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Water Baptism

“I indeed have baptized you in water, but He shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit” (Mark 1:8 MKJV).

A correspondent, who considers himself a Christian of many years, has never been water baptized because he cannot find a worthy place or person to baptize him. We explain the Lord’s unfolding revelation of what He came to do, what He did, and what He is presently doing, all related to the act of water baptism.

Is Water Baptism Necessary for Salvation?          

We answer a proponent of water baptism and his many arguments in support of what he considers to be the one essential baptism, showing him that he is missing the Substance while focusing on Its shadow.

Physical vs. Spiritual Baptism          

The physical act of water baptism never changed anyone’s sinful nature. It is the new birth from above, the baptism in the Spirit of Christ, that joins a person to God and makes one a member of His Body.

Where the Witness of the Wetting?          

My experience with water baptism, and what the Lord has taught me about it through His understanding.

Were the Apostles Wrong in Water Baptizing?          

Richard contacts us with his esoteric theories about baptism and charges that the apostles had no authority to water baptize. This gives us the opportunity to respond with the Scriptural record and sensible view of water baptism and baptism in the Spirit, the latter being the substance Christ came to give us.

Condemn the Fathers, Condemn the Father          

A man falsely accuses us of requiring water baptism for salvation and criticizes the fathers of the faith for water baptizing Gentiles.











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Physical vs. Spiritual Baptism
The physical act of water baptism never changed anyone’s sinful nature. It is the new birth from above, the baptism in the Spirit of Christ, that joins a person to God and makes one a member of His Body.
Receiving the Spirit of God - Not a Salvation Issue?
We received this note in response to How the Lord Exposed Billy Graham: While I respect your difference of opinion about the gifts of the Spirit and their application today, I cannot subscribe to teachings that would take these differences and create division within the Body of Christ. This is not a salvation issue.
Everyone That Asks, Will Receive
Subject: ‘Guess Who Appreciates Satan’ From: David To: The Path of Truth Date: 11/24/2015 1:42 PM Hi, I came across your website not by accident, chance or choice but by determination of seeking out an opinion that aligns closely to how I too view God's word. Although I've read many of your teachings, there is one so far that has stood out amongst them the title is "Guess who appreciates Satan" I have been seeing this for years but haven't been able to piece it together so I could show those that have eyes could also see it. So a big thank you for doing it.  It also states in scripture (Gen 1:26) that God made man in the image and OUR likeness and this task wasn't completed until AFTER they ate the fruit, God confirms this in Gen 3:22 to which many followers miss. Gen 3:24 also shows us that there were others also in the garden as well and along with Gen 3:1 we can now piece together to whom God was referring to when he was talking about making man in the image and likeness of US.  Anyway, this is a fantastic website for all to enjoy and learn. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, David from Brisbane, Australia. From: Paul Cohen Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2015 4:42 PM To: David Cc: Victor Hafichuk Subject: "Guess Who Appreciates Satan" Thank you, David, for letting us know you’re out there receiving some of the good things the Lord has given us at The Path of Truth. Bless His Name!  Continue exploring what is available on our site – the...
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    I have a question, how come that after each time the gospel was shared, someone got baptized by water baptismal?
    acts 8:16-17
    acts 8;36-39
    acts 10:47
    acts 19:1-7
    Romans 6:3-6 what water baptism means
    Colossians 2:11-13 buried in baptism


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