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Teenager's View of Heaven, Sappy Stories,
Here is a story that twists together fact and fiction, lies and truth, light and darkness, in order to take what is sweet and leave out what is bitter. A concocted happy ending leads to a devastating real one.

Read A Teenager’s View of Heaven – “The Room”
Temptation, Sexual Urge
I can look at a delicious plate of my favorite food and be excited, particularly when hungry. I can appreciate beautiful scenery or anything that excels in power or beauty or some desirable characteristics. I’ve been very impressed with writers who have such wonderful abilities to express themselves. I often wish I could write like them. But these excitements and desires, while legitimate or neutral in themselves, can’t be allowed free rein. I can’t allow myself to covet my neighbor’s goods or any other thing, though I may appreciate what’s there.

Read Sexual Urge and Temptation
Temptation, The Victory Over
We believers and servants of God aren’t called to fight the tempter. The moment you take up the challenge against the enemy, you’ve lost. He has you on his ground and on his terms. You’re dead.

Read The Victory over Temptation
Tentmaker, Conversation with Nathan
Blog War on The Path of Truth – Tentmaker Forum: Conversation with Nathan

Read Further Correspondence with Nathan
Test from God or a Message from Hell, Sappy Stories
Fluffy wishes that stand in denial of reality do enough harm on their own, but when these messages propose to be from God Himself, they do even greater evil. What does God have to say about these messages? And where is true hope found?

Read “A TEST” – A Test from God or a Message from Hell?
Test, Failing the
A reader's response to “A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada”: Reader's response: DO NOT BOTHER ME WITH THIS TYPE OF IGNORANT, “GODLY” DIVISIVE ABSOLUTE…

Read Failing the Test
Testing the Spirits
Many claim that to simply confess Jesus Christ came in the flesh 2,000 years ago is to automatically make one of God. Is that so, or is there more to it? Read to find out.

Read Testing the Spirits
That Prophet, What Moses Says
Today is the Demand of God to Receive the Provision for the Requirement. It is the Final Day of the Lord prophesied of 3500 years ago by Moses and 2000 years ago by Peter.

Read That Prophet – What Moses Says
That Prophet, Who Is - Identifying the True
In this part, I further distinguish the differences between the Messiah and that prophet. Many confuse the two, which leads to erroneous conclusions, expectations, and decisions, thus withholding from them the release, freedom, joy, and power of the Truth. With truth and clarity of vision, according to Scripture, the confusion is eliminated and I identify who that prophet is.

Read Who Is That Prophet? Part 2: Identifying the True
That Prophet, Who Is - Part 1: Eliminating the Fraud
Muslims have proclaimed that Muhammad is the prophet prophesied by Moses who would have a relationship to God and the people similar to what Moses had. In this part, we examine this claim according to the characteristics of Moses and his ministry, and consider the matter of the identity of this prophet.

Read Who Is That Prophet? Part 1: Eliminating the Fraud
The Map & Face of Jesus, Sappy Stories
Know that with whom, or Whom, you identify, there will be a price to pay, with commensurate reward.

Read The Map and the Face of Jesus
The Message, Peterson's, Answering those who Condemn
Are transliterations wrong? Did Peterson compose The Message with a New Age agenda, purposely perverting the Scriptures to support paganism? What does God think and what does He reveal to us through the mind of Christ? How are we, in His sight, to view and use the Bible? These important matters are discussed in these letters, along with addressing the particular spirits and attitudes of our correspondents.

Read Answering Those Who Condemn Peterson’s The Message
The North Wind and the Sun, Sappy Stories
Does the Kingdom of God come by man’s gentle persuasion and attractive qualities? Or is it another matter altogether? Consider some questions, and see what the answer is for yourself, Lord willing.

Read The North Wind and the Sun
The Rest of Our Conversation with Jen Elslager
Blog War on The Path of Truth – The Rest of Our Conversation with Jen Elslager

Read The Rest of Our Conversation with Jen Elslager
The Trinity
What a pernicious god is the trinity, dividing the Indivisible God into pieces and thereby diminishing Him into an indecipherable mess. Trinity worshippers demand that Christians bow to this abomination made in the likeness of their own confusion, threatening death (ostracism, condemnation, even murder) to those who don’t comply. In this section, we expose the idolaters and their idol in order to liberate those held hostage to the damnable lies.

