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Ears, Uncircumsized Can't Hear
Readers response: You must be kidding.

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Earth Statistics, Sappy Stories
We know that many in today’s world go without the basic physical necessities of life. What is not realized is how many go without the one basic necessity for a fulfilling life. Man does not live by bread alone. In this writing we answer a mass circulated email that gives a superficial and misleading response to the problems confronting mankind.

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Easter, Some Thoughts
The name “Easter” is the name of the pagan goddess, known as Easter, Ishtar, or Ashtoreth, the “many-breasted one,” the goddess of sex, fertility, prosperity, fruitfulness, success, and happiness. Hence, people use bunnies and eggs to celebrate Easter, things prolific and fertile.

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Easter, The Keeping of, Diabolical Doctrine
Wrong! While almost all nominal Christian churches celebrate Easter, why don’t they stop to consider that the pagan goddess of fertility and love, Ishtar or Ashtoreth, has the preeminence here even in the name of the occasion – “Easter”? As with Christmas, carnal religious leaders long ago decided to bring the heathen into their fold by “Christianizing” their idolatrous worship practices, cleverly paralleling them to, and interweaving them with, Biblical events and practices.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: The Keeping of Easter
Eat, Drink and Be Merry
The people of the earth were all “enjoying life” and feeling sorry for the “poor and crazed old man” who, with his wife, sons and daughter-in-laws were spending many years building this silly and huge ship, until the flood came and destroyed all living things. Noah and his “unenjoying” household were the only ones spared. In the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, they were “enjoying life,” while Lot’s soul was vexed at their pleasures, until God rained fire and sulfur down from heaven and destroyed their “enjoyment,” along with them. Only Lot and his two daughters were spared by God because they were not “lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God” (2 Timothy 3:4).

Read “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”?
Eating Out
This article questions the wisdom of habitually eating at restaurants and take-out establishments.

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Eby, J. Preston
Gary Amirault (correspondent in our last series, Public Promoters of Falsehood Confronted Publicly) replied by sending us an article from J. Preston Eby. Quotes from the article appear in Victor’s reply. Gary also gave us this comment with the article: I think you two would have much more success if you took a real long look at how you operate. This article might shed some light on what I’m talking about.

Read The Necessity for Both Law and Grace
EFT, Tapping, What About
When I first looked into this tapping therapy, I recognized some value in it. However, as I examined it further, I realized that the believer’s principles of acceptance of one’s circumstances and giving thanks for them are far more powerful and effective. It has been my pleasure and privilege to turn midnight to high noon within minutes, if not seconds, just by giving God thanks and praise for tough situations within and without. What could be more powerful than that?

Read What About Tapping (EFT)?
Ernest Gordon - Excerpts from Through the Valley of the Kwai
Excerpts from Through the Valley of the Kwai by Ernest Gordon

Read Excerpts from Through the Valley of the Kwai by Ernest Gordon
Error, The Deadly of the Universalists
The Universalists disregard the God-ordained principles and requirements by which one gets to the place of which they preach, which is salvation and peace with God and man. Therefore they never get there themselves, and neither do their listeners who follow them.

Read The Deadly Error of the Universalists
Error, The Effects of the Deadly of the Universalists
Those who promote the Universalists’ delusional and deadly error (presuming to be at the wedding feast when they have no wedding garment) suffer very real tragedy and loss. They miss partaking of the reconciliation and goodness of God they propose to have and enjoy, while they act out a fantasy that starts bad and gets worse. This correspondence presents the pitfalls and evil outcomes of the deadly error as exemplified by one of its promoters.

Read The Effects of the Deadly Error of the Universalists
Essence, No Life without
Man (represented by The Living Essence Foundation) tries to find the love of God in companionship with his fellow man, but it is not there. Man must be connected to God, and then he will have everything, because he has God. Conversely, without that connection, he will lose everything he thinks to have, even what he thinks to love.

Read No Life without the Essence
Eternal Security, (Once Saved, Always Saved), Diabolical Doctrine
We can be very secure in the Lord Jesus Christ, but faith in this doctrine, rather than in Him, can be a license to sin. This is a doctrine that’s false in the way it’s used, being carried on the back of a lie and compounding the error and confusion that comes from the lie. The sequence goes like this: “Once a person has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, he/she is forever saved.”

Read Diabolical Doctrine: Eternal Security (Once Saved, Always Saved)
Everlasting, Forever, Hell, The True Scriptural Meanings
“Christians” use the Scriptures to preach or propogate the doctrine of eternal hellfire. However, what is the Bible truly saying? Is it saying that people will burn forever in hell? Another author has compiled some Scriptures that define the meaning of “forever” and “eternal.” This sheds a whole new light on this matter, making for a very different, and glorious, picture.

Read The True, Scriptural Meanings of “Forever,” “Everlasting,” and Hell
Evil, Supporting, by Doing Nothing
We sent this letter to all of the addresses from AOL regarding their practices. Though the letter was only sent to those on AOL, the subject matter and follow up correspondence should be of interest to everyone.

Read Supporting Evil by Doing Nothing
Evil, The Purpose of
To know the purpose of evil is the question that confounds the wise, but it can be known and to this end is the paper written, declaring the sovereignty of the Lord our God. We can indeed know the purpose of evil.

Read The Purpose of Evil
Evolution, Deconstructing
There are many professors of Christ who think it is poor Christian manners to be boldly and outspokenly critical of evolution. Nothing could be further from the Truth! Giving any scintilla of honor to the preposterous and ungodly concept of evolution only feeds the beast of intolerance and ungodly independence.

Read Deconstructing Evolution Is Good
Evolution, Theories of, Vain Imaginations of Fools
The greatest “secular” lie of our times, imposed upon the world at large, is that of evolution. While the entire world indulges in this deception, it is more than secular; it is spiritual as well, because in its essence, it denies the existence of God as He is. I say, “as He is,” because there are those who think they can reconcile evolution with God the Creator. To do so is to deny the Scriptural testimony He has bestowed on mankind concerning His Nature, Character and mode of conduct. Denying the Book of His Authorship is to deny Him, for the theories of evolution are not compatible with the God of the Bible. Any reasonable person can know that. Either we believe the Bible and therefore God, or we do not.

Read Theories of Evolution – The Vain Imaginations of Fools
Evolutionists, Exposing
How the words of the inspired writer come alive when applied at the proper time and place. And here evolutionists meet God: “Seeming to be wise, they were in fact foolish, and by them the glory of the eternal God was changed and made into the image of man who is not eternal, and of birds and beasts and things which go on the earth” (Romans 1:22-23 BBE). In this section you will find some very simple, yet logical and conclusive, arguments against the mad theories of evolution, guided above all by godly wisdom and reason. This is not blind faith, but knowing and understanding faith made available to all in the Creator.

Read Exposing Evolutionists
Exposing and Bashing, The Difference
Are all religions beautiful, deserving of praise and respect, if not admiration? Muslim Mike says so. But what does his Koran say about that? What does the Bible, God’s Word, say? We answer Mike’s contention that we are out to bash Islam.

Read The Difference Between Bashing and Exposing
Extra-Biblical Inspiration of God, Defense of
Teaching on The Path of Truth – In Defense of ExtraBiblical Inspiration of God. We know that the Bible is what God has spoken, but is that all He has to give us? Some important questions to consider, along with some important points, leading to an exciting or threatening conclusion, depending on where you stand.

Read In Defense of Extra-Biblical Inspiration of God


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