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PART SEVEN – Surprise Visitors to Day 888 (cont.)

ParticleBenefits of the Fast

Some benefits gained from my fast:

I was granted to submit myself to serving the Lord with my many infirmities. I then realized how the apostle Paul had accepted his infirmities and even gloried in them:

“And He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.’ Most gladly therefore I will rather glory in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may overshadow me. Therefore I am pleased in weaknesses, in insults, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am powerful” (2 Corinthians 12:9-10 MKJV).

I became honest with Marilyn, confessing my ill feelings and thoughts about her all those years, thereby unburdening and clearing the air, helping both of us. She said she had known all along how I felt and was thankful to hear the honesty. Often the unspoken is not secret at all.

Heretofore, I had complained about the farm, once even calling it a “money pit.” I was overwhelmed by all that I thought needed to be done with it, finding the task to be greater than I felt I could handle. During the fast, I confessed I couldn’t handle it and came to see the challenge as a blessing and not a curse.

Nephews Chris and Nathan were a problem to me. They had been at the farm, a place I expected to be a community of believers. Plainly, however, they didn’t believe. What to do? I didn’t feel right about asking them to leave, and they seemed to want to stay. On the seventh day of my fast, they were gone. I believe the fast precipitated their voluntary departure. Speaking of them, I wrote in my journal:

I once prophesied that if Chris didn’t put away his anger, cruelty would be his master. Leaving the protection, he is now open and fair game for the enemy. The Lord will now judge Chris and Nathan.

We would soon see it happen.

ParticleDeath of the Old Man

The number “50” had come to Marilyn, though she didn’t know why. I found that from December 17, 1997, the day of the prophecy of the man that troubled us to the end of the fast, February 6, 1998, was 50 days.

Years before, my father died on a date that was 50 days after February 6, that being March 27, I believe, and buried on my birthday, April 1. One’s father is often referred to as the “old man.” The “man of sin” is also referred to in Scripture as the “old man.” Spiritually, Dad could represent the old man. It seemed the prophecy had a double meaning, pertaining to a specific person (Sean), but also to the “man of sin,” the carnal nature referred to by the apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians chapter two.

Is it possible, I asked myself, that I might physically die 50 days from February 6, on the anniversary of my father’s death, or perhaps on my birthday, the day he was buried in 1985?

ParticleJonathan’s Secret Word

On the evening of February 9, 1998, as I was keeping Jonathan company until he fell asleep, he said to me, “Dad, I have something to say to you, but I want you to promise you will tell nobody. Promise?” I was hesitant in making such a promise, having learned the value of not making vows, believing God’s counsel to “not swear,” but Jonathan wouldn’t tell me what he wished to tell me unless I promised not to tell. My curiosity got the better of me and I promised. He then said:

“You are dead – part of you is here and part of you is there right now in Heaven. You’re different since the fast. I can’t explain it.”

I was elated at this revelation, which I knew was from God. It confirmed my innermost feelings and convictions. I don’t know why or how it happened, but it wasn’t long before I spoke about what Jonathan received… to Marilyn, I believe. I failed to keep the promise. I didn’t say Jonathan was the source of the message, which, I believed or rationalized, was the main reason for Jonathan not wanting me to tell anyone. I suspected he didn’t want enmity with his mother and he didn’t want her to be hurt.

In a conversation, I later confessed to Sean that I had made a promise to Jonathan, broke it, and condemned myself before the Lord for making a vow and not keeping it. Why did I confess this to him? I have no idea. These days of unbelief were such confusion to me. Sean got a chuckle out of it.

I believe the main reason I told Marilyn and Sean is because I was vindicated by the prophecy. I also thought that perhaps they would reconsider their position and get on with reality. Of course, it didn’t happen. Furthermore, Jonathan was upset with me for telling. “You promised me you wouldn’t tell anyone, Dad.” I countered that I believed I knew why he didn’t want me to tell and so didn’t do the harm he feared.

It now escapes my memory as to whether I said it was revelation or a prophecy from Jonathan. In any event, I was wrong – I betrayed his confidence. He never confided anything to me again.

