid’s parents and in-laws told many lies.

Paul was insisting, even poetically or dramatically that he loved Ingrid and that she was meant to be his wife. I was considering their situation when, about January 10, 2003, I had a vision in which I saw Paul having a choice. He could choose Ingrid and have only her, or he could choose the Lord and have everything. I saw him sitting at the table, relaxed, with arm over the back of an empty chair next to him, free, talking to others there, all things being his.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Man in Prayer Protected

I had been concerned and praying about speaking out against the Catholic Church. Another concern I had was not formally taking the time to pray. Then, as I was praying at meal at the farm, Lois had a vision in which she saw a man on his knees, praying. Above him was a large face with a crown on the head. From That Person a light shone downward upon the man. This vision on January 24, 2003, answered two concerns for me because I knew I was that man under the light. Lois had known nothing of these concerns.

Vision – The Plough Woman Looking Back

On February 10, 2003, I had a vision of Ingrid lingering, tending to look back. Paul wrote a letter, putting words in her mouth that she ought to be speaking in faith. She continues to fear her enemies and to choose intermediaries (like unbelieving lawyers) to fight her battles. She must recognize her battle as spiritual and not earthly, and that it’s the Lord’s battle and not hers.

Vision – A Gruesome Image

On the night of March 24, 2003, I had a picture while in a semi-sleep state, wherein I saw Lana Ackerman with two jaws full of teeth to the right side of her main jaw. With a closed mouth, one could not tell there was anything unusual. I didn’t know what it meant at first, but we knew her to be brutal in her treatment of us, in word, attitude, action and spirit. Indeed, being deceptive, she and her husband/accomplice “spoke out of the side of her mouth” and devoured with her words.

Vision – House with Windows on Second Floor

Our public internet correspondences were kindling indignation and opposition from several people who were accusing us of being hateful and arrogant. They couldn’t point to any of our words in particular when we asked them to back up their accusations. Still, I don’t take these things lightly and have sought the Lord many times for His judgment.

Am I arrogant, as some declare? As I was seeking the Lord about this, on January 5, 2004, I saw a two-story, rectangular house with a 4/12 pitch roof. Suddenly two, two-foot square windows appeared on each side of the second story. Light then entered and the once dark second story was illumined. I could see the floor through the windows on the second story. Then I heard the question: “Is the light arrogant? Is light arrogant when dispelling darkness?”

On the first anniversary of this vision, 2004, I was writing to an Al Thomas, self-proclaimed prophet and teacher. He was rejecting our right to offer The Public Forum Correspondence by email without his permission. I knew this vision was meant specifically for him, though it is universal truth. I asked Thomas, “Does God need an invitation from sinners before sending His prophets to speak to them?”

Vision – Sara’s Vision: Her Mother, a Snake

Sara records: The Lord gave me this vision on January 26, 2004, soon after I received the Spirit of God:

“My mom’s face was before me. Then it floated high above me, and her body came into view. It was the body of a very large snake. Then I saw the situation from afar. I saw myself at a distance, standing at the entrance to a large cave. The snake was coiled before me, and its large body in coils stood two or three times higher than my own. The body was also about three times thicker than mine as well. The snake had my mother’s face. I was speaking to her, confronting her wickedness. I was able to stand in what the Lord had given me without fear.”

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Cody Angry and Dena Afraid

On February 4, Lois had a vision of Cody and Dena. Cody was very angry and Dena was very afraid of him. We didn’t really know what was going on between them, only that it wasn’t good. We took this dream as a peek into the reality of their relationship. On the 7th, I apologized to them for having some erroneous conclusions. I was being reminded that I was to not speculate. Speculations will never do. No facts – no conclusions. We would learn that even many facts will not always tell the conclusive truth – one must have all the facts.

Vision – Cody, Worshipping Physical Health

During this time, I had a vision in which Cody was dressed in a shiny red gown reaching down to his feet. The cloth and patterns on it looked like the kind of garments astrologers, fortunetellers, or palm readers might wear. On his head he had a red peaked cap, something like a “dunce’s cap,” with a gold tassel dangling from the tip of it. He had a long, thin, red beard flowing from his chin, the kind one might imagine sorcerers wearing as depicted in fairy tales. He was on his knees, bowing to the ground, worshiping, with hands forward on the ground. Before him was an altar and statue of some kind, not tangible, but I identified it as an altar to himself and physical health.

Vision – Man Deliberately Destroys Himself

I dreamed a dream in the night of February 10/11, 2004:

A man and I approached a deep cement pit or bunker that had parallel walls about ten feet apart. We approached on one side. The depth of that bunker or pit was about twenty-five feet. At the bottom were rocks, snow, ice and water. The pit had guardrails for safety. Yet I warned the man, who was to my left, to be careful and not slip. However, when the man with me heard my caution, he deliberately slipped under the guardrail and over the edge of the cement wall. He hung on to the edge with his hands for a while, as if deliberately taking chances.

