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PART TEN – The Issues of Life (cont.)

Particle – Larry Spencer Resurfaces

Around December 3, 2003, we heard in the news that Larry Spencer, whom we met through Henry Blackaby in our Baptist work in Regina in 1974, had been expelled by Stephen Harper from the federal conservative Canadian Alliance party caucus for making remarks about homosexuals. I called him and we talked. I shared our website with him, expecting that as a Baptist minister, he would disagree with much of the content. Later, I found his public apology of November 27 and wrote him. Here is the letter and apology, to which I received no reply:

December 4, 2003

Hi, Larry and Sue,

I opened up the Alliance newsletter they send by email and found your apology in it. Then I recalled that I wanted to express my disagreement with at least part of it:

“I apologize for linking the homosexual community with pedophilia. I was wrong to draw such an inference.”

“I apologize to my colleague Svend Robinson [homosexual Member of Parliament]. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Robinson as both an individual and as a parliamentarian.”

First, I do agree that not all homosexuals can be accused of pedophilia, at least not directly. Therefore, from a technical, legal, and political perspective, you were speaking unadvisedly. However, you and I both very well know that the two sins, according to Scripture, are more than close cousins. When God gives men over to the lusts of the flesh, as you said the night of our conversation, anything goes.

As to the second statement, while Saul had “the utmost respect” for Agag as an individual, David didn’t have the utmost respect for Goliath as one. (Read his words to Goliath). You have in your apology, greatly increased the respectability and credibility for one entirely given over by God because he is so wicked. If he is not a wicked man in the eyes of God as “an individual,” then as what? He, as an individual, stands up and says:

“Sin is good, I love it, I have a right to it, and I am going to make damn sure everyone else has that right too! I hereby publicly take this bold stand for that which the Word of God condemns outright!”

“And while I am at it, I am going to ensure that I stand against the nation of Israel, which I condemn for its flagrant abuse of human rights, and I am going to do everything I can to criminalize not sin, but the Book that condemns it, the Bible no less! God’s Word is ‘hate literature’!”

You have respect for such an individual? I don’t. So he is a phenomenal parliamentarian! The mayor of Sodom could have been a silver-tongued orator. I do not wonder how great he is before God as an individual.

I recognize the fix you got yourself into, Larry, but I also perceive that by trying to appease sinners, you have only succeeded in displeasing the Lord, compromising to keep your life. Friend, that cannot be and will not do, certainly not for one who professes faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and not only so, but who presumes to be a shepherd (pastor) of His sheep.

I include a conversation I had on Yahoo Messenger this morning with a Jewish brother in Christ. Here is some of what he has to say, and I say it is well worth considering (I am oneacre80acres):

oneacre80acres: got a letter from Alliance and found Larry’s apology, and wish to write him on that now. I disagree with some of it.

paulbcohen: good, about writing

paulbcohen: what i saw was that he was using side arguments, which may not have been completely founded on facts

paulbcohen: rather than dealing head on with the issue

paulbcohen: like men were recruiting boys from playgrounds, etc

paulbcohen: God says that homosexuality is an abomination, our natures revolt against it, it is not healthy for society to sanction or promote, any more than stealing, or murder, or adultery, and so on

paulbcohen: I should add that for some, their natures are attuned to it, but that is after being given over to what is not convenient, because we have forgotten God

paulbcohen: as Paul wrote

paulbcohen: so, shall we sanction what the flesh desires, and what men approve, or what God approves?

paulbcohen: we can’t hunt people in their homes, nor do we wish to, but we won’t give legal right to what is illegal

paulbcohen: that brings the wrath of God on the nation, how can we be good stewards and bring God’s wrath on those entrusted to us to serve and protect?

paulbcohen: would Canada be wise to fire missiles at Washington DC?

paulbcohen: so why make affront to God, Who has given us these laws for our good?

paulbcohen: if people don’t want to hear these things, so be it, but at least as a servant you (Larry) will be serving them, and be found with Christ, Who also served mankind in laying down His body by acknowledging and loving the truth

paulbcohen: for those who know better, truly the sin is on their shoulders more than others

paulbcohen: if you knowing better don’t speak, are you not the first to be judged?

paulbcohen: as with the law, which says that those who know of sin in their family, and cover it up, shall also be judged with the sinners, does it not?

oneacre80acres: Yes, Paul, and I think that I should add your thoughts to the letter to Larry.

paulbcohen: good, it may help to have both

paulbcohen: yours and mine

Larry, you have much to consider.

