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Fact from Fallacy
Tyler, raised a “Christian,” believes the Koran to be like a “third Testament,” with the “prophet” Muhammad preaching a gospel of “religious toleration, charity, and goodwill.” Paul helps Tyler separate fact from fallacy.

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Faith, Contending for the
A short introduction to a disscussion we had about the murderer, John Calvin.

Read Contending for the Faith
Faith, Profession of, Is it Vain?
Many who think they are not in darkness have never known the True Light, and therefore do not know the difference. Church membership, no matter how dedicated or longstanding, does not avail with God, Who is Light. Believing some true doctrines does not cut it with Him either; the Pharisees are an example. Now the Bible says if one walks in darkness, he does not know where he is going (John 12:35). How many think they walk upright and steadfastly, when, truly, they are covered with bruises, often lying on the ground?

Read Is Your Profession of Faith Vain, Christian?
Faith, The Gift of
The only way a person can believe in the Lord Jesus Christ is by godly faith, and this faith isn’t something a person naturally has – it’s a gift from God. Therefore anyone who truly believes in Christ (not only as a matter of doctrine, but according to a supernaturally-changed life), then it’s because God planted faith in that person, not because the person accepted God or His gift. When you plant a seed in the ground, you don’t say the earth accepted it.

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Faith, What Is
Those in the world assume that going by faith is like flying blind, or worse – having no reason to believe or hope for something, only having the desire to do so. They expect something in the future and are invariably disappointed.

Read What Is Faith?
Faith, What Kind Do You Have?
There is a false faith and there is the true faith. There is the faith that serves self, derived from self, and there is the gift of faith that serves God.

Read What Kind of Faith Do You Have?
Faith, Willpower Posing as
Many professors of Christ proclaim they are believing for their healing of deadly diseases such as cancer. Why must one believe for something God gladly gives to His children who obey Him? Must I believe for the air that I breathe? What is wrong with this picture?

Read Willpower Posing as Faith
False Accusations from Confusion
False Accusations, "Brother Jerry"
“For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” (1 Corinthians 14:8 KJV) We received a confusing, rambling note from “Brother Jerry”, accusing us but lacking any substance.

Read Our Previous Conversation with "Brother Jerry"
False Love, Mark of Cain
In this paper, Satan’s mask, which he uses to appear as an angel of light, and by which he deceives the whole world, is removed, his essence and the last great bastion of his power exposed for all to see. Let those who read, take heed:

Read False Love – The Mark of Cain
False Love, Satan's Last Stronghold
His back to the wall, Satan repairs to his final refuge, where he is invulnerable except to the children of Light, who perceive his number and correctly identify it. His number is that of a man; how can man usurp God’s position except to affect God’s Nature, which is love?

Read False Love – Satan’s Last Stronghold
False Love, Selfishness Exposes
Arjuna Ardagh’s ex-administrator was offended that her name showed up on a Google search linking her with the Living Essence Foundation. She now calls Arjuna a “fraud,” and complains that she had nothing to do with the reply to The Issues of Life signed by her. She ominously summons legal counsel, but the point is moot, because if the shoe doesn’t fit, she doesn’t have to wear it. Arjuna chimes in too, and, before it is all over, each is exposed in his or her self-serving ways.

Read Selfishness Exposes False Love
False Religious Love, Hates (Rejects) God
In our last series (Does God Speak Only Gentle Words?) Victor gave Marisa Scriptural examples of the way God has spoken to many, with sharp warnings and rebukes of evil, especially to those walking in self-righteous hypocrisy. To that, Marisa responds

Read The False Religious Love that Hates (Rejects) God
False Teachers, Beware of
There are those who say we are critical and judgmental when they see the False Teachers section, in which we expose those who deceive and are in error. We make no apology, because we obey the Lord. There are so many more we can add to the list, and we will do so as we are given by the Lord.