ParticleA Day of Great Anguish of Soul and Spirit

About 9:30 AM on February 10, 1998, while at breakfast, a great anguish suddenly and inexplicably crept into my soul, overcoming me. It was like something terrible had happened somewhere. In Star Wars, Ben Kenobi sensed something terrible happened when the Death Star destroyed the planet Alderaan. The feeling I experienced was so strong I couldn’t bear to sit at the table with Marilyn and Jonathan.

I wondered if perhaps it was now my time to go. Crying bitterly, I asked the Lord what was going on. I felt like something very tragic was happening. Did something happen to Chris according to my prophecy? Suicide? It was horrible!

I looked at the date of the calendar, it being the 10th day of February, the 2nd month. That sounded familiar. I went to the Scriptures and found the tenth day of the second month, the 40th day of Noah’s 600th year, to be the day Noah and his family entered the ark and were shut in by the Lord, seven days before the flood began. I realized I was feeling his great pain and anguish of soul in that day. I had never felt that way before or since.

As we read the Scriptures, we don’t realize the tribulations the saints of old experienced in their various trying circumstances. We read the record and understand so little, the Bible covering only bare essentials. The details of so many of these incidents would be very interesting, indeed.

God gave me to experience Noah’s feelings on that day. I had a new appreciation for their intensity and horribleness. This lasted for a few hours and dissipated. The people in the ark were not rejoicing, not at all. “I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked,” says the Lord (Ezekiel 33:11).

Note: As I review this manuscript in April of 2015, 17 years later, it occurs to me that I could very well have been feeling the fruits of the betrayal of my son’s confidence the night before. I know that isn’t so or the Lord would have made it known to me long ago, but still, one event was immediately on the heels of the other, within the same day if one counts a day beginning the evening before, as described in the Bible.

ParticleMy Expectations

On February 11th, I decided to record my thoughts and expectations concerning Marilyn’s prophecies and what the future held in store for us all. It would be interesting to see how much of this will or won’t be, what’s prophetic and what isn’t. I wasn’t willing to share my thoughts with anyone else at the time, especially Marilyn. I wrote:

If I were to record my truest convictions based on what I know and believe, and my understanding of visions and prophecies, I would say this:

Yes, it’s possible I will soon be taken from here physically, a “regular” death; Marilyn will marry Sean, and the Lord will do His work on the farm without me. It’s also desirable that I go. I desire it, Sean most certainly does, and so do Marilyn and Lois – yes and no – spirits no, flesh yes. Sean? All of him. However:

The Lord has put us through the fires, as promised, as a general principle of His ways, to save, rebuke, chasten, and transform us to prepare us for what He is about to do in this, His Great Day, His Final Day. He has been purging our company of His rejects and placing the remaining ones, one by one, in their ordained and respective positions. He begins always with the head. On February 6th, He was done with this stage of His work of preparation with me.

Marilyn is next, being my wife and called. Convinced she was succeeding with everyone there, she was deceived by Chris and Nathan and thus far, four are gone, as needed and predestined. She is deceived by Sean, who suffers his psychological problems with his mother ( “Oedipus complex”?).

Towards me, Sean is unaccepting and unforgiving. I’m only an obstacle. I don’t know (assuming this scenario is correct) where we go from here, except now that Sean has declared to me his love for Marilyn, matters will begin to manifest and conclude here soon, God delivering her from her great bitterness toward God and me.

I believe they will be exposed by stepping out in their thoughts on union, expecting, hoping, believing me to die and I won’t die. So then, what do they all do? The Lord will purge and cleanse her, according to our requests, so she can also serve Him in purity and chastity.

I believe that Lois will come into respect of God’s ways and laws, taking her position at last in submission, without idolizing me, but with respect to what God is truly about and doing by me.

Sean sits in bitterness, fretting against me. He can’t get away with it and he won’t. He’ll be removed, even as he now has recently suspected, with everything in terms of systems and infrastructure presumably in place at the farm. We will see that the Lord provided him to deal with me, Marilyn, and everyone else.