In the service of the Lord Jesus Christ, by His grace,


Larry’s Public Apology, on Record:

Statement by Larry Spencer, MP

November 27, 2003

OTTAWA – Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre MP Larry Spencer today issued the following statement:

I wish to apologize completely and without reservation for the personal comments I made in an interview yesterday with Peter O’Neil of the Vancouver Sun.

I retract the statement I made indicating I would support a bill to criminalize homosexuality. I do not believe that homosexual behaviour should be criminalized or that homosexuals should be persecuted.

I apologize for linking the homosexual community with pedophilia. I was wrong to draw such an inference.

I apologize to my colleague Svend Robinson. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Robinson as both an individual and as a parliamentarian.

Lastly, I apologize to Stephen Harper, the Canadian Alliance Caucus and supporters of the soon-to-be formed Conservative Party of Canada. I take full responsibility for my comments. They do not, in any way, reflect the views of my leader nor my party. This is why I volunteered to withdraw from the Canadian Alliance Caucus.

I will not be making any further public comments on this issue.

Particle – The Unwilling, Unseparated and Uncrucified

People want to change things from within the religious establishment because they aren’t willing to come out. Yet coming out is precisely what God would have them do:

“And I heard another voice from Heaven, saying, Come out of her, My people, that you may not be partakers of her sins, and that you may not receive of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4 MKJV).

They seek to “be a light” because they’re unwilling to part with darkness. They seek to win so that they won’t have to forsake.

Particle – Marilyn’s Dream: Cody an Imp

In this dream in 2003, we were at the farm. Marilyn was standing in the hall, in front of the closet, I was standing in the hall near the office area, and Cody was around the hall and dining entrance. She saw him as an imp, a mischievous, devilish creature, with a goofy look and silly grin on his face. (Cody has been exactly that way.) It wasn’t his body, and not expressly his appearance, but she knew it was Cody. She was also wondering why I was apparently not seeing him for what he was.

Particle – Cody to Submit All

Cody was a loose cannon in all respects. I’ve known few people to be so self-serving, scheming, foolish, abandoned, and self-destructive. Lois received that Cody needed to submit all decision-making to us. I felt that catching the wind in my hands would be easier, not that it was my responsibility to do so.

Particle – The Bahamas QXCI Symposium

Paul and I were asked by one of our distributors, Gayla Erickson, to help her with her Hsin Ten booth at a QXCI symposium in the Bahamas. Sherry Greenberg, a doctor in naturopathy, one of our distributors, also had a booth there for our water revitalization products, so we decided to help them. While they were away for daily QXCI classes, we manned the booths.

Particle – Ingrid’s Dream: Woman and Dragon

On December 6, 2003, Ingrid had a very interesting, peculiar dream from God. She records:

“The dream was in three parts:

Part one: It was a banquet scene. I saw Pascal and me from the front, looking how we looked about eight years prior (1995).  Many people sat at the banquet table, but I did not recognize anybody.  The banquet table went as far as you could see on the right and on the left. Pascal was on my left, wearing a black turtle neck.  I wore a dark grey turtle neck and old black jeans; my hair was short, like when I lived at Pascal’s parents’ place.  Pascal was telling a story to whoever was willing to listen.

“With my back half turned to Pascal, I talked to a boy who had asked me a question. The people across the table from me, a little to the left, told us about a man and a woman (a king and a queen) who had been killed, leaving a baby orphan who was spared (saved).

Part two: A multitude of people were trying to climb up a steep and slippery mountain.  There were some grooves in the surface of the mountain.  The colour was yellow ivory, and the look and texture of it was much like that of a stalagmite.  The slope was increasingly steep, until it went straight up and then curved back on itself as an overhang. The climbing was hard.

“A young pregnant woman came down the mountain on stairs carved in the rock, carrying a dark-colored platter with beverages.  I saw her from the right.  In the background, I saw all the people trying to climb up the mountain and sliding down.

“Then my view changed, and I was looking from the front of the stairs.  A dragon-dinosaur type of beast was climbing up the mountain among other people on the same stairs as the woman.  It passed the woman, who did not notice it.  It followed her with its eyes and sense of smell much like a predator hunts its prey.  The woman was the orphan child of part one of the dream, and the dragon had looked for her all those years, to kill her.  It made a U-turn and followed the young woman.

Part three: The scene was a flat road.  The same young woman (about eight months pregnant) was wearing a long white full dress with a striped green and yellow piece of fabric wrapped around her belly as a belt.  Her hair was long, wavy, and blondish with red highlights.  She walked and ran on the road without difficulty, despite being pregnant.

