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PART ELEVEN – The Issues of Life to Troublous Times (cont.)

Particle – Ingrid’s Dream: Sean and His Mother

In the night of March 15/16h, 2007, after Sean’s mother Audrey and third husband Vinton dropped in unannounced for a visit with Sean, Ingrid had a dream (we interpreted it to be of Audrey, Vinton, and Sean). From Ingrid’s record:

Settlers were coming from inland to a shore in wagons. There were several wagons, I do not know how many. I saw one of the wagon’s wheels from behind. The axle and the wheels were in a light color wood and the wood looked brand new. There was a gear system that was connecting the wheels and the axle or the wagon. I saw one cog not quite mesh once as the ground was uneven and a little bumpy.

I was a little worried that the wagon’s wheel would break, yet thought it was not going to be a problem because the gears were not going to be needed anymore as soon as the camp was set, which was happening now on the shore.

Two large animals came out of the bush and I thought that having to deal with such animals came with the territory when you were settling in. One animal was bovine and the other was a feline. The bovine was black, noisy and was snorting. The feline was a big and powerful animal with a square face like that of a lioness and sandy beige fur. The feline approached, the bovine vanished, and was not seen anymore.

The settlers had a campfire going and tables were set. The feline went and sat at a table with a settler (I did not see his face, I just remember him wearing a hat, having a black mustache, being stocky and his shoulders were moving as if he was chuckling).

The feline was holding 2 knives in her “hands,” while at least one more knife was lying on the table and the settler held one.  The feline was mocking the knives, saying that they were not sharp enough, that they were not working. Those knives were uncommon, special knives and were two-edged. If you did not hold and use them properly, you would hurt yourself.

Next, the feline was sitting on a chair, on the shore, looking towards the water. There was an empty chair to her left. Three knives had just been sharpened and were a ‘response’ to her saying earlier that the knives were not sharp enough. ‘You didn’t think the knives were sharp enough, try this and see if they are not sharp enough,’ was the thinking although the words were not uttered. I was given the knives by the settlers and went (somewhat cautiously as I knew the feline could not be trusted) and put them on the empty chair next to her. I was coming from behind, at an angle to the left.

As I was doing that, she turned her face more towards the shore. I noticed a piece of whitish, rough fiber fabric going from her shoulder to her lap. The fabric was then lifted and under it she had a young nursing. The young was agitated and insecure, it was hanging on to her with all the strength it had. It looked terrible, had no fur or skin and the texture of its flesh was that of a slice of an undercooked roast. It was also underdeveloped.

Particle – Revelation of a Vision of the ‘70’s

Paul found Les Wheeldon’s name on the internet and we contacted him. Thus, on March 23, 2007, I received a revelation on the vision I had of him in 1975 or 1976. What could the open trunk of a car and luggage being placed into it have to do with our point of contention or my message to him? Now, thirty years later, I know. Les is traveling all over Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.

He’s traveling! And how? In what spirit? In the very spirit I saw in the vision – in bitterness and contempt of the truth spoken to him, of the messenger (me) and therefore of the Lord Who sent me. All his works are for naught. Not a good thing, for sure, yet, how marvelous the revelation and ways of the Lord!  This is not marvelous only in the sense of the meaning, one contrary to appearance. Hearing Les on audio, I picked up his spirit and the vision told it years ago. There is a purpose in every detail of a vision or dream or word in a prophecy. Who knew?

Who says there is no God?

I also recall a conversation Les posted with an older woman (in Eastern Europe, I believe) wherein she subtly questioned whether Les had true faith. He either ignored what she was suggesting to him or it went over his head.

Particle – Rock Work on the Rocks

On March 25, 2007, Kurt McPherson came to “make amends” in preparation for their church’s keeping of the Passover, purposing to remove the “leaven” of not being right with his neighbor, which was me. He proposed to resume the rock work on our house, per our agreement. Till then, he had barely lifted a finger to do so.

We visited for 3 hours. He confessed that he gave me a good price with hopes of converting me to his church. “Oh, what traps for ourselves we devise when we first set out to proselytize!” I said let him convert me not by promises but by deeds. There he was, going off to worship God while placing his neighbor in difficult circumstances he created, not willing to do what he could to make things right.

Which is better – religious motions of worshipping God or obeying Him and doing right by one’s neighbor? The world is full of religious hypocrites offering up substitute sacrifices for obedience.

I decided to write Kurt and express my thoughts and displeasure (See Letter to Kurt McPherson). He wouldn’t like it, not that it shouldn’t or couldn’t be appreciated if one is devoted to Truth and Righteousness. At least partly from that circumstance, we wrote the paper The Feast-Keeping that is Sin. Would he have the will as well as the conscience to do what’s right? We’ll see.

Particle – Our Contentious, Christian, Cult-Crucifying Crusader

On March 29th or so, someone told us Arnold Willms tried bilking the government with phony claims on his property when the #4 Coutts highway was being changed. I was told the government found another solution, effectively foiling his plot and leaving him without the schemed gains.

Arnold was reported to be wealthy, and both he and his wife Clara to be greedy and miserly. There he was, religious, crooked and self-righteous, professing to “have a deep concern about our spiritual influence in his neighborhood,” yet his ways were worse than those of many who didn’t profess faith at all. And he had the gall to accuse and condemn us at Harvest Haven in the ears of many as an anti-Christ cult.