I will see the positioning of all persons, and the Lord will bring whom He pleases. No more will I be at the farm as a laborer or as a supervisor, but as the Lord’s servant of all to do His bidding, to serve as “high priest,” and to walk with Him before the whole earth in His times and ways.

I believe Paul will return, without Kerri, and eventually with Sierra. Paul will not work on the farm either, but will serve the Lord with me.

There will be hard times to come in 5 years and perhaps sooner (they will begin sooner but effects will be brought to bear upon certain at varied times). These hard times will bring those the Lord chooses (as famine brought Jacob to Egypt). At this moment, I hate the thought of Archie and family returning, but I believe the Lord may do so. How many of his family will come? It doesn’t matter; He’ll bring whom He chooses.

As the ark was known the world over, so will our farm. I just noticed for the first time that I do not seek or desire such now, whereas I did desire it not so long ago – I only say it because I expect it.

There will be persecution. We corporately are that man child caught up out of harm’s way and will be the protected seed for the Lord’s imminent purposes. The general Christian world will suffer, yet there will be those who are kept. This is the Day of God’s Wrath, the Day of His Coming, and I walk with Him before the earth as per the dream of 1972. That is why all this has happened to us.

Marilyn and Lois will marvel at their delusion, be ashamed, and finally thankful, knowing that God was over all, and that all was needful. The Lord will have delivered us from that man of sin within.

Marilyn and Sean will catch themselves at the last, suddenly realizing they were not wrong in simply finding it hard to wait, but wrong altogether. Her “credit” of bitterness, feeling God owes her, will swiftly turn to a great debt. Hardness will turn to brokenness, as did mine. She will be reconciled with me.

But what of Sean? Two possibilities: redemption or rejection. I do wish the former but, as with Paul and Kerri wherein Kerri, a defiled one, could never be there again, so it could be with Sean.

But why should Kerri be counted as the defiled one? Was it not Paul’s sin to have married her outside the will of God? Is he not the one that should have known better? Paul is called, and Kerri isn’t. The Lord keeps those that are His by His righteousness imputed to them and not by any of their own. It’s the same with Marilyn and Sean. It was the same with King Saul and David.

I will not suffer serious physical problems. God has called those off, if they were ever determined for me.

Many will come and be able to rejoice together with us. Imaginations? Dreams? Speculations? Maybe. The visions, dreams, and prophecies support what I believe, except for Marilyn’s of September 1996, particularly the literal interpretations she has of them.

As for Bob Gregson’s dream, it has come to pass and we will see the working out of it. Didn’t his dream chronologically coincide with everything? Didn’t I experience the presence of the Lord on that day at the end of the fast? Is that not a death?

I see Marilyn’s hardness and know it’s impossible to have peace without healing and deliverance.

Sean and Marilyn have “partaken of the forbidden fruit,” according to carnal knowledge, and will have their eyes opened. Have they not already been hiding to the extent they’ve partaken?

I now believe that the serpent also ate the fruit in the Garden of Eden. Here, Sean ate with Marilyn. This partaking of the forbidden fruit is the second time around (Eve having first partaken, Marilyn having already had it in the first Eve – hence the symbolism of dung, that which is passed – in the vision). Sean only partook to join himself to Marilyn for his own benefit. Whereas the serpent tempted and gave the first Eve to eat, now the second Eve causes the serpent to partake, which will be to his downfall.

I once said Sean would expose himself. In the way that he has, Marilyn is pleased. In the way he yet will, she will reevaluate.

I already feel as though I have all returned to me. I also must say I am healed. Things are turning – I can feel it.

There are some interesting parallels indeed between the Eden scene and ours:

Eve was naked; Marilyn was naked in my vision.

Eve was tempted, not Adam; Marilyn was tempted, not I.

The serpent said, “Has God said?” Sean ignores marital, and indeed all, boundaries set by God’s Law and me.

Eve sees fruit to make one wise and to be as God, knowing good and evil; Marilyn wants to “hear God’s voice.” Why? To protect herself, know right from wrong, be in control, and to make her wise.

Why dung? We have all been through it before with Adam and Eve. This is the second time around, but this time, it will be harmless, and not only so, but reversing the curse.

Who enters the scene? Then it was the serpent; now it is Sean.

