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A Necessary Warning

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Hi everyone!

I recall a dream I had perhaps a couple of years ago or more (I dare not take it as anything other than from the Lord), in which I was instructed to submit to the authorities when they come tyrannizing. Yes, it will be that way. It will seem so very unfair, even diabolical.

The William Raymonds, Mike Adamses, and Alex Joneses won’t like it one bit. Their reaction and stance is to fight back, to resist this great move of “injustice.” They will perish by the sword, all those who resist.

Notice that the above mentioned people, and many like them, call for justice, law, and order; yes, they call for many good and moral things, but they’re missing repentance from sin and faith in God. And that’s the problem. Raymond, Adams, Jones, and many others want to have their cake and eat it, too. They can’t have it both ways.

All that’s falling on our nations now is because of sin and unbelief, iniquity and violence everywhere. We’ve thrown God out, even in His own Name (adding sin to sin), and now He’s done with our iniquity, presumption, stubbornness, arrogance, self-importance, and rebellion. He’s finished winking. The freedoms we’ve enjoyed as nations, particularly in the West and maybe most particularly in North America, are history.

Here’s what I see, and I say this with a sense of urgency: I see a distinct parallel or likeness between our situation and that of when Babylon came against Israel and Jeremiah was calling on the people to submit to Nebuchadnezzar when he came with his great army. If the powers that be come to take everything away from us, including our lives, we must not resist. We must recognize that Jesus Christ our Lord and the Kingdom of God reign supreme. God is in full control. His judgment is now here, and He is using “His servant Nebuchadnezzar” to judge our nations.

Nobody, high or low, rich or poor, deserving judgment will escape, and nobody with faith and fidelity toward God and deserving justice will be denied. God is just and merciful to those who look to and love Him.

“Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” (Genesis 18:25)

Those who resist won’t be able to withstand the judgment. The rod will only come down all the harder, with no escape from it. God has put it in the hearts of the powers of this world to bring this great correction. If we resist, Jeremiah declared, we’ll die, but if we submit, our lives will be spared. Naturally, Jeremiah was known as a traitor to his country and to God for his stance and God’s message by him to Judah.

Why Harvest Haven, then, and why our “door to the world” and all the work and money we’ve put into it, if it’s all just going down, you may ask? Here’s another wonderful parallel between our situation and Judah’s when Babylon came to overcome the Jews and destroy their nation, even their glorious Temple. You’ll recall that Jeremiah was instructed to buy a piece of land. This instruction to him during the coming takeover by foreigners was a token of God’s promise that the Jews would return and live in their land again. I believe the same. God has given us Harvest Haven and the building for a plan He has for us and others in the near future (read Jeremiah 32).

For a time, it may look the opposite, like all is lost. If the authorities come and take away whatever we have, even our children and lives (not saying they will – I don’t know the specifics), we must recognize that every detail is being worked under perfect supervision from Heaven. We are not to fear or be angry or hateful for these things.

Yes, on the surface these actions and events will seem perfectly unfair, unjust – tyrannical indeed. Those we encounter doing this work “against” us may even appear cynical and proud of their power over us, but we mustn’t resist. We must let it happen and give thanks to God, Whose judgment is just. Remember, whatever we get, it will only be because we need or deserve it, or both.

Let them take us away in chains, without notice, rights of appeal, or anything else. Submit, submit, submit, and treat them as angels of God doing their jobs, for so it is; they are messengers of judgment, not wielding the sword in vain. God will give us mercy if we believe and obey. He will move the hearts and turn them as He will. He is the Father of all spirits. Know that, remember it, and live. Forget, and it won’t go well for you.

Judgment is here because of sin. Yes, people want their organic food, the right to drink raw milk, and to have alternative health care, free access to natural foods and supplements, fluoride-free water, freedom of choice, and so forth. They demand all their rights, as though those rights are coming to them. While these things are all good, they forget their responsibilities toward God and neighbor.