For many years at the head of his driveway, Arnold had a large sign (there to the time of this writing in 2007), which could be seen from the Coutts highway, saying, “Prepare to meet thy God.” Now he was perishing with prostate cancer, leaving his earthly wealth behind for others. How well had he prepared?

So when people say, “Good Christians die of cancer too,” they are referring to such as Arnold, who go to church, profess faith, put up testimony signs, and quote Scripture, not realizing their lives are wicked before God. As the proverb says:

“As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse without cause shall not come” (Proverbs 26:2 MKJV).

Particle – False Love, Mark of Cain

Just what was that mark God placed on Cain that should protect him from those who would do him harm? Keep in mind that Cain was religious and offered sacrifices, not just to false gods but to the Creator God. He and those of his seed also, out of jealousy and rage, persecute to the death those like Abel who have genuine faith and whose sacrifices are accepted of God. Does that not describe today’s religious, who do works but oppose faith? Consider then that the religious possess this mark.

What is a common element among those who think to worship God, yet oppose those who preach the Truth and come away from the systems of men? First, these opposers are in church systems, in “cities,” if you will, which Cain was first to build. But is that the mark? I don’t think so. The mark is more personal – it is the way they conduct themselves.

So what is that common element one finds with any descendant of Cain? It is his aura, his deportment, his spirit, his or her attitude toward others in a spiritual way. It includes his “Christian love.” And that is what keeps him protected. Who wants to hurt a nice, friendly, caring, godly, salt-of-the-earth guy who wouldn’t “hurt a fly”?

We know Cain’s love isn’t the true love – all one needs to do is test it. Cain can’t maintain his love forever. He will murder first, and he will murder at the first opportunity. That murder is manifest in many ways; there need be no physical bloodletting, but there is bloodletting, nonetheless.

If one walks in true faith and is accepted of God, the seed of Cain will ostracize him; Cain’s seed will stop doing business with him, will stop his ears at his speech and will speak against him to others. Cain’s seed will turn the shoulder and frown. That is how he kills in a civil, law-abiding society, but if given a chance, and laws of the land are discarded, those sweet Christians will literally stone Abel’s brothers and sisters in a heartbeat.

The Mark of Cain is that deportment of “Christian love.” By it, he overpowers and convinces others that he really is a good guy. Thus is he protected.

Those given over to false love like Cain have accepted the words, but refused the substance of the Truth, choosing to justify and protect themselves instead of worshiping the Father in spirit and truth. They are given over to delusion, believing the lie that their “goodness” is godliness.

2 Thessalonians 2:8-12 MKJV
(8)  And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the breath of His mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming,
(9)  whose coming is according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
(10)  and with all deceit of unrighteousness in those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so that they might be saved.
(11)  And for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie,
(12)  so that all those who do not believe the truth, but delight in unrighteousness, might be condemned.

But why would God want to protect Cain anyway? Isn’t he a murderer? Yes, he is, but God needs murderers to demonstrate to mankind the folly and consequence of sin, false worship and religion, and He must try the true to the end, that they might be purified by the fires of persecution. Cain has a purpose.

The mark was also for Cain’s benefit. He wasn’t being awarded life – it was part of God’s punishment that Cain had to suffer living with fear and guilty conscience in false love. God’s judgment ultimately leads to reconciliation and restoration. Cain had to serve his time.

Finally, it is written that Cain was of the evil one. Who is the evil one, if not the serpent, the subtlest of all the beasts the Lord had made and placed in Eden (Genesis 3:1; 1 John 3:12)? Would this mark God placed on Cain for his protection then be the mark of the beast?

Is not that mark of the beast the power, love, and righteousness of a man?

Aren’t these what Peter manifested to Jesus when he began to refute the Lord’s words and intention to lay down His life at Jerusalem?

“From that time Jesus began to show His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day. Then Peter took Him and began to rebuke Him, saying, God be gracious to You, Lord! This shall never be to You” (Matthew 16:21-22 MKJV).

And the Lord said to Peter: “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling-block unto Me because you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men” (Matthew 16:23 EMTV)?

And what is the number of the beast?

“Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of man–his number is 666” (Revelation 13:18 EMTV).

Particle – The Manifest, Outrageous Power of the Medical Establishment

Bernadette, a hair stylist from Coaldale, would come to our farm and give everyone haircuts. One day she found out she had breast cancer. She was also afraid because her mother had had it. We tried to persuade her to first try alternative healthcare that was safe and effective with many people, things that would help her body prevent and overcome cancer. All too often we had seen the terrible consequences of the slash, poison, and burn approach of the butchers of the conventional medical establishment.

Bernadette decided to have her breasts removed instead. We shook our heads with incredulity. As if that were not enough, she began to see us as strange and deluded people, perhaps even dangerous – a “cult,” maybe? Who would be so foolish as to question the Official Church and Priests of Medicine with its almighty gods, and presume to talk about the True God and good life outside the official church systems?

Such is the naiveté and gross ignorance of so many people. Bernadette was only one of the many who believe lies and die and suspect us of evil for speaking the truth for their benefit. It’s truly amazing, but that’s the way it is. The medical establishment kills with radiation, toxic chemicals, chemotherapy and the knife, yet is revered by the citizens of the world as the Kingdom of Heaven and its practitioners as infallible counselors, healers, and high priests. That is the “mystery of iniquity.”