Read Beware of False Teachers
Falsehood Exposed Index
Falsehood Exposed on The Path of Truth

Read Falsehood Exposed
Falsehood, Public Promoter Confronted Publicly
Gary complains because we have published his letter. He also accuses us of deleting materials or misrepresenting him without specifics (because there are none). We contrast his reaction to the Lord’s teachings and ways. Whereas Gary cannot bear honest public scrutiny, though he preaches publicly, the Lord went quietly to an unjust death in front of the whole world at the hands of those who slandered Him.

Read A Public Promoter of Falsehood Confronted Publicly
Family Life, Forgiveness, End of Hell
Disobeying God is where hell begins, and obeying Him is where it ends. All that happens in life, all the suffering, is with purpose.

Read Family Life, Forgiveness, and the End of Hell
Family Unity, Hallmark of True Christianity, Diabolical Doctrine
“Anything that divides is not of God,” the saying goes, in churches. But where does that saying come from? Does it come from God, or does it come from the realm of darkness, from men jealously preserving their kingdoms? It comes from Satan, who savors the things of men, not of God (Matthew 16:23).

Read Diabolical Doctrine: Family Unity – A Hallmark of True Christianity
Family, Choose This Day Between God and
There is no place for partisanship in choosing and doing what is right. The Scriptures are full of examples and directions on how one can prosper, not in keeping one’s life, but in losing it for God’s sake by obeying Him in what is good when familial connections come strongly against doing so. We have seen how those who choose their families over doing what is right reap a sorrowful harvest.

Read Choose This Day Between Family and God
Fear, A Question about
There’s nothing wrong at all with using fear to save some, the right kind that reverences God through the hearing of faith. We warn everyone that God is not to be trifled with; He is indeed to be feared. Those who believe take heed and are saved.

Read A Question about Fear
Feast-Keeping, Sin
Are you following God’s written directions and requirements as recorded in the Law of Moses? If not, then you cannot be keeping the Feasts in truth, can you? If you are not doing things His way, but are substituting something else for His specific and precise instructions, yet call what you do by His chosen name for the real event, is that not presumptuous and deceitful? Are you not breaking His Law and sinning?

Read The Feast-Keeping that Is Sin
Federow, Stuart, Jews, What the True Believe
Stuart Federow publishes “What Jews Believe,” which consists of a list of ten postulates that prohibit Jews from believing in Jesus Christ. Who made Stuart a spokesman for all Jews? The only One Whose Word matters here is God. What does He have to say about Stuart’s personal objections? Just what do true Jews believe?

Read False Teacher – Stuart Federow: What True Jews Believe
Fellowship of the Saints
“And we know that the whole creation groans and travails in pain together until now” (Romans 8:22 MKJV). This describes the separation and isolation that all people experience, no matter how well connected they seem to be with others. Why is it this way? And what is the remedy that stands at the door, prepared to satisfy this most basic need and yearning for unity? A wonderful change is coming that will bring satisfaction to that desire of mankind for… the fellowship of the saints.

Read The Fellowship of the Saints
Field, Chad, Prayer Request for
Paul replies to a mass circulated prayer request.

Read Prayer Request for Chad Field
Fluoridation, Deeper Issue
Those who are aware of the toxic effects of hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) and don't take a public stand for fear of social, marital, political, religious, financial, and business consequences will be called into account from above. God is finished winking.

Read The Deeper Issue of Public Water Fluoridation
Fluoride, The Fight Against
“And the nations were full of wrath, and Your wrath came, and the time of the judging of the dead, and to give the reward to Your servants the prophets, and to the saints, and to the ones fearing Your Name, to the small and to the great, and to destroy those destroying the earth” (Revelation 11:18).

Read The Fight Against Fluoride
Fool, The Mystery of
How does deception come? Is Satan defeated because one doesn’t believe outright lies, or does he come more subtly, with lies couched in truth – an appearance of goodness and righteousness? Read how the liar is more effective at his work than many perceive. Beware of deception, by the grace of God.