As you’ve seen times without number in our work both at Harvest Haven and The Path of Truth, the vast majority of people aren’t listening; not only do they refuse, they condemn and revile us. They all know much better. We’ve been preaching against sin and urging faith and fidelity toward God for years, and people just aren’t listening. What else shall God do, but bring the fires and the rod to open their ears?

I know that if we walk in repentance and humility, in faith and obedience toward God, it will be well for us in the end, notwithstanding the turmoil and suffering, the rejection of those around us, and the great injustices we see happening, be it with people like the Raw Milk movement, Michael Schmidt, environmentalists, and so many others out there apparently trying to do good and right things.

Likely we will experience hardships ourselves, feeling we don’t deserve what is happening, but remember how Daniel, a righteous man, and his companions, were also taken into captivity, cruelly ripped away from their nation, homes, and families, and sent off in chains and bare feet to Babylon. Yet God kept them and brought them great honor because their faith was ultimately in Him, without compromise. Remember Daniel when these things come. Obey and believe God; do right to all, always.

We’ve seen the great needs of every kind with many. And we’ve seen how the Lord opens and closes doors for all those we encounter. Meeting needs is not our business. Our business is to walk away from (forsake) closed doors and toward (yield to) open doors, even as did Noah in his day of great judgment. We need to know and respect whom the Lord determines to give to, and not who has needs. Self-righteous, foolish do-gooders help people indiscriminately, but God knows the hearts, to give to every man according to the fruit of his doings, according to the reins of his heart.

We haven’t been able to tell by outward appearance who is who. Logically, it just doesn’t make sense. Until we pick up their spirits and see their hearts, we can’t tell, but as some of you have experienced with customers, for example, you see to whom it’s given and to whom it isn’t, despite their needs, troubles, and social statuses.

In all these things, may you not turn against or away from the Lord and deny Him. Those who deny Him before men, those will He deny before the Father and the angels. Remember God is in full control, and if we are with Him, He is with us; and if He is with us, who can be against us?