Particle – A Son for a Son

Today, on April 1, 2007, Lois spoke to Hazel Chute, who lives in Dauphin, Manitoba where some of my past family still lives. Aunt Hazel reports that Ron Hrehirchuk Junior’s plug was pulled last Thursday; they couldn’t do anything for him. He reportedly encountered a fungus on a camping outing at the Lake of the Woods, which mysteriously attacked his brain, and put him in a coma, so I was told. Ron left behind a wife and two children.

A few years ago, his mother, my sister Barbara wrote me off, saying, “I have no brother; he does not exist.” What happened when she did that? She denied God’s Firstborn Son in me and now she has lost her firstborn son. Now her son no longer exists in her world.

Who Says There Is No God?

Curiously, April 1 is my earthly birthdate. My father was buried on that day in 1985 and it could be that Ron also was buried on that day. That is sad to me, especially because I had wanted to get to know Ron as a child back in the sixties and thereafter; he seemed somehow special to me. But it never happened. That is sad.

Particle – A Castaway Calls to Come

On Monday, April 2, 2007, Jason Benson’s wife Mary called asking to come to stay with us. At the time, she was staying at a women’s shelter in Penticton, BC because Jason had left her; we supposed she was destitute.

Mary said she met a 50-year old native woman at the shelter from Prince George BC, who was running from her 300-lb., violent husband who happened to know about Jason’s crime and punishment because he was a parole officer or privy to other officers working with Jason. The woman had been in the hospital for colon damage surgery, allegedly caused by her husband’s beatings.

Mary’s chance acquaintance was also aware of Harvest Haven, thought we were “good people” and suggested Mary come to us. Mary marveled at that, thinking the lady was pulling her leg, but then believed her and called us.

Who says there is no God?

The lady also wanted to come but I wasn’t free to receive her as well.

I told Mary she could come, with conditions. She said she might come in a week in her pickup, with all her belongings. I gave her the following verses to read and contemplate:

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9 MKJV)

“Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you. For each one who asks receives; and he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, it shall be opened. Or what man is there of you, if his son asks a loaf, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks a fish, will he give him a snake?” (Matthew 7:7-10 MKJV)

“Let not mercy and truth forsake you; tie them around your neck; write them upon the tablet of your heart, and you shall find favor and good understanding in the sight of God and man. Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:3-5 MKJV).

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him” (Luke 11:13 MKJV).

Mary bought a King James Bible and said she had common interests with us in organics, nutrition, and spiritual matters. She told us she had health challenges, handicaps, ADHD, dyslexia, confusion and was overweight. All agreed to help her. We said, “Come.”

Particle – My Son, a Ninja

I used to think Ninja warriors were either mythical or extinct. They are neither. Just days ago, a neighbor’s friend, Andrew, saw a shop in Lethbridge advertising a Ninjutsu training school called a “dojo.” Jonathan had been looking for martial arts training but wasn’t pleased with any centers he had visited. This one caught his attention.

He and I went and met Tom Hovan at 325 – 5th St. S. in Lethbridge. We also met Jim Kambeitz, a Lethbridge City Police officer who instructed there and had attained his fourth or fifth-degree black belt under Jorge Sosa, Sr. Jorge once trained the Guatemalan army back in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. Another instructor, Wayne Sommerville, about 55, a computer tech, was working for his black belt. I appreciated both instructors, Jim and Wayne. After looking into other martial art forms, Jonathan was quite interested in Ninjutsu, a system combining many forms, perhaps 15 or so.

It seemed somewhat strange that I should permit Jonathan to do this but I not only felt free to do so, I felt I must do it. He had been interested in those things since he was three, although his interest was not my deciding factor. I just had to go with it.

Jonathan was on his way to a passion, injuries, discipline, enjoyment and only God knew what else. Why was my son to be a Ninja? I wasn’t told.

On April 9th, 2007, Jonathan began his Ninjutsu training under Wayne, who seemed somewhat competent.

It’s interesting how Andrew, the fellow who first told Jonathan about this martial arts center, and Wayne Sommerville, Jonathan’s instructor, would soon play peculiar parts in Jonathan’s involvement in the sport. Neither would be pleasant.

Particle – Mary Balks

On April 7th, Mary called to say she was offered and would accept free drug therapy and counseling from her doctor, who had diagnosed her with “Post-Traumatic Stress.” She said she would come when it was over in 3 months to a year. I advised her not to pursue that option. “Even if covered by Medicare, why would you let someone poison your body?” I asked her. I told her they would only mess her up.

I told her that when God calls someone, Satan is always there with obstacles, temptations, delays — anything to dissuade one from the call. She needed to obey, without delay or compromise. I told her she didn’t need any of the treatment they offered, that with a better lifestyle, some healthy work, changed attitude, and good counsel from others who were here to help, she would recover nicely.

Particle – Sean Stands Up

On April 12th, 2007, I had a talk with Lois, Ingrid, and Mark. They found Sean speaking as though he was the one in authority. Ingrid had a vision that morning, seeing Sean presuming to be Mark’s superior. I told them they were to not permit even the slightest presumption. Furthermore, while I wasn’t afraid, I wouldn’t tolerate any inordinate relationship between Marilyn and Sean. I had continued to see her sucked in and gravitating toward him. His influence was evil, but couldn’t be discerned by anyone who didn’t have a clear eye.

Particle – Ingrid’s Vision: Sean’s Presumption

Ingrid’s record:

I had this vision on April 12th, 2007, at 6:15 A. M. Sean was at the dining table, sitting where Mark usually sits, wearing his work clothes and his red toque [beanie].  Mark was sitting where Sean usually sits. Trevor was sitting at his usual place.  I was sitting next to Trevor while Mariko was at her usual place. Sean was asking Trevor questions about brooding and raising chickens.  Trevor was explaining it to him.

