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Copying and Linking


We encourage you to share and to spread the Good Word; you may copy and quote from materials in our site. Here are the guidelines:

  • Please do not alter the material.
  • Acknowledge the source and author(s) when quoting to others. For example:

    “The True Marks of a Cult” by Victor Hafichuk and Paul Cohen

  • Music may be copied, re-recorded, and distributed with proper credit given to artist, but may not be sold. Prior to distribution or publication, any re-recordings or derivative works must first be approved by the artist by sending the proposed re-recording or derivative work to
  • Writings may be photocopied and distributed with acknowledgement of source and author(s), but may not be sold.
  • If you wish to quote our materials in promotional literature, please ask our permission first.
  • You may link to our site, friend or foe. The Truth speaks for Himself and will acquit Himself gloriously. Blessed be His Name!
















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