“There was an old lady driving a car dated around the early 1900’s. She was dressed in black and wore a black hat (style of clothing from that period); she was very elegant. Two friends were with her in the car, old ladies as well.  She stopped her car to let the young pregnant woman climb in, as she had developed sympathy for the young woman.

“This young woman was Victor’s fiancée and she was trying to catch up to him. Victor was further ahead on the road, and he was talking to the people walking close to him. There were a lot of people on this road, walking in the same direction.” [End of dream]

Particle – The Tightening Noose

We decided to catch a flight from Montana so I drove to Helena on December 12. There I had Sabbath eve supper with Paul, Marcia and Sara. In that visit, Marcia was addressed, and Sara was struggling (the girls were not getting along while sharing a suite). To them all, I prophetically said, “The noose is tightening and there is a great tyranny in process,” speaking of the whole world, at the very least, North America.

Particle – In the Bahamas

In the Bahamas, I saw the imprint of the Lord’s wrath everywhere I went, which was not at all unexpected, or any worse than what we witnessed in America, that I could tell, yet somehow it had a different brand or flavor. The place seemed abandoned, used and abused by powerbrokers removed from direct contact. It was like the populace was captive on some island imprisonment and persuaded to believe things were normal, if not well. In a way, it reminded me of the sort of control exercised in Logan’s Run. How about George Orwell’s 1984?

We saw many banks there, and I was reminded of a time in my early career when I was rather curious and perplexed about something. A friend of Ron and Barb Hrehirchuk, Robert (Nikolyshen?) worked with the Bank of Montreal in Bermuda. While I never pursued the matter, I wondered how a fellow could get paid to live in a warm, idyllic place tourists pay to visit and briefly enjoy. I also wondered why he would do that and be separated from his family and friends indefinitely. Those things kind of disturbed me. How little I knew what the future held in store for me!

Particle – The Papimi

Chuck Wallach was demonstrating the Papimi, a US $50,000 device that was supposed to do wonders in enhancing the body to cure itself of almost anything. Being a willing recipient of freebies and willing to test all the latest in almost anything, I took a few treatments. Something happened in my electrical system as a result and I sensed there was something that seemed rather significantly wrong with me. Coordination had altered and I was feeling strange, a way in which I had never felt before.

I asked the Lord to forgive me for messing with myself, using things that were so foreign to the human body (I think someone told me the Papimi sent a million volts of electricity through the body in one millionth of a second – don’t quote me). It took several days, perhaps a couple of weeks before I recovered to how I felt previously. I learned it was this very device that Neil Voss had experimented with and which he reported messed up his immune and other body function systems terribly. By God’s grace, I got off easy.

Particle – The Red Carpet Inn

I felt the Atlantis convention center accommodations were nothing but Vanity Fair with a high price tag just to be able to sleep and not have to walk to the symposium, so Paul and I booked a room through at the Red Carpet Inn for a fraction of the price. It was quiet, clean, and we had a refreshing, brisk, 25-minute walk each day to Atlantis and back through local neighborhoods, over a lengthy bridge, and past fresh fish booths, where we ate authentic, local food at good prices.

Meanwhile, I saw registrants at the Atlantis keeping up appearances but visibly groaning at expenses they considered gouging. I couldn’t justify the costs – looking cheap or not. As far as I was concerned, we could still make our contacts with anyone we chose or that chose us, without feeling we were being used.

Particle – I Am That I Am

We met Dr. Richard Michael at the symposium. He was a licensed healthcare practitioner of nutritional medicine in the state of Florida and has authored I Am That I Am, a book he claims to be “the most powerful thought provoking book ever written about the mind, body, spirit, life, love, truth, etc. Unlike anything you have ever experienced.” Paul and I had an interesting chat at his table with him for about an hour or more.

From what I could understand of his philosophy, we were our own gods, in effect, and nothing was impossible for us if we committed ourselves to our desire in the right way – something, it seems, along the lines of The Secret. We told him that was patent nonsense.

Hearing a few opening statements from us, Richard tried to relate as to common evangelical fundamentalists but soon found he was not being served the usual religious fare. We permitted him to practise some of his philosophy and healing techniques on us and then we prayed for him.

When we parted, I knew his life was and would be impacted by our visit, though I’m not sure he would realize it was by the Truth we shared with him.

Particle – Confusion of the Sexes

As we walked through the mall, we suddenly spotted what was apparently a woman, yet a man, and heard what sounded like a man’s voice coming from this creature. Only the person was dressed as a harlot, a seminude nightclub entertainer or dance hall girl with wig, makeup, short skirt, high heels, and stockings.