Who resists God? Then it was the serpent; now Sean resists and resents me and competes with me. Sean says, “I will be as God,” as did the serpent seed.

Eve was in natural, garden surroundings; Marilyn sat on a log in a garden. (Jonathan saw a rotting log. The Tree of Knowledge – dead?)

“Two entities vying for power” – the serpent and God; Sean and me; the two natures (flesh and spirit) in me.

Adam let it happen, and so it was required of me.

Eve had her eyes opened unto death, but Marilyn’s have been closed, ultimately to life.

Eve went from life to bitterness; Marilyn will go from bitterness to life.

Adam laid his life down to keep his wife, disobeying God. I lay my life down in obedience to God, forsaking my wife. The Lord is the Last Adam, not I, but I walk in Him, fulfilling His will.

The message will go forth that God reigns over all. Lives and not just mouths will preach. God’s Spirit will go forth from Zion. The Lord will gather His elect from the four corners of Heaven. The trumpet will sound, a shout will be heard, and the Lord will draw all men to Himself. My warfare is completed. Now I must sit still while the Lord puts all enemies under my feet.

I’m healed throughout. There’s nothing to fear. Anger and bitterness are removed. God is about to replenish all that I’ve lost. There is in the air the scent of a New Day.

ParticleProphecies for Individuals

At some time between the end of the fast and February 15, 1998, I received these prophecies for the following individuals:

“Thus says the Lord to Sean, by His anointed, the one cast away and the one brought back from the dead as I, Who lives, was dead and am alive forevermore:

Why do you tempt Me by your stubborn and presumptuous ways? How is it you choose to plot your own course as though you were in My stead? Does it mean nothing to you that you despise My servant and choose to distance yourself from him while becoming intimate with his wife, whom I have given to him? Is it not enough that you despise him? Shall you take his wife also? Is there no fear of God in your eyes according to your words, though even those lack fear and you say so? What shall I do with the man who deliberates to oppose My ways and thoughts and laws?

You have deceived, you have worked wonderfully to that end which I have appointed, as a friend and helper to some, as a tactful enemy to My anointed, from whom I did hide My face for a little while until My wrath was appeased upon him. But now shall it go hard for you because while I sent you but a given distance, you continued farther; where I drew the line and said, ‘No further,’ you pursued with ambition, saying within yourself, ‘I must have what I must have.’

You despise Me in all ways: You commit adultery; you say, ‘Cursed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord’; you steal; you covet your neighbor’s goods and his wife; you dishonor those whom I have appointed as parents; you dishonor the Sabbath; you take upon yourself My Name in vain. So will you suffer the fruits of iniquity. I will cast you into outer darkness where there is no remedy because you refused My remedies for you and for those in whom you have formed a need for remedies. To that end were you called and to that end you answered and served ever so faithfully.

But as for those whom you have abused for your own ends, I will comfort them and be a God to them because they have cried out to Me and turned from their wicked ways, to worship Me in spirit and in truth. I will heal them and restore to them that which was lost and their latter end shall be better than before.

Yet for all that, if you will repent, I will give it to My servant to judge as to what he shall decide for you, and your life shall be in his hands, whom you despise.”

To Lois: “While you have been persuaded to believe lies for a time and have also been seduced by those who seek their own profit, I will turn you and have mercy upon you because there has been that part in you to comfort and to succour My servant and to have compassion on him in time of need.

Your temporary hardness and unbelief I have ordained for My purposes, but I will call you, and do even now call you to repentance, and I open your eyes to see that which has been kept from you for a time. It has been in your heart to forsake that which was precious to you for My sake, and I replenish it for you so that you will ever choose that which is good and profitable.

The trial of My servant is at an end and I turn you as I did Job’s neighbors to him when I was through with him. In repentance will you come to My servant and he will pray for you. I have not forgotten the good and I pay what I owe.”

To Marilyn: “Surely, you have said many times, ‘Well, where’s God?’ presuming I was with you in all things. But to remove your bitterness have I ordained these last things so that you might live and know where I am. Is it not apparent to you that if you were to amass all the armies and resources of earth under your command and if all were to obey you without question or hesitation but with faithfulness and effectiveness, still you could control nothing, not even to make one gray hair on your head black?