Read The Trinity
The Wisdom of God Trumps Trinitarian Tricksterism
What possesses religious people to attack and denounce, in the Name of God, those who refute what they can’t explain? Though they try, they find it impossible to justify how the True God and Lord Jesus Christ is three entities, whereas He plainly declares that He is One, with no other gods beside Him. Doesn’t the trinitarian’s belligerent contradiction represent the height of man’s arrogance? These crazed minds are fed the doctrines of devils, and they love to have it so. Here we prove their madness with Scripture and sound reasoning, which doesn’t sway doctrinal zealots bent on promoting themselves and their false gods. Still, we have faith that our One God and One Lord will prevail in the end.

Read The Wisdom of God Trumps Trinitarian Tricksterism
Third Temple, Physical or Spiritual
Here’s what you need to know about the Third Temple, also called Ezekiel’s Temple, because of the extensive description given by the prophet Ezekiel, received in the visions of God. This building is intimately linked to the “Messianic Age,” and rightfully so, as we will explain.

Read The Third Temple – Physical or Spiritual?
This Is Beautiful! Try Not to Cry, Sappy Stories
Using God’s Name has provided people with a great palate on which to paint whatever pleases them. God can do whatever we want, right? They pass these imaginative deceptions along to others who may be similarly pleased with the escapism from Reality and hard Truth. The lies told in God’s Name do not make those go away, they only seal off the way to man’s only sure Hope.

Read "This Is Beautiful! Try Not to Cry": Satan’s Appeal to the Emotions
Thomas, Al, Darkness, Invites Light
Does darkness invite the light or is it simply expelled at the introduction of light? Does light seek permission of darkness, or does it simply come and replace it? Do you not know that Light does not need permission from darkness?

Read False Teacher – Al Thomas
Three Days and Three Nights
There is a common understanding in nominal Christianity that Jesus Christ was laid in the tomb on Friday evening and raised from the dead Sunday morning. But the Lord said He would be in the earth for three days and three nights. Who do you think is right? The Scriptures tell us exactly what happened.

Read Three Days and Three Nights
Three Degrees
There is an infinitely higher “education,” of which the greatest scholars and promulgators of this world’s education know nothing. The least in the Kingdom of Heaven, from whence the highest “education” comes, is greater than they. Just as there are three degrees of advancement in higher education, so there are also three degrees of advancement in the spiritual development with God. These degrees are progressive unveilings of Jesus Christ, Who is being glorified in man, and the honor is His.

Read The Three Degrees
Time and Chance, Happens to Them All
“I returned and saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happens to them all” (Ecclesiastes 9:11 MKJV).

Read “Time and Chance Happens to Them All…”
Tithe, How Does One Today
This question is posed to us by one wondering how the Old Testament Law applies. She is convinced that giving is good, but wants to know where and how one should give. We answer her question.

Read How Does One Tithe Today?
Tithes and Offerings, Index
Here is the teaching the Lord has given us, by revelation and experience, on this important matter.

Read Tithes and Offerings
Tithes, What the Lord Has Taught Us About Offerings
Our teaching comes from the crucible of experience, proven by God in us as true and good for all.

Read What the Lord Has Taught Us About Tithes and Offerings
Tom and Zachary Exposed
The Path of Truth – Tom Burgee Blog War: Tom and Zachary Exposed

Read Tom and Zachary Exposed
Tomb, How Long Was Jesus in the
If Jesus was buried at the end of Friday and was up before sunup on Sunday, where are the 3 days He promised, the sign of Jonah? How do we know the saying wasn’t a Jewish idiom, an expression exercised to include partial days in the count of three days and three nights, as is so foolishly argued by some? Why, we can go to the Authoritative Scriptures for the answers, always! That’s how we know. Is there a better way?

Read How Long Was Jesus in the Tomb?
Too Hot to Handle
Blog War on The Path of Truth: Arthur Sido – Too Hot to Handle

Read Too Hot to Handle
Transsexuality, Revelation on
How does a man become convinced that he is really a woman? What does God have to say about this? A revelation and a revealing conversation with a transgender ‘Christian’ incensed by the preaching of God’s sovereignty and the fulfilling of every jot and tittle of His Law through Jesus Christ.

Read Revelation on Transsexuality
Treasure, One Woman's
A reader shares her thoughts related to others who accuse us of spam.

Read One Woman’s Treasure…
Tribes, Answering an Apologist for the
Honcho David Derush is called in by Diane to prove that we are wrong – the Twelve Tribes are God’s salvation on earth, contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We answer the arguments David presents to prove the Tribes’ divine mission, with Scriptural specifics that prove the opposite is true. The Twelve Tribes is a man-made invention – idolaters and promoters of the false religion they see in everyone else. That makes them hypocrites, too.