The interpretation of the vision: Sean sees himself in authority, even when he is in a position of being taught something. You’ll teach him only if he gives you permission to teach him, perhaps as an underling advisor.

Particle – Proverbs

In the middle of the night of April 15-16 of 2007, it was given me to write proverbs. Like a tap of water turned on they came, one after the other, 78 in all. Then, as fast as they began they ended like a tap turned off. There was no premeditation or expectation, and when the end came, there was nothing I could do to continue. They were just there, or not there.

Particle – A Call of Regret

Miyuki Sasaki called from Japan, crying and saying that my letter in 1995 was God’s will for her and that she had rejected it all. She could not communicate to me very well in English so I asked her to write Mark and Mariko and they would translate. She said she would.

Particle – VivaTru, Neither Alive nor True

Today, on April 19th, 2007, we found out that VivaTru ceased operations March 23rd, 2007, the day after “Bridge Day” at the University of Lethbridge. At “Bridge Day” on the 22nd, I had met an elderly couple promoting VivaTru. I asked them if they knew Sue Gathercole, the VivaTru distributor who sponsored us and asked them to pass on a greeting to her. They were friendly with me.

The next day, March 23rd, Marilyn went over to the couple’s booth to introduce herself and Harvest Haven, and they were cool toward her. It is possible they spoke to Sue after I talked to them and decided on another perspective toward us. Sue could have told them I was a naysayer, having prophesied that VivaTru wouldn’t make it. More likely, they had received the fresh news their business was suddenly defunct and weren’t in a very good mood.

However, an interesting coincidence! The day Marilyn visited this couple, VivaTru went down. It was nearly 2 years earlier that I told Sue VivaTru wouldn’t make it; we hadn’t been dealing with any VivaTru people since. What are the chances of such timing?

What is a coincidence? Two or more incidents meeting simultaneously in at least 4 dimensions! God was coordinating the prophecy with its fulfillment for our sakes, demonstrating His Sovereignty.

Who says there is no God?

One may argue, “What’s the big deal? Everybody’s had some sort of coincidental experience like that.” To which I answer, “So, God is Sovereign over all! Some recognize He’s in control while most don’t.”

The distributors had boasted about how VivaTru was headed up by an ordained minister, Rick Cotton. I was thankful to be vindicated with Sue, Marj Fisher and others with the warning spoken at the Gathercole home on June 26th of 2005. VivaTru was not true to its name; it brought neither life nor truth.

Particle – Door to Door

On the Sabbath, April 21, 2007, while Mark and I stayed at the Airport Best Western in Calgary on our way to Taos, New Mexico for the Grander conference, I suggested we visit some people in the neighborhood with cards and writings.

At first, as though we were being tried, people were closed, but as we prayed, people began to open their doors. Among others, we talked to a Catholic, a Muslim from Egypt, and Nadia, a Muslim convert of 8 years to evangelical Christianity, who lived next door to the Egyptian Muslim. She was quite receptive, invited us in and told us a tiny bit of her life. She said she lost her family when she left Islam but was thankful and joyous. I was thankful to be able to encourage her.

We spoke to several other people, two of those being desk clerks at the motel. Out of about 10 conversations in the neighborhood, 2 were Muslims and one a convert from Islam. I was surprised at the high ratio of Muslims.

Did the Lord tell us to go door-to-door? No, but we went and learned something, if only that Muslims were a significant segment of the Calgary populace. I later learned we were in a part of Calgary where Muslims were concentrated. Mark and I both spoke and it was good.

Yet, I always had the feeling Mark was a reluctant participant, doing such things not because he ever had a heart for it but because he felt obligated. There was never any peace or satisfaction in me that Mark was with me in anything at any time. The time would come in a marvelous way when there was no doubt left in my mind.

Particle – The Taos Grander Conference

At the conference, we met Jerry Letal, a retired school principal, now the new office manager with Water Revitalization Limited. We saw Carol Stewart, now widowed, and met her niece Laura. We met Daren McLean and Tamela, his wife of six months. We met Jamie Ray, Carol’s daughter, who they said would be taking over the business operations to replace her late father. We met Georg Huber, Kathie, and Franz from Austria. Franz was their new marketing manager who had ideas of how to set up the distributorships in North America.

We met an interesting woman, Rebecca Hart-Malter, a Grander distributor, and her friend, Jim Drummond from Brooklyn, NY; Grander distributors Emil and Dolores Rosno from Wisconsin, whom we had met in Austria; Zbigniew “Peter” Ostas from Toronto; Ken Tinsley of Taos; Jim Sanborn; Christian and Elena Nys of Phoenix; Linda Burnham, ND; Jules (catalogue atheist); Eleanor Butler, a Jehovah’s Witness we had met in Austria, and a few others.

WRL chose Taos for their conference because the city had Grander installed in the Taos Youth and Family Center swimming pool. It was the first Granderized public pool in North America. It was a successful application, well worth the investment in more ways than one. The cost of chlorination had been greatly reduced (halved, I believe), people weren’t coming out of the pool red-eyed or irritated in the nose and skin, the water felt much better, and the steel framework was no longer corroding in the large building. Added to the benefits: no upkeep, nothing to replace and no diminishment of the equipment’s effectiveness.

