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Making Sport of Holy Things
The spirit of Calvin cannot bear to hear or listen to anything but its own self righteous pet doctrines. Upon being confronted with the truth, as on this blog, it takes great offense, and, not being able to enforce corporal punishment, as Calvin did, it mocks and waxes pious, which are heads and tails of the same corrupt coin of flesh.

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Man Chained by Knowledge Needs to Humble Himself
Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God
What is the mark of the beast? What is the seal of God? These are matters of spiritual revelation, not of the carnal realm evident to the senses of man.

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Mark, No Buying or Selling without
Those given the grace to love God and neighbor will be accepted of God, but rejected by men, just as Jesus promised and exemplified. Whoever’s eyes are opened will see the same in the following brief, but poignant, correspondence.

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Marriage, Spouses are Equal in Christian, Diabolical Doctrine
Men, for their part, have willingly abdicated their responsibility of faith and obedience to God by submitting to their wives, who have been deceived by the serpent from Eve’s day down to the present. Believe it. Men have used their wives as an excuse for disobeying God since Adam, who said (and still says), “The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the Tree, and I did eat” (Genesis 3:12). Men do not believe, and therefore they follow their wives.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: Spouses Are Equal in Christian Marriage
Marriage, The Bed Undefiled
Contrary to those who do not have the Spirit of God, love does not find its zenith in the flesh, the physical bed, or even in a marriage. True love is not about sex and sleeping together. Therefore the custom of the husband and wife slumbering together is an unjustified burden, robbing the family of much good, contributing little more than two keeping warm more easily than one when it is cold. Love one another, trash vain and hurtful tradition, get some good sleep, rest, and enjoy one another afresh each day with energy, respect, and love.

Read The Marriage Bed Undefiled
Marriages, All are of God
The purpose of this writing is to set free those bound by the error that a married couple must remain together simply because they are married. Regardless of licenses, ceremonies, and approval of men, if God didn’t put man and woman together, in His sight the union is a lawless one, and the couple lives in fornication. If so, then they ought to part, discontinuing their sin rather than continuing in it.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: All Marriages Are of God
Marry Outside of God’s Will, Can Two Believers?
Mass Mailer- Animal Abuse in Shelter
Mass Mailer from Glenn & Ingrid – Animal Abuse in Shelter

Read Mass Mailer from Glenn & Ingrid – Animal Abuse in Shelter
Mass Mailers, Healing
Mass Mailers Asking for Healing

Read Mass Mailers Asking for Healing
McCartney, Bill
What is wrong with joining together with others who profess Christ and mutually promise to commit themselves to doing good? In the sight of God, everything. Let us show you why and how.

Read Promise Keepers
Melchizedek, Was it the Lord Jesus Christ?
We believe, according to the Scriptures, that Melchizedek was a man, not the Lord Jesus Christ or the Angel of the Lord. Introducing Melchizedek, the Scriptures say: “And Melchizedek the king of Salem brought forth bread and wine. And he was the priest of the most high God” (Genesis 14:18 MKJV).

Read Was Melchizedek the Lord Jesus Christ?
Mercola, Joseph - Response to “Everything You Are Against Weakens You”?
Victor responds to this quote by Wayne Dyer – “Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.”

Read “Everything You Are Against Weakens You”?
Message, The Debra Lynn Account
A woman writes to express disagreement with our using Peterson’s transliteration, The Message.

Read Debra Lynn and The Message
Messiah, Mr. Yacobi Meets the
This conversation with an orthodox Jew highlights the answers God has for Biblical arguments used to reject His appearing in Christ. As always with God, it is about more than doctrine; the answers are tailored to the person. That is how it can be said that Mr. Yacobi met his Messiah.

Read Mr. Yacobi Meets the Messiah
Messiah, Waiting for
Are Jews justified in rejecting their Savior because world peace has not come? What about the work of God through Christ in effecting peace within, where world peace begins? Paul shows one Jew that by rejecting his Messiah, he is rejecting the only Way of being reconciled to God and man.

