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The Restitution of All Things



The Lord shall indeed reconcile all things unto Himself. This writing exposes the foolish and pagan, God-vilifying doctrines of eternal torment and annihilation which breed self-righteousness, fear and despair. It declares instead the love, power, glory and total sovereignty of our Almighty Lord Whose blood is infinitely more efficacious than most are led to believe.

What we have been hearing, referred to as “the good news” or the gospel, must be seen for what it is… bad news indeed! In its place must be declared the truly good news. Our selfishness would dictate that if news is good for us, it is good news, though it might not be very good for everybody else. Ultimately, if it is not good for all, it is good for none. Like it or not, none of us can remain an island unto himself for long, and if one tries to be otherwise, there is only stagnation and stench, even as when waters stop running, forming a black swamp in which nothing can live.

The State and Fate of Hell

Some people think we say there is no Hell, because we preach that all men will be saved. But what is salvation, if not deliverance from death and Hell? As the father said of his prodigal son: “It was right that we should make merry and be glad, for this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; and was lost, and is found” (Luke 15:32 MKJV).

This letter tells you what you need know about the real Hell, not the fake one, in which men say unrepentant sinners (or all those who disagree with them and their doctrine) will be tormented forever and ever after they die. That’s a most gruesome and blasphemous fable, but the real Hell is something you are already familiar with, as every person born on earth knows it more intimately than his home.

The Precious Presence of Heaven        

A reader asks, “What is the truth about heaven?” Who can answer this question knowledgeably except someone who is in Heaven, knowing it by having been relocated from Hell? This is a matter of experience and revelation.

The Most Foolish of Questions

When some hear that we preach Jesus Christ will reconcile all people to Himself, they become offended and exclaim: “If all are going to be saved, what was the point of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for us?” If that is your thought, you need to read our answer to… the most foolish of questions.

“Who then can be saved?” is the question that has been hotly debated ever since salvation was known to be available. One could and should also ask, can God save anybody? Would He save anybody? Why would He save anybody? How does He save anybody? When does He save anybody? And should He save anybody? The answers to these questions are in this article.

“Christians” use the Scriptures to preach or propogate the doctrine of eternal hellfire. However, what is the Bible truly saying? Is it saying that people will burn forever in hell? Another author has compiled some Scriptures that define the meaning of “forever” and “eternal.” This sheds a whole new light on this matter, making for a very different, and glorious, picture.

This doctrine, that man can choose his eternal fate by accepting or denying Jesus Christ’s Lordship over his life, pervades most of “Christendom.” However, it is not true, and, in this series of The Issues of Life, we point out specifically how it is wrong. If man has the power to choose his stance, the reasoning goes, God can be justified to throw him in eternal hellfire if he does not choose Him. However, the Lord said, “You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you.” The ultimate fate of all humanity is in His hands.

The Great Promise of the Lake of Fire and the Second Death

Several important questions are raised and answered: What is the purpose of the Lake of Fire? What is the second death? And: How does one who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ enter the Kingdom of God?

The Origin and Identity of Satan

Who is Satan? Where did he come from? How did he get his power? How is it exercised? How is it broken? These are things you need to know, if you will be an overcomer in Christ.

Satan’s Redemption

Answering Derek Prince’s “Will Satan Ever Be Reconciled to God?”

Derek Prince says that Satan will burn in hell forever, along with anyone who speaks of Satan’s ultimate redemption. See if this writing doesn’t fully answer all of Mr. Prince’s arguments against the reconciliation that God has destined for all His creation, including the Devil. For reconciliation is the great purpose and goal of His judgment through Jesus Christ.

An Alleged Visit to Heaven and Hell

The works of men try to outdo one another by making a greater sensational splash. Now Angelica Zambrano makes her grandiose entrance into the Heaven and Hell visitation sweepstakes, with much at stake. For her, she can become famous and well-supported. For you, you can believe outrageous lies that bring the real torments of Hell to those who believe the false and satanic Christ she presents.