It was Bill Nelson, transvestite, the inventor of the QXCI, or SCIO, as it was later called, which energy device has taken the alternative health world by storm. The conference was mainly all about his product; his divorcee wife, Karen Williams, organized the whole symposium. Bill was a genius, eccentric, unrestrained, exhibitionistic, amoral, it appeared, and did not seem to care what anybody thought of him; he simply did his thing.

Particle – Dr. Len Horowitz

Dr. Len Horowitz is the author of many books and is a busy speaker at such symposiums and conferences as this one for QXCI.

We heard Dr. Horowitz speak and immediately saw that he was using God for his own selfish ends, speaking as though he was well familiar with Yahweh, yet treating Him as some impersonal force to be understood and manipulated to one’s own ends according to his methods. He was downright blasphemous with the kinds of remarks and references he was making, though he didn’t seem to realize it. We decided to talk to him about his error. He would not like it.

Particle – Short Term Sidekick Steals

While still on friendly terms, Dr. Len Horowitz revealed to us that he had a very unpleasant experience with Dr. Joseph Puleo, someone with whom he joined in a partnership of sorts. This excerpt from Len’s site:

Dr. Horowitz’s revelatory research, however, has gone beyond humanitarian perspectives on HIV/AIDS. His most recent works target “global healing” as an “idea whose time has come.” In 1999, he joined co-author Dr. Joseph Puleo, in compiling Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 1999; 1-888-508-4787) a book that revealed Bible codes, hidden for 3,000 years, that includes the earliest musical scale. These determinations and revelations, they say, hold profound implications for personal and world healing. At the same time, they provide alpha-numeric sequences that led Dr. Horowitz to decipher the primary code being used by leading global industrialists with links to the world’s most powerful secret societies. Most importantly, these codes herald the dawning of an unprecedented spiritual renaissance and a renewing global event – the “Concert for the 144,000.” Foretold in the Bible, the event is currently being planned by Dr. Horowitz, colleagues, and musicians worldwide. 

Horowitz angrily told us Dr. Puleo was a crook, betrayed his trust, borrowed his QXCI, which was worth several thousands of dollars, and did not return it. Having red about Dr. Puleo, I said we could have told him Dr. Puleo didn’t know what he was talking about concerning spiritual matters or God and could not be trusted. However, we also knew that Dr. Horowitz sowed for what he reaped and was headed for much more because he too knew nothing of Yahweh, yet presumed and pretended otherwise.

We met his wife Jackie Lindenbach as well; together we went to the beach to talk. Len became rather impatient with me because I told him there were things I needed to say to him but I did not seem to be coming out with it at his preferred speed; I was taking my time.

Soon he became agitated, then insulting and downright abusive. Pressed by his impudence and impatience, I told him that God was not an impersonal force to be toyed with or used. I told him Yahweh was Almighty God Himself and that Len needed to revere Him rather than pretend he had inside information and understood Him. I also told him he was using God for mammon’s sake and, being provoked, I said he was an arrogant, stubborn ass that needed to be put in his place, and would be, unless he repented.

Len also claimed to be a Messianic believer in Yeshua and I had to tell him that he had no relationship with Yeshua whatsoever.

It was also evident to us that Len was an opportunist looking for freebies from dealers carrying products he would endorse and advertise on his site, He and Jackie then angrily and contemptuously dismissed us from their presence.

A lady we met at the symposium, France Veer from Quebec, happened to come by and witnessed some of the conflict, though not understanding what was going on. She too had her spiritual philosophy and values, which we would address years later.

Particle – A Sample of Horowitz’s Fiction

Excerpt from Dr. Horowitz’s site:

“Narrated by Sir Leonard George Horowitz, this 2-hour edutaining documentary decrypts Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous drawing, The Vitruvian Man. These revelations hold profound implications for the Spiritual Renaissance and civilization’s evolution toward world peace. Listen, view, and learn the secret sacred real Da Vinci code missing in Dan Brown’s famous novel and movie, The Da Vinci Code. The real code inspires creative genius and prophetic vision. Those that seek to enslave humanity and prevent Divine-human empowerment, otherwise called “communion,” have secreted this knowledge for thousands of years.”

This man titles himself “Sir,” as though knighted. I thought it was only British citizens that could be knighted. Is he a British citizen or can others be knighted by the Queen of England?

