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PART ELEVEN – The Issues of Life to Troublous Times (cont.)

Particle – Rock Work on a Rock or Rocky Foundation?

Kurt MacPherson called the farm asking for some product. When he discovered we kept the Sabbath, he became interested because he belonged to a small splinter group of the defunct Worldwide Church of God.

I was contemplating doing some artificial rockwork at the base of the house. As the house was a log home, I thought that rockwork would complement its appearance. When Kurt heard this, he offered to do the work with real rock, being he was a rock mason. He gave me a price I thought was fair, so I agreed.

At Kurt’s direction, I committed myself to buying supplies, removing the pargeting from the house and having steel support beams installed on the foundation. Kurt began the work. He and his wife Beverly came on a few Sundays. He had a full-time job and could only come on that day, so the work progressed slowly.

As we got to know Kurt better, I started to hear things I wasn’t pleased to hear. While he came across as an “Aw shucks, country boy” type, I was beginning to feel he was a shrewd dealer with an agenda, though I didn’t know what it was. I discovered he wasn’t an honest, faithful man.

For example, Kurt told me that as a member of his church, he saw it as his duty to God to attend an annual week-long Feast of Tabernacles out of town. However, he assumed that his boss wouldn’t let him go if he asked, so he decided to go without notice.

Kurt thought this was perfectly acceptable because he was serving God by keeping the feast. I thought, “How can I trust that he’ll complete this rockwork if he’s so untrustworthy?”

By August 9th, I knew I needed to speak to him about true worship of God. He saw himself as morally above reproach and one who would be teaching me a thing or two. From there, the conflict grew. I thought, “If I offend him, I’ll never get this work done. On the other hand, if I don’t speak, I’ll be denying the Lord.” That would make me no better than him, one who thought he was serving God but instead served his own interests. Furthermore, I decided it wouldn’t be honest or fair to him if I didn’t speak up, so I spoke, which eventually led to conflict.

Particle – Dream – Paul and Sara Contort

In the night of August 8/9, 2005, I had a strange and unpleasant dream. Paul and Sara were together, performing a grotesque dance/pilates/martial arts action, in which Paul was full of vigorous contortions and countenance changes. There seemed to be a certain sexual element as well, at least in thought and spirit.

Particle – The Path of Truth

We left Telusplanet for another server and on August 10th, 2005, Sara announced that we renamed our site The Path of Truth, our new address being

Particle – Fence-sitters Speak

One person that stood out to me in word and deed as a fence-sitter was my aunt, Hazel Chute, my mother’s cousin. Lois phoned her on August 20th. In this conversation, Aunt Hazel said, “Tell Victor and Paul to keep it up. The churches are full of corruption and they (Paul and Victor) are telling it like it is.”

It was good to hear those words but whenever we confronted Aunt Hazel on the fact that she was part of the corruption and needed to “come out from among them and be separate,” as the Lord required of all that would be His sons and daughters, she balked.

Hazel was a boisterous woman, one who was always talkative and aggressive in speech, especially when it came to preaching moral values and true religion. Yet, when it came to act on those values or virtues, she would draw back; there wasn’t the manifest fruit to back up the talk. That’s been my experience with her on more than one occasion.

Particle – Evolution Evolved to be Evicted

We have seldom sat down and written on topics in an organized, premeditated fashion. Our writings, by and large, have been spontaneous works growing out of actual events and relating to people with whom we have had to do on a personal basis.

On August 19th, Trevor saw an article in the Lethbridge Herald submitted by Richard Brown, an evolutionist, and schoolteacher in Pincher Creek, AB. Trevor believed we needed to address him and his nonsense; we agreed and responded. This led to much controversy and debate in the Herald, the record of which is posted on our site.

Particle – The Destruction of New Orleans

Here is what Jayati Ghosh of International Development Economic Associates had to say in part about this catastrophe in New Orleans, which is all I care to relate here:

Hurricane Katrina, which hit the US port city of New Orleans and surrounding areas in the last week of August, was a major natural disaster, which would have qualified as an emergency in most countries. But what has been even more devastating is the abysmal lack of preparedness and appalling state of disaster relief in the richest country in the world, the imperial superpower.

Not just days, but now nearly two weeks after the hurricane struck, tens of thousands of people in distress have still not been evacuated. For around a week, hospitals with severely ill patients were left without power, with floodwaters rising on the lower floors and corpses rotting in the corridors and stairwells. Death and the stink of decay are still all over the city. Corpses have been simply left where they were, or allowed to decompose on the streets. The water that continued to submerge the city was full of human excreta.

What an amazing judgment of God on this “God bless America” nation, and how amazing the incapability of the US to respond constructively. We heard several reports of people traveling there to try to help, only to be assaulted by locals, abused by, and forced to labor for, criminal elements or their help was simply refused. What a curse God placed on New Orleans and surrounding areas! Is His wrath on America much less than on Jericho, Sodom, and Gomorrah?