I was surprised that he would do such a thing; a bit alarmed, I warned him to stop. I was hoping he would heed me, and I was heading over to grab his hand to haul him up, warning him not to move. Suddenly, he deliberately let go, as if having no fear of danger or death. He landed on the rocks below.

Shocked, I expected his body to be mangled and he to be certainly dead. I hollered down, “Are you alive?” To my surprise, he stirred somewhat, showing me he was still alive. I thought that perhaps there was a chance of somehow getting him out of there and treating him. However, I didn’t know how I would get him out, and it seemed that he was very stubborn, heedless, and incorrigible, and therefore whatever measures I took to save him would ultimately be in vain. He seemed determined to destroy himself.

I asked him not to move, so that I could have a chance to get help. He again deliberately defied me and moved, and thus slid into a dark hole of water and ice, disappearing out of sight. I was both angry and very disturbed that he should do such a thing. The dream ended there.

Note: The person, at every step, would deliberately do what I told him not to do because I told him not to do it.

I cannot help but believe that this man was Cody Dahl. Cody has been just that way in his actions and attitude. He also had a dream, which seemed somewhat similar to mine.

Vision – Sara’s Vision: Lines Through Pine Trees

Sara’s record:

“This was a vision I was given in my sleep in April, 2004. I was dreaming something strange and crazy about white-water rafting, and then I saw this vision:

The scene before me was a square, and I was viewing a forest of pine trees planted in long, straight rows. My view was from above, straight on. From the lower left-hand corner, a thick white line appeared. It ‘plowed’ through the trees a little ways, and then another line appeared. Together the two lines ‘plowed’ through the trees, parallel to each other, and the course they followed remained very straight and true.”

July 12, 2016: I interpret the dream to represent Paul and my ministry in the world.

Vision – Lois – Poor Girl in Denial

On April 28, 2004, I was praying for Lois, who has had a spirit of hostility instead of hospitality. She has been defensive, proud, intolerant, and with low self-esteem. At prayer herself, Lois saw herself as a little girl, in rags, with her nose in the air. The Lord showed the origin going back to childhood when she was poor and ashamed, and trying to pretend otherwise.

Vision – A Wondrous Out-of-This-World Smile

On May 20, 2004, we received a notice from lawyers in Dauphin, Manitoba, who were dealing with Aunt Mary Prestayko’s will. She had passed away and named me, one of her nephews, and several other relatives in the will. I was surprised I was included.

At some point that day, or the next morning, I saw her face – just her face. She was absolutely elated. Her face beamed with perfect joy. These words describing the expression on her face could never be used legitimately of anyone alive in this world. When we see people smiling and grinning, there remains the hint of sorrow or reserve. Most often faces are restrained in a smile, which tells of the negative memory of the past, wariness of the present and anxiety of the future. This is quite natural and to be expected in this world. Aunt Mary’s face was entirely void of any negativity.

I was going to say Aunt Mary had relief from this world, from the cares that formed a cage for her in this life. But there was no relief. Relief smacks of deliverance from something, or a state following a cessation of discomfort. Though she suffered in this life, losing her husband, then her only son and all her life had been spent working hard on a farm and wishing she had been somewhere else, her face had no hint of relief. It was as though nothing evil or negative had ever happened to her. The Lord does indeed wipe away every tear; old things are passed away and totally forgotten.

What was she seeing? There were people greeting her there and the event was glorious, a total surprise, fully unexpected, beyond the wildest imagination. Was it her family, all in health and joy that she saw? Saints? Angels? The Lord? All of the above? I don’t know. I can say I’m very glad for her.

Not long after I was converted to Christ in 1973, I went to visit Aunt Mary on their farm. She was washing dishes, so I picked up a towel to dry. She turned to me and exclaimed, “Nobody ever helps me with the dishes! And you know what? That reminds me! Last night, I had a dream; I dreamt that Jesus came and helped me with the dishes, just like you are! And I saw His mother, too! She was standing there in the hall…right there… (she pointed). She was facing this way, her hands were hanging in front of her, clasped together, and her head was bowed. I saw all that in the dream!

I hadn’t seen Aunt Mary since the early eighties…1980, I believe. I will see her again.

Vision – Danette Sits as Queen

In the first part of June 2005, a woman calling herself “Danette” wrote, rejecting The Issues of Life:

From what I have read of your messages, you seem to have some superior attitude, that you have ‘it’ and the rest of us don’t; yet you know nothing about us, our ministry, our adherence to Scripture, our growth in grace and in the Spirit. Nothing!  We are a group of Christians finding our roots in the Torah, and returning to the Old Paths of knowledge as fast as we can.  Sooo much has been lost and/or corrupted, and we are looking for additional insights and knowledge beyond what we have.  Teachers are ever students.  I, as their teacher, seek truth where ever I can find it.  I accept it as Truth, only when proved by Scripture.  I study both Greek and Hebrew to be sure of word origins and intended meaning, and seek communication with others who are moving in the same direction.

With that said, Thank you, but no thank you; you seem to have nothing to offer us.

