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Is it a weed or is it a valuable herb? Is it helpful or harmful? Does it give life or take it? Is religion good or bad? Are we more interested in appearance or in substance? Was Jesus Christ merely a good man or is He the Messiah? Are we fools to commit ourselves to Him or is it the best thing that could happen to any person? We love the dandelion!

Read The Dandelion
Darkness, Arrogance of
We received the following e-mail, which was one man’s take on religion and our letters addressing false religious spirits, teachings, and spiritual error.

Read The Arrogance of Darkness
Darkness, Creature of
Here we have a letter from a creature of darkness, as depicted in I Am Legend, which will rip you to shreds in the dark and doesn’t dare to venture into the light, because light is death to the fool.

Read A Creature of Darkness
Dart Test, Sappy Stories
This story reveals, unintentionally, what goes on in seminaries. The result is an indictment against the religious ways of man, as contrasted with the holy ways of God.

Read The Dart Test – Isn’t It Funny?
Day of Worship
We are asked which is the true day of worship. The answer may surprise you.

Read The True Day of Worship
Day of Worship

Read 真正的敬拜日
Deadly, Error Proponent, Futher Correspondence with
Gary Sigler, the author of the article addressed in “The Deadly Error of the Universalists,” replies and we answer him regarding the difference between presumption of grace, and true grace demonstrated by works of faith. One is anti-Christ, while the other is Christ.

Read Further Correspondence with “Deadly Error” Proponent
Death Belongs to Us
When we are brought into life by faith in Christ, death no longer owns us as before.

Read Death Belongs to Us
Death, Life Above
True life is not so much before or after death as above death. The Scriptures testify, by the Lord’s words themselves, that He is the Resurrection and the Life.

Read Life Above Death
Death, Life Before
I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is HERE, NOW. He is my life, and the life of all men (John 1). Therefore, I have life here, now, before I shed my physical body in that event called death. That can only happen through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Read Life Before Death
Deathbed Conversions to Christ, Diabolical Doctrine
Considering the manner of life of the saints in the Scriptures, you’ll not find one instance where they sought to convert a person to faith at time of death. That’s because nothing whatsoever is commanded or taught by God that would induce one to coerce or cajole last-minute professions of faith from anybody. Such wouldn’t be true faith. Men of faith die as men of faith and the wicked die in their sins.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: Deathbed Conversions to Christ
Deception, The Nature of
How does deception come? Is Satan defeated because one doesn’t believe outright lies, or does he come more subtly, with lies couched in truth – an appearance of goodness and righteousness? Read how the liar is more effective at his work than many perceive. Beware of deception, by the grace of God.

Read The Nature of Deception
Demanding the Gifts, Despising the Price
There are those who demand the gifts of God while they despise the price required for those gifts to be made available to them. Riesah Prock from Shamanik Healing is such a one. In response to a recent Harvest Haven Newsletter she said, “I appreciate your agricultural efforts and results and enjoy eating them, but not with a side of righteous commentary.” In other words, “I appreciate you serving me, but I have no interest in righteousness.”

Read Demanding the Gifts, Despising the Price
Democracy is of God, Diabolical Doctrine
Democracy can be almost synonymous with Christianity in the minds of many. Take the political “religious right” in the United States, for example, which holds sacred the ideal of a democratic republic. The truth is that democracy (whether in the form of a republic or not) is a Gentile government, not theocratic, and therefore not Christian.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: Democracy Is of God
Demons, Mental Illness
What does God have to say about mental illness?

Read Demons and Mental Illness
Denominations Are Legitimate in Sight of God, Diabolical Doctrine
Satan promotes legitimacy and credibility of his kingdom by glorifying his gates of Hell in order to keep men in darkness and maintain his control over their souls. And men must justify their lawlessness and independence of God, because they worship what, when, where, and how they please. As it is written, “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).

Read Diabolical Doctrine: Denominations Are Legitimate in the Sight of God
Depression, Good Riddance to
This little writing identifies the causes of depression and enumerates its solutions. What a tremendous value to those who can receive the truths and practical advice gathered over many years, proven in the crucible of life, and presented succinctly. And it’s all the gift of God, the Giver of spirit and Creator of our bodies, Who would have us prosper in both by learning His ways.