Will you continue to resist My will for your life as though you are the wise one? How do you presume to hear My voice and claim to seek all obedience to Me when you despise your head, whom I have placed over you, not according to your liking but according to Mine? And if not according to My liking do you choose, then how is it you want to hear My voice? Shall My voice cover for you where I will not? Shall My voice save you from Me? Must you seek safety from Me? To where will you go and to whom do you flee and hide?

Woman, can a man and a change in your earthly circumstances remove Me? Will I forget? Will I be removed and excluded at long last? Who has yet resisted My will? The enemy has sown tares in your mind and now, in mercy, I send My servants to remove them now that they are come to maturity.

Now, therefore, you will return to your husband, acknowledging that I have done all these things in these last days, with purpose, with mercy, in wisdom which you know little of, but which you have coveted to have for your purposes. Now I will give you the wisdom you need and you will serve Me and not your bitterness according to your name, because, behold, I have removed them as far as east is from the west.

You shall not any longer say, ‘Well, where’s the Lord?’ but you will hear His voice, saying, ‘Here I am,’ because you will call on His Name in truth, seeking not your own but Him, and He will speak to you as a father to his daughter, and it will be well for you.”

To Trevor: “You have desired a wife and a wife you shall have, but of My choosing and not yours. Behold, she is at the door. And you shall serve Me according to My will. I will bring suffering upon you for your sake but know this: Reward will follow if you overcome unto the end with patience. Have faith; it is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

Minister in your gifts to My faithful ones (they will need you), because I send fire on the earth to subdue the wicked who will resist and who will fight Me by their sight, fighting those I have chosen unto Myself. Permit nothing to come between you and Me and I will keep you, I will bless you and make you a blessing to all those I send you. I have ordained wisdom for you and so shall it be. ”

To Mark: “Only I could do for you that which has been done. You have discovered and learned that it is not by your own virtue that you are called or chosen or counted faithful, but by My will alone. You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and have ordained you to be a burning light to all nations where I bring you.

You needn’t be dismayed by what you consider meagre results from speaking to others in My Name nor should you be despondent when they do not heed or understand. I will draw whomsoever I choose, whether for a short time or forever. Yours is to speak and not to strive or convince.

Lift your eyes and you will see that those things you have gazed upon are nothing, but that which you shall gaze upon shall be that which I have purposed and created for My pleasure from the dust of the earth, which you have seen.

The brethren are with you and you have been kept for them so that all are one even though time, distance, culture, climate, occupations, and interests have divided you from one another for a time. In you is the blood, which knows no boundaries but that good unity which I have given to them who love Me.”

The following person, Kumiko Konoshita, was an acquaintance of Mark’s in Japan, who professed faith in Christ:

To Kumiko: “In earnestness have you strived for the faith because I have given them to you, both the faith and the earnestness. Do not be afraid of the future or what shall become of this or that. Am I not the God of the future and of all things created? Believe the testimony by the faith I have given you and know that I determine the course of all things and that I determine them for you because I have chosen you and love you. There is nothing I am not aware of and you are not the one who will determine the outcome of anything either in heaven or on earth.

Choose this day who should determine your destiny, whether it be you or Me. I do not say this because you have a choice, but to consider whom you should choose if you had a choice. Are you greater or wiser than Me? Can you say your short-term perspective choices would be better in the end, that you would be happy with them?

Leave all things in My hands and know this: If at times it should appear that I am not there and that you are abandoned, I should soon show you that I am indeed there, and if you look for Me with all your heart, you will see Me, not as you would expect, but you will see Me, and your heart will rejoice and take courage.”

To all those who shall come: “I have made a sacrifice of a sweet-smelling savour unto Myself and I bring you to dine, to reap where others have sown, to feast where others have served, to rest where others have laboured. I have brought you to laugh for joy where others have wept for sorrow, to enjoy where others have suffered.