He also sees himself as a prophet, and perhaps even a messiah. Well, I go on record to say that he is not a prophet of God, much less the Messiah. Horowitz is a cheat, a liar, a sociopath; yes, a fraud, one who believes his own lies.

Particle – A Fortuitous Event

I am much inclined to follow up with people by letter, especially when they have said or done things I know are false or wrong. Part of the reason for that is because I’m so slow on the uptake; sometimes it takes me days, weeks, months or even years to realize things. When they finally dawn on me, I like to follow up and express them. After having the conflict with Len and Jackie, I was chagrined to realize I didn’t have his personal email address.

As we were making preparations to leave the Bahamas, we momentarily ran into a lady who opened her address book to record information. There, I noticed Dr. Horowitz’s personal email at lavanet. Wow! I took it as God’s provision and expected I would be using it. While this was happening, Paul was speaking to another lady who declared Dr. Horowitz’s evil influence and fruits. Indications were we needed to address him further and were provided the means to do so.

Who says there’s no God?

Particle – Sara Receives the Spirit

When Paul and I returned to Helena on the 19th of December, Sara and Marcia had Sabbath eve supper ready for us. The next day, we visited at their apartment. Marcia was struggling. I addressed her on selfishness and unbelief, and she decided to sequester herself in her room while Paul and I visited with Sara. Then it happened that Sara again asked that she receive the Spirit, and Paul and I were free to pray for her. When the prayer was ended, we were assured God had answered.

Particle – A Letter to Dr. Horowitz, and His Response

On December 21, after returning from the Bahamas, Paul and I wrote Dr. Horowitz a letter:


I had the opportunity for a personal visit with one of the symposium attendees on the last day. She asked me why I didn’t celebrate Christmas. I told her I was raised a Jew, and then became a Christian.  She made a face which expressed disdain, and said, “Why would you do that? After hearing Dr. Horowitz’s presentation, I want to learn Hebrew.”

I went on to explain what true Christianity is and means.

As for you, are not your fruits therefore evident? You cause your hearers to worship and eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and to reject the Tree of Life.  You are the supreme hypocrite calling others Satanists, when you, in the Name of Yeshua, cause your hearers to despise the Same. YHVH is not mocked. His judgment is already upon you, one small portion of that being Puleo and his evil doings, of which you have been a dupe and victim. Your hard and impenitent heart cries out for much more.

In defense of disseminating knowledge, Jackie has said that people are being reached at their level. Has eating from the Tree of Knowledge ever brought forth anything but death? The very Scriptures you claim to share declare the Truth and condemn your ways. You serve not YHVH but yourself.

As for your oft-repeated assertion and suggestion that the heathen really intend to call the Creator a dog, by spelling His Name backwards, the origin of the word “God,” is from the Indo-Germanic word “Gott.”  The German word for “dog” is “hund.” A reference in Google as to the etymology of the word testifies against you. This is but a tiny sample of your ignorance and arrogance. Each sentence out of your mouth reveals same. What will it take till you cease to refuse rebuke and correction from the One you claim to represent?

While your hearers applaud you and think you minister good things to them, you do them great injustice and harm. YHVH is not deceived. He knows your flatteries and their purpose of exalting and promoting yourself. And while you entertain yourself with the flatteries of your hearers, it, of necessity, must all come to ruin.

In the Name and service of Yeshua, by His grace, according to His will,

Paul and Victor

On Tuesday, December 23, 2003, Dr. Horowitz responded:

The Messiah said: “The traditions of men make the word to no avail.”

You are as blind in this age of Christian dogma as the hypocrites the Messiah exposed in his time.

Please do not attempt to contact me further. We have nothing more to say to each other. I rebuke you and Victor for being the menaces to humanity and the Christian faith that you have become.

Having earned by Victor’s prayer for harsh and destructive judgement to befall me and my family, your collaboration with his has earned you also the reputation of being among those for which others should “Beware of those who call themselves Christians who are not.” Our Creator is not the father of confusion and destruction, nor death and disease among His failthful, as Victor falsely peached to us. Satan is. I wish therefore, that you “Get thee Satan behind me.”

Never contact me again! If you do, I will contact your server and report that you are violating my right to prevent such uninvited correspondance.

Very sincerely,

Len Horowitz

That was supposed to be a doctor, professing to be a believing and enlightened one at that. Does sin make stupid? Dr. Horowitz, you need to repent of your wickedness, big time. It cannot go well for you, and it hasn’t been, has it?