Read Good Riddance to Depression
Despatch Editors
Paul sent this e-mail to the editors of Despatch magazine: The following letter was written in reply to one complaining to us about our occasional use of The Message in our writings and letters. The woman complaining sent us a link to your site as support material for her argument, so I am forwarding our responses to you as constructive comments that could lead you to repentance from worshipping the Bible, particularly the King James Version.

Read Despatch Editors
Devils Also Believe in God
You say you believe in God. Is your belief doing you any good? Or is it doing you evil? The promises of God are wonderful for those who believe Him, but woe to them who believe without faith and its attendant fruits of obedience.

Read Devils Also Believe in God
Diet, Christian Physical
There is the prevalent, yet false and mortal notion that believers can eat what and as they please because they are Christians, have no need to bother about the physical and “have the Great Chemist within” Who will sort everything out and make it all good simply because He is asked to do so and thought to have ordained such an arrangement. Nothing can be farther from the truth, yet is preached as truth by almost all those who name His Name. There is clear direction as to what a believer’s diet should be.

Read Christian Physical Diet
Diet, The Perfect
If anyone has ears to hear, the perfect diet is truly possible and available. What is crucial is the sure foundation, which is what is missing in every other diet. Do you believe me? You need to believe me, if you are to avail yourself of it. In principle, not only does this writing apply to eating, but to all addictions, bad habits, and problems that exist, because the principles are foundational. “If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes,” said Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Without faith in these principles, failure is guaranteed; with faith and obedience in these principles, success is guaranteed.

Read The Perfect Diet
Disagreement, Grounds for a Hasty Dismissal
Do Christians simply walk away from other Christians because they don’t agree with what they say, with no explanation to possibly even help those who appear wrong, or not contending at all for the truth to bring light to whomever? Is that right? Is this not the cause of denominationalism, something Paul condemned, rightly so, in his letter to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 3)?

Read Is Disagreement Grounds for a Hasty Dismissal?
Disorder, Disorder Produced by
Can intelligence and organization come from chaos? This brief correspondence demonstrates that like comes from like. The one espousing chaos as his origin exhibits disorganized thinking, though concealed behind educated and intellectual sounding propositions that might even sound logical. To those whose minds are in a muddle, it all sounds very impressive, but with critical examination we find a dog’s breakfast of notions incoherently assembled into an inedible mass. The antidote is sound thinking from the source of our existence, the One Who organized and created us.

Read Disorder Produced by Disorder
Divine Love, We Are
Mary Lou, a self-proclaimed “White Dove,” questions whether all we say and do is “really a manifestation of His divine LOVE.” Our reply tests her goal to “flow in love with all beliefs.”

Read We Are Divine Love (That is why the religious seek to kill us)
Do You Believe This???
People use various motivational tools to convince and lead others into works of various kinds. Sappy stories with spiritual elements are a choice tool of the religious to get people to join them in a “witness for God.” This kind of witnessing has nothing at all to do with God. In this example we expose these corrupt machinations of men and declare the truth of God that makes free.

Read “Do You Believe This???” – Asking the Wrong Question
I have not wanted to be doctrinal, yet doctrine is important. True doctrine is fruit, coming from faith.

Read Doctrine
Doctrines, Diabolical, Full List
Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron. (1 Timothy 4:1-2)

Read Diabolical Doctrines
Does God Speak Only Gentle Words
The world is awash in a phony “Christian” love that precludes and condemns anything God has to say to any that pretend or offend. We received a response to Spiritual Reality vs. Make-Believe, which demonstrates this conflict.

Read Does God Speak Only Gentle Words?
Does Peter Have a Hospital
Peter, who was not a doctor, healed the sick and raised the dead by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now you sit there and say, “Don’t send me mail about the Lord Whom Peter served, and by Whom he healed the sick; this is our work place [St. Peter’s] where we are treating sick people.”

Read Does Peter Have a Hospital?
Doing Right, Wanting to
We are called to do right because it is right, whether pleasing to anyone or not. We are here to choose the successful and true right, the one and only kind of right there is, and not what we ignorantly and foolishly imagine and choose to be right, in that it is selfishly advantageous.

Read Wanting to Do Things Right
Doss, Galal
The more loony the idea, the more credibility some think to have by championing it.

Read Sabbath “Lunartarians”
Dreams, Collection

Read Dreams


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