Please unsubscribe


I then saw a vision, and replied, describing it:

Danette, yes, we do ‘have it.’ We know much more about you than you can imagine or care to believe.

We have nothing to offer you and you have nothing to receive. I see, sitting upon a home-made throne formed by a crude craftswoman, a soiled one in rags sitting as queen before ignorant subjects, with a stick in hand for a scepter, presuming to be a humble teacher, who has nothing to give and nothing to receive but her self-perceived wisdom and knowledge. You rely on your carnal mind and vaunt yourself in all pride and earthly dignity, yet are a beggar pretending. You don’t seek truth; you believe yourself to be the incarnation of it.

We have interrupted a nest of those which lay eggs but are not birds. Do your thing, Danette, kill your own with the letter, spreading your puffing, and generating two fold the children of hell you are yourself.

Bitterness? Hate? No. Truth…and condemnation of that of which you accuse us.

You are unsubscribed.

In the One you despise,

Victor Hafichuk

Vision – Lois’s Vision: Weeping Warrior Drawing Sword

On July 10, 2004, Lois had a vision of a warrior drawing his sword with his right hand, from his right side (curiously?), looking to his left, and weeping, but with joy and boldness. He was moving as if going to battle. This was at a time when we were praying and asking the Lord what was going on, and what we were doing.

We are here, as the vision declares. Now, Marilyn is sad and I don’t know that there’s anything I can do. She seems to resent me, us, and to pity herself.

Vision – Paul’s Vision: Bob Nelson Angry

On July 31st, 2004, I emailed Bob Nelson a description of my dream of his house. I also unintentionally sent the interpretation, the latter of which I hadn’t intended because I strongly suspected he would be upset. Paul had a vision the very morning I sent the letter to Bob, wherein he saw Bob with an angry countenance. Paul didn’t know I had even been contemplating sending that letter.

Vision – “Makkehelah” and “Seraphah,” Stan and Kat Fruchey

In dealing on the internet with the Frucheys, a couple presuming to be prophets of God, I wrote to them about what I had seen in a vision in January 2005:

I see a man with a Bible under his arm, dressed presentably, in the midst of others earnestly trying to help and reach him, but he, holding to himself in great bitterness and self-righteousness, steadfastly refuses to submit to any authority of God through others. In hypocrisy, appearing righteous, meek and friendly to men, he conceals his bitterness, but the spiritual man sees it.

You are hurting, Stan, big time. The problem, however, is not what men have done to you, but how you have reacted to their wrongs. You haven’t been able to turn the other cheek. Instead, you struck out on your own in self-pity and resentment. Your pride withholds you from humbling yourself before God’s rebuke and chastisement.

There are those who have tried to help and to reach you, but you have refused. Now you call down on all others that which you have erroneously perceived they’ve done to you, and which you would vengefully want for them. You’re trying to be nice, but your bitterness is acrid, seeping out of you, and permeating the atmosphere wherever you and your wife go.

‘Bloodlust’ and ‘deep religious bitterness’ are pure descriptions of you two.  While men on earth don’t see, those in heaven do. You don’t fool them or God, Stan and Kat.

The vision I saw took place in a church building (a meeting hall). Stan was standing in the aisle with others here and there. It appeared the meeting was over. Someone was trying to speak to Stan. Some had tried to pray for him, seeing clearly that he needed help and correction, but he was sour. He was quite resolved within to resist any advances; he simply didn’t see that he had to receive anything from anyone, though he wasn’t open and honest about it. He had a false humility about him. He was quite religious. The rest of the description is as recorded in my letter above.

Stan and Kat Fruchey have been prophesying falsely in the Name of the Lord out of bitterness and self-righteousness. They have been trying to be righteous, but their evil is evident and contemptible.

Vision – Kat Fruchey’s Sudden Realization

After writing to the Frucheys and their subsequent rejection of our words, I knew we had hit home with our words to them. I then had another vision of Stan’s wife, Kat. In that vision, Kat sat up in bed in the middle of the night, troubled by the Word of the Lord we had spoken to them.

Days later, we received a letter from her, arguing, condemning, fighting. Her letter was like mire and dirt stirred up by restless waters.

Vision – Where Is John Paul Now?

On April 4th, 2005, two days after the pope died, I had a vision. I wondered what had become of him in the next world.

I saw him about twelve feet away on a road, turned away about 130 degrees from me, starting to head into desolate places in lower regions, which seemed to be slums. He would experience the very opposite of what he had in this world.

For fame, he would have obscurity and ignominy; for glory, shame and humiliation; for riches, abject poverty; for respect, reproach; for praise, contempt; for sumptuous dining, famine; for authority, begging; for security, danger and doubt; for fine clothing, rags; for joy, sorrow; for social activity, loneliness. All those things he had had and which he had denied others while pretending to provide and champion for them were lost. He would receive the very opposite and these would be his reward.

I saw no humility in Karol Wojtyla. He still postured as though very important, and it almost seemed as though he was expecting things to change quickly, as though someone was playing a temporary game with him, or that what he was seeing was an illusion. He didn’t seem to believe it. The truth is he had been living in an illusion in this world and was now subjected to an unexpected, shocking reality. He would experience multiplied that which was the lot of the least of his former subjects.

