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Vander Toorn, David
The more loony the idea, the more credibility some think to have by championing it.

Read Sabbath “Lunartarians”

Vashti - Esther, Transmutation
The purpose of this writing is to reveal that all husbands are essentially following their wives, including those who profess to walk in the faith of Lord Jesus Christ.

Read The Vashti-Esther Transmutation

Vegan Condemns the Human Species
Veganism, Cult of Intolerance
Vegans would have you believe raising animals for food is akin to murder and that mankind shouldn’t use animals for any purpose. These whacky beliefs fly in the face of reality and common sense as established by the Scriptural record and mandates of God. A vehement vegan shows us no mercy while trying to convince us of the compassion of veganism. Humbug!

Read Veganism – A Cult of Intolerance Founded on a Lie

Veganism: A Proselytizing Cult in Worship of Earth
Victims, Perpetrators
We have all been and are victims, one way or another. But the secret entrance into life is to recognize and remind ourselves that we are, or have been, perpetrators (producers of victims). With such a one, God will deal, and will deliver and heal.

Read Victims and Perpetrators

Victors Testimony
The Lord takes a life and makes it His, so that other lives can also be His.

Read My Story

Victory Church (VCI)
Every false thing is revealed by the Truth. There are times when one sees things in the Light of Day, and there are times when the Light of Day speaks for Himself. It was the latter concerning George and Hazel Hill and their Victory Church.

Read Victory Church (VCI)

Victory Church, Having Fun at
The truth never speaks loudly enough for the willful deaf, who take the Name of the Lord in vain. But the fires of judgment come, swift and terrible.

Read Having Fun at Victory Church

Violence, God and
There are critics of religion who fail to distinguish between what man does and what God does. They blame God or, not admitting His existence, the Bible and presumed revelations from God, like the Koran, for all the violence done by man. They conveniently forget all the good that has come from the Seed of Abraham through the Jews and Jesus Christ. They do not perceive or acknowledge the vast difference between the legacy of the God of Abraham in our world versus that of the god of Muhammad. In this writing we look at who is violent and why, and where it is all headed.

Read God and Violence

Violence, Rampant on Earth
The greatest evils are done, not with guns and knives, but with smiles and handshakes in the everyday business transactions and affairs of this world. The curtain has been drawn on the deceitfulness covered by appearances, whose time has come to be put away. The solution for our mutual wellbeing is simple, yet profound.

Read Violence Is Rampant on the Earth

Voice, His Sheep Hear His
People profess to have faith in God and to believe the Bible, then utterly deny Him and the Bible, by limiting Him to the written Word. The Bible itself is God’s Consummate Record of His ways with mankind, the historical and spiritual evidence of His speaking to chosen persons of mankind. Did Jesus Christ say, “My sheep read My voice” or did He say, “My sheep hear My voice”?

Read His Sheep Hear His Voice

Voices of Rejection, Disregard
Vonanderseck, Eric
What can you say about Eric Vonanderseck?

Read False Apostle Eric Vonanderseck

Vote for the Lord Jesus Christ, How Do We
How do we vote for the Lord Jesus Christ? The answer is repentance and confession of all sins before God and man – that’s how. We put our trust completely in Him. We look to Him to lead, guide, protect, and provide for us. We believe and agree with all that He says, and obey all that He asks of us. We confess Him as Lord, and ourselves as His servants, not only in word (which, if only in word, would be hypocritical), but also in deed, in all that we think, say, and do.

Read How Do We Vote for the Lord Jesus Christ?

Vote, Can You, for a Politician to turn Men to God
During the 2008 primaries, someone wrote asking us to pray for a man of God to be elected to lead the United States in righteousness. He did not know that Jesus Christ does not come through heroes or the politicians of this world. Rather than voting for a man who will make others right, you need to get right with God yourself!

Read Can You Vote for a Politician to Turn Men to God?

Vote, For Whom do We
Men buy our votes with our blood, giving us false and measly promises, and then do as they please with our money and us. Jesus Christ bought our votes with His blood, promising abundant life far beyond what politicians could imagine, yet His promises are sure and true. My vote is for Him.

Read For Whom Do We Vote?

Vote, Why for Jesus Christ?
Consider that if we all had been voting for the Lord Jesus Christ, this world would be a very different place, a veritable paradise. We have depended on our politicians and on our voting powers to bring the changes we have desired, and we have not realized where the real value and power are. We have set our hopes on man instead of on God.

Read Why Do We Vote for Jesus Christ?

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