Read Waiting for the Messiah
Mike Magee, Previous Correspondence
Atheism: Previous Correspondence with Mike Magee from Ask Why

Read Previous Correspondence with Mike Magee
Milk, Raw, Freedom to Choose!
How is it that people can smoke themselves to death or drink their lives into oblivion, and the government makes some lame gestures at trying to say it’s bad for your health? But you dare mention “raw milk” and you have the health police on your door step and all your activities monitored!

Read Raw Milk – Freedom to Choose!
Miracle, What is?
Do we still see genuine miracles today? Would you know one, if you saw one?

Read What Is a Miracle?
Miracles, What About A Course in
There are not a few people caught up with the book A Course in Miracles. We address this diabolical deception.

Read What About A Course in Miracles?
Misconceptions, Correcting Some
Readers response: I am a gentile Christian who got your letter presumably because you thought I was Jewish.

Read Correcting Some Misconceptions
Mixture, Incompatible
Some things simply do not belong together. Physical examples demonstrate the folly of mixing such things. How much more devastating are the commonplace spiritual mixtures men presume serve for good, which violate the first truth of existence: Our God is a holy God.

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Mockers, At the Last Time There Will Be
It does not cease to amaze me how brute beasts can speak without substance, without fact, yet be so brazen and proud of what they have to say, as though they are geniuses and sages of the century.

Read At the Last Time There Will Be Mockers
Moral, What Is and Isn't
We reply to one reader who had the following to say after reading For Whom Do We Vote? “I prefer to vote for those who have the same moral values that I do than not to vote.”

Read What Is Moral and What Isn’t?
Mormon Church, Hypocrisy of
A thief at large is identified by name to warn others, so they can avoid being pilfered. At the same time, the greater thieves, those who stalk a much larger population and do far greater damage, are also identified. The Mormon Church has stolen the Name of Jesus Christ to cover activities and intentions that are criminal in the sight of God. They are exposed as hypocritical and covetous when refusing to take any responsibility or remedial actions for the misdeeds of one its members.

Read Owin’ Owen: A Fruit of the Deplorable Hypocrisy of the Mormon Church
Mormon Confronted with Evidence, Objections and Personal Attacks of
We hear back from Andrew the Mormon regarding substantive facts about Mormonism and the Book of Mormon provided by a linked site Victor had sent to him. While making gestures and offering some ideas that suggest otherwise, Andrew offered no hard evidence or facts to the contrary, but instead finally resorted to making a personal attack. Victor answers the arguments and the accusations.

Read The Objections and Personal Attacks of a Mormon Confronted with Evidence
Mormon, A Letter to
Victor replies to a letter from a Mormon woman who wrote in reponse to the following portion of the article How the Lord Exposed Billy Graham Part 1 of 2. “They speak of his great sincerity, and of his having won millions to Christ. Many are sincere. Mormons, JW’s, Catholics, Muslims (to the point of blowing themselves up), Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Communists, Satan worshippers, and many others are sincere.”

Read A Letter to a Mormon
Mormon, Conversation with
A Mormon friend of Debbie accuses us of invading her privacy, and then argues for “live and let live” religion, wherein everyone can be counted as good and acceptable to God. Victor uncovers the reality and further demonstrates the spiritual depravity of Mormonism compared to the Standard and Light of all men.

Read A Conversation with a Mormon
Mormonism, Confusion Results from
A Mormon woman, Melody, unsubscribed from The Issues of Life. She thinks we are confused. We point out the confusion of her reasoning and behavior as the product of her Mormon teaching, which is in direct conflict with the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ, Whom she professes to follow.

Read Confusion Results from Mormonism
Mormonism, Is of Him, The Lord Answers the Question
“In that hour Jesus rejoiced in Spirit and said, I thank You, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the sophisticated and cunning, and have revealed them to babes. Yes, Father, for so it was pleasing before You” (Luke 10:21).

Read The Lord Answers the Question: Is Mormonism of Him?
Mormons, Reader Takes to task
In this series of letters we hear from, and reply to, a man that finds fault with the Mormon religion.

Read A Reader Takes Mormons to Task
Mothers Day, What about
Many people are aware of the pagan origin of Christmas and Easter (which isn't Passover), but what about holidays of recent invention, such as Mother's Day? There's no heathen religious history associated with it, and there isn't anything wrong with honoring our mothers on a particular day, is there? Well, yes, there is for the children of God who are called out of men's artificial ways of honoring themselves in corruption.