“The first shall be last, and the last first” (Matthew 19:30). “He that exalts himself shall be humbled, and he that humbles himself shall be exalted.” (Matthew 23:12).

Vision – Sara’s Vision: Speaking to Kerri

Sara records a vision she had on May 31st, 2005:

While on the Chi Machine, I spoke, ‘Your responsibility is to believe (listen to, obey) those the Lord has sent to you.’ I wondered briefly who I was talking to, and saw Kerri listening to me. It seemed as if she had asked some question, like, ‘What am I to do?’ and I was answering her in the Lord, by the Spirit.

Vision – Pigs at Trough

Early in the morning of June 6th, 2005, after getting involved with VivaTru, the MLM personal care products company, I had a vision. I saw the hind ends of fat, dirty pigs feeding at a trough, crowding each other. I had been thinking of our being in VivaTru and of its complexity. At the moment of the vision, I was thinking of Ralph and Lenore Eidse, my Amway upline Direct Distributors back in the early ‘70’s, and how I wished I could have had the spiritual strength to help them; I wondered about contacting them again, though it didn’t go well when last visiting them in their Morris Manitoba home in 1990.

On June 25th, a Sabbath, Mark, Paul, Sara, Cody, Dena, and I went to a VivaTru meeting at the Lethbridge Christian School to meet leaders of the company from Florida. The meeting place was arranged by Patty Ambrus, an evangelical who had spoken against me to Cody and Dena in Calgary.

Patty seemed to have made some extra cash because she charged for admission and there was a very good turnout of about 80 people. That is no way to sponsor people and gain their favor.

There we met Tony Alvarez, the architect of the super-complex marketing plan, and Lance Haverda, the upline distributor of our leg. Our strong sense and that of those we knew there, like Bonnie Nemeth, was that it was all about money and gain. How interesting her comments considering the vision I had!

Vision – Sounding Warning to Deaf Ears

I felt I needed to give the women a warning about VivaTru, that it wasn’t going to succeed. On June 26th, accompanied by Paul and Mark, I said what I had to say to about eight women present at a meeting at Sue Gathercole’s. Those I recorded being present were Sue, Kelly Hollyoake, Andrea Hertz, Marj Fisher, Kelly’s sister and mother.

I warned them of Viva and what was going to happen. I told them the vision and said that many were going to be hurt. Andrea nodded discreetly, Marj greatly withstood us, and Sue said: one, you have served your warning; two, it is perfectly clear; three, as your frog in the water, I am turning up the heat; four, I guess I have to take this road; five, I agree about the pigs in the trough; and six, I gave you ten minutes and it has been 3/4 of an hour. Sue and Andrea saw us to the door.

I mentioned in passing the inadvisable use of their microwave oven as we were leaving and was sorry that I did, fearing it took away from the importance of the moment. Why did I do that? These things weren’t the issue.

Vision – Vivatru, Neither Alive nor True

Today, on April 19th, 2007, we found out that VivaTru ceased operations March 23rd, 2007, the day after “Bridge Day” at the University of Lethbridge. At “Bridge Day” on the 22nd, I had met an elderly couple promoting VivaTru. I asked them if they knew Sue Gathercole, the VivaTru distributor who sponsored us and asked them to pass on a greeting to her. They were friendly with me.

The next day, March 23rd, Marilyn went over to the couple’s booth to introduce herself and Harvest Haven, and they were cool toward her. It is possible they spoke to Sue after I talked to them and decided on another perspective toward us. Sue could have told them I was a naysayer, having prophesied that VivaTru wouldn’t make it. More likely, they had received the fresh news their business was suddenly defunct and weren’t in a very good mood.

However, an interesting coincidence! The day Marilyn visited this couple, VivaTru went down. It was nearly 2 years earlier that I told Sue VivaTru wouldn’t make it; we hadn’t been dealing with any VivaTru people since. What are the chances of such timing?

What is a coincidence? Two or more incidents meeting simultaneously in at least 4 dimensions! God was coordinating the prophecy with its fulfillment for our sakes, demonstrating His Sovereignty.

Who says there is no God?

One may argue, “What’s the big deal? Everybody’s had some sort of coincidental experience like that.” To which I answer, “So, God is Sovereign over all! Some recognize He’s in control while most don’t.”

The distributors had boasted about how VivaTru was headed up by an ordained minister, Rick Cotton. I was thankful to be vindicated with Sue, Marj Fisher and others with the warning spoken at the Gathercole home on June 26th of 2005. VivaTru was not true to its name; it brought neither life nor truth.

Vision – Lois’ Vision: Marilyn Switches Sides

Around October 16th, 2005, Lois had a vision of Marilyn as we were leaving for a business cruise with Hsin Ten Enterprises. She saw Marilyn standing with those that opposed Paul and me, while Paul and I stood alone. Lois then saw Marilyn come and stand behind Paul and me, having a burden lifted.