Particle – Gorbachev Returns

You can revisit my report of the dream I had of Gorbachev falling into, and rising back up out of a grave as swiftly as he had fallen in (The Soviet Union CrumblesDream: Gorbachev Falls in Grave and Rises)It seems he represented Russia, its temporary humiliation, and ultimately its resurgence.

Now we see Vladimir Putin drawing Russia back to its former ways of totalitarianism and repression, oppressing the Ukraine, threatening other former Soviet bloc nations, and even brandishing his long-range nuclear missiles at the West. Is Gorbachev personally involved? Will he personally return to power, or is he in power more than we are led to believe? I think the vision pertains to Russia, not just Gorbachev.

Particle – A Sinister Man

In September of 2005, a Muslim from Iran, who had found us on the net, called from Eastern Canada and asked to come to Harvest Haven as a volunteer. His was a request for a temporary position until he found work as a trainee at a dairy farm. We consented and he came about September 16th. “Ros” was a rather devout Muslim, cynical and generally contemptuous of us and of our beliefs. When he did not see anyone watching but was being observed unawares, he was observed scowling at us.

We tried talking to him about faith in Christ but he was completely closed. When he did finally find a dairy job within a week or so, he didn’t so much as rise the next day to help us with chores; he was done with us, packed his bags and left. We knew we were dealing with a dark, hateful, plotting man who couldn’t be trusted.

Particle – Sara’s Dream: In the Castle with Marcia

In the night of September 25/26, 2005, Sara dreamed a dream. Her record:

Paul and I lived in a castle. He was a king and I held a position of high authority as well, like a queen (and maybe even with that title), but Paul and I were not married, just very close, and he had no one else with whom he was close. During the night-times, wolves hunted and stalked the countryside around the castle, and the atmosphere ‘out there’ was always dark and menacing, but particularly at night.

In the castle, things were much better, but there were still worries and pressures of everyday life. I had just a taste of these in my dream, as I saw Paul wearied by the responsibilities and issues of the day.

That night, I positioned myself to spend the night in a chair with my legs stretched out before Paul’s doorway. Although we had a guard in the hall outside our quarters (I had a separate bedroom, but it was right next to Paul’s), I knew that I had to keep watch instead. I wanted to be certain he received a good night’s sleep that night.

Around the middle of the night, Marcia flew up the stairs to our quarters in a rage. She wished to burst into Paul’s room to vent and stew; I think she was upset that she could not stay at the castle.

I stood in the doorway, blocking her passage, and said, ‘You are not going to disturb him. You cannot pass.’ She looked at me in a withering fashion, as if she wished to kill or injure me, but I stood firm, unafraid. The next thing I saw, she was cast out of the castle, driving her car on a dark, winding road in the black of night. She had a scowl of hatred, anger, and fear.

Victor’s comment:

Sara had a conflict with Marcia on many matters, rooted in the spiritual; Marcia had to go, and go she did.

Particle – Shimoda’s Visions and Prophecies

Now on October 2, 2005, we recalled again and discussed Doug and Karen Shimoda’s visions and prophecies of 5 years ago (Shimoda’s Words for UsKaren Shimoda’s Vision: A River Growing). We realized they had come to pass for Paul and me.

How was it then that we couldn’t have fellowship with the Shimodas? Why couldn’t they realize that if their visions and prophecies of us were true in speaking of God’s favor and power with us, they should receive us? Why the wall of contempt from them? Why treat these things lightly as they have?

Particle – Matrimonial Mania

On October 2nd, we talked with everyone about marriage concerning Mark and Mariko and Trevor and Ingrid. Frankly, I deplored the eagerness Trevor had for marrying but I wasn’t at all inclined to prevent them from marrying, if possible. Truly, I was as contemptuous of imposing my will as I was of Trevor seeking marriage.

I was hoping each soul would be entirely sold out to serving the Lord, without any hindrance of any kind, even as Paul the apostle desired and expressed:

“Are you bound to a wife? Do not seek to be free. Are you loosed from a wife? Do not seek a wife. But if you do marry, you did not sin; and if a virgin marries, she has not sinned. But such shall have trouble in the flesh, but I spare you. But this I say, brothers, the time is short. It remains that both those who have wives should be as not having one” (1 Corinthians 7:27-29 MKJV).

And: “For I would that all men were even as I myself am. But each has his proper gift from God, one according to this manner and another according to that. I say therefore to the unmarried and the widows, It is good for them if they remain even as I. But if they do not have self-control, let them marry; for it is better to marry than to burn” (1 Corinthians 7:7-9 MKJV).

Mark was also intent on marriage. I believed we needed to follow through. God had provided the men with wives and this would help bring Mariko into Canada. In only days, the Lord would confirm His permission on Mark and Mariko marrying.

