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Israel and the Jew


The Key for Israel and the Jew

Jews, you have tried everything to be at peace by dialoguing with, and appeasing, the world. You have tried everything, and nothing has worked, because you lacked the simple solution. Here is the key for Israel, the Jew, and the whole world. (Also includes resulting letters.)

Israel Back in the Land, as Promised

An outstanding and irrefutable sign of God’s sovereignty and ongoing work with mankind is the resurrection of the nation of Israel. This miracle was promised by God and caps a history at which men have marveled.

Why Jews Should and Will Believe in Jesus

In this paper we examine arguments posed by a presumed Jewish religious authority for rejecting Jesus Christ as the Messiah. While we show how these arguments are in error, we also acknowledge that the rejection of Christ by the Jews has been purposed by God from the beginning to bring about a wonderful ending for all. Now is the time for Jews to hear the truth about themselves, their Messiah, and their God.

Israel, the Explanation for the Horrendous Contradictions You Suffer

Israel, your God knows and sees what you suffer. He is not remote, unfamiliar, or unaffected by what is happening with you. There is a reason for your predicament, however, a reason that holds the key to the solution for all. There is an answer from God, which you need to hear and know.

“I, even I, am He Who comforts you: who are you, that you are afraid of man who shall die, and of the son of man who shall be made as grass; and have forgotten the LORD your Maker, Who stretched forth the Heavens, and laid the foundations of the earth…?” (Isaiah 51:12-13 HNV)

Jews, Why I Am for You

What the God of Israel has done for me, and what He will do for you.

“When over long periods of human history I scrutinized the activity of the Jewish people, suddenly there arose up in me the fearful question whether inscrutable Destiny, perhaps for reasons unknown to us poor mortals, did not, with eternal and immutable resolve, desire the final victory of this little nation.” – Adolph Hitler (Mein Kampf, p.64)

Israel, brought back from the dead in 1948, is now, according to the predeterminate will of God, being raised up to live in His sight. On the other side of the globe, twelve people have been gathered in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to claim His body, the nation of Israel.

Some general and specific people and peoples are warned of God’s purpose for Israel, against which nation, whether subtle or overt, anyone comes at his or her own peril.

The Issue of Israel – Are You on Your Own Side or Not?

What is the sum and the end of the conflict between Israel and Islam? Will it be YHWH, the God of Israel, or Allah, the god of Islam, that is proven to be the One True Creator God?

The line is drawn in the sand for all those standing by and watching. Whose side are you on? Are you a supporter of Israel or not? Are you on your own side, or are you against yourself?

Gershon Baskin: “How Is Peace in Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East Possible?”

We correspond with a professional peace advocate who thinks he is the answer to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Gershon Baskin calls himself “The Negotiator” and claims to be responsible for the secret back channel between Israel and Hamas that traded kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit for over a thousand Muslim criminals and murderers held in Israeli jails. With peace like Baskin’s, who needs war?

John Hagee – Friend or Enemy of Israel and the Jews?

John Hagee preaches that Rome, and not the Jews, plotted against and crucified the Lord Jesus. While it is good and needful to oppose anti-Semitism, particularly the virulent “Christian” religious type that led to the Holocaust, there is no greater distortion of the record or graver injustice to the Jews than to tell them they are innocent of Christ’s blood. Not only is no man innocent of His blood, but the Jews as a nation are directly guilty in this regard because of what they did to their Messiah and God Who came to them in the flesh. The only avenue to reconciliation and peace is through the truth.

Fools Believe Liars Who Malign Israel

An SDA presents us with vicious slander of Israel. With honesty and mediocre intelligence, it will be obvious that the propaganda unleashed on Israel by the world at large is nothing short of wicked deception. The malignancy prevalent today is a mystery – it makes no sense, but it is very real. By God’s grace, we will stand to oppose and expose the libel of Jews in Israel for what it is – Satan’s strategy and machinations to destroy those whom God has chosen for Himself.