Vision – Dena Rejoicing

Cody dismissed Dena on October 29, 2005, with a letter of divorcement and “little more than the shirt on her back,” along with the older model car her father had recently given her, registered in her name, sans gasoline money, although she had just filled the tank.

Dena immediately came to us. I believe it was that day that I saw a vision of Dena (face only), rejoicing and free. This contrasted with the Dena we’d known – tight, fearful, timid, and insecure. I believe it was on a Friday that prayer went out for her, and You, Lord, gave her healing in spirit and soul. Thank You, Father!

Vision – Sun Gazing

About a week before November 20 of 2005 (could it have been Nov. 10?), I saw myself facing into the sun, which was close to the horizon. The rays were bathing my face. My arms hung vertically from the shoulder to the elbow, then bent at right angles, pointing toward the sun with my hands open, palms upward, like I was receiving or giving a handout. It was a good, healing kind of experience. On November 20th, I received an email from Bob Hagel of Taber, Alberta as follows:

Subject: Sungazing

I have found some interesting ideas about the following topic – you are invited to check it out or delete as you see fit. – Bob.

Bob included material gleaned from the internet on the practice of looking directly at the sun for seconds a day when it was near the horizon.

How strange a coincidence! Normally, I would have dismissed such a suggestion as some vicious prank on unsuspecting victims, but given the vision only a week earlier, and never having heard of anything like it before (on the contrary, being strictly warned to not stare at the sun), I decided to try it.

At first, I wasn’t careful to gaze while the sun was only on the horizon, and I gazed about half a dozen times for from 10 to 30 seconds. Consequently, I saw a residual yellowish spot for a few minutes after I looked away. Had I injured my eyes?

I visited Dr. French, an optometrist in Coaldale for a checkup on Feb. 3, 2006. The diagnosis was that I was fine, in terms of possible sun damage.

For those interested, the instructions also suggested one sun-gaze with bare feet on the ground. I’ve been sun-gazing infrequently since then until 2017, as I review this manuscript.

Vision – Mark’s Vision: Dena a Joker Card

Mark records: “In the night of November 21 or 22, 2005, I saw Dena inside a box that was like a giant Joker playing card with her arms, legs, and head sticking out of the box/card.

This was at a time when Dena was indecisive as to what she wished to do with her life. What was Mark seeing? Were we “being played”?

As of February 2016, as I edit this paper, I now realize what Mark’s vision of Dena was all about, but we’ll save that for later, years later.

Vision – Two Warriors Ravaging Enemy Encampment

Just before Ingrid called to tell me of that dream, I had a vision that came while Paul and I were spiritually warring with Mary Lloyd, Lael Hollingsworth, Tim Woodall, Benjamin Levi and others of the Latter Rain Yahoo Forum:

I saw two stout, medieval warriors fully armored from head to toe, with broadswords, walking through an encampment of grotesque, filthy demons. The two men were slaughtering the enemy as they went, cutting a swath through the camp with ease and invincibility. They were slaughtering and sweeping them aside as they moved through them steadily and firmly, though not swiftly.

The camp was filthy, like a garbage dump, with every vile thing in it, the residents being the vilest of all. They seemed to be about three feet tall, dark, nasty, and indignant that these two men should “presume” or dare to do what they were doing, invading and destroying. It was as if these entities were saying, ‘What right do you have, even being here? Who do you think you are? You have no business, no right to be here!’ I knew these two men to be Paul and me. The atmosphere was dark and gloomy.

I concluded that Mary Lloyd’s group was the encampment and Mary was the woman in Ingrid’s dream. They were judged in their religious games (See Correspondence with Latter Rain Group).

Vision – Couple Eating from Servers of Snacks

On March 1, 2006, I called Denise Sommerville at her used bookstore, Denise’s Books ‘n Stuff, asking her for Hislop’s Two Babylons. We got to talking, found some common ground in doctrines, and on March 7, she sent me her testimony. I replied with some writings and received a surprisingly defensive and offensive reaction. In pondering the situation, I saw this vision:

Two upper middle-aged persons, whom I knew to be Denise and David (her husband), were walking around on a desolate piece of ground. The place seemed dismal, as though it was dusk. He was in the foreground with her following a few feet behind him. They were facing toward me though not looking at me because here and there, all around them were a few beings that were serving them “treats” or snacks on round trays while passing by, much like servers pass out drinks on trays to guests standing around at some social occasion.

The Sommervilles were focused on the snack trays. The servers were about four feet tall, slim, and dressed in colorful, satin (smooth, shiny) snug fitting clothing, like jumpsuits. They had sly smiles on their faces and were there to entice and entertain.

The man I saw in the foreground helping himself to the dainties was balding, with glasses (I think), and the woman behind him seemed to be of similar age, also with glasses (not sure), helping herself to dainties served to her on a tray from another one of these creatures. The creature serving David was in red.

Both David and Denise had troubled, or perplexed expressions. Their sickly countenances told of hardships, which I suspected to be the result of having partaken of the dainties for some time. It seemed they were wondering, doubting, troubled – all the while partaking of the treats which the creatures were serving them.

