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Key, We are Cursed for
Readers response: you violate the first and second coomandment, you violate GDS laws,
you violate the miracles from G-D.

Read We Are Cursed for The Key

Kicked Out of the Tent
Religious man can freely criticize, complain about, attack, censure, maim, behead, burn, crucify, and kill whomever he says offends his god, but should a man of God speak the truth to him about his deplorable state, he will scream bloody murder. Such is the astonishing contradiction of sinners, which you can see here, should God grant you to see.

Read Kicked Out of the Tent

Kicking Satan Out of Heaven
Blog Wars on The Path of Truth

Read Kicking Satan Out of Heaven

Kill or to Save, Do We Seek to
Kim, A Response
If we are defensive and thinking we are better than anybody else, we are wrong, dead wrong. While the Lord has done things for us, there is nothing to be proud of, as if there is any virtue with us, and if we are defensive, then He hasn’t done as much as we need, or perhaps as much as we think He has.

Read For Kim

King James Authorized Version, Is Perfect Word of God?
There are those who believe only in the King James Version of the Bible. They declare that all other versions are corrupt or fall short in some way. Many of these declare that the KJV is perfect to the letter, without error. Such a notion is the result of nothing more than religiosity, ignorance, and pride. This writing will show that those who so revere the KJV as being the perfect Word of God are in idolatry of the Bible, offending in the Second Commandment, and therefore, as James declares, all the Commandments.

Read Is the King James Authorized Version the Perfect Word of God?

King James Version, Perfect Word of God, Diabolical Doctrine
Why has that which is perfect been revised numerous times to correct errors? How is it its worshippers don’t recognize the errors still remaining in the KJV? Those who worship the KJV as being the perfect Word of God are in grievous error and idolatry indeed.

Read Diabolical Doctrine: The King James Version Is the Perfect Word of God

Kingdom, Come Thy
Where and how does the Kingdom of God fill the whole world? Is It voted in? Are people able to unite to raise up His Kingdom? Or must God bring down all of man’s efforts in order to establish His Kingdom on earth? Where do we fit in with His program? What is the responsibility of man in this Great Day?

Read “Thy Kingdom, Come”

KJV, Answer to Apologist for Worship of
It is a strange thing, but common and true, that many worship the Bible rather than its Author. Men have chosen to adore the literal Word of God instead of the One of Whom it is recorded in the Gospel of John that He is the Word (God) made flesh. “If the Bible is the Word, and Jesus is the Word, then the Bible is Jesus,” goes the logic. The King James translation happens to have the most obsessive following of this sort. In this writing we answer the spurious arguments of one given over to this form of idolatry.

Read Answer to an Apologist for Worship of the KJV

Kleinsasser A, Angry
Paul Kleinsasser, a Hutterite from Manitoba, writes us to complain about our writing. In fact, he says God will punish us for what we say about Hutterites. But only informed by his religious indoctrination and unthinking emotional response, Paul is punishing himself by rejecting the truth.

Read Angry Kleinsasser A

Kleinsasser B, Angry
A few months after Paul Kleinsasser wrote us, Tim Kleinsasser, from another Hutterite colony, phoned us, quite worked up. Here is the summary of that call plus two follow-ups, where we try to reason with Tim.

Read Angry Kleinsasser B

Knowing You Know Nothing Is the Start
Knowledge, Without Faith
One who is in hell presently questions the Lord’s timing and plan to bring spiritual separation to an end.

Read Knowledge Without Faith

Koran, Jeffry Camm using
Jeffry Camm uses the Koran as an authoritative source of truth to preach Jesus Christ to Muslims. We expose his faulty reasoning and arguments, and also show the disastrous results of convincing a Muslim to seriously follow the Koran, which would lead him to resemble Muhammad, the criminal, rather than Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Read Jeffry Camm – Using the Koran to Preach Christ?

Kosher, Does God Eat?
Teaching on The Path of Truth – Does God Eat Kosher?: God’s Take on Kosher Food. There is what God commanded in His wisdom through Moses regarding food, and then there is what the religious have made of that, which they call ‘kosher.’ The two are very different, and there is much more than food at stake.

Read Does God Eat Kosher?

Kyle Lake, What Happened to
This pastor of a Baptist Church prayed, “Surprise me, God!” in front of 800 church attendees, and was then electrocuted in the bapistry. Before his death, Kyle wrote a book in which he denied the sovereignty of God, but now he is learning, as we all must and shall, that, just as Jesus said, God is over every detail – to the death of a sparrow or the numbers of hair on your head.

Read What Happened to Kyle Lake

  1. Avatar
    Lorna McLauhlin May 4, 2019 at 10:04 am

    You claim that those on your “false teachers” list come with their own teachings and not the Lord’s, yet you claim to have received extra-biblical revelations from God…hmmm…


    1. Avatar

      There’s a significant difference between “extra-Biblical” and “anti-Biblical.” Nothing I speak or teach is anti-Biblical. And if you think God no longer personally relates to His children but by the Words of the Bible, as True as they are, then you have fallen into Bibliolatry, a subtle, yet powerfully destructive sin.


  2. Avatar
    Mrs Wendy Quartly February 14, 2020 at 3:22 am

    Lorna didn’t state that she thinks God no longer speaks today. You accuse her of falling into a ‘subtle yet powerfully destructive sin’which is unfounded. Somebody has questioned yourselves and you hit back with more negative rhetoric. I belive you have fallen into the subtle yet powerfully destructive sin of pride and judgement of your fellow brothers and sisters.


    1. Avatar

      Victor Hafichuk here at my wife Marilyn’s computer:

      Have I judged brothers and sisters in Christ or have I judged tares? The latter, I’m surely persuaded. You defend Lorna while she is the one entering in judging me without understanding or authority. If I’m wrong in interpreting what she is saying, then the two of you can clarify exactly her purpose and meaning. I will deal with it and render a judgment that is appropriate. Thus far, you only prove me to be right, Wendy. I judge righteous judgment as commanded. You two, on the other hand, are religious and unrealistic, enemies of the cross. Prove me wrong.


  3. Avatar

    You say that Miles Monroe was a false teacher?!

    That he sold fake dreams???

    Miles Monroe preached one thing. THE KINGDOM, and all the laws of it.

    He stood by and preached the Law of the KING, and made sure we never forgot.

    U say that he is a source of the devils deception of the truth… hmmm


    Miles KNEW, RESPECTED, TAUGHT, and brung gravity to all the laws of the KING.

    I AM rich and wealthy just as Miles said I would be BECAUSE MY FATHER/KING IS RICH AND WELTHY and he said I would be!

    And you say he is selling something fake?

    Then u do not believe.


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