Particle – Paul’s Prophecy: Sara Chosen for Rule

Sara records a conversation with Paul on October 4th, 2005:

Paul said, “I saw something last night.” He didn’t say anything for a moment.  I had a clue that it was something important, and he wanted my full attention. He said, “I saw this as we were reading Scriptures last night.  I saw that you are a ruler in training.”  He continued, “I bear most of the responsibility for your…”

I said, “Training?”

He said, “Well, yes.  There are many trainers, but yes, I bear most of that responsibility.  We have something very special that we need to nurture and guard zealously.  If we do that, the reward will be very great.”

I said, “I am glad to hear this.”

He answered, “I thought you would be.”

I said, “Yes.  Very glad.”

He put an arm on my shoulders and said, “I love you, Sara. I love you as a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a companion in the Lord.”

I looked him in the eye for a moment and smiled. I could not say anything, as to say ‘I love you too’ would be too mushy.

He smiled back and said, “Yes. I know that you love me as well.”

Later, in the midst of some conversation with Victor, he asked, “What about yourself, Sara?  Where do you see yourself heading?”

I said, “I said this to Paul a number of times, but I would like to not marry, stay single if the Lord will grant me that. I know that it would have to be given because I like guys, but that is what I want.”

I then also told Victor about this conversation with Paul, and what happened. I said, “Paul told me about your letter to Marcia, with the servants and rulers. I asked him during dinner last night what he sees me as, and he didn’t have anything to say at that time. Then this morning he told me that when reading Scriptures together last night, he saw me as a ‘ruler in training’.”

“A what?” Victor asked.

“A ruler in training,” I repeated.

Victor was silent for a moment and then he said, “Well, Sara, I agree with Paul. I believe that is what is happening there. It is a wonderful and very special thing.”

Particle – Our Unrighteousness Commends His Righteousness

I have seen many times how I was, or seemed, wayward in some way, yet the Lord would bring about good by it. Being we were getting into water filtration, I decided while I was downtown to drop in on Holmes Ecowater and ask some questions to see what they had. However, I decided not to let them know who I was in case they might not be so free with their information. I parked our Harvest Haven van in a mall across from their store, went in, talked to a salesman for a while and left. Seeing the van was directly across the street in the salesman’s full view, I decided to walk east toward the now defunct Homestead Village Mall, lest the salesman should see I was connected with Harvest Haven.

Passing by the mall on my evasive way to the van, I wondered what was going on inside, so I knocked on the locked door. Thomas Victor, a security guard, answered. He informed me that the Chinook Health Region had purchased the building and that they were renovating for their offices. “And by the way,” Thomas asked, “are you interested in a walk-in cooler, doors, compressor, everything, cheap – $1000? You’d have to take it out yourself.”

Marilyn and others had discussed the need for cooler space in our store so I said I would certainly be interested. I looked, we discussed, bought, dismantled, and installed the walk-in cooler in our store.

Now there I was being disingenuous with the people at Holmes Ecowater, not lying so much as not revealing who I was or why I was there. I felt wrong about it so I returned to the salesman, told him who I was, and apologized.

But because of what I did in taking the long way to my van so as not to be seen, the Lord provided us with a cooler, which, if we had gone out and purchased elsewhere, would have cost us several thousand dollars we weren’t prepared to pay. So who knows the ways of God?

Understand – I don’t advocate doing anything you please as if God will reward or ignore. Still, where I wasn’t honest and open with someone, we ended up with a benefit. We were very happy to have that cooler and it made quite a difference in sales with the display of the goods for customers’ ready access.

We also got to meet Thomas Victor, a character, one who eventually came for dinner and a visit to the farm.

Particle – Cody Invites Himself to Harvest Haven

Despite his criticisms, accusations, fault-finding and refusal to cooperate, Cody still had the audacity to repeatedly invite himself to the farm for weekends, insisting on it, though I declined. He excused himself for his ways as having “incorrigible opinions.” I don’t mind opinions if people don’t reject truth from others and receive correction. Cody wasn’t about to do that.

Particle – Give and Get

Marilyn and I drove Jonathan to an awards night at the Alberta Distance Learning Center in Lethbridge. On the way, we stopped at a mall and were approached by Darwin, a young native who asked me for money for food. I perceived he had an alcohol or drug habit so I offered to take him to the grocery store and buy food. He accepted, we shopped and I left.

I rarely if ever win anything. That night at the awards, my name was drawn for a data traveler (memory stick), something I was planning to buy. I knew why I had received it.

Particle – Salvation or Perdition

On October 11th, 2005, I visited the Salvation Army Store to donate clothing. I was immediately facing a Halloween display advertising “fun.” I turned on my heel and took my goods to Thrift Village, a secular, for-profit business.

They are both secular. The difference is that one professes Christ and presumes to be saving people. That’s why it calls itself the “Salvation Army.” To mix a night of demons and witches with Jesus Christ is blasphemous and contemptible in God’s sight.