These creatures were impish, with fiendish expressions, serving the Sommervilles what I knew to be evil fare, though not at all apparent. Indeed, their “guests” were taking what was offered them because it was tantalizing and free. (The dainties were lies, poisonous doctrines and devilish notions.) However, it didn’t seem that David and Denise were particularly enjoying what they were eating, which was a curious thing, seeing they were helping themselves consistently.


We had some correspondence, I told Denise of the vision, and they fled (cut off communication). On the 21st of March, Trevor was in their store and overheard Denise having a conversation on her phone, calling me a “wacko,” expressing fear that I might burn her store down, saying she called her lawyer, a “Nelson,” who advised her to keep all my email letters to her. Everyone can have them; here they are: (David and Denise Sommerville Correspondence).

Consider the turmoil of this woman, seeing she was fervently discussing this matter two weeks later.

Vision – Spirit of Grace Leaves Paramount

Paul left the Paramount shop first. As I followed behind, I saw the Spirit leave with me out the door. I understood it to mean that the Lord removed His blessing and protection, whether on Bob personally or the whole business, I do not know. I believed it was on the whole business, seeing it was on the business that I had ministered to him in 1984/85. Part of the entry in my journal is as follows:

As we were leaving, I think Bob expected me to shake his hand once again but I did not do it. As we were walking out, I saw the grace of God leaving with me. Their business and lives are about to head into the valley of the shadow of death. It is done.

I am also informed that it will be a long, drawn-out affair in which Bob will appear to ‘come around’ or realize his wrong many times but I am not to believe it until it has bottomed out completely. (Lynn, Bob’s wife, walked by without anything to say.)

Vision – Sara’s Vision: Plowed Field

Sara records: “On July 9th, 2006, I was thinking about the possible cessation of The Issues of Life. I saw a field, with rich, brown earth, plowed into neat rows. I knew that what I was seeing was that we have been plowing during this time with The Issues of Life and that there is a harvest to come. On to the next stage.

Vision – Giant Hollow Image of Man Falls

In the week of July 20 to 26, 2006, I had a dream or vision (it was in the night, so I’m not sure which it was) wherein I stepped up behind a great hollow image of a heavyset man, apparently a goon. It had the hollowness of a piggy bank or chocolate Easter rabbit. The image was so great in size that when I raised my right hand fully over my head to hit him, my hand reached below the calf muscle of his left leg. With little effort and with no passion or evil intent, I slapped him with a forward motion of my open hand, not far above his ankle. The light and unstable image immediately fell forward, face down to the ground.

It was about that time that we began to correspond on the internet with Gene Shaparenko of With great ignorance and vindictiveness, he came against us in the Name of Christ with lies and misrepresentations after we tried hard to reason with him and rebuked him for his great error in defense of orthodox Christianity. As of September 2016, a Google search on my name returns his website at the top of the list with the title: Victor Hafichuk – Prophet or Tool of Satan?

Shaparenko pretended to have done a thorough and authoritative study of me, drawing all sorts of foolish conclusions and making many deliberately false claims.

For example, he claimed there was much mail coming his way, complaining against us and agreeing with him. I could believe it, knowing we have offended many and have publicly stood against the falsehood of nominal Christendom. However, years later, I know of only one small note Gene received from a troubled woman, though he thanked the public for their great response about me and promised to post all comments.

I also knew of mail sent to Shaparenko that was strongly supportive of us and which condemned his hypocrisy, deceptive practices, and false accusations, which he didn’t post. One such letter was from Dallas Cooper of Washington, DC.

Shaparenko also claimed we didn’t refute his charges against us, which wasn’t true. We proved so by posting Shaparenko, Gene: A Pygmy Acts Like King Kong with all our correspondence, nothing relevant omitted. It’s amazing how people can willingly make fools of themselves by publicly declaring lies easily proven wrong, especially while taking upon themselves the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since this time, many have used his article against us without bothering to confirm its veracity, only to find our rebuttal leaving egg on their faces. They are exposed as false Christians promoting their agendas and churches while despising the Truth. Shaparenko’s lies have done us great good, doing much heavy lifting for us, and many discovered him to be the liar he is.

I recall the Word of the Lord to me in the ’80’s, saying, “As the false will be exposed, so will the true be made manifest.”

“For there must also be heresies among you, that the approved ones may be revealed among you” (1 Corinthians 11:19 MKJV).

I soon received the revelation that Gene Shaparenko was that image I saw and that we had nothing to be bothered about, notwithstanding his slander and libel. It’s ironic how Shaparenko’s evil has served to do us so much good.

Vision – Vision or “Picture in My Mind” – Meeting Hall

It was years ago that we discussed having a meeting hall. I had a picture in my mind of the interior of one with two rows of square support pillars about 16 to 20 feet apart from the rear to the front of the building. They were about 10 to 12 feet apart across an aisle from each other. The pillars supported horizontal beams about 10 feet up. There were seats (simple chairs, maybe folding) on either side, perhaps 20 to 30 rows, with about 6 to 10 chairs per row. At the front of the hall was a stage or speaking area.