Particle – The Grander Sanomag

We now sell the Sanomag at Harvest Haven. I first heard of the Grander Sanomag’s power at the Grander Taos conference. Grander Europe Chief Executive Georg Huber introduced it to me and told me of a castle in Europe that was a difficult piece of real estate to sell and stay sold. Buyer after buyer found it mysteriously uncomfortable until someone installed a Sanomag unit.

The owner of the castle was relieved and satisfied the castle was now a habitable dwelling. One of the problems was that they had a tough time with flies. “Soon after adding the Sanomag, no more flies!” Georg concluded in his German accent.

I thought that if Grander wanted to sell me something, they could and should come up with a better selling pitch than that. However, Georg did insist the energy of a building is changed for the better, just as Grander water units improve water, and air units improve the air. I wasn’t sold at the time but later decided to buy a few Sanomags to test and sell.

One of those I would install in our cathedral-ceilinged log home. Nearly every year for the past 19 years, we had many flies congregating on the windows at the peak and elsewhere in the home. As well, every summer we had a proliferation of moths in our windows, especially the upper ones in the peak of the cathedral-ceilinged room and in the car garage. There were close to two hundred or more moths every night for what seemed a few weeks every year. I was constantly vacuuming moths, washing windows and wiping walls, lamps, and furniture of moth stains.

We installed the Sanomag unit and the cable on the perimeter in our basement to include our entire home in the unit’s energy field. Being the insensitive kind of person, as usual, I really didn’t notice any differences of the kind Georg mentioned or that others more sensitive to subtle energies have reported. However, only a few months ago from the writing of this testimony (February 2012), I realized we had only about a tenth or less of flies and moths we once had in the house every year for many years.

I hadn’t really considered the fly and moth problems unusual or terrible, seeing we lived in a log home. I assumed log homes may have places for insects to hide, hibernate, lay eggs, and reproduce, so I hadn’t thought of installing the Sanomag for that purpose.

Was there a connection between the Sanomag and the fly and moth depopulation? I know of no other change in our home that would bring such results. But things come in cycles, I thought, and there are some years we have many flies and some with few; the same goes for mosquitoes, rabbits, coyotes, rain, snow, wind, heat, and cold…so I thought maybe it was a cyclical thing.

But then a confirmation: The Sanomag cable wasn’t set up to include the garage with the house because I only installed it to include the basement, which didn’t extend below the garage. The moths and flies continued in the garage, though even there, I would say there was a reduction of the moths by perhaps half.

Georg Huber had told me something I proved for myself. Should every home or office have a Sanomag? Would everyone benefit by one? Likely, but I don’t know. However, the Sanomag isn’t only for improving the home environment. I’m told Johann Grander first developed it to heal his arthritis. We have yet to explore the potential of this marvelous invention.

Editor’s Note, August 2016: Further confirmation: For the past several years, we’ve had next to nothing for flies and moths in our home and garage. We’re blessed with a pleasant, comfortable, trouble-free home. There is something very unique and special in the energy of the Sanomag, as with Grander’s water revitalization products.

Particle – The Lord Sends Me a Healer

Ever since doing some deep knee bends months ago, my right knee was swollen and the swelling would not go away. I asked the Lord for healing this curious malady.

Because Grander distributor Rebecca Hart-Malter was in the alternative healthcare field, I told her about it. She examined it and told me I was deficient in copper, which was resulting in arterial collapse and lack of drainage. She said that unless I remedied the situation, I would have a risk of heart problems. She suggested I take some other minerals as well. I ordered those when I returned home, the inflammation disappeared, and my knee was restored to normal. The Lord sent her to me.

Who says there is no God?

Particle – Old Blinking Light

Grander held our evening supper get-together at the Old Blinking Light in Taos. While at supper, we talked with Bill Hudson, a lawyer, and Harriet, his “partner,” who told us about Bill leaving his wife and three kids in Florida to move to Taos. He claimed it was God’s will for him to have a new life, with everything “falling perfectly into place.”

When we asked Bill and Harriet what their relationship was, Harriet jokingly said, “We are living in sin,” then, “Just kidding; I don’t believe in sin.” Harriet was living with him and said they were “totally committed to each other.” I asked her if she would die for him, seeing they were so committed. With little hesitation, she said she “would not die for him or her former husband, only her kids.”

Question: How “totally committed” had they been to their former spouses?

There was no doubt in our minds that they were living in adultery. Paul said that “everything fell perfectly into place,” as Bill put it because God gave him rope aplenty to hang himself. We spoke at length directly with Bill and Harriet about spiritual matters, and Mark told everyone within hearing distance at the table what the Lord had done for him.

Georg Huber listened to some of the conversation. Laura, Carol’s niece, a Two by Two, who seemed to not want to be perceived as listening, was attentive also. There was plenty spoken and heard.

Particle – Dream – A Combination Cruise and Battleship

In the night of April 23/24 of 2007, I dreamt this dream:

Paul, Jonathan, and I were on what seemed to be a combination cruise (pleasure) and a warship with a flat, steel deck. There were men, women, and children aboard. The ship represented the USA.

Paul and I had secretly planted a bomb near the rear of the ship, in a hole in the floor with about a flat, one-foot square, steel cover over the hole. The bomb could be triggered at any time by someone walking over it. This area near the back of the ship was under a metal canopy that was arched, perhaps 12 feet high in the center and about 16 feet wide, side-to-side, and about the same in length.