Particle – Garage Sale – A Place for All Things

Some people find garage sales junky and boring, and there is that aspect of them. I’ve heard my wife and others say, “I’m not interested in rummaging through other people’s junk and undesirables.” However, I found that garage sales could be an adventure and sort of a treasure hunt. One may find various collectibles, valuable paintings, and antiques, or pleasant (sometimes otherwise) reminders stirring up memories of their childhood. Some find it a money-saving activity that enables them to live more comfortably with limited budgets. Some see it as a social event and enjoy talking to people and learning things. I think some people visit and even hold garage sales for some social activity. For some, it’s a way to meet their neighbors.

Besides getting to talk to people, one of my chief enjoyments at garage and moving sales was collecting various books that I wouldn’t normally buy. I’m thankful to have hundreds of books collected over years. Some finds can be delightfully surprising.

For example, someone gave me a box full of Christian books. In it, I found Seven Steps, published in 1974 by Pastor Robert Hoover of the Sherwood Assembly of God, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Particle – Spiritual Submission Anathema to Many

Why was that Hoover booklet of any significance to me? I suddenly recalled that Bill Kellers and Dave Roberts, the co-pastors of Mount Zion Christian Center in Saskatoon, brought up Robert Hoover’s name as someone to whom they were submitting as their spiritual elder. They said they had been looking for a spiritual elder to submit to, assuming that everyone, including men of God, had to submit to someone somewhere.

More likely, Dave and Bill were concerned that when they asked of others for spiritual submission to them, some of those would object, “Well, who do you submit to?” Of course, this would be an argument from someone not interested in submitting to them, or to anyone else, for that matter.

Can there be an unending chain of elders and subordinates? To whom did Moses, Samuel, David, Jeremiah, and John the Baptist submit?

Particle – The Buck Must Always Stop Somewhere

When Bill and Dave related this thinking to me, I felt there was something wrong with it, but being young in the Spirit, I didn’t understand. Meanwhile, thankfully, the Lord delivered Marilyn and me of their influence. We would comprehend more as we grew in understanding.

Years later, I find this booklet. I red it and found that Hoover was greatly lacking in his spiritual understanding. So what? Well, when I first met Bill and Dave, they were spiritual giants to me. I felt like, “Who am I to question them?” Their religious accomplishments and alleged credentials were rather impressive from where I stood at the time. And there they were, lauding Robert Hoover as the only spiritual man they knew who was worthy of their submission. Yet, in my spirit, I wasn’t buying it.

The booklet served years later as a spiritual confirmation that we had been right in those early days, that we were led by the Lord, taught and kept by Him. I now see that Hoover had only his denominational indoctrination, belonging to an organization that has been an abomination to God. Hoover had nothing, though he was praised and known as someone who had something special.

As for spiritual submission to authorities, how is it men demand that every person submits to some man or group of men? Must there not be some man with whom God initiates His work and proceeds from there? To whom did Noah submit, for example? Can you imagine him trying to find a spiritual elder and confide to him what God had told him to do? Would anyone have encouraged him? Only if they were a part of what God was doing. Likely, Noah would have been viewed by all as mad.

Can one imagine Abraham seeking spiritual guidance? Why didn’t God send him to some man through whom He would speak to Abraham? Why did God choose to speak to Abraham directly?

What about Moses? What authority did he have to get his counsel and direction from a burning bush? What about Samuel? Surely, he should have been led by Eli, the high priest, an older man. Was Samuel out of line to hear directly from the Lord and to receive direction for himself and for all Israel?

The buck must stop somewhere. I’ve learned there’s no unending chain of anything. The First Cause has chosen from time to time to begin somewhere with some man. That man need not make any apology or give any explanation for it. So why am I explaining, if I think I’m such a man? I’m sharing with you what I have seen and heard.

In retrospect, many years later, I realize Bill and Dave weren’t submitting to anyone. They were devils, and devils have no stomach for obedience – that is what makes them devils.

Particle – Prayer for Mariko to Receive Spirit of God

A rare kind of occasion occurred once again. Mariko came to me, in tears, asking that she would receive the Spirit of God. We were in the office adjoining the kitchen at the farm when I prayed and was given freedom to pray for her. The night before, it was acknowledged that it was time for Mark and Mariko to marry, everyone agreeing. Had she received the Spirit? I don’t recall there being any confirmation of that.

Particle – A Word to Rwanda Massacre Victim

On October 15th, 2005, Marilyn, Jonathan and I were on our way to another cruise with Hsin Ten. At the Lethbridge Airport, within the boarding room past security, I spotted General Romeo Dallaire.

I immediately recognized Dallaire because of a documentary I had seen about the massacre in Rwanda of nearly a million people. General Dallaire was commander of the United Nations peacekeepers (UNAMIR) there when it happenedAs the documentary related, he and his men witnessed the massacre after having reasoned in vain with UN officials to acquire enough peacekeepers to prevent the pending bloodbath.