A Divine Revelation of Hell Debunked

An Outstanding Illustration of Orthodox Christianity’s Most Blasphemous Doctrine

The fire of God is good. Here it obliterates the most egregious of lies ever told about the Lord Jesus Christ. Mary Baxter, working from the platform of orthodox Christian doctrine, has served up a sensational tale of a personal tour of hell chaperoned by the Lord. This presents us with the perfect springboard for exposing the absurd and wicked notions of false Christianity.

What treasures of God are hidden in the sign of Jonah? Hear what this rather obscure and short book, which of all Scripture was singled out by the Lord Jesus Christ as the sign of His coming, has to tell us about the momentous work God is doing today through the recounting of a singular and marvellous episode in the life of the prophet Jonah and the city of Nineveh.

Jesus Christ demonstrated what true freedom is, what it does, what it cannot do, and what it means to be fully committed to God: “Thy will, and not mine, be done….” He, Christ, is therefore the One to Whom all men are drawn, to learn in due time that none can resist His will.

In 1976, the Lord spoke to me saying, “I am hurting! I am hurting!” He said people were believing lies, thinking they believed godly truth, and those lies were killing them. He was hurting because they were hurting. The prominent gospel preached in evangelical circles is an insidious one, a product of deceived and ignorant men, naively serving Satan and his bride, Mystery. Herein, we explicitly identify it for what it is.

Diabolical Doctrines

Diabolical Doctrine: Deathbed Conversions to Christ

Diabolical Doctrine: Salvation Is Possible Only in This Life

Diabolical Doctrine: Never-ending Torment

Diabolical Doctrine: God Is Trying to Save the Whole World Now



Ray Comfort uses the threat of “eternal hell” to motivate proselytizers and potential converts to his perverted idea of God and Christ. Two heathen are used by God to shame this minister, yet he does not see or know it. Only one whose eyes are opened can see the absurd madness of the religious Don Quixotes.

This minister prays only for those Muslims who will turn to Christ. For those who have rejected the Son of God, he sees no hope. Yet the prophet says that we have all turned our faces from Him. Jesus said that no man could come to Him unless the Father draws him. Therefore, there is hope for all men because God can, and will, turn them, in His time:

“The Lord does not delay concerning His promise, as some reckon slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9 EMTV).

Kate takes issue with God saying He will save all, in His time. She says to attribute the reconciliation of all things to God, as is His declared intention, robs Him of glory. We show it is exactly the opposite.

Are you stuck trying to justify a doctrine that makes God out to be an ogre? Mike is, and cannot let it go. We discuss this matter with him in a series of correspondences that addresses many typical knee-jerk arguments and objections against the sovereign power of God to save not simply a few lucky people, but all of mankind in the ages to come.

Kirk Cameron uses a traditional approach of “preaching the gospel,” which tries to scare people into the Kingdom. It does not work because it is based on lies. Paul corresponds with Kirk about how that is so, and how it will require him to lose his life to lose this controlling doctrine on which he has built a “ministry.”

How can it be that the soft-spoken, “loving and caring” Christian believes in a god who will torture, when this life ends, the majority of those creatures presumably made in his image, time without end? It can be because such a Christian is in darkness, and is worshiping another god, as this exchange demonstrates.

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The True, Scriptural Meanings of "Forever," "Everlasting," and Hell

“Christians” use the Scriptures to preach or propogate the doctrine of eternal hellfire. However, what is the Bible truly saying? Is it saying that people will burn forever in hell? Another author has compiled some Scriptures that define the meaning of “forever” and “eternal.” This sheds a whole new light on this matter, making for a very different, and glorious, picture.

Diabolical Doctrine: Never-ending Torment

According to this atrocious doctrine, a trillion years from now, the damned will continue to scream and writhe in terrible agony with no respite, the torment only beginning. In the meantime, the One Who laid down His life for them, and then put them in those circumstances, is at rest with His beloved, enjoying fellowship with them and they with Him.

That Prophet, Episode #20 - Truth, Judgment, and Reconciliation

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