Read The Mystery of the Fool
Fools for Christ's Sake, But You Are Wise
Beth the church-goer is insulted because a man who was either ignorant or careless labeled all scientists as godless. She wants him to know that her career as a scientist proves that not all evolutionists are without profession of faith in God. But what good is your faith in God, Beth, if it pits you against Him, building the rationales of rebels who deny Him? You need His faith, not that which is conjured up by a proud and sinful mind.

Read “We Are Fools for Christ’s Sake, But You Are Wise…”
Forgiveness is an established attitude. It is the key to a spiritual breakthrough for most, if not all, people at one time or another. How often is there bitterness and unforgiveness hidden under a facade of friendliness! Worse still, it is sometimes concealed under apparent piety and profession of faith in Christ, in a spiritual condition that is fruitless, powerless, and a grief to God because of hypocrisy. Forgiveness sets free from a dark, dank, rat-infested prison to a bright, sunny, fresh-air day. The prisoner holds the keys to undo his chains and unlock the door.

Read Forgiveness
Free Will, Choosing
The problem in understanding for most people is that they mistake choice for free will. The reason we have choice is to show us we do not have a free will. We may be free to desire and choose, but we certainly do not have the freedom to do anything we please.

Read Choosing Free Will
Free Will, Index
What a debate there has been from the very beginning on this matter of free will, ever since Adam and Eve exercised a choice contrary to God’s command that they not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil! As it was demonstrated, the desire and demand for free will is the expression of the very essence of sin. In this section we address the false teaching that man has a free will, and can exercise it for good.

Read Free Will
Free Will, Man has, Diabolical Doctrine
God is Lord of all. He alone is the Master of all destinies; otherwise He is Lord of nothing. Either one has free will, or one does not. Liberty must be total, or it isn’t true liberty – it’s only frustrating torment.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: Man Has Free Will
Free Will, Question and Answers
Justin wonders aloud if man cannot have a small part to play in the outworking of all things by the exercise of his will in certain choices. It is so hard for mankind to accept the sovereignty of God! It is impossible. Salvation IS knowing God rules over all. We close the door firmly on any notion that humanity has its hand on the rudder.

Read A Question and Answers about Free Will
Free Will, Whose Is?
Jesus Christ demonstrated what true freedom is, what it does, what it cannot do, and what it means to be fully committed to God: “Thy will, and not mine, be done.” He, Christ, is therefore the One to Whom all men are drawn, to learn in due time that none can resist His will.

Read Whose Will Is Free?
Freedom of Choice as Defined by the Lawless
On June 3rd, a person by the name of Elizabeth Charles contacted Victor via Facebook. Elizabeth had previously commented on a post at the Harvest Haven Facebook page where Martin Van Popta spoke about freedom of choice and the contradiction of those who presume to support it yet viciously demand others to pay for, and support their choices.

Read Freedom of Choice as Defined by the Lawless
Freedom of Speech, High Cost of
A customer at Harvest Haven takes leave of us, “shocked and horrified” that we “spread such inflammatory words about a whole religion,” and regretting “every dollar ever spent in [our] store.” She says, with a straight face, that she will never come back because she “values freedom of religion and respect for ALL people.”

Read The High Cost of Freedom of Speech
Fruits, of Maturity in Christ
Here are some before and afters of what God does with His saints, whom He calls, chooses, and prepares for glory. Blessed be His Name! The glory is His!

Read The Fruits of Maturity in Christ
Full Salvation, Conversion is, Diabolical Doctrine
Is this a doctrine of devils? Absolutely. It sounds glorifying of the Lord Jesus Christ, but it leaves people in death and Hell, persuaded that nothing is required of them after they’ve been converted. Trusting that “Jesus did it all,” they do nothing. But God sends strong delusion to those who don’t have a love of the truth, and they deserve their deception. God is never unrighteous, and the condemned are never undeserving.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: Conversion Is Full Salvation


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