The documentary presented General Dallaire as a helpless victim, a deeply troubled man, who suffered a nervous breakdown in the aftermath of his horrific experience. At the time, I thought I would have liked to speak to and comfort him. I wanted to share with General Dallaire the understanding the Lord had given me of the purpose of evil. I wanted him to know that while those things were so horrible and tragic, there was a purpose determined from above for the evil. I wanted him to know these things to somewhat relieve him of his pain and depression.

There we were at the airport with full opportunity to talk to him and nothing to prevent us from doing so. Furthermore, I had in my possession, unusually so, the very paper, The Purpose of Evil, which I would have chosen to share with him. I introduced myself, told him we had seen the documentary and gave him the paper and my card to our site.

Who says there is no God?

He accepted the paper, but in that brief meeting, we discussed some matters which resulted in a sudden, yet quiet, clash of positions. He was abrupt, dogmatic and quite unwilling or unable to reason. Later, on the plane, when we were disembarking in Calgary, I tried once more to say something to him but he and his secretary brushed me off. He showed himself proud and stubborn. It almost seemed like he was suspecting me of having lain in wait for him.

I wondered if he would ever consider the remarkable circumstances in which we met. Did I know he was flying from Lethbridge to Calgary at a certain hour? Did I decide to personally meet him, bringing my wife and son with me? Was I going to fly in a small plane to Calgary from Lethbridge just to get a chance to talk to him in a place not crowded or restricted, where I could speak to him privately?

How many people saw the documentary of the Hutu/Tutsi Rwandan massacre and took an interest in it? How is it I came to have the paper, The Purpose of Evil in my possession to address the very situation? It seemed he might be too closed off to even begin to comprehend the uniqueness of the situation that so strongly suggested a divine appointment for his sake.

I also wondered that if he could not discern the signs and elements in our situation, who was he to read the signs and make important and urgent decisions, in a foreign country, with many soldiers under his care, in a volatile, life or death circumstance? It was occurring to me that I was not the only one dreadfully slow on the uptake.

In praying about it later, it came to me that General Dallaire’s contempt would be overcome by his curiosity and he would read the paper. The time would come when I would learn more of the situation with Romeo Dallaire and what he did or failed to do in Rwanda, according to Major-General Lewis MacKenzie.

Particle – Confirmation on General Dallaire

Three years later, Marilyn brought to my attention Major-General Lewis MacKenzie’s article in Maclean’s Magazine, September 1, 2008, issue, Dallaire’s Deadly Error. I would be learning “the rest of the story,” at least more than I had known. There, MacKenzie “blasted” Dallaire for his ineptitude and mishandling of the whole affair.

I learned that Dallaire had lost some of his own men, ten Belgians, because of his legalistic decisions in following orders when the situation plainly called for urgent strategic changes, contrary to UN orders. He should have looked after his men.

When Dallaire finally dared to insist on pursuing the welfare of his soldiers, he was directed to a hospital and found it was much too late. As Lewis MacKenzie records: “On arriving there, Dallaire was directed to a small hut at the far end of a courtyard in front of the morgue. In the hut, he came upon a scene that would haunt any commander forever: the bodies of his Belgian soldiers were stacked on top of each other like ‘sacks of potatoes.’ Their intertwined, tattered uniforms and mutilated bloody flesh made it impossible to do an accurate body count. Initially, Dallaire thought there were 11 bodies, but later it turned out to be 10.”

Was guilt the real reason why General Dallaire was depressed and troubled? Is that why he was so dismissive and arrogant with me?

In any case, while “a man’s heart devises his way, the Lord directs his steps.” The evil had to happen, and I wanted him to know it. Even if he was at fault, perhaps especially when he was at fault, if Romeo Dallaire had red my paper and received the knowledge of the truth, he could have been somewhat relieved. Maybe he would read the paper and it would serve to minister to him at the appointed time.

However, the tragedy may have continued, if commanders believed Dallaire. MacKenzie made a reasonable suggestion and sounded an important warning concerning Dallaire’s intransigence about the justifiability of his decisions. He warned that unless Dallaire’s thinking was addressed and repented of, other men could die in similar situations. Mackenzie said:

“There is perhaps an explanation for his (Dallaire’s) inflexibility on this matter; it relates to the fate of the 10 murdered Belgian soldiers. If Dallaire is permanently wedded to the view that the mission must always come first, then his Belgian soldiers’ sacrifice and the fact that he ordered no action be taken to assist them while they were being slaughtered could be both explained and justified. Acknowledging now that not immediately alerting his HQ that he would be mounting a rescue operation was incorrect would be a heavy burden indeed.”

MacKenzie postulated that Dallaire was not competent for the job. He was promoted beyond his ability and experience. It was the “Peter Principle” at work: “In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence.”

Dallaire was not willing to take responsibility for his poor judgment and lack of flexibility with consequential loss of life, hence his nervous breakdown, his attitude, reactions and continuing intransigence.

God can help you, Romeo Dallaire. Everybody makes mistakes, but not everybody fesses up to them. Not many dare say, “I was wrong,” in such circumstances. Your acknowledgment of your grave errors opens the only viable door to true reconciliation with man and God, followed by a much needful inner healing for you and others. Putting it in terms of the first step in AA, one must confess, “I am an alcoholic.”