Israel had appointed Paul and me (perhaps a third party) to plant this bomb. It could go off at any time and if it did, it would blow up the rear of the ship. Though I thought that eventually, the entire ship would go down, in my mind it was advisable to be at the forward part when the bomb went off, as it might afford the opportunity to survive.

I thought the bomb would destroy about a third of the ship. Both sexes and all ages, military or civilian, “guilty” and “innocent,” would stand to die. I was a bit concerned about civilians, particularly the women and children, but knew there was no other way – they were all one.

Investigators knew there was a bomb planted and suspected we had done it. A man was presenting me with a trick question to get me to give myself away. I don’t recall the question but it was something like, “They got you to plant this bomb, didn’t they?” And they would expect me to answer something like, “Why would I do that for the Israelis?” They would reply, “Who said anything about the Israelis?”

By sly questioning, they hoped to expose me. But in the dream, I knew there would be a trick question, how it would come, was prepared for it, and would thus avoid incrimination. I was hoping, however, that Jonathan (and also perhaps Paul) would not give us away because Jonathan knew about the bomb, too.

At the same time was another scene adjacent to the canopy, on the left side of the ship. There was a rectangular water pool about 8 feet wide, 12 feet long and about 4 feet deep. Surrounding the pool were what appeared to be Israeli military scientists, some in swim trunks, conducting a test on two men who were laying on the bottom of the pool in water about 3 feet deep.

The submerged men were in swim trunks, face up, bodies straight, arms by their sides, and apparently unconscious. One of the personnel took what looked like a chemical sprayer with a tank, hose, wand, and nozzle. Under command, he sprayed the surface of the pool over the area of the submerged men with a chemical. This colorless, watery substance was to protect the subjects of the experiment from an injection that another of the personnel in charge gave them under the water with a sizeable hypodermic needle immediately after the spraying.

The moment the “guinea pigs” were given the injection, those in charge knew that the chemical didn’t work, that the test subjects were as good as dead, and that the one having sprayed the substance was guilty of deliberate sabotage. Immediately, they knew who was guilty and grabbed him.

There would be no need of investigation to ascertain or prove his guilt (it was somehow automatically known by previous deduction, as though they were purposely conducting the experiment to expose the guilty party in the first place), and there would be no need for a trial.

One might assume the two men might be Paul and me but that didn’t seem to be the case. A primary message of this incident seemed to be that guilt was immediately, accurately determined and justice was swiftly meted out. It was curious, however, that Israelis conducted this experiment on the very ship (the US) where the bomb was planted, and right next to the bomb location. One would assume the bomb wouldn’t hurt the Israelis. I also knew we wouldn’t be hurt, though US authorities would try to determine guilt, what was going on, and if possible, prevent what seemed the inevitable.

I don’t know if this dream was from God. There seem to be details and aspects that make one wonder if there is not symbolism of realities here.

The dream came on the heels of our talk at the Old Blinking Light with Bill Hudson and Harriet, his partner in adultery. I gathered we were speaking truth to them that would come against America in principle, a nation given over to all manner of selfish pleasure, lawlessness, and violence.

Who is Israel? Is it not the nation of God, the spiritual rulers, the saints and prophets chosen of God to bear testimony to the truth and to bring judgment, not by carnal weapons, as the apostle declares (2 Corinthians 10:4), but by the Sword of Truth, the Word of God?

Particle – Trevor’s Dreams – Of God or Not?

Trevor wrote to me:

A few nights ago, I had a dream or dreams. They were clear but at the time I did not understand them. In talking with everyone this morning at breakfast about your trip to New Mexico I mentioned them at the table and Mark thought that there was something to them.

In the first dream, I was in a room, almost like a small class sitting at a table. There was a fellow standing up speaking at the front of the room. He was about my age, clean cut, and had short dark hair. He was kind of a fast talker and saying something about a website he had and saying that he could change our thinking as easy as clicking a mouse.

As he said this, he walked over to me and poked me on the shoulder as if to demonstrate his point. I said to him that when things were done, he would be seeing things our way and there was nothing that he could do about it. I don’t know who the man was but something about him reminded me of Pascal Gregoire [Ingrid’s late husband].

In the second dream, I was talking to a man who had a stand where he was selling bread. The bread was in long loaves with lots of large raisins and packaged in long plastic bags.  I don’t remember what we were talking about.

Later, I was back at the man’s stand but this time, Victor was with me.  The man was compelled to give Victor all his bread.  There were maybe 2 or 3 dozen loaves that he was handing to Victor to the point that Victor could not hold anymore.

I think that there is something to Victor’s dream about planting the bomb, and it does remind me of the types of dreams I have had in that they are both figurative and literal in their meaning and fulfillment. END

Editor’s Note, April 2, 2016: Who was the man in the second dream? I believe I know but will not divulge the secret until the time.

Particle – Earth Ship, New Mexico

Paul, Mark and I visited Earth Ship near Taos, a model sustainable, self-sufficient experimental residential dwelling. There were dozens of self-sufficient homes in the vicinity, making up a community. The whole area was desolate.

My impression of Earth Ship was that it was cold, lifeless, a dead-end operation spiritually. We met Sir Charles Shults III, a genius inventor who had done much with NASA and US Defense.

Hearing someone there addressing him as “Sir,” I asked him how he felt about it and how he preferred to be addressed. He replied he didn’t mind either way. I gave him a Path of Truth card, but I didn’t have the impression he was at all interested in spiritual matters.

There was also Russell, a former black schoolteacher who resigned because of an inability to cope with unruly students, a bane of teachers in North America. He gave us a tour of the facility.