But mind you, you shall not take these things and make light of them. Know your places, for I will not honor those who despise that which I have not lightly esteemed. By fire and blood have these come for My sake, theirs, and yours, and by fire and blood shall you go if you should but ignore that which I have given you freely, but for which has been paid a handsome price.

Freely have you received and freely shall you give, that My house and My city shall be filled with the glory of the Lord and with His people and nations from roundabout. Behold, I do a new thing and shall the earth not know it?”

“For any soul who is not humbled in that same day, he shall be cut off from among his people. And any soul who does any work in that same day, the same soul will I destroy from among his people” (Leviticus 23:29-30 MKJV – a reference to the Day of Atonement).

(I delivered these prophecies to all at the farm on February 22 or 23, 1998.)

ParticleChanges for the Better or the Worse

On February 11, 1998, I recorded the realization of several positive changes for myself. I had no usual leg pains, joint aches, or neck problems. My hair was no longer falling out, I wasn’t getting up at night, and my prostate seemed fine. My weight was average.

I was reconciled with my fathers in the flesh.

It seemed the star hitting the earth was fulfilled, in that the earth (the flesh) was no longer in ascendancy, having been overcome by the spirit (the star).

I had better relations with Jonathan, Lois, Trevor, and even Marilyn. Things even seemed better with Sean.

The Lord removed Chris, the troubler, and Nathan, the deceiver.

However, strangely enough, some of my tormenting dreams returned for a short while, one dream being that of expensive tires stolen from my car in a city parking lot, and another where my shoes were missing at a church social.

ParticleBelief and Unbelief

Days later, I was back in the doldrums. What a fine line exists between believing and not believing, between seeing goodness and truth and seeing darkness and desolation! I could step from one world to the next in a second, not even noticing the transition.

ParticleRevelation of Marilyn’s God

I just realized something, like a bright light suddenly shone! Marilyn said her desire was to hear the voice of the Lord.

First, I see idolatry. Anything, anything, no matter how good in and of itself, held above the Lord is idolatry.

Second, I see that she wants to hear His voice to be right and in control.

Third, I believe that because of this idolatry there will be confusion in the results.

No wonder she didn’t submit all her prophecy for judgment and is prey to delusion; no wonder there’s division and strife between us and why we’re confounded; no wonder she’s so agitated and even furious when questioned or disagreed with. No wonder there’s contradiction with the pure Word of God, which is His Voice in Truth.

ParticleSins of the Flesh and of the Spirit

I believe sons of God are eternally secure as long as we believe and obey. I see that those who are His believe and obey. Though such as Abel, David, Isaac, and Jacob sin, they’re kept, but such as Cain, Saul, Ishmael, and Esau aren’t.

The difference is that the former sin by the flesh, not being of sin nature, and are therefore automatically, genuinely repentant toward God, but the latter sin by the spirit, being sin nature, and only have guilty consciences, mourning loss, repentant toward themselves, but not toward God. Thus, we have the wheat and tares, those of the right hand and those of the left, vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor.

ParticleThe Price of Hatred

Lois called my mother for some reason and received some information. There were two persons in my family who had looked at me with visible hatred, both unwilling to speak to me. One was Uncle Fred Hafichuk, the youngest of my father’s siblings, who died in 1994 of prostate cancer. The other was Aunt Lillian Hafichuk, Uncle Ernie’s wife, who also died a premature death – likely cancer. Uncle Ernie then decided to be what he had always wanted to be – a Catholic priest.

Lois found out that Bob Hafichuk had married and was separated. He was a guard at Stony Mountain Penitentiary in Manitoba and led a lonely life with but a dog for a companion.

My mother also told Lois I was weaned at 4 months. This means nothing except that I had a vision concerning this matter in 1994.

ParticleDare Speak what I Believe

Ten days after the fast, I honestly expressed to Marilyn what I believed was going on, that I wouldn’t die, contrary to her assertion, and that it was wrong of Sean and her to conduct themselves as they did. I believe I also told her what I had received about hearing God’s voice being in itself an idol to her.

I wasn’t arguing, scolding, criticizing, or trying to convince her, and I didn’t say she was wicked. I wasn’t striving or sarcastic or even condescending, and I wasn’t expecting her to change. But she became so upset she threatened suicide.

