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Pacifist Pictures, Rachel Corrie
Pictures of Rachel Corrie posed by the Associated Press

Read Rachel Corrie: A Pacifist? Pictures
Pacifist, Rachel Corrie
Was Rachel Corrie really a Pacifist?

Read Rachel Corrie: A Pacifist?
Path of Truth, Further along
New postings on the website are shared with those who received The Issues of Life.

Read Further along The Path of Truth
Paul Foster, Letter from
We received the followed letter from Paul Foster in response to a complaint filed by his client, Ciann Masi, who had found her name on our website, linking her with the Living Essence Foundation.

Read Letter from Paul Foster
Peacemakers, Who Are the
A man presents the popular philosophy that peace can be achieved through imitation of Jesus, as espoused by the famous Catholic priest, Daniel Berrigan. We contrast this with Reality, which comes not by imitation of what men conceive Christ to be, which is dead, but by submission to the living Word of God and Prince of Peace Himself, Jesus Christ, without Whose Presence peace is impossible and wars are inevitable.

Read False Teacher – Daniel Berrigan
Persecutors, and the Persecuted
How is it that the persecutor cannot see that he is the persecutor? How is it he sees himself as justified in evil, in returning evil for what he perceives to be evil? In many cases, the persecutor claims to be a Christian, yet Jesus Himself did not do as he does. But the children of darkness are true to their state…walking in darkness. The children of light, who suffer evil and are accused of it, rejoice not because they have power and opportunity to punish the wicked, but because they suffer for Christ’s sake.

Read The Persecutors and the Persecuted
Pets, House
Living with pets in the home is very commonplace in our culture and very few think anything of it. Keeping pets is an often-overlooked matter that causes great loss and suffering. Physically, spiritually, financially.

Read House Pets
Place and Promise of Godly Submission
Jesus Christ is the undisputed Shepherd for those who believe, Who cares for and leads His sheep. He sends shepherds in His Name for this purpose, to feed His sheep, as He specifically said and did with Peter. Is this fact not what the pope of Rome uses to claim his legitimacy and authority? But false claims such as his do not dispel what is authentic and needful. There are those who are sent by God (not ordained of men), who serve Him in leading others in the way. Since His way means life, submission is critical to the working out of salvation for those to whom He sends His servants.

Read The Place and Promise of Godly Submission
Political, Nothing
A reader’s response to “A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada”: Reader’s response: So, Victor… I agree… if you are talking about them ALL, including the immoral…

Read Nothing Political
Politics, God is Over
A reader’s response to “A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada”: Reader’s response: You clearly have no understanding of a parliamentary democracy if you think there…

Read God Is Over Politics
Pope John Paul II
We have received several letters accusing us of hate and bitterness. Before God and man, I can honestly and exuberantly declare that we hate no man or woman or any being.

Read Love, Hate; And Where Is “John Paul II”?
Power of God, Organizing Sustaining
Some evolutionists may not be lacking in intelligence, but all are lacking in spiritual life that comes from the Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ. What follows is a discussion with professed atheist, Drek, about how his arguments for evolution collapse because essential components, beginning with God, are missing. Drek’s unbelief and other forms of entropy are no match for the power of Christ. By laying down His life and raising it from the dead, He is the Creator and Sustainer of all life. “If He sets His heart on man, if He gathers to Himself his spirit and his breath, all flesh shall perish together, and man shall turn again to dust” (Job 34:14-15 MKJV).

Read The Organizing, Sustaining Power of God
A short paper on the basic principles of prayer – nothing complicated, but that which is needful for any saint, young or old.

Read Prayer
Prayer, Theophostic
Creatures presume to take their Maker and use Him any way they will to accomplish their desires. It is as ridiculous as clay forming the potter, even while the clay is on the wheel and the potter is in his chair. Theophostic prayer is just another one of those many religious fads and fantasies we address as presumption and wickedness before God.

Read Theophostic Prayer
Prayers, Answered and Unanswered
A reader’s response to “A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada”: Reader’s response: The path of truth? I’m glad you’re so naive because if you realized how full of…

Read Prayers Answered and Unanswered
Praying, Salvation of Souls
One of the powerful diabolical doctrines common in the nominal Christian churches is the one of praying for the lost. It is powerfully deceptive because it assumes an appearance of great importance, and its practice seems one of unselfishness, even godliness, yet it produces nothing but pride and other evils. The doctrine burdens the simple soul with an altogether useless, uncalled for task and subtly sabotages obedience to God in an apparently wonderful way. Neutralizing obedience, the unwary soul becomes shipwrecked in the faith, not knowing what hit him. Let us expose the false angel of light in yet another of his delusive teachings, shall we?

Read Praying for Salvation of Souls
President, If I Were
What can a country, or a person for that matter, do when under the judgment of God? It is our great lesson to learn that all things are determined from above, with good reason and necessity.

Read "If I Were President"
Pride, The Tyranny
Why are we not offended at insults and evils done to us? It is because God has removed the power and burden of pride in us. He has crucified our egos, which are a hindrance to any man or woman who desires to be free and live life to the fullest.

Read The Tyranny of Pride
Prophet, What Is a
Every child of God born of Christ is a prophet. And from among these children, God calls some to serve in the office of a prophet, a particular calling among several serving His Body and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Read What Is a Prophet?
Prophets or Apostles Today, There are none, Diabolical Doctrine
If you believe there are no apostles or prophets today, you plainly don’t know the Lord – He manifests Himself by His prophets, His servants.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: There Are No Prophets or Apostles Today


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