America is rotting but still proud. Disease, ignorance, irresponsibility, stupidity, ineptitude, selfishness, sloth, lethargy, carelessness, sloppiness, inefficiency, obesity, eastern religion, superstition, false religion, greed, silliness, artificiality, superficiality, foolishness, contradiction, lawlessness, entitlement, and love of pleasures and entertainment – all these abound in and consume America.

Particle – Empty Half of the Glass Always on Top 

How is it that I pay more attention to losses than to gains? Give me a million dollars, let me lose a hundred, and immediately my focus is on the hundred. When we returned from New Mexico, we encountered some problems with the sheep, as has often been the case. This time, we lost a lamb and had problems with another two, as well as a ewe.

On the other hand, Mark and Trevor had gone to the Picture Butte auction and bought much stuff very inexpensively, which we could use, and had we bought these items at stores, we would have paid many times more for them. But still, I thought of the losses more than the gains. Why? What else could it be other than covetousness?

Particle – Mary Arrives

On May 3rd, 2007, Mary Benson called at 6:45 AM to say she was on her way from Oliver, BC. She arrived around 7 PM. Trevor informed us that this was the date of the 10th anniversary of Howard’s funeral. So? He was caught up wasting time with date calculations and seldom getting necessary work done.

The next day, as Mary and I drove to the farm in her truck, the wind lifted her suitcase from the back and dropped it on the highway. A car ran over it and destroyed both it and much of the contents. Her reaction was curious; she exclaimed, “Oh, I hate this place! I hate this place!”

I managed to console her, knowing that her possessions weren’t valuable. I advised her that they could easily be replaced. We turned around and went to salvage what was left. There was already another couple who stopped to gather her belongings, presumably for themselves.

Mary told me she suffered from ADHD and was quite distraught about Jason’s dumping her. I broke the news to her that he likely had used her from the start; she needed to get over him and get on with learning how to live.

Mary made it to Lethbridge, but would she make it any further within?

Particle – Come Two Mormon Boys

Brian and John, two young LDS members from Nevada and Utah stationed in Fort MacLeod, came to our door. I shared many things with them. Halfway through the nearly one-hour visit, the more experienced of the two lost his patronizing smile and became somewhat sober. They heard many things, some I recall being:

One, that Jesus Christ created everything. They agreed and even declared so. I said, “If He created everything, how could He and Satan be brothers (Mormon doctrine teaches that they are brothers)? Do brothers create brothers or do they come from the same parent?” They didn’t answer.

Two, I told them those free in the Truth aren’t afraid to read literature that doesn’t agree with their beliefs. Insecurity declares a lack of truth and prevents openness. As an example of freedom in truth, I called Jonathan to listen in. I told them lies don’t threaten us, seeing we know the Truth.

Three, I pointed out to them their appearances in dress and manner were orchestrated. One does not find this with the Lord and His disciples.

Four, I told them the Lord had taken me out of all organized religion.

Five, I told them Joseph Smith was a charlatan, an opportunist, and that Brigham Young was a bloody man (see and/or read One Nation Under Gods by Richard Abanes).

Six, I told them they couldn’t free themselves of Mormonism because they were Mormons by nature, as with Catholics and others. I know I was a Catholic by nature and needed supernatural deliverance from its overpowering grip.

Seven, I said that while they called themselves “elders,” it meant nothing to me; they were not my elders. I asked them for their first names, which they somewhat reluctantly and uncustomarily surrendered to me.

Eight, I told them I knew these things by the Lord and that He had spoken to them this day.

I gave them each a card and tried to get them to commit to reading the site. John said he would but the senior “elder,” while trying to be truthful, was clearly not intending to do so, yet reluctant to admit it. They admitted that while they were on mission, they were not permitted to read anything on the web but their own emails, but John promised that when he returned home, he would look at the site. I told them it was like no other, hoping suspense and curiosity might prevail.

Particle – Jonathan’s Feedback on Mormon Visit

Jonathan thought I was rude with the LDS boys; he thought I should be saying, “I believe…” rather than, “This is the way it is….” I told him Jesus did not say, “In My opinion…” or “I believe…” and neither did His disciples. Marilyn thought I was fine with them while direct.

“So do you know about Joseph Smith for sure or is it only what you’ve red? How can you say anything about him for sure? You’ve never met him,” Jonathan replied.

“I know his doctrines and practices as the Mormons relate them to me. I know the Book of Mormon, which Smith wrote. It is all false. I know these things by the Scriptures and by the Lord. Remember, I gave you the Scriptures in 1 Corinthians 2, explaining these things. We don’t need to personally meet anyone to ‘know’ them.” Jonathan didn’t have anything to say.

Particle – Proverbs Continue

I’ve been receiving many proverbs and finding words to express them. Paul and Sara have helped me to formulate them.

Particle – The Secret

The Secret was storming the world. It was the same age-old Sole Savior-denying philosophy and misleading knowledge, saying, “You can lift yourself up by your own bootstraps if you believe and do it right.” Multitudes, with money in hand, flock to these teachings, because they seek only gain, and don’t have the heart for the truth, which is free and which would make them completely free if they believed.

Pursuing the false, they soon become disappointed, disillusioned, disenfranchised, dismayed, dispirited, disenchanted, disaffected, and disgruntled. Some walk away wealthy by selling the idea. The process repeats itself time and again with nobody bettered, not even the slick, though sincere, salespeople.