Victor Hafichuk

– August 20, 2014

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English - Chinese 嗨大家! 我記起我可能在幾年前或更多年前做過的一個夢 (我​​不敢把它當作來自主以外的任何什麼),在這個夢裡,我被指示當當局來暴政時,我被指示服從當局。是的,它會是這樣的。這看起來非常不公平,甚至是惡魔般的。 許多威廉·雷蒙德、邁克·亞當斯和亞歷克斯·瓊斯的人一點也不會喜歡它。他們的反應和立場是反擊,抵制這一「不公」的大招。凡反抗的,必死於刀劍之下。 注意,上面提到的人和許多像他們一樣的人都呼籲正義、法律和秩序;是的,他們要求許多好的和道德的東西,但他們缺少對罪的悔改和對上帝的信心。這就是問題所在。 雷蒙德、亞當斯、瓊斯和許多其他人也想兩者兼得。他們不能兩全其美。 現在落在我們國家身上的一切都是因為到處都是罪惡和不信、罪孽和暴力。我們甚至以祂的名義把上帝趕出去 (罪上加罪),現在祂已經受夠了我們的罪孽、自以為是、固執、傲慢、自負和叛逆。祂再不眨眼了。我們作為國家享有的自由,特別是在西方,也許尤其是在北美,已經成為歷史。 這是我所看到的,我帶著緊迫感說這話:我看到我們的情況與巴比倫攻打以色列時的情況有明顯的平行或相似之處,當尼布甲尼撒率領他的大軍來時,而耶利米呼籲人民服從尼布甲尼撒。如果這些權力奪走了我們的一切,包括我們的生命,我們絕不能反抗。我們必須承認我們的主耶穌基督和上帝的王國至高無上。上帝完全掌控。祂的審判現在就在這裡,祂正在利用「祂的僕人尼布甲尼撒」來審判我們的國家。 沒有人,無論高低、貧富,應受審判的人都會逃脫得了,而任何對上帝有信仰和忠誠並應得正義的人都不會被剝奪。上帝對那些仰望並愛慕祂的人是公正和憐憫的。 「審判全地的主豈不做公平的事嗎?」(創世記 18:25) 那些抗拒的人將無法承受審判。審判之杖只會更加堅硬,無法逃脫。上帝已經把它放在這個世界的權力的心中,以帶來這個巨大的糾正。如果我們抵抗,耶利米宣稱,我們會死,但如果我們服從,我們的生命將倖免於難。理所當然,耶利米因其立場和上帝通過他向猶大傳達的信息而被稱為他的國家和上帝的叛徒。 那為什麼收割之地?為什麼是我們的「通向世界之門」以及我們投入的所有工作和金錢,如果一切都會下沉,你可能會問?這是另一個奇妙的平行——我們的處境與當時巴比倫來征服猶太人並摧毀他們的國家,甚至是他們光榮的聖殿之間。你會記得耶利米被指示購買一塊土地。在即將被外邦人佔領期間對他的這一指示是上帝應許猶太人將返回並再次生活在他們的土地上的象徵。我相信同樣的。上帝給了我們收割之地和建築物,以便在不久的將來為我們和其他人制定一個計劃 (閱讀耶利米書第三十二章)。 有一段時間,它可能看起來相反,就像一切都丟失了。如果當局來奪走我們所有的一切,甚至是我們的孩子和生命 (不是說他們會——我不知道具體情況),我們必須認識到每一個細節都是在天上的完美監督下進行的。我們不要對這些事情感到懼怕、憤怒或怨恨。 是的,從表面上看,這些行為和事件似乎完全不公平、不公正——確實是暴虐的。我們遇到的那些「反對」我們從事這項工作的人甚至可能會顯得憤世嫉俗,並為他們對我們的權力感到自豪,但我們絕不能抗拒。我們必須讓它發生,並感謝上帝,祂的審判是公正的。記住,無論我們得到什麼,都只是因為我們需要或應得的,或兩者兼而有之。 讓他們在沒有通知、上訴權或其它任何事情的情況下用鎖鏈把我們帶走。服從,服從,服從,把他們當作上帝的使者在做他們的工作,因為它就是這樣;他們是審判的使者,不會徒勞地揮舞劍。如果我們相信並順服,上帝就會憐憫我們。祂會感動人心,並按照祂的旨意使他們翻轉。祂是萬靈之父。知道這...

Leaving the Catholic Church for Reality

From: Daisy To: Victor Hafichuk Sent: Friday, March 04, 2016 6:43 PM Subject: Testimony Hello Victor, My name is Daisy from Los Angeles Ca. I would like to thank you for sharing your testimony. I just left the Catholic Church and I am getting a lot of grief from friends, family and church. I have 2 children that we're getting ready to do their first communion in May. After 2 years of going to catechism class, I took them out a month ago. I have been dealing with lots of guilt for doing that but in my heart I know that I am doing the right thing. I am now attending a Christian apostolic church. I am having a hard time reading the bible and I pray that I will someday understand it. Again I thank you for sharing your testimony. It really helped me and gave me hope. God bless!! Daisy= From: Victor Hafichuk To: Daisy Sent: Saturday, March 05, 2016 10:18 AM Subject: FW: Testimony Good to hear from you, Daisy! The Lord is our Present Help in Need - always. He’s Faithful and True - always. He won’t let you down when you set your heart on and trust in Him. You have no cause whatsoever before God, the saints, prophets and angels to feel guilty about pulling out of the Catholic scene. Truly, God’s counsel by the Scriptures are clear that we need to come out of false religion, out of Babylon. The Catholic Church is about as false a representation of Jesus Christ as it gets. If you know to come out and don’t do it, that’s when shame and guilt are justified and de...
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