Particle – Roberto Duran

I can recall only one other time I experienced the desire to help a troubled person I encountered by the media and that was with Roberto Duran, the man who fought Sugar Ray Leonard and quit the fight in New Orleans, November 25th, 1980. He seemed so discouraged, and I felt I needed to minister to his spiritual need. I tried finding his address and wrote him a letter but received no response, not that I expected one.

Particle – Not a Physical Whore

In 1976, I perceived that Laura Klein, Marilyn’s mother, was a whore and I told her so in a letter, at which she was greatly offended, understandably so. When we renewed contact with them in these recent years, I began to see that leaving her husband was not wrong, given what he was doing and what he was like. God took her from him.

Yet, I couldn’t apologize to her and make amends; I wanted to, but I was held back. Why? In prayerful consideration, I received a more accurate understanding.

I saw right – she was a whore, but she was not a whore because of apparent, physical reasons. She was a whore in that she was forever flattering, man-pleasing, apologetic, giggling, fearful, superficial, compromising, being silly, trying hard not to offend. She was always trying to be on friendly terms, seeking others’ favor.

Truth and honor were never the first consideration – those were ever the casualties. That is how she was a whore. So are all man-pleasers. Truly, every one of us has been a man-pleaser at one time or another. I too have been a whore, doing more than my share of man-pleasing, I ashamedly confess. I have also been a whore financially, as testified.

Particle – Lois’ Vision: Marilyn Switches Sides

Around October 16th, 2005, Lois had a vision of Marilyn as we were leaving for a business cruise with Hsin Ten Enterprises. She saw Marilyn standing with those that opposed Paul and me, while Paul and I stood alone. Lois then saw Marilyn come and stand behind Paul and me, having a burden lifted.

Particle – Hsin Ten October 2005 Cruise

On this trip, we met up with Paul and his brother Seth in Orlando, Florida. There we also met up with Deanna Sudweeks, Conrad Ching (who was very cool with us), and Tracy Courtney.

We met Helen and Victor Elias from Winkler, Manitoba, who were very religious and consequently avoided us because of doctrines we declared and which they deemed to be heretical, such as the reconciliation of all things. Interesting how people have a problem with Jesus Christ saving sinners who can’t save themselves – every one of them. Didn’t He pay the price for all? Should He not receive fair pay?

We talked to Peter Armstrong, who did most of the talking, and Kenny Lai, who was offended with us for rebuking him for not communicating with us on several occasions. Then and there I again rebuked him for that kind of an attitude and he immediately became sullener. It seems Kenny had never known the need to admit wrong; his parents had never taught him accountability; he was never disciplined.

Paul spoke to Bob Nelson, who spoke of having recommitted himself to the Lord about one and a half years ago. He claimed his wife was a believer who led him to believe. Bob also organized three “worship” meetings, one for each morning on the cruise. One was led by the Nelsons, one by Delores Mishleau, who was Seventh Day Adventist, and one by the Eliases, all people standing against the Lord, yet in His Name and presuming to worship Him. We attended none of them.

Why didn’t Bob choose us to lead a meeting? Karen wouldn’t have approved and that is because we didn’t have the mark of the beast and therefore weren’t permitted to “buy or sell” (Revelation 13:17).

Particle – Gluttonous, Obese America

On the cruise, the food was served up buffet style and there was no limit on quantities. We saw several people horribly stuffing themselves, each one with great folds of fat hanging over their chair, eating enough for six or more, wasting much food, with glazed, crazed facial expressions, preoccupied with the process of consuming what was before them.

I thought I discerned guilt and shame with some of them. Some seemed to know they were enslaved by food, while others appeared like they couldn’t care less. The scene was tragic. America is very sick – dull, selfish, proud, pleasure-loving and decadent. America is dead – and not only America, of course, but the entire West. Maggots must come to clean away the rotting carcasses of those given over to fleshly appetites.

Particle – Reaching Out to Tibby Klein

Returning from Florida, we were again staying with the Kleins, Marilyn’s mother and stepfather. Living with them was their son Tibby, who was in his thirties. I felt that his life had been desolate, wasted by lies his mother led him to believe. He had been deceived, hurt, and derailed from the track of life. On occasion, we had a few superficial words. He was never able or willing to face the truth or himself.

This time, I felt I needed to speak to him and do it in his parents’ presence. I told Tibby he was destroying himself. He brushed it off in friendly, timid fashion, leaving as soon as he could. Les and Laura were uncomfortable and didn’t say anything, but I would hear more about it not long after – thankfully, as I see it years later in retrospect.

Particle – Another Attacker Rebuked

Nancy Keeler had opposed us when I was dealing with Ingrid. We received word that she had been in a serious car accident.