And when people don’t acquire what they were promised, it is deemed to be their own fault because they just didn’t try, persist, or believe enough. The fault is never with the one getting paid for instructing on “the Secret.” And who’s going to prove anything? The matter is entirely subjective to the naïve and ignorant.

Particle – “Let Him Draw His Own Bath”

Mark had built a Japanese cedar bathtub. Sometimes when we went to the farm, I liked to avail myself of it, because unlike the conventional western tubs, one can sit and fully soak in this one. While I worked on the computer, I asked Lois or Mariko to prepare it for me, seeing they knew where the additives were like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, essential oils, minerals and the utensils to apply them.

Mariko responded to my request, but later, Mary said, “Let him draw his own bath!” I didn’t hear the remark; it was made after we left.

I thought, “Is this an indication of things to come with Mary? What do we have on our hands here? We receive her into our home as a vagabond from a distant women’s shelter because she has nowhere to go and now she asserts herself in this manner? Shall we apply her thinking to her and ask her to get her own dinner and make her own bed, even get her own home?”

She was also complaining about her family, and Paul said, “You have no right to complain about them. You are your family, and the very fact that you complain about them says you’re still part of them.”

Particle – Jonathan Faults Me

Jonathan complained of our relationship, that I was telling people what to do and not leading by example instead. He was tired, weepy (as always when tired), and unjustified in his complaints, which I proved to him without difficulty.

I confessed to him that we have allowed him to have his way all these years and now I must commit to teaching him proper conduct, respect for authority, manners, and right thinking. If it’s true that we’ve failed to inculcate necessary values into his life, it’s a bit late now.

Recently, I’ve been telling him he’s not a believer. Believing certain doctrine doesn’t make a believer, no matter how right that doctrine may be. I said that becoming a believer involves a new birth, a new nature. I told him that the fact he didn’t believe me and receive my authority as a spiritual elder and father was because he didn’t believe. I shared several appropriate Scriptures with him that served to confirm the truth of what I was saying.

He and Marilyn were both upset with me. Hers was not the mindset and heart of a pious, believing mother; Marilyn was protective of the flesh, having the love of this world, which had done its terrible work on Jonathan and will prevail until The Time.

Such is the power of this love of the flesh many mistakenly call “Christian love.” It is carnal; it is counterfeit; it is anti-Christ. But the love of the Kingdom is secret, at least not readily recognized and appreciated by the world unless otherwise granted from above.

Particle – Who Are We or What Do We Do?

A week or two ago, Wayne Sommerville at Ninjutsu asked me what I did for a living. I told him I did some writing mainly, not that I did it for a living, and that we had Harvest Haven Market Farm. It was the same old type of situation, making me wonder what I should say.

In ourselves, we servants of the Lord are nothing. We can tell people a little of what we do but even that is nothing compared to what we really do and who we are.

When Walter Schoen and his wife Anna came to pick up their son Stephen, who was visiting Jonathan in our home, he had this question: “You seem quite laid back, easy going. What do you do?” I reacted with a bit of self-focus, saying, “People usually tell me the very opposite – that I’m quite intense.” His question was quite strange but it seemed to be perhaps the product of a Private Investigator, which he is. He has been with the RCMP for years but then went on his own. He was planning to go back, saying they wanted him.

His and Wayne’s question brought me right back to the same old quandary, which I haven’t thought much about for years now.

I used to tell people I was retired, which I am and have been, but that isn’t definitive or substantial. Now I’m contemplating plainly telling them, simply, “I am a man of God.” Would I be casting pearls, asking for trouble, causing unnecessary unrest? Would I cripple conversation and freedom of expression for others? Likely. Would it matter? Not likely; however, I feel like I would be promoting myself – something I’m not the least interested in doing.

I think I have another and a rather shameful reason to admit why I wouldn’t want to tell anyone who I am, and that’s because I would like to be viewed as an ordinary person, able to joke around a bit — in short, be natural. Perhaps it might mean that I hesitate to be fully identified with God all the time, or suffer the reproach and possible consequences that come with it?

I said to Paul: “In your case, Paul, it seems that you naturally do what you do and are what you are. You talk to anyone as things come up, not having to say, ‘I am this’ or ‘I do that.’ Do people ask you what you do for a living? If so, do you tell them you’re a distributor of health products, or what? I realize that no two responses can or need be alike. I know we must be, not just say, what we are, but I wonder if now is the time to say what I truly am, in boldness, without apology, pride, hesitation or awkwardness. If we’re to do it, let those who ask what we do be the awkward ones.

“Would my frank declaration bring things on others that are unfair to them, like Marilyn and Jonathan? Would Jonathan suffer reproach at Ninjutsu with his instructors? That should not be a concern to me, right?”

Today, on May 16th, 2007, Paul and I decided to tell all those who ask what we do for a living, that we are men of God.

Paul writes:

I believe it’s time to say it like it is. More and more, people have been asking me what I do, and I’m tired of dancing around in my answer, too, which is mostly what I feel I’ve been doing. I’ve talked about our calling in the Lord, the letters, and writings, but overall, I feel like there has been a lot of fumbling, with very little forthright declaration. It’s been on my mind lately and your letter is timely, bringing the matter to the fore.

I also believe it will free up, rather than stifle, conversation when we answer directly with conviction. The other has not led to anything good; it just seems to fall flat. I know I can say that. But saying it as it is will be good for everyone – the hearers, Marilyn, Jonathan, our enemies – everyone.


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