Read Mother’s Day – Good or Not So Good?
Mouse Trap, Sappy Stories
This is an example of how sappy stories can have a good idea that goes wrong, because those who write them lack wisdom and understanding of the most important issues of life. Yes, we are all in it together, but how can we ever forget our Creator and prosper?

Read The Mouse Trap
Movie Review, The God Who Wasn't there
Here we review not so much the movie, but the man who made it. We address where the man who conceived this film, through his religious experiences and subsequent bitterness, is coming from, and thereby the content, which we rate PG – Perfectly Godless.

Read The God Who Wasn’t There: A New Kind of Movie Review
Muhammad, Fear God, Not
Readers response: You write something distressing in your message below, namely equating Hitler and Muhammed’s respective positions on Jews.

Read Fear God, Not Muhammad
Muhammad, Why the One Professing Christ Had No Answer for
No matter who you are, or what you believe, the fact remains that Islam is a declaration of war on any other claim to authority or belief. Yet Jesus Christ, after He was resurrected from the dead, said, “All authority is given to Me in Heaven and in earth.” He did not say it was given to anyone claiming to come in His Name, but to Him. The story in this writing is one of an encounter between one who comes in the name of Muhammad, and, by his arguments, puts away one professing Christ, because the latter does not know the living God or His mind.

Read Why the One Professing Christ Had No Answer for You, Muhammad
Muhammad's Lies, Gospel of Jesus Christ vs.
Abdullah proposes that true Islam is peaceable, and that lies are weak things that truth easily overcomes. We show by various Scriptural arguments that these things are not so, and that many in this world have been overcome by religious lies.

Read The Lies of Muhammad vs. the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Mundane Matters of Importance
Here are the applicable principles and facts about how to deal with many practical matters, which can make a profound difference in the quality of our lives and of those who share this earth with us.

Read Mundane Matters of Importance
Murderer, Desiring
Blog War on The Path of Truth – Francis Murphy: Desiring a Murderer

Read Desiring a Murderer
Murderer, The Path of vs Truth
Abu sends us a sarcastic reply to “The Answer to Islam,” trying to demonstrate that the Bible promotes many evils. Victor holds the mirror up to him that he might see where the evil is really coming from, his Islamic teachings and spirit.

Read The Path of Murder vs. the Path of Truth
Music, Christian, What About
Victor replies to the question “Is christian music okay to listen to?” with guidelines regarding music in general from his perspective.

Read What About “Christian” Music?
Muslim Scourge, Ordained by God
A man berates and accuses us of “attacking” Islam. We tell him how he has it all wrong.

Read The Muslim Scourge: Ordained by God
Muslim, I Am and I Respect All Religions
God is no respecter of men or of men’s religions. Ali tries to prove us wrong about the Koran, but ends up providing more backdrop against which to demonstrate the errors and wickedness of Muhammad’s invention. Instead of showing us that Islam has a superior and succeeding revelation to the Bible, we show him that he has nothing but the opinions of lying, fallible mortals and nothing from the truthful, infallible Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Read “I Am a Muslim and I Respect All Religions”
Muslim, Moderate Muslim is Most Dangerous
People have it backwards thinking the “extremist” jihadists of Islam are the greatest threat and “moderate” Muslims aren’t so dangerous.

Read The Moderate Muslim Is the Most Dangerous Muslim
Muslims, Conversation with Free
While we all hear many claims and declarations made from all quarters and levels of Islam, we perceive not only blatant contradictions among themselves, but also great inconsistency between their beliefs or claims and their deeds and the clear record of the Koran. We see no true peace, for example, in their deeds or in the Koran, quite the contrary.

Read A Conversation with “Free Muslims”
Mystery's Message
In 1976, the Lord spoke to me saying, “I am hurting! I am hurting!” He said His people were believing lies, thinking they believed godly truth, and those lies were killing them. He was hurting because they were hurting. The prominent gospel preached in evangelical circles is an insidious one, a product of deceived and ignorant men, naively serving Satan and his bride, Mystery. Herein, we explicitly identify it for what it is.

Read Mystery’s Message


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