I think I was imagining something one might find in The Lord of the Rings, some sort of ancient hall, strong, nothing fancy, “dusky,” but somewhat cozy and comforting. Still, I had a rather definite picture that I can’t see I just made up in my imagination, and I cannot think of anything specific I saw to give me the idea. Is it a vision of God? Possibly, but I don’t really know. Father, what did I see? Only You know.

Vision – Man Finding the Unexpected

On the 7th of September, I had a vision of one entering a room and finding himself confronted with something entirely unexpected. He immediately began withdrawing, not turning around, but walking backward slowly, yet eagerly. It was as one going swimming at a lake and wading out, suddenly finding himself over a hidden ledge and dropping, the water too deep for comfort.

It would be almost 2 ½ years before I would realize who the vision was about – once again being slow on the uptake.

Vision – Paul’s Vision: Coopers Vanquished

Paul records: “On November 8, 2006, soon after Dallas and Sarah rejected us, finding fault with us over the Star of David, and as Victor and Lois were visiting us in Helena and the four of us red from a book about the Khazars (Dallas and Sarah believe the Jews are Khazars), I had a vision:

Dallas was on the inside of the entrance to his apartment, as though the hallway door was open and I was looking in. He was on the floor, on his side, his face towards the door, in such a position that it appeared someone had his foot on Dallas’ neck, though there was no one visible. Dallas was effectively immobilized. Sarah was reacting frantically but could do nothing to help him.

I found this on the net:

When an Old Testament king conquered a new land, he made the conquered king fall on his face before him. The victorious king would then place his foot on the neck of the defeated king, graphically showing that his land was now ‘trodden down’.”

I perceived that our encounter with the Coopers was significant. They had the reasoning powers of the beast of the garden, subtle but contrary to God. I was excited about what we were seeing with the Star of David and what we might do with it.

Vision – A Woman Offended

After Paul and I sent letters of reply to Sue Gathercole’s offer of a Vivatouch system, she gave two replies. I then sent one more, a kindlier one. This morning, November 8th, 2006, about 9 a.m. at breakfast, I saw her at her computer, deleting my letter, resentful, with a face of a child not getting its way.

Vision – Mariko’s Vision of Pending Doom

Mariko records: “On December 16, 2006, I had a vision while all of us were talking with Victor (and Paul?) on the phone today.  I saw a comet that was red and burning with a yellow tail. Right after seeing that, Lois prophesied that ‘2007 would be a year of fire.’  It surprised me to hear those words right after seeing this vision.”

The fire would come, but what would it be like, and who would it be for?

Vision – A Precious Privilege

On January 3rd, 2007, Paul called. While preparing a summary for Raising the Flag and Nation of Israel, he was given:

“After two days, He will bring us to life. In the third day, He will raise us up, and we shall live before Him” (Hosea 6:2 LITV).

I had been pondering the timeline, thinking, “How is it we should be raising up Israel after only 2000 years? Assuming we allow 1000 years to represent a day, should it not be after three, even as Jesus was in the grave three days and three nights?” I have my answer from Hosea through Paul.

Reaching for a 1500-page Bible to look up Paul’s reference, it automatically opened to…Hosea 6!

Besides, Jesus used a two-day activity illustration as well:

“And He said to them, You go and tell that fox, Behold, today and tomorrow, I cast out demons and I complete cures, and the third day I will be finished” (Luke 13:32 MKJV).

“Finished”? The Lord told me that it was my job to rest and let Him do it all.

I also realized that when the Lord spoke of hurting for His people, I don’t remember it coming to my mind that He was speaking of physical Israel. It was always a mystery to me as to who “My people” were. Now, 30 years later (counting from when He spoke in 1976 of hurting for His people), here we are, standing with Israel, publicly, internationally. Yes, I see He was speaking of the nation of physical Israel, His people.

And to who was I first sent to speak, and where? It was to Paul, a Jew, from Philadelphia, USA, while he was in Israel.

And when was I sent? Paul suspected that there might be a relationship between the times the Lord spoke to me of Him and His people (March 1976) and when we spoke to him in Israel (September 1979). Yes, it was three and a half years.

More. The Lord spoke to me in March 1976 on this great matter. In the 30th year from that time, we adopted the Star of David, raised the Israeli flag, and published, Behold Israel and the JewThe Star of David, and Raising the Flag….

Who says there is no God?

Would Paul and I be going to Israel, 30 years after we met?

There were 12 of us present at the flag raising, and it was the 12th year of the farm in operation.

Also in this year of 2006, we were invited by Garry Kohn to give him support at the SACPA meeting (Southern Alberta Council of Public Affairs) as he stood in defense of Israel.

In this year, Satan had come in the Coopers to oppose us. As Satan withstood Michael for the body of Israel’s prime prophet, Moses, so Satan came against us to strive over the body of Israel, which we have come to raise up.