I said she was wrong but acknowledged that she may be right. Frankly, I preferred that she would be right because even though I would have to leave Jonathan behind, whom I knew I would see again, I wanted to go very badly.

What hell there was to pay when Marilyn was having her time of the month; at such a time there was no reasoning with or pleasing her. Better to live alone in a cold barren barn or cave until it passed.

I told Marilyn that while there was a semblance of peace at the farm since Chris and Nathan left, there was still something more that needed attention, and that was Sean. I believed he would be one more and perhaps the last to go.

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Page 22 PART ONE – Darkness to Light (cont.) Particle - Open Confessions Not Always Wise I confessed a critical attitude to several. While some accepted my confession and apology graciously, I saw the countenance and attitude change with others, Henry included. I saw resentment that was not there before my confession. Les Nelson was another person I remember having a changed countenance toward me immediately, from friendliness to resentment. I don't think it necessarily wise to confess secret sins to others. Confess to God, repent, and go from there. Nevertheless, those confessed to are all tried, aren't they? Will they forgive and love, as they ought, or is theirs a vain profession of faith? Particle - The Call of Consecration God was calling me up higher. It occurred to me that everyone wanted God for a friend, always needing, wanting, and asking Him for something. How many prayers are simply selfish requests and focused, not on God, but on self! But it occurred to me that God wanted friends. Abraham was known as the friend of God. I concluded that I also wanted to be God's friend, seeking Him and being here for His sake, and not my own. Some Scriptures were sinking deep into my soul, finding permanent residence: “I beseech you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God to present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, in order...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part IV, Page 13

Page 13 PART FOUR– Bernalillo to Moon River (cont.) Particle - An Almost Hair-Raising Experience While Marilyn and I were visiting Paul in Great Falls, we took a walk to the Magic Mill, which was in a mall. As we passed through the double-door entrance, a middle-aged couple was leaving. I was a bit uplifted in spirit at the time and, as I momentarily set eyes on the man passing us, I noticed that he was very likely (and perhaps gingerly) sporting a toupee. Though he was a stranger, I felt like saying, lightheartedly and sincerely, “Hey, nice hairpiece you have there!” Inside, we immediately met Al, a hairdresser standing at the entrance to his salon. He was smiling like Carroll's proverbial Cheshire cat that had just swallowed the canary, yet he somewhat nervously looked beyond us as he watched the couple we just passed leaving the mall. Paul knew Al, so we decided to say hi. Al could barely contain himself. It turned out he was so relieved and proud of a fresh-out-of-the-oven accomplishment. He just had to express himself to someone, and we happened to be the nearest, soonest available people. He came sauntering over and said, “I finally, finally finished a super hard-earned deal on an expensive hairpiece. Lots of sweat equity in that one! I feel like celebrating!” I asked him if it was the couple that just left. “Yes, it was,” he replied, surprised. He anxiously asked, “How did you know? Do you know him? Did you notice something?” Barely able to hold back from bur...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part VI, Page 3

Page 3 PART SIX– Harvest Haven to Surprise Visitors (cont.) Particle – God Comes by Human Messengers However, it's not about doctrine, abusers, bad experiences, or other externals. It's about the heart. When I approached Jan on her spirit of bitterness, she seemed to not want to hear it. She insisted that only God was her judge (a common fallacious argument). She insisted she would look only to Him for teaching, correction, and direction, not to man. She completely wrote off the notion of legitimate ministries and authorities in the Church, brushing aside the manifold Scriptural testimonies of God giving ministries for the edification of His Body: “And truly He gave some to be apostles, and some to be prophets, and some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the Body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:11-12 MKJV). She then faulted me and intervened with her daughter and son-in-law so that her daughter's attitude toward us was suddenly transformed from enthusiastic to highly contemptuous. It was out of this experience that the paper, The Big Lie Exposed, was birthed. The basic truth is that God comes and speaks by men, except where He calls and chooses one to send him to others, an exception rather than the rule. An example of this is Moses, whom God approached directly to lead Israel from Egypt to Canaan. Other examples are of God anointing John the Immerser to ...
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