Particle – Sara’s Dream: Two Hamsters in One Cage

There was conflict between Marcia and Sara living in the same suite. Sara had a dream at the end of December, 2003, and records:

“This dream took place while I was living with Marcia, and yet we were in no way together, not in interest, not in goals or viewpoint, and not in purpose or spirit. I had hopes while I lived with her that things would change in some way for her, that she would be given faith, victory, and joy in the Lord. Without obedience on her part, my hopes were in vain. My dream:

I was dreaming that I was dreaming, and in my dream within a dream, I saw a box in which there were two hamsters. My view was from the top of the box straight down. There was a dividing line in the middle of the cage or box. One hamster sat still on its side of the box, not moving, but one hamster ran back and forth over the line. I knew that it was supposed to stay on its own side. I had a feeling of foreboding in me, knowing that that hamster was doing wrongly. I knew the hamsters represented Marcia and me.

When I woke up, though still asleep, I told the dream to Paul. I expressed some anguish and concern that I might be the hamster that was transgressing. I thought that it could be possible that I was crossing over to her side, attempting to cause her to believe or something. He smiled, not answering for a moment, and then told me simply that I had nothing to worry about.”

Particle – Casting Lots

We have been learning something about casting lots, a practice that is Biblically supported. However, when it is done, we must be prepared to know exactly what we are doing and to accept the judgment, acknowledging that the Lord is over all. We dare not tempt Him and change our minds with undesirable results received, which would be an insult and a travesty to Him.

Particle – Summary of 2003

This year, we began the Harvest Haven Herald, publishing three issues. The third issue prompted an internet correspondence.

This year, we began sharing the internet correspondence with growing numbers and receiving much reaction. The Lord has led us to be bold and direct with people and has granted us to speak to the heart.

This year, Paul and I traveled to Jamaica and the Grand Caymans in March, to Hawaii in September, and to the Bahamas in December, winning the first two trips with Hsin Ten Enterprises. In each of these trips, we were given to speak to many people.

It has been a very busy year for all of us. Little did we know that it would get even busier.


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Page 11 PART SEVEN – Surprise Visitors to Day 888 (cont.) Particle – I Will Make Them Cry Prophetic words came forth on October 16, 1998: “I'll be making people cry; they will be moved by my spirit, not knowing what is happening to them, only that it comes from me. In my spirit, I will be reaching theirs, and it will be like soothing, cool salve on a sunburn, balm on an open wound, cool shade from a scorching sun. But it will be more. It will be the call to be transformed from a hot, dry desert or a cold, barren, forsaken land to a beautiful, enjoyable, fruitful oasis. It will begin with a sensing, a drawing, a realization of what is being held out and of what they lack and have always so lacked. It will proceed to an overwhelming implosion and then a breaking down, as though they've been hopelessly struggling in defeat all their lives and are now unable to do anything but surrender to me, into my arms. I will comfort them and lead them to where they have wanted to be (unknown to them) all along. It will be the casting off of death and the dispensation of life. Neither will they be able to turn back easily ever again. It will be instant addiction, a transformation work leaving its permanent mark, an irresistible influence, which would only cause great pain and anguish to turn way from or to betray. The sorrow and labor will be, in their yielding, turned to joy and rest, a finish of hell and the beginning of peace, Heaven, and God Himself.” Particle - A Long Visit w...
wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part V, Page 16
Page 16 PART FIVE – Moon River to Harvest Haven (cont.) Particle – Necessity or Tragedy? In 1984, starting with all the prophecies at Bernalillo, New Mexico, I had begun keeping a journal of all spiritual matters, dreams, visions, prophecies, experiences, revelations, words of wisdom, and events with people. I recorded my troubles, worries, foolish thoughts, and mundane matters. I also decided to record everything I could remember of my past spiritual life, going back to 1972, when it began with the dream of the Lord's Coming. In my horrible struggles during the battles in the stock market in 1994, it came to me I should destroy my journal. I recalled how the Lord had said to me in 1980 or 1981 that if I burned my writings, He would give me something better, which came to pass. I took all my records to the fire pit in the back yard, tore them up, and burned them. When I had told Marilyn my intention, she agreed with me. If she hadn't agreed, I wouldn't have done it. Though I didn't realize it as yet, she was my god - I was ever dependent on her to determine if I was hearing correctly. Perhaps it was good to burn those records; perhaps not. I have regretted it because I've forgotten many of the prophecies and their times and circumstances. I think at times, “I was too lazy to sort out the spiritual from the mundane, and my words from His, thinking it would take a horrendous amount of work, so I threw it all away.” The time came when I felt as though ...
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