Read Answering an Apologist for the Tribes
Trinitarian, Carnal Reasonings of
Do you know three people who are distinct individuals but not separate persons? Neither do I! The Trinitarian in this correspondence, however, claims to know of such a god, but only in theory, because there’s no reality to his incomprehensible conglomerate monstrosity. And he refuses to hear the sayings of the true God because that would be the end of his justification for following his corrupt thoughts and lusts.

Read The Carnal Reasonings of a Trinitarian
Trinitarians, Gospel According to
Where is the trinity preached in the Bible? If you ask a Trinitarian to show you, they can only provide verses that have to be manhandled to support their confounding doctrine (and one famous verse that didn’t exist in the oldest manuscripts). That was until now – because here we present to you the unambiguous “Gospel According to Trinitarians.”

Read The Gospel According to Trinitarians
Trinity, (God is Three Persons), Diabolical Doctrine
What horrid confusion, vainglory, and strife have been produced by philosophers posing as Christians, putting God under a microscope in their intellectual laboratories and dissecting Him into three beings; even messing with the Scriptures to support their damnable heresies! What arrogance! What presumption!

Read Diabolical Doctrine: The Trinity (God Is Three Persons)
Trinity, Asininity of the
In this paper we take apart the trinity, tearing it in little pieces and discarding it in the theological trash can where it belongs. We begin by discrediting, defenders of orthodox Christianity and many of its diabolical doctrines.

Read The Asininity of the Trinity
Trinity, By Any Other Name It's Still the
The trinity doctrine has many incarnations and explanations, which is to be expected with any theory not founded on the Truth. “Lest you should meditate on the path of life, her tracks are movable; you cannot know them” (Proverbs 5:6 MKJV). Some theorists even deny they’re talking about the trinity, as with the one we answer here, but when they say they worship more than one god in Heaven, it’s not the One True God of Holy Scripture.

Read By Any Other Name, It’s Still the Trinity
True Day of Worship
We are asked which is the true day of worship. The answer may surprise you.

Read The True Day of Worship
True Day of Worship

Read 真正的敬拜日
True Love, Expose the False
The greatest hoax ever perpetrated, one that has plagued the world and every soul in it from the very beginning, has its end, because the Light Who enlightens has come.

Read True Love Comes to Expose the False
True Worship Day
We are asked which is the true day of worship. The answer may surprise you.

Read The True Day of Worship
True Worship Day

Read 真正的敬拜日
Truth for Everyone; Religion for No One
God has never been about starting a religion – not even Judaism or Christianity in any of their many forms. I know this from the Bible, the greatest and most authoritative source, the one Jesus repeatedly quoted from. The Bible is very clear on this. I also know this from the Author of the Bible, Jesus Christ, Who inspired His prophets to put this fact on written record for our sakes.

Read Truth for Everyone; Religion for No One
Truth Hurts, Why?
A reader asks us, “Why does the truth hurt so much?”

Read Why The Truth Hurts
Truth, Close Mind to, Lies, Open Minded to
God is not at all open-minded about what men believe and teach in the name of religion, even or especially if using His Name, as does the Mormon Church and so many others, which they do in vain. He is the Truth, not the “Manifold and Conflicting Opinions of Men.”

Read Close-Minded to Truth = Open-Minded to Lies
Truth, Insults Those who Despise it
Readers response: You certainly know that I think that the claims of Christianity are no more true then those of Buddhism.

Read Truth Insults Those Who Despise It
Truth, Liars Don't Tell The
Readers response: If you hurry up, you can return your gift in time to get a refund and Hashem will still forgive you.

Read Liars Don't Tell the Truth
Truth, Serving the Cause
One of life’s great pleasures for lovers of truth is being able to heartfully agree with your enemies.

Read Serving the Cause of Truth
Truths, Most Glorious
There is no truth more greatly opposed by mankind, which can justifiably lead us to suspect, or truly believe, that it is the greatest truth of all. This I believe: Anyone who knows this truth in the heart of hearts, and not just in the head, stands in the perfect will and ordained rest of God.

Read The Most Glorious of Truths
Turin, Shroud of
Many believe the Shroud of Turin to be a burial cloth used to wrap Jesus’ dead body, bearing His physical image supernaturally imparted at His resurrection. What do the Scriptures and the Lord say about this? They are not silent.

Read The Shroud of Turin
Twelve Tribes, The
Many groups claim to be God’s people, but few claim to be actually creating His Kingdom on earth now. The Twelve Tribes have put their money where their mouths are, so to speak, by creating communities that encompass all aspects of life. Surely God’s Kingdom does no less. So why are they in our false section? Validity depends on why and how, not what you do. There is God’s work, and there is man’s imitation. The Tribes are the latter.

Read The Twelve Tribes


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