“But Michael the archangel, when contending with the Devil, he argued about the body of Moses; he dared not bring a judgment of blasphemy, but said, “Let the Lord rebuke you!” Zech. 3:2 (Jude 1:9 LITV)

With that verse, I was reminded of:

“And at that time, Michael shall stand up, the great ruler who stands for the sons of your people. And there shall be a time of distress, such as has not been from the being of a nation until that time. And at that time, your people shall be delivered, everyone that shall be found written in the Book. And many of those sleeping in the earth’s dust shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to reproaches and to everlasting abhorrence” (Daniel 12:1-2 LITV).

Rarely do I use the LITV translation in E-Sword, though Paul and I have appreciated it. When copying Jude 1:9 here from the LITV and comparing versions, there was a cross reference to Zech. 3:2. I was reminded of a verse and looked it up. I’ve never noticed cross references in E-Sword before, and they aren’t in any of the other translations loaded on my computer. The reference is faint, but as I copied into this page, there it was:

“And the LORD said to Satan, the LORD rebuke you, Satan! And, the LORD Who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you! Is this [Joshua the high priest] not a brand plucked out of the fire?” (Zechariah 3:2 LITV). SEE THE WHOLE CHAPTER.

Paul once had a vision in which he was paralleled to the Joshua of this prophecy. Paul’s last name is “Cohen,” meaning “priest,” from Joshua’s lineage.

But Zechariah speaks of Israel! Israel is His chosen high priest for the whole earth!

I was sent to Paul, to raise him up out of his darkness and bondage due to waywardness. Now we are sent to raise up Israel from its waywardness.

Note further: It says, “And the LORD said to Satan, the LORD rebuke you, Satan!”

I had rebuked Satan in the Coopers.

“The Lord rebuke you, and I rebuke you, Satan.”

In response, here is what Satan said to me by Dallas Cooper:

“Jud 1:9 ‘Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.’

If the Lord has rebuked me, what need is there for you to rebuke me as well?  Was the Lord’s rebuke not sufficient? Did high and mighty Victor have to add his 2 cents to give the Lord’s word power? The archangel saw no need to add his own rebuke, but Victor has to. You two have no substance and if you attempted to prove your accusations, you would be exposed as you are even now.

But Zechariah says, “The LORD said to Satan, The LORD rebuke you….” Does that make any more sense than what I did? Or did what I did make less sense? Satan is rebuked and he’s gone. We have the body of Israel, will raise it up, and we will see it in glory as the high priest of the earth.

I said to Paul in Israel and to others since: “The next time it will be very different.” While I was expecting that we would not be poor volunteers and wouldn’t be kicked out, I had no idea what I was saying. Paul had much bigger ideas.

Marilyn’s dream of entering the Eastern Gate will be fulfilled.

We have stood up with Michael and Michael with us and these words are now to come to pass. They have never been fulfilled. It says the people will be delivered. They have never been but they will now, though the times will be terrible. It will be terrible but Satan will be defeated and Israel will be raised up to glory.

In this 30th year, all these revelations came in. Father, thank You! Thank You!

Paul’s summary of the paper:

Raising the Flag and Nation of Israel:

According to the predeterminate will of God with Israel brought back from the dead in 1948, it is now being raised up to live in His sight. On the other side of the globe, twelve people have been gathered in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to claim His body, the nation of Israel.

Vision – Ingrid’s Vision: Sean’s Presumption

Ingrid’s record:

I had this vision on April 12th, 2007, at 6:15 A. M. Sean was at the dining table, sitting where Mark usually sits, wearing his work clothes and his red toque [beanie].  Mark was sitting where Sean usually sits. Trevor was sitting at his usual place.  I was sitting next to Trevor while Mariko was at her usual place. Sean was asking Trevor questions about brooding and raising chickens.  Trevor was explaining it to him.

The interpretation of the vision: Sean sees himself in authority, even when he is in a position of being taught something. You’ll teach him only if he gives you permission to teach him, perhaps as an underling advisor.

Vision – Revelation of a Vision of the ‘70’s

Paul found Les Wheeldon’s name on the internet and we contacted him. Thus, on March 23, 2007, I received a revelation on the vision I had of him in 1975 or 1976. What could the open trunk of a car and luggage being placed into it have to do with our point of contention or my message to him? Now, thirty years later, I know. Les is traveling all over Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.

He’s traveling! And how? In what spirit? In the very spirit I saw in the vision – in bitterness and contempt of the truth spoken to him, of the messenger (me) and therefore of the Lord Who sent me. All his works are for naught. Not a good thing, for sure, yet, how marvelous the revelation and ways of the Lord!  This is not marvelous only in the sense of the meaning, one contrary to appearance. Hearing Les on audio, I picked up his spirit and the vision told it years ago. There is a purpose in every detail of a vision or dream or word in a prophecy. Who knew?

Who says there is no God?

I also recall a conversation Les posted with an older woman (in Eastern Europe, I believe) wherein she subtly questioned whether Les had true faith. He either ignored what she was suggesting to him or it went over his head.



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