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Having Fun at Victory Church

The truth never speaks loudly enough for the willful deaf, who take the Name of the Lord in vain. But the fires of judgment come, swift and terrible.

We received this question about Victory Church (VCI):

Do you still feel the same way about Victory Church and Hazel Hill? Do you have any proof of evidence other than your hearing from God?

Our reply:

Hearing from God isn’t enough, Garrett? If you can’t believe Him, who can or should you believe? Of course, the question you might actually be asking is, “How do you know you heard from God?” Right?

Did you read all of the posting on Victory Church?

In years to come, by various peculiar circumstances, I got to meet some of the original co-founders with the Hills, one by one, and the Lord’s Word to me was confirmed, not that I sought confirmation. I believed what He had told me, knowing so, not because of Hazel and George only, but because of what God gave me to discern and understand from several perspectives.

Regarding the many Victory churches that have formed since the original founding, the fruit of the tree can never be anything but what begins with the root, no matter how far away the branches extend from the trunk. The fruit will always, in due season, reveal the original nature of the tree.

In this year of 2009, someone coming out of a Victory church came to us for advice. They were parting ways because of spiritual disagreement, and they wanted to know what to do about a covenant with the church they had signed. I responded:

So why do men seek formal memberships, or in your case, a covenant? Putting it simply, they, in His Name, are building their own kingdoms and want guarantees, assurances from men for united activities and particularly financial endeavors, such as building projects and ministerial and staff salaries. In effect, they are not trusting and serving the Lord. They are trusting in themselves, usurping the glory and honor of God and, worse still, using His Name to do so.

Is that not ‘witchcraft,’ even as the Lord revealed to me of the Victory Christian Church in 1983? Of course it is! And of course, they are not the only ones guilty of independence from God. All formal church organizations are doing these things. But God was revealing more to me than what is mentioned here concerning Victory being a ‘coven of witches.’

This should suffice for now as warning to all who have ears to hear.

For another confirmation, Garrett, read The Exposure of Dick Deweert. For more general guidelines that apply to all Victory churches, see The True Marks of a Cult and Diabolical Doctrines.

The problem is never the Lord’s speaking – it’s always men’s hearing.

“For the hearts of this people has become dull. Their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and they should hear with their ears, lest they should understand with their heart and turn back, so that I should heal them” (Acts 28:27 EMTV).

Paul Cohen

Garrett’s reply:

Thanks for your response Paul. I would encourage you to listen to Pastor Dan Godard of Victory Church Moose Jaw. I would love to hear your discernment on this pastor.

Our response:

Garrett, Dan is an assembly-line-produced widget out of Bible schools, a proselyte, a tare, one who takes upon himself, or one upon whom men confer, the presumed honor of being a spokesman for God. He doesn’t know the Lord Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ doesn’t know him.

Why does he love Ishtar (Easter), the pagan, anti-Christ sex goddess of love and fertility
( Why does he celebrate and worship her husband by setting aside (making holy) the first day of the week, named Sunday in honor of the sun god, otherwise known as Baal? Why doesn’t he rather honor God’s ordained and irrevocable Sabbath, the last day?

Why is he discipled by and associated with a witches’ coven? There is no servant of God that can tolerate such association, not without bringing wrath on him.

I watched another video,, where they had a BBQ and baptism, posted July 9, 2015. What they were doing was utterly disgusting. What Victory calls “grace” is nothing less than iniquity. They have the two confused. (You can see my comment at the video.) [The comment was removed, presumbly by the poster from Victory Church. It said:

Matthew 24:37-39 MKJV
(37) But as the days of Noah were, so shall be the coming of the Son of Man.
(38) For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah entered into the ark.
(39) And they did not know until the flood came and took them all away. So also will be the coming of the Son of Man.]

Garrett, repent. You’re the issue, not Victory or Dan Godard or Hazel Hill. Still, they will be destroyed in their iniquity, along with those who follow them.

Victor Hafichuk

Garrett, Paul here, in total agreement with Victor. Did you read the writings I gave you? Here are two more for you: Counterfeit Christianity and The High Places.


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