Particle – A Miracle for Dena

On the morning of the Sabbath, October 29th, 2005, Cody called saying he had served Dena a bill of divorcement into her hand, based on Deuteronomy 24:1. He said she was headed our way. I knew nothing of this. Why did he think she was coming our way? I suppose it was because he knew she had nowhere else to go. I said I doubted she would come to us because we had heard nothing from her. Also, she had left him in the past and returned to him, but this time they parted by his initiative.

We talked for nearly two hours. In that time, Cody said he expected she would come to us and that it would be good for her. I was surprised to hear him say that because he was forever arguing and differing with us.

Later, Dena told us she asked Cody why he was kicking her out of their home. He said it was because she had an unclean spirit. “How or why?” she asked, looking for an explanation, but he refused to give her one.

While Cody has called her unclean, God has called her clean. While he has issued her divorce papers, God has issued her a marriage certificate. While Cody has said, “You are no longer my wife,” God has said to her, “Now you will be My wife.” While Cody has emptied her purse and sent her away with nothing, God has taken her unto Himself, giving her everything.

He had given her a ticket to freedom. We had been praying, wondering what to do with their situation. We knew we were helpless to do anything. Then God moved and did what was necessary. He put it in Cody’s heart to expel Dena. Now she was free of him, free to go her way, by his own will and word. God had performed a miracle.

The next days and weeks would be difficult for Dena – weeping, depressed and struggling with everything. She wrote to Cody to apologize and he apologized to her but offered no option of returning, not that she was asking.

Particle – Vision – Dena Rejoicing

Cody dismissed Dena on October 29, 2005, with a letter of divorcement and “little more than the shirt on her back,” along with the older model car her father had recently given her, registered in her name, sans gasoline money, although she had just filled the tank.

Dena immediately came to us. I believe it was that day that I saw a vision of Dena (face only), rejoicing and free. This contrasted with the Dena we’d known – tight, fearful, timid, and insecure. I believe it was on a Friday that prayer went out for her, and You, Lord, gave her healing in spirit and soul. Thank You, Father!

Particle – Simple Errand Resisted

I’ve often found myself utterly frustrated when asking Marilyn for her help in various matters. It’s okay with her when she does things she thinks should be done or that she wishes to do, but when I give her something different, she’s as uncooperative as most cats are with a bath.

In this case, I asked her to go to Ducan Industries to replace foam inserts in our sofa cushions. She resisted but finally went, and had hard foam inserted. I found the cushions impossible to sit on, so hard they were. It cost us the materials and the labor to redo the cushions. I suppose I should have gone to Ducan myself.

On the other hand, Marilyn has had the presumption to place something like a piece of garbage in my hand to be disposed of as she walks by me, expecting me to serve her. That’s the way it’s been between us all our married lives. I can’t depend on her for cooperation. How often have I felt the perfect fool to ask her to do something for me!

Particle – Vision – Sun Gazing

About a week before November 20 of 2005 (could it have been Nov. 10?), I saw myself facing into the sun, which was close to the horizon. The rays were bathing my face. My arms hung vertically from the shoulder to the elbow, then bent at right angles, pointing toward the sun with my hands open, palms upward, like I was receiving or giving a handout. It was a good, healing kind of experience. On November 20th, I received an email from Bob Hagel of Taber, Alberta as follows:

Subject: Sungazing

I have found some interesting ideas about the following topic – you are invited to check it out or delete as you see fit. – Bob.

Bob included material gleaned from the internet on the practice of looking directly at the sun for seconds a day when it was near the horizon.

How strange a coincidence! Normally, I would have dismissed such a suggestion as some vicious prank on unsuspecting victims, but given the vision only a week earlier, and never having heard of anything like it before (on the contrary, being strictly warned to not stare at the sun), I decided to try it.

At first, I wasn’t careful to gaze while the sun was only on the horizon, and I gazed about half a dozen times for from 10 to 30 seconds. Consequently, I saw a residual yellowish spot for a few minutes after I looked away. Had I injured my eyes?

I visited Dr. French, an optometrist in Coaldale for a checkup on Feb. 3, 2006. The diagnosis was that I was fine, in terms of possible sun damage.

For those interested, the instructions also suggested one sun-gaze with bare feet on the ground. I’ve been sun-gazing infrequently since then until 2017, as I review this manuscript.

Particle – Carol Browne of South Africa

We met Carol Browne on the internet. Our meeting would lead to much correspondence wherein Carol would ask many questions and make many comments, but we were always feeling as though something just wasn’t right. She claimed she would obey to the death, that she would do anything God required of her.

Where did I hear that before? I knew the day would come when God would put His finger on her gods and she would deny Him, just as Peter swore he would follow the Lord to the death and later denied Him, not once, but three times.

By Carol Browne and her association with various religious groups and individuals, we confronted via the internet an SDA minister, Frank Steyn, who was guilty of sexually assaulting her when she was young and vulnerable. Over 70 Seventh Day Adventists were involved in the correspondence, many coming to Frank’s defense (See The Best Defense Is a Good Offense).