What True Jews Believe

Stuart Federow publishes “What Jews Believe,” which consists of a list of ten postulates that prohibit Jews from believing in Jesus Christ. Who made Stuart a spokesman for all Jews? The only One Whose Word matters here is God. What does He have to say about Stuart’s personal objections? Just what do true Jews believe?

Mr. Yacobi Meets the Messiah

This conversation with an orthodox Jew highlights the answers God has for Biblical arguments used to reject His appearing in Christ. As always with God, it is about more than doctrine; the answers are tailored to the person. That is how it can be said that Mr. Yacobi met his Messiah.

Does God Eat Kosher?: God’s Take on Kosher Food

There is what God commanded in His wisdom through Moses regarding food, and then there is what the religious have made of that, which they call “kosher.” The two are very different, and there is much more than food at stake.

An article by Yair Lapid about the seemingly inexplicable hatred of the Muslim world for Israel and the Jews is sent to us by a Jewish acquaintance. Victor relates the change the King of the Jews made in his own nature of fear and hate, pointing out that there is an Answer, delivered by God in His time. There is a great purpose being worked out, and God is not one second late at any time, no different than with the children of Israel in bondage in Egypt.

Waiting for the Messiah

Are Jews justified in rejecting their Savior because world peace has not come? What about the work of God through Christ in effecting peace within, where world peace begins? Paul shows one Jew that by rejecting his Messiah, he is rejecting the only Way of being reconciled to God and man.

God Keeps His Promises: The Jews in their Land of Israel

Jack, an ungodly man presenting himself as a minister of Christ, is confronted on his presumption and hypocrisy. Having no repentance or justification for his wicked ways, he scours our site and comes back trying to condemn us for what he calls our “very foul Zionist views.” Lacking his own substance, he presents a book written by another fraud posing as a Christian, “Dr.” Stephen E. Jones, to support and enlarge on his charge. (A common sign of a phony is that he or she must appeal to another phony for validation.) We answer his stupidities and more, showing how the enemies of God hate His faithfulness and righteous works, and will tell any lies to dismiss them.

Rachel Corrie: A Pacifist?

Aiding the cause of Islamic hatred of Israel is not pacifism, even if one does not shoot a gun. But those against whom this hatred is directed must take up arms to protect themselves. Then the “pacifist” shouts, “Murderers!” stoking the fires of hatred even higher, leading to more bloodshed. Here is the case of a naive and foolish girl who played with bulldozers and got run over.

A Judgment of 1969 Stanley Goldfoot’s Open Letter to the World from Jerusalem

The world, to a great degree over history, has persecuted and been aligned against the Jew. How should the Jew react? Here is an example of how he shouldn’t react, and why.

Refuting Pieter van der Horst’s Error in “The Origins of Christian Anti-Semitism”

Jews write a document recording Jews persecuting Jews, and now Jews call this document the origin of anti-Semitism and blame it on the Gentiles. It is called the New Testament. Pieter van der Horst, though not a Jew that we know, only serves to support this irony.

Misrepresenting the God of Israel

“Rabbi” Ken Spiro presents himself as a teacher of the Tenach (Old Testament), yet perverts it by changing the words and meaning of Its Author. He paints a politically-correct picture of God’s instructions to Israel while trying to justify himself and the nation in their present unbelief. This fear of man creates false notions of God, which are exposed and destroyed by the Light of Israel’s Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Who is the Messiah, if not God? Who is this Son of Man that fulfills the Law and the Prophets? What does it mean for those who believe and for those who don’t? What a day it is when the Messiah appears!

There is much controversy about the Star of David, where it came from, how it is used, and what it means. This paper cuts through the clutter of speculation and opinion and puts the reader on the solid ground of Truth regarding this matter, and its larger implications.

The religious world is filled with worldly wisdom concerning the things of God and of Holy Scripture. Man can be ever so clever in refuting the truth and authority of God. He does so because he is possessed by the cause of that disposition of refutation, that being the arrogance and independence of the sin nature. We reply to the cynical and contradictory questions people have proudly asked in refuting the legitimacy of Jesus Christ/Yahshuah as Messiah, Lord and Savior of the Jews and of the whole world.

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