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Holy Waters

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My tongue is as the ready pen of a writer. Holy waters come forth from the tip of it for the healing of those who are willing to heed. I’ve tasted those waters; they are there, and they are real.

All of us have been sinners before God; we have all been counted unworthy of Him and of His Kingdom so that He might perform His justice upon all.

It is the holy waters that make you clean and not you yourselves.

All you who have secret sins and faults, don’t try to make yourselves right before you come to Him. All you who think that you must cleanse or correct yourselves before you can present yourselves to Him for mercy or judgment, forget it! Do you heal yourself before you go to the doctor? Do you fill yourself with learning before you go to a teacher? Do you learn your desired skill before you submit as an apprentice to a master? So you do not make yourself right with God before you come to the holy waters.

It is the holy waters that make you clean and not you yourselves. It is God Who makes you clean by His Word and Truth. Any effort on your part to make yourselves holy or pure or acceptable before God is vain and utterly fruitless – as impossible as building your own spaceship, launching it and flying it to another galaxy by yourself.

There was a man called Naaman, a Syrian army captain who was a leper. He could not heal himself; he could not find physicians to heal him; nobody could help him but a man of God. What did the man of God tell him to do? He told him to bathe in the Jordan River seven times. Naaman was furious! He expected the man of God, Elisha, to pray for him and so he would be healed. But, no, the solution to his problem was not as he expected. It took Naaman’s servant to persuade him to do as he was bid and when he did, he was healed completely.

Were the Jordan River waters holy? No. What, then, made Naaman whole? What are the holy waters? The holy waters are the specific, personal instructions given by God and the Truth spoken by Him through His servant, mixed or met with faith on the part of the one in need. These are what make one clean, whether of leprosy, fault, addiction or sin. So you see that one must first come to God, and being cleansed of sin or healed will follow; one cannot get healed of leprosy first and then come to a man of God for acceptance. Truly, Naaman would have had no need to come to Elisha if he could handle his own problem.

Satan’s job is to keep you in your unconfessed sins.

All of you, every one, have sins, faults, addictions, bondages, hurts, and weaknesses with which you have found yourselves defeated. Many of you wrestle with a food problem, whether over-eating or some other food disorder; many crave tobacco, alcohol, caffeine or some other drug; many of you are addicted to gambling, some sport or hobby, watching television, some idol, sex, partying, and much, much more.

All of you have secret sins with which you wrestle and of which you are ashamed – masturbation, homosexuality, self-abuse, adultery, pornography, inner conflicts, voices, crimes and evils committed… the list is endless. You are made to feel like you alone have such a problem or that your kind of problem is worse than any other, either in nature or intensity or both. Not so! Don’t let the powers of darkness deceive you, telling you lies. Satan’s job is to keep you in your unconfessed sins so that you remain his. He is known as the prince of darkness, and in darkness he determines to keep his subjects. He will keep you in guilt and shame and never will you be able to correct yourself until you are delivered from his grip.

You must be prepared to receive a man of God, confess your sins, and obey whatever he commands you. Doing so, you will be delivered from bondages and demons; you will receive healings on the inside and out, and, most importantly, you will know that you cannot be free any other way than by coming to God first. We all need a Savior and He alone is it.

Sinner, have faith; don’t torment yourself and don’t let Satan fool you any longer; resist the fear of embarrassment. Face yourself, face your problem, put away any care that someone may find out, that you will be despised, rejected, or ridiculed, or that you will lose something if they find out.

So many sins I have had to confess to someone while fearing that I may lose something – respect, companionship, money, job, freedom, social standing, pride or dignity. Instead, healings and deliverances came forth, never to leave again. Added to that, I found forgiveness, respect and gratitude from others, even tangible reward. But most of all, I found peace of mind, self-respect, joy, and thankfulness… fear and guilt were gone and Satan’s power over me was broken.

Your business is not to save or heal yourself but to come to Him.

Why does Satan want to keep you in those terrible chains of darkness? So that he can destroy you. He is known as the thief, liar and murderer. It is his job to oppose all that is good. But it is your job to avail yourself of God, to believe and be made free, to be cleansed by the holy waters of God so that you can begin to be a blessing in all the things you put your hand to do that are pleasing to God. He is pleased to deliver and cleanse you, and you will be pleased to live for Him. Your business is not to save or heal yourself but to come to Him, and His business is to heal and save you.

The first one a liar fools is himself. Don’t be deceived into thinking you can clean up your act before getting right with God. Only He can make you right. Refuse to serve Satan any longer with your faults and sins. His wages are awful… fear, guilt, disease, failure, loss, illusion, low self-esteem – crippling effects on everything you say, think, do, and are. The guaranteed end result is always death, without exception.

Remain in your sins and you are Satan’s victim, in a place where you can never prevail. Come to the holy waters of Light and Truth, and you will be free. The Bible, my experience, and the experiences of others assuredly testify to the fact that Satan is defeated when you come to the Light of all men. Your welfare and great reward await you if you dare come out of your comfort or safety zone, trusting God. He can do anything for you if you choose. As with a prisoner released, healing and deliverance are only the beginning of great purpose and wholesome, rewarding adventure.

Victor Hafichuk

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