We confronted a Brian Keables, whom Carol drew and exposed, one who professed faith in Christ, yet played the harlot with her.

We also had a clash with the John Clark group, with whom Carol had associated in the past. All these were confronted for their corruption and hypocrisies.

Particle – Mark’s Vision: Dena a Joker Card

Mark records: “In the night of November 21 or 22, 2005, I saw Dena inside a box that was like a giant Joker playing card with her arms, legs, and head sticking out of the box/card.

This was at a time when Dena was indecisive as to what she wished to do with her life. What was Mark seeing? Were we “being played”?

As of February 2016, as I edit this paper, I now realize what Mark’s vision of Dena was all about, but we’ll save that for later, years later.

Particle – Cody Reconsiders

On December 9th, 2005, we learned Cody wanted Dena back. Now conventional, orthodox Christianity would teach that she ought to return, that God hates divorce and that wherever amends can be made, should be. Not this time. By revelation, I believed Dena was set free by the Lord. Still, she had her struggles, and wondered about it all, but remained steadfast against the temptation of returning to a man she had been united to (in a manner of speaking) for 20 years or so. The vision I’d had of them was coming to pass (See Particle, “Dream – Dena Flees Cody from Haystack”).

Cody would begin a campaign of several and varied efforts to retrieve Dena as his wife, alternating between showing concern and demanding that she obey him. He took her out for a fancy dinner and generally pressed her to return. I told him he treated her no better than chattel or a dog. I likened their situation and his attitude to that of someone tossing a rubber ball against a wall and expecting it to come back at his will. No more. For her to go back to him would be equivalent to a dog returning to its vomit.

Cody had asked for my support to encourage Dena to come back. He may as well have asked me to eat dung or to feed it to her. Dena struggled, while Cody sent a letter condemning me. We were all amazed at the things he said, so darkened and foolish they were.

Particle – The Conception of What the Lord Has Done With Me

In December of 2005, I recognized a need to somewhat expand my testimony of the Lord at The Path of Truth. From that grew the conviction to tell the whole story. I see a record of working on the Theo-autobiography as early as the 18th of December.

Particle – Prayer to Change Prime Ministers

Concerning the incumbent Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Paul Martin, it was about this time that I recall saying to God, “This man’s attitude of disingenuousness, exaggeration, raw selfish ambition, insincerity, abundance and fluidity of promise-making, and flatteries makes me sick and angry. I want him out, Lord; please take him out.”

For a while, it seemed that Paul Martin would remain in office as Prime Minister, but then the tide turned, and in January of 2006, he was gone, losing out to Stephen Harper.

It could be said I’m being quite arrogant and presumptuous, thinking it was my prayer that removed Mr. Martin from office. However, I only report what I did and what happened. I’m not expecting anyone to believe me and I can’t honestly say it was my spiritual influence that stopped him.

I also want people to understand I have nothing personal against anyone. I bear no grudge or enmity, but I do recognize that somehow, beyond my understanding, God is using me as a conduit for His purposes. He alone is the Judge of all the earth.

“And I will give to you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. And whatever you bind on earth shall occur, having been bound in Heaven. And whatever you may loose on the earth shall be, having been loosed in Heaven” (Matthew 16:19 LITV).

Particle – Trevor’s Dream: Cody in Death and Regret

On December 27, I record that Trevor had a dream of Cody dying and being sorry on the “other side.”

Particle – Advice to the Young

As I work on my autobiography, I begin to recall many events. It is remarkable how everything is recorded within and serves to form us.

Child, do not think what you think, say, or do will go away, or that it will be forgotten. No, behave, do right, do good, make the most of your time – know there’s none to waste.

Particle – The Book of Jonah

On December 31st, 2005, I began another paper, The SIGN: The Book of Jonah, the Book of God. It declares 3 major truths – the sovereignty of God, the fallacy of free will, and the reconciliation of all things.

Particle – Mystery of the Crop Circles

I picked up two DVDs at the library on crop circles. There can be no denying they are designed by a superior intelligence unknown to most if not all of mankind. Years ago, I received that the circles were hoaxes, and truly there were hoaxes at the time. However, how can we deny there are crop circles well beyond us? Extraterrestrial? Even extra-universal? Demonic? Angelic? Secret science performed here on earth by men? Perhaps, though I doubt it. I have no answer. I do wonder about intelligence from parallel worlds or universes.

Lord? Why do we not know? What is going on? The patterns are beautiful and geometrically complex. Not only is there complexity in the design of the pattern but there is something mysterious in the restructuring of the grain or medium in which these circles are found. Many very intelligent and scientific persons are amazed and several believe these circles are extraterrestrial. They predict that by 2012 we will be into a new age, the shift being very traumatic.

There’s a prophecy tied in with these circles. It says, “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose deception.”

Remarkable. Who’s behind these things? I have no answer, though I know that certain varieties of these are hoaxes.


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