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False Love – Satan’s Last Stronghold

Peace is to him who brings war for good, but woe to the one who speaks peace to hide war.

In this paper, Satan’s mask, which he uses to appear as an angel of light, and by which he deceives the whole world, is removed, his essence and the last great bastion of his power exposed for all to see. Let those who read, take heed:

“A prudent one foresees the evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished” (Proverbs 22:3 MKJV).

The greatest hoax ever perpetrated, one that has plagued the world and every soul in it from the very beginning, has its end, because the Light Who enlightens has come.

Come and hear, in greater depth and description, about the “lovely” ways of Satan, and how you have been deceived, and possibly deceiving others while working for this imposter.

Mary Lou, a self-proclaimed “White Dove,” questions whether all we say and do is “really a manifestation of His divine LOVE.” Our reply tests her goal to “flow in love with all beliefs.”

Those who love their sins hate the Law of God, and the God of Law, which are One and the Same. Here we answer a man that, because we teach the Law of God and His ways that lead to life, accuses us of hatred, ignorance, and intolerance, whereas we show how those descriptions aptly demonstrate his own stance and attitude.

False love trumpets its own righteousness, coming as the self-declared defender of virtue, tolerance, and all godliness. God, however, does not accept men’s persons or words, but tries the hearts. David Richardson tries to co-opt the Truth under a cover of counterfeit love, but the love of God proves to be an invulnerable stronghold from which the sword of the Spirit slays every enemy of Truth.

Amy, a follower of John Clark, declares that she has come out of men’s works (“Pastor John’s House” – Is that not a man’s name and work?). She proposes to love others out of false religion as well. She is deceived, and her love, therefore, is deceptive.

The accusations of one who claims to love all those around her, and who has told us to “Go to Hell!,” are examined.

One who does not like our “truth,” also exhibits a different kind of “love.” The two are directly related.

Gil, a professor of Christ and defender of the Catholic Church, says that, rather than defend or answer for his ways that are contrary to the teaching and example of Christ and His disciples, he will refrain from debate, and “walk in love as God leads.” How can one be led of God when walking in an oppositional way? What kind of love is it that, in the Name of God, rejects Him, and cuts off communication with His brethren? Read on and see.

A short letter about the things God, Who is Love, has done to man and to what end.

Can you trust your senses, particularly in things spiritual, and how will you recognize the love of God?

Who is listening and attending to the needs of others in Truth? The ones who do are the ones that God has empowered to love. The ones who do not do not know Him, nor do they love their neighbor.

There is a false gospel that says that God loves everyone, which is true, and that He has put away sin in Christ, which is also true, and that if you confess these things you are already saved, which is decidedly untrue. Saying it is so does not make it so, but by faith and obedience. Otherwise, as proponents of this gospel practice, lawlessness is called grace, and accepting lawlessness is called love. One such proponent was Stacy Wood of Promised Seed Ministries, with whom we corresponded about the true love of God that leads to salvation and life.

Preaching the Gospel of False Love

Joan got Kurt Vonnegut’s advice bungled, and ended up becoming a phony minister of Christ. The false gospel she took on and preached, “He who loves father or mother loves God,” is so very different than the one Jesus Christ preaches, “He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me.” The narrow way of God is not understood or admired by the world and its religions, so strange it is to man’s thinking and ways! But for those who come out, how wonderful the freedom of His perfect love!

Man (represented by The Living Essence Foundation) tries to find the love of God in companionship with his fellow man, but it is not there. Man must be connected to God, and then he will have everything, because he has God. Conversely, without that connection, he will lose everything he thinks to have, even what he thinks to love.

Selfishness Exposes False Love

Arjuna Ardagh’s ex-administrator was offended that her name showed up on a Google search linking her with the Living Essence Foundation. She now calls Arjuna a “fraud,” and complains that she had nothing to do with the reply to The Issues of Life signed by her. She ominously summons legal counsel, but the point is moot, because if the shoe doesn’t fit, she doesn’t have to wear it. Arjuna chimes in too, and, before it is all over, each is exposed in his or her self-serving ways.

How can it be that the soft-spoken, “loving and caring” Christian believes in a god who will torture, when this life ends, the majority of those creatures presumably made in his image, time without end? It can be because such a Christian is in darkness, and is worshiping another god, as this exchange demonstrates.

Is God, Who is Love, responsible for everything that happens, particularly evil? Can we, as Ron, who poses the question, suggests on his site, understand the nature of God and love Him because we have comprehended Him? But God says His thoughts and ways are not men’s thoughts or ways. What men make God to be reflects their own thoughts and ways, as does their love.

Those given the grace to love God and neighbor will be accepted of God, but rejected by men, just as Jesus promised and exemplified. Whoever’s eyes are opened will see the same in the following brief, but poignant, correspondence.


“No one is going to believe we love God if harshness is our speech,” Marisa says. Then how is it that the prophets, the Lord, and His apostles often spoke harsh words?

The conversation with Marisa continues as she defends her brand of love and condemns God’s. Victor describes the error, peril, and foolishness of her position, and the wisdom and necessity of God’s.

One offended by the correspondence with Marisa has great need of reality. Being religious is the antithesis of reality, and many who love in the name of their religion are dead and dying because of it.

By the many cults of this world, we are condemned as a cult. How convenient it is to deflect the onus from the guilty and to shoot the messengers who truly speak in the love of God, by God! The false are loved and the true are hated, and each has his reward waiting for him. Hear what the reward is for one of the most widely loved and revered persons in all the earth.

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